Lost Young Master 166-170


Chapter 166

"What's impossible, I've seen plenty of this."

Ye Fan patted Lin Mengqi's shoulder and comforted her, "There are all kinds of birds in the forest, just live your own, it's not a loss if you see what Zheng Bingqing is like now."

"It's not a loss, I just need to tell my dad about this, and then dad will definitely not push me anymore."Lin Mengqi waved her hand and stood up again full of fighting spirit.

In fact, she and Zheng Bingqing only had a one-sided relationship, it was impossible to talk about liking each other, and she wouldn't fall in love at first sight with anyone else, so knowing about Zheng Bingqing's marriage deception didn't actually affect Lin Mengqi in the slightest, it would only be beneficial.

"Okay, if there's nothing else, let's eat, but I'm starving."

Ye Fan touched his stomach and sat on the extra table, waiting to eat.When Lin Mengqi nodded, she waited for the dumplings.

Not long after, Ye Fan ate the dumplings, and I must say that the dumplings here were really delicious.Although it didn't have the taste of home, it was extremely fragrant, and although it wasn't as good as a five-star hotel, it was already excellent for a small shop on this street to make these dumplings.

After eating enough, Ye Fan brought Lin Mengqi and prepared to go out, but as soon as she went out Lin Mengqi bumped into a figure, it was none other than Zheng Bingqing.

Zheng Bingqing clenched her fist in a death grip and questioned, "Lin Mengqi, explain to me clearly, you're not going home because of this man?"

Lin Mengqi cringed at first, but quickly stepped forward and said in a low voice, "What does it have to do with you." One second to remember to read the book

"What's it got to do with me?"Zheng Bingqing sneered, "My father and your father have both agreed to let us get married, what do you think it has to do with me, you tell me!"

Lin Mengqi glanced at Zheng Bingqing and snorted, "Don't pretend, I've seen it all, aren't you already married, why are you still pestering me, can't you just be honest and explain it."

As the conversation changed, Lin Mengqi said again, "I do not know what plans you have for my family, but to tell you the truth, I've already taken pictures, if you don't give a frank account, I will also tell my father, there is no way that you and I have anything to do with each other, and I don't like you either!"

"Are you saying I pretend?What did I pretend?You mean the guy I had dinner with?That woman is my sister!"

As Zheng Bingqing's words fell, Lin Mengqi was stunned in place.

Ye Fan stood by the side also opened his mouth wide in surprise, no wonder Zheng Bingqing was so excited.

According to what Lin Mengqi said, Zheng Bingqing was Confucian and easy-going, now it seemed that the reason for this rant was that he felt green, also right, as long as he was a man, who could permit the woman within to be with someone else.

"That's because I misunderstood you, I apologize to you, I'm sorry."Lin Mengqi bowed her head and said, then she was about to run out, but was grabbed by Zheng Bingqing.

"You want to leave without making anything clear?Aren't you going to explain to me who he is?"Zheng Bingqing stared at Ye Fan with a deadly stare.

"Ah!You're hurting me, let go!"Lin Mengqi ate painfully, her wrist was being gripped by Zheng Bingqing very tightly and painfully.

Ye Fan frowned, "Let her go!"

"Let her go?Do you have any say here, I'll teach you a lesson after I ask her, you won't get away!"Zheng Bingqing snorted coldly, turning her head and questioning again, "Lin Mengqi, I'm asking you again, can't you hear me?"


Zheng Bingqing fell to the ground in response, and it was Ye Fan who punched him.

Ye Fan kicked at Zheng Bingqing's stomach and shouted lowly, "Are you deaf?I told you to let go. Can't you hear me?Had to force me to do it."

Turning around, Ye Fan grasped Lin Mengqi's reddened little hand and blew gently, "Is it okay, Mengqi, does it hurt, let me take you to the hospital."

Lin Mengqi shook her head and said, "It's fine, no need to go to the hospital, let's go home."

Glancing at Zheng Bingqing who had fallen to the ground, Lin Mengqi whispered, "I told you, I don't like you, even if you're not married, I don't like you, please don't make a fool of yourself treating me as your person, the one who agreed to get married is my father, if you want to get married you go find him to tie the knot, it has nothing to do with me."

After saying that, Lin Mengqi turned around and walked away, not looking back.

As for Ye Fan, he didn't even have the heart to look at Zheng Bingqing.

Zheng Bingqing being green was different from the previous Ye Fan, who was really cheating with Bai Tingting when he was with her.But Zheng Bingqing and Lin Mengqi itself is to see one side, parents' words just, Lin Mengqi did not even agree.

In other words, Zheng Bingqing feels that being green is just self-inflicted.

Back home, Lin Mengqi took off her shoes and sat on the sofa, dumbfounded, not knowing what to think about, and not applying the ointment.

Ye Fan couldn't help but worry, "Mengqi, what's wrong with you, didn't you say it's fine, hurry up and apply the ointment."

In Ye Fan's opinion, Lin Mengqi was different from him, boys were already thick skinned, even if they were injured, it was no big deal, but girls were already tender skinned, they were clutched so hard by Zheng Bingqing, and now they were still red, as if they were being pinched.

"I..."As soon as Lin Mengqi was about to speak, she couldn't help but choke, saying, "Ye Fan, do you think I'm really my father's real daughter?Why should I listen to him on everything, when I was a child I was ignorant, it was only natural that I would listen to him, I would listen even if I felt it was wrong, after all he was the one who gave birth to me and raised me, it never hurt me.But marriage is a big deal, it's my whole life, why should I listen to him on this matter as well?"

Ye Fan chanting but no mouth to hide, because his mother Chen Fangling is even more terrifying, directly introduced twenty fiancées, and now just Wang Kexin a meeting, there are still nineteen did not have time to meet it.And because Ye Fan is a boy, his mother has found a whole bunch of beautiful young ladies, he also just feels like enjoying.So he also didn't have the position to convince Lin Mengqi.

"Oooooh~" Lin Mengqi started crying as she hugged the sofa pillow.

Ye Fan, who was normally a big grin, but could not see girls crying the most, pursed his lips, Ye Fan still felt it wasn't right to give a little advice, or else he wouldn't say anything.

"In my opinion, what the parents did was not wrong, he also experienced young rebellion and was hurt, that's why he didn't want you to be hurt and wanted to give you the best, even if he treated you like a flower in a greenhouse, it was to protect you."Ye Fan chanted.

Lin Mengqi threw the pillow directly at Ye Fan and said, "But, have they ever thought about what I want, I'm not a marionette, I have to do whatever they say, if that's the case, it's better to have a kitten and puppy that are obedient and never leave."

Evan reacted quickly, grabbed the pillow directly and spoke softly, "Don't get excited yet, I know you want to live your life.So to put it simply, there's nothing wrong with what you've done, and there's nothing wrong with what your father has done either.The only thing that's wrong is that your strength hasn't reached the point where your father has completely let go of you."

"What do you mean?"Lin Mengqi somewhat didn't understand Ye Fan's meaning.

Ye Fan smiled slightly and said, "Actually, you can make an assumption that your father doesn't see you as a flower in the greenhouse, but as a chick.He hopes that one day your wings will be full of feathers, and then he won't stop you and let you soar at your own leisure."

With a word that woke up the dreamer, Lin Mengqi's body shuddered and she set it in place.


Ye Fan saw Lin Mengqi's lost fighting spirit's eyes gradually reveal light.

It seemed that Lin Mengqi had figured it out.

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, got up and patted Lin Mengqi's shoulder and said, "Just think about it, I'm going to sleep first."

He could have said more, but things were bound to go the other way, and it was not a bad idea to give Lin Mengqi some time to digest herself in moderation.

"You go to bed."

Lin Mengqi nodded, but Ye Fan felt a little funny, not for any other reason than Lin Mengqi's eyes were red like a little rabbit, looking pitiful, but funny.


Going up to the third floor, Ye Fan recognized a door, opened the room and collapsed on the big soft bed.

Although he didn't like girl powder, this bedroom had a faint fragrance, and before he knew it, Ye Fan was going to sleep.

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Right at this moment, Ye Fan's head suffered a pillow attack, waking Ye Fan up all of a sudden.

Ye Fan sat up somewhat angrily and looked around, and saw Lin Mengqi holding the pillow, and couldn't help but say angrily, "What are you doing?"

He could understand that Lin Mengqi was sad, so he wasn't mad at Lin Mengqi for throwing the pillow before, but the way he disturbed his sleep made Ye Fan extraordinarily angry.

Lin Mengqi didn't back down and pointed at the bed, "If you want to sleep go somewhere else, this is my room, how can you sleep on my bed?"


Ye Fan's anger disappeared, he was picking a random room, unexpectedly it was Lin Mengqi's room.No wonder Lin Mengqi was angry, a little girl like Lin Mengqi, who was untouched, probably no boy had ever been in her bed, but Ye Fan went up there, and still lay safely with his clothes off.

If it were him, he would probably be angry, no, to be precise, ashamed.

"That, I'll be leaving soon, don't worry."Ye Fan smiled hehely and was about to get up.

"Ah!"Lin Mengqi hurriedly covered her eyes and turned her body around.

Ye Fan shook his head speechlessly, worthy of being a little girl, not even daring to look at a boy's bare arms, still really juvenile and innocent.

Putting on clothes, Ye Fan got up and left the room, he originally wanted to say something to Lin Mengqi, but when he saw Lin Mengqi who was blushing up to her neck, Ye Fan didn't know what to say.

When he left the room, Ye Fan was ready to find a new room, but to Ye Fan's surprise, all the bedrooms were empty, not even the bed board, so he had no choice but to turn back to Lin Mengqi's room.Naturally, he didn't want to sleep with Lin Mengqi, and even if he did, he probably wouldn't agree.

And Ye Fan went to Lin Mengqi's room just to ask for a blanket to sleep on the sofa downstairs.

But as soon as he opened the door, Ye Fan's nose blood couldn't control it.Then after a scream, Ye Fan was once again attacked by the pillow and smashed out of the room.

"Er, white..."

Ye Fan said to himself, he never thought he would go to Lin Mengqi's room just in time to change his pajamas.Ye Fan shook his head, he didn't know what to say anymore, before he changed, Ye Fan still had a bit of a reason, but now that he had even seen someone's body, Ye Fan didn't know where to start even if he wanted to defend himself.

"What are you doing?"

After sitting on the floor for a while, Evan was about to get up and leave, but at that moment, the door of the room revealed a crack, and Lin Mengqi poked her head out and asked.

"That, I just need a blanket or something, there's no bed in the other room, I'm going to sleep on the couch."Ye Fan replied truthfully, he hoped that this explanation would make Lin Mengqi calm down.After all, it was a girl's body, it wasn't something to just look at.Especially Lin Mengqi this kind of uninvolved, it is even more can not look blindly, if you are not careful it is easy to hurt the girl's heart, he does not want to be hated by Lin Mengqi, and in the future will have to share the same roof, look up and see, it is not good to fall out.

Lin Mengqi closed the door without speaking.

In this situation, Ye Fan knew that Lin Mengqi might be sad, but now is not the time to coax, so he was ready to leave, to find a hotel outside.

As soon as he got up, the room door opened again.Lin Mengqi handed out a blanket, "I don't have any spare blankets at home, so you can cover the blanket, it will be fine, go buy it tomorrow."

"Okay."Ye Fan's lost face blossomed into a smile as he knew that Lin Mengqi wasn't angry and had just closed the door to just go get the blanket.

Not being angry was a good thing, after all, this matter was Ye Fan's fault, if Lin Mengqi was really angry, he would have had to coax it.If Lin Mengqi was really angry, he would have gone to coax her. Now that she's not angry, it's a relief.

Ye Fan got up and took the blanket, thought for a moment, then probe "bar" kissed on Lin Mengqi's face, solemnly said: "Mengqi, you are so good.".

After saying that, Ye Fan ran down the stairs at light speed.

This time also take advantage of Lin Mengqi is indeed to get an inch, but Ye Fan does not regret, was looking at the body, Lin Mengqi is not angry, such a good girl where to find.

But this is also divided into people, if Bai Tingting kind of gold-worshipping girl, big Bi Chi, even if it is not wearing anything, Ye Fan will only resent.The first thing you need to do is to look at the woman and see if she's a good candidate for the job.If he pretended to be innocent, Ye Fan would instinctively feel resentful because Bai Tingting's lesson hurt him too deeply.

Today's Lin Mengqi, gave Ye Fan the feeling like Wang Kexin, Xiao Coco, etc., feelings that were unique to these women of his.

Collapsing on the sofa, Ye Fan took a deep breath of the blanket with the fragrance of Lin Mengqi's body, and started to fake sleep.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you are wearing.But apparently he thought too much, after waiting for more than half an hour Lin Mengqi did not come down, and his fake sleep also completely turned into a deep sleep.

The next morning, eight o'clock.

Ye Fan was still lying on the sofa, having a beautiful dream, when he was knocked awake by a pillow attack.

"What are you doing?"Ye Fan sat up in pain and stroked his messy head.

Lin Mengqi snorted and said, "Who told you to secretly kiss me, that was my first kiss, this is your punishment!"

Ye Fan was a little helpless, after defending himself all night, he never thought that the attack would come the next morning.

But soon Ye Fan was shocked because he heard the main point from Lin Mengqi's words, that stolen kiss yesterday, it would be Lin Mengqi's first kiss!

Ye Fan didn't know what was good anymore, he was already a bit emotional, that's why he kissed Lin Mengqi at once when he was moved.But he never expected that it would be the first time, could it be that he would be responsible for yet another woman?

However, he didn't know Lin Mengqi very well yet.

How could this be?

Evan muttered in his heart, lost in thought.


"I'm just saying, I didn't make you responsible, it's just a kiss, I also hit you, why are you even."Lin Mengqi said indifferently.

Not to say okay, this kind of generosity is even more so that Ye Fan has no reason to feel a little heartache, as if sarcastic his irresponsibility.

"Don't worry, if you ask me to be responsible, I will naturally be responsible, but some of my situation is responsible and not necessarily acceptable to you."Ye Fan scratched his head, a little embarrassed.His situation was indeed different, everyone else was monogamous, but instead he had five women involved behind him, including Wang Kexin, Xiao Coco, Li Qiuyu, Han Dong'er, and Zhou Leya.On top of that, there were nineteen fiancées who had yet to meet.Don't tell me that it was placed now, even in ancient times, the number was astonishing.

"Forget it, I'm joking, don't take it seriously, calculate you really want to be responsible, I may not agree yet, I'm not that familiar with you, if I rely on you with one kiss, then under the heavens first love can end up being married, there won't be a few."Lin Mengqi puffed out a laugh, she was actually just teasing Ye Fan, seeing that Ye Fan was so serious, she really wasn't angry.

Although it was the first time being kissed, it was too exaggerated to call it a first kiss, after all, Ye Fan only kissed her on the face and not on the mouth.


Ye Fan was about to speak, to talk to Lin Mengqi about his woman, when he was interrupted by the sound of his stomach.

"Let's go, let's go eat first, I went to sleep after eating yesterday and just woke up hungry, I really don't know what your stomach is made of."After Lin Mengqi looked up and down at Ye Fan, she started to steal a smile.

Ye Fan pursed his lips and didn't say half a word, so he nodded his head and started to put on his jacket to prepare for dinner.

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On the second day of the new year, just like the first day, there were few places to open a shop, so Ye Fan once again came to the dumpling shop.

Although it was a dumpling shop, but Ye Fan had become the owner, besides eating dumplings, if you wanted to eat something else, the kitchen had to make it.And Ye Fan's request was not excessive, that is, he asked for two bowls of chaos, with noodles and fillings, and if it was made now, it was also very fast and did not delay things at all.Especially since there weren't really many people eating dumplings in the morning, the kitchen could also be busy.

"Not bad, this chef is quite skilled, not only is the dumpling good, the ravioli is also so good, could it be that he is a professional pastry chef?"After taking a bite of the ravioli, Ye Fan praised and was inevitably curious to see who the chef in the back kitchen was.

"Sure enough, I knew I'd meet you guys here!"

Ye Fan was eating the wontons, and was almost burned by the interruption, when he turned his head in discontent and saw Zheng Bingqing standing in front of the dumpling restaurant.

"Damn it, what's wrong with you, a shock."Ye Fan couldn't help but curse.

Zheng Bingqing strode in and snorted, "No quality, Lin Mengqi, you like such a vulgar person?"

"With you in charge?"Lin Mengqi's brow furrowed, and her meal was ruined.

"Now that my father-in-law and my father haven't completely clarified our matter, you're still my fiancée, so naturally you have something to do with me."Zheng Bingqing naturally sat beside Lin Mengqi, revealing a mouthful of big white teeth.Originally, Lin Mengqi had thought that Zheng Bingqing was refined and easygoing, and had a nice smile.But now, the fact that Zheng Bingqing was still able to smile in this situation couldn't help but make Lin Mengqi feel a little hypocritical and disgusting to her.

"Don't worry, eat slowly, it's not good if you burn it."When Ye Fan saw Lin Mengqi suddenly speed up her eating, he knew that he wanted to hurry up and leave, making him a little worried that Lin Mengqi would get burned.

Lin Mengqi waved her hand indicating that it was fine.


Zheng Bingqing's stomach screamed as he watched Lin Mengqi eat, and in order to wait for Ye Fan and Lin Mengqi to show up, Zheng Bingqing didn't eat breakfast.In particular, the fresh fragrance emitted from the wontons made Zheng Bingqing's appetite somewhat.

"Have a wontons!"Zheng Bingqing waved his hand.

"Sorry, we don't serve wontons here, only dumplings."Kong Chunsheng responded with a smile.

Since Ye Fan had become the boss, Kong Chunsheng had naturally replaced the waiter, anyway, now that he was employed by Ye Fan, if he didn't work, wouldn't it be sneaky, Kong Chunsheng claimed that he couldn't get paid for nothing.And he had been right next to it just now, and he also knew that Zheng Bingqing had an argument with Ye Fan, so naturally, he couldn't take out the wonton.

Moreover, it's true that won ton is not available here, and Ye Fan is the boss in order for the back kitchen to make the desired food.

Zheng Bingqing slapped the table in anger, "What do you mean, they can all eat, do you think I'm blind?Or do you look down on me and cheat consumers?I'm telling you, I'm a food blogger, if you lie to me, I'll write a post and stink up your shop's reputation."

"What are you shooting nimah, you pay for the table breaking!"Ye Fan frowned, now that the shop was all his property, the tables and benches here were all his property, how could he endure being slapped like this by Zheng Bingqing.

"What does it have to do with you whether I compensate or not, it's your turn to speak?"Zheng Bingqing looked at Ye Fan with disdain.

Ye Fan smiled and said, "This really has something to do with me, this shop is mine, just now you broke my table, now take the money to pay for it, this table is ten thousand a piece, if you don't pay you won't be leaving!"

"You want to blackmail?"Zheng Bingqing eyes narrowed, he was not an idiot, now in Ye Fan's territory, if he was reckless, there was no doubt that a whole bunch of people would dare to come out and fight him.Yesterday, Ye Fan even dared to fight, he knew that Ye Fan's wild temperament could not be settled by just saying a few words verbally.

"You're right, I'll blackmail you, give it or not."Ye Fan laughed and pointed at the surveillance, "See, there is surveillance here, I edited the video, only the first part of you pounding the table to provide as evidence, do you think you can escape the sanctions?Hurry up, take ten thousand and get the hell out of here, and I won't embarrass you.Or I'll beat you up every time I see you!"

"Hit me, just because you want to hit me too?"

Zheng Bingqing didn't believe that Ye Fan really dared to do it, but Ye Fan was already throwing a punch, directly hitting Zheng Bingqing's stomach.

"Hit you, how drip it!"Ye Fan snorted coldly, looking at Zheng Bingqing like he was looking at a mole.

Ye Fan knew that Zheng Bingqing was a cultural person, and it was impossible to talk about it, so it would be better to just do it.He woke up in the morning to be woken up, his anger to not spill out, a meal is still disturbed, Ye Fan's anger is even greater, after a few punches, he is only comfortable.Just like what Ye Fan said, Zheng Bingqing is a cultural person, that is, he is verbally powerful, but his body is soft, a few punches, he bowed like a shrimp on the ground.

"Two thousand for one punch, I'll beat you up for five punches, take it as the price for slapping my table just now."Ye Fan moved his wrists a few times, and was no longer in the mood to visit the back kitchen, and left the dumpling house with Lin Mengqi.


When she left the Dumpling House, Lin Mengqi was worried, "Is everything okay, aren't you afraid of getting into trouble if you hit him like that?"

Ye Fan shook his head, "What trouble could there be, he's still asking for it.If he doesn't provoke me, I won't even bother to talk to him.People like him just rely on a little bit of culture to go around lip-syncing people, thinking they're superior, when in fact they're not even a fart, a beating would be honest, I reckon that within a week he won't have the guts to come looking for trouble with us again, and with luck, he'll go around the road if he sees me in this life."

Lin Mengqi nodded and didn't say anything.She was however aware of Ye Fan's background, a billionaire, in a small place like Fangzhou is a horizontal existence, her concern might be a bit unnecessary.

After thinking about it, Lin Mengqi said again, "Then let's go buy furniture, otherwise you'll have to sleep on the sofa again tonight."

When it came to sleeping on the sofa, Ye Fan's back ached.Don't look at the sofa as soft, but sleeping on the sofa is basically being stuck in the sofa, and sleeping is very tiring.

As such, after reaching for a taxi, Ye Fan took Lin Mengqi with him to buy furniture.

In the car, Lin Mengqi was a little curious: "Ye Fan, why don't you buy a car ah, it's so troublesome to take a taxi."

In her opinion, Ye Fan was buying shops directly in order not to queue up, so how could he save a car money.

"I forgot if you don't tell me, I just arrived in Fangzhou yesterday, I haven't had time to buy a car yet.Let's do it this way then, let's go buy furniture first, and then we'll go look at cars."If Ye Fan was thoughtful, he arranged the trip directly.

Soon they arrived at the furniture city. One second to remember to read the book

Not bad for a furniture city, this is a place where Fangzhou specializes in selling furniture, the entire five floors of the building is full of various brands of furniture.Since many people only had time to buy furniture for weddings after a busy year, Furniture City didn't take a holiday on New Year's Eve, which was the same for many service industries.

"Let's go to the fifth floor."

Just as Lin Mengqi thought, there were many people who came to buy furniture for the New Year, especially concentrated on the first, second and third days, because after the third day, they had to go to walk the streets to visit the gates, so Lin Mengqi directly suggested going to the fifth floor.

On the elevator, Ye Fan knew the inner workings of the furniture city.

Although the furniture is divided into different brands, but the furniture city show also according to the price of the distinction, the first floor is the cheapest, are some second-hand furniture, and the second floor is inferior point patchwork furniture, to the third floor is solid wood furniture.But solid wood furniture classification many, different wood value is also different.As for the fifth floor was the solid wood furniture of big brands, all of which were series of products.

For example, Ye Fan is now standing in the furniture store, is the Hua Ri Furniture's Nanmu Shijia series, are Nanmu to build, from chairs to cabinets to beds, can be said to choose a series of products, can directly arrange the entire family, and the same series, looks like a natural.

Of course, the most expensive wood for solid wood furniture is not nanmu, but in a third-tier city like Fangzhou, nanmu furniture can be said to be the best furniture, which is also the reason why Ye Fan chose here.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the chairs in front of your eyes, the price tag is two thousand, although it's just a dining table chair, but the beauty of the texture of the chairs and the comfort of sitting on the fit is nothing to say, very good.Anyway, with Ye Fan's eyes, he couldn't pick out any faults.

The only thing that Ye Fan found beautiful was that the collection didn't have a matching wooden floor.

When Ye Fan looked up and around, he saw the shop opposite the door that sold flooring, so he and Lin Mengqi said, "Mengqi, you go across the street and choose a set of flooring that matches this one, expensive all right, pick a good one and I'll go pay for it later."

Lin Mengqi nodded and went straight to the opposite side, in fact, even if she didn't need to pay Ye Fan, she still had 1.23 million living expenses on her WeChat account that Ye Fan had given earlier, which was completely enough to buy the floor.

"This sofa is also not bad, it's quite comfortable."Ye Fan sat on the Nanmu series of sofa again, nodding his head in satisfaction, is really comfortable, soft and hard, and in line with the human - body engineering, the height is just right, sitting is not tired at all.

"Give me a whole set of the Nanmu series, all of them."

Ye Fan said to the male salesman without lifting his head, and went to look at the other furniture right after.Anyway, they were all here, so Mo Bu Ru replaced all the furniture inside the villa with new ones.This kind of Nanmu furniture was all very low in formaldehyde, even if you bought it and put it directly in your home, it wouldn't affect the environment, that's why Ye Fan chose solid wood furniture, otherwise when the formaldehyde evaporated for three months, Ye Fan wouldn't have to live in it.

"You want so much?"The male salesman's eyebrows were raised, and only then did he put away the phone he had been playing with in his hand.

Ye Fan feel some funny, just male salesman has been looking at the phone, not at all and he introduced furniture, obviously did not look down on him.Now is surprised to put away the phone, is also a snob.

When Ye Fan wanted to directly swipe the card again shocked the male salesman in front of the time, but did not want the male salesman skilled from the pocket out of a paypal payment code, indifferent: "need I give you invoice - invoice, and then tell just that little girl, explain clearly shop no spot, need to wait for a period of time to pick up goods right?It's a bit risky for you to ask for a whole set of furniture, so it's not too much for me to charge you ten thousand,"

"Huh?"Ye Fan was suddenly blinded, Ye Fan did not expect the male salesman to be this kind of reaction, completely beyond Ye Fan's imagination.

"Okay, just this amount of money you still think it's expensive ah, this set of furniture is the most expensive in the entire furniture city, a whole set of all together almost half a million, I only charged you 10,000, you can put the pussy, quite a bargain."

The male salesman looked like he knew what he was doing, in fact, it wasn't the first time he had met someone like Ye Fan, who wanted to pick up a girl, but didn't want to spend too much money yet, but wanted to demonstrate his strength, he would let him open a fake invoice and say that he would pick up the goods in a while.This not only allows him to pretend to be a rich man playing with beautiful girls, but also saves a lot of money.

It took Ye Fan a moment to react before he understood what the male salesman was saying.

But Ye Fan wasn't annoyed, he just felt a bit amused, now that the hangers-on were chasing the goddess, they were all still playing with the routine, and I have to say, it was really a good idea.If not Ye Fan is really rich, perhaps want to try this method, play cool but also spend less money, even if the beauty to find the truth, presumably he himself have played enough, can be replaced by a beautiful woman to continue the routine.

Unfortunately, Ye Fan is really rich.

Taking out his phone, Ye Fan sent a million directly to the QR code.

When the male salesman saw Ye Fan scan the code, he smiled: "OK, seeing you like this should be the first time you use this routine, come often in the future, I'll give you a 20% discount."

As soon as the words fell, without waiting for Ye Fan to explain, the male salesman's phone sounded the Alipay receipt beep.

"Alipay to account, 1,000,000 yuan!"


"One, a million?"The male salesman was shocked, he would never have thought that this unknown kid in front of him would be so generous, waving his hand is a million, look at that look as if he spent a hundred dollars, easy, calm and unrestrained!

"I'm sorry, I'm the dog's eyes, I'll get you the receipt."The male salesman changed his previous attitude, obsequious to the point of no return.

Ye Fan waved his hand, "Okay, go install all the furniture from the Nanmu series, I see that this piece has a delivery to home package installation service, get up now and try to install all the furniture for me today."

"Okay Dasho!"The male salesman nodded his head repeatedly, his attitude positive and serious, which still had his previous laziness.

Ye Fan smiled and shook his head, he had seen such people more than once, so he was not surprised.

After waiting for ten minutes, Ye Fan finished signing the order and handed it over to the male salesman to deal with, while the remaining 450,000 was also re-transferred to Ye Fan.With the 450,000, Ye Fan went to the flooring shop across the street, and at the moment, Lin Mengqi just finished picking out the flooring, and after Ye Fan was satisfied with the payment, he left the furniture city with Lin Mengqi and headed to the car dealership.

"What brand of car do you like?"On the road, Ye Fan turned his head and asked.

He knew in his heart, Fangzhou such a small place is not even as good as Kaiyuan, even if you buy a car you will definitely not be able to buy a Rolls Royce, and in addition to the Rolls Royce, the rest of the cars are more or less the same, it's just a million sports car is more pulling style, as for the SUV or off-road type are not so cool.But no matter which one, in his opinion, it was just a means of transportation, he did not bother to think about it, Mo Bu Ru left the problem to Lin Mengqi.

Lin Mengqi thought, "I don't know anything about cars, all I know is Mercedes-Benz BMW, the car my dad drives is a Mercedes-Benz, how about you just buy a BMW?"

"BMW?It's okay too."Ye Fan nodded, he really had never driven a BMW before, and it was good to choose a BMW. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Thinking of a target, Ye Fan brought Lin Mengqi to the BMW car dealership.

As Ye Fan expected, there weren't many BMW car dealership cash vans here, and they were all very common styles, only the town's treasure was a sports car, which could barely get into Ye Fan's eyes.

"Let's take this one."Ye Fan said, pointing at the orange BMW in front of him.

The car sales lady's eyes flashed a trace of surprise, but still explained: "Sir is really good eyes, this car is a 19 new BMW i8, compared to the 14 standard model, this one is only 160,000 higher in price, so it's upgraded to a convertible sports car, matching your temperament can't be better.But the price is 1.95 million, do you see the need for a test drive?"

Ye Fan eyebrows, don't look at the sales lady is full of praise, but deliberately put forward the price first, before saying test drive.Obviously, she was saying to weigh whether there was money in your pocket or not first, and if you don't have money, don't test drive, you can't afford to pay for it if you break it.

"No need for a test drive, just swipe your card."Ye Fan was too lazy to fight with the car sales lady, after all, people were just kindly reminding, and didn't show any obvious disdain.

"Okay, sir."The car sales lady took Ye Fan's gold card and went to pay.

The car sales lady twisted her little waist as she left and walked slowly, but when she came back from the payment, she was fast on her feet and her face was a little panicked.The first thing you need to know is that you can't afford to buy a car without paying for it, and the second thing you need to know is that you can't afford to buy a car without paying for it.And 10 million worth, in Fangzhou is a rich man.In the view of the car sales lady, Ye Fan must be the rich second generation did not run away.

Just now, she dared to talk to Ye Fan so much, and now her heart was regret and fear.But Miss Car Sales obviously thought too much, if Ye Fan really wanted to be serious, he wouldn't be so elegant and easy-going now.It wasn't until Ye Fan drove the BMW sports car away from the dealership that Miss Car Sales knew that Ye Fan really didn't care about people like her at the bottom of the hierarchy, it could even be said that people like Miss Car Sales didn't even have the qualifications to be scolded by Ye Fan.

"This is a nice car!"

Ye Fan drove the car and nodded his head in satisfaction.Previously his sports car was a Porsche 911, priced just a million out, but this BMW i8 was nearly two million, crushing the previous Porsche from the price, from the exterior to the interior made him more satisfied.If you have to pick a fault, it's the color of the exterior, although the exterior shape is good and extremely cool, but the exterior color is only orange, a bit like the car in the Transformers, if you change the gradient color to earthy gold or gray and black, it will be more beautiful.

Of course, orange is also good, after all, domestic cars are black and white based, in addition to red and blue is also a lot, but this kind of orange is rare, directly highlights the charm of imported cars, a look at the price is expensive, very compelling.If it wasn't for the fact that it was in the middle of winter and couldn't change the convertible mode, it was even more drawn out otherwise.

"Where are we going now?"Lin Mengqi was a little confused when she saw the direction Ye Fan was driving, because it was the direction to the suburbs, but it wasn't the direction of home, but the road on the highway.

Ye Fan took out his phone and shook it, smiling lightly, "Going to an auction."

"An auction?"Lin Mengqi was a little surprised, it was the first time she had heard this term apart from the TV show.

"You'll know when you get there."Ye Fan smiled without saying anything, so he continued to drive.

Now that the house was all about installing furniture and flooring, even if you went home, there was no place to stay, mo as if looking for some fun.

The reason why Ye Fan chose Fangzhou, in fact, there is a small mind, that is, Fangzhou is rich in jade, Ye Fan was prepared to go to the major jade shops and antique shops to see, may be lucky to find a Chinese zodiac jade medal, that will earn a lot.The first thing he noticed was that there was a jade auction at 2pm, so he decided to go to the auction first.After all, the last time he got a Zodiac jade medal was at the auction, so Ye Fan was very fond of the auction.He would rather buy something useless than miss the jade medal.

The venue of the auction was located right on the outskirts of a place called Cloud Mist Mountain Resort.

The only scenery in Fangzhou belonged to Cloud Mist Mountain, and Cloud Mist Mountain Resort was a large jade shop that had opened its shop in Cloud Mist Mountain.

It was already 1:50 p.m. when we arrived at Cloud Mist Mountain Villa, just in time for the auction.

"The air here is not bad."Ye Fan couldn't help but show his approval after getting out of the car and taking a deep breath of air.

This auction didn't require a special status, nor was there a ticket, there was only one mandatory requirement, and that was that you had to have a luxury car in order to enter.Ye Fan had only come here because he saw this news on the internet, if it was a free admission auction, Ye Fan wouldn't have bothered to come.

Since Cloud Mist Villa rigidly required a luxury car to enter, it must mean that today's auction was very expensive, which greatly increased the rate of jade medals.

However, Ye Fan also sighed somewhat, although the luxury car entrance is the bottom line, but the Cloud Mist Villa's definition of a luxury car is to reach 500,000 even luxury cars, it really is only a third-tier city, the requirements are really low.

The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of your car, and how to get the best out of it.The biggest profit of the auction is the bidding process, more people bidding each other, in order to coax up the price, if only a few people come, and then there are old acquaintances, perhaps all commodities are the bottom price bidding success, that auction will lose a lot of money.

Shaking off the thoughts in his head, Ye Fan brought Lin Mengqi into the auction venue.

Like Kaiyuan's auction venue, it was divided into the first floor and the second floor, the first floor was the main stage, and in front of the main stage was the audience, neatly arranged.The second floor, on the other hand, was a box, and apart from the door number, you couldn't see anything inside from the outside.

Pulling over a receptionist, Ye Fan inquired, "I want to go to the second floor, what do you see the requirements?"


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