Lost Young Master 156-160


Chapter 156

1920, Monday, January 20th, 6pm.

The total number of people inside Kaiyuan Stadium had reached 50,000, the venue was only supposed to hold 40,000, but when it was determined to be safe, some of the aisles were allowed to seat people as well, and it only took ten minutes to fill in with 10,000 people.

Outside the arena gates, there was already a flood of people.

The Kaiyuan Stadium was very advanced, the skylights could be opened so that sound could be transmitted to the outside, and the surrounding area of the stadium was also mainly glass, so even if you didn't enter the stadium, you could still see what was going on inside.And for the convenience of the audience, Ye Fan temporarily found someone to make eight oversized screens and placed them outside of the stadium, so that those who didn't enter the stadium could also see what was going on inside the stadium.

A free concert to this extent, this was considered a first.

That's why the audience also had no choice but to turn all their enthusiasm into shouts and applause, offering an unprecedented inspiration to the mysterious three girls of Van Pin Entertainment!

Finally, above the stage, a petite figure slowly appeared, the light is very weak, even if the camera close video, the audience can not see the face of the live broadcast, it seems to be intentional general.

The audience is not impatient, a day's time have waited down, who also difference this little moment of work.

But the lights never came on, and the song came on.

Without any accompaniment, an ethereal voice spread throughout the venue, invading everyone's heart, this is the melody we have never heard before, beautiful, elegant, make people feel like being in heaven. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan sat in the VIP seat and nodded his head in satisfaction, this song was Han Dong'er's original.However, it wasn't a recent original, but rather Han Dong'er had studied them since childhood, but just couldn't understand music theory and couldn't show them perfectly.After more than a month of special training, Han Dong'er was finally able to master her original perfectly.

After the end of the first part, everyone was dumbfounded, then the piano sounded, the second part began, it was Han Dong'er self-singing.

Also at this time, eight ice blue light on the stage above, the perfect image of Han Dong'er all bloom.

Beautiful people, beautiful songs, beautiful lights, absolutely perfect!

Both live and on air, the audience all roared and shouted with excitement, "Goddess!Goddess!"

But the audience is found the lighting is different, this ice blue is not ordinary lights can play out, and looking for light sources, the audience was shocked, it is eight million level Ferrari sports car, playing lights!

The scene spread ten, ten spread a hundred, and soon all the attention to the lights, and the live camera also gave a close-up of the lights, suddenly all of them were amazed, after all, the lights is the level of millions, this treatment is all the stars have not had.

At first glance it is a gimmick, but on careful reflection, everyone understands that only this kind of excellent ice blue can match the stage Han Dong'er.

The number of people in the live broadcast climbed further due to the lights forming the lights, and by the time Han Dong'er's hour was over, the live broadcast had reached twenty-six million people.

While the live concert was going strong, other live streams were also being held as usual, like Xiao Coco's, where there were still over 200,000 people online at the same time.

"Coco, don't worry, we're not going back to the concert, we'll accompany you!"

"Coco won't fall down, stay with you till the end!"

Looking at a pop-up screen, Xiao Coco revealed a would-be smile.

"Stop giggling, it's your turn, get ready to get off the stage."Just at this moment, a silhouette behind Xiao Coco approached and appeared in the live broadcast room.

The audience went crazy as the figure was none other than Han Dong'er, who was singing on stage just now.

Han Dong'er said that Xiao Coco was on stage, so was Xiao Coco the second debuting newcomer of Van Pin Entertainment?

Thinking about this, the audience couldn't sit still and collectively brushed their crying faces.This is because they are watching the winner of the broadcast to become a star one day, which is unthinkable.It's like the success of the Department of the foster to chase dreams, witnessing the whole process from nothing to something, is tears of joy.

Xiao Coco threw out her tongue and said, "Now the live broadcasters are not many people, only two hundred thousand, but you guys also have to go to the main live broadcast of the concert to help me cheer yo, I do not want to lose to winter sister."

The people in the pop-up screen suddenly said they knew.

Then a strange scene appeared, don't look at the concert live room with 26 million people, but brush gifts are a few dollars of small gifts, but Han Dong'er down, live black screen period, there are suddenly a lot of live platform famous big brother figure, directly brush 666 group of a thousand dollars of gifts, even throw 600,000 six hundred thousand.

It's not even one big brother, but thirteen.

Anyone who was interested in finding out that the big brothers who swiped the gifts were all carrying Xiao Coco's fan cards, suddenly felt that there was something strange.Immediately afterwards, the live broadcast lit up and the person appearing on the stage was Xiao Coco, wasn't it!

A goddess like Han Dong'er, famous as a child child star, the live audience did not have much of a sense of reality.But Xiao Coco is different, they have known each other since before, because Xiao Coco is a big anchor ah, every day is live to share the daily life.

The anchor suddenly appeared on the stage of the star's debut, and the audience watching the live broadcast had a feeling of a girl growing up, and a few of them cried tears of joy, feeling that Xiao Coco was competing with her.

And Xiao Coco's first sentence is also laughable: "Friends of the live broadcast, 666 buckle up, small gifts to walk!"

Unlike big-name stars who are kind of cold, Xiao Coco this belongs to overly pro-people.Although there were some black powder with rhythm, it was drowned out by more than 20 million people, especially the live streaming platform where Xiao Coco was located, seeing Xiao Coco suddenly go to the concert, it was even pushed directly to the homepage.

The platform's whether it was an anchor who wanted to rub off on the heat or an audience, they all rushed directly to the live concert, and thousands of gifts kept climbing.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're not going to be able to get a lot of money for your own money.

In a short while, the staff sent a message: three minutes, gift proceeds 13 million!

"Fuck, a money grab!"Ye Fan was shocked, how could he have never imagined that people would swipe so many gifts.

But on second thought, Ye Fan was relieved, because there were originally more than a dozen local heroes in Xiao Coco's live broadcast, and each local hero brushed more than six hundred thousand, in fact, a total of more than seven million, some scuffling big anchors each brushed tens of thousands, and the remaining millions were only brushed by ordinary viewers.

More than twenty million viewers swiped a few million, which is quite normal when you think about it.

Ye Fan then let the company operate, and once again brushed up a hot search with the title: shock!The web anchor turned into a new star, the three-minute gift proceeds actually amounted to 13 million!


Han Dong'er is a child star debut, Xiao can be an anchor transformation, both have a fan base, once launched, the topic is no less than a first-line star.And now the only thing that Ye Fan is worried about is the only remaining Zhou Leya.

Zhou Leya can be said to be a pure vegetarian, nothing online, in reality is only a student, if the debut battle can not show amazing strength, then it is easy to directly paste.Ye Fan can't help but sweat for Zhou Leya, but also did not go backstage to see, after all, the meeting will instead bring more pressure on Zhou Leya, now can only rely on Zhou Leya's own efforts.

In other words, Ye Fan from back to Kaiyuan has not seen Zhou Leya, heard that Zhou Leya has been secret training, Ye Fan did not bother Zhou Leya.

In any case, Xiao Coco's one hour perfect end, then the stage lights went out again, followed by a silhouette to see a dignified and atmospheric woman walked on stage.

Ye Fan can't help but be shocked, who is the girl in front of him?

Although he knew clearly in his heart that the one who was sure to go on stage was Zhou Leya, but this temperament was completely unlike Zhou Leya.Zhou Leya was the lively little elf, while what was in front of him was the gentle and elegant noble daughter, elegant and generous.

Ye Fan a time to accept this setting, can not wait to perform whether he adapted, a "small bridge and flowing water," the accompaniment slowly played.

The stage lights condensed, showing the silhouette of a person, is Zhou Lanya.

Light open lips, beautiful singing like spring water tinkling flow, not Han Dong'er's ethereal, nor Xiao Coco's enthusiasm, but like a little cat scratching the heart, a little bit of constant stimulation of the nerves of Ye Fan, so that Ye Fan has a kind of itch that can not be said.At the moment on stage Zhou Leya's singing with four words to describe the most appropriate: to reject and welcome.

The boys like the look of the girls most, is precisely this desire to reject and welcome. A second to remember to read the book

More than a point of refusal to appear to pretend, more than a point of enthusiasm to appear young, just right to do to grasp the hearts of the people but not hard to grasp broken.

Pop-up screen familiar with Zhou Leya's classmates exploded Zhou Leya is a thousand gold Miss, instantly let the live wolf - friends can't stop.This kind of gold only drama will appear, can't imagine the reality also have such a good person, suddenly attracted most of the male audience.

And girls like Prince Charming, boys also want a princess of their own.

A song to strike, Zhou Leya's first words were not self-introduction, but softly said: "Will you be my knight?"

"I do!I do!"

This question straight from everyone's heart, whether it is live or live audience suddenly issued a tsunami of willingness, like a knight, like a knight, want to protect Zhou Leya this beautiful princess.

In no time at all, Ye Fan saw a super voice: on how the knights to protect Her Highness.

Ye Fan couldn't help but chuckle after reading it, it seemed he was over-intentional, a girl as excellent as Zhou Leya, just her appearance alone could attract most people, add a prominent background and strength after special training, it's close to perfect.It might be a bit exaggerated, but at least being a star is completely more than enough.

As the saying goes, an outsider looks at the crowd, while an insider looks at the door.Although some of Zhou Leya's movements were still a little rusty, ordinary people couldn't see them.Professionals can see out, and did not comment, like Zhou Leya at this age to do this, is already hard training.

Zhou Leya is like a diamond in the rough, as long as it is built, it is definitely a first-line star.Not that kind of traffic first line, but the strength of the first line, can always red existence.

This comment was a message received on Ye Fan's phone, and the one who sent the message was none other than the former owner of Van Pin Entertainment, Fish Water.

With this comment, Ye Fan was also completely relieved.Not to mention the future, on the end of this concert, at least within a year, the three women steadily in the flow of the first line is no problem, as the focus of the stars is to mix a face, when the public knows, that is, out of the circle.

This concert the peak of the number of viewers reached 34 million, microblogging above the cumulative reading of superlatives also add up to 400 million, this kind of data in the first line is no problem.

And to reach the pinnacle of the number of viewers, is the live broadcast to nine o'clock, the finale of the song is three women together to perform the original song, with hot dance, let the audience excited, and the final big shaft is all the stars on stage together to sing a blessing song, the concert will come to a successful end.

"Hard work everyone!"

After sending a message to the big brother group, Ye Fan directly sent out a million red envelopes as a treat for everyone.

These big brothers naturally don't care about this amount of money, but at least it's Ye Fan's heartfelt gesture, so everyone grabbed each other for a while to give Ye Fan a handful of red envelopes.

Putting down the phone, Ye Fan came backstage and drove away with the three girls from the basement, without giving the media a chance.

Tonight, it was destined to be a celebration feast that belonged to the four of them!

The next morning, the three women went to busy press conference, this wave of heat naturally can not be so simple to let go, the three women have said the direction of development, take advantage of the press conference, conveyed to fans and investors.

Ye Fan didn't ask the three women to earn much money, as long as they are having fun.

As for Ye Fan, he drove off to Fengdu early in the morning, and now that all the shares of the Wang family were collected, he even completely replaced the Wang family and became a first-class family in Fengdu.

Now it became a first-class family, but in name only, because the Wang family's company was extremely shrunken and not worth that much money at all.Ye Fan then called Li Qiuyu and transferred the Wang's listed company directly to the name of Vanity Entertainment, and this news was released, and the share price of the Wang's listed company picked up rapidly.

In just three days, not only did the single share return to $5.50, it even reached a staggering $6.7, and Ye Fan instantly had a ten billion dollar worth!

As previously agreed, Ye Fan helped Zhang Bao's Zhang family become a top-notch family, and the rest of the money Ye Fan only left his original one billion, and the remaining Wang family assets were divided in half between the Wu and Zhang families.The most pocket money in the family was given to one billion, so ten billion was just a number in Ye Fan's opinion, just enough money to spend.And the constant help of the Zhang and Wu families earlier to have the current success, in fact, Ye Fan did not contribute much.

And because of this, the Wu family was also back among the top-tier, while the Zhang family had instead become the upper echelon of the top-tier families.Zhang Bao and Wu Qiushui felt more and more that following Ye Fan was the right choice.

It was only after sorting all this out that Ye Fan completely let go of the burden he was carrying, and after two months of tireless efforts, he was now finally standing his ground in Fengdu and had the support of the two first-class families in Fengdu behind him.

"Looks like it's time to complete the family's assessment mission!"Ye Fan sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and took out his phone with a relaxed face.


Don't look at the fact that Fengdu was a bit bigger than Kaiyuan, but the pattern was still the same, divided into third-rate families, second-rate families, and first-rate families.

The so-called big brother circle was just a gathering circle for the heads of the first-rate families.

After all, Zhang Bao and Wu Qiushui's families were now among the first-class families, and they were the heads of the families, so there was no difference between them and the big brother circle.

After three rounds of wine, Ye Fan made a call to Charles.

"Charles, I've completed my mission."Ye Fan drank a little too much and his tongue was big.

"Congratulations young master on completing the mission, the score still needs to be given by the master himself, you should take a moment, I'll give you news tomorrow."Charles's voice came from the other end of the phone.

Ye Fan also knew that there was no hurry, so he hung up the phone and waited for the results the next day.

The next day soon arrived, and Evan didn't receive a text message from Charles, because Charles came straight away.

"Charles, how did the results go?"Ye Fan was a bit impatient.

Charles smiled lightly and said, "The master has a high opinion of you, although there are other people helping you this time, they all rely on your own judgment, the family didn't help you, and you also managed to help two families to be among the first class, which is many times more difficult than mixing in the big brother circle, so this time the master gave you a rating of 60 points." First URL m.kanshu8.net

"What? Sixty points?"Evan was a bit confused, if he really did that well, why should it be a passing score.

Charles explained, "The only way to get a perfect score is to truly manipulate the plan yourself, plan on your own, not rely on anyone else's help at all, and to create a family on your own and stand at the top of the Wind Capital.To think that back then, I was only 80 points."

"Er..."Ye Fan was a bit speechless, the requirement for a perfect score was indeed too difficult.

But when Charles said 80 points, how could Ye Fan feel that Charles was showing off his score.

Leaving aside the unpleasant topic, Ye Fan inquired again, "Charles, am I allowed to go back to the family now?"

Ye Fan has always been more eager to go back to his family, especially since the New Year is coming up in three days, and now it's time to go home and have a reunion.

But Ye Fan does not hold much hope, after all, the previous several times did not go back, this time is only a passing score, even less hope.

To his surprise, Charles nodded and said, "Young Master can go back for the New Year, after all, the New Year is all about reunion, and Master and Madam miss you a lot."

"Really?That's great!"Ye Fan excited almost jumped up, this news can be said to be the best news at the end of the year.

Who doesn't want to go home for reunion, before, Ye Fan's New Year's Eve only with his adopted grandmother, extremely envious of others who have parents, finally, Ye Fan can also have a full year.

"That, that, Charles what do you think I should prepare, the first time home can't go back empty handed, how bad ah."Evan scuffed his hands against his pants, a little overwhelmed, the intense excitement had made it impossible for Evan to think properly.

"No need to prepare."Charles spoke faintly, there was still a little intolerance in his eyes.

But Ye Fan didn't notice, but frowned, "How can we not use it, why don't I go home to the mountains to dig up some local specialties to bring back, mountain treasures and seafood I guess my old parents have eaten a lot of things from that small county in my hometown, they should have never seen it."

"There's really no need."Charles thought about it, but still told the truth: "Now the Ye family can be alone among the hidden families, it's because there are no children in the knee, other families let our Ye family go, if it is known that there is your existence, there will definitely be many families looking for you to do something, so this time back to the family is a secret return, must not be made public."

Ye Fan was slightly startled, and soon everything dawned on him.What Charles said was reasonable, yes, letting the Ye family grow bigger was because the Ye family had no queen, and there was no worry that the Ye family could always stand at the top, and when Ye Fan's parents were old, they would be able to gang up and steal everything from the Ye family.And if they knew that the Ye family had an heir, then the other families would definitely join forces, not to mention threaten the Ye family, at least to completely fix Ye Fan and get rid of him.

Ye Fan just realized why he hadn't exposed his time on the internet before, just in case the other families had a trail to follow.

But there was still one thing that Ye Fan didn't understand, he couldn't help but ask, "Then wasn't the previous Wang Kexin also a reclusive family, why would they be able to know my tracks, aren't they afraid that the other families would scramble the news to each other?"

Charles explained: "This involves another secret, in fact, like Wang Kexin this kind of reclusive family but only started in the Ming and Qing dynasties, the bottom line is just average, can have a hundred billion trillion trillion is remarkable, but our Ye family is the Qin dynasty began the reclusive, belongs to a higher level of reclusive family.It's inconvenient to reveal the specifics now, but simply put, our family's level is several orders of magnitude higher than Wang Kexin's family."

"That impressive?"Ye Fan was surprised, but understood why.

Charles specifically described the sub-level, then it wasn't the same level as first class second class third class, but a concept that crossed over to another level, a qualitative difference.

Ye Fan's understanding was that a family like Wang Kexin actually didn't even have access to top-tier families, so why worry about being leaked.

Perhaps for a top family like the Ye family, there was no difference between Wang Kexin's family and ordinary city folk.

What surprised Ye Fan the most was that Wang Kexin's family was at the hundred billion level, so how much money should the Ye family have?Ye Fan dared not imagine that poverty limited Ye Fan's imagination.

Because of this, Ye Fan gave up the idea of bringing things back to the family and went with Charles to the Ye family.

Originally, Ye Fan had planned to take the four girls with him, but Xiao Coco, Zhou Lanya, and Han Dong'er were in the heat of the moment and had already been scheduled to go to the General Radio's Spring Festival Gala, and didn't have time to go with Ye Fan, as for Li Qiuyu, she couldn't leave because of her company.

The four women can't be brought back to the family even if they are free, and the Ye family doesn't allow outsiders to enter, especially the women, who can't come out once they're in.Ye Fan was relieved, and was glad that he didn't bring the four girls with him, otherwise they wouldn't be able to swim together in the future.

"I'm going to sleep, call me when I get there."Ye Fan took a sleeping pill and went straight to sleep.

This time back to the family is to take Charles's private jet, Ye Fan did not do the plane before, and did not know that he would be airsick, on the plane would like to vomit, mo not like to take medicine to sleep it.


I don't know how long it took, but Evan was awakened by Charles, and the plane had landed safely.

"Where is this?"When Ye Fan got off the plane, he saw the endless sea.

Charles said quite proudly, "This is Ye Island, the island that our ancestor of the Ye family found for seclusion, after more than two thousand years of development, this place has been completely occupied and perfected by the Ye family."

"What?"Ye Fan couldn't believe that the Ye family was so strong that it could be placed on the island, and couldn't help but wonder, "How come I've never heard of this Ye Island?"

"These are the Simmons, the young master doesn't need to know for now, this island of leaves doesn't appear on the map and is not regulated anywhere, in the island of leaves, his lordship's word is a supreme command."Charles reminded.

Ye Fan also put away his curiosity, when it was time for him to know, he would naturally tell him, but not now, it must be for his own good, he could not ask any more questions.

Ye Fan was just a little impressed, others said rich at best, but the Ye family, whether in terms of property or governance, had become completely independent.Being able to stay out of a territory that the map showed and was completely autonomous, what was the difference between this and a small country?

Before Evan could think deeply, a call woke Evan up.

"Little Fan, my son, you're suffering out there!"

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Ye Fan suddenly realized in his heart that the beautiful young woman in front of him was his biological mother, but this was a bit too young, right?Ye Fan even felt that she was several times better looking than his four daughters, and energetic, if it wasn't for the dignified and majestic clothing, there really wasn't much difference between her and a young girl who had just stepped into the university.

If my mother was so good-looking, why was I so ordinary?

Muttering in Ye Fan's heart, the beautiful young woman had arrived in front of Ye Fan and directly jumped into his arms.

Caressing Ye Fan's face, the beautiful young woman trembled, "Look at you skinny, you didn't suffer much outside, right?Do you still remember me, I'm your mother, Chen Fangling."

Ye Fan shook his head slightly dazed, he really didn't remember, he didn't remember a lot of things from his childhood.

Chen Fangling sighed, "It's no wonder, it's been so long after all.You shouldn't blame Mom and Dad for being cruel and not bringing you back to the family even though they found you, it's really because the current situation isn't too good, bringing you back is actually harming you ah."

Seeing that Chen Fangling still wanted to explain, Ye Fan smiled and shook his head, "It's fine, I heard Charles say it, I know you guys are doing it for my own good, I understand all of that."

Ye Fan originally thought that he would sob when he saw his mother, but who would have thought that Chen Fangling was such a young beauty, making Ye Fan unable to feel touched either, but just kept muttering in his heart, what a person worthy of the name Fangling.

"Alright, let's go back and catch up."

Just at this moment, a majestic voice sounded, Ye Fan couldn't help but look up, the application was startled.

The emotion that Ye Fan felt for his loved ones had finally arrived, simply because the middle-aged man in front of him looked almost the same as Ye Fan, except he was a little older, and looked like an old hangman.

Needless to say, Ye Fan knew that the person in front of him was his own father.

No wonder he didn't look good, his feelings were inherited from his old dad.

The trio returned to the Ye family, and Ye Fan was shocked by the majestic appearance of the Ye family.

The Ye family was not like the Zhang family Wu family in Windy Capital, there was nothing else but the quaint layout.

How do I not know how to describe it, climbing the tallest building of the Ye family, looking around the entire Ye family, it was like looking at Kaiyuan in the Prosperous Hotel, with endless tall buildings, distributed in an orderly manner.

Ye Fan felt that it was no longer appropriate to describe it as a family, the Ye family was a city ah!

Seeing Ye Fan's surprise, Ye Fan's dad, Ye Yunlong smiled lightly and said, "Ye Island has a total population of two million, about the same size as the entire island and the wind, and the island's inhabitants are all Ye family members, completely self-sufficient, that's our Ye family!"

"Two million?Isn't this an inbreeding."Ye Fan was shocked by the data that Ye Yunlong said, such a big city autonomy, no wonder the Ye family was said to be a top family, it was really different.

Ye Yunlong explained, "In order to prevent inbreeding, every year, we go to various countries to select some excellent genes to bring back to Ye Island, but the ones selected are just females to help the Ye family spread its wings.As for the females on Ye Island, they are selected more than four generations apart and match themselves, rest assured, the Ye Family will not be so confused that there is a possibility of inbreeding."

Ye Fan nodded his head in a dazed manner, so he didn't say anything more.He also knew that he could think of things that Ye Yunlong could not think of.

"Little Fan, it's been hard for you all these years."Ye Yunlong patted Ye Fan's shoulder, not as sentimental as Chen Fangling.

"It's not bitter, my foster grandmother has been quite good to me, even though I can't eat mountains and seafood, it's no problem to have a full stomach."Ye Fan didn't want his parents to worry too much, after all, the past had already passed.

After a short chat, Ye Fan became more and more aware that this father, who looked similar to him, had an easy-going appearance, but his heart was actually far deeper than he had imagined, worthy of being at the helm of the Ye family.

After a few moments of contemplation, Ye Yunlong finally asked, "Little Fan, do you want to return to the family?"

"Think."Ye Fan got out without even thinking about it.

Ye Yunlong said squarely, "It's fine to return to the family, but you need to complete a task, the task two choose whichever one you want to complete, but if you can't complete it, then you can't return to the family."

"You say it."Ye Fan nodded his head heavily.

Ye Yunlong stretched out one finger and said, "First of all, one of the reasons I asked Charles to train you is so that you can grow up to be strong enough to endure a big storm, so that when you return to the family, whether you encounter oppression from other families or inherit the Ye family, you'll be fine."

Ye Fan nodded and said, "I understand that this is all for my own good, but I also know that this kind of exercise will take at least a few years, if not longer, before I can grow completely, and I don't want to take that long to return to the family.What about its second?"

"Its second solution is actually non-existent, but I see hope in you, you found the Dragon Brand before and made a great achievement to the family, which proves that you are a great luckster, so the second one is for you to gather the remaining ten Zodiac Jade Plaques, and when you find the real Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, then you can crush everything in terms of hard power, and you don't have to worry about the threat from other families."After Ye Yunlong finished speaking, he actually laughed at himself.

Ye Fan understood that the first task was something that could be accomplished with plenty of time, but the second task was not something that could be made up with time, it relied on luck.

Good luck might be able to gather it in a day, bad luck would never find it in a lifetime.The Ye family cared so much about this that they must have been looking for it, but hundreds of years would only prove how difficult it was to find the Tiger Brand.

"I'll try my best."Ye Fan spoke in a slightly heavy tone, knowing that he would not be able to return to Ye Island for a short time.

Ye Yunlong patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said, "Little Fan, you're father's son, you have to believe in yourself.Don't think too much about it now, prepare for the New Year, relax and try your best next year!"



In Ye Island, Ye Fan stayed for a total of three days and left after the first day of the new year.

This New Year was the happiest Ye Fan had ever had, but Ye Fan didn't stay long, he knew he wouldn't want to leave if he stayed longer.

Three days Ye Fan has been accompanying Chen Fangling and Ye Yunlong, talking about some of these years past, and also did not go to the city of Ye Island to play, Ye Island's population is so large, there is no guarantee whether there is a mole, Ye Fan does not want to expose himself so early.He will happen life threatening is one thing, more or less afraid of his parents distracted for him.

On the day of leaving, Chen Fangling didn't come to see Ye Fan off, as she had already fainted from crying, only Ye Yunlong watched Ye Fan leave.

"If you go out, you are a member of the Ye family, don't lose the Ye family, let's go, the great world is even more for you to go through!"Ye Yunlong heavily patted Ye Fan's shoulder.

Ye Fan nodded heavily without leaving the slightest promise and left on Charles' private jet without turning back, afraid that he would choke if he opened his mouth.

He would use his efforts to obtain results and then scenically re-embark on Ye Island!

This time, Ye Fan adapted to the plane without getting airsick and took eight hours to return to China.

Originally Charles was going to send Ye Fan back to Fengdu or Kaiyuan, or Jin Sha, but Ye Fan refused.

From the moment he returned to China, Ye Fan was destined to make his way on his own, without any mission, and all of his adventures needed to be done on his own. One second to remember to read the book

Therefore, Ye Fan chose a city called Fangzhou.

Fangzhou belonged to a third tier city, not too big, not too small, just enough for Ye Fan's experience.

"Young Master, in the future, every month will be fixed in your account into a hundred million dollars of pocket money, everything you can freely allocate, what resources you need, just talk to me, I will report to the Master, the Master's approval will give you what you need, after that I will not be able to accompany you, Young Master everything should be based on their own safety."Charles sighed, and there was obvious reluctance in his tone.

"Charles, thank you for nurturing me this time, I'll be on my own next."Evan didn't say too many words of separation, not wanting to make the atmosphere too sad.

As for Charles' promise of family help, Ye Fan didn't care.What he needed now was to train himself, and if he asked for help without limit, what was the difference between him and a flower in a greenhouse?And how does he grow?

Ye Fan had already thought about it, all the money given by the family except for expenses would be transferred to Li Qiuyu's account, and now that Li Qiuyu was becoming more and more like a female president, he would feel more at ease if it was given to Li Qiuyu to manage.

After seeing Charles leave, Ye Fan walked aimlessly on the street.

Ye Fan didn't have the slightest understanding of Fangzhou, the only thing he knew was that Fangzhou wasn't an oceanfront city and was surrounded by mountains on all sides, which gave it its name.

The only thing that has changed is that Ye Fan is now only one person and has no acquaintances in Fangzhou.

Since the encounter with Charles until now, Ye Fan has been tense, don't look rich, but things have become more, the things encountered in the past few months, Ye Fan feels that could write a novel.Originally, Ye Fan's life was a four point one line, eat, sleep, go to school, work to earn money as Bai Tingting's licking dog, life is extremely quiet.

Come to Fangzhou and start everything over again.

No more acquaintances, no more grudges, Ye Fan only feels like a newborn, standing on the roadside, just want to quietly feel the beauty in front of him, the mind is also never calm.

That's right, the first thing he wanted to do was to slow down and return to his ordinary life.When he was busy he couldn't observe everything in time, but now he was able to carefully observe every bit of what was in front of him, calm his mind, and do everything without fear, which was also a necessary lesson to become a superior person.

I have to say, Fangzhou's air is really good, worthy of being surrounded by mountains on all sides, the air quality is excellent, there is not the slightest haze, the blue sky and white clouds are very pleasant, Ye Fan closed his eyes to enjoy, can't help but inhale heavily, surprisingly can feel some vegetation aroma.

Hmm?Why does it still smell like a girl?

When Ye Fan opened his eyes in confusion, he saw a young girl of about eighteen-nine years old standing in front of him.

The young girl willow leaf eyebrows almond blossom eyes, looking youthful and lively, wearing a casual white wide fluffy jacket, feet on a pair of blue and white short boots, Ye Fan can not help but admire the eyes, more sweeping a few eyes, after all, beautiful girls who do not want to see ah.

But to Ye Fan's surprise, the girl even stood in front of him and did not move, Ye Fan did not know what the girl was thinking, nor did he want to know.Anyway, the person was right in front of him, one more glance would earn her a glance, and she would be done.

After looking for about ten minutes, the maiden suddenly said, "Have you seen enough?"

"Almost."Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, but just now he hadn't let go at all from head to toe, looking carefully back and forth several times.The more he looked at Ye Fan, the more satisfied he became, a beautiful girl like this who was beautiful at a glance was basically uninteresting, but this one in front of him was the more beautiful she looked.

"If you've seen enough, take me to dinner."The young girl said and directly took Ye Fan's arm.

Ye Fan was directly confused, what was going on, for nothing to the maiden?Or is it playing fairy hop?

Ye Fan couldn't help but inquire, "It's the first day of the year, you're not home for New Year's Eve, looking for me to scrounge up dinner?And what's your name, I don't know you yet."

"My name is Lin Mengqi, I've run away from home."

Lin Mengqi said very casually, but Ye Fan couldn't even see half of Lin Mengqi's sadness, and couldn't help but feel even more like a fairy jump.

But Ye Fan didn't shake off Lin Mengqi's hand, but instead hugged Lin Mengqi's shoulders with his back hand and grinned, "That accomplished, I'll take you to dinner, what do you want to eat?"

"I'll have the Louis XIII pizza, the Japanese wagyu beef pie, and the Golden Jade sundae."As if she was reporting the names of dishes, Lin Mengqi named a few dishes.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you've been wearing for a while.Let's go, you lead the way."

A hint of complexity flashed in Lin Mengqi's eyes, and before Ye Fan noticed, she smiled, "Brother Ye, the Western Restaurant is not far from here, let's walk."

"Whatever, it's up to you, I don't know the place well anyway."Ye Fan smiled and sized up Lin Mengqi.

Just now he was holding Lin Mengqi's shoulders, although Lin Mengqi didn't struggle greatly, but Ye Fan clearly felt Lin Mengqi's nervousness, it was obvious that Lin Mengqi had never been held like that, at a glance, she was unattached, perhaps not even with an object, which made Ye Fan feel at ease, knowing that Lin Mengqi wasn't a fairy hopping actress.

And there was another point, just now he just asked Lin Mengqi's name, but did not report himself, but Lin Mengqi called out the name 'Brother Ye', so it dawned on Ye Fan without much thought, it was very likely that Lin Mengqi was one of the twenty fiancées arranged by Chen Fangling, otherwise why did he call Ye Fan so similar to Wang Kexin, or even the same as.

However, when Lin Mengqi said that she ran away from home, it was most likely out of rebellion that she ran away from her family and came here to test Ye Fan.

Estimating in his heart, Ye Fan had a lot of ideas, but he didn't ask and tear down Lin Mengqi, anyway, if he didn't ask, Lin Mengqi would be unable to resist saying it directly sooner or later.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan had no thoughts in his mind, and he didn't care if Lin Mengqi was willing or not, he reached out and hugged Lin Mengqi again, and headed to the western restaurant together.


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