Lost Young Master 181-185


Chapter 181

Ye Fan chose the sophomore class of the language department, and the seat was naturally next to Lin Mengqi's.

After all, it was to satisfy Lin Mengqi, and Ye Fan had no other choice.

The sudden arrival of Ye Fan's transfer student didn't cause much of a fuss, but when Ye Fan sat next to Lin Mengqi, he felt the malice of the whole class.

Envy and jealousy, everything.

But Ye Fan has long been used to this mode of life, completely ignoring the eyes of others, lying on the seat is a big sleep.

The long-awaited return to the classroom, Ye Fan most missed either reading, or lying on the desk beautiful sleep.

I don't know how long he slept before Ye Fan was woken up by the sound of talking.

"Classmate Lin, I don't know if you have time after school, but I would like to discuss some ancient poetry with you."

Looking up, Ye Fan saw a handsome man who was smiling and asking about Lin Mengqi, Ye Fan had a few impressions of him man, he seemed to be the class president and one of the two major department grasses, called Gao Xingyu.

The first time I saw him, I thought he was a good guy. The first website m.kanshu8.net

If it was before, Ye Fan would naturally be very envious and jealous, but there was nothing he could do about the other party.But now it was different, Ye Fan didn't have any thoughts of taking care of Gao Xingyu at all, not even the thought of raising his eyelids for a second glance.

Don't look at Gao Xingyu in school as a rich and handsome, and also a department grass and academic bully, but for Ye Fan, it was too juvenile.The only thing to say about Gao Xingyu's advantage is that he is young.

When he looked at the whole class, Ye Fan found that all the male compatriots were looking this way, not at Ye Fan's jokes, they were all staring at Lin Mengqi, as if they were begging Lin Mengqi to never agree to Gao Xingyu's request.

Ye Fan could tell at a glance that these male compatriots were also Lin Mengqi's admirers.

"I still have to go home after school to cook dinner, it seems like I won't be able to make it above time, Gao Ban, I'm sorry."

Lin Mengqi smiled lightly, her tone was sincere with a little playfulness and pettiness, there was no perfunctory meaning at all, no matter who heard it, no one would have negative feelings towards her.

"I didn't expect Lin to be so virtuous and to cook for herself in her spare time, so let's explore it at another time."Gao Xingyu revealed a mouthful of large white teeth, and left with an elegant nod.


Ye Fan disdainfully shook his head, so there was lying on the table.

Without even thinking about it, he knew that Gao Xingyu wanted to pursue Lin Mengqi, Ye Fan only felt that Gao Xingyu was childish, and also used the rhetoric of discussing learning, and not a primary school student, it is possible that the current set of primary school students are playing better than Gao Xingyu.

As for the results of Lin Mengqi's rejection, it was as Ye Fan expected.After all, with someone as good as Ye Fan around, where was the chance for Gao Xingyu to come out?

"Classmate, may I discuss something with you?"

Ye Fan looked up and saw Gao Xingyu go and return, and inevitably frowned, "What's wrong, First Class Leader, what's the matter with me?"

Ye Fan had already calculated in his mind that as long as Gao Xingyu wanted to make things difficult for him, he would definitely not be merciful.

Even the wording, Ye Fan had thought of four or five sets of words, absolutely enough.

Just as Ye Fan had expected, Gao Xingyu really made a move to teach him a lesson, but the method was a bit deceiving to Ye Fan.

Only Gao Xingyu took out an envelope from his bosom and said, "Classmate, in order not to disturb Lin's home for dinner, I think it's better to talk about it at the end of class."

"Then what?"Evan was a little puzzled.

"So I would like you to change seats and act conveniently, and this money is yours."

Saying that, Gao Xingyu opened the envelope, and inside was a thick stack of red bills.

Seemingly afraid that Ye Fan couldn't see the situation, Gao Xingyu explained again, "Here is two thousand yuan, is it okay to change seats."

The whole class was shocked by this move.

"Fuck, class president oxymoron."

"Two thousand dollars for a seat change, what a dirtbag!"

"The class president is just goofy and handsome, he's so nice to his classmates, wow, I'm going to love the class president!"

The students were shocked and couldn't help but turn their attention to Ye Fan, ready to see how Ye Fan would handle the matter.

Looking at Gao Xingyu's smug smile, Ye Fan also laughed.

Gao Xingyu didn't engage in that kind of pressure or verbal insults, but used a positive plan.If Ye Fan took this money, then he would be looked down upon by his classmates, but if he didn't take this money, it was as if he was not giving face to the class president.And with so much money, the other students would also think it was a dead fool who wanted to save face.

But what was a difficult problem for the others was actually of no use to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan reached out and grabbed the money in his hand without even counting it and smiled, "Class President is so kind, how can I refuse, I'll change seats."

Gao Xingyu showed a righteous expression and lightly smiled, "This student is not polite, I don't care about a mere two thousand, but seeing you so happy, I'm sure two thousand is very important to you, it should be enough for you to eat steamed bread for a year.I can help a poor student like you, I'm also fulfilling my obligation as class president."

Gao Xingyu spoke breezily, but the words mocked Ye Fan.

The other students also showed their disdain, and the girls who originally had a few good feelings for a little handsome guy like Ye Fan also showed their disdain.

Ye Fan smiled, as if he didn't see it.

Gao Xingyu was still an expert at using tricks, and it was a series of tricks.Receiving money for a seat would be despised, and someone else who was so despised would definitely give the money back to Gao Xingyu in a huff, and Gao Xingyu would be able to get Ye Fan's seat without spending a penny, and would also be able to get applause from the class for being generous.

Only these were still useful in treating children, but Ye Fan had grown into a little fox now and saw through the scheme with a glance.

With a faint smile hanging on the corner of his mouth, Ye Fan turned his head and patted Lin Mengqi's shoulder, saying, "Mengqi, the money is collected, I should change seats, or you and I can change seats."

Lin Mengqi hadn't said anything, just because she saw Ye Fan's composure.After all, Ye Fan was an existence where millions were taken as change, so why would he care about a mere two thousand.From the moment Ye Fan collected the money, Lin Mengqi knew that Ye Fan didn't hold back his good intentions.

But Lin Mengqi didn't expect Ye Fan to be so cheap, changing seats with her at the same table, what's the difference between that and not changing seats?

But honestly, cheap is a bit cheap, but it's also really practical ah.

Lin Mengqi forced a smile and said, "Yeah, I'm willing to switch seats with you."

Ye Fan looked at Lin Mengqi's slightly exaggerated acting skills, the bottom of his heart speechless at the same time, on the surface still with the color of surprise: "Mengqi, look, class president big kindness gave me two thousand, a while after school you don't need to cook, I'll take you out to eat a good meal, I remember there are still classes in the afternoon, after lunch left over money can still find a hotel to rest, quite good."

As soon as this was said, the entire class fell silent, followed by an outburst of lying.

"Fuck, the new transfer student is so good at it?"

"Fuck, it looks like Lin Mengqi and him already know each other, why else would they be so cooperative in switching seats?"

"Fuck, Gao Xingyu is just a big idiot, not only did he give money to people for food, he even gave money for going to a hotel, I'm so drunk!"


A large chunk of sarcasm, Ye Fan couldn't help but look up to admire Gao Xingyu's expression.

Watching Gao Xingyu's expression go from complacency to surprise, to anger, and finally to incompetent growling, this look was not to mention how interesting, hey, the rich people's life was so unpretentious and boring.



The class bell rang at the right time, and Gao Xingyu looked at Ye Fan and eventually returned to his seat without saying a word.


When Lin Mengqi saw this, she couldn't help but sneak a smile and extended a thumb towards Ye Fan.

Of course, it was a sneaky one, at least in front of her classmates, she was still a goddess.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, so he lay down on the table, the current kids wanted to play a routine with him, still a little tender.

"Alright, stop messing around and get ready for the class meeting."

The class teacher stood on the stage and clapped his hands, after signaling the class to be quiet, he took out an opaque box.

Ye Fan, who was lying on the table, raised his head, and there was some appreciation in his eyes.

The class teacher was called Ye Jiaqi, and according to Ye Fan's understanding, she was also a graduate student of this university, and was preparing to take the PhD exam when she was only twenty-four, very impressive. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Ye Fan admired such a girl very much, and most importantly, Ye Jiaqi was very good-looking, not inferior to Lin Mengqi in any way, and I heard that she was also rated as the school flower in her senior year.

The years did not leave the slightest trace on Ye Jiaqi, she is still youthful and beautiful, especially the OL professional dress with black silk stockings, which has a bit of sexiness that only matured women have, plus the attributes of a teacher, which makes Ye Fan even more intrigued.

As for what Ye Jiaqi said Ye Fan didn't pay attention to what was going on until he got the roll he understood what was going on.

It was a voting paper on which the position of class president was chosen.

When he got this form, Ye Fan was curious about Gao Xingyu, after all, Gao Xingyu was the class president, was the re-election Ye Jiaqi's dissatisfaction with Gao Xingyu?

But when he saw the faint smile on Gao Xingyu's lips, he was even more puzzled.

Lin Mengqi explained on the side, "Class president is re-elected every semester, but since freshman year, Gao Xingyu has been elected for three semesters in a row, so I guess it'll be Gao Xingyu this time."

"No wonder he's so confident."Without thinking too much, Ye Fan knew that Gao Xingyu must have played some tricks like spending money to bribe some of his classmates.

But these were of no concern to Ye Fan, after all, he wasn't using school as his central axis, so he might have gone to another city to look for the jade medallion someday.

Coming to school now was only because of compensating Lin Mengqi.

"Just fill in whoever you like, I'll sleep for a while, call me after school."Ye Fan put the survey paper on Lin Mengqi's desk and fell back to sleep.

"Wake up, wake up."

Ye Fan only just fell asleep and was woken up by Lin Mengqi.

"Is it dinner time so soon?"Ye Fan rubbed his sleepy eyes and yawned in a daze.

"Are you Ye Fan?"

Hearing the lovely questioning voice, Ye Fan raised his eyes and saw Ye Jiaqi, who was from far and near.

Ye Fan instantly came to his senses and said, "Yes, teacher, I am Ye Fan."

Ye Jiaqi frowned slightly, but still handed a handbook to Ye Fan and said, "The new class president of the new semester is you, Ye Fan, do your best!"


Class monitor?

Ye Fan fell asleep and said in surprise, "Shouldn't the class leader be Gao Xingyu."

Saying that, Ye Fan turned his head to look at Gao Xingyu, only to see that Gao Xingyu was looking gloomy and gnashing his teeth, and was even redder in shame and anger at the mention of his name by Ye Fan.

"Alright, classmate Ye, give your class president speech."Ye Jiaqi pushed Ye Fan onto the podium without answering Ye Fan's question.

"Wait a minute!"Gao Xingyu suddenly clapped his hands and said loudly, "I think there's an element of fraud in the voting, he's a transfer student who just arrived today, why should he be the class president?"

Once this was said, the whole class began to nod and discuss, Gao Xingyu's words were not unreasonable, a new student had slept all morning and didn't even have a chance to mix things up, so why would he get the majority of votes.

Ye Jiaqi also nodded thoughtfully and asked, "Who all voted Ye Fan, please raise your hand, it's taking too much time to check the votes."

This time, the votes were all real names, that was to prevent forgery.

As soon as the question was asked, Ye Fan was stunned, while Gao Xingyu was shocked, "That's impossible!"

Only the entire class raised their hands in unison, and there was even Gao Xingyu himself among the hands raised.

Ye Fan was a little curious, "How did you think to vote for me?"

By all rights, the most unlikely person to vote was Gao Xingyu.

Gao Xingyu gritted his teeth, "I originally thought I would win, that's why I voted for you."

Ye Fan nodded in a daze, voting was that each person could cast a vote for each of the two candidates, Gao Xingyu in addition to voting for himself, in addition to voting for Ye Fan, but also appeared to be atmospheric and unconventional.

As for the other students, no need to think about it, Ye Fan guessed that this is also the same idea, are a vote for Gao Xinyu, a vote for the irrelevant Ye Fan.

When he opened the ballot box, Ye Fan smiled.Because his and Lin Mengqi's rolls were on the ballot besides voting for Ye Fan.

That's why Gao Xingyu's vote lost by a narrow margin.

Don't say that Ye Fan didn't expect this result, even the students who voted didn't expect it to be like this, right?

The result was right in front of him, Gao Xingyu could not say anything, so he could only sit down silently.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, cleared his throat and said, "Maybe there are still students who don't know me, my name is Ye Fan, originally I only wanted to eat and play and spend my college time absentmindedly, since I'm now elected to the position of class president, naturally I can't spend my time absentmindedly alone."

"Hmph, still saying condoms."Gao Xingyu let out a cold snort, this catchphrase had been around for decades.

Ye Fan laughed and didn't pay any attention to Gao Xingyu, but continued, "So I've decided to bring everyone together to eat, drink, and spend the university time absentmindedly."

Saying that, Ye Fan took out his mobile phone and sent out 10,000 red envelopes directly in the class's WeChat group, divided into 30 copies: "A small token of appreciation, not a token of respect, eat and drink well at noon."

Ten thousand red envelopes, more than three hundred each, enough for a good meal for college students.

But Ye Fan didn't pay attention to the option, sent into a sparring red envelope.

After Gao Xingyu snatched the red envelope, he smirked, "Eat and drink well, what to eat and drink with a district of three dollars?Let us like you eat steamed buns and pickles and drink cold water it, but it's also difficult for you, three pieces each, the whole class of thirty people also want a hundred pieces, enough to cover your living expenses for half a month."

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, a classmate howled, "Fuck, Ye Fan, no, Lord Class President, I love you to death, you've really picked the right class president!"

Gao Xingyu frowned, "What's wrong, it's just three dollars, so why are you so surprised, you've never seen money before?"

The student glanced at Gao Xingyu and said, "Three pieces?Look carefully, it's a lucky red envelope fight, who's to blame if you're unlucky, but I've robbed a hundred dollars!"

"A hundred is so exciting, I grabbed more than two hundred."Another student rejoiced, "But this isn't even the king of luck, how much is the most robbed ah, how much money did the class president adults give out?"

Once this question was asked, all the students opened their red envelopes to check the luck king.

Only to see that the best luck was none other than class teacher Ye Jiaqi, and the amount was actually $5524.98!


All the students couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air and looked at Ye Jiaqi.

Ye Jiaqi's hands were trembling as she held her cell phone, apparently also not calm.

She was only a postgraduate student, part-time as a class teacher, but was only responsible for managing discipline, the salary given by the school was only two thousand eight hundred yuan a month, snatching a red envelope was comparable to two months salary.

Ye Fan didn't expect the result to be like this, so he smiled and said, "Since the teacher snatched the most, then it would be troublesome for him to treat everyone to dinner."

He originally wanted Ye Jiaqi to just take out a portion of it, not that he was stingy, but he was worried that Ye Jiaqi would have a mental burden.

Sure enough, only when he heard Ye Fan's words did Ye Jiaqi regain her composure and nodded at Ye Fan with a slight appreciation.

Without waiting for Ye Jiaqi to open his mouth, Gao Xingyu sneered, "Ye Fan, aren't you rich, what are you still using the teacher's for, you won't take out all your money, you're shy in the bag now."

"Shy?I'm still shy."Ye Fan glanced at Gao Xingyu and said, "It's not just dinner, it's nothing, you guys say where you want to go, just take it as a benefit from this squad leader's inauguration."

Ye Fan was rich, but there was no need to spend money on a bunch of strangers.

But now that he was at least a squad leader, Ye Fan had more or less started to enjoy the duties of a squad leader.But to thoroughly enjoy it, you have to completely conquer your classmates, and the best way to conquer the talentless and virtuous Ye Fan is to spend. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Gao Xingyu smiled and said, "Since Lord Class President wants to treat us, we can't refuse, so let's go to the Jade Dragon Hotel."

Hearing the Jade Dragon Hotel, the whole class couldn't help but reveal their shock.

Seeing the situation, Ye Fan knew that the Jade Dragon Hotel was a high consumption hotel, but for him, how high could the highest consumption hotel here be?It's just a third tier city.

"What, don't you dare?"Gao Xingyu smiled coldly, his eyes showing sarcasm.

He hadn't wanted to go to dinner either, just to deliberately disgust Ye Fan and take the opportunity to suppress his fireworks, thus wresting back a city.

"Che, it's just a jade dragon, what's the big deal, walk."Ye Fan said, and got off the stage to start packing his school bag.

It was now almost time for school to end, and when the packing was done it was time for class to end.

The whole class went into a frenzy, the Yulong Hotel was a rare three-star hotel in Fangzhou, in the past, not to mention going for a meal, even a glance at it would feel like a luxury.

Ye Fan was so light-hearted, and even more so, a group of young girls were so enchanted that they almost gave birth to monkeys to Ye Fan.

Gao Xingyu's eyes narrowed and he snorted coldly, no more words.

He had already made up his mind that even if Ye Fan could really afford to hire him, he would make Ye Fan bleed heavily.

"Gao Shao, it looks like Ye Fan doesn't care about this amount of money ah, we probably won't be able to spend a few thousand even if we eat more."Gao Xingyu's tablemate was slightly worried.

Gao Xingyu glanced at the little skinny monkey with inverted triangle eyes beside him, a trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes, "Liu Weiqiang, are you stupid, who told you to eat, we're going to drink, the reason I chose the Jade Dragon Hotel instead of a higher class hotel is because the wine in the Jade Dragon Hotel is the most expensive, a bottle of Maotai is a few thousand yuan, and there are tens of thousands of bottles of red wine, drink a few bottles ofIt could bankrupt Evan of drinking."

"Drink?"Liu Weiqiang's eyes popped out with a brilliant mane: "I dare not say anything else, but I'm good at drinking.Gao Shao, your move is wonderful.Don't say we two, I alone can drink until he goes bankrupt, Jie Jie."

Listening to Liu Weiqiang's strange laugh, Gao Xingyu felt more and more like a monkey.But now the more he looked at Liu Weiqiang, the more pleasing to his eyes, he could do whatever it took to get rid of Ye Fan and regain control of the class president position.

The sound of the two conspiring wasn't too loud, and Ye Jiaqi didn't hear it even though she was very close, but a woman's intuition told her that Gao Xingyu might want to harm Ye Fan.After all, it was Ye Fan's arrival that had occupied Gao Xingyu's position as class president.

Ye Jiaqi didn't think that a few words could make Gao Xinyu change his ways, so she came to Ye Fan's front and whispered: "Ye Fan, I'd rather forget about it, the teacher will pay for everyone to eat in the hotel in front of the school.The red envelope is also enough for dinner."

"Teacher is right, there's no need to go to the Jade Dragon Hotel, just eat one in front of the school, even if you're rich, there's no need to fight for your breath and invite haters to dinner, keeping this money would be better than buying me a birthday present, my birthday will be here soon."Lin Mengqi also said on the side.

Ye Fan was slightly surprised, "Mengqi, your birthday is quite big, it's still the first month."

"Yeah, so save the money for my present."Lin Mengqi advised again.

Ye Fan rubbed Lin Mengqi's little head and lightly smiled, "I'll prepare for you on your birthday, but it's still a meal."

Ye Fan didn't care about this money, and had promised his classmates, if he didn't follow through, wouldn't he lose face and lose the prestige of his class president.

Soon, the group arrived at the Jade Dragon Hotel.

Because the distance was not far, everyone went there on foot, and it was only ten minutes away, which was considered very close.

Looking at the large number of people entering the Jade Dragon Hotel, it really scared the waiter.

"A big private room."Ye Fan waved his hand in a big way, not caring at all about this small amount of money .

But the waiter was a pale face, "I'm sorry sir, the big box here has been booked, only the box called small is left, but it's enough to sit all of you, is that okay with you?"

The waiters were all very eyesight-priced, and from Ye Fan's speech and mannerisms, he knew that Ye Fan always went in and out of such places, so his attitude was quite righteous, and he didn't have the slightest pretense of taking it.

"Okay, a small point is a small point, go arrange it."Ye Fan nodded his head and casually threw 200 yuan to the waiter as spending.

The waiter was overjoyed and his attitude became more and more sincere, so he even went to make arrangements.

This scene was also seen by many students, and they were even more certain in their hearts that Ye Fan was a rich man.

Earlier, giving red envelopes to classmates could be said to consolidate the position of the class president, then tipping the waiters would really mean that Ye Fan was very rich.

In Fangzhou, in fact, the average monthly income was only about four thousand, and the monthly living expenses of students were only fifteen to two thousand.

Ye Fan casually gave two hundred, which not only made a group of students envious.

"Little handsome boy, can you come over here."

When the waiter didn't come back, a woman wearing mink and dressed beautifully came over, the woman belonged to a very durable and the more you looked, the better you looked, especially the slightly sexy meaning on her body, which made Ye Fan's heart somewhat surging.

"What's the matter."Ye Fan smiled and then greeted her, for beautiful women, he has always been a comer.


The beauty brought Ye Fan to a slightly secluded place before blushing a bit and opening her mouth: "Hello, my name is Bai Ru, I booked a private room today to prepare for an old classmate's party, the food is ready, but something came up temporarily and I met three hours later, now the food is ready.I see that you are also ready to book a private room, or else can we switch, you top my box, can we?I can give you a half-price discount."

"So, that's fine."Ye Fan didn't refuse Bai Rou's request, especially seeing that the configuration of the compartment was also quite satisfactory.

Not only was it a deluxe compartment, but there were exactly three tables, enough for the entire class to dine.The most important thing was that each table was a deluxe version, and one table cost 10,000 yuan, which was already considered luxurious for a place like Fangzhou.

In fact, this was all that Ye Fan could order, and now that there were ready-made ones, why wouldn't Ye Fan enjoy it.

"But half price is fine, I'm not someone who likes to take advantage, just call the waiter here and I'll swipe my card."Ye Fan added.

All the fees added up to only forty thousand yuan, Ye Fan was not far behind, there was no need to take advantage of Bai Rou.

Bai Ru was slightly startled, didn't expect Ye Fan to be so generous, inevitably somewhat touched, "Then I won't be polite to you, I'm quite respectable in Fangzhou, if you have anything to do, just remember to look for me, this is my business card, you take it."

As a result, Bai Ru's business card, Ye Fan put it in his bosom without even looking at it, and with a smile on his lips, he said, "Then I'll thank Bai Ru first."

He said so, but in fact, Ye Fan didn't care at all, after all, if it was said that Fangzhou was the strongest, then it must be the Shangguan family, and he was now considered the son-in-law of the Shangguan family, not to say all-powerful in Fangzhou, at least there was no problem to walk horizontally, so there was even less need for Bai Ru.

The reason for taking the business card is simply because Ye Fan is not good at refusing requests from beautiful women. A second to remember to read the book

"First Class, what are you doing here, but I had a hard time finding you!"

Just at this moment, Gao Xingyu walked over from afar.

When Bai Rou saw this, she smiled and said, "I'll leave you alone, I wish you a happy meal oh."

Saying that, Bai Rou left.

And it just so happened that Gao Xingyu also came over and said, "Lord Class Leader, I thought you found it expensive to consume here and ran away, I never thought you would have the leisure to ridicule a beautiful woman, it really makes me admire ah."

"Who let this squad leader look too handsome and compelling."With a dashing shrug, Ye Fan returned to the crowd of the class.

Instead of disgusting Ye Fan, Gao Xingyu was almost disgusted by Ye Fan.

When he returned to the class crowd, Gao Xingyu sneered, "Big class leader, we came here to eat, you still have time to hook up with other women, do you think that we students are air ah, very unworthy to look at a few eyes ah."

Hearing the prickly words, Ye Fan laughed and spoke, "Don't take me for you, I sold my lust to talk to a beautiful woman for better enjoyment, I've already booked a private room and dishes for a beautiful woman."

"Oh, booked it?Is it a $1,000 standard table?Class President is so rich, he won't be so stingy."Gao Xingyu smiled coldly, his eyes filled with disdain.

The other students couldn't help but nod their heads in agreement.

Ye Fan's red envelopes in the class were 10,000 big bags, and the meals were just a few thousand, it was really no poker face.Or was it really as Gao Xingyu guessed, Ye Fan was actually poorer than the others, and had already spent a lot of living expenses in class, and was now shy in the bag.

Gao Xingyu could not help but show joy at the sight of this.

This was the effect he wanted, to have the whole class discard Ye Fan and re-elect the class president.

To this end, Gao Xingyu even bit his tongue and said, "Classmates, I don't think our Lord Class President can afford anything too expensive, so let's say I'll treat everyone to dinner, five thousand dollars a table for a premium package, so don't make it difficult for the class president."

By doing this, he was only trying to punch Ye Fan in the face, and by the way, he was able to gain the trust of his classmates.

Using fifteen thousand to kill two birds with one stone, Gao Xingyu still felt that it was worth it.

And as Gao Xingyu's lapdog, Liu Weiqiang echoed on the side, "Gao Shao is really atmospheric, you're actually the big class president in our hearts."

Saying that, he turned his head to look at the waiter who came over, so he said with a proud face, "Hear that, our Gao Shao wants a premium set menu, quickly go and prepare three tables for us, and the private room is also changed to a bigger one, understand?"

"This student, I'm so sorry, the luxury box that was just vacated has been booked by this young master, and now there are only small boxes left, is that okay with you?"The waiter explained with an apologetic face.

Liu Weiqiang's eyebrows furrowed, "Young Master?Which young master is here besides Young Master Gao?"

Gao Xingyu heard not satisfied nodded, walked forward: "Go call your manager, how when a waiter are so eyeless price, this is the Jade Dragon Hotel, really let me down."

Stretched out his hand pointed to the Ye Fan, high Xingyu and sneered: "Moreover, you can not see that I and he who is better it, not to say anything else, on the set menu, I but to the senior set menu, high and low!"

The waiter furrowed his brow, but quickly returned calmly, revealing a professional fake smile, "Sir, I'm afraid you've misunderstood, but this young master has set a luxury package of 10,000 yuan, which is the most premium package of all the packages."


Gao Xingyu was dumbfounded, he hit Ye Fan in the face, all based on the fact that Ye Fan had set a standard package of one thousand dollars.

What's up with the deluxe package!

One table is 10,000, three tables is 30,000, it's even more overbearing and extravagant than the three premium set menus he booked for a total of 15,000 yuan, ah.

Liu Weiqiang was also embarrassed, but soon it was a rage, "Ye Fan, you booked such an expensive one, why didn't you say so earlier, did you want Gao Shao to be embarrassed?"

"Embarrassing?That's what you guys have brought upon yourselves, when I said that I've set anything, it's completely just your assumptions."Ye Fan smiled and glanced at Gao Xingyu and Liu Weiqiang, so he leisurely said, "This is called asking for humiliation, I can't be blamed."

Gao Xingyu only felt his face burning, although Ye Fan didn't do anything, but he was slapped in the face instead, more so than an actual slap in the face!

Liu Weiqiang even more hate to find a seam, it is so humiliating, he does not know how to hang out in front of his classmates in the future.The first thing that you need to know is how to get rid of the problem.

The two faces were red and swollen with shame and indignation, but the whole class looked at the melon, this melon, they are considered to be more enjoyable to eat.

"Alright, classmates, let's go to the deluxe compartment!"With a big wave of his hand, Ye Fan took all the students towards the luxury compartment, only Gao Xingyu and Liu Weiqiang remained where they were.

Only after a long time did Gao Xingyu clenched his fist in resentment and said, "If this revenge is not avenged, I will not be surnamed Gao!"

Liu Weiqiang shivered in fear, he knew Gao Xingyu's true strength, he couldn't help but comfortingly say at the side, "Gao Shao don't be anxious, this kid Ye Fan doesn't know where he came from, but even if he's a dragon, in Fangzhou, he's still a dish for you not."

On hearing this, only then did Gao Xingyu smiled proudly and said, "In Fangzhou, apart from the Bai family and the Shangguan family, my Gao family has nothing to fear, Ye Fan, sooner or later there will be a time when you will feel bad!"


The waiter brought everyone to the luxury box, the specifications inside was really different from the outside inquiry, magnificent and and also a suite, the place was very large.

Ye Fan inquired earlier, in fact, there was no imperial compartment here, the best compartment is now the luxury compartment.

It was also true, a three star hotel, how much more consumption ah, this kind of consumption of tens of thousands, it was already remarkable.

"Let's take our seats in an orderly manner."Ye Fan clapped his hands, three tables could seat a total of thirty-six people, and the entire class counting the teacher was only thirty-one people, so the location was very ample.

Although the dishes were only set menus, but it was also a luxury set menu, which had a lot of mountain and sea food, and the plate was exquisite, many students were the first time to see it, inevitably very satisfied with the orderly seating.

"What's the point of just eating, how can you be considered a man without drinking some wine?"Gao Xingyu idly walked in as if it was his own home, and when he saw Ye Fan, disdain appeared in his eyes again.

Ye Fan raised his eyebrows slightly, never thought that Gao Xingyu could still be resurrected in place with full blood after being hit in the face like this, also this was a buildable talent, but in the field of shamelessness.

Seeing that Ye Fan didn't say anything, Gao Xingyu sneered, "How about this, I won't bully you, as the previous class president, I also have the obligation to serve my classmates, let's AA the money for the drinks, what do you think?"

Upon hearing that, Ye Fan smiled and nodded his head, "Okay, then AA."

The fact that he didn't say anything didn't mean that he didn't want to invite guests, but simply didn't want to invite Gao Xingyu, since Gao Xingyu AA, he could pay half of the money, so why not. First URL m.kanshu8.net

"Since it's AA, how about ordering some more upscale dishes, or how about starting with two Australian lobsters?"Gao Xingyu had a faint smile on his lips.

Australian lobsters were not cheap, finely crafted, and here two of them would cost a thousand dollars.

Although it wasn't as expensive as wine, it could still make Ye Fan bleed a little.

Ye Fan smiled and said boldly, "Waiter, give us thirty-one Australian lobsters!"

"Yes, sir."The waiter nodded his head and went down.

Gao Xingyu's face was a little pale, and he couldn't say a word for half a day.

"What's the matter, ordered two just to let yeh two taste?Everyone in the class is here, and I'm not good enough to be the class president if I don't let everyone taste it.Don't you think so, former high class president."Ye Fan said laughingly.

Gao Xingyu's face turned a little red and said, "Ye Fan, can you fucking stop acting like a pussy, do you know how much a large Australian lobster costs, you're just yelling here, and you're working on more than thirty, you really don't know how to die!"

Ye Fan was a bit speechless, it wasn't that he had never eaten an Australian lobster before, but he really didn't know the price, he just didn't bother to ask, after all, he had two billion dollars in his pocket now, he could order whatever he wanted, he had already achieved financial freedom, where did he need to be so preoccupied with these small sums of money?

But he still cooperated with Gao Xingyu's words, acting surprised, "Then tell me, how much is one of these things?"

Gao Xingyu stretched out a finger and said, "A thousand!"

"What?A thousand?"

"Wouldn't thirty-one of those be more than thirty thousand?"

"Fuck, this shit is so expensive, two lobsters will cost me as much as my phone!"

The students were shocked all of a sudden, and some of them who were poor at home even more, felt that the meal was too expensive, if Ye Fan didn't pay, they probably wouldn't be able to get out of the shop, they were inevitably a little scared, and at the same time they all observed Ye Fan's expression, wanting to see if Ye Fan wasn't panicking anymore.

Gao Xinyu's mouth showed a smile, he just wanted to make Ye Fan ugly and show his cowardice after hearing the price.

But it was unexpected that the first thing Ye Fan said after showing surprise was, "Waiter, double the Australian lobster again, this thing turned out to be so cheap."

Gao Xingyu instantly fell into speechlessness, so did all the students, I thought that Ye Fan was retreating, but I never thought that he would directly double the amount again, what a luxury to have no friends.

Ye Fan couldn't help but smile when he saw Gao Xingyu's expression, he just loved how Gao Xingyu couldn't look used to him and still couldn't beat him.

Gao Xingyu seemed to be aware of the strange eyes coming from his classmates, after all, compared to Ye Fan, Gao Xingyu was really too low.

Gao Xingyu snapped his hands, "Waiter, bring me the menu, just this order, nothing new, I'll order some more!"

Immediately afterwards, Gao Xingyu looked confident, "Steamed dragon trout and stewed octopus three of each!"

These two dishes were both as big as Australian lobster, and he didn't believe that his classmates would still show disdain for him.

As expected, when Gao Xingyu ordered out these two dishes, the classmates all cast their eyes in envy and gratitude.

Gao Xingyu nodded his head in satisfaction and then looked at Ye Fan with a provocative look in his eyes.

Ye Fan smiled and said, "Waiter, show me the menu too."

"Okay, sir."The waiter was a little sweaty, what happened to all the students nowadays, are they all so rich?

There was already a deluxe set menu, why do they keep adding the most expensive dishes ah.

Ye Fan opened the menu and leisurely said, "Tomato scrambled eggs, ma po tofu, vinegar shredded potatoes, home-style cold dishes, en, that's all."

Having said that, Liu Weiqiang revealed his disdain and scoffed, "Ye Taipan, aren't you very earthy, why are you ordering so economical now, aren't you shy and lacking in the bottom line.Who are you kidding when you come to Samsung Hotel and order these few home-cooked dishes?"

"Yeah, it's just home cooked food, you can get it in the school cafeteria."

"Yeah, there's not even a piece of meat."

"Is Ye Fan really no good, really shy in the bag?"

The class was shaken by Liu Weiqiang's words, after all, what Liu Weiqiang said was indeed reasonable.

Lin Mengqi frowned, "Alright, quiet.Aren't these deluxe set menus in front of you non-vegetarian dishes, what's wrong with ordering some home cooked food, did you all grow up eating mountains and seafood every day?"

Lin Mengqi is worthy of being a department flower, everyone's goddess, this speech, all students have shut up.

Only Gao Xingyu snorted: "What's wrong, we are out to consume also not at home, what do you take home standards for, out to eat is to eat mountains and seafood, who like to eat those home-cooked dishes ah, and are all vegetarian dishes, is simply laughing off."

Ye Fan helplessly nodded his head: "Are you guys arguing enough, you are the class leader or I am the class leader, especially you Liu Weiqiang, blindly lead what rhythm, did I say I finished ordering?"

"Didn't you just say that's all, what, did you say it wrong, or did I mishear it, there's still a reason for no money."Liu Weiqiang chuckled, his eyes filled with disdain.

Ye Fan agreed to laugh and said, "But did I say that I finished my sentence."


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