Lost Young Master 176-180


Chapter 176

"No, don't, honey."Shangguan Yue struggled slightly.

Ye Fan smiled hehely and said, "Don't?Don't what?"

"I'm not ready to give you my best self."Shangguan Yue said in a low voice, although he had only met Ye Fan, he was not disgusted with Ye Fan, after all, from a long time ago, she knew that one day she would marry Ye Fan, and now that she was also Ye Fan's fiancée, the line - room thing was also an inevitable process.

But that's why she wanted to make the best first time as perfect as possible.

Now don't say perfect, she didn't even know much about that aspect, she was still in a state of ignorance, so how could she do it well.

"Then wait until you're ready."

Ye Fan didn't force it, although he didn't know what was in Shangguan Yue's heart, Ye Fan still let go of Shangguan Yue.Originally, he was just teasing Shangguan Yue, but if Shangguan Yue played for real, he wouldn't dare to really sprint.In his heart, Ye Fan was still a bit of a wimp, and he wouldn't do it for a woman who couldn't take responsibility yet.

Like Wang Kexin and the other five girls before, Ye Fan and the five girls all engaged in ambiguous, but he didn't dare to break through the last step.Even if Wang Kexin said he didn't care, but in Ye Fan's concept of the traditional monogamous system, like what the red flag at home is not falling, outside the flags flying, Ye Fan will only dare to YY, really want to implement it, he is afraid of overflowing water can not be harvested, out of control.

Of course, these thoughts are only the temporary thoughts of Ye Fan, now Ye Fan is not in the mood to fall in love, the most important thing is how to train himself to return to the family, after returning to the family, and then think about the relationship between men and women is not too late.A big man's career was the main thing, daily love and affection was considered a thing.

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The door to the room suddenly smashed, waking up Evan who was deep in self-reflection.

"You sit down first, I'll go see what's going on."With a frown on his brow, Ye Fan walked towards the door of the room.

This hotel wasn't high-class, but it wasn't low-end either, it was of the medium range.The room door was knocked on like this, and there was no waiter to manage it, genuinely calling him angry.

When he opened the door, Ye Fan snapped, "What are you smashing my room door for, I'm not cheating on you with your daughter-in-law, you've found the wrong room, go look for it in another room."


The young man in the white suit standing outside the door snorted and grabbed Ye Fan's collar: "You're the one who lured Xiao Yue's sister to the hotel?Where is she now?"

Sister Yue?

It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan that the youth in front of him was looking for Shangguan Yue.It seemed that the youth in front of him liked Shangguan Yue, otherwise there wouldn't be blood in his eyes.But this, what did it have to do with Ye Fan?

Not to mention that Shangguan Yue was his fiancée, not to mention that being worn out by his collar in front of him was the thing he hated the most.

Without even thinking, Ye Fan's backhand was a slap, about to smack the youth's face.But the youth seemed to have anticipated Ye Fan's action and reached out and grabbed Ye Fan's arm.

The youth smiled proudly, but then he was surprised to find that not only did Ye Fan not panic, he laughed instead, which made him feel bad.

But before he could react to what was wrong, there was a sharp pain in his crotch-.

"Ah!!!"With a scream, the youth fell to the ground in response, covering his crotch and began to roll.

"Little shit, still fooling around with me!"Ye Fan sneered, showing pride.

He had the experience of being yanked by his collar before, so he researched a set of combination techniques, slapping and starting, and kicking his pants if he was blocked.Unexpectedly, the first time he actually did it, he achieved remarkable results.

"What happened?"Yue Shangguan heard the noises and was a little worried that something had happened to Ye Fan, so she ran out.

But when she entered, she saw Ye Fan's proud smile and the young man in a white suit who had fallen on the ground and was rolling.

"Bai Fei?What are you doing here?"Shangguan Yue exclaimed in alarm.

With a raised eyebrow, Ye Fan turned his head and inquired, "An acquaintance?"

Shangguan Yue waved her hand repeatedly, disgust in her eyes: "This is our class president Bai Fei, usually something is wrong, he likes to pester me, tell him I have someone I like, he also does not believe, but also every day pestering.Now all chased to the hotel, is a perverted idiot - man right."

Ye Fan was slightly shocked, never thought that licking a dog could go this far, it was really an oxymoron.

After stepping on Bai Fei's chest with one foot and fixing it to prevent Bai Fei from rolling, only then did Ye Fan faintly speak, "What do you mean you're not good enough to be a licking dog.Little Yue even said that she has someone she likes, of course, it's Ben Shao, so you'd better get out of here, you're out of luck."

"What are you, just you deserve it, I pooh!"Bai Fei smiled coldly, looking at Ye Fan like he was looking at a mole, "I'm the only one who's best suited to Little Sister Yue!"

"Who's used to you? If you shout one more time, I'll throw you into the river and feed you to the fish!"Ye Fan snorted coldly, his eyes slightly cold.

Bai Fei couldn't help but shiver and broke Ye Fan's thigh, and left the room, leaving behind only one sentence before leaving, "Wait for me, as long as you're in Fangzhou, I won't make it easy for you!"

Ye Fan laughed disdainfully, but he didn't chase after him.

Not to mention that he came from the Ye family, just now, he knew that the Shangguan family was the most powerful in Fangzhou, and Shangguan Yue's father was even the head of the dragon, what was there to be afraid of.

"Little Yue, you're not telling the truth, this guy isn't as simple as class president, right."Ye Fan was not a fool, just now in the auction a whole bunch of dignitaries in Fangzhou were afraid of Shangguan Yue, Bai Fei a small class president dared to be like this, there must be some capital behind him.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.The Bai family that Bai Fei is in is actually a family with the same status as ours, and is also at the top of the Fangzhou.In the past, the Shangguan family and the Bai family were all married together, even now, and Bai Fei is the youngest son of the Bai family's owner, and I'm the youngest daughter of the Shangguan family, and I was set to be a doll's wife from the time I was born.That's why I didn't teach Bai Fei a lesson, but rather indulged him to do as he pleased, as long as he didn't tarnish my reputation, and because of that, he called me his sister."

"A doll's marriage?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown.

Shangguan Yue hurriedly explained, "It's not what you think, ever since Aunt Chen picked me, my doll's marriage with Bai Fei was cancelled, I was only seven years old, I hadn't been out of the cabinet yet, and I've never seen Bai Fei before, I don't have any relationship with him.The first boy I knew of was you, and I still have pictures of you as a child in my phone."

Shangguan Yue said and took out her phone.

The photos inside the phone were exactly the same as the photos that Wang Kexin had shown to Ye Fan in the beginning.

"So it's like this."Ye Fan was surprised and somewhat amazed, his mother Chen Fangling was really amazing, she could tell at the age of seven that Shangguan Yue would emerge as a beautiful woman, this kind of eyesight was no one else.

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, so he hugged Shangguan Yue and said, "Sorry for doubting you.Don't worry, since it's okay, I won't let him pester you anymore."


"To keep him from harassing me?You wouldn't want to silence him, would you."Shangguan Yue said in shock, afraid that Ye Fan would do something cruel.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "No, it's just to make him completely die.Forget it, I haven't thought of what to do now, let's go eat first."

With Shangguan Yue, after having a simple meal, Ye Fan and Shangguan Yue went home separately.

Originally, Shangguan Yue invited Ye Fan to go home, but Ye Fan didn't go, simply put, Ye Fan didn't dare to go meet his parents.Although his family was powerful, Ye Fan still had some inexplicable fear of meeting his parents, so he simply found an excuse to go home.

By the time he arrived home, it was already four in the afternoon.

Pushing open the door, Ye Fan was surprised, worthy of a big professional brand.

The floor had already been refurbished, the furniture had been placed very well, even far beyond Ye Fan's expectations, and the entire interior of the villa had become very compelling.

But Ye Fan didn't see Lin Mengqi's figure.

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Such a big living person left without talking, he was worried that Lin Mengqi had had a weenie, fortunately the phone was answered, otherwise he would have all gone out to look for it.

But when the call was answered, a strange middle-aged voice came from the other end of the phone, "Are you Ye Fan?"

Ye Fan's face paled and his eyes narrowed as he said, "That's right, I am Ye Fan, who are you?"

"I'm Lin Mengqi's father, Lin Guopeng, I think we should meet."Lin Guopeng's voice was very low and seemed to have some anger in it.

The corners of Ye Fan's mouth lifted slightly as he faintly spoke, "Just what I was thinking."

Hanging up the phone, Ye Fan followed the SMS address and drove straight away.

At first glance there was no problem, but the one who answered the phone was not Lin Mengqi, which was a big problem in itself.There were two thoughts in Ye Fan's mind.

One, it wasn't Lin Mengqi's father who answered the phone, it could be that Lin Mengqi had been kidnapped.

Second, the one who answered the phone was Lin Mengqi's father, Lin Guopeng, but Lin Guopeng had occupied all of Lin Mengqi's phones, so it was clear that Lin Mengqi was not in a good condition.

Either one was not what Ye Fan expected.

Even though Lin Mengqi and Ye Fan hadn't had anything to do with each other yet, what Ye Fan hated the most was someone making a move on someone close to him.

Driving to the most high speed, it was only ten minutes before Ye Fan arrived at the address above the text message.

In the eye was a villa, but it was quite a bit bigger than Lin Mengqi's villa, and it had a large courtyard.Standing outside the door, when Ye Fan pressed the doorbell, he saw a small plaque above the doorbell, writing the word "Lin Residence".

Seeing the situation, Ye Fan was slightly relieved.At least it proved that Lin Mengqi was not kidnapped, and the person who answered the phone just now was Lin Guopeng.

The doorbell rang, the door opened, and Ye Fan entered the Lin Residence, pushing the door, Ye Fan entered the hall on the first floor.

Looking around, the decoration was antique, but had a few aromas of books.And looking around the entire hall, Ye Fan didn't see Lin Mengqi, he only saw a middle-aged man in a tang suit.

The middle-aged man was wearing golden glasses, his complexion was very white, and there was some resemblance between his eyebrows and eyes to Lin Mengqi.

As Ye Fan expected, the middle-aged man sat on the sofa and took a sip of tea before speaking, "My humble servant Lin Guopeng, sit."


Ye Fan's eyebrows were raised, where Lin Guopeng's attitude meant for Ye Fan to sit down, it was clearly the attitude of an interrogator.If it were anyone else, he would definitely not be able to sit down at the moment.

But Ye Fan did not eat this set, not only sat on the sofa, adjusting his posture directly paralyzed on the sofa, stilted his legs and also slightly shake his ankles, as mischievous as possible, but also challenged Lin Guopeng's bottom line.

The other party is not nice, Ye Fan naturally will not be polite.

The corner of Lin Guopeng's eyes twitched slightly - and said in a deep voice, "Since that's the case, I'll also cut to the chase and say how much money I can give you to leave my daughter."

"Leave?It seems like I'm not dating her either."Evan laughed, "By the way, how much money do you dare to talk to me about money?"

Lin Guopeng snorted and said, "No dating is better, then you should move out of the villa quickly, don't affect my daughter's reputation.I'll give you one million, and don't come back to Fangzhou ever again."

"A million?"Ye Fan puffed out a laugh.

Lin Guopeng sneered, "It's true that you're only looking for my daughter because you're running for money, and you're laughing at one million.But I won't break my promise, I'll transfer a million to your account later, don't harass my daughter in the future, or else don't blame me for being rude."

Ye Fan looked at Lin Guopeng smilingly, but he had an idea in his heart.

It seemed that Lin Guopeng wasn't particularly bad, but was genuinely protecting Lin Mengqi, but this method of protection seemed a little too excessive.

When he looked at Lin Guopeng's phone that Lin Mengqi was holding in his hand, Ye Fan spoke up, "You can open WeChat and take a look, in it I have a transfer record with Lin Mengqi."

"Transfer records?Did Monique get tricked by you before?"Lin Guopeng was shocked and quickly opened his phone, but when he saw the WeChat transfer record he was blinded.

There was indeed a record of the transfer between Ye Fan and Lin Mengqi, but it wasn't Lin Mengqi who had transferred 1.23 million to Ye Fan.

"See."Ye Fan smiled proudly.

Lin Guopeng snorted, "Are you showing off with me?You were laughing at me for not paying enough?I'll give you back the one million two hundred and thirty thousand, extra two million, so you can always leave my daughter."

Fuck, what kind of brain circuit this old guy has.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, he just thought that with this transfer record he could prove that he wasn't running after the Lin family's property, and with any luck, Lin Guopeng would believe him and be able to solve the misunderstanding.

But now, it looked like it was hopeless.


Just at this moment, the door was opened from the outside, followed by a man with a back combed head walking in.

Seeing the man, a smile appeared on Lin Guopeng's frosty face as he got up and walked over, "Cousin, how was it, was the auction fun, did you get any good objects."

"No good objects, but there was a funny thing though."The back-headed man said.

"What kind of interesting thing?Tell me about it to my cousin."Lin Guopeng asked with a smile.

The back-headed man's eyes showed flames when he thought of the interesting story, and he said excitedly, "Cousin, you didn't go to the auction today, the rules here are different from ours in Yuzhou, the first auction item is a mandatory auction for the Shangguan family, I didn't know about it at first and almost fought for it, luckily there was a moustache to remind me, so I didn't cause a big disaster."

"That's right, it's cousin who forgot to say that."Lin Guopeng was also a little scared and apologized.

The back-headed man waved his hand, "It's fine, isn't it fine now anyway.What happened next is the greatest, there was a guest who stole the limelight with the Shangguan family, and in the end, that guest paid 1.1 billion to actually take the auction item, breaking the rules."

"What?There's also this matter, the only existence that can throw 1.1 billion in luxury is the Bai family besides the Shangguan family, but the Bai family and the Shangguan family are on good terms, so it's impossible for them to fight among themselves."Lin Guopeng thought hard and couldn't think of a reason.

The back-headed man explained, "At that time, we were also curious, then the Shangguan family came out, this time it was the youngest daughter of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Yue, who went to the auction, and directly rushed to that guest's room, the room opened up and out came a teenager, not someone from the Bai family.Just when we thought that Shangguan Yue would teach the teenager a lesson, but Shangguan Yue directly fell into the teenager's arms and called her husband."

"This is a big news ah, Shangguan Yue is still in college right, he already has a husband, and he's not from the Bai family, did the Shangguan family marry with any family again?Do you know who the teenager is?Have you gone to get the contact information."Lin Guopeng cared about this news, as long as he got hold of the information and found the teenager and forged a good relationship, then the Lin family would be able to follow suit in the future.

The man with the back shook his head with a sigh, "The contact information wasn't asked for, because Junior and Shangguan Yue left after the first piece was shot.However, I learned the name of the teenager from how they chatted, and the teenager's name is Ye Fan!"


"Evan?"Lin Guopeng's eyes drew back, not looking back at the couch.

"What? Does cousin know about Ye Fan?We must befriend this kind of person."As the back-headed man said to himself, he noticed that Lin Guopeng's expression wasn't right, and when he followed his gaze over, he saw the young man slumped on the couch.

"Fuck, Ye Fan!"The back-headed man was suddenly alarmed and hurriedly ran to Ye Fan's front, extending his hand, "Hello hello, Young Master Ye, my name is Zhang Quansheng, I didn't expect to see you here, what a coincidence."

Turning his head, Zhang Quansheng then said to Lin Guopeng, "Cousin, you really are not enough, you all know Ye Shao, why are you still here with me making mysteries, it's really not enough."

Lin Guopeng, however, remained silent and froze in place.

His ears were now just reverberating Zhang Quansheng's words just now.

The young man was throwing 1.1 billion dollars.

The teenager was Shangguan Yue's husband.

The teenager is....Ye Fan!

Thinking of taking two million just now to tell Ye Fan to get lost, Lin Guopeng felt ridiculous, someone as awesome as Ye Fan didn't care about 1.1 billion, so why would he care about a mere two million.The entire Lin family's entire property combined only barely reached one hundred million, not even a fraction of Ye Fan's auction.No wonder Ye Fan was laughing at him before, in his stead. One second to remember to read the book

And just now, Ye Fan also said that he was not dating Lin Mengqi.Indeed, Ye Fan was Shangguan Yue's husband, how could he be dating Lin Mengqi.

Laughing to himself, Lin Guopeng walked up to Ye Fan's body is a bow and said, "Ye Shao, I'm really sorry, I hope you don't mind."

"It's fine, sit."Ye Fan waved his hand, a faint smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

Originally, Ye Fan had felt that there was no way to make Lin Guopeng turn his dead head, but he didn't want Zhang Quansheng to appear, and in a few words, he showed off how awesome he was, and also woke Lin Guopeng up with the fact that .

With praise, Ye Fan shook Zhang Quansheng's hand and said, "You're good, I'm quite optimistic about you."

Zhang Quansheng was overjoyed, to be praised by a noble gentleman like Ye Fan, it was an extreme friendship, and there was even a chance for his stormy and drifting boat to climb onto Ye Fan's luxurious giant ship.

"Ye Shao, I..."Lin Guopeng also wanted to show goodwill, but thinking about his attitude towards Ye Fan just now, as long as Ye Fan didn't blame him, he was already lucky, and after thinking about it, he didn't say this gesture of goodwill, he got up and left directly.

"Cousin, what are you doing going?Ye Shao is here."Zhang Quansheng was in a big hurry, although he didn't know why Lin Guopeng left the scene in anger, but no matter what, he shouldn't offend Ye Fan, the big man ah.

Ye Fan shook his head slightly and said, "It's fine, don't mind him, let him be quiet."

Ye Fan did understand Lin Guopeng, if he were Lin Guopeng, saying so many showy words and finding out that the other party was richer and more powerful in the end, he would probably go to the ground in shame.

But Ye Fan was wrong, because it was only half a minute before Lin Guopeng returned, and it was Lin Mengqi who was standing behind Lin Guopeng.

Lin Guopeng looked at the confused Lin Mengqi and patted Lin Mengqi's shoulder, "Mengqi, it seems that I'm shortsighted and old.I support you to make friends with Young Master Ye, you go back to live, I'll unfreeze the credit card, and I'll support your choice in the future."

Saying that, Lin Guopeng turned around and walked away, his back was shorter and he looked like he had aged at least ten years.

"Ye Fan, what's going on?"Lin Mengqi frowned and questioned Ye Fan.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Zhang Quansheng coughed and his eyes indicated, "Mengqi, how come you are so ignorant at such an age, how come you still dare to call me by my first name, Young Master Ye."

"Uncle Zhang, what's wrong with you and dad?Why do you call him Young Master Yeh?"Lin Mengqi was somewhat puzzled.

Zhang Quansheng still wanted to speak, and then Ye Fan reached out his hand to stop him, "It's fine, your Uncle Zhang is just teasing you, and your father has approved of you, so you'll be free from now on, you don't have to be a caged sparrow, are you happy?"

Lin Monique didn't even want to think about it, "Of course I'm happy, I wish I went out to live, but..."

"There's no buts, just enjoy the present.To celebrate your freedom, I'll take you out for a big meal, okay?"Ye Fan smiled faintly.

He didn't want Lin Mengqi to know the real reason, if it was only with his help that Lin Guopeng let go, Lin Mengqi would still be somewhat lost in her heart, after all, it wasn't Lin Mengqi who relied on herself to completely let go.Simply put, it was just coming from the greenhouse at home to Ye Fan's greenhouse, there was no difference for Lin Mengqi.

So when he waited until Lin Mengqi truly let go and lived on her own, he would tell Lin Mengqi the true reason.

And so, after exchanging WeChat contact with Zhang Quansheng, Ye Fan left the Lin Residence with Lin Mengqi and went to the nearest fruit and vegetable supermarket.

"Is this the big meal you were talking about?"Lin Mengqi looked at Ye Fan with dissatisfaction.

Ye Fan pushed the shopping cart and put his favorite ingredients into the cart one by one, smiling lightly, "Look at the car, there is pork, beef and mutton, as well as imported goods, how can it not be considered a big meal."

Back then when Ye Fan ate steamed buns every day, being able to have a barbecue was considered a big meal.

And now, Ye Fan is in the same situation as then, having spent all his money, now Ye Fan is left with a few hundred in his paypal.

If he went out for a western meal, it probably wouldn't even be enough, which is why Ye Fan changed his mind temporarily.

He had spent all his money on the jade brand before, and now he was really a poor man.

It was only after buying the ingredients and arriving home that Ye Fan's phone came with a text message alert, Ye Fan opened it and saw that it was two billion dollars in the account.

Opening WeChat, without waiting for Ye Fan to ask, he received a WeChat message from Charles: "Sorry young master, I just arrived home to give the jade medallion to the master, and just remembered that you don't have any money."

Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, as expected, for Charles, the jade medallion was the most important thing.

But on the basis of transferring an extra 900 million to him, Ye Fan was fine with it.

When he put away his phone, Ye Fan handed the ingredients to Lin Mengqi and said, "Go cook."

That's right, even if he had money, Ye Fan wasn't going to waste food.It was already agreed that Lin Mengqi would wash and cook and clean, but Ye Fan hadn't eaten Lin Mengqi's food yet, and it was something that Ye Fan had in mind to see if Lin Mengqi's cooking skills were really that great.

Lin Mengqi received the ingredients and didn't argue, so she went to cook.

Ever since Li Qiu Yu, this was the second time Ye Fan had eaten other girls cooking, but to Ye Fan's surprise, Lin Mengqi's cooking was not a home-cooked meal, but a large dish.

Looking at the finished product after Lin Mengqi was busy for three hours, Ye Fan was stunned and couldn't help saying, "Fuck, steamed pork with jujube flour, fat beef in sour soup, chicken with jujube and ginseng, eight treasure duck, shrimp with garlic vermicelli, stewed abalone with pork ribs, Eisbein with Eisbein, Eisbein with spicy snowflake.Where did you learn so many dishes?"

"I just love a little bit of it, so I taught myself."Lin Mengqi threw out her tongue and said, "Taste it and see if it fits your stomach meat."

Ye Fan's index finger moved greatly, picking up a piece of ribs and putting it into his mouth, just slightly biting down, the bones came off without any trouble at all, while the taste naturally needless to say, it smells so good!


After drinking and eating to his heart's content, Ye Fan plopped down on the couch and went to sleep comfortably, waking up again, it was already twelve noon.

Another night's sleep on the sofa made Ye Fan's neck fall into the pillow.

Looking around, it seemed that Lin Mengqi had gone out, and Ye Fan didn't have any arrangements, so he also got up and went out to exercise.

The unpleasant feeling of pillow fall, only those who had really experienced it knew that unpleasant feeling.

"Fuck, it's so cold."

As soon as he left the room, Ye Fan couldn't help but shrink back a step back into the house.

Today was the third day of the third year, the weather outside was still very cold, even colder than yesterday, to go out and move his body Ye Fan, his heart beat a retreat.

"Forget it, let's find a door-to-door masseuse online."In the end, Ye Fan couldn't beat the cold and decided to hunker down at home and not go out.

The only thing that satisfied Ye Fan was still the advanced technology nowadays, if in the past, one would have to go out for everything, but now there was no need at all.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services and products to the public.

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But in the end, it was because of money, and money was the only way to enjoy so many convenient services.Ye Fan couldn't help but sigh again, rich and wonderful!

After waiting for about half an hour, the doorbell rang, so Ye Fan got up to open the door.

As soon as he opened a crack in the door, Ye Fan felt the aroma coming, and to Ye Fan's surprise, the aroma was only a faint jasmine fragrance, and not the strong smell of an inferior perfume.

After carefully sniffing the fragrance, Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction and opened the door wide.

"Shangguan Yue?"Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, not expecting that the one who opened the door and knocked was Shangguan Yue.

Shangguan Yue held a silver toolbox and said, "Mr. Ye, I'm the door-to-door masseur you called, can I come in?"

Saying that, Shangguan Yue also winked playfully.

Ye Fan was disheveled in the wind for a long time before he came back to his senses and gave up his seat to invite Shangguan Yue in.

It wasn't until he was sitting on the sofa that Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "How come it's you?"

"What, am I bad?"Shangguan Yue was dissatisfied and puffed up her cheeks.

Ye Fan waved his hand evenly, "How could it be, a masseuse as beautiful as you, who would be dissatisfied."

"Alright, I won't tease you anymore."Only then did Shangguan Yue smiled, "It's like this, I came over to look for you for a bit of business, and when I got to the door, I saw a voluptuously dressed woman coming in, and only after I inquired did I know it was a massage, so I bought her toolbox."

"So that's how it was."Ye Fan shivered, fortunately it was Shangguan Yue who came, just by hearing Shangguan Yue say that the dressing was voluptuous, Ye Fan knew it wasn't a good one.

"You do know how to enjoy yourself and still have a door-to-door massage, what, are you always looking for a door-to-door massage ah?"Shangguan Yue questioned again.

Ye Fan quickly denied, "How is it possible, this is the first time.I slept with a fallen pillow last night, it was cold outside and I didn't want to go out, so I just got a massage."

"So ah."Shangguan Yue suddenly nodded, then said, "Then you lie down well, I'll give you a massage, you fallow pillow how not to talk to me, but also such as outside to find."

"What's the use of talking to you, you stop it, and then give me a bad neck, I've seen a massage to break the neck before the Internet."Ye Fan didn't dare to lie down, even if Shangguan Yue was well-intentioned, he didn't want any danger.

Shangguan Yue huffed and was angry again, "Are you afraid that I will break your neck?I'll tell you the truth, in order to be your wife, I spent most of my childhood not studying academic courses, but learning how to be a housewife.Massage is one of them, in order to learn how to do it well, I've suffered a lot, so hurry up and lie down, I'll show you the results of my six months of study."

Ye Fan was startled, never would have thought that Shangguan Yue had been quietly paying for him for an unknown number of years.

Originally, Ye Fan still felt that he didn't understand Shangguan Yue, it would take some time for the two of them to get to know each other, if it wasn't suitable, Ye Fan wouldn't delay Shangguan Yue, but now it seemed that he had already lost track of how long he had been delaying Shangguan Yue.

Massage alone was six months of study, how long had the other types been studying?

At first, Ye Fan felt that as long as he didn't touch the fiancée that Chen Fangling had introduced to him, he wouldn't have to be responsible, but now it seemed that he was bound to be.The devotion that started after so many years without meeting her made Ye Fan not know what else to do but to pamper her for the rest of his life.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan numbly lay down on the couch.

"Lie still, don't scream even if it hurts, it will undermine my self-confidence."Shangguan Yue warned and started to do it.

Ye Fan nodded, making up his mind that he would not scream no matter what happened.

But the moment Shangguan Yue's small hand was placed on Ye Fan's neck, Ye Fan couldn't help but cry out with an "ah".

"Sorry, you continue."Ye Fan laughed awkwardly.

It wouldn't hurt to start pressing only because Shangguan Yue's small hand was cold and touched his neck, but he couldn't help it.

Soon, Shangguan Yue's hand became warm.

I guess Shangguan Yue was a little rusty as no one had practiced massage after learning it.So at first when Yue Shangguan pressed a few times, Ye Fan thought that Yue Shangguan was doing it blindly, but after just five minutes, Yue Shangguan was getting better and better at it.

Not only did Ye Fan not feel half a fraction of the pain, but he was incomparably relieved.

"Point at the bottom!"After Ye Fan was convinced that Shangguan Yue was indeed skilled, he began to direct.

"Below?Is this the place?"Shangguan Yue pressed vigorously.

Ye Fan was pressed just where his neck was sore and soft, he couldn't help but cry out and praise greatly, "Yes, yes, yes, that's it, press harder, phew, it's so refreshing!"

The main thing about neck drop is that it's sore and soft, so even the best masseuse or master massage therapist will still make the patient cry out if they press in the right place.


Just as Ye Fan was incomparably soothed, the door was kicked open with a slam.

"Ye Fan, what the hell are you guys doing, shameless in broad daylight!"

Only Lin Mengqi came in raging, her small face full of anger, but when Jean saw Ye Fan lying on the sofa and Shangguan Yue sitting on the chair, she knew that she would be wrong, and blushing red, she ran up to the third floor and hid in the bedroom.

"Fuck, I'm scared to death."Ye Fan got up and just patted his chest, he just pressed a mo, so much so that Lin Mengqi made such a fuss about it.

Shangguan Yue, however, was not as careless as Ye Fan, and quickly reacted to why Lin Mengqi was so excited, and suddenly also ran up to the third floor with a blush.

"Hey, what's wrong with you all?"Evan looked at the empty living room and was completely confused.


Unaware of the truth, Ye Fan didn't think much about it, then he also went up to the third floor and entered Lin Mengqi's room, but saw that Lin Mengqi and Shangguan Yue were laughing and joking.

Ye Fan was a little surprised, "You guys know each other?"

After Shangguan Yue and Lin Mengqi looked at each other, she opened her mouth to explain, "I'm from the second class of the Language Department's second year.But sister Mengqi is the department flower of our language department, to be a department flower in a place as beautiful as the language department, that's a first-class beauty, I've heard about sister Mengqi for a long time."

Lin Mengqi blushed and said, "Ye Fan, don't listen to Sister Yue's nonsense, although Sister Yue is only the class flower of the first class, but it's because during the selection, Sister Yue had something to go out and didn't participate, otherwise the department flower would definitely be Sister Yue."

Ye Fan looked at the two girls who were commercially blowing each other, somewhat speechless, but also a little surprised and asked, "Like you, who's so beautiful, how come you're only the department flower and class flower, what must the school flower look like?"

"The school flower can only be selected after advancing to the fourth year, otherwise there are too many school flowers on campus and the quality drops."Shangguan Yue explained.

Ye Fan nodded, he was also quite convinced by this argument, otherwise unless one was a great demon, it would be possible to defeat Lin Mengqi and Shangguan Yue in terms of face value.

Originally, the two girls were still laughing and talking, but when they saw Ye Fan come in, they stopped talking, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.Ye Fan couldn't help but start to think of wording, just at a certain moment, Ye Fan brightened up and said, "Right, Little Yue, you said you were looking for me for something, what is it?"

I don't know if the jade brand is that useful to you, but there is still a month and a half to go before the start of the school year, I investigated before, there are eighty antique shops in Fangzhou, as long as you go two a day, you can almost go all of them.The official will compensate you for your loss."

"Hiss..." One second to remember to read the book

Ye Fan paused to suck in a breath of cold air, not because there was anything wrong with what Shangguan Yue had done, nor was it because Shangguan Yue's sacrifice had moved Ye Fan, but rather how Ye Fan hadn't originally thought of such a good idea.

Going to jade shops and antique shops was indeed a good idea, anyway, there was nothing to aim for, it was really better to go through jade shops and antique shops, even if it was one shop to go through, going through the whole country, maybe it would really turn up a few.

Don't look at the method dirt, but the victory is steady.

It's better to choose the day than to hit it, Ye Fan waved his hand, "Let's go, let's go see the antique shops now."


Shangguan Yue and Lin Mengqi responded to the call and set off collectively.

Day after day, Ye Fan also felt motivated, it was like a treasure hunt, there was no chance that he would come across a jade medallion someday, so every day Ye Fan was filled with passion.

Other things Ye Fan didn't want to do was to go to antique shops and jade shops every day.

Thirty-three days passed by in a flash, and it was in this kind of daily treasure hunt, and in the blink of an eye, it was March 1.

"Let's go, where are we going today?"Ye Fan was ready to leave after eating.

Although a month has passed, but Ye Fan's mentality did not collapse, after all, it's just in Fangzhou now, even if you can't find Ye Fan is not anxious, there are 660 cities with antique shops in the country, one can't find it, go to the next city, it's no big deal.

But just because Ye Fan doesn't explode, doesn't mean that others don't explode.

For example, Lin Mengqi in front of him, reluctance written all over his face.

"Nope, we've gone through all the antique and jade shops in Fangzhou."Shangguan Yue's words made Lin Mengqi happy, but then Shangguan Yue said, "Besides, now that school has started, we have to go back to school."

On hearing that, Lin Mengqi directly exploded, jumped at Ye Fan on the desire to fight for his life: "Ye Fan, you return my vacation, a vacation I did nothing, just go out with you to see those old objects, my great youth wasted in vain."

Ye Fan was on a break from school, so he had no concept of going to school, seeing Lin Mengqi's appearance couldn't help but make him sound like his once bitter self, so he comfortably hugged Lin Mengqi and patted her back, "Alright, alright, so how do you want me to make it up to you?"

For Ye Fan to hug Lin Mengqi, Shangguan Yue was already not surprised, for the past month, Lin Mengqi was always discouraged, and Ye Fan would so comfortingly coax Lin Mengqi.It would be a lie for Shangguan Yue to say that she wasn't jealous, after all, she was Ye Fan's fiancée.

But Ye Fan had told Shangguan Yue that he only treated Lin Mengqi as his little sister, and only then did Shangguan Yue stop.

Originally, Ye Fan still thought of Lin Mengqi as a woman, but after more than a month of contact, Ye Fan realized that Lin Mengqi's personality was more like a child, and even had some princess disease in her, being proud, mischievous and not growing up.

No wonder Lin Guopeng didn't trust Lin Mengqi to go out and make a name for herself, thinking that it was because he was worried about Lin Mengqi being cheated.But maybe it was Lin Guopeng's overprotection that caused Lin Mengqi to look like this.

"I want you to go to school with me, every time school starts there are boys who send a bunch of stuff and a bunch of others who pursue me, I'm so annoyed that you're posing as my boyfriend, they'll know when to back off."After thinking for half a day, Lin Mengqi ended up laughing and showing a smug look, as if she was smart.

Ye Fan, however, was somewhat speechless, he had already felt the murderous aura coming from Shangguan Yue.And this approach of Lin Mengqi was not smart ah, it was obviously a rhythm given for nothing.

Just when Ye Fan was about to refuse, Lin Mengqi showed a pitiful appearance, "Brother Ye, are you going to refuse me?You said you'd make it up to me."

"Okay, okay, I promise you."Ye Fan patted Lin Mengqi's shoulder.

Only then did Lin Mengqi happily go to change her clothes and get ready for the school dress code.

On the other hand, Ye Fan was having a hard time explaining to Shangguan Yue.

In fact, Ye Fan also knew that Shangguan Yue was not cautious, in this month, Ye Fan liked Shangguan Yue more and more, but he never forgot that there were five other women in other cities, just a few days ago, Ye Fan completely confessed everything with Shangguan Yue, saying that there were five women before, and three of them even became big stars.

It was thought that Shangguan Yue would struggle for a while, but Shangguan Yue quickly accepted the previous ones, but gave Ye Fan a death order, forbidding him to get involved in any more flowers in the future.

This kind of generosity made Ye Fan feel even more sorry for Shangguan Yue, that's why he listened to Shangguan Yue's words more.

It was only after an explanation that Shangguan Yue completely subsided, and then Shangguan Yue took out his phone to make a call.

Ye Fan was a little curious, "Who are you calling?"

"Of course it's a call to the principal, otherwise you'd need to prop it up at least until tomorrow, wouldn't you have lost your appointment with Lin Mengqi."Shangguan Yue said without a good mood.

Ye Fan knew that Shangguan Yue's knife mouth and bean curd heart, after being touched a little, Ye Fan couldn't help but kiss Shangguan Yue's face, blowing in Shangguan Yue's ear, "Wife, you're so good!".


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