Dish Best Served Cold 1106-1110


Chapter 1106

Of course, the ones who bore the brunt of this storm were only the street hooligans.

    The powerful bigwigs like Li Er and Lei Laosan, who were already at the top of the power hierarchy, would not fall from power in a short period of time.

    At most, the business down below would be affected somewhat.

    However, this impact was insignificant and could not affect the overall situation.

    The one who really suffered a huge impact was still someone like Wu Weitao, who was within the system.

    However, the mundane world was still calm at this time.

    And, as the wedding between Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange got closer and closer, the Jiangdong, which had been silent for days, undoubtedly began to bustle.

    And Li Er, too, was getting busier and busier.

    After all, guests, banquets, decoration, traffic control and security, all sorts of things are on Li Er's head.

    But this is Mr. Chu's wedding, the first major event in life, Li Er, how dare you slack off?

    However, it was fortunate that he had his sister, Li Xueqi, to help him take the pressure off.

    All the preparations, also considered the day before the wedding, successfully concluded.

    Next, everything was ready, just have to wait for the arrival of tomorrow.

    By now, it was already dusk.

    Tomorrow, it would be Mr. Chu's wedding banquet.

    After being busy for several days, by now, Li Er Fang was only long and relieved, lying in the bathtub, listening to the opera while taking a cozy bath.

    Letting the gurgling water wash away the exhaustion from his body.

    However, just as Li Er was just relieved, a phone call, but a call.

    And then, Li Er's appearance changed.

    Whirling around, he left the Li family manor alone, nor did he let his bodyguards accompany him, nor did he let his driver pick him up and drop him off, wearing sunglasses and a black trench coat, and just disappeared into the night like this.

    Finally, on the outskirts of Yunzhou City, outside a certain old theater, Li Er's figure, appeared once again.

    The history of this theater was already several decades old.

    In the past, before Li Er had even made his fortune, he had been watching opera here.

    It could be said that this theater had accompanied Li Er through his most difficult period.

    Later, with Ye Fan's support, Li Er was able to rise to the top.

    But even though he later became the leading man of Yunzhou, his love for opera remained unchanged.

    In his spare time, Li Er would be alone and return here to listen to the opera.

    "Old Li, here you are."

    "Hurry in, it's already started, your favorite Yu opera."

    The owner of this theater was obviously acquainted with Li Er, and after seeing Li Er, he greeted him with a smile like an old friend.

    There was no obsequiousness, no flattery.

    Just like two close friends talking in general.

    "Well, old Zhang, how's your health."

    Li Er also smiled back, after so many years, many things had changed.

    But only, Old Zhang's attitude towards himself had remained unchanged.

    When he was humble himself, he was so enthusiastic.

    When he became the Second Master of Yunzhou Li, he was still this enthusiastic.

    "Don't worry, I, Old Zhang, am bound to live longer than you."


    After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Li Er also entered the theater.

    In the old hall, the audience, however, was only three or two people.

    Together there were not even as many as the opera singers on the stage.

    But Li Er was not surprised, after he entered, he swept his eyebrows and eyes from the audience, and finally, walked straight towards a man in the corner.

    "Second Master, you're here."

    When Li Er arrived, the man was still listening to the play.

    "Wu Shi, what, you like listening to Yu Opera too?"Li Er sat down from the side.

    Yes, the man next to him was none other than the Lord of Yunzhou, Wu Weitao.

    At this time, Wu Weitao was no longer wearing a suit and freshly dressed before, but was wearing a washed white shirt, simple and plain, no different from the audience watching the show here.

    "Yes, when I was a child, my family was poor, and my greatest joy was to go to the theater with my grandmother and grandfather to listen to the opera in the New Year."

    "That theater garden would only show a few shows all year round, I guess, at New Year's."

    "By ear, I also fell in love with the theater."

    "However, I don't like Peking Opera, the accent is too long and not good.Still, the Yu opera is comfortable to listen to."

    "But after grandma and the others died, I haven't listened to it for years."

    "I thought this kind of opera stage in our Yunzhou was extinct, but I never thought there would still be one here."

    "Second Master, you can't, such a nice place, and you're only telling me now."

    Wu Weitao was able to find this place because Li Er told him on the phone, about meeting here.

    Li Er laughed lightly, "You've just been away from the masses for too long."

    "You're the head of a city, the parent and official of millions of people, yet you don't even know this city as well as I, a commoner."

    "Actually, you're right, nowadays, almost everyone who likes to listen to opera has been buried."

    "Young people, not many people are willing to listen to it anymore."

    "If I hadn't secretly funded it, this opera stage would have been sold five years ago, right?"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new product.

    I don't know why, the older I get, the lonelier I feel.

    He remembered that when he was a child, every time after school, there was a group of friends to catch fish and go play.

    But later on, the people around him changed one crop after another.

    Nowadays, the only ones who can still talk to each other are Lei Laosan and Chen Ao.

    That's why, when Chen Ao betrayed Mr. Chu, Li Er was so angry and heartbroken, and when Ye Fan wanted to execute Chen Ao, Li Er even risked his life to plead for Chen Ao.

    Yes, this world is big, but to Li Er, there is no sense of belonging.

    To Li Er, the only thing that belongs to him is this old and shabby theatre.

    Li Er didn't dare to imagine that if one day, this theater was also gone, where would his lonely heart go for support.

    "Alright, Wu Shi, let's stop chatting and get down to business."

    "You asked me to meet you tonight, I don't think it's just for the opera."

    Li Er suddenly asked.

    Wu Weitao smiled bitterly at the words, "Don't call me Wu Shi anymore, I'm already unofficial now."

    "Huh?"Li Er frowned, "What's going on?Could it be that Yanjing did it?"

    Wu Wei Tao nodded, "Don't you know?"

    "The current situation in Jiangdong is in turmoil, and because of this matter, many leaders have been removed from their positions."

    "And, a new round of eradication operations have begun."

    "Of course, the only ones affected now are those thugs at the bottom of the hierarchy."

    "But, if this situation continues, sooner or later, it will spread to you."

    When Li Er heard this, his old face went three shades whiter.

    These past few days, he had been busy with the wedding, and really hadn't paid much attention to the current situation in Jiangdong.

    "Although, I had already expected that Yanjing that way, would never let up."

    "However, I still didn't expect that their revenge would come so swiftly!"

    "Even you, and it was done down."

    "Now, let's just hope that tomorrow's wedding feast will pass in peace, right?"


"Safe and sound?"

    Hearing Li Er's words, Wu Weitao laughed.

    "Li Er, do you yourself think that that Ye Fan has committed a monstrous crime, can you still get through this time in peace?"

    "Well?What do you mean?"Li Er's appearance sank a few points at the words.

    Because, from Wu Weitao's words, Li Er heard an inexplicable surprise.

    "It doesn't mean anything, just telling you some facts so that you can plan early."Wu Weitao said in a low voice.

    Li Er's eyebrows, however, furrowed even deeper.

    "Wu Weitao, what exactly are you trying to say?"

    Ignoring Li Er's question, Wu Weitao turned his head and looked at the theatre.

    At this time, on the stage, the drama of the Qing army's entry into the capital was being sung, and Wu Sangui was ordered to attend to the king.

    But the march was deliberately slow, and by the time it arrived a thousand miles outside the capital, Emperor Chongzhen had already killed himself and the city of Yanjing was broken.

    "Second Master, have you seen this play?"

    "What do you think, what do you think of this guy, Wu Sanwei?"Wu Weitao was in a mood somewhere, but he was discussing the drama with Li Er.

    "If this Wu Sangui had arrived in time, the Ming Dynasty's ten thousand miles of rivers would not have fallen into the hands of a foreigner."

    "This man is disloyal and unfaithful, a famous traitor in history."

    "Note will bear a thousand ancient curses!"

    Li Er said in a cold voice.

    However, Wu Weitao shook his head: "I don't think so, I instead think that this person is the world's lord."

    "A good bird chooses a tree to perch on, and a good minister chooses a master to serve."

    "Da Ming's days are numbered, even if he went, he would be powerless."

    "He saw the situation clearly, promptly wise up, and eventually made himself emperor and lived to a ripe old age."

    Wu Weitao said slowly, and the more Li Er listened, the heavier the concentration between his brows became.

    "What exactly are you trying to say?"

    "Second Master, don't you understand what I'm saying?"

    "As far as I know, after learning of the deaths of Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, the Lu family's master, Lu Cangding, as well as the Xu family's master, Xu Junlin, were all thunderstruck with rage."

    "These two, one ruling the Huaxia power and the other holding hundreds of thousands of heavy troops."

    "With their two families working together, do you think that Mr. Chu can really stop them?"

    Wu Weitao looked at Li Er and continued in a deep voice.

    "Just yesterday, Xu Haiyang, the number two person in the Xu family, had left Yanjing and secretly entered the Jiangdong Military District."

    "You should know very well who they are after."

    "Now the revenge of the Lu and Xu families has begun."

    "In a short while, Yanjing's wrath will sweep through the entire Jiangdong like a monstrous river!"

    "Second Master, are you going to continue to be foolish and strive to protect Ye Fan?"

    "He who knows the time is a good man."

    "Mr. Chu is running out of breath, while it's still not too late, you and I will join forces and secretly capture Mr. Chu!"

    "You and I will pay for our crimes and put Ye Fan at the disposal of the Lu and Xu families.I believe that at that time, the Lu and Xu families will not only not blame us, but will also be grateful to us."

    "By then, you and I will have the goodwill and support of the two great Yanjing giants, and this Jiangdong land will belong to you and me, won't it?"

    Wu Weitao said evenly, and there was a flame called ambition that burned in his eyebrows.

    However, when Li Er heard it, he was terrified.

    "Wu Weitao, are you crazy?"

    "Even if Mr. Chu is truly running out of breath, that is by no means something that you and I can bring down."

    "I see that you don't want to live either."

    "You madman~"

    When Li Er heard this, his face was pale, but he no longer dared to stay here with Wu Weitao.

    With an iron blue face, he turned his head and was about to leave.

    "Second Master, I'm thinking of you as well."

    "If a man is not for himself, the heavens will punish him!"

    "If Chen Ao of Jiangdong has rebelled, why do you need to hold on?"

    "You're being foolish!"

    "While there's still a chance, otherwise, when the revenge of the Lu and Xu families descends, it won't just be Ye Fan who will be finished then, there will also be your accomplices."

    Wu Weitao was still saying.

    But Li Er no longer dared to listen.

    "That's enough!"

    "Wu Weitao, this is the end of our friendship."

    "In the future, we don't have to contact each other."

    "I'll forget everything that happened today, and you and I have never met before."

    "In the future, what path you choose is none of my business."

    "You go your own way, I'll cross my own wooden bridge."

    "Life and death, each to his own!"

    Li Er said with an iron face and a stern voice.

    After saying that, he hurriedly left.

    And yet, he did not dare to stay here at all.

    After all, what Ye Fan hated the most was betrayal.

    If Mr. Chu knew that he had met with Wu Weitao in private, then even if Li Er had no intention to betray, he would certainly be suspected by Mr. Chu.

    Therefore, Li Er's only thought now is to cut off all contact with Wu Weitao.

    Otherwise, if you want to explain it later, I'm afraid it won't be possible to explain it.

    However, Li Er didn't blame Wu Weitao.

    It didn't matter if the choice between them was right or wrong.

    It was just that the paths held in their hearts were different!

    Some, see the wind and go with the flow.

    Someone else, sticking to their roots and remaining loyal.

    On this day, the two people who have known each other for many years, finally here, completely parted ways.

    Divergent paths do not plan for each other!



    After going back, Li Er's mood, however, was long-suffering.

    He had never thought of betrayal.

    After all, Ye Fan had recreated a kindness to him and supported him.

    Everything that Li Er had today could be said to be due to Ye Fan.

    Even if it wasn't for Ye Fan, he, Li Er, would have died on Truman Mountain back then.

    However, when faced with life and death danger, even if Li Er was firmly on Ye Fan's side, his heart would still be hard to keep calm.

    After all, Mr. Chu now, apart from his own strength, he had nothing to rely on when facing the two great giants, Lu and Xu.

    As for the Chu family's identity, it was obvious that it could not bring any help to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan had already been expelled from the Chu family.

    Li Er reckoned that many people in the Chu family probably wanted Ye Fan to die.

    "What should we do?"

    "What the hell do we do?"

    Even though Li Er was trying to think of something, he couldn't come up with the slightest strategy to break the enemy for Mr. Chu.

    Finally, anxiously, Li Er could only run to the western suburban villa, crying, "Mr. Chu, shall we run?"

    "Don't start with the wedding, it's important to save your life."

    "Please, Mr. Chu."

    "If you don't leave, it will really be too late."

    "The Lu and Xu families have already arrived in Jiangdong."

    "Either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they are expected to arrive in Yunzhou."

    "By then, Mr. Chu, you won't be able to leave even if you want to~"

    Li Er begged Ye Fan with one snotty nose and one tear.

    Is he afraid of death?

    Of course I am!

    The reason why he didn't dare to betray Ye Fan was because he was afraid that Ye Fan would slaughter him.

    So, if Ye Fan didn't say run, he naturally didn't dare to run away.


However, in the face of Li Er's miserable cries and pleas, Ye Fan remained indifferent.

    In front of the coffee table, Ye Fan picked up the freshly brewed tea, poured a cup of his own, and then served it to Li Er.

    "Mr. Chu, now is not the time to drink tea, ah?"

    "The fire is burning."

    "Don't you, really, have any sense of urgency?"

    "If you already have a plan in mind, give me a word, so that I can have a bottom in my heart, Lao Er."

    Li Er was simply going crazy.

    He didn't expect that at this time, Ye Fan was still drinking tea so calmly.

    Didn't he know that if he didn't think of a countermeasure, his popularity would come to an end?

    "Come on, Ernie, have a cup of tea first to lower the fire."

    "What's the matter, let's talk about it after drinking the tea."Ye Fan said indifferently, a wisp of an inexplicable smile always in the corner of his mouth.

    Li Er had no choice but to take the cup of tea and drink it straight away.

    Then, anxiously said, "Mr. Chu, now you should tell me what you have to do about it, right?"

    "We can't, really, be here, sitting on our hands, can we?"

    Li Er was filled with anticipation and looked at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan smiled lightly, "No countermeasures are needed."

    "If they want to come to my wedding, then just come."

    "Legs are on them, whether they come or go, that's people's freedom, we can't care."

    "Okay, I've said all I have to say, let's go back."

    "I have to get up early for the wedding tomorrow, go get some rest early."

    Ye Fan didn't seem to want to talk about this anymore, waved his hand and directly gave Li Er an eviction order.

    When Li Er heard this, his eyes were filled with bitterness and his heart became more and more bottomless.

    However, the emperor was not anxious, and no matter how anxious he, the eunuch, was, there was nothing he could do about it.

    In the end, Li Er only had to return without success.

    On the way back, he received a call from Lei Laosan.

    "Old Two, how is it?"

    "Mr. Chu, have you thought about how to deal with the wedding banquet tomorrow?"

    "Is there a countermeasure to deal with the retaliation of the Lu and Xu families?"

    Lei laosan had obviously heard some of the rumors and asked with the same worry and concern.

    Li Er sighed, "What can we do about it?"

    "By the looks of Mr. Chu, he's ready to break the jar and leave it to fate."

    "I only hope now that the storm will come, much later."

    "As long as we survive the end of the wedding banquet tomorrow, then it's still possible for us to persuade Mr. Chu to leave Yunzhou and take shelter for a while."

    Li Er felt that the reason why Mr. Chu was reluctant to flee was because of tomorrow's wedding banquet.

    After all, Ye Fan was famous for spoiling his wife.

    A few years ago, he failed to give Qiu Mu Orange a grand wedding, and if he were to flee in a hurry from this wedding banquet, he would naturally feel even more sorry for Qiu Mu Orange.

    So, as long as he held out until the wedding banquet was over, Mr. Chu would naturally have no reason not to leave Yunzhou.

    Just that, can the wedding banquet tomorrow really be spent in peace?

    Li Er's old face was sullen and worried.

    This night was undoubtedly a sleepless night for many people.

    Li Er tossed and turned with difficulty, and Lei Lao San was also troubled.

    In the land of Jianghai, Chen Ao, who was under house arrest here, was also looking out of the window with a troubled brow.

    I saw the weather was gloomy and deep in the dark night, black clouds rolled.

    The raging wind swept and rolled up endless fallen leaves flying endlessly.

    "By the looks of it, a storm, is about to come~"

    There were no words for the night.

    The next day, when the first rays of morning light shone on the earth.

    The silent Yunzhou City finally came to life once again.

    However, those who were familiar with the area were sensitive to the fact that today's Yunzhou was extremely different from the past.

    On the streets, not only are there many more vehicles with foreign license plates, but also the appearance of Yunzhou city seems to be much more beautiful than before.

    Especially on the central main road, there were actually flower baskets piled on top of each other.

    The street trees on both sides of the road were also dotted with bright colors.

    Moreover, even the billboards on the streetlights had changed their appearance overnight.

    All of them have been changed to festive red, and the words on them are no longer advertisements promoting real estate and the like, but have been replaced with ancient poems of great romance.


    "Body without a colorful phoenix with two flying wings, heart with a heart of gold~"


    "Flee and burn.The son of the return, appropriate to his house ~"


    "My God, it's so romantic~"

    It was still early in the morning and it was just dawn.

    The roadside lights were on as well.

    These verses, in the light of the red light, undoubtedly more dreamy.

    Those young boys and girls who woke up early to go to school and saw this scene on the roadside, but all of them were stunned.

    Their brows and eyes were filled with shock.

    I only felt that the scene in front of me was so dreamy and romantic.

    "Ten miles of red makeup, lights burning all over the city."

    "The city of Yunzhou on New Year's Eve is nothing more than this, right?"

    "It's just, it's so strange, today isn't a holiday either, why is this Yunzhou City suddenly decorated so beautifully?"

    The surrounding pedestrians were shocked, but they were all confused.

    "Hey, you guys, do you think these, could they be specially prepared for a wedding."

    "Today is the 20th day of the 5th lunar month, 520 it is, a lot of couples choose to get married today."

    "My aunt's sister, she's getting married today."

    At this time, among the crowd, someone was secretly guessing.

    "I go, it's really possible if you say that."

    "Look at those verses, all of them are romantic poems celebrating love."

    "So, these costumes, most likely, were prepared for a certain splendid wedding."

    "Just, who could it be?"

    "Ten miles of red makeup, lamps burning all over the city."

    "The one who can be so generous must be from a rich and noble family."

    "Could it be, is it Mr. Chu?"

    Among the crowd, some were thinking of Mr. Chu.

    After all, in the entire Jiangdong, if only one person could put on such a show, it was only Mr. Chu.

    "Don't talk nonsense."

    "Mr. Chu is already married."

    "People are loving each other?"

    "How can a married man still have two weddings, it's a crime to commit bigamy."

    Someone immediately vetoed.

    "But if it's not Mr. Chu, who else could it be?"

    "In Yunzhou today, could it be that there is still a wedding for any of the gorgeous sons of the family?"

    On the streets, many people were discussing.

    Of course, most of these people were just a small fraction of the townspeople who knew of Mr. Chu's existence, and as for knowing that Mr. Chu was holding a make-up wedding today, it was even less.

    This news was also only spread among the top dignitaries of Jiangdong.

    As for ordinary people like them, they naturally couldn't come into contact with this.

    However, someone at Mr. Chu's level might be difficult for them to reach.

    However, there were still people who heard about the family affairs of certain second-rate powers.

    For example, among the crowd, someone said that today was the wedding day of the Yunzhou real estate tycoon, the head of Yangtian Real Estate, Chu Yang's son.

    "Chu Yang's son?"

    "Is it called Chu Wenfei?"

    "Yes, yes, yes, it's called Chu Wenfei.Today is his wedding."

    "The Chu family is not a small family in Yunzhou, and Chu Yang only has such an only son."

    "It looks like it's ten miles of red makeup and a tree full of lights, so it should be the handiwork of the Chu family in Yunzhou?"

    "Motherfucker, those in real estate are rich."

    "I'm afraid it's going to cost tens of millions just to get these things down, right?"


While the crowd was lamenting the real estate developer's wealth and generosity.

    Among the crowd, however, there was a woman who was shocked after hearing it.

    If Qiu Mu Orange was here, he would definitely recognize the woman in front of him with a glance, and she was his second aunt, Jiang Hong.

    The Qiu family was naturally all too familiar with the name Chu Wenfei.

    In the Autumn Family, in terms of popularity alone, the person with an outside surname, other than Ye Fan, was this Chu Wenfei.

    Back then, when the fourth miss of the Qiu family, Qiu Mu Ying, fell in love with this rich second generation, it caused quite a stir among the Qiu family's relatives.

    At that time, all the people from all the houses of the Autumn Family were impressed by her family.

    At one time, everyone thought that Qiu Mu Ying would marry into a noble family and fly to become a phoenix.

    At that time, Qiu Muying was undoubtedly the most envied among all the sisters of the Qiu family.

    On the contrary, the third oldest family's Qiu Mu Orange was nobody's cup of tea.

    However, who would have thought that fate would play tricks on people.

    It had only been a short time since Qiu Mu Ying had been dumped by the young master of the Chu family, and instead, Qiu Mu Orange, who was previously unpopular, had become the grand president of the hundred billion dollar group thanks to her husband, Ye Fan.

    "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

    "This world is changing, it's really sobering~"

    Jiang Hong lamented in her heart, and then she returned to the old house of the Qiu family.

    Nowadays, Qiushui Logistics, almost all of its assets had been sold off to pay off its debts.

    The only thing that remained was the dilapidated old mansion in front of them.

    Several of Qiu Mu Orange's uncles are now also crowded in this courtyard house built in the last century.

    After Jiang Hong went back, she told Qiu Mu Ying what she had seen and heard on the road.


    "Wenfei's getting married?"

    "No, that's not possible."

    "Wenfei said he'd come back for me, he said he'd convince his parents to marry me once he'd saved enough money and taken control of the company."

    "He can't get married, never~"

    After hearing this, Autumn Muyoung's beautiful eyes, then immediately turned red.

    Previously, the Autumn Family had suffered a change of heart, and Chu Wenfei and Autumn Muying's wedding was naturally put on hold.

    Originally, the Chu family was very dissatisfied with Autumn Muyoung, but once the Autumn family fell into disgrace, Chu Wenfei's parents naturally disapproved of the marriage even more.

    At that time, Chu Wenfei's heart was still on Qiu Muying's side, and he didn't listen to advice at all.

    In great anger, Chu Yang directly froze Chu Wenfei's bank account, cutting off all his financial resources, and even the house he was living in with Qiu Mu Orange outside was taken back by Chu Yang.

    With no choice, Chu Wenfei, who was cut off from his financial resources, could only bow down to his parents and obediently left Qiu Mu Ying and returned to the family.

    However, when he left, Chu Wenfei made a promise to Qiu Muying that he would come back to marry her in a few years when he had saved enough money to take control of the family business.

    So, for more than half a year, Qiu Muying had been waiting and dreaming of a rich life where she would marry into a gentry family.

    However, who would have thought that when she got news of Chu Wenfei again, it would be his wedding.

    Obviously, the bride was not her.

    Otherwise, it was impossible for her not to know any news at all.


    "Mu Ying, don't be silly."

    "Come to think of it, that young master of the Chu family was lying to you in the first place."

    "Now our Chu family is in decline, and we've offended the Mu Fan Group."

    "Wen Fei's parents, who were already quite fond of you, will now even less agree to let you enter the Chu family as a young lady."

    "So Ying Ying, just accept reality."

    "With your posture, even if you can't marry into a wealthy family, it should still be easy to marry into a well-off family."

    "In the future, ah, just take it easy, find an honest person to marry and then live in peace and stability."

    Jiang Hong and other members of the Qiu family, however, advised as much as they could.

    From the very beginning, they knew that Chu Wenfei was lying to her.

    But Autumn Muyoung always had illusions in her heart.

    Now that the illusions were shattered, one could imagine the shock that Autumn Muyoung suffered inside.

    However, while Jiang Hong and the others were comforting her, who would have thought that Autumn Muying, who had just been weeping tears, would directly push away Jiang Hong and roar at them.

    "Liar, you guys must be jealous of me, you don't want me to marry into a noble family, you don't want to see me better, that's why you're lying to me and fooling me."

    "The person Wen Fei loves is me, he won't marry anyone else."

    "I, Qiu Mu Ying, am destined to be the wife of a noble family."

    "Other families are not worthy of me, not worthy~"

    Qiu Muying shouted angrily, and then she ran out crying.

    No one knew, where was she going?

    "Ying Ying, Ying Ying, where are you going?"

    "Ying Ying~"

    Qiu Muying's parents were also terrified and were busy chasing after her.

    In the old mansion, but Jiang Hong had just been pushed to the ground by Qiu Mu Ying, and was now moaning in pain.


    "That hurts!"

    "This dead girl piece is really tough to kill."

    "And she wants to marry into a mansion?"

    "It's a dream!"

    "Not even taking a piss to see what you're made of?"

    "No princess life, but a princess disease."

    "Now abandoned and deserving of it!"

    "Like this kind of snobbish, gold-worshipping, unruly woman, if it were my son, I wouldn't let him marry such a bastard."

    Jiang Hong scolded viciously as she climbed up from the ground with a black face towards the direction that Qiu Mu Ying's family had left.

    "Alright, just cut the curses."

    At this time, Master Qiu seemed to be disturbed out by the commotion here, and after hearing Jiang Hong's words, he snapped at once.

    "Say less?"

    "Why less talk!"

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    "What kind of bullshit virtue is this granddaughter of yours, don't you know?"

    "Not only Qiu Mu Ying, but also her mother Wang Qiaoyu, this mother-in-law is a jinx, a gold-worshipper."

    "Mu Orange is such a good child, it was forced away by this foul mother-in-law, alive."

    "If Mu Orange hadn't been forced away, Qiushui Logistics would have gone bankrupt and closed down?"

    "My Autumn Family's ten million family fortune will fall to this?"

    "Enough!"Master Qiu snapped again, his old face reddening with anger, "I told you to shut up, didn't you hear me?"

    "I go, and your old man is still angry?"

    "Master, this family, other than the fourth family, it's you, who has the least right to yell at us!"

    "Back then, if you hadn't been blind and reused fools like Autumn Mu Ying, instead of pushing out Mu Orange, the number one group in Jiangdong would not be Mu Fan Group today, but our Autumn Family's Qiushui Logistics!"

    "And our Autumn Family will become the number one gentry in Jiangdong."

    "And not just like now, squirming like a dog in a house!"

    "Your old man is most responsible for the Qiu family being in such a state of ruin."

    "If I were you, I'd run and crash to death on the south wall to thank my descendants!"

    Jiang Hong's words were extremely difficult to hear, each sentence was like a knife, plunging deep into the heart of Master Qiu.

    The others didn't speak either, just watching quietly, allowing Jiang Hong to contradict Qiu Zhenglun.

    After all, what Jiang Hong said was the truth.

    If it wasn't for Qiu Zhenglun's blindness and misplaced faith in the villain, their Qiu family wouldn't have ended up in such a state today.



    "You unworthy grandson, you...How dare you speak to me like that?"

    The Qiu family's old man, Qiu Zhenglun, was almost vomiting blood with his entire body from this daughter-in-law.

    How could he have never thought that this woman would dare to treat him so disrespectfully?

    All along, among the Qiu family, Qiu Zhenglun undoubtedly had the supreme authority.

    Who dared to disobey his wishes?

    But now, being so scolded by his daughter-in-law in public, how could Qiu Zhenglun's heart not be angry.

    However, things were different nowadays.

    With the fall of the Autumn Family, Qiu Zhenglun no longer had much dignity left among the children and grandchildren of the Autumn Family.

    In the past, the various parties of the Qiu Family respected him, and that was because they were seeking the old man.

    After all, the power of Qiu Shui Logistics was still in the hands of the old master.

    Now, the Autumn Family was in decline, and Master Qiu himself still needed his children and grandchildren to provide for him.

    The current Qiu Zhenglun had become a burden, just like a burden.

    So, naturally, Jiang Hong and the others no longer needed to worry about the grievances they had hidden in their hearts, and they just burst out.

    In the end, Qiu Zhenglun fainted with anger.



    On the other hand, as the wedding grew closer, the entire Yunzhou City was undoubtedly becoming more and more noisy and lively.

    All the giants of Jiangdong converged, and the main Yunzhou road leading to Haiyuan Pavilion was directly closed to welcome them.

    All the major intersections in a thousand-meter radius were blocked off with the cooperation of the traffic police, allowing the rest of the citizens to take a detour.

    As for the outside of the Haiyuan Pavilion, there were even more clusters of flowers.

    The ceremonial lady stood in two rows, the brand new red carpet stretched for more than a thousand meters.

    The entire Yunzhou City, just like a festive scene.

    It was a pity that only one person had access to this boundless scene.

    As for the others, they were all stopped outside.

    "This gentleman, I'm sorry."

    "The Lake Shore Avenue is closed for half a day today, so please take a detour."

    At this time, in front of a certain intersection, but a Porsche supercar, ignoring the detour sign a hundred meters away, drove hard to this place, and was eventually stopped by the traffic police who closed the road here.



    "In this young master's dictionary, there's no such thing as a detour."

    "Those who know better, quickly get out of the way for this young master."

    "Today is my girlfriend's birthday, if you delay the trip, this young master will make you eat your heart out."

    Here, the window opened, and a dude young man wearing sunglasses poked his head out, very arrogantly threatening the traffic police in front of him.

    This young man spoke in between, the other hand is restless in the side of the female companion slender jade leg stroking, causing the girl on the adjacent seat for a while scratching his head.

    A flirtatious and seductive look, but amorous!

    A fragrant car and a beautiful woman, one could tell at a glance that the man in front of her was either rich or noble.

    However, if Autumn Mu Orange was here, she would definitely recognize that the girl in front of her was the same Zhang Wenya who had been kicked out of the bridal shop a few days ago.

    "I'm sorry, sir."

    "You'd better take a detour, I'm doing this for your own good."

    However, the traffic cop was unafraid of the man's threat and still smiled and said to let him go around.

    "I'll go, I see you're not seeing the coffin, right?"

    "Do you know who this young master is?"

    "I'm the young head of Yuan's Heavy Industries, son of Yuan Donghai, Yuan Hua!"

    "I'm warning you, but my dad knows your director."

    "Angry with me, I'll have my father make a phone call and have you roll up and leave in a minute."

    Yuan Hua said with a black face and an angry voice.

    This girlfriend could be watching right next to him, if he took a detour at this time, where would his Yuan Hua's face be?


    "What did you say?"

    "You said your father is Yuan Donghai?"

    Hearing Yuan Hua's background, this traffic cop seemed to be flabbergasted.

    With a trembling eyebrow, it was confirmed again.

    He naturally knew Yuan Donghai, who was also a little-known entrepreneur in Yunzhou.

    Seeing the traffic cop's appearance, Yuan Hua thought that he was afraid, and the arrogance of his appearance became even greater as he smiled coldly, "What?"

    "Now you know you're scared?"

    "Just now, you were kind enough to let the road go unheeded, but I had to fucking move my old man's name."

    "How about now?"

    "Still have to be good enough to get out of my way!"

    Yuan Hua grinned, and then snapped again, "Still damned if you don't get out of the way, this young master is in a hurry."

    However, the traffic cop in front of him, did not have any intention of giving way, but looked at him with odd eyes.

    "Dude, I'm afraid you're overthinking it."

    "Don't tell me you're a brat, but your old man is also waiting nicely over there?"


    Yuan Hua's face darkened then when he heard it.

    "Sub-O, are you fucking kidding me?"

    "Who is my father, and you dare to stop him?"

    Yuan Hua didn't believe it at all.

    However, when he turned around and followed the traffic cop's gaze, he really saw a middle-aged man with a central balding head, standing on the roadside, standing on tiptoe and looking like a monkey.


    "Dad, how did you also..."

    Yuan Hua's eyebrows were drawn at that time and his pupils crumpled.

    Yuan Donghai also saw his son who was driving to break into the truck at this time, and was shocked, running over and cursing at Yuan Hua.

    "You bastard, don't fucking cause me any trouble!"

    "If I tell you to wait, I'll tell you to take a detour."

    "Don't be a hero!"

    "If something happens, ten heads of our master won't be enough to cut off."

    Yuan Donghai knocked Yuan Hua with a black face.

    Yuan Hua's heart became even more curious when he heard: "Dad, what happened?"

    "With your status, what else could make you so terrified and in awe."

    In Yuan Hua's impression, his own father was considered a big and respectable figure in Yunzhou.

    They, the Yuan Clan Heavy Industries, had assets in the hundreds of millions.

    Their Yuan family, even if they didn't rank among the first-rate powers, then they were definitely top among the second-rate powers.

    Even if they were to face the Second Li of Yunzhou, it wouldn't be enough for their own father to let out a lament that ten heads wouldn't be enough to cut off, right?

    "Xiaohua, you just got back, so you don't understand."

    "Today, is the day of Mr. Chu's wedding."

    "The entire Jiangdong's giants and giants have come to congratulate Mr. Chu."

    "It can be said that today's Jiangdong is a special occasion for Mr. Chu alone."Yuan Donghai said with emotion, and at the mention of that man, even Yuan Donghai only felt a palpitation.

    But Yuan Hua was even more confused: "Dad, since all the big men of Jiangdong went to congratulate him, why didn't you go ah?"

    When Yuan Donghai heard this, but he scoffed to himself, "I'd like to go, but we have to have that qualification first."

    "It is said that the ones invited to this wedding banquet of Mr. Chu are not leading big men with a price tag of billions or even tens of billions."

    "As for our Yuan family, even if we sold you and me, we'd only have a hundred million dollars of family assets."

    "What's the point of going to a wedding if you can't even reach the threshold?"

    At this point, however, Yuan Donghai shook his head and sighed.

    "Mr. Chu is high above the world, far beyond the reach of our Yuan family."

    "Even your father and I, we still haven't met Mr. Chu once?"


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