Lost Young Master 151-155


Chapter 151

Throwing 1.8 billion, Ye Fan finally got a controlling stake in Wang's company, and as long as Ye Fan went to the Wang family to ask for the company, it was 100% successful, there would be no problems.

However, when Ye Fan wanted to make a statement, but Wu Qiushui and the others were worried that the Wang family was dying to fight back, so they wanted to wait until they completely annexed everything, so that the Wang family would disappear without a word, without even the ability to resist.

For these, Ye Fan naturally could only agree.

From the beginning of dealing with the Wang family, now after just one and a half months, he had seen remarkable results.Ye Fan didn't think that it was his own merit, it was more due to the help of the Wu and Zhang families that he had reached this point, and because of this, Ye Fan strongly agreed with Zhang Bao and Wu Qiushui's point of view.

But to completely annex the Wang family, it wasn't going to happen overnight, especially if the Wang family was completely undetectable, it was even harder.This was the reason why slow work made fine work.

And without the worries on the Windy Capital side, Ye Fan left Qian Duo Duo with Wu Qiushui, and he returned to Kaiyuan alone.After nearly two months, he had completely made his mortal entertainment distribution in Kaiyuan City.

Although after taking down the Wang family, there was no need for Ye Fan to engage in entertainment, as he already had the capital to become the first tier of the Wind Capital, and it was easy for him to enter the big brother circle.

But Ye Fan also knows that in this month, Zhou Lanya, Han Dong'er and Xiao Coco have all put in a lot of effort to become stars, if they just give up, I'm afraid these girls will be very sad, and Ye Fan's heart also feel bad.

Driving the Ferrari, Ye Fan went straight to Bai Qin's house when he arrived at Kaiyuan.

"Open the door, it's me."Ye Fan rang the villa's doorbell, because there was no advance notice, Ye Fan had to use the most original way of knocking on the door. One second to remember to read the book

"Who is it?"An impatient voice came from inside the villa, followed by a handsome man walking out from inside the villa.

His hair was unkempt and disheveled, and he had obviously just woken up.This person was none other than Bai Qin's grandson, Bai Mufeng who was constantly looking for trouble with Ye Fan.

Seeing Bai Mufeng, Ye Fan couldn't help but playfully say, "It's already afternoon and you're still sleeping?Or are you looking at me and don't want me to go in, to deliberately embarrass me?"

"Yeh, Yeh, what are you doing here?"Seeing Ye Fan, Bai Long was so frightened that he even couldn't speak properly and stammered, "How dare I not let Ye Fan in, you don't want to wrong me ah."

Patting Bai Mu Feng's shoulder, Ye Fan was somewhat tolerant, "Don't be so formal, I'm not here to find you any trouble either, but I have something to look for your grandfather."

"So that's how it is, then come in quickly."As soon as Bai Long heard that he wasn't looking for himself, he was happy, because Ye Fan's tactics were still fresh in his mind, and he also remembered Bai Qin's teachings to him, so he didn't dare to be rude to Ye Fan at all.

After politely inviting Ye Fan into the room, Bai Mufeng ordered the maids to serve tea and water while he went to find Bai Qin.

Not long after, Bai Qin hurriedly ran down from upstairs and said, "Ye Shao has come to the humble abode, please don't blame me for not welcoming you."

"It's fine, I only wanted to come here on a whim."Ye Fan waved his hand, he came straight over without making an appointment beforehand, he was expecting to have to wait for a long time, fortunately Bai Qin was at home, and it saved him the time of waiting.

"Then Ye Shao will have tea first."Bai Qin said and handed the cup of tea brought up by the maid to Ye Fan.

For the last two months, Ye Fan hadn't made any movements, and thought that Ye Fan had left Kaiyuan.But suddenly coming to his door made Bai Qin mistakenly believe that his family had made some mistake and offended this god.Knowing that everything was fine, Bai Qin couldn't help but feel relieved.

"Don't be so formal, sit down, I've come this time to ask for your help with something."Ye Fan said with a smile.

Ever since Ye Fan had heard about Charles' deeds from Wu Zhengfeng, he could understand why both Wu Zhengfeng and Bai Qin treated him with such respect and even some humility.

When Charles helped the Bai family to get started, then now that Ye Fan was looking for a little help from the Bai family, it was just collecting some interest.How to say it, Ye Fan using the Bai family was simply like an arm and a leg.

"If Ye has anything to do, just tell me."Bai Qin said evenly, acting like he was going up and down the mountain.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "It's not a big deal, no need to be so serious.Didn't you give me a building some time ago, I made it into an entertainment company, and I'm going to get an opening ceremony recently, I just thought I'd let all the big names from Kaiyuan come to the ceremony to appear a bit more branded."

"That's it?"Bai Mufeng was slightly startled and thought he had heard wrong.After all, this matter was too small, a phone call would have been enough to inform him, so why come to the door in person?

Without waiting for Bai Mufeng to say more, he was stunned by Bai Qin and stopped speaking.

Bai Qin chuckled, "This grandson of mine is ignorant, I'm making you laugh.Ye Shao personally came to give orders, so I'm sure he's paying extra attention to this matter.Don't worry, I'll organize all the respectable people from Kaiyuan to attend, and definitely give full credit."

"Okay, I'm relieved when you say that, I'll go back to confirm the opening time and send you a WeChat."Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, then got up and left.

If there was nothing else, Ye Fan would still be able to accompany Bai Qin to get drunk, but at the moment he still had to meet the company to see what was going on, so it was inconvenient to drink.

Driving the Ferrari again, Ye Fan rushed to the Fan Pin Entertainment.

But when he arrived at Fan Pin Entertainment, Ye Fan was shocked by the scene in front of him, the Fan Pin Entertainment was now covered by four huge red cloths that covered the entire shape of the building, and Ye Fan could vaguely see the four big words written under the red cloths.In addition to that, the exterior had also been renovated, and it was very different from before.

It was a pity that the red cloth blocked it, and Ye Fan was unable to see the full picture.

Although there was some regret in his heart, but Ye Fan did not feel sorry, after all, it was his own company, and he could see the full picture when it opened.And even a slinger like him could have expectations, let alone others.

The renovation and reorganization of this new company, Ye Fan fully handed over to Li Qiuyu as an agent, Li Qiuyu can do this, Ye Fan really feel gratified.

Taking a big step, Ye Fan entered the company directly, but as soon as the door of the company opened, Ye Fan saw a silhouette rushing out from inside, directly colliding with Ye Fan.

"Fuck!So anxious to reincarnate!"Ye Fan cursed in dissatisfaction, and when he got up and saw the figure on the ground, his saliva almost flowed out.

Black OL outfit with black silk - socks, this is the workplace women only have the temptation.

Especially after the woman in front of the collision is lying on the ground, pouting buttocks, Ye Fan just see a good view.

But when the woman rolled over, Ye Fan was suddenly stunned, because the sexy woman in front of him was none other than his first girlfriend, Bai Tingting!


How could Ye Fan have never thought that one day he would reunite with Bai Tingting, and still in his own company.

When Bai Tingting got up and saw Ye Fan, there was some surprise and fear in her eyes, but soon, these two emotions disappeared from her eyes, followed by a toe-curling, "You don't have eyes, don't you know how to walk more carefully?"

Ye Fan was still immersed in his memories and snorted at the words, "None of your business!"

He wasn't the old Ye Fan anymore, but Bai Tingting was still the old Bai Tingting, still so defiant, always thinking that he was superior to others, but was actually a Bichi.

Especially since Ye Fan was green, this was something he could remember for the rest of his life.

Although the old saying is that when will revenge be avenged, but Ye Fan has to revenge, and also completely crush Bai Tingting.

Previously when Bai Tingting ran away, Ye Fan didn't look into it deeply, but this time he ran into it again, then it was destined by the heavens for him to make a complete end with Bai Tingting.

"Ye Fan, don't think that you can do whatever you want when you're rich, I'm not as good as you in Jinsha, but in Kaiyuan, you may not be better than me.Having money is nothing, being powerful is the most awesome thing!"Bai Tingting sneered, as if Ye Fan had become a piece of white - rabbit to be slaughtered, as long as she gave the order, she could turn Ye Fan into a delicacy.

Ye Fan was a little surprised, he understood Bai Tingting's personality, if it wasn't for being close to a big brother again, he definitely wouldn't have such an attitude.The previous Li Feng, however, was not even as good as a mole in Ye Fan's eyes.

Thinking like this, Bai Tingting should have sturdy the big man of Kaiyuan. The first website m.kanshu8.net

"I don't know what unenlightened thing is going to like you!"Ye Fan sneered, now he was the dragon head of Kaiyuan, powerful and rich, with a casual wave of his hand, he could make Kaiyuan change dramatically, the big brother on Bai Tingting's gang was nothing but an ass in his eyes.

When Bai Tingting saw how confident Ye Fan was, she inevitably frowned, but quickly stretched out and snorted, "If you're capable of going out with me, my husband will be here soon to pick me up, and we'll see who gets killed then!"

"Just go, who's afraid!"Ye Fan clenched his fist, but not with nervousness, but with anger.

At any rate, he had been in a relationship with Bai Tingting before, and as the saying goes, business is not benevolent and righteous, and after the breakup, he was also a friend, but Bai Tingting had treated him like an enemy from before until now, and was extraordinarily jealous every time they met.Faced with this kind of ugly face, he really regretted why he was so obsessed with Bai Tingting and even became Bai Tingting's licking dog.

The more he thought about it, the angrier Ye Fan became.It was really not worth it to give a lot of his youth time to a Bi Chi.

Bai Tingting didn't say much and walked out of the company first, and Ye Fan followed, wanting to see which guy was so ungrateful!

Just out of the company, Ye Fan saw a black BMW parked in front of the company, then Bai Tingting twisted her waist, very slutty to go to the car, pull open the passenger door to sit on.But before Bai Tingting could get on, the driver's door opened, and a fat man walked out right after.

When Bai Tingting saw this, she fell into the fat man's arms with a shy face and said coquettishly, "Zhou Shao, why bother you to get off the car yourself."

"Go aside."The fatty, however, didn't even look at Bai Tingting, and directly raked Bai Tingting to one side.

Immediately afterwards, the fatty ran all the way to Ye Fan's front, slightly surprised, "Ye Shao, why did you come back without a word, so I can inform my two sisters ah."

But Ye Fan didn't reply, but said with interest, "Not bad, Little Peng, now you have girlfriends."

This fat man Ye Fan knew, and it wasn't an outsider, it was Zhou Leya and Li Qiuyu's brother, Zhou Haipeng.

Zhou Haipeng scratched his head awkwardly and said, "What's not bad, if there weren't any good goods, who would want this kind of gold-worshipping Bi Chi, I'm just playing around, they're all just cheap goods that can't make it to the stage."

Upon hearing this, Ye Fan laughed.It seemed that Zhou Haipeng was not stupid, after all, he was a guy who had read countless women, and he could see Bai Tingting's nature at a glance.And Ye Fan was not angry with Zhou Haipeng, after all, Bai Tingting and him were already strangers, not to mention letting people play with her, even if she was played by a dog, Ye Fan was fine with it.

"Zhou Shao, what are you guys talking about?"Bai Tingting but did not hear Zhou Haipeng's words, even if pushed there was no anger, and soon came to Zhou Haipeng's side, and took Zhou Haipeng's arm again, dainty words: "Zhou Shao, a few days before and his acquaintance, he thought I was his girlfriend, and even like a dog's skin ointment has been pestering me, you help me teach this wretched guy a lesson!"

"Huh?"Zhou Haipeng was suddenly shocked by Bai Tingting's words and turned his head to look at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan smiled but didn't say anything, because there was absolutely no need to explain.Now he sort of knew that originally his first love was all just a hypothesis, and Bai Tingting didn't even take it seriously.

Zhou Haipeng saw that Ye Fan did not speak, turned back and slapped Bai Tingting's face.

Bai Tingting screamed and covered her beaten face, but was not annoyed, but instead said in aggravation, "Zhou Shao, why did you hit me?"

"Who told you to talk nonsense with your eyes open and dare to insult Ye Shao, you are really tired of living."Zhou Haipeng sneered, "What is Ye Shao's status, cheap goods like you don't even have the qualifications to know.Ye Fan has been busy with important matters all day and has only just returned to Kaiyuan, and you still say that you are pestering you like a dog's skin, you can really stick gold on your face."

Bai Tingting frowned in defense, "Impossible, he's just a student, but he's suddenly turned into a wealthy man, there's no big event to be busy with."

"Oh, you don't understand even if you say so." Zhou Haipeng looked coldly at Bai Tingting, "If it was really like you said, you wouldn't be mixed up like this now.Like if you're going to debut as a minor star, who do you think this Van Pin Entertainment is owned by, Ye Shao."

"What?Is this company owned by Evan?"Bai Tingting was startled and couldn't help herself for a long time.

She had heard before she came that this company was worth hundreds of millions of dollars just for the property, and the owner of the company was even a top big shot in Kaiyuan City, but she never expected that this person was actually Ye Fan.

Bai Tingting's face was white and red, but she couldn't say half a word.

Ye Fan smiled and said, "Tsk, look at you now, are you regretting, are you trying to enter my company.Unfortunately, no chance.Still want to become a star, don't look at yourself, rotten - goods one!"

After saying that, Ye Fan turned his head and entered the company.

He originally wanted to handle it himself, but he knew that it was more appropriate to leave it to Zhou Haipeng.After all, Zhou Haipeng was the real rich family's son, and his way of torturing people was many times stronger than him.He, on the other hand, only needed to disgust Bai Tingting a few times, and that would be enough for Bai Tingting to drink.


Entering the company, the employees inside this company were basically all brought over from the headquarters over there in Windy City, and all had seen Ye Fan because of the investigation of the mole, so they were very polite when they saw Ye Fan, and there were no hiccups.Ye Fan was also happy to be free and came directly to the top floor.

After thinking about it, Ye Fan knocked on the door of the general manager's office, and then a slightly dignified voice came from inside: "Please come in."

Ye Fan was startled, he wouldn't have been surprised if the general manager was dignified, but this voice was exceptionally familiar, it was Li Qiuyu's voice.

Opening the door to enter the room, the entire general manager's office was mainly black and white, it seemed a bit deserted, and there was only one person at the general manager's desk, it was Li Qiuyu.

"What is it?"Li Qiu Yu said without lifting her head.

Ye Fan walked over, only to see that Li Qiuyu was looking through the documents.

Seeing that no one replied, Li Qiuyu inevitably raised her head with a frown, but when she saw that it was Ye Fan, she was so scared that she directly got up and said, "Ye, Ye Shao, you're back?"

"Well, back."When Ye Fan nodded with a smile, he picked up the documents on the table and said with a light smile, "Messing with it pretty well, with a good sense of style."

"I'm just messing around, I'm relieved that Ye Shao is back, I'll leave it to you to make the decision on these documents next, I don't understand, some of them will be mishandled."

Li Qiuyu blushed slightly, without waiting for her to speak, Ye Fan interrupted, "I think it's good, so that I can also hand over the company to you and be a shirker." Remember the website .kanshu8.net

"Leave it to me?This must not be, I really can't."Li Qiuyu waved his hand repeatedly.

Ye Fan raised his head, looked at Li Qiuyu's glasses, and said squarely: "Although I didn't observe your document decisions, but from the time I entered the company, everything was in order, I knew that the company was running well, and I'm sure you've suffered a lot of hardships in this month.Do you just want to suffer for nothing?Far from it, now your knowledge of this company is many times higher than mine, and I'm relieved to leave it to you."

"Then..... okay."Li Qiuyu nodded heavily, not rejecting Ye Fan, just for this trust of Ye Fan, she couldn't refuse.

Seeing Li Qiuyu promise, only then did Ye Fan reveal a smile, walked to Li Qiuyu's body on a hug, affectionate: "Let's not talk about work, so long without seeing me, did you miss me ah."

"Hmph, bad guy, so long not to call, come back furtively."Li Qiuyu said, but she didn't push Ye Fan away, instead she just hugged Ye Fan.

Just as Ye Fan was about to take the next step, the office door just opened.

"Sorry to bother you."Zhou Haipeng flashed out of the room as he pushed the door and saw the embracing duo.

"Look all over, come in."Ye Fan somewhat helplessly let go of Li Qiuyu and sat down on the sofa.

Only then did Zhou Haipeng re-enter, and without waiting for him to speak, Li Qiuyu snorted, "Do you know that you have to knock on the door to enter the office."

"I know, I know."Zhou Haipeng smiled awkwardly and nodded his head repeatedly.

"Say, what's the matter here, you won't ask me to help that little girlfriend of yours out again, I told you, the company doesn't have that spare capacity right now, and Bai Tingting doesn't have that strength either, so don't waste your breath."Li Qiu Yu sat on the office chair, old-fashioned.

Ye Fan saw it in his eyes and was shocked in his heart.Not to mention, sitting in that chair, Li Qiuyu's aura came out.

A month and a half of effort really was not in vain, now Ye Fan from Li Qiuyu body can not see half of the former shadow, if the former was a small family, now completely become a strong woman, or domineering president that kind of.

Zhou Haipeng smiled heedlessly, "Don't worry, little sister, I've already severed ties with Bai Tingting, I've just sent someone to transport her to Africa as a volunteer."

"Done so severely?Even if she's playing dim sum, she's not going to make you so angry."Li Qiu Yu was surprised.

Zhou Haipeng looked at Ye Fan and saw Ye Fan nod his head before explaining, "I just now realized that Bai Tingting and Ye Fan have already had a relationship."

"What?"Li Qiu Yu was even more surprised and turned her head to Ye Fan for the truth.

Ye Fan sighed: "I do think there was a, even a first love, but people Bai Tingting didn't feel that way and only thought I was a dog licker and never even let me touch her once.And because of a rich second generation with a family fortune of only ten million dollars, she greenlit me.It's embarrassing to say the least.But Little Peng is quite good at shipping her to Africa as a volunteer, why didn't I think of such a good idea before."

The environment over there in Africa Ye Fan still knew, it was multi-disasterous and there were many diseases, going to Africa as a volunteer basically has no return.And Bai Tingting's looks, to be honest, really quite good, by which tribal chief looks at, that is this life can not leave Africa, can only be a semi-primitive, child bearing tool.

Thinking of Bai Tingting's miserable end, Ye Fan's heart was smooth.

He would repay Ye Fan twice over for those who helped him, and those who hurt him, especially those like Bai Tingting who came out to disgust him repeatedly, he just wanted to get rid of them!

Although Ye Fan only had a few words, but Li Qiuyu already understood the general idea.After all, Bai Tingting had been in the company for quite some time, and she was still very clear about Bai Tingting's character, which was a standard Bichir.

Especially since she had also greenlit Ye Fan, this kind of cheating was also unacceptable to Li Qiuyu.As a traditional girl, Li Qiuyu could accept that Ye Fan had many women, but couldn't accept a woman's transgressions out of character.

If she were Ye Fan, she would have already thrown a woman like Bai Tingting into the river to feed the fish, then there was no need to send her to Africa to be so troublesome.

"Forget it, don't think about Bai Tingting, even thinking about her is a waste of time."Ye Fan smiled and waved his hand, the mention of Bai Tingting made him feel sick.

As soon as the conversation changed, Ye Fan inquired, "This time, I'm back mainly to see how the company is doing, when will we probably be able to officially open?"

At the mention of business, Li Qiuyu also looked shaken, revealing complacency, "The original plan was two to three months, but now the progress is fast, basically it's now officially operational, although it hasn't exposed Zhou Leya, Han Dong'er, and Xiao Coco, but there are already several orders of business booked for shooting commercials.Now we just need to wait for the three of them to finish their training before they can officially open for business, in a week at the latest."

"So soon?"Ye Fan was a little surprised and couldn't help but nod in satisfaction, "That's good, let's do the announcement now, it's scheduled for a week from now, Vanity Entertainment will officially open!"


A week's time was not long to say the least.

And in order to be wonderful, Ye Fan directly made a bold decision, that is, to call the media and directly hold a concert, synchronized to the online live.

The reason why this decision is bold, that is because it was a newcomer, can be accepted by the audience is another story, the main reason is to hold a concert but do not know who the performers are, the audience to see the concert is difficult to buy.

Because of this, on the first day of the announcement, there were only a few curious people who bought tickets, and even Ye Fan felt that they were not bought by passersby, but by company insiders who spent money on them.

So Ye Fan made another bold decision, that is free, as long as you come to see the concert, all free admission.

As soon as this news was released, many people who loved to take small advantage of the situation booked tickets.

The concert was set at the largest Kaiyuan Stadium in Kaiyuan City, a stadium that held 40,000 people.

Such a big battle, tickets are actually free, and even as long as the reservation tickets to the scene, you can receive a box of popcorn and a bottle of drinks.

Forty thousand people do not count the cost of the venue, just popcorn and drinks lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.This kind of money-losing deal sparked a heated discussion online and instantly made it to the Weibo hot search list.

In fact, hundreds of thousands didn't seem like much in the slightest to Ye Fan, and having gained a hot search, Ye Fan earned it.After all, there was a simultaneous live concert on the line, and this kind of announcement would definitely make more people pay attention. One second to remember to read the book

The main thing was that Ye Fan didn't spend that much money.When on the hot search, after Kaiyuan knew that Van Pin Entertainment was a big shot in Ye Fan's company, he took the initiative to sponsor Ye Fan.Of course, the big brother circle all know that Ye Fan does not care about this money, but some big brother is to sell drinks to start with, and even drinks sold abroad.

So, the first time, the big man to buy drinks approached Ye Fan, willing to pay for free drinks, which is also considered to help his family's drinks advertising, a win-win situation.The same goes for popcorn, where the big man in the fast food industry took the initiative to find Ye Fan for cooperation.

One after another, Ye Fan didn't spend any money, but made two million because he got the advertising fee.

This news was naturally put on the internet by Ye Fan, and the official blogs of the two tycoons also talked about the cooperation, which made the news of Fan Pin Entertainment and the mysterious newcomer a hot topic of discussion recently.

The topic of the behind-the-scenes boss of Fan Pin Entertainment was not bigger because Ye Fan couldn't appear online, and because of the Ye family's action, the topic of discussing the behind-the-scenes boss of Fan Pin Entertainment was quickly withdrawn.

And because of this, Wang Yuntian, who was in the Wind Capital, was furious!

Wuji Entertainment had always been an entertainment company operated by Wang Yuntian, and in Fengdu, the only one that could break bread with Wuji Entertainment was Fishwater's Fan Pin Entertainment.

But now that Fan Pin Entertainment was constantly on the hot search and had grown to Kai Yuan, this news would undoubtedly double the value of Fan Pin Entertainment and even shake the position of Infinite Entertainment as long as it was operated properly.Especially since the Wang family's stock market had been falling recently and the family's industry was shrinking, so the Wang family could only rely on Wang Yuntian's Infinite Entertainment to fight the turnaround battle, and now that Fan Pin Entertainment had become stronger, this was a situation that Wang Yuntian would never allow to happen.

"What should we do now, you guys speak up, isn't the reason for hiring you with high salaries to use you now, you bunch of rice buckets!"Wang Yuntian smashed the document on the conference table.

The dozen or so people sitting below were all silent, not daring to make a sound.

It was a long time before a balding middle-aged man spoke up, "Wang Shao, don't worry, I think now is also a good time."

"Wang Qinglong, what good timing?"Wang Yuntian frowned, the situation is so bad right now, what good is it.

Wang Qinglong instructed Wang Yuntian not to be anxious before he spoke to explain, "This public opinion is a double-edged sword right now, if Van Pin Entertainment handles it properly it will naturally be in the right direction, but if we make a mess out of it, they will definitely make a big joke."

Wang Yuntian could not help but brighten up before his eyes, although Wang Qinglong did not have a specific solution, this was the right direction.As long as they messed up and prevented Van Pin Entertainment's concert from going smoothly, then Van Pin Entertainment would naturally be reduced to a laughingstock.

When Wang Yuntian slapped the table, the haze on his face instantly turned into joy, and he waved his hand, "Good, this matter will be fully represented by Wang Qinglong, everything is subject to Wang Qinglong's arrangement, the meeting is adjourned!"

"Congrats, you'll get a promotion even if you do it right this time!"

"Worthy of being a member of the Wang family, awesome!"

After the meeting was adjourned, there were many congratulations, and after Wang Qinglong smiled and responded to each of them, he went straight back to his office.

After confirming that no one was there, Wang Qinglong locked the door, cautiously dialed a phone, and whispered, "Everything went according to plan, very smoothly."

"Good, I know, you do a good job, and I'll give you ten million yuan when things are done, enough for you to go abroad and be unrestrained for the rest of your life."A voice came from the other end of the phone.

Upon hearing the words, Wang Qinglong said excitedly, "Okay, I will definitely finish it."

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

And the person on the other side of the phone was none other than Zhang Bao.

Zhang Bao picked up the phone and sent a message to Ye Fan, "All is well, don't worry about Infinite Entertainment."

Ye Fan laughed when he received the message, this was all Zhang Bao's plan.Zhang Bao had already guessed that Wang Yuntian would be jealous of Vanity Entertainment and formulate a corresponding plan.And then Zhang Bao bribed Wang Qinglong, promising to give 10 million yuan as a running fee as long as Wang Qinglong became the person in charge of this decision.

The company is a big company, but Wang Qinglong, who is in charge of the company, has never earned 10 million in his entire life, especially when the Wang family is still going downhill.

Now that the time to the opening of Van Pin Entertainment was getting shorter and shorter, Ye Fan also started to get busy.Solving the hidden problems on the Wind Capital side was but one part of the equation, and the more important was the Kaiyuan side.

What Ye Fan wanted was not a moment of heat, but to make the three girls into a frontline in the shortest possible time, and in simple words, a hit.

But Ye Fan also knows the difficulty of this, and the effort for it is naturally essential.

But the professional side of the operation Ye Fan can not help, Ye Fan can only from the venue and other aspects, looking for something with a row, so Ye Fan came to the Prosperous Star Hotel, booked the best box 1001.

The people present this time were not only Bai Qin and Zhou Fu, but also all the big bosses of Kaiyuan City.It could be said that as long as these bigwigs stomped their feet, Kaiyuan would tremble three times.

In past years, the big shots only gathered once a year, but Ye Fan made an exception by virtue of the name of the Dragon Head.And it wasn't to discuss the development of Kaiyuan, it was simply to see how to help the three girls find a sign for their concert.

To help the public for private, it seemed to say that Ye Fan's current behavior.But Ye Fan was fine with it, it wasn't needed for nothing anyway, and these big shots were willing to help Ye Fan.


"We're out of the garage!"

"We security company out bouncers!"

"We Digital City out concert equipment!"

"Let's offer..."

Ye Fan's party was simple, it was to ask these big brothers what they could offer that had a row to it, and soon the big brothers were offering people, cars, and resources.

What surprised Ye Fan the most was that several of the big men liked to keep a mistress, and they were all first and second tier big stars.So just the day before the concert, many big stars took out blogs to say that they would attend the concert to become performing guests, and once this news was released, the microblogging server directly blew up.

Because so many big names gathered, many fans said to come to the scene, after all, the concert tickets are also free, but when you go to the online inquiry, but found that the tickets have already been ordered light.

The stars have taken to blogs to comfort fans, but also took the opportunity to promote the opportunity to watch the live online.

So on the opening day, before the live broadcast began, the total number of live broadcasts forwarded by all platforms had already exceeded two million.

The live broadcast began at nine in the morning and lasted until nine in the evening. The debut website m.kanshu8.net

According to the booking, the opening ceremony was from nine to twelve, while from twelve to six in the evening was the celebrity guest performance, and from six to nine was the three women performance, one hour each.

At first, Ye Fan was worried that the audience would be impatient if the broadcast started for so long, but Ye Fan was relieved to have these people paying attention before the broadcast started.

At nine o'clock, the live broadcast started, everyone saw the building of Van Pin Entertainment was covered by a red cloth, and on the stage was a young woman in a dress, this person is none other than Li Qiuyu.

Ye Fan is not allowed to appear on the network, and the company has been fully handed over to Li Qiuyu, so now let Li Qiuyu directly as the president, it also makes sense.

Seeing Li Qiuyu who dumped the country, the cumulative number of people in all the live broadcasts directly exceeded four million.

There was an instant superlative on the internet: "The most beautiful CEO!"

What man wouldn't dream of a beautiful and powerful woman like Li Qiuyu?Even if it was a girl, she would fall for it.

Behind Li Qiuyu, there was a row of middle-aged people in suits, and some of the people in the live broadcast who were local to Kaiyuan suddenly exclaimed: "The bald one on the left is the owner of a Porsche dealership, big brother ah!"

"The one next to the bald one is the CEO of Kaien Security!"

"Fuck, it's the owner of the Prosperity Hotel standing on the far side of the room!"

"Nima, what kind of divine combination is this with the big boys!"

Those in the know between live broadcasts kept breaking the news, while the onlookers were also amazed, the feelings of an opening ceremony actually gathered all the big personalities of Kaiyuan, no wonder they could invite so many top-tier stars, they definitely had a legacy ah.

Just in all of this, the name of Van Pin Entertainment was completely reflected in the heart of every single spectator.Everyone boldly predicted that by fiercely smashing resources according to this frame, soon Fan Pin Entertainment would be able to occupy a place in the entertainment circle, and in an upper class circle at that!

Li Qiuyu made a big speech after cutting the ribbon, and Van Pin Entertainment was finally officially open.

Worthy of being a beautiful woman, even though she was speaking the same long speech, everyone listened to it as if they were rapt, without any anxiety.

After Li Qiuyu stepped down from the stage, it was the others' turn to speak, and everyone ventured to guess which big shot it was, but to everyone's surprise, it was an unfamiliar bald head who took the stage.But those who were sharp-eyed, then exclaimed: "Isn't this Fish Water."

"Who is Fishwater?"

"Fishwater you don't even know, the CEO of Van Pin Entertainment, my childhood goddess Han Dong'er is under their banner.Wait, Van Pin Entertainment, is there any mystery in this?"

Because Fish Water's is also called Fan Pin Entertainment, this new opening is also called Fan Pin Entertainment, to say there is no relationship how can it be, everyone is looking forward to Fish Water's speech.

I waved my hand after I came on stage, "Hello everyone, I'm Fish Water from Fan Pin Entertainment, I'm sure some of you know me, I'll say a few words today, so I won't take up too much of your time.Our Windy City's Van Pin Entertainment has been acquired by Ms. Li Qiuyu, and I can briefly reveal here that three girls will be introduced tonight, one of which is the Han Dong'er you are familiar with!"

"What?There's Han Dong'er?"

"Who's Han Dong'er?"

"Han Dong'er is the voice of the heroine of several animated works such as dubbing Little Whirlwind, Clear Dream Start, and Wang Wu Xiu'an, is my childhood goddess ah."

"Fuck, those parts are even dubbed Han Dong'er, I didn't even know, Han Dong'er, I'm going to powder you now!"

The pop-up screen was again filled with heated discussions from the audience, and Evan knew the plan had worked.Although mysticism would give the audience a sense of anticipation, it was still a bit too much to do with all three girls being mystic.Revealing the tip of the iceberg now, exposing one would instead give the audience more of a sense of anticipation.

After all, Han Dong'er alone had pulled up the standards, and the others couldn't be too bad.

The opening ceremony went off without a hitch as the big brother appeared on stage and the audience screamed in awe, until it was twelve noon and the concert finally began.

Ye Fan is beautiful, while on the other side, in the wind capital, but Wang Yuntian is angry enough, in the conference room to curse angrily: "You bunch of waste, said defamation of mortal entertainment, from which you do, what are you doing, I can't see half of what happened."

Wang Qinglong didn't retort, but took out his pre-prepared miniature camera and clicked the start button.

Wang Yuntian cursed for a full half hour before the meeting ended.

After Wang Qinglong left the meeting room, he returned to his office to first review the contents before satisfactorily sending the video file to Zhang Bao.Zhang Bao transferred 10 million to Wang Qinglong after watching the video, and Wang Qinglong took the money and ran away directly.

This video footage was all about how Wang Yuntian proposed to persecute Van Pin Entertainment's evil words, and Zhang Bao didn't even edit it, so he directly sent it to the Internet, and he directly bought the hot search and spent a heavy amount of money to top the video.

All of a sudden, the scolding of Infinite Entertainment combined with the previous incident at Wang's hotel, it completely blasted Wang Yuntian, and Wang's company's stock had fallen to the point where it couldn't fall anymore.

Ye Fan directly let Qian Duo Duo take the opportunity to acquire all the remaining shares, and now everyone knows that the Wang family is finished, and the Wang family itself is also clear, just after selling the company shares, thinking that at least some money in hand, to be able to make a comeback, they have no reservations about all the shares thrown.

The Wu family and the Zhang family is again to raise 500 million cash, under the operation of money, will be the remaining shares directly all acquired, and even the Wuji entertainment also to the acquisition.

At four in the afternoon, all the assets under the Wang family's name, except for 500 million cash, were acquired by Fan Ye.

And because the video of Wang Yuntian's persecution of Van Pin Entertainment scurried onto the hot topic, there were more people sympathetic to Van Pin Entertainment, so the number of people paying attention to the Van Pin concert increased even more.

By six o'clock in the evening, the time when students got off school and office workers got off work, the cumulative number of people in the live broadcast actually reached a staggering twenty million!It's ten times what it was on the air!


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