The King of Kungfu in school 831-840


Chapter 831

"Stop, what people."A guard stopped Tang Zichen and Yan Plu, the guard recognized Yan Plu at a glance, however, there was no respect at all, what a dogfight.It seems that Yan Sweep is indeed a prince with a high voice and great reputation in the country, even his guards are so high and mighty that they don't even see Prince Yan Qiang when they see him.

"I'm Yan Qiang, I've come to pay my respects to Royal Brother Yan Gou today, quickly go and pass the word."Yan Qiang said.

"Wait."That guard entered the residence to go, he was afraid that in case it was really important, so he didn't dare not to go and pass the message.

After a few minutes, that guard came out and said, "His Highness Thirty-Six said, get out."

"What."Yan Qiang's face was ugly for a while, everyone was a prince, why would he bully people like that, but one word, get out, how much did he disregard Yan Qiang.

Yan Qiang felt so ashamed in front of Tang Zichen, not worthy of being Tang Zichen's friend.

It was only at this moment that Tang Zichen felt how low Yan Qiang had fallen in the Yan Huang Empire.Of course, it could also be guessed that even the eighteen princes had dared to treat him like that before, not to mention a prince of Yan Gou's level.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "This little brother Yan Gou, it seems like big brother hasn't educated him for a long time, so he's getting arrogant again."

Tang Zichen said, "Go inform again, and tell them that a surnamed Tang is here to meet them, hurry out and greet them, or I'll break down the door."

"You dare."That guard shouted when he heard smashing the door.

Yan Qiang was also taken aback, Tang Zichen actually dared to say smash the door of the Yan Qiu prince, gosh, the eighteenth prince had already made him incredible, was Tang Zichen not even afraid of the Yan Qiu prince? One second to remember to read the book

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped that guard to the ground and cursed, "Dog, if you don't go in and inform, I'll cut out your tongue."

"Yes yes yes."That guard was slapped and didn't dare to be wild anymore and immediately went in to inform.

In a pavilion, Prince Yan Gou was practicing martial arts.

"Your Highness, Your Highness, it's not good."

Yan Gou opened his eyes and said angrily, "Come disturb me again, I'll kill you."

"Your Highness, it's not good, there's a man outside the door, he said his surname is Tang, he told you to go out and meet him, otherwise, he's smashing the door."

"How dare you, what grizzled citizen dares to offend me."

"I heard his surname is Tang."

Yan Gou's brows furrowed, and he suddenly remembered a person, Tang Zichen.

Yan Plu's body couldn't help but tremble, even though he was now in Wangjing City, his prestige was high and not many people dared to offend him, but Tang Zichen made him tremble at the thought of him.

"Damn it, it can't be really him, right?"Yan Gou was depressed inside, and now didn't care so much, he immediately headed for the gate.

"Zichen, it's impossible for Emperor Yan Gou to come out to greet us, let's go, don't humiliate yourself."Yan Qiang said.

"Didn't even try, how do you know he won't come out to greet us."Tang Zichen laughed lightly, his face looking confident.

"Zichen, you don't even know the prestige of Royal Brother Yan Gou in Wangjing City today, he is one of the most promising and talented princes ah, he is only thirty years old this year, he has reached the third level of the Innate Great Perfection, this is an existence that is going to step into the Unity Realm before the age of thirty-five ah, this means that his chances of becoming a king in the future are very high, there are a few people who would dare to offend him."


; "Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud and said to himself, you don't even know how badly this Yan Plu was beaten by me at Star Ocean Academy, if you knew, I'm afraid Yan Plu's image wouldn't be so high in your mind.

A few minutes later, Yan Plu had an extremely reluctant look on his face, then walked out.

Tang Zichen said to Yan Sweep, "See, isn't it coming out to greet us."

"Ah."Yan Qiu was shocked, a prince who said 'get lost' to him had actually come out to greet Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked up and smiled, "Your Highness Yan Gou, long time no see, hey, this one isn't."Tang Zichen looked at the person behind Yan Gou and realized that he was He Lin, who had promised to be Tang Zichen's younger brother at the Star Ocean Academy, an old man at the first level of the Early Unity Realm.

Right now, Yan Plu's face was awkward, and that He Lin was even more awkward.He Lin originally left the Star Ocean Academy with Tang Zichen, only to get separated from Tang Zichen after arriving in the Glazed Kingdom.

Of course, this wasn't He Lin's fault, the main reason was that Tang Zichen was going to the Savage Tribe to explore the Iron Tree Heart, which was so important, Tang Zichen wouldn't take He Lin with him, so Tang Zichen intentionally got separated from him.After that, He Lin had to return to the Yanhuang Empire and came back to the Yanlu prince's house.

He Lin looked at Tang Zichen and said with fear and trepidation, "Da, da ge."

Before the word "brother" was even spoken, Yan Plu immediately interrupted, busy laughing, "Brother Tang, Star Ocean Academy a farewell, it's been so long, don't be ill, let's go, let's go, let's catch up."

Yan Gou said to He Lin at the same time, "He Lin, take care of Yan Gou, I'll go catch up with Tang Zichen."

Yan Plu grabbed Tang Zichen's shoulders and walked to a deserted place.

Yan Plu immediately grunted, "Tang Zichen, what do you mean, back in the Yanhuang Empire what are you still looking for me for."

Tang Zichen said, "Yan Gou, did you forget in Star Sea Academy, you yourself said, be my little brother, and even kowtowed to me, big brother is back today, of course you came to find my little brother."

Yan Gou's face was angry.

"Tang Zichen, the past is in the past, don't go too far, this is Yan Huang Empire Wangjing City, not Star Sea Academy.I have yet to settle the score with you for bullying me like that at Star Ocean Academy, and you even dare to bring that waste Yan Swallow with you today."

"Your Highness Yan Qiu, that's not true, Star Sea Academy was you bullying me, and as a result, I was bullied instead, if you hadn't said you would worship me as your big brother, you probably wouldn't even exist now."

"Tang Zichen, don't think that I really can't do anything about you."Yan Plu gritted his teeth.

"Come on, Yan Gou, don't threaten me over here, if you really have a way to get at me, how can I still live so comfortably?Don't you see?I'm in the Unity Realm now, if you don't find someone else, what do you think you can come out with?"

"What? Unity Realm."Yan Plu was shocked, Tang Zichen's talent was actually so terrifying, but it was expected, when he was at the Star Ocean Academy, Tang Zichen defeated the Unity Realm's He Lin at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection realm.

"Yan Rou, if I'm not mistaken, what happened between you and me at the Star Ocean Academy must not dare to be known."

"Hmph, where so what, if you provoke me, the worst I can do is expose myself to it.Anyway, although I said to be your little brother when I begged for forgiveness with you before, I won't admit it, how can I be your little brother when I'm a prince, it's a joke.Even if I'm fine with it, I still have to ask the Yanhuang Empire's subjects if they're willing, ask my father if he's willing."


"Hahaha, Yan Gou, if you want to be my little brother, I may not accept it yet."

"Then why do you want to come today?"

"Nothing much, can't you come and sit down?"

"Hmph, I have nothing to sit here, please go back."

"Yan Plu, I advise you not to treat me so badly, really, it's no good, of course, you might think I'm threatening you with the Star Ocean Academy, no, wrong, I, Tang Zichen, don't care, if I really want to go out of my way to get you, anywhere will do.Alright, Your Highness Yan Plu, relax, I'm really here to catch up."

Yan Rou looked very annoyed at Tang Zichen, but, for some reason, there was just a little tremble inside, could it be, that he was really scared by Tang Zichen at Star Ocean Academy?I'm not even sure if I've returned to the Yan Huang Empire, but I still can't get arrogant and domineering in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen patted Yan Gou's shoulder and said, "Prince Yan Gou, in the future in Wangjing City, there might be something that troubles you, don't disown me then, alright, I'll leave first, let's catch up some other time."

"Hmph."Yan Plu just snorted.

Tang Zichen walked outside.

"Yan Qiu, let's go."

Leaving Yan Gou's house, Yan Gou was busy asking, "Zichen, no wonder you're so sure that Yan Gou will come out to greet you, so you and him have known each other since you were at Star Ocean Academy and are still friends, hahaha, you're really great, you're friends with a prince of Yan Gou's level." First URL

"Heh heh."Tang Zichen just laughed and didn't break it, after all, it was very disgraceful to say it out to Yan Plu, Tang Zichen wouldn't say anything nonsense to give people some face if he was fine.

In Yan Plu's house, Yan Plu sat depressedly on a stone bench, He Lin stood beside him.

"Your Highness, now that we're back in the Yan Plu Empire, we don't need to fear Tang Zichen anymore, how about we make a move, in the Yan Plu Empire, you can make Tang Zichen kneel down and he's helpless, how about we make a move."He Lin said.

Yan Plu said, "He Lin, I'm not going to believe you anymore, you said that at the Star Ocean Academy, and what happened, you let me get beaten up."

"Your Highness, it's different now, this is Wangjing City ah, I don't believe that Tang Zichen can still be arrogant here, Your Highness, you must have been frightened by Tang Zichen at Star Ocean Academy, and only now are you so unsure of yourself, that's why you feel fear when you see him."

Yan Plu was torn inside, it was true that he didn't believe he couldn't play with Tang Zichen in Wangjing City, however, he didn't know why he was so afraid, why he didn't have the courage.

"He Lin, do you know that Tang Zichen has already stepped into the Unity Realm, perhaps, I really can't play with him, he's right, if he wants to get me, anywhere will do, back to the Yan Huang Empire."

"Your Highness, you're obviously just scared of him, why would you think that, whose territory is this?How did he get you?"

"Ahhhh, stop it, damn it, get out, I'll be alone."

"Yes, Your Highness."He Lin sighed and walked out of the pavilion.

As soon as He Lin left, Yan Plu slapped himself and cursed, "I'm so useless, this is my territory ah, why should I be afraid of him, it's only right that I get him killed, why would fear arise?Why?Why?"

"Ahhh, no, no matter what, I'm going to try it, someone."

"Your Highness."He Lin ran in.

"I'll help me ask Han Ming to come to the house."

"Your Highness, you're finally going to do it, too good, that's just you, show your berserk side, make sure you collect Tang Zichen

Properly picked up.Han Ming was the captain of the left wing of the Wangjing City Guards, an existence at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, no matter how awesome Tang Zichen was, could he play at this level?I'll go and ask him to come at once."

"Yeah."With a nod of his head, Yan swept up his courage and dried off.

Tang Zichen returned to his own home.

There, in the palace, the eighteenth prince also found his mother, Consort Zi.

"Eighteen, what's going on?Who hit you?"

"Oooh, matriarch, you must seek justice for your son."

"Look at your point of view, you're almost fifty years old, what's the point of wailing like this, say."

"Oooh, Mother Consort, it was that auxiliary minister of Yan Yu's, called Tang Zichen, he beat me up like this."

"Bullshit, does that trash Yan肆 have such a strong auxiliary minister?Where are your Unity Realm guards?"

"Matriarch, he can't beat him either, that Tang Zichen is so young, he has reached the Unity Realm."

"What? Unity Realm, how old is he, isn't he that Tang Zichen of Yan Wreck, who seems to be a Tenth Grade Healer?I remember he only went to Star Ocean Academy last year."

"Matriarch, it's exactly him."

"What? It's really him, he's stepped into the Unity Realm at such a young age, oh my."

"Matriarch, quickly send someone to kill him, what's a unity realm, he's just stepping into it, there are plenty of people in the empire who can exterminate him."

"You shut up."Zi Concubine roared, right now she was trembling a little inside, Tang Zichen had actually stepped into the Unity Realm at such a young age.

In the entire Yanhuang Empire, I'm afraid that before the age of thirty, Tang Zichen was the only one who was in the Unity Realm, oh my god, this is too terrifying.

"Matriarch, quickly send someone to exterminate him."

"Pah."But Concubine Zi slapped the eighteenth prince's face.

"Mother Consort, why did you hit me."

"Why are you good enough to mess with this kind of person, is Tang Zichen so talented that you can easily mess with him?You're a useless thing, always causing trouble for me, the matter of the Golden Foundry is still unresolved, and you've messed with such a genius Tang Zichen."

"Matriarch, it's just a Tang Zichen, what's so scary about it, why is Matriarch so cowardly."

"What do you know, Tang Zichen stepped into the Unity Realm at such a young age, this is something that even the Emperor would be alarmed by, it's only a matter of time."

"Ah, no way, Mother Consort, then destroy Tang Zichen before he even alarms Father."

"Hmph, a man of such genius, I don't believe it would be so easy to exterminate."

"Mother Consort, then what now?"

"Things have come to this, we can only get in touch with Tang Zichen first, and I'll invite him over for dinner tonight."

"What, Matriarch, you you're crazy, I've been beaten by him and you're inviting him to dinner."

"Cut the crap, you know nothing, you don't know anything, how did I have such a useless son like you, if you didn't rely on my mother family's influence to support you, do you think you could be so free in Wangjing City?Get out."

Concubine Zi immediately let one of her henchmen out of the palace.

Tang Zichen had just recently returned from Prince Yan Plu's house and was teaching Li Xuan'er a powerful sound attack secret technique called Tai Xuan Yin.

This Tai Xuan Yin was learned from the Memory Stone Canggu City, and was far more powerful than the secret Tang Zichen had imparted to Li Xuan'er before, brought over from that world of Wind Lightning.


"Wow, it really is amazing, it's amazing."Li Xuan Er said in surprise.

"Hehe, I got this especially for you, learn it well."

"But, how about the follow up to this Tai Xuan Yin?What level can you reach at the end of the study?"

"I don't know about that, anyway, all I know is that there's an old woman who uses Tai Xuan Yin and can fight with a strong man at the late stage of the Unity Realm and even rank second in the city."

"Wow, I'll definitely have to learn it then."

Li Xuan'er was immediately filled with passionate motivation to learn Tai Xuan Yin, she didn't waste time practicing martial arts now, she used to practice martial arts while practicing her sound method martial arts.

Xiao Meng came up and said, "Brother Zichen, what about me?"

"You, you have such a high talent, you shouldn't need me to prepare anything for you, the God Killing Sword Technique and the Dragon Descending Sword Technique that I taught you before, you should continue to practice."

"However, I've already trained both of them to the highest level, there is no way for me to continue to advance in my swordsmanship, one day, as my realm increases, swordsmanship will become my bondage, and I must have stronger martial arts to match."

"Then try swords and swords together, I used to practice to the limit, then the swords and swords combined, the power soared, and finally, with the heavy swords, I doubled my martial skills again, now relying on the power of Hercules, the power of a single fist surpasses what it used to be when I used the heavy swords."

"However, I can't walk your route, I can't even combine swords, it requires too high a mental calculation ability." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen sighed, it was actually to be expected, the path he had taken wasn't necessarily the same for everyone, first of all, 'two uses in one heart' wasn't everyone's to his degree.

"Then it's up to you, although you've already practiced the God Killing Saber Technique and the Dragon Descending Sword Technique to the highest level, it doesn't mean that you've reached the extreme, comprehend yourself and see if you can comprehend something, the martial arts behind it all depends on your own exploration and comprehension."


Xu Mei Qian also came up and asked, "What about me?"

"You, you're the most difficult to deal with, you don't have any other talent, only one martial talent, but the martial talent is neither strong nor weak, even if you step into the innate domain, it will be difficult for you to progress."

Xu Mei Qian felt so sad that she was about to cry.

Even though she had Tang Zichen's help and could use external objects to reach the Innate Realm to go, but she could only rely on her own comprehension in martial arts.Even if she took a book of tenth grade martial arts and practiced it to the extreme, however, as the realm rose, it would one day not match the realm anymore, and if her comprehension failed, her strength would be very poor, although there were many, many people of this type, it would mean that Xu Mei Qian was ultimately of this level.

Hearing Tang Zichen say that, Xu Mei Qian was sad that although Xuan'er's martial arts talent was even worse, she at least had talent in sound attacks.

"Alright, Mei Qian, there's no need to be so depressed, what you need to do now is to keep improving your realm, eat the iron tree heart as a melon, when you have a realm, you'll naturally have more comprehension, at that time, practice my Dragon Descending Sword Technique and God Killing Saber Technique to the extreme, although you can't be said to be an extremely strong person, but you won't be a very bad person either.As for being stronger, it depends on chance."

"Alright."Xu Mei Qian could only do so for now.

Liu Xiangyun came up.

"What about me?I've been asleep for so long, I'm the worst."

Tang Zichen smiled, "You and Mei Qian are in roughly the same situation, follow Xu Mei Qian's path, and consult with her more often if you're fine."



Liu Yue came up and smiled, "Zichen, you're awesome, one instruction, how about you instruct me as well."

Tang Zichen said, "Liu Yue, your realm is at the early innate stage, but I don't understand your martial arts yet, so why don't you rehearse a bit."


Liu Yue instantly rehearsed his martial arts skills.

"Zichen, this is my current strongest strength."Liu Yue said.

Tang Zichen said, "To be honest, your strength is very ordinary, it's just an ordinary early innate stage."

Liu Yue suddenly had a bitter face.

"I'm not flattering, just telling the truth, this strength of yours, compared to the same level, if the talent is very strong, you'll be directly spiked, if the talent is average, you have half a chance to win, that's all."

"Well, I didn't think I was this bad, what was your approximate strength when you were at the beginning of your innate talent?How was it?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "If I fought with you now in the early innate days, I wouldn't even need to move a muscle to finish you off."

"Damn, it's so sad to hit me like that."

"It's not a blow to you, it's the truth, when I was mid innate, I had already killed a late innate powerhouse, he was the Huo family who came after me."

"Ugh, gap."Liu Yue sweated.

"Alright, you don't have to be frustrated, take your time, what's the name of this sword technique you're practicing now?"

"Cang Pine Sword Technique."

Tang Zichen nodded, "This sword technique of yours has a level of about eight, it's not low, so let's keep practicing, right, when you just performed the Cang Song Sword Technique, you can try to tone your body's toughness a little bit, it might be more effective."


Liu Yue also went to practice her sword.

Wang Xing came up with a bitter face and said, "Zichen, we went to the Martial Arts Academy together, but now you've become a senior, and I'm still at the early Houtian stage, inferior to several of your girlfriends ah."

"Oh, Wang Xing, you also continue to take the Iron Tree Heart and pull up your realm first, after that I'll teach you the Killing God Saber Technique, your family heirloom Meteor Butterfly Sword Technique, forget about it, honestly, it's too bad."

"Speechless, well, thank you for your guidance, I'm so happy to be able to hang out with you, I don't even know how I'm going to repay you, how about I accompany you for the night?"



Just at this moment, a court lady in gorgeous brocade walked through the door.

"Is Senior Tang Zichen here?"

"I'm Tang Zichen, what do you want from me?Who are you."Tang Zichen asked.

The woman said, "Senior Tang, I'm the maiden of Lady Violet Consort, and Lady Violet Consort sent me to deliver a letter to you."

"Who is the Purple Concubine."

"Lady Violet Concubine is the birth mother of His Highness the eighteenth prince."

"Hahaha, that trash of an eighteenth prince really went to find his mother."Tang Zichen laughed.

That servant heard Tang Zichen unabashedly say that the eighteenth prince was trash, and although he was upset, he didn't dare to do anything about it, thinking that this Tang Zichen was indeed a bold and arrogant person, so no wonder he dared to beat up the eighteenth prince.

"Senior Tang, this is a letter from Lady Violet Concubine to you, please read it."


Tang Zichen didn't know what the Purple Concubine was up to, so he opened the envelope.

There was only one token inside the envelope, nothing else.

"What does it mean?"

"Senior Tang, this token is the token of passage to enter the Purple Consort's Yi Xin Garden, with this token, the palace's guards won't stop them if they meet them.I forgot to tell you, every member of the palace's guards are strong in the early stages of the Unity Realm, and they won't be able to enter without the token."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen, however, snorted.

"Senior Tang, I'll leave first then, see you tonight."The maiden walked away.

Wang Xing asked, "Zichen, if you hit her daughter, what does it mean that she doesn't send someone to kill you but invites you to dinner?Could it be the Hongmen Banquet?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Regardless of whether or not she's a Hongmen Banquet, I'll go there at night as usual, I'd like to see what she wants to do.This Lady Violet Concubine, is a Unity Realm powerhouse herself, then she'll go."

"Zichen, don't go, what if it's dangerous?"

"If she's going to kill me, there's no need to ask me to her house, so I'd like to go there."

"Be careful then." A second to remember to read the book

At this moment, in Prince Yan Gou's residence, a strong man at the peak of the Early Unity Realm came to Prince Yan Gou's side and deeply kowtowed, "Your servant pays his respects to His Highness Prince Yan Gou."

"Han Ming, please rise."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

"Han Ming, I'm looking for you today because I have something to ask for."Prince Yan Gou got straight to the point and said.

"Your Highness, please speak up, my servant will go to the fire."

"Hahaha, it's not as serious as you say, that is, I want to kill one person."

"Ah, I don't know who Your Highness wants to kill."

"Tang Zichen."

"Who is Tang Zichen?"

"Oh, it's normal that you've never heard of it, let's say, I'll have someone go and ask Tang Zichen to come to my house, then you can wait for the opportunity to make your move, by the way, Tang Zichen is a man at the first level of the Early Unity Realm."

"Your Highness, don't worry, my servant will certainly do it properly for Your Highness."

"Captain Shoe Han, then I will immediately send someone to invite Tang Zichen."

Yan Gou immediately sent someone to invite Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen hesitated for a moment after getting the news at home.

He had only just gone to Yan Plu's place at noon, and then he came to invite him to dinner in the afternoon, Tang Zichen felt that this was definitely not a real meal, it was bound to be a Hongmen Banquet.

Tang Zichen smiled, not expecting that there would be two Hongmen Banquets today.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Yan Plu must have sent strong people to set up an ambush, as long as I go there, I'm bound to suffer an ambush, should I go?I don't know what kind of strength the person Yan Pluo invited is, but if I go beyond the early stage of the Unity Realm and reach the middle stage of the Unity Realm, I'm afraid I won't be able to defeat it.I can only defeat the peak of the Early Unity Realm at the strongest right now, and I can't move at all even at the first level of the middle Unity Realm."

"However, if I don't go, even if I escape this time, I won't be able to escape the next time, and since Yan Gou has decided to take revenge on me, there will definitely be a next time."

"Hoo, it's really hard to do, I should have known to just kill it at the Star Ocean Academy, save to mess with me now.Now it's hard to kill at the foot of the sky, even if I kill it, it will bring me endless trouble, I really regret that I didn't kill it.This ungrateful white-eyed wolf, I spared your life, but you don't know how to be grateful, Yan Rou, it's your choice."Tang Zichen's eyes descended to kill, but there were many scruples, after all, in the

Wangjing City killing a prince, and a prince with such a heavy weight, I'm afraid Tang Zichen would set himself on fire.Doing something that was beyond his tolerance would be a foolish death wish, so Tang Zichen was angry and torn inside.

However, Tang Zichen still decided to face it.

Alone, without speaking to his family, Tang Zichen went straight to the Prince of Yan Plunder's house.

In one of the main halls.

"Tang Zichen is here."

"Quick, quick, get ready."

Tang Zichen was led by a servant to a large hall, and Tang Zichen immediately sensed that there was a strong man at the peak of the Early Unity Realm hidden behind the hall, but other than that, there was no one else.

Tang Zichen was also secretly relieved, fortunately Prince Yan Plu didn't know the details of Tang Zichen's strength, or else it would be finished to find one above the middle stage of the Unity Realm.

The early stage of the Unity Realm spanned too far from the middle stage, Tang Zichen was only at the first level of the early stage of the Unity Realm, it was impossible to defeat, unless Tang Zichen reached the peak of the early stage of the Unity Realm, that is, half a foot into the middle stage of the Unity Realm, it would be possible to fight against the middle stage.

"Tang Zichen, hahaha."Prince Yan Gou saw Tang Zichen walk in and laughed out loud.

There was also no one else in this palace other than Prince Yan Pluck, the strong man who was hiding.

Tang Zichen said, "Prince Yan Pluck, it seems that you have chosen this path."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, it's already this time, and you're still pretending to be a comparison in front of me, seeing as you once gave me a chance too, I'll give you a chance now.You just need to be good enough to kneel down and bow down and become a subject under my command in the future, I will spare your life."

"Hahaha, Yan Gou, have you forgotten what I told you?If I want to get you, anywhere will do, including in Wangjing City."

Yan Gou snorted heavily, "Tang Zichen, it seems that you are toasting the wine, fine, then don't blame me for not giving you a chance, you are the one who doesn't cherish it."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't talk nonsense, come out whoever is hiding behind the main hall."

Yan Gou was shocked that Tang Zichen knew right away that there was someone hiding over there, similarly, Han Ming who was hiding behind the main hall was also shocked, he was at least at the peak of the Unity Realm, half a foot into the middle of the Unity Realm, but he was discovered by a Tang Zichen who had just become a Unity Realm, this was too disgraceful.

With a flash, Han Ming walked out, laughing as he stepped out, "You're Tang Zichen?"


"Hmph, good Tang Zichen, how dare you disrespect Prince Yan Plu, no wonder His Highness Yan Plu can't tolerate you anymore."

Tang Zichen said, "This friend, before you do anything, I'll also give you a chance, you still have a chance to choose to end it now."

"What?Could it be that you want to kill me too?"

"If you choose to continue, I will kill you."Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, emitting a trembling chill, and the Yan Plunder Prince's body trembled upon seeing it, as if he had seen the Tang Zichen from back in the Star Ocean Academy again, and couldn't help but take a few steps back, but there was no choice left.

"Hahaha."Han Ming laughed angrily and said disdainfully, "Not overreacting."

"Hmph, you'll see then."

"Looking for death."Han Ming suddenly took out a knife from behind him.

"Drink."Han Ming was like a galloping horse, running and spoiling, the knife in his hand in a bizarre trajectory.

Tang Zichen could see that Han Ming's knife seemed ordinary, but it possessed a very high level of comprehension, and the more ordinary the move, the more powerful it would contain if played properly.


I don't know why, Tang Zichen saw Han Ming's blade, suddenly had a little insight, just before coming here, Tang Zichen also instructed her to have already practiced the killing God's swordsmanship and the descending dragon swordsmanship to the highest level, Tang Zichen said, practicing to the highest level does not mean to reach the extreme.Now, when Tang Zichen saw Han Ming's blade, he suddenly understood that it could be summed up in four words, simplifying complexity.

However, at the moment, Tang Zichen didn't have time to think about anything else, Han Ming's slash had already reached the front.

Tang Zichen raised a fist at once.

Tang Zichen's counterattack was simple, in front of absolute power, any move was superfluous, so Tang Zichen only needed to make a punch of 50,000 pounds, even if Han Ming's saber technique was refined, it was simply unbearable.


One blade, one fist, blasted together.

The tremendous force was like a large truck hitting head-on on a highway, and in front of this impact force, any move was meaningless.

"Clash."Han Ming's knife broke into pieces at once, while the huge force bombarded his chest, breaking several ribs in his chest, before his body flew out like a sandbag.

Only, the moment his body flew out, Tang Zichen suddenly made a Ghost Wheel duel and his figure flashed, rushing up.

Right now was when Han Ming was at his weakest, his own body was still flying backwards, and he had zero defense at all.

Tang Zichen's hand rose and fell. The first website

"Pfft."Han Ming's head was chopped off by Tang Zichen in one fell swoop.

"Ah."Yan Gou's face changed, incredulous as Han Ming's head rolled down to his feet.

When Yan Gao raised his head, Tang Zichen was standing a meter in front of him, gazing at him.

Yan Pluck's legs went completely limp and his entire body trembled.

"Tang Tang Tang."Saying it several times in a row, Yan Plunder didn't even have a complete sentence to say, his mouth was in knots.

"Die."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Pfft."Yan Sweep immediately kneeled down on one knee the moment Tang Zichen said "die.

"Pfft."Yan Plu slapped himself hard and cried, "Brother Tang, yes, I'm sorry, it's all because of my momentary demons, it's all because of He Lin he, he he always encourages me, I'm sorry, I was wrong, give me a chance, I'm willing to be your little brother, this time it's true, please, don't kill me, please."

The momentum on Tang Zichen's body was released, and the oppressive Yan Gou almost fell on the ground.

"Soooo, Tang, I was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn't have listened to He Lin's encouragement, I was really wrong, you have to believe me, I really don't dare, I'm begging you, sooooo."Yan Plu whimpered and cried out, at this moment, where was his previous arrogant princely momentum.Yan Plu is clearly from Tang Zichen body felt the killing intent, so while crying while kowtowing and begging for mercy, even the floor is kowtowed cracked spider veins.

At this time, a man suddenly ran in from outside and asked happily, "Your Highness, has Tang Zichen killed him?Haha, uh."

In the next moment, the man was immediately dumbfounded, it wasn't that Tang Zichen had been killed as he had expected, but rather, the Prince of Yan Plu had kowtowed in front of Tang Zichen and begged for mercy, kowtowing so hard that even the ground cracked, while Han Ming's head rolled next to Yan Plu's.

At once, Tang Zichen's bloodshot eyes looked at the person running in, and it was He Lin.

He Lin felt a chill all over his body at the moment, he thought that with Han Ming's action, Tang Zichen was bound to die, he hadn't heard any noise outside just now and thought he had finished Tang Zi

I didn't expect this to be the case when I came in.

He Lin felt cold from head to toe.

When Prince Yan Plu saw that He Lin still ran in and asked if Tang Zichen was dead, he got angry and said, "He Lin, you old turtle, it's all because you encouraged me, you, you son of a bitch, you can't harm me once, you still want to harm me a second time."

Yan Rou saw that He Lin was very angry, in fact the reason why he had made up his mind to be Tang Zichen this time was mainly because of He Lin's encouragement, he was so encouraged by his servant as a prince, his head was hot and he was open to it.

"He Lin, you ungrateful thing, at the Star Ocean Academy, your body broke in two, I was the one who saved you, I didn't expect you to be so ungrateful."

"Pfft."He Lin also sank to his knees.

"Brother, spare my life, brother, I was wrong, spare my life."He Lin also kowtowed and begged for mercy.

Tang Zichen roared, "Get your ass over here."

"Yes yes yes."He Lin panicked and crawled to Tang Zichen's feet, then continued to kowtow.

Tang Zichen's right palm squeezed the top of He Lin's head, and with a casual push of his fingers, thousands of pounds of power surged out.

"Bang."How could He Lin's head withstand such a force, and like a balloon, it burst with a bang.

"Ah."The Yan Plunder Prince was shot in the face with brains, his entire body was completely terrified, as if, he was the one whose head would explode in the next moment.

Tang Zichen's bloody hand was immediately pressed on top of Yan Plunder's head again.

"No, oooh, big brother Tang, I beg you, give me another chance, I beg you, I really won't dare again, oooh."Prince Yan Plu saw Tang Zichen's palm pressed on the top of his head, and howled in fright, Tang Zichen looked down and saw a puddle of water coming out from under Yan Plu's crotch, and he actually peed his pants.

"Yan Gou, you set up the Hongmen Banquet and sent people here to kill me, but now you come to beg me to spare my life, you put me to death, why should I give you a chance to live?You know what I regret most about my journey here?It's just that I didn't kill you at the Star Ocean Academy, if I had killed you back then, it would have been one and done, and there would be no more of this today."

"No, don't kill me, I was wrong, big brother, one day for big brother, one life for big brother."

"Shut up."

"After all this, do you still think that using this again will make me spare you?I've already regretted it once, and I won't regret it again."

"No, let me finish, woohoo."Infamous Sweep is scared to death, this feels like having a gun pointed at his skull, and in the next zero and ten seconds, he could die, and he's afraid he's going to blow his head off before he can even finish.

"Okay, what else do you want to say, say it."

"Big brother, I'm a prince ah, this is the foot of the sky ah, if you kill me, you definitely won't be able to escape."

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "A prince?What is a prince? Do you still think you can intimidate me as a prince today?I told you long ago at the Star Ocean Academy that a prince's identity is an ass in front of me.Also, I'm not afraid to tell you that it's not the first time I've killed a prince either."

"Sh, what."Yan Gou was horrified, oh my god, Tang Zichen actually wasn't the first time he had killed a prince.

"Forty-six princes, Yan Pao, know what?I killed it."

"Ah."Yan Plu was cold, yes, Yan Leopard he knew, he passed the assessment last year and was preparing to go to the Star Sea Academy, as a result, before going out to sea, he was killed in a port, and his auxiliary minister of the Unity Realm was also killed.


Yan Plu suddenly felt a grey look in his eyes, and a moment of despair, meeting someone like Tang Zichen who didn't even care about princes, he, really had no choice, he incomparably regretted inwardly why he had come to provoke Tang Zichen.

"Hit the road, Prince Yan Plunder."

"No, give me one more chance, I beg of you, one last chance."Yan Gou was filled with despair as he pleaded, perhaps feeling hopeless himself.

"Fine, give me a reason to spare you, if you can come up with one, I'll give you one more chance, never mind being my little brother, you only have one chance, don't waste it."

"Me, me."Yan Qiu suddenly remembered and said, "Captain Han Ming was sent by me to invite him here, now that he is dead, he will definitely be traced, if you spare me, I can block everything, you don't want to go out of your life, just spare me, you won't be disturbed by anyone, please, spare me once."

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and hesitated, yes, if you kill Yan Plu, you have to be prepared to go into exile.This was second to none, the main thing was that Tang Zichen would implicate all his relatives, including Liu Chenming, Xu Mei Qian's family, Wang Xing's family, and everything else that was connected to him.

"Okay, I'll give you one last chance, if you dare again next time."

"Thank you big brother, there will never be a next time, I swear."

"Hmph, you're on your own."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Prince Yan Gou was relieved to be back alive from the Ghost Gate, and the image of Tang Zichen spiking Han Ming and pinching He Lin just now lingered in his mind for a long time.

I believe that after this time, Yan Gou really didn't dare to have any bad thoughts towards Tang Zichen, and after experiencing the duality of life and death twice on Tang Zichen, he couldn't muster up the courage anymore. Remember the website

Yan Gou got up and stomped on He Lin's headless corpse on the ground, cursing, "Grass you, causing me to almost die."

Tang Zichen left Yan Plu's house.

This time, it was a successful resolution, as it completely frightened Yan Pluck out of his wits and cut him off from harassing Tang Zichen in the future, without inviting an even greater disaster.

Although Tang Zichen was now at the Unity Realm, he was still no different from a weak chicken in front of the Yanhuang Empire.

When Tang Zichen returned home, everyone was unaware of what had happened, still busy with their own cultivation.

Tang Zichen called Xiao Meng over.

"Brother Zichen, what is it?"

", you've already trained the God Killing Saber Technique and the Dragon Descending Sword Technique to the highest level, right."

"Yes, but I can't use both in one mind, I can't train the saber and sword together, my martial arts skills have reached a limit, it's hard to make a major breakthrough."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I just had a bit of an epiphany, take a look at my sword."

Tang Zichen picked up a sword and slashed at a stone in a sudden motion to a simple stone.

"Bang."Tang Zichen didn't use any Herculean powers, and the stone shattered into powder with a bang.

"Wow, brother Zichen, this blade you just made looks like a routine of the Killing God's Blade, but it doesn't feel like it."

"No, this knife of mine is the God Killing Blade Technique, but, I've simplified it.


"Simplify?Brother Zichen, I seem to understand what you mean."

"Oh, it's just easy to talk to smart people, alright, then you go busy."

"Mmhmm, thank you brother Tzichen."Xiao Meng suddenly came up and kissed Tang Zichen on the cheek.

"Uhm, what for."

Xiao Meng blushed and threw out her tongue, fleeing like a child, Tang Zichen smiled helplessly at this little brat.However, the next moment Tang Zichen suddenly felt that Xiao Meng seemed to have matured a lot more than before, as if she didn't look so much like a little kid anymore, Tang Zichen suddenly realized that Xiao Meng's body was much more plump and mature compared to when she was first cured of her illness.Tang Zichen couldn't help but look towards Xiao Meng's back, and it really was starting to have the charm of a mature girl.

"Oh."Tang Zichen shook his head and laughed.

In the evening, Tang Zichen took his token and went to the palace as promised.

This was Tang Zichen's second time entering the palace, the first time when he accompanied Yan Qiang, entering the palace to participate in the royal feast, that time Tang Zichen saw the legendary emperor, as dazzling as the sun, the momentum on his body made everyone oppressed unable to breathe, that scene Tang Zichen still clearly remembered.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but sigh inside, and wondered if he had a chance to reach that level.

The Unity Realm Grand Perfection seemed to be in the same realm as Tang Zichen, but only those who were in it knew how far away Tang Zichen was from the Grand Perfection now that he was in the early stages of the Unity Realm.This example was like, someone standing on the surface of a beach while another person stood on the surface of the Pacific Ocean, both of them could be said to be standing on the surface of the ocean, but the difference was not at all on the same level.

Tang Zichen used his token and soon arrived at a certain part of the palace, outside the bedchamber where Empress Violet lived, the Yixin Garden.

"Senior Tang, you're here, this way please."The maid who came to deliver the letter this afternoon was busy saying.

Tang Zichen strode in, the moment Tang Zichen walked in, he suddenly wondered if it could be this Consort Zi, who intentionally tricked him into coming here and then said that he sexually assaulted her?After all, not everyone could enter this imperial concubine's chambers, and Tang Zichen, as a man, was afraid that it would be inappropriate to go in.

Thinking of this, Tang Zichen immediately raised his guard and stopped, it was better to be cautious before knowing the purpose of Consort Zi.

"Why isn't Senior Tang leaving?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm afraid it's not suitable for me to enter Lady Violet Consort's bedchamber, so I'll go here."

"Senior Tang, how else are you going to dine with Lady Violet Concubine like this."

"If Lady Violet Consort really wants to invite me to dinner, it's just as well to move the table to the door, there's no need to go in to eat, right?"

"Alright, then I'll go in and report to Her Highness."

That maid entered the bedchamber and told what Tang Zichen had said to Empress Dowager Ziffy.

Concubine Zi snorted, "This Tang Zichen, who is actually so cautious, really isn't someone who can die so easily, but fortunately, I didn't act recklessly towards him.Originally, I was planning to sue him for trespassing into my bedchamber with the intention of defiling me if he didn't know better."

"Mother, what if he doesn't come in now?"

"Move the dinner table outside, I'd like to see if this Tang Zichen is really that talented that he can catch a few moves in my hands."

"Mother, you are a person in the early second level of the Unity Realm, no matter how genius that Tang Zichen is, he is only a Tang stepping into the Unity Realm, it's good that he can catch a move from you."That maid said obsequiously.


Tang Zichen waited outside the door for a moment before a middle-aged woman came out, looking only thirty-five or thirty-six years old and quite beautiful in appearance.

"Senior Tang, this is Empress Violet Concubine."

"Paying homage to Empress Violet Concubine."Tang Zichen bowed slightly, his heart was a little surprised that Lady Violet was so young, that eighteenth prince looked like Lady Violet's brother.

It seemed that this Empress Violet was quite talented, and was still very young to reach a very strong realm to be able to preserve such a young appearance.

"Get up, you are Tang Zichen?"

"Exactly my name."

"Tang Zichen, you really are a young and promising young man, I heard that you are only twenty-one years old?"

"Back to the Mother, yes."

"Reaching the Unity Realm at the age of twenty-one, you're the first person to do so since the founding of the Yanhuang Empire."

"Your Highness is overpraised."

Empress Zifei looked at Tang Zichen, her heart was actually filled with jealousy, if her son could be as talented as him, how great would it be. One second to remember to read the book

"Come, let's put out the feast yet."

"Yes."A few servants immediately set the feast out at the door.

"Tang Zichen, sit down."

"Thank you, Your Ladyship, I don't know what Your Ladyship is looking for me, Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, you beat up my son Yan Chong and you still ask me what you want, huh, could it be that you forgot about this?"Lady Consort Zi suddenly turned serious.

"Hahaha, Your Highness, just order what you want to say, if it's the Hongmen Banquet, let's not waste time and get straight to the point."Tang Zichen said.

"Bold."Consort Zi slapped the table.

"Dare."Tang Zichen said without changing his face.

"Tang Zichen, you assaulted my eighteenth prince, if this story reaches the Emperor's mouth, or even the ears of many of my son's supporters, you should know how powerful it is."

"Really?That I'm scared."

Lady Zifei's brows furrowed when she saw that Tang Zichen didn't look scared at all in his tone.

"Tang Zichen, don't blame me for not giving you a chance, I'm giving you a chance right now."

"Oh, what chance, Lady Zifei might as well tell me."

"Okay, Tang Zichen, if you are willing to become my man, I can ignore the matter of you beating my son."

"What does Empress Violet Consort mean by becoming your person?I hope that Lady Zifei will make it clear, so as not to create any misunderstanding."

"Oh, Tang Zichen, what do you think it means?Could it be that you don't even mind me, an eighty year old granny."Concubine Zi smiled, although she was over eighty years old, she looked thirty-five or sixteen, and she was beautiful, so it wasn't impossible for her to do anything really.

"Lady Zifei's words are important."

After Empress Concubine Zi told her servants to walk away, leaving only Tang Zichen behind, Empress Zi said, "Tang Zichen, if you don't dislike me as an old woman, no matter what, it's not impossible."

"Lady Zifei, you?"Tang Zichen heard the meaning beyond the words.

Gosh, Tang Zichen didn't think that Concubine Zi had this meaning.

However, it occurred to Tang Zichen that the Emperor had too many women nowadays, and she was in her eighties again, which still didn't change the fact that she was in her eighties, even though her appearance was still ageless .

As an emperor, he must have liked young women.Tang Zichen guessed that I'm afraid that this Concubine Zi, who hadn't received the emperor's presence for at least twenty or thirty years, would say such words to Tang Zichen.

"What? You dislike this palace?"

"I dare not, grass people."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, you are very talented, I admire you very much, originally you assaulted the eighteen princes, I would not let you off no matter what, but I saw your genius, so I was moved to cherish my talent, I can't bear to touch you.Tang Zichen, become my guard, become my Purple Consort's man, of course, on the surface, you are my subordinate, but secretly, if you don't mind, everything is fine."

Tang Zichen was frightened, oh my god, this Purple Concubine, also really dared to say it.

"Mother, but you're the emperor's woman, you."Tang Zichen couldn't help but say in surprise.

The emperor has long lost interest in me, and I only hear new people laughing, not old people crying.I'm asking you now, are you willing to be my subordinate?Don't worry, it's definitely ten thousand times better than you being Yan Qiang's auxiliary minister."Concubine Zi seemed to have a confident look on her face, as she felt that Tang Zichen would know who was more suitable to be the master between her and Yan Qiang as long as she wasn't stupid.

Tang Zichen smiled, "My Lady, I'm sorry."

"What? You reject me, do you really want to be Yan want's auxiliary minister?That trash Yan Qiang is not as good as my son, you're not mistaken."

"Mother misunderstood, I used to be Yan Qiang's auxiliary minister, but that doesn't mean I always have been, now Yan Qiang and I are just friends, I'm no longer anyone's auxiliary minister, I'm sorry."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, are you sure you're serious about what you're saying?"


Zi Concubine was furious, she had just dared to say everything to Tang Zichen because she felt very confident that Tang Zichen would come to her side from Yan Qiang, she was much more powerful than Yan Qiang and Tang Zichen would definitely choose her, so she had just dared to say everything and seeing that Tang Zichen was highly talented and young and handsome, she didn't even mind having something to do with Tang Zichen's private life.

However, the result was all her self-righteousness, or she was too naive to think.

Therefore, Concubine Zi was very furious at the moment.

"Lady Consort Zi, it's fine Straw Man is taking her leave."

"Tang Zichen, did you think I would let you go?"

"What? Didn't Lady Zifei invite me to dinner?"

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, whether or not this meal is a Hongmen Banquet depends on whether or not you know what you're talking about, but unfortunately, you don't know what you're talking about, and I just thought that you're bound to choose me, because you'd even choose the Yangs, not to mention me.So, I even told you all the private matters of my heart, you think, you know so much, I will still let you go?"

Tang Zichen smiled and asked, "Lady Zifei, how do you want to leave me behind?"

Tang Zichen had already detected it, there were no other strong people around here, not even in the Unity Realm, unless the other party was so strong that Tang Zichen couldn't detect it.

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, although you're a genius, you've only just stepped into the Unity Realm, don't forget that although I'm a Niang, I'm also a strong Unity Realm, and even the daughter of a certain sect master."

Tang Zichen said, "So, Niang Niang wants to leave me behind."

"Don't you think you can't?"

"The only way to know if it works or not is to try it."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, it's your choice, so don't blame me for stifling the genius."Concubine Zifei's face chilled.


Tang Zichen was very disdainful, and thought she was secretly ambushing some strong person, but she was trying to kill Tang Zichen with her own power.Didn't she know that Tang Zichen had even killed the peak of the Early Unity Realm?So naive.

"Buzz."In the next moment, Lady Violet Concubine suddenly killed Tang Zichen with a sword.

Lady Violet Concubine thought that Tang Zichen had only just stepped into the Unity Realm, and she was the second level of the old Early Unity Realm, so how difficult would it be to kill Tang Zichen.

"Bang."Tang Zichen lightly slapped his palm.


"Boom."Like a fly, Empress Zi Fei was slapped on the ground by Tang Zichen, cracking a stone slab on the ground, and there was a lot of blood flowing from her head, and her sword was even spilled on the ground in pieces, completely vulnerable.

"Ah."Lady Zifei came back to her senses and was suddenly dumbfounded, not knowing what was happening as if, and immediately shouted to the surroundings, "Who is plotting against me in the dark?Give me out."

Lady Zifei thought that someone was secretly messing with her.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Lady Zifei, stop shouting, there's no one around, it was me who just slapped you down."

"Impossible."Concubine Zi yelled.

"Oh, you can believe it or not, I'm leaving, remember, don't mess with me again, or you may not be able to withstand my wrath.By the way, Prince Yanchu is a very good friend, we met at Star Ocean Academy, go ask around if you don't believe me, if you dare to mess with me again, I think that Yanchu will be very unhappy, unless you think you have the strength to fight against Prince Yanchu."Tang Zichen didn't want to be disturbed all the time, so he simply moved out to scare Yan Plu, or else you would be annoyed by these flies all the time. First URL

However, the Purple Consort snorted with disdain, "So what if Yan Gou is just powerful in his own talent, but the mother clan has no power, do you think you can threaten me by taking Yan Gou out?"

"Suit yourself."Don turned and walked away.

"Suffer death."Suddenly, Lady Zifei sneaked up and killed.

Tang Zichen didn't turn his head back and flicked his foot back.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's kick provoked the Purple Concubine's face, and the huge force of the kick sent the Purple Concubine's flying more than ten meters away, crashing into a stone pillar, which fell down.

This time, the Purple Consort clearly saw that it was really Tang Zichen who had struck, and there was no one in the dark.

Oh my god, Concubine Zi fell to the ground, scared silly, Tang Zichen was a realm weaker than her, but he completely spiked her.

Tang Zichen turned back and said, "Lady Violet Concubine, thank you for tonight's feast, I, Tang Zichen, don't want to make an enemy of you, so it's best if you don't seek your own death, regarding anything you just said, I, Tang Zichen, can pretend that I didn't hear anything and take my leave."

Tang Zichen left in a dashing manner under the gaze of Empress Dowager Zi Fei.

Tang Zichen returned to his own home and had a meal with his own family, where he had just been at Concubine Zi, Tang Zichen didn't even touch his chopsticks.

"Tomorrow, it's time for me to seek revenge on the Huo family."At night, Tang Zichen lay on his bed and said darkly.

However, Tang Zichen did not know the Huo family very well yet, and it was necessary for Tang Zichen to get to know those three Unity Realm ancestors of the Huo family well before acting.

The next day, Tang Zichen went to look for Yan Qiang.

Yan Qiang definitely knew the Huo family's ancestors better.

"Zichen, what's the matter for coming to me early in the morning."

"Yan Qiang, there is indeed something I want to ask you."

"Haha, we're friends, why do we need to speak so eloquently, I know that

Nothing is left unsaid."

"Yan肆, the Huo family has three ancestors, tell me about this three ancestors."

"Uh, what are you asking about the Huo family ancestors for."

"You know, revenge, I have a grudge against the Huo family, you know that."

"But, isn't it too early for you to take revenge, the Huo family has three Unity Realm ancestors."

"That's why I've come to ask you, if it's appropriate, don't hold back."

"Alright, the Huo family has three ancestors, one of them is at the second level of the mid Unity Realm, the remaining two are, respectively, the second level of the early Unity Realm, and the third level of the early Unity Realm.The mid stage second layer is called Huo Yin, and the early stage two are, Huo Shan, and Huo Boyan respectively.Among them, Huo Shan was a member of the Wangjing City Guards, and Huo Boyan was a pillar of the Yanhuang Empire.And the strongest, Huo Yin, he was the Yanhuang Empire Supervisor.It can be said that the three ancestors of the Huo family are not weak, otherwise how could they become pillars as well as overseers."Yan Qiang said, the language seemed to be advising Tang Zichen not to be impulsive.

Tang Zichen sipped his tea carelessly and asked, "What do you mean by a pillar of power, and a supervisory state?"

"Oh, you probably don't know the officials of the court of Wangjing City."

"I would like to hear more about it."

"The Yanhuang Empire's court's official positions are divided into: guards, pillar of power, overseer, protector, and cabinet."

"Uh, just these four positions?"

"Yes, for those in the early stages of the Unity Realm, an escort is the lowest ranking official position, it can be a certain prince's guard or an escort team."

Tang Zichen understood and smiled, "Senior Ah Sang is the guarding official position, right."

"Yes, Ah Sang is the lowest ranking guard, as are some of the other princes' unity realm guards."

"How about a pillar?"

"Those in the early stages of the Unity Realm can become pillars if they pass the test, but if they can't pass the test, they'll only be guards."

"What about a supervisor?"

"A person in the middle of the Unity Realm can become a Supervisory State, and Supervisory States are divided into first-grade Supervisory States, second-grade Supervisory States, third-grade Supervisory States, and fourth-grade Supervisory States.That strongest old man of the Huo family, Huo Yin, he's at the second level of the mid Unity Realm, so he's a second-grade Supervisory State."

"Likewise, the same goes for the Protectorate, and as for the Cabinet Ministers, it's only the strongest of the complete level of the Unity Realm who can enter.There aren't many Cabinet Ministers in the entire Yanhuang Empire court, this is already at a very high level, second only to the Emperor."

"Alright, I don't have any interest in these official positions, so I won't talk to you."Tang Zichen stood up.

"Where are you going?You're not really going after the Huo family, are you?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not a match for the Huo family's strongest yet, so I'll kill the two weaker ones from the Huo family first."


"That's fine, as long as the result is killed by me, I don't care what the process is."

"Okay, Tzu-Chen, I'll send you one of my intelligence officers, he'll help you."


Tang Zichen left the residence of the Yan Dynasty prince, and when Tang Zichen returned to his home not even half an hour later, the intelligence officer sent by the Yan Dynasty arrived.

"Meet Senior Tang, I am the intelligence officer sent by the Forty Princes to assist you, if Senior Tang has any orders for me, please tell me."

"Thank you, then I'll be most welcome.Please help me scout out when and where the Huo family's Huo Shan, as well as Huo Puyan and his two men, go out."



A day later, the intelligence man returned to report to Tang Zichen.

"Senior Tang, we have news, this afternoon, Huo Shan will be heading to Skycloud City."

"Skycloud City?It's a city around Wangjing, what's he doing in a modern city?"

"Senior Tang, according to our intelligence information, Huo Shan has a mistress in Skycloud City called Bai Yan, Huo Shan goes to see Bai Yan twice every month, Huo Shan is not young, but at least he is a man of the Unity Realm, you understand."

"What an old lecherous man, where does that Bai Yan live?"

"Lives in a villa area in Tianyun City, this is her address, you just need to get here early, Huo Shan will definitely be there tomorrow."

"Okay, thank you guys, keep scouting Huo Paiyan for me."


Tang Zichen immediately left Wangjing City and headed to one of the surrounding big cities, Skycloud City.

This Tianyun City was very prosperous, with a lot of traffic and tall buildings, and there was a feeling of travel from Wangjing City to here. Remember the URL

In fact, like Huo Shan, there were very many strong men who played with women in the surrounding cities, after all, people who practiced martial arts were just a hundred years old, and they were also very prosperous.

Tang Zichen arrived at a luxurious villa, and this was where Huo Shan's mistress lived.

Tang Zichen pressed the doorbell, and a moment later, a young woman came out.

"Who are you?"

"Open the door."Don said.

"Yes."The woman obeyed Tang Zichen's words with a sudden rush of authority.

Tang Zichen sat in the villa lobby, and the woman stood off to the side, looking at Tang Zichen with trepidation.

"Your name is Bai Yan?"


"How long have you been Huo Shan's lover?"

"Who is Huo Shan?"

"Uh, I can't believe you don't know his name, so how long have you been here?"

"I, I just graduated from college last June, I was studying accounting at Sky Cloud University, and on the day I graduated, a rich man said he wanted to take care of me, I didn't want to, but, he forced me to come here."

"You're willing and still won't run?"

"I can't run, there are four martial arts practitioners watching me and I've been injected with a locator in my body."

"Martial Arts Practitioners?How come I didn't see it?They'd just gone out into the neighborhood to do some shopping, and I'd tried to escape twice before and gotten caught back.That rich man said that I can leave as long as I work here for two years, and after two years, he's also tired of playing with me and will go back to the university to find someone else who has been there."

Tang Zichen scolded, "Hall Huo family ancestor, actually so shameless, and thought that he really kept some mistress, but it turned out to be forced from the nearby university, two years and one, all these years, I don't know how many have been spoiled by him."

Just then, voices came from outside.

"Old Ancestor will be here this afternoon, so we'll have another chance to ask Old Ancestor for martial arts advice."

"Yeah, it's a shame that Old Ancestor only comes twice a month."

"Twice is already not bad, can't you see that we have the old man's guidance, and our martial arts are progressing far faster than the rest of the family."

"Hehe, yes, it's great that it's our turn for such a good job."

Four martial arts practitioners walked in from outside and saw Tang Zichen at once.

"Who are you?"The dead man went on guard.

"Hmph."Tang Zichen looked at the four men, all of whom were at the inner realm, too weak for Tang Zichen.


sp; Tang Zichen said, "If I'm not wrong, the four of you must be the Huo family's children."

"Yoho, you actually have some eyesight to see that we are the Huo family's children.Who the hell are you, and you're still not reporting your name."

Tang Zichen added, "The four of you, aiding and abetting the needs of the old man of the family, damn you."

"Fuck you, you know nothing."

Tang Zichen's gaze was cold, his eyes suddenly shot out a few rays of light, while at the same time, the four men fell to the ground, unconscious, Tang Zichen used his mental attack to make them all brain dead.

The children of the Huo family, it was true that the upper beam was not the lower beam, the ancestors were like that, how much better could those children at the bottom of the family be.That Huo Xiaowei in the beginning, if it wasn't like this, how could he have a grudge against Tang Zichen, and there would be no revenge today.

That woman called Bai Yan asked, "What happened to them?"



"Don't be nervous, I've come here specifically to kill Huo Shan, oh, the same rich man you're talking about.I'm afraid you don't know, this rich man you're talking about is actually a very strong and powerful man."

"Then I can go home?"

"Sure, but it needs to wait until I kill him, and by the way, what time does he usually come?"

"Around two o'clock in the afternoon, sometimes later, a little earlier."

"How long did he come to meet you?"

The woman blushed and said, "One afternoon."

"Not bad, the old guy is still so strong."

"No, no."

"Uh, no, that's just not strong."


"Hahaha, after all, he's an old man, but despite being in the unity realm, his body just doesn't want to be able to do it.Unfortunately, even if it doesn't work, it doesn't mean that the desire is gone, so he desires very strongly, but it doesn't work every time, right?"Tang Zichen chuckled.

The woman nodded her head, "Yes."

Tang Zichen asked, "Tell me, how he can't."

"He, he wants, he wants seven or eight times in an afternoon, but, but every time, it's."The woman blushed and couldn't say it, but the meaning was already clear, one wants seven or eight times, each time is very short chanting.

"An old man is an old man, you can't even obey an old man."

"Alright, Bai Yan, you go do your thing, I'll be nearby."After saying that, Tang Zichen made a flash and left the living room.

Tang Zichen went to a nearby villa and prepared to wait here slowly until Huo Shan came and then killed him in one fell swoop.

Around two in the afternoon, Tang Zichen sensed a powerful momentum coming slowly from afar, originally thinking that it was flying, only to see later that it was coming in a car, and that it was a Rolls Royce doing the job.

The Rolls-Royce came inside that villa, and from the car came down a white-haired old man.

This old man was one of the Huo family's three great ancestors, the weakest of the three.

"Bai Yan."The old man saw the woman standing in the doorway and smiled.

However, at the moment, that Bai Yan was looking around, not knowing where Tang Zichen was.

"Bai Yan, what are you looking at?I'm here, so get me ready, I'll take a shower, I'm pressed for time today, so start early."

"Yes."Bai Yan didn't dare to resist and went upstairs.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What an old pervert."Actually, although Tang Zichen scolded him as an old lecher, Tang Zichen's heart was understandable, but he used coercive means, which made Tang Zichen look down on him very much.


Tang Zichen stopped thinking about it and flew up from the villa next door.

The old man, who was about to go upstairs, suddenly felt a Unity Realm momentum rushing in and became alert.

Tang Zichen was standing in the living room in the blink of an eye.

"You, who are you?"Huo Shan asked angrily.

"Hahaha, you're Huo Shan, aren't you."

"Hmph, I'm asking you, who are you?If you don't answer me again, don't blame me for being rude."Huo Shan shouted at once.

"Hahaha, you're a dying man, why are you still asking so clearly?Don't ask so clearly."

"Ridiculous, you, a person at the first level of the Early Unity Realm, dare to talk to me about life and death."Huo Shan raged.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, since you're so eager to know who I am, I'll tell you, listen up, my name is Tang Zichen, I don't know if you've heard of it before."

"Don Zichen?Are you Tang Zixin?A mortal enemy of the Huo family?The Tang Zichen who killed a dozen of my Huo family's sons?"

"Yes, it seems that the ancestor has heard of my name well, that's good, let's save you from not knowing how you died."Tang Zichen said, his eyes were cold, today, Tang Zichen must have used the Sucking God Method, sucking Huo Shan's spiritual energy to improve himself. A second to remember to read the book

When Tang Zichen killed that Han Ming a few days ago at the Yan Plu Prince's residence, the moment his head fell off, Tang Zichen had already absorbed his mental energy, it was just that outsiders couldn't see it, because Tang Zichen sucking someone else's mental energy was only a matter of a few seconds or less if the other person was unresisting.

Of course, that He Lin, Tang Zichen had also absorbed his mental energy when he pressed his palm to his head, and after that, he exploded his head.

Today, it was hard for Huo Shan to escape this fate as well.

"Ridiculous, just you."Huo Shan's beard was trembling with rage, but he was out to enjoy today and didn't bring a weapon with him, he had to rely on weapons to display his martial arts skills, so Huo Shan was very depressed at the moment.

"Go to hell."Tang Zichen had little patience left and slapped at Huo Shan.

"Hmph, you're the one who dies."Huo Shan bounced on both feet and shot towards Tang Zichen, who happened to be standing on the first stairway step, and he bounced down the entire staircase with a loud bang.

Huo Shan was just an early Unity Realm second level, Tang Zichen didn't even consider him as an opponent, Tang Zichen didn't want to waste time, so a quick fight was in order.

Huo Shan struck at Tang Zichen with two palms, although he didn't have a weapon, he thought that with one realm higher, he could defeat him even if he was empty-handed, and even if he couldn't, he was sure of saving his life.

"Clash."Huo Shan realized how naive the thought was when their palms touched, and his arm was suddenly rotted.

"Ah."Huo Shan let out a scream.

Tang Zichen's palm was pressed against Huo Shan's head, and in the next blink of an eye, half of Huo Shan's mental energy was sucked up by Tang Zichen, within seconds.

"Bang."Huo Shan's head exploded, just like He Lin's that day.

Huo Shan's headless corpse collapsed.

Tang Zichen exhaled and repented inside, every time Tang Zichen used the Sucking God Method, he would repent inside, after all, this was an evil art.

The woman called Bai Yan from upstairs came down and screamed.

Tang Zichen said, "Is the hot water ready?"

"Quasi, ready to serve you, you, you want me to serve you?"

"Oh, are you kidding me, can't you see I'm covered in blood?And what's this white stuff, haha, I'll leave it at that, I'm going to take a shower.By the way, all the valuable stuff in this house.

You quickly go get it, take as much as you can, then, immediately run away and never mention anything about this place to anyone again, then go find a boyfriend and live a good life."

"Thank you, thank you senior for not killing me."

"Funny, what would I kill you for."

Tang Zichen stopped paying attention to this woman and immediately went upstairs, took a few minutes, took a shower, and of course, Tang Zichen slipped naked to the next villa and stole a set of clothes out.At this time, the woman called Bai Yan just now was driving a white sports car, leaving at fire speed, the white sports car was one of the Huo family's children.

Tang Zichen didn't stop much and left the scene.

The Huo family had lost an ancestor, this was a shocking event for the Huo family, the Huo family was probably going to change from a general-level family to a scholar-level family.

Tang Zichen returned to Wangjing City.

Including that day at the Yan Pluck House, when he had combined to suck the spiritual energy of three Unity Realm powerhouses, Tang Zichen also felt that his realm, had loosened up a bit.

Tang Zichen entered the closed-door state, and about a few hours later, Tang Zichen broke through to the second level of the early Unity Realm.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't very excited, because breaking through to the second layer hadn't changed much in terms of his fighting power, he still couldn't beat the mid stage of the Unity Realm, and it was much easier to kill the peak of the initial stage.

At this moment, in Wangjing City, the Huo family's house.

"The body of the Huo Mountain ancestor has been brought back."Two Huo Family's innate powerhouses were carrying a stretcher with a headless corpse on it.

The other two Unity Realm strongmen of the Huo Family, Huo Boyan and Huo Yin, looked at the headless corpse with shocked faces, and although there was no head, they knew very well that it was Huo Shan.

Huo Yin was an old man with all silvery white hair, he was over a hundred and fifty years old, and was currently holding a table with both hands, trembling slightly.

The other person, Huo Puyan, she was also an old woman, but she didn't look that old, her appearance was like that of an old woman around sixty years old, similar to those old ladies who danced in the square, but her true age, she was already over one hundred and twenty years old.At this moment, Huo Paiyan looked at the headless corpse and wept.

"Who is it, who the hell is it."

"Old Ancestor, no traces were found at the scene of the incident, not even surveillance."

"How did Huo Shan die?Where to die?"That Huo Baiyan asked.

"Old Ancestor Huo Shan died in Tianyun City, Old Ancestor Huo Shan goes there twice a month, there are his, women there."

"Oooh, old brother, how can you be so confused."Huo Puyan cried.

Huo Yin gritted his teeth, "Find me the real killer, I want to kill him."

"However, no clues have been found so far."The Huo family's patriarch said.

"We have to find even if there are no clues."

Huo Boyan asked, "Who has offended our Huo Family to kill our Unity Realm powerhouse, who is so cruel as to put our Huo Family to death."

"Offend what person?"At that moment, the Huo family head seemed thoughtful, then said, "Speaking of offending people, I do recall someone, his name is Tang Zichen, it's just that that Tang Zichen wouldn't have the strength to kill the Huo Shan ancestor, he's only in his twenties, but he was judged as an imperial talent last year, I don't know if the death of the Huo Shan ancestor would have anything to do with him."

Huo Yin gritted his teeth, "Regardless of whether there is a relationship or not, any enemies that the Huo family has offended over the years, no matter how big or small, all of them must be found, I want to check them out one by one, if I don't find that person, my Huo family will be in danger, I must find him before he strikes again."

"Yes, we'll go back and list out all the Huo family's enemies, big and small, over the past hundred years, and check them out one by one."


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