The unknown Heir 906


Chapter 906

"A waterfall?Flying down three thousand feet.Is that referring to this waterfall!"

    Chen Hao saw the situation and came to a sudden awakening.

    After thinking about it, Chen Hao immediately set off, locking the door of his office and taking a car towards the newest waterfall in that Overland Continent.

    Chen Hao felt that none of this could be so coincidental, and the clues the other party had given him were definitely clues to what would happen around him, so unsurprisingly this ancient poem represented this place.

    And there was a good chance that this place had a hostage.

    After half an hour of driving, Chen Hao managed to arrive at the Eastern Mountain Ridge of the Overland Continent.

    The newest waterfall was found in the Eastern Mountain Range, this place was the largest mountain range in the entire Sky Continent, and every year, countless people came here to play.

    Chen Hao immediately entered the Eastern Mountain Ridge and followed the crowd to the waterfall discovery site.

    After walking for a while, Chen Hao arrived at the waterfall's discovery site, which was several dozen meters tall from top to bottom, and not the so-called three thousand meters.

    Of course, Chen Hao also knew that it was just a metaphor from an ancient poem, there was no waterfall that was 3,000 meters long.

    There were many people watching the waterfall, but Chen Hao was the only one who was looking for something.

    It was at this time that Chen Hao found an avenue located on the left side of the waterfall, which looked very mysterious and narrow, and could only be passed by one person.

    Chen Hao felt that this place must not be simple, so he immediately walked towards this path.

    Along the way, Chen Hao arrived at a huge grotto.


    Just then, a burst of cries for help could be heard from inside the grotto.

    Upon hearing the cries for help, Chen Hao immediately reacted.

    The cry for help was from a woman, and it still sounded very anxious, indicating that it must have encountered great danger.

    Without any hesitation, Chen Hao immediately headed in the direction of the voice.

    Soon, Chen Hao arrived at the place where the sound was coming from.

    Once there, he saw a woman tied to a stone pillar with her hands and feet tied behind her back, and water droplets kept dripping down from the pillar.

    The woman's body was already soaked through, and her eyes were red, and she knew at a glance that she must have been trapped here for a long time.

    Chen Hao hurriedly went up to her.

    "Save me!"

    The woman was overjoyed to see Chen Hao arrive and shouted at him.

    Chen Hao then pulled out a small knife from behind himself and cut the rope from the woman's body.

    After being released, the woman instantly fell into Chen Hao's embrace.

    "This lady, may I ask how long have you been trapped here?"

    Chen Hao immediately asked towards this woman.

    The woman shook her head and replied, "I don't know, I was suddenly knocked unconscious when I went home last night, and then I woke up here.

    Upon hearing the woman's words, Chen Hao's brows furrowed.

    "When you went home last night, did you encounter any strange situations?"

    Chen Hao asked again towards the woman.

    The woman shook her head again.

    "No, I get off work at that hour every day, it's almost eight o'clock, and I go home alone, and I always take the bus straight home."

    The woman looked at Chen Hao as she narrated, she was also confused and didn't know what was going on.

    Just then, Chen Hao spotted a purple envelope inside a crack in one side of the stone.

    Chen Hao immediately walked over and removed the purple envelope.

    "Hm?Why is there an envelope here?"

    The woman was also suspicious for a moment when she saw it.

    "Well, Miss, you're fine, but you should go to the military machine office and report yourself to be more careful in the future!"

    In order not to cast suspicion on the woman, Chen Hao reminded her towards the woman.

    After hearing this, the woman also nodded her head and left the grotto quickly.

    Chen Hao then opened the purple envelope in his hand.

    When he opened it, there was a sentence written on it.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, congratulations on finding the first hostage, hurry to the second hostage location."

    Underneath this sentence was another sentence.

    "There's no silver here!"

    It was another ancient poem, which caused Chen Hao to furrow his brows again.

    It seemed that the other guy was very fond of using ancient poems as clues.

    But this ancient poem should be easy to guess, and Chen Hao immediately associated it with a bank.

    Three hundred and thirty taels of silver in this place probably referred to about money.

    Since it was about money, then it must be a bank.

    This meant that the next hostage victim's location was at the bank.

    However.But there were so many banks in the entire Overland Continent, how could he find out which one it was so quickly?

    Reluctantly, Chen Hao had no choice but to leave this place first and go back to the office to work on it with Brother Chen.

    As soon as he got into the car, Chen Hao received a call from a strange man.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, it seems that you've already rescued the first hostage, if I'm right, you should have seen the purple envelope at the location of the second hostage, right?"

    The strange man asked in a very strange tone towards Chen Hao.

    "Bastard, I'm telling you, your plot will not succeed, I will catch you!"

    Chen Hao cursed angrily at the strange man and then just hung up the phone, he didn't want to continue to bullshit with this strange man any longer.

    Soon, Chen Hao drove back to the office.

    After that car was blown up last time, Chen Hao would have to drive Zhen Ji's car for now.

    When he returned to the office, he only saw that Brother Chen and his three friends were already inside.

    "Brother Chen, you're back?Where have you been all morning?"

    When he saw Chen Hao return, Brother Chen immediately stood up and asked in confusion.

    The three of them hadn't found Chen Hao since they woke up in the morning, so they knew that Chen Hao must have gone somewhere alone.

    "Brother Chen, you immediately check for clues about the place!"

    Chen Hao didn't go to answer Brother Chen's words, but instead instructed him towards Brother Chen.


    When Brother Chen heard this, he immediately agreed to just sit down on the computer and do a search.

    "What's wrong?Chen Hao?"

    Zhen Ji walked to Chen Hao's side and asked with a puzzled look.

    Chen Hao then pulled out the letter paper from his pocket and gave it to Zhen Ji.

    When Zhen Ji looked at it, she was also shocked.

    "I know where this is, it's talking about the Geographical Tax Building, I remember there's a bank over there!"

    When he heard this, Chen Hao reacted with a start.


    Chen Hao patted Brother Chen's shoulder and said.

    Then Chen Hao quickly walked out of the office with Brother Chen, got in his car and headed towards the land tax building.

    Chen Hao didn't doubt Zhen Ji's words, he felt that it was very likely that the second hostage was in this place.


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