Dish Best Served Cold 861-865


Chapter 861

Seven days passed quickly.

    On the evening of the seventh day, Ye Fan was ready to leave for the country of Japan.

    "Mr. Chu, as per your instructions, the tickets have been booked."

    "Tomorrow morning's flight."

    "Suggestion, tonight, let's go to Jianghai and wait."

    At the Genting Mountain Villa, Li Er and Lei Laosan were both there.

    Now that Ye Fan was about to travel far away, Li Er would naturally come to see him off.

    As for Lei laosan, it was Ye Fan who called and asked him to send Rangong Yingxue over.

    Previously, when Ye Fan returned to Yunzhou with Qiu Mu Orange, he didn't bring Rangong Yingxue back, but put him under house arrest in the Ye family villa in Jingzhou.

    Now that the seven-day period had arrived, Ye Fan naturally brought her over and headed to the Sun Country together.

    At this time, Li Er was speaking respectfully to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Good, depart now."

    "You dare?"

    However, just as Ye Fan was about to get into the car and leave, there was a fierce voice coming from behind him.

    No need to think about it, naturally it was Qiu Mu Orange.

    "That, wife, do you have any other orders?"Evan smiled bitterly and peeked out of the car, asking carefully.

    "You get out of the car!"

    "No matter how urgent it is, you have to eat before you leave."

    "Do you hear me?"

    Qiu Mu Orange was indignant, and the hard tone of his voice was not at all negotiable.

    "Then...That's okay."

    The corner of Ye Fan's mouth twitched.

    He couldn't do anything about it, his wife had spoken, so naturally he had to listen to her and leave after dinner.

    "But Mr. Chu, Mr. Chen and the others are still waiting at the bottom of the mountain?"

    Ye Fan's trip this time, many powerful bigwigs who got the news, naturally came.

    Waiting at the bottom of the mountain, just waiting to bid Ye Fan farewell.

    However, it didn't matter that Li Er didn't speak, this time, Ye Fan suddenly didn't have a good temper and said in anger, "That which nonsense!"

    "Can't you see that I'm going to have dinner with my wife?"

    "Make them wait, or get out if you don't want to wait."

    "No matter how big it is, it's not as important as having dinner with your wife!"

    Ye Fan cleaved his head and scolded Li Er for a while.

    Eventually, Ye Fan left them alone and went into the house to accompany Qiu Mu Orange to eat.

    The scolded Li Er slumped his head and didn't dare to raise it for a long time.


    "You bastard, it's not like you don't know that Mr. Chu has been afraid of his wife for not a day or two."

    "And you're still fucking bumping into the gun?"

    "Yelling at you is light enough, if you want me I have to kick you."

    Lei laosan laughed beside him and said sarcastic words.

    "Lei laosan, you're paralyzed!"

    Li Er's face was ugly, and also did not have the good fortune to scold Lei Laosan.

    But after the scolding, these two city-level big men who were all-powerful laughed helplessly.

    "The one who left us out in the cold like this, this Nodong Jiangdong, I'm afraid it's only Mr. Chu."

    Li Er and Lei Laosan both shook their heads and lamented.

    Inside the car, Lian Gong Ying Yue, who had been silent, saw the scene just now and smiled.

    The jade-like pretty face revealed an intoxicating smile.

    Apparently, even she did not expect that the iron-blooded baron, who was a godly and mighty man on Dongchang Lake, would look like this when he was facing his wife.

    "What a, very interesting person?"

    "Just, unfortunately~"

    No one noticed that at this time Rangong Ying Yue's eyebrows contained a bit of pity and regret.

    No one knew what was actually in the mind of this young girl at this time.

    Half an hour later, Ye Fan finally finished his meal and came out.

    Before leaving, Qiu Mu Orange instructed, "You bastard, come back early."

    "Otherwise, this lady will definitely green you."

    Qiu Mu Orange threatened to Ye Fan with fangs and claws.

    At that time, Ye Fan's face went black.


    This woman, she's tough!

    While Ye Fan's face was black, the next Lei Laosan listened, but he was close to smiling.

    Ye Fan was so angry that he kicked him on the ass: "Laugh your sister, laugh!"

    "Hurry up and drive away."

    Where did Lei Laosan dare to speak, he got into the car in an honest manner.


    "Old Dog Ray, let you just laugh at me."

    "Deserved it~"

    Li Er smiled gloomily.

    Then, the engine roared and the wheels sped.

    The black limousine, then, facing the night, drove away from the Genting Mountain Villa, and drove out into the vast sky.

    At the summit of Genting Mountain, Qiu Mu Orange's red dress fluttered, just like this, looking at the man so far away.

    "Definitely, be safe ah~"

    In the cold wind, there is a beautiful woman, murmuring.

    What is happiness, perhaps, this is happiness?

    Wherever you go, there is one person, waiting for you to come back.

    No matter where you are, there is also someone who is concerned about your dreams and heart.

    However, not long after Ye Fan left, someone came to visit outside the Villa on Genting Mountain.

    I saw Wu Weitao walk in with a generous gift.

    Seeing Qiu Mu Orange, who was still in the courtyard, he smiled and said, "Miss Qiu, may I ask, is Mr. Chu here?"

    "So it's Wu City, what can I do for you?"Qiu Mu Orange smiled faintly, and although her tone was also polite, it was with a coldness that refused to let anyone in.Asking softly, she didn't have the slightest intention of inviting Wu Weitao into the house to sit.

    "Miss Qiu, it's still that incident from the last Shan Shui Club."

    "That was a real misunderstanding."

    "I came this time just like to apologize and explain."

    "Miss Qiu, I've really come to apologize sincerely."

    "Mr. Chu is someone who came out of our Yunzhou, I really appreciate Mr. Chu from the bottom of my heart and want to become friends with him."

    Wu Weitao was still explaining.

    But when Qiu Mu Orange heard those words now, she shook her head and scoffed.


    "Wu City, are you really sincere?"

    "Let me just ask you this, if Ye Fan didn't have the reputation that made even the Mo Family Master treat him with respect in the Mountain Water Hall that day, would you still come to apologize in person like you did today?"

    "This~" Wu Weitao was startled as the corner of his mouth drew in.

    Qiu Mu Orange's words actually asked him, dumbfounded.

    His old face reddened, but he didn't know how to reply.

    When Qiu Mu Orange saw this, he sneered.

    And then, it did not linger much outside.

    Turning around, he walked towards the middle of the villa.

    "Wu Shi, go back."

    "You're late."

    "Ye Fan has gone far away."

    Qiu Mu Orange's slightly sarcastic words spread to the four directions along the night breeze.

    And Wu Weitao, after being startled in place for a long time, sighed and eventually went back with regret.

    Actually, Ye Fan's impression of Wu Weitao was originally good.

    When Mufan Real Estate opened, Wu Weitao took the initiative to come to the venue.

    This kindness, Ye Fan also remembered.

    Therefore, Ye Fan didn't mind being friends with Wu Weitao before.

    But unfortunately, the matter of the Shan Shui Club had ultimately made Ye Fan see through him.

    Ye Fan had never been happy with snobbish people.

    So, no matter how much Wu Weitao tried to save the situation now, it would be useless after all.

    Some mistakes, once made, are not worth forgiving.


When they arrived at Jianghai, it wasn't yet dawn, so Ye Fan and the two of them stayed in a nearby hotel for the night.

    The next morning, Ye Fan took Rangong Yingxue with him to the Jianghai International Airport to prepare for the ticket check and boarding.

    However, the sky was not beautiful.

    Due to the weather, the flight was delayed.

    The original morning flight was rescheduled for the afternoon.

    Having no choice, Ye Fan could only continue to wait.

    "Master, I'm hungry."

    "Let's go out for some food first, shall we?"

    It was already noon, and Rangong Ying Yue seemed to have been unable to endure the hunger in her belly, a pair of large, watery eyes, and suddenly looked at Ye Fan with a slightly begging look.

    The soft voice was so soft that one's heart was close to melting.

    Of course, it wasn't Ye Fan's heart that melted, but the few youngsters beside him.

    From the moment Ye Fan appeared here with Ranggong Ying Yue, their eyes were completely drawn to her.

    Such a delicate and enchanting woman, as if she was a fairy from a painting.

    The red lips were like fire, the eyebrows and eyes were like ink, and her mannish body was as gentle as jade.

    Moreover, its enchanting face contained a few points of gentle and tender characteristic of the women of the island.

    One couldn't help but want to take care of it.

    Especially when they heard Rangong Yingyue call out to Ye Fan's master, the people beside them had their eyes straightened at that time.

    Jealousy rose in their hearts and they looked like they wanted to fight with Ye Fan.



    "It's just as well to have such a beautiful girlfriend, but why the hell are you calling him master?"

    "So good at it?"

    The eyes of the people around them were red with envy.

    This kind of scene, they just dreamed about it.But they didn't expect that the plainly dressed young man in front of them would realize it.

    Feeling the surrounding eyes full of "murderous aura", Ye Fan was like sitting on pins and needles.

    Ye Fan felt that if he stayed here any longer, someone would probably call the police later.

    Therefore, he quickly got up and left.

    "Master, what are you doing there?"

    Seemingly enjoying this embarrassment of Ye Fan's appearance, Rangong Ying Yue's "Master" was deliberately shouted very loudly with a smile of amusement on her stunningly pretty face.

    "Do you still want to eat?"

    "If you want to eat, just shut up and come with me."

    Ye Fan said with a dark face.

    "Hehe, Master is so nice."Rangong Ying Yue laughed happily while she chased after him.

    Ye Fan: "........"

    Momma chicken~.

    This woman must have done it on purpose!

    The corner of Ye Fan's eye twitched.


    "Don't stop me."

    "Son of a bitch, the revenge of taking your wife is not common!"



    "What a person, why can't I, Wang Dazhuang, meet such a beautiful girl?"


    "Return the master?"

    "It's a little too much fun for a youngster these days, isn't it?"

    "Not calling for husband, calling for master?"


    Behind them, there were many people's voices of discussion.

    Some were envious, some were jealous, and some were lamenting.

    And naturally, Ye Fan ignored it, he had already left the waiting hall with Rangong Ying Yue.

    Afterwards, he found a random restaurant outside and ate lunch.


    "Engage in what?"

    "The flights are delayed at every turn."

    "This country, Warsaw, simply doesn't have any contractual spirit."

    "Tomorrow could be grandfather's sixtieth birthday."

    "If we can't make it back in time, it'll be bad."

    While eating, an angry voice of a young woman came from beside her.

    The one who spoke was dressed delicately, her pretty face was covered in smoky makeup, and even from several meters away, Ye Fan could smell the perfume on her.

    The one sitting opposite her, seemed to be younger.A refreshing dress, black short boots with mid-calf stockings, making the woman's body look even longer and more beautiful.

    However, looking at the two of them in this outfit, one could tell that they must be women from rich families.

    Presumably, foreign sisters came to Warsaw for tourism.

    "Sister, don't be in a hurry."

    "People are also thinking about our safety."Thousand Chi Jing softly consoled.

    However, while the two women were talking, a few tiger-backed men walked up.

    "Two young ladies, you're really good-looking."

    "Do you have a boyfriend?"

    "If not, do you think we'd be a good fit as brothers?"

    The man in the lead, a white tiger tattooed on the back of his hand, with dyed yellow hair, smiled with a flowing smile.

    "Fuck off."

    "You guys don't see what kind of virtue you have, you also have the nerve to pick up this lady?"

    Thousandchi Yan was disgusted.

    "Don't be in a hurry to refuse just yet."

    "Maybe, after spending one night with us, you won't be able to leave us?"

    The tattooed man laughed obscenely, and his words became more and more revealing.

    "Sister, let's go~" her sister Qian Chi Jing was a little terrified and pulled Qian Chi Yan and wanted to leave.

    However, Thousand Chi Yan seemed to be spoiled and used to be unafraid of them at all.

    In anger, she picked up the cup of tea in front of her and directly splashed it on the tattooed man's face.


    The tea overflowed and flowed unceasingly down the tattooed man's cheeks.

    The tattooed man wiped a hand on his face while laughing grimly.

    "What an unruly woman."

    "A toast is a toast, right?"

    "In that case, don't blame me."

    "Get her away from me!"

    The tattooed man said in a cold voice.

    Immediately, he asked his henchmen to take away Chi Chi Jing, Chi Yan and their sisters.

    However, as the tattooed man was walking out with them, he didn't pay attention to his feet and tripped and almost fell over.

    At that time, the tattoo blew up and turned his head to yell at a youth in front of him.


    "Blind, huh?"

    "Don't you know how to put your feet away?"

    "If you don't want to say something, I'll stomp it out for you!"

    The tattooed man cursed angrily, and at the same time stretched out his hand and smacked the youth in front of him.

    However, just as the tattooed man did it, the young man's eyebrows went cold and he incited a backhand slap.


    Only a bang was heard.

    The tattooed man's hundred-pound body flew out, knocking over countless tables and chairs and falling to the ground groaning.

    His face was drawn crooked.


    "So cruel!"

    At the time, everyone around was confused.

    There was a dead silence.

    The tattooed man's little brothers were also flabbergasted, not daring to move.

    This motherfucker was too fierce.

    With one slap, he smacked someone seven or eight meters away.

    Too showy, right?

    It was like watching a movie.

    Just as the tattooed man's men were in a state of panic, Ye Fan's forehead face, squared up.

    He turned around, and his cold and gloomy gaze, as if it was the gaze of death, swept across the four directions and finally landed on the tattooed man's group of men.

    At that time, that group of people peed in fear.

    Perhaps because they were guilty of doing bad things, they hurriedly released the Chi Chi Jing siblings, while falling down and worshipping.

    "Brother...Brother, I...We were wrong."

    "We promise that we won't do bad things again."

    "We were really wrong~"

    This group of people kowtowed a few times, while they hurriedly assisted the tattooed man who was drawn and bloodied, and fled outside in the middle of nowhere.

    "Stop, did I tell you to leave?"

    A cold voice, no sound contained.

    The gang of tattooed men just cried.

    "Brother...Brother, I...We really know we were wrong~"

    "I...We'll never do anything bad again!"

    "You can just let us go~"

    In the restaurant, these silly big men were crying out to Ye Fan, begging for mercy.

    "Want to leave?"

    Ye Fan asked gloomily.

    That expression was like the sardonic smile of an executioner before he killed.

    Just as that group of people despaired, Ye Fan's voice, rang out again.


    "Come over first and wipe the mud off your shoes."


Dead silence.

    Deadly silence.

    The entire restaurant was actually silent for a split second.

    The tattooed man's group of people were even more confused.

    The corners of their eyes were drawn straight.


    Shoe shine straight up is how big a deal.

    It's such a big circle, if you don't know, you'll think you're going to slaughter us.



    "Yes, yes, yes, brother is right, say we neglected to do so."

    "Why are you still floundering?"

    "Go on, go shine my brother's shoes."

    After being surprised for a long time, these people also compensated with a smile and ran over to shine Ye Fan's shoes.

    It really wasn't that Ye Fan was too nosy.

    Ye Fan can't be blamed for being small-minded.

    The main reason is that the shoes on Ye Fan's feet were bought for him by Autumn Mu Orange.

    The shoes that his wife bought for him were trampled by a gangster.

    Ye Fan didn't whip them to death, it's already a great mercy for him.

    [Vertex Fiction]"Brother, look, is this okay?"

    Within a short while, these people had polished Ye Fan's shoes to a shine.

    Ye Fan took a look at them, and that's when he nodded his head.

    "Alright, get lost."

    "Don't let me see you guys again."

    Ye Fan said in a bad mood.

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, those thugs squared up as if they were in awe, turned their heads and hurriedly ran away.

    After those people left, the patrons in this restaurant were still in a state of shock, and hadn't returned to their senses for a long time.

    Only Liang Gong Ying Yue was smiling idiotically.

    She didn't know why, the longer she followed Ye Fan, the more she felt that this man was so interesting.

    Previously, Rangong Ying Yue's world was very small, just that dimensional place of the Sword God Palace.

    On weekdays, apart from cultivation, it was still cultivation.

    The family didn't care about her, and it was only the Moonwatching River who occasionally taught her a few sword techniques.

    Therefore, for the first half of her life, almost all of her time was spent alone.

    This trip to Jiangdong was the farthest she had ever gone and the most people she had ever met.

    Especially Ye Fan, it made Rangong Ying Yue feel something different about him.

    She couldn't say, what kind of feeling it was.

    It was like, fish and water, how good it would be to be able to keep following each other like that.

    Thinking of this, Rangong Ying Yue's heart, a few more losses rose.

    A voice in her heart became clearer and clearer.


    "It hurts like hell."

    "The skirt's all pulled~"

    "It's my favorite dress!"

    At this time, the two sisters who had just escaped, Chi Chi Yan, were in a state of shock.

    Especially the sister, Thousand Chi Yan, was rubbing her reddened arm while complaining.

    As she spoke, Thousand Chi Yan became more and more angry, and finally went so far as to walk up to Ye Fan and angrily accuse him, "You guy, why didn't you do it earlier?"

    "If you had made your move earlier, how would my sister and I have suffered this humiliation?"

    "And how could they ruin my dress?"

    "I think you did it on purpose."

    "On purpose to see our sisters humiliated."

    "I don't care, I'm making you pay for my skirt now!"

    Thousand Chi Yan said in a furious voice, venting her anger all over, but it was on Ye Fan.

    At that time, the crowd was lost.

    Even Rangong Yingyue, who was also a woman from the Sun Country, after hearing such an outrageous and unreasonable statement from Thousand Chi Yan, a pair of pretty faces all then turned red with anger.

    "How can you talk like that?"

    "Do you think you would be standing here right now if my master hadn't stepped in to save you?"

    "You're just as ungrateful, but you're blaming my master?"

    "And make the master pay for your skirt?"

    "How can that be?"

    Rang Gong Ying Yue said angrily.

    Thousand Chi Yan, however, sneered, "You don't need to pull anything else."

    "Isn't what I said right?"

    "Would I and my sister have been so frightened if he had made his move earlier?"

    "You~" Rangong Ying Yue was simply furious, she had never seen such a brazen person in her life.

    "Sister, it's really us who should apologize."

    "People saved us, we should thank him.How can you blame him?"At this time, even Chi Chi Yan's sister, Chi Chi Jing, couldn't watch anymore and came out and whispered.

    "Shut up!"

    "What do you know, you dead ninny?"

    "From now on, you're not allowed to interrupt me when I speak!"

    Thousand Chi Yan immediately gave a low shout, scaring Thousand Chi Jing's pretty face white, and then lowered her head, not daring to speak.

    After training her own sister, Thousand Chi Yan once again glared at Ye Fan and said coldly.

    "Fine, not compensating for the skirt is fine."

    "Looking at your poor face, you probably can't afford to compensate."

    "But you have to apologize to our sisters!"

    "Did you hear that?"

    Thousand Chi Yan said aggressively.

    "Sister, stop it~" Chi Chi Jing couldn't help it and advised her sister again.

    However, what drew a reprimand was naturally another reprimand.

    Finally, in the face of Thousand Chi Yan's angry whisper, Ye Fan, who had remained silent, smiled after putting down his cup of tea.

    He turned his head, and his face, which was originally clear and beautiful, instantly became cold and morose.

    "Make me apologize?"

    "You deserve it too!"


    This low cry was only like thunder exploding.

    It frightened Thousand Chi Yan and her pretty face went white.

    But Ye Fan's words were still echoing.

    "What does it matter to you if and when I make a move?"

    "A mere insect, what does it matter to me whether you live or die, whether you are humiliated or not?"

    "I'm not your father, there's no obligation to spoil you."

    "If you're noisy, those men just confiscated your life, so I'll do it!"

    Ye Fan spoke furiously.

    Morbid words, only like swords, swept the four directions.

    Killing intent raged!

    In a split second, under Ye Fan's might, Thousand Chi Yan was so frightened that her soul was nearly scattered, and her feet were so soft that her entire body actually spread out on the ground.

    The petite body trembled, pretty face pale, full of fear, but no longer dared to say a word.

    After saying that, Ye Fan also took Liang Gong Ying Yue up and left.

    It was almost time, and it was time for Ye Fan to go to the airport.

    However, just as Ye Fan and the two of them turned to leave, a timid voice, however, quietly sounded.

    "That...That, I'm sorry~"

    "We were wrong."

    "I'm really sorry."

    "But in any case, thank you for saving us just now."

    Thousand Chi Jing lowered her head and clasped her hands around her waist, and with a heart full of regret, she bowed and apologized to Ye Fan without stopping.

    Ye Fan didn't turn around, but turned his back to her and said indifferently, "You don't need to apologize, the fault isn't yours."

    And then, without looking back, Ye Fan left with Rang Gong Ying Yue as well.

    As he left, however, Ye Fan couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness.

    These same parents, same living environment, why was there such a big difference between these two sisters?


"Sister, are you okay?"

    After the two of them left, Qian Chi Jing only then remembered her sister and rushed to assist her.

    However, Thousand Chi Yan pushed her away with force, "Who told you to apologize to him!"

    "But sister, it was really your fault just now."

    "That gentleman saved us, we should thank him."Chichi Shizu explained in a low voice.

    "Thank you?"

    "He deserves it too?"

    "A little man from Warsaw, he dares to speak to me in that tone."

    "If this were in the Japanese Kingdom, I'd make sure he's not going to get away with it."

    After the panic, however, Chi Chi Yan became more and more angry.

    "How unlucky!"

    "Never come to Warsaw again."

    "Alright, don't get inked, take your stuff and hurry to the airport."

    Thousand Chi Yan said in a bad mood, and the two sisters, then they also left the restaurant.


    Led by the flight attendants, these two sisters also boarded the plane.

    However, after boarding the plane, Chi Chi Jing seemed to see something and gave a soft greeting.

    "What's wrong?"Chichi Yan was confused.

    "Sister, I seem to have seen the gentleman we met at the restaurant at noon again."Thousand Ikki quietly said,.

    "Stop it."

    "How is that possible?"

    "We're in business class."

    "How can he afford to sit in it when that man is so shabby?"

    Thousand Chi Yan mocked and said.

    Thousand Chi Jing did not say anything, but looked forward again.

    At this time, he realized that he could no longer see the figure.

    "Perhaps, it really is my misreading."

    Thousand Ikari shook his head, and then he didn't think about it anymore.

    Sitting down at ease, he waited for the plane to take off.

    Finally, at exactly three o'clock in the afternoon, an international airliner, then leaped into the sky and flew towards the winter capital of Japan.

    On the plane, Ye Fan looked at the time.

    "At this point, I guess Chen Ao and the others, should also arrive."

    Ye Fan thought in his heart, the corner of his mouth then brought a wisp, an inexplicable curve.

    No one knows what exactly Ye Fan was plotting in his heart.

    On the other hand, Ranggong Ying Yue, who was finally on a flight back to the country of Japan, was growing more and more uneasy in her heart.

    A look like, the heart was heavy.

    As if, there was something, hiding something from Ye Fan.

    At the same time, the land of Jiangdong.

    After Ye Fan left, Li Er and Lei Laosan and the others, did not immediately go home.

    Instead, they drove instead, going to Hauzhou.


    Haoshu, the Wang Manor.

    The formerly prosperous manor looked a bit more depressed and twilight at this time.

    After all, seven days ago, Qin Fei died under the Sword God Moonwatching River.

    The corpse was already in shambles when it was fished out of Dongchang Lake.

    Qin Fei was Wang Jiexi's most beloved nephew and the junior he had most high hopes for.

    To die so suddenly like this, both to the Wang family and to Wang Jiexi was a huge blow.

    These days, Wang Jiexi was always in a state of grief.

    Of course, not only Wang Jiexi, but even the entire Wang family was in a state of trepidation about the unknown.

    For some reason, Qin Fei's funeral ceremony was not even held by Wang Jiexi.

    After pulling his corpse back, it was hastily buried.

    At this time, in the Wang manor, Wang Jiexi had just finished eating and was sitting alone in the courtyard.

    A few days ago, Wang Jiexi was still a heroic man, but now it was as if he had aged ten years.

    Quietly sitting there, resting with his eyes closed, not saying a word.

    No one knew what he was thinking about.

    At this time, someone suddenly ran over anxiously.

    "Master, someone is coming from outside."

    "It seems to be, Mr. Chen as well as Master Lei San and the others."

    The butler reported in a low voice.

    Wang Jiexi didn't say anything and remained sitting there.

    It gave the impression that he was like an old general in his twilight years, waiting for his time to come, all twilight.

    Soon, Wang Jiexi's son, Wang Yuchen, and some of the Wang family's clan elders, all ran over.

    Obviously, they also got the news about the arrival of Chen Ao and the others.

    "Dad, you should leave quickly."

    "Chen Ao and the others arrived tonight, obviously they are not good."

    "I'm afraid that they are ordered by Mr. Chu to come and settle the score with you ah."

    Wang Yuchen anxiously advised.

    "Yes, my lord."

    "Listen to Yu Chen, you go through the back door first."

    "Go out and hide."

    "As long as you are still here, then the Wang family, will not be destroyed!"

    All the people of the Wang family advised to Wang Jiexi.

    There was panic and worry in their eyes.

    Seven days had already passed since that day's battle at Dongchang Lake.

    During these seven days, the Wang family undoubtedly had trouble sleeping and eating.

    Until today, the thing they were most worried about had finally come.

    On that day on Dongchang Lake, Qin Fei spoke out against Ye Fan in front of everyone.

    And threatened that he would be the supremacy of Jiangdong and take Ye Fan's place!

    What's this?

    To Ye Fan, this was tantamount to plotting rebellion.

    Since ancient times, plotting rebellion was the crime of putting nine clans to death.

    Therefore, even though Qin Fei was dead, the Wang family was still there.

    Therefore, the Wang family was well aware that Mr. Chu would never let their Wang family off easily.

    After all, the Wang family secretly supported Qin Fei to ascend to the top of Jiangdong, which was undoubtedly a kind of betrayal.

    These seven days, Wang Jiexi and the others had been waiting for what Ye Fan would do to their Wang Family.

    Now it looked like it had finally arrived.

    "Dad, can you leave quickly?"

    Wang Yu Chen's eyebrows were red and he advised again.

    Finally, Wang Jiexi, who had been silent, shook his head and laughed.


    "Where am I going?"

    "My Wang family's ancestral land is in Haoshu, do I, Wang Jiexi, even want my ancestral land in order to run for my life?"

    Wang Jiexi scoffed to himself.

    "What's due, always comes."

    "There's no avoiding it."

    In between the words, Wang Jiexi slowly got up and walked alone into the darkness ahead.

    The Wang family hall.

    Chen Ao, Li Er, and Lei Laosan, three people, had walked in.

    "They are all old acquaintances, I'll be rude."

    "Find yourself a place to sit."

    Wang Jiexi sat on the sofa and waved his hand, allowing Chen Ao and the others to sit freely.

    But the three of them didn't sit, they stood there, coldly looking at Wang Jiexi with an expressionless face.

    Seeing this appearance of Chen Ao and the others, the hearts of Wang Yuchen and the rest of the Wang family undoubtedly became more worried.

    Wang Jiexi's wife, a pair of eyes even reddened instantly.

    Tears then flowed down, and she even directly knelt on the ground and begged at Chen Ao and the others, "Mr. Chen, Third Master, Second Master, I know that Jie Xi has done something wrong."

    "But, he was also momentarily confused ah."

    "Please, for the sake of decades of friendship, please help us beg Mr. Chu to bypass us this time."

    "We, the Wang family, are willing to hand over half of our family fortune, just beg Mr. Chu to spare his life ah."

    The woman cried and begged.

    The miserable voice was touching.

    However, Chen Ao and the three of them were unmoved, their looks were still cold and serious.

    The hearts of the Wang family got cold at the sight of them.

    They knew that this time, they, the Wang family, were afraid that their fate was really bad.

    However, while the Wang family was all terrified, Wang Jiexi was worthy of being considered a party lord and remained unusually calm.

    "Tell me, what Mr. Chu plans to, what to do with me."Wang Jiexi asked with a smile.

    Chen Ao and the others did not answer, but took out a jug of wine, and a glass, and slowly poured it full.

    "Wang Jiexi, we were ordered by Mr. Chu to come to Haoshu to give wine."

    "Drink it."

    Chen Ao's booming voice echoed throughout the hall in a low voice.

    After that, Chen Ao handed over the cup of turbid wine in his hand towards Wang Jiexi's direction.



    Seeing the cup of wine sent by Chen Ao, a pair of eyes of Wang Yuchen and the others became wide eyed.

    Suddenly, their hearts were filled with despair.

    "Chen Ao, don't~"

    "Please, please, Mr. Chu, let my father go, please?"

    "I will, for my father's sake."

    "I'll drink this wine for my father~"

    Wang Yuchen knelt down and begged.

    The entire Wang family was in a state of despair.

    But Chen Ao and the others were unmoved, their demeanor had been indifferent.

    He stood tall and indifferent, looking down on the silent Wang Jiexi in front of him.

    "Wang Jiexi, this cup of wine is given to you by Mr. Chu."

    "Let me just ask you one thing, are you drinking it, or not?"


    Outside, the wind was chilly.

    Following the doors and windows, it blew throughout the entire hall.

    The Wang family crowd was filled with misery, and Li Er and the others stood by, unheeding and coldly watching.

    Finally, Wang Jiexi laughed.

    He stood up from the sofa and received the wine cup in Chen Ao's hand.



    "Lord of the house, don't~"

    Everyone in the Wang family was persuaded, their voices choked and tears flowed.

    Wang Jiexi, that was the heart and soul of the Wang family.

    If he fell, then the Wang family, undoubtedly, would also fall.

    However, Wang Jiexi was extraordinarily frank in the face of all the people persuading him.

    He patted his son Wang Yuchen's shoulder and said indifferently, "After I leave, you will be the head of the Wang Family."

    "I will only leave you with one sentence, after today, no matter what Mr. Chu does to my Wang Family, you should unconditionally do as you're told and not have any complaints."

    "Mr. Chen and the others are right, Mr. Chu, is the dragon of my Jiangdong!"

    "Apart from him, no one else can be the reverend of this Jiangdong land."

    The words fell, and Wang Jiexi no longer hesitated.

    Picking up the wine cup, he fiercely tilted his head.

    Drinking the turbid wine in the cup, he drank it all in one go.

    Outside, the cold wind was biting and the stars were roaming the sky

    Under the dim light, Wang Jiexi lamented his death, but he looked so sad.



    Wang Yuchen cried loudly and the Wang family crowd wept miserably.

    Even though, Chen Ao and the others didn't say anything.

    But the Wang family could also guess that the cup of wine in front of them must be poisonous wine.

    Mr. Chu, was planning to make Wang Jiexi self-sacrifice in such a way, thinking that their Wang family's previous betrayal and forgiveness.


    After Wang Jiexi drank that glass of wine, when he let go, the glass fell to the ground and shattered.

    As for himself, he remained calm.

    With a self-deprecating curve on his lips, he was just like this, waiting for death to come.

    He didn't blame Ye Fan.

    Since ancient times, a king had become a king and a foe.

    From that day, when he supported Qin Fei to ask for the title of Jiangdong's supremacy, he had actually been prepared for defeat.

    However, one minute, two minutes...

    Five minutes had passed.

    Wang Jiexi had been waiting for the poison to die, but nothing strange happened other than the warmth in his stomach.

    Just when Wang Jiexi was confused, Chen Ao, the three of them, looked at each other while laughing.


    "Lao Wang, look at you scared like that."

    "Don't worry, it's not poisoned wine."

    "However, you've made a trip from the ghost gate."

    "Do you know how Mr. Chu instructed us before we came here?"

    "Mr. Chu said that if you drink this cup of wine, you will keep your life."

    "But if you refuse to drink it, then to-morrow, there will be no more Wang family in Jiangdong!"

    Chen Ao and the others laughed, like Wang Jiexi retelling Ye Fan's words.


    "So, Mr. Chu, you forgive me?"Wang Jiexi was startled in place, this ending was somewhat unexpected even for him.

    After escaping from death, the crowd of the Wang family was naturally filled with joy.

    Wang Jiexi even directly kowtowed.

    "Old Wang, what are you..."Chen Ao's three people were suddenly shocked.

    But Wang Jiexi said in a deep voice, "This head, I am kowtowing to Mr. Chu."

    "Thank you, Mr. Chu, for not killing me."

    "I, Wang Jiexi, hereby swear that as long as Mr. Chu is still here, our Wang family will be loyal to Mr. Chu for a day."

    "I'm willing to saddle up and die for Mr. Chu!"

    The low words echoed unceasingly in the hall.

    After tonight, Wang Jiexi was undoubtedly convinced of Ye Fan.

    In the past, due to the fact that Haoshou was far away from Yunzhou, Wang Jiexi had little contact with Mr. Chu.

    Plus, Li Er, with Ye Fan's support, replaced his Wang Jiexi's position in Jiangdong.

    This undoubtedly made Wang Jiexi dissatisfied with Ye Fan.

    However, after this time, Wang Jiexi's dissatisfaction with Ye Fan was undoubtedly gone.

    Not only because Ye Fan bypassed their Wang family, but also because of Ye Fan's open-mindedness.

    When Chen Ao and the others saw the scene in front of them, they naturally had more and more admiration for Mr. Chu.

    At least, Mr. Chu's skill in "controlling people" is beyond the reach of ordinary people.



    At this time, Ye Fan was still on the plane, and naturally, he had no idea about what was happening in Haoshou.

    However, in fact, Ye Fan didn't care much about it.

    A Wang family is just a Wang family, whether he exists or not, is not important at all.

    As for the matter of Wang Jiexi colluding with Qin Fei to seek power, Ye Fan wasn't much angry when he first learned of it.

    On the contrary, it was somewhat amusing.Feeling that the Wang family was out of their depth.

    Did they really think that the esteem of Jiangdong was so easy to be?

    Anyone else can challenge his authority?

    However, it was good that Wang Jiexi and the others hadn't made a big mistake and had sacrificed his nephew to delay his arrival, and with that in mind, Ye Fan didn't make things difficult for them.

    He just set up a test to test Wang Jiexi's loyalty to him or not.

    Whether he lived or died, it all depended on his own destiny.

    Just like that, the night passed quickly.

    The next morning, the plane finally arrived, Sun Country Winter Capital.

    Ye Fan had planned to enter the Sword God Palace as soon as he got off the plane and slay Moonwatching River.Then after getting the eight-foot Qiong hook jade, he would immediately return to Warsaw.

    But Rangong Ying Yue was yelling that there was no hurry to go to the hotel first to rest and search for the eight-foot Qiong hook jade.

    Ye Fan didn't object to this, so he followed what Rangong Ying Yue said and found a hotel to stay in first.

    Just in time, Ye Fan also needed to have Han Lao investigate the information about the Sword God Palace.

    "Master, is this your first time in Winter Capital?"

    "Let me take you out for a walk."

    "The winter capital is beautiful."

    "There are cherry blossoms for love and sky trees towering above the city."

    "The city is old and romantic."

    "The perfect place for a couple's vacation jaunt?"

    After resting for the morning, Liang Gong Ying Yue but in the afternoon again noisy to take Ye Fan out for a tour, not mentioning anything about the eight-foot Qiong hook jade.

    But Ye Fan asked to her, "Why do you need to help me stall for time?"

    "I guess your teacher couldn't wait for me to turn myself in, huh?"


    Ye Fan's words were like thunder falling.

    Ranggong Ying Yue's pretty face paled and whirled around, flabbergasted.

    "Master, you...You know all about it?"The young girl was filled with fear and asked in a low voice.

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Or else what?"

    "You think, those little tricks of yours can hide from me?"


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