Lost Young Master 101-105


Chapter 101

Zhou Leya is not face control, appearance is only one aspect.The main point is that Wang Yinglong eyes nasty, and she just asked Wang Yinglong to call her full name, Wang Yinglong so impatient ruthless, a look is small-minded, narrow-minded, and definitely a violent maniac.

Don't say that she has Ye Fan now, even if she didn't, Zhou Leya wouldn't choose Wang Yinglong.

Even Zhang Zimo was an unknown number of times stronger than Wang Yinglong!

"Mr. Wang, I don't have any problem with your looks, and of course, I have no interest in you.I just want to settle this matter peacefully, it was my father who dictated the marriage in the first place, so many years your family didn't show up and couldn't be traced, so naturally it was nullified, I can't wait for you for a long time for a promise.What if you don't come back now, but ten or even twenty years from now?"

Zhou Leya directly provoked and even reasoned, hoping to convince people with reason, so I don't know if Wang Yinglong could listen.


Only to see Wang Yinglong slamming the table in anger, clearly not listening.

Zhou Leya shrank backwards in some fear, already ready to run out as fast as she could if Wang Yinglong dared to do anything.

Although there was no waiter in the room, there were many outside, not at all worried about Wang Yinglong coming hard.

But what Zhou Leya never expected was that after Wang Yinglong pounded the table, he actually scolded angrily, "Miss Zhou, I understand what you're saying.In fact, I am also very angry, the finger marriage would have been unreliable, what era is now, advocating free love.So I think the same as you on this point, I also hope for a peaceful resolution." First published at m.kanshu8.net

"Seriously?"Zhou Leya was confused, she didn't see that Wang Yinglong was so easy to talk to.


Wang Yinglong nodded his head, then got up and arrived at two cups of water, one cup was placed in front of Zhou Leya.

Then Wang Yinglong raised the cup: "Miss Zhou, thank you and I think the same, in fact, I also have a favorite woman in foreign countries, so I thought early in the morning is also a peaceful solution with you.Come, drink this cup and let the past fingered marriage go to waste, I will make it clear to my father."

After saying that, Wang Yinglong was the first to drink it all.

Originally, Wang Yinglong's abnormal behavior made Zhou Leya some suspicious, especially the pouring of water made Zhou Leya suspect that the water was drugged.

But Wang Yinglong was the first to drink, obviously not drugged.

It seems that I have thought too much.

Zhou Leya muttered in her heart, then she picked up the cup and said, "Mr. Wang can solve the problem peacefully, naturally it would be best, I hope you will do what you say."

With that, Zhou Leya drank the water in the cup.

The water didn't have any taste and there was obviously no problem.But when Zhou Leya looked up, she saw the evil smile on Wang Yinglong's lips, and Zhou Leya suddenly said that it was not good, and hurriedly took out her phone to send a text message to Ye Fan that had already been edited.

Originally Zhou Lelian Ya prepared text messages, is afraid that she could not say Wang Yinglong, so I wanted to let Ye Fan in time to save the scene before the backup, but did not expect to use it here.

Just sent the text message, Zhou Leya felt unable to make any effort, and even some unconsciousness.

Zhou Leya frowned and drank lowly, "You, what exactly did you put in the water, why are you fine?"

Zhou Leya clearly saw two cups of water poured from the same pot, how could one be poisonous and one not.

Wang Yinglong sarcastically smiled: "That's me before you come, just spit a layer of medicine in the bottom of your cup.It's just a precautionary preparation, and I really don't want to use it.Dressed like this, isn't it just to seduce a man, but also with my desire to resist, see how I will punish you later!"

"You....Don't you dare!I but..."

Zhou Leya lost consciousness as her head tilted before she could finish.

"It's surprising that it lasted this long, it's pretty good."Wang Yinglong revealed a look of approval, this hoodoo was brought back from abroad, ten grams could stupefy a bull.

Although Wang Yinglong only used one gram, but Zhou Leya was able to last for a few minutes, it was also quite good, a look at the physical quality was good.

In particular, the tight white legs wrapped in silk - stockings made Wang Yinglong's blood run cold.

Can't wait to take it out, Wang Yinglong got up and approached Zhou Leya, ready to have a fragrant in the box.

"This time, I really earned it!"

Wang Yinglong showed a dirty smile, he read countless women, he could tell from walking that Zhou Leya was uninvolved, that's why Wang Yinglong was able to keep chatting so idly for so long.

If it were to be incomplete, after entering the door, Wang Yinglong would just let Zhou Leya drink water and play with it.The reason for the chat was to see if he could move to convince Zhou Leya, but in fact, he failed and still used drugs.

However, he was used to this pattern.

"Hehe, little baby, I'm coming!"

Wang Yinglong licked his lower lips, slowly got up, step by step stopped towards Zhou Leya, but the phone in his hand to keep the video state.

The reason he chose to use the drug is because the process is recorded, when the woman will be obedient.A hundred tries, not a single mistake, after all, women care about innocence, who wants to make their shameful photos public.

"Little beauty, when you wake up and see this video, what will you think?"Wang Yinglong couldn't control the corners of his mouth to rise.

Even if he had read countless women, he had never seen such a superb woman as Zhou Leya.

After five minutes of filming, Wang Yinglong finally came to Zhou Leya's body, stretched out his big fat hand to lift Zhou Leya's skirt, a probe inside the wonderful.

Just at this time, the door is "bang" to be kicked open.

The person is no one else, is Ye Fan.

Without saying a word, Ye Fan saw a big fat man is ready to indecent - Zhou Leya, a flying kick, will be a big fat man kicked out.

Ye Fan just now also did not sleep, just waiting for news, he also knew that if Zhou Leya said that he would not listen to Wang Yinglong, he would naturally find him out.So Ye Fan was just now dressing up and preparing for an exciting appearance.

And after receiving the text message, Ye Fan went downstairs, but he never expected to see Wang Yinglong molesting Zhou Leya.

"Fuck you!"

Ye Fan was not happy with the kick, and kicked several times in succession.

"Don't fight, don't fight!"Wang Yinglong held his head on the ground and didn't dare to get up, don't look at him fat, but it was all virtual fat, not a match for Ye Fan at all.

Ye Fan snorted and kicked again before turning to shake Zhou Leya: "Leya, wake up, what's wrong with you?"

Ye Fan knew that it was impossible for Zhou Leya to just remain unmoved by the harassment, she had obviously been drugged by Wang Yinglong.

"Still daring to drug him, hurry up and take out the antidote!"Ye Fan shouted angrily, and the more he looked at Wang Yinglong, the angrier he became, and he kicked him several times in frustration.


"Here, here."Wang Yinglong shrank his neck and hurriedly took out a packet of white powder from his pocket.

Ye Fan dissolved half of the powder in the water and didn't give it to Zhou Leya, instead handing it to Wang Yinglong: "Drink it!"

"This..."Wang Yinglong looked embarrassed for a moment.

"Hurry up and drink!"Ye Fan was just worried that Wang Yinglong would play small tricks, and then, let alone wake up Zhou Leya, he might even aggravate the coma.

"This really is the antidote ah."Wang Yinglong muttered, but after seeing Ye Fan's ice-cold, blade-like eyes, he hurriedly drank it down after hitting a nerve.

Ye Fan nodded and saw that Wang Yinglong was fine, so he knew that it was definitely not something harmful, which was why he melted the other half of the powder into the water.

But Zhou Leya is now unconscious, completely unable to actively drink the water, Ye Fan took the cup of water in his mouth, followed by kissing Zhou Leya's lips, and sent the antidote into Zhou Leya's mouth.

After several mouths before the end of feeding, Ye Fan licked his lips with some attachment, and only then did Zhou Leya who drank the antidote leisurely wake up.

Subconsciously, Zhou Leya was to kick forward: "Get away from me!"

Fortunately, Ye Fan dodged quickly, or else he would have been kicked. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"It's me, I'm Ye Fan, open your eyes and take a good look."Ye Fan quickly scolded Zhou Leya who was about to do something.

Zhou Leya's body punched out at the news, and after seeing that it was Ye Fan, she collapsed into Ye Fan's arms and sobbed, "Ye Shao, you're here, I'm not being anything."

"It's fine, it's fine."Ye Fan patted Zhou Leya's back to comfort him, when he came in just now, what Ye Fan saw was Zhou Leya's clothes intact, so he knew there was no major problem.

As soon as his eyes turned, Ye Fan remembered that when he came in, Wang Yinglong's hands were holding a cell phone that seemed to be filming something, so he snatched Wang Yinglong's phone, looked through the photos inside, and found a video at the bottom.

Clicking on the video, Ye Fan saw the entire process from Zhou Leya's unconsciousness to him coming in.

Ye Fan was not fortunate, fortunately Wang Yinglong only cared about the video, has not started to move his hands and feet, otherwise even if he touched Zhou Leya a finger, Ye Fan would want to kill Wang Yinglong.

Rao, now Ye Fan is not ready to let go of Wang Yinglong.

Taking out his phone, Ye Fan directly called Zhou Fu's phone: "Father-in-law, are you busy?"

"No. Is something wrong, Van?I'm now in a piece with Wang Shun, I'm explaining the marriage contract, don't worry, it's all my fault, I feel to give it a good deal."There was a nervous voice from Zhou Fu's side, afraid that Ye Fan would be disturbed by this.

Ye Fan said indifferently, "It's fine, I won't get angry over this small matter yet.I called just to find Wang Shun, and now Wang Shun is just at your place, so bring him over quickly."

"What's wrong, did something happen?"Zhou Fu asked nervously.

It was reasonable that Ye Fan hadn't met Wang Shun yet, there shouldn't be any conflict.

"Is it because of the marriage contract ah, I am also at fault in this matter, don't worry, I can definitely solve it, Wang Shun is my brother for many years, I also hope that Xiao Fan you can turn a big issue into a small one this time, let your father-in-law owe you a favor okay?"Zhou Fu was again helping Wang Shun with his leniency.

But Ye Fan snorted, "Hmph, turning a big issue into a small one?If I hadn't come just now, Lilia would have been raped by Wang Yinglong!"

"What!"Zhou Fu was suddenly alarmed, and also knew that things were serious, and said, "I'll be in Box 1006, I'll bring Wang Shun over right away."

Not a minute after hanging up the phone, Zhou Fu and Wang Shun appeared in box 1008.

The reason why Zhou Fu put the two compartments so close to each other was so that after the peaceful settlement, everyone could sit together and have a meal.

Seeing the weeping Zhou Leya, Zhou Fu frowned forward and looked concerned, "What's wrong, Leya, who bullied you?"

Zhou Leya saw Zhou Fu, just stopped the tears fell again in big drops, and jumped into Zhou Fu's arms: "Daddy, Wang Yinglong is an animal - beast, he put drugs in the water I drank, if not for Ye Shao came, now my daughter's innocence can be ruined, he also took pictures, Ye Shao just deleted, and smashed Wang Yinglong's phone."

"You little brat, how dare you do this to my daughter!"Zhou Fu was so angry that his veins popped out and he picked up a chair and swung it directly at Wang Yinglong.

Wang Yinglong hurriedly dodged backwards and hid behind Wang Shun's back.

"Make way for me, let me kill this little brat!"Zhou Fu snapped at Wang Shun.

Wang Shun, a tall and thin middle-aged man, protected Wang Yinglong behind his back with one hand and said indifferently, "Brother Zhou, I think we should forget about this matter.It's going to be a marriage anyway, so if you get on, you'll get on sooner or later, it's no big deal."

"I'll get on a head."Zhou Fu swung his chair at Wang Yinglong and hit the ground with a bang, knocking Wang Shun down with a piece of his body.

"Zhou Fu, how dare you attack me!"Wang Shun touched the blood seeping from his head, his eyes filled with haze.

Zhou Fu still wanted to speak, but Ye Fan took a step and said, "How about beating you, just beat you up, if my father-in-law doesn't do it, you won't escape this beating!"

Saying that, Ye Fan snapped his fingers.

The thugs who had been informed by Ye Fan earlier swarmed in, and this time Ye Fan didn't look for a bodyguard.The bodyguards struck out with heavy punches, which was different from the way the thugs beat people up.

Bums beating people was torture, and for Wang Shun and Wang Yinglong, that's how it should be done!

"Father-in-law, you should take Lilia back for a moment."Ye Fan faintly spoke.

Originally, Zhou Fu wanted to plead with Wang Shun, but Wang Shun's words just now left Zhou Fu disheartened, and the years of brotherly love was scattered like dog shit.

"That's fine, you can see to it."Zhou Fu nodded his head, and pulled the sobbing Zhou Leya out of the room first.

And in the room, there was only Wang Shun Wang Yinglong and his son, as well as Ye Fan and a group of thugs left.

"Ye Shao, I'm good at torturing people, let me do it!"Zi Mao enthusiastically spoke up, he was new here after all, he still had to perform well.

Ye Fan also wanted to give Purple Hair the chance to perform, so he nodded, "Fine, then you do it, but if I'm not satisfied, you'll suffer the consequences!"

Hearing the icy coldness in Ye Fan's tone, Zi Mao's body trembled and hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Ye Shao, I will definitely satisfy you!"

Saying that, Violet Hair walked towards Wang Shun and his son with a gloomy coldness.

Ye Fan stood behind Violet Hair, just in time to see Violet Hair take out a bag of powder from his pocket.

"What is this?"Ye Fan frowned and asked, he didn't want it to be a drug.

Zi Mao seemed to see what Ye Fan was thinking, so he hurriedly responded, "Don't worry, this is the itching powder I bought, if I apply it on my body, it will itch all over, and if the amount is large, it will even scratch the skin and can't stop, I'm still using extra quantities of this!"

Ye Fan brightened up at the news, the plus model, it looked really good!


"What are you doing!Do you know who I am!"Wang Shun's eyes stared, and suddenly the pressure of a superior emanated out, causing Purple Hair to be stunned and take half a step back subconsciously.

But right after that, Zi Mao was a kick out, and Wang Shun was like a bastard turning over his shell, unable to get up on the ground.

"I don't care who you are, I knew you messed with Ye Shao, and now you still dare to irritate me, I think you're looking for death!"Saying that, Zi Mao kicked Wang Shun's stomach several times in a row.

The painful Wang Shun was rickety on the ground like a soft-footed shrimp, letting out pig-killing screams.

"Bastard!"Wang Yinglong's eyes were red, so he pounced on the purple hair.

But how was the fat as a ball Wang Yinglong a match for Zi Mao, who kicked him over and rolled under the table like a ball.

"I was hoping to just use half of it, but you guys forced me to do it!"

Purple Hair smiled sardonically and poured a whole bag of a full pound of itching powder into the kettle, and after shaking it evenly, he just lacquered Wang Shun's collar and poured the water right down Wang Shun's neck.For Wang Yinglong, it was just as good as done.

"What are you adding water for?"Ye Fan questioned, adding water is dilution, which is directly on the powder works.

Zi Mao turned his head, the fierceness on his face instantly turned into flattery: "Ye Shao, you do not know, this itching powder is not easy to stick to the body, after dissolving in water, it is convenient to pour it in, and the skin pores automatically absorb water, although not particularly much, but it will also inhale some of the itching powder, directly in the inner layer of the skin itch." One second to remember to read the book

"Fuck, is it so scientific."Ye Fan was not astonished, thinking about it, he felt itchy.

This and mosquito bite bag a principle, is the itch of the inner skin, before Ye Fan in order to scratch the itch, even scratching blood, but this itching powder dissolved in water is a large area to the whole body, this must not itch people to death?

Ye Fan's heart rose with pleasure, for this kind of beast that doesn't treat others like human beings, it should be tormented like this, to return the favor!

"It tickles, it tickles!"

Soon, Wang Shun reacted first and started rubbing on the floor, then Wang Yinglong did the same, rubbing on the floor repeatedly.

"Let's withdraw, tell the waiters to lock the door from the outside, and you guys watch out for them.At night you guys go out for dinner, and then let them go."

With a big wave of his hand, Ye Fan went straight out of the room, and incidentally, cut off the phone line inside the room.And Wang Shun Wang Yinglong's phone was also directly slammed by Ye Fan.He just didn't want Wang Shun and Wang Yinglong to be sent to the doctor and suffer properly through the itching powder!

Taking out his phone, Ye Fan hesitated and dialed Zhou Fu's number.

"Little Fan, solved it?"Zhou Fu inquired.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "It's solved, where is Loveya now?"

"We're in Box 1006."Chofu replied.

"I'll be right over."Ye Fan said and hung up the phone.

1006 and 1008 were only separated by a 1007, so it didn't take a few steps for Ye Fan to arrive at 1006. opening the door of the compartment, Ye Fan saw Zhou Leya, whose eyes were red and puffy like a small rabbit.

"Little Fan, you can coax her, I'm going to take care of some other things."Zhou Fu left with great eyesight.

But Ye Fan also knew that Zhou Fu wasn't just avoiding the two of them, there was also the need to take care of Wang Shun's side of things.

After all, coming back from abroad, without Zhou Fu's help, it would be impossible for Wang Shun to make a name for himself in Kaiyuan, and it was assumed that Zhou Fu should go to cut off the entire source of Wang Shun's desire to develop.

"Don't cry, I've already taught that father and son a lesson for you."Ye Fan gently hugged Zhou Leya and stroked Zhou Leya's soft hair.

"Mmhmm."Zhou Leya was lying in Ye Fan's arms, and the sobbing gradually stopped.

Don't look at Zhou Leya is usually very crazy, but always still an unconscious young girl, which has encountered this kind of thing.

If it wasn't for Ye Fan, now that she was ruined, she probably would have jumped to her death.

The more he thought about it, the angrier Ye Fan became, thinking that the itching powder's punishment was really just right, and that the father and son should be made to suffer this kind of pain.

"Come on, don't sit here, let's go out for some air and take you out to play."

Evan didn't know how to coax a girl, but knew one thing, as long as he was human, he liked to play, and playing would put all the distractions out of his mind.

"Where to?"

As expected, at the mention of playing, Zhou Leya's tears stopped, and little stars appeared in her eyes.

"How about going to an amusement park."Ye Fan didn't know what was fun in Kaiyuan, but he had the impression that little girls liked to go to amusement parks, especially to ride the Ferris wheel.

"Yeah!"Zhou Leya was happy.

Ye Fan by no means Guan Er, with Zhou Leya out of the Prosperous Star Hotel, passing by 1008, but also heard the screams and pleas for mercy inside, so that Ye Fan's heart was soothed.

As a result of accompanying Zhou Leya to take a break, Ye Fan also did not want to high-profile, did not drive a Porsche, but drove the bums of the van to the amusement park.

It is worthy of the Kaiyuan City, amusement park is much better than the Golden Sands City, there are a lot of rides and attractions, but also Ye Fan only saw on TV before.

Ye Fan also didn't know what Zhou Leya liked to play, so he directly bought the universal ticket that could play anything, although the price was a bit expensive, but to Ye Fan, it was worthless.

"What do you want to play first?"Ye Fan inquired.

Zhou Leya wrinkled her little nose in thought for a long time before deciding, "Let's play with the Ferris wheel first."

"Ferris wheel ah, that's fine."Ye Fan nodded, but couldn't help but frown, because there were too many people lining up over at the Ferris Wheel.As expected, no matter where it was, the ferris wheel had the most people in line.

A round of the Ferris wheel was twenty minutes, with a total of forty cabins.Ye Fan carefully checked, the people in front of him had all lined up to other entertainment facilities, and a rough estimate was that there were also two hundred people.

If we waited in line, it would take at least an hour.

"There are so many people, why don't we play something else."Zhou Leya's eyes were a little dark when she saw the line.

When Ye Fan's eyes turned, he smiled, "It's fine, Ben has a way to play right away."

"Really?"Zhou Leya Ton revealed a look of hope.

Ye Fan nodded, then he took out 20,000 from his backpack and placed it in his arms, then after drawing one, he patted the person in front of him.

"What for?"The one in front of the queue was a horse-faced youth, who showed an impatient look when he was slapped by Ye Fan.

Ye Fan chuckled, "Brother, I picked up a hundred dollars, you dropped it, right?"

"A hundred dollars?"When the horse-faced youth looked at the hundred yuan in Ye Fan's hand, he was first startled, then he nodded, "Yes, I dropped it, give it to me."

"Give it to you okay, I picked it up in the back."Ye Fan smiled and didn't say much.

How could the horse-faced youth not know what it meant, he even gave up his place in the queue and got behind Ye Fan before saying, "Buddy, look, I was originally behind you in the queue."

"Okay, I know it's yours, put the money away, don't lose it next time!"With a faint smile, Ye Fan gave the hundred in his hand to the horse-faced youth.

As if by law, Ye Fan gave a few more, but the speed was still slow.

Ye Fan's eyes turned, and he directly shouted, "Who dropped the money!"

Saying that, Ye Fan tossed all the small twenty thousand in his hand into the air.

Upon hearing that, all the people in line turned back, and they saw the banknotes everywhere.Just like seeing the big bad wolf of a lamb, the crowd swarmed and didn't queue up anymore.

Ye Fan took the opportunity to drag Zhou Leya, and went forward, directly to the opposite side of the line.


Riding the Ferris wheel, Zhou Leya had been laughing.

Ye Fan was somewhat baffled: "What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing, nothing, I'm just praising you for your coin spreading, it's so witty!"Zhou Leya said, laughing even more happily.

But how come the more Ye Fan heard, the more it sounded like he was being scolded.

Exasperatedly, he rubbed Zhou Leya's little head, before Ye Fan said, "Are you happier now?"

"Well, much happier."Zhou Leya nodded vigorously, indeed, less troubled.

On the Ferris wheel, the two of them didn't say anything, they just held each other and looked at the scenery of Kaiyuan City.Just like that, Ye Fan also felt extremely relaxed with his nerves.

Before he knew it, twenty minutes had passed.

Originally, Ye Fan also wanted to take Zhou Leya to play with other entertainment facilities for a while, but at some point, Zhou Leya fell asleep.

After weeping to relax the urgent nerves, coupled with the effects of some of the previous drugs, it is no wonder that Zhou Leya would fall asleep. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Lightly patting Zhou Leya's shoulder, indicating that it was time to go down, Ye Fan then brought Zhou Leya back to the Prosperous Star Hotel.

After placing Zhou Leya on his bed, Ye Fan helped Zhou Leya cover the cup, and Zhou Leya fell asleep.

"This little girl, she doesn't have any precautions against me."

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, he was not a little sheep, he could turn into a big bad wolf at any time.

But looking at the sleeping Zhou Leya, Ye Fan really didn't have any other thoughts.And his phone also rang, it was a call from Li Qiuyu.

Ye Fan after a light kiss on Zhou Leya's forehead, he went out of the room to answer the phone.

What Ye Fan didn't know was that right after he left, Zhou Leya on the bed slowly opened her eyes, full of happiness and with a slight redness on her face.

"Bad guy~"

Only after saying so did Zhou Leya close her eyes and truly go to sleep.

On the other hand, Ye Fan picked up the phone as soon as he left the room, "Qiu Yu?What is it?"

"Yeh, are you busy now?It's lunchtime now, do you want to come to my house for a meal, I want to thank you."Li Qiu Yu said.


Ye Fan's stomach was indisputably ringing, and he had indeed not eaten anything since he woke up.In the room, Zhou Leya was sleeping, and he had nothing to do, so he responded, "Okay, I'll be over later."

Saying that, Ye Fan hung up the phone and drove the Ferrari to Li Qiuyu's house.

Although he had only been here once, Ye Fan was also a light driver, and it didn't take him half an hour to arrive at Li Qiuyu's house.

"I don't know how Li Dafei is doing now, if he's still stubborn, then he'll have to be forced."

The coercion that Ye Fan was talking about was the previous plan to make Wang Jiabao cheat to pit Li Dafei once.But that was the last step that Ye Fan wanted to take, because if it didn't work, then it would be all over.

Shaking his head, Ye Fan shook out the thoughts in his head, parked the car downstairs of Li Qiuyu's house and went upstairs.Li Qiuyu's building was an old building, so it only had a step ladder, fortunately it was the third floor, which wasn't too high.

But as soon as Ye Fan reached the second floor and a half, he saw Li Dafei standing at the door of his home to welcome him warmly, smiling with wrinkles all over his face.

"Ye Shao, you've arrived so soon, the rice is not yet ready, and you have to wait a little bit oh."

Li Qiu Yu looked at such an enthusiastic Li Dafei, a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes.She can know the nature of Li Dafei, before, not to mention bringing a man home to eat, even through the phone and chatting with boys, Li Dafei is very dissatisfied, which is now so enthusiastic.

Although Ye Fan does not know whether Li Dafei is very enthusiastic about anyone, but is very clear why Li Dafei is enthusiastic about him, the reason is very simple, that is, Li Dafei is still die-hard, think Ye Fan has super gambling, want to learn before enthusiasm.

Of course this was the worst idea, it could also be that Li Dafei was showing his gratitude for yesterday's incident.But Ye Fan thought that the former was more likely, because Ye Fan saw that Li Dafei's phone was still open on the landlord.

"Ye Shao, thank you so much for yesterday, if it wasn't for you, Qiu Yu would have been miserable, hey."Li Dafei smiled with a wrinkled face and looked up and down at Ye Fan, sending a chill down Ye Fan's back.

"It's fine, we're all friends, we'll help if we can, you just need to work well in the future, don't get involved in gambling again, even if it's not fair to Qiu Yu."Ye Fan smiled faintly, but inside his heart, he was drumming, estimating that Li Dafei was probably still deadly.

Hearing that Ye Fan wouldn't let him gamble, the smile on Li Dafei's face instantly smiled.

Li Qiu Yu saw the situation, inevitably reveal a sad face: "Forget it, Ye Shao, my dad will not be able to change for a while, take your time."

The implication was that if you pressed the issue, things might backfire.

Ye Fan knew Li Qiuyu's thoughts, even more sympathetic to Li Qiuyu, nodded his head no more words.

But Li Dafei but coldly snorted: "What does a girl know, if I don't gamble, what will I take to raise you.This house are other people's, we have to move out with a word from others, and there is a ransom for you, but also a few million, this money is not gambling from where, I do not eat or drink in my life can not earn ah!"

"A good job at least has food and drink, and if you gamble and get deeper and deeper into trouble, do you have anything left that you can use as a bet?"Ye Fan had to interject again, he was the one who found out that Li Dafei was the typical one who wouldn't turn back until he hit the south wall.

Fortunately, he hadn't told Li Dafei that Li Qiuyu had been taken out of the picture, or else Li Dafei would have even more capital and would be able to sell his daughter once more by estimation.

But Li Dafei shook his head, apparently not listening, and only said: "Ye Shao, your disciple's gambling skills are so powerful, if you teach me a few tricks, won't I be able to earn my money back soon, and getting rich is not a dream ah.How about this, you teach me how to gamble and I'll give you Qiu Yu as my wife, okay?"


Ye Fan was speechless for a while, he hadn't told Li Dafei that Li Qiuyu had been redeemed at the moment, and this was a rush to sell his daughter again.

Ye Fan really doubted if Li Qiuyu was Li Dafei's biological child.

Li Dafei's astonishing statement also made Li Qiuyu's little face blush at a loss for words.

"I can't agree."Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, firstly, he also can't gamble, secondly, Li Qiuyu's right of belonging had already been transferred from the Zhou family to his own name, wanting to marry Li Qiuyu was just a matter of his words, where did he need Li Dafei's consent.

Seeing Ye Fan's refusal, Li Dafei became annoyed and said: "If you don't agree, I won't let Qiu Yu and you meet again!"

Ye Fan took a deep breath, really afraid that if he didn't hold back his breath, he would completely explode and violently beat the Li Dafei in front of him.

Or rather, if it wasn't for Li Qiuyu's presence, Ye Fan would have already done it.

With Li Dafei like this, was he still worthy of being a father?


Ye Fan now didn't even bother to take care of Li Dafei, if he was hopeless like this, he would just send him to prison and squat for a few years and then he would be honest.

In anger, Ye Fan sneered, "You said you won't let us meet, so you won't let us meet, what right do you have?"

"Rights?I'm his father!"Li Dafei snorted.

"Didn't you sell her all over the place, are you still worthy of being a father?"

Ye Fan laughed in anger, not caring that Li Qiuyu was right next to him.

"How do you know!"Li Dafei's only bet was that Ye Fan didn't know about this, now that Ye Fan even knew this, he really had no reason to threaten Ye Fan.

"Why shouldn't I know, I'm the son-in-law of the Zhou family, and now Qiu Yu is in my name, or, if you take out five million, I'll return Qiu Yu to you, what do you think?"Ye Fan smiled faintly.

"Hmph, want money or not, hurry up and leave my house, Li Qiuyu you also leave, don't come back!"Lee Duffy was annoyed.


Li Qiu Yu cried out in pain, never would she have thought that Li Dafei wouldn't even want her daughter for money.This time she had witnessed it with her own eyes, so how could she not be sad? Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Don't call me Dad, I'm not your Dad!"Li Dafei suddenly revealed a maniacal smile: "You're just like your dead mother, a whore, just know how to get close to the big money, and then abandon me!"

"Dad, what are you talking about?"Li Qiuyu sobbed, and Li Dafei's words were too desperate.

Ye Fan, however, heard the doorway, and could not help but inquire: "Then you mean that Qiu Yu is not your child?"

This statement was met with silence.

Immediately afterwards, Li Dafei sardonicly laughed, "You even know about my daughter's matter, don't you know about this little thing?That's right, Li Qiu Yu is not my daughter!"

Not really?

Ye Fan was also confused, he had thought it was just Li Dafei's angry words, but this look sounded like it was true no matter what.

It was like Li Dafei was exposing himself like a self-destructing truck again, "It was that bitch who went out to have an affair with a rich man in the first place, that's why you're here, Li Qiuyu, you look just like your mother now, you're just a bitch!"

"This can't be, this isn't real!"Li Qiuyu's tears were gone, this news was completely unknown to her.

So she wasn't Li Dafei's daughter.

No wonder since childhood, no matter if she was first in the exam or what, she never got any praise, only constant curses.

No wonder her mother was also always beaten, serious illness also did not see Li Dafei to treatment.

No wonder Li Dafei would sell her to pay off gambling debts.

The original all because she and her mother originally did not belong to the family.

After knowing the truth, Li Qiuyu only felt the sky spinning, and fainted in front of her eyes.

"You're really a poultry-beast, how can you say such words!"

Ye Fan stared at Li Dafei with a deadly glare.

But Li Dafei laughed even more maniacally: "Look at you, you still don't know, that bitch who was cheating on me was Zhou An, otherwise how could I sell her to Zhou An, why would Zhou An buy it again, isn't it just to find a justifiable reason to take it back."

Zhou An?

Ye Fan had heard the name, Zhou An was Zhou Fu's big brother, which was Zhou Haipeng's father.

"Then aren't you afraid that Zhou Haipeng will come back and forcefully fuck Qiu Yu, or are you doing it on purpose?"Ye Fan thought carefully, to be true, Li Dafei is really scum, although half-mother, but Zhou Haipeng and Li Qiuyu but brother and sister ah.

If they really had a relationship, the consequences would not dare to imagine.

Li Dafei sardonic smile: "I just want them to have sex.This kind of scandal, Zhou An will definitely not tell Zhou Haipeng the truth, and after Zhou Haipeng has fucked Li Qiuyu, I'll tell them the truth, it's so wonderful to think about.It's just a pity that it will even be transferred to your name, all my plans have been foiled, Ye Fan, you're so damned!"

"So do you have anything else to say?"Ye Fan put his phone in his pocket, he had recorded the entire content of what he had just said, these whether it was selling human beings or planning, all of them constituted a crime, Ye Fan was confident that he could rely on these to send Li Dafei to prison for the rest of his life.

"Say what?There's nothing more I want to say.Although it didn't work, I'm satisfied now that I've pissed off Li Qiuyu, heh, hurry up and take her out of my house!"Li Dafei snorted coldly.

Ye Fan didn't say much, he came out and didn't bring anyone with him, if Li Dafei suddenly made a move, he wouldn't be afraid, but it wouldn't be good to hurt Li Qiuyu, so he quickly hugged Li Qiuyu and left.

As for Li Dafei's matter, Ye Fan was in no hurry, even if Li Dafei ran away, Ye Fan still had a way to find him and send him to jail.

After putting Li Qiuyu in the car, Ye Fan called Zhou Fu: "Father-in-law, I just learned a secret, I'll go back and tell you later, now you just send someone to watch over Li Dafei, don't let him run away, hire another powerful lawyer, I want to send Li Dafei to jail."

"Secret?Sending Lee Duffy to jail?Did you know that too?"Zhou Fu was slightly surprised.

Ye Fan's body shook and said, "You know it too?When did you know?"

"I only found out about it yesterday when I looked for my big brother, saying that Li Qiuyu is his illegitimate daughter, and I was thinking of finding time to tell you."Zhou Fu replied.

Ye Fan rubbed his temples, now he was feeling it, your circle is really messy.

"Alright, that's first, give me Zhou An's phone number and I'll contact him myself.You also don't forget the two things I just said, thinking that Li Dafei is hopelessly insane like this."

After saying that, Ye Fan hung up the phone, and then he received a WeChat from Zhou Fu, it was Zhou An's phone number.

Ye Fan drove his car and put on his wireless headphones, so he dialed the phone.

"Which one is it?"There was a dignified voice from the other side, which was surprisingly similar to Zhou Fu.

Ye Fan didn't have a good mood, "I'm Ye Fan, you should have heard of me.Given thirty minutes, come to the Prosperous Star Hotel, remember to bring Zhou Haipeng, now Li Qiuyu is by my side, unconscious."

After saying that, without waiting for a reply from the other side, Ye Fan hung up the phone.

Ye Fan believed that Zhou An would come.According to Zhou Fu's temperament, he should have already spoken to Zhou An about his deeds.Now that he was the leader of Kaiyuan, this kind of summoning, the other party would come back anyway unless he was not in Kaiyuan.

What's more, he still had the unconscious Li Qiuyu with him.

If Zhou An didn't come yet, that meant that Zhou An didn't care about Li Qiuyu either, if that was the case, Ye Fan would have no choice but to take in Li Qiuyu, after all, Li Qiuyu had nothing to rely on.

"Ye Shao, do you think he'll come?"

The sudden sound from beside him caused Ye Fan to almost bump into the car in front of him, and when he turned his head, Li Qiuyu had already woken up, but his face was expressionless and his eyes were lifeless.

"When did you wake up?"Ye Fan frowned slightly, he didn't want Li Qiuyu to hear these sad things.

Li Qiuyu's face was expressionless: "I only felt blackness and fell to the ground, I didn't actually faint, I heard everything."

"This..."Ye Fan was speechless for a long time before he patted Li Qiuyu's little head: "Don't worry, he's coming back.If he doesn't come....I'll raise you!"


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