Super Son-in-law 391-400


Chapter 391

The little boy in front of him was that little son of Lin Yan, Lin Yu.Although Lin Hao was only seeing a real person for the first time.But it wasn't hard to tell that the only one who could come and go as he pleased in Lin's ancestral home with such a small child was that wild child.For this child, Lin Hao didn't have any good feelings at all.

And although Lin Yu was hiding it well, Lin Hao still saw an ambition and resentment from the depths of his eyes.Lin Hao smirked in his heart, this little kid was so deep, but this little trick to hide in front of him could be a joke.

"Get out of the way..." said Lin Hao icily to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was visibly stunned, and the naive smile on his face stiffened a bit.Lin Yu put on an innocent and scared expression, "Brother, brother Hao, I'm Lin Yu, I... I'm your brother ah..."

Lin Hao sneered, "I'm sorry, I didn't disown you as my brother, why did you come to see me?Go find your father."

Lin Yu was so frightened by Lin Hao's expression that he took two steps back, and a trace of fear instantly appeared on his tender little face.Tears were starting to well up in his eyes, and it didn't look like he was faking it by any means.But his eyes were too calm.Lin Hao was shocked, at such a young age, how was he able to hide his true emotions?And Lin Yan hadn't even noticed it all these years!Lin Hao was only now seriously sizing up this small child who was very deep in the city.

Lin Hao took two steps forward and stared deeply into Lin Yu's eyes, Lin Yu pretended to be very scared and quickly retreated, only to retreat back to the wall, two small hands restlessly gripped the wall behind, and said to Lin Hao fearfully, "Brother Hao, don't hit me, don't hit me, Xiao Yu is very good, Xiao Yu is really very good......."

Lin Hao took a deep breath and stared at Lin Yu with a deadly stare, "You're amazing, you're only nine years old, right?You've actually got such a city, little kid, you can fool people, you can't fool me, because you're the kind of thing that I did ten years ago.Why are you acting so enthusiastic the first time you see me?And I seem to be your enemy, right?After all, I'm standing in your way if you want to inherit Lin's..."

Lin Yu shook his head in confusion and fear, "No it's not, Brother Hao, Xiaoyu can't understand what you're saying.I bought two wallets yesterday, one for dad, and the other one I prepared for you when I heard you were coming.You see..."

Lin Yu said in horror as his tears snapped, then pulled out a very fine black wallet from behind his back and handed it to Lin Hao with trembling hands.

Bang!Lin Hao violently waved his hand and knocked down the wallet Lin Yu handed over.Are you kidding me!This wasn't an ordinary person's yard, this was Lin's ancestral home!It could be said that any child born and raised in a big family like the Lin Clan.There wasn't a single one that was as naive as an ordinary child!If the Lin Clan were in ancient times, it would all be a small dynasty.And Lin's children were one prince after another in a small dynasty, and under such a family, an innocent child simply wouldn't survive! One second to remember to read the book

This was true of Lin Hao, this was true of Lin Xi whom he had killed, and this was still true of Lin Leng who had blocked him at Lin's gate before!None of Lin's children are simple.How strong was Lin Hao?How good is Lin Qingcheng?Lin Leng alone in North Africa can build a foundation, and Lin Leng is even in control of the Tian Yao Group in Tian Hai....

That's why Lin Hao didn't believe at all that Lin Yu was just an ordinary child, how could he still maintain a pristine mentality when he had lived in the seductive Lin Clan for years?Absolutely impossible.And Lin Hao saw the person he was ten years ago in Lin Yu's eyes.So good at hiding in front of outsiders, the thoughts in his heart always known only to himself!

Lin Hao stepped on the wallet Lin Yu handed over and suddenly smiled at Lin Yu, "Don't hide it, you're a bastard, and grandmother won't recognize your mother's position or your position.Do you know that Mo Lao who came back with me today?He won't acknowledge you either, you'll never inherit Lin's, because you're just a bastard, a bastard..." said Lin Hao as he laughed and lightly slapped Lin Yu's face.

"Brother Hao, don't scare Xiao Yu, I really like you, I want to play with you, Brother Hao, don't scare Xiao Yu, okay..." said Lin Yu, who was still pretending, acting like a chupacabra, tears popping down.

Lin Hao was stunned and put away the smile on his face, looking deeply at Lin Yu once again, "That's amazing, you're much more powerful than I was even ten years ago.Oh right, I heard that your mother used to be a lady, right?Played by a lot of people?Is it true?"


Lin Hao continued to speak, only this time Lin Yu's expression slowly changed, the innocent brilliance on his face slowly disappeared and was replaced by an icy cold to the point of killing intent as he stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare, using Lin Hao's face to shield his own face.That way the expression on his face wouldn't be seen by anyone other than Lin Hao.

"Oh, what? Finally, you're not pretending anymore?You say how tired you are ah, obviously heart me as the biggest enemy, the enemy, but you partial face, but also to me put on a smiley face, respectfully shouted my brother.Is this only good hehe..." Lin Hao disdainful sneer, in front of him pretending to be innocent pretending to be naive?Oh sorry, the ten year kiss this kind of thing he encountered a lot.Never underestimate how low the bottom line is in some people's hearts in this world!This was something Lin Hao had realized between life and death several times ten years ago.

"Oh, an older brother is an older brother after all, okay, then I won't pretend anymore.Lin Hao you're finished, father has completely given up on you, Lin's is mine, forever.In a few years when I grow up, I'll let you get out of the Lin family!Oh yeah, I also heard you've become a son-in-law in that little shithole in Nanjiang?Oh, what a waste, don't worry wait three years from now, I'll definitely let that wife of yours go down to accompany you..." said Lin Yu quietly clenching his fist, his eyes dark and vicious towards Lin Hao.

Pa... the next moment Lin Hao directly smacked him with a big slap.Lin Yu, who was threatening Lin Hao, was completely stupid.How had he never thought that Lin Hao would actually dare to hit him?He had to know that he had grown up so much, but Dong Xue and Lin Yan had never laid a finger on him....

" dare to hit me?"Lin Yu didn't dare to ask, his eyes already filled with cold killing intent.

Slap... Lin Hao smacked another slap on Lin Yu's other face, "Now do you believe it?If you don't believe me, can I hit you again?Heh, acting naive in front of me, at such a young age, your heart is actually so deep, that's what that lady's mother taught you, right?"

"Lin Hao, I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you, ahhhh, and that Shen Shi Yan, I'm going to throw her into a brothel so you can watch her be..." roared Lin Yu with red eyes at Lin Hao.

Slap... Lin Hao directly slapped Lin Yu's teeth out two times this time.Shen Ji Yan was Lin Hao's backbone.At this moment, Lin Hao also had a killing machine on his body, this kind of child doing things without any consequences, Lin Hao saw many such incidents online.So since he was an enemy and had made threats against him, such a person couldn't stay.

But just as Lin Hao was about to proceed with his action to teach Lin Yu a lesson he would never forget, suddenly an extremely strong breath came out.The clothes on Lin Hao's body danced backwards, and when Lin Hao looked up, an iron fist came into view.Lin Hao's face changed drastically, and in his haste, he quickly reached out to resist it, but in his haste, he was still unable to counteract the force of the fist.The fist struck him hard on his chest....

There was an explosion... and Lin Hao's body flew out upside down, and when Lin Hao descended, all he felt was a sweetness in his mouth, and the next moment a trace of bright red blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth.Lin Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, then stared at Lin Yan, who appeared on the opposite side!

Lin Yan looked at Lin Yu who had been beaten to a pulp by Lin Hao, and then at the wallet on the floor that had been trampled by Lin Hao.The anger in his body climbed to the extreme. The first website

"Lin Hao!How dare you do this to Yu!He's your brother!He's just a kid, and you're so cruel!"Lin Yan stared at Lin Hao with fury, his eyes icy cold.

"Dad... I'm afraid, I... I just heard that Brother Hao is back and I wanted to give him a gift.Don't blame Brother Hao, dad...I probably said something wrong.Don't hit Brother Hao..." said Lin Yu as he cried and was scared to Lin Yan, and along with that, he also pleaded with Lin Hao.

The coldness in Lin Yan's eyes intensified at the words, and he stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare: "You beast!Why are you so cruel?Why did I give birth to a son like you?O Adversary..."

Lin Yan coldly scolded Lin Hao, while Lin Yu, who was hiding behind Lin Yan, had endless resentment in his eyes....


Lin Hao silently looked at Lin Yan, from being full of anger just now, he slowly returned to calm until finally there was only a trace of coldness in the depths of his eyes.Lin Hao stood straight, at this moment he no longer even wanted to take care of Lin Yan's sentence.He bypassed Lin Yan and walked out.

Looking at Lin Hao's calm eyes, for some reason the fire in Lin Yan's heart grew even greater.Because this kind of calm used to be only his for others.As Lin Hao passed by him, he suddenly stopped Lin Hao violently, and Lin Yan stared at Lin Hao with a gloomy face, "You beat Yu'er up like this, do you want to leave like this?"

Lin Hao looked at Lin Yan without any emotion, "Didn't you just hit me too?And that was with all your might, wasn't it?If I was just a normal person, I'd have a couple of broken sternum bones by now, and if I was unlucky and the broken bone stuck in my heart, would I be dead?Master Lin Yan?"

Lin Yan's pupils contracted sharply, he didn't care about Lin Hao's words, but rather the way Lin Hao said this to him, he was still so calm, the kind of calm that could drive people crazy.Lin Yan continued, "Yu'er is so small, why did you lay such a heavy hand?Hmm?"

Lin Hao laughed, looking at Lin Yan he laughed meaningfully, he took a deep look at Lin Yan and then looked down at Lin Yu who was full of resentment, "Only nine years old, both eyes can be full of resentment, really a perfect inheritance of the Lin family master's city, don't act so fatherly in front of me, I've only returned to the ancestral home once again after a wide gap of ten years, don't forget that my mother's spiritual throne is still here for you, my mother... is watching you..."

Boom... After Lin Hao said this, Lin Yan's body couldn't control his body to take a few rapid steps backwards, and his face was instantly pale.Yes, Lin Hao's own mother's spiritual throne was still placed in the Lin Clan Ancestral Hall.And he did this to Lin Hao today, Lin Hao's mother was still here watching....

Lin Hao's eyes were cold, and when he looked at Lin Yan, there was no more hint of father-son love in his eyes.Or rather, his father-son relationship with Lin Yan had been gone before ten years ago, before his mother's body was even cold and Lin Yan was in and out of various high-end hotels with Dong Xue.His feelings for Lin Yan were already gone.

And now that he was looking at the bastard in front of him who was very similar to Lin Yan's personality, Lin Hao felt even more disgusted.Yeah, people were only a very good father and son pair.Lin Hao crossed over Lin Yan and walked into the distance.

Just as Lin Hao passed by Lin Yu, he suddenly stopped and said faintly, "No need to act so innocent, you know what you want yourself, your father's love, I won't take it, it's all given to you... Heh..." the last sneer of Lin Hao was so harsh and cold in Lin Yan's ears.

Lin Hao walked away, and Lin Yan was right behind him, staring at Lin Hao's back the whole time.As if Lin Hao had sensed something, when he was about to disappear, his body paused again, but this time it was without turning back, but directly said, "Oh right, this time you hit me and I didn't fight back, this is the last time.If there is a next time, I will fight back..."

After Lin Hao finished this last sentence, this time it was true that he didn't stop and didn't have any more hesitation, and he quickened his pace and headed towards the west palace.If he were to say who he wanted to see the most this time up north, it would be his grandmother.The grandmother who had been especially good to him since he was a child, and who was constantly running for him this time.It was also one of the few family members he had left in this world... Remember the website

Ten minutes later, Lin Hao arrived at the entrance of the west palace where Old Lady Lin lived, and the four dead men that Mo Lao had brought to protect him had been following behind him on high alert.

In the living room of the west palace, Old Mrs. Lin was chatting with Mo Lao, the two old men were meeting for the first time after ten years, and at the moment they were sitting opposite each other, they couldn't help but be a little sobbing.

"Old friend, these years Hao'er has worked hard to take care of you, that promise you made at first was ten years ah... hey, these ten years if it wasn't for your care, Hao'er wouldn't have grown today ah, I thank you again, but I don't have anything that I can give you anymore."Old Mrs. Lin said to Mo Lao incomparably complicated.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the other side of the car and say, "I'm not sure if you're going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if you're going to be able to do that," he said.All these years, it's not easy for you to support Lin all by yourself.As for me, these ten years don't count as a favor to you, Hao'er can have what he has today, it's all because he worked hard to earn it, don't say thank you, it's good that this time there was a surprise, Hao'er nominally dropped an inheritance subordination, but in reality, he gained even more..."

Old Mrs. Lin nodded heavily, "Well, anyway, without you helping to run the operation in the dark this time, it wouldn't be so easy for Hao Er to really get back something that belongs to him, like the Tian Hai Group.Those who support the 1fc422e6 vein won't be able to compromise easily..."

When Old Mrs. Lin said this, she suddenly frowned deeply and sighed heavily, "Hey, it's all because I didn't educate Lin Yan properly, causing him to be blinded by power after inheriting the Lin Clan.Now even more so, he doesn't care about his own son.It's truly a joke to you, old brother..."

Mo Lao also frowned, but then shook his head and smiled, "Let's not talk about that for now, Hao'er has arrived, sister-in-law, just watch, Hao'er will definitely be able to lead Lin's to the pinnacle of what he once was..."

After Mo Lao said that, Lin Hao lifted his feet and walked in....


When Lin Hao came in, he saw the two elders smiling at him, both with a sense of relief in the depths of their eyes, and he could feel that both Elder Mo and his grandmother were unreservedly devoted to him.And to think of the results of today's council of elders on the handling of the Tianhai incident, in the end, he was only nominally downgraded by a subservient position, but justifiably took over, all of Lin's power in Tianhai!This was a huge help to him, not to mention anything else, it would be far too easy for him to face his wife Shen Xiyan's own mother, the Leng Qiuya Leng family in the future.If the Leng family wanted to do something bad to Shen Xiyan, then he would have full confidence that he could easily get rid of the Leng family.

Lin Hao took a deep breath, and with a solemn face, he bent down to the two old men in the living room and bowed deeply, "Grandmother, Grandfather Mo, thank you for everything you've done for me, I will definitely not fail to live up to your great intentions and efforts!"

The first thing you need to do is to get up and go to Lin Hao and help him up personally.Just before you come, about Lin's thing, as well as your future three years of the road, I have talked with Mo Lao.This time you go back, the focus on the transfer to the sea, in that you have your Mo grandfather to look after, you will be too convenient, in a word, you can rest assured that boldly do!Lin's still has me and your grandfather Mo a few to back you up.If you develop well, the Lin family will be yours sooner or later!Don't worry grandmother will never let Lin Yan hand over the Lin family to that bastard!"

Mo Lao also smiled, "Hao'er, don't be afraid, I still say the same thing, you are the only heir to the Lin Clan's main line!Sooner or later, you're going to inherit Lin's, and the process will be a bit of a hindrance, but that's not a problem!Do a good job and don't let me and your grandmother down!"

Lin Hao bowed and nodded once again, "Well, I remember, don't worry Grandpa Mo, I haven't avenged my mother's death back then, and my grandfather's death, when I'm strong, I'm going to look into it too!"

Mo Lao nodded and got up, "Well, then you stay with your grandmother in Yanjing for a few more days, keep your grandmother company, your grandmother has missed you these years, I'll be going over to Europe later, that little girl Qingcheng has made a big scene, there are already a few old guys from the branch vein over there, I also have to go over and help that little girl calm down!"Mo Lao said there was a natural domineering aura spreading out from his body.

Lin Hao sent Mo Lao to the door, so Mo Lao didn't let him send him any more.Lin Hao looked at Mo Lao's back as he walked away, and he was truly grateful to him.This old man had spent his entire life running for the Lin Clan's main vein.Even because of the Lin Clan's main vein, Mo Lao had never married or had children in his life.Lin Hao paid a deep obeisance to Old Man Mo's back.

After sending off Mo Lao, Old Lady Lin kindly held Lin Hao's hand, "Hao'er, you got married to the girl you like, the one in Nanjiang City, right, next time you go back to Yanjing, you can bring her to Grandma..."

Lin Hao took out his cell phone and flipped out the picture he took with Shen Xi Yan and handed it to Old Mrs. Shen, "Mmhmm, grandmother, take a look, this is Xi Yan, she's kind-hearted and strong-boned, she's a good girl..."

Old Mrs. Lin took Lin Hao's phone and looked at the photo of Shen Shiyan on it.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them to make the best use of their resources."Old Lady Lin said and took off the jade bracelet she had been wearing for many years from her hand.

This was top-grade Hetian jade, and the bracelet was more than a few decades old.Lin Hao was shocked and hurriedly said, "Grandmother, how can this be, you've been wearing this bracelet for your whole life ah, you don't need to give her anything, Xi Yan is very sensible..." One second remember to read the book

Old Mrs. Lin's face paled, "What are you talking about!It's not for you!I gave this to my granddaughter-in-law, you give it to her when you get back!"Old Lady Lin was very resolute in her attitude towards Lin Hao.

She was old, but she still knew about Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan, and with her experience, Shen Xiyan was indeed a good girl.She was also very fond of her.

When Lin Hao saw how resolute his grandmother was, he accepted it with a smile, and he followed Old Lady Lin for lunch.In the afternoon, he followed Old Mrs. Lin again and kept chatting until after ten o'clock at night, when Old Mrs. Lin was really too sleepy and couldn't hold on before going back to sleep, but before leaving, he also repeatedly explained to Lin Hao that he wanted Lin Hao to stay with her in Yanjing for a few more days, so Lin Hao naturally smiled and agreed.

Late at night Lin Hao went alone to the Lin Clan Shrine, where his mother's row was located, and he stood alone in the shrine for a long time.By the time he came out again, it was already late at night.

Lin Hao stood outside the Ancestral Hall and looked at the moonlight overhead... He had thought that this trip north would be very, very troublesome and that there would be an uphill battle.But he never expected that with the two old men helping him operate with all their might, this would be the result.

Not only did he not lose anything, but he also took control of all of Lin's power in the Heavenly Sea, and his own power had instantly expanded by as much as double.

Thinking of today's final result, Lin Hao couldn't help but feel a bit excited as well, looking up at the southern moonlight, he murmured in his heart, "I'm sorry, Xi Yan, you still don't know your husband's true identity ah... You were originally the eldest daughter of the Leng family in the Heavenly Sea, just wait, when I return, I'll make you radiant in the Heavenly Sea as well..."


It was when Lin Hao went north to Yanjing to deal with the aftermath of the Tianhai incident.On the same morning, at the exit of Beiyuan Airport in Nanjiang, Leng Feng, who was dressed in a pure white suit and wearing gold-rimmed glasses, arrived at Nanjiang, with Little Black following behind him.

"Heh... Nanjiang ah, the South River with nine twists and turns, in my impression, a few years ago this place was just a very small city ah, lagging behind in development in every aspect.But not in a few years, now it has actually developed so fast, the prosperity is even almost catching up with a district in the Heavenly Sea..." lengfeng couldn't help but lament.

Little Black, who was respectfully standing behind him, nodded and said, "Well, in fact, Nanjiang City has developed so fast in the past few years, it is still inseparable from the Jiuzhou Group.The strength of the Jiuzhou Group is so strong that a single company has driven the development of a city.The bigger the Jiuzhou Group is, the better Nanjiang City will be built..."

Leng Feng nodded his head in great agreement, "Well yeah, the Kyushu Group is developing too fast, this company has a lot of potential.Even if it's placed in the Heavenly Sea, it still has its place, it seems that my brother-in-law really has some ability..."

Little Black smiled indifferently, "Young Master is too modest, your ability and talent are among the best in the younger generation of Tianhai City, and no matter how strong that Lin Hao is, he can't compare to you.He's still at least two levels behind you..."

Leng Feng shook his head and said, "How many times have I told you?Although I have subdued many ruthless and ruthless people over the years, never underestimate any of them, especially these characters who started from scratch.Which one of them doesn't have great spirit and determination in them?Underestimating the world's heroes, this is a mentality only a fool would have, you are not allowed to say such words in the future, hearing such words more often will potentially affect my mentality and judgment!"

Little Black hurriedly bowed his head, a chill running down his back.Other people's masters were fond of listening to flattery, but his master was different.Obviously, he was already the best heir of a first-class family in Tianhai City.But still very calm, this kind of person would be very scary.

"Let's go, let's go to the entrance of that Kyushu Group first... "After staying at the airport for a while longer, Leng Feng directly chose to go to the Kyushu Group.


At ten o'clock in the morning, in the west city of Nanjiang City, in front of a bar, a somewhat unkempt Shen Ruoxue stumbled out of it.Yes, she had been drinking here all last night, alone.

Yesterday afternoon she muddled back home soon after, her father Shen Zhiyuan was taken away by the police, directly into the detention center, said the reason is Shen Zhiyuan suspected of bribery, Shen Ruo Xue is knowledgeable about the law, she also knows Shen Zhiyuan committed the thing is true.The company has been in the business for more than a decade.If the matter is put in the normal, then she spent some money on operations, her father may soon be able to get out.But now Kyushu Group will not let them go. The first website

So Shen Ruoxue could only watch as Shen Zhiyuan was taken away, and nothing could be done about it.And soon after Shen Zhiyuan was taken away, the court came to seize their house, car, and other valuable fixed assets, their bank account funds were frozen at the first time.The reason is that several suppliers sued them to the court.With the seizure of the Shen family company, Shen Ruoxue had no money to pay back those suppliers.

Soon in the evening, her sister Shen Yunuo was also taken away.A few female classmates who used to bully Shen Yu Nuo at school sued Shen Yu Nuo.

For just one day, her Shen Ruoxue's life was completely dropped from heaven to hell, she called all the phone numbers in her address book, but no one lent her any money.At the end of the night, discouraged and homeless, Shen Ruoxue came to the bar alone and drank all night.Drinking and vomiting, vomiting and drinking again, and even when she came out this morning, the jacket she was wearing was nowhere to be found....

There are also several mouths on the clothes, which should be torn open last night under drunkenness.Through those several openings, the snow-white skin inside was exposed, so right now, Shen Ruoxue looked more like a broken woman.

"Lin Hao, you're so cruel, you're really cruel, you play me like a teasing dog and then you push my life into the abyss.Lin Hao!If I ever turn my back on Shen Ruo Xue in this life, I will never let you go!I'll never let you go, absolutely!"Shen Ruoxue's eyes were filled with extreme hatred, she wanted to eat all of Lin Hao's flesh and drink all of Lin Hao's blood!The hatred in her heart for Lin Hao had reached the extreme!


If it wasn't for Lin Hao, her life definitely wouldn't be like this, the worst thing she could do was to marry a nice rich second generation, and spend her whole life without worrying about food and clothing, wearing high class clothes, using the best brand of cosmetics, and having money to go to beautiful places all over the world, but now all gone, not only did she lose everything, she was also carrying millions of dollars in debt!

Her life had slipped into the abyss and she was even more desperate, for now, Lin Hao's power was too strong, so strong that she didn't have the courage to seek revenge on Lin Hao... And if Lin Hao kept targeting her, what could she do even if she left Nanjiang?The more I thought about it, the more desperate Shen Ruo Xue's heart became.

"Yo?Pretty girl, you're pretty. Why are you walking like that?Why don't I take you back?"Just as Shen Ruoxue stumbled into an alleyway, a man's voice suddenly came from her side.

Shen Ruoxue turned her head to look at the man and found that it was a bald man with a big belly, and at the moment the bald man was looking at her with his eyes wide open.And there were two men beside the bald man, but at first glance, they were not the good kind.

Shen Ruoxue was a little scared, and said no with a cold face, then her steps were faster.It's just that she had been drinking all night after all, her head was still buzzing at this point, and the faster she walked, the more her body shook.And she was still wearing high heels on her feet....

Suddenly Shen Ruoxue's feet were unsteady, and her body fell to one side.But in the next moment her body was held by that bald man, the bald man smilingly touched a hand on Shen Ruoxue's thigh: "Oh, beautiful girl you see you can't walk, go to my place to drink a cup of tea to rest for a while, wake up......."

"Pah...don't touch me... "Shen Ruoxue smacked a slap directly on the bald man's face, what kind of high end occasions did she used to go in and out of?She is the most beautiful daughter of heaven, Shen Ruoxue, has never looked at these hooligans in the eye before?Shen Ruoxue tried to walk forward after hitting the bald man in the mouth....

But the bald man behind her was furious: "Grass, shame on you, isn't it just a lady?How much?I can play!You name a price?"

Shen Ruo Xue trembled and shouted at the bald man, "Get out!Or I'll call the police!"

The bald man was stunned, he saw deep contempt in Shen Ruoxue's eyes.What he couldn't stand the most was people looking at him with this kind of eyes.And coupled with the hot pain on his face just after being slapped by Shen Ruo Xue.The bald head was suddenly furious: "Grass, a whore pretending to be innocent?You're looking down on me, aren't you?I'm going to have fun with you today!"

The bald man said he jumped in front of Shen Ruoxue, grabbed Shen Ruoxue, and then moved his hands and feet on Shen Ruoxue.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.Three people just surrounded Shen Ruoxue in the middle... Remember the website

"Ah...don't touch me, get your dirty hands off me!Ah, roll... "Shen Ruo Xue kept yelling, but no one in this alley came to help her, she wanted to call the police with her cell phone, but found that it was actually missing....

"Oh, quite a character, huh?Pretty noble, huh?I'll see if you can still be so noble... "The bald head dragged Shen Ruo Xue's wrist, to the side of the door to pull, Shen Ruo Xue desperately resisted, but behind her the other two men are pushing her to go inside, there is Shen Ruo Xue this her own consciousness is also very unconscious!........

Shen Ruoxue was completely desperate, although she was not conscious, but in her heart she knew that if she was defiled by these three hooligans today, then her life would really be completely over, and her pride she would not allow herself to be defiled by these three hooligans.Thinking of this, Shen Ruoxue wanted to just run headlong into death....

At this moment Shen Ruo Xue really moved the idea of suicide, but just as she was about to take her head against the wall, suddenly a loud bang, a brick hit the bald head on the head, the bald head was instantly shot out, full of blood, that blood even splashed Shen Ruo Xue a face, Shen Ruo Xue directly confused.......

"Grass, who is it?I'll kill you!"Another hoodlum who was pulling on Shen Ruoxue turned around and started cursing at his back, only he just cursed when a sandbag fist, the size of a sandbag, blasted him in the face.

The last of the thugs, seeing what was happening, turned and tried to run, but the man kicked him to the ground.It was only after all three hoodlums were put down by the man in the black suit that Shen Ruoxue slowed down, and she turned around to see a very handsome man in a white suit standing behind her, while the man in the black suit who had just helped her finish off the three hoodlums was standing respectfully behind that man.

" are?"Shen Ruoxue wondered, that man was handsome and elegant, but she was sure she didn't know him ah....

The man smiled and looked at Shen Ruoxue said with a meaningful glance: "The incomparably proud Shen second miss, fallen to such a state of it?Oh, I'm Leng Feng, a man who can change your fate, interested in getting to know him?"

Leng Feng smiled faintly at Shen Ruoxue....


At three o'clock in the afternoon, when Shen Ruoxue woke up again, she found that she was in a very high-class hotel room.She opened her eyes and dazed for a while before she remembered what had happened before.

In the morning, she came out of a bar drunk and ended up encountering three hoodlums in an alleyway, then a man saved her and then she fainted.Think it was the man who took her to the hotel.

"Oh Miss Shen, did you sleep well?Go take a shower, the smell of you makes me uncomfortable... "Leng Feng's voice came over from the balcony of the private room, which had a chair, and now he was sitting on the chair, looking at Shen Ruo Xue.

"Ah... you you you you... "Shen Ruoxue reacted violently and screamed subconsciously, the next moment she quickly lifted the blanket and looked at the clothes on her body.

Leng Feng smiled indifferently and said, "Miss Shen is overly worried, I'm not interested in your body.There are new clothes in the bathroom that Little Black bought for you, go wash up, clean up and we'll talk again, I'll wait for you downstairs at the cafe."Leng Feng said and walked out of the room, he was previously all studying all the 29cc3c2f information of the Kyushu Group.Of course the deepest study was Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan.

After Leng Feng left, Shen Ruoxue went to the bathroom with a flushed face and found that the bathroom really had several sets of clean women's clothes, and she could see at a glance that these clothes were all top quality.

"The Leng family in Tianhai City?"The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your own website, and then you'll be able to see the newest addition to your own website.

"Pah...don't touch me... "Shen Ruoxue smacked a slap directly on the bald man's face, what kind of high end occasions did she used to go in and out of?The first time Shen Ruoxue saw Leng Feng, she was able to sense that the man in front of her was not simple.

After Shen Ruoxue experienced despair the day before yesterday, she no longer dared to be as arrogant as before.And she had nothing left to lose now.Shen Ruoxue bit her lips and said to Leng Feng very carefully, "Mr. Leng, thank you for saving me, it's just that I have nothing left to repay you for now..."

Leng Feng crossed his legs and sipped his coffee, "It's just a hand up, you don't need to take it to heart.And what happened in the morning wasn't a coincidence, I just came to find you on purpose."

Shen Ruoxue's heart was even more confused: "I'm sorry Mr. Leng, I don't remember that we've met..." One second to remember to read the book

Leng Feng slowly said, "Yes it's true that we only met today, but I already know everything about Miss Shen.Your family's company has gone bankrupt, your sister and your father have been taken away by the police, and you're not only penniless now, but you also owe millions in foreign debts, right?"

Shen Ruoxue's heart was incomparably bitter as she lowered her head, "Mm, right.If Mr. Leng is here to taunt me and look at my jokes, then I'm sorry, let's say goodbye!"Shen Ruoxue said standing up and wanted to leave.

"Your father and your sister, I've already found someone to help them reduce their sentences, the millions of foreign debts on you, I've already helped you pay off, and I've also played five million in your card, you can go check now, oh yes, your phone Xiaohei has already helped you get it back......."

Leng Feng said, taking out an iPhone from his pocket and placing it on the table.


Shen Ruoxue's body trembled fiercely at the news, and she turned sharply to look at Leng Feng, her eyes wide open, her face full of incredulity: "What do you want me to do?Or what does it cost you to help me this way?I...I'm all that's left of my body right now.I'm pretty clean, so if you need it, I can give it to you..."

"Heh... "Leng Feng shook his head in disdain, with more than a hint of coldness in his eyes, "Miss Shen is afraid that you don't think too highly of yourself.And I've said that I have no interest in your body..."

Shen Ruoxue listened to Leng Feng's words, her heart was not very good.

Also a man like this in front of him, what kind of woman did he want without?

If it was just to vent, then he wouldn't need to pay such a huge price to find a woman who was even higher in class than himself.Of course this huge price was relative to her Shen Ruoxue, perhaps it was nothing at all to this man in front of her.

"You... what do you want?I'm all ears!"Shen Ruoxue thought for a while before saying.

She had nothing left now, and the man in front of her was able to easily pull her out of the abyss of despair, so naturally, he also had the strength to push her in again!

She, Shen Ruoxue, had already deeply offended Lin Hao, so if she offended the unfathomable man in front of her again, she would just die and not live in this life.

And most importantly, this man in front of her had given her hope to live again.

Pa... Leng Feng laughed and clapped his hands, "Smart woman, sit..." and Leng Feng pointed to the seat in front of him.Shen Ruoxue carefully sat down again.

When Shen Ruoxue was done, Leng Feng continued, "Follow me from now on, no betrayal allowed, you're a smart woman, understand what I mean, right?" First web site

Shen Ruoxue's face was white, yes she had no choice but to nod, "Mm, okay, I promise, I would have nothing left."

Leng Feng laughed, "Don't think so pessimistic, follow me as long as you don't betray and do things properly, what you get will be far beyond your imagination, and my identity, when you return to the Heavenly Sea with me, you will understand.Next I'll talk about business, you answer seriously, not a single mistake!"When the smile on Leng Feng's face disappeared, Shen Ruoxue felt as if she was being stalked by a terrifying beast, and her heart tightened.She nodded her head carefully, her hands were sweaty.

Leng Feng said, "Your cousin Shen Shi Yan, is also the woman you hate the most right now.Her original name should be Leng Shi Yan, she is the bloodline of my Leng family that went missing over twenty years ago, the ridiculous thing that my undisputed aunt did over twenty years ago.And I've come to Nanjiang this time for this matter, which has made our Leng family a laughing stock for over twenty years.So now tell me, everything you know about Shen Xiyan!"

Shen Ruoxue's heart was incomparably shocked, Leng Feng said so, she suddenly thought of more than ten days ago, when their family went to the Purple Bamboo Belyard to intimidate Shen Siyan, Shen Siyan's last words, after she and the Shen family completely feel relations, she and her mother's surname, change her surname to Leng.......

Shen Ruoxue had always been smart, if this woman hadn't met Lin Hao, then with her scheming and tactics, she would be able to have a place even if she went to the Heavenly Sea, which was the fundamental reason why Leng Feng was willing to take her in.Shen Ruo Xue also knew it in her heart, so next, Shen Ruo Xue began to tell Leng Feng everything she knew, everything she knew about Shen Shi Yan, from her childhood to her main past now....


At eight o'clock in the evening, Shen Suyan returned from work and had dinner with Wang Shufen Leng Qiu Ya, the three women sat in the living room and chatted.In the past two days, Shen Xiyan felt particularly close to Leng Qiu Ya, and slowly she became familiar with her.

In the past two days, Shen Siyan often asked Leng Qiu Ya about the things that happened before her biological mother was born, and Leng Qiu Ya was her biological mother, so naturally she spoke in great detail and in great detail.Whenever Leng Qiu Ya spoke, Shen Xi Yan listened quietly at the side.Whenever Leng Qiu Ya looked at the way Shen Xi Yan was quietly listening, her eyes turned red and she was incomparably fuzzy.When she went to sleep at night, she hid in her blanket and cried.

"Aunt Qiu, tell me again about my mother and my father, yesterday you said when they just met..." asked Shen Xiyan in the living room, tugging on Leng Qiu Ya's arm.

"Well well, then I'll tell you about it, at that time your father was poor, but he worked hard, and was very honest and talented, although your mother's family conditions were better, but still liked to be with him... "Leng Qiu Ya was speaking when suddenly the phoneIt rang, and she looked at the incoming number on her phone and turned pale.After saying a word to Shen Xiyan, she ran outside to answer the call.

After Leng Qiu Ya arrived in the courtyard, the bad feeling in her heart grew heavier and heavier when she looked at the number on the phone.This number was her niece's, and when she came to Nanjiang from Tianhai, she warned her niece that if anyone in the Leng family traced her whereabouts, they should call her as soon as possible.And Leng Qiu Ya was also prepared, that is, once someone from the Leng family knew that she had come to Nanjiang City, then she had to leave quickly.

Thinking that just two days after meeting with the woman, she would have to leave again.Leng Qiu Ya's heart was also incomparably miserable, she had just gone to Shen Congwen's grave during the day, but she didn't expect to receive a call at night.

Leng Qiu Ya sighed deeply in her heart and picked up the phone, "Hey, Xue'er, who's checking on my whereabouts again this time?"Leng Qiu Ya's heart was incomparably uncomfortable, it was more than twenty years, those relatives of hers, but they still haven't given up their surveillance on her.

The phone over there came from Xue'er incomparably urgent voice is, just said a few words, Leng Qiu Ya's face instantly paled, incredibly said: "What?You said Leng Feng came here in person?And you're in Nam Kang in the morning?Okay, I'll be gone in a minute..."

Leng Qiu Ya's heart was incomparably anxious, Leng Feng, the best heir of the Leng Family's three generations, the future head of the Heavenly Sea Leng Family.She, as an aunt, is considered to have grown up watching Leng Feng.But it is because she understands Leng Feng no 637ceb63 than, only then she is more aware of how excellent and difficult this nephew, in the end.With Leng Feng s cleverness, he might have already known that Shen Xiyan is his own daughter, and what worries Leng Qiu Ya most in her heart is that since Leng Feng arrived at Nanjiang in the morning, but why hasn t he come looking for her?And what had Leng Feng been doing all day?

Leng Qiu Ya's heart was incomparably flustered, she had just been reunited with Shen Xi Yan now, and she hadn't wanted to be separated from her so soon.This was, after all, her own biological daughter.If it was possible, she would rather stay by Shen Shiyan's side for the rest of her life.But she couldn't, if she stayed, she would only bring countless troubles to Shen Suyan and Lin Hao.

It was true that her daughter Shen Siyan was married to a man as good as Lin Hao, and they still had a company as huge as the Kyushu Group in their hands.But Leng Qiu Ya knew more about the Leng family's heritage!She knew even better how uncomfortable she had made the Leng family's hearts over the past twenty years with that disgrace she had brought to the Leng family back then! Remember the URL


Even though Lin Hao owned a large company, in Leng Qiu Ya's heart, Lin Hao was far from being a match for the Leng family.More than twenty years of shame, ah, the Leng family had carried it for more than twenty years.Back then, she had used up all her connections, spent all her savings, and after countless efforts, she had even gone through another surgery, making the Leng family think that she had aborted the child in the first place.This was how she was able to hide Shen Xiyan and didn't let the Leng Family track her down, but now if the Leng Family knew about it, then she couldn't even imagine what consequences this would have, how far things would go....

"What's wrong with you, Aunt Autumn?You don't look well. Are you sick?Why don't I take you to the hospital?"As soon as Leng Qiu Ya entered the door, Shen Xi Yan was worried about her, after all, Leng Qiu Ya's face was very unpleasant now.

"No... I'm fine, that Xi Yan, I have to leave, something happened at home, I have to leave right now.I'll be leaving first, I'll definitely come to see you after I've dealt with the family matter..." said Leng Qiu Ya to Shen Xi Yan with great reluctance.

Shen Siyan nodded, "Okay, then I'll drive you to the airport, Aunt Qiu you book the tickets now.You clean up, I'll also go change my clothes, and I'll drop you off..."

Leng Qiu Ya hurriedly waved her hand: "No, no, I have nothing to pack, I'm leaving.Leng Qiu Ya said and hurriedly ran to the bedroom, took her bag, didn't even bother to pack her clothes, took her bag and walked to the door to put on her shoes.

Wang Shufen looked at Leng Qiu Ya's pale face, her heart was also tight, and walked to Leng Qiu Ya's side and asked, "Is it serious?"

Leng Qiu Ya's face was incomparably heavy as she nodded, "Well it's very serious, Shufen, please take good care of Xi Yan, someone at home knows I'm here, it's troublesome, but I'll try to solve it well.I'll call you again after it's solved, ah..."

Wang Shufen's heart thudded, she had been best friends with Leng Qiu Ya in the past, so naturally she knew how powerful the Leng family was in Tianhai, and how angry the Leng family was about Leng Qiu Ya's affair with Shen from back then.

"Take care of everything... "Wang Shufen heavily shook Leng Qiu Ya's hand, she couldn't say it too bluntly, after all, Shen Xi Yan still didn't know Leng Qiu Ya's true identity now.

"Mm, don't worry... "Leng Qiu Ya nodded, she had already put on one shoe and then the other and was ready to go.

But at this moment, just as she was about to put on the last shoe, a man's voice suddenly came from the doorway, "Oh, aunt is in such a hurry to leave?" One second to remember to read the book

Leng Qiu Ya's face changed drastically upon hearing this voice, pale without a trace of blood, she stared blankly at her own nephew, the future head of the Leng family, Leng Feng, who appeared at the door right now, dressed in a white suit, handsome and dashing, showing a devilish smile at her.

"Feng'er, you... what are you doing here?I, I'm going back to Tianhai, you're just in time, let's go back together... "Leng Qiu Ya grabbed Leng Feng's arm and said softly, looking at Leng Feng with even a hint of pleading in her eyes.

Leng Feng smiled and greeted Wang Shufen, "Hello Aunt Wang, I am Leng Feng, I just came over from Tianhai today, I heard that my aunt is with you, so I came over to see... Aunt Wang I am a little thirsty, may I have a sip of 8a67ff16 tea at your place?"

Wang Shufen's face was also pale white, she looked at Leng Feng and then Leng Qiu Ya, she opened her mouth not knowing what to say.Facing Leng Feng, facing this man who was very polite and gentle to her, she felt her back go cold, this was the Great Younger of the Heavenly Sea Leng Family.

Leng Qiu Ya continued to plead with Leng Feng, "Feng'er, let's go back and talk about what you have to say, okay?Count Auntie as begging you..."

"Aunt Autumn, who is this?"While Leng Qiu Ya was begging Leng Feng bitterly at the door, the voice of Shen Si Yan came from the living room, and the next moment Shen Si Yan walked towards this side.

Leng Feng looked at Shen Siyan, who was walking towards him, with a devilish smile on his face: "Hello, sister..."


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