Lost Young Master 191-195


Chapter 191

"Don't fight, don't fight!"Gao Guangliang was lying on the ground, protecting his head with his life.

Ye Fan did not know how to strike lightly, hitting wherever he saw, leaving Gao Guangliang at a loss, only covering his vitality and begging bitterly.

But to Ye Fan, Gao Guangliang really deserved to die.

Gao Guangliang is an old pervert, not only peeping every day, but also threatening Ye Jiaqi to accompany the bed, or accompany a few years.

Especially when he saw Ye Jiaqi crying with red eyes, Ye Fan became more and more angry.

Although nothing had happened between him and Ye Jiaqi yet, but at least Ye Jiaqi was still his teacher now, he wouldn't allow an old pervert to harass him like this.

This was the teaching director, that's not how it works to be a teacher, right?

Gao Guangliang this kind of person is the scum of the earth, the scum of society, saying it's trash is burying the trash.

"Want me to kneel, right, want Ye Jiaqi to sleep with me, I'll damn well see if you have the ability to do that!"Evan set his sights on highlighting the bright lower - body and kicked out, followed by his hearing the sound of an egg breaking the shell, crisp and beautiful.

"Ah!!!"Gao Guangliang shouted strangely and passed out, leaving only his crotch with an unpleasant smell. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Jiaqi saw that Ye Fan was madly beating Gao Guangliang and couldn't help but pull forward.

"Sister, don't pull me, let me kill this bastard!"Ye Fan frowned in anger, he never thought that Ye Jiaqi would have to defend Gao Guangliang at this time, the fondness in his heart for Ye Jiaqi gradually faded, he didn't like people being so reticent.

Ye Jiaqi shook his head and said, "Brother, stop fighting, if you fight again, he will die.It doesn't even matter if he dies, he deserves to die, but younger brother has to take criminal responsibility, this is what sister doesn't want to see, I want to see you well."

Ye Fan's body trembled, never imagined that the reason Ye Jiaqi didn't let him do it was because he was worried about him, and stopped his pace for a moment.

In his heart, he kept blaming himself, it was really wrong for Ye Jiaqi to think so much about him, and he still grumbled in his heart to doubt Ye Jiaqi.

Turning around, Ye Fan put down his red and swollen fist and directly embraced Ye Jiaqi in his arms.

"Don't worry, as long as I'm here, he will never bully you."Ye Fan attached himself to Ye Jiaqi's ear and said.

Ye Jiaqi's delicate body trembled, but quickly, she still hugged Ye Fan with her backhand and nodded in Ye Fan's embrace without speaking.

Without paying any attention to Gao Guangliang who fainted on the ground, Ye Fan took Ye Jiaqi and left the dormitory, this place was no longer suitable to stay.

Ye Jiaqi, however, didn't move, which made Ye Fan frown, "Sister doesn't want to come with me?"

"No, but where can we go?Gao Guangliang is like this now, if we don't deal with it, when he wakes up, he will definitely find trouble with us."Ye Jiaqi wanted to say more, but when she saw Ye Fan's firm eyes, she stopped explaining and spat out, "Brother, are you really willing to guard me?All the time?"

"I do."Ye Fan's eyes were firm.

He had never been so firm, not even when he met all the women he had met before.

Even if Ye Fan were to choose a marriage partner, he would not hesitate to choose Ye Jiaqi.

Although Ye Jiaqi was older than him and he didn't know anything about Ye Jiaqi, he just liked Ye Jiaqi, whether it was love at first sight or whatever, he liked Ye Jiaqi just so illogically.

After thinking about it briefly, Ye Fan understood.He found the true feeling in Ye Jiaqi, in fact, all the other women were just so naturally given for nothing because he was rich or powerful.But Ye Jiaqi didn't say anything, just like a normal girl.

This kind of sisterly concern, putting himself in Ye Fan's shoes, was also something that Ye Fan liked very much.

Ye Jiaqi stared carefully at Ye Fan's glasses for a long time, and finally revealed a brilliant smile and nodded heavily, "I believe you!"

Ye Fan grabbed Ye Jiaqi's hand again, and Ye Jiaqi left with Ye Fan without resisting.

The two of them were also aimless, walking on the street, eating whatever they saw and playing whatever they saw, just like ordinary siblings, or more like brother and sister.

Because no matter what they were playing, it was Ye Jiaqi who took the initiative to pay for it, a feeling that caught Ye Fan even more off guard.

In fact, Ye Fan's heart is very inferior, no money in the past, orphan, it has raised his inferiority heart, he now uses money for everything, in addition to cool or to make up for the previous shortcomings.

Since childhood, except for his grandmother and now his parents and Charles, everyone who is good to Ye Fan is trying to make Ye Fan rich and powerful.And in this new school, Ye Fan didn't show his life, he just showed that he had money, but it was only a very low-key few hundred thousand, or a very ordinary amount of money, not exaggerated to that outrageous.

And even so, Ye Jiaqi didn't say spend a penny of Ye Fan's money, but instead took the initiative to spend money.When it came to expensive ones, just looking at them, Ye Jiaqi didn't say that he wanted them either.

Ye Fan didn't want to pretend to spend money like before, but just followed Ye Jiaqi to go shopping, enjoying the life of an ordinary person.

Maybe that's the way it is between ordinary couples, they will look at even the ones they can't afford when they meet, and then leave to look at the next one when they're done.

Ye Fan truly wanted to be with Ye Jiaqi, and now that he didn't have a protected identity by chance, he had to maintain this simple love all the more, and he still left a thread open, which was to thoroughly see everything about Ye Jiaqi before confessing.Doing so, although it was considered suspicious that Ye Jiaqi had ulterior motives, but Ye Fan was willing to do so.

Because he also didn't dare to bet that he wouldn't dare to give his heart completely, if Ye Jiaqi's everything was faked, then his heart would die completely.

The harm that Bai Tingting had caused him before was still fresh in his mind to this day.

Even though he had already read many things, Ye Fan still believed that there was pure romantic love, a simple and plain love, and a loud and passionate love.

Both of them tacitly turned off their cell phones, completely isolated from the strife, just walking around, tired of walking to rest for a while, hungry to eat a bite, before you know it, it's twelve o'clock at night.

"I think it's time to sleep."Ye Fan yawned, after such a long time, Ye Fan was really tired.

If he didn't feel moved, Ye Fan would never have stayed with Ye Jiaqi for so long.

When Ye Jiaqi looked at the tiredness under Ye Fan's eyes, she heartily used her small hand to smooth out a trace of raised lines on Ye Fan's forehead.

"If you're tired, then go find a place to sleep."Ye Jiaqi owed Ye Fan a hand, so he took the initiative to come to a hotel.

To be precise, it was a guesthouse, with only one floor and a very few rooms.And it was still the most ordinary guesthouse for fifty yuan a night.

Not only was the room not a suite, but there was only one bed, which appeared to be a double bed, but it was only a person and a half.If it wasn't for the fact that both Ye Fan and Ye Jiaqi were thin, they probably wouldn't be able to stay.


The two bath finished, only to find that there is no bathrobe here, only a towel wrapped around the body, slightly embarrassing, but even more stimulating Ye Fan hot blood, into the quilt could not help but fall over Ye Jiaqi.

Ye Jiaqi pouted: "You don't say you're tired, hurry up and go to sleep."

"Sister, I feel like I'm a little bit away from being tired, otherwise let me sleep after I'm even more tired, okay?"The corners of Ye Fan's mouth quirked up into a smile, his eyes seemed to spew out flames, and his masculine breath continued to erupt.

"Bad brother!"Ye Jiaqi woke up and got under the covers....

The next day, early morning.

When Ye Fan felt the blanket moving, he woke up with a frown and saw the lovely woman beside him.

"Sister, good morning."Ye Fan revealed a sunny smile that he hadn't shown for a long time, a smile that hit his heart.

"Bad brother, what are you doing up so early, do you still want to do bad things, let sister sleep for a little longer, sister can't toss anymore."Ye Jiaqi wrinkled her cute little nose, so she hugged Ye Fan's body and went to sleep again.

Ye Fan also had no desire - hope, his heart was just happy and satisfied.

Since he knew that Ye Jiaqi is twenty-four years old, his heart bottom is a little bit sad, has been but one thing, is that Ye Jiaqi's physical discomfort complete, after all, are twenty-four, normal have been in an object only.But what made Ye Fan unexpected is that Ye Jiaqi has never had an object, and cleanliness, so many years still protects the body integrity. A second to remember to read the book

If you asked Ye Fan why he knew all this, the reason was actually very simple, and that was that he had gotten Ye Jiaqi's best first night.

For Ye Jiaqi, Ye Fan wasn't the least bit dissatisfied anymore, and also decided to completely open his heart and completely accept it.

After all, even the first time was given to him, so what was he ungrateful for?

Holding Ye Jiaqi, Ye Fan also fell asleep until the afternoon.

But after waking up, Ye Fan found that Ye Jiaqi's figure had already disappeared, and took out his cell phone to call Ye Jiaqi, but no one answered the status.

All of a sudden Ye Fan woke up and became panicked.

Could it be that Ye Jiaqi had gone to beg Gao Guangliang for forgiveness?

The possibility of this idea was high because Ye Fan didn't show his true strength, maybe in Ye Jiaqi's eyes, he was just a child, just a little money, but it still wasn't good enough to call the school's head teacher.Especially because Ye Fan also hit someone, the injury is still unknown, if he really broke it, I'm afraid it's not something that an ordinary student can afford to pay for.

Ye Fan wanted Ye Jiaqi to potentially offer herself to make Gao Guangliang not pursue Ye Fan's responsibility, Ye Fan became even more panicked.

Ye Fan began to regret, why didn't he tell Ye Jiaqi the truth in the first place, tell Ye Jiaqi that he was actually a landowner, a rich and powerful man, a man who was the emperor in Fangzhou.

Ye Fan even hoped that Ye Jiaqi didn't like him and was just looking for comfort temporarily, and now Ye Jiaqi was just running away because he was afraid of the collateral damage.Even so, Ye Fan will still like Ye Jiaqi, because Ye Fan can't leave Ye Jiaqi anymore.

As long as Ye Jiaqi didn't go to Gao Guangliang to offer himself, no matter what, the last thing Ye Fan wanted now was for Ye Jiaqi to give too much and he didn't know how to make it up to Ye Jiaqi.

Only Ye Fan was wrong, he got up and saw the note on the bedside table.

"Sister is old and doesn't deserve you, don't do anything impulsively in the future, go find something more suitable for you, don't mind, Ye Jiaqi stay."

Seeing the content, Ye Fan's body couldn't help but tremble, not caring about the family's agreement and promise, Ye Fan took out his cell phone and dialed Charles' number.

"Young Master, what's the order?"Charles inquired.

Evan took a deep breath and tried to remain calm before he spoke, "You should have someone following me at all times to protect me, right?The woman who was with me yesterday is someone I like, and I want to know her location within ten minutes!"

Charles seemed to have anticipated it and replied directly, "At this moment, Miss Ye is in Room 1305 on the top floor of the Jade Dragon Hotel, Gao Guangliang is expected to reach this room in ten minutes."

"I got it!"Ye Fan hung up the phone and flew out.

He didn't have time at the moment to care why Charles knew everything but didn't interfere.

Speeding to the downstairs, Ye Fan saw a car, early waiting for Ye Fan.

When Ye Fan saw the driver in the driver's seat, he just sat on it, although he didn't know the driver, Ye Fan still looked familiar, it was the person who followed Charles' side.

No need for Ye Fan to say more, the driver departed to the Jade Dragon Hotel.

It was three o'clock in the afternoon, when the taxi was changing shifts, so the road was very congested, but the driver was soaring high speed regardless of the traffic lights, and regardless of whether points were deducted, just to send Ye Fan as soon as possible.

A normal twenty-minute journey, only six minutes, to the Jade Dragon Hotel.

Seeing that the time was right, Ye Fan was in no hurry because he trusted Charles's prediction.

The driver faintly spoke, "Young Master, I bought the baseball bat, asking you for 100,000 isn't expensive."

"Where is it?"Ye Fan brightened up, it seemed that this driver also knew the inside story, until now what Ye Fan wanted to do.

"In order to ensure young master's safety, I won't let young master do anything, I'll fight personally, you can sit in the car to watch, you can see the white car in front of you, that's the car with the high shine."The driver wore sunglasses and had an indifferent expression, like a robot, and pulled out his phone.

Ye Fan directly scanned 200,000 and said, "Give you double, go give Gao Guangliang double the pleasure, I don't want to see this person again."

"Okay, young master."The driver nodded, took out a baseball bat from the trunk, and rushed towards Gao Guangliang's car, smashed the driver's seat glass in one go, reached into the car and pulled Gao Guangliang straight out, just a blast.

The corner of Ye Fan's mouth showed a cruel smile, in fact, without Gao Guangliang simply would not be out of these things.Want to touch his woman, and not carefully weigh.

As for the driver to ask for money, Ye Fan didn't put it on his mind, this money is probably not the driver dared to ask for, after all, it is for the Ye family service, the amount of drivers do not have the ability to accept small money.

And the driver also did so, should be Charles' instructions, after all, Ye Fan is now all dependent on himself, want the family to pay, but also to come up with a corresponding price, do so, in fact, is very good for Ye Fan, at least will not make Ye Fan dependent on the family.

Seeing the picture becoming more and more cruel, Ye Fan got out of the car and directly entered the Jade Dragon Hotel, going up to room 1305.

Knocking on the door of the room, not long after, Ye Jiaqi opened the room.

"How did you know about this place?"Just now, Gao Guangliang said that he was going to arrive, so Ye Jiaqi thought that it was Gao Guangliang, but he didn't expect that it was Ye Fan.

Seeing the knife in Ye Jiaqi's hand, Ye Fan frowned, "What do you want, do you know that it's dangerous, what if you can't get it and hurt yourself?"

After snatching the knife from Ye Jiaqi's hand, Ye Fan just threw the knife on the ground and hugged Ye Jiaqi in his arms, saying in a deep voice, "I said I'll protect you, I can protect you, don't be so stupid, okay, trust me!"


Ye Jiaqi was silent for a long time before she said, "Gao Guangliang is coming, go away and find a better girl in the future, I'm not good enough for you, I'm old."

"I'm leaving?Then what are you accompanying Gao Guangliang for, do you think he will be content if you offer yourself to him?"Ye Fan frowned.

Ye Jiaqi faintly said, "I'll die with him, and he won't bother you again in the future."

Ye Fan's body trembled, no wonder Ye Jiaqi was holding a knife, he was already holding a death wish.

But for him, so much so?

Ye Fan tightened his teeth, controlling to prevent tears from flowing out, and backhandedly slapped Ye Jiaqi's face, shouting: "Ye Jiaqi, wake up, do you think this will solve it, if you die, can I live alone?For my sake, you'll live well for me too, give me a good life!"

Pulling Ye Jiaqi to the window, Ye Fan pointed down, "Look down there, Gao Guangliang won't appear again in the future, he offended someone and has been dealt with, this person will definitely not appear again in the future."

Ye Jiaqi followed his eyes and looked down, only to see the flat ground outside the first floor was full of blood, Gao Guangliang had blurred flesh and blood, while the person who did it got into a car and left at speed.

"Did you do this?"Ye Jiaqi inquired, then grabbed Ye Fan's hand and said, "Go, you have to come with me."

"Where to?"Ye Fan frowned and wondered what Ye Jiaqi was thinking about. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Ye Jiaqi thought about it and said, "Now that there's trouble, you'll definitely be investigated, you and I will go back to my hometown, my hometown is a rural area where it's very backward and the internet isn't even developed, you and I will go back and hide first."

"Hiding?Then what?"Ye Fan couldn't imagine that Ye Jiaqi was still thinking of him at this time, besides being touched, it was more of a follow-up, he couldn't hide in the countryside for the rest of his life.

Just when he was about to tell the truth, to tell his identity, to tell Ye Jiaqi the truth, to make Ye Jiaqi feel at ease, Ye Jiaqi spoke first: "You and I will go back, I don't teach anymore, I don't study anymore, I, I'll give you children, a whole bunch of children.You also have some strength, just stay in the village and farm, feed me and my children, we'll never leave the village for the rest of our lives, I'll stay with you."

"........"Ye Fan was instantly speechless, not speechless, but moved by Ye Jiaqi's simple thoughts.

For a flower girl, who would want to get married and go to the downtrodden countryside.Especially from the countryside to the city, it's all about getting ahead and not going back to the countryside anymore.

Like Ye Jiaqi is so excellent, not only is she a graduate student, but also a teacher in the university, she will definitely have higher achievements in the future, and there is a wide world waiting for her in Fangzhou city, or even a bigger city.Such an excellent girl, back to the countryside represents all these years of efforts in vain, in the place of Ye Fan, Ye Fan would never do this for others.

It would be the equivalent of giving up everything, giving up one's self, just for the sake of the other.

Even many couples couldn't do it if they could make such a big determination, perhaps this was true love, where one could sacrifice everything for the sake of the other.

Thinking about the previous Ye Jiaqi even had to trade her life for his life, also to avoid the high brightness to harass Ye Fan, Ye Fan knew that he was wrong.

He hit Ye Jiaqi because he thought that Ye Jiaqi didn't love life, but now he realized that Ye Jiaqi loved life, and she loved it very much, it was just that compared to herself, Ye Jiaqi loved Ye Fan more.

At this instant, Ye Fan couldn't even tell the truth about his wealth and power.

Silently being held by Ye Jiaqi's hand, Ye Fan and Ye Jiaqi left Fangzhou and came to a small county under the jurisdiction of Fangzhou, and after another two hours of bus ride, they arrived at a desolate village.

The village was very dilapidated, there were very few brick houses, most of them were mud houses.

I can't imagine that there is still such a place in this era, looking into the distance, there are only thirty houses, staggered, there are poles, but no signal towers, no wonder Ye Jiaqi would say that there is no signal, indeed, this kind of shabby little village, without a signal tower covering it, how could there be a signal.

"Ye Fan, do you regret it?"Ye Jiaqi inquired.

Ye Fan could clearly feel the sweat in Ye Jiaqi's hand that was holding him, obviously very nervous.

Ye Fan smiled and stroked Ye Jiaqi's hair, saying, "No regrets, with you here, I have no regrets."

To be able to be with a woman who gave her life for him all, what was he not satisfied with.

The reason why Ye Fan didn't say rich and powerful was because he wanted to see Ye Jiaqi's home and then bring Ye Jiaqi's parents inside the city as well, just to give Ye Jiaqi a big surprise.

What Ye Jiaqi did before was enough for Ye Fan to give everything for it.

As long as Ye Jiaqi wanted something, Ye Fan would try to satisfy Ye Jiaqi, even if it was the stars in the sky.

"Let's go."Ye Fan held Ye Jiaqi's hand and walked towards the village.

Why this village was remote and poor could be seen from the bus.

Normal buses all entered the village, but buses didn't enter this village, obviously because usually there were very few people in the village who took buses, and it wasn't worth the gas money for a trip into the village.

It looked quite close, but walked a full half hour before entering the village.

Open the phone to check, but it was three kilometers away, no wonder none of them built roads for the village, also because the cost was too high to be worth it.

"Huh?Why are there so many people there?"Ye Fan was surprised when he entered the village, it wasn't big, but there were more than twenty people around in front of a mud house.

Ye Jiaqi's body trembled and shuddered, "This is my home."

"I'll go and take a look first, wait for me first, people here have a problem with outsiders, I'll go and say hello first."Saying that, Ye Jiaqi walked towards the crowd alone.

Ye Fan originally wanted to follow, but when he saw Ye Jiaqi frowning, he decided to wait in place.

But as soon as Ye Jiaqi entered the crowd, the group of people were like crazy and started to make noise.

Ye Fan secretly said that it was not good and rushed over, afraid that these people would do something to Ye Jiaqi.

As soon as he rushed into the crowd, Ye Fan protected Ye Jiaqi behind him, and brought Ye Jiaqi to break through the crowd and directly into the mud room.

"Fuck, what are these people doing?"Ye Fan was shocked, if it wasn't for his quick eyesight, Ye Jiaqi might not have been in danger.

Ye Jiaqi shook his head, indicating that he wasn't sure, so he led Ye Fan to the house.

The mud house was not big, there were two rooms, after walking into one room, Ye Fan saw a middle-aged man in farming clothes with a silly look sitting by the bedside, while on the bedside was lying a middle-aged woman with a yellowish face and very haggard.

When Ye Jiaqi saw the middle-aged woman, he suddenly turned pale and said, "Dad, what's wrong with my mom!?"


"What brings you back, daughter?"

Seeing Ye Jiaqi, Ye Dajun revealed his surprise and inquired with a native accent.

Ye Jiaqi tears came out of his eyes, "Dad, what's wrong with my mom, you didn't say anything about writing a letter before."

"Hey."Ye Dajun knew he couldn't hide it, so he explained, "From what the doctor said, your mom is suffering from hydrocele.Daughter, you're studying outside, you're successful, and we two old men don't want to get you into trouble and don't want you to think too much."

"What, hydrocephalus in the chest cavity?"Ye Jiaqi choked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier then, this disease needs to be treated earlier, let's go, let's go to the hospital."

Ye Fan nodded his head, he knew about this disease, but there are many reasons for the onset of the disease.It looks like Ye Jiaqi's mother Chen Lanfang should be tired of bending over for years doing farm work, this disease will also be life-threatening if it is not treated in time.

Before Ye Dajun could speak, Chen Lanfang, who was lying on the bed, opened her eyes with difficulty and breathed rapidly, "Daughter, you should leave quickly, don't bother about our old couple, when Huang Dashan comes, it will be too late for anything."

"Huang Dasan?Our village chief, he came to fear nothing, Mom, you listen to me, we quickly go to treatment, this disease early treatment there is still hope to get better."Ye Jiaqi said and went to help Chen Lanfang.

Just at this time, the door of the mud room was suddenly kicked open, then a middle-aged fat man walked in and snorted, "Ye Dajun, I heard that your daughter is back, then hurry up and finish the marriage with my son."

"Huang Dashan, don't you dream, there's no way my daughter will marry that stupid son of yours."When Ye Dajun went out with his broom, he just swept Huang Dashan out of the room and locked the door right after him. One second to remember to read the book

"What's going on here?"Ye Jiaqi frowned and asked.

Her family hadn't offended sleep in the village, but whether it was a group of people blocking the doorway or Huang Dasan, they were all extremely unfriendly, so it was clear that something was wrong.

Ye Dajun sighed and also knew that he couldn't hide it, so he explained: "It's like this, your mother just started to have chest pains, I wanted to take your mother to the county town to see a doctor, but I didn't have much money, so I borrowed some from my neighbor, and anyway, when the harvest came down, I paid it back.The first thing you need to do is to find out if you're going to be able to find the best way to get rid of it.I was very grateful to Dashan Huang for lending me 30,000 yuan.But I didn't expect that Huang Dasan would later say that the thirty thousand was a bride price, and that he would have to let you marry his family's stupid son, and then bring a group of people to make trouble every day."

"Huang Dasan is a bastard!"Ye Jiaqi was about to rush out to fight with Huang Dasan, but Ye Fan held him back.

Ye Fan also understood what was going on, that is, Chen Lanfang was sick, Ye Dajun borrowed money, and now the whole village came to collect the debt.

"Don't worry, leave this matter to me."Ye Fan patted Ye Jiaqi's back and comforted him.

Seeing the two of them so close, Ye Dajun frowned, "Daughter, who is this person?Is that who you talk to?"

Although Ye Fan's looks and clothes were very satisfying to Ye Dajun, this kind of intimate action was unacceptable to Ye Dajun.In his traditional concept, only marriage can touch each other.

Ye Jiaqi nodded, "Dad, this is the person I'm talking about, I'm ready to marry him, I like him a lot."

"Preparing to get married?"Ye Dajun was a little surprised, and his heart was relieved, since they all decided to get married, it didn't matter if they touched it.Especially now that his family is in this situation, he has no time to care about Ye Jiaqi, as long as someone marries Ye Jiaqi, she will be satisfied.

After sizing up and down Ye Fan, Ye Dajun patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said, "Young man is quite energetic, just a little thin, be nice to my daughter in the future."

"I know, Dad."Ye Fan directly skipped his uncle and directly called out Dad.

Ye Jiaqi's family situation, Ye Fan all saw it in his eyes, just a very simple family, no wonder Ye Jiaqi was so impulsive and real earlier, this is the simplicity of rural people ah.

Ye Fan liked this kind of reality, so he smiled and said, "Dad, don't worry, I'll go out, come back and help you deal with these things, then I'll take you guys to the city, live in a big house, and cure mom's illness."

"Son, just have the heart for it, don't force it."Ye Dajun patted Ye Fan's shoulder and didn't say anything more.

He didn't know Ye Fan well, but since it was Ye Jiaqi who chose the man, he still supported him unconditionally.

Just like before, when Ye Jiaqi chose to study, he also broke the bank, otherwise all the money from studying over the years would have been nearly two hundred thousand, which was completely enough for their family to buy a building in the county and live a good life.

Ye Fan didn't say anything more, he was about to actually prove that Ye Jiaqi's choice was right, so he directly left the mud room.

"Dad, don't worry, trust Ye Fan."Ye Jiaqi knew that Ye Fan was rich, a meal was more than three hundred thousand, and the money owed to the village was not enough for a meal, it was quite easy to pay it off.

Only she still has some worries in her heart, seeing her family in this situation, there is a possibility that Ye Fan will dislike her, after all, look at Ye Fan spending big money is the city's children, never suffered, if you live a hard life, it is better to return to the city, even if it is judged by the law, a few years will come out, after that it is still a great life.

With some worries, Ye Jiaqi started to take care of Chen Lanfang, and she had no other choice but to trust Ye Fan.Moreover, even if Ye Fan abandoned her and returned to the city, Ye Jiaqi also recognized that it was her choice after all, and she would recognize Ye Fan for the rest of her life.

One night without a word, the next morning, the sky was still bright, and outside was just beating gongs and drums.

When Ye Jiaqi got up, she found that Ye Dajun had gotten up early, and at this moment, Ye Dajun was standing outside the house confronting Huang Dasan.

"Huang Dasan, what do you want?"Ye Dajun was holding a broom to block Huang Dashan from entering the courtyard.

Huang Dashan sneered: "What are you talking about, didn't I say yesterday, marry Ye Jiaqi, you quickly get out of the way.Don't take it as a mistake to miss my son's business, when the marriage is done, the money your family owes, our Huang family will help you pay it back, and also help your mother-in-law treat her."

"Yeah, get out of the way, you guys won't be able to pay it back either."

"Dasan said he would help you pay, what more do you want."

"Hurry up, don't delay."

The villagers were all talking, now that Huang Dasan was willing to pay back the money for the Ye family, they were very happy and unanimously sided with Huang Dasan.

Ye's army was outnumbered, just at this moment, Ye Jiaqi came out and said, "Father, don't say anything."

"Daughter, go back quickly."Ye Dajun was in a great hurry.

Ye Jiaqi shook her head and said, "Forget it, Ye Fan didn't come back either, he should have gone to the city to live a good life, and I don't regret it.Didn't you teach me to be honest and trustworthy since I was young, and now if I still can't get the money, I'll marry his silly son, at least my Ye family's reputation is still there!"

Ye Jiaqi's expression was indifferent, she had already made up her mind that as long as Huang Dashan helped pay back the money and cure Chen Lanfang's illness, she would commit suicide and would not share a room with Huang Dashan's stupid son.

But she wouldn't say these thoughts to anyone.


Huang Dashan laughed, "Dajun, get out of the way, your daughter has agreed, what are you stopping her for?"

But at this moment, there was a commotion at the back of Huang Dasan's huge team, and Ye Jiaqi was pleasantly surprised to see that Ye Fan, driving a van, had appeared!

After leaving Ye Jiaqi's house yesterday, Ye Fan went to wait for a bus outside the village, this is not a city, there are very few cars, all fixed buses, waiting for several hours to see the bus, when they arrived in the county, it was already six o'clock in the evening, the county's routine is very regular, by six o'clock there are very few people out.

Ye Fan wanted to withdraw more money, so the ATM was not enough, so he had to wait until the next day.

The next morning when the door opened, Ye Fan went to the counter and withdrew two million directly with a sack.

Anyway, two million is just a drop in the bucket for Ye Fan, but it should be enough to pay back the money owed by the village.

In order not to wait for a bus, Ye Fan also deliberately bought a car, originally thought of a small car, but with Chen Lanfang medical inconvenience, had to choose the van.

Driving the van back to the village, Ye Fan secretly bad, because the whole village is the sound of gongs and drums, obviously to hold a wedding ah.

Thinking about the fact that yesterday, Huang Dashan wanted Ye Jiaqi to marry his silly son, Ye Fan came to understand and his worries grew even more intense.

When he entered the village, he saw a whole bunch of people surrounding the entrance of the Ye family, so he grabbed one person from the back and asked, "What is this?" First web site m.kanshu8.net

"Huang Dasan is marrying his son, great news."The villager cheerfully said.

"Good thing?What's so good about it?"Ye Fan frowned.

"Ye Dajun owes the whole village money and can't pay it back, and Huang Dasan said that as long as Ye Jiaqi marries his son, he'll help the Ye family pay back the money, what do you think it's not a good thing?"The more the villager says, the happier he gets: "The five thousand dollars owed to my family is finally in order."

"Shit, five thousand dollars and you're just like that, a piece to force the Ye family?"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models.

Open the trunk of the van, Ye Fan will take out a sack, open is to take out a bunch of money smashed in the face of the villagers: "Nima, five thousand, I give you 10,000, don't fucking fool around here, hurry up and get out!"

The money was all taken out of the bank, all ten thousand pounds.

The villager was just about to show his anger, and when he saw that it was money smashed into his face, he smiled and grinned, "Okay, okay, I'm going to roll, I'm going to roll."

They worked hard for a year, it was good that the harvest could be 10,000, and he was happy to get the money after being scolded.

Seeing that Ye Fan took out money to pay back the Ye family, and paid directly, a group of people in the back row got excited and said, "Smash me, smash me, smash me and I'll roll!"

"Damn it, report how much money the Ye family all owe you?"Ye Fan carried a sack and walked up to these people.

"Five thousand!"

"Four thousand!"

"Two thousand eight hundred!"

Villagers were reporting their numbers, and Evan didn't bother to calculate them, but they were all not up to ten thousand anyway.

"Scram!Don't harass the Ye family in the future, or don't blame me for being rude!"Ye Fan cursed as he hit these villagers with the money.

One by one, all hitting their faces!

Yesterday, when these people came to surround him, Ye Fan wasn't angry, but now he actually aided and abetted Huang Dasan to force Ye Jiaqi to marry the fool, how could he bear this.

These villagers are just wallflowers, falling with the wind, with no ambition in their chests, they are satisfied to get their money back.Ye Fan didn't bother to talk about the road, anyway, smashed out and smashed everyone's face with red marks, he was happy.

And the thick skin, not smashed red marks at once, Ye Fan will also take out a bunch of money to smash again.

Ye Fan's smash was cool, and these people who were smashed were also very cool.

A smash is equivalent to a year's harvest, these villagers are willing to be smashed by Ye Fan.

After ten minutes, Ye Fan was tired of smashing, before all the villagers finished smashing, and the sack of money is still not used.

Ye Fan purposely asked the bankers to put one million in each sack, and this small village was only thirty households, a sack of sacks could not be used up.

Looking at the sack has bottomed out, only 40,000 left, Ye Fan came to Huang Dashan.

Huang Dashan did nothing for ten minutes, just kept watching Ye Fan smashing money, he was more and more shocked, because Ye Fan is really too rich, also very envious of those villagers Ye Fan smashed.

Seeing Ye Fan walk up, Huang Dasan directly kneeled: "This little brother, smash me, smash me hard, hit me hard."

"Smash you?Why hit you?"Ye Fan coldly smiled.

Huang Dashan was busy explaining, "It was me who forcefully married Ye Jiaqi, but also I conspired with the villagers to cause trouble, I am the culprit ah, you see I'm not angry, you smash me!"

"Oh."Ye Fan laughed in anger, never would have thought that Huang Dasan was so shameless that he would just explain everything for money.

Watching Ye Dajun clench his fist, Ye Fan sensibly handed the sack to Ye Dajun and spoke, "Dad, you smash it, so you can take it out!"

Ye Dajun showed gratitude towards Ye Fan, but didn't say any words of thanks, he just patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said, "Good job, Dad really wasn't wrong about you, my daughter's eyes are indeed good!"

Saying that, Ye Dajun took out three piles of money and struggled to smash on Huang Dashan's face.

Ye Dajun had been doing farm work for many years, his hand was very strong, and after just three smashes, he struck Huang Dashan dizzy, much more fierce than Ye Fan.

But after smashing the three piles of money, Ye Dajun stopped.

Seeing this, Ye Fan was busy saying, "Dad, you continue, I still have a sack in my car, enough to smash your addiction."

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and see how they are doing.Our family just owes Huang Dasan twenty-seven thousand, counting the interest is only thirty thousand, smashed three times is enough."

"Enough?It's not enough, not by a long shot, this young man, smash me!"

Looking at Huang Dashan's expression that was about to cry, Ye Fan laughed, and didn't smash Huang Dashan.

If you smash Huang Dashan, although Ye Fan will be cool, but Huang Dashan will be even more cool, after all, get the money, Huang Dashan can go out to any unrestrained.

And if he didn't smash Huang Da Shan, although Ye Fan's hands were not cool, but thinking of Huang Da Shan leaving in frustration because he couldn't get the money, Ye Fan would feel even more cool.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan was ready to put away the sack, not ready to smash Huang Dashan.

As it turned out, just as Ye Fan had envisioned, Huang Dashan was so angry that his eyes were red, but there was nothing he could do, now that the villagers had retreated, even here they were on Ye Fan's side, after all, Ye Fan had given them too much, and Huang Dashan was already isolated.

Helplessly, Huang Dashan had no choice but to accost them and leave.

Ye Fan smiled and was about to take the sack in Ye Dajun's hand.

But Ye Dajun was the one who took the last pile of money out of the sack and spoke, "Little Fan, this 10,000 is the bride price, live well with my daughter in the future, you can go."


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