Lost Young Master 146-150


Chapter 146

The next day, the top floor of Wang's Hotel.

"Rubbish, all fucking rubbish!"Wang Yuntian roared and smashed all the information on the face of the kneeling man and woman in front of him.

The kneeling man and woman were none other than Wu Hao and Bai Ping.

Bai Ping trembled, "Wang Shao, I didn't expect to be shady-handed, it was us who did the unfavorable work, please give us another chance."

"Chance?"Wang Yuntian's eyebrows raised and coldly snorted, "What opportunity was given to you, I've heard that yesterday, the Wu family sent a high-ranking person to catch the mole, in my opinion, it was you who were caught and turned against me, deliberately messing with me.Now you still dare to come here, is it to mock me?Do you really think I'm a soft persimmon that can be squeezed in any way you want?Remember, your Wu family is no longer the fierce dragon that flaunted its might, it's now a dying stinker!"

Saying that, Wang Yuntian waved his hand and four black-clothed men swarmed to the scene, holding ropes and tied the two of them up.

"The Wu Clan is downright playful, and even had an inner demon deliberately send me false news to trap me.Now I'm going to see if anyone will come to the rescue after humiliating your clan's sons and daughters!"Wang Yuntian laughed sardonicly.

Immediately afterwards, the people in black began to take turns humiliating Bai Ping, while Wu Hao was in a rage, but there was nothing he could do, even the right to yell out was gagged by a stinky sock.

The humiliation video to Wang Yuntian passed to Wu Qiushui, but Wu Qiushui just happened to go to the bathroom, and Ye Fan in the room just saw the message, so he opened it for a while, savoring a bit and then just deleted the video.

Just as Wu Qiushui came back, he couldn't help but ask, "Ye Shao, what's wrong, who sent the message?" First web site m.kanshu8.net

"It's nothing, it's just that Wu Hao and Bai Ping were fixed by Wang Yuntian, do you think you need to care?This is your Wu family's matter."Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, it was enough for the matter to be conveyed, the video would not allow the Wu family to see it, after all, it was too humiliating for the Wu family.

Wu Qiushui refused without even thinking, "This kind of guy who eats the inside out, what do you care about them."

Saying that, Wu Qiushui waved his hand and said, "Pass on my order to remove Wu Hao and Bai Ping from the Wu family!"


The news of removing the name from the family would quickly spread throughout the famous clans of the Wind Capital, because the person removed would go around borrowing money and so on to run away, and eventually the family would have to repay, and the news was to prevent the person removed from damaging the family's interests.

On the other side, Wang Yuntian also received the news that Wu Hao and Bai Ping had been removed from the list, looking at the almost mad Wu Hao and Bai Ping who fell to the ground and rolled his eyes after being insulted, Wang Yuntian couldn't help but snort, "Two losers, no longer have any value, throw them into the river and feed them to the fish."

"Wang Shao, you can't be like this, where are those promises that were agreed upon?"When Bai Ping heard that she was going to be dealt with, she crawled to Wang Yuntian's feet with a strong spirit.

Wang Yuntian kicked Bai Ping over and slightly disliked her, "Success is not enough, being removed from the Wu family you are not even a fart, you big mother, even if you are sent to an entertainment place, no one will want you."

Without waiting for Bai Ping to speak, the men in black dragged Bai Ping and Wu Hao down, and from then on, there was no trace of the two of them in Fengdu.

But there was no impermeable wall in the world, the Wu family still knew what Wang Yuntian had done, but Wu Zhengfeng snorted, "It's true that blood is as thick as water, but the act of betraying the family is better than raising an obedient watchdog, death is death, retribution!"

Yet Ye Fan clearly saw the disappointment in Wu Zhengfeng's eyes, not disappointment in Wu Qiushui's approach, but disappointment in Wu Hao and Bai Ping.

Ye Fan didn't know what to say to comfort Wu Zhengfeng, so he took out the wine he had already prepared and said, "Old man, just look at the bright side, there's no need to be sad for these traitors.I've asked Qiushui to find someone to paint the Wang's Hotel's bad reviews, and with the evidence, it won't take long to completely stink up the Wang's Hotel's reputation.Come, let's drink and celebrate this success!"

"Drink drink drink!"Wu Zhengfeng picked up the wine glass and drank it all.

The plan went smoothly, and Ye Fan had nothing to do and let go of the drink.As it turned out, Ye Fan was drinking off tablets again until the next afternoon, when he was woken up by Wu Qiushui's knock on the door.

Ye Fan shook his cloudy head and said with dissatisfaction, "Come in, I hope there's something big, or else I'll be delayed in sleeping, you know the consequences!"

Wu Qiushui accosted and smiled, hurriedly explained, "Ye Shao, this time is a bit bad, Wang's Hotel has even directly admitted its mistake, and spread the news through the media, and now it has already obtained a lot of forgiveness, after all, there is nothing wrong with knowing that there is nothing good that can be changed, especially to have this kind of big hotel to actively bow and apologize, those civilians are even more proud of themselves, causing the wind rating to pick up.And, there's one more thing."

"What's the other thing?"Ye Fan felt bad when he heard the wind reviews picked up, but there was still something going on, was the plan going to be declared a failure?

Wu Qiushui took out a document and handed it to Ye Fan, saying, "Wang's Restaurant didn't just give a verbal apology, but also promised to replace the head chef and hire a little chef god to strictly control every dish."

"A little chef god?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown as he opened the file.

Xiao Yunchang, at only thirty years old, had won all kinds of culinary awards, and even had some international fame.Most importantly, Xiao Yunchang had come from Fengdu, so he was made the Little Chef God by the people of Fengdu.

"Ye Fan, look at what to do, to say that the chef's influence on Fengdu, Xiao Yunchang is definitely second to none, originally Wang's restaurant's reputation became better, and this time, hiring Xiao Yunchang heavily is even more likely to hit a new peak."Wu Qiushui said here, hesitated for a moment and then said again, "And the Wang's Hotel and our Wu family have issued a war letter, to have a food competition!"

"What do they have to do with us if they've hired a chef, and why are they competing with us?"Ye Fan was a little puzzled, even if he was deliberately making things difficult, he wouldn't be so irrational.

Wu Qiushui explained, "Actually, our Wu family started out as a hotel as well, and even now several of the Wang's hotels were once our Wu family, and even now, our Wu's hotel is second only to the Wang's hotel."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan nodded, "Then don't worry, I know you're worried about the competition not being able to compete, I'll go find the chef, you just feel free to find someone to brush off the bad reviews and pull down the reputation of the Wang's Hotel, you can't be led off course by a casual apology from the Wang's Hotel."

This was also Ye Fan's helplessness, if Wu Qiushui could find a chef, he wouldn't be bothering him to sleep.And brushing off bad reviews is not falsification, it is indeed Wang's restaurant dishes are not clean, Wang's one apology and then looking for media clarification to change the wind direction, this is the real falsification, especially now that Ye Fan is about to bring down Wang's, this opportunity is absolutely not to be missed!

But what gave Ye Fan a headache was where to find the chef?


Should we call Charles?

Evan muttered in his heart, and then he took out his cell phone to call Charles.

"Young Master, did you encounter any difficulties?"Charles faintly opened his mouth.

Ye Fan was speechless, normally speaking shouldn't it be said to be going smoothly, how come a similar mocking words.

Calm down Ye Fan only spoke, "It's like this, I need a chef, I know the family doesn't help, I'll pay for it, just help me with the contact information."

"A chef?That doesn't count as family help, the family was going to provide the young master with a chef to manage your three meals a day, I'll arrange that, and I'll be at Wu's at eight in the evening."Charles directly agreed to Ye Fan's request.

To Ye Fan's surprise, Charles actually knew that Ye Fan was at the Wu house, which was amazing.Ye Fan didn't even notice the presence of spies around him, so I don't know what method Charles had used.

But that wasn't Ye Fan's concern, because Charles would definitely keep an eye on his every move for the mission review.

With the matter settled, Evan rolled over and slept again until 8:30 p.m., only to be awakened by the smell of food.

"Wow, that smells good!" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan walked out of the room in his pajamas and followed the smell and found the kitchen.

Only a middle-aged man of about fifty years old was arranging the plates, and to Ye Fan's surprise, the middle-aged man's hands were like white jade, several times more tender than the hands of a twenty-year-old girl.

Ye Fan knew that it was very difficult to maintain these hands, especially if the chef who was working with the ingredients every day could still maintain them so well.

Without asking, Ye Fan could tell by these jade hands and the scent of the vegetables that this middle-aged man was the chef sent by Charles.


Ye Fan couldn't help but applaud and praise, "Worthy of being my Ye family's chef, bull!"

The middle-aged man was awakened by this voice, looked up to see that it was Ye Fan, bowed and said, "Meet Young Master, my name is Leng Chunyang, it's Butler Charles who asked me to return to your place, it's really my honor to cook for Young Master Ye."

Ye Fan waved his hand, he even helped Leng Chunyang up, "No need to be polite, treat it as your own home, not so much restraint.I've never seen such cooking skills like yours before, I could smell this enticing aroma from several rooms away, it's only right to call you a culinary god."

Leng Chunyang hurriedly avoided Ye Fan, flattered, "Young Master, someone like me who is covered in fumes is not worthy of your contact."

Ye Fan was slightly startled and waved, "It's fine, don't be so formal."

It really was from a big family, even the chefs were so polite.Ye Fan actually didn't even smell the fumes from Leng Chunyang's body at all, instead it was a faint fragrance.

Looking at things from the details, Ye Fan felt more and more that the Ye family was a worthy big family, and with chefs like that, how good would those family children be.

The more Ye Fan felt that he was too much of a hanger-on, don't look at the money, but not so much with his own cultivation, but this is not a matter of time, so Ye Fan did not want to.

"Young Master, I heard that you drank too much yesterday, specially made a refreshing and invigorating meal, I don't know if it will suit your taste, wait for me in the restaurant for a while, it will be out right away."Leng Chunyang said again.

Ye Fan nodded his head and came to the restaurant.

The Wu family had a tradition that as long as the people at home, they would all eat together when it was time to eat.

But today, when they arrived at the restaurant, there were some exceptions, only Wu Zhengfeng and Wu Qiushui, but the others hadn't seen a single person, only a few maids were standing by the side.

"What's going on here?"Ye Fan directly asked the doubt in his heart.

Wu Qiushui explained, "I can't believe that Ye really invited a master chef, I could smell the aroma from far away, grandpa knew that you invited him, so naturally he knew that the food he cooked wouldn't be shared by many people, so he didn't let anyone else come over."

"So protective of food ah."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, he didn't expect that this pair of grandparents didn't let anyone else come out to eat for a full meal.

But then again, Ye Fan also had this intention, if a group of people grabbed the food, Ye Fan wouldn't be able to savor Leng Chunyang's cooking.

It didn't take long for Leng Chunyang's dishes to be served up one by one, and what Ye Fan didn't expect was that it was just a simple four dishes and one soup.

Seeing that Ye Fan was stunned, Wu Zhengfeng smiled and said, "Young Master Ye, you are inviting a master without mistake, true masters will choose basic skills in order to show off their culinary skills, for example, this spicy and sour potato shreds, the test is knife skills."

Listening to Wu Zhengfeng's explanation, it dawned on Ye Fan that indeed, some mountain delicacies and sea delicacies might be excellent in the ingredients themselves, and it didn't show the strength of the chef himself, while a hot and sour potato shred would show the knife work.

After picking up several shredded potatoes, Ye Fan found that these shredded potatoes were evenly sized, as if they were cut out by a machine, he couldn't even find the slightest flaw.Put into the mouth, Ye Fan only felt the shredded potatoes in his taste buds dancing, slightly spicy straight to the brain, slightly sour taste is not vinegar taste, but lemon, refreshing the brain at the same time stimulate the appetite, especially the slightly crisp texture, but also let him stop.

A few bites in a row, the plate was empty, as Wu Qiushui and Wu Zhengfeng ate even faster, almost gobbling up the food, not at all because of the reserved to stop.

After a dish went down, Ye Fan has selected the soup, this soup is a bit noisy meaning, just now Ye Fan was awakened by the fragrance is this soup fragrance floating out.

Ye Fan also do not know, according to reason, the smell of far away are heavy taste, but this soup is clear fragrance, not only smells clear fragrance, but also tastes clear fragrance.

What confused Ye Fan the most was that the soup had a pale golden yellow color, it was the appearance of a stock, but Leng Chunyang seemed to have done it on purpose, the soup was only soup, there were no side dishes or main ingredients in it.

Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "This soup is so fragrant, what exactly is it made of?"

"Back to Young Master, it's a white carrot."Leng Chunyang stood to the side and replied.

Ye Fan was shocked, this soup Ye Fan didn't taste like radish at all, but he knew that Leng Chunyang wouldn't lie to him.Then, to be able to make such a clear and smooth taste, it must be Leng Chunyang's cleverness in seasoning the food.With just one dish and one soup, Ye Fan felt that Leng Chunyang was not only solid in his basic skills, but also in his taste.

It was too late for Ye Fan to ask more questions and think, because Wu Qiushui and Wu Zhengfeng's chopsticks were unheard of, as if they hadn't eaten in three days.Ye Fan also had no choice but to join the fray first and start eating like crazy.In just three minutes, all the dishes were swept away.Even the hot soup was poured into the stomachs of the three of them, with no time for it to get too hot or cool.

Ye Fan was a little forgetful, each flavor was superb, but together they were very harmonious.And so much food in a short period of time, will not feel the intestinal discomfort, these are due to the dish itself soft glutinous cooked.

Much as Ye Fan didn't want to, anyway, Ye Fan knew that competing with Wang's restaurant's culinary skills was a sure thing!


Ye Fan stretched his back and said, "Chunyang, you're such a good cook, you should be second to none in the family."

Wu Zhengfeng was shocked, "What?Someone from your family, that that that that..."

Wu Zhengfeng was stuck, because he knew that Charles was only the housekeeper of the Ye Fan family, then Leng Chunyang was the chef of the Ye Fan family, his identity and the strength behind him was at least not too much worse than Charles, he was definitely a big brother figure.

And just now he actually ate the food cooked by the big brother, or had the big brother stand and watch him eat.

Thinking of this, Wu Zhengfeng's cold sweat flowed down, and he quickly got up to give his seat to Leng Chunyang, saying, "Master Leng, please sit down, forgive my poor eyesight."

Leng Chunyang waved his hand, but didn't sit down.

He faintly spoke, "How can I sit in front of the young master, just stand, you can sit yourself."

Wu Zhengfeng also knew that it might be a family rule, so he didn't force it, but he didn't dare to do it further, so he had to follow suit and stand.

When Wu Qiushui saw this, which dared not to get up, he also stood up.

Ye Fan saw that everyone got up, so it was not a matter of sitting by yourself, so he also followed suit and stood up, but his mouth found a reason to say, "I'm full, get up and digest, it's not good to sit all the time.I really didn't think that my parents would be nice to me, but they gave me the best chef, and I don't know what they're going to do, but if I can't eat this wonderful food for a day, I guess I won't be able to sleep." One second to remember to read the book

Leng Chunyang shook his head and opened his mouth, "Young Master, you're lifting me up too much, Master and Lady have exclusive chefs, those are the true masters, it's not an exaggeration to call them chef gods.I'm just a back kitchen handyman, I've only become a master chef in the past two days, but I'm the last one, before that I've been in charge of giving food to the servants of the clan, I'm not worthy of cooking for the children of the clan."

"Huh?"Ye Fan was shocked by Leng Chunyang's explanation, because this was no longer modesty.

Modesty could say that itself was not the first, but not even qualifying to cook for the master was a bit too much, normal modesty didn't have this, meaning that what Leng Chunyang said was true.

Ye Fan couldn't imagine that a master like Leng Chunyang was the chef at the very end of the Ye family.

Wouldn't that mean that Ye Fan had lived half of his life in vain, and the best food in a five-star restaurant wasn't as good as one of the family's last.

Leng Chunyang thought that Ye Fan was angry, so he explained again, "Young Master, don't be angry.Charles steward so arranged, is worried that young master eat the best at once, mouth can not eat other things.Also, those are personal chefs who know a lot of secrets and can't go out of the family, only those like me who have entered the family for a short time and don't know any secrets will be let out freely."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan nodded, Charles's arrangement was reasonable.

Ye family was such a big family, for fear of having a mole, it must be very harsh to select people, especially those who cooked close to the family, there was a lot of poisoned work, it would be bad if they were released freely to cause trouble.

After thinking about this point, Ye Fan did not dwell on it, so he waved his hand and said, "Alright, Qiushui, now that Chunyang is also here, your side will set up an appointment with the Wang's Hotel, and you will make your own arrangements, this time we must completely smash the face of the Wang's Hotel, so that the reputation of the Wang's Hotel will once again fall into the trough, unable to resurface!"

"Yes!It's sure to be foolproof this time!"

Wu Qiushui clenched his fist, if it wasn't for the fact that he had defended the Wang's Hotel before, there wouldn't have been the current contest.

Moreover, if the Leng Chunyang that Ye Fan had found was so strong, there was no reason to lose.

Seven days passed, and in these seven days Ye Fan tasted Leng Chunyang's Sichuan, Lu, Hunan, and Northeast dishes, and found that Leng Chunyang was almost omnipotent, as if there was nothing that Leng Chunyang wouldn't do, and his self-confidence was bursting at the seams.

Today was the day when Xiao Yunchang and Leng Chunyang would compete with each other.

Ye Fan brought Leng Chunyang to the back kitchen to make preparations, because Leng Chunyang had said that the stock needed to make a famous dish had to be simmered for three days, so Ye Fan had to come to the arena early to get the stock with Leng Chunyang.

But as soon as he arrived at the back kitchen, Ye Fan ran into Wang Yuntian.

When Wang Yuntian saw Ye Fan, he thought of the eight million dollars he had been cheated by Ye Fan, and was even more furious, smiling fiercely at Ye Fan, "I heard that you have prepared some chef on your side, but the name is unknown, in my opinion, you'd better admit defeat early and still finish well, otherwise don't blame us for hitting you in the face in front of the media!"

"If you think you will win, then what else are you competing against, just wait and see."Ye Fan laughed coldly, not receiving any influence from Wang Yuntian at all.

Wang Yuntian was already a good-looking person, and was even more enraged by Ye Fan's words.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, a suit-wearing man around thirty years old came over and said somewhat impatiently, "Wang Yuntian, I'm still in a hurry to see my teacher, when exactly can the competition start?"

"Brother Yunchang don't be anxious, they've arrived and will be able to start right away."When Wang Yuntian saw Xiao Yunchang, the anger on his face turned into a smile.

But Xiao Yunchang didn't reply to Wang Yuntian's words, but instead rushed to Leng Chunyang's face in three steps.

Ye Fan thought that Xiao Yunchang wanted to come down directly on him and was about to stop him, but he saw Xiao Yunchang kneeled right in front of Leng Chunyang in a straightforward manner and said with tearful excitement, "Master!"



Ye Fan was blinded, he didn't remember having such an apprentice ah.Then if it wasn't him, there would only be Leng Chunyang.

Turning his head to look at Leng Chunyang, Ye Fan's eyes carried a questioning color.

Leng Chunyang waved his hand in a row and denied, "Young Master, I don't know this person, don't listen to his nonsense."

Xiao Yunchang was flabbergasted, then grabbed Leng Chunyang's trouser leg and just wouldn't let go, "Master, it's me, I'm Yunchang, don't disown me ah, I still have a meeting with you in the morning."

"This and you still say you don't recognize me?What the hell is going on?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, he didn't like people lying.

Leng Chunyang shivered in fear, so he knelt in front of Ye Fan and said, "Young Master, I came out of the family this time to help you compete, and before I entered the family, I took in an apprentice, Xiao Yunchang, I thought to have him help me during the competition, but I didn't expect that he would be my competitor ah!"

Only then did it dawn on Ye Fan that indeed he hadn't mentioned to Leng Chunyang who the competitor was before.Leng Chunyang didn't dare to admit it, just because he was afraid of being misunderstood by Ye Fan.

Now that the misunderstanding was resolved, Ye Fan was fine with it, he even helped Leng Chunyang up and said kindly, "You should have said this was your disciple ah, I can't eat you up, I had to be forced to ask questions, really."

Leng Chunyang's old face turned red and said, "Young Master, I only just found out, my disciple is unfilial, and even went against you, I'm really making you laugh, I'll take care of him."

Saying that, Leng Chunyang was about to strike.

Xiao Yunchang, however, hugged Leng Chunyang's thighs at an even faster speed and screamed, "Master, I know I'm wrong, how could I know that your old man is someone invited by the Wu family, if I knew I definitely wouldn't dare to go against you ah."

Turning his head, Xiao Yunchang then grunted at Wang Yuntian, "You kid even wanted to cause our master's relationship to break down, go you paralyzed, I quit, you go find someone else to help with the cooking competition, I want to give my master a hand!"


"Brother Yunchang, that's not what we said."Wang Yuntian was in a great hurry.

For this competition, Wang Yuntian had even spent a lot of money on the media and opened up many channels, just waiting for the victory in the cooking competition to completely suppress the Wu family, thus annexing it.The key to all of this was actually Xiao Yunchang.

Now that Xiao Yunchang was suddenly not participating in the competition, this had a considerable impact on the plan.Not only was it impossible to annex the Wu family, but it was more likely to smack the Wang family in the face and devastate it.Previously, Wang Yuntian had thought of all sorts of reasons, made a lot of preparations, and even bribed some of the referees, just so that Xiao Yunchang could achieve an absolute victory.

But Xiao Yunchang didn't even participate, instead helping the Wu family's chef, or even just playing a hand, and it was clear which one was stronger or weaker.

Although Wang Yuntian also had the opportunity to find a new chef, Xiao Yunchang's influence in the Wind Capital was second to none, and blindly bringing in a chef would never be able to match Xiao Yunchang.Even if he paid off the judge, the judge wouldn't dare to ignore public opinion and secretly manipulate the results of the match without permission.So now Wang Yuntian could only stay and even plead with Xiao Yunchang.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yunchang was determined to go, and only snorted, "Wang Yuntian, do you want me to bully my master and destroy my ancestors?You're nothing!"

Wang Yuntian's face was cold, but when he thought of the consequences of not having Xiao Yunchang, he didn't dare to get angry, but squeezed out a smile, "Brother Yunchang, you misunderstood, I mean I'm willing to invite your master to come to our Wang's Hotel together, at any price."

"Any price?"Xiao Yunchang was slightly shocked, but only for a moment, then he sneered, "Do you still want my master to turn against the water?Trying to persecute my master's reputation?"

Leng Chunyang also snorted, "The District Wang Family is nothing, wanting me to turn against the water, a fool's dream!"

Just as he was about to say something even worse, Ye Fan stopped Leng Chunyang and turned his head to play with Wang Yuntian, "Brother Wang, what price do you want to pay?" First web site m.kanshu8.net

"Yes, at any price!"Wang Yuntian thought that Ye Fan had fallen for the trap and was delighted.

Ye Fan extended a finger and didn't say anything.

Wang Yuntian just laughed, "Are you asking for one hundred million?I can give."

As long as he could annex the Wu family, a mere 100 million was really nothing.But Ye Fan shook his head, obviously not 100 million.

"You're asking for a billion?"Wang Yuntian's eyebrows furrowed, somewhat dissatisfied, "You really know how to lionize a lion!"

The Wu family is already second-rate and last-rate, and even if it is completely annexed, the proceeds are only about five billion, and also counting the real estate, the liquidity is only a few hundred million, less than a billion.

Moreover, there was no guarantee that through the cooking contest, the Wu family could be completely discredited, how to think of it, Wang Yuntian felt that it was a home-grown business.

However, Ye Fan still shook his head, which made Wang Yuntian shocked and angry.

"Don't go too far with your brat, what exactly do you want!"Wang Yuntian shouted furiously.

Ye Fan smiled, "What I want is simple, just give me your Wang family."

"Bullshit!"Wang Yuntian directly refused without even thinking about it, Ye Fan's request was too much, and it could even be said that it was a case of not wanting to trade, but Ye Fan deliberately teasing him.

Ye Fan sighed, "Seriously, if you give me the Wang family, you'll save all the trouble.But don't blame me for being heartless with this attitude."

Wang Yuntian coldly snorted, "You're saying this for real, don't joke!"

Leng Chunyang, who was on the side, sneered, "Young Master's willingness to take in your Wang family is an elevation, and you're still not satisfied."


Xiao Yunchang's eyes waited in shock at Leng Chunyang's words, because he knew what position Leng Chunyang was in, he was a mythical existence in the chef world, and he had never heard Leng Chunyang praise anyone so much.

It could even be said that Xiao Yunchang had never heard Leng Chunyang praise anyone at all.

Originally, Xiao Yunchang thought that Leng Chunyang was hired by Ye Fan, and even so, it was very impressive.After all, Leng Chunyang was very difficult to hire, and even it was very difficult for him, his apprentice, to meet Leng Chunyang.Looking at this situation, it seemed that Leng Chunyang had become the chef of Ye Fan's family, so what kind of behemoth was Ye Fan's family that was able to make Leng Chunyang do this for them?

Xiao Yunchang didn't dare to think about going on, he had originally thought of bringing Leng Chunyang with him to turn against the water when he saw Wang Yuntian giving a big price, but now it looked like it was simply impossible.

After realizing everything, Xiao Yunchang turned his head to look at Wang Yuntian and grunted, "Either hand over the Wang family or get out of here, see you on the competition field."

Wang Yuntian couldn't say a word for half a day, and finally left with a cold snort.

The reason was simple, there was no way he would agree to Xiao Yunchang and Ye Fan's demands, staying here was just a matter of self humiliation.

As expected by Ye Fan, Wang Yuntian had indeed postponed the match for two hours.It should have gone to find a new chef within two hours, and there might have been a bribe for the judge.

While waiting, Xiao Yunchang had asked Ye Fan, "Aren't you afraid of Wang Yuntian bribing the referee?"

Hearing that, Ye Fan was also a little worried.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to make a reply, Leng Chunyang snorted, "Do you think I'm a dead man?Even if the other side bribes me, I'm sure I'll win the match, and I don't believe in good or bad judges for real dishes."

"What Master said."Xiao Yunchang nodded his head in succession and agreed, others didn't know Leng Chunyang's temper, but he, as an apprentice, was still clear about it.What Leng Chunyang disdained the most was making falsehoods, and Leng Chunyang's strength didn't worry about others making falsehoods.

Ye Fan didn't mind his own business when he saw the master and disciple like this.Not to mention Leng Chunyang's culinary skills were already outstanding, let's say Xiao Yunchang, was one of the top cooking masters, and he still had the name of Little Chef God in Fengdu, even if the judges made a false claim, they still had to see if the people would agree.Now it could be said that the timing was perfect, Ye Fan had possessed it, what was there to worry about.

And so, two hours later, the competition finally started.

Ye Fan wasn't able to appear in the media due to family reasons, so he was watching this match in the crowd, and the one sitting in the crowd was naturally Wu Qiushui.

"Go Xiao Yunchang!"

"What's the fuel, Xiao Yunchang will definitely win, I don't even know who the other party is!"

"Get the hell out of the Wang's Hotel across the street!Get off!"

The crowd erupted into a mountain shout, directly causing the chef hired by Wang Yuntian to flee in fear.

In other words, the match was over before it even started.

Ye Fan smiled in relief, this ending wasn't what Ye Fan had expected, but it wasn't bad.The other party had run away, and even if Wang Yuntian had bribed the judges, it would be useless.

After all, the entries were only one dish that Leng Chunyang and Xiao Yunchang had completed together.


As Ye Fan stood in the crowd, he could see the row of reporters in front of him, taking pictures of the competition, and even more, still broadcasting it live.So as soon as the judges released the results, the entire wind who were concerned about this matter applauded, and even more so to the Wang's restaurant had the sound of applause.

After all, Wang's Restaurant was the one who started this competition, and as a result, the people ran away without cooking.In addition, Xiao Yunchang, the little chef god, vigorously promoted Wu's Restaurant, and soon, the reputation of Wu's Restaurant surpassed that of Wang's Restaurant all the way.Another thing was that Wu Qiushui had previously found someone to keep brushing off Wang's Hotel's bad reviews, so in just a month's time, Wang's Hotel's reputation had plummeted so much that it could almost be described as a doorstop.

"Ye Shao, look, the Wang's Hotel can't hold on any longer."

One early morning, when Ye Fan was sleeping, he was awakened by this voice.

Ye Fan opened his eyes and saw Wu Qiushui, who looked excited, and said somewhat impatiently, "Qiushui, what's wrong again, Wang's Hotel can't hold out you've been saying for a month, and you haven't seen him close down."

Wu Qiushui scratched his head awkwardly and smiled, "Ye Shao, you are also thinking of this too simply, at any rate, such a big family is behind it, even if no one visits the hotel, it's no problem to open it for decades."

"Then you still say that you can't hold on, isn't that living quite well."Ye Fan also knows that the Wang family is large, how the assets are more than ten billion, support hotel operations are not still easy, even Ye Fan guessed that as long as the Wang family to avoid this storm, find time will also return to the public's attention.

As the saying goes, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, not to mention the fact that the Wang family hasn't suffered any substantial harm yet.

Wu Qiushui explained, "It's not like that, public opinion by word of mouth still plays a role.Didn't I say before that Wang's has a listed company, as Zhang Bao said, the Wang family's foundation is actually not the hotel, it is this listed company, and now after a month of our relentless efforts to brush up the bad reviews, making people panic, and now the stockholders who have Wang's stock in their hands have started to dump their shares, while $5.5 per share has dropped to $1.1, it can be said that Wang's assets are shrinking rapidly."

Saying that, Wu Qiushui took out his cell phone. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan received the phone and saw the content on it and laughed.

Ye Fan didn't know about stocks, but he knew about the drop, and now Wang's company's stock had dropped.Compared to a month ago, it had even shrunk nearly five times.To say that Wang's, which was originally worth ten billion dollars, was now only two billion.

Ye Fan thought about it and bit his tongue, "Can't wait, it's now, the money on my card, you acquire all the loose shares thrown out outside Wang's!"

Because Wang wants to take possession of the company, there will inevitably be more than fifty percent of the shares, and the remaining less than fifty percent, in fact, is worth less than one billion, Ye Fan is ready to use all the cash to buy it directly and play a big game!

Wu Qiushui was slightly startled, never thought that there was so much cash in Ye Fan's hands, and nodded heavily when he received the gold card, "Ye Shao, I do things, don't worry, this time I will take back all the loose shares."

At this moment, Ye Fan's door opened and a figure walked in, it was none other than Zhang Bao.

Zhang Bao first greeted before saying, "Ye Shao, I have another plan."

"Oh?What else can you do, tell me!"The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it," he said.

Zhang Bao chanted and strayed his thoughts before slowly speaking, "Actually, it's like this, earlier it was just a rough plan, I didn't expect the plan to be implemented so smoothly, and now that we've reached the point where we're cleaning up the mess, then my suggestion is that our Wu and Zhang families raise another one billion in cash."

"What do you mean?"Ye Fan was a bit confused, he had just given Wu Qiushui 800 million in cash, why did he need another billion?

"In public companies, the chairman is the one with the most equity, and even if we buy all the loose shares, it's actually no match for the Wang family itself.I got all this money to break it from the inside, and now that the stock market is in such a slump, if I were to buy the people who have shares inside the Wang family at $2 a share, do you think they would sell?"Zhang Bao said with a smile.

Ye Fan suddenly understood Zhang Bao's meaning, the so-called Hu Falling Monkey, many of the Wang family's children who did not know the inside story, thinking that the Wang family was going to fall, would throw out their stocks.Especially if it was twice the price, it was given even sooner.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn't help but give a thumbs up, "Zhang Bao, this is a good plan, since you thought of this, have you already found the manpower?"

After all, acquiring shares in the name of the Wu or Zhang family was very unrealistic, and the Wang family was resistant to resistance and felt it was a conspiracy, so naturally they needed to find an outsider, but it had to be an outsider they absolutely trusted.

Zhang Bao smiled mysteriously, then pointed at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was stunned, never would he have thought that the candidate Zhang Bao was talking about was himself.

Ye Fan even waved his hand and said, "How can I, I don't understand."

Zhang Bao instructed Ye Fan not to get excited before smiling, "Didn't we agree before, as long as it's the Wang family's assets, our Zhang family and Wu family will not want all of them and give them to you.Now is the time to honor the promise, all of it will be handed over to you to handle, and we'll be able to share the dividends then."

Ye Fan was somewhat touched, as it wasn't even harvest time yet, but Zhang Bao had taken the initiative to fund it first, and it was still hundreds of millions of dollars, this practice was undoubtedly an absolute trust in him.

Wu Qiushui also nodded, "I also agree with Zhang Bao, let's say, Zhang Bao and I will each contribute 500 million, this money is enough for you to get more than fifty percent of the shares."

With the matter at hand, Ye Fan didn't know how to refuse, so he nodded and said, "Yes, let's do that."

In fact, even without Wu Qiushui's help, Ye Fan was still rich in this bank manager, after all, he dealt with money every day, and Qian Duo Duo was also proficient in this area.

After the matter was decided, Ye Fan rushed back to the Sands in the night and brought Qian Duo Duo to Fengdu.

Although Ye Fan was a student of finance, there were many things that Ye Fan didn't really understand, and he couldn't even watch Qian Duo operate.But after a few days of watching, Ye Fan got bored, because it was just a repetitive bid to close the shares, so there was no other technical operation.

It took more than half a month, Qian Duo Duo finally spent all the 1.8 billion capital, and the shares bought even as high as 67%, shares have been Ye Fan's absolute advantage.

It was no exaggeration to say that in essence, Ye Fan had already held Wang's listed company!


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