Secret Identity 1071-1080


Chapter 1071

At this moment Jinling Detention Center.

      Old Mrs. Xiao and her granddaughter, Xiao Weiwei, had been living in the caretaker's house for several days, and the two of them were lucky that Old Mrs. Xiao had gained the sympathy of the prison bully, Zhang Guifen, so no one made things difficult for them in there.

      But Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong, father and son, did not have such an easy time in the men's detention center.

      Because they were newcomers, father and son were bullied in all sorts of ways as soon as they entered.

      Not only did they have to do a lot of work, but the little rations they had would also be taken away by others, and they couldn't even fill their stomachs every day.

      The more this happened, the more Xiao Chang Qian hated Qian Hongyan in his heart.

      Because he always felt that Qian Hongyan, with all her possessions, must be living comfortably with the little white man right now.

      If it wasn't because of this Qian Hongyan had rolled away all the money, how could he have fallen to this stage?

      The family of four, all sentenced to 15 days of detention, see a few days to get out, but no one expected, today just after lunch, the four people where the detention center released them at the same time.

      After learning that she had been released, old Mrs. Xiao panicked and stayed in her cell.

      Now she really didn't want to go out and face the cruel reality.

      After all, she was penniless and her villa had been seized, so not only could she not have enough to eat, she didn't even have a place to stay, so she might as well stay inside.

      However, the prison guards did not give her this opportunity, still reluctant to come out of the cell, so they directly dragged her up from the bed and dragged her out of the house.

      Zhang Guifen also knew that the old lady would definitely end up on the streets after she went out, so she hurriedly shouted behind her, "Old lady, I'll teach you a way, after you go out, go to the bus station and block the bus, and if you don't let the bus go alive, the police will arrest you again for disturbing the social order!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was only then relieved, and said incessantly, "Guifen can be so grateful to you, wait for me, I'll be back again!"

      Xiao Weiwei followed behind the old lady without uttering a word, she didn't know what to do at the moment, after all, she was a young girl and still had some good looks, she really didn't want to stay in the detention center, but how to make a living after going out was also a serious problem.

      She had thought about how she could simply go to KTV and be a princess, and if she met a rich customer, she could occasionally accompany her to a private room, but anyway, she had now seen past the fact that her reputation in the local Jinling had been bad after she and Xiao Yiqian.

      If so, why care so much?

      So she made up her mind that if her grandmother still wanted to come back in after she got out, she would leave her alone.

      The guards at the detention center took the two of them all the way out of the cell, and then to, the office dedicated to the release procedures.

      As soon as they entered, they saw a man dressed in an expensive suit standing in the office.

      Several prison guards were around him, looking respectful.first appearance

      The man saw the old lady and her granddaughter walk in and asked indifferently, "You are the Xiao family, right?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded hurriedly, she had been a people wizard all her life and could tell at a glance that this man seemed to have a bit of an origin, so she asked, "This gentleman, may I ask if you are looking for us?"

      The man nodded and said, "I bailed you out, as did your son and your grandson, and I'm taking you to meet them both."


As soon as she heard this, Vivian Xiao was so excited that she asked, "This gentleman, are my father and my brother really released?Where are they now?"

      The man said indifferently, "My people have already arranged them, you two can just come with me."

      Old Lady Xiao didn't think much of it, after all, she was already like this, there shouldn't be anyone else who would specifically come to harm her, not to mention that people had indeed bailed her out.Since that was the case, she might as well go along to see what new opportunities might be available.

      So they went through the formalities, got their clothes and belongings, and after changing clothes, they followed the man out of the guardhouse.

      Outside the gate of the guardhouse, two Rolls Royce Phantoms had been waiting here for a long time.

      The man turned to the grandparents and said, "You two, take the car in the back."

      Seeing the two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, Old Lady Xiao was quite excited inside.

      Those who could afford to drive a Rolls-Royce were no ordinary people.

      When the Xiao family was at its peak, it couldn't afford a Rolls Royce.

      Even if they could afford that money, they would not be able to reach that price and status.

      So Old Lady Xiao spoke up, "Thank you sir, then the two of us will take this one in the back."

      After saying that, she took her granddaughter with her and went to the car in the back.

      The three of them got into the car, and the two cars began to drive towards the suburbs.

      When the cars drove out for 20 minutes, Mrs. Xiao said to Xiao Weiwei in surprise, "I see that this road seems to be going to the airport."

      Xiao Weiwei also nodded her head and said, "A few kilometers further on and we'll be at the airport highway."

      Old Mrs. Xiao did not frown and whispered, "I don't know who the gentleman in front of me is, could it be that your father and your brother have also been sent to the airport by them?"

      Xiao Weiwei became nervous and said, "Grandmother, they're not sent by Ye Chen, are they going to tell us to get out of Jinling and never let us come back, are they?"

      "Not likely."Old Mrs. Xiao shook her head, "How could that son of a bitch Ye Chen be so polite?He's not going to bail us out, instead he's going to find a way to keep us in for a while longer, or even keep us out for the rest of our lives."first issue

      Xiao Weiwei was surprised and asked, "That wouldn't be Xiao Yiqian Xiao Dong, would it?Is he still thinking of old feelings and wants to take us to Yanjing?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao waved her hand, "Impossible, if Xiao Yiqian was still able to do manly things, it might still be possible, but he was already an incompetent man, so how could he miss his old love?If he really missed his old feelings, he wouldn't have left you in the first place."

      Xiao Weiwei couldn't help but look a little gloomy, although at first she was quite disgusted with her parents and grandmother for arranging herself to serve Xiao Yiqian, but when she thought about it carefully, Xiao Yiqian used to treat herself quite well at that time.

      After all, he was able to invest tens of millions of dollars after just one occurrence with himself, and he also gave himself five million dollars of pocket money.

      Thinking of this, Xiao Weiwei could not help but sigh inwardly, "If Xiao Yiqian still had male abilities, then she should be eating and drinking well now that she is following him, so how would she live such a miserable life?"

      Just thinking about it, two Rolls Royces drove towards the airport highway one after the other, speeding towards the airport.

      Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei were even more surprised inside, and were really going to the airport, what was this about?


Although she was confused, Old Lady Xiao knew very well in her heart that it was useless to think too much at a time like this, as she had already gotten into someone else's car, so she might as well both come and wait to see what the other party had planned.

      Moreover, her intuition told her that although the other party looked mysterious, it should not be trying to harm her.

      Because she was now poor and wanted nothing, if someone else wanted to harm her she wouldn't go to such great lengths.

      Thinking of this, Old Mrs. Xiao was relieved in her heart.

      So she simply sat calmly in the car, waiting to see what kind of medicine the other party was selling.Fastest Update

      Two Rolls-Royces drove directly into Jinling Airport, where the Wu family's Gulfstream plane had been parked in a small hangar at the airport.

      This was the same plane that had brought Qian Hongyan to Suhang last night.

      Early this morning, this plane had taken off again from Suhang to Jinling, ready to pick up the Xiao family first.

      Seeing a private plane parked in front of her, old Mrs. Xiao was so surprised that she couldn't speak.

      If a Rolls Royce was the toy of the rich and powerful, then a private jet was something that only the top tycoons could afford to play with.

      Because the price of a Gulfstream plane like this is at least over 2.3 billion RMB.

      And you don't just spend 200 to 300 million yuan to buy a plane like this, you also have to hire a special crew, including two pilots, a few mechanics and a few service personnel.

      The maintenance of the plane is also very expensive, and it costs a lot of money to park it in the hangar, as well as to take off and land at the airport.

      It was equivalent to buying a private jet, a money-burning tool.

      When the old lady saw the private jet, she immediately realized that there must be a very powerful family behind it.

      The Rolls Royce stopped right next to the plane, and Old Lady Xiao and her granddaughter, Vivian Xiao, walked down together.

      Vivian Xiao was also looking out at this private plane when a familiar figure suddenly ran out of the plane door!


      As soon as they heard this voice, they looked up and out of the plane was Xiao Hailong!

      When Old Mrs. Xiao saw her grandson, she said with excitement, "Hailong, why are you here?Where's your dad?"


      As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao's voice trailed off, her eldest son, Xiao Chang Qian, came out of the plane!

      Old Mrs. Xiao was excited, but seeing her son and grandson losing a lot of weight, she couldn't help but feel distressed inside.

      In the past, Old Mrs. Xiao was indifferent to these things, she only cared about herself and didn't care about anything else.

      But after experiencing this matter of imprisonment, and then seeing her son and grandson, she also had a feeling of blood being thicker than water in her heart.

      And in looking at her own eldest son, the white hair came out quite a bit, and the whole person was also several years older, and originally had a red face and a blessed body, but now his skin was dull and his body was thin, and it really made the old lady feel a bit sad.

      On the contrary, these days in jail, Old Lady Xiao hadn't suffered much, and she had also abused Ma Lan for a few days, so she didn't look thin or old.

      At this time, Xiao Hailong and Xiao Changqian both ran to the old lady, and old lady Xiao hugged her son and grandson and cried out.


She cried out, "O son, O my grandchildren, you two suffer!"

      Xiao Hailong was grieving like a child, wiping a handful of tears and choking, "Grandmother, you don't know what kind of hard life I've been living with Dad during this time, I'm taking all the pain I've never had in my life."

      Xiao Chang Qian also sighed and said, "Hey, it's all the same, let's not talk about those things, talking about them instead will add to the troubles."

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head and hurriedly asked, "Right Chang Qian, what is this all about?Who the hell is the guy who bailed us out?"

      "I don't know ah ......"Xiao Changqian shook his head and said, "Hai Long and I were also suddenly brought out, and then their car dropped us off here and told us to wait.We don't know exactly who they are."

      At this time, the man who picked up Old Mrs. Xiao and Vivian Xiao from the caretaker's office quickly walked up to a family of four and spoke, "Introducing myself, my name is Wu Dongfeng, I'm from the Suhang Wu family, my brother's name is Wu Donghai, you should have heard of him."

      "Wu family?!"The four members of the Xiao family were dumbfounded at what they heard.

      How could they not know about the Wu family?

      The Wu family was the number one family in Jiangnan that was even more awesome than the Song family!

      Back when the Wu family's old master was all-powerful, his legend was spread throughout Jiangnan.

      At that time, the old master Xiao talked about the Wu family's old master every single day, and regarded him as an idol worthy of emulating his lifelong efforts.

      Never in their wildest dreams did the Xiao family imagine that they would be able to climb up with the Wu family as well, and this time it was the Wu family who rescued them, this was amazing, was the Xiao family going to have a comeback?

      Thinking of this, Old Lady Xiao smiled obsequiously at Wu Dongfeng and asked, "Mr. Wu, may I ask, what are you doing by bringing us out here and then bringing us here again?"

      Wu Dongfeng said indifferently, "It's on my brother's orders to come over to pick you up, but exactly what we are going to pick you up for, I'm not sure about this, but time is urgent, so you shouldn't ask so many questions, get on the plane first, and my brother will naturally explain to you when we arrive at the place."

      As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard this, she immediately nodded and said off the cuff, "What Mr. Wu said is, we can't delay your time, let alone your brother's, it's better to get on the plane first and meet your brother in Suhang."

      Wu Dongfeng nodded his head, and then without speaking, he stepped directly onto the plane.

      The four members of the Xiao family also hurriedly followed behind him and boarded the plane.

      Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong had already boarded the plane just now, so when they boarded the plane again, they were not too surprised by the luxurious interior of the plane.

      Old Lady Xiao and Xiao Weiwei, however, were dumbfounded.

      How had they ever been on any private plane?Usually go out by airplane and can't even spare first class, let alone a private jet.

      So, Old Mrs. Xiao is like Old Lady Liu entering the Grand View Garden, her eyes dripping, not knowing where to stop.

      Wu Dongfeng didn't like this family, and felt uncomfortable sitting in the same plane with such a bunch of old hats.

      So he took care of the beautiful and attractive stewardess, poured him a glass of whiskey, and then asked him to get a steam eye mask for himself.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      The stewardess in the skimpy skirt twisted her plump body, served Wu Dongfeng to finish his drink, and then waited, helped him put on the blindfold, put it close to his ear, and said, "You rest first, the plane is about to take off, you can call me if you need anything."

      Xiao Hailong was itching to watch from the back seat.

      This flight attendant was also too beautiful, and she was simply up and down with Wu Dongfeng, if she could also serve herself like this, how good would it be ......

      Thinking of this, he hurriedly said to that stewardess, "Hello, could you please get me a glass of wine as well?"

      After that flight attendant finished serving Wu Dongfeng, she stood up, pulled down her skirt and said with some disdain, "Excuse me, I'm Mr. Wu's personal flight attendant and don't serve anyone else."


Xiao Hailong was embarrassed and jealous when he heard that the other party directly rejected him and said that he was Wu Dongfeng's private airman.

      Rich people really are rich, not only do they have private planes, they also have private stewardesses, this is so fucking jealous.

      In what year would I be able to get mixed up like this?

      The stewardess didn't pay any attention to them anymore and twisted her waist and went to the front cabin, while Wu Dongfeng kept his eyes closed and didn't bother to take care of the four Xiao family members.

      The Xiao family also felt bored.

      However, their insides were looking forward to their situation after arriving in Suhang, and although they hadn't heard of Wu Dongfeng's name before, they had heard of Wu Donghai's great name.

      Wu Donghai was the eldest son and current heir of the Wu family, and it was also correct to say that he was the helmsman of the Wu family.

      They didn't know what kind of high incense they had burned to get the favor of the helmsman of the Wu family, wouldn't that prove that the Xiao family had come back from the dead?

      The four mouths were silent all the way, but each had their own thoughts.

      Suhang was so close to Jinling that it didn't even take an hour for the plane to fly there.

      So soon, the plane began to descend and then landed at the Suhang Airport.

      After the plane landed, there were still two Rolls Royces waiting here.

      Wu Dongfeng himself took one, and the four members of the Xiao family took one.

      The two cars then still drove non-stop to the Wu family villa.

      At this time, Wu Donghai was staring at the stock market with a livid face.

      Due to the Wu family's reputation plummeted yesterday, it became the target of attack and scolding on the entire internet, the Wu family's several listed groups, as soon as the market opened this morning, they all stopped.

      The market had already panicked about the Wu family, and everyone was desperately selling their shares, so Wu Donghai predicted that after tomorrow's opening, it would still be the same down stop.

      Even the day after tomorrow will also fall and stop.

      The Wu family's market value would have to drop at least 50 first.

      If he could find a chance to revive the Wu family's reputation, then this stock still had a chance to rise up, and if he couldn't find a chance to revive his reputation, then the Wu family might be devastated from then on.

      So the weight on his shoulders was very heavy, almost making him feel breathless.

      And the old man was currently in a coma, which made Wu Donghai feel like he was suddenly without a backbone.

      Breaking down the top families in the country, most of them were founded by the older generation.

      The Wu family, as well as the Song family, were all strong family businesses that the old man had struggled hard to build when he was young.

      And such families would often still have the embarrassing situation of being worse than one generation down the line.

      The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

      But when it came to Wu Donghai, his abilities were a far cry from the old man.

      If Wu Donghai were to start from scratch, even if he used all his strength, he wouldn't be able to reach a tenth of the old master's.

      Wu Donghai was already like that, while his son was even worse than him.

      Take Wu Qi for example, this little son of a bitch, apart from being able to pick up girls and spend money, the rest is nothing, after raising him for more than twenty years, before he could even contribute to the family, he had already turned into a shit swallowing beast that must eat a bubble of shit every hour.

      And Wu Xin, even though he was slightly stronger than his brother Wu Qi, he was still limitedly stronger.


Why is it that the extended family, one generation at a time, is worse than the next?

      In fact, this has a lot to do with the environment they lived in.

      The older generation came from a rude background, and every meal was fought for with their lives, and every penny was earned with their lives, so at that time, those who were able to establish a family business, none of them were mediocre, and it could be said that every one of them was an elite.

      But when they made a fortune, when their sons were born, they had already lived a life of plenty, and with plenty of food and clothing, they didn't need to fight or play with their lives, so naturally the wolves were much weaker.

      And then when their grandson was born, that was already born with a golden key in his mouth, not to mention letting them go out to fight and play with their lives, for this second ancestor who was born with a golden key in his mouth, the extravagance of letting him go to bed early and get up early every day is impossible to achieve, so how can they still expect to have any fighting spirit, any bloody wolfishness in them?

      Those born in the wild and risking their lives to hunt and grow are the real wolves.

      A wolf born in a zoo, with meat to eat every day when he opens his eyes, may not even be as good as a roadside wild dog in terms of blood.

      Wu Donghai was also well aware that he was much less capable than his father, and even more so that his son was much less capable than himself again, so he felt an unprecedented sense of loneliness in this situation.

      This sense of loneliness is isolation, feeling like no one in the world can help him, and the only dad who can help him has already suffered a stroke and is in a coma.

      Just as he was sobbing and lamenting, his younger brother, Wu Dongfeng, stepped in and said off the cuff, "Brother, I've brought back the family of hangers-on you told me to bring to Jinling."

      Wu Donghai nodded his head and asked, "Where is the person now?"

      Wu Dongfeng said, "The people are in the living room."

      Wu Donghai said, "Okay.I'll go over and meet them first, you go call Qian Hongyan over."

      "Okay brother."Wu Dongfeng hurriedly nodded and stepped forward to find Qian Hongyan.

      Wu Donghai lit a cigar and smoked it as he walked out of his study and stepped into the meeting room.

      In the parlor, the four members of the Xiao family were waiting nervously.

      Seeing Wu Donghai come out, the four mouths all brightened up, with flattery and obsequiousness written on everyone's faces.

      Old Mrs. Xiao, as the head of the family, immediately greeted and said with a smile on her face, "Oh my, Mr. Wu, I've only seen you on TV before, and today I finally saw you in person, I didn't expect you to be even more magnanimous in person than on TV!"

      Wu Donghai nodded expressionlessly, he naturally wouldn't take an old woman's compliments seriously.

      So he said indifferently, "I asked Dongfeng to bring you over, there are two purposes."

      Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said, "Mr. Wu, if you have any requests or anything you want to tell us, you can just say so!"

      Wu Donghai nodded his head and said, "The first purpose is for you to meet someone; the second purpose is that I need you to help me deal with someone."

      Old Mrs. Xiao knew very well in her heart that the Wu family was the life-saving straw given by the heavens to the Xiao family.

      In the past, the Xiao family wanted to be a dog for the big family, but the big family simply didn't look up to it.

      But it was different now, now the Xiao family had the chance to be a dog for the Wu family, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

      So, she hastily flattered, "Mr. Wu, the Xiao family is all at your head, we'll meet whoever you want us to meet; we'll deal with whoever you want us to deal with!"

      As he was speaking, Wu Dongfeng came over with Qian Hongyan.

      Wu Donghai pointed his finger towards Qian Hongyan and said to the four Xiao family members, "What I want you to meet, is her!"

      The four Xiao family members looked in the direction of his finger and saw that it was Qian Hongyan, and every single one of them's expressions became incomparably ugly!

      Xiao Chang Qian was instantly furious and gnashed his teeth as he cursed, "Qian Hongyan, you stinking shameless hanger-on, I'll definitely kill you today!"


During this time, Xiao Changqian hated Qian Hongyan to the bone!

      After all, for a man, there was nothing more painful than when the woman he loved betrayed him.

      When Qian Hongyan disappeared in the beginning, Xiao Chang Qian was led by Ye Chen and muddledly thought that Qian Hongyan had really eloped with the little white man.

      Plus, he had all the money in the family at the time, so he was even more resentful of Qian Hongyan.

      So many days and nights had passed, and every time he thought of Qian Hongyan, he wanted to grab her and beat her half to death!

      But he also knew that since Qian Hongyan had rolled up the money and run away, it was impossible for him to meet her again in this life, and it was even very likely that she had directly taken the money and fled abroad.

      But he never expected that today he would see Qian Hongyan, whom he hated to the bone, in the Suhang Wu family's mansion!

      So almost without thinking, he rushed towards Qian Hongyan, reached out his hand and smacked her in the face with a slap.

      After a slap, Xiao Chang Qian pointed at her and said furiously, "Well you bitch, you still dare to come back!Where the hell did you take my money, do you have any idea how miserable our family is living now because of you!"The mobile phone One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Qian Hongyan was blinded, she did not expect that her husband, Xiao Changqian, who she thought of day and night, would slap her as soon as she met him.

      The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem, and how to get rid of it.

      "Hit you for what?"Xiao Chang Qian gritted his teeth and cursed, "I'm not just going to beat you, I'm going to kill you!How dare you take my money to keep a little white girl and not leave a single cent for me, you're so fucking cruel!"

      Qian Hongyan screamed and shouted out, "Xiao Changqian, what are you farting about?Since when did I take care of a gigolo?I've been screwed by Ye Chen!"

      "What?!"Xiao Chang Qian frowned tightly, "What does this matter have to do with Ye Chen?"

      Qian Hongyan cried out as she thought of the torture she had suffered for days, "Have you forgotten that we had to set a trap for Ma Lan?"

      Xiao Chang Qian nodded, "Of course I won't forget!"

      Qian Hongyan cried and said, "I had already done that thing with He Lian, but then that son of a bitch Ye Chen suddenly rushed over, and then he brought someone to beat us up and forced me to donate all the money in my bank card, and then he sent all of us to the black coal kiln to dig coal ......"

      At this point, Qian Hongyan had burst into tears like rain.

      She wiped a handful of tears and continued to choke, "Do you know how miserable I've been during this time?Every day, they do hard labor in the dark, dayless black coal kiln, and can only rest for four or five hours a day, and the rest of the time they spend all their time working under the black coal kiln, not having enough to eat, not having enough to wear, and often being beaten.The rest of the time, they all worked under the black coal kiln.You're a heartless one, not only did you not go to find me or rescue me, but now that I've been rescued by the Wu family with great difficulty, you even beat me and falsely accuse me of keeping a little white man, is that how you treat me?"

      Xiao Changqian was dizzy at the sound of this!

      Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that instead of taking the money to live a good life with the little white man, his wife had suffered so much!

      In an instant, he was not only filled with heartache and guilt for his wife, but also hated Ye Chen.

      It turned out that the culprit who took away his entire savings and sent his wife to work in a small coal kiln was Ye Chen!

      This moment of new hatred and old hatred made him incomparably angry.

      Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei beside him also hated it with a passion.


The front end time, the two of them, like their father Xiao Changqian, hated their mother, who rolled up money and ran away, selfish, selfish, and selfish, and they didn't scold her in their hearts after this bitter period of time.

      But only today did they realize that mom was living a much more bitter life than they were, and much more bitter.

      At most, the four of them were suffering in the detention center, while Qian Hongyan was suffering in the black coal kiln.

      Old Mrs. Xiao, who was on the other side, looked very ugly.

      Instead of sympathizing with what happened to Qian Hongyan, she sympathized with, instead, the money that was lost by Ye Chen!

      At this thought the old lady walked towards Xiao Changqian with uncontrollable rage and took advantage of his unpreparedness to slap him hard on the face.

      Xiao Changqian was stunned by the sound of the slap.

      He looked at his mother and asked in alarm, "Mom, what are you hitting me for?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was furious and cursed, "I'm beating you, you unfaithful bastard!I told you a long time ago, give me the money, give me the money!You had to play it safe with me. You were clutching that money and wouldn't let it go. What happened?When the Xiao family is finished, won't all that money of yours be gone too?"

      When Xiao Chang Qian heard this, he also lowered his head in shame.

      If he had known that the money would be lost to Ye Chen, he would have been better off giving the money to his mother and at least solving the Xiao Clan's difficulties.

      However, I just didn't want to sink with the Xiao Group at that time, so I played with a small mind.

      But I didn't expect that it would turn out to be a clumsy mistake, the chicken flew and the egg flew, and also hurt my wife badly. ......

      When he thought of this, he was filled with guilt for his wife, mother, and even his two children.

      The next time you think of your wife suffering so much, your heart feels even worse, and you hug Qian Hongyan and cry.

      Wu Donghai then walked up to a few people and said in a cold voice, "It seems that you all have a grudge against Ye Chen, if I give you a chance to take revenge, are you willing to accept it?"first issue

      As soon as Xiao Changqian heard this, he blurted out, "Yes!I do!I'm going to rip that bastard Ye Chen alive!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was ghostly and shrewd, she had already guessed that Wu Donghai, who had brought his family here to deal with Ye Chen, from which it could be seen that he must also have a grudge against Ye Chen.

      Thus, the old lady nodded repeatedly, "Mr. Wu, if you give us a chance, we will definitely do our best to deal with Ye Chen!"

      Xiao Hailong said angrily, "If anyone gives me a gun, I'm going to kill that bastard tonight!"

      Wu Donghai was very satisfied with this family's attitude, what he wanted, was this kind of heart to kill Ye Chen regardless of everything.

      So he opened his mouth with a slight smile, "I won't lie to you, I also have a deep hatred with Ye Chen and would like to kill him with my own hands, an enemy's enemy is a friend, that's why I called your family here, if you also want to take revenge, then you might as well cooperate with me."

      Old Mrs. Xiao spoke out, "Mr. Wu, you may order me!What do you need us to do?"

      Wu Donghai said indifferently, "Ye Chen's life, I'll take it myself, as for you guys, I'll send you back to Jinling and help you solve all the other problems you're facing now, from now on your goal is one, do everything you can to disgust Ye Chen, make his family's chickens and dogs fly and distract his attention!Before I do anything to kill him, I'm going to start a fire in his backyard!"


When Old Lady Xiao heard this, she was ecstatic.Fastest Updated.

      Whether Wu Donghai could kill Ye Chen or not, she didn't really care in her heart.

      What she really cared about was that she needed her help in Wu Donghai, and in doing so, she would be tying the Xiao family to the Wu family's ship.

      The Xiao family was already near extinction, but now that she could become a partner of the Wu family, there would be a chance to bring them back from the dead.

      And not only would it be able to come back from the dead, it would likely be even more powerful than it was at its previous peak and heyday!

      The old lady then spoke to Wu Donghai, "Mr. Wu, that granddaughter of mine, also known as Ye Chen's wife, Xiao Churan, has also opened a renovation company, and the business is in conflict with our Xiao Group, if you can help bring the Xiao Group back to life, we can combat each other in business."

      Wu Donghai nodded his head and said indifferently, "Don't worry, I will invest 80 million RMB in your Xiao Group to help you level all your debts, and if you do well, I will continue to pursue the investment."

      Old Mrs. Xiao's entire body was almost ecstatic when she heard this.

      This could really be a treadmill.

      Or rather, a willowy village.

      All this time, she had been feeling that it was impossible for the Xiao Group to come back from the dead, but she did not expect Wu Donghai's words to give her a powerful life.

      The only problem with the Xiao Clan was that it had no money and owed tens of millions of dollars in foreign debts.

      There has been pressure from the bank to take back the loan, but as long as the money is paid back, nothing will happen.

      The Xiao Group originally owed 80 million, but Xiao Yiqian had already invested 10 million in the first place, and the bank had also taken away his villa and so many of his antiques, so then as long as the remaining tens of millions were paid back, the villa and antiques, the bank would return them, and there would still be tens of millions left on the company's books, and all of a sudden the salty fish would turn over a new leaf!

      Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei were already excited to hear this, they looked at the old lady and asked excitedly, "Grandma, are we going to be able to return to our Xiao family villa this time?Are we never going to have to end up on the streets again?"

      Xiao Weiwei also burst into tears of excitement, "Do I never need to use Dabo sod honey again?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was about to nod her head, but a brilliant idea suddenly came to her mind.

      So, the old lady spoke to Wu Donghai, "Mr. Wu, Ye Chen's family, and our family, are like fire and water, they are incompatible, they would like to send us to a small coal kiln, to a detention center, out of sight, out of mind, but if we go back this time, every day under their noses, it will definitely make them suffer immensely, don't you want them to start a fire in their backyard?All you have to do is put us behind them and they'll be all on fire all day long!"

      When Wu Donghai heard this, he became interested and asked with a raised eyebrow, "Old lady, what exactly do you mean?Speak more clearly, no need to beat around the bush with me."

      Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly flattered incomparably and said, "Mr. Wu, this Ye Chen's family is living in the villa of the Jinling Tombs, you don't know how proud they are day in and day out because of this villa!Especially that second daughter-in-law of mine, that nostril is simply going to dislike the sky, and still tells us every day that people like us are not even qualified to show them the gate, if we suddenly become neighbors with them, every day bowing down and not seeing each other, then you think, how must their family feel?"

      Wu Donghai brightened up.

      Fuck, that's kind of interesting!

      Think about it, you've just lived in a luxury villa, enjoying a luxurious, secluded life every day, and then watching your enemy down on the street, not even able to eat, that must be a very enjoyable feeling.

      But if you wake up one day and find that your enemy has become your neighbor, your life will fall from heaven to hell in no time.


Wu Donghai is a believer in feng shui, good luck and magnetic fields.

      He firmly believes that if a person has good feng shui and good luck and is in a good mood, he will do everything smoothly.

      But if a person's mood is affected and he is very irritable from morning to night every day, then he will not be able to concentrate on anything, he will lose interest in everything, no matter how good the wine is, it will lose its taste for him, and no matter how delicious the rice is, it will not feel delicious in his mouth.

      Over time, his entire body will be affected by this negative emotional magnetic field, which will then affect his overall feng shui fortune, and even his physical health.

      In feng shui, all things that annoy people are known as fury.

      A loud voice is a sound brake, a light too bright is a light brake, and an irritable mood is a heart brake.

      These types of fury were colorless, tasteless, formless, shadowless, and extremely difficult to dissolve.

      If he sent the Xiao family to Ye Chen's eyes, it would be like giving him these kinds of fury, which would surely cause Ye Chen to be tortured every day!

      Thinking of this Wu Donghai said with a happy face, "Since that's the case, I can help you buy a Townsend's villa, and it's right next to Ye Chen's one, and then let your family live in it."

      Old Mrs. Xiao trembled with excitement upon hearing this.

      In the end, why had she broken with her second son's family, and why had she been sent to live in the detention center for so many days?

      Ultimately, the culprit was the villa of Tomlinson's Yiyin.

      I was really too greedy for the luxurious villa of Tomson Yipin, I dreamed of living in it, to experience that incomparable luxury and enjoy the extravagant life of a superior.

      But in the end, he was unable to fight against his second son's family, not to mention living in their Tomson's Yippin, even his own old villa was eventually seized by the bank.

      But now the situation is different, and now I'm on the Wu family's thigh.

      After what he had just said, Wu Donghai had really come to be interested.

      It seemed that he really hated Ye Chen, anything that could make Ye Chen feel bad, he was interested!

      Even Old Mrs. Xiao herself hadn't expected that Wu Donghai would agree to buy a villa for herself so simply!

      Isn't that the legendary, snipe and fisherman?

      In this way, Thomson is cheap!

      So she was incomparably excited and said to Wu Donghai, "Mr. Wu, I'm not going to lie to you, Ye Chen's family, they live in a05 in Tomson, I've been there and know the pattern there, around a05 is a04 and a06, if we can live in a04 or a06, then Ye Chen will be hard pressed!"This is a wonderful doxology novel to read on your mobile phone.

      Old Mrs. Xiao is a very shrewd person and has been astute at calculations all her life.

      In fact, there was a series a villa followed by a series b, but series a was the largest household of Thomson, that's why she proposed a04 or a06 to Wu Donghai.

      In this way, she would be living in the same size luxury villa as Ye Chen's family, wouldn't it be great!


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