Dish Best Served Cold 941-945


Chapter 941

Winter Capital City.

    The moonlight is pale, shrouding the pine forest beyond the sky.

    White clouds clustered, revealing a few sparse stars.

    Beneath the sky and river, the wind and smoke are all clean, and the youth still stands proud.

    The earth beneath your feet is a mess.

    The snow shone down on the place, occasionally a few pieces of gravel slipped down.

    Looking at the Moon River and the others were floundering in place for a long time, a pair of old eyes, deadly.

    Until now, they were still unable to accept the reality that Snow Shine had fallen in defeat.

    For so many years, the Three Gods Pavilion Master, Heavenly God Xuezhao, had been the strongest person in their Sun Country.

    Just like the War God Ye Qingtian in Huaxia, Snow Zhao's position in the Sun Country was also close to that of a guardian celestial god.

    If it was, the Snow Shine that Ye Qingtian defeated, they, the people, would still be able to accept it.

    But now, an unknown junior, an unheard of punk kid, had defeated their highest powerhouse of the Sun Country.

    The feeling was like a beggar on the side of the road that no one cared about, suddenly rising one day to directly step up and destroy a country.

    One could imagine how much of an impact it had on them.


    "Grandpa, Iwai-san, Mr. Chu won, Mr. Chu won."

    "I knew it, Mr. Chu is so powerful, he won't lose that easily~"

    In the midst of all the grief, only Chike Jing, a girl who was not deeply involved in the world, was able to laugh out happily.

    And Iwai Zen and Miyamoto intermediary two, there is joy in their hearts, but also sadness.

    Seriously, in fact, the outcome that Iwai Zen and the others were most looking forward to was that Ye Fan could have a draw with Snow Shine.

    After all, as far as the country's righteousness is concerned, Yukizhao cannot lose.

    But in terms of selfishness, Ye Fan couldn't lose either.

    A draw was the best outcome.

    But now, if Ye Fan won, perhaps their Triad Consortium could survive this disaster because of it.

    However, their country's dignity was completely trampled down by Ye Fan.

    At this time, Iwai Zen didn't know whether he should cry or laugh.

    But while Iwai Zen and the others were having mixed feelings, they didn't notice that at the Skywatch Cloister, there was a wonderful girl, after seeing Ye Fan's victory, her teary pretty face finally showed a happy smile.

    She tried to raise her head to look at the figure in the depths of the Heavenly River, and with all the strength of her life, she muttered.

    "Master, Christine...Congratulations~"

    After the words fell, Rangong Ying Yue, however, was no longer heard.

    The Seal of the Moon Wheel at the spot on her eyebrow was immediately radiant.

    A dusty power that had been sealed for a long time finally began to sweep through Rangong Ying Yue's body.




    At the same time, on the earth below, debris rolled down, and a bloodied hand peeked out from the ruins.

    Moonwatching Moon River and the others were terrified at the sight, "Quick, the Snow Shining God is still alive."

    "Everyone, go and save her~"

    "Go on~"

    In a split second, dozens of people all ran towards the direction of the ruins in front of them, quickly pulling Snow Shine out of the ruins.

    Only, now this cold woman was covered in blood, and on top of her formerly graceful and beautiful face, there was now only a mess.

    Her breath was dying, and the confrontation just now had obviously caused heavy damage to her.

    Nowadays, she no longer had the strength to fight again.

    But in the void, Ye Fan was still standing.

    He had a misty look, and his icy cold eyes looked down at the multitudes of beings below him.

    Even though Snow Shine had been defeated, Ye Fan, however, didn't seem to have any intention of leaving.

    Seeing the Moonwatching River, he let someone hold him up and looked up at Ye Fan.

    "Your Excellency, you have won today's battle."

    "You can take away the artifacts of our Sun Country and we won't do anything to stop you.We will not be held accountable for the previous killings, and our Sun Country will not be held accountable."

    "You can go."

    "I only hope that from now on, Your Excellency, you won't take another step into the Sun Country."

    "We don't welcome you."

    A low and deep voice quietly sounded.

    The cold words were cold, but still filled with hatred for Ye Fan.

    Did he not want to kill Ye Fan?

    Of course not!

    But what could he do if he hated Ye Fan?

    Even Xuezhao was defeated, and the last barrier of the Sun Country was also one foot off the stage.

    Today, the Sun Country was like no man's land to Ye Fan.

    The only thing Moonwatching River hoped for now was for this person to leave the Sun Country quickly.

    With him around, the Sun Country was afraid that it would not be safe for a day.

    However, upon hearing Moonwatching River's words, Ye Fan burst out laughing.

    It was as if he had heard, the best joke in the world.

    "Let me go?"

    "Don't you think, Moonwatcher River, that you're too naive?"

    "Before you, but you were giving lip service to taking my life."

    "Now that I've won, you leave nothing behind and try to send me away with a few words?"

    "Are you guys stupid yourselves, or do you think I, Chu Tianfan, am stupid?"

    Ye Fan laughed coldly, and his sensible words caused a cold wind to blow in this world.

    Looking Moon River's face was gloomy as he returned in a condensed voice, "What else do you want?"

    "What do you think?"Ye Fan asked rhetorically.

    "A martial appointment to determine the winner and the loser, to determine life and death."

    "The winner lives, the loser, dies!"

    "What I want, naturally, is her life."


    Ye Fan's words made everyone present, all of them were shocked.

    He was trying to cut down the Snow Shining Heavenly God to the bone.

    How could this be?

    "Chu Tianfan, don't bully others too much!"

    "We've given you the eight-foot Qiong hook jade, and we've decided to forget about the death of Mingzun my Sun Country's martial path."

    "You have kidnapped the Moon God of my Sun Country, and we will no longer hold it against you."

    "My Sun Country has given you so many favors, aren't you satisfied yet?"

    "Could it be that it has to be cut down to the bone?"

    Looking at Moon River's old face, he roared in a stern voice.

    However, when Ye Fan heard these words, he only felt sarcasm.

    The eight-foot Qiong hook jade was obviously taken by him, but by his mouth, it had instead become a favor granted by the Japanese State.

    As for the so called past-death, it was even more bullshit.

    "What a Japanese State's grace, Moonwatching River, do you think that now your Japanese State Martial Dao is still qualified to say this in front of us?"

    "You don't have to waste your breath."

    "I, Chu Tianfan, have my own code of conduct throughout my life."

    "Anyone who insults me will be executed!"

    "He who wishes to kill me, shall be killed!"


    The moment the words fell, Ye Fan's eyebrows were steeply cold.

    And then, the crowd only saw that Ye Fan clenched his fist with one hand and descended from the sky.

    A thin figure, flying down.

    With a monstrous might, it smashed down furiously towards the already dying Snow Shine.

    Moonwatching River and the others were immediately horrified at the sight.

    A pair of old eyes stared into the size of bronze bells.

    Their old faces were terrified, and they eventfully roared.

    "Bastard, stop it!"


    "Junior, do er dare?"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others had never thought that this Ye Fan, was so cruel.

    He really didn't leave any room to spare, and actually wanted to do death to them, the Sun Country Snow Shining Sky God.

    Horrified, countless strong men rushed over to save the day.

    But, what use was it?

    Even Snow Shine was defeated, and they were just moths to the flame after all..

    Looking at the approaching Fist of Steel, Moonwatching River and the other Japanese Martial Daoists, their eyes were crimson.

    In their hearts, they were undoubtedly dripping blood.


"Stop it, asshole~"

    "Junior, how dare you kill the guardian god of my Sun Country?"

    Looking at the Moon River shouted hoarsely, almost in old tears.

    At this moment, he was filled with regret.

    If they had known earlier, they would have never allowed Rangong Ying Yue to lure Ye Fan to come.

    Previously, they had wanted to lure the king into the urn, and then they would join forces to kill Ye Fan.

    But who would have thought that in the end, Ye Fan didn't die, but instead brought a terrible disaster to the Sun Country!

    "It's my fault~"

    "It's all my fault~"

    "It's me, Moonwatching River, who has harmed the entire country of Japan!"

    Under the Clear Sky Tower, Moonwatching River was crying old tears and shouting miserably.

    The words were filled with endless remorse.

    Others, too, watched with a heart full of despair as Ye Fan's pair of iron fists came crashing down.

    No one doubted that the Snow Shining Heavenly God, who was dying, would surely die under Ye Fan's fist.


    The gale was raging in all directions, and its strength swept the sky.

    Amidst everyone's despair and grief, Ye Fan's monstrous fist had already fallen.

    However, just when Ye Fan's fist had reached Xuezhao.

    Suddenly, a rainbow of light actually lit up from the Skywatch Cloister.

    At first, the light was as small as a speck of dust.

    At first, the light was as small as dust, but soon, the spot grew larger and larger, until finally, it was as dazzling as the sun.

    At the same time, when that rainbow light was lit up, the entire Winter Capital City was like boiling water, boiling.

    Thousands of miles away, the river is wildly surging and the waves are enormous.

    As far as the eye could see, dead trees were springing up.

    The cherry blossoms by the side of the road, and even more so, the branches and leaves.

    As if the god of spring came to earth, the sky was filled with cherry blossoms beneath the trees.


    "Cherry blossoms flying and rivers rushing?"

    "This.... this could be, the return of the Moon God?"

    Seeing the strange scene in front of them, the originally desperate Moonwatching River and the others trembled in horror.

    A pair of old eyes, suddenly tightened.

    In their hearts, there were monstrous waves of horror sweeping over them.

    "It is rumored that when the Moon God returns to the world, it will cause dead wood to spring, and make the tides of ten thousand rivers to surge."

    "Make the rivers and seas rush and the cherry blossoms dance."

    "All things in the world will greet the return of the Moon God with the most beautiful gesture!"

    "Could it be that the legends are all true?"

    "The Moon God, who has been hidden for a thousand years, is finally, coming back?"

    "The seal, is it finally lifted?"

    Among the crowd, Moonwatching River's words trembled and he shouted out.

    The rest of the crowd, even more so, looked up at the firmament, their brows filled with shock and reverence.


    "The Luna has returned."

    "There is salvation."

    "Our country of Japan, we are saved."

    Hearing Moonwatching River's words, the rest of the people undoubtedly boiled over.

    As the saying went, there was negativity.

    Originally, they thought that with the defeat of the Snow Shining Heavenly God, there would be no one left in their Sun Country who could stand against Ye Fan.

    But now, the Moon Reading Heavenly God has returned from rebirth.

    If so, what is there to fear about that Ye Fan?

    One must know that it was rumored that back then, the Moon Reading Heavenly God, in its heyday, was a divine realm powerhouse that far surpassed the title clan.

    What was the Divine Realm?

    No one above it, and ten thousand below it.

    God realm powerhouses, in the entire Earth, that were existences that existed only in legends.

    Just like this, between the boiling of the crowd, in the next moment, tens of thousands of people knelt their heads together.

    Everyone, like the most devout believer, kneeled and served the ground again.In the humblest of gestures, they were expressing the highest respect to the Moon God.

    Ye Fan undoubtedly lifted his head at this moment as well.

    In the midst of thousands of lights, only a stunning silhouette was seen, standing in the sky.

    Red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink.

    She was wearing a seven-foot long skirt and three thousand green threads.

    It was as if a Nine Heavenly Mysterious Maiden, banishment to the mortal world.

    Ethereal, majestic.

    The beauty of the woman is unparalleled.

    She is banned from the celestial realm.

    She stands in the heavens, looking down upon all beings.

    The same face, the same beauty.

    However, the temperament is completely different.

    If it is said that the previous Liang Gong Ying Yue was just a gentle girl who was not deep in the world.

    The woman in front of her, on the other hand, was the graceful and magnificent Empress of the World.

    Looking at him, in his heart, Ye Fan was filled with inexplicable heaviness and sadness.

    "This moment, has it finally arrived?"

    "Yue'er, I'm sorry that I couldn't say a proper goodbye to you, even at the last moment."

    Between the dark night, Ye Fan let out a long sigh.

    That sigh, however, contained an inexplicable sadness.


    "Kneel to welcome, the return of the Moon God!"

    "Kneel to welcome, the return of the Moon God~"


    On the earth below, Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others knelt their heads in unison.

    The voices of reverence and words of awe, however, gathered into a stream that swept across the entire heaven and earth .

    And in the midst of the rushing torrent, that peerless figure was standing just like that.

    Ice-clear and jade pure, world-exclusive.

    Obviously, she didn't say a single word, nor did she make any movements.

    However, just standing there, she made countless people feel like kneeling and worshipping.

    Perhaps, this was a god?

    That kind of temperament above all beings, that kind of majesty on top of the world, has long since transcended the realm of human beings.

    Looking at her was like looking at a lifelong, insurmountable mountain.

    In my heart, there was only trembling and reverence, only worship and awe.

    Even though her face is beautiful, one can't feel any blasphemy.

    On the night of the 5th of May, the moon reads the sky god and rejoins the continent of Japan!

    This night was destined to be a sleepless night for the millions of people in the entire Winter Capital.

    Almost everyone saw the light in the depths of the Heavenly River.

    Seeing, the peerless figure that looked down upon the world.

    They were fortunate enough to have witnessed the birth of an era!

    Tonight, it was a revelation that belonged to the entire country of Japan.

    However, in the midst of the overwhelming kneeling welcome, Ye Fan was lonely and turned around, ready to leave.

    The Moon Reading was reborn, and Rangong Ying Yue was no longer there.

    It was no longer meaningful for Ye Fan to stay any longer.

    As for the Three Gods Pavilion's master, Xuezhao, Ye Fan undoubtedly didn't have the chance to kill him either.

    Ye Fan felt that this Moon Reading's strength was unfathomable.

    Even when he was in his prime, Ye Fan was not confident that he could stop her might.

    What's more, the previous battle, Ye Fan had consumed a huge amount.

    Not a single tenth of his power remained.

    It could be said that at this time, Ye Fan was completely at the end of his crossbow.

    Not to mention the Moon Reading God, even a strong Ancestor would probably be able to severely injure Ye Fan.

    In this situation, Ye Fan naturally didn't dare to act rashly.

    Otherwise, not to mention killing Xuezhao, it would be difficult for him to retreat from the whole body, right?

    However, just when Ye Fan was about to leave.


    Only a piercing sound, a whiff of qi swept.

    With lightning speed, it directly blasted at Ye Fan's body.

    Ye Fan, who was already at the end of his crossbow, trembled and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

    His face, then paled down.

    Soon, after wiping off the blood from the corner of his mouth, Ye Fan turned his head to look at the stunning silhouette in front of him, and his eyes were all heavy.

    "Junior Huaxia, you killed the strong man of my Sun Country and messed up my Sun Country's martial path."

    "Without giving an explanation, do you want to just walk away?"

    Between the heavenly rivers, the misty majestic gaze of Moon Reading immediately fell on Ye Fan.

    There was no joy or sorrow in the cold and clear words.

    It was as if, in her eyes, Ye Fan was just an insignificant insect.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he laughed at himself.

    "So, you're going to kill me?"

    "Moonwatching River didn't manage to kill me."

    "Snow Zhao also failed to kill me."

    "I never expected that I, Chu Tianfan, would fall into your hands today."

    Ye Fan smiled sadly, full of self-deprecation.


The person he had risked his life to protect was now going to be his own gravedigger.

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan only felt irony and absurdity.

    However, Ye Fan did not regret what he had done.

    In life, all one wants is to leave no regrets.

    Even if fate could do it all over again, Ye Fan would choose to kill Mount Fuji without turning back.

    It's not about life or death, it's just about that one promise!

    He had promised to take that silly girl to see all the splendor of the Winter Capital, so naturally, he would keep his word.

    Life and death and trustworthiness, Ye Fan undoubtedly cared more about the latter.

    Ye Fan shook his head and just smiled faintly like this, full of self-deprecation.

    "However, even if you are the God of Faith of the Sun Country, it's never that easy for you to kill me, Chu Tianfan."

    "Even if I were to die, I would have to break a few of your teeth!"

    Even though he knew that he was not an enemy, Ye Fan did not bow down.

    There was no word of retreat in his life's dictionary.

    As for the woman in front of him, although she had the same face as Rangong Ying Yue.

    But Ye Fan was very clear that the moon was no longer there.

    The person in front of him was just the God of Martial Faith of the Sun Country, Moon Read!

    In a self-deprecating voice, Ye Fan forcefully urged the few strengths in his body to fight with Moon Reading.

    "It's just as well, I was just about to see how much battle power is left for the once world's number one powerhouse, the Sun Country's Heavenly God, who had been sleeping for a thousand years?"

    Ye Fan drank once more.

    The mundane sound was like the reverberation of thunder, trembling this heaven and earth.

    For a moment, many people were stunned.

    They looked at Ye Fan, who was clearly at the end of his crossbow, and their hearts couldn't help but be filled with confusion and amazement.

    What kind of teenager was it that could still have such open-mindedness and magnanimity when facing someone as strong as Moon Read.

    "Mr. Chu, is he really just a teenager in his early twenties?"

    "I'm afraid even an old man who has lived half a lifetime would find it difficult to be so open-minded, right?"

    Under the Sky Tree, Miyamoto Intermediary and the others only felt their hearts tremble and sighed long and hard.

    But Looking Moon River, as well as Suzukiji and the others, sneered.

    "What kind of shitty heart?"

    "I see this as juvenile arrogance, not knowing how to live!"

    "Pray to the Moon God, cut him down!"

    ... ...

    "Pray to the Moon God to cut him down~"

    Voices rose and fell, one after another.

    Now that the Moon God had awakened, Suzukiji and the others undoubtedly had something to lean on once again, and the awe and trepidation they had just had for Ye Fan was instantly gone.

    Immediately requesting the Moon Reading, they cut down Ye Fan.

    At this time, between the empty space, that stunning figure, misty and standing.

    The magnificent face almost caused heaven and earth to lose their color.

    She had a clear and cold look, looking down at Ye Fan below.

    After seeing Ye Fan make a move, Moon Reading didn't have any unnecessary words to say.

    The slender jade hand, steeply extended.

    And then, it pressed down on the Ye Fan below.


    It was only like a boulder entering the sea, and in the split second this palm fell, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Power, exploded.

    As for Ye Fan, he was only like a kite with a broken string, not even close enough to get close, before Moon Reading slapped his palm into the earth below.


    Amidst the rushing dust, Ye Fan lay on the ground and a mouthful of burning blood spurted out.

    "Junior, it's over."

    "You have slaughtered my people and messed up my country of Japan."

    "Today, I will use your blood to proclaim to the world that the land of my Sun Country is sacred and cannot be violated!""And with this battle, I proclaim to the world that I, the Moon Reading God, have returned as King!"

    The ethereal sounds were only like a torrent, rolling in from the nine heavens beyond.

    Under the majesty of the Moon Reading, the surrounding heavens and earth, all the complicated sounds, were covered.

    All that was left in the minds of the people was the rolling of the Moon Reading's flooding sound.

    In the next moment, everyone only saw Moon Reading's arms stretching out.


    Immediately afterwards, a sword roar suddenly rang out.

    The sword that originally belonged to Xuezhao surprisingly rose up into the sky and was in Moon Reading's hands just like this.

    And then, Moon Reading held a seven-foot green peak, facing Ye Fan, furiously cutting down.

    No one doubted that after this sword of Moon Reading landed on the ground, there was no possibility of Ye Fan surviving anymore.


    "Who else is going to save you this time, little Wacha?"

    Suzakuji laughed wantonly, and Moonwatching River and the others were waiting for Ye Fan to be shredded into pieces by the Moon Reading God.

    A thousand years ago, the might of the Moon Reading had already dominated the world.

    Now even though a thousand years had passed and Moon Reading had borrowed his life, he might not have regained his peak strength, but it was undoubtedly more than enough to cut down a strong crossbow of a junior person.

    However, as everyone waited for the long sword to fall, suddenly, the original misty and standing Moon Reading looked pained.

    In his mind, it was as if celestial beings were at war.

    That kind of appearance, it was like there were two different consciousnesses fighting for control of the body in Moon Read's mind.

    "Don't kill my master~"



    Moon Read had a splitting headache, and the voice in his head grew louder and louder.

    In the end, that voice, with its endless persistence, overtook Moon Reader's consciousness .

    Just like this, Moon Reader's body trembled, and the majesty in his eyebrows and eyes suddenly dissipated like a tidal wave.

    In its place, there was a gentle and intoxicating voice that belonged to Ranggong Ying Yue.


    Beneath the Heavenly River, between the clouds and the sea, the call of the woman in front of her, as if it had pierced through the ages and the vicissitudes of time, sounded quietly like this.


    Below, Ye Fan struggled, and from above the ruins, he stood up.

    He staggered, and there were still undried blood stains on the corners of his mouth.

    He tilted his head up and looked forward just like that, and in the depths of his brows and eyes, he was trembling and horrified.

    He never expected to hear, again, this intoxicating voice.


    "This...What the fuck is this?"

    The rest of them were also befuddled and startled.

    This good old God of Martial Faith of their Sun Country, why did he suddenly shout for his master?

    However, right after that, that stunning figure, after shouting for its master, actually pounced directly towards Ye Fan's direction.

    And then, in the midst of the crowd's shocked and violent gaze, they only saw that the God of Faith of the Sun Country actually kneeled down to Ye Fan, in front of everyone.


    "Luna, you...You're..."


    "God of the Moon, you are the supreme god of our Sun Country, the faith of our Sun Country's martial arts."

    "Every move you make is the national dignity of our Sun Country, ah."

    "How can you, kneel to a young Chinese child?"

    Below, Moonwatching River and the others had gone mad.

    They were so angry that there was nearly blood left in their old eyes.

    It felt like they were going to die in their hearts.

    The Hallowed Moon God, the faith of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country, was kneeling down to Ye Fan?

    This feeling was tantamount to the emperor of the Sun Country bowing down to someone from a foreign country.

    One could imagine the devastation and despair in the hearts of these martial daoists of Moonwatching River.


"Master, I'm sorry."

    "Luna, it wasn't with the intention of hurting you."

    "I can't control myself..."

    Rangong Ying Yue kneeled on the ground, her pretty face in tears, unable to stop apologizing to Ye Fan, and her sobbing voice was filled with guilt.

    Ye Fan was delighted at the sight.Walking over, he hurriedly assisted her up.


    However, as soon as Chu Yun touched Ranggong Ying Yue's delicate body, the temperament of the woman in front of him changed abruptly, once again regaining the majesty that belonged to the Moon Reading Heavenly God just now.

    "It seems that the seal has just been lifted, and Moon Reading's soul and Moon's body have not fully merged."

    "That's why it caused the phenomenon of two consciousnesses coexisting within one body."

    Ye Fan quickly, he judged the situation.

    As Ye Fan expected, a few minutes later, the majesty dissipated once again, and Rangong Ying Yue once again took control of her body.

    "Master, are you in pain?"

    "It's my fault~"

    Rangong Ying Yue looked at Ye Fan, who was covered in wounds, and only felt that her heart was breaking.Tears were falling.

    She hated so much, hated her own weakness.

    If she was strong enough, how could she let Moon Reading take over her body.

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, reaching out his hand, helping her wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

    "Silly ninny, I don't blame you."

    "I know, that wasn't your intention."

    "Well, don't cry."

    "From now on, you can be the supreme god of the Sun Country, and you're still crying all day like what?"

    Ye Fan softly comforted, the two of them were intimate, but the eyes of Moonwatching River and the others were red.

    "Son of a bitch!"

    "Get your dirty hands off me!"

    "The Moon God is the deity of my Sun Country, how can you, who is covered in filth, be allowed to stain and blaspheme?"

    The crowd of the Sun Country had exploded with anger, that way, they wanted to slaughter Ye Fan.

    In their old eyes, they were close to spitting fire.

    All along, the Moon God had been a deity that the martial path of the Sun Country worshipped as a deity of faith.

    In the hearts of Moonwatching Moon River and the others, the Moon God was high and ice-clear, and could only be worshipped in temples, how could he tolerate the slightest blasphemy?

    But now, that little Chinese child was touching the cheek of the Moon God, how could the Japanese martial arts crowd endure this?

    But how could Ye Fan pay attention to them, in his eyes, there was no such thing as a belief in a god.

    He only knew that the person in front of him was just the girl who once called him master.

    "Alright, Yue'er."

    "Master has to leave as well."

    "I've been away from Huaxia for long enough, if I don't go back, I'm afraid that the family will be complaining."

    The Moon God had already awakened, so naturally, Ye Fan could no longer bring Rangong Ying Yue back.

    Nowadays, her best destiny was all about staying in the Sun Country and ruling the Sun Country Martial Dao.


    Ranggong Ying Yue's forehead was lightly nodded.

    Although her heart was reluctant, there was nothing she could do about it.

    There was no way she would let Ye Fan stay in the Sun Country for him.

    There was also no way she could follow Ye Fan.

    After all, her consciousness could only control this body for a short period of time.

    After Moon Reading gradually got used to this body, Ryouga Ying Yue was afraid that she wouldn't have another chance.

    "I'm leaving."

    "In the future, take care of yourself."

    Ye Fan smiled once again, and after that, he turned around and left.

    Behind him, only that gentle and enchanting silhouette remained, stationed to look away.

    Let the thoughts linger, let the tears flow long.

    However, seeing Ye Fan's increasingly distant back, Ranggong Ying Yue, for some reason, suddenly gathered courage and shouted, "Master~"


    Ye Fan immediately turned his head, he thought that Rangong Yingyue still had something to say to him.

    However, who would have thought that in the split second Ye Fan turned his head, he only saw a silhouette, coming up to him.

    Soft jade and warm fragrance entered his bosom, and a cherry blossom-like fragrance suddenly hit his nose and filled Ye Fan's entire chest.

    "Yue'er you...Woo."

    Startled, Ye Fan was about to speak, but this mouth, warm and cool seductive red lips, directly printed up.

    Ye Fan's tiger body trembled then, a pair of old eyes, stared into the size of a copper bell!

    The whole person is even more like an electric shock, frozen there.

    The little snake swimming in his mouth, the aroma was intoxicating.

    The girl in the bosom, forcefully hugged Ye Fan, greedily sucking the breath of Ye Fan's body.

    The emotions buried in the heart for a long time, undoubtedly released at this time.

    However, Ye Fan was too busy to care about the fragrant scene in front of him.

    In his heart, there was only bitter laughter and helplessness.

    "Motherfucker, this is, I'm afraid, something big~"

    Ye Fan laughed bitterly repeatedly.

    As expected, the moment Rangong Ying Yue forcefully kissed Ye Fan, the crowd of the Japanese country behind him, became even more furious.

    Their eyes were red, they were full of eventful faces.

    "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch~"

    "How dare you blaspheme my Sun Country's Heavenly God?"



    "Chu Tianfan, you shut up!"


    "Son of a bitch, we'll fight you~"


    The crowd had completely exploded.

    It was as if Moonwatching River and the others had gone mad, their hearts filled with endless shame and anger.

    They could not wait to rush up and eat Ye Fan's flesh and drink his blood.

    Originally, when Ye Fan had skin-to-skin contact with the Moon Reading God before, it had already made Moonwatching River and the others extremely unhappy.

    But now, the two of them were even...

    "Moon God, how could you be so unrespectful?"

    "He's the public enemy of my country of Japan, he killed so many of us, you dong kill him, how do you..."

    The crowd was filled with grief, and their miserable voices echoed in all directions.

    Iwai Zen and the others were also flabbergasted and startled on the spot.

    All kinds of envy and jealousy in their hearts ah.

    "Motherfucker, do away with the Moon Reading Heavenly God."

    "This fragrant thing is enough for Mr. Chu to blow for the rest of his life~"

    Iwai Zen laughed bitterly for a while.

    He wasn't a martial artist, so naturally he didn't have much reverence for Moon Read.

    He just felt that Mr. Chu was so awesome that he had even conquered the highest god of the Japanese martial arts.

    In the future, would the martial arts of the Sun Country not become Mr. Chu's backyard?

    After an unknown amount of time, Ye Fan could barely breathe.

    Only then did he forcefully push Rangong Ying Yue away.

    "Alright, Moon."

    "Pay attention to the image."

    "So many people are watching?"

    "If your image collapses, how will you be able to rule the Japanese martial arts in the future?"

    Ye Fan said a few words, while he quickly turned around and fled in the middle of nowhere.

    He didn't dare to stay any longer.

    If this Moon Reading Heavenly God tyrannized him and violated him, where would his Ye Fan's face be in the future?

    "Gobble gobble~"

    Looking at Ye Fan's back as he fled in a mess, Liang Gong Ying Yue, however, was giggling.

    That smile was dimple like a flower, leaning the city wonderfully.

    Happy as if, the child who had stolen the candy.

    "Master, goodbye~"

    To Ye Fan's departing drop, Rangong Ying Yue gently beckoned.

    And then, her consciousness subsided, and the majesty belonging to the Moon Reading Heavenly God swept over her once again like a tidal wave.

    She stood across the Heavenly River, and she looked around the four directions.

    The ethereal sound was like a river sweeping the heavens and earth.

    "The past has become water, after today, I, Moon Reading, will be the Supreme God of the Sun Country!"

    "The martial arts of the Sun Country, take me as your master!"

    "All that the sun and the moon shine within the land of the sun, and all that the rivers flow to, are my Moon Reading people!"


    The gale was fierce, wrapped in the cold and majestic sound of the moon reading, sweeping across the entire Winter Capital.

    With the departure of Ye Fan, one end of the saga ended, and the other end of the saga, would begin!


The night passed quickly.

    The next day, when the first rays of morning light shone on the earth, a new day dawned.

    At the same time, the first batch of the Lord of the Martial Dao of India, the Buddha King, who had been invited to watch the battle, also arrived by plane.

    Soon, the second batch, the third batch~

    The Huaxia Martial Temple, the members of the British royal family, and the lords of the martial arts of Soviet Russia were all there as well.

    Martial Daoists from all sides gathered at the top of the Sun Country, under the Sky Tree.


    "Sword Saint, long time no see."

    "Congratulations to your Martial Shrine, you've produced another brilliant talent ah."


    "Where's Warlord Ye?"

    "Why didn't you see him coming?"

    "Don't you, War God Ye, want to see the elegance of their Huaxia's first genius?"

    At that moment, the Sword God, dressed in white, appeared along with the two Boxers.

    After seeing it, the Buddha King greeted them.

    The two countries were close neighbors, and they dealt with each other quite a bit on a regular basis.Because of that, the Sword Saint was quite familiar with them.

    After seeing them, they would naturally exchange a few pleasantries.

    "Yes, King Froh, long time no see."

    "Look at your breath, it's much more majestic than before."

    "It looks like your strength has refined again."Sword Saint Xiao Chen laughed and returned politely.

    "You said that the War God ah, he was delayed by something, so he didn't come."

    Actually, the Sword Saint and the others, had hoped that Ye Qingtian would come.

    After all, in case this Chu Tianfan wasn't able to defeat Xuezhao, Ye Qingtian could still come out and find a way back.

    But in the end, Ye Qingtian didn't choose to go with them.

    Instead, he went to Jiangdong.

    He always felt that there should be some kind of connection between this Ye Fan and Chu Tianfan.

    So, he went to Jiangdong to verify it himself.

    Even if there was no connection between them, he could still personally test this Ye Fan's strength and talent.

    If he could discover one more promising talent for Huaxia, it would naturally be a good thing to benefit the country.

    Between a few people talking, the rest of the invited martial powerhouses from various countries had already arrived.

    "Looks like we're not late."

    "Then, Xuezhao and Chu Tianfan, both haven't come yet, right?"

    After the crowd arrived, they looked at the empty world before them and smiled faintly.

    However, the Sword Saint was the one who quickly found a few weird spots.

    "Strange, why are there so many ravines in this place."

    "The buildings next to it have collapsed as well."

    "It totally looks like it's after a war."

    "Could it be that this place had already experienced a great war before Snow Shine and Chu Tianfan's rendezvous?"

    Sword Saint Xiao Chen said strangely.

    By this reminder from him, the crowd had also noticed something strange here.


    "It's not, like, finished already, is it?"

    Among the crowd, it was unknown who roared.

    At this time, a number of luxury cars drove up ahead, eventually stopping under the sky tree.

    The car door opened, a cool woman, walked over.

    This woman is in a white dress, a beautiful, delicate face with a kind of long-standing dignified.

    Only, the pretty face was undoubtedly somewhat pale, as if, she was recovering from a serious illness.

    "It's Xuezhao!"

    "Nikkoku Snow Shine is here~"

    When the crowd saw this man, they greeted him by the thousands.

    "Patriarch Xuezhao, what is going on?"

    "Why is this place in shambles?"

    "Could it be that your appointment with Chu Tianfan has been finished early?"

    Someone asked in confusion.

    Of course, the person who said this was meant to be a casual question, but to no avail, Snowshot hesitated for a moment and finally nodded his head.


    "And it's really over?"

    "What the hell, I thought we had a date for today?"

    "What the fuck?"

    "Playing tricks on us?"

    "It's a wasted trip."

    Among the crowd, a black clergyman cursed.

    "Come on, Black Rose, cut the crap."

    "It's not important."

    "What's important is, who won?"Flo was obviously more concerned about that.

    "I say Flore are you stupid?"

    "Patriarch Xuezhao is standing right here, who else do you think is going to win?"

    Someone laughed.

    Froh laughed himself as he listened.

    "It's also true that a martial appointment is a battle to determine the winner and the loser to determine life and death."

    "Naturally, the winner lives and the loser dies."

    Fro shook his head and smiled, and finally consoled the two towards the Sword God and the Boxer.


    "It's a bit of a pity, but I can't help it."

    "Chu Tianfan stirred up the heavens in the Sun Country, and he deserves to die here."

    "So Sword Saint, Champion, you should not grieve too much."

    "Sacrifices and fallings are really inevitable in the martial path."

    Fo Luo comforted in a deep voice.

    On the surface, he acted as if he was pity, but was he actually happy?

    If this Chu Tianfan didn't die, he would definitely be the pillar of the Huaxia Martial Dao in the future.

    At that time, the threat to their Japanese Martial Dao would be even greater.

    Even if he didn't die today at the hands of Xuezhao, the Buddha King planned to find an opportunity to assassinate him.

    It was better for this kind of demon not to exist.

    "Yes, Sword Saint, save your grief."

    "Your Huaxia is full of talent, and with one less Chu Tianfan, isn't there still a son of the Fist King?"

    The martial dao leaders of the remaining countries also advised each other as much as they could.

    The Sword Saint nodded his head, although he had expected this ending, he still felt some pity when he heard that Chu Tianfan had fallen.


    "After all, I'm young and reckless."

    "Overwhelmed by victory and defeated a few strong men, I thought I was invincible."

    "Little did I know that there is no end to learning in the martial arts, and one mountain is higher than another."

    The Sword Saint sighed long and hard.

    Although Mo Guocheng also had some regrets, but more than that, he was relieved.

    Previously, he was worried that Chu Tianfan would take up his son's title slot.

    Now, it seemed that he was overly worried.

    Chu Tianfan was dead, the new generation, and no one would threaten his son's position anymore.

    "Sword Saint, Boxer, that..."

    While everyone was comforting the Sword Saint and the others, Snow Zhaoshao couldn't sit still, his old face flushed red, and he opened his mouth to explain.

    "Patriarch Xuezhao, you don't have to explain either."

    "Don't worry, our Huaxia will not be angry with you for this."

    "That Chu Tianfan is not a member of my Martial God Temple, his victory and life and death are all personal actions, it has nothing to do with the Martial God Temple or the martial dao of Huaxia."

    "He doesn't even think about it, how could a junior like himself be a match for a martial dao senior?"

    "Should this battle be fought, it can only be said that that Chu Tianfan doesn't know how to live."

    "This heart alone is far from my son Wuya."

    "This kind of person is not worthy of entering my Martial God's Hall either."

    Mo Guocheng shook his head and said, but he glanced Chu Tianfan and their Martial God's Hall cleanly.

    He clearly meant to tell the crowd that the one who lost today was Chu Tianfan personally, not their Martial God's Hall, not to mention the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    However, Xuezhao was looking at Mo Liao Cheng with an odd look and said with certainty, "That, Mo Fist Emperor, you have misunderstood."

    "I was trying to say that the one who lost was me."

    "Last night, I fought with Chu Tianfan at the top of the Sun Country, and the one who had the last laugh was Chu Tianfan."

    "If it wasn't for the return of the Moon God at the last moment, I'm afraid that today in the martial world, I, Xuezhao, would have become history."

    Snow Zhao said with his head lowered, his tone heavy and downcast.

    But his words were as if they were like thunder, exploding between heaven and earth.

    Nearly instantly, Mo Lone City and the others were all confused.

    The entire arena was in shock!

    "You...What did you say?"

    "Is...It was that junior who won?"

    "Then...That Chu Tianfan, defeated you?"

    Oh, God.

    A young man in his early twenties had defeated the number one powerhouse of the Japanese Kingdom, the decades-old Snow Shining Sky God?

    What the fuck kind of evil is this?


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