Lost Young Master 201-205


Chapter 201

What made Ye Fan good and funny was drinking.

Drinking had the advantage of sleeping in bed after every drink and having a beautiful woman by his side.

But there is also a downside, which is that every time after drinking you will have a fragmentary amnesia and have no idea what happened.

After recalling carefully for a while, Ye Fan also had no memory of last night, which couldn't help but make Ye Fan very angry.

Even if he got a beautiful woman back, he should at least know what to do, but he didn't know anything.Even Ye Fan wants to stop drinking, but thinking back to the past, if you don't drink, you won't have a beautiful woman by your side the next day, which is a very contradictory thing.

In desperation, Ye Fan can only lie on the bed and enjoy the temporary warmth.

Under the circumstances, Ye Fan does not have those desires, so he can only cuddle the two girls and enjoy the next sleep.

In fact, he wouldn't dare to do so even if he had the desire, after all, only one of them is a fiancée, while the other one is not a fiancée, but a sister.Even if Ye Fan was a beast, he wouldn't do it to his sister.

It was already eight o'clock in the evening when he woke up again, but it wasn't Ye Fan who woke up on his own initiative, he was woken up by the noise.

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"What's going on?"

Ye Fan knew that Lin Mengqi could cook or was very delicious, never mind that she didn't know how to use kitchen utensils.But now so frazzled is what's going on.

When Lin Mengqi saw Ye Fan, she hurriedly said, "Come over and give a hand to help put out the fire."

Only when Ye Fan approached did he see that the fire in the pot was out of control, and hurriedly took the pot out of the villa and picked up the hose to douse it.

If he hadn't come quickly, the house would have been burned down.

Back in the room, without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Shangguan Yue said with an apologetic face, "Sorry, it's all my fault."

Once this was said, Ye Fan probably understood what was going on.

It should be that Shangguan Yue wanted to cook and show her culinary skills, but the fire was too big and there was fire in the pot.

Normally, appearing fire would have to go down the dish or cover the lid, but for a novice like Shangguan Yue, how to understand this, must have added water and helped the fire.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, saying: "Forget it, all right, next time don't touch the kitchen, if not for me at home, you two little arms and legs can't hold the pot, and then really get exploded on the end."

Shangguan Yue was like a child who had done something wrong, crying and not speaking.

Ye Fan walked forward and ruffled Shangguan Yue's hair, saying, "Alright, just wait until you learn how to cook."

Shangguan Yue nodded and didn't say anything.

Ye Fan didn't say anything more, just a little speechless about Shangguan Yue's putting the cart before the horse.Shangguan Yue had even learned massage for half a year, but why didn't she learn how to cook.In order to learn something, a normal girl must have started from cooking and cleaning house chores.

There was no time to complain, Ye Fan's stomach screamed indiscreetly, so he took the two girls out to eat dumplings.

It had been almost two months since he had eaten dumplings, and Ye Fan also wanted to see how the business of the dumpling shop was going.

Although it was not bad, but Ye Fan still wanted to see the current situation of the dumpling shop.

But when he arrived at the dumpling shop, Ye Fan was confused.

Because the dumpling shop was almost completely deserted, not even half of the people could be seen, only Kong Chunsheng was sitting on a bench in front of the shop, drearily smoking a cigarette.

"Kong Chunsheng, what's going on?"

Ye Fan said with some dissatisfaction, Kong Chunsheng used to be the owner of the dumpling shop here and his business was very prosperous.

After he was bought by Ye Fan, Kong Chunsheng stayed as a waiter instead of leaving, and Ye Fan was touched, so he let Kong Chunsheng be the manager.But Kong Chunsheng actually made the business of the dumpling shop so bad, it's obvious that he didn't care about it.

When Kong Chunsheng saw Ye Fan, he even bounced up from the bench and apologized, "Ye Shao, you're here."

"If I don't come, will this store be yellow."Ye Fan was extremely dissatisfied, if it were anyone else, he wouldn't be like this, but after all, when he gave the shop to Kong Chunsheng in the first place, it was because Kong Chunsheng was honest and simple, but now this situation, how could he not be angry, this was to hit him in the face.

Kong Chunsheng looked embarrassed and bit his lip, "Boss, fire me, I'm the one who can't do it."

"Okay, then you can leave."Ye Fan nodded his head.

In fact, if Kong Chunsheng really wasn't powerful, Ye Fan wouldn't say anything, but it was obvious that Kong Chunsheng was just being sneaky to cause the current state of affairs, and didn't deserve Ye Fan's trust at all.

Without waiting for Kong Chunsheng to speak, Lin Mengqi snapped, "Kong Chunsheng, don't leave yet, show me your account book."

As soon as this was said, it dawned on Ye Fan.

Right, how did he forget about the ledger.

Just by checking the books, he would know why the business was in deficit, a general trend could also be seen, and he could also see if it was Kong Chunsheng cutting corners to get oil and water from it.

Who said that the dumpling restaurant is not big, but the text is small is also meat, for the waiter's salary Kong Chunsheng, the oil and water is actually quite a lot.

Not long after, Kong Chunsheng brought the ledger.

Saw the income and expenditure on the ledger, every account is right on, but the income curve he could not understand, normal loss or profit, are in a regular curve in increasing and decreasing, such as earning a hundred every day or losing a hundred every day, the loss and profit are about a hundred, only on holidays will jump to five or six hundred.This situation would be normal.

However, the account book in Ye Fan's hands was very confusing, originally every day was a pure profit of about eight hundred, and with luck could reach a thousand.But then one day, he suddenly lost money, and then there was no income every day, only a few scattered entry records.This kind of situation is obviously abnormal.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, "What exactly is the reason that would cause an instant decrease in customers, did you guys cut corners?"

Ye Fan questioned Kong Chunsheng, he hated black-hearted businessmen the most.

Kong Chunsheng sighed, "Then I also have to say, the kid that Ye Shao assaulted at the beginning went back to find a food critic who specializes in blogging, and he sent out a long and vicious attack on the dumpling restaurant, not only saying that the dumplings were bad and the service was not good, but there were even personal attacks and extortion.That kid is very powerful, many people were convinced, so no one came, it's now about a month, if not for you coming, I'm afraid I would have to call and resign, this shop can't be saved anymore."

Hearing Kong Chunsheng's words, Ye Fan's body recoiled, never imagining that there was a hidden agenda in this matter.

It was true, if you cut corners, there would also be repeat customers, not suddenly the number of customers plummeted, and what Kong Chunsheng said was also reasonable, indeed there was a bad review to brush down the reputation, that's why there were no customers.

This was a practice that Ye Fan knew about because he had done it earlier in Fengdu, but only used the power of the public instead of choosing to find food critics.

Lin Mengqi said on the side, "Brother Ye Fan, Zheng Bingqing didn't look for a food critic, I remember that Zheng Bingqing guy said that he himself is a well-known food blogger, especially on the Fangzhou side, he's even a little famous, the shops that are usually maligned by Zheng Bingqing will basically be door to door in a few days."

Ye Fan searched carefully and finally recalled that Zheng Bingqing was Lin Mengqi's fiancé, the stalker pervert.It was unthinkable that this matter was still Zheng Bingqing's doing, and it even made Ye Fan mistakenly believe that Kong Chunsheng had cut corners and distrusted Kong Chunsheng.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn't help but gnash his teeth, "Zheng Bingqing, you wait for this young man, you're wasted!"


Ye Fan thought that Zheng Bingqing had disappeared forever, after all, Ye Fan had already given Zheng Bingqing a bitter lesson last time and thoroughly beaten her.

But I didn't expect that Zheng Bingqing also posted rumors on the Internet that the dumpling shop service is not good, and personal attacks, and even extortion.

Indeed, Zheng Bingqing said there was nothing wrong with it, and Ye Fan did eat the wontons, which Zheng Bingqing did not.Ye Fan also hit Zheng Bingqing with his hands and made him pay for the table.

What Zheng Bingqing said was indeed the truth, but it didn't mean it was all there was to say.

It's because Ye Fan is the boss, so he can let the kitchen make whatever he wants to eat, and the shop is indeed a dumpling shop, selling only dumplings and not wontons.And hands-on beating, also because Zheng Bingqing first table to get angry in the first place, and even tailing stalking Lin Mengqi, if not to annoy Ye Fan, Ye Fan would not have to do it.

Zheng Bingqing can be really chatty, just said the grievances suffered, but did not explain the reason for the matter clearly.Truly a pitiful person must have something to hate!

Looking at Kong Chunsheng who had packed up his books and was ready to leave, Ye Fan was a little embarrassed, "That, store manager Kong, don't go, I wouldn't have blamed you if you had told me the reason for the matter, in the end, it's still because of the conflict between me and Zheng Bingqing, it's not your problem, you just continue to do a good job."

Ye Fan was a man who knew his mistakes and misunderstood Kong Chunsheng, he also quickly apologized.

Kong Chunsheng's body trembled, a person of this level like Ye Fan was above eye level, it was so rare to want to admit a mistake, at least before Kong Chunsheng had never seen a boss with such a sincere attitude as Ye Fan.

But after thinking about it, Zheng Bingqing shook his head, "Forget it, Ye Shao, it's not that I don't accept the apology, it's indeed my problem, if I operated it properly, I wouldn't have been exploited by Zheng Bingqing, and I would have been able to retain repeat customers, it's all my problem, it's my lack of ability, I'd better resign." One second to remember to read the book

Ye Fan walked over and patted Kong Chunsheng's shoulder, "Store manager Kong, you don't need to be so worried, in fact, I don't care about profit or loss, I just want to be happy, at the worst, this shop is closed to the public, just think of it as my own private restaurant, I will come here for dumplings from time to time for festivals anyway."

Just like what Ye Fan said, Ye Fan didn't really care if he made money or not, after all, the investment in this shop wasn't enough to pay for one of Ye Fan's cars, so it didn't matter even if it was a complete loss.

Ye Fan was not angry before because of the loss, but rather worried that his vision was wrong and he had chosen the wrong person, seeing that Kong Chunsheng was still so simple and honest, he was happy.

As the words changed, Ye Fan sneered, "Moreover, our shop is in such a state, it's all because of Zheng Bingqing's bad deeds, let me handle this matter, you just feel at ease and continue to open the shop, just leave everything to me.I can't guarantee that the shop will explode, but I have many ways to remove Zheng Bingqing's bad reviews, and I will also make Zheng Bingqing disappear forever."

Ye Fan had always believed in a saying, which was don't cause trouble if nothing happens and don't be afraid of anything.To put it simply, if others didn't provoke Ye Fan, Ye Fan wouldn't take the initiative to pick a fight, but if others provoked Ye Fan, Ye Fan would dig up the other party's ancestral grave and greet the other party's entire family.

When Kong Chunsheng saw the killing intent in Ye Fan's eyes, his body trembled in fright and the temperature around him seemed as if it was several degrees lower.

"That, Ye Shao you guys come in first to eat dumplings."Kong Chunsheng hurriedly invited Ye Fan's people inside.

Ye Fan nodded and went in to eat dumplings, Lin Mengqi had come here with Ye Fan before, and even this shop was recommended by Lin Mengqi, so Lin Mengqi's taste for this dumpling was just delicious, but it wouldn't produce a stunning feeling anymore.

But the first time Shangguan Yue was completely different, just by looking at the appearance, this dumpling is just thin skin and filling, and it doesn't fall apart, with the exquisite secret sauce, one bite down, full of bursting juice, the aroma is overwhelming and fresh, and there is even a hint of sweetness.Although Yue Shangguan had eaten dumplings made by the chef, he was also away from home.

In Fangzhou, Shangguan Yue had never seen such an excellent dumpling restaurant before.

"It's no exaggeration to say that this dumpling shop deserves to be rated as one of the top ten food shops in Shang Zhou."Shangguan Yue nodded in satisfaction, her eyes full of little stars, she had never eaten such delicious dumplings in Fangzhou.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, a lady like Shangguan Yue was so satisfied, it was obvious that this dumpling shop was excellent, and Ye Fan's vision to invest at that time was worth it.

Just when Ye Fan was also preparing to eat the dumplings, a slightly frivolous voice came from the door.

"Yo, we have a guest today, who was I then, so it's you guys and gals!"

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown at the door and saw the man in a white suit, none other than Zheng Bingqing.

Without even thinking, Ye Fan swung a chair running towards Zheng Bingqing's head and smashed it.

"Damn it, you two pennies!"Ye Fan cursed and after knocking down Zheng Bingqing in one fell swoop, he didn't stop, instead he began a stormy attack.


Ye Fan smashed down heavily one after another, there was no distinction between light and heavy on his hands.

A disgusting existence like Zheng Bingqing deserved to be killed alive.

Even Lin Mengqi, who had a bit of a love affair with Zheng Bingqing, didn't plead for mercy and quietly ate dumplings without the intention of even looking at Zheng Bingqing.

To come in and call them a dog and man, Zheng Bingqing's damn mouth is really cheap!

"This, this, little girl, you can persuade Ye Shao, it'll be over if you really break it later."Kong Chunsheng said somewhat worriedly to Shangguan Yue.

The reason why Kong Chunsheng didn't plead with Lin Mengqi was because the last time when Ye Fan hit Zheng Bingqing, Lin Mengqi was also in a state of watching, and this time the situation was urgent, so of course he skipped over Lin Mengqi.

But what Kong Chunsheng didn't expect was that Shangguan Yue was just eating dumplings on her own, and the only time she looked up, she also looked at Zheng Bingqing, who was bleeding from head to toe, and praised, "Good fight."


Kong Chunsheng didn't think that Shangguan Yue was even more ruthless than Lin Mengqi, but she was still able to show her approval in this situation, so they were all really a bunch of monsters.

Kong Chunsheng didn't know what to do anymore, so he just sat on the side, numbly watching the show and watching Ye Fan's violent performance.

In fact, Kong Chunsheng really underestimated Shangguan Yue, Ye Fan still had some knowledge of Shangguan Yue's reputation.

Previously at the auction, people were scared to mention the Shangguan family, especially when it came to Shangguan Yue, they even avoided it.It was obvious that Shangguan Yue was a little witch, the earth tyrant of Fangzhou, only to be restrained in front of Ye Fan, revealing the shyness of a little woman.

After all, it was the Shangguan family, the super family of the Fang Continent, which had seen far more cold-bloodedness than what was in front of them.

According to Shangguan Yue, this kind of Ye Fan was just the simplest way to vent, if it were Shangguan Yue, she would have already thrown Zheng Bingqing into the river to feed the fish.

Although Zheng Bingqing didn't scold her just now, it was even worse than scolding her.

Having scolded Ye Fan and Lin Mengqi for being a dog and a man, this one sentence made Shangguan Yue have two points of anger.

One was that she had scolded Ye Fan, and the other was that she had scolded her fiancé, how could she not be angry?

Secondly, by cursing the dog and man, it meant that Zheng Bingqing saw Ye Fan and Lin Mengqi as a pair, but Shangguan Yue was Ye Fan's fiancée, which also made Shangguan Yue very angry, and moreover, jealous.

And that was why Shangguan Yue was eating dumplings while cursing, "Good fight, wonderful fight, croaking!"


"Whew, I'm exhausted!"

Ye Fan vented for a while before it was over.

After looking at the fainting and unconscious Zheng Bingqing, Ye Fan sneered, "This idiot even took the initiative to come to the door."

With that, he put down his chair to wash his hands and started eating dumplings again.

"How do you want to handle this matter?"After Shangguan Yue had eaten and drunk enough, she asked Ye Fan who was gorging on dumplings in front of her.

Ye Fan didn't look up: "I see that you're looking quite happy, so why don't we just let you deal with it this time, I'll just let it go after venting."

Ye Fan just held his breath in his heart, Zheng Bingqing's constant disgustingness was really too much for Ye Fan to bear.But if you really want to dispose of it, Ye Fan really doesn't have any good options, there's nothing else but a beating.

Couldn't really throw Zheng Bingqing into the river and feed her to the fish, right?

Zheng Bingqing was not guilty of this, at most, he was just a cheap mouth or a keyboard warrior.

Shangguan Yue said thoughtfully, "Then let me handle it." The first website m.kanshu8.net

Saying that, she took out her phone and made a call, saying, "Butler, find me a food blogger who is looking for people in the industry to publicize Zheng Bingqing's fake news, maliciously comment on his reputation, stink up Zheng Bingqing's reputation, and send an order that no company in Fangzhou will be allowed to accept him, including his family."

After saying that, Shangguan Yue hung up the phone.

Ye Fan couldn't help but reveal his admiration, Shangguan Yue's statement was very simple, but it was very ruthless, and could be said to be deadly in one blow.

If Ye Fan were to deal with it himself, it would be to find someone to beat Zheng Bingqing, but it was to no avail, and Zheng Bingqing could still be a keyboard warrior.If you want to make your own money, you will have to leave your home and go abroad.

It can be said that as long as Ye Fan is in Fangzhou, he won't have to be disgusted by Zheng Bingqing anymore.

It's just a relief for Ye Fan, but it has no effect on Zheng Bingqing, because if he dies, he won't know anything.But now if this was the case, Zheng Bingqing would be very uncomfortable and on the family side, they would blame Zheng Bingqing for all the cold treatment he would enjoy.

This hand of Shangguan Yue's anti-disgusting routine was still very powerful.

It was also really worthy of the Shangguan family, and Ye Fan saw the terrifying power of the Shangguan family in Fangzhou.

That night, Ye Fan's phone popped up with a lot of local news, and many food bloggers joined forces to boycott Zheng Bingqing and listed the things that Zheng Bingqing used to be paid to write fake food reviews, which was condemned by a large number of netizens.

At this time there were also very netizens who came forward and said that the restaurants that were rated well were actually expensive and awful.

By the next morning, Zheng Bingqing's food blogger certification was cancelled and permanently blocked by the official website, and the momentum continued to build, and all the shops Zheng Bingqing had reviewed were redefined.Many food bloggers took the initiative to try the food, especially when they went to the Dumpling House, greatly praising the freshness of the dumplings.

Without thinking too much, Ye Fan knew that these were the handiwork of Shangguan Yue, otherwise why would these food bloggers collectively come forward.

And so, by the third day, Zheng Bingqing's message had disappeared, and instead, Ye Fan's Dumpling House was already extremely hot, just like when Ye Fan first came here, the line was around the corner.

Ye Fan was very satisfied with this, and so was Kong Chunsheng.

Kong Chunsheng thought that the dumpling shop was finished, but he didn't expect Ye Fan to be so powerful, and with just a few simple operations, he completely revitalized the dumpling shop.

It remained open until ten o'clock at night.

There were actually still many people lining up, but the dumpling shop had run out of any ingredients, which was a desperate move.

Ye Fan had been working in the dumpling shop because there was nothing to do, and after a busy day, Ye Fan also thought about the time when he used to work, which was very fulfilling.

The only difference is the mentality, before Ye Fan was eager to get off work, because everyone wants to go to bed early.But now Ye Fan is in no hurry to leave work, because this shop is his, the longer he works, the more he earns.Although they were all small amounts of money, this collecting money and exchanging it for labor was still very pleasing.

Kong Chunsheng came out with a plate of dumplings and said with a smile, "Boss, you've worked hard today too, you've been busy for so long, have a plate of dumplings."

"Okay."Ye Fan nodded and beckoned, "Shopkeeper Kong, come over and eat as well."

After being slightly startled, Kong Chunsheng spoke, "Okay, then I'll come over to eat right away, I'll go out for a trip first."

"Go out for a trip?Is there anything else?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, thinking that something had happened to Kong Chunsheng.

After all, it was already more than ten o'clock at night, basically nothing happened, going out at this time, it might be Kong Chunsheng's private affairs out of the question.

Kong Chunsheng waved his hand, "No, I see a shaggy-haired beggar outside, squatting for a day, quite poor, send him a plate, don't worry, the salary from me inside deducted on the line."

Ye Fan was stunned at the news, never would have thought that Kong Chunsheng would be so kind, so busy and concerned about the outside world.

"Don't send it over, tell him to come in and eat, it's warmer in the house too."Ye Fan didn't look down on the beggar, it was just a plate of dumplings anyway, so help a little, as the saying goes, saving a life is better than creating a seventh grade pagoda, he let someone else have a full meal, although not so great merit, but at least his heart would be happy because he did something good.

With a smile, Ye Fan got up and prepared to call the beggar in personally.

Only walked in, Ye Fan found the beggar dodging, Ye Fan some puzzled even closer, finally in the beggar's shaggy face found a trace of familiarity: "Fuck, you are Zheng Bingqing!"

Ye Fan did not expect that the beggar in front of him was Zheng Bingqing.

But there was confusion in Zheng Bingqing's eyes, but it was more of a fear of Ye Fan.

"He's crazy."

A sigh came from behind Ye Fan, and Ye Fan turned his head to see that it was Shangguan Yue.

Shangguan Yue explained with a sigh, "Under our family's suppression, many food bloggers have taken the initiative to disassociate themselves from him, and Zheng Bingqing usually spends a lot of money, and for the sake of food assessment, he even eats a lot of food that he can't afford at all.But as long as there is a reputation, sooner or later, he can earn back his money, so he borrowed a lot of money, and now in this situation, everyone is looking for money from him, and the Zheng family did not dare to offend our Shangguan family, so they directly disassociated with Zheng Bingqing, and Zheng Bingqing is now unable to repay his debts, and was beaten many times, so it drove him crazy."

"This..."Ye Fan didn't think that in just three days, he could drive a good person to such a state, he really didn't dare to imagine.

But Ye Fan didn't regret it, Zheng Bingqing was driven mad mainly because he owed money and deliberately wrote bad reviews to earn black-hearted money, and now he deserved it for ending up in such a situation.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the dumplings, and then you'll see the dumplings that are left over.


Zheng Bingqing's matter was just a small episode, not to mention that Ye Fan didn't take it to heart, even Lin Mengqi's family took it to heart as well.

After all, a scum like Zheng Bingqing, the outcome of everything seems to be tragic, but it is deserved, there is no need for sympathy.

The days returned to a peaceful state, and Ye Fan was disturbed from his clear dreams another day, helplessly climbing up from his bed.

Ye Fan's rich ideal life is to eat well, sleep well and play well, the only goal is to find the jade to return to the family.

But now Ye Fan didn't find the jade tablet, nor did he eat, sleep and play well, he just accompanied Lin Mengqi to school.

During the meal, Ye Fan finally couldn't help but say, "Sister Mengqi, brother has been good to you, accompanying you for almost a month, you see when I can drop out of school ah, I have other things to deal with."

Lin Mengqi was still happy to eat, and was startled when she heard Ye Fan's words, only after a long time did she sigh: "I knew you would leave, I didn't think it would be so soon, I know you have things to deal with urgently, it's for that what jade medallion.Since that's the case, I won't force you, I've been quite happy this month, as long as you promise me one last thing, I'll consider you to have fulfilled your promise."

"What is it?"Ye Fan was a little happy, he didn't expect Lin Mengqi to be so easy to talk to.What's more, he didn't expect that Lin Mengqi had actually thought about these things, and his heart praised Lin Mengqi for being sensible.

Lin Mengqi intoned, "It's like this, although Gao Xinyu isn't as bouncy as he used to be, I feel that as long as you leave, he'll still find me, my Lin family is always inferior to the Gao family and can't fight them, I don't want to be bullied by Gao Xinyu after you leave."

"This matter ah, easy to handle."Ye Fan nodded his head and agreed in one breath. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

For Ye Fan, he also understood Gao Xingyu very well.Originally, if he hadn't appeared, Gao Xingyu would still be the class president and a good old man, but his appearance had affected the original balance of the class, and he reckoned that Gao Xingyu couldn't wait to show his true face because he felt inferior to him.

Although the Lin family wasn't as good as the Gao family, the difference wasn't too great either.The normal outcome would be that Gao Xingyu and Lin Mengqi would fall in love over time, and the marriage would become a family, a win-win situation.But now due to the existence of Ye Fan, Lin Mengqi liked Ye Fan, not Gao Xingyu.No wonder Gao Xingyu was torn apart, it was all forced by Ye Fan.But even if he understood these things, Ye Fan actually felt innocent, after all, he was really only brother and sister, he wasn't that interested in Lin Mengqi.

It wasn't that Lin Mengqi wasn't good looking, but Ye Fan's heart couldn't hold more people, and now this big pile of women was enough for Ye Fan to worry about.

If it wasn't for all sorts of things not being around, now Ye Fan was surrounded by a bunch of girls, and with his words, it was enough for two tables of mahjong.

Shaking his head, no longer think of other things, Ye Fan took Lin Mengqi to school, and Shangguan Yue followed, has been wanting to say, eventually still did not say, but this scene Ye Fan is not seen.

When you come to class, it's still the same as it was, the students are in disarray, the only difference is that people won't pay attention to Ye Fan anymore.Even when Lin Mengqi held Ye Fan's arm and entered the class, the students were not jealous in the slightest.After all, Ye Fan was really rich and Lin Mengqi was really beautiful, a match made in heaven, everyone just envied this kind of love.

"Gao Xingyu, come out with me for a moment."

When he entered the class, Ye Fan let Lin Mengqi return to her seat and he called out to Gao Xingyu to come out and talk.

Gao Xingyu's eyebrows furrowed, but he didn't say anything, so he followed Ye Fan out.

"What do you want?Squad Leader Ye."Gao Xingyu frowned and asked.

Now a month, it was dark for Gao Xingyu, the first time he ran the bill, Gao Xingyu actually couldn't lose face, that's why he thought of inviting everyone to dinner for the second time, along with giving Lin Mengqi's birthday in one fell swoop.

But Ye Fan's appearance, so angry that Gao Xingyu directly left, formed the second running list.

The result of the two running orders was that Gao Xingyu saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it caused the whole class to despise him, but instead took the opportunity to grow Ye Fan's atmospheric reputation.

So for Ye Fan, Gao Xingyu had always harbored a grudge.

Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth and said, "You go, leave Fangzhou."

Although Gao Xingyu ran the bill, Ye Fan wasn't angry, and anyway, the money wasn't just spent on Gao Xingyu, but on the whole class.He had a very fulfilling month, he got the whole class to brag, he was happy every day, at least in his class, he enjoyed the treatment of an emperor, wanting the wind and rain, very fulfilling.

But just now he had all promised Lin Mengqi to get rid of the hazard that was Gao Xingyu.

But to be precise, Gao Xingyu was either a hazard or an ordinary student, at most a potential threat.In this regard, Ye Fan did not want to force to bring down the Gao family, it would be a bit too degrading, and Ye Fan could not accept that he had become such an evil person.

That's why Ye Fan compromised and asked Gao Xingyu to directly leave Fangzhou and never come back.This way, no matter who's girl Gao Xingyu touched, as long as he couldn't touch Lin Mengqi, he would be fine.

"What do you mean, you're going to chuck me out now?You really think you're something?"Gao Xingyu's forehead bulged with veins, to him, what Ye Fan did was too much.His freedom to go to school still had to be controlled by Ye Fan?For what?

Ye Fan locked his eyebrows, but in the end, he only said, "Think about it, think it over and tell me the result, I'm agreeing to someone else's request, if you don't leave, I have another way."

After saying that, Ye Fan left.

On the way back to the class, Ye Fan muttered to himself, "Hey, did I go too far?"

It's always bad to force people so much, because when Ye Fan was poor, he was also forced by others, but there was nothing he could do about it, so Ye Fan used to swear that he wouldn't become a nuisance even if he was rich.

After thinking to the left, Ye Fan sighed, "Forget it, if Gao Xingyu really doesn't agree, I'll let Mengqi transfer to class one and follow Shangguan Yue, even if Gao Xingyu has the guts, he wouldn't dare to call the shots with the Shangguan family, well, let's do it."

Eventually, Ye Fan came up with a solution, there was no need to completely force Gao Xingyu.

Of course, if Gao Xingyu was able to leave Fangzhou, it actually solved the problem from the root, counting that Gao Xingyu knew how to be considerate, and Ye Fan wouldn't be bothered with the previous two runs.

Otherwise, if Gao Xinyu doesn't want to leave, Ye Fan is ready to ask for the money that should have been taken out by Gao Xinyu before he came, and even if he doesn't give it, Ye Fan will force him to take it back.

Making up his mind, Ye Fan went back to sleep in his class and continued to catch up on his morning rejuvenation sleep.

After all, this was Ye Fan's last day sleeping in this school!


Sleeping in class, playing at the end of class, eating in the cafeteria, the day went by quickly.

The last class was a self-study class, and after this class, it was considered over.

Ye Fan had also finally completed his mission and could leave the school!

Although the school was free and a place without any pressure, it was not good for Ye Fan instead, what Ye Fan needed now was still practice.After all, the jade medallion was just a coincidence, but the experience was inevitable, whether or not all the jade medallions were collected, Ye Fan needed to work hard to hone himself.

Otherwise, when he thought of how big Ye Island was, Ye Fan would have a big head and wouldn't know how to manage it.

He was the only son, sooner or later, Ye Island would be under his control.

Managing such a big place, Ye Fan didn't have that ability for the time being, he still had that self-awareness.

"Big squad leader Ye, come out for a moment!"Gao Xingyu's words interrupted Ye Fan's thoughts.

When Ye Fan saw the smile on Gao Xingyu's face, he laughed as well.

It was obvious that Gao Xingyu was sensible and had obviously figured out what to do. One second to remember to read the book

Ye Fan walked up quickly, so he followed Gao Xingyu out of the class.

Only to Ye Fan's surprise, Gao Xingyu wasn't talking at the door, but kept walking out.

"Where are you going?"Evan frowned and asked, this direction was obviously to the woods behind the school, but just to answer one question, was it so far to walk?It wasn't something to see either.

Gao Xingyu chuckled, "I already have the answer, you'll know if you come with me."

Ye Fan frowned, but still nodded and followed Gao Xingyu.

Within a short while, they arrived at the grove, and Ye Fan was a little impatient, "Alright, now we can talk."

"Good, this is the answer I gave you!"Gao Xingyu snapped his fingers, and the next thing he knew, six brawny men ran out from the grove and surrounded Ye Fan.

"What do you mean?"Ye Fan's eyes were narrowed, just wanting an answer, why call in these brawny men, and this scene was so familiar to Ye Fan.

Gao Xingyu sneered, "I'm leaving?I'm out of here, you idiot!I'll leave if you let me, you really think you're something!"

"So what are you doing now, venting?Looking for someone to beat me up?"Ye Fan didn't have the slightest bit of cowardice, but the thoughts in his heart began to change.

Earlier, he was thinking of talking to Gao Xingyu nicely, after all, there was no substantial conflict, but finding someone to beat him up, this was what Ye Fan absolutely could not endure.

Gao Xingyu smiled and said, "Beat you up?That would be a bargain!I'm not only going to beat you up, but I'm also going to strip you naked, take pictures and post them on the school forum so you can't be a human being.Yes, you are rich, richer than me, but don't you see what kind of place Fangzhou is, except for the Bai family and Shangguan family, there is nothing else I am afraid of.Although I don't know how you hooked up with Shangguan Yue, but you and Lin Mengqi are cuddling every day, I don't think your relationship with Shangguan Yue is that good either, that girl is a famous little witch."

Saying that, Gao Xingyu took out his cell phone, "You guys go, give me a good beating on this kid and strip the clothes off!"

Ye Fan's eyes narrowed as he said, "Gao Xingyu, I'll give you one more chance, you're sure of what you say!"

"Sure?Oh, right, I really remember."Gao Xingyu's mouth hooked and smiled evilly, "Tiger, I remember that you like men, right, Ye Fan is at least tender skinned, it suits your appetite, give me a hard blast of him later!"

Tiger licked his lips and said, "Okay, Gao Shao, I like such tender skinned ones."

As the words fell, Ah Hu pounced directly on Ye Fan.

Ye Fan hurriedly retreated backwards, he didn't expect that the person Gao Xingyu had recruited would have such a perverted existence, this really scared Ye Fan.

Couldn't care to play calm, Ye Fan quickly said, "You guys stop, how much money did he give you to do this kind of thing, I can double it!"

"Heh heh heh!"Without waiting for the big men to speak, Gao Xingyu laughed, "These people are all professional thugs, and they are all thugs raised by our Gao family, they are loyal to our Gao family, no matter how much money you pay, just put away your stinking money, it's useless with me."

Upon hearing this, Ye Fan was shocked, he never expected that these thugs were cultivated by the Gao family, this was a bit difficult to do.

If they were thugs from outside, Ye Fan would have been fine spending money to buy them, which was Ye Fan's previously indifferent bottom line, but if it was really like what Gao Xingyu said, he wouldn't be able to escape these big men, especially Ah Hu, no matter what.

Sweat unknowingly soaked through Ye Fan's back, but there was nothing better Ye Fan could do.

But Ah Hu was as if he had eaten Ye Fan, so he smiled and said, "Little handsome man, you said to pay, I'd like to see how much you pay, if you give me ten thousand, I'll do it lightly then."

"Ten thousand?"Ye Fan was slightly startled, never thought Ah Hu would ask for such a low price, but thinking that it was a small city in the third tier of Fangzhou, even if there was a million in his pocket with a deposit was very impressive, ten million was the big man, so he inevitably came to the spirit.

"I'll give one million, can you guys be my thugs."Ye Fan is now a dead horse, otherwise, there is no other way.

Seeing these people settling down, Ye Fan knew there was a show, so he hinted again, "Think about it, if you guys think about it, being a hitman in the Gao family, it's just a youthful meal in this life, it's good if you can eat for ten years, higher up, even if you earn ten thousand salaries a month, ten years is only a million.I'll give you each a million now, you only need to be my thugs once and that's enough, think what you will, you all earn!"

"A million?"Ah Hu was suddenly shocked, with so much money in front of him, I must say that Ah Hu was shaken.

Seeing this, Gao Xingyu was busy saying, "Ah Hu, you are cultivated by my Gao family, do you still want to go against it?"

Ye Fan smiled, knowing what was most important now, and that was sincerity.

Without much thought, Ye Fan took out his phone and opened WeChat, "Whoever wants to become my hit man, now bring your phone over and scan the code, I will only give the full one million!"

"Give directly?"Ah Hu was directly shaken and took out his phone.

Ye Fan didn't get inked and directly transferred two million.

"Two million!Two million!"Ah Hu ton was blinded, did not say good one million it, how to give two million directly?

When Ye Fan saw Ah Hu's appearance, he knew that Ah Hu had been bribed, and couldn't help but smile again, "I forgot to say just now, first come, first served, the first person is two million, the second person is one million eight hundred thousand, the third person is one million six hundred thousand, and so on, only the sixth person is one million."

This statement, the five big men behind Ah Hu suddenly breathed tightly, after all, if you stand in line early, you can get more money, and if you are one person late, you are two hundred thousand late ah!

The five people who didn't get the money suddenly swarmed in front of Ye Fan, but the big man who couldn't squeeze in at the end of the line was smart enough to charge directly at Gao Xingyu.

Only then did Gao Xingyu revealed a smile, "As expected, only you are the right choice, not without my Gao family raising you for so many years, not bad, you..."

Before Gao Xingyu could finish his sentence, he saw the big man's sandbagged fist directly smashed into Gao Xingyu's face.

After KOing Gao Xingyu with one punch, the big man got excited and said, "This young master, I fought first, I was able to get ahead of the line to receive the money this way!"

Ye Fan some speechless and at the same time feel a little funny, looking at the gang of brawny men is not a fool ah, see money head a quicker than a spin.

Even Ye Fan, also had to admire!


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