Lost Young Master 161-165


Chapter 161

Along the way, Ye Fan only cared about holding a smile.As he had expected, at least Lin Mengqi really didn't resist, so quietly in his arms, of course, it would have been better if there wasn't some slight trembling from overstress.

"Here we are."

Reaching the front of the western restaurant, Lin Mengqi's body was finally not shaking.

Ye Fan raised his eyebrows slightly, it seemed that Lin Mengqi's ability to adapt was pretty good, having adapted to such an intimate contact in such a short period of time.

In exchange for Ye Fan's first time, that nervous from the end of the date, hands were trembling, even touching each other's small hands didn't dare to do.

"Let's go in then."Shaking his head to shake off the distracting thoughts in his head, Ye Fan hugged Lin Mengqi and entered the western restaurant.

Entering the western restaurant, Ye Fan was surprised, because it was now the first day of the Lunar New Year, a part of the restaurant were closed, even if it was in business state, in fact, they were all booked years ago, people - traffic is in full and full state.For example, before entering the Western restaurant, Ye Fan saw a hot pot city on the road, the queue was lined up to the corner.

But inside the western restaurant was still deserted, with only a few tables of people elegantly eating their food and exchanging low voices.

"It's really not a friendly shop, the New Year is so miserable, it might as well close down and go home for the New Year."Ye Fan shook his head, somewhat speechless.

But as if she hadn't heard, Lin Mengqi skillfully walked to a window seat and sat down, snapping her fingers, "Waiter." The first website m.kanshu8.net

Seeing this, Ye Fan was suddenly a little confused.

Because from the moment he entered the western restaurant, Lin Mengqi's reaction was completely different from before.This calm and relaxed manner, as if she had been to this restaurant countless times.Ye Fan began to mutter in his heart, knocking over the original idea.

Originally, Ye Fan had thought that Lin Mengqi was Chen Fangling's chosen fiancée who didn't want to get married and flee the family.But on second thought, this judgment was a bit whimsical.Not to mention how Lin Mengqi met him by chance on the street, let's say that this time's arrival in Fangzhou was also Ye Fan's temporary decision, outsiders wouldn't even know.

Then, why did he know that his surname was Ye?

The more Ye Fan thought about it, the more he couldn't figure it out and simply asked, "How do you know my surname is Ye?"

"How do I know, because of the clothes you're wearing."Lin Mengqi pointed at Ye Fan's jacket.

Ye Fan looked down at his jacket and found that there was nothing strange, but took off his clothes and saw that a large leaf character was embroidered on the back of his clothes.He just suddenly realized that this shirt was taken in the family when he came back without clothes for the New Year, so this shirt is the family costume, he didn't notice this detail at first, but he didn't expect it to be the culprit for exposing his identity.

Deep in his heart, he understood that Lin Mengqi was not a family child as he thought, and Ye Fan was a little worried.

Coming to a strange city and following a stranger to dinner was a big taboo in itself.Especially coming to such a deserted restaurant, how to think, how to have an end.

How could I be so defenseless?

Evan muttered in his mind that he was sure the fairy jump was unmistakable and was about to get up.

"Are you going to leave me on my own?"Lin Mengqi frowned.

Ye Fan said without concealment, "Yeah, I'm leaving now, is it hard to stop you from stopping me?"

"I won't stop you, but you disappoint me, I thought you'd be different from the other boys, but I guess I was naive, so go away."Lin Mengqi shook her head with eyes full of loss.

Ye Fan was a bit confused and didn't know what Lin Mengqi was acting, but he still left with determination.

Who would know if this was Lin Mengqi's acting or not?

Originally, Ye Fan came with Lin Mengqi to make up his mind that Lin Mengqi was the fiancée sent by Chen Fangling, since she wasn't, why waste time.

Even though Ye Fan was rich, he was not going to be fooled as a fool.

When he left the western restaurant, Ye Fan received a phone call.

"Hello, who's there?"Ye Fan looked at the unfamiliar caller ID and couldn't help but ask.

"Hello, is this Mr. Ye?I'm a housing agent, you had a housing enquiry on our side before, I'm sorry, there are no new villas, but there is one that has just been rented out, I wonder if you would mind?"A steady male voice came over the phone.

"For rent?That's fine, then send me the address, I'll go over to inspect the house and pay on the spot if I'm satisfied."Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, he came to Fangzhou need to find a house to live in is right, but after all, it is not a new house, if the landlord is a mourning ghost, Ye Fan simply stay in a hotel for a few days.

Hanging up the phone, Ye Fan received a text message stating the address.

After twenty minutes, he arrived in front of the villa.

"No car is really inconvenient, if I drive myself, I'll be there in five minutes, I waited so long for a car."Ye Fan couldn't help but vomit when he got out of the taxi, this experience of taking a taxi outside in the middle of winter was not to mention how unpleasant, anyway, Ye Fan didn't want to have a second time.

"Hello, Mr. Ye, I'm the intermediary who just spoke to you on the phone, my humble name is Wang Qiang, and this will take you to see the villa."Wang Qiang said with a smile.

The villa was in the suburbs, it was sparsely populated, a taxi was parked in front of the villa, without even thinking about it, Wang Qiang knew that the person in front of him was Ye Fan.

Ye Fan nodded his head and showed his admiration to Wang Qiang.The New Year's Eve away from home, still working outside, Wang Qiang is very similar to the previous him, even more than the previous him to work hard, Ye Fan admires this kind of self-reliant person.

The villa is different from Fengdu's villa, Fangzhou's villa is small, only three floors, and covers an area not too large, listening to Wang Qiang's explanation that it covers an area of only 200 square meters.The owner of the house was not the kind of person who would be annoyed. The fragrance was so faint that it would not be possible to achieve this effect if it was cleaned up on the spot.The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.

After renting the house and getting the key, Ye Fan took Wang Qiang out to eat, fearing that it was the fairy jump that left in a hurry just now, but now his stomach was rumbling.The reason for taking Wang Qiang, or because Ye Fan saw the original self.And because it was the suburbs, it was very difficult to find a restaurant, walking two streets before Ye Fan saw one, and by the time he returned home after dinner it was already two hours later.Fortunately, Ye Fan is not a picky eater, otherwise you will hesitate for hours and hours to eat.

As soon as he got home, Ye Fan not only frowned, the entrance somehow added a pair of women's white short boots.

"Now that burglaries are so civilized, you're still changing your shoes in and out of doors?"Evan muttered and entered the room carefully.He knew that the thief was in the room now, so he had to sneak in softly and catch the thief by surprise.

Looking all over the first and second floor, Ye Fan didn't see any sign of the thief, not even signs of things being tossed around.It was not until Ye Fan arrived at the third floor that Ye Fan found a clue.

Because the third floor bathroom actually came from the sound of the shower and the sound of singing.

Nima, the thief broke into the empty door there is still time to take a shower, especially breaking into the empty door is also a girl, is intolerable, Ye Fan directly rushed to the bathroom, a hand pushed open the bathroom door!


It seemed that the shower wasn't long, the steam in the bathroom hadn't been completely emitted, and Ye Fan immediately saw the unarmed girl in the bathroom, but before admiring the girl's delicate body, Ye Fan saw the girl's looks and was stunned Ye Fan.

It wasn't because the girl was too ugly, but it was just too pretty, and more importantly, the girl was exactly Lin Mengqi!

"Lyn Monique?"Ye Fan subconsciously screamed out.

"Ah!!!Pervert!Get out!"The door to the room was opened, stopping Lin Mengqi's singing with a sudden fright and reaching out to grab the bottle of shower gel, it was flung right at the door.

Fortunately, Ye Fan was quick-eyed and closed the bathroom door with one hand, or else he would have been smashed out with internal injuries.

"Forget it, let her wash first, we'll catch up later."Ye Fan muttered and went to the living room on the first floor, just now he had noticed that there was even a cloakroom on the third floor, which displayed quite a few girls' clothes.

Ye Fan reckoned that the owner of this villa should be living here after he moved away from here, Lin Mengqi broke into the empty door and found no one there, so he lived here.

In the past, when Ye Fan watched the news, he had seen such idiotic thieves, and in the end, the thieves were brought to justice.

"Should I call the police?"Ye Fan said to himself, to be honest, the previous Lin Mengqi fairy jump to now breaking into the empty door, all made Ye Fan have no good impression of Lin Mengqi.But what Ye Fan cares more about is that a young girl like Lin Mengqi, who is a flower like a jade, must earn a lot from finding a decent secretarial job, or an anchor like Xiao Coco, who earns tens of thousands a month, why does she have to do these illegal things if she can't think straight?

Without waiting for Ye Fan to find out the result, he was interrupted by Lin Mengqi's squeal, "Call the police, I think I should be the one to call the police!" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan turned his head to see that Lin Mengqi was walking down from the stairs with a bathrobe on her body.

Seeing this, Ye Fan directly took out his phone and opened the video.

"What are you doing with your phone?"Lin Mengqi frowned.

Ye Fan reasonably said, "Naturally, it's video recording."

"Video, you big pervert, I'll definitely call the police to arrest you!"Lin Mengqi's face swished red and tugged tightly on her bathrobe to prevent going - light.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.If I don't video evidence, by the time the police come, and then you frame me for abducting a young - daughter, it will be more than worth the loss."

"Wait, did you say your house?"Lin Mengqi locked her eyebrows, seeing that Ye Fan didn't seem to be faking it, she squared up and said, "Get it straight, this is my house!"

"Your house farts, do you have a key, this is the house I just rented!"

Saying that, Ye Fan took out a set of keys and then said, "I just suspected that you were breaking into the house to see your master not home, that's why you're living here secretly, and now you still dare to argue, I'm calling the police!"

"I told you, this is my house, you wait!"Lin Mengqi ran up the stairs as soon as the words were out of her mouth, and came down with her ID card not long after, saying, "Keep your eyes open, the address on the ID card is not here!"

Ye Fan fixed his eyes to see that it was really here.

"Fuck, could it be that agent is a scammer?Doesn't look like it, does it?"Ye Fan was a bit shocked and suspicious, took out his phone and dialed Wang Qiang's number, shouting angrily, "Wang Qiang, I kindly invited you to dinner, why are you still lying to me, this house is obviously occupied!"

"Impossible, I just contacted my landlord I carefully confirmed the real estate license, it's the landlord himself who is renting out right, I won't be mistaken about that."Wang Qiang hurriedly explained.

Ye Fan listened to Wang Qiang speak does not seem to be fake, even more frowned: "Then what is going on now, you go ask the landlord, is there any misunderstanding?I want it to be resolved as soon as possible, don't..."

Before Ye Fan finished speaking, Lin Mengqi snatched Ye Fan's phone and said, "That, it's me and my boyfriend who had a fight, it's fine, there's nothing wrong with this house, don't worry, happy new year, bye!"

"What are you doing?Feeling guilty?Could it be that you forged the documents?Ye Fan didn't get angry because he was robbed of his phone, instead he looked at Lin Mengqi with interest.

Just now, when he called the intermediary, Ye Fan was afraid that the intermediary was a liar, if that was the case, it would turn out that Ye Fan was forcing his way into the people's house.But now, Lin Mengqi seems to have softened up, otherwise why would she tell the intermediary that nothing is wrong, this at least proves that the intermediary is fine, and Ye Fan is not considered to be forcing his way into the people's house.

Lin Mengqi even waved her hand, "I didn't forge documents, this is indeed my house, except..."

"Only what?"Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, smelling the story.

Lin Mengqi sighed and said, "If I'm going to say something, you're going to have to let me live here, okay?"

"You speak first, I'll think it's okay, and the story, it must be exciting, depending on my mood, I'll let you stay."Ye Fan doesn't fall for it, if Lin Mengqi fools around with a few words and doesn't hear any stories, then he'll be at a loss.

Lin Mengqi phoenix eyes slightly stared, but found that Ye Fan was indifferent, and soon became like a defeated lion, and spoke, "Then I'll say it, listen carefully, I'll only say it once.I'm a first year college student, food and clothing life is good, but last New Year's Eve, my dad suddenly wanted me to get married, and the wedding object is the son of my dad's old war friend, yesterday New Year's Eve my dad's war friend's family also spent at my house.I didn't want to get married, so I ran away, and this house was an adult - human gift from my dad, and I guess running away from home was discovered by my dad to prevent me from coming back here, and that's why I rented this place out in advance.And I don't have any financial resources, so if I don't have a place to stay, I should have to go home."

"So that's how it is."Evan stroked his nose, a little bit dizzy.

I thought it was a fantastic story, but I didn't expect it to be the old bridge of parents pushing for marriage and children running away, but although the bridge was old, Ye Fan was eating it up.Anyway, Ye Fan advocated free love, and besides, Lin Mengqi was only in her first year of college, she hadn't even finished her studies, and her life hadn't even started, so wouldn't it be a pity to fall into the marriage grave.

"Isn't my reason for running away from home ridiculous, but I beg you to let me live here, this place is being rented out by my father, he must not expect me to be here, don't worry, even though I have no money, I won't live with you for free, I will wash and cook and clean, as a payment for housing, do you think it's okay?"Lin Mengqi was anxious to burst into tears.

This made Ye Fan couldn't help but spit out, "Look at how scared you are, it's to the point where you'd rather be a hard laborer than go home.I'm really curious as to what your father's old comrade's son looks like to have such power, is it a bull's head and a horse's face or black and white?"


Lin Mengqi shook her head and said, "That person came back from studying abroad, he's an elitist, he's upper class in terms of his talk and appearance."

"Then what are you dissatisfied with, isn't this pretty good."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, such a boy was the prince charming that how many girls dreamed of.

Not to mention others, if Ye Fan were a girl, she would have married such a good guy long ago if she met him.

The company has been in the process of developing a new product for the company's customers, including a new product for the company's customers, a new product for the company's customers, and a new product for the company.Even if the process is tiring of crying, at least it's my own choice, I've been arranged by them, I've lived without any sense of meaning, without any sense of reality."

Ye Fan was slightly startled, Lin Mengqi's temperament revealed lively and lovely, but he never thought that his heart would be so heavy.

Lin Mengqi went on to say again to herself, "The reason why I don't want to give up this house is also very simple, because it's the only private space that completely belongs to me, and here, I am everything.But now, even this house was ruthlessly taken away by my father and even rented to you, if I didn't have any money, how would I get to the point of helping you with your laundry and cooking, I just want to better guard my house from being destroyed by you!"

"Sabotage?What's so serious, I'm not from the demolition brigade."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, although he understood Lin Mengqi's words, he couldn't agree that this was the reason why Lin Mengqi was viciously slandering him.

As the conversation changed, Ye Fan spoke again, "But well, I can grant you this request, it doesn't matter if you live here, there are more rooms anyway, and you, in addition to washing and cooking and cleaning, you also need to grant me a request."

"What request?I won't grant excessive requests, so if you want to hit on me, don't open your mouth."Lin Mengqi's eyebrows knitted.

Ye Fan smiled and looked Lin Mengqi's figure up and down, although he had seen it once before, but now that Lin Mengqi was only wearing a bathrobe, he was looking more directly at it. One second to remember to read the book

Observing for a moment, before Ye Fan shook his head, "Don't look at your looks and figure quite good, but it's not like I haven't seen you better than good, not to mention, there's a whole bunch of women chasing me behind me, so I'm not going to ask for bad taste from you."

Ye Fan was telling the truth, Chen Fangling had introduced him to twenty fiancées, and now he had only seen Wang Kexin, and the other nineteen he hadn't even had time to look at.

"Then tell me, what is the request?"Lin Mengqi glanced at Ye Fan, apparently thinking that Ye Fan was bragging, she thought she was quite good looking, a whole bunch of ones better than her would be too much, to say two or three, she still felt a little credible.

Ye Fan waved a big hand, "My request is very simple, that is, this house is now mine, everything I say, who I want to bring back to play is my freedom, without my command, you are not allowed to dictate to the people who come here and spoil the atmosphere."

"OK!"Lin Mengqi clenched her teeth and nodded, at the worst, when Ye Fan's lease arrived, she would throw away all the beds and blankets at home and replace them with new ones.As for Ye Fan bringing no-three - no-four people back to affect her reputation, she didn't care, this was already a suburb, or a villa area, and there weren't that many long-talking women chewing on her tongue.

"That's it then, good cooperation."Ye Fan smiled, thinking about it and then inquired, "Then you just suddenly approached me on the street and asked me to buy you dinner, are you now without any money at all?If not, I'll earn you a hundred thousand living expenses for the first month, or else you won't be able to buy food or anything."

"A hundred thousand?A month's worth of living expenses?"Lin Mengqi was shocked by Ye Fan's words, "I ran away from home, my credit card was stopped by my family, and I only have a few hundred dollars on me, and I wanted to eat something good on New Year's Eve before I was looking for someone to treat me to dinner.But are you really that rich?If you had money just now, why did you just run away without eating?"

"I feel like you're so weird, you don't even resist being hugged by strangers, and you're so skilled when you enter a restaurant, I thought you were a fairy dancer trying to trap me.Don't look at me as rich, but I don't want to be the wronged party."Ye Fan laughed awkwardly, not expecting that it was all because of his big brain that he had the previous misunderstanding.

Ye Fan took out his phone and opened WeChat, looked at the WeChat balance, and pondered for a moment before speaking, "It's too much effort to transfer money to you over and over again, anyway, the change in my balance is almost enough for living expenses, so add my WeChat, I'll transfer the money to you, and it's time for dinner in a little while."

"Okay."Lin Mengqi didn't say anything more, but in her heart she despised Ye Fan, just now she was still paying lip service to 100,000, but now it turned out to be a transfer of change, how much change can there be, 300 or 500?

As expected, Ye Fan was as big a liar as she expected.

Very quickly, the two of them added WeChat, so Ye Fan directly transferred the change to Lin Mengqi, smiling, "I rented this house for a year, and this change is estimated to be enough for us to spend our living expenses out of pocket for a year, of course, I'm referring to the spending at home."

A few hundred dollars and still spend a year?Lin Mengqi almost didn't laugh off her teeth, but the surface didn't show it, she just opened the chat window with Ye Fan and prepared to claim the money, but when she saw the amount of money, Lin Mengqi opened her mouth so violently that she probably could have even stuffed an egg into it.

"This this, this is sure it's change?"Lin Mengqi's speech was a bit slurred, it really wasn't that she was worshipping gold, but this amount was too exaggerated.

One million two hundred and thirty five thousand four hundred and eighty one!

It was the first time Lin Mengqi saw that WeChat transfers could transfer so much, and it was also the first time she knew that a seven-digit amount could also be taken as fractions.

It really wasn't that she was exaggerating, in a third-tier city like Fangzhou, the consumption wasn't that high, for example, this villa of hers looked like it was three floors, but in fact it was only 800,000 after all the formalities were completed.

In other words, all this money that Ye Fan gave her was more valuable than her villa, and yet this, was only a fraction of Ye Fan's balance, a year's worth of living expenses, or just the daily necessities living expenses spent at home, this was too much beyond imagination, completely reversing Lin Mengqi's third view.

"What are you stunned ah, money collected ah, you really think I let you free as a hard labor ah, give me to cook and wash clothes, I must not for you to go to college it.Now you run away from home, your family probably won't give you tuition, as a way to threaten you to go home, I don't provide for you who provides for you."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, just now Lin Mengqi was so magnificent and said some ideal and ambitious words, but now he was so obsequious that he didn't even dare to collect one million.

"Collect, immediately."Lin Mengqi mechanically nodded her head, so she collected the money, followed by somewhat blankly asking out the doubt in her heart, "Then how much whole money do you still have in your WeChat?"


"A whole lot of money?Nuo, see for yourself."Ye Fan handed the phone screen to Lin Mengqi's eyes.

"A billion....One billion?"Lin Mengqi was completely stunned by the numbers, no wonder Ye Fan didn't care about a million, there was still a hundred million in assets.

"But you have to be moderate, even though you have money, you can't spend it like this."Lin Mengqi felt that Ye Fan was still too defeated.

Ye Fan retrieved his phone, opened the bank app, clicked to check his balance, and then handed it back to Lin Mengqi in front of him, saying, "Don't worry, I still have one billion in my card, just in case.WeChat's one billion is just my family's living expenses for me for this month."

One billion needed to be deposited for unexpected needs?

A hundred million dollars a month to live on?

Nima, this is no joke!

It's fucking outrageous!

Lin Mengqi was completely speechless, before she still somewhat felt that Ye Fan was bragging, but the data was in front of her, just now Lin Mengqi had seen the transfer records, no surprises, Lin Mengqi was sure she had seen last month's outgoing flow on the bank card, 15 billion!

Ye Fan was also shocked to see 15 billion, but quickly thought that 10 billion was the flow of water caused when he divided up the Wang family's property last month.But Lin Mengqi didn't ask, and Ye Fan wouldn't explain himself. The first website m.kanshu8.net

When Lin Mengqi looked at Ye Fan again, her eyes changed.

Originally, she thought that Ye Fan was a braggart who didn't make any mistakes, until Ye Fan transferred a million to her, she knew that Ye Fan had power, but he was just a loser.But when she saw the final amount in hundred million, Lin Mengqi knew that Ye Fan might be living inside two different worlds with her.

Fangzhou this third-tier city, can have hundreds of millions of assets is a big brother, and reached a billion price has been able to shoot on the list of the rich, but also did not see who can flow ten billion away ah.

In Lin Mengqi view, like Ye Fan this kind of person, in the Fangzhou, that is the earth emperor, want what there is not to say, and call the wind and rain is also a small matter of waving hands.

Lin Mengqi was shocked and unable to speak, Ye Fan was also quite bored, and with the fact that he had just finished his meal and his previous plane ride, before he knew it, Ye Fan fell asleep.


Hearing Ye Fan's slight snoring sound as he slept, Lin Mengqi only then recovered from her shock and looked at the teenager in front of her who was about her age, Lin Mengqi didn't know what to say.To say that Ye Fan had a big heart or had trust in her?

Lin Mengqi looked at Ye Fan, who was curled up sleeping with a smile on his face, and softly went upstairs to get a blanket to help cover Ye Fan.

"What am I doing!"As if waking up from a dream, Lin Mengqi couldn't help but blush and whispered, "I'm not worried about him catching a cold, am I?I'm just afraid he'll catch me with a cold, yeah right, that's definitely true."

After finding a reason to help justify herself, Lin Mengqi's heart calmed down this way, and before she knew it, she fell asleep as well.

"Whew, that feels good!"Ye Fan stretched his back and sat up.

I have to say, sleeping on the couch, if your back aches, but it's a miracle you didn't catch a cold.


Only then did Ye Fan realize that he was covered with a blanket, and he didn't need to think about it to know that Lin Mengqi had helped cover it, and there was no one else in the house besides Lin Mengqi.

Turning his head to look around, Ye Fan saw that Lin Mengqi was sleeping on the sofa next to him.


Ye Fan somewhat found it funny that Lin Mengqi helped him cover the blanket, but Lin Mengqi herself did not cover it, and was wearing a bathrobe, showing a lot of spring-light.As for Ye Fan laughing, it was because Lin Mengqi was freezing her hands and feet curled up like a little meatball.

Shaking his head helplessly, Ye Fan put the blanket covering himself on Lin Mengqi's body.As he expected, with the blanket on, Lin Mengqi's tightly locked eyebrows stretched out.

This little girl was not a bit defensive, she really was not out of society, her heart was really big.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, fortunately he had seen some big scenes now, and was not so excited to see a beautiful woman.Otherwise, in the past, when he saw Lin Mengqi's beautiful legs, he wouldn't be able to help but go up and lick a few bites, at least he couldn't escape from sniffing the fragrance.

It seems that she sensed Ye Fan's aggressive eyes, Lin Mengqi also woke up leisurely, and immediately after seeing Ye Fan, she hastily shrank back into a ball.It wasn't until she saw the blanket on her body that Lin Mengqi's heart warmed, knowing that Ye Fan wasn't furry.

But all this was in Ye Fan's eyes, which suddenly made Ye Fan a little dissatisfied: "Wake up and cook, Ben is hungry, we have to eat dumplings on the first day of the New Year, I want to eat the ones you personally wrapped."

"Personally wrap dumplings?"Lin Mengqi smiled awkwardly, somewhat for the sake of it: "I just know how to cook some Western food, all learned at school, I don't know much about Chinese food, especially pasta, basically don't know anything, how about going out to eat?"

Afraid of Ye Fan's reluctance, Lin Mengqi said again: "There is a Xijia De dumpling nearby, with thin skin and big filling, and whole prawns inside, how about eating his?The taste is amazing!"

"Fine fine, fine, I'll obey you."Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, he also wanted to say no, but the price was going hungry at night.

As for ordering takeaway, Ye Fan had never thought about it, Ye Fan had delivered outside before, and although the vast majority of restaurants were up to standard, there were many small workshops that were not up to standard, and Ye Fan didn't want to risk eating bad food one in a million.

Now rich, we must pursue life, no longer have to go for cheap to order those low-quality food.

Ye Fan also came empty-handed this time, and didn't bring any luggage.By the time Lin Mengqi had groomed and dressed up, it was already an hour later.

"Been waiting long, right?"Lin Mengqi was slightly apologetic.

"It's fine, it's fine, I was just playing with my phone too."

Ye Fan responded with a smile, although he said so on his lips, Ye Fan's heart didn't think so.

Usually even if even the cutest girl, when it came to makeup and dressing up as well as shopping, it would make guys feel uncute, and Ye Fan was no exception, he even felt that Lin Mengqi had been dressing up for a bit too long, extremely inked, and the point was, Ye Fan didn't see much change before and after the makeup.Still a white fluffy jacket with white boots, a close look at Ye Fan also know that the style has changed, but not carefully observed, really almost.

The reason why Ye Fan does not refute, but also as an exercise of their own mentality, after all, the purpose of coming to Fangzhou is to exercise itself, whether from outside to inside, are to progress to improve.Ye Fan very heart is also clear, now he is very rich, but the heart is still a hanging wire, not so noble cultivated vision, now to do, is to at least look decent on the outside, as for the inner exercise, he wants to hurry and can not rush.

The same as when we first met in the morning, Lin Mengqi was leading the way, while Ye Fan was hugging Lin Mengqi's shoulders at the back, looking no different from an ordinary couple.

This time, Lin Mengqi couldn't help but question, "Ye Fan, I'm not your girlfriend either, why do you have to hug me?"

In fact, if Ye Fan really said that he liked her, even if it was a dogged love at first sight, Lin Mengqi didn't even know how to answer, because she had never been with a man at all.

Just as Lin Mengqi regretted asking the question and was trying to figure out the wording of rejection and acceptance in her mind, Ye Fan spoke up.

"Mengqi, I don't know if you've ever heard of a guide dog?"


"I would like to...Er, what?A guide dog?"Lin Mengqi was about to say the word willing, but suddenly reacted that Ye Fan was asking a question and couldn't help but feel a little confused.

Ye Fan hehely smiled, "I just happened to watch a guide dog movie on a plane this morning, I just felt like you lead the way and I follow, this feeling is very much like a master and guide dog, I just wanted to experience what the main character of the movie feels like.It's a pity there's no chain, otherwise I'd probably pull a full experience."

"Evan, you bastard!"Lin Mengqi stepped on Ye Fan's foot and then came raging.


Ye Fan took in a mouthful of cold air, but the bottom of his eyes was laughing.

The guide dog and so on is naturally a lie to Lin Mengqi, in fact, Ye Fan just wanted to take advantage of Lin Mengqi, but to say it directly seems how degrading, how much like an idiot - man pervert ah.To be able to defuse it in such a humorous way, Ye Fan is deeply wise.

Not ashamed to be me!

I'm such a little genius!

Ye Fan narcissistically tossed his hair, followed by catching up, stretched out his salty hand again, placed it on Lin Mengqi's shoulder, and smiled hehehe, "Let me feel it again, next time it's you instead, you won't lose out."

"Really?It's my turn next time, it's a deal oh."Lin Mengqi smiled happily when she heard Ye Fan's promise, claiming that she wasn't losing anything. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan smiled and didn't say anything, he knew in his heart that Lin Mengqi wasn't a loss, but whether he took the initiative to build Lin Mengqi or let Lin Mengqi hug him, he was sure to earn.

Thus, the two of them played around and finally arrived at Heijia De.

Just as Ye Fan expected, New Year's all eat dumplings, if you don't have a reservation, it's really hard to get a seat.

Watching the crowds line up to the corner, Ye Fan knew it would take at least four hours to wait.

But was Ye Fan the kind of person who would honestly wait in line?Of course he wasn't, and with Lin Mengqi, he walked right to the front of the line.

The waiter's brows furrowed, "Sir, please get in line, it's New Year's Eve, you all want to have a good time, so don't provoke public anger at this time."

"It's fine, I won't jump the queue, I'm just here to talk to the boss about a small business."Saying that, Ye Fan walked in with Lin Mengqi, and after a few questions, he went straight to the boss's office.

It was said to be an office, but it was just a small room, and the owner was a middle-aged man in his forties, short and chubby, and his face was just honest and simple.

"Hello, I'm the owner of this shop, Kong Chunsheng, what can I do for you?"Kong Chunsheng was polite.

Ye Fan smiled and handed out a business card without beating about the bush, "My name is Ye Fan, I want to acquire this store, how much do you think is appropriate?"

"Acquisition?"Kong Chunsheng frowned slightly, "It's peak season, I invested two hundred thousand in it, I've been losing money for the first six months, and I'm just about to start making money, do you think I'll sell it?"

"Two hundred thousand cost ah, how about this, auspicious New Year, I'll pay eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight, I wish you a new year's hair, what do you think?"Ye Fan was smiling and looked like a harmless person.

Kong Chunsheng's eyebrows were even deeper locked: "Young man, this is not how jokes work, if there is nothing you can go out."

Ye Fan did not talk nonsense, picked up his phone and scanned the Alipay QR code on the table, then Kong Chunsheng's phone sounded an alert.

"Alipay has arrived, $8888888!"

"What?"Kong Chunsheng thought he had heard wrong, opened his phone and hurried to confirm, seeing that it was indeed 8888 yuan in the account, suddenly smiled and said: "Young man, you can be really great, so much money without blinking an eye, okay, I will not be polite to you, the money are given, I will draw up a contract later, the shop is yours."

He invested only two hundred thousand, even if he lost money, the total would not be more than three hundred thousand, but Ye Fan shot over eight hundred thousand, only a fool would still not do a business with this much money.

"Wait a minute, boss, I don't have the time to manage this place right now either, if I can, I'm willing to continue hiring you, but I haven't eaten the dumplings here yet, do you think we should try the finished product first."Ye Fan still had a smile on his lips.

Kong Chunsheng patted his chest and said, "You can't call me boss, you are the boss here now, don't worry, I'll go fill a table and you guys will be able to eat hot dumplings in no time."

Saying that, he went to rig it.

Lin Mengqi stared at the departing boss dumbfoundedly and asked, "Ye Fan, as for that, you bought the shop just to eat a dumpling?"

"Isn't it convenient, before I was willing to throw some money away and jump in line even.But you see this now business is booming, not just because of the New Year, it must still be a good reputation to do so, just like you, isn't it also boast the delicious dumplings here.I think Kong Chunsheng is quite simple and honest, he has good eyesight, so I'll give him a red envelope for the New Year, I'll return the money if the dumpling shop makes a profit, and learn a lesson if it loses.Anyway, it's just for fun to come out to eat."Ye Fan smiled, the point was that he was really hungry now.

Now he could understand Charles more and more, why he would just buy wherever he wanted.Because doing a membership card is only a part of the privilege, but becoming a boss is having supreme power, like this temporary extra table, isn't it a privileged treatment.

Lin Mengqi nodded her head in plausible understanding, anyway, in her opinion, Ye Fan has money, this money is not even a fraction of Ye Fan's account.It's like someone with ten thousand dollars, spending a dollar on a grilled sausage, it's just so easy and carefree, where there's not much to think about.

"Fine, it's pretty good to be able to eat dumplings without queuing up anyway."Lin Mengqi smiled hip-hoppingly and followed Ye Fan out of the boss's office.

But as soon as she left the door, Lin Mengqi hid behind Ye Fan and even had to return back to the office.

Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong?"

"That, the old comrade's son I was talking about earlier, I think I saw him, in a white suit."Lin Mengqi hid behind Ye Fan, not daring to come out.

"Wait a moment, I'll take a look."Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, quickly locked on to a man in a white suit, huge dumpling shop, just one in a suit, no wonder Ye Fan saw it so quickly.

But when he saw it clearly, Ye Fan's expression started to become odd, somewhat startled, "Mengqi, are you mistaken, the man in the white suit is accompanied by a young woman and holding a three-year-old child, it looks like a pretty happy family."

"Really?"Lin Mengqi poked her head out at the words, but then she retracted back into Ye Fan's back and said squarely, "No, I'll never forget that face once I see it, it's Zheng Bingqing, there's no mistaking it!"

Ye Fan helplessly took out his phone and took a picture, then handed it to Lin Mengqi, "Take a good look, people are a family of three."

Looking at the man, woman and child laughing and talking in the photo, Lin Mengqi's body trembled and her eyes showed incredulity.

"What? How is this possible!"


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