Dish Best Served Cold 846-850

Chapter 846

Eventually, Suzy followed Qiu Mu Orange and got into Ye Fan's car.

    On the way back, Suzy kept her head down and said nothing.

    Thinking back to all the past, she didn't even dare to look up at Ye Fan.


    He must have hated himself, right?

    Must be resentful of yourself.


    Suzy's heart was filled with mixed feelings, and all kinds of thoughts couldn't stop lingering.

    At the same time, on this journey, Suzy had been trying to find an opportunity to apologize to Ye Fan and give him an apology.

    After all, Su Xi had done too many things that offended Ye Fan in the past.

    Of course, there was never just guilt between Suzy and Ye Fan.

    Even Suzy couldn't describe what kind of emotions she was feeling when facing Ye Fan.

    There is shame about the past, but also a little bit of fear, a few nervous and excited [Penjingge].

    I'm not sure if I've ever dreamed that one day I'd be on the same train as Mr. Chu, the Honorable Patriarch of Jiangdong.

    Only, Suzy hesitated for a long time, and the words in her heart were never able to be spoken.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, had been so calm and indifferent throughout.He even chatted with Qiu Mu Orange from time to time, laughing and joking.

    That frank appearance, but couldn't see any dissatisfaction and hatred towards Suzy at all.

    But the more Ye Fan was so indifferent, the more the loss in Suzy's heart intensified.

    She didn't expect that she didn't even have the qualification to make Ye Fan bear a grudge against her.

    But if you think about it, Ye Fan was the noble of Jiangdong, and every day, he was in contact with big personalities like Chen Ao, Lei San, and Li Er, and even the women around him were all noble and elegant goddesses like Xu Lei.

    And she, Su Xi, is nothing compared to these people?

    I don't think I've ever been in his eyes.

    Just like a round of white moon, and how can you care about the glow of fireflies.

    This is the reason why I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this.

    The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

    What was worse than holding a grudge was ignoring it.

    She would rather Ye Fan hate herself and rebuke herself.In that case, at least she still had a few points in his heart.

    But now, it seemed that she was still hoping extravagantly after all.

    In Ye Fan's eyes, she, Suzy, had probably always been an insignificant character.

    In the car, there was music echoing.

    Ye Fan drove the car, speeding through the dark night.

    Naturally, Ye Fan didn't know the voice of Suzy's heart.

    However, even if he knew, I guess Ye Fan would not be moved by it.

    Suzy was right in her thinking, throughout all this, Ye Fan never cared about her.

    In his eyes, he only had Qiu Mu Orange.

    And Su Xi, after all, was just a passerby.

    If it wasn't for Autumn Mu Orange, I don't think Ye Fan would have had any interaction with her in his life.


    The limousine galloped, and the orange light, like a sword, tore apart the condensed darkness.

    Just like this, under the long night, a black luxury car, but towards Yunzhou, speeding away.

    However, what Ye Fan didn't know was that at the same time, somewhere in Yanjing, there were also a number of luxury cars, heading towards Yunzhou.



    At dawn, Ye Fan's group finally arrived in Yunzhou.

    Qiu Mu Orange asked Ye Fan to send Suzy back first, before they returned to the Cloud Peak Mountain Villa.

    After a night of running around, Qiu Mu Orange seemed to be exhausted, lying on the bed, she had wanted to rest for a while, but who would have thought that she would fall asleep without realizing it.

    "This silly woman, she didn't even take off her high heels to sleep?"

    Ye Fan looked at the sleeping girl in front of him and shook his head to spoil a smile.

    And then, he sat down on the edge of the bed and gently helped Qiu Mu Orange take off her shoes, while he carefully removed her stockings.

    The snow-white jade feet were then revealed.

    Neatly trimmed nails, dainty red and graceful cardamom.

    This exquisite woman, not only was her face stunning, even her slender white jade feet were so charming, and there was even a few hints of fragrance.

    Even with Ye Fan's fixation, he couldn't help but tremble.

    "What a goblin~"

    "I really don't know how I've endured these three years."

    The corner of Ye Fan's eyes twitched, and his heart lamented.

    And then, he didn't dare to look any further, afraid that he couldn't help but really do her in.

    Then, Ye Fan pulled the blanket and gently covered Qiu Mu Orange's delicate body, while he got up and prepared to go out.

    However, who would have thought that just as Ye Fan was about to get up, Qiu Mu Orange, who had been sleeping uneasily, suddenly stirred off the blanket.

    Ye Fan was helpless and had to pull it on again, when Qiu Mu Orange's jade foot stirred over again.

    This time, it was a good death and stomped right on Ye Fan's face.


    Ye Fan's face was black, but he was stomped on his face by a woman, and he had never been so humiliated in his life.

    At that time, Ye Fan was so angry that he wanted to spank Qiu Mu Orange's bottom.

    But in the end, in the end, he still stopped.

    "Just, seeing how tired you are, I'll spare you this time."

    "But, don't tell me, this woman's jade foot still has a fragrance..."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly with a bad smile as he echoed.

    If Qiu Mu Orange heard it, she would probably shamefully yell at Ye Fan for putting together shamelessness, right?

    After leaving the bedroom, Ye Fan went to the living room.

    He sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the whitening sky outside, while dialing Han Lao's phone.

    After leaving the country, Ye Fan hadn't contacted Han Lao yet.

    Now that it was an opening, it was time to give him a call.


    "Little Lord, you're out of the gate?"


    "Can the bottleneck be broken?"

    After January, receiving a call from Ye Fan again, Han Lao was overjoyed.

    Ye Fan also smiled back and said, "Mm.It's still going well, the second level of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve is already a great success."

    "This retreat, I successfully stepped into the third weight."

    "With my current strength, a Martial Dao Master is only as vulnerable as a pig or dog to me."


    "Congratulations to the young lord."

    "Back then, the old master of the Chu family, who had cultivated all his life, only reached the third level, I guess."

    "In just a few years, the young lord has achieved such an accomplishment."

    "A truly heavenly talent!"

    "The great breakthrough of the Chu family is just around the corner~"

    On the phone, Old Han was overjoyed and congratulated Ye Fan repeatedly.

    "In that case, when do we leave, Little Lord?"

    "In the meantime, I have mobilized all the strongest people as per your orders."

    "The four Dragon Kings and five Near Dragon Guards have returned to their positions!"

    "Just wait for Little Master to give the order, and then strike a fatal blow against the Chu Family's power in the business, political, military, and even martial worlds."

    Han Lao said respectfully, his words filled with intense excitement and solemnity.

    After ten years, this day was finally coming.

    However, Ye Fan frowned after hearing that, "What about the three Dragon Gods?"

    "Are they all here yet?"

    The three Dragon Gods were the most elite martial forces under Ye Fan's banner.

    Each one of them was a top-notch powerhouse that reigned supreme.

    It could be said that those three people would be the biggest help for Ye Fan's return to the Chu family.



    "Little Lord, Carter and the others had a situation in Western Europe."

    "But they said that we could leave first, and they'll be arriving later."Han explained in a low voice.


    "And afterwards?"

    "What do they make of this?Play house?"

    "Tell them that they must be back within half a month!"

    "Otherwise, don't ever come back."

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice, and his words were filled with displeasure.

    Returning to the Chu family was Ye Fan's greatest scheme, but rather the significance of his establishment of the Dragon God Temple.

    As the saying goes, raise an army for a thousand days and use it for a moment.

    Those bastards, at the critical moment, they still fucking arrived later?

    That was why they weren't following, otherwise Evan would have had to whip them.

    "Maybe they've really encountered a tricky problem."

    "But Little Lord, what do you mean by waiting another half a month?"Hearing what Ye Fan had just said, Han Lao was confused and asked.

    "You didn't pay attention to what happened the other day?"Ye Fan raised his eyebrows.

    As the grand steward of the Dragon God Temple, it was reasonable to say that Old Han should have known about the matter of the about-face at Dongchang Lake.

    However, these days, Old Han had been preparing for Ye Fan's return to the Chu family, and didn't pay much attention to the matter in Jiangdong.

    Ye Fan briefly told Elder Han about it.


    "Is Looking Moon River coming to Jiangdong?"

    "And captured Miss Xu and injured Copper Mountain?"

    "This is actually happening?!"

    "This Moonwatching River, what a big dog's guts!"

    "A small person who can't even rank in the top three in the Japanese martial arts dao dares to do something to you, young master?"

    "I think he really doesn't want to live."

    "Little Lord, don't worry, I won't let him escape so easily."

    "Tonight, I'll deploy my men to the Sun Country and assassinate Moonwatching River!"

    When Han Lao heard this, he was shocked and angry.

    He didn't expect that since Ye Fan had closed in, he hadn't paid attention to Jiangdong for a few days, but something so big had happened.

    Ye Fan, however, shook his head, "Don't underestimate this Moonwatching River."

    "That day's battle, in my judgment, even though this Moonwatching River is old and decrepit, he should still have the strength of a Sealed Master."'

    "It's not like this kind of strong person can be assassinated by just sending someone at random."

    "There's no need for you to be concerned about this matter."

    "I just happen to be going on a trip to the Sun Country next, so I'll just end him by the way,"

    Ye Fan said indifferently, that cloudy and light-hearted manner, as if beheading Moonwatching River was a sparse and ordinary matter.

    But God knows, it was such a sparse and ordinary thing, but in the eyes of the onlookers, it was as if he had ascended to heaven.


    "You're going to the Japanese Kingdom, Little Lord?"Han Lao was slightly surprised at the sound.

    I don't know why Ye Fan, who was so nice, suddenly wanted to go to the Sun Country.

    "Eight-foot Qiong hook jade, you should have heard of it, right?"Ye Fan suddenly asked.

    Han Lao nodded his head and said, "En.One of the Three Divine Artifacts of the Sun Country, moreover known as the Holy Object of Martialism."

    "Why did the young lord suddenly ask it, could it be ...?"

    Thinking of this, Old Man Han on the other end of the phone, his appearance immediately trembled and his eyes whirled.

    "That's right, I'm going to the Sun Country for it."

    "Within the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, it is recorded that a powerful guardian formation needs an item that serves as the energy source for the formation."

    "And this eight-foot Qiong hook jade is the best choice."

    "This Jingshou's robbery has reminded me, though.Just relying on Copper Mountain, Green Sandalwood and the others won't be able to stop the truly strong ones."

    "If I want to be relieved of worries, I must give Mu Orange and the others better shelter."

    "And on this trip to the Sun Country, if I can obtain the eight-foot Qiong hook jade and use it as an energy source, I can build a great formation that shelters one side."

    "Then, when the next time Mu Orange and the others encounter a similar crisis, they won't be at the mercy of others."

    As the saying goes, if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it.

    Before this Jingzhou calamity, Ye Fan had already thought that when he wasn't in Jiangdong, it was highly likely that his friends and relatives would encounter danger.

    But in the past, Ye Fan considered more about the threat of the merchant dignitaries.Therefore, he purposely expanded the Mu Fan Group so that Autumn Mu Orange could have more capital to face the attacks of his competitors.

    However, the arrival of Sword God Moonwatching River undoubtedly reminded Ye Fan.

    As he made more and more enemies, what Mu Orange and the others would have to face was also the threat of the Martial Daoists.

    It would have been just as well if they were ordinary powerful people.

    Copper Mountain and Qing Tan and the others could completely handle it.

    However, just like this time, once the Zongshi strongman was in trouble and he wasn't there, it would be a catastrophe for Jiangdong, Mu Fan Group, Mu Orange and his own family and friends.

    Therefore, before heading to the Chu family, Ye Fan had to finish all the funeral arrangements.

    "Mu Orange, I, Ye Fan, may not be able to give a lifetime of companionship.But I promise that even if I don't return it once I go, I will never allow people, to hurt you in the slightest."

    "I once said that I would grant you guys a lifetime of peace."

    "I, Ye Fan, will never break my word."


    At the top of the cloud top mountain, the wind was bitterly cold, but it blew up Ye Fan's sleeves and hunted.



    Soon, it was dawn.

    When Qiu Mu Orange woke up, Ye Fan had already made breakfast.

    On the dining table, the warm milk emitted a rich milk fragrance.

    "Mu Orange, don't sleep."

    "Hurry up and get up and wash up, it's time to eat."

    "I'll take you to work later."

    A long-lost voice, a familiar scene.

    As if, everything was still the same as before.

    At that time, Qiu Mu Orange was still a small manager who was excluded from the middle of Qiushui Logistics.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was also the unpopular door-to-door son-in-law of the Qiu family.

    Qiu Mu Orange remembered every morning during these three years, just like now.

    When she opened her eyes, she could smell the soaring aroma of milk and hear Ye Fan's friendly voice.

    The scene that was commonplace in the beginning, now that she saw it again, Qiu Mu Orange didn't know why, her nose was sore, a pair of beautiful eyes, then red.

    She suddenly stepped forward and hugged Ye Fan from behind, her pretty face buried in Ye Fan's solid spine.

    "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you?"

    After so many years, Qiu Mu Orange was rarely like this, taking the initiative to be intimate with Ye Fan.

    At that time, Ye Fan was stunned.

    "Ye Fan, can you please, don't leave."

    "Just like now, stay with me all the time, okay?"Qiu Mu Orange's words were pleading, her pretty face tearful.

    During this time, she didn't know what was wrong with her.

    Ever since that day of the sea and sky feast, she always felt that she was about to lose this man.

    Always, the mind was restless.

    Ye Fan's heart, also at this time, trembled.

    It was as if, something cracked open and sour water flowed out.

    However, he still smiled and said lightly, "You silly woman, what's wrong with you, making it look like you're separating from life and death."

    "I'm just going out to take care of a little business, I'll be back soon."

    "Alright, alright, hurry up and eat, eat and go to work."

    "A beautiful CEO of a hundred billion dollar group, crying, if your subordinates see it, they won't laugh at you?"


After breakfast, Ye Fan also sent Qiu Mu Orange to work.

    Everything, it seemed, was back to the way it was before.

    Qiu Mu Orange was in charge of earning money to support the family, while Ye Fan was in charge of driving her to work.

    The life of a son-in-law at the door was so comfortable.

    In the past, Qiu Mu Orange even complained about Ye Fan's lack of ambition and lack of progress.Outsiders also mocked Ye Fan for his soft rice and incompetence.

    But now, these actions of Ye Fan fall into the eyes of Su Xi and others, but only romantic.

    Think about it, the all-powerful Jiangdong kingpin, who spends his days at home doing housework, washing and cooking to send his wife, if this is not romantic, what is it?

    In the past seven days, every time she saw at the entrance of the company, Ye Fan who came to pick up Qiu Mu Orange to and from work, Suzy's heart was not feeling good.

    There was envy in her eyes.

    Perhaps, this was the love she was waiting for.

    In these few days, the smile on Qiu Mu Orange's face was significantly more.

    In the company, she was also radiant, as if she was a flower nourished by rain and dew, and her eyebrows were filled with happiness and sweetness.

    And Ye Fan, undoubtedly also cherished, this time.

    Because, this might be the last time he and Qiu Mu Orange could spend together.

    It was only a short seven days, and Ye Fan naturally cherished it even more.

    However, on that day, soon after Qiu Mu Orange arrived at the company, he received an invitation from the Yunzhou city government, wanting to invite Qiu Mu Orange to the Mountain and Water Club, for a cocktail party.

    Ye Fan had never been much of a fan of these types of social cocktail parties, so naturally, he didn't want Qiu Mu Orange to go.

    "But Ye Fan, this is an invitation from Wu Shi personally."

    "If you don't go, it's not good, right?"

    "Besides, when we opened Mufan Real Estate, but Wu City came to give us a personal visit and gave us a pair of couplets?"

    "I think it's better to check it out tomorrow."

    Qiu Mu Orange was different from Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan lived in the world and followed his true heart as much as he could, never caring about any human emotions.

    Not to mention the mayor of Yunzhou, even the Lord of Jiangdong Province, if he upset Ye Fan, Ye Fan probably wouldn't give him any good face.

    But Qiu Mu Orange was the manager of a large group, many interpersonal relationships had to be considered.

    Eventually, under the persuasion of Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan agreed to let her go.

    Of course, he would also attend along with Qiu Mu Orange.

    He would like to see what kind of a cocktail party it was.



    Soon, the time came to the afternoon of the next day.

    Qiu Mu Orange got off work early and started to dress up carefully when she got home.

    After the Haitian Feast, this was the first time she attended such a formal occasion with Ye Fan, and Autumn Mu Orange naturally paid particular attention to it.

    As Ye Fan's wife, she couldn't afford to embarrass this man.

    "How about it, your wife is pretty, right?"

    Half an hour later, Autumn Mu Orange, who had finished grooming, walked out.

    Like a proud princess, she stood pavilion-like.

    She was wearing a long lavender dress, the red soled high heels that Ye Fan had given her at the previous auction, and the "Emperor's Kiss" diamond ring on her finger was dazzling and charming.

    The red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink, Qiu Mu orange, at this time, almost perfectly interpreted what is noble, what is elegant?

    Even Ye Fan, who had seen many beautiful women, couldn't help but be slightly shocked.

    He even joked, "Not worthy of being the Empress of Jiangdong, she really is a natural beauty."

    Ye Fan's words caused Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face to blush slightly, and he suddenly said in a shy and angry manner, "What empress emperor, you guy, it's just as well for others to say that, but you're actually saying that too?"

    "If a person with a heart hears it, beware of attracting trouble."

    The truth that if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it, Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly understood.

    Nowadays, although Ye Fan was revered as the Lord of Jiangdong by a group of dignitaries, Qiu Mu Orange was also aware that no matter how famous Ye Fan's name was, it was only a folk's title after all.

    The official handpicked feudal official was not Ye Fan.

    Tonight, Qiu Mu Orange agreed to go to this reception in order to solidify Ye Fan's relationship with the authorities.

    Otherwise, Ye Fan is too powerful now, and Qiu Mu Orange is really worried about causing the official's displeasure and thus incurring the official's suppression.

    The people don't fight with the officials!

    Ye Fan was certainly powerful, but in Qiu Mu Orange's opinion, it was impossible for him to compete with the official people.

    After all, people like Wu Weitao, He Lanshan and others had the entire country behind them.

    No matter how strong Ye Fan was, would he still be able to counteract the entire country with one person?

    Just like the Liang Shanbo in the Water Margin, the Liang Shanbo was so powerful back then, but in the face of the state, didn't it end up being a total failure?

    So, for names like "Emperor" and "Empress", Qiu Mu Orange didn't really like them.

    It was because this was a form of holding and killing!

    In response, however, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, not really caring, "Mu Orange, there's no need to worry."

    "Although I don't feel good about the position of power and position."

    "But this Jiangdong's position, other than me, there's really no second person in this Jiangdong land worthy to sit!"

    "As I am the Honorable Lord of Jiangdong, you are naturally the Empress of Jiangdong."

    "I not only dare to say that to you, I still dare to say that to anyone."

    "I see that in this Jiangdong, who is there to disobey?"

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice, but his words were lofty.

    He, Ye Fan, was no matter what, a descendant of the Heavenly Generation named by the ancestors of the Chu Family.If he didn't have this much dominance, there would be no need for him to cultivate the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve.

    "You're always so arrogant."Qiu Mu Orange smiled helplessly at Ye Fan's words.

    However, wasn't it this arrogance of Ye Fan's that she liked the most?


    After leaving the Genting Mountain Villa, Ye Fan and his wife, soon also drove to the Mountain Water Club.

    "General Manager Qiu, welcome ah."

    "General Manager Qiu has appreciated your visit, I, Wu Weitao, would like to thank you first."

    Seeing the arrival of Qiu Mu Orange, this Wu Weitao was polite, but he whirled around and came out to welcome Qiu Mu Orange.


    "Mr. Chu is here too?"


    "I heard that on New Year's Day, Mr. Chu hosted a banquet on the banks of Yunwu Lake, inviting the dignitaries of Jiangdong."

    "Mr. Chu is now, so to speak, one of the leading figures in our Jiangdong business community.I had long thought of having a meal with Mr. Chu before."

    "Tonight, it's a perfect opportunity."

    "Mr. Chu, Mr. Qiu, quick, please come inside."

    After seeing Ye Fan, Wu Weitao was first shocked, then became even more enthusiastic, and even invited Ye Fan and his wife to enter the club and take a seat.

    There were not many people who came to this reception today, but they were mostly business celebrities and well-known entrepreneurs who were prominent in Yunzhou.

    Qiu Mu orange had no shortage of contact with them on a daily basis, so they basically knew each other.

    As soon as Ye Fan and his wife entered the door, all the dignitaries from the four directions came over to greet them.

    It was only after a pleasant exchange of pleasantries that Qiu Mu Orange asked curiously to Wu Weitao, "Wu City, I wonder what it is that you invited us here tonight?"


"Actually, it's not a big deal."

    "The main thing is that over there in Yanjing, there are a few big people who are coming."

    "This reception tonight is mainly to pick up the dust for a few big names from Yanjing."

    "One of them, a noble lady, is probably appreciative of Chief Qiu and wants to meet you by name."

    "So, I'll just have to be cheeky and invite General Manager Qiu over for a get-together."

    Wu Weitao said enthusiastically, his posture low.

    This Wu Weitao, who was worthy of being a top hand capable of commanding a city, was at least humble and courteous in his treatment of people, and did not have any of the pretensions of a city master, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

    Of course, this was only superficial.

    A person's true character was definitely not something that could be seen in a few words.

    However, upon hearing this, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan had undoubtedly clarified what this Wu Weitao meant.

    Those words of his sounded good, but to be frank, inviting Qiu Mu Orange over was nothing more than backing him up and welcoming Yanjing's noble guests together.

    In other words, they were all just supporting characters.

    The protagonist of today's cocktail party had yet to arrive.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange was slightly shocked, "To be able to have Wu Shi set up the reception and receive it personally."

    "The other party's background, I'm afraid it's tremendous, right?"

    Wu Weitao nodded, "Yes.This time, the visitor is one of the Yanjing giants."

    "I was able to step into the career path back then thanks to Master Mo's appreciation and promotion back then."

    "They have been kind to me, too."


    "One of the Yanjing giants?"

    "Even Wu Shi had been promoted by them?"

    The more Qiu Mu Orange listened, the more frightened she became.

    She had thought that the person who came today would probably only be some extremely high-ranking big shot.However, she did not expect that the other party would be a powerful family with a strong background in Yanjing.

    Just like Ye Fan, no matter how powerful he was personally, he was still just one person after all.

    But the giants' families were different, their descendants were from all walks of life.Those who excel are not just one person.

    What's more, the connections acquired through several generations of management were a terrifying "power".


    "Wu Shi, you're not mistaken, are you?"

    "A man from the Yanjing Mansion who wants to see me by name?"

    "I haven't even had contact with them."

    After learning of the other party's powerful background, Qiu Mu-Orange was confused and terrified.

    Although Lei Laosan and the others often called Qiu Mu Orange as the Empress of Jiangdong, she knew herself well.

    She asked herself that she was not qualified to have contact with such a great figure.

    It was the Yanjing's worldly gentry, and I guess Ye Fan, couldn't even get into someone's eyes.

    Wu Weitao shook his head, "Haha~"

    "Autumn, there's no mistake."

    "I've confirmed many times that they really did meet you by name."

    "I guess, they also appreciate the fact that Mr. Qiu is young and promising, and want to hire you for their use."

    Wu Weitao laughed.

    But in fact, in his heart, he also felt that with Ye Fan Qiu Mu Orange and the others' status, they were not qualified to be compared to the Yanjing gentry.

    The reason why they named to meet Qiu Mu Orange was probably to hire Qiu Mu Orange for their use.

    Wu Weitao thought like this.

    Ye Fan listened, but he frowned slightly.

    "Wu City, Miss Mo and the others have arrived."

    In the middle of the conversation, a car sounded outside the clubhouse.

    Then, Wu Weitao's assistant came running to report.


    "I'm going over to greet them."

    When Wu Weitao heard that, he whirled around to greet everyone.

    But only Ye Fan, who was still sitting there, sipping tea, ignored Wu Weitao's call.


    "Mr. Chu, won't you go out and greet me?"

    "That's a son of the Yanjing gentry, so let's take the opportunity to get to know each other."

    Wu Weitao noticed the unmoving Ye Fan and said slowly with a slight frown on his brow.

    Ye Fan lightly smiled, "No need."

    "In the world, only others welcome me, how can there be me welcoming others?"


    Hearing Ye Fan's words, the hearts of everyone present all trembled.

    The corners of their eyes twitched inwardly.

    Worthy of being Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, huh?

    There was still this arrogance and magnanimity when facing the Yanjing giants.

    Dare I ask who else could there be in Jiangdong other than Mr. Chu?

    "But confidence is good, though."

    "But overconfidence is arrogance."

    Many people shook their heads and whispered in their hearts.

    Even Wu Weitao, who looked at Ye Fan, was more than a little unhappy.

    Of course, the crowd was only saying these words in their hearts.

    Ye Fan's arrogance wasn't just a day or two old, no one would be foolish enough to knit Ye Fan's brows at this time.

    It was Ye Fan who was offended anyway, not them.

    In the end, it was Qiu Mu Orange who ran over to round up the situation and smiled awkwardly, "Wu Shi, you don't mind."

    "Ye Fan he didn't mean to offend, it was just a joke."

    "Quick, the guests are at the door, let's go and greet them."

    Qiu Mu-Orange was busy changing the subject, and then everyone went out to greet them as well.After glaring at them, Qiu Mu Orange followed the crowd out as well.

    Outside the meeting hall, only a number of luxury cars drove up.

    A dozen or so bodyguards stood respectfully on either side.It was as if they were attendants, welcoming their monarch to descend.

    Finally, as the car door opened, a line of several people, but quietly appeared.

    The one who walked in front was a flowery dressed woman.With long brownish red hair pulled up high, and a high nose, she seemed to carry a few points of Western European blood, and her delicate face carried a few points of pride and nobility.

    A designer dress, all over her body almost proclaimed her extravagance.

    Meanwhile, beside her, followed a handsome young man.

    The two of them were clinging to each other and were acting intimately.

    Behind these two men and women, there was also a middle-aged man, carrying an old man along with him.

    The moment she saw them, a pair of beautiful eyes of Autumn Mu Orange whirled around to stare.



    "Autumn Mukki?"

    "How are they?"

    Qiu Mu Orange was almost confused, her eyes full of tremors.

    She had never thought that she would meet her grandfather and the others here.

    Qiu Mu Orange was startled, she remained silent for a long time, her heart full of tremors.

    Ever since that opening ceremony, Qiu Mu Orange's relationship with the Qiu family had undoubtedly completely fallen to the freezing point.

    Later on, after Qiu Mu Qi returned home, he wanted to use the power of the Shuntian Group to suppress Qiu Mu Orange.

    In the end, Ye Fan made a strong move to scare the Shuntian Group into moving out overnight? and vowed to never set foot in Jiangdong again for the rest of his life.

    The Red Flag Group side, also abandoned the car to protect the marshal, and sent Liu Bin to jail.

    At this point, Qiu Mukki has no one to rely on anymore.

    Qiushui Logistics was also in a desperate situation.

    Since then, Qiu Mu Orange had been busy with the company's affairs, and had not paid any attention to the Qiu family.

    During this period, it was said that the mother and daughter of Qiu Mu Ying had come to look for her at the Mu Fan Group, presumably wanting Qiu Mu Orange to save them.

    However, this mother and daughter were pushed out by Suzy without even seeing Autumn Mu Orange.

    After all that, even Suzy, knew that this mother and daughter were ill-bred white wolves who weren't worth helping each other.

    Later, she heard Suzy say that it seemed that Qiu Shui Logistics had declared bankruptcy and closed down.


When Autumn Mu Orange heard the news, she had an unexplainable feeling in her heart at the time.

    Should she be happy?

    However, after all, Qiushui Logistics was the company she had fought for many years, and the blood of the Qiu family flowed through her body, and her grandfather and all her relatives depended on it for their livelihood.

    The collapse of Qiushui Logistics undoubtedly meant that the Qiu family was in complete decline.

    Qiu Mu Orange really couldn't be happy.

    Should she be sympathetic then?

    However, grandfather's eccentricity, uncle's snobbishness, Qiu Muying and others' bullying, and the Qiu family's desperation are all vividly visible.

    It was their own fault for ending up where they are today.

    Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange felt that they did not deserve sympathy.

    It was under this torn mood that Qiu Mu Orange eventually chose to turn a blind eye.

    She didn't go to save Qiushui Logistics, nor did she go to the well to throw stones at them.

    She chose to just let nature take its course and let him be.

    Since she had already been expelled from the Qiu family, there was no need for her to bother with the affairs of the Qiu family.

    Of course, Qiu Mu Orange wasn't really hard-hearted.

    During that time, she had tried to get someone to send some money to Master Qiu.

    After all, when she was young, Master Qiu didn't miss out on loving her.

    Later, compelled by Autumn Muyoung, the party repeatedly did wrong things, but the kindness of the past was not forgotten by Autumn Mucheng.

    But unfortunately, the old man was so proud that he wouldn't accept her charity even if she had fallen so far.

    After that, Qiu Mu Orange had no further connection with the Qiu family.

    Before that, Qiu Mu Orange thought that Qiu Mu Qi and the others should have learned their lesson and found another way out.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange had never expected that they would meet again today, in this way.



    Startled, Qiu Mu Orange still rushed at Master Qiu and shouted out to his grandfather.

    However, Old Master Qiu ignored it.

    It was as if he didn't see Qiu Mu Orange and didn't even pay any attention to him, just like this, he followed Qiu Mu Qi and the others and entered the Mountain Water Club.

    Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face whitened a bit.

    She had never thought that once her dearest grandfather was now a stranger to her.

    With inexplicable emotions, Qiu Mu Orange also followed the crowd in.

    "Miss Mo, you should quickly take a seat."

    "I don't know, these people are?"

    Seeing Mo Shanshan, Wu Weitao smiled warmly and invited them to take a seat.

    This Mo Shanshan was the niece of Mo Wuji, the head of the Mo family, and had a small status in the Mo family, so Wu Weitao naturally didn't dare to slow down.

    In the middle of the conversation, Wu Weitao, however, looked curiously at Qiu Muqi's group again.

    "He's my fiancé, called Qiu Mu Qi."

    "These two, one is my fiancé's father and the other is my fiancé's grandfather."

    Mo Shanshan introduced them to Wu Weitao.

    Wu Weitao heard it, but he was slightly shocked.

    The gaze that looked at Qiu Mukki whirled and became different.

    After all, being able to conquer the daughter of a noble family would naturally impress people by a few points.


    "So it's Mr. Qiu."

    "It really is a match made in heaven with Miss Mo."

    "However, to win Miss Mo's heart, I'm sure Mr. Qiu must be a handsome man."

    Wu Weitao greeted warmly.

    Qiu Mu Qi smiled politely, "Wu Shi is fallacious."

    "I've been in the same school with Shan Shan for many years, we met when we were studying abroad."

    "Nowadays, it's only just recently that we've confirmed our relationship."

    After the two exchanged a few pleasantries, Wu Weitao asked to Mo Shanshan, "By the way, Miss Mo, I wonder when Master Mo, will be arriving?"

    Wu Weitao put on such a big show today, of course not just for the purpose of inviting Mo Shanshan, the main purpose was because he got the news, tonight the Mo family master, Mo Wuji will come to Yunzhou.

    How would Wu Weitao dare to slow down the arrival of the head of a noble family to Yunzhou?

    One must know that just this morning, Jiangdong Province Lord He Lanshan had personally called him and asked him to do a good job of entertaining him without fail.

    Even He Lanshan had personally greeted him, so one could imagine how great this Mo Wuji's face was?

    It was also because of Mo Wuji that Wu Weitao was even so polite and courteous in his treatment of a junior like Mo Shanshan.

    "My uncle is on his way to Yunzhou, he'll be here soon."Mo Shanshan returned.

    "En En, that's good."Wu Weitao nodded.

    "By the way, Wu Shi."

    "The Chief Qiu I asked you to invite, this time, can you invite him?"Mo Shan Shan suddenly asked.

    "Well, Mr. Autumn has already arrived and just went out to greet you?"Wu Wei-Tao smiled.


    "Then call her over."

    "I'd like to see what kind of a woman this is."Mo Shan Shan said with interest.

    Soon, Qiu Mu Orange was called over by Wu Wei Tao.

    "Miss Mo, are you looking for me?"Autumn Mu Orange came over to the woman she'd never met before and asked, somewhat confused.


    "You're Autumn Mu Orange?"

    "That door-to-door son-in-law's wife?"

    "The expelled abandoned daughter of the Autumn family?"

    "My fiancé's Autumn Water Logistics was destroyed by you?"

    "Regardless of how good you are, this posture alone is truly not bad."

    "No wonder, at a young age, you're able to make a name for yourself in Yunzhou."

    Mo Shanshan's words were extremely unpleasant to Qiu Mu Orange's ears as she asked in a cold voice, "Miss Mo, I don't know what you mean by that?"

    "What do I mean, can't you hear me?Do you still want me to say it straight up in front of everyone?"Mo Shanshan smiled inexplicably.

    At this time, Mo Shan Shan, a petite body sitting on the seat of honor, looked at her condescendingly, a pair of beautiful eyes full of teasing.


    Qiu Mu Orange was indignant and was about to attack, but Wu Weitao quickly stopped her.

    "Mr. Qiu, be calm, no rudeness."

    "Set your identity straight."

    "You must know, who is that person sitting in front of you?"

    Wu Weitao made eyes at Qiu Mu Orange and couldn't stop reminding her to not be impulsive.

    It couldn't be helped, but due to the other party's background and power, Qiu Mu-Orange eventually held back.With a gloomy face, she did not speak.

    At the side, when Qiu Mu Qi saw this, his heart sarcastically laughed.

    Qiu Mu Orange ah Qiu Mu Orange, even if that Ye Fan is Mr. Chu, how about it?So what if he's the King of Jiangdong?

    You'll have to go soft in front of the real giants!

    Yes, the reason why Mo Shan Shan had named Qiu Mu Orange to accompany the wine today was entirely Qiu Mu Qi's idea.

    Ever since the collapse of Qiushui Logistics, Qiu Muqi was unhappy in his heart and had trouble sleeping day and night.

    He would never be willing to lose to Qiu Mu Orange like this.

    In the end, he found Mo Shanshan and accepted Mo Shanshan's courtship.

    While studying abroad, Mo Shanshan has been courting Qiu Muqi.

    But unfortunately, Mo Shan Shan was not the style that Qiu Mu Qi liked, so he never agreed to Mo Shan Shan's pursuit.

    But now, Qiu Mucqi had no choice.

    In order to save the Autumn family, and because of the reluctance in his heart, he could only agree to go out with Mo Shan Shan.And with this, in exchange for the Mo Family's support.


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