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If Qiu Mu Orange could rely on Ye Fan, he, Qiu Mu Qi, would naturally be able to rely on the Mo Family!

    There was nothing to be ashamed of, personal charisma, which was also considered as one's own strength.

    Qiu Mucqi sneered in his heart.

    However, he did not pay attention to his third sister, Qiu Mu Orange.Rather, he turned to look at Wu Weitao beside him.

    "Wu Shi, this wine has been uncorked, and no one is pouring it?"

    Wu Weitao slapped his thigh, "Haha, negligent."

    "As an apology, I'll pour this first cup of wine for you personally."

    Wu Weitao laughed.

    However, Mo Shanshan shook her head.


    "Wu City is a noble status, how can you be bothered with such things as pouring wine?"

    "Anyway, Mr. Qiu has nothing else to do, so I'll let Mr. Qiu pour the wine."Mo Shanshan smiled slowly, looking like she was deliberately humiliating Qiu Mu Orange.

    Naturally, Wu Weitao saw the suspicion and hurriedly helped Qiu Mu Orange out, "What are Miss Mo's words."

    "A guest from afar is a guest, and since I've arrived in my Yunzhou, it's only right for me to offer you a toast to the landlord's friendship."

    In between his words, Wu Weitao picked up the wine jug and was about to fill it up for Mo Shanshan and the others.

    However, Mo Shanshan covered the wine cup.

    "Wu Shi, you don't have to fight."

    "I won't drink the wine you poured."

    "We'll only drink the wine that Qiu poured."

    As she said this, Mo Shanshan looked at Qiu Mu Orange again, "Mr. Qiu, Wu Shi invited you here today so that you can accompany the wine."

    "This face, you still have to give it, right."

    Between sneers, Mo Shanshan had already put the wine glass, in front of Qiu Mu Orange, just waiting for her to pour the wine.

    "Mr. Qiu, do me a favor."

    "All as a favor to me."

    "The Mo family said that they will invest in our Yunzhou to build a factory in the future, it will be a project that will benefit the city's people."

    "You'll pour this wine for Miss Mo and the others, right?"

    Wu Weitao had no choice but to force himself to persuade Qiu Mu Orange again, embarrassed.

    Qiu Mu-Orange was silent.

    Still standing there, unmoved.

    Looking anxious, Wu Weitao lowered his voice and said to Qiu Mu Orange once again, "Mr. Qiu, you may want to think about it."

    "The Mo family is a Yanjing gentry, with family children in all walks of life in Huaxia.This time when the Mo family descended to Yunzhou in the sky, the Jiangdong Provincial Lord even personally called and asked me to entertain them."

    "Now, if it's because of you and you mess this up, do you know the consequences?"

    "Don't you forget that Mr. Chu is carrying several lives on his body today, I'm afraid."

    "I can turn a blind eye, but what about others?"

    "When the time comes, if the Mo Family becomes angry at you and Mr. Chu because of this, don't blame me for not warning you."

    Wu Weitao was gracious, and when he saw that Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't listen to the good advice, he only had to hit her with cold words.

    As expected, Wu Weitao's subsequent words undoubtedly completely struck Qiu Mu Orange's soft spot.

    She could disregard herself, but couldn't she disregard Ye Fan's safety?

    "Well, I'm down!"

    Eventually, Autumn Mu Orange bit her teeth and responded in a low voice.

    Whirling, she picked up the wine flask and poured it for her amidst the proud gazes of Mo Shanshan and the others.

    "Mr. Autumn, pour a cup too, my fiancé's cup, fill it up too."

    Mo Shanshan smiled proudly, while she took Qiu Muqi's glass again and asked Qiu Mu Orange to fill it up.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything and continued to pour the wine as requested by Mo Shanshan.

    However, who would have thought that as soon as the wine was halfway poured, Mo Shanshan let go and the glass then fell to the ground.


    A crisp sound.

    The glass shattered, the red wine inside shooting everywhere, splattering Qiu Mu Orange and Mo Shanshan all over the two of them.


    "My skirt!"

    Mo Shanshan screamed, making angry and pained faces.

    Qiu Mu Qi also rushed forward, comforting Mo Shan Shan while roaring at Qiu Mu Orange, "Chief Qiu, don't you think you've gone a bit too far?"

    "If you don't want to pour it, just say so, no one's forcing you to."

    "But what do you mean by deliberately knocking over the glass?"

    After yelling at Qiu Mu Orange, Qiu Mu Qi glared at Wu Weitao again and said in an angry and unhappy voice, "Wu Shi, is this the way you call hospitality?"

    "With that much sincerity, you have the nerve to ask for an investment for Sam's family?"

    "This..."Wu Weitao's face came down and he quickly apologized, "Miss Mo, Mr. Qiu, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

    After apologizing, Wu Weitao glared at Qiu Mu Orange again and said angrily, "Mr. Qiu, what exactly are you doing?"

    "I invited you here so you could help me with my guests, not so you could make a mess."

    "What are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't you apologize to Miss Mo and the others?"

    Wu Weitao was simply furious.

    He felt that he had made his point clear enough.

    This Mo family, was a Yanjing gentry, they couldn't afford to offend anyone.

    However, Wu Weitao didn't expect that this Qiu Mu Orange would be so ungrateful and ignore all of his good advice?

    "It's not me."

    "It's her own..."

    "Enough!"Qiu Mu Orange still wanted to explain, but Wu Weitao directly interrupted her in a stern voice.

    The truth wasn't important to Wu Weitao.

    The important thing was to make Mo Shanshan and the others happy.

    "Mr. Qiu, there's no need to say unnecessary words."

    "You soiled Miss Mo's skirt, you deserve to apologize to them."

    Wu Weitao suppressed his anger and said in a cold voice.

    The hard words were as if an order.

    The others around them saw the situation and persuaded.

    "Yes, Chief Qiu."

    "This matter is your fault."

    "Even if you don't want to pour the wine, just say so, why did you deliberately clink the glass and dirty Miss Mo's skirt?"

    "It's better to apologize."



    "Isn't an apology the right thing to do when you've done something wrong?"


    "How about an apology, Mr. Autumn?"

    "It's better for everyone~"

    Those present were advised.

    Qiu Mu Orange was certainly backed up by Mr. Chu.

    But no matter how powerful Mr. Chu was, in their eyes, he couldn't compare to Yanjing's giants, the Mo Family.

    Now that Qiu Mu Orange had provoked Mo Fei Fei, everyone naturally spoke towards Mo Fei Fei, while advising Qiu Mu Orange to leave things alone.

    After all, if they provoked the Mo Family, I'm afraid that there would be nothing for everyone to eat.

    Once again, Qiu Mu Orange was silent.

    Her heart was torn for a long time, but she finally swallowed her anger and stepped forward, apologizing to Mo Shanshan, "Miss Mo, I'm sorry, it was careless of me, please forgive me."

    "Hmph, is it enough to say that you were careless?"

    "Why don't you wipe my skirt clean, you lowly thing?"Mo Shan Shan said coldly.


    Qiu Mu Orange raised her head in anger then, a pair of beautiful eyes glaring at Mo Shanshan with lingering anger.

    She clenched her fists and was indignantly silent.

    Seeing Qiu Mu Orange like this, Qiu Mu Qi smiled gloomily, full of wantonness.

    Qiu Guang, who had just recently been fished out of prison by the Mo Family, also felt smooth in his heart.

    As for Master Qiu, he always kept his eyes closed, as if he did not want to see Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Master Qiu, endure the calmness for a while."

    "Don't forget what I just said."

    "Mo Family, we can't afford to mess with anyone~"

    "Including Mr. Chu!"

    At this time, Wu Weitao once again advised in a low voice.

    In the end, Qiu Mu Orange still bowed her head.

    "Okay, I'll wipe."

    However, just as Qiu Mu Orange picked up the wet wipes and was about to lower her head to wipe Mo Shanshan's skirt, a wide and strong palm, at some point, but quietly peeked out.

    Steadily, it grasped Qiu Mu Orange's green root arm.

    At the same time, a deep and cold voice quietly sounded.

    "Mu Orange, a few jumping clowns are just a few clowns, why do you need to spoil them?"


A low and deep voice quietly sounded.

    It was as if a thunderclap from the ground, and in a split second, the eyes of everyone in the hall were drawn to it and turned to look.

    Only to see in the corner, Ye Fan was sitting there.

    He shook his head and smiled, holding the tea and gently sipping the fragrant tea in his cup.

    He didn't even look at Mo Shanshan as he said these words .

    The wipe of arrogance and defiance, however, was so distinct.

    "Mr. Chu, what are you doing?!"

    "Be careful what you wish for!"

    "That's Miss Mo, his great uncle, who is the head of the Yanjing Mo family."

    "A long-established world family that rebuke Huaxia~"

    Wu Weitao's face went white when he heard those words from Ye Fan.

    The thing he was most worried about still appeared.

    Before, Ye Fan was always silent.

    Wu Weitao thought that Ye Fan was self-aware.

    Knowing that he couldn't afford to offend the Mo family.

    So he simply turned a blind eye to what Mo Shanshan and the others had done just now.

    However, now it seems that Wu Weitao was wrong.

    Thinking about it, this Ye Fan, who was accustomed to being a king in the Jiangdong land and was at the age where he was at the top of his game, how could he hold back.

    However, Wu Weitao still tried to persuade.


    "Evan, is that you?"

    "I never thought that you, you guy, would be here."

    Just now, Qiu Mukki and the others didn't pay attention.

    It wasn't until Ye Fan spoke that Qiu Muci noticed Ye Fan's presence.

    At first, Qiu Mucki was shocked.

    Then, he laughed.


    "Who do I think I am?"

    "So it's the mighty Mr. Chu who is shaking the country and shaking the Jiangdong."

    "Also, in this entire Jiangdong land, other than you, who else could be so arrogant when facing my Shan Shan?"

    Qiu Mu Qi walked out, smiling proudly.

    The tone of his voice was full of ridicule.

    There was no fear or scruple whatsoever towards Ye Fan.

    With the Yanjing giants to lean on, Qiu Mu Qi naturally didn't fear anyone.


    "Ye Fan, we meet again."

    "Thanks to you, our Autumn Water Logistics has gone bankrupt."

    "Once upon a time, I thought the story of the ugly duckling would only be in fairy tales."

    "I never thought I'd see it in reality."

    "A poor country boy, a humble superfluous son-in-law, can become the Lord of Jiangdong?"

    "It can only be said that we have no one left in Jiangdong."

    "However, Ye Fan, don't think that our Qiu Family is afraid of you from now on."

    "Speaking of which, I have to thank you."

    "If it wasn't for you, my son and Shan Shan wouldn't have been able to get together."

    "Likewise, if Qiushui Logistics hadn't collapsed, our Qiu family wouldn't have moved our family into Yanjing and prepared to make a comeback."

    "Thank you, Mr. Chu, for giving our Qiu Family, a chance to rise from the ashes of the phoenix."

    When Qiu Guang saw Ye Fan, he also snorted coldly.

    He smiled faintly and looked at Ye Fan with resentment in his eyes.

    Master Qiu also looked at Ye Fan with an icy face, obviously not giving Ye Fan any good looks either.

    However, they had to admit that Ye Fan's achievements today were indeed far beyond their expectations.

    In the beginning, when they heard from his mouth that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, the Qiu family crowd undoubtedly didn't believe it to death.

    But, what could they do if they didn't believe it?

    A lot of things are on display right there.

    By the Lake of Clouds and Mist, a banquet for all of the heroes.

    Genting Mountain Villa, Autumn Mu Orange high profile stay.

    The small Mufan property shook itself into a hundred billion group.

    And then linked to the previous opening celebration, Wanbang came to congratulate.

    This one thing after another, they also had to accept that cruel reality.

    Previously, the wasteful superfluous son-in-law that their Qiu family despised and despised was Mr. Chu.

    If they said that they had no regrets, that was undoubtedly impossible.

    After all, if only they treated Ye Fan and his wife better and didn't drive them out of the Qiu family, then the Qiu family today would be a different story.

    Where would it still be reduced to this?

    But fortunately, Qiu Mu Qi was also quite competitive and had a girlfriend with a strong background.

    Now, Master Qiu could only hope on his grandson, hoping that he could use the Mo family's momentum to revive the Qiu family.

    However, facing the ridicule of Qiu Mukki and the others, Ye Fan shook his head in disappointment.

    "I would have thought that after going through so many things, you guys would have learned a lesson."

    "You will feel guilt and remorse for what you did to Mu Orange before."

    "In that case, I don't mind letting Mu Orange rejoin the Qiu family."

    "What's more, I don't mind, helping your Qiu Family to ascend to the top of Jiangdong and become a revered and powerful family."

    Ye Fan said slowly.

    These words of his were in no way false.

    Just now, when Qiu Mu Orange was humiliated by Mo Shanshan, Ye Fan always ignored it.


    He actually just wanted to see how the Autumn family would react.

    Blood was thicker than water.

    People like Master Qiu and the others were, after all, Mu Orange's blood relatives.

    Qiushui Logistics was wiped out under him, although Qiu Mu Orange didn't say anything, but Ye Fan could feel that Qiu Mu Orange was still somewhat lost and sad in his heart.

    After all, it had been together for decades.

    How could the kinship buried in the bloodline be so easy to part with?

    Ye Fan also understood this.

    That's why today, when he met the Autumn family, Ye Fan had the thought of helping Autumn Mu Orange ease his relationship with them.

    "But now, it seems that I was the one who took it for granted."

    "Even up to now, you still have no intention of knowing your mistakes or repenting."

    "Mu Orange is being bullied by others, and you guys are just ignoring it, but you're still helping the evil one."

    "Helping that Mo Family evil girl along, bullying Mu Orange?"

    Ye Fan's low words sounded out slowly.

    The clear face was filled with disappointment and coldness.


    "Evan, don't you think it's ridiculous to say this now?"

    "And also rejoined the Autumn Family and helped them to reach the top of the Jiangdong?"

    "Put away your false kindness, will you?"

    "Because of you, Autumn Water Logistics is all bankrupt."

    "Grandpa's life's work was buried by you."

    "My father and my third uncle are in jail because of you."

    "Even my fourth sister's marriage was ruined because of you."

    "You've ruined our reputation and broken the foundation of our Autumn family.A feud between life and death is nothing more than that."

    "Do you want to go back to the Qiu family now?"

    "Do you think, you'll be able to come back?"

    "You, and Qiu Mu Orange, you pair of dogs are destined to be forever removed from the Qiu family genealogy."

    "In the future, all of your sons and daughters will be nailed to the pillar of shame of my Qiu Family!"

    "And, I promise, when our Qiu Family makes a comeback, I will make sure that you will die a horrible death!"

    Qiu Muqi's eyes were red and he was laughing disorientedly, his entire body looking somewhat eventful.

    The surrounding Wu Weitao and the others, looking at such a scene, were undoubtedly shocked as well.

    Obviously, they did not expect that there was such a deep enmity between this Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Qi and the others.

    It was no wonder that Mo Shanshan and his wife had just deliberately humiliated Qiu Mu Orange.


Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was pale, standing at the side always silent.

    But when Ye Fan heard this, he shook his head.

    "If that's the case, then there's nothing more to say."

    The faint words echoed, but how thick was the mortification in that tone?

    The temperature of the entire clubhouse, surprisingly, was now, gradually becoming cold.

    At the same time, while saying these words, Ye Fan also slowly got up and walked towards the direction of Qiu Mu Qi and the others.


    "What do you want?"

    "Could it be that you still want to do something to me?"

    "I'm warning you, I'm Shan Shan's fiancé, the future son-in-law of the Mo family."

    Seeing Ye Fan's appearance at this time, for some reason, Qiu Mu Qi actually had a trembling from his soul.

    He then got up and looked at Ye Fan in panic and couldn't stop warning at Ye Fan.

    Wu Weitao and the others were shocked at the sight.

    Whirlingly, they also advised each other a thousand times, "Mr. Chu, calm down~"

    "Don't be impulsive, lest you make a big mistake ah."

    However, how could Ye Fan pay heed to the crowd's advice?

    He looked cold, his brows and eyes icy cold.

    The footsteps moving forward did not stop at all in the slightest.

    Only after arriving in front of Qiu Mu Qi did Ye Fan Fang Guan Er and smiled coldly.

    "Congratulations, you answered correctly."


    "Bastard, how dare you?!!!"

    Qiu Mukki was immediately shocked, and his old eyes were huge.

    Because of the panic, his eyeballs almost jumped out.


    In the next moment, a boom exploded.

    In the midst of everyone's trembling eyes, Qiu Muqi's hundred pound body was just like this, kicked away by Ye Fan.

    Everywhere he passed along the way, he didn't know how many tables and chairs were knocked over.

    Red wine mixed with pastries were even spilled all over the floor.

    The original luxurious clubhouse was instantly a mess.

    In the end, Qiu Mukki landed with a bang, spitting out a mouthful of bruises, and the ribs on his chest were probably broken a few times.

    Of course, that kick just now, Ye Fan was still in control of the force.

    Otherwise, with that bit of Qiu Mu Qi's body, he would probably be scattered by Ye Fan in one kick.

    "Mu Qi~"

    "How are you doing, Mu-ki?"

    "Are you okay?"

    It all happened so fast.

    The crowd didn't even think that Ye Fan would actually dare to do it?

    By the time Mo Shanshan reacted, her fiancé was already kicked on the ground by Ye Fan.

    In great shock, Mo Shan Shan whirled around and ran over to check on Qiu Mu Qi's injuries.

    "Shan Shan, I..."

    Qiu Mukki wanted to say something, but as soon as he opened his mouth, a stabbing pain on his chest caused him to go into a near spasm, making him unable to speak at all.

    Seeing Qiu Muqi like this, Mo Shanshan felt both pity and anger in her heart.

    She turned her head, her vicious gaze whirling towards Ye Fan, almost spitting fire in her eyes.


    "How dare you hit Mu Qi?"

    "I declare, you're finished!"

    "Now, immediately kneel down and apologize to Mu Qi."

    "Otherwise, I'll slay your Mu Fan Group tomorrow!"

    Mo Shanshan roared furiously, her entire body seeming like a tiger with fried fur.

    It was obvious that Mo Shanshan was completely furious.

    Wu Weitao, who was beside her, was scared to death.

    Hurrying up to a thousand to comfort, "Miss Mo, don't be angry."

    "Don't be angry, don't be angry."

    "Don't worry, I'll give you an explanation for this matter."

    "You mustn't get angry~"

    Wu Weitao is undoubtedly anxious, a good welcome reception, but now it has become this?

    After pacifying Mo Shanshan, Wu Weitao walked up to Ye Fan and advised him evenly.

    "Mr. Chu, it's easy to break overly rigid ah."

    "Look, you've beaten this man too, it's time for him to go down, right?"

    "Listen to me and apologize quickly to Miss Mo."

    "I'm saying a few good and bad words for you, and there's still room to maneuver through all of this."

    "Otherwise, I really won't be able to save you."

    Wu Weitao anxiously advised.

    Ye Fan listened, but he only felt funny.

    "Make me apologize?"

    "What am I doing wrong?"

    "They're the ones who bullied Mu Orange in the first place."

    "I'm seeking justice for my wife, so is there anything wrong?"

    "Rather, you, Wu City, can't distinguish right from wrong, black from white.For the sake of personal self-interest, don't you even care about morality?"

    In the face of Wu Weitao's words, Ye Fan sneered and questioned harshly.

    And yet, he was not giving him any face at all.

    Hearing that Ye Fan's words were so unpleasant, Wu Weitao was obviously a bit unable to hang on to his face.

    With displeasure in his heart, even the tone of the words he gave to Ye Fan was much harder.

    "Mr. Chu, I'm asking you to apologize, it's for your own good!"

    "Don't think that just because a bunch of rabble-rousers serve you as their master, you really think you're the pride of this Jiangdong?"

    "In front of the real world's great families, what are you, the so-called Lord of Jiangdong, nothing more than a bumbling leader?"

    "You have to know that the Mo Family is powerful and spreads across the political, business and military sectors."

    "If you really anger them, a slight move on their part would not be something you can withstand."

    "The few lives you have on your hands alone would be enough to shoot you dozens of times!"

    "If you still have some self-awareness of your name, you'd better apologize to Miss Mo and the others and ask for forgiveness!"

    Wu Weitao rebuked in a cold voice.

    Originally, he didn't want to make his words so difficult and blunt.

    After all, this Ye Fan was quite a bit of prestige in Jiangdong, and even though he was the noble owner of a city, he didn't want to cross paths with someone like Ye Fan.

    But who would have thought that this Ye Fan would be so insensitive.

    Being so rude to his noble guest?

    Then you can't blame him, Wu Weitao, for being difficult to talk to.

    At this time, Qiu Mu Orange also pulled the corner of Ye Fan's coat behind him and advised in a low voice, "Ye Fan, I think it's better to listen to Wu Shi~"

    Qiu Mu-Orange was filled with worry.

    Especially after hearing those warnings and threats from Wu Weitao, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face, undoubtedly became even paler.

    She was really afraid that something would happen to Ye Fan.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "Endure the calm for a while and take a step back from the sea."

    "The Mo family is in this Huaxia, and it's hand-eyed."

    "The Mo Family's head, Mo Wuji, was even a great minister back then, and all the provincial feudal officials also respectfully called Mo Lao after seeing him."

    "Although he has now retired to the second tier, he is by no means something you can provoke."

    "Otherwise, you would really be in great trouble~"

    The others around him were also advising Ye Fan.

    In a sudden moment, Ye Fan was silent.

    Standing there, he remained silent.

    Mo Shanshan saw this and laughed, "What's up, asshole, now you know you're scared, right?"

    "Your proud identity as the esteem of Jiangdong is nothing in the eyes of my Mo Family!"

    "My Mo family, is a red gentry."

    "Believe it or not, all you have to do is for me to go back and tell my great uncle to give the order."

    "Tomorrow, the state will seize your assets and cut off your life for murder!"

    "Yes, maybe you're good at fighting."

    "But as good as you are, if you can fight one man and ten, can you still fight against an entire country?"

    Moxanne smiled proudly, full of mortification.


Mo Shanshan was not surprised by Ye Fan's reaction in the slightest.

    After all, like them, these Yanjing giants, their energy was sky-high.

    Unless there were very few people who stood on top of Huaxia's power, outsiders would only bow down in the face of their might.

    However, just as Mo Shanshan was feeling proud, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

    That faint laughter made Mo Shanshan extremely unhappy, as if mocking and ridiculing.


    "You have the nerve to laugh, you ungrateful thing?"

    "What are you laughing at?"

    Mo Shan Shan coldly berated.

    But Ye Fan proudly returned, "What am I laughing at?"

    "I laugh at you for thinking too highly of yourself and too small of others."

    "You have no idea what kind of being is standing in front of you at this point."

    "In my eyes, what is your Mo family, and what is the Yanjing gentry?"

    "After all, it's nothing more than some mole ants."

    "As long as I'm willing, not to mention your humble Mo family, even the four giants of Yanjing, I, Ye Fan, will step down!"

    The words were resounding, just like gold and stone falling to the ground.

    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, the entire meeting hall was filled with Ye Fan's reverberations.


    "What a cocky little boy!"

    "What's the point of returning the Mojave?What else is a mansion?"

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "You're a country bumpkin from humble beginnings, a little Jiangdong bum, who gave you the courage to speak up even though you're not?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Qiu Guang finally couldn't hold back anymore.

    Standing up, he cursed at Ye Fan in anger.

    What he was most unaccustomed to was this kind of brainless, pretentious and arrogant virtue of Ye Fan.

    Simply idiotic!


    The old faces of Wu Weitao and the others twitched, and they looked at Ye Fan with a bit of ridicule and disdain.

    It was obvious that everyone thought that what Ye Fan had just said was a big lie.

    "After all, he is still young and ignorant~"

    Many people shook their heads, feeling inwardly saddened, and their gazes towards Ye Fan were undoubtedly a little less respectful.

    While everyone was secretly shaking their heads, Mo Shanshan, however, suddenly clapped and applauded.


    "Worthy of being Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, this pushy act is unparalleled?"

    "But if you're really good at it, don't just lie about it."

    "Come on, take a shot at this lady too."

    "What? Don't you dare?"

    "Didn't you just verbally say that you were going to trample our Mo Family underfoot?"

    "How come even I, a son of the Mo family, don't dare to move now?"

    "That's it?"

    "And you dare to call yourself the Honorable of Jiangdong?"

    "I doubt you even blew that position."

    "After all, you're just an outwardly strong paper tiger."

    Mo Shanshan mocked and laughed, and her words were full of disdain and ridicule for Ye Fan.

    She had heard too many big words like Ye Fan's.

    However, she didn't think that Ye Fan really had the guts to take action against her.

    She was different from Qiu Mukki, Qiu Mukki was her fiancé, but he wasn't a member of the Mo family yet after all.

    And she, Mo Shanshan, was a true Mo family member.

    If Ye Fan made a move on her, it would be a slap on the face of the Mo family.

    How could he, a Jiangdong gangster, be able to bear the consequences?

    However, just as Mo Shanshan sneered, the silent side of Ye Fan's face lifted up.


    At that moment, the cold wind overflowed and swept up the snow.

    "Well, that's exactly what I intend to do."

    The low and deep words quietly came out.

    Then, the crowd only saw the clear-eyed young man, with a grim face and eyes full of cold smiles, stepping forward, towards the front.

    Mo Shanshan and the others were whirling in shock at the sight.

    "Bastard, you dare?!!!"


    "Stop!"Wu Weitao also stopped each other in shock.


    "Ye Fan, don't~"

    Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face paled and shouted as well.

    But, it was already too late.


    A boom, only like muffled thunder exploded.

    And then, in the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, Mo Shanshan's petite body, flew up in response to the sound.

    As if it was a cannonball, it was kicked out by Ye Fan.

    After knocking over countless tables and chairs, it crashed onto the high wall at the back.

    In the end, Mo Shanshan's crippled, grazed the wall and helplessly slid down onto the floor below.

    With blood spilling from her mouth, she lay there with a face full of panic, looking towards Ye Fan's direction.

    In the end, there was actually no more life left and she directly fainted.

    After Mo Shanshan collapsed, Ye Fan was still standing there.

    His thin body was only like a spear standing upright.

    That majestic majesty, almost daring one to look at it!

    "My wife, not to be insulted!"


    Sound like muffled thunder, echoing in all directions.

    Dead silence~

    There's a silence!

    At that moment, the entire Shan Shui Hui Hall was silent.

    Everyone, dead-eyed, wanted to look like ghosts, watching the scene before them.

    Qiu Guang was horrified and lost his voice.

    Master Qiu was so frightened that he even jumped up from his seat.

    Wu Weitao and the others were even more deadly open-mouthed, unable to stop drawing cold air, but they were too stunned to make a sound.

    In their hearts, they were only left with a dense sense of shock.

    Who would have thought that Ye Fan had actually done something cruel to Mo Shanshan?


    "You're a beast, aren't you?"

    "How dare you hurt her?"

    After a long tremor, there were howls of anger from Qiu Guang as well as Qiu Mu Qi's father and son.

    Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was as pale as paper.

    She also knew that this matter, I'm afraid it's going to be a complete mess.

    Not to mention whether the Mo family would bypass Ye Fan, I'm afraid that Wu Weitao alone would not let Ye Fan go.

    After all, it was Wu Weitao who had set up this sub today.

    Mo Shanshan, even more so, was the VIP guest invited by Wu Weitao.

    But now, the guest that Wu Weitao valued so much was Ye Fan, who was kicked into a dead dog!

    As expected, Wu Weitao's face was completely gloomy.

    "Good you, Ye Fan."

    "A thing that doesn't know how to live."

    "A toast and you take a forfeit?"

    "Miss Mo is an honored guest I invited, how dare you hurt him?"

    "Someone, take this madman down immediately and send him to jail for trial!"

    "Tomorrow, an indictment will be brought."

    "If he resists, shoot him on the spot!"

    Wu Weitao was completely blown up, not giving Ye Fan any room to explain himself at all.

    Immediately gave an order.

    Immediately afterwards, dozens of heavily armed special police outside rushed into the clubhouse, loaded with bullets, and surrounded Ye Fan.

    The scene, fighting!

    After Ye Fan and Wu Weitao tore their faces apart, the situation before them instantly became uncontrollable.

    "Wu Shi, don't~"

    Where had Qiu Mu Orange ever seen such a scene.

    She was so frightened that she burst into tears.

    She choked and cried.

    However, where did Wu Weitao pay attention to her, he was gloomy and looked at Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, I don't want to go this far with you either."

    "I've advised you, and all I can say is that you've brought this all on yourself."

    "Restrain yourself."

    "You hurt the Mo family, I must give the Mo family an explanation."

    The Mo Family was powerful, not to mention that today, the Mo Family's master would still descend.

    Now that something like this had happened, Wu Weitao had no choice but to capture Ye Fan in order to give an explanation to the Mo Family.


    "But Wu Weitao, my wife Mu Orange, was invited by you to the banquet."

    "But she suffered a hundred humiliations, haven't you thought about how to give me an explanation?"


    The cold wind, mixed with Ye Fan's cold words of mortification, swept the four directions.


However, upon hearing Ye Fan's words, Wu Weitao laughed, "Give me an explanation?"

    "You deserve it too!"

    "You're just a milquetoast junior after all."

    "Don't think that by relying on a little fist and footwork to make Lei Laosan and the others submit, you really think you're the Lord of Yunzhou and the respect of Jiangdong?"

    "To put it bluntly, you're just a gangster leader."

    "No different from those hoodlums and gangsters?"

    "The power is in our hands, and we'll run you down in minutes if we want."

    "Of course, if you know how to restrain yourself and not violate our boundaries."

    "I, Wu Weitao, wouldn't mind allowing you to continue your scenery."

    "But unfortunately, if you don't listen to the words and don't know how to live, then don't blame me, Wu Weitao, for ignoring old feelings!"

    Wu Weitao's eyes were icy cold, and his words were filled with monstrous anger.

    To be honest, Wu Weitao was very clear that today's incident was indeed caused by Mo Shanshan.

    But, so what?

    In this world, right and wrong don't matter, profit is the eternal pursuit.

    In Wu Weitao's eyes, Ye Fan came from a poor background, a descendant who got rich by fighting.

    Although he was revered as the Lord of Jiangdong, but to be frank, he was just a gangster leader.

    Neither having a background nor a background.

    And what about Mo Shanshan?

    She came from a noble family, with a fierce background and powerful connections across all walks of life in China, and even Wu Weitao had received a favor from them.

    In this situation, a fool would know what to choose!

    In the end, Wu Weitao chose to offend Ye Fan as a way to give the Mo Family an explanation.

    However, while Wu Weitao was speaking in a deep, angry voice, he discovered that Ye Fan's fist, at some point, had clenched once again.

    When Wu Weitao saw this, he was filled with ridicule and shook his head to laugh once again, "What?"

    "You're not going to resist and try to take a shot at me, are you?"

    "Mr. Chu, if you don't want to die, I advise you to stop thinking about it."

    "I know you're good at kung fu."

    "But as hard as your fists and feet are, how hard can they be against bullets?"

    "As strong as you are, can you be stronger than a gun?"

    "It's a technological society now."

    "It's long gone from the feudal era where the sky was born on horseback."

    "That bit of Kung Fu you're so proud of is worthless in front of me."

    Wu Weitao said coldly, full of confidence and mockery.

    It was as if, at this time, Ye Fan was already the fish meat on his anvil, to be slaughtered.

    Yet Ye Fan shook his head as he listened.

    "After all, they're just some ants, a leaf in the eye."

    "You don't understand the Martial Dao, naturally you don't understand the majesty of the Martial Dao even less."

    "A truly strong man can go up to the nine heavens to capture the moon and down to the five seas to catch a turtle."

    "Not to mention that district guns, even hard pit missiles and furiously decapitating ships are not a problem."

    "The presidents of great nations all treat each other with respect, and the commanders of ten thousand armies all pay respectful homage."

    "Do you think that technology is dominant nowadays?"

    "It is not surprising that in this world, the one that truly stands at the pinnacle of power is the martial arts."

    "This world has never changed."

    "Becoming, it's just your ignorance."

    Ye Fan's indifferent voice was only like a storm, sweeping away from here.

    But his words were not empty words.

    People like the God of War, Ye Qingtian, and the Fist Emperor, Mo Kuko Cheng, were existences that stood at the peak of power.

    Even the Lord of Huaxia treated them with courtesy.

    Because those six pillars held up the entire Huaxia!

    For Ye Qingtian and the others, any guns or missiles were almost ineffective already.

    The only thing that could hurt them was perhaps only nuclear bombs.

    A few decades ago, there was a feudal clan master who slaughtered a city full of people to avenge the murder of his wife, leaving hundreds of thousands of people to be buried for his wife.

    In the end, it caused the country's top brass to become furious and sent out the army to suppress it.

    But as a result, all of them were powerfully overturned and nearly swept away by that title strongman.

    With one man, he beat a country into submission, and that country's top brass apologized for making peace and took the initiative to hand over the murderer.

    It was from then on that the power of the title clan was so strong that it terrified the entire world.

    However, Wu Weitao naturally didn't know about these things.

    He only thought that Ye Fan was just talking nonsense.

    Thus, in the face of Ye Fan's words, Wu Weitao even ridiculed and laughed.


    "If you're so confident, then you should try it."

    "Let's see if your hard fists, or my bullets, are better!"


    Wu Weitao immediately gave the order, the bullets were loaded, and countless lines of fire were spewing out, when the door of the Shan Shui Club, was actually suddenly pushed open.

    Immediately afterwards, dozens of accompanying bodyguards, like a tidal wave, poured in.

    After they entered, they stood on either side.

    As if they were courtiers, waiting for the monarch to descend with a heart full of respect and reverence!


    Outside the meeting hall, there was a wild wind surging.

    Just like this, in the midst of the cold wind, a hale and hearty old figure, with majesty and pride, accompanied by several people, stepped on the steps and quietly appeared in front of the crowd.

    "This...This is..."

    "Who's here?"

    Everyone was shocked at the sight of the visitor.

    Until Wu Weitao lost his voice and shouted out.

    "Mo...Mo Lao?"



    "Could it be that he is the head of the Mo Family, Mo Wuji?"

    The crowd's old faces changed color at the sound of this.

    Wu Weitao was even more oblivious to Ye Fan and hurriedly brought his people up to greet them with a respectful greeting.


    "Mo Lao, you've finally arrived."

    "Weitao has been waiting for you for a long time to set up the wine banquet here."

    Wu Weitao smiled evenly.

    The old man in the suit nodded, "Well, Little Wu, you're very kind.After many years of not seeing you, you've now been able to be on one side and stand alone.It's not in vain that I appreciated you back then."

    "By the way, where's Shan Shan, have her come over to see me."

    "This~" hearing this, Wu Weitao's eyes twitched, and his face looked a bit ugly for a moment.

    "What's the matter, something happened to Murphy?"Mo Wuji frowned.

    "Da...Great Uncle, save...Save me..."

    '"Uncle, give...Give me revenge..."

    Mo Shanshan, who had been kicked into unconsciousness by Ye Fan, had woken up sometime ago, however.

    Seemingly seeing Mo Wuji's arrival, Mo Shanshan's effort to raise her hand, weak voice, kept calling out.


    "Sam, what's wrong with you?"

    "Who hurt him like that?"Mo Wuji was immediately shocked and ran over to check on Mo Shanshan's injuries.

    Seeing the dying Mo Shanshan, Mo Wuji had a thousand anger in his chest, but his face was still as peaceful as a lake.

    He turned his head, his icy gaze glaring at Wu Weitao, "Hmph, Wu Weitao, it seems that I've missed the point."

    "If you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world!"

    "If you can't protect one woman, how are you going to protect the people of this city?"

    "I..."Wu Weitao was frightened, and an old face paled.

    He then explained in fear, "Mo, I'm sorry, it was me who didn't protect Miss Mo properly."

    "However, I've already caught that thug."

    "I promise to punish him severely and will give Miss Mo a satisfactory explanation!"


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