Super Son-in-law 421-430


Chapter 421

Within the hall of the Gong Family, one of the four top-tier families in Tianhai City, the current head of the Gong Family, Gong Haiyang, was listening to his eldest son Gong Wei's report with a heavy face.

"Dad, this time is too unusual, your prediction was indeed right, half a month ago that forbidden family was killed seventeen people in one night, it really is still a big deal.From yesterday afternoon to now, in just one day's time, as much as half of the Tian Hai Group, Tian Yao Group's top management has been removed, and just now I received internal information that Tian Yao Group has been merged into Tian Hai Group, how fast is it?"

Gong Wei said as the cold sweat flowed down his face, he swallowed his spit in fear and continued: "And the various departments of power in Tianhai City, yesterday overnight, a complete change of blood, some of the most powerful alligators were directly transferred, and those who took office are some powerful new faces.Dad, what's going on here?What the hell is going on here?With the current situation in the Heavenly Sea, our forces have been directly suppressed by as much as half ah..."

Gong Wei's face rose with boundless fear, often the more unknown things are, the more afraid he is, his eyes have a strong fear in the depths: "Dad I have a vague feeling that there is something wrong with the Tianhai Group, aren't you on good terms with the president of that, Gu Hai?You can ask him..."

Gong Haiyang's face was incomparably heavy, he sighed deeply and shook his head, "It's useless, Gu Hai has just been driven out of the Tian Hai Group, now the president of the Tian Hai Group is a young man named Mo Tianji, back from America, graduated from a top school, I've made an appointment with him, but I can't see him..."

Gong Wei frowned deeply, "Mo Tianji?What a dominating name!Dad, didn't you say that the Forbidden Family is in control behind the Tian Hai Group?So what's up with this Mo Tianji?"

Gong Haiyang also frowned in thought, "Isn't Gu Hai also not surnamed Lin?At our level, we're already qualified to get in touch with some of the hidden secrets of Tianhai City.Not bad, that forbidden family is the Lin family, the Lin family of Yanjing, a family of gatekeepers with several hundred years of heritage.And I'm guessing that this Mo Tianji is just a pawn introduced by the Lin family.It's just that compared to Gu Hai, Mo Tianji is too young, only 27 years old, and combined with the hidden information Gu Hai gave me, I have a guess in my heart, if this guess is true, then the future Tian Hai will completely change the sky ah......."

The look on Gong Haiyang's face was getting heavier and heavier, as the head of the Gong family, one of the four great families in Tianhai City, he was qualified to know something, and he had a good personal relationship with Gu Hai, who had even made a special phone call to him today after he was invalidated, saying something obscurely.Of course Gu Hai didn't reveal any useful information overtly, but from between his words, Gong Hai Yang still got some answers.

When Gong Wei looked at Gong Haiyang's heavy face, he became more and more uneasy, and quickly asked, "Dad, do you know something?You quickly tell me ah, now my heart is terrified.After so many years, the Heavenly Sea has the existence of that forbidden family, our Gong Family and the remaining three first-class families have been ruthlessly suppressed, is it possible that that forbidden family is now going to focus on the Heavenly Sea?"

Gong Haiyang nodded, "Well, I deduced from Gu Hai's words that soon that forbidden family will send a descendant to take over everything in their family's Heavenly Sea!"

"What?Is the young master of that forbidden family coming to the Heavenly Sea for training?"Christine was not stupid and guessed it instantly.After all, putting all the layout of the family in the hands of a young man, then the identity of this young man could be guessed without thinking. One second to remember to read the book

Gong Haiyang nodded with a heavy face, "Not bad, I just secretly communicated this matter with the remaining three family masters as well, and they got the same news as me.The young master of that family is going to come to the Heavenly Sea!!!"

Gong Wei still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Gong Hai Yang waving his hand: "Gong Wei these days you restrain the family children, don't cause trouble outside, all the extraordinary times are to stay honestly at home!The young lord of that family, this position is just like the prince of an ancient dynasty, our Gong family... really... can't afford to provoke ah... "Gong Haiyang's faceFuming bitterly, there was a hint of fear in the depths of his eyes.

He couldn't help but think of the time when his father handed over the family to him more than a decade ago.He had once solemnly instructed him countless times, "Never, never mess with anyone from the Heavenly Sea Group!Not only do you not want to mess with them, but you should do everything you can to get in good with the Skysea Group!If it succeeds, then the Gong Family prospers, and if it fails, then the Gong Family falls completely from the altar..."


And all these years, Gong Haiyang kept his father's teachings in mind, and he used everything he had to make good relations with Gu Hai.As a result, just as his father had said, in just ten short years, their Gong family had truly jumped from a second-rate family to a first-rate family!After more than a decade of relations with Gu Hai, he finally realized that the original Gu Hai, who was in a high position of power in the Heavenly Sea, was merely a watchdog for that family.That family wasn't the Gu family either, but rather the Lin Clan, a top-tier warlord with a thousand years of heritage!!!!

Gong Wei was incomparably shocked, but quickly frowned, "Dad, but what happened to that half month thing?The descendants of that family in the Heavenly Sea were hanged overnight!What kind of existence dares to do something to them, anyway?"Christine's heart was trembling, he knew about Lin Xi of the Heavenly Shine Group, and he never even looked at him squarely in front of Lin Xi, and Lin Xi had pulled together a terrifyingly powerful Heavenly Shine Group in just a few years .But such an existence had been killed half a month ago....

There was a surge of fear in the depths of Gong Haiyang's eyes as he listened to the compliments, and he said with some fear, "What kind of person would dare to kill them?That family was so powerful that it was called a taboo existence by the Heavenly Sea community.And the existence that was able to kill that group of people from the Heavenly Shine Group, I judged it to be the prince of that forbidden family that is coming to the Heavenly Sea!Apart from him, I'm afraid no one in China would dare to directly take action to exterminate the people of the Tian Yao Group, and don't you forget that after that incident half a month ago, the Tian Hai has been calm for so long... If that incident was done by an outsider, then the Tian Hai would have been turned upside down long ago...."

Gong Wei stammered, "Dad, who the hell is that young master of the Forbidden Family?Who exactly is about to come to the Celestial Sea?"

But Gong Haiyang shook his head, "Since the last incident, half a month has passed since now.And these half months have been calm, in fact, I've been waiting for this day in my heart.Over the years, the Heavenly Sea has developed into an international metropolis with a population of tens of millions, but there hasn't been a true dragon, a gestalt figure to sit in town.This time there's finally one ah, I don't know exactly who it is, but look, the other side will be here soon..."

Gong Wei nodded and said, "Dad, what should we do next in the Gong family?Are we taking the initiative to show goodwill or?"

Gong Haiyang waved his hand, "The best option is to wait and do nothing.Our Gong Family is one of the four top-notch families in Tianhai City, with a deep heritage.After the other side arrives in Tianhai, they will definitely come to contact us, the only thing we need to do now is to wait..."

Gong Wei also nodded with a heavy face, he was now a little envious of those third-rate and second-rate families, they were still doing what they had to do now.It was completely ignorant of the sky, including that Leng family who was the head of the second-rate family and even vaguely reached the first-rate family.

Thinking of the Leng Family, Gong Wei suddenly turned pale and said to Gong Haiyang, "Oh right father, that deadly rival of ours from more than twenty years ago, the Leng Family, has asked someone to contact me today, saying that they want to see you, they want to marry Leng Qiu Ya's daughter to the Gong Family, in order to want to make peace with us and also let our Gong Family wash away the shame of more than twenty years ago!"

"Leng Qiu Ya... "Gong Hai Yang soared to his feet, a hint of deep hatred fiercely rising in the depths of his eyes, he clenched his fists tightly, "Oh, Leng Qiu Ya, Leng Qiu Ya, she really is still the same as that yokel back then!Had a baby?Good, good, good... "Gong Haiyang's body all began to emit a bone-chilling chill....

"Dad, that request from the Leng family, do we agree or not?Will you meet them, or will I be the one to do it?"Gong Wei lowered his head to Gong Haiyang and asked.He knew that Leng Qiu Ya was a lifelong pain in his father's heart! First web site

Gong Haiyang's face was livid, his chest rising and falling violently as he said, "See, you have full authority to handle this!Are they going to marry Leng Qiu Ya's daughter to the Gong family to appease my anger?Good, good, go to the family branch and find an ugly, incapable loser to marry that daughter of Leng Qiuya!I won't see the Leng family, let Leng Qiu Ya meet me in person!"

"Leng Qiu Ya, Leng Qiu Ya, this time, I want you to feel the pain in my heart for all these years!You imposed on me all these years, this time I want ten times a hundred times back to you, you have not seen your daughter for more than twenty years, you protect her so well, huh, you should feel very sorry for her heart, right?Well, then, I'll make you suffer for the rest of your life!I'll make you beg for death!I'm going to make you live in deep pain, with guilt for the rest of your life!"Gong Haiyang's heart was filled with resentment...


At ten noon, inside a high-grade ward in Tianhai City's First Hospital, Leng Qiu Ya, with an oxygen mask on her face and an infusion tube in her hand, was quietly sleeping in her bed, her face already starting to regain some color.Leng Qiu Ya was still in a coma, but her breathing had already stabilized.

Shen Siyan stood quietly by Leng Qiu Ya's side without making a single sound.

"Miss Shen, please don't worry, Ms. Leng's physical condition is slowly recovering, she'll probably be awake in a few days..." said a nurse behind Shen Xiuyan with a smile.

"Thank you, then may I ask how long it will take for my mother to wake up?"Shen Xiyan turned to the nurse and asked.

The nurse thought, "The exact time is not certain, maybe three to five days, maybe half a month, but at most a month, she will definitely be able to wake up, depending on the next Ms. Leng's recovery, that bullet damaged her internal organs too severely, she is relying on that obsession in her heart to survive, but that time last night also drained her heart and soul very severely......."

Shen Jiyan nodded, "Mm, I see, which means my mother will definitely be awake and is no longer in danger right?"

The nurse nodded with a smile, "Well yes, your mother is completely out of danger, it's just that when she wakes up in the future, her body will also be a level weaker than normal, after all, it's already a miracle that she made it through after such a serious injury.So when she wakes up, you must take good care of her..."

Shen nodded, "Well, thank you, I'd like to have a conversation with my mother alone..."

The nurse nodded and walked out of the ward, and then only Shen Xiyan, who was standing, was left inside the ward with the unconscious Leng Qiu Ya.

After the nurse left, Shen Siyan's eyes reddened again as she looked at the unconscious Leng Qiu Ya.Last night when she had just learned of Leng Qiu Ya's true identity, she hadn't thought whether to meet Leng Qiu Ya or not, and Leng Qiu Ya had taken a bullet for her.And almost died.

Shen Siyan's heart was incomparably complicated, after that incident last night, she no longer hesitated in her heart, no longer thinking about any of the grievances she had suffered in her heart as a child. Remember the website

"It must have been hard for you to feel bad for leaving me behind at first, I shouldn't have blamed you.Mom, wake up early, I'm not blaming you, I want to be with you... "Shen Xiyan opened her mouth to Leng Qiu Ya.

It was just that Leng Qiu Ya was still in a coma, so naturally, she couldn't have any communication with her.After standing in front of Leng Qiu Ya's hospital bed again and saying a few words, Shen Xi Yan turned around and left the hospital room.

After Shen Xiyan walked out of the ward, she saw Leng Feng, who had changed into a brand new white suit, standing in front of the ward.Leng Feng gave a complicated glance at Shen Xiyan and said, "Grandpa wants to see you..."

"Okay, I'll go with you, I also want to meet him..." agreed Shen Siyan with a nod of her head.As soon as Shen Xiyan finished speaking Night One followed, only for Shen Xiyan to reach out and stop him, "Lin Hao gave you the job of protecting me, not spying on me, right?Don't worry, the Leng family isn't enough to endanger my personal safety..."

Shen Xiyan said that, and Leng Feng on her side nodded and smiled awkwardly, "Please don't worry, Xiyan is also a member of our Leng family no matter what..."

Night One didn't pay any attention to Leng Feng, but took a deep look at Shen Xi Yan and said, "Miss Shen, please make sure you remember what I said before, don't make any decisions until my big brother returns..."

Shen Shi Yan nodded seriously, "Mhm, I remember that"

Then Night One looked at Leng Feng again, "If Miss Shen has any slip-ups in your Leng family, I will take your life..."


Leng Feng had a cold shiver all over his body, but he didn't dare to put cold words in with Night One, someone like Night One, if he didn't kill him all at once.It would be an absolute nightmare for him if he was allowed to live.Leng Feng laughed awkwardly and took the lead in heading out.Leng Feng walked in front and Shen Xiyan followed behind.

"Miss Shen, make sure you don't forget what I said..." said Night One again as he looked at Shen Siyan's back.Shen Siyan's body paused and nodded, then followed Leng Feng out.

In a luxurious Bentley, Leng Feng sat in the front row and Shen Suyan sat alone in the back row, and they hadn't opened their mouths to speak since getting into the car.Shen Siyan kept turning her head to look out the window at the scenery of Tianhai City.Just a month ago, she and Lin Hao had argued in Tianhai, but she hadn't expected to be in this city again a month later.

As one of the top economic cities in China, Tianhai's scenery was naturally stunning and very prosperous.It was just that Shen Shi Yan now suddenly developed a slight dislike for this city.Because the two times she had come to Tianhai, it was not a good thing.She and Lin Hao were both fine in Nanjiang.And in Tianhai, she and Lin Hao were very bitter and painful every time.

"Xi Yan, Grandpa has a bad temper, you will see him later and don't talk back to him.After all, what happened back then, he's been holding it in his heart for over twenty years, and ever since that incident with your mother, he hasn't spoken to your mother in those twenty years.He's very stubborn..." said Leng Feng, who was sitting in the front row, turning his head to Shen Shi Yan.

Shen Siyan was still looking out the window, ignoring Leng Feng's words at all, and when Leng Feng saw that Shen Siyan was not paying attention to him, he turned his head again and stopped talking.He also knew that this was difficult to solve.His grandfather had a problem with Shen Siyan's mother and daughter.But what about Leng Qiu Ya's mother and daughter who didn't have a problem with their Leng family?After all, if the Leng family's old man had agreed to Leng Qiu Ya's affair with Shen Congwen back then, things wouldn't have developed into this.

"Last night, my mother was here for surgery and almost died.Did that person come here?"Shen Siyan looked out of the window and suddenly spoke up and said this.

After hearing Shen Xiyan's words, Leng Feng, who was sitting in the front row, was suddenly stunned.Deeply frowning, "Xi Yan, Grandpa is also worried in his heart, but there are too many things going on in the Leng family recently, so he..."

"Has he been here?"Shen Xi Yan did not wait for Leng Feng to finish his sentence and continued to ask questions.

Leng Feng, who was sitting in the front row, had a trace of embarrassment rise on his face and shook his head without speaking.He knew that Shen Siyan, who was sitting in the back row, could see him shaking his head out of the corner of his eyes, and simply didn't speak again, after all, he was also very, very embarrassed now.

After Leng Feng shook his head, Shen Siyan didn't say anything else.Still looking out the window at the scenery of Tianhai City, this city was so prosperous, there were tall buildings on both sides of the road, and top international brand name stores could be seen on the street from time to time.The people walking on the sidewalks were also well-dressed and fashionable. A second to remember to read the book

This was a city where dreams could come true, as if it was a city where if you were willing to work hard and struggle, you could have a foothold and succeed here.It was just that as Shen looked at the scenery outside the window, she only felt that this city was cold, very cold.Icy cold with no emotions to speak of.Everything beautiful was so false.

The Leng Family Master, her Shen Suyan's real grandfather, her mother Leng Qiuya's real father.When Leng Qiu Ya was shot and almost died last night, he actually didn't even come over to take a look.The heart can actually be cold to such an extent.

Only at this moment did Shen Siyan truly appreciate what kind of life her mother, Leng Qiu Ya, had been living in the Leng family for the past twenty years....


The black Bentley car is getting closer and closer to the gate of the Leng family as Shen Siyan doesn't speak, and Leng Feng, who sits in the front row, was originally a cold-hearted person who would do anything for profit.But even for someone like him, when faced with this kind of thing today, he himself began to feel that their Leng family had really gone a bit too far.After all, his aunt, Leng Qiu Ya, was also very good to him.

"If I promise to divorce Lin Hao and then marry into the Gong family as the eldest daughter of the Leng family, then from now on, will you not find trouble between my mother and Lin Hao?"When the car was almost at the entrance of the Leng family, Shen Xiyan suddenly said this sentence out.

"Xi Yan, you..." at this moment, Leng Feng was all completely moved.He would never have thought that Shen Xiyan would choose it this way.

Leng Feng's mouth opened wide and a hint of shock flashed across his face as he spoke to Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan, you don't have to choose like this, I've seen the video of Lin Hao proposing to you, I can see that your place in his heart is very important, or I'll go and speak to Lin Hao, he'll merge the Jiuzhou Group into the Shen family.Although grandpa doesn't agree to this, if I go all out, he will compromise for the sake of the Leng family.After all, the value of Lin Hao's Kyushu Group isn't small, even for the Leng family, it's enough to make up for the mistake aunt made more than twenty years ago!"Leng Feng said with a frown.

Actually, he, Leng Feng, was really planning to do so, what kind of fierce people had he not seen in the Heavenly Sea all these years?And for someone as mercurial as Lin Hao, he was sure that Lin Hao would just nod his head in agreement to this proposal of his.And he had always had an idea in his heart that he would receive Lin Hao under his command!After all, Lin Hao was able to build up the Kyushu Group in just a few years, his ability was definitely super strong.

Shen Xi Yan didn't answer Leng Feng's words, but continued to say with a blank expression, "Answer my question, if I divorce Lin Hao and marry into the Gong family, can you spare Lin Hao and my mother?"

Leng Feng took a deep breath and nodded seriously, "Yes, if you marry into the Gong family as the eldest daughter of the Leng family, then our Leng family and the Gong family, not only will our previous grudges be wiped out, but we will also enter into a strategic cooperation in the future.The current head of the Gong family, Gong Haiyang, won't be looking for trouble from the Leng family once his knot is untied, and in return, I can make a promise to you that the Leng family will not only let Lin Hao go, but will also give him some compensation... Just do you really want to do that, Xi Yan?We haven't entered the house yet and you haven't met grandpa yet, it's not too late for you to change your mind now."

At this point, Leng Feng turned his head, his eyes incomparably heavy as he looked at Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan it's still not too late for you to regret, of course no matter how you choose, it will be able to maximize the benefits for me.After all, the Leng family will be mine.And I still hope you choose the first path!I promise you, as long as Lin Hao is with me, even if he loses the Kyushu Group now, I'll make it up to him even bigger later!"

Leng Feng had made a solemn promise to Shen Xiyan that almost all of his energy had been spent studying Lin Hao in the past two days, but as he studied Lin Hao more and more, he realized that Lin Hao was a talent, a top talent.And if he could take Lin Hao under his wing, then it would definitely be a big boost to his future career.And if Shen Xiyan was his sister, then Lin Hao would be his brother-in-law.This way everyone would be a family in the future, and if Lin Hao helped him, he would naturally help Lin Hao as well.

Thinking of this Leng Feng incomparably serious to Shen Xiyan said: "Xiyan, your mother is my real aunt since I was young, and you are my sister, Lin Hao is my brother-in-law.I'm telling you now, if you choose the first path, I will definitely return Lin Hao a bigger company in the future, do you believe me?"

Shen Siyan looked deeply at Leng Feng and nodded, "I believe, but I'll choose the second path, I'll wait outside, you go ahead and talk to that person inside, my condition is that I can marry into the Gong family as the Leng family's eldest daughter, I don't even mind marrying anyone from the Gong family, even if the other person is a cripple!But my condition is that the Leng family not only can't go after Lin Hao, but they must also give Lin Hao some compensation!No less!" First web site

Leng Feng frowned deeply, he was a little confused about what Shen Xiyan meant, so he asked, "Xiyan, if you believe that, then why did you go and choose the second path?"


Shen Xi Yan at this moment she couldn't help but have a smile rise on her face after hearing Leng Feng's words, "Because he is a Gestapo hero, he can't possibly be subservient to others, I believe that he will succeed one day.And now that I've encountered such a thing, I can't be a stumbling block on his way to success, all I can do is give him some more help!"

Leng Feng's heart was deeply moved once again as he listened to Shen Xiyan's words, and he was silent.Although he didn't think in his heart that what Shen Siyan said was right, saying that Lin Hao was the Gestalt Hero.But he also acknowledged Lin Hao's strength.

Leng Feng looked deeply at Shen Suyan and shook his head with an incomparably complex face before pushing open the car door and getting off, walking towards the villa in front of him.He didn't go to refute Shen Xiyan's words, because Shen Xiyan had already paid enough.He didn't want to hit him again.

"Just a Gestapo hero?Hehe... "Leng Feng's heart rose with a trace of disbelief, how many amazing people had he met in the Heavenly Sea over the years?How many ruthless men had he seen fall to the various families of the Heavenly Sea?Too much too much, admittedly Lin Hao was very capable and strong, but to say that Lin Hao would pull up a family comparable to the Leng family in the future was not even close, it was simply not something that could be accomplished in a generation....

So Leng Feng got off, he didn't want to hit the poor woman in the car behind him anymore.Because in his heart, it might not take long before Shen Xiyan regretted that she didn't go and choose the first path.

Inside the Leng family villa, in the Leng family with the actual right to speak, Leng Changjiang is sitting on the mahogany chair on the main seat in the living room, Leng Changjiang is very thin, already seventy years old, in a few days is his seventy birthday, although Leng Changjiang is already seventy, but the momentum on his body is very strong, his face is not angry.

Leng Changjiang had been sitting here for over an hour, waiting for Shen Xiyan to arrive, but even though he had been sitting here for an hour, his face was still angry, and his chest would occasionally rise and fall violently twice.

Leng Changjiang was born in a world of chaos, having survived life and death several times before finally establishing the Leng family in the Heavenly Sea at the age of forty.Thirty years ago, Leng Changjiang was also a desperate and ruthless man, coming to Tianhai alone, establishing the Leng Family in one year, making it a third-rate family in three years, and making it a second-rate family in ten years.By the time Leng Changjiang was fifty years old, the Leng family was flourishing and developing very rapidly under his leadership, and it had even made a marriage contract with the Gong family.

If the alliance with the Gong family had been made more than twenty years ago, Leng Changjiang was confident that under his leadership, the Leng family would be among the top-ranked families in Tianhai City in less than ten years.But at that time, his youngest daughter, Leng Qiu Ya, eloped with a poor boy at the engagement banquet with the Gong family.

On that day, the Gong family suffered a great humiliation, Gong Haiyang's father was even angry and vomited blood on the spot, and Gong Haiyang even smashed the entire wedding banquet scene to pieces!Since then, the Gong Family has taken all sorts of revenge on the Leng Family, and the Leng Family's originally flourishing business was instantly stalled, while Leng Changjiang's dream of bringing the Leng Family to become a family was completely shattered....

That's why for so many years Leng Changjiang hated Leng Qiu Ya to the core!Leng Changjiang was a baron, and all he cared about was power and status.His children's affection was not very important in his heart.So when Leng Qiu Ya had his dreams shattered, for so many years, he had imprisoned Leng Qiu Ya in the Leng family to vent his resentment in his heart!Don't say that biological fathers can't do such things to their children, some selfish people are really capable of doing it, and there are many such examples. Remember the website

In fact, after Leng Changjiang imprisoned Leng Qiu Ya for so many years, the anger in his heart had basically subsided, and over the years he had brought the Leng Family back up to the size of a first-class family, just waiting for an acknowledgement from that forbidden family in Tianhai.Then his Leng family would be the fifth largest first-class family in Tianhai City in name only!Being able to share a piece of cake in the Heavenly Sea.

Just yesterday, he suddenly received news that Leng Qiu Ya's child with that bumpkin back then was still alive and had grown up and gotten married.He suddenly realized that he had actually been cheated by Leng Qiu Ya for so many years!This made the fire that had gone down in his heart rise again!

That's why he had sent people to Nanjiang City overnight to bring Shen Xiyan to Tianhai and then have Shen Xiyan marry into the Gong family!He wanted to make Leng Changjiang also know what despair was.Back then, Leng Qiu Ya almost destroyed the Leng family, then today she would ruin her daughter's lifetime happiness and make Shen Xi Yan's heart resent Leng Qiu Ya for the rest of her life!!!!


Stepping... There was a sound of footsteps coming from the doorway, Leng Changjiang looked up and only saw Leng Feng's silhouette alone, not Shen Suyan's.

Shen Siyan actually didn't come?The fire in Leng Changjiang's heart sprang up, and his face instantly darkened as he shouted coldly at Leng Feng, "Where is that bastard?How dare she not come?"

Leng Feng hurriedly bowed his head and said, "Grandpa, Xi Yan has already come, just outside the villa.Don't be angry, I came in first because I wanted to talk to you first, Shen Xiyan is the aunt's daughter after all, if we Leng family push too hard, it will probably cause another twenty years of consequences, and I already talked to Shen Xiyan before I came in, now I'm here to talk to you about it...."

"Oh?What did you talk to her about?Oh, trying to make me change my mind?No way!Feng'er I know you're on good terms with your aunt, but the Leng family will soon be promoted to a first-class family, and as a result, we can't start a war with the Gong family.So even if that bastard dies, he'll marry me into the Gong family!Pay the debt for that mother of hers!"Leng Changjiang's eyebrows shrugged and said gloomily.

A touch of complexity flashed through Leng Feng's eyes, the Leng family was just too icy.Even he, the first heir, felt that the Leng family was a bit icy, the huge family was icy cold, with no affection to speak of.

Leng Changjiang took a deep look at Leng Feng and frowned.The look in Leng Feng's eyes was something he naturally saw at a glance.If this were anyone else, I'm afraid that Leng Changjiang would have just snapped at him, but Leng Feng was different, Leng Feng was his personally chosen heir.After a few more years when Leng Feng got married, he would hand over the Leng family to Leng Feng.And Leng Feng had done very well over the years.So Leng Changjiang could be indifferent to others, but he still had to pay some attention to Leng Feng's attitude.

So right now when Leng Changjiang saw the color of intolerance in Leng Feng's eyes, he sighed to Leng Feng, "Feng'er I know you're probably thinking in your heart, thinking that I'm not a little too emotionless?Isn't that right?You don't have to say I know.But you need to know even more that our Leng Family's rise to this point has not been easy, even difficult, and the Leng Family has grown to the point where there are hundreds of clansmen.We can't do things with our own sex, we still have a whole big family behind us.The kindness of a woman must never be allowed!Do you understand?That's why that bastard must marry into the Palace family, there's no discussion on that!"

"Xi Yan she agreed..." said Leng Feng with complicated eyes.

"It's fine, even if she doesn't agree, it's not up to her anymore, if she complains, go ahead and blame her that... wait?What did you say?She agreed?That bastard agrees to marry into the palace family?"Leng Changjiang snapped back to his senses and asked Leng Feng with some surprise.

After all, in his heart, Shen Siyan had just gotten married, and he had seen the video of Lin Hao proposing to Shen Siyan in Nanjiang City, and he had to say that strong as he was Leng Changjiang couldn't help but feel that Shen Siyan was looking for a really good husband.So in Leng Changjiang's heart, Shen Suyan would never agree to divorce Lin Hao and marry into the Gong family again.But now Leng Feng actually told him that Shen Suyan agreed?

Leng Feng nodded complexly, "Well yes, she agreed.She said she could go and marry anyone in the Gong family, even if it was a cripple she could marry.But she had one condition..." one second to remember to read the book

"A condition?Say, if she just voluntarily marries into the Gong family, that would save a lot of things.Don't say one condition, I'll accept even ten!"Leng Changjiang said with a cold smile to Leng Feng.

Leng Feng nodded, "First, from now on, the Leng family cannot find trouble with her mother and Lin Hao..."

Leng Changjiang frowned, then nodded, "Originally, I still had anger in my heart, but since she's willing to marry, I'm not really being a bit merciful.Can I agree, what about her second condition?"

Leng Feng took a deep breath and stared at Leng Changjiang, "Her second condition is that the Leng family will give Lin Hao some compensation to help him make his business even bigger..."

"That's no problem, just go ahead and allocate a few profitable projects to that Lin Hao, and save that brat from making trouble!Now that our Leng Family is about to be promoted to a first-class family, it's best if we can stay out of trouble... "Leng Changjiang nodded his head directly without hesitation....

Leng Feng nodded and took a deep breath, lowering his head to Leng Changjiang and asking, "Then grandpa, do you want to see her again?"


Leng Changjiang was stunned, if it had been before when Leng Feng hadn't come in, he would have never wanted to see Shen Shiyan.But now that Shen Siyan had voluntarily married into the Gong family, this granddaughter of his he felt he needed to meet her.So Leng Changjiang nodded his head and said, "This girl knows how to be considerate, unlike her mother, who only thinks about herself and doesn't care about her family's life and death.Let her in, I also want to see this girl..."

Leng Feng's body was puffed up, and he opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he didn't say anything.Instead, he turned around and went out, when he had just come in, Leng Changjiang was still calling out to Shen Xiyan with one mouthful of wild seeds.But now it was changed to Yatou....

Ten minutes later, Shen Xiyan walked in, Shen Xiyan was wearing a long black trench coat, her face fair and clean, although no makeup, but has a kind of pure beauty, and Shen Xiyan instrument demure, the body has a cool temperament.Leng Changjiang also couldn't help but stare at Shen Xiyan.Like, too much like Leng Qiu Ya when she was younger, only Shen Suyan was more beautiful than Leng Qiu Ya.

"Girl, let you suffer, it's just that we also have to do this, that incident with your mother more than twenty years ago, the damage caused to the Leng family is really too great, even today, we are still enemies with the Gong family, and this hatred can only be solved by you... Hey, if only your mother had been so sensible and sensible back then, things would not have evolved like this today... You wouldn't have had to suffer this, hey..." said Leng Changjiang looking at Shen Xiyan without emotion.

"If my mother was sensible back then, would there still be me?Heh..." said Shen Siyan coldly.

"You..." the fire in Leng Changjiang's heart sprang back up when he heard Shen Xiyan's words.The hand that was pointing at Shen Xiyan began to tremble....

Shen Siyan sneered, "If you don't recognize me as your granddaughter, then don't expect me to recognize you as my grandfather either!Miyagi, I can marry!But you have to compensate Lin Hao. You have to do it!Or I'll do more to make you miserable than my mother!"

"You... "Leng Changjiang soared to his feet and shouted at Shen Xiyan, "How are you talking to me?I'm still your grandfather!Don't you know the basics of manners?Surely you grew up in a small town and had no education at all!Surely that bumpkin was unreliable in the first place!"

"Huh?My grandfather?Do you recognize me?Or did you know my mother?My mother almost died last night and you didn't even go to look at her, huh, the Cold really is cold.And don't you say anything about my father, you don't deserve it!!!"Shen Siyan stared at Leng Changjiang with a deadly glare and drank.

"Get out!Get out!I'll agree to your terms, and you'll marry me into the Gong family next week!Get the hell out of here!"Leng Changjiang was trembling with anger at Shen Siyan, pointing at the door and yelling at her to get lost.

Shen Siyan turned around and walked away, Leng Changjiang didn't want to see her, and she didn't even want to stay here for a second longer.Just walking to the door, Shen Siyan paused, turned her back to Leng Changjiang and said in a low voice, "You guys... ruined everything for me, if you didn't do what you promised me, then I'll definitely make you regret it!I will live to see the annihilation of your Leng family with my own eyes!!!" First web site

When Leng Changjiang heard Shen Siyan's words, somehow his heart suddenly trembled, he fiercely stared up at Shen Siyan's distant back, at this moment he suddenly had the feeling that if he really didn't keep his word and didn't compensate Lin Hao, then Shen Siyan would definitely go crazy and take revenge on the Leng family, somehow at this moment, Leng Changjiang's heart suddenly doubted himself....

Is it really the right thing to do to force Shen Xiyan this much?As soon as this thought rose, Leng Changjiang shook his head and laughed to himself, "How much can a little girl do?Trying to get back at the Leng family?Heh...a bit too whimsical ah...but what I promised you, I, Leng Changjiang, haven't bothered to lie to you, a yellow-haired girl..."

"Leng Feng!You're going to pay Lin Hao's compensation. You're going to do it now!Double the implementation of those items I just mentioned!"Leng Changjiang said to Leng Feng, who came in from the doorway.

And Shen Shiyan, who had just walked out of the door, a tear fell after hearing Leng Changjiang's words, her teary eyes hazy, her heart hurting, hurting....


After getting the promise from Leng Changjiang and Leng Feng, Shen Suyan didn't stop and walked out of the Leng family's gate.Leng Feng wanted to send someone to escort her, but Shen Suyan refused, Shen Suyan walked outside alone, the Leng family is also the top fifth big family in Tianhai City, the family residence is also curved, covering hundreds of acres, Shen Suyan walked for a long time before walking outside on the road.

It was just that by the time Shen Xiyan stood by the side of the road, looking at the vehicles coming and going on both sides, she didn't know where she could go.Shen Siyan stood by the road for a long time before she took a taxi and went directly to the river, Tianhai was at the dividing line between the north and south, and although the winter was not as cold as the north, it was still cold and damp, and due to the river and sea, the air in Tianhai was very humid, which caused it to be a wet and cold winter.

Half an hour later, Shen Caiyan arrived alone at an unoccupied riverside where she sat alone and blew the river breeze.When she was now alone, she finally burst into tears.Tears popped and fell down.

"Lin Hao... I love you... I love you..." suddenly Shen Xi Yan stood up and pulled her voice out to shout at the river in front of her, shouting loudly, until her voice was dumb, until she shouted that her head was short of oxygen, then she sat on her butt on the ground.

There were so many things she had suppressed in her heart, three days ago when Lin Hao was giving her a make-up marriage proposal ceremony on stage as the president of the Kyushu Group, it was the happiest thing in her life.She had originally thought that she would be so happy and joyful in this life.She had even started to look up information online to prepare to conceive a child for Lin Hao.She hadn't even conceived yet, thinking about the name of her and Lin Hao's child.

She Shen Xiyan didn't want too much money, nor did she want to be in such a high position that everyone would envy her.In her heart, she just wanted to live with Lin Hao for the rest of her life, quietly by his side for the rest of her life, and then have two children with him, well, preferably a boy and a girl.The boy would be a world class hero like Lin Hao, and the girl would be gentle and sweet like her.

How wonderful that kind of life should be... Shen Shi Yan's tearful eyes hazily looked at the river in the distance, looking at the river that was getting darker and darker, because the winter night came earlier, and this was deep winter, and it started to get dark at 4:30, and it was very, very dark at 5:00....

"Lin Hao, I love you so much, I want to be your wife just so quietly and give you a lifetime of tenderness, you're my hero, you're my Gestapo.You have given me, all my fantasies about love.I'm really really happy ah, with you in, really at ease, is so secure, under your protection, I can be completely capricious like a little girl, in your arms, pampered, from time to time to annoy you, and then happy to fall into your arms, tiptoe to kiss you.......that's how good!...I really want so badly to live like that for the rest of my life..." murmured Shen Xiyan.

"But we're not kids anymore, there's a lot of things we have to face.Lin Hao, my love, my husband, you're too good, you're an orphan, you've come this far by yourself, it's really not easy, not easy.I don't want to drag you down anymore, I don't want you to fight for everything, but in the end, it's all a waste because of me.You forget about me, let's pretend that the two of us didn't remarry, you forget about me, I'm not good enough for you, with your excellence, there will be too many good girls in this world who want to be your wife, except for me..."

A cold river breeze blowing, blowing Shen Xiyan's long hair fluttering, blowing off a drop of tears on her face, Shen Xiyan hands on her knees, hazy teary eyes looking at the distance of the river murmured: "husband ah, you say you are with me, you figure what?With me, you don't even feel those joys, with me, the vast majority of the time, you feel sadness, sorrow, and even humiliation...don't you?"

Shen Siyan laughed at herself and continued to talk to herself, "Early last year you came to Nanjiang by yourself to marry me, but you were a door-to-door son-in-law who was at the mercy of humiliation, and you suffered silently for more than a year ah.And now, because I am the eldest daughter of the Leng family, the Leng family will not let us mother and daughter go..." Remember the website

"Oh honey, you know what?All the people around me are advising me.Saying that let me talk to you so that you can give your Kyushu Group to the Leng family and then all the problems will be solved, right?Leng Feng said so, Yue Yue also said so to me .And Leng Feng he, as the future heir of the Leng family, said that if I did that, he could guarantee that our family would live peacefully in the future, I really believed it in my heart, but I refused..."


"O husband, what you have done for me, I may never be able to repay in this life, you love me too much and too deeply.And I know that if I asked you, you would agree without hesitation, you would be willing.But I don't want to, I really don't, you've done enough and enough for me...I don't want to..."

"Ah Lin Hao... there's more than just love in a man's life.And for men, career is also very important.You have to have a career in addition to love, and you have to fulfill your dreams ah.So I really don't want to drag you down anymore.So Lin Hao, let's...divorce.You go fight for your career, you go chase your dreams.I hope that one day you'll be able to stand at the top of this world, and at that time, I just need to be able to look at you silently behind you, huh... I'm sure you'll be very, very handsome at that time..."

Shen Xiyan rested her head on her knee, and a heartfelt smile rose on her face.Because she was thinking about how Lin Hao would stand on top of the world from now on, the love of her life, the person she loved most in her heart for the rest of her life....

Shen Xi Yan sat staring at the river, the sun slowly set, night came, Shen Xi Yan stayed there alone until eight o'clock in the evening, even she sat there and fell asleep.

"Sisan?Regret your face?Why are you here, silly child, don't think about it, get up, go back with mom..." an anxious-looking Wang Shufen came to Shen Siyan's side and patted her on the shoulder.

Only then did Shen Siyan open her eyes, but she was surprised to see Wang Shufen, so she couldn't help but ask, "Mom?What are you doing here?How did you find this place?"

Wang Shufen pointed to the black-clothed Night One standing in the distance, "He brought me here, didn't Lin Hao ask him to protect you?I don't know how he found you, either.It's too cold. Don't get sick. You'll catch a cold easily, remember?It takes you a long time to get over every cold..."

Shen Xi Yan's body trembled violently as she listened to Wang Shu Fen's words, tears falling down again, "Yes, a cold, every time I catch a cold... it's always Lin Hao who takes care of me..."

Wang Shufen looked at Shen Xiyan's face that was crying with some frostbite, and listened to her words, her heart could not help but feel very, very sad.Wang Shufen assisted Shen Xiyan to walk back, she was afraid that Shen Xiyan would catch a cold again.Shen Xiyan's constitution was very poor, so Wang Shufen thought to let her take some cold medicine when she returned later.

When Shen Suyan and Wang Shufen went back, it was in the car of Night One.In the car Shen Siyan and Wang Shufen asked about Leng Qiu Ya's condition.After learning that there was no abnormality, she had Yueli send her and Wang Shufen to a hotel.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available.It's just sitting on the bed dazed and dumbfounded, with no eyes. A second to remember to read the book

"Xi Yan ah, you shouldn't think too much about the Leng family and you shouldn't worry about it.I'm really worried about you like this.No, I'm going to call Lin Hao and tell him to hurry back!What could be more important to you?"Wang Shufen became anxious as she looked at Shen Xiyan like this and picked up the phone to call Lin Hao.

"Don't call him!He's very busy these two days...don't bother him... "Shen Xiyan snatched Wang Shufen's phone.

Wang Shufen watched as Shen Xiyan snatched the phone away and couldn't help but hesitate, opening her mouth to say to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, there's actually something I didn't tell you.Lin Hao actually told me before he left, he already knew that Qiu Ya was your real mother, and he also told me not to worry about the Leng family!He'll take care of the Leng family's affairs, so don't worry too much about it, you have to trust Lin Hao ah..."

"What?Lin Hao he... he already knew about the Leng family?"Shen Xiyan suddenly looked up in shock and asked to Wang Shufen.

Wang Shufen nodded with complicated eyes, "Well, so I guess that Lin Hao went out to do something this time and it might have something to do with the Leng family, so don't carry it yourself and trust Lin Hao, okay?"

Shen Xi Yan just felt her nose sore and her eyes reddened again, "He... he already knew, so is he thinking of helping me out on his own behind my back?Why is he so stupid, so stupid..."

Shen Siyan opened her mouth, thinking of Lin Hao half a month ago in Tianhai City, returning with serious injuries, she suddenly wondered if Lin Hao had come to the Leng family then....

"Honey, you... how could you be so stupid..." murmured Shen Xiyan with tears in her eyes.


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