Lost Young Master 186-190


Chapter 186

"What do you mean?"Liu Weiqiang frowned and asked, his heart was not good.

Ye Fan smilingly handed the menu to the waiter and spoke, "The few I just said are unwanted, the rest, have a book."

"Have a book?"The waiter was shocked, he swallowed hard, this was the one time in all his time as a waiter that he had heard such an overbearing order.

To come to one book was to ask for the entire menu above ah!

Although this was only a three-star hotel, this one menu also had hundreds of dishes, the cheapest one started at a hundred, while the most expensive one reached the top, this one down, not a few tens of thousands could not be taken down.

"Fuck, what are you doing, Ye Fan?"Gao Xingyu was blinded, but he had just said AA, in other words, general money needed to be paid by him.

"Is it cool?"

Ye Fan looked at Gao Xinyu and smiled, he knew that Liu Weiqiang was Gao Xinyu's dog, all for Gao Xinyu's sake.

Then Liu Weiqiang made a mistake, so naturally Gao Xingyu would have to take the blame.

Ye Fan also thought of him faking it and Gao Xingyu would have to buy half of it, no matter how he thought about it, it was cool. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Gao Xingyu's face was gloomy, and only after a long time did he say, "Cool, how not cool, I'm willing to serve for my classmates.But there's no need to order so much, this one, can you finish it?"

No need for Ye Fan to speak, the student from just now was on Ye Fan's side like a wallflower.

"Finish the food, why can't you finish it."

"A hundred dishes is only three dishes per person, not much more."


Looking at the seven mouths of his classmates, Gao Xingyu's face grew darker and darker, this time he was considered to have fallen into Ye Fan's calculations.

Liu Weiqiang came to Gao Xingyu's side and whispered, "Gao Shao, now that Ye Fan has a lot of people, we have to hold back first, don't get angry and lose our identity."

"It's still all your bad idea to make us order."Gao Xingyu looked at Liu Weiqiang with dissatisfaction.

Liu Weiqiang accosted and smiled, "Sorry Gao, but don't worry, you'll be able to hit Ye Fan's face later.Now Ye Fan has spent tens of thousands of dollars, how can an ordinary student have so much money, no doubt he got it from somewhere, but it doesn't count where he got it from, and now he is completely shy in the bag."

"Are you sure he's shy in the bag, how can I not see it?"Gao Xinyu frowned.

Liu Weiqiang shook his head: "Gao Shao, think about it, there is no Ye family in the entire Fangzhou, Ye Fan is at most a well-off family, it would be great to have two million at home, and the money in his hands is at most 100,000 to hold on to, I just calculated the money, almost 100,000 have been spent, the next just need to work a little harder, can already make Ye Fan reveal his original form!!"

"Okay, then I'll trust you again."Gao Xingyu now had no other choice but to trust Liu Weiqiang.

The other students didn't hear their conspiracy and were all chatting on their own waiting for the dishes to come up.

Soon, the Australian lobster was the first to be served.

Just when the waiter was about to go out, Liu Weiqiang got up and stopped the waiter, playing with the taste: "As the saying goes, food goes well with wine, and since class president Ye is treating his guests to the lobster, he can't just eat it, I heard that Maotai is quite good with this."

Gao Xingyu brightened up and echoed, "That's right, what Qiangzi said.Good wine goes well with good food, how about ordering some more wine for squad leader Ye?The most brilliant thing about the Jade Dragon Hotel is the wine, it's a pity not to drink some.It's just that I don't know if Big Squad Leader Ye has clean pockets and no spare money?"

Ye Fan he smiled, no wonder Liu Weiqiang will block the waiter, feelings are here to bury a pit waiting for him.

Helplessly shaking his head, Ye Fan just snapped his fingers: "I used to eat Australian lobster with Portuguese-wine wine, what the hell is Maotai, or come to Bordeaux's white Portuguese-wine bar, the taste is excellent."

Ye Fan likes to drink wine, so he knows something about it, and before he ate lobster also deliberately paired it with various wines, and in the end found that it was still the Portuguese-wine wine that was the best match.

This statement, the students have revealed shocked already envious eyes, they can obviously feel from Ye Fan's mouth Ye Fan's previous life, so there is a life style and not romantic noble.

"Hmph, I think it's just nonsense."Liu Weiqiang, however, grunted coldly, not taking it seriously at all.

Without needing Ye Fan to respond, the waiter smiled, "Sir is really good taste, shrimp meat accompanied with Portugal - grape wine is indeed the best match, and the choice of French Bordeaux, sir is really good elegance, there happens to be a well awakened Bordeaux here, wait a moment, I'll bring it to you right away."

Said the waiter, and he left.

The whole room fell silent, almost as if it could be heard on the floor.

All the students looked at Ye Fan, if Ye Fan's own words weren't credible, but the waiter had said that, then it really meant that Ye Fan was a person with taste and life and style.

"Wow, Ye Fan is too handsome, too."

"I so love such a romantic boy, eating food and knowing how to match wine, romantic, so romantic!"

"I can't, I want to give him a monkey."

The students were all talking at once, on the other hand, on Liu Weiqiang's side, Gao Xingyu hated to find a crack to get into.

"Mom, this is your stupid idea, it's so stupid!"Gao Xingyu broke into a cursing.

Liu Weiqiang clenched his teeth, but the corners of his mouth were finally set on a smile.

"Laugh, can you still laugh?"Gao Xinyu never expected that Liu Weiqiang would still be laughing by this time.

Liu Weiqiang smiled and nodded, "Gao Shao, I just saw that the white grapes-wine is actually just two thousand dollars, it's not too expensive, it looks like Ye Fan has already spent all his money.He specifically said white glucose-wine wine, but it's just because it's cheap, I guess it's enough as long as he does it again."

Gao Xingyu nodded thoughtfully, gradually revealing light in front of his eyes, "Yeah, if Ye Fan was faking his personality, he should have already chosen tens of thousands of red wine, after all, red wine is also a type of Portuguese-Grapes wine, he chose such a cheap one, he might not be really broke, okay, I'll try him again."

After discussing with Liu Weiqiang, Gao Xingyu got up and sneered: "Ye big squad leader, we eat lobsters are thousands of dollars, how is the wine is thousand of dollars, you don't dare to come to a ten thousand, otherwise, it would be a little too petty."

Ye Fan smiled faintly and said, "Naturally I don't mind, but I'm not worried that you and I will pay the bill together, afraid that you can't afford it."

"I can't afford to pay?What kind of international joke is this?I think it's just that you're shy in the bag."Gao Xingyu grunted, "Liu Weiqiang, order, just give me the most expensive one!"

"The most expensive ah, I'll find it, fuck, here's another 82 Lafite, it's $70,000!"Liu Weiqiang was shocked by the price, he didn't expect that a small three-star hotel actually had Lafite.

Gao Xingyu suddenly revealed a proud smile, "How about it, do you dare to come to this 82 year old Lafite?"


"It's just Rafi, that's all, but if the students want to taste it, then let's have a bottle."

Ye Fan smiled faintly, his expression not fluctuating in the slightest.

But Gao Xingyu's expression changed completely although the Gao family was rich, but the money was not his, the balance in his card now was only 120,000, originally thought that Ye Fan had no money, but with three bottles of red wine, then Gao Xingyu also had little money.

"Three bottles?Think about it!"Gao Xingyu's expression became somewhat ugly.

Ye Fan smiled and said, "What, can't Gao afford to pay?"

"What can't I afford, I'm just afraid you won't be able to come up with the money then, these meals add up to two hundred and forty thousand, are you sure you can come up with one hundred and twenty thousand?"Gao Xingyu asked rhetorically.

If Ye Fan thought about it, seeing the situation, Gao Xingyu said, "If you don't have money, you don't have derring-do, you have to have capital to pretend, I don't think you can."

As soon as the words fell, Ye Fan spoke up, "I see that all the students want to drink, one bottle is definitely not enough, so let's start with three bottles to try, one bottle is just right for one table, if there are any others who like it, you can add more."

After Ye Fan said that, the entire luxury box went completely quiet, and all the people were dumbfounded at Ye Fan.

Earlier the money for food, at least said there is a number, and can be full, but the three bottles of red wine is a complete luxury ah, three bottles of Lafite will be 210,000, and the reason is actually just to taste, thirst is not enough. A second to remember to read the book

"Fuck, Evan, you've lost your mind!"Gao Xingyu was the first to break the silence, he didn't think that Ye Fan would dare to increase the price.

Liu Weiqiang was also shocked by Ye Fan's behavior and inevitably echoed Gao Xingyu, "Yeah, there's no need to make such a big deal."

Liu Weiqiang just wanted to pit Ye Fan against the stage, but Ye Fan's shot was 210,000 red wine, which invariably would cost Gao Xingyu an extra 100,000.

If Gao Xingyu blamed it on him, Liu Weiqiang really couldn't afford the anger.

One hundred thousand was already the total income of an ordinary family in Fangzhou for a year.

Gao Xingyu's face was extremely ugly, he just brought 120,000, if he really ordered three bottles of Rafi, not to mention whether Ye Fan had that much money, he was sure to lose face, he would even be detained here, waiting for his family to ransom him with money.

However, the waiter was very eye priced, he even came up to Ye Fan and said, "Sir, I'm sorry, Rafi is not in stock, you need to reserve it, or come to another bar, I can recommend a few for you."

He also had some doubts that Ye Fan could come up with so much money, if he couldn't, he would also be punished by the hotel.

Gao Xingyu rushed to agree on the side, "That's right, Ye Fan is just joking, so by your word, let's change a few drinks."

"Joking?Who's kidding?"Ye Fan chuckled, "Is young Gao running out of money?"

Saying that, he took out his gold card from his pocket, "Waiter, you first swipe all half of the money to prove that I'm not joking."

"Payment successful!"

The waiter was worried that Ye Fan couldn't take the money, so he didn't push it, and directly swiped 180,000 cash from the card, receiving half of the money, the waiter wasn't worried anymore, he even said with a smile, "Then sir, you dine first, I'll go and prepare the Lafite, when you're almost done, it'll be here, don't be impatient."

After handing the golden card to Ye Fan, the waiter went down.

But the whole audience was shocked to see that Ye Fan had spent 180,000 yuan on just one meal, and it looked like Ye Fan was not the least bit distressed, which forced everyone to change their minds about Ye Fan.

But it was too late to discuss, the wine and food were gradually served, and after tossing and turning for so long, everyone was hungry, so they started to eat.

Everyone was collectively toasting Ye Fan, after all, with Ye Fan here, they were able to witness such a big spectacle.

Only Gao Xingyu had a black face and didn't know what to say.

Now that Ye Fan had paid 180,000, it meant that Gao Xingyu also needed to pay 180,000, but right now Gao Xingyu only had 120,000 in his card, which was still a third short.

He wanted to tell Ye Fan that he didn't want Rafi, but that was too wimpy, and he wouldn't be able to hold his head up in class later.But if he didn't say it, his wallet would be completely empty, and he was still sixty thousand dollars short.

"Come, let's toast to Gao Shao, see how atmospheric Gao Shao is, even though he has stepped down from his post, he still spent 180,000 on treats for the sake of his classmates, Gao Shao is really atmospheric!"Ye Fan raised his wine glass with a smile, he had already seen that Gao Xingyu's face was not right.

Although he didn't know why, but he was happy to see Gao Xingyu unhappy.

In Ye Fan's opinion, in a place like Fangzhou, over a hundred thousand was high consumption, and I'm afraid that Gao Xingyu, no matter what family he was from, would have lost a piece of meat if he took out this much money.

And to Ye Fan, more than a hundred thousand was just a drizzle.

In exchange for Gao Xingyu's difficulty with the hairy rain, he still felt beautiful in his heart.

Gao Xingyu also lifted his wine glass, and now that he was gagged by Ye Fan, he couldn't wimp out, so he put on a smile and said, "I volunteered to invite everyone, I just like these students!"

Ye Fan smiled and didn't say anything, looking at Gao Xingyu's attitude of breaking his teeth and swallowing them, but also dying to save face, it was really interesting.

After three rounds of wine, everyone also let go, all around Ye Fan chatting, on the contrary, only Gao Xingyu and Liu Weiqiang at the table.

Also having spent 180,000, Ye Fan received respect and the trust of the class, while Gao Xingyu received differential treatment.

This is not to blame Ye Fan, because before Ye Fan came, Gao Xinyu invited everyone to dinner, the best is the hotel in front of the school, a meal, can talk about three thousand yuan is a big deal.

Ye Fan and everyone is not familiar with can spend 180,000, and the class president position is also everyone blind vote out, coincidence.

Everyone knew that Ye Fan could not be unaware of this fact, but Ye Fan also spent money to treat everyone to dinner, this kind of selfless dedication, but rather more admired by everyone.

The boy's jealous rage was less, and the girl's admiration instead grew more and more.

Gao Xingyu secretly clenched his fist, all this should actually belong to him, but it was snatched away by Ye Fan, a transfer student.

"Damn it!"Gao Xingyu was so angry that he drank a mouthful of wine, because it was high purity wine, and suddenly like a firewire, it penetrated directly into his voice, choking him and coughing.

"Gao Shao, drink slowly, it's more meaningless to drink by yourself, or else come over and drink together, be happy when all the money is spent, don't worry, I can also lend you if I don't have enough money ha."Ye Fan laughed.

Other students only think that Ye Fan is a humorous joke, however, Gao Xingyu took it seriously, and said angrily: "This young no money also do not use your money, is not 180,000 it, a piece of cake."

After saying this, the other students again looked at Ye Fan, they actually didn't care what Gao Xingyu did.

It was just that after Gao Xingyu said this, he also knew that there was no escaping the 180,000 bill, but now, he was still 60,000 short, and he was suddenly in an awkward situation!


"Ye Fan, come out for a moment."Gao Xingyu bit his teeth and waved his hand to call out to Ye Fan.

With a raised eyebrow, Ye Fan said, "What can't we talk about here?"

"If I tell you to come out, just come out, there's no such thing as bullshit."Gao Xingyu frowned.

Ye Fan was not happy with the news and snorted, "I'll go if you tell me to, you really think I'm Liu Weiqiang ah."

"Who are you calling a dog?"Liu Weiqiang pounded the table and stood up.

Ye Fan laughed and said, "Who said you're a dog, I told you that you're loyal and obedient, and you look like a baboon, and you don't look like a dog."

The whole class burst into laughter, Ye Fan's mouth was really too damaged.

"Ye Fan, trouble you to come out here."Gao Xingyu's expression was a bit shifty, like a volcano that was about to erupt at any moment.

Ye Fan glanced at Gao Xingyu and said indifferently, "Beg me, and I'll go out with you."

"Don't you bully others too much."Gao Xingyu snorted coldly. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan gave a playful smile, "So what if I bully you?"

"You..."Gao Xingyu coldly glared at Ye Fan, and eventually brought Liu Weiqiang out of the room without saying a single word.

Lin Mengqi sat beside Ye Fan, slightly worried, "Is everything alright, Gao Xingyu is not an atmospheric person."

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "Don't worry about it, just eat, eat and drink enough and be done with it, don't worry about anything else."

Lin Mengqi nodded, he still had more trust in Ye Fan, after all, Ye Fan's strength was there.

After drinking and eating, Ye Fan was ready to leave, but he was stopped by the waiter.

"Sorry sir, you still need to pay 180,000."The waiter was slightly apologetic.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, "What do you mean?Didn't I pay for that?"

"The classmate with whom you AA said it was all paid for by you, and then he just left."The waiter was embarrassed, he had wanted to stop Gao Xingyu, but when he learned that Gao Xingyu was a member of the Gao family, he didn't dare to offend him.Let alone him, even the owner of this three-star hotel wouldn't dare to offend the Gao family.

But these purchases still had to be paid for, so he would have to come to Ye Fan as the wrongdoer.

Although he couldn't bear it in his heart, there was no other way but to do this for now.

Hearing that Gao Xingyu had left, all the students showed angry expressions, thinking that Gao Xingyu was a villain.

But Ye Fan waved his hand and took out his golden card without any anger, "Swipe your card."

Seeing this, the whole class even gave Ye Fan a thumbs up, such a reliable man was their class president.

Ye Fan can't help but wander, all this money is a small matter, the point is to gain the boast of his classmates, it's still very useful to him.

But an injustice is a debt.Gao Xingyu this debt, ultimately still have to find Gao Xingyu to settle, Ye Fan is the master of Jairus, will not take half a loss.

Everyone returned to the class, and as soon as they entered the door, everyone searched for Gao Xinyu's trace.

This time, if it wasn't for Ye Fan's help, they probably wouldn't have been able to leave the hotel unharmed.After all, it was 180,000, and even if thirty people shared it, each person was around 6,000, which was astronomical for a group of sophomores.

It looked like Gao Xingyu pitted Ye Fan, but in fact, he pitted the whole class.

Yet Gao Xingyu didn't return to the class, and this kind of turtle behavior made Ye Fan and the whole class disdainful.

If Gao Xingyu could confront him to his face, he would still be considered a man, but what was the difference between being such a turtle and a bastard?

But Gao Xingyu wasn't the purpose of Ye Fan coming to the school, Ye Fan came to the school mainly just to accompany Lin Mengqi.As for Gao Xingyu, it was just an interlude.Now that the song was over, he would just follow the source and extinguish the branch and be done with it.

"You go to class first, I'm going out."

Ye Fan patted Lin Mengqi's shoulder and then just left the class.

Classes were boring, especially in the language department, it was even more maddeningly boring, and Ye Fan slept in class not because he was sleepy, but because the teacher was like a Tang monk chanting scriptures to him, and in no time he fell asleep.

He had slept enough in the morning, and in the afternoon, Ye Fan was ready to go out for a walk, and if there was a chance, he could also investigate Gao Xingyu's identity.

Although Fangzhou didn't understand, but according to Ye Fan's experience in the past few months, Gao Xingyu was definitely not an ordinary family, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to just throw money at him, it looked like it should be a family.

Simple inference, the Gao family was not a super family, at least not compared to the Shangguan family, otherwise, Gao Xingyu would not be able to take out 180,000.

Or maybe Gao Xingyu was rich and was just deliberately trying to trap Ye Fan.

Either way, as long as Ye Fan was offended, there would be no good fruit for Gao Xingyu to eat.

Walking aimlessly on the street, Ye Fan could not help but feel a headache.Drinking was one aspect, but more importantly, in the past, he had relied on Charles to check people out, or the help of others, and Ye Fan had never investigated personally, especially in a strange city like Fangzhou, and it was hard to know where to start at the moment.

"Maybe it's better to ask Ye Jiaqi to find out more information."Ye Fan had no choice but to think of Ye Jiaqi.

Ye Jiaqi, as the class teacher, should have all of his classmates' home residences and other information on hand, and it was expected that when asked, he would also be clear about Gao Xingyu's history.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan took out his cell phone and sent a WeChat to Ye Jiaqi, asking her to come out to meet him.

Ye Jiaqi didn't refuse, the university's class teacher was actually more about organizing class meetings and managing discipline, and was more inclined towards the life aspect rather than academic support.

"You come to my dormitory."Ye Jiaqi sent a WeChat back to Ye Fan.

Seeing the message, Ye Fan brightened up, originally just asking out to meet, unexpectedly Ye Jiaqi let him take the initiative to go to the dormitory.

Ye Fan couldn't help but think about it and came to Ye Jiaqi's dorm without stopping.

Because he was a part-time class teacher, Ye Jiaqi didn't live in the student dormitory, but the dormitory assigned by the school for teachers.

It was said to be a dormitory, but it was a one-room apartment building, except that the entire building was occupied by teachers from the school.


When the door opened, Evan froze in place, Ye Jiaqi was only wearing a wide bathrobe, her hair still had some moisture in it, and she had obviously just taken a shower.

"Don't just stare, come in, do you still want me to be seen by others."Ye Jiaqi gave Ye Fan a glance, and then pulled Ye Fan into the house.

Ye Jiaqi's little hand was soft as bones, very soft, just touching it made Ye Fan's blood run cold.

Originally, Ye Fan was only thinking of something wrong, but when he came to Ye Jiaqi's room, he really started to feel guilty.

From Ye Fan's point of view, Ye Jiaqi had already hinted very clearly, knowing that he would come, Ye Jiaqi had deliberately picked this time to take a shower, he didn't believe it if it wasn't intentional.

Especially since Ye Jiaqi's room was only a one and a half room layout, besides the bathroom and kitchen, there was no living room, so the only place to sit was Ye Jiaqi's pink bed.

Ye Fan stood at the door a little overwhelmed, just to see Ye Jiaqi sitting on the pink - tender bed, and then patted the place beside him: "Come over and sit."

Ye Fan was startled, is this sitting?

It's obviously straight to bed!


The first time he went to a girl's house, or class teacher, he was asked to sit on the bed, and this nonsensical request was the first time Ye Fan encountered it.

However, Ye Fan was a man who very much respected the girl's opinion, so without thinking too much, he just took a flying dive and got on the bed, saying, "Come on, I'm ready!"

"What are you doing, I told you to sit on the side, why are you still up there."Ye Jiaqi exclaimed, her tone full of dissatisfaction.

Ye Fan's eyebrows raised with some difficulty, "Are you sure you're sitting next to it?Standing?"

"Right."Ye Jiaqi nodded.

Excitement!It's still an honest game!

As Ye Fan muttered in his heart, he quickly got up and came to Ye Jiaqi's side.

If it were any other girl, Ye Fan wouldn't have reacted so much, but Ye Jiaqi's pure looks paired with her sexy body really made Ye Fan somewhat inescapable.

When he arrived at Ye Jiaqi's side, the corner of Ye Fan's mouth curved up and said, "I'm here, now?Or do you need to prepare?"

Ye Fan was afraid that Ye Jiaqi's heart wasn't ready for it, so he couldn't help but ask out. One second to remember to read the book.

Ye Jiaqi nodded and said, "Prepare?I just prepared it before I took a bath, so let's just start."

Upon hearing this, Ye Fan could no longer endure and reached out to hug Ye Jiaqi.

However, Ye Jiaqi picked up a stack of documents and directly disguised them in Ye Fan's bosom, saying, "Take a look, these are Gao Xingyu's information."

"Ah?Goseiyu's information?"

Ye Fan was somewhat blinded and froze in place.

Ye Jiaqi nodded his head as a matter of course, revealing a smug expression, "I had already guessed that you would be dissatisfied with Gao Xingyu's performance in running the list, and would definitely come to me, so after I came back, I sorted out the documents first, and I was tired and sweaty, so you can make it up to me oh."

It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan that Ye Jiaqi had prepared Gao Xingyu's documents, and took a shower only because he was sweating.

Earlier, Ye Fan thought that Ye Jiaqi had hinted at him, but it was all because he had thought too much.

Awkwardly receiving the documents, Ye Fan thanked him and left the room directly.

Until Ye Fan went out of the room, Ye Jiaqi's indifferent face only suddenly appeared tide - red: "This brat, almost let me lose my virginity, looking quite kind, why is full of those things, hey, indeed men no matter how many are the same."

Patting the already matured chest, Ye Jiaqi lay straight on the bed, and couldn't help but burrow her head into the blanket....

On the other hand, after Ye Fan left the room, his little heart was also pounding wildly, and he cursed himself in his heart for what he was thinking.

Ye Jiaqi, as his teacher, had fulfilled his duties and obligations and even prepared the information in advance, while he was thinking about writing miscellaneous, it was really not right ah.

"But seriously, Ye Jiaqi's body is really good."With a hehehe smile, Ye Fan took the paperwork and left quickly.

Ye Jiaqi was different from those little girls before, but truly mature, the kind of charm that little girls wouldn't have.The main thing is that Ye Fan came to school here just to fulfill his promise, according to a sense, Ye Fan really didn't take Ye Jiaqi as a teacher, that's why he had some mixed thoughts.

Due to drinking too much alcohol and wasn't able to drive, Ye Fan was ready to take a taxi home after leaving the apartment building, but suddenly saw a shadow emerge from the corner of the apartment and collided with him.

"Fuck, are you blind!"

Before Ye Fan could speak, the person across the street spoke first.

"Nima, who are you talking about, walking without eyes?"Only after Ye Fan got up with a frown did he see that the person he bumped into was a balding middle-aged greasy uncle.

Not waiting for the greasy uncle to get up, Ye Fan just kicked out and kicked the greasy uncle's buttocks.

The greasy uncle who was about to get up fell and flopped to the ground.

"Shit, I walk normally, you fucking suddenly bumped out without apologizing even if you don't apologize, and you're still fucking scolding me, what kind of thing are you!"Ye Fan cursed furiously.

This kind of corner place, actually have to be careful of each other, so every time he reached this kind of place, Ye Fan would slow down his speed, while still getting knocked down, enough to see how fast the greasy uncle's previous run was.

Ye Fan looked up and down at the greasy uncle, five short stature not to mention, the body is still full of fat, just running speed should be running with all his might.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn't help but speak once again, "You bastard running so fast to rush to reincarnate?"

Unrelieved Ye Fan was only comfortable after cursing this sentence, and then picked up the documents that had just been scattered all over the floor because they had been knocked over.

But it had just rained in the morning, the ground here was still very muddy, and the documents were all ruined to the point where it was impossible to read the words.

"I Nima."Ye Fan was even more furious at the sight of the situation, and picked up the unusable documents and slammed them down on the greasy uncle's body.

But Ye Fan didn't hit it hard because he was still somewhat grateful to the greasy uncle in his heart.

In fact, just now Ye Fan directly rushed out of the room and began to regret, he could have read the information in Ye Jiaqi's room, why did he have to go home, there were beautiful women around, and Ye Jiaqi was wearing a bathrobe, it was very difficult to meet again.

There was just no reason to go back again, so Ye Fan was ready to go home.But now, here was the reason.

Now that the documents were destroyed, Ye Fan had no choice but to bother Ye Jiaqi again, and he would be able to feast his eyes while Ye Jiaqi sorted out the information.

Thinking about it, after kicking the greasy uncle, Ye Fan whistled and returned to Ye Jiaqi's apartment.

It took longer than the first time to knock on the door before Ye Jiaqi slowly opened the door.

Seeing the mud on Ye Fan's body, he couldn't help but frown, "Ye Fan, what's wrong with you, did you fall?Any injuries?"

Ye Fan scratched his head, revealing a slightly embarrassed smile: "Just now an uncle and I knocked down, the person is fine, but the document is stained with mud, can't use it anymore, can you trouble sister to print me another copy."

Ye Fan purposely called Sister instead of Teacher, implying that Ye Jiaqi didn't treat him as a student.

I don't know if Ye Jiaqi was aware of this, but he nodded anyway, "Then come in first."

"Okay."Ye Fan smiled, after all, as long as he could still get in, there would be a show, what he feared the most was that Ye Jiaqi wouldn't give him a chance.

But before Ye Fan could take a step, he heard a stern voice from the elevator, "Stop!"

In the meantime, Ye Fan's eyebrows were knitted, and now at such a good time, there were actually people deliberately messing with him, wasn't this obviously not giving him face?

Delaying someone to pick up a girl is a big feud for the top three rankings!

Ye Fan snorted coldly and was about to go to see who it was that dared to interrupt him at this time.

But when he saw the visitor, Ye Fan was blinded, because this was none other than the greasy uncle from earlier.


Did he come here to take revenge after he was kicked?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, thinking that it was very likely.

But in any case, interrupting at this time, Ye Fan was not very satisfied and was about to open his mouth to reprimand the greasy uncle.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Ye Jiaqi exclaimed, "Director Gao?"

Right after that Ye Jiaqi screamed and closed the door, now she was still in her bathrobe, she didn't want Director Gao to see it.

Director Gao?

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, this guy was the director, it really was something Ye Fan hadn't expected.

"Kid, are you still running away!"Director Gao wore foul breath and his eyes were filled with anger, "You're a student from this school, right? You dare to hit a teacher, you're really unique, awesome!"

"Don't dare to take it seriously, this little matter is nothing to brag about."Ye Fan accosted and waved his hand.

In fact, Ye Fan and Director Gao have no grudge, just a bump, Ye Fan kicked after the cool, now look at Director Gao is just normal, anyway, he came to this school is not to study, even if Director Gao with expulsion difficult for him, he does not care. The first website m.kanshu8.net

What's more, his enrollment was still something that Shangguan Yue had the principal run, so unless Director Gao didn't take the principal seriously, he wouldn't dare to do anything to him.

Director Gao shouted angrily, "Do you still think I'm praising you?Go back and write me a 10,000-word review, or you'll be the only one asking!"

"I'm not writing."

Ye Fan rolled his eyes, not taking Director Gao's words to heart at all.

Ten thousand words of review, he couldn't write it by hand for a few days, and there was nothing wrong with him, so why should he write a review.

"While I'm in a good mood, get out of here and don't come to me looking for nothing."Ye Fan didn't feel like he was at a reasonable disadvantage, it wasn't like he took the initiative to cause trouble, it was Director Gao who hit him and scolded him back.

Either way, he was being reasonable!

"You you you!You're so insolent, you don't give a damn about me, I see you want to be fired!"Director Gao coldly said.

Ye Fan laughed, "You're so big-mouthed, so official, a little director opening his mouth and shutting up is a dismissal, what are your credentials, what are your qualifications to say these things to me!"

Director Gao sneered, "On what grounds?I'm the head teacher of the school!Go and write a review while I'm still in a good mood, or I'm afraid you won't want to put it on if you get a sudden beating from some guy."

"Are you threatening me?"Ye Fan's eyes were narrowed, and Gao Guangliang's words meant that he was still looking for someone to beat him up.

Now the teaching director are so arrogant?

In Ye Fan's impression, the teaching director was the one who put pressure on the class teacher, thus teaching the students, but now it had come to finding someone to beat up, it seemed that the position of the teaching director was still too comfortable and arrogant to know the borders.

Gao Guangliang revealed a smug look and said slightly indifferently, "It depends on whether you're obedient or not."

"Obedient?Oh, I hear you old mother!"Ye Fan didn't get used to Gao Guangliang's stink, anyway, now that the building knew the two of them, he didn't believe that Gao Guangliang was his opponent.

With one kick, Ye Fan kicked Gao Guangliang to the ground and rolled around.

Whether Gao Guangliang hit or not Ye Fan didn't know, but Ye Fan knew that now he could brutally beat Gao Guangliang.

Even if Gao Guangliang finds someone to plot against him afterwards, he won't lose out, so he'll treat it as an early fight.

Without waiting for more kicks from Ye Fan, Ye Jiaqi's door opened, and at this moment, Ye Jiaqi faded her bathrobe and put on a casual outfit, a white t-shirt with blue jeans.

Seeing Ye Fan do it, Ye Jiaqi was really shocked and rushed to pull Ye Fan: "Ye Fan, don't fight, this is Director Gao."

"He's looking for someone to beat me up, and he wants me to write a letter of review, why should he get used to his stinky habits?"Ye Fan said with dissatisfaction, but still listened to Ye Jiaqi's words and didn't do it again.

Gao Guangliang crawled up from the ground, and when he looked at Ye Fan again, there was already a little fear in his eyes.

According to his experience, students were terrified when they saw their teachers, especially when he also said that he was looking for someone to beat up Ye Fan, but Ye Fan was instead more violent, which was completely unlike anything he had ever seen.

But when he saw that Ye Jiaqi was able to dissuade Ye Fan, a cruel smile appeared on the corner of Gao Guangliang's mouth, "Ye Fan is it, you fucking kneel in front of me and apologize to me!"

"Fuck, who are you talking to!"Ye Fan couldn't help but to do it again.

Gao Guangliang glanced at Ye Jiaqi and revealed his authority, "Is this your student, is this how you discipline, do you not want to do it?"

When Ye Jiaqi heard the threat, her face became bad, so she dragged Ye Fan, "Forget it, Ye Fan, you should go back first."

"Okay."Ye Fan still did not refute Ye Jiaqi's words and nodded his head to leave.

But Gao Guangliang snorted, "Did I tell you to leave, hurry up and kneel down and apologize to me, or I'll fire you all together!"

Ye Fan's eyes narrowed, in the meantime, "I said don't threaten me, or I don't guarantee what I can do.Besides, I did all of this, what are you going to fire Ye Jiaqi for, she didn't make a mistake."

"Didn't make a mistake?Hehe."Gao Guangliang sneered, "Don't think that I don't know that there is an affair between you two.Just now when I was observing this side at home, I saw a man enter Ye Jiaqi's room, and Ye Jiaqi was still wearing a bathrobe, and now you're coming over to the room again, I think that man just now was you put.Isn't this teacher-student incest of yours enough for me to expel you!"

"You spy on me!?"Ye Jiaqi let out a scream, her face showing her shame and anger.

She was living on the sixth floor, but she never expected to be peeped at.

Thinking back carefully, it was arranged by Gao Guangliang that she lived here, and Gao Guangliang also lived on the sixth floor of the opposite apartment building, could it be that Gao Guangliang was peeping through binoculars?

Originally living on the sixth floor, Ye Jiaqi didn't feel that she would be peeped at, so she usually didn't draw the curtains, but it had been a year and a half since she moved in here, could it be that she had already been peeped at by Gao Guangliang for a year and a half?

Thinking of this, Ye Jiaqi couldn't help but cry out.

Seeing Ye Jiaqi's tears rolling around in her eyes, Ye Fan was suddenly angry.Although he didn't know what was in Ye Jiaqi's heart, but Gao Guangliang saying that the incel of teacher and student was the biggest insult to Ye Jiaqi.It was true that there was incel, but it was Ye Fan who had thoughts, while Ye Jiaqi just took the information and didn't have any other thoughts, at least Ye Fan didn't see Ye Jiaqi having any incel thoughts.

"You dog thing, if you can't speak, don't speak!"Ye Fan cursed angrily.

Gao Guangliang chuckled, "Teacher Ye, why are you crying, am I wrong.Don't pretend to be pitiful with me, to tell you the truth, I've just taken pictures, now you just need to make Ye Fan kneel down and apologize to me, then you sleep with me for a few years, I'll treat it as if nothing has happened, what do you think?"


Ye Fan was directly furious and swung his fist just to smash on Gao Guangliang's head.

"Think you're paralyzed, pervert, go to hell!"


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