The unknown Heir 927


Chapter 927

The journey of a few kilometers was actually not that long, and it only took the four of Chen Hao a mere two hours to complete the journey.

    After exiting the forest, the four of Chen Hao took a glance behind them.

    As soon as they looked, they knew that they had left the Phosphorus Stone area.

    Behind the four of them was a large mountain that possessed red phosphorus, which meant that the Phosphorus Stone Region had already passed.

    "Finally left the Phosphorus Stone Region!"

    Lei Lie saw the situation and came out in a flash of shock.

    "Swish, swish, swish!"

    However, as soon as Lei Lie's words fell, only a dozen or so shadows leapt down from the surrounding stone walls.

    The dozen or so shadows directly surrounded the four of Chen Hao.

    That's right, these were the members of the Hunters Organization.

    Seeing this scene, Chen Hao and Zhen Ji's faces changed drastically, they did not expect that the situation they feared would still happen.

    It was really too Murphy's Law.

    The so-called Murphy's Law was that what one was worried about, this thing would always happen.

    It was true that the Hunter Organization was the one that had already left the Phosphorus Stone area before them, and they had also set up an ambush in this place, just waiting for the four of Chen Hao to take the bait.

    "All freeze!"

    A purple-clothed hunter just walked out of the crowd and pointed a warning at the four of Chen Hao.

    The dozen or so hunters were all pointing their crossbows at Chen Hao and the four of them.

    Chen Hao and the four of them didn't dare to move, after all, facing more than a dozen crossbows, if they moved just a little, the other party could be coming through with arrows.

    Even if Chen Hao was powerful, it was useless, after all, there were still Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo, he definitely had to think about the two of them, he couldn't just think about protecting his own safety.

    "Someone, go up and tie them up!"

    The purple-clothed hunter then gave stern orders to the people.

    A few black-clothed hunters then stepped forward to take out ropes to tie all four of Chen Hao's hands.

    "Go, bring them back to the camp to meet the chief!"

    Once they were tied up, the purple-clothed hunter gave the order again, and then let the four of them leave with Chen Hao.

    Soon, after ten minutes, they arrived at a large camp.

    This camp was the new camp of the hunter organization.

    This purple-clothed hunter directly brought the four people of Chen Hao to the tent where the chief was.

    "Report chief, we caught those four people and have brought them back, they are waiting outside the tent at your disposal!"

    The purple-clothed hunter reported towards the man in the tent in the cloak.

    Upon hearing this news, the cloaked man's demeanor changed.

    "Bring them in!"

    Then only the man in the cloak gave an order.

    After that, the purple-clothed hunter walked out, and then he escorted the four of Chen Hao in.

    After escorting them in, the four of them stood in front of the man in the cloak.

    The cloaked man stared at the four men of Chen Hao.

    "Are you the ones who have been obstructing us?"

    The man in the cloak directly asked the four hostages towards Chen Hao.

    "You are the leader of the Hunters Organization, right."

    Chen Hao did not reply to the Cloak Man's words, but instead asked directly towards the Cloak Man instead.

    Upon hearing Chen Hao's question, the cloaked man immediately locked his gaze on Chen Hao.

    The two of them looked at each other, neither letting anyone else.

    Within an instant of time, both Chen Hao and the man in the cloak exuded their powerful aura.

    After feeling Chen Hao's aura, the cloaked man was slightly shocked, he didn't expect Chen Hao to have an aura that could confront him, and it wasn't weak in the slightest, showing that Chen Hao was definitely not human.

    However, the people around him were overwhelmed by both Chen Hao and the man in the cloak.

    The aura of the two of them was too powerful.

    "You're very different!"

    Then, the man in the cloak took the lead in gathering himself and looked at Chen Hao with an amused expression and said.

    "Hehe, so-so."

    Chen Hao also responded with a faint smile, with no rise or fall of color on his face.

    "What exactly is your purpose for being here?"

    The cloaked man continued to ask towards Chen Hao.

    "Do you believe me when I say we're just here for a tour?"

    Chen Hao also replied directly towards the man in the cloak, not to be outdone.


    When he heard Chen Hao's words, the man in the cloak laughed loudly.

    "Tour?Do you think I'm three years old?You think I don't see what's so special about you guys?You must have come for the Ghost Hole Clan."

    The cloaked man snorted and directly stated the purpose of Chen Hao's four men.

    After saying that, the cloaked man raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

    Then, only the purple-clothed hunter from earlier walked in, holding a book and a map in his hand.

    The violet-clothed hunter handed these two items over to the cloaked man.

    When they saw this, the four of Chen Hao's faces became heavy, they knew that they would not be able to take a ride and had been completely discovered.

    "What?Are you going to play dumb with me now?You're the ones looking for the Ghost Hole Clan!"

    The cloaked man stared at the four of Chen Hao and said coldly.

    "Since you've found out, there's nothing more we can say, what do you want?"

    Chen Hao wasn't going to hide anymore, he directly asked towards the man in the cloak.

    Honestly, just this place alone wasn't a problem for Chen Hao, he could easily kill these people, it was just that Chen Hao still had Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo to take care of, which was why Chen Hao didn't do it.

    "I know you can understand this map, I want you to cooperate with us and help me find the Ghost Hole Clan so that I can let you live, it's a good condition swap!"

    The cloaked man directly presented his idea towards Chen Hao.

    "Then what if I don't agree?"

    Chen Hao responded indifferently.

    "No?Heh, do you think you have any room to bargain with me now?"

    The cloaked man sneered.

    The words fell, and all of a sudden, several hunters with crossbows entered the room aiming at the four of Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao knew that it looked like the cloaked man was trying to use force to force himself.

    "Fine, I can work with you, but your people can't think anything of us, as well as giving us back what we have."

    After a pause, Chen Hao just agreed to say.

    "Okay, no problem, as long as you're willing to behave and cooperate, then we won't do anything to you!"

    The man in the cloak was also very quick to agree.

    Afterwards, the cloaked man had the four of Chen Hao's equipment and things returned to them.

    Actually, the focus was still on Chen Hao's map.

    The map that Shen Lao had given Chen Hao was the key point to finding the opening of the Ghost Cave Clan's territorial channel, and only Chen Hao could understand it.

    After some packing, the four of Chen Hao set off with dozens of hunters following them.

    "Brother Chen, what do we do now?Are we really going to take them to find the Ghost Hole Clan?"

    As he walked on the road, Lei Lie asked in a low voice towards Chen Hao.


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