Lost Young Master 171-175


Chapter 171

"Second floor?"The receptionist, who was responsible for receiving the guests, of course saw Ye Fan driving the BMW i8, and his attitude was exceptionally good, patiently explaining: "Sir, the second floor is a VIP box, all of which are VIP guests of the Cloud Mist Villa, I see your face, if it's your first time here, you can do a membership card of the Cloud Mist Villa, brass members need to top up 10,000 yuan, silver members need to top up 100,000 yuan.Gold members need to top up one million yuan, Platinum members need to top up ten million yuan, and Supreme members need to top up one hundred million yuan.Only Platinum Members and Supreme Members can enjoy the VIP box treatment, which one do you think you need to top up?"

"A hundred million?"Lin Mengqi burst out in shock, never thought that a membership card would need to be so expensive.

Ye Fan instructed Lin Mengqi to be quiet, it was too humiliating.

Cloud Mist Villa is at least a jade industry, originally jade is expensive, it is normal to have this kind of recharge table.

Without much thought, Ye Fan took out his gold card and said, "I'll take the Supreme Member, please hurry, I'm in a hurry, the auction will start later."

Anyway, the auction items would still need to be spent later, one hundred million might not even be enough, directly topping up the Supreme Member was actually equivalent to taking a membership card for free, not only did Ye Fan not feel a loss, but he earned it.

"Okay, sir, I'll handle it for you right away."The receptionist revealed surprise, but at least he was a frequent auctioneer and had seen many big names, so he quickly returned to normalcy and carefully received Ye Fan's gold card and went to handle the formalities.

It really is a professional reception, it only took three minutes to complete all the formalities, then the receptionist brought Ye Fan to the second floor of the VIP box, for Ye Fan to choose.

Ye Fan directly selected box 999, 9 is the number of the extreme, Ye Fan prefers this number.

In fact, it was 666,888, the two rooms were already occupied, and the only ones left were 222 and 333, which were very silly numbers. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

When he entered the box, Ye Fan was stunned, not because the box was very exaggerated, but because the interior of the box was arranged exactly like Kaiyuan, that is, a coffee table, a few sofas, and a TV, even the service staff was also the configuration of two pretty girls.

The only thing that made Ye Fan bright was the hair color of the pretty girls, one blue and one red.

"Feel free to sit down, it's about to start."When Ye Fan idly arrived at the sofa, he plopped down on the sofa and raised his legs, looking like he was back in his own home.

"Okay."Lin Mengqi, however, was a little nervous as she grabbed her jacket and carefully sat on the nearest sofa, so she didn't dare to squeak.

Lin Mengqi liked to watch TV dramas, and when the auction plot appeared in them, she still thought it was unscientific for the actors in them to be restrained at the auction, after all, what was there to be restrained about when they were all here.It wasn't until she came to the auction herself that she realized that the first time she came to such a place she would indeed be reserved.

Ye Fan, however, was very comfortable and snapped his fingers, "Two glasses of orange juice please."

Orange juice?

Orange juice in a place like this?

Lin Mengqi is a bit speechless, spent a hundred million on a membership card, just to drink orange juice?By the way, would a place like this have a low-end product like orange juice?Shouldn't it be a fancy drink like a cocktail or wine?

Not only Lin Mengqi thought so, even the two beautiful women in charge of the reception showed their speechless color, even somewhat disliked Ye Fan.The two of them were muttering in their hearts, whether Ye Fan took the family membership card out to pretend to pick up girls.But on the surface, the two girls did not show any obvious disgust, but went to the refrigerator to get two bottles of orange juice.This kind of VIP box, all drinks will be prepared in case of weird requests from guests like Ye Fan.

Ye Fan picked up the three bottles of orange juice and drank them all in one go.Chilled orange juice was different, it tasted cool and refreshing, causing Ye Fan to say, "It's so refreshing."

As soon as the words came out, the two beautiful girls were even more speechless, Ye Fan is too hanged like this, they even started to suspect that Ye Fan's membership card was not from home, but picked up on the road.

Ye Fan but do not know how others think of him, he just suddenly want to drink orange juice, drink it comfortable.And the auction was just now, the official start.

The TV is live on the first floor of the main stage, only to see a woman wearing a white gorgeous evening gown slowly up to the stage, first polite bow, get up before starting to introduce themselves: "Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, I am the auction auctioneer of this auction Linglong, sincere thanks to everyone on the second day of the Lunar New Year, busy to take the time.This time our auction is expected to run for two hours, with a total of twenty auction items, without further ado, this will introduce the first auction item for you."

Linglong's words were concise and clear, then a woman in cheongsam walked onto the stage with a plate, the plate was covered with a red cloth, so you couldn't see what the auction items were.

The cheongsam-clad woman placed the plate on the table in front of Linglong, turned around and left.

Linglong lifted the red cloth and said with a professional smile, "The first auction item, as you can see, is a white jade medallion with a mouse depicted on it.This is an item that was mortgaged to us by a previous guest, but that guest didn't redeem it, and the price given by Bai Lao at the time of the mortgage was 100,000 yuan, so our reserve price for this auction is 100,000 yuan, and the new year is the year of the rat, so it's a good choice to bring it home and give it to your children."

Having said that, there was commotion in the hall on the first floor, and a man with a back comb issued a question: "It's just a jade medallion it, everywhere, the price is at most a thousand, how is it worth a hundred thousand?"

"It's your first time here, since this jade medallion has been appraised by Bai Lao for one hundred thousand, then its own value must exceed one hundred thousand, you then listen to Linglong's explanation, you'll understand."Another man with a small moustache retorted.

Linglong smiled and said, "I'm sure there are some new guests, so I'll briefly explain, Bai Lao is the chief appraiser of our Cloud Mist Villa, this jade medallion has been appraised by Bai Lao and has existed for a long time, it's not clear exactly, but it must be more than a thousand years old.And to have such a good carving technique a thousand years ago is in itself very exaggerated, very valuable for research, for those who don't know the trade, it might be worth a thousand, but for those who do know the trade, even if the bid is a million, it's still possible."

As soon as this was said, the audience let out a scream, a jade that could be passed down for thousands of years was itself of historical value, not to mention being a jade, even if it was an antique, it would be perfectly fine.

Seeing that although everyone's reactions were different, none of them were issuing questions, Linglong smiled and said, "Now let's start the bidding for the first item, the Millennium Mouse Jade Plaque, with a reserve price of 100,000, the bidding begins!"


As soon as the conversation ended, room 888 on the second floor lit up with a red light.

To be precise, the entire door of room 111 lit up, and a closer look revealed that there was an LED screen the same size as the door embedded above the entire door.

The red light shone brightly and was seen all over the room, followed by the LED door's red light gradually shifting and eventually condensing into several large red numbers: 1,000,000 yuan!


Linglong was pleasantly surprised, "Box 111 is asking for one million, is there a higher price?"

"A straight million?This is too exaggerated."The back-headed man was a little skeptical and was about to raise his hand to call for a price, certain in his heart that this jade medallion was something good.

However, before he could do anything, he was held down by the man with the small beard.

The back-headed man was just about to show his discontent when the moustache man sneered, "Look at you, you look like a rich man, I kindly remind you, the guest in box 111 is a regular at the auction, and even more so the big man of Fangzhou, you dare to call the shots with him, don't you want your head?"

"Big Brother?What big guy?"The back-headed man frowned and snorted coldly, he really didn't believe that any big brother could be so rampant.

The bearded man spoke faintly, "I can't do anything about it if you want to die, I can only tell you, that surname is Shangguan."

"What?"The back-headed man shuddered, the surname Shangguan was originally uncommon, and the only big man in Fangzhou with the surname Shangguan was that one.Thinking of that person, the back-headed man's previous wildness and uninhibitedness disappeared completely in a flash, and ashlessly put down the sign he had just picked up.

Turning his head, he said to the moustache man with a grateful face, "Thank you so much, if I had really offended that big brother, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to walk out of here alive."

The bearded man waved his hand, "I didn't know when I first came here, and I was reminded of it by someone else.No matter what the first item is, the guests of No. 111 will fixedly give one million for auction, and it has become a tradition here, and Cloud Mist Villa doesn't dare to provoke this big brother, so they have to give a potential value of one million for the first item every time, and the actualA product worth less than a million, thus achieving a win-win situation."

The conversation between the two was just a small interlude, Linglong saw the back head put down the sign, inevitably a little disappointed, she actually wanted to see the fun, and if the auction price was high, her commission would be more, but it had been several years, and the first bidding item had never broken the unwritten tradition set by Big Brother 111. One second to remember to read the book

"A million once, a million twice, a million..."

Without getting her hopes up, she quickly started the process so that she would have the opportunity to introduce the second item more often.

But just as she counted to the third, the "ding" sounded again.

The first floor was all about holding up cards, and this unique sound of pressing the light was only found on the second floor.All eyes turned to the second floor, wanting to see which unsighted guy dared to compete with guest number 111 for the bidding items.The next thing everyone saw was the numbers starting to condense on the door of room 999, and it was 10,000,000 yuan!

"One, ten million, ten million from guest 999, any higher bids?"Linglong revealed shock, she had thought that it should be a family scion who didn't deal with big brother Shangguan, but by bidding 10 million, it wasn't that she didn't deal with it, but she was bound to the bidding item.

At this moment, in room 999, Ye Fan picked up the second bottle of orange juice and drank it down again, satisfied, "How refreshing!"

The two beautiful girls who looked down on Ye Fan earlier are now completely dumbfounded at the spot.In their opinion, Ye Fan, an orange juice drinking hangman, even if he came to the auction, he would just take Lin Mengqi to see the world, but he didn't expect to really make a move, and he was still competing with Shangguan big brother, bidding ten times more than Shangguan big brother.

Where's the slinger, this is a divine hero!

Ye Fan was unaware of what others thought, at the moment he was not to mention how happy he was, he was just trying his luck to find a jade medallion, he did not expect to find a jade medallion with the first auction item.The only beautiful thing was that Ye Fan wasn't sure if the auction item in front of him was the real Zodiac jade medallion or not, so he was still a bit apprehensive.

The two pretty girls were surprised, and one of them, a pretty red-haired girl, couldn't help but remind him, "Sir, don't you know who the guest in room 111 is?"

Originally the box were their reception staff responsible for bidding, the guests only need to say the number on it, but just now Ye Fan is suddenly excited to get up, directly pressed the price of 10 million, so she was a little caught off guard.Without the initial surprise, now the red-haired beauty only had rear fear.Although it was Ye Fan who took the initiative to enter the bidding price, but if Shangguan big brother blamed down, she also can't afford to eat it.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "I don't know him and I don't want to know him, anyway, if he raises the price, you raise the price for me, I am bound to get this jade medal!"

The pretty red-haired girl was afraid of big brother Shangguan, but she didn't dare to beg Ye Fan not to bid, after all, daring to ask for ten million for a small jade medallion, Ye Fan was afraid that he was not an easy existence to provoke.She now just regretted why she was serious about serving Ye Fan in the beginning, otherwise, Ye Fan would have let her out even if she had asked for a bid, and she would have had time to explain the situation.

But now that the price had already been called, it was too late to say anything.

At this moment, the "ding" sounded again, it was room 111 bidding again, this time the bid was 20 million.

"Fuck, and you're still up against me?"Ye Fan's eyebrows were raised, and he was about to call for a price again.

The red-haired girl directly picked up the bidding device and begged: "This gentleman, please don't bidding, Mr. Shangguan in room 111 is not something we can provoke, looking at your face, you should be a foreigner, Mr. Shangguan is the most important person in our Fangzhou, even if you get this auction, I'm afraid you won't be able to leave Fangzhou or even the cloud mist alive.The Hills."

"I'll give you a chance to ask for one hundred million."Ye Fan glanced at the pretty red-haired woman and spoke indifferently.

It would still seem a bit low if Ye Fan got angry, but this kind of indifference made the red-haired pretty girl even more frightened, and being able to bid 100 million, she looked even higher on Ye Fan.After a struggle, the red-haired woman directly pressed one hundred million.

The first floor of the hall, the audience began to sit still when they saw that the number of room 999 was still changing and had increased to 100 million, it seemed that the guest of room 999 wanted to bar with the officer to the end.

And so, everyone saw the price soaring, and when the truce was finally called, it was room 999 that offered 1.1 billion.

Ye Fan, had already spelled out all his assets.

As he was worried that the other party would still raise the price, Ye Fan took out his cell phone and dialed Charles' number, "Charles, transfer me the money, the more the better."

"What's wrong, young master?"Charles was a little nervous, Ye Fan's attitude was a little too eager.

Ye Fan explained, "I saw a jade medallion at an auction at a Cloud Mist Villa in Fangzhou, it's a rat jade medallion, I don't know if it's real or not right now, but just in case, I'm bound to get it!"

"What, the jade?"Charles was suddenly alarmed and said in a row, "Young Master you wait a moment, I'll check the Cloud Mist Villa, wait for me."

It took half a minute before Charles spoke again, "Young Master, Miss Shangguan is at Cloud Mist Villa, I just sent her a message, she should be coming to support you soon."

"Miss Shangguan?Who's that?"Ye Fan was a little curious about the other party's identity, he was here to help after all, and he wanted to know the other party's identity beforehand.

Charles smiled, "The fiancée that Madame has arranged for you."


What, fiancée?

Ye Fan was disheveled, how come fiancées exist everywhere he goes.

Although Ye Fan knew that Chen Fangling had helped him arrange twenty fiancées, besides Wang Kexin there were nineteen that he hadn't met.But Fang-zhou is only a third-tier city, the biggest family here is probably not as good as the last of the reclusive families.

But before Ye Fan asked more questions, the phone hung up.

Ye Fan's first thought wasn't about the jade medallion or 111's competitor, but about Lin Mengqi beside him.If his fiancée were to run into Lin Mengqi, it might not turn into a Shura.

"Mengqi, you go home first, the installer just called, you go home and check the situation, along with the furniture placement, you also need to give some advice."Ye Fan casually thought of a reason, wanting to detach Lin Mengqi first.

Lin Mengqi just couldn't stay any longer, after all, the atmosphere here was too tense for her little heart to bear at all, so she nodded and got up to leave.As for Ye Fan, but she was not worried at all, in her opinion, Ye Fan and her were both two dimensions, like Ye Fan this kind of pocket money is calculated by the hundred million, where can she be worried in her turn.


Seeing Lin Mengqi leave, Ye Fan was relieved, at least it was good to keep the two girls from bumping into each other for the time being.

Turning his head, Ye Fan began to pay attention to the screen again. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Linglong picked up a small hammer and said, "Guest 999 has bid 1.1 billion, is there any higher price?Eleven billion once, eleven billion twice, eleven billion..."


The noise was not Linglong's falling hammer, but the door of room 111 was violently opened.

Linglong's body trembled in fear, and the hammer didn't dare to fall.

The bearded man said with interest, "Yo, it's interesting, Miss Shangguan personally appeared, it seems that she wants to exterminate the guests in room 999."

"It looks like a good show, but I'm afraid it's not simple for the guest in room 999 to bid up to 1.1 billion, but unfortunately, in Fangzhou, no one can disrespect the Shangguan family."The back-headed man somewhat admired the courage of the guest in room 999, but didn't think it could defeat Miss Shangguan.

Not only him, everyone in the entire hall thought the same, it was up to Miss Shangguan to deal with the guest in room 999.

"Knock knock!"

What everyone didn't expect was that Miss Shangguan came to the door of Room 999, but instead of kicking in the door, she knocked on it.

Surprised, the moustached man stroked his moustache and said, "I see, Miss Shangguan is trying to raise her voice to show her enemy's weakness first, wait until the people inside come out, and then teach her a thorough lesson."

"So that's it, that's reasonable."The back-headed man nodded his head in agreement, and continued to watch the show.

The door lightly opened, and a young man from the 999 side came out.

"I am Shangguan Yue, may I ask if you are Ye Fan?"Shangguan Yue blinked her big, watery eyes.

"That's right, I am."

The young man who came out was none other than Ye Fan.

Ye Fan looked up and down at the woman named Shangguan Yue in front of him and couldn't help but reveal his satisfaction.

Shangguan Yue was wearing a double ponytail, her small face was exquisite, and her facial lines were very graceful, her white - fair skin was as white as jade and blowable.

She wore a loose beige knitted shirt, black stockings with black shoes, with cute big eyes, all cute and playful, while the hem of the shirt exposed half of the white - fair thighs more temptation, cute without losing sexiness.

If you want to say that Wang Kexin is a lady from the classical portrait, Shangguan Yue is an elf from the secondary comics.

Anyway, the more Ye Fan looked at it, the more satisfied he was, it was worthy of the fiancée Chen Fangling had helped him pick, she was truly beautiful.

"Wow, is this guy called Ye Fan so awesome that he dares to look up and down at Miss Shangguan so directly, I admire him."The man with the back showed surprise, don't look at Shangguan Yue as a cute windy little girl, but behind it was the huge Shangguan family, no man present dared to have half a fancy about Shangguan Yue.

The man with the small beard sneered, "This is an oxymoron?I think it's Tie Han Han, who dares to look at Miss Shangguan like that, I'm afraid he's just too proud of his own life.Just look at it, the last man who dared to look at Miss Shangguan like that, his eyes were gouged out."

"Fuck, is that so brutal."The back-headed man shivered, but fortunately he didn't have any ill intent towards Shangguan Yue.

However, a scene that surprised everyone appeared, only to see Shangguan Yue directly jumped into Ye Fan's arms, hooked her hands around Ye Fan's neck, and directly offered kisses.

Suddenly, the whole place was silent, almost landing on the ground audible, everyone was petrified on the spot, completely shocked by the scene before them.

For a long time, the lips parted.

Shangguan Yue's small face blushed red, but she still pouted, "Honey, I thought you wouldn't come looking for me, but I never thought we would meet so soon."

"I didn't expect it either."Ye Fan was surprised by Shangguan Yue's initiative, but also knew that the girl in front of him was the fiancée that Charles was talking about.

Compared to Wang Kexin, Shangguan Yue was going to come more proactive, and Ye Fan naturally liked this kind of initiative.

Of course, who wouldn't like a great beauty, especially a superb beauty like Shangguan Yue?

But thinking of still bidding, Ye Fan's expression became serious and said, "Little Yue, do you have any funds there anymore, I'm competing for this jade medallion, but the people in room 111 are saving against me, I'm bound to get this jade medallion, don't worry, I'll ask Charles to transfer the money to you later."

Shangguan Yue shook her head, "There's no need for competition."

"What's wrong?You think I can't fight for it?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, he didn't really like being denied.

Shangguan Yue pointed at herself and said with a smile, "Because I'm the guest of room 111 ah, originally snatching the jade medal was because Charles asked me to keep an eye on the jade medal and other items, I didn't expect to make a mess, I never thought that the one who was fighting with me was actually my husband."

Ye Fan was startled at first when he heard that, but it soon dawned on him, no wonder the people in room 111 were so obsessed with the jade medallion, it was also Charles' arrangement.

Scratching his head in embarrassment, Ye Fan hehely smiled, "I never thought that my own people would beat up their own people."

Turning his head, Ye Fan said to Linglong, "You continue the process, if anyone else raises the price, I'll raise it again."

There was still a price increase?

Linglong was somewhat speechless, where would anyone dare to increase the price in this situation now.

Not to mention that no one dared to offend Shangguan Yue, even if they did, they couldn't afford to provoke Ye Fan to a sky-high price of 1.1 billion ah.

"1.1 billion once, 1.1 billion twice, 1.1 billion three times, deal, congratulations Mr. Ye on obtaining the Millennium Mouse Jade Medal!"Linglong flew through the process and laid the ending straight away.

Just as she thought, where else would anyone dare to fight so deathlessly.

But to say that the most surprised were the back-headed man and the moustache man, how did they think that Ye Fan was actually Shangguan Yue's husband, this news was like a bombshell, making everyone not know what to say.

They originally wanted to see Shangguan Yue teach Ye Fan a lesson, but it turned out to be a family, or husband and wife, you say that this is a disturbance, the melon eaters don't know how to comment, and in the end it actually turned into applause and applause in unison without even realizing it.


Ye Fan looked at the actions of the crowd in the hall, nodded his head in satisfaction, and brought Shangguan Yue back to box 999.

When she saw the two of them, the pretty red-haired girl's figure couldn't help but tremble.In fact, the only one who was most frightened was the pretty redhead, who had dared to look down on Ye Fan before and even blocked him.The only thing that made her happy was that she chose to listen to Ye Fan, otherwise she would have been thrown into the river to feed the fish.

Wiping the cold sweat on her head after fear, the pretty red-haired girl hurriedly came to Ye Fan's body and directly kneeled in front of him, apologizing, "I'm sorry Ye Shao, it's the little one who has eyes but no pearls, please be generous and spare me."

Glancing at the pretty red-haired girl, Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "Okay, go away, someone else will entertain you."

Since the pretty red-haired girl was kneeling down, Ye Fan had nothing to be angry about.

However, just because Ye Fan could let go of the pretty red-haired girl, it didn't mean that Shangguan Yue could, only to see Shangguan Yue directly kick the pretty red-haired girl who was just about to get up.

"Say, how did you bully my husband?You're delusional to think of getting out of this room without telling us a thing or two or three!"Shangguan Yue's nimble big eyes were filled with hostility.

It made Ye Fan also couldn't help but be surprised, this was different from the dignified air of a superior, Shangguan Yue was like a little witch, estimating that the red-haired pretty girl would clean up if she said a word wrongly.

No wonder the red-haired pretty girl was so afraid of the guests in room 111 just now, it was all because Shangguan Yue was too scary.

As Ye Fan muttered in his heart, he waved his hand and said, "Forget it, Xiao Yue, she didn't mean to embarrass me, look at how scared she was.You're a good girl, you have to be decent and generous, this appearance won't make it to the stage." Remember the website .kanshu8.net

As the words fell, the hostility on Shangguan Yue's face disappeared, along with her spreading her smile, followed by Ye Fan feeling a sunlight reflecting into his heart.

"Hubby, I know, I'll be good."Shangguan Yue smiled sweetly, like an angel, where was the little witch's appearance just now.Not to mention being able to go on stage, even as a national daughter there was an 80% chance of being a national daughter.

It's a pity that Shangguan Yue is not an actress, half angel and half devil, it's really terrifying.

In the past, as long as Ye Fan contacted a girl, he would be able to roughly understand her personality, but Shangguan Yue's unpredictable and two-sided extremes were like having two personalities, and for a while, Ye Fan couldn't figure them out.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to think clearly, the door of the room was knocked again, and then a receptionist walked in with a tray, the item on the tray was none other than the Rat Jade medallion that was just bid on.

"Swipe the card!"Ye Fan heartache to take out the gold card, all the funds in his account add up to 1.1 billion, but he lost all of it because of a rat jade medallion, and he doesn't even know if the rat jade medallion is real or not.What's more, Ye Fan has no place to take out his anger, if the guests in room 111 are other people, Ye Fan will take revenge sooner or later, but the competition with him is his fiancée Shangguan Yue, where can you find someone to reason with.

The card was swiped empty, and Ye Fan took out the membership card from earlier and also swiped it empty as well.Looking at the unfunded gold card and the supreme membership card, it was as if Ye Fan felt that the cards had lost their spirituality.

"Now I hope this jade card is real."Ye Fan sighed and took the jade card, after all, if the jade card wasn't a Zodiac jade card, then he wouldn't have the face to ask Charles for reimbursement.

How humiliating it would be for a 100,000,000 item to be auctioned for 1.1 billion, and in the end it was found to be a fake.

"Hubby, it's all my fault, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to spend so much, I was wrong."Seeing that Ye Fan was a little lost, Shangguan Yue hugged Ye Fan's arm.

Ye Fan was somewhat speechless: "If you knew it was wrong, you should have taken out your card when I swiped it just now, what's the use of just verbally saying it was wrong."

"Hehe, our Shangguan family's total assets are only 20 billion, and the liquidity is not that much, otherwise, I'll compensate you with myself" said, Shangguan Yue pretended to be shy.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, he really can't do anything about this little girl, if it were any other place he would have already started, but this is a public place, in addition to them there are also reception staff in the box.Ye Fan reckoned that Shangguan Yue just knew that there were other people in the room and expected that Ye Fan wouldn't dare to take action, that's why she would act so pitiful.

As expected, seeing Ye Fan shaking his head, Shangguan Yue showed her joy and said, "Hubby, I knew you were the best, you wouldn't look for me to compensate."

"Right right right, I won't look for you to compensate, then I'll leave."Ye Fan didn't know how to treat this little witch, Shangguan Yue, with the right attitude, so he was ready to get up and leave.

Anyway, having already gotten the Rat Jade Plaque, Ye Fan felt that there couldn't be a second one, or else it would be auctioned off in one piece, and Ye Fan didn't think that his luck was that good.

"Go?Honey you're not taking me with you?"Shangguan Yue was busy grabbing the corner of Ye Fan's coat, preventing Ye Fan from leaving.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "Take you, take you to what?Come home with me and you'll make it up to me?You don't want to compensate either, what's the use of me taking you."

Shangguan Yue pursed her lips and lightly opened her shell teeth, "Me, what don't I want, I'll do what I say, isn't it just going home, I'll go back with you and compensate you."


Now it was Ye Fan's turn to be speechless, it was unexpected that Shangguan Yue actually wanted to compensate him, this kind of operation Ye Fan couldn't think of a second woman beside him who could do this.

When he touched his nose, the corners of Ye Fan's mouth rose slightly as he said, "That's okay, you did what you said."

As soon as his words fell, Ye Fan hugged Shangguan Yue's shoulder and walked out of Box 999 with big strides.

The door of box 999 opened, suddenly causing all the people in the hall to watch, they hadn't finished digesting the melon just now, they saw Ye Fan coming out with his arm around Shangguan Yue, and were surprised again.Especially when Shangguan Yue still looked shy, where was the demoness' frame, she was completely a little fairy ah.

When the man with the back head saw this, he couldn't help but raise his thumb and said, "Ye Shao is a real man too, being tamed like Miss Shangguan, it's really amazing!"

The bearded man didn't retort, but also nodded his head repeatedly, "Yes, a hero sees eye to eye, that's what I think too, I really want to climb up with Ye Shao when I have the chance, to learn some tips from him, to be able to tame Miss Shangguan, what an oxymoron!"

All the people in the hall sighed, but without exception, they all praised and sighed at Ye Fan.

After stuffing Yue Yu into the passenger seat, Ye Fan sat on the driver's seat and started the BMW i8.

With the roar of the engine, the BMW i8 shot out, the start acceleration is so fast, no matter how many times it is driven, let Ye Fan can't help but admire.No wonder sports cars are said to be men's romance, to be able to freely and perfectly drive a sports car, is indeed a chic cool feeling.


"Honey, where are we going?"Shangguan Yue sat on the passenger side and asked in a low voice.

Turning his head, seeing Shangguan Yue's blushing face, Ye Fan couldn't help but smile, "Weren't you just now very powerful, what's wrong, you won't squeak when you get to my side?"

"I thought you wanted someone, but they're not ready yet.I thought it would take years to meet you, but now I haven't learned the manners of the room, I don't know a thing about it."Shangguan Yue explained in a small voice.

If it wasn't for Ye Fan's good hearing, he probably wouldn't even hear it.At the same time, Ye Fan was also a little surprised that the children of the family were so strict, even the matters within the room had etiquette.

Wait, in other words, Shangguan Yue was also a good girl?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, but quickly laughed at himself for being confused.After all, it was Chen Fangling who picked it, it was strange that it wasn't a good girl.

It was because of seeing Shangguan Yue's two-sided extreme personality that Ye Fan felt that Shangguan Yue had already experienced a thousand storms, including the lust of men and women.And now that he knew that Shangguan Yue was actually a good girl, Ye Fan didn't dare to think about it that much, after all, he wasn't a scum, and messing with little girls like that wasn't what Ye Fan wanted.He also wasn't ready to accept a new girl, if girls were all accepted, he would have had concubines by now.

Before, Ye Fan even felt that kissing each other was something that needed a lot of examination.For example, if he kissed Lin Mengqi, Ye Fan wanted to be responsible.Not to mention going to do the bed thing with Shangguan Yue, it was all the more necessary for Ye Fan to have a very good heart building.

Unlike ordinary girls, this kind of family girls valued chastity - gymnastics more, if they didn't end up together, Ye Fan didn't lose anything, but it would completely ruin Shangguan Yue.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan said, "Let's go to the hotel." One second to remember to read the book

"In broad daylight?"Shangguan Yue was so shy that she didn't know what to say for a while.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, lightly smiled and said: "What, so afraid to go to a hotel with me ah, I will not scare you, in fact, it is like this, I go to a hotel is to find Charles, he has already arranged a hotel with me, to identify the rat jade medallion.After all, this is a big thing, can not be found by someone, had to about in the hotel, relatively hidden.Otherwise what am I bringing you for, isn't it just to cover my tracks, I really think I'm a sex hungry ghost ah."

Shangguan Yue was embarrassed at the words and stopped talking.

Worthy of being a BMW i8, it returned to the city in just twenty minutes.Originally, it was best to choose the suburbs for this kind of secretive thing, but Naive Ye Fan's car was dazzling everywhere, so it would be better to meet in the city.

As the saying goes, a small secret in the mountains, a big secret in the city, in the downtown area, it can be a good way to cover up some things.

Entering the hotel, there was no storm, but Ye Fan directly brought Shangguan Yue to the room number 601 that Charles had already booked.

"Young Master, where is the jade medallion?"Charles asked anxiously.

Ye Fan was a little speechless, it was the same last time, as long as it was about the jade medallion, Charles would always look like he was in a hurry.But Ye Fan didn't take it to heart, after all, the jade medallion was very important.

After taking out the jade medallion and handing it to Charles, Charles placed it on the pre-prepared instrument.

With the last experience, Ye Fan was not that surprised, but he was just apprehensive, not knowing if the jade medal was a Zodiac jade medal.

After a series of chemical treatment by Charles, the jade medallion changed again, and what Ye Fan did not expect was that there was still a layer of impurities on the surface of the previously auctioned jade medallion, Charles did not explain, and Ye Fan did not ask, after all, he did not understand and could not remember what the impurities were, in short, it was left after a long time.

With the passage of time, the entire jade medallion gradually turned green, a very dazzling emerald green.It was similar to the previous dragon shaped jade plaque, but the front of the jade plaque in front of him was the word "rat", and behind it was the rat totem, which was not only clearly visible, but also vivid and vivid.Ye Fan even felt that, if he didn't pay attention, the aura-filled rat totem would slip away from the jade plaque.

The only flaw was that the Mouse Totem's eyes were dull, and if you looked closely, you would find hollowed out holes.

Unlike the previous panic, now Ye Fan knew that if he shone a light on it, he would be able to see a magical scene through the small holes.

"I'll irradiate it!"

Evan took out the ultraviolet lamp he had bought on the way and apprehensively came to the rat jade sign and turned on the light to illuminate the rat jade sign.

Charles, on the other hand, went to turn off the light and drew the curtains to ensure that the house was pitch black.

"I hope you're real!"

Ye Fan kept praying in his heart, and it was finally the ultraviolet light that completely illuminated the entire Mouse Jade Plaque.

A miraculous scene happened, only to see the jade plate directly through the light, the scene in the jade plate completely cast on the wall.

At the same time, red lines gradually appeared on the rat medallion, and also hit the wall through the light, roughly speaking, it was a rat totem, but it blended with the word "rat" on the front of the medallion, and actually formed a map line.

The most important thing is the small hole, through the light directly mapped out a purple light point, hitting the map line.

"Charles, this, it's true!"Ye Fan stammered, his eyes gradually showing joy.

Although one jade medal was not enough for Ye Fan to return to the family, it was a step closer to him returning home.The main thing was that the jade medallion was not replicable, every additional jade medallion in the Ye family, correspondingly, the strength would be doubled, and this contribution to the family was what made Ye Fan the happiest.

Charles nodded his head heavily and said, "Yes, it's true, young master, as expected the old master was not wrong, you really are a great fortune maker, congratulations young master, make great contributions to the family again!"

"Hahaha!"Ye Fan let out a cheerful laugh, this time it was really too painful.

Earlier, he was still distressed about 1.1 billion, but right now, he was not distressed at all.1.1 billion for a real jade medallion, Ye Fan would do this kind of business as many times as it came.After all, a single jade medallion could guarantee the family's prosperity for hundreds of years, much stronger than this mere 1.1 billion.

"Young Master, I'm sorry I can't celebrate with you, the jade medal is so important, I still need to bring it back to Ye Island first."Charles said solemnly, and began to pack his things, placing the jade medallion discreetly and carefully in a cipher box.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "I know, then you can go back first, if you need anything, we'll be in touch."

Witnessing Charles leave the room, only then did Shangguan Yue, who hadn't spoken, say, "I didn't expect Mr. Charles to be so talkative, when I met him before, he was always cold, and acted like he was a live wire."

Ye Fan was slightly startled, it was obvious that Shangguan Yue was afraid of Charles.But he had never felt Charles' pressure before, and sure enough, Charles would only smile at him, the young master, right?

After shaking out the boring thoughts in his head, Ye Fan grabbed Shangguan Yue in his arms.

"What are you doing?"Shangguan Yue's face was slightly red, but she didn't struggle.

Ye Fan hugged even tighter, the corners of his mouth hooked, "Why are you talking about me, weren't you scared by Charles, then stay honest in my arms, he won't do anything to you.Besides, I remember someone saying that he would compensate me for the loss of 1.1 billion, I don't know how many times you are going to compensate me?"


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