Dish Best Served Cold 981-985


Chapter 981

Outside the door, Chen Nan's eyebrows and eyes were red, and her pretty face was filled with grief.

    The moment she saw Ye Ximei and Qiu Mu Orange, the clear and beautiful girl in front of her could no longer contain her grief, and tears instantly rushed out.


    "Auntie Yeh, Autumn-san, I'm sorry~"

    Facing the two of them, Chen Nan was filled with guilt and knelt directly on the ground.

    She sobbed and cried, grief tears flowing down her cheeks without stopping.

    The mournful voice made the listener's heart hurt and the listener moved.

    "Nan Nan, what's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    "Don't cry yet, say it well, if there's anything, auntie will make the decision for you."

    Naturally, Ye Xi Mei had a shallow impression of this child, Nan Chen.

    Before the New Year, Nan Chen, however, had specifically gone to Ye Yang Town and visited her.

    At that time, Ye Ximei was very fond of this sensible girl, and once wanted to take her as his goddaughter.

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    This undoubtedly made Ye Xie Mei, very surprised.

    Even Qiu Mu Orange, also full of doubt, even went over to support Chen Nan and let her stand up to speak.

    However, Nan Chen was already sobbing and couldn't stop apologizing.

    "You child, speak~"

    "What the hell is going on?"

    Ye Xie Mei asked again.

    "Auntie Ye, sister Autumn, I'm sorry~"

    "Brother Fanny he, he's dead."



    It was as if thunder struck down.

    The instant she heard these words, Qiu Mu Orange's entire body directly flinched in place, and her pretty face, instantly paled.

    Ye Xi Mei's body also trembled, a pair of beautiful eyes, suddenly tightened.

    These two most important women in Ye Fan's life were both at this moment, like thunder striking in place.

    Qiu Mu-Orange's footsteps stumbled as she stared, incredulous and asked Nan Chen again.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "Ye Fan, he...He...What's wrong with him?"

    "Sister Autumn, Brother Fanny he's gone, he left us forever~"


    "I'm sorry, it's all because of me."

    "If it wasn't to save me, maybe he would still be alive~"

    Nan Chen was in tears as if it was raining, she lowered her head and choked on her words.

    The words were filled with self-recrimination and guilt.

    The flames and blood from that day were like carving knives cutting through, deeply etched in Nan Chen's mind.

    Until now, when Nan Chen closed her eyes, it was all the flames from that day's rushing sea of fire.

    At this time, she was weeping.She didn't even dare to look directly into the eyes of Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Xi Mei.

    Nan Chen was clear that what she had lost was perhaps just a big brother, a friend.

    But to Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Xi Mei and the others, what they had lost, was the entire world.


    "No way, that's impossible~"

    "You lied to me, you must be lying to me."

    "Ye Fan he won't die."

    "He's the lord of Jiangdong, he's the lord of the mighty.He also learned martial arts."

    "Yellow River Martial Association, he forcefully saved the world."

    "The Sea and Sky Feast, he is proud of the heroes."

    "None of the strong men of the Japanese Kingdom can do anything about him?"

    "No one can kill him."

    "Who can kill him?"

    "How could he die, he could never~"

    Qiu Mu Orange couldn't stop shaking her head, the once sensible and proud girl was now out of her mind.

    With panic, her eyes were dull, and she couldn't stop repeating the same sentence.

    But as she said it, tears were already flowing down uncontrollably.

    "Sister Autumn, this is...Really."

    "I was with little...Brother Fanny's ship, the Emperor, was attacked at sea and was silent."

    "Brother Fanny.... risked his life, and sent me out into the fire."

    "Before he died, he also...And asked me to give you the two boxes, to you."


    "Brother Fanny also said that he was incompetent and couldn't give you a lifetime of peace."

    "For the rest of your future lives, you can only let yourselves go~"

    Nan Chen said miserably, almost sobbing.

    Even the words were broken.

    Hearing this, the last hope in Ye Xie Mei's two hearts was undoubtedly shattered.

    Ye Xie Mei spread out on the seat, trembling and receiving the bloodied box in Nan Chen's bosom.

    After opening it, there was a string of bracelets.

    It was Ye Fan, a birthday gift to his mother.

    It is no longer possible to use words to describe the emotions in Ye Xi Mei's heart at this time, she never thought that a birthday banquet, waiting for the news of her son's death.

    That feeling was as if, the sky had fallen.


    "You're lying, lying."

    "Ye Fan he won't die, he will not die~"

    "He promised he'd spend Mom's birthday with me, and he said he'd have lots of kids with me."

    "He also said that he'd make up for me with an amazing wedding~"

    "We have so much more to do, how can he just leave?"


    The room was filled with the mournful cries of Autumn Mu Orange.

    The mournful words were mixed with the flow of tears.

    There had never been a moment that made Qiu Mu Orange as desperate as she was now.

    From the moment she learned of Ye Fan's death, Qiu Mu Orange felt that her life was completely bleak.

    That feeling was as if the tree in her heart that she relied on had collapsed.

    Life suddenly became, unsupported!

    The grief, the trepidation, the despair and sadness, already words, can't even describe it.



    Shortly after Qiu Mu Orange learned of Ye Fan's death, soon, this news also reached the ears of Chen Ao, Li Er and the others.


    "Mr. Chu, fallen?"

    Yunzhou Li family, Li Er is still leisurely leaning on the girl's bosom, while pillowing the soft jade warm fragrance behind him, soaking his feet.However, when he heard Chen Ao's phone call, Li Er was so scared that he scuffled and jumped up, and the basin full of footwashing water, even more so, he stomped over and splashed his face all over.

    But, it didn't matter anymore.

    What was left in Li Er's mind today, were only, Chen Ao's low and deep words.

    "This...How is this possible?"

    "Mr. Chu, actually.... fell?"

    Li Er was stupefied in his spot, losing his mind for a long time, an old face, pale white.

    He simply found it hard to believe that just a few months ago, just a few months ago, at the Haiyuan Pavilion, hosting a banquet for all the great and powerful, stepping onto the summit of Jiangdong, with an unbridled glory, Ye Fan had fallen so suddenly?

    It felt as if a passionate symphony had been played to a climax and then stopped abruptly!

    A generation of legendary youths, just displaying their brilliance, are forever dimmed.

    Loss, regret, sorrow, fear~.

    All kinds of emotions swept through Li Er's entire heart almost instantly.

    These days, Ye Fan was the one who had benefited the most from his victory over Jiangdong, and it was undoubtedly Li Er.

    But now, Ye Fan has fallen.

    In the future, I'm just afraid that, this Jiangdong, will change again.


That night, Chen Ao, Li Er and Lei Lao San all drove to Genting Mountain Villa.

    First, it was to console Qiu Mu Orange's wife for the sake of condolence.

    Secondly, it was also to reconfirm whether Ye Fan had really fallen.

    When Chen Ao and the others arrived, the food on the table was still on the table.

    And Qiu Mu Orange was sitting at the table, she didn't cry or shed tears, just like last night, sitting there, waiting for Ye Fan's return.

    Until this moment, Qiu Mu Orange had not accepted the fact that Ye Fan had fallen.

    "Mr. Autumn, Nan Nan has already told us about Mr. Chu's matter."

    "We are also sad to learn about this matter."

    "Mr. Chu, was the co-owner of our Jiangdong and the leader of our 18 Earth Cities."

    "His fall is also a great loss to Jiangdong."

    "However, the dead have passed away, and the living remain."

    "Those of us who are alive, it's better to look forward ah."

    "So, please cheer up and join us in dealing with the aftermath of Jiangdong, Mr. Qiu."

    "The land of Jiangdong cannot be left without a master for a day~"

    "Otherwise, I fear a change."

    Before the villa, Li Er and the others worshipped respectfully, poignantly advising.

    Words and sentences were all loyal words of advice.

    Finally, Li Er even bowed and begged, bitterly advising again, "Please, Miss Qiu, ascend to the honorable position of Jiangdong, take Mr. Chu's place, and hold the power of Jiangdong!"


    "Please, Miss Qiu, ascend to the seat of honor in Jiangdong, and take Mr. Chu's place, and hold the power of Jiangdong!"


    In front of the villa, Li Er and the others worshipped in unison, welcoming Qiu Mu Orange to the esteemed position of Jiangdong and taking charge of the situation.

    Perhaps, Qiu Mu Orange, a woman, was not the most suitable candidate to be this Jiangdong's esteem.

    However, in this current situation, Ye Fan had just fallen, and his residual power was still there.

    Relying on Ye Fan's residual power and having his woman to take charge of the situation was undoubtedly the best choice.

    At least, no one would dare to question anything for a short period of time.

    As for the future, whether or not Qiu Mu Orange could calm down this Jiangdong sub, it would depend on her own ability.

    However, to Li Er and the others' surprise, Qiu Mu Orange didn't seem to care about this power that was at her fingertips.

    Faced with the persuasions of the three men, Autumn Mu Orange ignored them and remained seated there, not saying a word.

    "Miss Autumn, say something?"

    "Jiangdong is Mr. Chu's lifelong foundation, if you don't step forward at this time, I'm afraid that this Jiangdong power will fall into the hands of others."

    Li Er advised again in a bitter voice.

    But Qiu Mu Orange still didn't respond, and now she only wanted to guard the mansion and wait for that young man to return.

    She would never believe that Ye Fan would fall so easily.

    In the end, Li Er and the three of them had no choice but to leave.

    That night, the three of them gathered in the Haiyuan Pavilion, but they were secretly discussing the future affairs of Jiangdong.

    Although Ye Fan had fallen, the future path of Jiang Dong would always have to be taken.

    "What should we do now?"

    "Mr. Chu has fallen, and he has no heir at his knees, as for Miss Qiu's state, it's obvious that it's difficult to pick the big picture."

    "Nowadays, the Jiangdong group of dragons are without a leader, once the rumor of Mr. Chu's fall leaks out, the situation in Jiangdong will definitely change ah!"

    Li Er's words were filled with worry.

    Although Ye Fan had been in charge of Jiangdong for less than a year, but in that one year, Ye Fan had integrated countless forces in Jiangdong, and the industries under Ye Fan's banner were incomparably huge.

    Just the industries taken over from Zhao Wuji's men were spread over eight major cities, plus the Meng family in Liao City and the companies under the three of them, it could be said that the industries under Ye Fan's direct control alone already included half of the mountains in Jiangdong.

    As the saying goes, people's wealth dies for birds' food.

    In the past, with Mr. Chu's prestige shaking, all the forces in Jiangdong would not dare to covet these huge industries.

    But now, Mr. Chu is gone.For a time, all those huge industries had become masterless, and at this time, if no one who could calm down the situation appeared, one could imagine what kind of chaotic situation would arise in Jiangdong next.

    Silence, a long silence.

    Faced with Li Er's concern, Chen Ao and Lei Laosan, both of them, couldn't think of any good countermeasures.

    Simply because, it was a dead situation!

    Even though in the future, another leader would emerge in Jiangdong, those properties of Ye Fan's would definitely change hands.

    This was naturally something the three of them did not want to see.

    After all, most of Ye Fan's industries were handed over to the three of them to manage on their behalf.

    If the new master of Jiangdong appeared, he would definitely not be as important to the three of them, like Ye Fan.

    "How about, Chen Ao, you step forward and preside over the situation?"

    "In the entire Jiangdong, besides Mr. Chu, you're the one with the most prestige."

    "Together with the support of Li Er and I, I don't believe that you can't hold on to this position as the head of Jiangdong?"Lei laosan suddenly advised.

    When Chen Ao heard it, his face turned black then.

    "Fuck, Lei laosan, don't trap me!"

    "Not to mention whether I, Chen Ao, can sedate this eighteen cities of Jiangdong."

    "Even if you really can town it, then you can't do it ah?"

    "Mr. Chu has treated me well, and as soon as he fell, I ascended to the throne, what does that make people think of me?"

    "And you won't be able to say that I, Chen Ao, am ungrateful?"

    "Besides, Mr. Chu's body has yet to be found, so it's still a matter of whether he's alive or dead?What if one day later, Mr. Chu comes back alive, what will I do then?"

    "Mr. Chu shall not yet put my nine clans to death!"

    Chen Ao directly rejected Lei Laosan's suggestion.

    After all, it was simply unrealistic.

    And it was not that the moral aspect was unjustifiable, but in terms of ability alone, Chen Ao was not enough.

    Otherwise, if Chen Ao really had the ability, he would have already unified Jiangdong long before Ye Fan appeared.


    "It seems that we can only hide it for now."

    Now the news of Mr. Chu's fall didn't spread in Jiangdong.

    The only ones who knew about it were the three of them.

    Therefore, as long as they kept the news of Ye Fan's fall tightly sealed, then Jiangdong would not be in turmoil.

    However, the three of them knew very well that this was just a delaying tactic.

    Sooner or later, this matter would be exposed.

    At that time, once the disappearance of Mr. Chu's fall leaked out, the power landscape of Jiangdong would definitely change dramatically!

    This meeting of the three people from Haiyuan Pavilion lasted for a long night.

    At dawn, Chen Ao and the others returned home, and continued their work as usual, as if nothing had happened.

    And Chen Ao also specially instructed Chen Nan, the matter of Ye Fan's accident, rotten in the heart, not allowed to say to anyone in the future.

    As for Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Ximei's side, Li Er and the others also specifically went to greet them and asked their in-laws and daughters-in-law not to spread the word.

    "Mrs. Ye, we are also sad about Mr. Chu's matter."

    "But this matter, you and Miss Qiu must not spread it out."

    "This way, the Mu Fan Group's leadership position in the Jiangdong business community can still be preserved."

    "Otherwise, if others learn of Mr. Chu's fall, your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law's position and power today will surely fall apart!"

    "Even your personal safety is difficult to keep safe."

    "This is a word of fellowship, remember that!Remember!"


Just like that, the matter of Ye Fan's fall was completely covered up by Li Er and the others.

    For some time after that, the situation in Jiangdong was in a delicate balance.

    Li Er and the others, then continued to help Ye Fan take charge of Jiangdong and preside over all the daily affairs.

    Apart from Qiu Mu Orange's sick leave, the entire Jiangdong was no different from the usual.

    Before, Li Er and the others even complained about Ye Fan privately, thinking that this Jiangdong pride was too comfortable and didn't care about anything, he was simply a hands-off shopkeeper.

    And this hands-off shopkeeper also often plays missing, the dragon is not seen, and at the critical moment, no one can be found, no responsibility at all.

    But now looking back, Li Er and the others suddenly realized Mr. Chu's wisdom.

    For example, now, even if Ye Fan didn't show up for a long time, no one would suspect anything.

    Because everyone was used to it!

    All the people in Jiangdong know that the master of Jiangdong, the dragon is not seen, even if he does not appear for several months, everyone thinks it is perfectly normal.

    After all, it wasn't like Mr. Chu had done this kind of thing before.

    Because of this, even if something really happened to Ye Fan now, as long as the matter was not revealed, there wouldn't be any major upheaval in Jiangdong's situation.

    However, how long could this illusory calm before us last?

    Thinking of this, the worry in the hearts of Chen Ao and the others grew stronger and stronger.

    That feeling was like being in the eve of a rainstorm.

    The calmer it was, the more unsettling it would be.

    "Mr. Chu, are you seriously, just abandoning Jiangdong?"

    The land of the river and the sea, Chen's estate.

    Chen Ao stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking out of the window at the vastness of the world.

    In his heart, melancholy whispers.

    Beyond the sky, the wind and clouds are rising!



    However, it was in the land of the east of the river when the dark currents were stirring.

    Far across the ocean in New York, it was late at night.

    In the Chu Manor, somewhere in the study, the lights were still on.

    A middle-aged man, a gorgeous dress, with tiger eyes, sat quietly before the study.

    He was expressionless and absent-minded as he looked at the books, looking as if he was waiting for someone.

    Sure enough, a moment later, a handsome youth, pushed the door and walked in.

    This youth, not an outsider, was none other than Chu Qitian, who had a deep connection with Ye Fan.

    "Qitian, you've come."

    "How's the matter I asked you to investigate."

    "Are there any results?"

    Chu Qitian had just recently changed his name to Chu Tianqi in order to give his family's heirship a proper name.

    However, perhaps out of habit, when no one was around, his father still called him Chu Qitian.

    In response to Chu Zhengliang's question, Chu Qi Tian shook his head.

    "Father, according to your previous orders, I have expanded the search area and hired professional divers to dive and search."

    "However, there is still no search for the abandoned son's bones."

    Chu Qi Tian reported in a low voice.

    The man sniffed, but the look on his face grew heavier.

    "Still haven't found it?"

    "Is it hard to believe that this outcast has really escaped?"

    "Father, I think you're overly worried."Chu Qitian laughed at once.

    "In a situation like that, even if this evil bastard had nine lives, he would definitely be dead."

    "I reckon that the reason why we can't find his corpse is because he should have been beaten to a pulp by you."

    "After all, my Chu Family's Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve is the world's strongest attacking technique."

    "When that evil bastard faced you, he was originally a broken body.Afterwards, it is not a strange thing to be beaten to ashes by you under your hand."

    Chu Qitian, however, said unconcernedly, he always felt that his father was overly cautious.

    Although Chu Qi Tian was not personally present at the scene of that day's events, after hearing his own father recount it, he undoubtedly thought that there was no chance of that Ye Fan surviving at all.

    First, there was the shore-based missile frantically washing the ground, then there were dozens of supersonic warplanes carpet bombing indiscriminately.

    Finally, his father, Chu Zhengliang, even took personal action to kill him.

    With such a deadly killing game, one after the other, even the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking would die nine times in a lifetime under such a monstrous killing game.

    What's more, the opponent was just a newly famous kid?

    "So father, I think that you just think too highly of him."

    "That jerk is, in the end, just a lowly bastard born of a country woman."

    "Humble and insignificant, not worth mentioning at all."

    "To be able to achieve what he has today, I guess it's pure luck, right?"

    Ever since he was a child, Chu Qitian had disdained Ye Fan.

    Even though Ye Fan had now become famous in the world, sweeping the Japanese martial dao by himself, Chu Qi Tian was still reluctant to acknowledge Ye Fan's excellence.

    After all, that kind of prejudice in the bones, where it could be changed so easily.

    What's more, now Ye Fan was dead.

    He, Chu Qitian, was the victor who had the last laugh!

    This undoubtedly, fueled Chu Qi Tian's arrogance and hubris even more.

    "Are you saying that I think highly of him?"

    Chu Zhengliang suddenly lifted his head, looking grave and heavy, looking straight at the youth in front of him like this.

    Under his own father's gaze, it was as if Chu Qi Tian's body was pierced all over, an invisible pressure following him like a shadow.

    "You didn't think highly of him, though?"

    "What's the result?"

    "Sitting back and watching him grow bigger and stronger, allowing him to grow from a nameless country boy to the point where he's now terrorizing the world."

    "Even more nearly, ruining the ten-year plan of you and me as father and son."

    "Ten years, and you haven't been able to get rid of a single evil seed.In the end, it was only with the help of your old son that you turned the tables."

    "Chu Qi Tian, tell me, what do you have to be arrogant about?"

    "And who are you to be arrogant?"

    "I'll tell you the truth, if you hadn't started higher than him, then the one who died today would be you, Chu Qi Tian, not him, Chu Tian Fan!"

    The sound was like muffled thunder, resounding.

    In the room, Chu Zhengliang's angry voice rebuked, and his low words carried an inexplicable indignation that frightened Chu Qi Tian to the point where his face was pale with fear.

    "Right...I'm sorry, father."

    "It's me who didn't do well enough."

    "In the future, my child will definitely restrain his temperament and try not to disappoint father."

    Chu Qitian lowered his head and apologized in fear.

    At this time, Chu Zhengliang's emotions, too, quickly calmed down.

    But still, he said in a deep voice, "Remember, at no time should you underestimate your enemy."

    "The result of arrogance and arrogance will be a total defeat."

    "Alright, you go down and continue your search in the waters of the incident."

    "Live to see the dead."

    "Even if that discarded son really is ashes to ashes, I have to find his broken bones and pieces of flesh."

    "I don't believe it, a dead body can't be turned into air and evaporated?"

    Chu Zhengliang said in a deep, cold voice, like a cold wind sweeping, causing the air here, the temperature to plummet.


"Yes, father, I'll go do it."

    Chu Qitian retreated in fear.And then continued to salvage the corpses in the sea of the incident.

    "Right, there's something else."

    Chu Zhengliang seemed to have remembered something, so he called Chu Qitian in again.

    "Father, what else is there to order?"

    Chu Zhengliang returned in a deep voice, "Just in case, when you go back, inform my Chu Family's various forces around the world, everyone pay close attention to whether or not there's an unknown person named Chu Tianfan around."

    "But..."Chu Qi Tian was confused and was about to question.

    "There's no need to question, just do as you're told!"

    "Those who achieve great things should be prepared for anything."

    Chu Zhengliang waved his hand, as if he no longer wanted to talk, and let Chu Qitian leave.

    In the study room, calm was once again restored.

    However, Chu Qitian didn't even notice that in the darkness behind his father, there was always a shadow, like a shadow, guarding Chu Zhengliang's side.

    A moment later, that person's deep voice came from the darkness.

    "Family Master, aren't you being too cautious?"

    "What Third Young Master said before isn't unreasonable, generally speaking, in that situation, the other party is by no means alive?"

    However, in the face of what this person said, Chu Zhengliang shook his head, "What you said is just in general."

    "This Chu Tianfan, can become a title master and enter the name of the Heavenly Ranking with a meager and poor body."

    "How can this kind of person be treated with common sense?"

    "If he doesn't die, he will be a great danger in the future."

    "So, as long as I don't see his corpse, I will be uneasy for a day."

    Between the words, Chu Zhengliang had gotten up and walked to the window.

    Outside, the night was dark and chilly.

    Soon, the day after Chu Zhengliang's order, the Chu Family's forces distributed all over the world began to pay intentional attention to whether or not one Chu Tianfan had appeared.

    Chu Zhengliang had always acted cautiously and had to prepare for everything with two hands.

    One, was to allow Chu Qitian to continue to bring people to salvage the corpses.

    Secondly, naturally, it was to prevent Ye Fan from really being alive.

    In that case, he would have no choice but to let him die again.

    Of course, the prerequisite was to determine Ye Fan's whereabouts first.

    At the same time, far away in a remote town in the eastern part of the Huaxia River, a shaggy-haired, dirt-covered, beggar-like young man was staggering, moving with difficulty, step by step.

    People passing by cast disgusted glances at him, all avoiding him.

    However, who noticed the gleaming eyes beneath his dirty hair.

    Deep and far-reaching, as if they contained a sea of stars!


    "A well-off society has a long way to go."

    There were always some simple and kind people among the inhabitants of the small town.

    One old man who had just returned home from the fields, seeing his pity, was so impatient that he bought a few hot meat buns from a nearby bun shop and handed them to him.

    However, the man turned a deaf ear.

    The steps forward did not stop, and did not even look at the other person.

    The pride that came from his bones was so clear even if they were a hundred meters apart.

    "Hungry to cut grass!"

    "Give you food, and you still don't appreciate it?"

    "OK, you have the backbone to not eat contempt."

    "So you'll just keep starving, then?"

    "Starve you fool!"

    The old man was furious.

    He was kind enough to do a good deed, but in the end, his hot face was stuck on his cold ass.

    A stinky beggar, and he's ungrateful?

    "King, you're just nosy."

    "People aren't poor for no reason."

    "People like this don't deserve any sympathy~"

    The surrounding residents shook their heads at the sight of the man.The gazes that looked at that person were filled with disgust and sneers.

    However, among the crowd, there was only one young woman who couldn't stop looking at this person, her beautiful eyes overflowing with inexplicable colors.

    For some reason, she always felt that this person in front of her, beneath his shaggy, beggarly appearance, hid a fiery and determined heart.

    "Before him, he should not be an ordinary person~"

    The young woman, murmuring in a low voice.

    Just like that, enduring all the different gazes around him, he remained silent, oblivious.

    He leaned on a bamboo stick to support the ground, walking with difficulty and slowness.

    Stumbling steps, but determined!

    As if a moth chasing fire, walking persistently toward the place where it must go.

    Even if underfoot, thorns and thistles.

    Even if the future, confused and difficult.

    Watching this scene, the young woman was stunned and only felt shocked.

    She couldn't help but wonder what kind of faraway place the young man in front of her was going to have to go to in order to endure such a displacement as he did.

    Gradually, the figure, going into the distance, disappeared at the end of this girl's sight.

    And that person, after leaving the town, climbed towards a nearby mountain.

    On that small mountain, there was only a deep mansion, as if it was a flood beast, standing here, looking out at this pale world.

    The young man, no longer knew how he had reached the entrance of the old mansion.

    There was only a hundred meters of mountain road, but he had walked from noon until night.

    Finally, covered in blood, he collapsed in front of the door.

    At the last moment before he fell into unconsciousness, when he raised his head and looked at the old house, which he had not set foot in for ten years, especially the word "Chu" written in vermillion red on the door, he, who has always been as strong and indestructible as a stone, could no longer restrain his emotions.

    Nearly instantly, he burst into tears!

    Finally, with great difficulty, he lifted his arm and, with all the strength of his life, clasped the centuries-old, Chu family mansion!

    "Grandma...Grandma, unfilial grandson Chu Tianfan, come back...I'm back to see you."

    What kind of words are those, filled with sadness in the midst of misery, despair with expectations.

    Yes, the shaggy-haired boy in front of me is the one who has "fallen" for many days, Ye Fan.

    Chu Zhengliang didn't kill him in the Pacific Ocean back then.

    Relying on his Dragon God Physique and stubborn perseverance, Ye Fan survived Chu Zhengliang's attack.

    And, it was with Chu Zhengliang's majestic palm strength that Ye Fan escaped through the momentum.

    And then, after all the hardships, he returned to Huaxia again.

    However, even though Ye Fan saved his life, he was too badly injured.

    If Ye Fan hadn't cultivated the Dragon God to protect his body, even if he escaped from Chu Zhengliang, he wouldn't have survived this injury.

    But fortunately, the heavens wouldn't stop him!

    He, Chu Tian Fan, walked out of the Sun Country alive and, came here alive.

    The Chu family had abandoned Ye Fan and his son back then, and had removed Ye Fan from the family tree, cutting off all blood ties with Ye Fan and his son.

    But even so, for so many years, Ye Fan had never forgotten his status as a descendant of the Chu family.

    Sometimes, he even used to show himself as Chu Tianfan.


    It was because, the old man in this Chu family's old house.


Even though he had been away for half of his life, the old man in the mansion was still his eternal concern and even his eternal harbor.

    That time in the Chu family was the pain that Ye Fan was most reluctant to talk about when he was a child.

    He hated everyone in the Chu family.

    What father, what grandfather, what uncles.

    Those so-called clansmen, in Ye Fan's eyes, were just like pigs and dogs.

    What they left Ye Fan was only that high-minded contempt and humiliation.

    But, there was only one exception!

    That was the old lady of the Chu family, who had been alone, guarding this Chu family's old house.

    The year Ye Fan was born, his mother, Ye Ximei, and father, Chu Zhenghong, were still managing the Chu family estate in Warsaw.

    At that time, his parents were very busy with work and had no time to take care of him.

    Therefore, Ye Fan was once fostered in the Chu family's old mansion, under the care of the old grandmother.

    It could be said that Ye Fan's grandmother was the only elder in the Chu family, who had a deep friendship with Ye Fan.

    Even the name Chu Tian Fan was given by the old man in this mansion.

    Even the greatest secret in Ye Fan's body, the acquisition of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, was inextricably linked to the old grandmother.

    A large part of Ye Fan's achievements today were all due to the old Taijun.

    The years that he lived with the grandmother, however, changed Ye Fan's entire life in the future.

    When Chu Zhenghong brought Ye Fan and his son back to the Chu family headquarters, Ye Fan could never forget the teary old eyes of the great-grandmother.

    Eventually, when Ye Fan was wronged in the Chu family, he came to the old Taijun in tears many times.

    Every time, the old Taijun would be like Ye Fan just learning to walk, taking him in her arms, touching his head and saying pityingly.


    "O Little Fan, Grandma knows that the Chu family despises you.They all want to drive you away."

    "But it's okay, Grandma Tai is covering you."


    "You're the one I've chosen, the only heavenly descendant of the Chu family's generation."

    "No one can change that~"

    "Even which dog thing your grandfather is, can't change that."


    "O Little Fan, you can hate your grandfather, your uncles, and the ancestors of the Chu Clan."

    "But you can't hate our Chu clan, let alone the ancestors of the Chu family."

    "In your body, you keep the blood of your ancestors~"

    "Without the sacrifices of your ancestors, there would be no you, no your father, no all the scenery of the Chu family now.Not to mention the infinite power you will have in the future~"

    "Remember, no matter what happens in the future, don't forget that your surname is Chu."

    "One of Chu's surnames, passed down to the ancestors."

    "One day, you will know what kind of weight this surname, in this world, has~"


    "And, Fanny."

    "Remember, no matter where you go in the future and what hardships you encounter."

    "Grandma's place is your eternal home and harbor."

    "With Grandma here, no matter what dangers you encounter, I'll protect you!"


    This was back then, after Ye Fan was expelled from the Chu family, the last time he came here, the old grandmother spoke to him.

    In Ye Fan's memory, his grandmother was truly as if she was an immortal, capable of anything .

    She could make a dead tree come back to life, she could make the rivers flow again, she could make cats and dogs come back to life.

    When he was young, when he encountered a setback, he would go to the old grandmother.

    No matter how big the problem, but once in the hands of his great-grandmother, it would be solved.

    From childhood to adulthood, that kind old man was glowing phantomly in Ye Fan's memory.

    He always felt that the great-grandmother could do anything!

    Perhaps, it was the reliance that he had been brought up with that made Ye Fan choose to return to the place where his memories first began, in today's desperate times.Also, the place where dreams began.



    In the old house, there was a quiet and peaceful scene.

    It's May, the trees are lush, and the two pomegranate trees in front of the gate are blossoming with charming stamens.

    On the left side of the courtyard, a vegetable patch has been created, planting leeks, beans and other common countryside vegetables.

    Next to the vegetable patch, a black Chinese garden dog is lying on the ground, squinting and taking a nap.

    At this time, in the courtyard of the house, an old woman, with white hair, but still mellow, was already in her late teens, but still hale and hearty.

    She was carrying a bucket of water and was watering those vegetables in her vegetable patch, taking care of the seedlings as if they were her own children.


    "I don't know how that Nene of Rhyme is doing, either."

    "It's been a little over half a year in the ancestral land, and yet there's still no movement."

    As the old man poured the water, he whispered with a heavy heart.

    Finally, shaking his head with a long sigh.

    "These juniors now, they really don't let one person get away with anything~"

    The old man smiled helplessly, while not thinking about this anymore, and continued to drum up those flowers, plants and fruits under his command.

    When a person gets old, although he has no more pursuits, he has to find himself something to do.

    Otherwise, how else can that day-to-day time be spent?

    However, just as the old man finished pouring half a bucket of water, a few feeble footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

    Immediately afterwards, the door of the mansion was snapped.

    Then, a miserable call, as if sounding from the depths of the ages, struck the old man's entire heart in a near instant.

    "Ta...Grandma, unfilial grandson Chu...Chu Tian...Fan...has come to see you~"


    The voice was weak and feeble, but when it landed in the old man's ears, it was like a thunderclap.

    In a split second, the old man's ears were filled with the echoes of the bitter voice outside the door.

    "This...This is..."

    "Little...Little Fan?"

    The old man was startled in place, as if struck by lightning.

    His old body, all trembled with it.

    The water ladle used for watering in his hand, also fell to the ground with a crack, sweet well water, spilled all over the ground.

    After a brief moment of disorientation, the old man whirled to his feet, ran to the door as fast as he could, and opened the door of the Chu family's old mansion.

    The moment the door opened, the old man only saw Ye Fan, covered in wretchedness, sprawled on the ground, weak and dying, as if he was a candle in the wind, as if it would be extinguished in the next moment.

    "Little...Little Fan, really...Is it really you?"

    Seeing the young man in front of her, the old man could no longer control herself.

    Her words trembled, and in a moment she was already in old tears.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, tried to raise his head and shouted at the old man once again, "Ta...Grandma~"

    The voice was so tiny and weak that the wind could almost bury it.

    After that, the young man had no more voice and his entire body directly fell there.

    Deep inside his body, the overwhelming feeling of weakness swept over his entire body like a monstrous river.

    Ye Fan, relying on his single-mindedness, eventually collapsed after supporting himself for so long.

    However, fortunately, he arrived here.

    It was as if a faraway traveler had returned home to the harbor moments before freezing to death.

    Subsequently, Ye Fan's consciousness was plunged into an eternal darkness.


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