Dish Best Served Cold 931-935


Chapter 931

It was evening.

    A young boy and a young girl were sitting like this at the top of the sky tree.

    She had finally arrived at the place closest to the sky, as she wished.

    Above her head, the sea of clouds was swirling, and the Ten Thousand Celestial Rivers seemed to be right in front of her.

    Below her feet, tall buildings were erected, and the multitudes of beings were almost trampled under their feet.

    In the distance, the setting sun flooded into Rangong Yingyue's vision like an ocean tide, and the huge sun wheel seemed to cover the entire sky.

    Ranggong Ying Yue couldn't help but walk forward, so afraid of heights, she was suddenly not so afraid at this moment.

    She stood in front of the huge glass window, standing on her tiptoes to look out joyfully.

    Her sight, it seemed, had crossed the miles of time and space, and he saw the sea of clouds tossing and the seagulls soaring into the sky.

    He seemed to see ten thousand tons of seawater churning at her feet, and the tide breaking into white splashes beneath black cliffs.

    He saw the wind blowing through tens of thousands of hectares of forest, and unmanned subway trains heading off into the distance against the setting sun.

    The city of Winterfell in the evening looked like the sea, too.

    A sea of countless points of light converging.

    Thousands of vehicles, glittering with orange light, surged through the city, like the waves of a mountain range.

    In the midst of the enchantment, Rangong Ying Yue smiled lightly, pointing to the vast world below her, and murmured to Ye Fan.

    "Master, do you see the sea?"

    "The pale red sea, it's so beautiful."

    On top of the Heavenly River, Rangong Ying Yue smiled shallowly.

    Her pale, pretty face was filled with happiness and comfort.

    Mom was right, the most romantic place in the world really was at the top of the Sky Tree.

    There is no strife of interest, no hooking up.

    There is no war, no smoke.

    It was as if the whole world only had the beautiful sunset, and the young man beside her.

    But, as Ye Fan followed her gaze, where was the sea?

    There was just that rue of beings, and the firmament.

    "Master, what do you think the depths of the firmament will be?"

    Time passed slowly, and when the sunset sank completely, darkness swept in like a tidal wave.

    Outside, the night breeze wrapped around the sea, blowing slowly.

    The two of them, Ye Fan, just like this, sat quietly at the nearest place to the firmament.

    Ranggong Ying Yue's body grew weaker and weaker, her pretty face pale, like a piece of white paper.

    She leaned on Ye Fan's shoulder, trying to keep her consciousness awake.

    Even though her body was becoming more and more disobedient, this girl in front of her was still smiling stubbornly.

    She wanted to leave the most beautiful side of herself to Ye Fan.

    I don't want Ye Fan to remember her in the future with only that pale and emaciated side face.

    Faced with Ranggong Ying Yue's whispers, Ye Fan whispered back, "Yue'er, do you believe that there are immortals in the world?"

    "Would you believe me if I said that the depths of the firmament are inhabited by immortals who have feathered and ascended?"

    Without much hesitation, Rangong Ying Yue actually nodded, "Well, what Master said, Moon believes and is convinced of it."

    "Moreover, I also believe that the master is an immortal who came down from heaven~"

    Soft words flowed slowly along with the clear breeze outside.

    However, Ye Fan did not notice that the crescent mark at the place of Rangong Ying Yue's eyebrow was growing brighter.

    Outside, the Heavenly River stood across the sky and was filled with stars.

    In the Skywatch Cloister, Ye Fan sat here so quietly, guarding her and accompanying the stunning girl in front of her to finish the last journey of her life.

    However, under the sky tree, it was a gathering of giants and thousands of people.

    After Suzuki Ji spread the news that Ye Fan and Rangong Ying Yue were at the Skywatch Cloister, the people of the Japanese martial arts were undoubtedly all there.

    Everyone, with anger and resentment in their hearts, surrounded the Sky Tree.

    Tonight, they, the Martial Dao of the Sun Country, must make an end with Ye Fan.

    They swore that they must use Ye Fan's blood to pay tribute to the dead Japanese Kingdom's spirits.


    "Iwai Zen, Miyamoto Agency, did you see that?"

    "The entire martial power of the entire Sun Country, but they've all arrived."

    "Thousands of people have converged."

    "And, the Great God of Snow Shining is on his way to arrive."

    "This little Chinese child is at the end of his rope."

    "Today, even if the gods arrive, he will not be able to escape death."

    "As soon as this Chu Tianfan dies, I will denounce your Triad Consortium for the crime of collaboration and treason, and report to the Snow Shining God to trample down your Triad Consortium, as well!"

    Under the sky tree, Suzuki-kichi, dressed in a straight suit, spoke proudly to Iwai Zen and the others.

    The high and mighty appearance was like that of a general who had won a great battle.

    Iwai Zen and the others were silent and just waited quietly.

    But their pale faces were enough to show the worry in their hearts.

    However, since they had already chosen to stand with Ye Fan, it was useless to worry anymore.

    All they could do now was to pray.


    At that moment, in the distance, there was suddenly a gale sweeping.

    The cherry blossoms on the roadside were suddenly swept up by the wind and waves.

    Suddenly, here in heaven and earth, cherry blossoms filled the sky and three thousand leaves, rustling.

    Immediately afterwards, a majestic might that overwhelmed the Heavenly River enveloped everyone's heart.

    It made people, unable to help but, kneel in submission.

    "This...This is..."

    "Is it, coming?"

    Among the crowd, I don't know who was the first to shout.

    Immediately afterwards, everyone looked up.

    There was a magnificent silhouette in the depths of the celestial river, quietly arriving.

    Under the moonlight, that graceful silhouette was like the empress of the world.

    Cool, misty and majestic!

    At eight o'clock on the evening of May 5, the strongest man in the Japanese Kingdom, Snow Shining Sky God, ended up under the Sky Tree!

    At that moment, the whole arena boiled.

    Everyone, the moment they saw her, they worshipped like believers with the most devout hearts.

    They bowed and bent their backs, they worshipped respectfully.

    The sounds that rose and fell gathered into a stream that impacted the entire world.

    "Greetings, the Snow Shining Heavenly God has descended!"


    "Greetings, Snow Shining Sky God descends!"




    The sky looked into the cloister and it was silent.

    The world was quiet, as if you could hear the twinkling of the stars.

    Rangong Ying Yue grew weaker and weaker, and a certain consciousness in her mind grew stronger and stronger.

    Countless times, she was close to falling into slumber and unconsciousness.

    But she was still stubbornly holding on.

    She shrank in Ye Fan's embrace and tilted her head up, looking at the tip of Ye Fan's nose, his side face, his outline.

    It seemed that she wanted to carve Ye Fan's appearance deeply into her bones.

    Such words, even though her soul was gone, her flesh and blood body would still remember, the young man who brought her endless emotions before her eyes.

    Perhaps, many years later, she had become a moon god.But accidentally passing by him in the crowded streets, you look back in a horrified subconscious, only to see the back of thousands of passers-by.

    However, you can still distinctly, remember the clear face of that teenager.

    Perhaps, she didn't know what relationship she had with him, but she could surely remember that this man, had been in her life, that important.

    However, Ye Fan had no time to care about these small thoughts of Rangong Ying Yue.

    At this time, the calmness on his face had dissipated, and in its place was an unprecedented gravity.

    He lifted his head and looked through the huge glass window to the vast sky outside.

    There, he saw a peerless silhouette, standing in the sky.

    Her eyes were clear and cold, and her brows and eyes contained power.

    She stood across the void, she was magnificent!

    At this moment, the number one powerhouse of the Sun Country, Snow Shining God, and Ye Fan, finally met at the top of the Sun Country.


The top of the Sun Country.

    The moonlight is pale, enveloping the pine forest outside the window.

    Clusters of white clouds, revealing a few sparse stars.

    Where the Heavenly River is, the sea fog blurs far away.

    But there was an unparalleled figure, stretching across the sea of clouds.

    Feet on the river of stars, the void across the sky!

    If an ordinary person were to see it, they would be shocked beyond words.

    It would even think that the cool woman in front of him was really an immortal in the world.

    However, Ye Fan was unmoved.

    There wasn't even the slightest bit of trepidation on his clear face.

    After all, in his eyes, standing in the air wasn't an astonishing means.

    When a martial daoist's control of power, reached an extreme, he could use his strength to counteract the force of gravity in order to briefly imperialize the sky.

    Of course, such a means required an extremely high level of control over the practitioner's control over power.

    Thus, even among the Sealed Masters, only a small number of powerful people were able to do so!

    When Moonwatching River and Ye Fan had a rendezvous on Dongchang Lake, treading water, they had also done it by this method.

    However, with Moonwatching River's strength, doing it to the limit could only be done to that extent.

    With a skill such as standing horizontally in the void in front of him, Moonwatching River would probably only be envious.

    "Master, what's wrong?"

    At this time, in the Skywatching Cloister, it seemed that he had sensed something different in Ye Fan's mood, and Rangong Ying Yue asked in a moment of confusion.

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice, "It's fine, but, it seems that a friend has arrived."

    The words were low, carrying an inexplicable coldness and endless anger.

    He didn't expect these people to be in such a hurry.

    Even their last moments were not allowed to pass in peace for Rang Gong Ying Yue.

    "Yue'er, wait here."

    "I'll be right back."

    Ye Fan didn't wait any longer, the other party was not good, it was better to go out on her own initiative rather than let her force her to show herself.

    This way, it would also reduce the damage to Rangong Ying Yue.

    As the words fell, Ye Fan immediately got up.

    With a wave of his sleeve robe, the huge glass canopy in front of him looked as if it had been finely cut open, revealing an opening the size of a person.

    Ye Fan took a step and stepped out.

    "Master, don't~"

    At that moment, Rangong Ying Yue was shocked.

    This was a hundred meters high, there was no cover outside, and if Ye Fan walked out, he would fall to pieces.

    However, Rangong Yingyue's shock had just been uttered, and then she saw that under the river in the sky, Ye Fan's feet stepped on the empty sky, and he was actually walking on the ground.

    It was as if Newton's law, on him, had failed.

    Earth's gravitational force didn't even have any effect on him?

    "Void across the sky?"


    "Could it be master, really...Really a fairy?"

    At that moment, Rangong Ying Yue was stunned.

    On her pretty face, she was filled with shock and panic.

    Actually, it wasn't just Rangong Ying Yue.

    Under the tree in the sky, Toyotomi Kawayoshi was stunned.

    Suzuki-kichi was dumbstruck!

    Thousand Chi Jing as well as Iwai Zen and the others were all dumbstruck.

    They tilted their heads up, all looking at the two figures that were standing a hundred meters in the air.

    Their brows and eyes were filled with horror.

    In their hearts, all of them were swept by monstrous waves of horror!


    "Is this the really strong one?"

    "Ignoring the gravitational pull of the earth, ignoring the laws of physics, and standing across the void with flesh and blood?"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi was filled with shock and sighed in disbelief.

    All this time, the means of the imperial sky had only been seen by Toyotomi Kawayoshi in books or in long-ago legends.

    Now, when this kind of celestial means actually appeared in front of them, they only felt that their worldviews, nearly all of them, had collapsed.

    Who said that there were no immortals in the world?

    When a martial art is at its peak, it's called immortality!

    Listening to the sound of the surrounding voices that drew cold air, Ryuichi Shiano, who had come to watch the battle in his wheelchair, couldn't help but sneer.

    "A bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well, how do they know the might of a title clan?"

    "You know, each of the top ten in the Heavenly Ranking will be able to counter a country!"

    "One man, comparable to millions."

    "How can such a strong man be measured by common sense?"

    After all, Ryuichi Ishino was one of the three great Palace Masters of the Sword God Palace, and he was a little famous in the world martial world.

    Standing in his position, the strong people he had come into contact with and the things he had seen were naturally not comparable to people like Toyotomi Kawayoshi.

    Many years ago, Ryuichi Shiano had seen the Heavenly Ranking Powerful One Imperial Sky.

    And the Snow Shining Sky God was the number one strongest person in their country of Japan, and in all of Asia, the force of that was second to none.

    She was able to do the Royal Sky, and Ryuichi Shino wasn't surprised.

    "I just didn't expect that Chu Tianfan to be able to do that."

    "This guy, what is his background?"

    "At such a young age, he has the strength of a title, a Tongtian cultivation."

    "Huaxia Martial Dao, when did such a number one evil character appear?"

    When they saw that Ye Fan was also walking on the ground in the air, the old faces of Shi Ye Long Yi and Moonwatching River were undoubtedly all gloomy and filled with heaviness.

    The scruples and killing intent towards Ye Fan in their hearts undoubtedly grew stronger and stronger.

    This kind of evil, if not eliminated today, it would definitely be a great danger to the heart of the Sun Country in the future.

    Moonwatching River had already decided that this time, no matter what means he used, he must make Ye Fan's corpse remain in the Sun Country forever.



    "You are Chu Tian Fan?"

    "Is that what you killed by Ming Zun?"

    "Was Luna captured by you as well?"

    "The eight-foot Qiong hooked jade was also snatched away by you?"

    At the top of the sky tree, a skinny young man and a cool woman were so distantly facing each other.

    At the sight of Ye Fan, even Xuezhao herself, whose beautiful face had always been ancient and calm, had a few ripples.

    After all, this man in front of her was too young.

    Young, one could say somewhat frightening.

    But that was all.

    Xuezhao would not be the slightest bit merciful because of Ye Fan's youth.

    On the contrary, she could not keep him even more.

    Otherwise, after a few decades, he wouldn't be the next Ye Qingtian?

    Huaxia, having one War God was enough.

    If there was another one, then it would undoubtedly be detrimental to the martial balance of the region.

    In response to Xuezhao's question, Ye Fan lightly smiled.

    "It seems that you already know all about me."

    "You're right, Idiot Qiong hooked jade was taken by me, and so was Yue'er."

    "Not only that, I also killed Suzaku Naruto, killed the Sword God Palace Master, and stepped down your entire Japanese martial path at the top of Mount Fuji."

    At the top of the Star River, Ye Fan smiled proudly.

    The sound of the Morrowind was like waves sweeping.

    In a split second, here in the heavens and earth, there was a gale that swept up, blowing the robes of the two men and hunting them.

    "In that case, hand over the Moon God."

    "She is my Sun Country's Martial Dao Faith, and she cannot be offended and blasphemed by you."

    Ye Fan's words didn't make Yukizhao show any anger.

    She looked condescendingly at Ye Fan, and in a superior tone, she ordered coldly at Ye Fan.

    The cold and clear tone was full of authority.

    "Moon God?"

    Ye Fan sniffed, but shook his head and snorted.

    "I told you, I don't know any Moon God."

    "I only know that there is only Ranggong Reflecting Moon."

    "Since she serves me as her master and respects me, she is my Chu Tianfan."

    "In this world, only I can control her life and death and decide her freedom."

    "And you, who the hell are you to dare to boss me around?"


"Shut up!"

    "The Moon God is the martial faith of our Sun Country, and you, a Chinese junior, dare to blaspheme?"

    "Since you're so ignorant of life and death, then don't blame my men, Seven Feet of Qingfeng, for being merciless!"

    Ye Fan's words undoubtedly infuriated the Snow Shining Sky God completely.

    For many years, ever since she was at the top of the Martial Dao, became the head of the Three Gods Pavilion and rebuilt the whole country, no one dared to treat him so disrespectfully like Ye Fan.

    Now Ye Fan, first insulted their Japanese faith, and then insulted her Snowlight God.

    Undoubtedly, unforgivable!

    In a split second, the Snow Shining Sky God was no longer polite.

    Morbid words quietly exploded.

    In the void, there was only a flash of blue mane, a horizontal sword qi, sweeping the sky and river.

    It was as if a dragon entered the nine heavens, and its might raged in all directions.

    Just like this, it furiously cut towards where Ye Fan was standing.

    Xuezhao's sword speed was so fast, one second the crowd saw her sword, the next second, the sword had fallen on Ye Fan.


    Hearing only a crisp sound, Snow Shine struck a sword at Ye Fan, but it didn't even cause the slightest injury to Ye Fan.

    Only the biting wind swept, blowing up the young man's robes and hunting.


    "Horizontal kung fu?"

    "No wonder, you dare to resist the power of my sword without fear of the sword light."

    "I just don't know, how many swords can you block with this body of yours?"

    Between sneers, the Snow Shining God once again stepped into the sky.

    The sword in his hand slashed wildly, swinging it like rain.

    The monstrous attack was only like a storm, pouring madly on Ye Fan.

    Ten swords a second, one sword cutting the four directions.

    In just an instant, on top of that Sun Country, there was only the blue light sweeping across the sword.

    And Ye Fan, who was in the middle of it, faced the majestic might of the Snow Shining God and blocked it repeatedly.

    His entire body was as if it was cast in copper and iron, and the long sword cut down on his body, surprisingly bringing up a trail of sparks.

    However, even though Ye Fan had cultivated the Body Refining Martial Art, even so, he was beaten back under the stormy attack of the Snow Shining God.

    There was only the ability to fight back, with no ability to fight back at all.

    "It's worthy of being the Snow Shining Heavenly God."

    "The Green Lotus Sword Intent has been trained to such an exquisite level."

    "Every move, every style, the control of the sword is just right."

    "It's as if, that sword has become a part of the Snow Shining God's body."

    "Ancient Sword Immortal, when the sword is in the extreme, it is the state of unity of the human sword."

    "Perhaps, at this time, the Snow Shining Sky God has already reached this realm."

    Under the tree in the sky, countless people looked up.

    Especially the Sword God Moonwatching River, who was also a person who used a sword, but at this time, after seeing the Snow Shining Sky God's sword technique, Moonwatching River only felt ashamed and amazed.

    Ridiculous, he still called himself the Sword God.

    Previously, he thought that in terms of swordsmanship, he would be alone in the world.

    But now it seemed that compared to a truly strong person, he, Moonwatching River, was far from it after all!

    "Snow Shining God's Sword Technique is already out of this world."

    "I reckon that among the martial dao of this world, the one sword technique is no one else's equal."

    Moonwatching River lamented at length, and his words were filled with admiration and reverence for Snowshot.

    On the other side, Suzakuji and the others looked at the battle ahead and laughed unrestrainedly.


    "Iwai Zen, is this the Chu-san that your Trio Consortium is loyal to?"

    "I thought how awesome?"

    "It's just like that now."

    "It's only just been an encounter, and I'm being pressured by the Snow Shining Sky God."

    "There's only the strength to fight, with no ability to fight back at all."

    "It looks like it won't be long before I'll be cut down by the Snow Shining Patriarch, with a single sword, right?"

    Under the sky tree, thousands of people gathered, and luxury cars gathered.

    The president of the Suzuki Consortium, Suzuki Yosh, leaned against the car, snickering gloomily while holding a cigar in his mouth.

    Next to him, Iwai Zen and the others were silent, but how distinct was the pallor on their old faces?

    In his heart, he was filled with worry.

    Was it really wrong for him to place his bets on Ye Fan?




    There was another clash between the rivers of heaven.

    Snow Shine wielded her long sword and slashed dozens of swords in a thunderous manner.

    This time, Ye Fan was ultimately hard to bear.

    In the end, he was chopped down by Snow Shine with one sword.

    The enormous force wrapped around Ye Fan's body and slammed into the earth below.


    Only a dull roar was heard, and the earth below immediately cracked.

    The hard tarmac ground was even more so, an eventful pit was directly smashed out by Ye Fan!

    At that moment, a delivery van just happened to be approaching from the front, and seeing this sudden explosion, the driver screamed in terror.

    In between the horror, he swerved, his rubber tires rubbing against the ground with a devilish whine, and ended up drifting right into the roadside sewer with the van.


    "Mr. Chu~"

    At this moment, Rangong Yingyue and Thousand Chi Jing both spoke out in unison, nearly at the same time in alarm.

    Thousand Chi Jing's pretty face was pale, her eyes full of worry.

    Rangong Ying Yue's beautiful eyes were red and chocolate-covered with tears.

    But soon, Ye Fan rushed out again, pulling up from the ground.



    Ye Fan looked up to the sky and smiled, then his lean figure seemed to transform into a sword that went straight into the clouds.

    In an instant, he was once again in front of Snow Shine.

    At this time, Ye Fan's upper shirt had been damaged by Snow Shine, revealing his bronze-colored skin underneath.

    The Snow Shining Heavenly God looked at him condescendingly, and his clear and cold voice, then sounded, "Do you still want to resist in a negative way?"

    "I admit that your horizontal training is really good."

    "If it were an outsider, I'm afraid you wouldn't even be able to break your defenses."

    "But unfortunately, what you pride yourself on is far from enough for me."

    "My sword skills are already known for their swiftness and fierceness."

    "Even though you have bronze heads and iron arms, you still cannot stop the might of my sword."


    The night wind was bitter, rolling up three thousand fallen leaves.

    Between the empty space, Snow Shine stood in the air, indifferent gaze, as if no emotion was contained, looked down on Ye Fan like this.

    How majestic was that majesty from on high?

    However, facing the might of the Snow Illumination, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    "Don't you think it's too early to say this?"

    "It was just a warm-up before."

    "Now, the battle has only just begun."


    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, the crowd could just see that a wisp of golden light had quietly emerged from Ye Fan's body.

    It was as if the dragon soared ten thousand miles, a touch of shock, reaching the nine heavens.

    The dragon opened its eyes and the tiger returned to the mountain!

    At this moment, Ye Fan's entire aura exploded with a bang.

    At the same time, between the nine heavens, there was almost an incessant sound of dragons and tigers roaring.


    "The golden light surges and the dragon roars?"

    "Is this...Is this..."

    "Body refining divine technique, Dragon God Body?!"

    Under the Sky Tree, seeing the golden dragon light that erupted from Ye Fan's body, Sword God Moonwatching River trembled immeasurably.

    He lost his mind and roared, a pair of eyeballs that were close to jumping out at this moment.

    How could he have never imagined that the long-lost body refining technique, the Dragon God's Body, would reappear in the world?


    What's this young man's story?


"Dragon God Body?"

    "What's that?"

    "Is it great?"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others, who had obviously never heard of such martial arts, asked in confusion.


    "Along the martial path, body refining martial arts are inherently extremely rare."

    "It can be said that once it appears, it causes martial dao powerhouses from various countries to compete for it."

    "Rumor has it that a hundred years ago, the trigger for the Chu Gate Rebellion was because of a body refining technique."

    "Yes, that secret art was the Dragon God Body."


    The words of Sword God Moonwatching River were only like a boulder entering the sea, setting off huge waves in this world.

    In a split second, Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others were all flabbergasted in place.

    The old eyes were filled with shock.

    The name of Truman was known to everyone in the martial world.

    Although, nowadays, the world martial world was full of forces from all sides.

    The Three Gods Pavilion of the Country of Japan, the Martial God Palace of Warsaw, the Imperial Family, and other such martial powers were considered famous in the world martial dao.

    However, the number one recognized martial power in the world was still the Chu Men!

    If the world's martial power was divided into several echelons.

    Then the Truman family would be able to dominate one echelon.

    One supreme and many strong, this was the current power structure of the world's martial dao.

    After all, there were three Truman families, and the Truman family alone could rival the world.

    With the addition of the other two families helping each other, this world was so large that no one could naturally rival it.

    A hundred years ago, the Chu Clan, relying on its supreme might, suddenly launched the biggest war in the history of martial arts, and declared war on the entire world at the same time.

    The peace of life was then shattered.

    The originally flourishing martial dao of various countries had thus entered a decade of turmoil.

    During those ten years, the strongest warriors of the Chu Gate conquered various countries, and steel torrents trampled across seven continents.

    Countless strongmen fell, and almost every day, a title clan master fell.

    As for those beneath the grandmaster, they were even more crazily harvested like grass and weeds.

    For these dark ten years, although there were records of the martial arts of various countries, they were not exhaustive.

    Thus, people like Toyotomi Kawayoshi only knew that there had been the Truman Rebellion in the history of the martial world, and naturally, they did not know the specifics.

    Now, hearing that the trigger for the biggest strife in the history of martial dao was actually this Dragon God Body.

    One could imagine how shocked the hearts of the crowd were?

    At this moment, the same question emerged in the hearts of many people.

    Could it be that the young man in front of them, called Hua Xia, was related to the Truman Rebellion a hundred years ago?

    Or was it that the Body Tempering Divine Art that had caused chaos in the world back then had not ended up in the hands of the Chu Gate, but had been acquired by the Martial God Temple?

    Or maybe, the Martial Temple and the Chu Gate have already formed a good relationship with the Qin and Jin and are mutually beneficial?

    Confused, shocked, suspicious ~

    A variety of emotions enveloped the hearts of the crowd.

    Of course, even Moonwatching River could see Ye Fan's Body Refining Martial Art, and the Snow Shining Heavenly God could see it even more.

    The moment Ye Fan used it, the Snow Shining Celestial God's pretty face had trembled.

    "This is, the Dragon God Body?"

    "How is that possible?"

    "How could you, a Chinese teenager, cultivate a Dragon God Body?"

    "Could it be that it was obtained from the Martial Temple?"

    "No, there's no way that the Huaxia Martial God Temple has this secret technique."

    "Back then, this body refining technique fell into the hands of the Chu Gate."

    "Tell me, this Dragon God Body, where did you learn it?"

    "What is the relationship between you and Truman?"

    Snow Shining God trembled tremendously, his pretty face sunk, and he couldn't stop asking questions at Ye Fan.

    The Chu Gate Rebellion back then, although the ultimate purpose had nothing to do with this secret body refining technique.

    However, it had to be said that the appearance of the "Dragon God Body" was the spark that triggered the catastrophe.

    It was this secret art that had greatly advanced Truman's plan to sweep the world.

    There was no doubt about the power of the Dragon God's Body.

    But the Snow God couldn't figure out how Ye Fan could use such a secret technique that belonged to the Chu Sect.

    Could it be that he was a Truman?

    However, this thought only appeared for a few moments before it was vetoed by Xuezhao.

    After all, as far as he knew, Ye Fan was from Huaxia.

    And there was a life-and-death feud between Huaxia and Truman, even though nowadays, due to the huge disparity in strength, the Martial Temple didn't dare to go to Truman to seek revenge, but for Truman's people, Huaxia was undoubtedly extremely repulsive.

    In today's world, Huaxia was one of the few countries that banned the activities of Truman members in the country.

    If Ye Fan was a member of the Chu Gate, it would be almost impossible for him to stay in Huaxia.

    Moreover, on the back of his hand, he didn't have the Yunyang symbol of "Floating Clouds and Blazing Sun", which is unique to the Chu Sect people.

    However, facing Xuezhao's question, Ye Fan smiled and remained silent.

    He was walking slowly, his body was surging with golden light, and the shadow of a golden dragon could be seen circling around his body.

    It was only as if there was, like, a true dragon protecting his body!

    It wasn't until, when Ye Fan arrived in front of Snow Shine, that he smiled contemptuously, "Why be surprised?"

    "I will, not just the Dragon God Body."

    "The surprise, it's still coming."


    As soon as the words fell, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and in the void, only a dragon whistle could be heard, and a pair of iron fists overflowed with dazzling golden light, smashing into Xuezhao's body like this.


    Dragons and tigers battled, fists and swords exchanged.

    In a split second, sparks of fire shot everywhere.

    Mighty power swept wildly.

    Just like this, Ye Fan's fist directly bent the sword in the Snow God's hand.


    The seven-foot green blade erupted with a miserable buzz.

    Immediately afterwards, the vigor exploded, and the Snow Shining God, holding a long sword, was actually shaken out of the sky by Ye Fan's kick.


    With her feet on the ground, she took ten raw steps back.

    Even after the confrontation was over, the sword in Snow Shine's hand was still trembling, and there was a throbbing pain coming out of the tiger's mouth.

    "Is this the power of the Dragon God Body?"

    "No wonder, back then, the Chu Gate started a monstrous war because of it!"

    Under the Sky Tree, Moonwatching River and the others frowned, their heartstrings taut.

    With a head-on collision, the number one strongest person in their country of Japan had been repelled.

    This was by no means good news.

    "Snow Shining Sky God, don't keep it!"

    "Give it your all~"

    "Kill him and avenge Naruto Zun's tragic death of our Japanese countrymen~"

    "Snow Shining Sky God, please slay him~"

    Suzuki Ji seemed to be unable to watch anymore, and even though he was a hundred meters in the air, he still pulled at his throat and shouted loudly.

    The victory or defeat of this battle was not only related to the glory and shame of their country of Japan, but also involved the interests of their Suzuki Consortium.

    He had already planned it all out, as soon as Ye Fan died, he would immediately fall on the well and sweep the Triad Foundation with a thunderous force, taking over all the properties of this Triad Foundation in one fell swoop.

    After all, the Trio Consortium had collaborated with the enemy and committed treason in the first place, and they, the Suzuki Consortium, were acting on behalf of God by annihilating them.

    With the righteousness on their side, Suzuki-kichi naturally had nothing to worry about.

    As Suzuki-ji's rhythm took over, the crowd below, actually shouted.

    "Yes, Snow Shining Sky God, don't hold back."

    "Please, cut him down!"


    "Please, cut him down~"


Under the sky tree, countless people roared in unison.

    The rushing sound gathered into a stream, sweeping the heavens and earth here.


    At this time, a boom came from the void once again.

    It was Ye Fan and Xuezhao, once again fighting at the summit of the Sun Country.

    Sure enough, after learning that Ye Fan had mastered the Dragon God Physique, Xuezhao's attack was a few points more aggressive than before.

    The swords drank blood, and the moves were deadly.

    At this time, Snow Zhaoshao was undoubtedly in full fire.

    The overwhelming sword qi was pouring wildly towards Ye Fan without any reservation.

    After a long encounter, all the contempt that Xuezhao had for Ye Fan before was undoubtedly gone.

    What was there was only gravity and scruples.

    Under this situation, Xuezhao naturally attacked with all her might.

    And Ye Fan was not ambiguous, facing the might of Snow Shine, he saw the moves.

    Relying on his strong flesh and agile body, he was able to navigate through the Snow Shine Sword Qi without missing a drop of water.

    Sometimes, he would even take the opportunity to counterattack when he caught the opportunity.

    However, perhaps because of the difference in his realm, so much so that most of the time, Ye Fan was on the defensive.

    But even so, Ye Fan's occasional counterattacks would still cause a lot of trouble for Xuezhao!

    Just like at this moment, Ye Fan seized the opportunity when the old power of Snow Shining was just exhausted and the new power was still fresh, and suddenly slapped down.

    As if piercing flowers and plucking leaves, the light palm slapped directly on the Snow Shining God's crispy breast.

    The soft touch was suddenly felt.

    The Snow Shining Heavenly God muffled a snort, and his petite body was suddenly knocked a hundred meters away.


    "Son of a bitch~"


    "Blasphemy against our Moon God is just fine, but now he won't even let go of Patriarch Snow Illumination."

    "Under the world, how can there still be such impudent people?"

    Seeing this scene, Moonwatching River, Suzuki Ji and the others were red-eyed at that time, using all sorts of vicious words and cursing madly at Ye Fan.

    One had to know that before the Moon God had been reborn, the Snow Shining Heavenly God was the strongest person in their Sun Country.

    High above the world, ice and jade.

    For a woman like this empress, Suzuki Ji and the others only had respect and reverence, how could they have the slightest intention of blasphemy?

    But now, the Snow Shining Heavenly God that they worshipped as a goddess in their hearts was attacked by that bastard Ye Fan's chest.

    Wang Yuehe and the others had the heart to strangle Ye Fan.

    In their red eyes, they were close to spitting fire.

    "Bastard, Bastard~"

    "He danged ten thousand to death!"


    The crowd below was still cursing.

    But Ye Fan and Xuezhao, who were in the limelight, didn't even care about that.

    After all, in a battle of the strong, victory or defeat was in the slightest of margins.

    In this situation, why would Ye Fan and the two have the energy to worry about anything else but fighting?

    Thus, being slapped by Ye Fan on top of his chest, the Snow Shining God was not angry at all, but instead even laughed freely.

    "Come again!"


    In the midst of the cold and clear voice, Xuezhao once again raised her sword to kill Ye Fan.

    For many years, since the end of the Chu Gate Rebellion, Xuezhao hadn't fought as soundly as today.

    As the saying goes, heroes cherish each other.

    If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Fan had too much blood on his hands, the Xuezhao God probably wouldn't be willing to kill Ye Fan.

    After all, the world was so big, it was too hard to find an equal opponent.

    To have a strong opponent was an honor for those who truly had the heart of a martial artist.

    It would, as a result, inspire them to become even stronger!


    Another clash, the seven-foot long sword swept out.

    Ye Fan's quick hands and eyes, his body leaned back and directly an iron plate crossed the bridge.

    He saw, the cold sword light, wiping his nose tip and sweeping past.

    However, Ye Fan only focused on the longsword in front of him, but forgot about the body below him.

    Sure enough, while Ye Fan's body was still unsteady, the Snow Shining God's jade foot lifted up and kicked at Ye Fan's body.


    Hearing only a dull roar, the Snow Shining God kicked this kick directly at Ye Fan's crotch.

    Ye Fan was in pain and his eyes went straight.

    The veins on his forehead bulged and cold sweat was coming out.

    Just like this, Ye Fan covered his crotch like a kite with a broken string and fell directly towards the earth below.

    Below, as the crowd watched the scene before them, many of them had their eyes drawn hard.

    Toyotomi Chuanji was even more oddly pale, saying in his heart.


    It hurt to watch.

    But fortunately, it wasn't myself who fought against Snowshot.

    Otherwise, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to be a man in the future.


    "Deserved it!"

    "Go Snow Shining Sky God."

    "Waste the bastard!"

    Suzukiji, however, climaxed, laughing madly and shouting loudly below.

    As for Ye Fan, when he was about to fall to the ground, he endured the pain and turned over, landing steadily on top of the ground.

    At this time, Ye Fan's old face was obviously still a little twisted in pain.

    After all, that place was too fragile.

    Even though there was the Dragon God protecting his body, but being kicked hard by Snow Shine, Ye Fan's taste was naturally unpleasant.

    "Sub-O, what a ruthless woman!"

    "Just you wait~"

    Ye Fan cursed and his feet stamped the ground once again.

    A pair of iron fists slammed into Snow Shine.

    This time, Ye Fan seemed to be angry, and the attack was obviously much harsher than before.

    The steel-like body was madly pouring power towards Xuezhao.

    Between the fists and swords clashing, it even brought up a burst of sparks.

    "One Leaf Chop!"


    In the midst of the clear and cold drink, Xuezhao found the opportunity to cut down on Ye Fan with a sword.

    Ye Fan didn't resist and turned around to dodge.

    A whoosh.

    The sword qi grazed Ye Fan's body and finally flew out towards the earth below.


    The earth shattered and splattered with rushing dust.

    The residual power of the sword qi alone could shatter rocks and crack the ground, so one could imagine the pressure that Ye Fan faced.

    "Snow Shining Sky God, continue~"

    "Keep cutting him!"

    "Chop this bastard to death~"

    "I don't believe that he can dodge one sword from you and a hundred swords from you ten?"

    Suzuki-ji was still screaming madly from below.

    At this time, Yuki Shine struck down with his sword again.

    Still with the same sword technique, Ichiba Zang!

    But this time, Ye Fan didn't dodge, but instead took advantage of the fact that Snowshot's sword hadn't fully formed, and stuck close to him like a tarsal bone.

    Being slapped by Ye Fan like this, Xuezhao's sword was undoubtedly distorted.

    So much so that the longitudinal sword qi also deviated from its intended path and went straight towards the place where the crowd under the sky tree was.




    Below, seeing this speeding sword light, Suzukiji and the others were all scared to death.

    Screaming, they scattered and fled.

    However, while Suzuki-ji and the others were patronizing themselves to run for their lives, the wheelchair-bound Amazon-he and Shino-Ryuichi or two who had difficulty moving were left alone.

    "Push me, hurry up and push me?"

    "Come on~"

    "Son of a bitch!"

    Moonwatching River was roaring there, while pushing his hands on the wheel to escape as far as possible.

    But it was useless, the sword light had already fallen and struck directly in front of Moonwatching River.

    A boom.

    The overflowing sword qi directly shook the nearby Moonwatching Moon River and Shi No Ryuichi..


    A face several mouthfuls of blood, spat out.

    The wheelchair cracked open, and Moonwatching River was also planted directly on the ground in a dog-eat-dog fashion.

    "Sword God, Sword God!"

    "You...Are you okay?"

    When the sword light dissipated, Suzakuji and the others rushed over to support them.


    "Bunch of sons of bitches, and you have the nerve to ask?"

    Looking Moon River was covered in blood and was picked up from the ground like a dog, but he was filled with anger and cursed wildly at Suzukiji and the others.


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