Dish Best Served Cold 1101-1105


Chapter 1101

In the hall, Li Xueqi said coldly.

    When Sun Haizhou heard it, his entire body was immediately stunned there.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "He...Is he really Mr. Chu?"

    Sun Haizhou was trembling and looked at Li Xueqi incredulously, a pair of eyes that were nearly the size of bronze bells.


    "Mr. Chu rebuilds the East River and shakes the country."

    "How can someone who can do that be so young?"

    "Moreover, how majestic and noble Mr. Chu is, how could such a big man be so shabby and scruffy like him?"

    "That's never going to happen~"

    Sun Haizhou roared in a low voice, but it was really hard to accept that the seemingly ordinary man in front of him was really the Mr. Chu who was now all-powerful in Jiangdong.

    "A man cannot look like a man, and seawater cannot be fought."

    "The more people with great abilities, the plainer they look on the outside."

    "Sun Haizhou, Sun Haizhou, it's a pity that you've been in the world for many years, don't you even understand the truth of returning to the basics?"

    Li Xueqi shook her head and said, looking at Sun Haizhou with disappointment in her eyes.

    After saying this, Li Xueqi didn't explain anything more, but walked forward and said respectfully to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, sorry for being late."

    "The ten million in cash you asked for has been delivered."

    As she spoke, Li Xueqi waved her hand, and the few bodyguards behind her opened the safe in her hand, and inside was a stack of brand new cash.

    The moment they looked at these banknotes, everyone present, all of them trembled.

    Chen Wenwen was muddled in place.

    Sun Haizhou was even more as if struck by lightning.

    There was also Tan Xiaojing, who was even more surprised with her small hand tightly covering her red lips.

    "He...He really is, Mr. Chu?"

    Until this moment, even Sun Haizhou had to accept the reality.

    After all, ten million cash was so nakedly displayed here, and the third miss of the Li family was even more so respectful in front of him.

    In the entire Yunzhou, the only one who could make Li Xueqi run errands to deliver money and be so respectful to her was the one who stood at the top of power, Mr. Chu.

    "Manager Sun, how is it?"

    "Just now, you said that I, am not qualified to represent the Mufan Group.Now, may I be qualified?"

    In the hall, Ye Fan stood with a negative hand, his eyes full of cold smiles.

    A pair of cold eyes, as if looking down on a mole cricket, looked down on Sun Haizhou in front of him like this.

    Being stared at like this by Ye Fan, Sun Haizhou was nearly scared to the point of numbness, and his entire soul was close to flying away.

    In a moment of panic, he begged, "Chu...Mr. Chu, yes...I'm sorry, I really didn't know it was you."

    "If I had known it was you, I would have given this wedding dress to you for free, how would I dare to ask you for half a penny?"

    "Misunderstanding, it's really all a misunderstanding ah."

    Sun Haizhou was on the verge of tears.

    Originally, he relied on his relationship with the Li family, the entire Yunzhou was a few people he was truly afraid of.

    Even if he really messed with some remarkable existence, the worst case scenario would be to call Li Xueqi and the others and beg for their help.

    Once old neighbors, childhood playmates, with this relationship in place, Sun Haizhou also really had nothing to fear.

    But in front of Mr. Chu, so his confidence, undoubtedly all disappeared.

    In his heart, there was only endless panic and fear left.

    After all, even the King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao, was pulled off the altar because of Mr. Chu's words.

    Such a god-like figure, I guess no one would dare to say anything even if he crushed himself to death today.

    However, in the face of Sun Haizhou's terrified plea for mercy, Ye Fan smiled coldly, "Don't you think it's too late to say this now?"

    Ignoring Sun Haizhou's pleas for mercy, Ye Fan directly whisked away after he finished speaking.

    "Mr. Chu, this money?"

    But Lisette caught up with him and asked again.

    "It's no longer useful."



    Shortly after Ye Fan left, soon after, the employees of the Mu Fan Group officially moved into the Xin Xin Wedding Shop.

    "The Mufan Group has wholly bought the entire wedding dress shop."

    "In the future, this store will belong to the Mufan Group."

    "At the same time, by Mr. Chu's decision, it is now decided to fire the former lobby manager of the wedding dress shop, Sun Haizhou, and dismiss the staff, Chen Wenwen."

    "Tan Xiaojing is appointed as the lobby manager of the bridal shop, the rest of the staff positions remain unchanged."

    In the hall, Su Xi coldly announced the group's decision.

    Hearing this, the entire room was in uproar.

    All the people present were overwhelmed by Ye Fan's domineering and boldness.

    They originally thought that Ye Fan's previous words were just words.

    However, who would have thought that Ye Fan would actually buy this wedding dress shop.

    "Worthy of being Mr. Chu, this kind of wealth and dominance, the land of Yunzhou is unique to Mr. Chu."

    "Haha, Xiao Jing, congratulations."

    "If you can win Mr. Chu's favor, you'll be waiting for a peaceful and prosperous future, right?"

    "It's just that, Xiao Jing, when you get rich in the future, don't forget about us sisters who worked together."

    At this time, the sisters who had been so sarcastic towards her in the past had undoubtedly all changed their attitudes and were all sucking up to Tan Xiaojing to curry favor.

    Apparently, these people all believed that Tan Xiaojing's relationship with Mr. Chu was by no means ordinary.

    Otherwise, how could a person like Mr. Chu name a newcomer to society and directly promote her to manager?

    However, as long as Tan Xiaojing knew clearly, she and Mr. Chu were just a casual acquaintance, and there was no deep friendship between them.

    As for the reason why Ye Fan named herself as the manager, Tan Xiao Jing herself was actually not sure.

    But when Tan Xiaojing was surrounded by people, Chen Wenwen and Sun Haizhou were not having a good time.

    Chen Wenwen is fine, she has some posture, leaving here, the worst case scenario is to find a next home.

    But Sun Haizhou is undoubtedly a big loss.

    This Xin Xin Wedding Shop was originally an industry belonging to the Li family.

    Previously, when Sun Haizhou couldn't find a job and begged to the Li family's door, Li Xueqi handed over this wedding dress shop to him.

    All these years, Sun Haizhou had made a lot of money from the wedding dress shop, and now that he was kicked out, the golden rice bowl was naturally smashed.

    Of course, what terrified Sun Haizhou even more was that he had provoked Mr. Chu.

    In the land of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu is heaven.

    If you offend him, you'll naturally be unable to move an inch!

    In desperation, Sun Haizhou could only call Li Xueqi, hoping that their Li family could put in a good word for him.

    But who would have thought that Li Xueqi was not even answering his call.

    Moreover, even WeChat was deleted.

    It was obvious that the Li family was cutting him off.

    "Manager Sun, it's fine.If it's open, it's open, but the worst-case scenario is a different one."

    "The tree will die, the person will live."

    "If we leave this bridal shop, will we be able to starve to death?"

    Seeing Sun Haizhou's desperate appearance, however, Wen Chen was there to comfort her.

    However, it was good that she didn't console Chen Wenwen, but as soon as she did, Sun Haizhou's entire body just exploded.

    A kick directly kicked Chen Wenzhou in the stomach.

    "It's fine you're paralyzed!"

    "Matilda Chen, it's all damn you~"

    "If you hadn't told me to kick Mr. Chu out, would I, Sun Haizhou, have ended up in this situation today?"

    "You bitch, you got me killed!"

    Sun Haizhou broke into a rant.


"Evan, aren't we going a bit too far with this?"

    "That Sun Haeju, he's a friend of Yukie's after all."

    "There's no need to, because of an unintentional offense to us, cut off his livelihood, right?"

    "Besides, you're in a noble position after all, if other people knew that you're getting angry with a few little people over such a trivial matter, it would also make people think that Mr. Chu is narrow-minded, right?"

    In the western suburban villa, recalling today's incident, Qiu Mu Orange said worriedly.

    After all, whether it was Sun Haizhou or Chen Wenwen, it was too insignificant compared to Ye Fan.

    But Ye Fan, who had squandered a lot of money on this, bought the wedding shop, and also deliberately instructed Su Xi and the others to fire Sun Haizhou and Chen Wenwen, which was inappropriate and degrading no matter how you looked at it.

    Ye Fan, however, shook his head and laughed, asking rhetorically, "Little people?"

    "Mu Orange, then let me ask you, what do you think is worthy of holding up to the big man before me?"

    "And what kind of man do you think you'll get that I won't be disgraced by personally surrendering the crime?"

    "This~" Qiu Mu Orange thought, while saying, "You are now the master of Jiangdong and the founder of the hundred billion group, the one worthy of your hand to deal with would have to be at least someone on the level of Li Er and Chen Ao."

    Why would you use a saber to kill a pig?

    In Qiu Mu Orange's opinion, those three teachings and nine generations didn't even know that her husband was going to deal with it.

    Only Chen Ao and Li Er, the leading bosses who rebuke a prefecture-level city, are qualified to let Ye Fan personally take action.

    When Ye Fan heard this, the smile on his mouth, however, was even greater.

    "Mu Orange, you only know that that little manager and guide are little people in front of me."

    "However, you don't know that that Chen Ao and Li Er, and even the descendants of that Lu and Xu families, are no less than tiny ants and dust in my eyes?"

    "I, Ye Fan, have acted all my life by asking only about right and wrong, not about family background."

    "It makes no difference to me how poor one's origins are, or how monstrous one's background is."

    "All these beings are worthless to me."

    "If the Lu family provokes me, I will exterminate the Lu family.If the Xu family messes with me, I'll destroy the Xu family!"

    "I'll handle Chen Ao if he provokes me."

    "That Sun Hai Zhou has offended me, I will naturally not be lenient?"

    "Not knowing my identity is not a reason for him to insult me and ridicule me."

    "What's more, a person like him, who is so amoral and bullying, should have been punished, shouldn't he?"

    "There are many evil people in this world, I, Ye Fan, may not be able to control the affairs of the world, but I can control the affairs around me."

    In the room, Ye Fan's low words quietly rang out.

    It haunted the world for a long time.

    No one knew what kind of loftiness and majesty Ye Fan's words had within them.

    Yes, in Ye Fan's eyes, there was no difference between Chen Ao and Li Er, these all-powerful big shots, and the street vendors who were begging for a living.

    Just like in front of the sea, there was no difference between a small pond and a big river.

    Because no matter whether it was a pond or a river, they were both too small compared to the sea, and their small differences could be completely ignored.

    After Qiu Mu Orange heard all of this, her entire body couldn't help but be stunned, with tremors and admiration in her heart.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't dare to imagine what kind of pattern a person had to have in order to say such lofty words?

    At that instant, Qiu Mu Orange only felt that the person in front of her had grown a little taller once again.

    She, however, appeared to be so small.

    For the first time, she suddenly felt that she was somewhat unworthy of Ye Fan.

    At least, Ye Fan's pattern and the height that he was at was something that Autumn Mu Orange could never reach in her entire life, right?

    "Alright, Mu Orange, it's been a busy day, get some rest early."

    "In two days, it will be your wedding and mine."

    "Trust me, Mu Orange, on that day, I will make you the most glorious woman in this world!"

    While Qiu Mu Orange was lost in thought, Ye Fan, however, stretched out his hand and took the beauty in front of him into his arms.

    The moment she was wrapped up in this man, all of Qiu Mu Orange's trepidation and anxiety these days disappeared, as if the ship had sailed into the harbor, only to feel extraordinarily peaceful.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't speak, but snuggled into Chu Yun's embrace, her jade hands tightly gripping the corners of Ye Fan's clothes.

    How much she wanted to be able to snuggle into this man's embrace like this normally, forever, never to be separated again.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange knew that she couldn't catch him.

    He was like a huge ship sailing away, and her embrace was just the dock where he stopped for a short time, and one day, he would set off again to sail into that vast, starry sea!

    This night, the land of Jiangdong was calm as usual.

    However, no one knew that the same night, two black cars, but quietly drove into Yanjing City.

    One of them drove into the most luxurious part of Yanjing City, the Lujiazhuang Garden.

    At this time, it was already late at night, Yanjing's sky, black clouds, due to the influence of subtropical air pressure, Yanjing's night seemed heavy and depressing.

    At this time, the Lu family's clan members were mostly asleep.

    Only sparse lights were on in the large manor, banishing the darkness here.

    The entire Lu family appeared calm and peaceful.

    However, the arrival of this black sedan was like a bomb that exploded in the middle of a flat lake.

    Nearly instantly, it set off monstrous waves in the entire Lu Family.

    All of this was only because, the Lu family's eldest son, the Lu family's eldest grandson who was the most favored by Old Master Lu Cangdome, was dead.

    Yes, following the black sedan that brought him here was the corpse of Lu Mingfeng.


    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

    However, until he saw his grandson die, the moment he saw the white-haired man send the black-haired man away, even this highly respected Republic of China old man, could not help but wet his clothes with tears.

    Staggering footsteps, the whole person, almost spread out again.

    The clansmen beside him saw the situation and rushed forward to assist.

    "Old man, are you alright?"

    "My condolences, the deceased has passed away, you should take good care of yourself."

    "Don't worry about this matter, we'll investigate and deal with it."

    A clan member of the Lu family advised in a low voice out of consideration for the old man's health.


    "Feng'er is my Lu family's eldest grandson, how can I not care if he dies?"

    "Who, who the hell is that?"

    "Who killed my Windy?"

    "Destroying the future of my Lu family and breaking my legacy, I, Lu Cang Dome, will make sure he doesn't have a good death!"

    In the manor, Lu Cang Dome's old eyes were red as he roared in a low voice.

    That angry voice echoed into the dark night for a long time.


The Lu Family Estate.

    The idle people had all retreated, and now, in the room, only the Lu family's family executives were still standing here.

    In front of it, Lu Mingfeng's corpse, lay quietly.

    The wounds beneath his neck were shocking.

    "Master Lu, it has already been examined, and the cause of Young Master Lu's death is the wound under his neck."

    "I see that its incision should have been instantly sealed by someone using a sharp weapon like a sword."

    After a careful survey, a man in a white lab coat in front of him took off his gloves while speaking to the Lu family with a heavy face.


    "Mingfeng has many bodyguards around him, and this time, the family sent him to Jiangdong, and there's even a strong member of the Xu family secretly protecting him."

    "That so-called Mr. Chu of Jiangdong, could it be that he can still seal Mingfeng's throat with a sword through layers of protection?"

    After hearing the analysis of the doctor in front of him, a middle-aged man beside him frowned.

    "Perhaps, it was a successful sneak attack when the young master was unprepared, right?"That doctor guessed darkly.

    After examining the corpse, the Lu family also let this doctor retreat.

    After all, the next conversation would design important family decisions, and it was not appropriate for outsiders to listen in.

    "Big brother, what now?"

    "Mingfeng is dead, and the people who came back said that he died at the hands of that Mr. Jiangdong Chu."

    "Should we send someone over, or should we take the judicial route and bring that Mr. Chu, to justice?"

    Among the Lu family, although the old man was highly respected, but after all, he was old, and he had long since stopped caring about family matters.

    Today, the head of the Lu Family was still Lu Mingfeng's father, Lu He.

    It was just that after seeing his son's body, the current Lu He, although his heart was like a knife in his chest, he was not as disoriented and angry as Old Master Lu.

    After all, he was someone who held a high position in the Chinese power system, and years of factional struggle had already made him calm and restrained.

    Even after experiencing the pain of losing his son, Lu He still maintained the greatest amount of calm and composure.

    "This matter should be investigated first."

    "As for how to make a decision, wait until the matter is investigated thoroughly."

    "Until then, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to act recklessly!"

    "In particular, you must not use your power to take personal revenge."

    "Do you, however, know all this?"

    Lu He said in a deep voice to the Lu family in front of him.

    Those uncles of Lu Mingfeng didn't say anything, but Lu Mingfeng's mother, upon hearing that, cried out to Lu He, "What is there to investigate?"

    "The facts are right here."

    "It was that Jiangdong mob that killed our son."

    "Those thugs deserve to die!"

    "As the father of Bright Wind, you don't know how to avenge your own son's death, yet you want to investigate and talk about it later?"

    "And you, a father, have no guilt in your heart?"

    In the room, the woman was holding her son's corpse as she roared at Lu He in a miserable, tearful manner.

    In the entire Lu family, except for Master Lu, this woman was the only one who felt the man in front of her, who was in a high position in Huaxia, roar, right?

    "Ying'er, you go down first, I'll take care of this matter."

    "Someone, send Madam back to her room to rest."

    Lu He didn't get angry, still speaking calmly.

    After all, having just experienced the loss of his son, he understood how she felt about being a mother.

    However, who would have thought that the woman in front of him was the one who directly and rudely pushed away the person who came to assist him.

    Her eyebrows and eyes were red, and her face was filled with tears as she roared at Lu He as if he was crazy, "I'm not leaving, not until my son's great revenge is avenged."

    "I don't care, Lu He, you must give the order tonight to arrest all those thugs."

    "Not only that Mr. Chu, but also his parents, his wife and daughter, I want his whole family, to be buried with my son Mingfeng."

    "I want them to die a horrible death~"

    "Third Brother, you had debriefed in Jiangdong before, there must be someone on your side."

    "You now, immediately use your connections to arrest that group of people, all of them, and bring them to Yanjing."

    "Hurry up and go~"

    The woman barked through gritted teeth, her words filled with endless anger and viciousness.

    "Okay...All right, sister-in-law, I'm going."

    The third son of the Lu family naturally didn't dare to disobey, not to mention that the woman in front of him was his sister-in-law, not to mention that the person who died was his own nephew, and as his own uncle, he also had the responsibility to stand up for his nephew.

    "No, I don't trust the people over there in Jiangdong, Second Brother, you go too, immediately send out the Yanjing police force to arrest people across the province!"

    Lu family's second son was the leader of the work safety department, so it was natural for him to be the most appropriate person to arrest people.

    "Okay sister-in-law, don't worry, tonight I will bring those thugs, to justice!"

    After saying that, Lu Mingfeng's two uncles turned around and went outside, looking like they were going to immediately take action against Jiang Dong.

    "All of you, stop right there!"

    "Did you all take what I just said as farting?"

    However, who would have thought that it was at this moment that Lu He let out a low cry.

    The low angry voice was filled with majesty and indignation.

    The two people who had just vowed to arrest people across the province stood there right then and there.

    In this house, Lu He had absolute authority.

    After all, Lu Mingfeng's two uncles had limited abilities, and if it wasn't for the shade of their big brother, the two of them definitely wouldn't be in this position today.

    Therefore, Lu He's words, the two of them, naturally, did not dare to disobey.

    "But big brother, Mingfeng is our own nephew, we as uncles can't just watch him die in vain and remain indifferent, right?"

    The third oldest member of the Lu family spoke bitterly.

    "Everything has to be put right and wrong, and if the fault lies with someone else, naturally, I, the father, will not rest easily."

    "But if, however, the fault lies with Mingfeng, wouldn't you be wronging the good guys by acting like this?"

    "So, until this matter is investigated, no one, no one is to make a move!"

    "Whoever disobeys, the law of the house will be served!"

    Lu He's words were decisive and carried an unquestionable authority.

    His two younger brothers had no choice but to lower their heads when they heard the words.

    However, that woman didn't care about that, she only wanted revenge now.

    So, after seeing the second and third oldest brother being berated by Lu He, the woman made a scene at Lu He like she was crazy.

    "Lu He, you heartless one, you're a father in vain~"

    "Your son is dead, and you're not even going to avenge him."

    "Fine, if you don't go, I'll go myself."

    "I'm just fighting for my life, I want to avenge my son's death~"

    The woman was crying and screaming like a shrew at Lu He.

    "That's enough!"

    Lu He seemed to have run out of patience, and directly pushed the woman, pushing her down again, roaring in anger.

    "Bastard, what kind of bear is your own son, don't you have any compulsion in your heart?"

    "All these years, how much trouble has this adversary caused for my Lu Family, and you don't fucking know?"

    "If he hadn't been born in the Lu family, his accumulated crimes would have been ten lives, and he would have been shot long ago."

    "This time, if it's someone else's fault, I will definitely pursue it."

    "But if the fault lies with this traitor, then it can only be said that he deserves to die!"


In the room, Lu He's angry voice echoed, cursing harshly at the woman in front of him.

    His only son lost his life and died, as a father, doesn't he feel bad?

    The pain in his heart at this time was in no way weaker than anyone else in the room.

    However, Lu He wasn't someone who only asked about blood relations, not about right and wrong.

    Otherwise, even with the shade of the Lu family, he wouldn't have reached his current high position.

    That was why, upon learning the news of Lu Mingfeng's death, Lu He decided to investigate thoroughly before making a decision.

    After all, he knew this son of his too well.

    Over the years, he had been spoiled by his mother, and grandfather.

    When he was in Yanjing, he went around committing misdeeds, not knowing how many misfortunes he had committed.

    If it wasn't for their Lu family's noble status in Yanjing, otherwise, this adversary son would have been slaughtered many times.

    Just like what Lu He had said before, if the matter was investigated thoroughly this time and it was found that the fault was also on Lu Mingfeng, then it could only be said that this traitor deserved to die for seeking mercy.

    He would definitely not put the Lu family's reputation on the line for a traitorous son.

    "Get out of here now!"

    Faced with Lu He's anger, the woman naturally never dared to say another word.

    She just spread out on the floor, hugging her dead son, weeping unceasingly.

    The others in the hall naturally didn't dare to say anything either.

    Who dared to disobey the majesty of the Lu family head?

    "Lu He, it's so anti-climactic!"

    "Now you're winged, aren't you, all brave enough to beat your wife?"

    "They say a rich man never forgets a bad wife, but what about you?"

    "With some achievements, is it hard to forget all the contributions Ying has made to my Lu family over the years?"

    However, at this moment, a low, angry voice came from outside the door.

    Only to see Master Lu striding in, walking in.

    "Dad, what are you doing here?"

    "Didn't I have you helped down to rest?"

    The old man had just seen his grandson's corpse and was so shocked that he almost passed out.

    So, out of consideration for the old man's health, Lu He had someone help the old man down.

    But I didn't expect that it was only a short while ago, but Master Lu himself came over again.

    "Hmph, if I don't come, my grandson, Mingfeng, will die in vain!"

    "A tiger's poison is still not enough to feed on its son, but you, a father, are indifferent to the death of your own son and are fist-fighting your own woman."

    "What? You really take my old man out of existence?"

    "Do you really think you can be lawless in this house?"

    "Old Two and Three, go ahead and do what your sister-in-law just said."

    "Arrest that Jiangdong thug, and bring him to Yanjing."

    "I have to ask him myself, how many guts does he have, how dare he behead even my grandson of Lu Cang Dome?"

    Master Lu said in a deep voice.

    "Dad, she's a woman with long hair and short insight, it's just as well that she's capricious and nonsensical, why are you also..."

    Lu He could not help but look at the old man with a bitter face at the sound of his voice, and said bitterly.

    "What do you mean by capricious nonsense?"

    "It's right and proper to kill people for their lives."

    "It was, and it's even more so now!"

    "Brightwind's body is right here on display, is it wrong for me to have the murderer brought to justice?"

    Master Lu crossed his brows and rebuked harshly.

    In today's Lu family, the only one who dared to reprimand Lu He like this was Lu Cangxiong, who was the father.

    "Okay, Dad, you said that murder pays for life, right."

    "Then I ask you, twelve years ago, the youngest daughter of the Lin family who was forced to jump to her death by this adversary, who will pay for her life?"

    "The mother and son who died under your grandson's car eight years ago, who should pay for their lives?"

    "And three years ago, the schoolgirl who was abused by your grandson, now people are still lying in the hospital, a vegetable, who should return her justice?"

    Lu He asked several questions in a row, sentences like swords, words like swords, asking straightforward questions that made Master Lu's old face turn red and dumb.

    "Twelve years ago, I told you to let Mingfeng confess to his crimes and go in to reform and become a new man."

    "But you didn't listen, you indulged and pampered him."

    "How about now?"

    "He's so reckless, and he's to blame for ending up where he is today!"

    Lu He said in a deep voice, and the room was filled with the echoes of his flooding voice.

    Under Lu He's angry words, everyone in the room was silent.

    No one spoke, even Master Lu, who knew he was at a disadvantage, rarely refuted Lu He.

    "Dad, that's all I have to say."

    "All that should be said, has been said."

    "I'm also heartbroken over Mingfeng's death."

    "I will investigate this matter to find out who is right and who is wrong.The justice that should be done, I will seek it back for Mingfeng.Likewise, the justice that shouldn't be there, I won't take it either."

    "Before this, this matter, I don't want anyone to interfere with it, let alone anyone, to take personal revenge."

    "Nowadays, it's an eventful time, and there's a change of power in the land of Yanjing.At this time, I don't want anything more to happen on the family side that I can't control."

    "Otherwise, when the time comes, it won't only be my career career that will be affected, but also the future of the entire Lu family!"

    "Dad, you understand what I'm talking about, right?"

    Lu He spoke slowly to Old Master Lu.

    This time, his tone was much softer, and he advised in a low voice.

    After saying that, Lu He also waved his hand and dismissed everyone, allowing them to go back to rest.

    He, on the other hand, ordered that Lu Mingfeng's body be collected and buried when the matter was cleared up.

    As for Master Lu, although he spoiled his grandson, he was not someone who disregarded the big picture.

    The current period is a crucial time in Lu He's career, but it can't tolerate a little sloppiness.

    In the end, Old Master Lu could only follow what Lu He had said and let him investigate first.

    Actually, it was easy to investigate these matters.

    After all, what Lu Mingfeng and the others had done in Jiangdong was clear to many people.

    Just the next morning, the documents regarding Lu Mingfeng's death were sent up.

    After reading it, Lu He was thunderstruck and slapped his palm directly on the table.

    "This adversary, how dare he act so recklessly in Jiangdong?"

    "Destroying people's foundations and bullying them is just fine."

    "How dare you try to kill your parents, touch your wife, and even use heavy weapons in the city to blow up other people's homes?"

    "Rebel son, rebel son~"

    "I, Lu He, have been wise all my life, but in the end, why did I give birth to such a rebellious son?"

    In the study, Lu He's eyes were red as he watched Lu Mingfeng commit numerous crimes in Jiangdong, and even his father was almost horrified.

    After a long period of anger, Lu He immediately ordered.

    "Pass on my order to remove Lu Mingfeng from the Lu family genealogy, my Lu family does not have such a beast!"

    "Also, from this day forth, no one may speak of avenging this traitor's death."

    "This kind of beast deserves to die!"


    The wind swirled, wrapping around Lu He's monstrous voice of rage, but it reverberated through the heavens and earth without end.


After Lu He's announcement of this decision, it undoubtedly caused quite a stir within the Lu family.

    After all, as a father, if his son died, it would be just as well if he didn't think about revenge, but he would even remove him from the family tree and forbid anyone to mention him again.

    Such an act was undoubtedly contrary to common sense, and the crowd naturally felt surprised.


    "The reason why the family lord is so angry must be because, again, of the monstrous disaster that that Lu Mingfeng committed in the land of Jiangdong."

    "Indeed, if I had such an adversary, I would probably have broken his dog's legs long ago.Definitely won't take revenge for such a scum."

    Among the Lu Clan, a clan member whispered.

    "Old Fifth, be careful what you say!"

    "You don't want to live?"

    "That Lu Mingfeng is the old man's heartthrob, if you let the old man hear that, you'll be waiting to be swept out of the house, won't you?"

    Next to him, someone close to him was shocked at the news and quickly told the man to shut up so that no harm would come out of his mouth.

    At this time, in Old Master Lu's room.

    Lu Mingfeng's mother, with one snotty nose and one tear, knelt in front of the old man, unable to stop crying.

    "Dad, that heartless one actually wanted to remove Mingfeng from the family tree."

    "Mingfeng is your most beloved grandson, you must make decisions for Mingfeng~"

    "Never let Mingfeng die in vain like this ah."

    This woman didn't dare to go to Lu He, so she could only sell her grievances and complain in front of the old man.

    "This bastard, he dares to remove my grandson's name?"

    "Don't worry, I'm here, I won't let him do this nonsense!"

    "If he dares to remove Ming Feng from the genealogy, I will also remove him from the genealogy tomorrow."

    Old Master Lu was also furious.

    Lu Mingfeng was his most beloved grandson, and he naturally couldn't sit idly by and ignore such things.

    "Thank you, Dad, as expected, you still love Mingfeng the most."

    "But Dad, is this really the way to let go of Mingfeng's matter?"

    "Are you just going to bear with it and let the Lu family's eldest grandson, just like this, die tragically for no reason?"

    "Dad, Lu He he listens to you, just persuade him and let him avenge Ming Feng."

    This woman persuaded again, it was clear that without avenging her son, this woman was furious.

    However, Master Lu sighed, "Little Ying, you're a woman, you don't understand many things."

    "It's not that the boss doesn't want to avenge Mingfeng, it's mainly because right now at this special time, the boss he's undergoing an inspection, once he passes the inspection, his career path will be able to go one step further, and our Lu Family's status will be able to rise as well."

    "At a time like this, if our Lu Family makes a big move and uses family power to suppress the weak, once word gets out, it will be a great blow to both the Boss's reputation and the reputation of our Lu Family."

    "So Ying, you have to understand the boss as well."

    "He's also concerned about the bigger picture."

    "You also don't want, because Mingfeng alone, to ruin the boss's future and the Lu family's future, right?"

    Master Lu persuaded in a long-winded manner.

    The boss he was talking about was naturally Lu Mingfeng's father, Lu He.

    "But Dad, I'm really not happy about this."

    "Mingfeng he was still so young, he hadn't gotten married, he hadn't had children yet, and he died in another country like this.But the murderer is at large, and when I think of it, my heart breaks like a knife, and I feel sorry for Mingfeng."As the woman said that, tears fell like pearls with broken strings.

    Seeing the woman in this state, Master Lu's heart also felt intolerant.

    "Ying, you go down first, I'll think of a solution to this matter."

    "Don't worry, Mingfeng is my most beloved grandson, I won't let him die miserably."

    "Also, when you leave, call Old Two and Three over, remember, don't let the boss see, or else he'll be anxious again."

    Master Lu said in a deep voice, looking like he was thinking of some two-way solution to avenge his grandson's death.

    Soon, the woman also followed the old man's orders and left the room, calling Lu Mingfeng's two uncles, to the old man's side.

    "Dad, is this okay?"

    "Will it affect Big Brother?"

    The old man didn't know what to say to them, and the two men in front of him paled slightly.

    "Don't worry, it won't."

    "It's allowed within the rules, no one can get a handle on it."

    "Besides, with two lives out of the way, it's time to control those thugs in Jiangdong."

    "Just do as I say and go for it."

    "Also, prepare a car for me right away."

    "Eh?Dad, where are you going?"These two brothers asked curiously.

    All these years, the old man had been recuperating at home and hadn't shown his face for many years, and now that he was suddenly out, this brother was naturally curious.

    "Where else can we go?"

    "Naturally, we'll go to the Xu family and look for Xu Junlin!"

    "There are some things that our Lu family can't conveniently do, but it doesn't mean that the Xu family, can't do it."

    "Even after the General's family dares to kill, that so-called Mr. Jiang Dong Chu is almost alive."

    Lu Cang Dome's face was grim, and he said coldly.

    So, early that morning, Lu Cang Dome drove to the military compound to meet the old master of the Xu family, Xu Jun Lin.

    These two, who were also considered to be suffering from the same illness, both experienced the human tragedy of the white haired man at the same time.

    "Master Lu, I was just about to come to you."

    "I've asked Shao Hua's second uncle to go to Jiangdong."

    "Daring to touch the descendants of my Lu and Xu families, this Jiangdong's evil power is rampant!"

    "Haisheng has ordered the Jiangdong Military District to cooperate with his second uncle and use three thousand soldiers and horses to work together to annihilate this black evil force on behalf of God!"

    "However, there are some procedures that require a little help from your Lu Family.

    This Xu Junlin is also an old man, he doesn't say that he's going to avenge his grandson's death, but instead, he's holding the banner of annihilating the evil forces, beautifully saying that he's doing justice on behalf of heaven.

    "Lao Xu, useful our Lu family place, you can say whatever you want.My Lu Family will definitely support it with all its might."

    Lu Cang Vault also responded in a deep voice.

    This situation was exactly what Lu Cang Vault wished to see.

    With the Xu family sending out their men and horses into Jiangdong to clear the area, and their Lu family providing support in terms of power, the two will definitely be able to sweep through Jiangdong.

    At that time, what Jiangdong Respect, a mere gangster leader, will die a miserable death in front of the steel torrent, and his blood will be avenged!

    Just like this, the two old men who shared the same illness, but talked for a long time.

    It was as if, the person behind the curtain, was secretly weaving the net of heaven and earth.

    Soon, this net, will cover the east of Jiangdong.

    At that time, all demons and monsters will be unseen!

    Of course, Ye Fan had no idea about all this that was happening in Yanjing.

    At this time, Ye Fan and the others were still preparing for the upcoming wedding.

    However, unbeknownst to them, the storm had quietly arrived.

    That afternoon, Wu Weitao, the owner of Yunzhou City, was tragically removed from his position.

    All the people involved were also disciplined.

    The entire Yunzhou power hierarchy, almost a complete blood change.

    At the same time, eighteen cities in Jiangdong Province also received orders to immediately begin a new round of anti-gang action, and in one day, they eliminated dozens of criminal gangs.

    The mountain rain is coming, the wind is already full of buildings!


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