Dish Best Served Cold 936-940


Chapter 936

Moonwatcher River was undoubtedly mad.

    He had thought that he was a Japanese sword god no matter what, and now that he was injured, people like Toyotomi Kawayoshi would have to protect him no matter what.

    But he didn't expect that when it really came to a crisis, these people would run faster than one another.

    It was fortunate that the sword light just landed in the open space in front of him, otherwise, even if he didn't die, he would have to be chopped off half of his life by Moonwatcher.

    "Sword God, we can't be blamed for this~"

    "It's all because of that bastard's mess."

    "If it wasn't for him, there's no way that the Snow Shining Heavenly God's Sword Qi would have fallen towards us~"

    "That son of a bitch in Warsaw, he danged ten thousand to death!"

    In the crowd, but someone threw the pot to Ye Fan.In the crowd, cursing madly at Ye Fan.

    At this time, Xuezhao once again cut his sword towards Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan's old trick, this turn and pick, pulling the snow zhao's sword energy straight down.

    Only a piercing sound~.

    The person who had just yelled at Ye Fan was directly struck by this sword qi.

    Blood spurted out, but it actually sliced in two!

    A scarlet curtain of blood splashed all over the faces of the people.



    The crowd under the Sky Tree was all befuddled.

    A life and death battle, and they could even divide their minds to deal with the bystanders?

    This Ye Fan, isn't he a bit too powerful?

    For a moment, countless people paled, and Suzuki Ji, who had been scolding Ye Fan the most, was nearly scared out of his wits.

    He didn't dare to say a word.

    The entire person just stood there, his whole body was swinging.

    This Ye Fan, he was too cruel!

    What a jealous jerk, huh?

    The person had only scolded him a few times, but he followed it up by using the knife to directly chop the person up.

    The Iwai Zen beside him looked at this scene, but he sneered.

    "The misfortune comes from the mouth, the blame lies with you."

    "A clan master is like a dragon, how can it be insulted by the likes of you?"

    Iwai Zen said coldly, and his words were devoid of mercy.

    After all, it was an iron law in the martial world that a master could not be insulted!

    These people who had vilified Ye Fan and ended up losing their lives were not worthy of sympathy.

    For a while, the world here was undoubtedly much quieter.

    Before the battle ended, no one dared to say a bad word about Ye Fan anymore.

    Everyone's heartstrings were taut, looking up at the life-and-death duel on top of the Sun Country.

    Thousand Chi Jing even prayed in her heart that Ye Fan must win and must not get hurt.

    However, while everyone was focusing on the peak duel under the starry sky, they didn't see the delicate and beautiful girl above the Skywatch Corridor, whose face was getting paler and paler.

    The moon wheel mark on the place of the eyebrow, flickering with a ghostly blue light.

    But even so, Rangong Ying Yue still clenched her teeth and held on.

    She leaned against the huge glass screen, trying to keep herself awake.

    She didn't want to leave this world like this, she wanted to see the battle end and the glory of her master shine universally.

    She just wanted to see her master's peerless dazzling appearance again in the last moment before she passed away.

    However, would she wait until then?



    Under the Heavenly River, between the seas of clouds.

    Ye Fan and Xuezhao were still engaged in a fierce battle.

    Xuezhao's swordsmanship became more and more fierce, with deadly strokes.

    The Green Lotus Sword Intent was famous for its rigidity and sharpness, even though Ye Fan had the body of the Dragon God, he still didn't dare to resist the power of Xuezhao's sword.

    Instead, he chose to use softness to conquer strength.

    Facing the fierce sword power of Xuezhao, Ye Fan struck a thousand pounds in four directions, and used his strength to fight.

    Just like this, all of Snow Shine's sword energy was channeled by Ye Fan to hit somewhere else.


    Another boom, Snow Shine's Sword Qi was under the pull of Ye Fan, but it leapt a thousand meters and struck a twin building in the distance.


    The building crumbled and the solid stone exploded.

    The office building that was a hundred meters high, but it collapsed with a bang.

    The shattered stone slabs mixed with the twisted steel structure couldn't help but smash down.




    It was the busiest time of the night, the streets were crowded with people, and the collapsed building directly took hundreds of lives.


    "How cruel."

    "I'm afraid that the might of the Snow Shine Pavilion Master's sword has taken hundreds of lives."

    "I, Chu Tianfan, have not killed as many people in the first half of my life as you did with this sword."

    "Cruel, cruel~"

    Ye Fan was filled with compassion as he saw the situation.

    The sighs were filled with endless sympathy and compassion for the dead.

    "Shut up!"

    "You sharp-toothed bastard, cut the hypocrisy here."

    "If it wasn't for you, how could those innocent people of my Japanese country have been miserably affected?"

    "Today, if I, Xuezhao, don't kill you, I'll be sorry for this magnificent people of mine!"

    Rao Xuezhao, who has always been known for her cool majesty, could no longer remain calm in the face of such a shameless bastard like Ye Fan.

    On the face of the stunningly clear and cold pretty face, it was filled with anger.

    In her chest, monstrous anger was rising unceasingly.

    This Ye Fan, is simply too cheap!

    Xuezhao had read countless people in her life, even the top ten strongest people in the Heavenly Ranking, she had met a few.

    However, it was the first time she saw one who was so brazen as Ye Fan.

    Just attacked his own chest just now, but now it's obvious that he is the one who caused the calamity to the Japanese people, but he turned around and blamed himself.

    And he even acted like he was heartbroken and sad!


    Xuezhao was simply furious.

    In anger, Xuezhao raised her sword.

    This time, she learned her lesson and did not attack with her sword qi anymore, but instead fought with Ye Fan close to her body.

    The long sword reflected the cold cold light, and it cut at Ye Fan like this close to his body.

    As the saying goes, an inch long, an inch strong.

    In the melee, Snow Zhao relied on the seven-foot green peak in his hand and actually suppressed Ye Fan.


    Snow Shine backhanded a horizontal pull, and Ye Fan hurriedly flashed back, but was still cut off at the ends of his hair.

    A strand of hair on his forehead floated down with the wind.

    "Hua Xia junior, suffer death!"

    After cutting off the tip of Ye Fan's hair with a sword, Snow Shine didn't relent, wielding his long sword and charging up again.

    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and after looking at the strand of hair that fell from his hand, his palm clenched.

    The body's hair was received by the parents.

    Even if it was a strand of hair, Ye Fan would not allow others to violate it.

    "Stinking bitch, did you really think that you were the only one who could use a sword?"

    With a bland heart, Ye Fan cursed coldly.

    And then, everyone just saw, between the stars and rivers, Ye Fan used his finger as his sword, and his sword cut the long sky.

    The green mane curled, and the sword qi swept across.

    The blue light sword qi that swept the four directions swept across the void.

    Looking at it from afar, it was as if a peerless blue lotus was blooming under the heavenly river.

    The majestic sword intent chilled everyone.

    "This...This is..."

    "The Green Lotus Sword Technique?"

    "Holy shit!"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Snow Shining Sky God's Sword of Fame, why does this bastard know it too?"

    "How the fuck is that possible?"

    The moment they saw this scene, Moonwatching River and the others were all scared to death.

    One by one, they were dumbfounded, and their eyes were about to pop out of their old eyes.

    In their hearts, there were waves of shock sweeping through.


Just like literary writers, all of them had their own masterpieces of fame.

    The same was naturally true for martial artists, every powerful person who was famous in the world had their own famous masterpieces.

    Like the Champion's Beast King Divine Fist and the Moonwatching River's Greenwood Sword Technique, they were all famous martial arts.

    As for the Green Lotus Sword Technique, it was the Snow Shining God's famous sword art.

    When executed, the green light spreads, and the horizontal and vertical sword qi will gather in the void to form an empty shadow of the Green Lotus.

    That "Green Lotus" virtual shadow is the symbol of the Green Lotus Sword Technique.

    That's why, after seeing Ye Fan perform it, everyone recognized that it was the unique sword skill of the Snow God almost immediately.

    It was originally the exclusive martial art of the number one strongest person in their country of Japan, but now it was being performed by a Chinese person as well.

    The crowd naturally felt horrified, shaken, and angry.

    It was as if the national treasure of their country of Japan had fallen into the hands of someone from a foreign country.

    Even they were like that, not to mention, Xuezhao himself.

    The moment Ye Fan used this Green Lotus Sword Intent, Xuezhao's entire body was confused.

    As if struck by lightning, her delicate body trembled greatly.

    Even when she had just seen Ye Fan use his Dragon God Body, the Snow Shine God was not so terrified.

    "You...How do you know my Green Lotus Sword Technique?"

    "That's impossible?"

    "The Green Lotus Sword Technique is my famous sword technique, and I'm the only one in the world who has mastered it, so how can you possibly know it too?"

    Xuezhao was simply going crazy, she only felt that the combined amazement of her life was not as much as what Ye Fan had brought to her.

    Her own famous sword technique, yet she was seeing it in the hands of others.

    She swore that she had never accepted a disciple in this life, let alone passed on sword skills to anyone else.

    How could this Huaxia junior also know?

    With a heart full of doubts and horror, the snow shines at Ye Fan incessantly berated.

    Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and laughed.


    "Really, you're the only one in control?"

    "Then I might as well ask the Snow Shine Pavilion Master, where did you get this Green Lotus Sword Technique?"

    "Drinking water reminds one of one's roots, the Snowy Light Pavilion Master wouldn't have forgotten the mastery he learned from, would he?"

    Ye Fan smiled faintly.

    There was always a touch of calm and indifference on his clear and beautiful face.

    It was as if, at this time, he was not engaged in a life and death duel, but just talking to someone.

    But in Xuezhao's heart, a monstrous wave of horror was stirred up.

    She looked tremendously shaken and asked Ye Fan with trembling eyes.


    "Do you, like, know where my teacher is?"

    "Tell me!"

    "Where are they, my teacher?"

    "If you tell me, I can leave you whole!"

    "Haha~" Ye Fan laughed at once.

    "The Snow Shining Pavilion Master is really a great authority!"

    "And you want to leave me whole?"

    "I'm just afraid you don't have it in you!"

    Ye Fan was no longer lazy to talk nonsense with her, wielding his sword Qi and Snow Shine stood together right now.

    The same sword technique, equally nippy.

    At the summit of the Sun Country, Ye Fan and Xuezhao, however, fought with each other in the dark.

    It was as if dragons and tigers were fighting each other, and the fight was inseparable.

    As far as the eye could see, green light and sword qi swept across.

    The sound of gold and jade clanging was incessantly heard.

    Between the stars and rivers, the sparks bursting out were like fireworks blooming under the starry sky.

    Dazzling, eye-catching!


    "Brother, brother look."

    "Look at the sky tree there, it's so beautiful?"

    "Is someone setting off fireworks?"

    Thousands of meters away, there were children who saw the dazzling light shadows on top of the Sun Country through the windows, and couldn't help but be filled with shock and emotion.

    Not only them, this night, the entire Winter Capital hundreds of thousands of citizens, almost all of them saw the Clear Sky Tower, there were two green light and shadow, crisscrossing.

    It was as if they were rushing fireworks, dazzlingly bright!

    However, how could these mundane people know what kind of war was going on there.


    Right now, in the void, there was another clash.

    The two of them were on the verge of touching each other, and their feet exploded back.

    After the long battle, the Snow Shining Heavenly God's forehead was already dripping with sweat, but as she breathed, a petite body trembled as it rose and fell unceasingly.

    She stood there, a pair of beautiful eyes dazzling with cold light, just like this deadly stare at the youth in front.

    The battle had reached this point, and it was clear that Ye Fan's strength had far exceeded Snow Shine's expectations.

    "How is it, Snow Shine?"

    "Do you want to fight on?"

    "Do you think, you still have a chance of winning?"

    "In terms of defense, I have Dragon God Protection and you don't."

    "In terms of attack, you have the Green Lotus Sword Technique, and so do I."

    "If we continue to fight, you have no chance of winning."

    "If you still have the temperament, hold your sword and kill yourself."

    Ye Fan said coldly.

    But after hearing that, Snow Zhao shook her head and laughed..

    "Chu Tianfan, do you really think that I won't be able to deal with you if you cultivate the Green Lotus Sword Technique just like me?"

    "You don't understand the Green Lotus Sword Intent at all, nor do you know the subtleties of the Green Lotus Sword Technique."

    "It can only be said that you have only learned a little bit of skin, and have yet to acquire the essence."

    "Next, this Heavenly God will let you see the true power of the Green Lotus Sword Technique."

    Beneath the Heavenly River, the cold and majestic voice of Snow Zhao rang out without ceasing.

    She slowly raised her head, and the momentum on her body, like a blazing fire, was gathering and rising at a terrifying speed.

    The originally silent heaven and earth, in a moment, the wild wind rose.

    Everyone could only see that the majestic power of the surrounding heavens and earth were all converging like tides towards Snow Shine's body.

    Until in the end, a blue light lotus actually bloomed quietly at Snowshot's feet.



    Seeing this fantastic scene, the Moonwatching River and the others were all stunned.

    They looked up at the River of Punishment, startled, and their eyebrows were filled with shock.

    Green lotuses swayed, and light and shadow intermingled.

    At this time, Snow Shine was like the God of Sichun visiting the earth.

    Divine, majestic!

    It's cold, it's cool!

    In the next moment, under the trembling gazes of the crowd, I saw Xuezhao dancing with a sword among the green lotuses.

    Under the pull of her might, the green lotus beneath her feet actually instantly transformed into millions of swords.

    "Green Lotus Sword Technique, Thousands of Swords!"


    In the midst of the cold and clear drink, the sword light, which flew out at nearly the same time.

    As far as the eye could see, there were long swords flying and blue light sweeping.

    The overwhelming might was only like waves sweeping.

    Towards Ye Fan, it instantly cut down!

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was also in a hurry and made several sword strikes.

    However, under the power of Snow Shine that swept the heavens and earth, Ye Fan's attacks were too small.

    The moment they touched, Snow Shine's monstrous sword intent, with the force of destroying and pulling down all of Ye Fan's attacks, cut them to pieces.

    After that, the remaining momentum didn't decrease and instantly engulfed Ye Fan.


    The winds are fierce, the grass and trees shake wildly.

    Snow shone divine might, sweeping the four directions.

    Looking at the scene before them, in the hearts of Moonwatching River and the others, there was only shock.

    "Is this, the true power of the Snow Shining God?"

    "One sword out, but it actually made this sun, moon and stars dim."

    Moonwatching River lamented in his heart.

    Once vicissitudes of the sea were hard to come by.

    After seeing Snow Shining God's sword intent, Moonwatching River only felt that, really, he was far, far short of that accomplishment in sword art!

    Just as Moonwatching River's heart trembled, the sword qi was still sweeping and lingering in the chaos ahead.

    It was only after an unknown amount of time that the party dissipated, revealing that one of them, a thin and upright figure.


    "Did, the jerk hold up?"

    Seeing that Ye Fan was still standing peacefully, Moonwatching River and the others were horrified and their pupils crinkled.

    However, as soon as they finished speaking, between the Heavenly River, Ye Fan's body, trembled violently.Then, the entire person's momentum, which was also like a deflated balloon, instantly shriveled up.

    Finally, Ye Fan could no longer endure the injuries in his body.

    A puff~.

    A mouthful of blood was spat out.

    Red dots of fresh blood flowed down.

    How dazzling was that scarlet red under the dark night?

    At that moment, Chiike Jing's face was pale, Miyamoto's intermediary eyes were filled with despair, and Iwai Zen even wailed in his heart.

    The Dragon Lord he, is defeated~



    "It's finally over."

    "That bastard, he's finally lost."

    At this time, Suzakuji's unrestrained laughter came from beside him.

    He tilted his head up and laughed unrestrainedly as he looked at Ye Fan vomiting blood in the void.

    "A little Chinese child, single-handedly even dares to provoke my Japanese martial dao?"

    "What a self-defeating, self-defeating thing to do!"

    In the midst of his wanton laughter, Suzakuji turned to the side of the Triad Consortium again.

    "Iwai Zen, that Chu Tian Fan has been defeated, it's time to take care of you next."

    Suzuki-ji couldn't wait any longer, and immediately ordered his men to arrest all of the people from the Trihexa Consortium.


    "You're lying."

    "Mr. Chu won't lose?"

    "Mr. Chu he will not lose."

    Qian Chi Jing's pretty face was in tears, and she roared unwillingly.

    However, let her scream, the cruel reality was here.

    In the confrontation just now, the Snow Shining God was unharmed, but Ye Fan was vomiting blood and wounded.

    Moreover, looking at his dispirited demeanor, it was obvious that he no longer had the strength to fight again.

    As the saying goes, the defeat of an army is like the collapse of a mountain.

    If Ye Fan lost and Iwai Zen bet on the wrong person, then next, their Triad Consortium would undoubtedly be implicated and purged as well.

    Under the Sky Tree, there was already chaos.

    All the major consortiums were already preparing to lay siege to the Triumvirate.

    Ye Fan had killed so many people in the Japanese country and was already a public enemy of the country.

    And the Triad Consortium had a close relationship with Ye Fan, before, Suzuki Ji and the others didn't dare to act recklessly due to Ye Fan's power.

    Now that Ye Fan had been defeated, and the biggest umbrella of the Trio Consortium was gone, Suzuki Ji and the others naturally had nothing to fear.

    "Suzuki-ji, you guys aren't too anxious, are you?"

    "Mr. Chu has just lost and you're going to kill me at the Triumvirate?"

    Looking at the crowd that surrounded them, Iwai Zen and the others had dark old faces and roared in anger.

    Suzakuji, however, smiled sardonically, "Iwai Zen, I advised you."

    "But if you had listened to my advice on that day and killed that Chu Tianfan's woman and severed your relationship with Chu Tianfan, you and I, who were friends, would not have come to this point."

    "But nay, you are stubborn and treasonous."

    "Even if I could tolerate you, my great country of Japan would not tolerate you."

    "If you know what's good for you, then restrain yourself."

    "In that case, there will be fewer casualties."

    "Otherwise, the people at the bottom don't know how to take it easy, and if the gun goes off and accidentally injures you, don't blame me for not warning you."

    Suzuki-ji's cold voice echoed here.

    Hearing him say this, he was treating Chi Chi Jing as Chu Tianfan's woman.

    Thinking about it, if this Chi Chi Jing had nothing to do with Ye Fan, how could Ye Fan let her be the president of the Sanhe Consortium.

    Therefore, almost everyone believed that even if Chi Jing and Ye Fan weren't husband and wife, it was still a lover's relationship.

    "Hands tied?"

    "Don't you think you're being whimsical, Suzuki-ji?"

    "Today, even if I die, I, Iwai Zen, will lead the Trio Consortium to crush a few of your teeth!"

    Iwai Zen sternly replied, and then all of the good fighters under the Triad Foundation drew their guns and confronted him.

    Here, a gun battle seemed to be on the verge of starting.

    In front of the river in the sky, Ye Fan and Xuezhao were still standing far away from each other.

    One of them had a figure as delicate as jade, with a long skirt flowing.

    Three thousand green silks, swinging with the wind.

    The temperament was off the charts, and the face was stunning.

    There was no joy or sadness above the cold, pretty face.

    There was only the majesty and cold arrogance that was high above her.

    The Ye Fan opposite her, however, had a low face, and the hair in front of his forehead covered his face, making it impossible to see any of his emotions.

    There were only dots of ardent red that dripped down the corners of his mouth.

    Behind him, the watery moonlight faintly sprinkled down, shining on his body, but sprinkled a haze.

    At this time, Ye Fan is as if the world's outcast.

    Standing silently, the formerly upright figure, but now there is only a lonely.

    It was as if the hero was in his twilight, giving people an endless sense of sadness.

    The first thing you need to do is to look at the front of the house.

    She couldn't imagine how proud and majestic her master had once been.

    Now, it had come to such an end.

    No one knew how much heartache was in Rangong Ying Yue's heart at this time.

    Especially at the moment when he saw Ye Fan vomiting blood, Rangong Ying Yue only felt, his heart was going to break.

    "Master, are you really defeated?"

    All along, in Rangong Ying Yue's heart, her master was an invincible existence.

    In the battle of Dongchang Lake, her master became famous and stirred the martial arts of China.

    In front of the Sword God Palace, the master swept away all the heroes and trampled the entire Sword God Palace underfoot.

    At the summit of Mount Fuji, the master slayed the four corners of the earth, as if he was in no man's land.

    So many clansmen of the Three Gods Pavilion, so many strong men of the Japanese martial arts, yet they were unable to stop the master in the slightest.

    But, this was such a radiant young man, and now he had ended up here?


    "Moon will never believe that the master lost just like that."

    "My master, is undefeated~"

    Above the Skywatch Cloister, Rangong Ying Yue's pretty face was in tears.

    She clenched her teeth, stood on tiptoe, and shouted stubbornly at the window.

    As if, using up all her life's strength!

    The words were full of affection and reverence for Ye Fan.

    That gentle voice was even more like a heavenly echo, flowing through this world.

    In a split second, there was suddenly wind all around.

    The chilly wind rolled up endlessly falling leaves.

    By the ears, there was a rustling of leaves.

    Between the nine heavens, on the bank of the Star River, Snow Shine looked down at the young man in front of him, and a cold voice, then sounded.

    "Chu Tianfan, it's over."

    "Seriously, your strength is surprising to me."

    "I admit, you are indeed a genius that is hard to produce in a hundred years."

    "I admire you."

    "I'm giving you a chance to live now, as long as you give up your Chinese nationality, naturalize in the Japanese Kingdom, and worship me as your master, I can more than just forget what you did before."

    "In the future, I will still be devoted to your cultivation, and I wish you to ascend to the top of the Heavenly Ranking!"

    "What? You can agree to these conditions of mine?"

    A clear and cold voice, sounding slowly.

    The words were all about a high authority.

    And when Ye Fan heard it, he smiled.

    "Naturalized in the Japanese Kingdom?"

    "Honor you as my teacher?"



    "Xuezhao, Xuezhao, do you seriously think that I, Chu Tianfan, have really lost?"

    Ye Fan laughed indiscriminately, it was as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

    He raised his head, his mouth even had a few bloodstains at the corners, but the gaze that he was looking at Xuezhao was filled with mockery.


    "Doesn't it?"

    "Your Dragon God Body is broken, and your Green Lotus Sword Intent is even worse than mine."

    "I'm afraid you're exhausted now, what are you fighting me with?"

    "A word of advice, don't toast to the past."

    "Otherwise, I'll let you cross your body here right now!"

    Xuezhao frowned, suppressing endless anger in his cold and gloomy words.


She didn't expect this Ye Fan to be so ungrateful.

    She had obviously given him the chance to live, but not knowing how to be grateful was just fine, but now he dared to speak to her in such a tone.

    Can't he, still not see the situation clearly?

    Doesn't he know that his life is in her hands now?

    Thinking of this, Snowshotton shook his head.

    The original admiration for Ye Fan in her heart instantly vanished.

    Now, it seemed that this Ye Fan was just a stupid and arrogant person.

    Even if he had the highest talent, with this kind of mind, he was destined to be difficult to achieve greatness.

    Since that was the case, then why bother to talk nonsense with him?

    "I gave you the chance, but you don't know how to cherish it."

    "So, Chu Tianfan, why don't you speedily lead your neck to death?"

    In a low voice, the long sword in Xuezhao's hand was sheathed again.

    The seven-foot green peak swept away, and the green mane sword qi suddenly spurted out, slashing furiously towards Ye Fan.

    However, what was surprising to Xuezhao was that her own sword qi, which landed on Ye Fan, did not leave any traces.

    Only a wisp of sword wind remained, blowing Ye Fan's sleeves hunting.


    "How is that possible?"

    "Didn't I break his Dragon God body?"

    Snow Shine was shocked at the sight, and her pupils crinkled.

    Although, those swords just now were just randomly cut out by her, and were by no means performed at full strength.However, it was by no means a strong crossbow that could block them.

    "Could it be that this Chu Tianfan, still has spare strength?"

    Just as Xuezhao was in a state of shock, but Ye Fan had raised his head.

    An inexplicable smile quietly emerged on his clear and beautiful face.

    The deep pupils, as if reflecting the sun, moon and stars, were like this, looking down on the number one strongest person of the Sun Country in front of him, Snow Zhao.

    At the same time, Ye Fan's eerie laughter, like rolling thunder, quietly echoed in the world here.

    "Worthy of being the Snow Shine Sky God of the Sun Country, after so many years, you are still the first person who can break my Dragon God Body."

    "But that's as far as it goes."

    "Next, I will let you see the true majesty of me, Chu Tianfan!"

    The rolling flood sounded like thunder sweeping.

    As he said this, Ye Fan slowly walked towards the direction of Snow Shine.

    Without taking a step forward, Ye Fan's aura on his body was a few points stronger.

    In the end, Ye Fan was as majestic as an abyss.

    He stood there with a negative hand, full of sneers.

    The majesty was only as strong as the abyssal sea sweeping over this world, creating a world-extinguishing gale.


    "What's going on?"

    "What happened?"

    The movement here disturbed the crowd below.

    In astonishment, Suzuki Ji and the others all looked up.

    Only to see between the empty space, the originally dispirited Ye Fan was now blossoming majestically once again.

    The sound of thunder swept unceasingly.

    The awe-inspiring might was like a blazing fire rising and sweeping all directions.

    Seeing such a scene, everyone was suddenly stunned.


    "What is this?"

    "Hasn't that jerk already lost?"

    "How come again..."

    Suzakuji stared at him, and Moonwatching River and the others were also trembling in fear.

    They had never thought that under the Snow Shining Heavenly God's supreme strike, this Ye Fan was just fine if he didn't die, but he still had the power to fight again?


    "Chairman, Chu-san hasn't lost yet."

    "There's still hope for us~"

    As the saying goes, some people are happy and some are sad.

    While Suzuki-ji and the others were horrified, the people from the Sanhei Foundation were shouting out in joy.

    Chikage Shizune was even more delighted to leave tears behind.


    "It's just a return to the light!"

    "Even if he still has some energy left, it won't change any results."

    "If the Snow Shining Heavenly God can defeat him once, he can naturally defeat him a second time."

    "Just wait and see, tonight, that bastard will die!"

    Suzukiji roared through gritted teeth.

    The scene here was naturally unknown to Ye Fan.

    A bunch of mole crickets were just a bunch of ants, how could Ye Fan be concerned?

    Now all of his mind was undoubtedly all on Snowshot.


    Beside him, the wind surged.

    In the dantian, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination was running wildly.

    For a radius of a thousand meters, the majestic Heaven and Earth Yuan Power then seemed like boiling water, rolling and sweeping incessantly, and finally gathering wildly towards where Ye Fan was.

    Nearly instantly, around Ye Fan, the dense power of the heavens and earth was close to condensing into substance.

    "What a mighty power!"

    "This guy, does he have a secret card other than the Dragon God Body and the Green Lotus Sword Technique?"

    Seeing the scene before her, even Xuezhao herself felt a great threat.

    The originally cold and pretty face was now filled with gravity.

    At the same time, horror swept through her heart as well.

    "Damn it!"

    "What is this teenager's origin?"

    "The bottom line is that the cards are endless?"

    "No, it can't be delayed any longer."

    "Before he finishes saving his strength, I'll take the opportunity to kill him with a thunderbolt!"

    Snow Shine no longer dared to wait any longer, after all, the young man in front of her was too weird.

    All sorts of cards were coming out all over the place.

    Even Xuezhao had no bottom in his heart.

    Therefore, in the next moment, holding a long sword, Xuezhao danced once again.

    Green light swept across the sword, and a peerless lotus of light once again quietly bloomed from beneath Snow Zhao's feet.

    "Green Lotus Sword Technique, Thousand Sword Execution!"

    The sound exploded and the vertical and horizontal sword qi swept across the long sky.

    In the midst of the cold drink, the crowd could only see that under the Heavenly River, thousands of sword qi gathered into streams, just like a hundred rivers converging into the sea, sweeping towards Ye Fan.

    And Ye Fan, who was in the middle of the storm, was still standing.

    There was always a faint smile on his clear and beautiful face.

    It was as if defiant and mocking.

    Finally, when the sword qi of Snow Shine arrived in front of him, Ye Fan finally moved.

    This movement had the power to swallow mountains and rivers, the power to traverse heaven and earth!

    "Yun Dao Tian Jie!"

    "First style, Yunyang Kick!"


    Under the Heavenly River, between the clouds and the sea, Ye Fan's feet stepped on the void, mighty as a dragon.

    The golden light surged all over his body, and his feet were vigorous.

    In the end, facing forward, he stomped down!

    "Second style, Blazing Mountain Avalanche!"

    After a kick landed, Ye Fan followed it with another punch.


    A boom sounded like a stone breaking the sky.

    "Third style, the Overturning Seal!"

    Amidst the majestic rage, only Ye Fan turned his hand over to cover the sky and crack the ground.

    A heaven-shadowing giant palm suddenly smashed down.

    In a mere instant, Ye Fan released three moves in a row.

    The monstrous power of the palm shook the heavens and earth.

    However, just when everyone thought that Ye Fan's offensive ended here.

    In the next moment, Ye Fan's might, soared again.

    His hands were stretched out and he surrounded the heavens and earth.

    He broke through the firmament with an exquisite finger!

    The crowd was all horrified at this.



    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "How many cards is this Huaxia kid hiding?"

    Suzukiji was near a stand of fear, staring at it and roaring like a mad dog.

    And near the same time, the fourth stance of the Cloud Road Heaven's Best, the Red Flame Finger, had fallen!



    The storm rolled wildly and the heavenly river trembled.

    In a moment, Ye Fan released four moves in a row.

    The majestic might swept the four directions.

    Just like this, Ye Fan's Cloud Dao Heavenly Expiration and Xuezhao's Green Lotus Sword Technique collided with each other.


    The moment their attacks met, a dull roar exploded in this world.

    The deafening roar was only like a volcano hitting the earth.

    Endless waves of air swept wildly in all directions from the center of the storm.

    Everywhere along the way, seas of clouds tumbled and grass and trees crumbled.

    Even the glass screen on top of the Skywatch Cloister, also under the storm's aftermath, crumbled.

    Half of Winter Capital City was nearly all affected.

    The glass of hundreds of buildings within a thousand-meter radius all exploded.

    The shattered glass was like rainwater, pouring all over the ground.

    "Quickly hide~"


    Under the sky tree, the thousands of people gathered there, afraid of being affected, scattered in an instant.

    Some got into their cars, some lay down in a nearby ravine, and some ran into the Sky Tree to hide.

    How mighty was the battle between the title clerics?

    Even if it was an afterimage, that was not something that they could resist.

    However, as the crowd scattered and fled for their lives, the wheelchair-bound Moonwatcher River as well as Ryuichi Shiano cried once again.

    "Son of a bitch~"

    "Don't care about us again?"

    "The beasts~"

    Moonwatching River cursed with a black face.

    The angry roar, however, was shattered by the storm that swept over them.

    Of course, what shattered together was the wheelchairs beneath them.

    In the midst of the screams, Moonwatching River and Shi No Ryuichi were swept by the overflowing after-effects like this, and their entire bodies flew out like kites with broken strings.

    They hit the ground so hard that they knocked out two of their front teeth.


    "Is this the majesty of the title clan?"

    "The mere residual power can sweep the four corners of the earth?"

    "How strong should the might of the buttress be?"

    Under the sky tree, countless people looked up at the firmament, deeply saddened.

    There was boundless shock in their brows.

    "Mr. Chu, you must win, you must~"

    At this time, in the void, the storm was still sweeping.

    The chaotic energy had already blocked people's vision, making it impossible to see the condition of the opposing sides.

    Many people were nervously waiting for the final outcome.

    In the middle of the crowd, however, Chi Chi Jing's eyebrows were closed, her hands clasped in front of her chest, praying without ceasing.

    In the Skywatch Cloister, Rangong Ying Yue's frail, pretty face was also looking in the direction of Ye Fan's battle.

    That lunar wheel mark at the place of her eyebrow had been bright as if it was a shining sun.

    Back then, someone had told her that when the Lunar Wheel Imprint lit up, it was the moment when the Moon God returned.

    It was reasonable to say that this Lunar Wheel Imprint was already so bright that Rangong Ying Yue's consciousness should have dissipated long ago.

    But surprisingly, this girl was still clenching her teeth and holding on.

    As if, there was an obsession in her heart that had kept her going until now.

    No one knew, what was she waiting for?Again, what to expect?


    In the distant sky, a fresh breeze quietly blew by.

    It blew up the fallen leaves by the roadside, and also scattered the dust that swept the heavens and earth.

    At this point, the aftermath of the battle had finally dissipated.

    It was as if the clouds had cleared, and everything had fallen silent.

    Between the stars and rivers, those two figures finally reappeared in everyone's sight.

    "Is it over?"

    "Who won?"

    "Who's going to have the last laugh?"

    At this moment, countless people held their breath.

    Suzuki-ji lost his voice and shouted.

    Iwai Zen's heartstrings tensed.

    Moonwatcher River also tilted his head up and looked forward.

    Everyone, with incomparably tense hearts, waited for the final end.


    One second.

    Two seconds.


    Ten seconds passed, and the two figures between the empty space were still looking at each other.

    They each stood there quietly, not moving a muscle, not saying a word.

    "Is it, like, a tie?"

    "That bastard, could it be that he's even with the Snow Shining God?"

    Seeing this, Suzukiji said in awe.

    However, his voice just dropped.

    He only heard a "puff" sound.

    In the void, that thin figure, slightly trembled, a mouthful of red blood, suddenly snatched out.

    The crowd was delighted at the sight.



    "That Chinese junior is spitting blood."

    "He's defeated again."

    "I told you that if the Snow Shining Sky God can defeat him once, he can naturally defeat him a second time."

    Suzakuji shouted excitedly, laughing wantonly.

    In the end, he went so far as to kneel on the ground and worship the stunning silhouette in the sky.

    "Congratulations to the Snow Shining Heavenly God, who has won the great battle, Converse the Martial Dao of our Sun Country, and raise the divine might of our Sun Country!"


    As Suzukiji honored and worshiped, it was as if it caused a chain reaction .

    The rest of the thousands and hundreds of people also all stepped forward, cupping their hands and bowing in worship .

    "Congratulations to the Snow Shining Heavenly God, God's might, strengthen the divine might of our Sun Country!"


    "Congratulations, Snow Shine Pavilion Master, on winning the great battle~"

    The voices of reverence and words of worship, however, gathered into a stream that impacted the entire heaven and earth.

    However, while Suzuki Ji and the others were reverently worshipping.

    But no one noticed that Snow Shine's pretty face was extremely pale.

    Under the sleeves, a bit of red was dripping down Snow Shine's arms.

    The breeze blew, the heaven and earth seemed to be raining blood.

    Then, in the void, the beautiful silhouette of the woman fell from the sky like an angel with broken wings.

    In the end, with a loud bang, Xuezhao's delicate body smashed into the ground, cracking the earth, shattering the rocks, and spattering the dust in the sky.

    As for Snow Shine's seven-foot long sword, it also sliced through her hands.

    It clanged and plunged into the earth.

    Dead silence.

    Deadly silence.

    At this moment, the entire world, elegantly silent.

    All sounds, all disappeared.

    It was as if time, at this moment, had stood still.

    Under the sky tree, everyone was stunned.

    Suzuki Ji stared at them, Looking Moon River's body trembled, and Toyotomi Kawaji was even more stunned.

    The entire Japanese martial arts crowd was all confused.

    In their hearts, there were waves of panic that swept wildly.

    "Snow Shining Heavenly God, defeated...Defeated?"


    "This...How did this..."

    Countless people wailed, countless people despaired, and countless people were filled with grief.

    From the moment the Snow-Shining Heavenly God fell, they only felt that the sky had collapsed.

    The Snow Shining Heavenly God was the number one strongest person in their Sun Country, sheltering the Sun Country's martial dao for a hundred years.

    But now, the strongest person of their Sun Country had lost.

    "It's over~"

    "It's completely over."

    "Even the Snow Shine Pavilion Master has lost."

    "This Huaxia teenager really stepped on our entire country of Japan with one person's strength~"

    Beneath the Clear Sky Tower, countless people sobbed to the heavens, wretched tears flowing.

    The sound of anguish was heard throughout the four corners of the wilderness.

    The heavens and earth were silent, the grass and trees silent.

    Between the stars and rivers, only the young man, bloodied and proud, stood.

    His thin body was like a long spear, straight and plunging into the sky.

    It was misty and majestic, as if the gods were in the world.

    Looking back at the sky, I saw clouds moving in all directions.

    If the sword is in your hand, who is the hero of the world?

    On the 5th of May in the year of Gengzi, Ye Fan came out of China, entered the country of Japan, crossed the sea and defeated the number one strongest god of the country of Japan, Snow Shining God, at the top of the country of Japan.

    The news spread and the world was shocked!


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