The unknown Heir 908


Chapter 908

After hearing this, Chen Hao immediately rushed out of the hospital and started looking around.

    Just then, a black car drove past Chen Hao and the two of them quickly and almost hit Chen Hao and brother Chen.

    "Hey, can you drive?!"

    Brother Chen reacted and pointed at the black car and cursed loudly.

    But Chen Hao saw an extra purple envelope on the ground in front of him and hurriedly went up to pick it up.

    When he opened it, there was a sentence written on it.

    "The game has just officially begun!"


    Chen Hao crumpled the letter paper into a ball and cursed angrily.

    He knew he was a step too late, the black car just now was the key point, and the purple envelope was thrown from the black car.

    "Quick, Brother Chen, go, catch up to that car!"

    Chen Hao then shouted at Brother Chen and immediately rushed towards his car.

    With a kick of the throttle, the car sped out and chased after the black car on the road where it had disappeared.

    But unfortunately, even if Chen Hao used a very fast speed to chase after it, he was unable to catch up with the black car, which had already gone nowhere.

    "Brother Chen, what do we do now?"

    Sitting in the car, Brother Chen looked at Chen Hao confused.

    Everything was becoming very passive now, they were totally being led by that strange man and no matter what they did, they were one step too late.


    Just at this moment, Chen Hao's phone rang once again.

    Chen Hao didn't hesitate to connect it and angrily yelled at the strange man on the other end of the phone, "Bastard, what the hell do you want?Are you kidding me?"


    "Mr. Chen Hao, it seems you're not as calm as you thought you would be, such mania isn't your style, oh?"

    I only heard the other party burst out laughing, and then he mocked at Chen Hao.

    "Hmph, don't get cocky, I'll catch you for sure!"

    Chen Hao was also unwilling to show weakness as he snorted angrily at the other party.

    "Fine, then I'd like to see if you can catch me, seven o'clock at night, bright moon rooftop, I won't see you again, if you don't come, then this woman will truly die!"

    The unfamiliar man said again towards Chen Hao.

    After saying that, the strange man hung up the phone.

    The Brightmoon Sky Terrace, a viewing platform in the Overcast Continent that allowed a panoramic view of the entire Overcast Continent, was only open at night.

    Since the other party had arranged the location there, it meant that something must be going on.

    Chen Hao had no choice but to do as he said.

    Time passed quickly, and Chen Hao and Brother Chen arrived at the Bright Moon Rooftop in the afternoon, sitting in the car and waiting for the night to come.

    In the evening, seven o'clock sharp.

    The rooftop of the Bright Moon officially opened, and many people flocked inside the rooftop, and within a while the entire rooftop was filled with people.

    Everyone had come here to enjoy the night scene, and the beautiful night scene of the Overland Continent could be said to make everyone long for it.

    However, Chen Hao and Brother Chen were different, they were here to save people.

    After they got off the car and entered the rooftop, they immediately searched for the woman's figure inside the rooftop.

    After searching for half a day, neither of them found a single clue.

    "Brother Chen, that guy isn't playing tricks on us again, is he?"

    Brother Chen then frowned at Chen Hao and guessed.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao did not say anything.

    After a long while, Chen Hao discovered a strange place.

    "Brother Chen, follow me!"

    Chen Hao immediately reminded Brother Chen of this and then raced towards a place with him.

    The two of them raced along and arrived at a hanging basket.

    "Over there!"

    Chen Hao lifted his head to look upwards and immediately pointed to a hanging basket above and shouted.

    There was obviously a woman lying inside the hanging basket, as well as hair hanging out more.

    There was no need to guess, that woman must be the bank clerk who had just been rescued.

    That bank clerk had left the hospital and been captured again by the strange man.

    At that moment, a figure appeared on the other side of the rockery, and that figure was standing on the rockery as if it was staring at Chen Hao and the two of them intently.

    "Brother Chen, you save that woman, I'll go after that man!"

    Chen Hao gave a command to Brother Chen and then went straight after the man on the rockery.

    Chen Hao believed that figure must be the strange man.

    Soon Chen Hao caught up with the strange man.

    "You stop right there!"

    Chen Hao shouted angrily at the strange man.

    Only the strange man stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around to look at Chen Hao.

    "Mr. Chen Hao, finally we meet!"

    The strange man greeted Chen Hao in a very cold voice.

    "Who the hell are you!"

    Chen Hao stared at him questioningly.

    "Oh, I'm just a dead man!"

    Just listening to the strange man, he spoke in reply.

    After saying that, the strange man took off the cap on his head, and he revealed his true face.

    When Chen Hao took a look, he was slightly shocked.

    Unexpectedly, this strange man did not have a face at all, just a flat white face without even facial features, which could be said to be very oozing.

    If a normal person saw this scene, they would have fainted in a straightforward rhythm of shock.

    "You're not human!"

    Chen Hao looked at the strange man in front of him and preached.

    "Heh, I'm not human in the first place, aren't you the same, aren't you also half human and half ghost, I'm just someone who died long ago and was drowned!"

    The strange man smirked.

    "What do you mean?Then why did you come to me?"

    Chen Hao looked at him in puzzlement and asked.

    "My name is Guo Yun, I was drowned in a river three years ago, and the person who drowned me was none other than the chairman of the Fire Ghost King Group, it's just that I thought that the Fire Ghost King was even killed by you in the end, so I was unhappy, so I came to you."

    Guo Yun spoke with a deadly stare at Chen Hao.

    It was only when he heard this that Chen Hao suddenly realized that this guy had found himself because of the Fire Ghost King.

    "Then you should be thanking me, I'm the one who took out the Fire Ghost King, and I've avenged your death!"

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, said towards Guo Yun.


    Guo Yun sneered again.

    "No, the Fire Ghost King should die in my hands, I won't allow anyone to kill the Fire Ghost King before me, no one!"

    Right after that, Guo Yun roared loudly, shrieking angrily at Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao could see how much hatred Guo Yun had for the Fire Ghost King, the Fire Ghost King was dead and Guo Yun still wouldn't even let him go.

    "Then what do you want?The Fire Ghost Kings are dead!"

    Chen Hao asked.

    "He's dead, you're still alive, you killed him, so you're responsible for his death, should I have to kill you, that's the same as killing the Fire Ghost King!"

    Just listen to Guo Yun preach coldly towards Chen Hao.


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