Dish Best Served Cold 856-860


Chapter 856

Wu Weitao said in fear.

    Mo Wuji didn't pay any more attention to him, but after glaring at him, he turned around and said, "Where is that person, take me over."

    Naturally, Wu Weitao didn't dare to say a single word, so he immediately brought Mo Wuji with him and walked to the front.

    There, Ye Fan was still surrounded by a crowd of people.

    "You're the one, who injured my niece?"

    Mo Wuji sized up the man in front of him, his eyebrows were filled with displeasure and coldness.

    "Without taking her life, it's already my mercy."Ye Fan coldly returned.


    "How dare you disrespect even Mo Lao?"

    "I think you really don't want to live!"

    "Someone, bring him down to me immediately."

    Mo Wuji hadn't spoken yet, but Wu Weitao was instantly angry.

    Rushing at Ye Fan, he sternly rebuked.

    However, just as Wu Weitao was about to let his men do it, Mo Wuji waved his hand, stopping Wu Weitao.

    The bantering gaze whirled and fell on Ye Fan.

    "Young man, I'm afraid that you don't know who is standing in front of you at this moment, right?"

    "Listen carefully, I am the owner of the Mo Family, one of the four great families of Yanjing, Mo Wuji."

    "So what?"Ye Fan shook his head and smiled faintly, "What Mo Wuji and Mo Youji, to me, you are no different from those flowers and grasses outside."

    In the meeting hall, Ye Fan had his hands in his trouser pockets.

    The faint words quietly echoed.


    "Hungry to mow the lawn!"

    "So crazy?"

    "How dare you say that the lord of the mansion is no different from the flowers and plants out there?"

    "What the fuck does he want?"

    "Trying to go against the grain!"

    The surrounding crowd, when they heard such arrogant words from Ye Fan, they were scared to death.

    That was the head of the Yanjing gentry.

    In the whole of Huaxia, he was probably a hand-to-hand existence.

    Even Wu Weitao, was so respectful in front of him.

    But Ye Fan, he was so disrespectful to him?

    Is he crazy?

    The corner of Wu Weitao's eyes twitched, and in his heart, he even cursed Ye Fan for not knowing how to live.


    "Had I known, I wouldn't have invited them, the pair of plague gods, over even if I had been killed."

    Wu Weitao was shocked and angry.

    Qiu Mu Orange was similarly frightened with a pretty pale face, her eyes filled with red from worry.

    Even Mo Wuji, who had seen a lot of storms, his old face, after hearing Ye Fan's words, was slightly stagnant.

    Finally, he laughed.

    "Interesting, after how many years, no one has ever dared to treat me as disrespectfully as you do."

    "You're the first one, though."

    "With this boldness of yours, you are qualified, to let me know your name."


    "Young man, do you dare to tell me your name?"

    "How dare you?"Ye Fan smiled faintly, then returned, "I am surnamed Ye, a single name, a mortal character."

    Ye Fan's faint voice echoed, but Mo Wuji echoed his words.

    "Surname Ye, a name Van?"

    At first, Mo Wuji didn't react.

    But then, he seemed to realize something.



    "You mean, you're Evan?"

    "The one known as Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, Ye Fan?"

    "That young master who defeated Moonwatching River in three moves with one punch, one kick, and one palm a few days ago at Dongchang Lake, is that you?"

    After hearing Ye Fan's name, Mo Wuji seemed as if he had gone mad.

    His body trembled and a pair of old eyes stared huge.

    Looking at Ye Fan with a huge trembling look!

    "It seems that you do know quite a bit."

    "You're right, I am Ye Fan."

    "The Sword God of the Sun Country, Moonwatching River, did lose to me as well."


    Ye Fan's words were like thunder striking down.

    Nearly instantly, Mo Wuji was certain that the teenage descendant in front of him was the person he was looking for on this Jiangdong trip.

    Thus, after learning of Ye Fan's identity, all the previous contempt on Mo Wuji's face was, of course, gone.

    What there was, was only full of respect and admiration.


    "What a treacherous journey."

    "Mr. Chu, I've heard a lot about your name."

    "I won't lie to you, here I, Mo Wuji, have come to Jiangdong for you ah."

    "Come, Mr. Chu, sit down."

    "Let's sit down and talk."

    Mo Wuji smiled, full of enthusiasm and respect.

    Ye Fan, however, raised his eyebrows, confused, "Oh, you know me?"

    "That's for sure."

    "Mr. Chu's divine might is unparalleled, and he stepped into the clan at a young age."

    "Now, even more so, he has swept away the Sword God of the Sun Country, Moonwatching River, which can be said to have shaken the entire Chinese Martial Dao!"

    "Even the Martial God Hall, after hearing about it, trembled with fear."

    "The six Pillar States, all of them have appreciated Mr. Chu, ah."

    "It is my Mo Wuji's fortune to get to know a young hero like Mr. Chu, and even more so, my Mo family's fortune."

    Mo Wuji said excitedly.

    When he was in Yanjing, after hearing about Ye Fan's deeds, Mo Wuji was extremely touched.

    It only felt that this Ye Fan's future future was boundless!

    The intention to befriend him was already in his heart.

    Now, it was just right that the Martial God Hall had entrusted him to come and deliver a message, Mo Wuji could also take this opportunity to make a friend of Ye Fan first.

    However, when Ye Fan was talking with Mo Wuji, the people beside him were dumbfounded.

    In particular, Wu Weitao was confused, with an old face as green as Shang.


    "What's this?"

    "Could it be that Ye Fan and Mo Wuji, the master of the Mo Family, still have a friendship?"

    Wu Weitao only felt that he didn't have enough brains left.

    The reason why he had fallen out with Ye Fan now was to curry favor with the Mo family.

    But if the old man of the Mo family had already been friends with Ye Fan, then what was what he had done before?

    A joke?

    Just as Wu Weitao was baffled, Mo Shanshan, who was covered in pain, was equally puzzled.

    "Uncle, you...What are you doing?"

    "This brat beat up your niece and you're avenging her?"

    "But why are you still..."

    Mo Shanshan shouted miserably, her heart filled with intense resentment towards Ye Fan.


    "You backstabbing daughter, how do you talk to Mr. Chu?"

    "It's a mouthful!"

    "Mr. Chu is already showing you great mercy by not killing you just now."

    "What are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't you get your ass over here and apologize to Mr. Chu?"

    Mo Wuji's angry voice came out.

    In just a few minutes, but there was a 180 degree change in attitude.

    At that time, everyone was confused.

    The Noble Mountain and Water Hall was dead silent.

    Who would have thought that Mo Wuji, who everyone thought was standing up for his niece, would turn his "gun" and ask Mo Shanshan to apologize to Ye Fan.

    This turn of events came so fast that it caught people off guard!

    Hundreds of doubts, Wu Weitao looked at Mo Wuji in a low voice, "Mo...Mo, you...Are you alright?"


However, it was fine that Wu Weitao didn't speak.

    Now this time, Mo Wuji was speaking, but he was looking at him again.

    "What can I have to do."

    "Rather, what do you mean by putting on such a big show and shouting at so many people?"

    "Could it be that you still want to make a move against Mr. Chu?"

    "Mr. Chu is my distinguished guest."

    "I'd like to ask you what mistake he's made to make you get so worked up about this?"

    Mo Wuji asked in a stern voice.

    Wu Weitao's old face became even paler and replied in fear, "He...He hurt Miss Mo, just now...Wasn't it you who just asked me to give you an explanation?"

    "Nonsense!"Mo Wuji gave a low roar.

    "This niece of mine is unruly and unruly and goes around doing wrong.Mr. Chu is doing her a favor by helping me teach her a lesson.I haven't thanked Mr. Chu enough, so how could I instruct you to make things difficult for him."

    "I think you're taking personal revenge, aren't you?"

    "I...I..."Wu Weitao had a hard time speaking, and his entire body was on the verge of tears.

    What the fuck is this all about?

    I'm afraid that after half a day's work, he can't get it right at both ends.

    If he had known earlier, he would have watched Ye Fan beat Mo Shanshan to death, and wouldn't have gotten into this mess.

    Now it was good, Ye Fan he had offended, and the Mo family side did not fall well.

    Wu Weitao's face was black then, and he was depressed enough to run headlong into death.

    "Shan Shan, why don't you come over and apologize?"

    "What? You don't even listen to me anymore?"

    Mo Wuji didn't pay any more attention to Wu Weitao, he wasn't related to Wu Weitao anyway, if this guy was willing to die then just go ahead and do it.

    Sooner or later, he would know what kind of existence the young man he offended today would be in the future.

    However, Wu Weitao he could ignore, Mo Shanshan she could not.

    This girl, after all, was a member of their Mo Family, and her words and actions represented their Mo Family even more.

    Therefore, he once again shouted angrily at Mo Shanshan and told her to roll over and apologize to Ye Fan.


    "He's a lowly peasant, a despicable door-to-door son-in-law, and why should I apologize to him?"

    "Mu Qi was so badly hurt by him."

    "It would be difficult for him to repay in a million deaths."

    "And what qualifications are there to make me apologize?"

    However, Mo Shanshan didn't know where she got the courage.

    In the face of Mo Wuji's authority, she was not even afraid, but instead disobeyed and said.

    The crowd beside her looked on and sighed, perhaps this was the power of love.


    "Mu Ki?"

    "Who is he?"

    "What's going on here?"

    Hearing the name "Mu Qi", Mo Wuji frowned, his words were cold, and then he asked one of the assistants who had been accompanying Mo Shanshan.

    "Master, Autumn Mu Qi is.... is Miss's fiancé."

    "Miss also wanted to avenge his death, so she clashed with Mr. Chu and the others."

    "This matter is really not Miss's fault, my lord, please spare Miss~"

    That little assistant said in fear.

    Mo Wuji's face, however, was completely cold.

    He had a pair of cold eyes that looked around the four directions.

    An icy cold voice rang out.

    "Whoever is Qiu Mu Qi, come out by yourself."

    The cold voice echoed.

    Qiu Mukki, who had just been helped up by Qiu Guang, hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he mustered up the courage to come out.

    "Uncle, I...I am Shan Shan's fiancé, Qiu Mu Qi."


    However, who would have thought that as soon as Qiu Muqi's words fell, Mo Wuji boomed out and kicked Qiu Mu Orange in the stomach.

    Hearing only a scream, Qiu Muqi's entire body was directly kicked out by Mo Wuji and rolled down the stairs to the hall below.

    "So it was you, this beast, who compelled Shan Shan to do such a wrong thing."

    "Returning your fiancé?"

    "Just you, you want to be my Mo family's son-in-law too?"

    "You deserve it too?"

    "I'm warning you, from now on, you're not allowed to have any contact with Shan Shan."

    "Otherwise, I will not spare you!"

    "Get out!"

    Mo Wuji let out a low cry of anger that shook the four directions.

    Undoubtedly, Mo Wuji was truly angry.

    He did not expect that today's banquet would even involve a family scandal of their Mo family.

    "Mu Qi~"

    "How are you, son?"

    Seeing Qiu Mu Qi being beaten, Qiu Guang and Master Qiu were suddenly anxious and rushed over to assist.

    After Mo Wuji heard the words that came out of their mouths, his eyebrows raised once again, "The two of them, who are they again?"

    That little assistant of Mo Shanshan's naturally didn't dare to hide it and bowed her head in fear and replied, "Family...My lord, they are Autumn Mukki's father and grandfather."

    "Miss intends to, after this reception, take them to Yanjing to acquire an estate for them and settle them down."

    Mo Wuji's palms gradually clenched, and the anger in his heart grew thicker and thicker.

    Hearing the end, he even became even more furious and cursed, "This shameless rebellious daughter, daring to go behind the family's back and raise little white men outside?"

    "And you want to even raise his family?"

    "That's great!"

    "Her father wouldn't even have the guts~"

    Mo Wuji was simply furious and cursed angrily, then gave an order.

    "Someone, throw them out for me!"

    "Immediately, immediately!"

    Mo Wuji roared.

    "The two of them, too, throw?"The subordinate pointed at both Qiu Guang and Master Qiu and asked suspiciously.

    "I said, throw them all out!"

    "I don't want to see them for a moment~" repeated Mo Wuji again.

    "Uncle, don't~"Mo Shanshan might have really had a love for Qiu Muqi, but by now, she was even pleading for Qiu Muqi and the others.

    However, Mo Wuji, who was in the midst of his anger, slapped Mo Shanshan directly in the face.

    "Shut up."

    "You shameless beast!"

    "I said why did you take the initiative to volunteer to come to Jiangdong."

    "So it was for a private meeting with that little white face!"

    "The face of my Mo Family has been disgraced by you, this backstabbing daughter."

    "In the future, if I ever find out that you have anything to do with him again, don't blame me for breaking your dog's legs!"

    Mo Wuji spoke furiously.

    After saying that, Mo Wuji had his people take Mo Shanshan away as well.

    The Qiu family and Mo Shanshan, who were still flaunting their power, ended up with such a tragic ending.

    With Mo Wuji's words, Qiu Muqi's plan to get close to a rich woman and embrace her thighs was a complete failure.

    Think about it, the Yanjing Mo family, what kind of noble family is it?

    Naturally, Mo Wuji would not allow, the Mo family to accept a son-in-law who was so bad.

    "I'm sorry, Mr. Chu, it's our poor discipline that made you see the joke."

    The people who had just surrounded Ye Fan were undoubtedly dismissed by Wu Weitao as well.

    After dealing with Mo Shanshan and the others, Mo Wuji also invited Ye Fan to sit down and catch up together.

    Qiu Mu Orange accompanied Ye Fan and remained silent, but the shock in her beautiful eyes was slow to dissipate.

    She found that she was becoming increasingly unable to see through this man beside her.

    Was he really, just Mr. Chu of Jiangdong?

    However, how could a mere Lord of Jiangdong make the masters of the great houses all so polite and respectful?


"I don't know what it is that Master Mo is looking for me for today."

    In the room, Ye Fan sat there, drinking tea as he asked in a deep voice.

    Beside him, Qiu Mu Orange was quietly accompanying.

    With so many people present, the only ones eating at the same table with Mo Wuji were Ye Fan and his wife.

    Even Wu Weitao, without Mo Wuji and Ye Fan's permission, didn't dare to take the initiative to take a seat at all.

    Mo Wuji didn't rush to answer, but politely lifted the teapot and personally filled it with tea for Ye Fan.

    Next to him, Wu Weitao and the others were undoubtedly dumbfounded when they saw the scene before them.

    Obviously, they didn't expect that even the old man of the Mo family had put his posture so low in front of Ye Fan.

    Wu Weitao really couldn't figure it out, this Ye Fan, wasn't he just a small Jiangdong master?

    A folk self-proclaimed name like this was no different from a gangster leader.

    As for having the owner of a gentry family be so polite to Ye Fan?

    "A mere junior, is Mo Lao too much of a compliment to him?"

    Many people muttered under their breath.

    However, an old housekeeper of the Mo family who came with Mo Wuji shook his head and was full of ridicule, "A bunch of turtles, you are low and despicable, how do you know the majesty of Mr. Chu?"

    The old housekeeper smiled coldly in his heart, but his old eyes were filled with an inexplicable pride.

    The Mo family was a generation of giants, with children from all walks of life.

    There had been political tycoons and business tycoons.

    Of course, there was also no lack of martial arts masters.

    Just like the boxing champion Mo Kucheng, one of the six pillars of Huaxia today, was inextricably linked with the Mo family.

    The old housekeeper had been working in the Mo family since he was young, and now he was even the head administrator of the Mo family.

    He naturally knew what the name Mr. Chu stood for in the martial arts world today.

    What's more, what does a Junior Master mean to the whole of Huaxia?

    When Ye Qingtian became famous, he was also young.

    A few decades later, he stood at the top of the power of Huaxia.

    In other words, the current Ye Fan might only be a rising star in the martial world.However, it was very likely that he would be the next War God of Huaxia in the future.

    That's why, even Mo Wuji, the master of a big family, was so polite and warm towards Ye Fan.

    Of course, Wu Weitao and the others couldn't touch these things, so naturally, they didn't understand.

    "Mr. Chu, actually, I came all the way from Yanjing this time, apart from wanting to see Mr. Chu's amazing true face, my other purpose is to represent the Martial Hall of God."

    "Mr. Chu's martial prowess, you should have heard of it, the name of the Martial God Hall, right?"

    Mo Wuji looked at Ye Fan and asked with a smile.


    "The Valkyrie?"

    Ye Fan chuckled lightly.

    "I've heard of it, isn't it the Martial God Temple that boasts of being the highest authority in the martial arts of Huaxia?"

    "It is said to consist of six pillar states that rule the martial path of Huaxia."

    "Few people in the Martial Dao know about it."

    "It's just that I'm rather curious, I don't have much contact with the Martial Temple, so what could they mean by sending you here?"

    Ye Fan took a sip of his tea and asked lightly.

    Mo Wuji didn't conceal anything and returned truthfully, "A few days ago, Mr. Chu was able to turn the tide and defeated the Moonwatching River at Dongchang Lake."

    "This achievement has not only stirred the Chinese Martial Dao, but even the Martial God Hall has also turned a blind eye to it."

    "The Boxing King and Sword Saint, after hearing about it, were so in love with their talent that they thought of inviting Mr. Chu to go to Yanjing."

    "The Boxing Emperor, Sword Saint and the others have already set up a feast at Yan Mountain, waiting for Mr. Chu to go there and congratulate him face to face for his great defeat of Moonwatching River."

    Mo Wuji laughed and looked at Ye Fan with admiration in between his words.


    "I, Mo Wuji, have lived for so many years, but this is the first time I've seen that the Martial God Hall has personally invited the younger generation into Yan Mountain?And to personally host a banquet to congratulate Mr. Chu."

    "Mr. Chu, you are the first, this is undoubtedly a great honor."

    "I, Mr. Mo, am the first to congratulate Mr. Chu here!"

    "If Mr. Chu's trip ends up being recognized by the Martial God Hall, then in the future, he will definitely soar to great heights and will even be included in the Martial God Hall and receive the Martial God Hall's dedicated cultivation."

    "Perhaps, in another ten years, you will be the seventh, pillar god of my Huaxia!"

    Mo Wuji even said that his words, although they were all polite, they were all true.

    Ever since the establishment of the Martial God Hall, it was indeed the first time he had seen that the Martial God Hall had personally invited the younger generation to Yan Mountain for an audience.

    One had to know that the Martial God Temple was the holy land of martial dao in Huaxia.

    The Six Pillar Gods were even more exalted, and many people would have trouble meeting one another for the rest of their lives.

    Now that the Martial God Temple had personally sent someone to extend an invitation to Ye Fan, in Mo Wuji's opinion, it was naturally a great honor for Ye Fan.

    Hearing this, Ye Fan laughed lightly and was about to speak, but he was interrupted by Mo Wuji.


    "Mr. Chu, there's no need to say anything to thank me."

    "You've earned this honor yourself, I'm just here to pass on a message."

    "Let's say, Mr. Chu goes back tonight and packs up.We'll leave tomorrow morning, early in the morning."

    "Return to Yanjing, go to the Martial God Hall, and pay your respects to the Champion and others!"

    Mo Wuji didn't even have the will to ask Ye Fan, nor did he need to.

    After all, it was a great honor for any martial artist to receive a summons from the Martial God Temple.

    What's more, once Ye Fan was recognized by the Martial God Temple, then what would follow would be a huge inclination of resources from the Martial God Temple.

    This kind of good thing, in Mo Wuji's opinion, there was no reason for Ye Fan to refuse.

    He reckoned that at this moment, Ye Fan's heart would have already gone crazy with joy.

    However, at this moment, Ye Fan's faint laughter was quietly sounded.

    "Master Mo, I'm afraid that you've misunderstood."

    "The glory in your eyes is not worth mentioning to me."

    "Go back and tell the Martial God Hall that putting on a banquet to congratulate you is not necessary."

    "If there is anything else, have them personally come to Jiangdong to talk to me."

    Ye Fan shook his head and said, while lifting the tea in front of him and drinking it all.

    After the tea in the cup was finished, Ye Fan wrapped his arms around Qiu Mu Orange's waist and laughed lightly.

    "Let's go wife, go home and sleep."

    As he spoke, Ye Fan took Qiu Mu Orange, who had a pretty blushing face, and walked out.

    As for Mo Wuji, however, he stayed where he was and was stunned for a long time.

    How could he have never thought that the opportunity that others dreamed of, this teenager in front of him, had refused?

    "Mr. Chu, are you seriously not going?"

    "You may want to think about it."

    "This opportunity to pay a visit to the Pillar Kingdom's strongest man, once you miss it.In the future, it will be difficult for you to go to the Martial God Hall again."

    Mo Wuji got up openly, anxiously advising again.

    Without turning back, Ye Fan turned his back to him and waved his hand, "I told you, I'm busy, I don't have time to go."

    "Moreover, I, Ye Fan, am not anyone's vassal, so why should I go and pay my respects to others?"


After saying that, Ye Fan turned around and left.

    Only Ye Fan's voice echoed in the Noda Clubhouse.

    The words were low and slow, but had an endless pride contained within them.

    Mo Wuji was startled in place for a long time, and finally, Fang sighed long and hard.

    "What a, different fellow~"



    In the Shan Shui Hall, Mo Wuji was still in a long tremor.

    Ye Fan, however, had already left with Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Ye Fan, I see that that Mo Master also had good intentions to invite you, why did you refuse?"

    On the way back, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was puzzled, but she asked Ye Fan in a low voice.

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless and he laughed coldly.

    "It's not him I'm rejecting, it's the Martial God Temple."

    The Martial God Temple, which commanded the Huaxia Martial Dao.

    As the highest authority of the Huaxia Martial Dao, it enjoyed the respect and endless glory of all people, and also had the responsibility of sheltering the people of Huaxia.

    However, previously, the Japanese Sword God Wang Yuehe came across the sea to the east of the river to cause trouble.And used Xu Lei's life as a blackmail to force a battle against Ye Fan.

    Such things, Ye Fan did not think that the Martial God Temple would not know.

    However, they didn't react during those ten days.

    Not only did they not come out to shelter Jiangdong, they didn't even send anyone to deal with the Moonwatching River.

    There was even no concern for his Ye Fan's life or death.

    All of this was undoubtedly obvious.

    Ye Fan was insignificant in their eyes.If he died, he died.

    They weren't willing to deal with Moonwatching River and offend the Martial Dao of the Sun Country for the sake of Ye Fan.

    Now that he had won, they had appeared instead.

    They even sent someone over to go to Yanjing to pay them a visit.

    The beautiful words were that they were throwing a banquet to congratulate themselves.

    "Why add flowers to the brocade when the snow hasn't sent charcoal?"

    "Such a feast of snobbery and hypocrisy, it's better not to go."

    Ye Fan said coldly.

    During this period of time, the actions of the Martial God Temple had undoubtedly made Ye Fan have no good feelings towards this so-called Chinese Martial Dao Holy Land.

    Especially the high and mighty posture that the Martial God Temple was now displaying, it made Ye Fan feel even more unpleasant.

    Wanting to see himself, instead of coming personally, he sent someone to summon himself to Yanjing to pay them a visit?

    What a great majesty.

    Of course, if it was an outsider, to be summoned by the Martial God Temple, just like what Mo Wuji had said earlier, he would be complacent and proud of it.

    But Ye Fan would not.

    He was the Lord of the Dragon God, and the only descendant of the Chu Family's Heavenly Generation.

    He was already the world's most respected, what qualifications did the Martial God Hall have, to make him bow down to him!

    In the middle of the conversation, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan, both of them, had arrived at the parking lot, ready to drive home.

    "Mr. Chu, wait a moment~"

    At this time, a person's shout came from behind him.

    I saw that Wu Weitao, who was still in the clubhouse earlier, had somehow followed up, shouting at Ye Fan as he ran.


    "Wu City, do you have anything else?"Autumn Mu Orange was confused.

    "It's fine, Miss Autumn."

    "Just apologizing to Mr. Chu for what happened just now."

    Wu Weitao smiled apologetically, then looked to the side at Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, what happened in the clubhouse earlier was all a misunderstanding."

    "It really was all a misunderstanding."

    "How about this, sometime tomorrow, I, Wu Weitao, will personally host a banquet at home to apologize to Mr. Chu."

    "Mr. Chu, what do you think?"

    Wu Weitao was apologetic and smiled at Ye Fan.

    However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to him.

    He was even more oblivious to his words.

    He walked up to the car without turning back, and after starting it, he coldly said to Qiu Mu Orange, "Get in."

    "But Ye Fan, Wu Shi he..."

    Although the fact that Wu Weitao was going to do something to Ye Fan just now made Qiu Mu Orange have a soft spot for Wu Weitao as well.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly considering more.

    In this place in Yunzhou, falling out with Wu Weitao was not a wise choice for either the Mufan Group or Ye Fan.

    Now that Wu Weitao had taken the initiative to apologize, Qiu Mu Orange naturally wanted to go downhill and take the opportunity to ease the conflict between Ye Fan and Wu Weitao.

    However, Ye Fan didn't care about that.

    Once some things were done, then they could no longer be undone.

    "I said, get in the car."

    Ye Fan repeated once again, his words were low and carried an inexplicable authority.

    This time, Qiu Mu Orange naturally didn't disobey again and eventually got into the car.

    "Mr. Chu~"

    "Mr. Chu, wait a minute~"

    Wu Weitao was still shouting, but Ye Fan and his wife, had already driven away.

    Looking at the car in front of the dusty and gone shadow, Wu Weitao was filled with grief.

    With remorse in his heart, he was even more angry enough to incite himself to slap.


    "Wu Wei-Tao, you're a faggot."

    "How can you be so stupid?"

    "Now, that's a complete offense to him."


    Wu Weitao couldn't stop sighing, filled with remorse.

    Originally, he thought of capturing Chu Yun as a way to please the Mo family.

    But now it's good, both ends don't work out, and he lost his wife and army.

    The Mo family's side was fine, he hadn't messed with the Mo family in the first place.

    But Ye Fan's side was undoubtedly extremely tricky.

    You know, he had just all but torn his face with Ye Fan and directly ordered to have a gun held against him.

    Although, in the end, Mo Wuji appeared in time and stopped the farce.

    But undoubtedly, the beam between Ye Fan and him was made.

    Even if he would not become an enemy in the future, it was obvious that Ye Fan would not take him as a friend anymore.

    Of course, if Ye Fan was just a Lord of Jiangdong, it would be fine.Let's just have a meltdown.

    But now, even Mo Wuji, the head of the Mo family, was so courteous to him, and a fool could see that this Ye Fan's background must be by no means simple.

    If he was able to curry favor with this kind of person, I'm afraid that in the future, he, Wu Weitao, would be able to lend his light and move up the career ladder.

    But now...

    "Hey, it's better to think of a way to try to salvage it later."

    "Even if we can't be friends, it's better not to become enemies~"

    Wu Weitao returned depressed with a heart full of remorse.

    The next day, Mo Wuji and the others had undoubtedly returned to Yanjing as well.

    Ye Fan had clearly rejected the invitation from the Martial God Temple, and there was no point for Mo Wuji to stay any longer.

    He also had to hurry back and return to give the Fist Emperor and the others their orders.


    Yan Mountain, inside the Martial God Hall.

    "What did you say?"

    "Then Ye Fan, that Jiangdong junior, he refused?"

    In the palace, the Fist King and the others who had learned of this immediately stared at the old eyes in shock.


    "He said he didn't have time to come."

    "He also said that if anything happens, he'll let you guys personally go to Jiangdong to find him."

    Mo Wuji said bitterly, really, it was the first time he had ever seen such a crazy person.

    Sure enough, after hearing those words, the Boxer was furious, directly smashing the long table in front of him with one punch!


    "Simply arrogant!"

    "A bratty punk kid, giving him face?"

    "Winning over a dying old thing and you really think you're invincible?"

    "Not even our pillar country's strongest man is in the eye of the beholder?"

    "Shame on you!"

    Fist Emperor Mo Liao Cheng was furious, between the wood chips shooting everywhere, but the sound of anger shook the entire Yan Mountain.


The fury of the Boxing King's voice echoed, and under the authority of the Boxing King, Mo Wuji, who was the head of the Mo Family and the leader of the lofty family, was terrified, not daring to say a word at all.

    He merely waited there with a pale old face and remained silent.

    Although Mo Wuji had an honorable status and was highly respected.However, in front of Fist King Mo Kuocheng, he was but

    Not daring to put up any front.

    First of all, according to his seniority, Mo Guocheng's seniority was older than him.

    Furthermore, a large part of the reason why the Mo family was in the position it was today in Yanjing and in Huaxia was because of the protection of the Fist Emperor.

    One had to know that Mo Kusheng was one of the six strong Pillar Kingdoms.

    What was a Pillar State?

    A pillar of the nation!

    Back then, there were foreign powers that wanted to enter China, and a full thirteen title masters came across the sea to the east to unify the martial arts of China.

    At that time, the Martial God Temple had not yet been established.

    The Huaxia Martial Dao was ruled by the Supreme Martial Association.

    However, facing overseas powerhouses, the four presidents of the Supreme Martial were all killed in battle.

    In one night, the sacred place of martial dao in Huaxia, the headquarters of the Supreme Martial Association's Yanshan Mountain, was trampled down by overseas forces.

    At the same time, it was proclaimed to all martial artists of Huaxia Martial Dao that the Supreme Martial Association had been annihilated.

    From now on, honor them as the supreme leader of the Huaxia Martial Dao!

    At that moment, the land of Huaxia was in mourning.

    All martial artists were filled with resignation and despair.

    It was as if their country had been destroyed.

    However, it was at an incomparably dim moment in the Chinese martial arts world that six strong men rose from a comet at the very end.

    They were able to turn the tide and help the building to topple!

    In the end, they defeated the incoming enemies and shut out foreign forces.

    Afterwards, they established the Martial Hall together to reorganize the martial arts of China.

    Because of this, the six of them were hailed as the "pillars of the nation".

    If "nuclear weapons" are the strategic power of a nation, then these six pillar states are the "nuclear weapons" of the Chinese martial arts world.

    Then these six pillar states are the "nuclear weapons" of the Chinese martial arts.

    It is thanks to these six pillars that the Chinese martial arts have stood proudly in the world for so many years, and are still standing.

    Therefore, even though Mo Lone City did not intentionally extend grace to the Mo Family, the Boxing King's reputation was out there and he was inextricably linked to the Mo Family.

    In this situation, who would dare to touch the Mo Family?

    Back then, before Mo Wuji's father passed away, he said to the Mo Family crowd.

    "The Champion alone will be able to protect my Mo Family for two hundred years!"

    This is the might of the strong, and even more so, the might of the patriarch.

    One person receiving a title is blessed for several generations!

    Therefore, all along, the Mo family had been grateful and respectful to the Boxing Emperor Mo Lone City.

    Even Mo Wuji, the head of the Mo Family, would categorically not dare to offend and disrespect.

    "Alright, Solitary City."

    "Pay attention to your image."

    "Your Mo Family's descendants are still here, and seeing you so disgraced, won't you let people laugh at you?"The Sword Saint was there to reassure.

    Then he waved his hand and let Mo Wuji go down first.

    The conversation between them, Mo Wuji was naturally not qualified to listen.

    "Sword Sage, it's not that I'm a small-minded person."

    "Mainly this junior, it's arrogant!"

    "Such an arrogant and arrogant person is hardly worthy of a great task."

    "If he is allowed to enter the Martial God Hall and receive a title, I will never agree!"

    "We, the Martial Shrine, cannot afford to disgrace this person."

    The Fist King said in an angry voice.

    The Sword Saint heard it, but shook his head and laughed.

    "You bastard, you're still beating around the bush when you talk to me."

    "You're pulling so many strings, don't you just want your son Wuya to be sealed first?"

    "Don't worry that's it, I've watched this child, Wuya, grow up."

    "I'm well aware of his strength."

    "When he comes back from the Sun Country this time, I'll be the one to make the decision and name him as the seventh pillar of the Martial God Temple."

    "As for this Ye Fan, he's too young, and his heart is not strong enough.If he wants to be named a Pillar, he's obviously not qualified enough."

    The Sword Saint smiled slowly.

    He was the permanent head of the six directors of the Martial God Hall, or to be blunt, the hall master of the Martial God Hall.The power was naturally greater compared to the other five.

    Of course, this was also the reason why War God Ye Qingtian didn't like trouble and took the initiative to give up his position.

    Otherwise, regardless of strength or prestige, this Martial God Hall Master's position would belong to Ye Qingtian.

    "But what about the War God's side?"

    "He seems to be, like, very interested in this Ye Fan."

    "Last time, he even came to Yan Mountain in person because of him, to tell us about this."

    "Moreover, he also suggested that he be elected as the seventh title master of Huaxia."

    "If we decided like this, if the War God knew, I'm afraid that he would be upset."

    Mo Guocheng said with some worry.

    The matter of a title clan master was of great importance, even involving the fate of the country.

    The creation of any title clan master had to go through a recommendation, an internal vote within the Martial God Hall, the drafting of a title, and finally sending it to the Present Hand [New Pennant Pavilion] for review and a state seal.

    The process was extremely complicated.

    Therefore, if these seven Seals were to be obtained by Ye Fan, then his son, Mo Kiu Cheng, would have to wait for many more years if he wanted to obtain the seals.

    Moreover, the sooner he became a Sealed Master, the better the resources and treatment he would enjoy.

    Mo Guocheng naturally thought of having his son be sealed as a "Sealed" Grandmaster first.

    "It's fine."

    "The War God is not an unreasonable person."

    "What's more, that Jiang Dong junior's strength is obviously not up to the standard of being sealed with a title."

    "At most, he's just a junior with a little talent."

    "We've seen a lot of such people over the years."

    "In the end, isn't it still devoid of all people?"

    "The position of a Sealed Master is not something that can be done by a random junior."

    "If that's not possible, in the worst case, let Wuya go to Jiangdong and find that junior for a public date."

    "When Wuya wins, the War God will naturally have even more to say."

    The Sword Saint said faintly.

    The words still carried a contempt for Ye Fan.He had never cared much about Ye Fan's matter.

    After all, Ye Fan's rise was too sudden.

    A rising star, everyone instinctively believed that the luck component was the majority of his rise to fame.

    Ultimately, it would not last and would soon be knocked back to its original form.

    Hearing the Sword Saint's words, Mo Lone City slapped his thigh.


    "Kenshin, you're right!"

    "Won't everything be solved by letting Endless fight with that junior?"

    "When my son tramples that Ye Fan under his feet, he becomes a title and naturally deserves the title!"

    Mo Guocheng was laughing.

    Immediately decided, after his son Mo Wuya returned from his training, he would immediately send him to Jiangdong to meet Ye Fan.

    When the Boxing King and others were discussing the matter of the "title" master, Ye Fan, who was far away from Jiangdong, naturally didn't know about this.

    However, even if he knew, he probably wouldn't be interested in competing with Mo Wu Ya for this so-called "title".

    These, to be frank, are just a false name.

    Regardless of whether Ye Fan entered the Martial God Hall or not, whether he had a title or not, his strength was there, and it would not increase or decrease.

    Besides, the matter of "title" is not only an honor, but also a responsibility.

    If Ye Fan really received a title from Huaxia, it would undoubtedly mean that Ye Fan would have to uphold his obligation to shelter Huaxia at all times of need.

    Although Ye Fan did not resist these, it was ultimately a constraint.

    Therefore, the matter of the title, Ye Fan really didn't care.


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