Dish Best Served Cold 126-132

Dish Best Served Cold Introduction

He is a waste in the eyes of his wife, an oil bottle in the eyes of his mother-in-law, a pauper in the eyes of relatives, and a joke among all the population. He suffered humiliation in the eyes of his wife for three years. Until one day, your biological father came to the door and told him that as long as you want, you can own the whole world and you are the real giant. "When you stand up, the whole world will be under your feet!" 

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Story- Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 126-132


  1. Well i do t know how you arranging this novel...those episodes on telegram ends at 106 and ahead of the 132 here...ADBSC

  2. Yes...when are new chapters coming

  3. Please what's the original tittle of the novel


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