The unknown Heir 926


Chapter 926


    In the next second, the giant python roared at Chen Hao.

    After the sound, the python attacked, charging wildly towards Chen Hao directly.

    Chen Hao immediately dodged towards the side, dodging the python's attack.

    "You guys quickly find a place to hide!"

    Taking this opportunity, Chen Hao shouted at Zhen Ji's three men.

    Hearing Chen Hao's shout, the three of them immediately reacted and hurriedly found a tree to hide under.

    After all, the giant python could only deal with one person, so just leave it to Chen Hao.

    The python didn't attack Chen Hao the first time, but it didn't mean that it would give up, immediately turning around and charging towards Chen Hao again.

    It felt like the entire earth had begun to tremble as its massive body rushed across the ground.

    The python rushed in front of Chen Hao and lifted its own snake meat and struck at Chen Hao's head.

    If this hit, I'm afraid that even if it didn't die, it would be in the rhythm of being slapped unconscious on the spot.

    However Chen Hao would not let this python have its way.

    At this moment, Chen Hao quickly drew his Star Profound Sword.


    One slash.

    Chen Hao directly hacked off the snake flesh of this python.


    The python was on its back for a moment, shrieking and letting out a heart-rending scream.

    Instantly the entire ground was a pool of blood flowing and a huge snake's flesh falling on the ground.

    "Bastard, even you want to kill me!"

    Chen Hao glared at the giant python and cursed angrily.

    After saying that, Chen Hao leapt up and directly stabbed into the python with the Star Profound Sword.

    The giant python violently shook its body before falling heavily to the ground to die.

    Simple and crisp, it only took Chen Hao two moves to kill the giant python.

    "Alright, it's alright!"

    After finishing off the python, Chen Hao shouted towards Zhen Ji's three.

    Only then did Zhen Ji's three men came out from behind the tree.

    They walked to the python's corpse and stood in front of it.

    "This bear is too big!"

    Lei Lie could not help but exclaim.

    Such a big python was really the first time they had ever seen one, it really was twice the size of the bears they had seen before.

    "It's the same with that porcupine we met before, aren't all the animals here a little bit special, they're all extremely large!"

    Jenji also immediately voiced her suspicions.

    "Maybe it's because of the red phosphorus, which has changed the genes of these animals in some way!"

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, spoke up to tell us about it.

    "But it's just as well, this guy is also bringing us food, I've heard that snake meat is really good, I've never eaten it before!"Lei Lie then looked at the snake meat on the ground and said.

    "You kid just knows how to eat, if it wasn't for me just now, I'm afraid that you kid would have been eaten by this bear!"

    Chen Hao didn't have the good sense to look at Lei Lie and return the gesture.

    "Er.Brother Chen, isn't this with you, I'm sure you won't let anything happen to me."

    Lei Lie also quickly smiled and looked at Chen Hao in response.

    Who let him himself not have a skill like Chen Hao's, if he had, then he would have taken the initiative to step forward to deal with this python.

    "Alright, alright, cut the flattery, go pick up that snake meat, I'll build a fire then roast it up and eat it, after that we'll continue on our way!"

    Chen Hao was also helplessly instructing towards Lei Lie.

    As soon as Lei Lie heard this, he also immediately walked over to the snake meat in high spirits and leaned down to pick it up.

    Quickly, Chen Hao built a fire and then placed the snake meat on top of it to roast it.

    "Brother Chen, I told you that this hole must not be simple, it stinks so badly, I didn't expect it to be the residence of this bear!"

    Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao again and said, he just felt that this hole wasn't simple, the smell was too foul, sure enough there were animals living in it.

    They must have disturbed the python's sleep, causing the python to curiously come out to check it out.

    But in the end, the python still died in Chen Hao's hands and became food in the mouths of Chen Hao's four men.

    It couldn't be helped, this was the biological chain, life and death were each their own destiny.

    It was unlucky for this python to meet Chen Hao and the four of them.

    About half an hour later, the snake meat was finally roasted, smelling very fragrant.

    Roasted snake meat, this was something that ordinary people could eat, even in the city, they couldn't eat it.

    But this time, Chen Hao was lucky, one snake meat was enough to fill the stomachs of the four of them.

    After the treatment, Chen Hao and the four of them sat at the entrance of the cave and began to enjoy themselves.

    After the four of them had enjoyed themselves, they had finally filled their bellies.

    To be honest, this snake meat was really not just any good.


    Lei Li burped long and hard.

    "I'm so full, I've never eaten such delicious snake meat in my life, for the first time in my life ah, it's so delicious!"

    Lei Lie exclaimed with a soothing expression on his face.

    Snake meat was not something that an ordinary person could just eat casually.

    After all, out there, snake meat was forbidden to be practical.

    But not here, there was no one to control them from consuming it, so of course they had to enjoy it.

    After eating their fill, the four of them simply packed up and set off again.

    The weather outside had also calmed down, there was no more lightning or thunder, the entire forest was back to life here, and there were many bird calls.

    "Chen Hao, have we already bypassed the Phosphorus Stone area?"

    As she walked on the road, Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao curiously and asked.

    As soon as Chen Hao listened, he immediately took out his map to check it out.

    After looking at it for a while, Chen Hao spoke up in response.

    "It's almost time, a few more kilometers and we'll be able to bypass the Phosphorus Stone Region."

    The Phosphorus Stone Region covered a very vast area after all.

    Since yesterday, the four of Chen Hao's drive had not stopped since then, so they had traveled a long distance all at once.

    But there were still a few kilometers left before they could completely bypass the entire Phosphorus Stone Region.

    "Do you think the Hunters and the others will catch up to us?"

    Zhen Ji was now a little worried again as she looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao immediately shook his head.

    "I don't think so, they definitely don't know that we've left the Phosphorus Stone Region and switched paths, but it's possible that they've already left the Phosphorus Stone Region before us, and that's what worries me the most."

    Chen Hao said with a slight frown on his face.

    This was the one that worried Chen Hao the most.

    If the Hunters got out of the Phosphorus Stone Region before the four of Chen Hao, then it meant that Chen Hao's path forward would always be blocked by the Hunters.

    The opposite would not be the case, if the four of Chen Hao were to leave the Phosphorus Stone Region earlier than the Hunters, then the four of Chen Hao would have the initiative and wouldn't appear to be passive.

    "Then we have to hurry up, we absolutely cannot let the Hunters get ahead of us, or we'll be passive!"

    Zhen Ji also immediately understood what Chen Hao was worried about and immediately looked at the three of them to remind them of the narrative.


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