Super Son-in-law 401-410


Chapter 401

"Sister?I'm sorry, but are you mistaking me for someone else?"

Shen Siyan looked at Leng Feng in confusion, she felt that the man in front of her was quite handsome and very clean, but why did she open her mouth and call her sister as soon as she came up?Is this man joking with himself?

If it wasn't a joke, then this person would be too rude.

Just as soon as Shen Xiyan finished asking, Leng Qiu Ya, who was standing at the door, was no longer able to sit on her buttocks, her face pale to the extreme, her body dripping with cold sweat.

"Aunt Qiu, Aunt Qiu, are you alright?What's going on?You don't want to go back even if you're like this, go, hurry up and come with me to the hospital, we'll go to the hospital for a checkup first... "Shen Suyan saw that Leng Qiu Ya was sitting on the ground, and quickly ran to Leng Qiu Ya's side, wanting to help her up.

But Leng Qiu Ya didn't move, at this moment she ignored Shen Siyan and instead just looked at Leng Feng with pleading eyes: "Feng'er, aunt is begging you, don't say it again, don't say it again, okay?"

Shen Siyan was even more confused and said to Leng Qiuya, "Aunt Qiu, what's going on?You stop talking for now, hurry to the hospital..." said Shen Suyan as she assisted Leng Qiu Ya again, but she still didn't pull.Shen Suyan became anxious to Wang Shufen, "Mom hurry over to help, what are you dazed about?"

Just this moment Wang Shufen also did not pay attention to her, the next moment Wang Shufen is the same as Leng Qiu Ya, almost pleading to Leng Feng said: "Young Master Feng, please stop, okay?Your aunt really hasn't had it easy all these years, you should know she hasn't had it easy..."

Leng Feng smiled at the words but shook his head, "Aunt Wang, who in this world is living an easy life?My Leng family has carried the shame for more than twenty years, my grandfather is angry and vomiting blood, my Leng family lost its marriage to the Gong family twenty years ago, and it's easy to renege on a promise?"

"Please, please, please don't say it again, don't say it again, don't say it again... "Leng Qiu Ya's tears were flowing.Her stance was put to its lowest.Only Leng Feng was still smiling, unmoved.

Shen Siyan saw that both Leng Qiu Ya and Wang Shufen were both begging the man in front of her in bitter 1e34c0b2 pain, even if she was stupid, she knew that something was wrong, there was definitely something she didn't know about.But now was not the time to ask, she felt that Leng Qiu Ya was almost unable to hold on, she was worried that something had happened to Leng Qiu Ya, so she stared coldly at Leng Feng and said, "This gentleman, I don't care who you are, but please leave now!" First web site

Leng Feng looked at Shen Xiyan with interest and said with a smile, "Sister ah, your brother my first time here, is he so eager to drive me away?"

Shen Siyan looked at this one called Leng Feng in front of her, who still had a hippie face by now, and she was annoyed.Her patience had reached its limit: "Please leave!And please respect yourself, I'm not your sister!"

Leng Feng continued to laugh and took a deep look at Shen Xiyan: "More than ten days ago you said in front of the Shen family that you wanted to take your own mother's surname and change it to Leng, didn't you?And my name is Leng Feng, also surnamed Leng, how are you so sure that you are not my sister?Oh..."

"What...what do you mean?"Shen Siyan stared at Leng Feng with a deadly stare, she felt that this was becoming more and more wrong tonight.

Leng Feng continued, "More than twenty years ago, the eldest miss of the Leng family eloped with a man named Shen Congwen and gave birth to a daughter named Shen Siyan, more than twenty years ago, for various reasons, the Leng family thought that that child was aborted back then.But I didn't expect that child not only survived, but also grew into a beautiful woman, and a few days ago, she even became the envy of many women, having a near perfect love, huh..."

" do you know?Who the hell are you?"Shen Siyan pointed at Leng Feng and drank, her fingers were trembling.

Leng Feng restrained the smile on his face, not answering Shen Suyan's question directly, but said to Leng Qiu Ya who was sitting on the ground, "Aunt, after more than twenty years, your own daughter is right in front of you, are you so cruel as to disown her?This sister of mine even said she wanted to take your surname when the Shen family forced her more than ten days ago, ah, this sister of mine has made it to that extent, even though you never took care of her for more than twenty years, she actually still didn't resent you in her heart.And now she's right beside you, do you really bear to disown her?"


Boom... after Leng Feng's words, Shen Shi Yan's heart was shocked to the extreme, her body involuntarily retreated backwards until she reached the living room, she stared at Leng Feng and Leng Qiu Ya with a deadly stare, then she realized that Leng Qiu Ya lowered her head deeply after Leng Feng said this, not daring to look at her at all.

"Qiu... Aunt Qiu, what did he, what did he mean by what he just said?Who...who are you again? "Shen Xi Yan's tears were all over the place at this moment.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry, Xi Yan, I'm sorry...I'm sorry... "Leng Qiu Ya lowered her head as tears popped and fell, her mouth unable to say anything other than sorry.

"Don't say sorry!I ask you, is he, is he telling the truth?What...what are you to me?"Shen Xi Yan suddenly asked loudly to Leng Qiu Ya.

Wang Shufen sighed deeply, looked at Leng Qiu Ya, then looked deeply at Shen Suyan and said with incomparable certainty to Shen Suyan, "Suyan, what Young Master Feng said is true, your Aunt Qiu is your real mother, Leng!Autumn!Ya!"

Boom... Shen Siyan's thinking completely exploded at this moment, her body once again shocked backwards, she kept shaking her head, muttering, "No, no, my own mother died long ago, long ago, died in childbirth while giving birth to me, she died long ago, long ago..."

Leng Feng smiled and said, "Alright sister, aunt is at fault for this, but she was forced to do it back then, you'll know about it later..."

Leng Feng said to Shen Xiyan, but Shen Xiyan didn't pay any attention to him at all.

Leng Feng also didn't care, then he looked at Wang Shufen and said: "Aunt Wang, I was afraid that you and my aunt would never admit it.So in the past two days, I made a lot of preparations, such as giving your two unworthy brothers a lot of benefits, or I went to look for Shen Ruoxue.But I found out that it's not as complicated as I thought it would be, heh, it's good that you guys admitted it like this, it saves me a lot of work, even though those things aren't a thing for me..."

"Young Master Kaede, I beg you, I'm on my knees for you, your aunt has had a hard time over the years and has lived worse than death, I beg you to let her go, please?"Wang Shufen said that she thumped her knees to Leng Feng.Only Leng Feng didn't even pay attention to her.

"No, you're lying, you're all lying, it's not true, it's not true... "Shen Xiyan suddenly cried out, never looking at the three people at the door again, turned around and ran upstairs. Remember the URL

She hadn't prepared her heart for this at all and had always thought that her real mother was already dead.How much pain and suffering she had endured as a child, only she herself knew.She'd only had one stepmother since she was a child, and she'd been treated very badly by Wang Shufen when she was a child.

But she always tried her best to do her best in front of Wang Shufen, and Shen Xiyan was especially envious of those children who were loved by some of their own mothers when she was a child.Countless times when Wang Shufen beat her and scolded her, she would dream of her own mother at night.

And now that someone suddenly came out and told her that her real mother was not dead and was right in front of her now, try to ask, how could she accept it?How is she going to take it?

Shen Siyan went upstairs, Leng Feng took a deep look at Leng Qiu Ya, "Heh Aunt, you're amazing, we've been deceived by you for more than twenty years, maybe this is the will of God.Your daughter found a good husband and gave her a great surprise, just by us seeing it, otherwise this might have been like this for the rest of her life, huh, more than twenty years ah, more than twenty years... "Leng Feng shook his head and laughed coldly.

He naturally had anger in his heart, even all the Leng family members were angry about that scandal of Leng Qiu Ya twenty years ago.

One had to know that more than twenty years ago, as the eldest young miss of the Leng family, Leng Qiu Ya was married to the first-class family of Tianhai City, the Gong family.

Back then, the eldest youngster of the Gong family also liked Leng Qiu Ya very much, but Leng Qiu Ya's approach gave the Gong family a huge humiliation.Later on, it naturally led to the Gong Family's ambition towards the Leng Family, and the Leng Family's business once fell to the bottom, only slowing back after several years....

And originally if Leng Qiu Ya hadn't eloped with Shen Congwen, then the current Leng family was probably already a top-tier, first-class family.The family's development had flatly lagged behind for too long.Too much time....

Leng Qiu Ya sat paralyzed on the ground, almost desperate, and asked: 7fb338cf "What do you guys want?......."

Leng Feng sneered and squatted down to look at Leng Qiu Ya, "Aunt, is it what we want?So what do you think we want?"Leng Feng's voice carried an endless chill and anger.


Leng Qiu Ya's body trembled fiercely, and her heart rose with boundless fear as she fiercely stared up at Leng Feng, "If you dare to touch a single hair on the face of Xi Yan, I won't let you go even if I were a ghost!"

Leng Feng wordlessly sneered again, "Heh... is it us who are wrong?Auntie, you were born into a big family like the Leng family, do you really not understand?Was it easy for the family all these years?Not to mention love, how much affection is there in a large family?You are the Leng family, I am also the Leng family, you won't not understand this truth.In the Leng family, family interests are above all else, we... where is there any love ah, even my own wife, I can't even choose my own ah... don't I feel sad?"

Leng Feng said somewhat self-deprecatingly, and there was a hint of helplessness in his words.But soon his eyes went completely cold.'Love'

Love was something that a young master of a big family like him didn't believe in, and marriage was just a combination of interests for him.

Leng Feng was silent after saying that, he no longer opened his mouth to speak, and neither did Leng Qiu Ya.

After a long, long time, Leng Qiu Ya took a deep breath, raised her head and said to Leng Feng, "Find a place, let's talk!"

"Yes!"Leng Feng nodded his head and took the lead in walking out.

After Leng Feng went out, Wang Shufen's eyes were incomparably complex as she looked at Leng Qiu Ya.Leng Qiu Ya's eyes resolutely nodded at Wang Shufen.

At eleven in the evening, in a teahouse private room, Leng Qiu Ya and Leng Feng sat opposite each other.

Leng Qiu Ya no longer begged, because she knew that no matter how much she begged, it was useless.And this nephew of hers would soon become the head of the Leng family.Leng Feng now had a very heavy voice in the Leng family, and he could even make some decisions on his own already.

Leng Qiu Ya looked deeply at Leng Feng: "Leng Feng you directly say what do you want?It's already like this, just now you also told me everything in front of the pity face, then it's just us now, you don't beat around the bush, if you still treat me as your aunt, you can just say it". One second to remember to read the book

Leng Feng nodded, "Good, then I'll be straightforward, Aunt only has two paths in front of you now, the first one is for the Leng family to accept your daughter back into the family, but on the condition that the Kyushu Group merges into the Leng family..."

"No way!"

Before Leng Feng finished speaking, Leng Qiu Ya slapped the table and stood up, staring at Leng Feng and said: "Don't you forget that the Kyushu Group is Lin Hao's, he and Xi Yan got together after a difficult marriage, and now you want me to go and talk to him and give away his hard-earned business?Do you think it's possible?And do people want to?"

"Oh..." sneered Leng Feng, "Does that Lin Hao's willingness have anything to do with me?Are you mistaken about one thing, Auntie, you?"Leng Feng's voice was incomparably low.

Leng Qiu Ya sat on her chair with a thud, yeah, was it Leng Feng who was begging her now?Nope.

The Leng family is not an ordinary small family, 6d8b451f nor is it about whether Shen Xiyan wants to return to the Leng family or not.

Rather, the Leng family, a large family with an inheritance of more than a hundred years, would not allow their own family's bloodline to go out.And it also brought great loss to the Leng family twenty years ago!

Leng Feng saw Leng Qiu Ya sitting back down on the chair, he continued slowly, "Aunt, you know in your heart how much damage you brought to the family because of your impulsiveness back then, along with how many years of shame!Do you feel comfortable with that?And if your daughter comes back to the family with a big company, then there's light on your face, isn't there?It's a win-win situation, and you're kind of making up for the mistake the family made back then..."


Leng Qiu Ya incomparably bitterly shook her head, "It's impossible, I won't hurt Xi Yan again even if I die.I've already been very sorry to her in this life, I can't ruin her happiness with my own hands again ah..."

Leng Qiu Ya said with her head lowered, tears popping down....

Leng Feng continued, "The second method is for you to announce to the public that you've severed ties with the Leng family from now on.But Aunt, do you think this is possible?Do you think the family will agree?You know how much Shen Xiyan looks like you.The report about Lin Hao proposing to her a few days ago will soon reach the skies, no one is stupid, right?I can guess, but my dad can't?Can't Grandpa guess?And I figured I'd check it out, and they probably won't even check it out, right?"

Leng Qiu Ya did not speak, only her body trembled continuously.

Leng Feng's fingers gently tapped on the table, one by one, and looked up at Leng Qiu Ya, who was sitting across the table with her head bowed and crying, and sighed, "Aunt, you know, it's impossible.It's impossible for grandpa to give up, no matter how much that sister of mine doesn't want it in her heart, she has to return to the family!That incident over twenty years ago was the regret of Grandpa's life, and he won't give it up..."

Leng Feng paused and continued, "And I, who will soon inherit the Leng family, will not give up.Either Xi Yan takes the Jiuzhou Group back to the Leng Family.Either the Leng family takes you and your daughter back and marries Xi'an to the Gong family, even if Xi'an dies, her memorial tablet will be placed in the ancestral hall of the Gong family, completing the promise you didn't make back then, the Gong family won't care if she was married or not, they just need an explanation, since you can't give it, then your daughter will give it for you... Auntie, placed in yourThese are the only two roads ahead!There's no third way for you to die..."

Leng Qiu Ya's body trembled violently once again, trembling with despair.

The second path that Leng Feng said, she eloped with Shen more than twenty years ago, giving the Palace family unimaginable humiliation, and if she wanted to quell the Palace family's anger.Then it would have to be 829b72e5 like Leng Feng said, her daughter must marry into the Gong family to quell the Gong family's anger for so many years and make the Gong family stop targeting the Leng family.

The Gong Family in Tianhai City was also a first-class family with an inheritance of more than a hundred years, with a huge influence.And the current head of the Gong Family, Gong Haiyang, was her fiancé back then, the same Gong Haiyang who now hated her to the bone and turned crazy to retaliate against the Leng Family!And Leng Feng's words about letting her own daughter marry into the Gong family would indeed allow Gong Hai Yang to take out a fierce breath of anger.Settle the grudge from back then.

She just really couldn't do it, but now as Leng Feng said, it was too late for her to die even now, the Leng family already knew about Shen Xiyan's existence, so the Gong family wasn't far away....

Leng Qiu Ya's heart was desperate, because no matter how she chose, she would deeply hurt her own daughter again.No matter how she chooses, she will bring harm to Shen Xiyan.... The first website

While Leng Qiu Ya was silent and at a loss for words, Leng Feng's sidekick Xiao Hei suddenly walked in, walked up to Leng Feng and quietly said a few words to him before retreating out....

After Xiao Hei left, Leng Feng raised his head and looked at Leng Qiuya, "Sorry Aunt, before I came to Tianhai, I was thinking of receiving the Kyushu Group under my command so that Xi Yan could also return to the Leng family in name only, even with the family's merit.But now you have no choice, grandfather has already sent someone to Xi Yan's residence, and tonight Xi Yan will have to return to the Leng Family, you... don't have a choice..."


At 11:30 p.m., two black Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles arrived at the gate of the Purple Bamboo Villa.They wanted to drive straight in, but were stopped by the security guards at the entrance and raised ground stakes at the first time.

A security guard walked up to the lead commercial vehicle, knocked on the window, and looked inside the vehicle with a heavy face.He then saw that there were ten or so people sitting inside this commercial vehicle, and each of them had a strong smell on them.While the security guard was looking at the people inside the car, the people inside were also looking at the security guard.

"Sorry, all outsiders as well as vehicles are prohibited from entering without the permission of the owner of the Purple Bamboo Villa!"The security guard at the entrance said coldly to the people inside the Mercedes Benz commercial vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz driver took a deep look at the security guard, and raised his eyebrows: "Hmmc7972ebe?special forces breath?Served in the army?"

The security guard's face had darkened and quietly gestured to the rest of the guards at the door.Eyes still fixed on the driver in the car, "Please leave!"

"Oh, I didn't expect a security system inside a community to have such a high level, that's good..." the driver smiled wryly, and the next moment he fiercely shot out, a hand blade struck the security guard's neck.The security guard subconsciously tried to resist, but didn't block it, missing it by a split second.And it was that split second that the security guard had completely fainted.

Then the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle behind also came down with a few people, and with the speed of a few blocks, they quietly took care of the security guard at the entrance.After that, those people didn't get into the car, but flashed like ghosts and entered the interior of the Purple Bamboo Villa.Under the cover of the night, they knocked out the security guards of the Purple Bamboo Villa one by one, and then they turned off all the power supply systems of the Purple Bamboo Villa, destroying the backup power supply of the Purple Bamboo Villa.

The entire Purple Bamboo Villa was suddenly plunged into endless darkness, with only hazy moonlight scattered in the community.The two commercial vehicles at the entrance also turned off all their lights and headed towards Shen Xiyan's residence.

"Hm?"At the moment when all the lights went out inside the Purple Bamboo Villa, Night One, who was hiding in Jiang Shao Ming's residence to protect Shen Suyan, opened his eyes fiercely, a trace of hostility flashed in his eyes, and he slowly pulled out the dagger at his waist, rushing towards Shen Suyan's residence next door.

The two brothers he had arranged to be on duty at the entrance of Shen Siyan's villa had already fought with a group of people with good skills, but those two brothers were quickly put down by the other party, and the good thing was that the other party didn't do anything to kill them, just knocked them out.

Night One flashed to block the entrance of Shen Siyan's villa, his gaze staring at the twenty or so black-clothed people in front of him: "Who are you people?" Remember the URL

The other side of the head of a man in a black combat uniform faintly said: "Tianhai Leng family, Miss Shen Siyan is the Leng family, our master invited Miss Shen to Tianhai, Your Excellency, please rest assured, we have no intention of hurting Miss Shen..." the man said in a very polite tone, because just now he brought people to fight with the night one's men again, shocked to discover that the other two are much better than them.

And now this man with a dagger, they felt a chill in their backs, the Leng family these people right now in the face of the night, suddenly have the feeling that if they start a war with the man in front of them.At least half of them would die!That's why their attitude softened at this moment.

In fact, before coming here, the Leng family had already given them information that the security force of the Purple Bamboo Villa was not weak, and with Lin Hao's identity, he would definitely leave a back-up for Shen Siyan as well.But they never expected that the person Lin Hao left behind to secretly protect Shen Siyan would be so terrifyingly skilled.

Soon, three more combat sequences rushed over beside Night One, the last of the forces he had reserved within the Purple Bamboo Villa.Night One similarly stared at the group of Leng family members in front of him with heavy eyes.The group of people on the other side were also very strong, every single one of them was physically at the Special Soldier level, not weak.On their side, there were only four of them.If they fought outside, Night One wouldn't be afraid, except that behind them was Shen Shi Yan's residence.Night One frowned deeply, "Please leave!As for whether Miss Shen goes to Tian Hai or not, we'll talk about it when my big brother returns..."

As Night One was negotiating with the other party, the door behind him suddenly opened, and Wang Shufen, who hadn't slept yet, came out in confusion.Just after she came out and saw the scene in front of her, she made a big jump, "Ah, who are you guys?What are you doing in front of our door?I'm going to call the police if you don't leave!"

Wang Shufen said as she took two steps backwards, she was a little scared.Because in her senses, the scent of the group of people in front of her were quite terrifying.


Night One turned to Wang Shufen and nodded, "Please don't worry, my big brother is Lin Hao, I'm the one that big brother left at the Purple Bamboo Villa to protect Miss Shen.That group of people across the street are from the Leng family in Tianhai City... I'll handle it here, please come in..."

As soon as Wang Shufen heard that the person across the street was actually a member of the Tianhai Leng family, she instantly trembled with fear.She hurriedly turned around and ran into the house, and after entering the house, she ran to Shen Shi Yan's room.

As soon as Night One finished speaking, the person who headed the opposite side said with a heavy face, "I'm sorry Your Excellency, the order we received was that we must bring Miss Shen Siyan back to Tianhai tonight, that's a crime..."

The next moment the man who was the leader was the first to rush towards Night One, and those behind him also fought with the three battle sequences behind Night One.It seemed that tonight's battle was inevitable.The next moment Night One held his dagger and met it head on....

It was just that the other side was also smart, Night One wanted to protect Shen Shi Yan, they didn't need to fight Night One to the death.And tonight they didn't want anyone to die after seeing the fighting power of the few people in Yeiyi, so they split up fifteen people to besiege four people in Yeiyi, while the remaining five people directly rushed into the house to catch Shen Siyan and take her away.

Night One's eyes were instantly murderous as he watched someone rush into the villa, "You... are looking for death!"

Poof... In the next moment Night One no longer held back, the dagger directly wiped the neck of one of the opponents and backhanded it into one's heart.

"You dare!"The one led by the other side saw that Night One had killed their two brothers in an instant, he became furious, and his men stopped holding back and started to surround Night One, some of them even took out their guns.

Night One's eyes narrowed, they didn't have guns on them, and Night One quickly led a few of the men under his command to retreat into the interior of the villa, the two unconscious brothers were also brought in, while he rushed into the other crowd and grabbed two guns before finally leaping into the interior of the villa....

After entering the villa, Night saw that Shen Siyan and Wang Shufen had already come out of the upstairs bedroom, and the two women were sitting in the living room.Night shouted at Shen Siyan, "Be careful, don't move!"He then brought a few of his brothers and blocked Shen Shi Yan behind him.

The next moment a dozen or so people from the Leng family outside rushed in, they were assassins and mercenaries trained by the Leng family.Although they were incomparably furious this time, they didn't dare to do anything even though Shen Shiyan was right in front of them.Before they came, the Leng Family's man in charge of this operation had repeatedly stressed that they couldn't harm anyone around Shen Shyan!So this would be all they could endure after seeing Shen Shi Yan! One second to remember to read the book

So the first thing they did after rushing in was to completely encircle Yei Yi and Shen Shi Yan.The one at the head had an incomparably gloomy face as he stared at Night One, "Your Excellency, you just killed two of my brothers!We'll settle this later.But tonight I must take Miss Shen back to Tian Hai!I repeat, we will not threaten Miss Shen's personal safety, but if you insist on doing so, then you can't blame us!If we hurt Miss Shen, we certainly won't be able to explain it, but will you and your master be able to explain it?"

Night One's face was also completely gloomy, he had followed Lin Hao for over a decade.He knew better than anyone how much weight Shen Siyan had in Lin Hao's heart.And when Lin Hao left, he had specifically instructed him to protect Shen Suyan's safety, and now he felt a bit troubled.Shouldn't have killed the other two just now.Now all it would take was for one of everyone to lose control, then the scene could get out of control!

It was dark in the room, Shen Xiyan stood up and walked over to Night One, looked across at the person who was leading the group and asked, "I can go to the Cold House, but not tonight, I have to wait until my husband returns, is that okay?"

Shen Siyan didn't expect the Leng family to be so strong, she vaguely understood something in her heart, but now that Lin Hao hadn't returned, she was confused right now.She was now thinking about waiting for Lin Hao to return.When Lin Hao left yesterday, he looked very anxious, and when she thought about the fact that more than ten days ago, Lin Hao had returned from the Heavenly Sea injured, she knew in her heart that Lin Hao must have something very urgent to deal with, or else he wouldn't have left immediately the next day after just giving her a big surprise....

That's why she didn't want to call Lin Hao about what was going on here right now, she didn't want to cause trouble for Lin Hao, so she wanted to wait for Lin Hao to come back, and she also warned Wang Shufen that she absolutely must not call Lin Hao.

Just in response to her request, the person who was the head of the opposite side lowered his head, but his tone was very firm, "I'm sorry Miss Shen, the order we received is that we must take you back to Tianhai tonight, please don't worry, we will never hurt you, as to why our master is so eager for you to return, I think you should know the answer in your heart..."

"Xiyan, Shufen, are you guys okay..." just as Shen Xiyan wanted to speak, Leng Qiu Ya's urgent voice came from the doorway.

The next moment a pale Leng Qiu Ya and Leng Feng walked in, and Leng Qiu Ya even ran to Shen Xi Yan's side in the first moment....


Leng Qiu Ya wanted to grab Shen Xi Yan's hand, but Shen Xi Yan subconsciously refused, Leng Qiu Ya's face darkened, and this action of Shen Xi Yan's caused incomparable pain in her heart.She lowered her head, not daring to look at Shen Xiyan.

Shen Suyan saw that Leng Feng, the one who came to the house before, also came over, so she said to Leng Feng, "Mr. Leng, they can't make the decision, but you are the young master of the Leng family, you should be able to make the decision, right?"

But Leng Feng shook his head and said, "I'm sorry Xi Yan, but the order for them to take you back to the Heavenly Sea tonight wasn't given by me either, but by my grandfather, your own grandfather, who personally gave the order.I can't disobey either..."

At this point, Leng Feng sighed deeply, incomparably complex, and looked at Shen Shi Yan, "Sorry sister, I didn't want this either, originally my plan was to have you return to the Leng family with the Kyushu Group.This way my aunt can also wash away the shame of more than twenty years ago, and you mother and daughter won't have to work so hard..."

Shen Siyan sneered: "Heh... let me take the Kyushu Group back to the Leng family?Oh, you Leng family is really a big appetite ah.Sorry, you guys think too much, the Kyushu Group is not mine, it's my husband's.Even if I'm married to him and I'm his wife, but I wouldn't want his company!Do you know how hard it was for my husband to build up Kyushu Group?You want to take it at the drop of a hat?Don't dream about it!"

Leng Feng frowned deeply and said, "Sister, some things are not as simple as you think, if you disobey grandpa's orders, then Lin Hao will also be in trouble, and if he doesn't give it to the Kyushu Group, he won't be able to keep it..."

Night One sneered, "Heh, the Heavenly Sea Leng Family?What a big mouth! You want to annex the company my brother has worked so hard to build?What a dream!"

After Night One finished Shen Xiyan also nodded, Leng Feng didn't look at Night One and Shen Xiyan again, but sighed to Leng Qiuya, "Aunt, I tried my best, it's true that I wanted the Kyushu Group, but you know, I also did it for the good of you and sister Xiyan.And after Lin Hao becomes the Leng family's son-in-law in the future, he'll be able to develop even more, right?"

Leng Qiu Ya didn't look at Leng Feng, but bowed her head deeply, tears popping down.This world is like this, many times, it's not how you want it to be.There are people who won't take into account the bottom line of morality and law.Just like the Leng family, strong and overbearing, they want Shen Xiyan to marry someone from the Gong family, they won't even care about Shen Xiyan's life or death, they just want a name, even if it means using Shen Xiyan's life to give an account to the Gong family, they're willing to go for it!

This is the cold-blooded ruthlessness of the big family, Leng Qiu Ya tearfully looked at Shen Xi Yan: "Xi Yan, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..."

Shen Xi Yan looked at Leng Qiuya crying like this, she also felt bad, but she was very confused right now.She didn't know what she should do next, she had always thought that her real mother was already dead and suddenly someone told her that her real mother was still alive?And there was a reason for dumping her so cruelly back then?How does that leave her to choose?And when her father was alive, he used to tell her how beautiful and kind-hearted her own mother was. First URL

Everyone couldn't agree, Night One would never let Leng Feng and the others take Shen Siyan away.And the other party at the moment many people to show the public, but also must take Shen Siyan away.So for a time in the dark living room, the atmosphere was completely stiff.And in this stiffness, no matter if it was Night One's group, or the group of people from the opposite side of the Heavenly Sea Leng Family, they were all ready for the next battle, everyone was smart enough to know that it was impossible to talk about the current situation, and since they couldn't, then they could just use their fists to talk....

"Xi Yan get down..." just as Night One was about to make a move, suddenly a yell from Yue Gu came from the doorway.The next moment there was a gunshot from the doorway.Four or five people sent by the Leng family instantly fell down.

And this completely broke the situation in the living room.Yue Gu suddenly brought people in, causing the situation to be chaotic, the people sent by the Leng family had been killed by Night One before, and now that Yue Gu had disabled four or five of them, the killing machine in the hearts of the remaining ten or so people had become completely out of control.They turned back and attacked, and behind them, Night One also took the opportunity to make a move....

A time of complete chaos in the living room, the night one out of two brothers with the three women Shen Shi Yan, retreat to the back.It was just too dark in the house, and the three women were also scared to death at this point.

She pounced on Shen Xiyan and shouted miserably, "Xiyan, be careful..."


"What?"Shen Siyan looked back, and then she saw a bullet enter Leng Qiu Ya's body from a distance....

Time seemed to freeze at this moment, and Shen Shi Yan watched as Leng Qiu Ya, who had taken a bullet for her, fell towards her arms with worry in her eyes....

"You..." a tear drifted down from the corner of Shen Siyan's eye, her eyes widened, and then she saw Leng Qiu Ya's mouth start to spew blood out, and Shen Siyan subconsciously caught Leng Qiu Ya's body.

"Run..." said Leng Qiu Ya with tears of blood in her mouth, while the blood in her mouth had stained the clothes on Shen Xi Yan's body red.

Time passed very, very slowly at this moment, and Shen Siyan's heart trembled, she herself hadn't thought of how to face Leng Qiu Ya in the future.But now that Leng Qiu Ya was shot and fell in her arms, Leng Qiu Ya was going to die?Shen Siyan suddenly flashed this thought in her mind.She didn't want to acknowledge Leng Qiu Ya, after all, she had been too bitter for so many years.She was incomparably grieving in her heart.

But even if there was any more grievance, the moment Leng Qiu Ya unhesitatingly stepped forward to take a bullet for her, it was all gone.At this moment Shen Siyan believed that Leng Qiu Ya was her real mother.Because in this world, no one but the person she loved the most would block bullets for her without regard for her own life or death.

"Xi Yan, quickly... run... "Leng Qiu Ya saw Shen Xi Yan dazed, she was incomparably anxious, she could feel that her own consciousness was about to disappear, but Shen Xi Yan didn't run!, she was anxious to the extreme, it didn't matter if she died, she wasn't afraid of her own death.But she was afraid that her daughter, who had suffered all her life, would also die here....

"Quick... run... "Leng Qiu Ya finally pushed with all her strength to push Shen away, but she didn't have a single ounce of strength left, no matter how hard she pushed, sheNeither could push Shen Shi Yan.And after she used the last of her strength to push Shen Xi Yan, her eyes closed and her hand that was pushing Shen Xi Yan slowly dropped down....

Shen Siyan looked at Leng Qiu Ya, who had her eyes closed, and watched her slowly draping down her arm, the tears of her eyes couldn't stop flowing down and down, at this moment Shen Siyan only felt that there was one of the most important things in her life that she had lost forever....

The assassin who had just shot at Shen Xiyan in panic, this time through the moonlight outside, also saw the scene over there and he was stunned, his mouth wide open... while outside Night One and the others were still fighting with the Tianhai Leng Family... Gu Yue's men were also rushing inside in a mad rush....

But at this moment, no matter how fierce the battle outside was, Shen Xiyan was just stunned to hold Leng Qiu Ya with her eyes closed and her arm hanging down... Remember the website

"Ah..." in the next moment, Shen Xiyan suddenly lowered her head and shouted hysterically with tears streaming down her face....

"What?"Shen Shi Yan's roar was too big and too loud, this was her roaring out with her greatest strength, this was her roaring out with endless thoughts of her mother....

This cry from Shen Shi Yan was mixed with endless pain and filled with endless reluctance....

"What?Stop it all, stop it all, fucking stop it all!"Leng Feng fiercely looked over at Shen Xiyan after he heard her yell, then he quickly yelled.

"Stop!Stop it!What's wrong with you, Ji-Yan?Are you okay? - Yeah.What's wrong with you?"There was also Yue Gu's anxious voice from outside.

"Stop it!Stop it all!"Night One is also frantically giving orders to the three combat sequences under his command....

At this moment the three parties all stopped, everyone retreated to the side, everyone didn't dare to make the slightest move, Yue Gu also brought his people in and rushed towards Shen Shi Yan's side, while no one from Leng Feng's people dared to stop them....

At this moment, the eyes of all the people and horses of the three parties looked at Shen Suyan and Leng Qiu Ya, who were covered in blood, and Wang Shufen, who was beside Shen Suyan, fell to the ground with a pale face.......

At this moment, all the combatants of the three parties were completely quiet, not daring to make the slightest sound.

"Ah..." once again, Shen Shi Yan let out an extremely desperate shriek....

Buzzing... the next moment the lights in the villa came on, only to wait for them to come on, the crowd realized that it was Leng Qiu Ya who had been shot, and that the current Leng Qiu Ya's face was as white as death, with blood still flowing out from the back of her mouth, while Leng Qiu Ya was still in the position of blocking in front of Shen Xie Yan's face with her own body....

Everyone present, after seeing this scene, was silent just Shen Xiyan's heartbreaking shrieks....

"Ah..." shen tears flowed, covered in blood, extreme sadness, extreme pain, extreme sorrow, extreme helplessness....


"Who the fuck shot him there?Who the fuck fired the gun!!!!!Ahhhh..."

Leng Feng directly stormed off, no matter how much of a disgrace Leng Qiu Ya was to the Leng family, that was still his own aunt!And now it's death at the hands of one of our own!He didn't even dare to think about how he was going to explain to his father and his grandfather when he got back!

Night One, on the other hand, didn't care about Leng Feng's rant, but flashed and rushed in front of Shen Xiuyan's face, reaching out and touching the pulse of Leng Qiu Ya's neck, the next moment his face slightly slowed down, Leng Qiu Ya wasn't completely dead, there was still a faint pulse.The next moment Night One hurriedly took out a pill from his bosom and stuffed it into Leng Qiu Ya's mouth.

"She... she?"Shen Shi Yan who was already desperate, after seeing the series of operations of Night One, she couldn't help but raise her head to Night One, she asked very carefully, she was even a little afraid to listen to Night One's answer.

Night One nodded at Shen Siyan's face, "There is still a trace of breath, we must prepare for the operation immediately, we have to go to the Heavenly Sea, the medical conditions in Nanjiang are not good..."

When Leng Feng heard this from Night One, he also rushed over and touched Leng Qiu Ya's pulse with a happy face.Hastily shouted at the door, "Where's the car?Hurry up and go to the Heavenly Sea, speed..."

But before he could finish his sentence, Night One put a gun directly to his head, "We have a helicopter, you contact the best hospital in Tian Hai immediately!You're coming with us!"

When Leng Feng felt the cold killing intent of Night One's body, he couldn't help but have cold sweat running down his back.

"You dare!Let go of my young master!"Leng Feng's sidekick, Little Black, held a dagger and yelled at Night One.

Bang... the next moment Night One shot directly at Little Black's leg, Little Black grunted but didn't say another word.Once again, Night One pointed at Leng Feng ice-cold, "How?"

Leng Feng's face was dripping with cold sweat as he roared at the Leng family, "Get the hell out of here!Get out of Namie immediately!Go back!Get out!" One second to remember to read the book

Three minutes later, Leng Siyan, Yue Gu, Wang Shufen, Leng Qiu Ya, Leng Feng, Night Yi several people in a helicopter, speeding to the Tianhai, and on the plane, Leng Feng was constantly holding a cell phone to communicate with the hospital in the Tianhai side.

On the helicopter, Leng Qiu Ya's eyes were dull looking at Leng Qiu Ya who was wearing an oxygen mask and laying among the people, this was her own mother, she didn't know five minutes ago how to get along with Leng Qiu Ya in the future, was she going to meet up with Leng Qiu Ya or something?She didn't even have an answer in her heart.

In fact, her heart was very complicated, both with resentment towards Leng Qiu Ya, but also with a hint of happiness.

But right now, she didn't want anything else, she just hoped that the plane would arrive at the hospital immediately and Leng Qiu Ya would be rescued.The speed of the helicopter became faster and faster, but the crowd on the plane became more and more silent, no one spoke anymore.

Now this ending, which no one had expected before, Leng Qiu Ya was actually seriously injured and dying.And Yue Gu was even more unaware of Shen Xiyan's affair with the Leng family from the beginning to the end.

An hour later, the helicopter landed in Tianhai First Hospital, and Leng Qiu Ya, who was in a coma, was sent to the emergency room right away.And Shen Xiyan several people were anxiously waiting outside the operating room.

"Xi Yan is sorry, it's all my fault, if it wasn't for me rushing in with people, Aunt Qiu wouldn't be like this... I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..." outside the operating room, Yue Gu apologized to Shen Xi Yan in great pain, tears streaming down her face.

Just Shen Siyan still didn't have any expression or action, she didn't even hear what Gu Yue was saying.All she imagined in her thoughts was Leng Qiu Ya's appearance.Yes, she used to have seen pictures of Leng Qiu Ya when she was young.And two days ago when she met Leng Qiu Ya for the first time, at that time she felt that Leng Qiu Ya was somehow familiar and there was a hint of affection.

So she is her own daughter, this moment Shen Xi Yan also finally 6fa9e322 in order to figure out, that is why these two days Leng Qiu Ya in her home, the eyes are always red and swollen, that is completely sad cry.

"Daddy, Daddy, I took the first place, do you think my mother will see it in heaven?"Six-year-old Shen Xiyan once took a first-place award and very happily ran up to Shen and asked her about her real mother....

Shen squatted down and smiled and nodded his head as he touched Shen Xiyan's little head, "mmmm, your mom will definitely see it, we Xiyan is awesome, Xiyan be happy oh, if you're not happy, your mom will cry in heaven ah..."

"Daddy, Daddy, Shufen's mommy is talking about me again, I miss my mommy so much, Daddy, where's my mommy?Why do all the other kids have their moms at the playground with them, but not me?Sooooo, daddy, I miss mommy, I miss mommy so much..." six or seven year old Shen Xiyan once after being reprimanded by Wang Shufen, sadly said to Shen Congwen.

Shen Congwen's eyes flashed a hint of pain in the depths of his eyes, and he barely smiled at Shen Xiyan: "Xiyan is good, Xiyan must be sensible, your mother has gone to a faraway place, one day she will come back to find you, at that time you don't blame your mother ah...."


Shen Congwen said meaningfully to Shen Xiyan, but at that time, Shen Xiyan was just too young and too young, she couldn't understand the meaning of Shen Congwen's words....

"Daddy, daddy, I got top marks again and I'm going to middle school next month, won't mommy come home?I miss her so much, I haven't even seen my mom's face..." the twelve-year-old Shen Xiyan took the first-place certificate and went to Shen Congwen and asked.

The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital for a few days, and then I had to go to the hospital for a few days.It's all Daddy's fault, it's not your mother's fault, it's not your mother's fault, will you promise Daddy?"Shen said as two lines of tears flowed down....

When Shen Xiyan was fifteen and about to go up to middle school, she took the top grade and asked Shen from the top again, "Daddy, is Mommy really coming back?"

This time, Shen Xiyan's tone had actually hidden a hint of despair, even in her heart she already thought that her own mother was dead.

That time Shen Congwen wowed and cried out, a big man in his thirties, faced with Shen Xiyan's questioning, crying like a child, that time Shen Congwen cried for a long, long time.

Finally Shen Congwen with red eyes firmly said to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan you remember your mother's surname is Leng, she is the most beautiful woman under the sky, she is the most loving mother under the sky, she will definitely come back to you, she will definitely come back, don't blame her, don't blame her......"

After that time, after going to high school, Shen Xiyan's mind slowly grew and she gradually understood that her real mother should have died long ago, which Wang Shufen had told her more than once.

So from then on she never asked Shen about his real mother again....

Outside the operating room at the moment, in Shen Xiyan's mind, the scene from her childhood in the past kept flashing.

Her heart was very, very painful, it turned out that everything her father said was true, it turned out that her father had never lied to her.Her mother would really come back to find her again... First URL

Only just after she knew that Leng Qiu Ya was her own mother, Leng Qiu Ya had fallen in her arms to save her from being shot.She just knew ah, the time she knew it was less than half a day ah, or even just two or three hours from the time Leng Qiu Ya blocked the gun for her....

And thinking about the scene just before Leng Qiu Ya blocked the gun for her, Leng Qiu Ya finally tried to pull her hand, but she was shrugged off.Shen Xi Yan's heart was incomparably hard.

"Definitely, you must come through ah, you must come through ah, you've been gone for so many years, I've waited for you for so many years, I've suffered so much, how can you just leave after I know you're my mother?I won't allow you to just walk away..."

"Make sure to pull through ah, I want you to pull through ah, do you hear me, mom... "Shen Xiyan kept praying to Leng Qiu Ya in her heart, tears kept flowing down....

The red warning light outside the operating room was still on, and it had been more than two hours since Leng Qiu Ya was sent in, yet there was still no news from inside.Only the hurried doctors and nurses kept going in and out, and looking at those doctors and nurses sweating profusely, Shen Suyan's heart kept sinking....

"Who is the patient's family when the blood bags are gone?Come in with me, quickly, the patient is type B blood, who is it?"Just as Shen Caiyan was anxious and praying silently, a nurse suddenly pushed open the door of the operating room and shouted anxiously to the outside.

"I, I'm..." upon hearing the nurse's anxious words, Shen Caiyan hurriedly stood up and ran to the nurse, unable to even wipe her tears.

"Who are you to the patient?"The nurse asked anxiously to Shen Xiyan.

"I...I'm her real daughter!!!"Shen Caiyan was stunned at first, but then she was incomparably determined, and after she said this, her tears flowed down once again....

"Good, quickly follow me in..." the nurse nodded, pulling Shen Caiyan and walking in.

Inside the operating room, Shen Suyan looked at the lower half of the body full of blood Leng Qiu Ya, sideways face pale, mouth with a ventilator, but basically can not see Leng Qiu Ya with breathing, Shen Suyan's tears continue to fall down.

"The injured is bleeding heavily, the blood volume is dropping too fast, hurry up and give a blood transfusion!Hurry up with the blood transfusion!"A doctor with his head down and sweating to stitch up Leng Qiu Ya's wounds, said to the nurse without raising his head.

The nurse nodded, and a syringe was inserted into Leng Qiu Ya's blood vessel, Shen didn't even look at the blood flowing out from her own body, but just silently watched Leng Qiu Ya on the hospital bed....

"You must pull through ah, please, I'm begging you..." said Shen Xiuyan to Leng Qiu Ya in her heart.


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