Lost Young Master 196-200


Chapter 196


Ye Fan was stunned and said, "Go what?Won't you come with us?"

"No need, our old couple is also debt free now, I'll think of another way to take my partner to the doctor, you didn't spend less money just now, you've done enough, let us see what we do next."Ye Dajun waved his hand.

Rural people were not out of the ordinary, but they didn't want to trouble others either.

Ye Fan didn't get angry, instead, there was joy in his eyes.

In other people, seeing Ye Fan so rich, must be blackmailing a lot of money to be satisfied, but Ye Dajun is so simple, more so Ye Fan feel happy, no wonder will educate Ye Jiaqi such a good daughter, feelings are Ye Dajun's own rule, so many years of invisible influence.

Now, Ye Fan felt that the time had come, and there was no need to continue to hide his identity, he could formally state his identity.

"Actually, I have one thing I didn't have time to say, I'm not from an ordinary family, nor am I a tiny rich second generation, but a child of a super big family, as for how much money I have, I can't say, anyway, I have two billion in my account right now, there's a million in this bag, dad, you take mom to the doctor first, my body is the most important thing, if it's not enough I'll give it to you."

Saying that, Ye Fan took out another sack from the van and opened it right in front of Ye Dajun's body, filling the sack with a bunch of money.

"This much money?"Seeing Ye Fan a sack full of money, Ye Dajun trembled, he had never seen so much money in his life. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

And this money was still just a dime a dozen for Ye Fan, which made Ye Dajun not dare to imagine where Ye Fan came from.

"Will you really treat my daughter well?If you bully her in the future, I won't let you go."Ye Dajun's first reaction was not happiness, but fear.

If someone as powerful as Ye Fan bullied his daughter, he was actually powerless to do anything about it.

Gossiping after tea and dinner, Ye Dajun had not heard much about being bullied after marrying into a noble family, and originally thought he was far away, but never thought his daughter would meet such a noble family.

Ye Fan was stunned, never thought Ye Dajun would have such a reaction, which he hadn't expected before, some good anger and some amusement, even waving his hand, "Don't worry, I will treat Jiaqi well."

It was hard to coax Ye Dajun and Chen Lanfang into the car, so Ye Fan took the two elders to the county's hospital and did emergency treatment first, now Chen Lanfang's situation is not too optimistic, already easy chest tightness, by Huang Dashan engage in things angry even more faint.

It was too late to return to Fangzhou, had to do emergency treatment in the county first.

And while Chen Lanfang was operating and Ye Dajun was accompanying him, Ye Jiaqi pulled Ye Fan to the outside of the hospital.

Ye Fan didn't squeak, he knew that when he told the truth, he would be questioned by Ye Jiaqi, and he only hoped that Ye Jiaqi wouldn't be angry with him for his previous concealment.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Ye Jiaqi would just fall into his arms and cry.

"You bastard, villain, do you know that the night you left, I didn't sleep well, I was afraid that you would leave me.Even though it's good that you're gone, I'm still unhappy in my heart, I don't want you to go, I want to be together all the time ah!Sooooo...."

Ye Fan was startled, not expecting Ye Jiaqi to find him for such a thing.

But without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, an indifference came from far and near.

"Sorry, you guys can't be together for now."

Ye Fan frowned, who dared to mess up the atmosphere at this time?

But when he looked up, Evan was startled and surprised, "Charles?What are you doing here?"

That's right, the one who interrupted the two was Charles.

Charles bowed slightly to Ye Fan before moving forward and separating the two of them, indifferently saying to Ye Jiaqi, "Now, you and your parents must return to Ye Island with me!"

"What's going on here?"Ye Fan frowned, Ye Jiaqi was from a rural background, how did she get involved with Ye Island.

Charles took out a document and explained, "As long as anyone is near the young master, we will investigate, and after my investigation, as well as a blood test at the blood bank, it was found that Ye Jiaqi's family all came from Ye Island.But it was two or three hundred years ago, and Ye Jiaqi's family were the descendants of the defectors at that time.Even if Ye Jiaqi's family doesn't know about it, I still have to bring her back to Ye Island to resume her life, that's the order of my lord."

"What?"Ye Fan was suddenly shocked, never thought there was such a big Simmie, and Charles also said that it was an order from his lordship, so he definitely wouldn't fake it.

Ye Fan knew he was powerless to resist, but still inquired, "What exactly was the reason for the defection?"

Charles took a deep look at Ye Fan and sighed: "At the beginning, the Ye family was two branches, it was your branch that successfully occupied Ye Island, while the other failed branch secretly ran away and took the pig jade medallion, so we must let Ye Jiaqi's family go back to be investigated, don't worry, as long as Ye Jiaqi's family is fine, we will still accept their branch, after so many years, the hatred is long gone!It has disappeared, and now there are many branches above Ye Island that are also living well."

Looking inside the hospital, Charles was saying again, "And now Chen Lanfang is still sick, Ye Island's medical technology is also second to none in the world, there, it will completely treat the disease."

"Okay, I'll go with you!"Ye Jiaqi nodded his head heavily.

"Don't be impulsive."Ye Fan didn't expect Ye Jiaqi to be so receptive, but still hurried to stop it, wanting Ye Jiaqi to think about it more carefully.

Ye Jiaqi shook her head and said, "No need to think about it, my mother's illness is very difficult to treat, if Ye Island can treat it, then I will definitely go."

Upon hearing this, Ye Fan stopped stopping him.

Only then did Ye Fan understand that Ye Jiaqi didn't go on impulse, but had to go in order to help cure Chen Lanfang's illness.

At this time, Ye Fan couldn't say anything to stop him, because he wasn't sure that he could find a hospital to treat Chen Lanfang, and since Charles was saying that Ye Island was medically advanced, it meant that Ye Island was 100% sure to help cure Chen Lanfang.

The more Ye Island was at this level, the more attention it paid to rhetoric, or else it would be breaking the signboard and losing prestige.

Seeing Ye Fan's silence, Charles said again, "Young Master don't worry, I just said that as long as the investigation is clear, it won't be difficult for Ye Jiaqi's whole family."

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "It's not like that, I just promised Ye Jiaqi that I would never be separated from her, but now we're going to be separated, I..."

This was also something that could not be helped, Ye Fan was not eligible to return to Ye Island now, so naturally he was forced to separate.

Ye Jiaqi hugged Ye Fan and comforted him, "Don't worry, since it's your home, I'll treat it as meeting my aunt and uncle, we'll meet sooner or later anyway."

Seeing Ye Jiaqi like this, Ye Fan even more didn't know what to say, so he hugged Ye Jiaqi tightly and enjoyed the last moment of warmth.

Charles was also sensible enough not to bother, the things that happened during this period of time, Charles knew all about it, for a girl like Ye Jiaqi, even Charles could not pick out any faults, hard to say, it was Ye Jiaqi's origin was not good, right.

But for Yejima, it was all the same, because there was also no one with a higher origin than Yejima's....


"Let's go, let's go!"

Ye Fan lovingly waved his hand to the distance, and Charles's car gradually disappeared.

In the end, he could only send Ye Jiaqi away, after all, it was his father's order, he could not disobey.

And regarding the whereabouts of the Pig Jade Brand, it was very important to Ye Island's development.

Throwing his head away, Ye Fan no longer thought about these things, anyway, it was good for Ye Jiaqi to go to Ye Island, just think of it as meeting his parents beforehand.

Laughing, Ye Fan went to a barbecue stall, busy with Chen Lanfang's surgery while resting through the dangerous period, now the sky was dark to six o'clock.

Even though this small county wasn't big and didn't have much nightlife, barbecue stalls were still very common for this kind of late night snack.

After ordering some meat skewers and a bunch of beer, Ye Fan borrowed the wine alone to ease his worries.

Until the barbecue stall closed, Ye Fan out of the barbecue stall, shakily ready to find a hotel.

The worst thing about this small county is that it is not well developed, or a lot of old hutongs exist, where it is easy to turn. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Ye Fan didn't have a goal anyway, so he just followed an alley and walked inside, maybe he would come across an exit and see a hotel.

The hotel that Ye Fan stayed in before was at the exit of an alley.

But before taking two steps, Ye Fan was seen by a group of dark shadows, and at a closer look, it was a group of people.

Before Ye Fan could react, he was knocked unconscious by a muffler, and by the time he woke up, he was already inside a familiar mud room.

It was no other place, it was precisely Ye Jiaqi's home.

Only the place had been ransacked, and even the tattered quilts had disappeared.

Sitting on the bed, Ye Fan found himself tied up behind his back, looking up, this group of people were the villagers, and the one leading them was Huang Dasan.

"Look, this kid is awake."A villager exclaimed in alarm.

Huang Dasan sneered, "Still able to sleep, one sleep and it's the next afternoon, you're a pig."

"You don't care if I'm a pig or not, but you're a pig!"Ye Fan coldly snorted, Huang Dashan is covered in fat meat, no different from a fat pig.

Ye Fan has no kind words to say about Huang Dashan, no need to think much, this kidnapping was started by Huang Dashan.

To put it bluntly, the other villagers look simple and silly, which has this kind of kidnapping idea.I guess it's because he didn't give Huang Dashan more money yesterday, so Huang Dashan was dissatisfied, so he thought of joining forces with the villagers to kidnap him.

It was probably because he promised the villagers a lot of goodies that the villagers followed Huang Dashan to do this kind of thing.

As expected, Huang Dashan sneered, "Kid, you're in our hands now, and you dare to be rude.If you know what's good for you, just take out the money again, or else I'll throw you into the mountain to feed the black blind man."

Black Blind Man?

Ye Fan reacted before it dawned on him what Huang Da Shan was saying.Black Blind is the local word for black bear.As for why Ye Fan knew, it was because Ye Fan's side of the family also called bears as black blindness.

But there aren't many wild bears now, and the reason why there are here is because it hasn't been developed here yet, and the mountain is still kept pristine.

But no matter how much Huang Dashan threatened, Ye Fan just smiled with a smile on his lips and didn't panic at all.

He just treated Huang Dashan as a clown, a state of watching the show, watching Huang Dashan scratching his ears and racking his brains for threats.

Huang Dashan spoke threats for more than ten minutes, but when he saw that Ye Fan was still unmoved, he finally said furiously, "Damn, this brat is soft and unforgiving, you guys throw him into the mountain."

After saying that, Huang Dasan left angrily.

It wasn't until Huang Dashan left that Ye Fan said to the remaining villagers, "Do you guys think you're done throwing me into the mountain?"

The villagers were stunned, they didn't know what Ye Fan wanted to express, so they waited for Ye Fan to continue to solve the confusion.

Ye Fan chuckled, "My mobile phones are all with positioning, GPS do you know, I advise you to let me go now, I can not find trouble with you, otherwise later my people arrive you will be useless."

The villagers turned pale, they were not proficient in mobile phones, but they also knew that some devices could locate, it would be bad if a group of people really came.

Naturally, Ye Fan's phone had no positioning, but he had to show calmness to bluff these people, the only way to ensure safety.

If Ye Fan showed fear just now, Huang Dasan would definitely continue to threaten and even really send Ye Fan to the mountain to despair.Only that Ye Fan acted too well, this calmness not only fooled Huang Da Shan, but also the current villagers.

After experiencing these places like Kaiyuan, Fengdu, and Fangzhou, Ye Fan had long since ceased to be the same Ye Fan, and his mentality had actually been growing, especially after experiencing kidnapping, which Ye Fan had become as familiar with as if it were a routine.

Seeing these villagers in a state of shock and uncertainty, Ye Fan smiled again and said: "If you untie me now, I can still forgive you.After all, you guys are ignorant and don't understand the law.Otherwise, your crime of kidnapping me would be enough for you to go to jail or even be beheaded."

Hearing the beheading, these villagers completely panicked, for these rural people who didn't even have a primary school diploma, they just knew that the police were powerful, but they didn't know exactly how powerful.

Of course, there were also rural people with high education who knew the law very well, but it was obvious that the group of villagers in front of them didn't know, these villagers were the super unseen kind, otherwise they wouldn't have not resisted when they were smashed in the face before.

"What should we do, we were all compelled by that guy Huang Dasan, you can't let the police arrest us."The villagers showed panic and begged, dumping the blame on Huang Dasan.

Ye Fan chuckled, "I also know that you were compelled by Huang Dashan, but the law doesn't care whether you are actively breaking the law or not, your kind is an accessory to breaking the law.But as long as you let me go and make me feel good, perhaps I won't report you with the police."

As soon as the words fell, these villagers hurriedly untied Ye Fan.

Ye Fan moved his wrist a few times and backhandedly smacked the villagers' faces, cursing angrily, "Damn, even you dare to kidnap me, I gave you up to millions yesterday, aren't you satisfied yet?"

From the moment Ye Fan was untied, Ye Fan knew that these people were really wimpy and would not resist even if they were slapped.

As expected, just as Ye Fan expected, after the smacking, these people did not say a word, or apologize.

The anger in Ye Fan's heart was mostly gone, and he touched the back of his head that had been smothered, asking, "You guys tell me, who hit me with a stick?"

"It was that guy Huang Dashan who beat us up, we didn't do anything."The villagers once again dumped the blame on Huang Dashan.

Ye Fan also knew that no more questions could be asked, and now the reason why the villagers conceded was that they wanted to escape the blame of the law, and if they were connected to Ye Fan, they would still resist.

Ye Fan then nodded his head and said, "Okay, then you guys will follow what Huang Dashan just said, go find Huang Dashan, tie him up and throw him in the mountain to feed the black blind, and when this is done, I will not hold you responsible."

Saying that, Ye Fan directly left the village.

Only Huang Dasan was tied up or not, so what did it matter to Ye Fan?

Anyway, these villagers were not going to let Huang Da Shan go.


As the saying goes, a poor mountain produces unruly people, and this village was like that.

Ye Fan didn't know how to punish this group of uneducated people, but even if he did kill them, it wouldn't be good for Ye Fan anyway.

Ignorance and muddling through toil was already the best punishment for this group of villagers.

After returning to the county capital, Ye Fan left this shabby place directly, and in this life, Ye Fan would never come to this place again.

Catching a train, Ye Fan returned to Fangzhou at eight in the evening.

"Still not back so late, what have you been doing?"Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, it was already 8:30 p.m. when he returned to the villa, but neither Shangguan Yue nor Lin Mengqi were home.

Looking at the course schedule, there were no classes today either, so why aren't they back yet?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, so he dialed Lin Mengqi's phone.

Because Ye Fan was in the second class, he didn't know the situation in the first class, so maybe the first class was still studying late.

Calling the phone, Lin Mengqi's indifferent voice came out, "What for?" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"What's wrong with you?Drinking?"Ye Fan frowned slightly as he heard a hint of drunkenness in Lin Mengqi's indifferent voice and some big talk.

Lin Mengqi coldly snorted, "It's up to you!"

"I'll talk to him."

Another woman's voice came from the other end of the phone, it was none other than Shangguan Yue.

"Hello, is it Ye Fan, this is Shangguan Yue, where are you now?"Shangguan Yue inquired.

Although it wasn't as cold as Lin Mengqi, the tone was still a bit bad.

Ye Fan was even more confused, he hadn't done anything, so why did he offend two girls?

WeChat received the address, and Ye Fan rushed to the Jade Dragon Hotel without stopping.

Do you know why everyone likes to go to the Jade Dragon Hotel, even though it's not the best hotel.

When he arrived at the hotel, the waiter who had served Ye Fan warmly brought him to the private room.

To Ye Fan's surprise, apart from Lin Mengqi and Shangguan Yue, there were a bunch of people in the room, all of them classmates.

Such a big battle?

Ye Fan was a little confused, not sure why so many people were here, especially since Gao Xingyu was also here.

"Yo, if it isn't class president Ye, how have you been playing with your teacher these past two days, are you happy?"Liu Weiqiang smilingly walked in front of Ye Fan with a smug face.

Ye Fan was even more blinded, how come even Liu Weiqiang knew about him and Ye Jiaqi?

Gao Xingyu chuckled, "It seems that Class President Ye thought he was hiding it well, but he didn't know it had already made it onto the school's forum."


When Ye Fan opened the school forum, the top content was a set of photos.It was none other than the photos of Ye Fan and Ye Jiaqi going in and out of the hotel, and there were even photos of the two of them holding hands and hugging.

Seeing Gao Xingyu's smug smile, Ye Fan knew that these photos were not made by Gao Xingyu and had something to do with Gao Xingyu.

In order to step on him, Gao Xingyu would still make news in this kind of aspect, it was really something.

It was only then that it dawned on Ye Fan why Lin Mengqi and Shangguan Yue were so indifferent, and why the two girls didn't call him to inquire about the situation after he disappeared these two days.

Without paying any attention to Gao Xingyu's sarcasm, Ye Fan made a call to Charles, "Hey, why is there a picture of me on the school forum?"

"A school forum?That's the school's internal internet cafe, I'll check it out right away, don't worry."

Charles spoke in a somewhat serious tone, the matter that Ye Fan could no longer expose online was also very important to the Ye family, now that he suddenly appeared online, no matter what, it was a mistake in his work.

After waiting for two minutes, Ye Fan received a WeChat from Charles, saying that it was done.

When Ye Fan opened the website and looked again, he found that the headline had been removed.Even the photos saved on top of Ye Fan's phone had been destroyed, as if the phone had been implanted with a virus, as long as the photos about him and Ye Jiaqi were opened, they were directly destroyed.

Seeing the result, Ye Fan couldn't help but marvel at the Ye family's technology, it was really amazing that they could even eliminate the ones inside other people's phones.

After being relieved, Ye Fan glanced at Gao Xingyu and said indifferently, "What photos are you talking about, how come I didn't know there were any."

"You still have a tough mouth and won't admit it, hehe, let me make you see it!"Saying that, Gao Xingyu opened his phone and went to the school's forum, but found that the news had disappeared.

"You're really capable of removing the news from the school forum in such a short time, it didn't cost you much, right?But it's okay, I've saved it in my phone too, so I'll just flip it out and show you!"When Gao Xingyu opened the photo album, he clicked on the photo, but it was destroyed in an instant and could not be retrieved.

"Fuck, how is this possible!"Gao Xingyu was shocked, and even opened Liu Weiqiang's phone, but found that it was also the same, the photo could not be opened at all, open and destroy.

Ye Fan faintly spoke, "Is this what you want to show me?Don't make up what you don't have, and don't spread the wind blindly without it, or don't blame me for ruining you!"

The photo message did make Gao Xingyu rather disappointed, after all, there was one less chance to step on Ye Fan, but Gao Xingyu didn't give up, and sneered again, "I've just asked for a relationship with Lin Mengqi, now I'm waiting for Lin Mengqi's reply, but my chances are high that I wasn't rejected directly.But even if I reject it, it doesn't matter, you don't have a chance anyway, even if you delete the photos, I've shown Lin Mengqi the photos before, and..."

At this point, Gao Xingyu sold a barrier and didn't say anything further.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, he hated it when someone said half of something.

But now he didn't have time to care about Gao Xingyu, but went straight to Lin Mengqi to ask why Lin Mengqi didn't reject Gao Xingyu directly.

At this moment, Lin Mengqi was lying in Shangguan Yue's bosom, and there were still some tears in the corners of her eyes.The eyes were also red.

This made Ye Fan, who wanted to question Lin Mengqi, to hold back his words, but tenderly patted Lin Mengqi's shoulder and said, "Mengqi, why are you crying?Don't cry."

"Don't touch me, I don't need you to care!"Lin Mengqi was suddenly like a lioness, just roaring at Ye Fan.

Fortunately, the inside of the box was bigger, it was just a corner and there was music playing, so no one noticed this side.

Ye Fan frowned, "Of course I have to care if you're crying."

Ye Fan didn't like people yelling at him, no matter what the reason.But he thought of Lin Mengqi as his sister and had to care about this matter.

"What do you care about me, I don't need you to care about it."Lin Mengqi looked at Ye Fan angrily, her eyes red.

Ye Fan also couldn't help but get out, "I don't need to be in charge, do I use Gao Xingyu to control you?"

"I'm happy to be whoever I want to be, so go mind your teacher sometime!"Lin Mengqi roared, "Two days without a single letter, if it wasn't for Gao Xingyu telling me that you had an affair with your teacher, Sister Shangguan and I would still be worried that something was wrong with you, I can be really redundant and blindly worrying about useless things!"

The corner of Ye Fan's eyes jumped, and that's when he realized.Lin Mengqi wasn't angry, but jealous of him and Ye Jiaqi.

Ye Fan didn't have any words of rebuttal to this.

Even if there were many reasons for this, but in this situation, no matter what was said, it was just a pointless explanation.

Only, Ye Fan didn't feel sorry for Lin Mengqi, anyway, he was just looking at Lin Mengqi like a sister, calculating that Lin Mengqi liked him, and it had nothing to do with him.

Ye Fan only felt sorry for Shangguan Yue, he had all promised earlier that he wouldn't find another woman after Shangguan Yue, but he still did, no wonder Shangguan Yue would be so cold.

Ye Fan didn't say anything, he slowly walked forward, and in Lin Mengqi's surprised eyes, Ye Fan hugged Shangguan Yue and said, "I'm sorry, little Yue."

Lin Mengqi only felt thunder from the clear sky, why did Ye Fan only apologize to Shangguan Yue, what about her?

What is she to you?


"Stomp stomp."Lin Mengqi trotted out of this corner and into the bathroom.

When Shangguan Yue was held by Ye Fan, the indifferent color on her face gradually receded.

She actually understood that Ye Fan, who came from a big family like this, could never have only a few girls and was only angry at her for sneaking to meet or even going out to play without telling her.

After Ye Fan apologized to her, she wasn't angry anymore.

"Ye Shao, I'll go see Mengqi."Shangguan Yue detached from Ye Fan's embrace and was about to go after Lin Mengqi.

But she was pulled by Ye Fan.

"What's wrong?"Shangguan Yue was somewhat puzzled.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "No need to go."

"Why?"Shangguan Yue couldn't help but frown.

Ye Fan sighed and said, "I know that Meng Qi might have thoughts about me, but I just treat her as my sister.I only need to tell my woman who I'm going out with, but it's not necessary for my sister.Just let her figure it out on her own, I don't want to have any more emotional debt on me." One second to remember to read the book

Shangguan Yue looked at the firmness in Ye Fan's eyes, so she didn't say anything and snuggled into Ye Fan's bosom.

In fact, Shangguan Yue also had a selfish heart, after all, there were more and more women around Ye Fan, but if there could be one less, there would still be one less.It wasn't because she was bad-minded, but she just wanted to go with the flow.

How many women Ye Fan had wasn't something that Shangguan Yue could control, but she at least wouldn't take the initiative to help Ye Fan find more women.

If it were anyone else, they would do the same.

The two of them snuggled together, silent, and just carried on in silence.

Finally, it was Shangguan Yue who spoke first: "Do you know why Mengqi is angry?Except because you've been disappearing for two days."

"Is there anything else?"In the meantime, it was unexpected that there would be something else, which Ye Fan did not expect.

But it was also because Ye Fan had no time to think about it, otherwise, in fact, if you simply thought about it, you would be able to understand that something was indeed happening, otherwise, it wouldn't be possible for so many people to be here.

And Gao Xingyu had even gotten mixed up with his classmates again without suffering exclusion, so something very significant had obviously happened.

Shangguan Yue opened her mouth to explain, "Actually, originally I didn't know about today's events, I just went to school normally, and then I saw the second class arguing about being together, so I went over to see what was going on, and I found out that Gao Xingyu begged for a relationship with Lin Mengqi, and prepared a double gift, one begging for a relationship and one birthday gift.Lin Mengqi didn't know how to choose, and when she saw me there, she asked me to come with her to this hotel that was booked by Gao Xingyu."

"What?"Ye Fan bounced up, not because Lin Mengqi was being courted by Gao Xingyu, but because Lin Mengqi's birthday was even today.

It was nothing, but Gao Xingyu even knew that Lin Mengqi was celebrating her birthday and had prepared a birthday party, on the other hand, Ye Fan, who considered himself a brother, didn't even know about his sister's birthday and had prepared nothing, so it was no wonder that Lin Mengqi was angry.

Ye Fan was a little frustrated, if it wasn't for the fact that he was kidnapped today because he borrowed wine last night to get rid of his sorrows, he would have actually been able to make it back to Fangzhou this morning and would have found out about Lin Mengqi's birthday and avoided a lot of trouble.

But it was too late to say anything now, after all, what had happened in front of him had already happened and he could only make up for it.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan dialed Charles's phone.

"Young Master, I was just about to call you, after the family's rehearsal, Miss Ye Jiaqi and her whole family is fine, and the Pig Jade Plaque is still their family heirloom and has been worshipped, I went to the village to find the Pig Jade Plaque and found out that the Ye family had been emptied, so I inquired about things and learned about your kidnapping, fortunately, you are fine, the village was dealt with by me, and the Pig Jade Plaque was successfullyIt was recycled by the family.Now Miss Ye Jiaqi, who has done a great job and is deeply loved by the old lady, will stay in front of the old lady to learn etiquette and won't be able to return for a while."

Charles said a whole bunch of things directly, and it took Ye Fan a moment to react to it.

I didn't expect evil to come back, and these villagers were gone.

It was also great that the pig jade medallion was found, and now Ye Island already had four jade medallions, one step closer to his return to the family.

What made Ye Fan happiest was that Ye Jiaqi was liked by Chen Fangling. Previously, Ye Fan was worried that Chen Fangling didn't like Ye Jiaqi, after all, Ye Jiaqi was good in every way, but she was from a bad family and she was older than him, according to the traditional concept, men were older than women, but no matter what, Ye Jiaqi was accepted and liked by Chen Fangling and taught by him, Ye Fan was relieved.

As for not seeing each other for a short period of time, it's nothing, when two people love each other for a long time, how can it be in the morning and evening?

Knowing that Ye Jiaqi was temporarily settled, Ye Fan's mood was much better, so he spoke, "Charles, do one thing for me, pick a suitable birthday gift and deliver it as soon as possible."

"Okay, young master."

After Charles replied, Ye Fan directly hung up the phone.

Charles did things, Ye Fan was still very relieved, there was no need to even say who to give it to and where to send it, these Charles would cave in.

Ye Fan has now been relieved, his every move seemingly family does not help, but the family has been secretly protecting him, from the previous Ye Jiaqi, he understood.However, Ye Fan did not have the slightest dislike for this excessive protection, but was instead very happy, after all, it was very convenient to do anything.

Whirling around, Ye Fan went straight to the bathroom.

The bathroom door was closed, but there was still a gap, and Ye Fan took out a card and swiped it directly at the door, and the door opened.

This is the simplest way to crack the old type of locks, the reason why the hotel uses this, I think it should be unsure of the guests.

Some guests drank too much to the bathroom unconscious, if the people outside really can not enter, it can only smash the door, I guess the hotel was smashed a few doors after changing to such an old type of door lock can be cut open from the outside.

These are not Ye Fan concerns, open the door, Ye Fan went straight into the bathroom, backhanded the door locked dead.

Looking up Ye Fan saw Lin Mengqi squatting in the corner of the bathroom sobbing, helplessly shook his head, Ye Fan slowly stepped forward and rubbed Lin Mengqi's head: "I was wrong, don't be angry."

"Don't touch me."Lin Mengqi buried her head in her body and curled up into a ball, not even lifting her head once.

Ye Fan couldn't see a girl cry the most, not because he hated it, but because he didn't know how to coax it.

When a girl cried, Ye Fan was at a loss as to what to do, especially now that it was still Lin Mengqi that Ye Fan had caused to cry.

It was only after a long silence that Ye Fan pouted out, "Mengqi, happy birthday!"

At these words, Lin Mengqi looked up sharply.

Happy birthday?

And he knows it's my birthday?

Is it because it's my birthday that he's back in time?

Lin Mengqi's red eyes were suddenly filled with joy and hope.


What mattered most to Limonchi wasn't any excuses or apologies, just that one blessing on her birthday, it was enough to show that she cared.


Lin Mengqi got up and jumped into Ye Fan's arms and kissed Ye Fan's face.

Ye Fan was suddenly blinded, never thought that he had coaxed Lin Mengqi with such a simple sentence.

Really a woman's heart is like a needle in a haystack, completely unpredictable.

But Ye Fan was also glad that he was mistaken, otherwise, he would still be in a desperate situation not knowing what to do.

Ye Fan took Lin Mengqi's small hand again, and this time, Lin Mengqi didn't refuse.

Ye Fan smiled and brought Lin Mengqi out of the bathroom, ready to return to Shangguan Yue's side.

But as soon as he opened the bathroom door, he just happened to see Gao Xingyu who was preparing to use the toilet.

When Gao Xingyu saw the two of them coming out of the bathroom hand in hand, he got angry and said, "How did you guys come out of the bathroom?What are you doing in there!" First web site m.kanshu8.net

"What for?Does it matter to you?"It was hard for Ye Fan to coax Lin Mengqi, but if Gao Xingyu was in a bad mood again, it might not take long for him to get better.

Now Ye Fan didn't want to teach Gao Xingyu a lesson, but wanted Gao Xingyu to disappear quickly and not to make any more moths.

But Gao Xingyu didn't follow Ye Fan's wish, so he didn't even go to the bathroom and directly stopped the two of them, questioning, "Say, what did you guys just do!?"

Ye Fan was so angry that he wanted to hit someone, but before he could move, Lin Mengqi raised her hand and slapped Gao Xingyu's face.

"What am I doing with brother Ye Fan, does it have anything to do with you?I've decided not to accept your relationship."

Lin Mengqi spoke in a high tone, like a little lioness, protecting Ye Fan.

Ye Fan couldn't help but feel warm in his heart, although it wasn't him taking the initiative, this feeling of being protected was also good.

Gao Xingyu was so dumbfounded that he couldn't say a word for half a day, so he slammed the door and walked straight out.

Ye Fan laughed, but soon froze and ran outside, but he couldn't see Gao Xingyu's figure.

"Damn, this kid is running away from the bill again!"Ye Fan was so angry that he wanted to curse.

Gao Xingyu always had all kinds of ways to run the bill, it was really no one else.

But Ye Fan didn't care, now that Lin Mengqi had been coaxed, it was actually quite good.

In a short while, the waiter pushed up the birthday cake, and with the blessings of all the students, Lin Mengqi began to make a wish.

I don't know who owed a question with his mouth, "Big beautiful Lin, what did you wish for?"

Lin Mengqi didn't even refuse, but said with a smile, "My wish is that I can receive a birthday present from brother Ye Fan this year."

As soon as this was said, everyone looked at Ye Fan.

Indeed, Ye Fan was the only one who didn't take out a birthday gift.

Ye Fan was also startled, not expecting this to be Lin Mengqi's wish.But now he really didn't have a gift, and although he had Charles prepare a gift, he didn't know when it would be delivered.

Just when Ye Fan was embarrassed and didn't know how to respond, there was a thumping sound from outside the hotel.

Everyone couldn't help but look out the window, only to see the sky explode with brilliant fireworks, and it was even textual.

"Happy Birthday to Lin Mengqi!"

Normally, fireworks could only be round, but to actually blow up words, that would require a very amazing craft.

"Wow, how romantic!"

"Who on earth is so kind, so that most of the city will be able to see this blessing, right."

"It's really awesome, I'm so jealous of Lin Mengqi!"

The classmates were all talking, especially the girls were showing their envious eyes.

Which girl doesn't like fireworks, especially this kind of fireworks, which everyone has never seen before, to be able to make a birthday greeting like this, the one who gave the gift was really attentive.

Lin Mengqi's little face was also red, but she still said stubbornly, "The gift is nice, but I'm looking forward to brother Ye Fan's gift even more."

Ye Fan thought that the fireworks would stall for a while, but he didn't expect that Lin Mengqi would be distracted so quickly.

Just when Ye Fan didn't know what to do, his phone also rang, and when he opened it, it was from Charles.

"Time is short, this firework is the birthday gift for young master, are you looking okay?"

Did Charles help me with the fireworks?

Ye Fan straightened his back, this birthday gift simply must not be too good.Look at the envious eyes of these girls, you can see how good the gift is.

Ye Fan coughed, acting embarrassed, "Mengqi, so you don't like fireworks ah, this fireworks is what I prepared, I should have known to prepare something else for you."

"What?Brother Evan prepared this?"Lin Mengqi's body trembled.

At this moment, the sky exploded towards once again, different from before, with a different sentence.

"Handsome Brother Ye wishes Sister Mengqi to be forever young and beautiful, forever eighteen!"

Seeing the situation, any one could still not know that this birthday gift was prepared by Ye Fan.

Lin Mengqi fell into a moving public, and directly jumped into Ye Fan's arms, weeping with joy, "I like it, brother Ye Fan, I like the birthday gift you gave me so much, I haven't received such a good gift in my life!"

"It's good if you like it."Ye Fan smiled and patted Lin Mengqi's back and hugged her.

In Ye Fan's heart, however, he was not too happy with the words Ye Big Handsome Brother, how this looked, it was a little too narcissistic.

But on second thought, Ye Fan's information could not appear on the Internet, and the fireworks were so dazzling, it was easy to be recorded and photographed to upload on the Internet, I guess Charles thought of this, and that's why he switched to Big Handsome Brother Ye.

The fireworks hadn't stopped, they were still continuing to bloom, but there were no more words, only ordinary fireworks.

After all, it was Charles who had found someone to do a temporary rush job, it was already very rare to get two sentences out, and Ye Fan didn't expect much more, so this was very good now.

The fireworks were beautiful, but they were fleeting, and in a short while, they disappeared, but everyone's hearts and minds were enveloped by the fireworks, and collectively they all fell into this romantic public.

This birthday party was also considered a complete success, everyone was full of wine and food, and played until the latter half of the night, before going home one after another.

Ye Fan also did not miss drinking, and when he returned home, he went into the house and just fell to the ground, and nothing was left in front of his eyes....

"Well, it was so comfortable to sleep!"

The next afternoon, Ye Fan stretched out beautifully and woke up from his sleep.

But soon, Evan quickly used the blanket to shield his body, as he wasn't wearing any clothes now.

"Fuck, is it with the broken film again?"

Evan was all too familiar with the scene in front of him, and as soon as he drank, he would collapse in the doorway, thinking that he was bound to appear in bed.

As if they were caught in some kind of spell, it was very magical.

It was just that the women who appeared on the bed every time were not the same group of people, opening the blanket, Ye Fan looked into the blanket and saw two petite bodies, one in white pajamas, Yue Shangguan, and one in black pajamas, Lin Mengqi.

Although the colors were different, they were both the same type of lace pajamas, except for blocking the necessary places, almost all of them were exposed to Ye Fan's eyes, and they were full of white skin.

Looking at both girls hugging his body, Evan was suddenly blinded.

"Shit, what happened last night after I snapped?"


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