Dish Best Served Cold 946-950


Chapter 946 

Dead silence.

    A long, long dead silence.

    The entire world was suddenly silent.

    Everyone was flabbergasted in place, waves of shock sweeping through their hearts.

    Who would have thought that that teenager would be so strong to such an extent?

    Even the strongest person in the Sun Country was defeated.

    "Yukari, what about the others?"

    "Where is Chu Tian Fan now?"

    While the crowd trembled, the Buddha King was the first to react and quickly asked.

    Snow Shine shook his head, "After the battle ended last night, he left.I don't know where he is now."

    "Probably, at the airport or the port, preparing to return home."

    After hearing this from Yukizhao, Floo immediately took out his cell phone and called the men they had planted in the winter capital.

    "Sena, pass on my orders."

    "Mobilize all the members of the Winter Capital to go to the airport, ports and all other departure ports to look for a Chinese man named Chu Tianfan."

    "When you see him, tell him that King Froh of India has invited him to join the Froh Palace, and that the terms are at his disposal if he is willing!"

    Fo Luo's deep voice echoed.

    When Sword Saint Xiao Chen heard it, he stared at it.

    "Froh, what do you mean?"

    "Digging into our Martial Shrine?"

    "What do you want?"

    "Could it be that you want to violate the martial code?"

    In the martial arts world, there is an unwritten rule that one must not dig into the walls of the martial arts powers of other countries.

    Such unethical behavior, once revealed, would be unanimously condemned by the international community.

    Therefore, even if one did want to dig a corner, it was almost always a private act.

    How could one dig right in front of everyone like Flore, like this?

    Isn't this a sign of disregard for the Martial God Temple?

    The Sword Saint was full of indignation.

    However, Fo Luo burst out laughing.

    "Sword Sage, I don't like what you're saying."

    "You said it yourselves, Chu Tianfan is not a member of your Martial God Temple."

    "And you're saying that people aren't qualified to be in the Martial God Hall."

    "What, the people you don't want, we don't have the right to take martial arts from other countries?"

    "Don't you think that your Martial God Temple is overbearing a little too much?"

    "You~"Flo's words were so dumb that the Sword Saint was left speechless.

    Mo Lone City was even more red in the old face.

    "Duke Carlo, are you just going to watch and not say anything for us?"The Sword Saint hoped to use public pressure to make Flo give up on the idea of drawing Chu Tianfan in.

    However, when he turned his head, he found that the martial lords of the remaining countries were also on the phone.


    "Right, calling Chu Tianfan."

    "Yellow skin, black eyes, a Huaxia man."


    "Make sure you find him before another country."

    "Just say that if he's willing to join my Ying royal family, I'll seal his family's hereditary title of Marquis."

    "No, lord of the crown, give him the position of earl."


    The people here were all contacting their own men to find Chu Tianfan in order to pull him into their power.

    After all, a title clan master in his twenties, this talent alone was already a rare occurrence in a thousand years.

    With this kind of talent, various countries were naturally competing to make a splash.

    It was only idiots like Boxer Mo Liao Cheng that would push out such an evil genius, right?

    In fact, at first, everyone thought that Chu Tianfan was from the Martial God Temple.

    If that was the case, everyone would naturally not disregard moral righteousness to dig into the Martial God Temple's wall.

    But unfortunately, Mo Lone City had just glimpsed Ye Fan's relationship with the Martial God Temple cleanly.

    In this situation, even if the crowd openly solicited Ye Fan, Xiao Chen and the others really had no reason to accuse others.

    "You ah you ~"

    "What the fuck do you want me to say about you?"

    Thinking of this, Sword Saint Xiao Chen was so angry that he wanted to slap the Fist Emperor's head.

    For so many years, their Huaxia had easily emerged a demonic genius with the ability to ask for the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking, but now the Fist Emperor had pushed him out just like that.

    "What are you still waiting for?"

    "Why don't you go find out?"

    "If my Huaxia Martial Temple loses a genius because of this, you'll be waiting to see what the War God does to you."

    Sword Sage Xiao Chen said nothing good to Mo Lone City, and then the two of them personally joined the search for Chu Tianfan.

    Shortly after the crowd left, the battle last night also finally began to ferment within the World Martial Dao.

    "What did you say?"

    "The number one powerhouse of the Sun Country, Snow Shine is defeated?"

    "That Chu Tianfan, really won?"

    "It's farcical, isn't it?"


    "A teenager in his early twenties has really penetrated the entire Japanese martial art?"

    "Is it possible?"

    "With one man's strength, he actually stepped on a country?"


    "How strong does he have to be?"

    "I'm afraid it'll be able to spar with the top eleven in the sky, right?"

    "The Chinese Martial Dao, is it really going to be revived?"

    "Is that dragon in the east really awakening?"



    "What a man."

    "To think that I was in my early twenties and I was going around eating, drinking and playing with women."

    "Where were the others?"

    "At the age of a teenager, he has moved the world with his name."

    "After this battle, I guess after this battle, all the martial arts in the world will know Chu Tianfan's name, right?"


    In just a moment, the entire world martial world exploded once again.

    On the internet, in reality, teahouses and restaurants~ .

    Anywhere the sun and moon, the rivers were caused, in short any martial artist was almost always talking about the chaos of the battle between Ye Fan and Xuezhao.

    For a while, Ye Fan was in the limelight.

    In these few days, Chu Tianfan's name had even overshadowed the fervor of the Moon Reading Rebirth.

    After all, a twenty year old desperately strong man, this was an unprecedented event for the martial world.

    The last one, a title master of this age, was the founder of the Chu Gate hundreds of years ago.

    Back then, that man, upon being born, was a world of precision.

    Rising between the microscopes, he opened his sect and led Chu Gate to the top of the Martial Dao step by step.

    He was, the martial dao myth of that era.

    Now, another demon had appeared.

    Many people were saying that today's martial dao, a new myth, was about to appear.

    The Martial God Hall.

    Ye Qingtian had just returned from the land of Jiangdong without success, and learned about Chu Tianfan's great victory over Xuezhao at the summit of the Sun Country.

    The War God at that time, in excitement, directly smashed the table in front of him.

    "Good, good, good!"


    "My Huaxia Shenzhou has finally produced a dragon~"

    "In the future, the revival of my Chinese Martial Dao is expected."

    "My Huaxia nation will once again stand proudly at the top of the world."

    Three good words in a row, shaking the entire Yan Mountain.

    It had been too long, this giant dragon of China had been sleeping for too long.

    Great China has been dominating the world for more than half of its 5,000-year history!

    The unification of the Qin Dynasty, the expedition of the strong Han, and the magnificence of the Tang Dynasty.

    Once the name of China was awe-inspiring to the world.

    But unfortunately, the decay of the modern era eventually caused this once exuberant excess to fall to the altar.

    Even though the country's power was growing stronger nowadays, it was still far from its peak.

    But now, Chu Tianfan stepped over the entire Japanese martial dao with one person, undoubtedly once again striking this ancient eastern country's majestic might.

    At the same time, it also once again allowed Ye Qingtian to see the hope of the Huaxia Martial Dao returning to its peak.

    Huaxia was the place where the world's martial dao originated, a thousand years ago, half of the martial dao powerhouses, almost Huaxia.Even the founder of the Chu Gate was also from Huaxia.

    But now, the top ten of the Heavenly Rankings, their Huaxia Martial Dao, and there was not a single person?

    This was an eternal pain in Ye Qingtian's heart.

    But Chu Tianfan's appearance had undoubtedly given him hope.


Yanjing, Xu Family.

    Ever since Xu Lei had returned from Jiangdong, she had been staying in the family, helping Ye Fan with Yanjing affairs.

    "Mr. Xu, you've been working throughout the May Day holiday."

    "The body will not be able to take it."

    "You'd better take a few days off and rest, right?"

    "Otherwise, even if Mr. Chu knew about it, he would be worried."

    In the room, Xu Lei was wearing an OL suit with a hip-hugging skirt underneath and a white shirt on top.

    A simple outfit, but it was hard to hide her wonderful figure and stunning face.

    However, even though Xu Lei's fame was all over Yanjing, no one dared to hit on her.

    Just because, the entire power field in Yanjing knew that she was Mr. Chu's woman.

    Yet, in the face of her men's concern, Xu Lei was always silent.

    Just bowing her head, she kept looking at a document in front of the table.

    After reading it, Xu Lei laughed softly.

    There was pride, admiration, and even more heartfelt happiness.

    But after the happiness, there was an endless loss.

    "Wen Jing, what if the person you like is a star in the sky, shining and radiant in the dark night, while we are ordinary?"

    "Is there only a choice, to stand on the ground and look up to his light?"

    Xu Lei whispered, her faint tone filled with loss.

    Assistant Lin Wenjing, however, shook her head, "Of course not."

    "If that's the case, then I'll try to stand taller, to stand closest to him.When we stand tall enough, he'll definitely notice us and stop back for us."

    Lin Wenjing smiled back.

    Xu Lei didn't reply after hearing that.

    Instead, she slowly got up and walked to the window alone.

    Looking down from the nineteenth floor, everything became so small.

    The speeding cars, the towering forest trees, as if everything was already beneath her feet.

    But what could she do if she stood any higher?

    Even if she stands at the top of the Sahib Zun, will she be able to touch the stars and the moon in the middle of the sky?

    Just like what Lin Wenjing said, if the person you like is dazzling, then let yourself stand a little taller, a little closer to him.

    Therefore, for so many years, Xu Lei had been working hard for it.

    "I originally thought that by standing on top of Yanjing's power and becoming the Queen of Yanjing, I would be able to touch Brother Fan's fingertips."

    "But in the end, I was naive."

    Xu Lei shook her head and said, her words inexplicably sentimental.

    What power, what wealth, Xu Lei never cared.

    She was trying so hard just to keep up with that man's footsteps and get closer to him.

    But only in the end did she discover that every time she took a step forward, that man would stand on a new step.

    In the beginning, when she was famous in Yunzhou, Ye Fan had already become the most powerful man in Jiangdong.

    Now, she was at the top of Yanjing's power, while Ye Fan had already made a name for himself!

    "Brother Fanny, why are you, so dazzling?"

    "Dazzling to the point that it's beyond everyone's reach~"

    At the window, the beautiful woman with tears in her eyes, murmuring and whispering.



    On this day, the entire world martial dao was in an uproar.

    Even the world's number one martial power, the people of the Chu Gate, had noticed Chu Tianfan's existence.

    In particular, Chu Qi Tian, who had been so arrogant and confident in the past after learning of Snow Shine's defeat, his face was now, at the moment, pale.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "Even the number one powerhouse of the Sun Country, Snow Shine, has lost?"

    "It's...This.. how is that possible?"

    The moment he got the news, Chu Qitian was struck by lightning and sat sprawled out on the couch.

    It was hard for him to imagine that an abandoned son of the Chu family, a country boy whom he disdained at first, had grown up to such a level without a second thought?

    Today's Chu Qi Tian no longer had his former ease and pride, and there was frustration and trembling in his heart.

    It could be said that the current Ye Fan was no longer something Chu Qitian could deal with.

    "No, I can't just sit and wait for death anymore."

    "If this son is not eliminated, he will definitely threaten the position of my Chu Family's heir in the future."

    After being frightened, Chu Qitian quickly calmed down.

    Ye Fan's current achievements had already posed a serious threat to his position in the Chu Family.

    All these years, but Chu Qitian knew that Ye Fan's father, Chu Zhenghong, had always wanted his son, Ye Fan, to return to the Chu family and recognize his ancestors.

    If it wasn't for the delay on the old man's side to let go, Ye Fan would probably have returned long ago.

    That was why, for so many years, Chu Qi Tian had wanted to get rid of Ye Fan.

    I just didn't expect that Ye Fan would grow up so fast.

    After calming down, Chu Qitian immediately drove off to find his father, Chu Zhengliang.



    "What did you say?"

    "The Chu Tianfan who has been making a name for himself in the martial world these past few days is your uncle's son, the countryside outcast from back then?"

    In the room, Chu Zhengliang's head buzzed as if struck by lightning after learning about this matter.

    It had been more than ten years since Ye Fan left the Chu family.

    Such a long time was enough time to forget about some people who were not important enough.

    Yes, in the Chu Clan, Ye Fan and his son were that less-than-little people.

    After all, who would care about a country woman and an expelled slut?

    The only person who cared more about this was someone like Chu Qi Tian who had a stake in the matter.

    "Tian'er, this matter concerns your future prospects."

    "Remember, don't let anyone know about this matter, especially your grandfather."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that you really won't be able to keep your position as heir."

    After the tremor, Chu Zhengliang calmed down and weighed the pros and cons, then began to plan for it.

    "But father, paper can't wrap fire, I'm afraid that grandpa will find out sooner or later that this Chu Tianfan is the abandoned son from back then."Chu Qitian said anxiously.

    "It's alright, Tian'er."

    "Leave this matter to me."

    "Don't worry, Tian'er, the Chu family's headship must be my son's as well."

    Chu Zhengliang's face was cold, and he clenched his palms, his eyebrows were filled with a cold light.

    No one knew what was brewing in this man's heart.

    While Chu Zhengliang's father and son were planning for it, in the Chu Manor, in a study room.

    A middle-aged man, with majestic brows and tiger eyes.

    Pacing back and forth in the luxuriously decorated study, as if he was waiting for something.

    If the Chu family had seen this scene, they would have been shocked and curious.

    After all, for so many years, this man had been in charge of the Chu family, and no matter what dangers he faced, he was always unfazed by chaos.

    Even back then when the Chu Sect was in internal chaos, when he helped the Tang Family and took the position of Chu Sect Master, he had never been so anxious as he was now.

    This had to make one wonder, what was it that actually made the Chu Family's master, the Chu Yama King who made the martial world dreadful, so anxious?

    Finally, with a rush of footsteps, the man hurried to meet him.

    "Han, how is it, have you checked it out yet?"

    "That Chinese youth who killed Ming Zun, defeated Snow Shine, swept away the Sun Kingdom, and terrorized the world, is it my son, Fan?"

    The man grabbed the old man's hand and asked urgently.

    As he said this, his eyebrows were red and his entire body was trembling.


"Master of the house."

    "Already checked, it's Young Master Fan."

    The old man bowed slightly and returned with the same smile.

    His tone also contained a bit of excitement.

    "Good, good, good~"


    "It really is my son, Fan."


    "Worthy of being my Chu Zhenghong's son, you didn't disgrace my son."

    After hearing the confirmation, the man could no longer contain himself.

    He burst out laughing to the heavens, and his cheerful laughter shook the entire room.

    In the end, it was even three good words in a row, in order to express his heart full of excitement and cheerfulness.

    The words were filled with endless pride and pride.

    "No, I want to go to Warsaw."

    "I'm going to find Ah Mei."

    "I'm going to tell her the good news."

    "I want her to know how good our son, is."

    "Our little Fan, how good he is."

    "Single-handedly, he set out to destroy the Japanese martial art."

    "He's a true hero, more powerful than his old man~"

    The man's whole body had gone mad with excitement.

    A burning heart and trembling hands.

    How many years had passed since the man in front of him, the man who reigned supreme, had lost his temper like this.

    Even Han Lao, who was beside him, looked touched.

    After all, it was father and son, bloodline relatives, broken bones are still connected to tendons.

    Just as Han Lao was touched, the man, however, had already run out and headed straight for Huaxia.

    Looking at that look, it seemed like he was really going to find Ye Ximei and share his joy.

    "Hey~ House Master, calm down."

    "Don't be anxious."

    "You're going at this time, and you don't know where Madam is~"

    Han hurried after him, warning as he ran.

    "Mudd, confused."

    "Just be happy."

    Being reminded by Han Lao, the man smacked his head, only then did he remember that he still didn't know the whereabouts of Ye Yimei.

    "No, that would require a trip to Warsaw."

    "You'll find out when Fanny will be returning."

    "Plane or ferry."

    "I'm going to pick him up in Warsaw."

    Chu Zhenghong had decided that it was time, too, to see his son again.

    He already had the strength to stand alone, and there were some things that it was time to let him know.


    "My lord, I'll go and make the arrangements."

    Soon, Old Man Han went to make the relevant arrangements.

    However, what Chu Zhenghong didn't know was that at the same time this day, there was one person in the Chu family, but he had already taken a plane and headed to the country of Japan.

    "Mr. Chu, the Japanese country has been contacted."

    "You will be received by the commander of the first division, Sato."

    Inside the large airliner with all the facilities, it was as if it was a mobile living room.

    Only, at this time, there was only one guest on this special plane.

    Listening to his men's report, Chu Zhengliang nodded his head.

    "Tell Commander Sato that I'll be arriving later tonight."


    The earth was vast and the sky was long.

    A transoceanic airliner, leaping the nine heavens, just like this towards the far east, racing away.



    Sun Country, Winter Capital.

    The impact that Ye Fan had caused to them still hadn't completely dissipated.

    In particular, many people in the martial arts world of the Sun Country were guarding their computers, and after logging onto a certain webpage, they began to wait anxiously.

    Until eight o'clock at night, the originally blank webpage suddenly flickered.

    Immediately afterwards, the background in front of it went black.

    The black screen, but a line of small golden letters appeared.

    At the very top of these small characters, there were two large crimson characters that lay across the top.

    Heaven's List!

    Yes, the Heavenly List.

    The most authoritative list of powerful people in the world's martial world.

    To be on the Heavenly Ranking List, to any martial artist, it was undoubtedly a symbol of power and glory.

    The journey of martial dao was dangerous and arduous.

    But so many people were still like moths to a flame, going before and after them.

    What did they do?

    In addition to the pursuit of power, it was to be able to enter this Heavenly Ranking.

    Only if you can enter the Heavenly Ranking will your name be remembered for the ages!

    Even if you turn into a shovel of dirt in a thousand years, the name on the heavenly list is proof that you were once here in this mundane world.

    "How many, how many will it be?"

    "This Chu Tianfan, how many places will he rank?"

    "Definitely don't make the top 30, definitely don't make the top 30~"

    In front of the computer, many people were nervously waiting and searching.

    Inside the Sword God Palace, the Looking Moon River couldn't stop gazing.

    Suzuki Ji, the president of the Suzuki Consortium Manager's Association, also had his heart in his throat.

    Even before the list came out, Suzuki Gi was praying in his heart that Ye Fan's ranking would be the first point.

    Sometimes, people just like to deceive themselves.

    As if the list ranked Ye Fan's name further down, the weaker Ye Fan would be.

    However, they had clearly experienced Ye Fan's majesty, yet they were still making such unrealistic fantasies.


    "Chu Tianfan, eleventh in the Heavenly Ranking!"


    It was as if thunder had exploded, and everyone was muddled in place when they saw Ye Fan's Heavenly Ranking Ranking.

    Moonwatching River, even more so, opened his eyes wide and his heart trembled.

    Heaven...Heavenly Ranking 11?

    "This...This is, like, the first person in Asia!"

    Yes, in the entire Asian martial arts, the one who was once ranked the highest, the Chinese War God Ye Qingtian, was ranked twelfth in the sky.

    Even the strongest person in the Japanese country, Snow Zhao, was only ranked fourteenth.

    Now, Ye Fan has emerged and is directly ranked eleventh on the Heavenly Rankings.

    Without a doubt, at this time, Ye Fan was already the best in Asia!

    Of course, Tsukuyomi is not counted here.

    Since the Moon Reader had just borrowed her body weight, no one knew what her battle power could be.

    Therefore, this Heavenly Ranking adjustment did not take Moon Reading into account.

    Nominally, Ye Fan naturally became the strongest person in Asia!

    Some people were happy, some were sad.

    While Moonwatching Moon River, as well as Suzuki Ji, were trembling and horrified because of Ye Fan's ranking, within the Trio Consortium, Iwai Zen, as well as Miyamoto Intermediary and others, were happy in their hearts.


    "Mr. Chu is eleventh on the sky list."

    "The strongest man in Asia."

    "We, the Triumvirate Foundation, with the protection of such a strong man, not to mention the country of Japan, even if you look at Asia, who else dares to touch our Triumvirate Foundation in the slightest?"


    "Brother Miyamoto, you have a good grandson."

    "For your Miyamoto family, you have found such a good one to lean on."

    "In the future, your Miyamoto family will be less powerful in the Sun Country, ah."

    "After all, your old man's granddaughter is Mr. Chu's woman."

    "That's a man who conquered even the Moon Reading, who dares to offend?"



    Among the Miyamoto family, the gates were full.

    Many people, all complimenting.

    As the saying goes, if one person gets it right, chickens and dogs rise to the top.

    Perhaps what was being said was the scene in front of them.

    However, while the entire world was boiling and clamoring for it, Ye Fan, who was the main character in it, suddenly received a phone call.


    "You're in the winter capital too?"

    Ye Fan's color changed and he was suddenly shocked.


Hilton Hotel, Winterkill.

    It is late afternoon, sunset.

    The setting sun's rays stained half of the sky red.

    Busy day of winter capital city, finally at this moment, ushered in a moment of bustle.

    In front of the Hilton Hotel, a mannish woman, pavilion, standing there, the beautiful face with anticipation and joy, as if a girl in love, waiting for her beloved.


    It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

    And then the jade feet on the delicate and noble high heels, more people with infinite fantasy.

    Almost all the passers-by in front of the hotel were attracted by her beauty and looked at her with astonishment in their eyes.

    During the period, there were even many rich young men passing by who accosted her, but without exception, they were all politely rejected.

    "This beautiful young lady, will you really not consider it anymore?"

    "It's fate that we meet."

    "You sure you can't join us for a drink at the bar?"

    At that moment, a noble gentleman with elegant speech and proper manners, unwilling to give up, once again extended an invitation to the woman in front of him.

    But the result, remained the same.

    "I'm sorry, I really don't have time today."

    However, that noble gentleman still wouldn't give up, he didn't believe that with his own charm, he couldn't take down the girl in front of him?

    "Miss, don't be in a hurry to refuse yet, okay?"

    "I'm really sincere about getting to know you."

    "If you're worried that I'm a bad person, I can introduce myself first."

    "My name is Sakuragi Lei, I'm the general manager of the Sakuragi Group and I'm in charge of the day-to-day affairs of the entire group."

    "Do you know about the Sakuragi Group?"

    "It's a company under the Suzuki consortium, with hundreds of billions of assets and a monopoly on the entire logistics industry in Japan."

    "The next step, our goal is to make the market to Warsaw, all over South Asia, until we radiate the entire world."

    Sakuragi Lei said with a smile, and in his light tone, he was all arrogance.

    Sure enough, after he introduced his identity background, the woman in front of him, a smile blossomed on her stunningly beautiful face, and her eyebrows opened.

    Then, she even pounced directly towards him.

    Sakuragi Lei was stunned and thought to himself, "No way?

    Is it that direct?

    You just met him and you're throwing yourself at him?

    His own charm really made women irresistible.

    It's not gentlemanly, but if such a beautiful girl takes the initiative to enter your arms, how can you not accept it?

    Just like that, Sakuragi Lei also excitedly opened his arms, waiting for the soft jade to warm into his arms.


    "I just love rash aunts..."

    Sakuragi Lei haha laughed, but as soon as he finished speaking, the girl in front of him, just like that, passed by him and ended up falling headfirst into the arms of the boy behind him.



    At that moment, Sakuragi Lei then froze in place.

    The corners of his eyes twitched, and his entire body was frozen in the storm like this.

    "Brother Fanny~"


    "You really are in Winter Capital."

    A foreign land but meeting an old friend, one could imagine the joy in Nan Chen's heart.

    So much so that, in excitement, Nan Chen jumped right into Ye Fan's arms.


    "That, Nan Nan, mind the impact, all these people watching?"

    Even as thick-skinned as Ye Fan, at the split second when Nan Chen threw his arms around him, his old face was red.

    Mainly, the two touches on his chest were too obvious.

    This guy Nan Chen had been practicing dance since he was young, and his body was excessively good.

    At this time, this girl was still constantly rubbing and rubbing in Ye Fan's arms.

    Where could Ye Fan's bloody age stand all this?

    I only felt the blood rush, and my old face was red.


    "Would even a dignitary of Jiangdong be embarrassed?"

    Nan Chen seemed to enjoy watching Ye Fan's embarrassment, and was now even more smiling, playfully teasing Ye Fan.

    However, seeing the two of them so intimately, Sakuragi Lei, who was beside her, was instantly heartbroken.

    A beautiful love that hadn't even started, and it ended like this.


    "Nan Nan, is this your boyfriend?"

    "Why didn't I hear you say that?"

    "Has our Huaqing University's flower girl fallen in love, too?"

    "If those boys at school heard this, they'd probably go crazy, right?"

    While Ye Fan and Nan Chen were talking to each other, a shocking sound came from the hotel.

    A young woman dressed in an exquisite dress walked over with astonishment in her eyes.

    The woman in front of her was not bad looking, but compared to Nan Chen, she was undoubtedly too far behind.

    After seeing Nan Chen throwing his arms around Ye Fan, this woman gossiped and greeted her to catch up.

    "Sister Kong Hui, don't talk nonsense."

    "Brother Xiaofan is just..."

    Not expecting to be seen by an acquaintance, Nan Chen's pretty face undoubtedly went red as well and quickly explained.

    "Hehe, Nan Nan, you don't need to explain, don't worry, my mouth is very tight, I won't spread it out after I return to school."

    In the middle of the conversation, Kong Hui began to carefully examine Ye Fan, while extending her arm to shake hands with Ye Fan, "Hello, I'm Nan Nan's fellow senior sister, Kong Hui."

    Nan Chen was now studying for his master's degree at Huaqing University, and this Kong Hui was under the same tutor as Nan Chen, but one level higher than Nan Chen.

    In academic circles, fellow disciples liked to refer to each other as elder brother and sister, so as to appear cordial.

    "Hello, Ye Fan."

    Ye Fan smiled back and shook hands with her as well.

    "Alright, you two little couples will catch up on old times first.But Nan Nan, don't forget that there's a cocktail party later, don't be late."

    Kong Hui reminded Nan Nan with a wink before she ran back to the hotel again.

    Having been so disturbed by Kong Hui, the atmosphere here was undoubtedly slightly awkward.


    "Brother Fan, don't mind ha, my Sister Kong Hui is just like that, big and mouthy."

    Nan Chen explained like Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "It's fine."

    "Right Nan Nan, I haven't asked you yet, why are you in the Sun Country too?"

    Nan Chen returned, "I came here with my mentor."

    It turned out that Nan Chen's mentor had cooperated with the Japanese side of the project.The main investor was the company of the Japanese country.

    This time, they had come over just to discuss the details of the project.

    "As for me, my mentor asked me to follow, mainly so that I could meet the world."

    "Before I came, Dad told me that you were also in Japan."

    "So I called you when I arrived, I thought you'd already returned to Japan, but I didn't realize you were still in Winterfell."

    "It's good to meet Brother Fan here~"

    Nan Chen was smiling happily and drunkenly, like a child who had stolen candy.

    After briefly chatting for a while, Ye Fan prepared to go back.

    "Nan Nan, keep busy, I'll leave you alone."

    "Don't, brother Fan.Tonight is just a cocktail party, you should come with me too.You have nothing to do tonight anyway, just treat it as a dinner with me, okay?"


Just like this, under Nan Chen's begging, Ye Fan finally nodded his head and agreed.

    However, when he reached the entrance of the hotel, Ye Fan was stopped by someone .

    "Sorry, private party, no invitations allowed!"

    The waiter at the door said very righteously, in a hard tone, but there was no room to change his mind.

    "He's my friend, can't I bring my friend in?"Nan Chen was a bit dissatisfied and complained at the waiter.

    However, the waiter still shook his head, "I'm sorry, this lady.Your entrance letter is for a single person, so you cannot bring anyone in."

    "You~" Nan Chen was so angry that her pretty face turned red.

    "Nan Nan, forget it."

    Ye Fan was already not very excited about this reception, but now that the waiter wouldn't let him in, Ye Fan simply didn't bother to enter.

    "No, brother Fan.Leave this matter to me."

    Nan Chen, however, was a stubborn nature and immediately made a phone call.

    Soon, a couple came over.

    The woman, whom Ye Fan had just seen, was Chen Nan's senior sister, Kong Hui.

    The man, on the other hand, was dressed in a black tuxedo with a tie on his chest and a Longines mechanical watch on his wrist, and was extremely well groomed, looking like an aristocrat who frequented high class circles.

    "Senior sister Kong Hui, senior brother Haonan, you've finally come."

    "My brother Xiaofan also wanted to attend the cocktail party, but they wouldn't let us in."

    Seeing these two, Nan Chen then shouted.

    "Nan Nan, it's fine."

    "Leave this place to us."Kong Hui said comfortingly.

    Liang Haonan, who was on the side, then stepped forward and said something to the waiter.

    "Alright Nan Nan, it's done, bring your friend and come in with us."

    Liang Haonan snapped his fingers, signaling that everything was done.

    Sure enough, this time no one stopped them again, and Ye Fan followed them into the hotel.

    "Brother Haonan, thank you so much."

    On the way, Chen Nan and the others thanked Liang Haonan as they walked.

    Liang Haonan waved his hand, "It's just a small matter."

    In between the words, Liang Haonan looked to the side at Ye Fan and said enthusiastically, "You must be Nan Nan's girlfriend."

    "Tsk tsk~"

    Liang Haonan carefully sized up Ye Fan, dressed in ordinary clothes, one look could tell that he came from an ordinary background.

    Although his looks were also considered handsome, there was undoubtedly some difference between him and Chu Nan.

    "Brother, how fortunate."

    "So many talented and beautiful noble sons in our school have failed to get Nan Nan, and in the end, I didn't expect that you would pick up a big advantage."

    "In this world where face looks at money, luck like yours is really rare."

    Liang Haonan shook his head and lamented.

    Although he didn't deliberately express anything, the meaning that was inadvertently revealed in those words was undoubtedly obvious.

    To put it bluntly, in Liang Haonan's opinion, Ye Fan was a toad eating swan meat.

    Although Ye Fan's appearance was not bad, he was undoubtedly inferior to those noble sons of the school-grass level who were pursuing Chu Nan in the university.It was not an exaggeration to say that he was a toad.


    "You're envious of him?"

    Ye Fan hadn't spoken yet, but Kong Hui beside him glared and put on a fierce look.

    Liang Haonan hurriedly begged for mercy: "No, not envious, I am just feeling for Shaojie and the others, I have such a flowery girlfriend like you, I don't envy anyone."

    This Liang Haonan took a look at the veteran of the love scene, saying florid words one after another.

    "Oh, right."

    "Brother Ye Fan, this is a private party tonight, and the attendees are all powerful people from all walks of life in Japan."

    "It's okay for you to follow them in, but remember, keep your words to a minimum, don't cause any trouble, and don't touch anything around you."

    "The objects inside this Hilton Hotel are all famous and expensive, so be careful not to break them."

    Liang Haonan instructed to Ye Fan in advance.

    Looking at that, it seemed like he was worried that Ye Fan had never seen the world before and would suddenly go to a big occasion and cause trouble for him again.

    After all, Ye Fan was the one he led in, and if something really went wrong, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to get out of it.

    "Brother Haonan, you don't need to say this."

    "Brother Xiaofan has seen the world in Jiangdong, and he understands the rules of the field of power and nobility,"Nan Chen replied.


    "But Nan Nan, Jiangdong is just a small place after all, it can't be compared to Winter Capital."

    "This Winter Capital, the prosperity, but it can be ranked among the top ten in the world."

    "Today alone I know, there are powerful celebrities from three countries."

    "You'd better ask your boyfriend to pay attention."Kong Hui also said from the side.

    "Alright, not much to say, the teacher is still waiting for us at the front, let's go over together?"

    In between the words, a few people entered the parlor.

    There, an old man with glasses was waiting there.

    This old man was hale and hearty, and he was an erudite person.

    Yes, he was Chen Nan and the others' master's tutor, Professor An.

    After a brief introduction, Professor An also understood Ye Fan's identity.

    "Well, since you also want to follow and meet the world, then come and meet Nan Nan's light."

    "But, Haonan, did you give him the rules?"

    "The level of today's reception is very high, so keep your words to a minimum and don't touch anything."

    Professor An also instructed once.

    Ye Fan frowned indistinctly, but didn't speak.

    Afterwards, the five people in the party went to the front desk and went to get their room cards.

    Tonight's cocktail party would go on until late, so naturally, accommodations would be provided.

    However, the embarrassing thing was that the hotel only provided one double room and two single rooms.

    Needless to say, the double room was naturally for both Kong Hui and Liang Haonan, and it was on the third floor in a better location.

    The remaining two single rooms were on the second floor and were reserved for Professor An and Chen Nan.

    In other words, there was no room for Ye Fan.

    "Hello, can you add another room, I have a friend here."Liang Haonan negotiated with the staff.

    "Young Master Liang, I'm sorry, the rooms are all booked up.However, if this friend of yours doesn't mind, there is an empty staff room on the first floor of the hotel, you can go there for a temporary stay."


    Liang Haonan didn't reply, but looked at Ye Fan, waiting for his decision.

    "Don't waste any more time, let him stay in the staff room.Staff rooms in five-star hotels are also more luxurious than those outside, so it's not a loss to him."Ye Fan didn't reply yet, Professor An seemed to be afraid of the delay and agreed for Ye Fan.

    "Hello, I forgot to make a reservation yesterday, give me an extra room."At this time, a couple just happened to come over and asked for an extra room as well.

    "Sorry, the rooms are all booked up."The staff still replied.

    The man didn't say anything, just handed over his business card.

    The staff was suddenly terrified, "It's Mr. Gill, yes...I'm sorry, I'll get you a room right away."

    Soon, the couple left satisfied with their room cards for the fifth floor.

    "What the fuck?"

    "Isn't there no room?"Next to him, Nan Chen was dissatisfied.

    Kong Hui, however, consoled, "Aigoo, my Miss Chen, you'll be content to ask for a staff room.If it wasn't for the fact that my boyfriend's family business has some small cooperation with the Abe family, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a staff room today."

    "As for the rest, you can forget about it."

    "You don't want to compare yourself to that Mr. Gill from earlier, do you?"

    "That's the majority shareholder of this hotel."

    "People have power and can overstep the rules, does your boyfriend have power and influence?"


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