Dish Best Served Cold 976-980


Chapter 976

Not only the Fist King and the others, but also the War God Ye Qingtian, felt doubly sorry in his heart.

    Although, he had never met this young man called Chu Tianfan.

    However, his fall caused Ye Qingtian, his heart also felt a stabbing pain like needles.

    After all, in terms of the Chinese Martial Dao, Chu Tianfan's fall was undoubtedly a great loss.

    "Rolling Yangtze River eastward, the waves poured out heroes."

    "Right and wrong turn out to be empty."

    "The green hills are still there, a few sunsets are red."


    "White-haired fishermen and woodcutters on the riverside, used to watching the autumn moon and spring breeze."

    "A jug of cloudy wine is happy to meet."

    "How many things, ancient and modern, have been paid in laughter."


    At the top of Yan Mountain, there is a wild wind.

    One table, one person and one wine were displayed here .

    Ye Qingtian was dressed in white, but he was sitting on the ground, sighing to the sky and using the wine to dispel his sorrow.


    "It seems that Chu Tianfan's fall this time has truly saddened the War God."

    Not too far away, looking at the white-clothed man who was borrowing wine to drown his sorrows, the Sword Saint and the others, sighed long and hard.

    However, after so many years, they had seen many similar things.

    Time would eventually erase everything.

    It wouldn't take long for the name Chu Tianfan to dissipate into the years like the ice and snow on the top of that mountain.

    At that time, they, Huaxia, would also have new genius descendants.

    Some would die, some would be born, and the rest would continue to live.

    The wheel of history was just like that, constantly turning.

    Yes, to these people like the Sword Saint, no matter how dazzling Ye Fan was, he was just a cluster of more dazzling waves among the billions of people in Huaxia.

    When this cluster is gone, there will be the next cluster.

    At most, they lamented over the fall of Ye Fan [PEN 5200].

    However, for some others, Ye Fan, it was all they had.



    The day after the Japanese military admitted that they had killed Chu Tianfan, the furious Chu Zhenghong, leading his thirteen strong clansmen, directly killed into the Japanese country.

    In just one night, more than thousands of people in a military base of the Japanese country were all slaughtered by it.

    And, Chu Zhenghong also let out words that he was going to overthrow the country of Japan.

    Let everyone, give Chu Tian Fan a funeral!

    This incident stirred all walks of life in Japan.

    Sato, who learned of this, rolled right off the bed in shock.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "A large number of martial powerhouses have entered the Sun Country to avenge Chu Tianfan?"

    It was early in the morning, and Sato was still asleep when he was woken up by his men.

    His old face pale with fear in his eyes, he asked his men in front of him.

    "Yes, Commander."

    "Just last night, a military base in my country of Japan, more than a thousand people were slaughtered by it."

    "It is expected that soon, it will...It will kill us~"

    This subordinate, Akari, was also a little panicked, his speech trembling.

    Even he, let alone Sato, who was the commander of the operation to attack and kill Chu Tianfan?

    "Over a thousand people, all...All dead?"

    "A base that was.... leveled?"

    Sato had pissed himself, his entire body nearly scared out of his wits.

    Although he wasn't a martial artist, he knew a lot about the strongest martial artist in the world.

    He knew very well that even though he held hundreds of thousands of troops, but in a close range battle, a clan master killing him would only be like killing a dog.

    Sato, who was in fear, immediately picked up the phone and dialed Chu Zhengliang.

    "Chu Zhengliang you son of a bitch, you lied to me?"

    "What did you tell me before the action?"

    "You said that Chu Tianfan was alone, and after killing him, there would be no strong man to avenge him."

    "But what about now?"

    "More than a dozen strong clansmen have killed their way into the Sun Country."

    "They want to bloodshed the Sun Country and make us all give Chu Tianfan a funeral!"

    "Is this the fucking lonely man you're talking about?"

    "Is that fucking what you mean by no one avenging his death?"

    "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch, you trap me~"

    "Chu Zhengliang, I tell you, if I Sato dies this time, I won't let you go even if I turn into a fierce ghost~"

    In the room, Sato picked up the phone and cursed wildly at Chu Zhengliang with red eyes.

    Before this, Sato had listened to Chu Zhengliang's words and thought that Ye Fan was just a lonely man with no terrifying background or power behind him.

    Therefore, even if he killed him, there wouldn't be any subsequent trouble.

    However, who would have thought that the day after they announced that they had killed Ye Fan, there were so many powerful people who would directly kill at their doorstep to take revenge on Chu Tian Fan.

    Terror, fear, anger, all sorts of emotions swept through Sato's entire heart.

    If he had known that Chu Tianfan was a hornet's nest, he would never have joined Chu Zhengliang in the first place to deal with this Chu Tianfan even if he had been killed.

    "What did you say?"

    "More than a dozen clerics killed up to the Sun Kingdom to avenge him?"

    On the other end of the phone, Chu Zhengliang was only surprised when he heard it.

    Before rushing to the Sun Country, Chu Zhengliang had already investigated Ye Fan to the bottom.

    He was certain that Ye Fan did not have the protection of other strong clansmen by his side, and even if there were those who served him, they were just some unimpressive thugs.

    It was reasonable to say that once Chu Tianfan died, the power he was running in Jiangdong would definitely fall apart.

    How could it be, that there would suddenly be so many strong people who would stand up for him?

    "Is it, like, a big brother?"

    Thinking about the movements of the Chu family in the past few days, Chu Zhengliang was suddenly enlightened.

    "Commander Sato, don't get excited."

    "I'll take care of this matter."

    "Don't worry, I said I would guarantee your safety, so naturally I won't break my word."

    After giving Sato a reassuring pill, Chu Zhengliang then hung up the phone and returned to the family to begin verifying his suspicions.

    The truth, too, was just as Chu Zhengliang had expected.

    Those strong men who had entered the country of Japan today were precisely the clansmen under the Chu family.

    After learning this, Chu Zhengliang smiled.

    "Big brother, big brother, you were wise for a lifetime, but you ended up being confused on this matter."

    "All these years, I was worried that I couldn't catch you and couldn't find an excuse to get you out of the family headship."

    "I didn't expect that, but now you've sent me up yourself."


    "I, Chu Zhengliang, have waited for so many years, and now the opportunity has finally come."

    In the Chu Family, Chu Zhengliang smiled proudly.

    That laughter was all smooth and unrestrained.

    The Chu Family was an ancient family with a long heritage, and a family like this had strict family rules.

    Even the head of the family could never violate them.

    One of the rules was that the Chu family head was strictly forbidden to abuse his power and use the family power on a large scale to suppress dissent without consulting with the family hierarchy.

    And now, Chu Zhenghong, had undoubtedly seriously violated this family rule!

    "More than a dozen strong clansmen, big brother, big brother, you're pretty much moving out the entire family's martial power."

    "Just to avenge the death of an abandoned son, but you disregarded the safety of your family and father and master?"

    "This time, I'll see how you'll answer to the family."

    Chu Zhengliang smiled coldly.


That night, Chu Zhengliang returned to the family to meet with the family elders.

    In the Chu family, the power of the family head was restricted by the group of family elders.

    In other words, as long as those clan elders of the Chu Family unanimously approved certain decisions, there was nothing that could be done even if Chu Zhenghong did not agree.

    It was no coincidence that the Chu Clan could stand in the world's martial arts world for so many years.

    This kind of power-constrained democratic system alone would undoubtedly be far superior to the personal dictatorship of the Chu Family.

    "What did you say?"

    "Masahiro used his family's power privately to start a war with the Japanese martial arts?"


    "How can he take it upon himself to do something of this magnitude?"

    "If he delays my Chu family's hundred-year plan, can he afford it?"

    As expected, in the Chu family meeting hall, after learning from Chu Zhengliang that Chu Zhenghong had led a large number of strong people to the Japanese massacre, the Chu family executives were all furious.

    And then, after the family meeting deliberated, it was unanimously decided.

    "To remove Chu Zhenghong from his position as head of the family, and until Master Chu is out of the country, all family affairs will be temporarily presided over by Chu Zhengliang!"

    "In addition, order Chu Zhengliang to execute the Yunyang Order and go to the Sun Country in person to immediately recall the strong Chu family!"

    "And order Chu Zhenghong, to return swiftly to ask forgiveness!"

    The Yunyang Order was equivalent to a military talisman.

    It had always been controlled by the Chu Family's group of clan elders.

    The Yunyang Order represented the Chu Family's will, and took precedence over the Chu Family Master's personal will.

    In the Chu family rules, even the Chu family master had to kneel before the Yun Yang Order, and it was the supreme object that restricted the family master's power.

    In order to recall Chu Zhenghong, this time, the Chu family even used the Yunyang Order.

    From this, it could be seen how furious the Chu family's top brass was at this action of Chu Zhenghong.

    In the end, Chu Zhengliang promptly made his way to the Kingdom of Japan and recalled the strongest members of the Chu family before things got completely out of hand.

    At the same time, Chu Zhenghong was ordered to immediately return to the family to ask for forgiveness.

    However, in the face of Chu Zhengliang's words, Chu Zhenghong turned a deaf ear and did not respond at all.

    Even, the gaze that looked at Chu Zhengliang flickered with intense coldness and killing intent.


    "Big brother, don't make it difficult for me, third brother, please follow me back as quickly as possible."

    "This is the family patriarch's wish."

    "You can disrespect me, can't you, and don't you respect that family's clan elders?"

    "And, brother, you should know what the consequences of disobeying the Yunyang Order will be among the Chu family, right?"

    Under the Winter Capital, Chu Zhengliang, holding the Order of Yun Yang, looked at the man in front of him with eyes full of gravity, and his low words, quietly sounded.

    Only, that tone was actually full of threats.

    Most ruthless imperial family!

    The Chu family, as the family that controlled the strongest martial power in the world, could be said to be the imperial family of the martial world.

    The struggle for power was almost written all over the Chu family's history.

    Even if the brothers and sisters met now, there was no love at all to speak of.

    "Family Master, let's go back~"

    "This action is indeed impulsive."

    Han Lao was on the side, advising even more.

    After all, Ye Fan had already been expelled from the Chu family, and his death or life was inherently irrelevant to the Chu family.Now Chu Zhenghong was using the family's power because of his personal feelings, and the one who was at a loss in this matter was Chu Zhenghong.

    Now that the loss was stopped in time, everything still had a chance to turn.

    If not, Han Laoshi was worried that Chu Zhenghong would also fall out with the Chu family.

    This would undoubtedly be a bargain for the others.

    Under Han Lao's persuasion, Chu Zhenghong eventually restrained his killing intent and anger.

    He raised his head and looked at Chu Zhengliang in front of him.

    "Third brother, you're quite quick to hear news."

    "I've just made a move on my side, and you know about it on your side?"

    "Did someone write to you for help?"

    "I'm afraid you're not off the hook for what happened to my son, Fanny, are you?"

    Chu Zhenghong asked coldly.

    Chu Zhengliang's complexion changed slightly, but he pretended to look confused, "Little Fan?"

    "What Fanny?"

    "Could it be that big brother is talking about the abandoned son who was expelled from the Chu family by the old man back then?"

    "He's kind of my nephew, by the way."

    "What's wrong with him?"

    "Could it be that this action of Big Brother has something to do with him?"

    It had to be said that Chu Zhengliang acted like it, so that one could not see the suspicion at all.

    But Chu Zhenghong's appearance was still icy cold: "Third Brother, you better have nothing to do with this matter."

    "Otherwise, if I were to find out that my son Xiaofan's death was due to you, then don't blame me, Chu Zhenghong, for disregarding brotherly love!"

    Morrowind's words carried a complete chill.

    It made those who heard them, creepy and shuddering.

    Even Chu Zhengliang, in his heart, was more than a little uneasy.

    Although he had long known that this big brother of his still had his heart for that abandoned son, what Chu Zhengliang did not expect was that the evil seed born from that countryside woman had such a heavy place in the heart of this big brother of his.

    In order to avenge his death, he was willing to violate the family rules.

    He would rather not take this position as the head of the family, but to take revenge for that abandoned son.

    Chu Zhengliang understood the temperament of this big brother of his, he was a mercurial man, once he touched his backbone, this man in front of him, but he would transform into the King of Hell.

    Chu Zhengliang suddenly had some regrets, perhaps he shouldn't have killed the abandoned son.

    However, it was already too late to say that now.

    The only thing he could do was to conceal this matter while working hard to suppress Chu Zhenghong's position of power.

    When their father and son took complete control of the Chu family, it was Chu Zhenghong who knew that he was the culprit for killing Ye Fan, so what could he do?

    In the end, Chu Zhenghong still followed Chu Zhengliang and the others and returned to the family to be judged.

    Only after the Chu family's strongest man left the Sun Country did Sato breathe a long sigh of relief, and the stone in his heart then fell.

    "Motherfucking chicken, finally gone."

    "I thought, I'm dead this time?"

    Sato, who was so excited after the robbery, almost had tears streaming down his face.

    However, Sato wasn't worried.

    He felt that those people were only retreating temporarily, and no one knew when they would make a comeback again.

    He couldn't trust his own life to the kindness of others.

    "No, I have to find a way to save myself."

    "Quickly, prepare the car and follow me to the Three Gods Pavilion!"

    Against a strong martial artist, it was natural to still rely on a martial master.

    Therefore, Sato went straight to Winter Capital to pay his respects to the Three Gods Pavilion Master, Patriarch Snowshot.

    Requesting to be able to obtain Snow Shine's protection!

    However, to Sato's surprise, Yukizou refused to do anything about his request.

    "I don't understand, Court Master Yukari?"

    "Why? Why didn't you save me?"

    "That Chu Tianfan killed so many people from the Sun Country, how many strong men from your Three Gods Pavilion lost their lives to him."

    "Shouldn't he have killed?"

    "By killing him, I have also avenged your Three Gods Pavilion and the Japanese martial arts."

    "It's just as well that you don't know how to feel sorry for me, but now you can't even provide a minimum of shelter?"


    "Why, exactly?"

    "I'm just seeking asylum, is it too much to ask?"

    "Why do you see death and not help?"

    Sato's eyes reddened and he roared with anger, filled with puzzled questions.


Sato couldn't figure it out, he really couldn't figure out why the Three Gods Court could see death.

    By killing Chu Tian Fan, didn't he help the Japanese martial art take out his anger?

    Wasn't what he did in the interests of the Japanese martial arts?

    What's more, he himself was a citizen of Japan, and as the highest authority in the martial arts of Japan, shouldn't the Three Gods Court shelter its own citizens?

    Before coming here, Sato thought that he would be treated as a hero by the Three Gods.

    However, the other party's desperation and coldness was unexpected by Sato.

    However, in the face of Sato's questioning and anger, Snowshot was expressionless and coldly returned, "There is no why."

    "I can only tell you that letting Chu Tianfan fall was never the intention of my Japanese martial arts."

    "And your military, however, has taken it upon itself to interfere in the affairs of my martial dao."

    "I, the Three Gods Pavilion, have already shown us great mercy by not treating you for the crime of trespassing."

    "Now, you still want us to provide shelter?"

    "Let's just say, you're overthinking it."

    "Sword God, see the guest off."

    After saying that, Snow Shine also turned around and left.

    At the same time, Snow Shine waved her hand and gave the order to expel the guest.


    "You cannot do this to me."

    "You shall be grateful to me when I have avenged you."

    "How can you see death and not save it?"


    Sato's entire body was close to madness, screaming hysterically at Yukiteru.

    However, Yukizhao had already left the hall, so how could she pay attention to Sato's roar.

    Looking Moon River sighed, "Commander Sato, please return."

    "What we, the Three Gods Court, can do to help you is to preserve your life from the hands of the Moon Reading God."

    "As for the rest, we, the Japanese Martial Doctrine, really can't help."

    "Everything, it all depends on your own destiny."

    Moonwatcher River waved his hand and had Sato sent away.

    In fact, it was reasonable that they, the Japanese martial dao, should offer asylum to Sato, as well.

    However, after learning of Chu Tian Fan's death, the Moon Reading Heavenly God was furious and ordered a thorough investigation into the matter, and wanted to pit the entire First Division that had planned the assault against him, as well as execute Sato by death to avenge Ye Fan's death.

    In the end, it was Snow Shine as well as Sword God and the others who pleaded for mercy before persuading Moon Reader to stop this crazy plan.

    Therefore, it was still too late for the Moon Reading God to kill Sato now, and if Snow Shine and the others offered Sato shelter again, wouldn't it be a clear sign of confronting the Moon Reading God?

    Now that the Moon Reader has been reborn, even Xuezhao respects her.

    Who dares to go against her will?

    All that Yukari and the others could do was to discourage it with the great situation of Japan.


    "This Chu Tianfan, what kind of magic power does he have that makes the Moon Reading Heavenly God, fall so much in love with him?"

    "Nearly lost my own position for him."

    After Sato left, Moonwatcher River couldn't help but shake his head and lament.

    Fortunately, they had finally persuaded the Moon Reading God.

    Otherwise, the God of Faith of the martial arts of the Hall of Japan would have slaughtered its own people for the sake of an enemy who had slaughtered countless strong people of Japan.At that time, I'm afraid that their Japanese Martial Dao would become a complete joke.



    On the other hand, after Chu Zhenghong returned to the family, he was then immediately revoked by the family patriarch, giving him all of his positions in the Chu family, suspending him for three months of confinement and introspection.

    "Zhenghong, you're confused~"

    "Originally back then, you were already heavily criticized by the family for taking the liberty of marrying and having children with a country woman."

    "Because of this matter, you almost lost your family inheritance."

    "Now, how much effort did your fifth uncle and I waste to push you to the head of the family."

    "But what about you?"

    "How dare you privately lead a strong member of your clan to attack the Sun Country."

    "Is the old man in seclusion?"

    "You took all the strong family members with you, in case a hostile force silently attacks the Chu family and something goes wrong with the old man's closed door, can you afford the consequences?"

    "I don't know what you're thinking."

    "How old are you to be doing something so impulsive."

    "You're so reckless, if the Chu family is handed over to you in the future, can I and the old man and the others rest assured?"

    In the room, an old man, with a heart full of anger, rebuked Chu Zhenghong.

    This person, the Chu family's patriarch, whose seniority was even greater than Chu Zhenghong's, was also one of the few people in the Chu family who firmly supported Chu Zhenghong.

    Now that Chu Zhenghong had made a big mistake, the old man was naturally angry.

    However, in the face of the old man's rebuke, Chu Zhenghong was expressionless and said back in a deep voice, "Second Uncle, you know my nature."

    "What kind of power and might is only like floating clouds to me."

    "I don't even care about the Chu Gate Master, let alone others."

    "If it wasn't for the ability to protect my wife and son in the future, I wouldn't have entered the martial path."

    "If it wasn't for the sake of one day being able to welcome their wives and children back to the Chu family openly and honestly, I wouldn't be sitting on this so-called head of the family."

    The words were low and slow, but there was an inexplicable amount of emotion contained within them.

    That kind of powerlessness, that kind of loss, only like the abyssal sea, swept here.

    Yes, back then, Chu Zhenghong had succumbed to the family, why?

    All that was done was that one day, when he was in control of the Chu family power, he could make the decision to bring back Ye Fan and his mother and son.

    However, when Chu Zhenghong truly became the head of the Chu family, he discovered that he was wrong after all.

    Big mistake!

    This rotten family, reforming from the inside out, was not destined to work.

    Even if he became the head of the Chu Family, the prejudices of those family patriarchs, and even the old men, against Xiaofan and the others, would still not change.

    Only at this moment did Chu Zhenghong realize that he was on the wrong path.

    Xiaofan's path was right.

    Only a beacon of revolution could completely change, this decaying family!

    Only when the people they despise trample them completely underfoot, their prejudices will be completely changed.

    Only, it is too late to know this now.

    His son, he was no longer.


    "Zheng Hong, think about it."

    "Just an abandoned son, is it worth sacrificing your future future for him?"

    The old man sighed and left as well.

    In the room, Chu Zhenghong sat quietly and remained silent.

    Only, no one knew what he was thinking about at this time.

    The next day, Old Man Han came here and handed over a document to Chu Zhenghong.

    After Chu Zhenghong saw it, his old eyes, instantly became icy cold!

    "First Division, Sato!!!"

    The man clutched his palm, but his low words were boiling with killing intent.

    "Han, bring me my knife."


"My lord, you...What are you doing?I think it's better to put the matter of revenge on hold, you're in a worrying situation right now, so this time around, the family clan's elder group is already dissatisfied with you."

    "If you go out again during your confinement, you will completely anger them."

    "What's more, the family side, has already ordered that no one is allowed to take revenge for the young master."

    As soon as Han Lao heard this, his face went white with fear, and he even spoke out to advise.

    After all, Chu Zhenghong had just been removed from his position by the family, and if he were to knit those clan elders' brows at this time, he was afraid that it would be difficult for him to return to his position as family head in the future.

    However, in the face of Elder Han's persuasion, how could Chu Zhenghong listen to it.

    "I said, bring me the sword!"

    "As for the family, what are they?"

    "If I, Chu Zhenghong, want to leave, who can stop me?"

    The low words were full of dominance contained within them.

    "This Sun Country, designed to plot against my son?"

    "Do you really think my son, Fanny, has no one to love?"

    "This time, I will show them that my son, Fan, is not an orphan."

    "He's got an old son!!!"

    The low words were only like golden jade falling to the ground, resounding.

    In a split second, the room was rampant with endless killing intent.


    Outside the window, the cold wind was blowing, and three thousand clear bamboo, swaying with the wind.

    Just like this, that night, Chu Zhenghong left the Mountain of Chu Gate one person at a time.

    Before leaving, Chu Zhenghong left a notebook with Old Man Han.

    "Old Man Han, if there really is a day when a miracle occurs, my son, Little Fan, returns alive."

    "Remember, give this note, to him."

    "I don't have anything to give him, only this note, which records my life's work.Perhaps, it can be of some use to him."

    "And tell him that I'm sorry for being Laozi."

    "She's right, I'm not worthy of being his old man."

    "When I was young, I failed to protect them.Now ten years have passed and I still failed to protect them."

    Under the dark night, the cold wind gusted, blowing up thousands of fallen leaves, as well as men's sleeves, hunting.

    Han's old eyes reddened, and just like that, he gazed at that tall back, slowly disappearing into the night.

    On the way out, Chu Zhenghong naturally couldn't avoid the obstruction of the Chu family's strongest men.

    But how could they, how could they stop the man's footsteps?

    Between the mountain gates, men stepped forward, one man cutting through a thousand shackles.

    Outside the family gate, wolves were everywhere.

    Those strong men who were intent on stopping Chu Zhenghong were all injured by him, lying on the ground.

    However, just as Chu Zhenghong stepped on the door of his house, deep in the dark night, an old man appeared as if he were a ghostly apparition.

    This person was plainly dressed and had a restrained air.

    Standing there, it was as if he was an ordinary person, not attracting attention at all.

    However, the moment this person appeared, all the people present looked terrified and respectful.

    Even Chu Zhenghong himself, looked a little more dignified and scrupulous.

    "Elder Xuan, even you want to block me?"

    The man raised his head, and his low voice, with the dark night, quietly rang out.

    The old man did not answer, and after a moment of silence, he only asked faintly, "Master, I wonder where this is going?"

    "Trample the skies!"

    The man's words were resolute and firm and resounding.

    "If one goes away and never returns?"The old man asked again.

    "And then he'll never return!"

    The majestic sound echoed quietly beneath the night.

    When the old man heard it, he eventually turned sideways and made his way out of the way.

    The man cupped his fist in thanks and raised his sword and left.Soon, it disappeared into the night.

    "Old Man Xuan, why did you let him go?"

    At this time, the senior members of the Chu Family who hurriedly arrived, asked anxiously.

    Elder Xuan shook his head and whispered, "It's useless, he has already made up his mind, I can't stop him."


    The night was silent, with only the sound of wind clamoring.

    That night, above the vast sea, one man, one blade, trekked eastward towards the land of the sun.

    Beneath his feet, the waves rolled with such speed that a white scar was drawn up raw.

    Seen from afar, like a jiao!Dragon!

    The King of Chu Yan, for his son, is back in the world!

    No one knows what kind of vast waves will be created by this in the next Japanese martial arts.



    The same night.

    Yunzhou, Jiangdong, Villa on Genting Mountain, the lights are still on all night!

    The table was full of food, but it hadn't moved in the slightest.

    At the table, Qiu Mu orange sat quietly, not saying a word.

    Tonight, she was dressed extraordinarily charming.

    A snow-white Versace long dress, will be perfect body, outline the most vividly.

    She, who had always disliked makeup, also specially wore exquisite makeup tonight.

    The delicate red lips,[PENN] as if that alluring peach, dainty.

    However, no matter how beautiful the beauty is, no one is watching.

    Just like the flowers blooming in the dark night, only desolate.

    "Mu Orange, it's already twelve o'clock, so you should go rest first."

    "I'll sit here and wait for him."

    "As soon as that bastard comes back, I'll immediately tell him to roll over and apologize to you."

    Ye Xie Mei, who was on the side, couldn't bear it in her heart and spoke out to advise.

    The matter of Ye Fan's fall was only fermenting in the martial world, and Autumn Mu Orange and the others, naturally, did not yet know about it.

    It was only believed that Ye Fan had been delayed by something and the party was unable to return home in time.

    However, facing Ye Xie Mei's words, Qiu Mu Orange was shaking her head.

    "Mom, it's fine, I'm not sleepy."

    "I'll just wait for him here."

    "I'll see when, exactly, he'll arrive home."

    As if pouting, Qiu Mu Orange just sat quietly.

    The table full of food, not a bite to eat.

    The red wine poured in the cup was also not touched in any way.

    Qiu Mu Orange acted calmly, but Ye Xiemei could still feel the aggravation and anger in her heart.

    In order to prepare for tonight's birthday banquet, Qiu Mu Orange had been preparing for many days.

    Half a month ago, it had started practicing the dishes to be made tonight many times.

    Yes, this table full of dishes, it was unknown how many times Qiu Mu Orange had gone through failures to make them.

    Although, on the surface, it was to wish her birthday, but Ye Xie Mei was very clear that the more main purpose of this table was to cook for Ye Fan.

    She had given so much, but Ye Fan had broken her promise and failed to arrive, and the key was not even giving her a call, who wouldn't feel aggrieved?Who doesn't feel lost and indignant?

    In desperation, Ye Xie Mei made an excuse to go to the bathroom, then secretly called her son.

    Prepare to scold him, and then tell him to quickly call Mu Orange back to apologize.

    However, Ye Xie Mei called several times in a row, and the other party was in an off state.

    "This jerk, he's pissed off at me!"

    "If you can't make it back, at least call and explain. Still off?"

    "See you back and I won't break your dog's legs?!"

    Ye Xie Mei also felt angry.

    This was not the first time.

    Several times before, Ye Fan had said that he would return home on the following day, but he had reneged on his promise.

    This time, it was still like this.

    And he directly turned off his phone.

    Who wouldn't be angry when anyone is on the receiving end of this?


Just like that, the lights of the Genting Mountain Villa remained on all night.

    The original aromatic meal had also been cold to the bone.

    And the beauty in the room, also really in the living room, waiting for that teenager all night, all night long!

    "Mu Orange, don't wait."

    "While there's still some time left, hurry up and take a break, you'll be working again later."

    Ye Xie Mei saw Qiu Mu Orange who was sitting there without saying a word, and was filled with intolerance, and advised her once again.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything, and even on her stunningly beautiful face, she couldn't see any emotions.

    However, how strong was the loss and resentment in her heart?

    Before this, Qiu Mu Orange had imagined tonight's scene countless times.

    In the midst of slow music, the whole family sat together happily, Ye Fan talked about what he had seen on the road, and Qiu Mu Orange complained about the miscellaneous matters in the company, then they blew out the candles, cut the cake and tasted the 82-year-old Lafite red wine.

    She even fantasizes about Ye Fan's surprised face when he comes home and sees a table full of food.

    Fantasizing about Ye Fan's admiration for her, fantasizing about Ye Fan's admiration for her.

    Letting him know that she, Qiu Mu Orange, was no longer a wife who couldn't even cook.

    Even Qiu Mu Orange considered that if Ye Fan behaved well that night, she wouldn't mind giving him her virginity, which she had treasured for more than twenty years, to bear and raise children for him and dedicate all her goodness to him.

    In Qiu Mu Orange's fantasy, that night was so romantic and beautiful, warm and happy.

    But Qiu Mu Orange had never expected that this dinner she was incomparably looking forward to would be a failure after all.

    Of course, Ye Fan's failure to keep the appointment, Qiu Mu Orange only felt more of a loss.

    What made her feel indignant was that since she couldn't make it back in time, why didn't she give her a call beforehand to explain.

    She could tolerate Ye Fan's breach of trust and deceit, but she couldn't tolerate that Ye Fan ignored her and didn't care about her.

    Was it hard to make a phone call and inform?

    Qiu Mu Orange had already decided that if Ye Fan couldn't give her a reasonable explanation for this incident, she would ignore that bastard for the rest of her life.

    It was simply too infuriating!

    It's an abomination!

    For this dinner, she had prepared for so long, and in the end, she was cheated by that bastard Ye Fan again.

    The more Qiu Mu Orange thought about it, the more aggrieved and angry she became.

    If Ye Fan appeared in front of her at this time, Qiu Mu Orange guaranteed that she would be so angry that she would slap him against the wall.

    The kind that couldn't even be gouged off!

    Finally, it was time to go to work.

    After Qiu Mu Orange washed her hands, she was ready to go to work.

    Before leaving, Qiu Mu Orange picked up the wine and food at the table and prepared to pour it.

    Ye Xie Mei saw the situation and quickly stopped it, "Hey, Mu Orange, what are you doing?"

    "You've been working hard all night and haven't eaten a bite, how can you go down with a meal this good?"

    Ye Xi Mei anxiously advised.

    Qiu Mu Orange, however, snorted, "What's the point of having good food, people don't care anyway, so why not pour it out?"

    "Don't, Mu orange."

    "Don't fall."

    "Mu Orange, don't worry, Mom will make the decision for you."

    "As soon as that brat comes back, he'll be on his knees, and I'll let him finish eating all these meals you've made."

    "That bastard, such a good wife at home, doesn't even know how to pamper her.See how I'll just whip him when I come back!"

    Ye Xie Mei said in a furious voice, constantly scolding Ye Fan.

    Although Ye Fan is his own son, but this is his son's wrong, the mother can't take sides, self-support for her daughter-in-law to make the decision.

    However, just as Ye Ximei was scolding Ye Fan, outside the villa, a car suddenly sounded.

    Hearing this sound, Qiu Mu Orange's originally dull eyebrows and eyes suddenly lit up with light once again.

    Finally, have we arrived?

    Almost subconsciously, Qiu Mu Orange thought of going out to greet her.

    Like a boudoir woman who had been alone in an empty room for a long time, she couldn't wait to greet her man after learning that he had returned.

    "This jerk has finally come!"

    "Mu Orange, don't go out to pick him up."

    "You waited all night for him, and he doesn't have the face to let you pick him up."

    "We, the two of us, just sit here and wait for him asshole to come in and apologize to us."

    Ye Xi Mei but pulled Qiu Mu Orange, and then this mother and father, really just sit at the table, like a judge on the judgment seat, waiting for the guilty person, negative thorns to ask for punishment.

    Finally, the sound of footsteps, closer and closer.

    But, that footsteps, to the door, suddenly stopped.

    For a long time, there was no movement.

    "Mom, I'd better go out and take a look, right?"

    Qiu Mu Orange was a little worried, after all, this wasn't like Ye Fan's nature.

    Going back to his own home, he wouldn't be afraid to enter his home when he arrived at the door.

    "No need!"

    "The bastard is probably thinking of excuses so he can fool us, that's why he's hesitating to come in."

    "We'll just wait here."

    "I'd like to see what excuses he can come up with."

    "He dared not even come to his own mother's birthday party, and his own wife dared to cheat."

    "What does this brat want?"

    "Does he want to turn the tables?"

    Ye Ximei scolded, but Qiu Mu Orange heard it in her heart, but it was warm.

    At this moment, she felt that Ye Ximei treated her better than her own parents.

    Even her own parents had never gone out of their way for themselves like Ye Xi Mei.

    Finally, after a long silence, outside the door, the sound of footsteps sounded once again.

    The door of the room was then pushed open.

    At the same time, Ye Xie Mei's voice of rebuke also rang out.

    "You brat, you still know how to come back?"

    "Now you're getting ahead, aren't you, and you don't even want your mother and wife?"

    "Do you know how much effort Mu Orange has put into preparing this table of wine and food."

    "And do you know that our mothers have been sitting here all night waiting for you?"

    "You son of a bitch, if you can't make it back in time, don't you know how to call and say so?"

    "The phone is still off!"

    "You're trying to piss your mother off, aren't you?"

    "Get your ass in here and apologize to Mu Orange!"

    Ye Xi Mei saw the door open, but the people outside, but they were slow to come in, and became even more furious, viciously fierce .

    In front of the table, Qiu Mu Orange did not speak, her pretty face that had been proud for a night was undoubtedly somewhat dark .

    She sat there, and did not look at the doorway, just holding a wine cup, quietly sip lightly .

    She appeared calm on the surface, but her heart was by no means calm.

    There was resentment towards Ye Fan for lying to her, as well as joy at Ye Fan's return home.

    In fact, with Qiu Mu Orange's temperament, if Ye Fan stood her up last night, he would definitely crusade against him when he came back today.

    But now it was obvious that he was no longer needed to crusade, her mother-in-law had given her a head start.

    All she had to do now was sit quietly and wait for that wretched fellow to apologize to her.

    At this moment, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly realized how wonderful it was to have a mother-in-law.

    However, the next scene was something that Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Xi Mei, had never expected!

    I saw that after the door opened wide, the one who walked in was not Ye Fan who was a husband and a son of man.

    Rather, it was a, a girl who was crying pear-shaped tears.



    "You...What are you doing here?"

    Seeing Nan Chen, Ye Xie Mei was shocked and asked in confusion.


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