The unknown Heir 907


Chapter 907


    "Brother Chen, what's going on?"

    Brother Chen sat in the car and looked surprised as he asked Chen Hao.

    "Do you remember that phone call yesterday?"

    Chen Hao took a look at Brother Chen and asked.

    After hearing this, Brother Chen nodded his head.

    "Remember, that person said he wanted to play a game with you, is this the game?"

    Brother Chen immediately reacted towards Chen Hao and narrated.

    "That's right, the game that person said was for me to rescue the hostages, there are six hostages, I got up early in the morning and already rescued one, now this is the second hostage!"

    Chen Hao recounted everything that had happened in it.

    When he heard this, Brother Chen revealed his surprise, so that's how it was, no wonder he said how he couldn't see Chen Hao early in the morning, but he had already gone to save a person, it was incredible.

    "The clue to the second hostage is that ancient poem "Three hundred taels of silver in every place", I think it should be the bank!"

    Chen Hao narrated the second clue and analyzed it.

    Between conversations, Chen Hao and the two of them had arrived at the location of the tax building.

    After getting out of the car, Chen Hao and the two of them immediately searched the surrounding area.

    After searching, it turned out that just as Zhen Ji had said, there was indeed a bank here.

    However, the bank was closed for the day because it was a weekend, and only the self-service bank on the side was open.

    "Brother Chen, the bank is closed, what should we do?"

    Brother Chen looked at the bank in front of him towards Chen Hao and said.

    "There must be no mistake, if it's closed, then that man must know about it, so it's possible that this second hostage is definitely not inside the bank, but outside, that is."

    "Self-service bank!"

    In the next second, Chen Hao and Brother Chen both screamed out.

    As soon as the words fell, Chen Hao and the two of them immediately rushed into the self-service bank on the side.

    After entering, Chen Hao and Brother Chen immediately began to search inside.

    "Brother Chen, no, there isn't anything strange at all, could it be that we've made a mistake!"

    After searching for a moment, Brother Chen looked at Chen Hao and frowned as he spoke.

    "No, I trust your Miss Zhen's judgment!"

    Chen Hao directly dismissed Brother Chen's words.

    He felt that the second hostage was definitely here, it was just that they hadn't found it yet.

    It was a good thing that it was the weekend, so there weren't many people here.

    "Knock knock!"

    Just then, only a crisp crashing sound was heard.

    "Brother Chen, it's the sound coming from the third ATM!"

    As Brother Chen listened carefully, he immediately preached towards Chen Hao.

    After speaking, they immediately walked to the third ATM.

    Chen Hao squatted in front of the ATM, carefully examining the ATM.


    At that moment, only a very weak cry for help came out from the card insert.

    "Brother Chen, it really is here, there's someone inside!"

    Brother Chen immediately screamed out.

    "Brother Chen, quickly call the military machine department and have someone open this ATM!"

    Chen Hao even commanded towards Brother Chen.


    After Brother Chen heard this, he didn't hesitate at all and directly agreed, then he pulled out his own cell phone and dialed the number of the military machine department.

    About half an hour later, the people from the military machine department arrived at the scene, also bringing the bank staff with them.

    When they learned that there was a person locked inside the ATM, it stunned all of them.

    After another ten minutes or so of rescue, the ATM was finally opened.

    Once it was opened, there was also a woman inside and she was an employee of this bank, again shocking all of them.

    Once the woman was rescued, the woman was taken straight to the hospital.

    The MIU also surveyed the scene and found that the back cover of the ATM had been welded shut, so it looked like someone had done it all on purpose.

    "Well?Why is there a letter?"

    At that moment, an inspector took out a purple envelope from the ATM.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao immediately came up and took the letter from this inspector.

    That inspector didn't suspect anything.

    After all, Chen Hao was already considered a celebrity in the military machine department, so naturally they all knew and knew about it, so they didn't bother with Chen Hao.

    Then, Chen Hao left the bank with Brother Chen and returned to the car.

    As soon as he sat in the car, Chen Hao immediately opened the envelope.

    But this time, inside wasn't a piece of letter paper, but a pink hairpin.

    "Hm?It's a woman's hair clip?Why is that?"

    Brother Chen was puzzled as he looked at it.

    Chen Hao was also suddenly in deep thought, why was the clue this time different from the last time?It had completely changed dramatically.

    After pondering for a while, neither Chen Hao nor Brother Chen could think of anything, so they had to leave first and return to the office.

    Maybe these women's things would still have to be analyzed by women, maybe Zhen Ji and Yu Xin would have some clues and understanding.

    After returning to the office, Chen Hao handed that hair clip to Zhen Ji.

    "Zhen Ji, take a look, where can I buy this kind of hair clip?"

    Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji and asked.

    Zhen Ji received the hair clip.

    After looking at it for a while, Zhen Ji's eyebrows furrowed.

    Then, Zhen Ji took the hair clip and went to sit down in front of the computer and quickly searched for it on the computer.

    "Found it, it's a kind of hair clip for bank employees, uniformly dispensed!"

    Zhen Ji then said towards Chen Hao.

    Hearing this, suddenly Brother Chen came to his senses with a start.

    "Brother Chen, I remember, this I hair clip is the one of the woman we rescued earlier, I saw the exact same one on the other side of her hair, no wonder I said why it looks so familiar!"

    Brother Chen immediately reminded towards Chen Hao.

    "Are you sure?Are you sure you're reading this right?"

    Chen Hao asked with certainty towards Brother Chen.

    Brother Chen nodded his head very firmly and replied, "Of course, I'm sure, I'll never use it with a mistake!"

    "Go, go to the hospital!"

    When Chen Hao heard this, he immediately said towards Brother Chen.

    Then he quickly left the office again with Brother Chen and drove straight to the hospital.

    "This matter isn't over, the second hostage crisis hasn't been resolved yet, the ATM is just the first step!"

    Chen Hao immediately understood and narrated towards Brother Chen, he knew that the whole thing definitely didn't end so simply.

    It seemed that it was still not at the stage of the third hostage, or on this second hostage.

    In other words, Chen Hao now had to protect this second hostage and not let anything happen to her again.

    "This person is so damned, playing us like this!"

    Brother Chen also cursed angrily.

    Soon, the two of them arrived at the hospital and began to search for something about that woman in the hospital.

    Only after some questioning did the two Chen Hao learn that the woman had just left the hospital.


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