The King of Kungfu in school 841-850


Chapter 841

Tang Zichen was sitting in his home, and was secretly thinking, "I don't know how many levels I will be able to break through after sucking Huo Boyan, or even Huo Yin after sucking Huo Yin, Huo Yin is in the middle of the Unity Realm, I'm afraid there's no chance, otherwise, sucking the spirit of a strong person in the middle of the Unity Realm, this is a great complement ah."

Tang Zichen had to admit that people were really selfish, even though Tang Zichen was well aware that the Sucking Spirit Great Law was an evil technique, but Tang Zichen still couldn't resist the temptation, it was too difficult to rely on one's own single-minded cultivation, there were shortcuts who didn't know to take.

It was just that sucking the early stage of the Unity Realm didn't improve Tang Zichen much, only sucking higher realms, such as the middle stage of the Unity Realm, would be a great tonic, of course, if there was a late stage of the Unity Realm for him to suck, it would be even more of a great tonic, and it was estimated that he would be able to break through several realms if he sucked one.

But unfortunately, the mid Unity Realm Tang Zichen was no match for him, let alone the late ones.

"Report."At this moment, a person outside the door shouted.

"Come in."

A moment later, a man walked in, and it was the scout sent by Yan Yu.

"What is the Huo family's situation now?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Back to Senior, the Huo family is in chaos right now, outside the modern city's Huo family headquarters, crying, onyx all over the house, and it's in fear.And in Wangjing City, the Huo family's house is being searched for the murderer, they search out all the enemies within a hundred years and then one by one.Senior Tang, sooner or later, they'll get to you, but for now, they're not putting their first suspect opponent on you, because they don't know your strength yet, and they think you're just a twenty-something year old who doesn't have any possibility of killing Huo Shan."

"Heh."Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh.

Tang Zichen said, "Continue to monitor me, next target, Huo Paiyan." First URL

"But, what if?"

"What if Huo Yin finds out?Oh, this is indeed a problem, in case Huo Yin finds out, then I'll only be dead."Tang Zichen stretched his back.

Tang Zichen pondered for a few seconds and said, "It seems that I must turn passive into active, I have to think about my loved ones even if not for myself, once I start my revenge plan, there will be no room for retreat.If, and I say if, Huo Yin traces out that I did it at this time, then not only me, but all my friends, relatives, I'm afraid all of them will die."

Tang Zichen suddenly felt that things were more serious than he thought, and he was now just gambling that Huo Yin couldn't track him down.

But what if he could track him down?Then all of Tang Zichen's relatives would be finished.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply and said, "I will not leave the fate of my loved ones to gambling."

"Senior Tang, what do you want?"

"I can't gamble, so I must act, the Huo family is the strongest, even if he's in the middle of the Unity Realm, but I've already chosen to start, so there's no turning back, I must think of the safety of my loved ones."

"But, Senior Tang, you're no match for Huo Yin, ah?"

"Oh, even if I'm not a rival, do I have a choice?Having chosen to start, is there a way back?What if Huo Yin finds out tonight that I killed Huo Shan?So, do you think so many of my loved ones will live to see tomorrow morning?"

"Senior Tang, the Huo family hasn't suspected you for the time being."

"Just because it's not suspicious for now, doesn't mean it will never be suspicious, I'm betting on someone else's luck, so let me be quiet."


p; "Good."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Previously, Shangguan Rou advised me not to be impulsive first, and Yan Qiang also advised me not to be impulsive, but I was so bent on doing it that I couldn't help it, and now I know the consequences of being impulsive.I'm simply not a match for the middle stage of the Unity Realm, and I'm still at the second level of the middle stage, I'm really a bit impulsive, and if Huo Yin tracks down that it was me, I really don't dare to imagine how many more days my family and friends will live."

"Me, I have to make my move first, the more time I delay, the worse it will be for me, even though I'm not Huo Yin's opponent, but where so what, if I choose to be impulsive, I have to pay the price."

"But, how should I make my move?Killing in broad daylight, I'm simply looking for death."

Tang Zichen closed his eyes, thought for a few minutes, and said, "Then, I can only try to use some means to see if I can deal with Huo Yin, what means?"

"Poison?A sneak attack?Siege?"

"None of them seem to be particularly feasible, big head."

At that moment, the inspector sent by Yan Yu hurriedly ran in and said, "Senior Tang, the Huo family has made another new development."

"Speak quickly."

"The Huo family's first suspicion was Dongfang Zheng, and now, Huo Yin and Huo Boyan are already slaughtering Dongfang Zheng as well as the strongest members of the Dongfang Zheng family, and it is said that dozens of people from the Dongfang family have died so far."

"Ah, who is Dongfang Zheng?"

"The Dongfang Family is a Shi class family in the Yanhuang Empire, and Dongfang Zheng, the only one of the family's Unity Realm, is a strong man at the peak of the Early Unity Realm.Decades ago, the Dongfang family had a great feud with the Huo family, but neither of them have actively triggered a conflict in the past few decades."

Tang Zichen said, "So, my revenge action has made the Eastern Family take the blame, the Huo Family, it's really ruthless."

Tang Zichen saw the Huo family massacre the Eastern family, and couldn't help but think of himself, if he was tracked down, the result would be the same, the same as Tang Zichen had just thought.

The price of impulsiveness, choosing revenge before having absolute strength, was reckless.

"Go ahead and probe."

"Senior Tang, the Huo family has also sent out many investigators and hired many investigators to help, as long as, as long as the Huo family's investigators find out that you have stepped into the Unity Realm, then you will be greatly advanced in the Huo family's ranking of suspects, Senior Tang, to put it bluntly ah, you have to be prepared for the fact that you stepped into the Unity Realm, it is impossible to be airtight, tonight may not be possible, but, for at least three days, it is likely to be scouted, and by then, your suspicion ranking will immediately come to the front, and the Huo family will be looking for you."

"Thank you, I'm already thinking of a countermeasure, continue to monitor the Huo family for me, especially Huo Yin."


As soon as the investigator left, Prince Yan Qiang arrived in a hurry.

"Yan Qiang, you're here."Tang Zichen smiled.

Yan肆 was busy, "Zichen, you're still in the mood to laugh, do you know that the Huo family is suspected to be the Eastern family and is now hunting down and killing Eastern Zheng and also slaughtering the Eastern family's innate powerhouses and genius sons and daughters.This matter has already shocked the imperial court, even my father has been alarmed."

"Uh, it's so serious, even the emperor has been alarmed."

"Nonsense, it's difficult for the Yanhuang Empire to have a fight between Unity Realm powerhouses for decades, but once there's a fight between Unity Realm powerhouses, it means that at least one family will be wiped out."


"Now, I'm afraid the Eastern Family will be wiped out.How can such an important matter not shock the imperial court.Zichen, you may have really been a little too impulsive, but once a strong person of the Unity Realm has done it, he must exterminate the other side completely, or else there will be no end of trouble afterwards.But fortunately, now that Wangjing City knows that you have stepped into the Unity Realm, there should be no one else but me and Ah Sang."

Tang Zichen smiled, "The eighteenth prince and his auxiliary ministers, as well as Lady Violet Concubine, all know."

"Ah, it's over, once the Huo Family's scouts learn about you from them, I'm afraid, the Huo Family will soon come looking for you, and the tragedy of the Eastern Family will be repeated on you."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm also thinking about this matter, since I've already chosen this time to do it, there's nothing to regret, I must be prepared."

"You want to fight Huo Yin to the death?"


"Zichen, are you crazy?In fact, I'm here now because I want you to run away before the Huo family finds out about you, and take your relatives with you, or else you won't have time to run."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I can't run, even if I can run with a few of my girlfriends, but what about their families?With the Huo family's cruelty, it's impossible to spare their family, and pushing them all will force me to show up.Since running will force them all to manifest themselves, then why should I make the extra effort to run now.Do it, do it with Huo Yin."


"Alright, Yan Qiang, go back, I want to be quiet, by the way, do you know any powerful poisoners or anything?"

Yan Yu shook his head apologetically, "No, if I knew powerful poison masters, then you wouldn't have faced such a difficult situation when you were hit by the Huo Family's Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison." Remember the website

When Tang Zichen heard about the Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison, he couldn't help but think of Qi Xueyun.

It had been over a year since he had seen Qi Xueyun, and he didn't know how she was doing now.

That time when she was hit by the Huo family's Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, Qi Xue Yun drew the poison into her own body, almost killing her, it was her sacrifice of her own body to suppress it, and in the end, it also caused her meridians to be as useless, and more consequences Tang Zichen didn't know.

Just as Tang Zichen was still pondering how to deal with Huo Yin, he said, "Brother Zichen, Sister Qi is here."

"Qi Xue Yun?"


"Quickly let her in."

A few minutes later, Qi Xue Yun entered Tang Zichen's room with a grim face.

"You're looking for me."Qi Xue Yun asked with a calm face, it had been so long since we had seen each other, but she was actually so calm, and it looked like if Tang Zichen hadn't taken the initiative to call her, she might not have been ready to come see Tang Zichen.

However, right now Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to say what kind of attitude she had.

Tang Zichen was too busy asking, "Xue Yun, it's been a year since we've seen each other, where have you been this year?Why didn't you go to the Martial Arts Academy?"

"Martial Arts Academy, no fun, and then I left."

"How are you doing now?"

"What do you mean?My poisoning?"

"No, I mean your body, before I was hit by the Three Corpse Sutra Ancient Poison, don't think I don't know that you transferred it to your own body, although later on I took the antidote, but it has long passed the month long incubation period of the toxicity, your body is fine now, right?"

Qi Xue Yun said, "It's fine, apart from the ruined meridians, why didn't you ask me about my poison technique?"

"I'm more concerned about your health,"Tang Zichen said.

Qi Xue Yun's heart beat faster and froze for several seconds, and for the first time there was a

The point shyly hmmed, then said, "I'm now a twelve-ranked Poison Master."

"Twelve-grade Poison Master?Oh, wouldn't that be equivalent to the point where you're already able to contend with the early stages of Unity Realm powerhouses with your poisons."


"Qi Xueyun, I really wasn't wrong about you, you really are a very talented poison master, if I still have the chance to form a mercenary group in the future, I must invite you to join, because, no mercenary group can lack a poison master."

Qi Xueyun looked at Tang Zichen very seriously, in fact, Qi Xueyun had specially rushed here from her family because she heard that one of the Huo family's Unity Realm powerhouses had been killed, and she instantly guessed that it was possible that Tang Zichen had done it.Therefore, she immediately rushed here, only wanting to see if she could help Tang Zichen in any way, even if she would be implicated by Tang Zichen.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Did you kill Huo Shan?"Qi Xue Yun asked.


"It really is you, dare I ask, you're now completely powerful enough to crush the Huo family?"Qi Xue Yun asked incredulously.

"No, my current realm is the second level of the Early Unity Realm, and my strongest fighting power is at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, if I face the Middle Unity Realm, I don't have any chance of winning."

Qi Xue Yun's face turned white and said loudly, "Then you still attacked the Huo family."

"I'm sorry, I just can't bear it anymore, in fact others have advised me before, but I'm a person who just likes to do risky things.Qi Xue Yun, it's also possible that in two more days, Huo Yin will be looking for me, it's not a wise thing for you to come to me now, it will probably get you into trouble."

"I'm not afraid, just, what about you?"

"What else can I do but face it."

"But didn't you say that your strongest fighting power is at the peak of the early Unity Realm?That Huo Yin is in the middle of the Unity Realm."

"If you can't win, you have to fight, right, is there anything you can do to help me, I can't win, I can only add more means, like, effectively restricting the other party's poison or something."

Qi Xue Yun said, "I have completely solved the mystery of the Huo family's Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, this year, based on the Huo family's Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, I developed a new poison, I named it 'Three Corpse Mosquito Incense'."

"Three Corpse Mosquito Incense?How toxic is your poison?"

"This poison of mine was developed on the basis of the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison, so its power far exceeds that of the Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison.The Huo family's Three Corpse Scripture Ancient Poison only has eleven levels of medicinal power, which means that it can only produce effects in people below the early stage of the Unity Realm, and is ineffective against strong people above the middle stage of the Unity Realm, but my Three Corpse Mosquito Incense has twelve levels of toxic power and can deal with the middle stage of the Unity Realm."

"Wow, this isn't heaven's help."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

However, Qi Xue Yun was not happy and said, "I didn't finish, my Three Corpse Mosquito Incense is still not perfected."

"Not perfected yet?Does that mean that what you told me was an empty phrase?"

"Not really, although it hasn't been perfected yet, but, the three corpse mosquito incense can still deal with the first level of the mid unity realm, but, the second level of the mid unity realm, it won't work, even if it does, it's not very powerful, at least it hasn't reached the point of influencing their behavior."

Tang Zichen asked, "In other words, your Three Corpse Mosquito Incense is only a little bit effective against the mid Unity Realm?"


Tang Zichen smiled, "That's enough, my Herculean Power, along with the Three Corpse Mosquito Incense and my Life Crystal, a battle against the Huo Family's strongest ancestor may not be impossible."


"Ah, you're really planning to fight Huo Yin to the death, aren't you?You don't have a sure thing. What if you don't win?All your confidence right now is hypothetical, so don't you think about what if it doesn't work?"

"No, then let's die, life is all about death."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen clenched his fists and laughed, and Tang Zichen just guessed that he should be able to fight with Huo Yin, but everything was just a guess, maybe he wasn't even an opponent yet.

Qi Xue Yun was full of anxiety and asked, "What is the Life Crystal you're talking about?"It wasn't that Qi Xueyun was curious, but Qi Xueyun wanted to know what it was in order to determine if Tang Zichen really had a hope of winning.

Tang Zichen took out three crystal balls from his body.

"These three crystal balls, the Life Crystal, were obtained from a sea beast at the Star Ocean Academy, his function is that as long as I infuse my internal force, I can emit a light as dazzling as the sun, the stronger my internal force is, the more intense and even dazzling the light will be.With my current internal force, even if I can't make Huo Yin dazzle, it might still cause him a slight discomfort, then, this Life Crystal will also emit a barrier to protect me, but the barrier shouldn't be strong, with Huo Yin's strength, it should be easy to break, but it also at least blocks a little bit of power for me."

"No, just that, you can't win against Huo Yin, not at all."Qi Xue Yun was busy saying.

"Oh, even if it doesn't work, there's nothing you can do about it, alright, Xue Yun, don't worry about anything else, life and death have their own destinies, you just need to help me prepare the three corpse mosquito incense, then, it's just a quiet wait for the Huo family to discover me and finally come to find me, we, start a contest."Tang Zichen closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Qi Xue Yun silently walked out of Tang Zichen's room.

Tang Zichen didn't choose to escape, nor did he let his relatives escape, once the Unity Realm was offended, it was a do-or-die situation and there was no escape.

Shangguan Rou learned the news and came as well. One second to remember to read the book

"Tang Zichen, you're crazy, didn't I tell you, don't be impulsive yet."As soon as Shangguan Rou saw Tang Zichen, she split her head and yelled at him.

"Shangguan Zou, thank you for your concern, you're in such a hurry to find me, aren't you afraid of being implicated by me?Even if you're not afraid, isn't your family?"

Shangguan Ruo paused to sneer, "What a joke, my family is a royal family, no matter how awesome the Huo family is, how can they go up against my royal family?Looking for death.Tang Zichen, now that it's only a matter of time before the Huo family will find out about you, you have to have a choice to defend yourself now."

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"You'll have to find stronger backing if you want to defend yourself, I have a way out here, do you want it?"

"Tell me about it."

"My family is a royal family, but my family is also hungry for talent, your talent, my family has heard about it, if you are willing to join my Shangguan family, then my family's Unity Realm ancestor, will choose to protect you."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Shangguan Zou, you want me to join the Shangguan family?Are you kidding me?"

"Why not?"

"Shangguan Zou, even Liu Yue didn't do the door stick and refused Song Yu'er's request, do you think I, Tang Zichen, am even more undignified than Liu Yue?"

"Wait, you didn't even listen to me, who is the person you married into the family."

Tang Zichen said, "Needless to say, it must be you."

"Ah."Shangguan Rou was stunned, she didn't expect Tang Zichen to think it was her, no

Over, Don thought it was him, but he refused.

"Hey, you thought it was me, so why did you refuse?Am I not good enough for you?"

"It's not that I don't deserve it, but I don't want to be in the family, and by the way, is it really you?Your Shangguan family is really down to earth to recruit me and use you as a marriage partner, it seems that I'm quite valued by your family."Tang Zichen was smug, because, Shangguan Rou was considered a very top genius child in the Huo family, and so beautiful, it should be the highest rule.

Shangguan Rou was silent and said, "Sorry, you misunderstood, my family isn't using me to marry you."

"Uh, if not you, then who is it?"

"Yes, it's a woman named Shangguan Hua."

"Shangguan Hua, what a corny name, is she as pretty as you?"

"That no, I'm the number one beauty of the Shangguan family."

"Alright, cut the crap, what is Shangguan Hua."

"She's not pretty, but she's not ugly either la, and her talent isn't bad either, she's twenty years old this year and has already reached the middle of Houtian, she still kind of hopes to step into the innate sky before she turns twenty-four and become an imperial talent."

"I pooh."Tang Zichen spat.

"What do you mean by spitting."

"Nima, is this an insult?Take such goods and try to get me to join the family and be the door stick of your Shangguan family?"

"Uh, you're overthinking it, Shangguan Hua is pretty okay la, it's just that, compared to you, it's pretty ordinary, compared to other twenty year olds, it's not bad at all."

"Bullshit, why didn't the Shangguan family pledge you to me?Does the Shangguan family think that I'm not good enough for you?"

Shangguan Rou sighed and said, "Tang Zichen, do you know that we've had so much happen in this year at Xinghai Academy, and my body has been tossed around so many times by you, but we haven't declared a couple, is that why?"


"Alas, because, my family has already searched for me, I am definitely the best child in my family at the moment, how can my family not make good use of it.I won't lie to you, I will most likely become the Cloud King's consort."

"What is a Cloud King?"Tang Zichen's brows furrowed.

"He's a senior prince of the Yan Huang Empire, already crowned king, as you can see."

"Already crowned a king?"

"Yes, you are aware that only when you reach the late stage of the Unity Realm, can you be crowned king.King Yun, is a prince who has reached the Houtian realm and has already been crowned king.He's only 60 years old this year, and it can be said that his future potential is enormous, even if he doesn't become an emperor in the future, it's still a supreme one to be crowned king.My family, how could they possibly betroth me to you, you know, the current emperor's concubines, every one of them are geniuses, this is to ensure that the offspring have strong genes.I, with my strong talent in mesmerism, am exactly the favorite of these kings, my family is definitely weighing the choice between these kings, it's just a matter of which one is the king."

Tang Zichen snorted, "So, in the eyes of your family, I, Tang Zichen, am not worthy of you, not as good as that Cloud King?I, Tang Zichen, am only worthy of that Shangguan Hua of your family?"

Shangguan Rou gave Tang Zichen a glance and said angrily, "Do I have to say it to make your heart ache, isn't it obvious, in the eyes of my family, or even in the eyes of any kingly family, where could you possibly compare to those kings.Tang Zichen, that's why, after all that happened last year, we never became lovers.Because if I declare a couple with you, it will only harm you."


Tang Zichen was really upset, is a crowned prince a bull?

Although, the late stage of the Unity Realm was indeed a level that the current Tang Zichen was not an opponent at all, and Tang Zichen now even needed to worry about the mid stage of the Unity Realm, Huo Yin, who wasn't on the same level as the prince who had sealed the king anyways.

"Tang Zichen."

"What for?"

Tang Zichen's gaze went to Shangguan Rou, only to see Shangguan Rou suddenly take off her long skirt, revealing her white skin out, and then step by step towards Tang Zichen.

"Uh, what are you doing?"Tang Zichen was busy asking, Shangguan Rou wanted to go crazy in broad daylight.

Shangguan Rou blushed and said, "What do you think, hehe."After saying that, Shangguan Rou took off another piece of clothing.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Consort of the Cloud King, I you fuck, it's not mine yet."

"Ah, Tang Zichen, don't be so rude, okay."

"Aren't you the Cloud King's consort, why should I be so gentle with someone else's consort, hahaha."

That said, but Tang Zichen still put on a little gentleness. First URL

Let's not talk about what happened here.

At this moment, in the Yan Huang Empire's palace.

"I heard that that Huo Yin has gone on a killing spree in the Eastern Family, killing all the children of the Eastern Family with strong talent."

"Yes, once you choose to do it, you must ensure that there are no consequences for eternity, and every Unity Realm understands this."

"When will the injustice be over, in the future, the Eastern Family may have sons and daughters rising, wouldn't it be another time to kill the Huo Family cleanly then."

"Your Majesty, are you intervening?If you want to intervene, you only need to say that the Huo family will not dare to proceed."

The emperor shook his head, "No, even if they are my subjects, they have their own freedom, by the way, did Dongfang Zheng kill Huo Shan or not?"

"Your Majesty, the people sent out to investigate will be back soon."

At that moment, a guard outside walked in.

"Your Majesty, the investigators are back."

"Send them in."

Then five men walked in.

The emperor asked, "How was your investigation?"

"Your Majesty, after our investigation, it wasn't Dongfang Zheng who killed Huo Shan."

"Surprisingly not, then who was it?"

"It's a man named Don Zichen."

"Don Zichen?Is it someone from the Yellow Empire?I remember that in the Unity Realm of the Yanhuang Empire, there's no one named Tang Zichen."

"Your Majesty, Tang Zichen is a genius who has recently risen to prominence, he has also just recently stepped into the Unity Realm, he was previously an auxiliary minister to Prince Yan Yu, yes, Your Majesty should have met this person during the Royal Feast the year before last, he received much applause for Prince Yan Yu at that time, and Your Majesty specifically praised Prince Yan Yu for using him in a generous manner."

"Oh, I remember."The emperor nodded his head and said, "Go on."

"After that, Yan Qiang's birth mother applied for foreign students on behalf of Tang Zichen, which is why there was no word of Tang Zichen in the Yan Huang Empire for half a year last year, as he went to Star Ocean Academy.I heard that Tang Zichen's strength grew so fast at the Star Ocean Academy that when he went there, he was still in the middle of the innate, but when he came back, he was already in the first level of the early Unity Realm."

"What."The emperor's body trembled violently, I'm afraid this is the most terrifying soaring speed in history, it's only been a year since he went to study abroad, otherwise

People don't have his speed for thirty years.

"How old is he, how old is he?"The emperor was busy asking.

"This year is twenty-one."

"Boom."The emperor felt incredulous, and of course, some suspicion arose within him.

"But how did he, how did he kill Huo Shan?As far as I know, Huo Shan is at the early second level of the Unity Realm, but didn't Tang Zichen just step into the Unity Realm?How does it work?"

"Your Majesty, Tang Zichen is really a genius, he is at the early first level of the Unity Realm, but he is more than that, as for how he killed him, my subordinates don't know, but it is certain that it must have been Tang Zichen who killed him.Unfortunately, the Huo Family's investigators are now focused on their other enemies and have yet to discover that Tang Zichen has stepped into the Unity Realm, so the Huo Family is still unaware at this point."

"It seems that another great genius is about to appear in my Yanhuang Empire, and I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse."The emperor's eyebrows furrowed in thought, if it's a blessing, it must be supported, if it's a curse, it must be eradicated, this was a truth that everyone knew.

That investigator said, "Your Majesty, based on the information we've received so far, this Tang Zichen doesn't seem to like staying in Wangjing City, he's already explained to Yan Qiang that he's so young and only wants to go outside, he wants to establish a mercenary group and make his way in the world, I don't think he has any intention of plotting to usurp the throne."

The emperor snorted, "Just because he doesn't have one now, doesn't mean he won't have one in the future, making his way through the world, one day he'll get bored, one day he'll walk around every corner, at that time, it won't be a return to calm, who's to say he won't have the ambition to sit on the world at that time."

"That, my subordinates will just, dare not comment,"The scout said.

The close minister at the Emperor's side said, "Your Majesty, how about, cutting off the root of the problem?"

"Shame, I am the controller of the Yanhuang Empire, am I still afraid of this junior who has just stepped into the Unity Realm?So anxious to cut him off?"

"And what does His Majesty mean?"

"Let's observe first, if he determines it's a future uncontrollable wild horse, it's not too late to say everything, but let's hope he doesn't have a change of heart."The emperor's gaze was cold, he would be extra careful with any existence that would threaten his empire, it would be best if he made sure there was no harm, it would still be an imperial protection.

At the moment, Tang Zichen was in his courtyard, Tang Zichen must always be prepared for a battle with Huo Yin.

Can the Great Power Divine Merit + Life Crystal + Three Corpse Mosquito Incense really be able to fight Huo Yin, who is at the second level of the mid Unity Realm?

In fact, Don Zichen himself was feeling very skeptical.

"No, I can't take unnecessary risks."

"But, do I have a choice?"

"Perhaps it would be the right time if I waited until I became a mid Unity Realm in the future before taking action against Huo Yin, but if I do it now in advance, I must pay the price I deserve.At the moment, it seems that the price is a n + 1 percent chance of death."

"Hoo, just, let's fight then, death is nothing."

"Brother Zichen."At that moment, the voice of Moe came from behind him.

"Moe, what's wrong?"

Xiaomeng is running in with her sword.

Tang Zichen didn't tell Li Xuan'er, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, and Xiaomeng, Liu Yue, and Wang Xing about what happened with the Huo family, otherwise they would be in a hurry right now.

"Brother Zichen, you asked me to perform the Killing God Saber Technique, the Descending Dragon Sword Technique, to simplify it, I've succeeded, it really has increased in power by dozens of times, I'm afraid that I can now defeat the late innate or even the complete innate with my early innate realm."


"I'll go."Tang Zichen was taken aback, Xiaomeng was truly gifted, your sister, in the early innate realm, she dared to say that she defeated the Innate Perfection, this was simply another Tang Zichen alive, even when Tang Zichen was in the innate realm, he couldn't do it.

"Brother Zichen, it's all thanks to you, if you hadn't instructed me, how could I have such high martial arts skills.I now finally know that it was a complete waste of time to be at the old dean of Martial Island, and it really is to follow brother Zichen's lead."..

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, you shake out the God Killing Blade Technique and the Dragon Descending Sword Technique for me to see."

"Okay Le."

Xiao Meng had originally acted out the God Killing Saber Technique and the Descending Dragon Sword Technique.

As expected, these two sword techniques were dozens of times more powerful after being reduced to simplicity.

Tang Zichen had only slightly nudged Xiaomeng, and she had comprehended it to such an extent, her talent was too strong.

However, at that moment, Tang Zichen immediately said, "If I simplify both the God Killing and Dragon Descending Sword Techniques, and then combine the swords, how powerful can I exert?Does that give me a little more certainty in dealing with Huo Yin?"

Next to her, Xiao Meng was busy, "Brother Zichen, what did you say?Against Ho Yin?As far as I know, Huo Yin is the strongest ancestor of the Huo family."

Tang Zichen didn't have time to explain now and said, "Alright, Xiao Meng, I'll tell you all about this later, but for now I need to rehearse it first."

Tang Zichen took out his sword and saber and immediately performed the Killing God's Saber Technique Good Descending Dragon Sword Technique, and it was the transformation of complexity into simplicity that Xiaomeng had just comprehended, and then the saber and sword combination again. Remember the URL

Xiao Meng on the other side exclaimed, "Brother Zichen is really so genius, I've comprehended for so long to practice the entire set of the transformation of complexity into simplicity of swords and sword techniques, Brother Zichen only saw it once, and he practiced it better than me, and it's still a combination of swords and knives that I can't learn at all, too genius."Xiao Meng's eyes shone with adoration.

Tang Zichen's saber and sword combination was originally not powerful enough to match his current realm anymore, and even the heavy swords from before were already far inferior, let alone a punch of 50,000 jin, but now, the saber and sword combination that turned complicated into simple had a power that was already close to a punch of 50,000 jin.

"Phew."Tang Zichen stopped, exhaled a breath, and said, "The Sword and Sword Combination after transforming complexity into simplicity has not given me any very strong breakthroughs, but it's at least equivalent to my 50,000 jin fist.It's also good that this also shared my pressure, after all, my internal strength is only enough to throw a punch of 50,000 jin of power four times, and after four times there is no internal strength left.Now that I have one of comparable power, after turning the complexity into simplicity, it will at least allow me to continue this fighting power after the Herculean Divine Power is unable to function."

Within Tang Zichen's heart, there was even more confidence in this duel.

Tang Zichen put down his blade and sword and said, "Alright, Xiao Meng, you go gather everyone together, I have something to confess to you all."

"Oh, good."

A few minutes later, in a hall, Tang Zichen's women, as well as his little friends were all gathered in the hall, even Qi Xueyun and Shangguan Zou were there.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, I have to tell you one thing here, I've already made my move against the Huo family, that is, my revenge against the Huo family has already begun."

"What? It's already started, don't you have the strength to do so right now?"Uranus said.


br /> "Oh, I've already killed Huo Shan, and now the Huo family is also tracking it down, sooner or later the Huo family will find out that I did it, and at that time, it will be time for me to fight Huo Yin to the death.Of course, you guys shouldn't ask questions about strength because I don't know either, I can only fight, but of course, I'm not completely blind."

Everyone seemed to be at a loss as to what they could say, and there was a silence.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't look like that, believe me Tang Zichen didn't die so easily.Now, I have to go do something."

"What is it?"Xu Mei Qian was the first to ask.

"Oh, since my battle with Huo Yin is inevitable, and it's just within the next few days, then of course I have to go ahead and kill Huo Pao Yan.Huo Puyan is the Huo family's number two unity realm ancestor, so killing her first before Huo Yin and I fight will at least ensure that I won't be besieged by them when I fight with Huo Yin, causing a belly to belly attack.Or, prevent me from killing you guys to mess with my heart when I fight Huo Yin."

Everyone subconsciously nodded, yes, Huo Paiyan's existence did have a very significant impact on the battle between Tang Zichen and Huo Yin, Huo Paiyan must be dealt with before then.

"Scout, where is Huo Puyan now?"

"Back to Senior Tang, six hours ago, Huo Boyan is now with the Eastern Family."

"What about Huo Yin?"

"Huo Yin went after Dongfang Zheng and never showed himself, I don't know if he has already hunted down and killed Dongfang Zheng, but I'm sure it's not that easy, Dongfang Zheng is hiding in a big city, it's not that easy to find."

Tang Zichen nodded, at first he was also chased by the Huo family, big cities are indeed easy to hide from people, of course, now there is the existence of a complex, easy to say, hard to say, depending on the strength of the respective family complex talent.Such as the original Tang Zichen, with the existence of Xiaomeng as a hacker, no amount of hackers from the Huo family could find any trace of Tang Zichen.

Just at this moment, another investigator ran in.

"Senior Tang, Huo Puyan has returned to Wangjing City and is now back at the Huo residence."

"Good, it's time to go find her."The cold light in Tang Zichen's eyes flashed, this was a grudge that had no choice, unless Tang Zichen chose to forget the Huo Family's previous pursuit of him.

Tang Zichen fetched two very top quality knives and swords from the Prince's House in Yangyang, although Tang Zichen didn't give a damn about Huo Boyan, but just in case he ran into Huo Yin.

Tang Zichen arrived at Huo's residence openly and honestly.

"Stand in, what man?"The two talented children of the Huo Family at the entrance of the Huo Mansion stopped Tang Zichen, what two eyeless losers who couldn't even see Tang Zichen, a strong man of the Unity Realm.

"Where's Huo Yin?"

"Bold, is our ancestor's name something you can just shout?"One of the subs yelled.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped him to death, the man fell to the ground and never got up again.

Tang Zichen had no need to kill such a weak one, however, Tang Zichen saw the Huo family kill all the genius children of the Eastern family, from this it could be seen that since he had chosen to do so, it was best to kill all of them and not leave any consequences, because, there was no guarantee that one day, a certain Huo family child would rise up and kill all of Tang Zichen's family members.Therefore, Tang Zichen was merely imitating the Huo family.


"You you you."

"Say, where's Haw Silver?"

"We, our ancestor is out."

"Where's Huo Baiyan?"

"She, she just came back, she's in the house, you better not mess around."

Tang Zichen smiled, "You should know about what happened in your Huo family, that ancestor Huo Shan, do you know who killed him?"

"Who is it?"

"It's me."Tang Zichen smiled, and all of a sudden, that Huo genius child felt creeped out by Tang Zichen's smile, turned around in a panic, ran towards it, and shouted, "Old Ancestor."

"Bang."Before he could finish his sentence, that Huo family genius child died.

Tang Zichen stepped over his corpse and walked into the Huo family.

Tang Zichen's main reason for asking Huo Yin was to confirm whether Huo Yin was in the house, and now it seemed that Huo Yin really wasn't in the house, and only Huo Puyan had just returned. One second to remember to read the book

Just as well, let's kill Huo Boyan first, and then exterminate all those innate heads and deputy heads of the Huo family.These Huo family heads, they were the ones who ordered the hunt for Tang Zichen in the first place, and perhaps, they never dreamed that in such a short time, Tang Zichen would take revenge on them, and it would be fatal.

Tang Zichen immediately flew to the roof and let loose his momentum.

In the next moment, at the northeast corner of the Huo Mansion, a strong man of the Unity Realm rushed out.

At a glance, Tang Zichen saw that it was an old woman who looked to be in her fifties, with a red face and an early third level of the Unity Realm.

And at the same time, many of the many innate level clan leaders and vice-clan leaders and whatnot of the Huo Mansion also sensed a strong killing intent in the sky, a chilling atmosphere, and everyone looked up into the sky.

Among them, several of the Innate Great Perfectionists recognized Tang Zichen at a glance.

In the sky, Tang Zichen looked at the old woman flying up and asked, "You must be Huo Puyan."

"Hmph, who are you?"Huo Boyan asked with a frown on her brow, while her body emitted a murderous aura, as, she also felt a strong murderous aura on Tang Zichen's body.

"What am I, hehe, maybe if you go and ask those clan leaders of the Huo family or something, you'll know, because, when I was still weak, I almost died at their hands many times, but despite my great suffering, many of my relatives died because of me."Tang Zichen said.

Huo Boyan said furiously, "So, the person behind this attack on my Huo family is you?You're the one who killed Huo Shan?Not Eastern Massive?"

Tang Zichen said with a smile on his skin, "Yes, I killed Huo Shan, I pity your Huo Yin, but I was foolish enough to go after Dongfang Zheng, I'm really sorry to the Dongfang family, I'm afraid, the Dongfang family will also blame me for this, I hope Dongfang Zheng can hold on, otherwise I'll have another enemy."

"Tang Zichen, why are you doing this."Huo Baiyan roared in heartache, the Huo family had died a unity realm, this was a great thing, any unity realm, it was not something that could be duplicated, it wasn't something that could be cultivated just by wanting to cultivate it, it was something that required the creation of heaven and earth to have a birth of a unity realm ah, just like that, it was just like that, saying death, so Huo Baiyan was very angry.

Tang Zichen snorted coldly, "Why?Didn't I just make that clear?When I was weak, I was hunted by your Huo family, and now, I'm here with vengeance."

"But, but you don't have to kill my Huo Family's Unity Realm."

"Hahaha, ridiculous, how can I talk about revenge if I don't kill your Huo Family Unity Realm, if

I kill your Huo family's patriarch, vice patriarch, all the innate experts, will you stand by and watch me?"

Huo Baiyan bit her teeth and said, "Die."

"Yes, die, I'm here to take your life today."

"Ahhhh."The enraged old woman was suddenly killing Tang Zichen with a sword.

Tang Zichen was very disdainful, carrying two weapons on his back, a knife and a sword, Tang Zichen's hand drew out a sword.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen struck a sword towards Huo Paiyan's face.

"Ah."Huo Paiyan flinched back as she realized that he couldn't face Tang Zichen's sword directly if he attacked first.

It was too strong, Tang Zichen's sword seemed so simple, so simple that there was almost no move left.

Huo Boyan suddenly understood that Tang Zichen's sword technique had reached a place where no move was better than a move, a state of mind that she simply hadn't reached yet, and I'm afraid that many people in the middle of the Unity Realm might not be able to reach it either.

"How is it possible."

"Wow."In the next moment, Huo Boyan watched Tang Zichen's sword, piercing into her neck, so simple and crisp.

Tang Zichen pressed his palm to the top of her head and said, "Rest in peace, may you still be in the Unity Realm in your next life."

After saying that, Tang Zichen threw Huo Boyan's corpse at a group of people on the ground.

"Bang."Huo Pao Yan's corpse smashed in front of a group of people on the ground, and the group was shocked, their faces pale.

Tang Zichen had just sucked all of Huo Paiyan's spiritual energy away, but Huo Paiyan hadn't withered away despite having sucked it away.It seemed that Tang Zichen's control over the Sucking Spirit Great Law had become much more precise again.

Tang Zichen flew in front of the group of people in the next blink of an eye.

The leader of this group of people was the Huo family's patriarch, Tang Zichen had seen him before, and looking at him again right now, he felt so lowly, but Tang Zichen would never forget that once he was almost killed by this man.

"Huo Clan Chief, I'm here again."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang, Tang Zichen, you, you killed my Huo family's ancestor."The Huo family's patriarch and several deputy patriarchs trembled and said.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "Yes, I didn't just kill the Huo family's ancestor, I'll kill all of you."

"Ah."The group of people all trembled.

"Tang Zichen, my Huo Family's strongest old man will be back soon, you dare."The Huo Clan's head said with a hoarse voice.

"It doesn't matter, even if he comes back the fastest, I'll have enough time to kill all of you."Tang Zichen said.

"No, Tang Zichen, no."

"Hahaha, say no to me, where's the courage to hunt me down in the first place."

"Pounce."The Huo family's patriarch knelt down and said, "Tang Zichen, it was my order to hunt you down and kill you, kill me if you want to, don't scourge the rest of my family."

"Ridiculous, do you think it's possible?When you were hunting me, why didn't you spare my Tang family's parents and other lineage members?My parents' lineage, dozens of people were all killed by you, and now you're telling me not to scourge the rest of the family, don't you think it's ridiculous?"

"Oooh, Tang Zichen, I'm begging you."The Huo family head cried out, if there was a regret pill, maybe he would have taken it without hesitation.

"Hmph, most despise people like you, go to hell."A group of people were all cut off by Tang Zichen's sword.


Tang Zichen flew in the sky and saw many of the Huo family's genius children, escaping.

Tang Zichen hesitated, should we cut them all off or not?

But what if they didn't cut all of them off, what if they kill Tang Zichen's family in the future?

Moreover, the Huo family had also beheaded all the talented children of the Eastern family, so what reason did Tang Zichen have not to do that to the Huo family?

Thinking of this, Tang Zichen wasn't going to be soft, and when the sword went down, a group of fleeing Huo family members were beheaded.

The entire Huo House wasn't large in number, the rest were all unrelated people like maidservants, Tang Zichen naturally wouldn't kill unrelated people.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, the Huo family, two unity realms were beheaded by Tang Zichen, but the strongest one was still there, the strongest one was the most crucial.

Tang Zichen's killing of Huo Boyan was an open and aboveboard killing, so it was certain that this matter would spread throughout Wangjing City within a few hours, even alarming the imperial court.

Sure enough, an hour later, the entire Wangjing City was already aware of the matter.

Only then did many people realize that the person who killed Huo Shan was Tang Zichen.

Many people thought that Tang Zichen was crazy, while others thought that there must be someone else behind Tang Zichen, but no matter what, everyone was quietly watching in the dark, waiting for the Huo family's strongest ancestor to return. The first website

Thousands of miles away, in a certain city, the ancestor of the Huo family had cornered Dongfang Zheng to a dead end.

Dongfang Zheng was covered in wounds and roared, "Huo Yin, why do you want to drive everyone to death, I didn't kill anyone from your Huo family at all."

Huo Yin snorted, "Dongfang Zheng, whether you kill or not, you are still an enemy of my Huo family, in the future when you have your wings full, you may not not not be able to attack the Huo family, so it's good to exterminate your Dongfang family now.Dongfang Zheng, you can't escape, so don't restrain yourself."

"Huo Yin, I won't let you go even if I were a ghost."Dongfang Zheng shouted unwillingly.

Just then, a Huo family's innate expert flew in from afar, although Tang Zichen had killed many, the Huo family also had some innate experts sitting in the family's headquarters, but they were all weaker.

"Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor, woo-hoo."That Huo family's innate expert flew up with a big cry.

"What are you doing?"

"Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor Huo Baiyan is dead."


"The news from Wangjing City is that Huo Boyan was beheaded on the spot at the Huo Residence, along with a group of people such as my Huo Family's Innate Clan Leader and Vice Clan Leader, as well as many of the genius sons and daughters who were at the Huo Residence, woohoo."

"Who is it."Huo Yin shouted.

At this time, however, Dongfang Zheng was greatly pleased that the sword Huo Yin had relaxed against him and immediately took the opportunity to escape.

Huo Yin was in no mood to care about Dongfang Zheng at the moment.

"Yes, it's Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?Isn't he, like, a little guy in his early twenties?"

"No, he's already stepped into the Unity Realm, Old Ancestor, my Huo family is finished, sob."

"Tang Zichen, I vow not to be human until Huo Yin breaks you into a million pieces."Huo Yin shouted at the heavens, and rushed back to Wangjing City at once.

It was also true that in Wangjing City, it was boiling, and everyone was secretly waiting for something.

Tang Zichen returned home.


"Yes. Huo Boyan is dead, and so are many of the Huo family's innate experts, as well as many of their genius children."


"I can't help it, I can't bet on my family's future safety, so I must kill them, and besides, I'm with them Huo family


"Hmm."Everyone nodded.

A deadly battle between Merging Realm powerhouses was truly terrifying, if both sides had families.

"The next step is to silently wait for Huo Yin's return, the day Huo Yin returns will be the day I fight him to the death."Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen's buddies were filled with tension, a duel to the death ah, if Tang Zichen died, then none of them would want to live, but they didn't regret it.

Wang Xing said, "Tang Zichen, you have to win, or else my life will end here."

"Oh, what, regret?"

"Haha, how can that be, if we're brothers, we'll die together."Wang Xing said.

Liu Yue said, "Right, I'll go with you then, even if the ants are small, they still have a little strength."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's better to avoid it, don't burden me."

Shangguan Rou said, "I might be able to help you, Tang Zichen, my mesmerizing technique has reached the twelfth grade, and I can already fight with the early stage of the Unity Realm."

"No need, Huo Yin is at the middle stage of the Unity Realm, and it's still at the second level of the middle stage, your mesmerizing technique is too weak."

"Then are you really sure?"



Everyone stopped saying anything.

The atmosphere in Wangjing City seemed to be getting more and more tense as the time until Huo Yin's return to Wangjing City was getting shorter and shorter.

Secretly, even the emperor of the empire was paying attention, except that everyone believed that there was someone behind Tang Zichen, and no one thought that Tang Zichen was personally involved in the battle.

Finally, Huo Yin returned to Wangjing City.

All parties in Wangjing City also got the news at once.

On a very tall restaurant in Wangjing City, many people were sitting upstairs with an ancient telescope in their hands, looking in a certain direction, at Tang Zichen's house.

"What's he doing?Huo Yin will be here soon, so why don't he come out behind the scenes?"

"That's right, Tang Zichen is sitting on the roof as if he's waiting for his Huo Yin."

Everyone saw the direction of Tang Zichen's house, only to see Tang Zichen sitting cross-legged on the roof tiles, his eyes closed, while the person behind Tang Zichen's curtain was never seen.

"Huo Yin has arrived at Wangjing City and is on his way to the Yangyang House."Suddenly, a voice came from the stairs, and many immediately put down their teacups, picked up their binoculars, and leaned over the window to look into the distance.

In this one, Prince Yan Pluck was also there, Prince Yan Pluck internally said, "This Tang Zichen pervert, don't tell me he wants to fuck with the mid Unity Realm, I'll go."

Prince Yan Gou was trembling inside, of the group of people in the restaurant, Yan Gou was probably the one who knew Tang Zichen's strength the best.

At the back of Prince Yan Plu's residence, it was where Tang Zichen lived, and Tang Zichen was sitting on the roof.

At this moment, Tang Zichen felt a monstrous momentum rushing from a certain direction.

Tang Zichen said to the crowd on the ground, "Huo Yin is here, you should all go far away."

"Good."On the ground, Liu Yue Wang Xing and the others, said something to cheer up, and then went farther away, not adding to Tang Zichen's burden.

Tang Zichen looked at the silhouette of the people flying in the distance and said, "What's due, will always come."

"Tang Zichen."Suddenly, a roar of anger came, Huo Yin's anger had reached its limit before the person had even arrived.

In the next moment, Huo Yin appeared not far in front of Tang Zichen, his two eyes filled with cannibalistic eyes.


Tang Zichen smiled, "You must be Huo Yin."

"Tang Zichen, are you the one who wants to destroy my Huo family?"

Tang Zichen pulled out his knife and sword, took them in both hands, and said, "Don't talk too much, one sentence is enough, just do it."

"Yah yah."Huo Yin yelled, Tang Zichen actually had such a tone.

"Die, die without a burial place."Once Huo Yin was done yelling, his entire body turned into a mass of arrows and killed Tang Zichen.

That speed was too fast, or maybe, Tang Zichen's reaction couldn't keep up.

However, it was already within Tang Zichen's expectation.

Suddenly, a crystal ball in Tang Zichen's hand suddenly exploded with a sun-like brightness.

"Boom."Huo Yin blasted Tang Zichen with a palm, Tang Zichen had wanted to strike back, but it was too late.

The light of the crystal ball in his hand flickered and went out, and the crystal ball shattered into powder with a clatter, but the wide cover of the crystal ball shielded Tang Zichen from a large portion of its power, protecting Tang Zichen's body from the danger of being destroyed by Huo Yin's blow.

Tang Zichen's body retreated dozens of meters, but, in the next moment, Tang Zichen flashed with a Ghost Wheel Decision and took the initiative to attack Huo Yin. Remember the URL

"To simplify, the sword is combined."

"Wow."As the sounds of saber and sword whistles were emitted, Tang Zichen's Sword and Blade Combination also killed Huo Yin.

Now Huo Yin was still carrying disdain, so this was Tang Zichen's only chance to premiere him.

If he didn't first Huo Yin this time, it would be almost impossible for Tang Zichen to hurt him afterwards.

This strike, Tang Zichen had rehearsed it many times in his mind.

As expected, Huo Yin didn't even care about Tang Zichen, an early stage of the Unity Realm, he only had anger in his eyes, and the determination to kill Tang Zichen, but he had no defense against Tang Zichen's attack because, it was too disdainful.

Huo Yin greeted him, and sure enough, Tang Zichen's saber unity was a mantis of power to Huo Yin even after it was reduced to simplicity.

"Wow."Huo Yin tore through Tang Zichen's Sword and Blade Combination attack in one fell swoop.

Tang Zichen suddenly shouted, "Right then."

Suddenly, another crystal ball in Tang Zichen's hand emitted a dazzling light, leaving Huo Yin defenseless, and his dog's eyes were suddenly shining.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's fifty thousand kilogram power two fists, yes, two fists, the left and right two hands struck out at the same time, two fifty thousand kilogram power fists, slammed into Huo Yin's heart, at the same time, Tang Zichen's body also suddenly thumped and erupted into a mist of water, this was the Three Corpse Mosquito Incense Venom.

Yes, Tang Zichen had rehearsed this strike for a long time within his heart, if this strike could not be issued smoothly, then he would only die today.If it was issued, it would be a case of perfect timing, plus the Life Crystal, the two punches of 50,000 pounds of power, and the Three Corpse Mosquito Incense, overlapping together, could definitely give Huo Yin a heavy blow.The extent of the heavy damage reached geometry, depending on how lightly Huo Yin defended himself against Tang Zichen.Fortunately, Huo Yin was so disdainful of Tang Zichen that he had almost zero defense.

"Boom."With a violent blast and the glow from the Life Crystal as it flickered, Huo Yin's two blind eyes, coupled with being defenseless, suddenly, an entire piece of flesh in Huo Yin's chest was knocked out of his body.

Yes, Huo Yin's heart, together with the flesh as well as bones in front of and behind the heart, was blasted by Tang Zichen's two punches of 50,000 pounds, and it flew away from the body, and Huo Yin's body had a bowl-sized hole in the heart.

However, Huo Yin was worthy of being in the middle of the Unity Realm, nevertheless

, in the first place he possessed very strong power, and the fact that Tang Zichen finished the strike in time to retreat also gave Huo Yin the opportunity to counter kill.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's left arm was suddenly chopped by Huo Yin's palm and almost fell to the ground.

Tang Zichen immediately tied his left arm with his clothes to prevent it from detaching from his body, otherwise it would be difficult to repair it, and even if it was repaired, it wouldn't be original.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh, Tang Zichen was very satisfied when he saw an empty hole in Huo Yin's chest, Tang Zichen had rehearsed the strike countless times in his mind, was that he didn't expect the effect to be so good, of course, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that his left arm was smashed, if Huo Yin didn't get seriously injured, he might have to prepare his coffin.

At this moment, Huo Yin wiped his chest, a hole, only through the back.

Huo Yin's heart was cold, no, he no longer had a heart, no heart, although he wouldn't die right away, but it wasn't far from death, just waiting for the body's energy to run out, but the body's energy and his fighting were inseparable, that is to say, the more he fought hard, the faster he would die, without a heart to supply blood, the brain would also be short of oxygen, right now if he didn't perform a healing spell, he would surely die.Huo Yin regretted this, he regretted that he had just been too gullible and was so overwhelmed by anger that he hadn't judged Tang Zichen's strength, not expecting Tang Zichen to be so explosive.He had just defended even a little bit, maybe his heart wouldn't be blown away, and even if his heart was injured, he could have decapitated Tang Zichen next.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

"Ahhhh."Huo Yin shouted with red eyes, a shout that made it obvious that his life energy was dropping.

Tang Zichen said, "Huo Yin, you should die too."

"Tang Zichen, me."

"Shoo."Tang Zichen only had one hand left, but still brought his sword up to charge at Huo Yin, who at this moment must have lost more than fifty percent of his strength.

"Ka-ching."In the next second, Tang Zichen's sword broke into pieces, Huo Yin, even though he was heartless, was not something Tang Zichen could easily defeat in a short time.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled a breath, he wasn't in a hurry, the longer he dragged on, the less vital functions Huo Yin had and the lower his strength would be.

At this moment, at the distant restaurant, everyone was stunned.

Tang Zichen, in fact, had severely injured Huo Yin, although, this had something to do with Huo Yin taking the enemy lightly and not guarding against Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen was the one who had severely injured Huo Yin, and it was even possible that Huo Yin would be killed.

"How did this guy do it?"

No one was surprised, many were not even sure how Tang Zichen did it, as they watched from a distance and had no idea that Tang Zichen's two punches, which were fifty thousand pounds, and the Three Corpse Mosquito Incense, were not visible from a distance.

Tang Zichen looked at Huo Yin, his face was starting to turn blue, which indicated that he had been hit by the Three Corpse Mosquito Incense, and the Three Corpse Mosquito Incense was starting to strike.

Huo Yin didn't seem to have completely recovered from the scene he had just witnessed at the moment, and suddenly, he noticed that his arm was blue.

Huo Yin realized at once that he had been poisoned, and it was a very high-grade poison.

"Ah!"No matter how foolish Huo Yin was, he understood that he couldn't continue today, poisoned and without a heart, the immortal wouldn't last long, even though he might be able to kill Tang Zichen with his remaining energy now.

"Tang Zichen, I'll come back for you."Huo Yin turned around and flew away.

Tang Zichen's body suddenly flickered and said, "You don't have a chance."In the next moment, Tang Zichen's body appeared in front of Huo Yin's and punched Huo Yin in the chest.

"Bang."Huo Yin's entire chest shattered, and this punch was also 50,000 pounds of force.


Huo Yin's chest shattered once more, causing the entire skull to be connected by only a single spine.

"Ah."Huo Yin looked back at Tang Zichen incredulously, he couldn't understand why Tang Zichen's punch was so powerful, why Tang Zichen's instantaneous movement was so fast, was it because he didn't have a heart?No, it was Tang Zichen who was too perverted.

Tang Zichen said, "Huo Yin, I'll see you in my next life."


Huo Yin only said one word, Tang Zichen's hand pressed on Huo Yin's head, already sucking away his mental energy, within a few seconds, Huo Yin's mental energy was all gone, no strength, Tang Zichen bend his neck at once, then directly let go of his body, Huo Yin's body fell to the ground.

Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, the feud with the Huo family ended here.

At this moment, in the distant restaurant, everyone was dumbfounded, unable to believe that Huo Yin had died at the hands of an early Unity Realm person.

On a rooftop not too far away, Dongfang Zheng watched Huo Yin's corpse float down to the ground, his heart soaring.

Dongfang Zheng gritted his teeth and said, "Huo Yin, you killed so many talented children of my Dongfang family, and now that you are dead, I will not spare your Huo family.Tang Zichen, you have caused me to be suspected by the Huo family, pity me for not being able to kill you at all, otherwise I will definitely not let you go either."

Dongfang Zheng immediately flew away, he would rush to the Huo family to take revenge, even though Tang Zichen would not take action against the Huo family's children again, the Dongfang family was afraid that they would not let it go, in short, the Huo family was completely finished, a general family, it was finished.The territory controlled by the Huo family was also sure to be swallowed up by the Eastern Family.

After Tang Zichen killed Huo Yin, he didn't bother with his corpse lying on the street, and immediately went back to close the door. One second to remember to read the book

Huo Yin was at the second level of the middle Unity Realm and had a strong spirit, which would definitely allow Tang Zichen's martial arts realm to advance again, so Tang Zichen immediately returned to his room to close the door.

At this moment, at the palace in Wangjing City, the emperor was thoughtful.

"Your Majesty, this Tang Zichen is truly ungodly, I don't know what level he is in the early stages of the Unity Realm, but regardless of what level he is, to be able to kill the middle stage Huo Yin, this is truly too ungodly, and he's only twenty-one years old."

"Phew, Tang Zichen's talent has far exceeded my imagination, and I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse."

The emperor had already said the phrase whether it was a blessing or a curse for the second time, and it seemed that he was really torn inside.

"Let's just wait and see what happens first."

Tang Zichen spent three hours, finally, he had broken through to the third level of the early stage of the Unity Realm, if he progressed one more layer, he would be at the peak, half a foot into the middle stage of the Unity Realm.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

Walking out of the room, the sky was already gradually getting darker.

"Zichen."Xu Mei Qian was sitting at the door.

"Where are the others?"

"Just now, Prince Yan Qiang came over to invite you, saying that he will give you a celebration banquet in the evening to congratulate you on finally ending your feud with the Huo family, the others will go over first."

"Yan肆 has a heart, then let's go over."


Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian also arrived at Yan Yu's house, everyone was already waiting for Tang Zichen.

At a glance, Tang Zichen saw that apart from Tang Zichen's buddies, there was also a

Woman, this woman looks thirty-six or seventeen, and the realm on her body is Innate Perfection.

Tang Zichen has already guessed who it is, it must be Yan Yu's mother."

"Pay your respects to Your Highness."Tang Zichen gave Yan Qiang's mother a very honorable salute, and Yan Qiang looked at Tang Zichen gratefully, as Tang Zichen was no longer ordinary nowadays.

"Zichen, get up quickly, there's no need to be polite."Yan Qiang's mother scrambled forward to help Tang Zichen up, also feeling grateful that Tang Zichen could still salute her like that.Both mother and son now had to rely on Tang Zichen's prestige to settle down, Tang Zichen had killed Huo Yin and had already become famous and a household name in Wangjing City, many of the concubines and princesses in the palace had learned that Tang Zichen was Yan Qiang's auxiliary minister and were very jealous of her, so today, no matter what, Yan Qiang's mother had to personally come and have a drink with Tang Zichen.

"Zichen, please sit down."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

"Zichen, from what Yan Qiang said, you and him have become friends, with your position today, not only do you not dislike Yan Qiang, but you can also become friends with him, I'm really happy."

"Oh, Your Ladyship's words are too harsh, Yan Qiang is a very good friend."

"But Yan Qiang's talent is too poor compared to yours, it would be nice if it could be half as good as yours, he's only in the innate domain now, when you became his auxiliary minister, you were even weaker than him, but now, you've surpassed him countless times."

On the other side, Yan Qiang was already very sweaty.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Mother, why need to be anxious, Prince Yan Qiang is not very old, he is only in his twenties, why need to be anxious."

Yan Qiang's mother laughed, "Zichen, I heard that you are preparing to form a mercenary group."

Yan Qiang's mother suddenly asked this, Tang Zichen was stunned, busy saying, "Mother is this blaming me for not staying in Wangjing City and continuing to be Yan Qiang's auxiliary minister?I hope Your Highness will understand, I am still a young man in my twenties, it is really hard for me to be like Huo Yin and Huo Boyan, those old men, I want to travel the world.However, since I have chosen to become Yan Qiang's auxiliary minister in the first place, I will naturally not deny that no matter where I go, I am still Yan Qiang's auxiliary minister, and as long as I, Tang Zichen, am here, I will not let anyone bully His Highness the Forty Princes."

Yan Qiang's mother smiled, "Zichen, you want to over think, I didn't mean that, you are still so young, of course you should go out more, only those useless, or old men and women who are over half a hundred years old would like to stay in Wangjing City.Moreover, with your current strength, Yan Qiang is no longer qualified for you to be an auxiliary minister, and you are able to treat him as a friend, which is more pleasing than any minister."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

"Zichen, what I was actually trying to say is that you are going to form a mercenary group, could you let Yan Qiang join as well?These friends of yours, she's called Li Xuan'er right, and them, Wang Xing, Liu Yue, Xiao Meng, Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Zhuo, Qi Xue Yun, they're all your friends, even siblings, I don't know if my Yan Qiang, has this blessing, huh."

"Ah."Tang Zichen did not expect Yan Qiang's mother to say this.

Yan Qiang's mother said again, "Zichen, you are a person with very great luck, as well as a person with very many opportunities and chances, I am also someone who has come over, following someone like you, I can also more or less get some of your luck, I just don't know if my Yan Qiang has this fate anymore."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Your Highness is really good at talking, I already consider Yan Qiang as my friend, as long as Yan Qiang is willing, he will be our brother and sister at any time, we will all travel the world together, why not."


When Yan Qiang heard this, he busily said, "Thank you, I'm very willing, I was afraid that you would dislike me for being too bad."

"Haha, Yan Qiang, you're being modest, you're at least a dragon species, no matter how bad you are, how bad can you be, you have the genes of a strong man."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Yue said, "That's right, I haven't even said I'm bad, you a prince saying you're bad, do you want us to hang around."

Wang Xing said, "Forty princes, your talent is definitely beyond all of us, except Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng."

Yan Qiang was busy laughing, "From now on, everyone also don't call me any prince la, if you treat me as your brother."

"Hahaha, good."

Yan Qiang's mother laughed, "Everyone stop talking, let's eat first, I'll toast to you all."

"Mother is polite, Mother please."

This meal, everyone ate until midnight.

When the feast was about to end, Yan Qiang's mother said, "It's getting late, I should return to the palace first, you guys continue ah."

"Your Highness, why are you in such a hurry." First URL

"That's right, abandon age, look at the appearance you are also the same age as us well."

"I am the emperor's consort, if I go back too late, there is no guarantee that I won't fall into people's mouths and create some unnecessary things."

Wang Xing said, "Your Highness, now that Tang Zichen is here, who would dare to disrespect you."

Tang Zichen stepped on Wang Xing under the table.

"Wang Xing, don't talk nonsense."Tang Zichen was busy, Wang Xing was drunk and talking nonsense, Tang Zichen was now a bit of a tree, Wang Xing's words spread out, if he was used again, Tang Zichen could easily become a person who didn't even care about the emperor, the emperor's consort was fearless, this was not a good thing.Even though Tang Zichen killed Huo Yin, there were many more powerful people in Wangjing City, Huo Yin was only in the middle of the Unification Realm.Of course, Tang Zichen didn't need to bow and deliberately humble himself to anyone.

Yan Qiang's mother smiled and looked at Li Xuan'er, Xu Mei Qian, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, Xiaomeng, really one more beautiful, Yan Qiang's mother knew that these women, perhaps all of them are Tang Zichen's women.

Yan Qiang's mother said, "Zichen, before returning to the palace, I've been wanting to tell you something."

"Mother, please speak."

"That, these sisters of yours, one is more beautiful than the other, if the conditions allow, try not to be too beckoning ah."

"What does Your Highness mean by that?"

"Oh, I take it as one of my own, I'll just say it straight away, the current Emperor, is also a man, and very possessive, these sisters of yours, are graceful and gifted, if the Emperor sees them, it's hard to guarantee that he won't think of marrying them as concubines, if you don't want to cause more trouble, you'd better let them show up less in Wangjing City, but don't be as dazzling as you are."

"Oh, thank you, Mother, I understand what you mean."

"Then I will go back to the palace first, you guys also rest early."

Only then did Yan Qiang's mother leave.

Tang Zichen took her words to heart.

Tang Zichen could understand, the emperor, the emperor, harem beauty three thousand, a little fancy will be wanted, the world is all his, will never consider whether or not it is someone else's favorite, especially if the strength, talent, posture and beauty.

However, this is just a piece of advice from Yan Qiang's mother, Tang Zichen also tried his best to

Paying attention is.

Tang Zichen and the others drank until late into the night before they broke up the banquet and left.

"Zichen, all your grudges are now over, right?"Wang Xing said.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, there's one more."

"Ah, there's more?"

"There was a forty-five prince, that trash, I can't even describe it with words, just a disagreement, he actually sent a Unity Realm guard to chase me to the port to kill me, that time, fortunately, Mu Qianji took action, otherwise I would have been miserable."

"You don't want to seek revenge on the prince, do you."

"Oh, it's a prince after all, what else can I do but forget about it, and that time, Mu Qianji also killed the prince, I'm afraid I won't get any benefit at all if I delve deeper, so forget about it."

"You closed the door today, did you break through your realm again?"

"Yes, I am now at the early third level of the Unity Realm."

"Wow, really as fast as riding a rocket, you're a bit dazzling now in Wangjing City, so keep a low profile."

"I understand."Tang Zichen also knew the truth of attracting attention from trees, others who spent fifty years without Tang Zichen's achievements for a few months would definitely feel unbalanced and start to feel jealous, so dazzling was not a good thing.Those who were very weak might worship you, while those who were stronger than you might suppress you.

At this moment, on a certain residence in Wangjing City.

"Your Highness, a thousand times true, that person really is your fiancée, Han Xiaomeng."

"Didn't the Han family say that she's dead?"

"No, she's not dead at all, but now she's even appearing at Tang Zichen's side, and the Han family has deceived you."

"Did the Han family turn against you?"

"Your Highness, sooner or later this matter will get out, and by then, you'll have lost all your face, maybe, today at the restaurant, many people have already seen it."

"Go, investigate this matter for me immediately, if Han Xiaomeng really isn't dead, then don't blame me for being rude, Tang Zichen, Han Family."

This person was that prince fiancé of Han Xiaomeng's, Yan Di Nuo.When Xiaomeng was still paralyzed, of course he couldn't marry such a woman, but he was afraid of being laughed at by public opinion if he withdrew his marriage voluntarily, and he was afraid of making people laugh by passively withdrawing his marriage, so he hinted at the Han family and got Han Xiaomeng killed.

However, today, Tang Zichen fought a war with Huo Yin and his men actually saw Han Xiaomeng's body.

The next day, Prince Dino's men went to investigate the matter.

"Your Highness, it has been investigated and it really is Han Xiaomeng.When you, Han Xiaomeng, was still paralyzed, the Han family wanted to inject Han Xiaomeng with euthanasia, but he was saved by this Tang Zichen, and the Han family saw that Tang Zichen was very talented, so they promised Tang Zichen that they could take Han Xiaomeng away.But what I didn't expect was that Tang Zichen cured Han Xiaomeng's paralysis as well as her disfigurement."


"Yes, now Han Xiaomeng has not only regained her stunning looks, but she has also practiced a martial art, and I heard that in just one year, she has stepped into the innate sky, her martial talent is extraordinary.Your Highness, what do you plan to do?This is your fiancée, if Han Xiaomeng was still paralyzed, that would be another story, but she's now back to her beauty and has a great talent, do you want to cheapen someone else?"

"Huh? Cheap?Is that possible?This is my fiancée, how can there be any reason to take advantage of someone else.An Zun, come with me to Tang Zichen's house later and take my fiancée home to live, what decency is it for my fiancée to live in someone else's house."

"Yes, Your Highness."


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