The King of Kungfu in school 1961-1970


Chapter 1961

Tang Zichen flew up and looked at the giant crocodiles sprawled below, Tang Zichen immediately emitted a solemn aura of death.

Suddenly, the giant crocodiles in the swamp below felt this aura and scattered in panic.

A group of beasts that also felt the aura of death.

When Tang Zichen landed in the swamp, not a single crocodile was left and was running further away, there was also an arm-thick overgrown viper that was also running away without a life at the moment, no, not just one, countless overgrown ones were running away.

Tang Zichen didn't think much about it, and his entire body rushed into the deep swamp in one go.

Thousands of meters deep in the swamp, Tang Zichen felt the presence of immortal qi.

Immortal qi did not exist as a whole mass, but in the thousands of meters of deep soil, it existed vaguely like air, and ordinary people who did not notice it would only think that the aura of this place was good and would not notice that it was immortal qi.

Tang Zichen stretched out a hand, and that's when a miracle happened.

In the surrounding soil, a trace of gas continued to gather into Tang Zichen's palm, and when that gas gathered more and more, it gradually displayed a purple-red glow.

Finally, Tang Zichen's palm was a very conspicuous purple glow, and this was Immortal Qi.

Tang Zichen immediately inhaled the Immortal Qi into his own body. Remember the website

"Haha, I finally have Immortal Qi again."Tang Zichen laughed, this could be in the real Immortal Qi that only Immortals or the Immortal Realm could have.

However, the amount of this immortal Qi that Tang Zichen absorbed was not much, it was estimated that it was not one-fifth of the previous Nine Daoist Demon Immortal Qi.

Although the amount is not much, but there is no way out, it is better than nothing, Immortal Qi really is not that easy to obtain, Tang Zichen used his tracking prowess to find the entire Seven Seas and found this little bit here, the rest of the sea is definitely gone, the entire Seven Seas is currently gone.Unless the future spatial rift leaked out a little bit somewhere else.

After Tang Zichen absorbed the Immortal Qi, he immediately leapt out of the swamp and stood in mid-air.

Tang Zichen didn't hesitate much and immediately rushed towards the extreme southern continent.

Tang Zichen expected that he would be able to return to the Extreme South Continent in a day at most.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Pray that the Half Immortal Clan didn't seek death and go to the Extreme South Continent, otherwise, the Half Immortal Clan will definitely cease to exist."

At this moment, in the skies above the Extreme South Continent, three powerful Qi suddenly flew in from afar.

"Here we are, this is the Extreme South Continent, hmm, the aura is so thin, I wonder why a place with such a thin aura can produce a strong person like Tang Zichen, this is simply unreasonable."One of the parahumans said.

These three people were the Saint King of the Half Immortal Clan, as well as the other two parahumans.

At this moment, the Saint King said, "Let's go on a killing spree."

"Yes, my king, hey, why is there no one there?"

"Yes, my king, where is the man?"

"Look, there are still people over there, it seems like they're busy retreating."

The Half Immortal Clan's Saint King snorted, "I didn't expect that Tang Zichen had prepared for this and actually arranged a retreat, but it's a pity it's too late."


Three parahumans instantly rushed up, and in a moment, blood flowed everywhere.

At this moment, at the Six Seas, Little Fire and the others were at the Five Seas.

Little Fire shouted, "Everyone keep order and head to the Sea of Death immediately."

At that moment, the people who had just come down to the Six Heavy Sea shouted, "It's bad, enemy

The people are already here, and those who haven't retreated down are already dead."

All of them were shocked and immediately scattered to run for their lives.

Little Fire was busy saying, "Purple Hitomi, Little White, Yan Ling, Mei, we also immediately find a place to hide."

"Little Fire, are we going to die?"Yan Ling asked.

"I'm sure it won't, alright, hide immediately."

Little Fire brought the few of them and rushed towards the ground, originally wanting to go after death to see where Bimbo could be somewhat protected, but it was too late now, not expecting the Half Immortals to come so quickly.

Sure enough, in the next moment, three quasi-immortals appeared in the sky of the Six Heavy Sea, the same three that came down from the Seven Heavy Sea, those who hadn't retreated down from the Seven Heavy Sea were already dead, and in just a few minutes, it was estimated that hundreds of thousands of humans had died.

After arriving at the Six Heavy Sea, one of that Half Immortal Clan's parahumans said, "No wonder there are so few people in the Extreme South Continent, so they have retreated here.Kill."

After saying that, a very powerful aura descended from the sky.

"Boom."The entire ground trembled, and with a loud bang, at least a tenth of the six seas were razed to the ground.

The destruction of the parahumans was too terrifying, as if a super invincible hydrogen bomb had exploded, and the entire ground was heaved to the ground.

"Ame."At that moment, the purple pupil shouted out, and Ame's body, suddenly weak, then fell from the air.

"Ame."Zi Hitomi went up and held Amei tightly.

However, it was already a corpse, and there wasn't even a word of farewell.

"Yan Ling, Yan Ling, Yan Ling."At that moment, Zi Hitomi's ears heard Little Fire's heart-rending voice.

When Zi Hitomi looked to the side, the tragedy wasn't just about him, Little Fire's woman, Yan Ling, was also covered in blood, as if every pore of her body was bleeding.

However, Yan Ling did not die immediately.

"Little Fire, I, I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany you for the rest of your life."Yan Ling touched.

"No, no."Little Fire hissed, unable to accept the fact that this was a love that he could not easily obtain, was it going to be so short, they had agreed to spend a lifetime together.

"Little Fire, live, live, live."After intermittently finishing the last word, Yan Ling's hand that was caressing Little Fire's face, weakly dropped down.

"No, Yan Ling, ahhh."Little Fire ripped into a yell.

At this time, on the ground, Little White was in pain.

When the three prospective Immortals had just come down, they also all immediately ran to the ground and went into the underground to hide, and no matter what, the underground was the best place to hide.

However, Little Fire had to take care of Yan Ling and Purple Hitomi had to take care of Mei, and as a result, they weren't as fast, so they couldn't rush down in the first place.

"Damn it."Little White gritted his teeth, Yan Ling and Amei, just died without a sound.

"Little Fire, Purple Hitomi, you guys come down quickly."Little White shouted, this wasn't the time to be sad right now, because those three half-immortal parahumans were bound to have another powerful next wave of attacks.

However, Little Fire had already lost his mind and was holding Yan Ling's corpse in mid-air, shrieking in pain, right now Little Fire didn't care about his own life or death.

Deep in the sky, the Half Immortal Clan Saint King suddenly looked to a certain place and snorted, "I thought it was Tang Zichen who had returned personally, but it wasn't, it was those Dragon and Qilin Clan reptiles who did it for Tang Zichen, hmm, these trash, they are really self degrading, actually being a lackey of a humble human."Saying that, that Half Immortal Clan's Saint King, rushed towards the low-flying Little Fire and the others.


A few of them, Little Fire, were captured by the three parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan in an instant, and as for Little White, she was hidden on the ground and hadn't been discovered yet.

"My king, what to do with these two, I remember they are Tang Zichen's friends."

The Half Immortal Clan's Saint King asked, "Say, where is Tang Zichen?"

Little Fire looked sad and had no idea what they were talking about anymore.

Purple Hitomi was busy saying, "We agreed with Uncle Minister to meet at a secret place for an indeterminate amount of time."

"Where is the secret place?"

"There's no use telling you, if that secret place didn't sense us, Uncle Chen wouldn't have shown up, he would have expected you guys to make a move on him."Zi Hitomi said, Zi Hitomi deliberately spilled the beans in order to keep them alive for the time being so that they could temporarily not kill and keep them to lure Tang Zichen back.When Tang Zichen did come back, it would be the death of these three Half Immortal Clan parahumans.

The Saint King of the Half Immortal Clan said, "Arrest them, we must find Tang Zichen, kill the thief and kill the king first, with the king gone, these Gryphons will be the king if they turn over their hands."

With that, Violet Pupil and Little Fire were not killed, but were captured and taken to the Seven Seas.

The three parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan did not continue to exterminate any more humans in the Six Seas, and it was clearly more important for them to capture Tang Zichen.Since the time when Tang Zichen met up with them was indeterminate, it meant that Tang Zichen could return at any time, so they immediately grabbed Little Fire and Purple Pupil to the Seven Seas.

"Say, where is the place where you and Tang Zichen agreed to meet up?"One of the prospective immortals asked. A second to remember to read the book.


"Just say it without saying it,"

"I said."Purple Hitomi was busy saying, "At the Tang Chi Gate."

"Where is the Tang Chi Gate?Lead the way."

Soon, arriving at the Tangji Gate of the Seven Seas, Violet Pupil said, "This is it, my minister's uncle may come back to meet us at any time, if he can sense our scent, it means this place is safe, if he can't, he won't appear and will immediately run away."

"Hmph, what a cowardly mole, and how powerful he thinks he is."One of the parahumans scolded.

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King said, "Let's hide nearby first, lest Tang Zichen discover our scent, as soon as Tang Zichen appears, we'll capture him."


All of a sudden, the three parahumans disappeared without a trace, as if they had never appeared, but Little Fire and Purple Pupil both knew that they must be secretly watching the area at all times.

Purple Hitomi sent a mental thought message to Little Fire, "Uncle Fire, take solace."

However, Little Fire lost his mind and slumped to the ground.

Little Fire didn't want to say anything at the moment, and he knew in his heart that it wasn't Purple Pupil who had just intentionally lied to them, it was meeting them here, and they were probably killed in no time.Purple Pupil's randomness had not only saved their lives, but also the lives of the humans of the Six Seas.

Now they could only wait for Tang Zichen to return.

"Uncle Fire, wait for two more days, Uncle Chen will definitely return, and then, he will definitely take revenge for Yan Ling and Mei."Zi Hitomi delivered a mental message saying that the reason why she didn't speak directly was because she didn't want to be heard.

When Little Fire heard the word revenge, his gaze chilled, and his eyes showed eerie killing intent.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was on his way back.

In less than half a day, Tang Zichen had arrived at the Vajra Clan's territory, and Tang Zichen immediately went down.

"Thousand Extinction."Tang Zichen chilled.


bsp; Soon after, Mu Qianji and the others emerged from the ground.

"Zichen, you've finally returned."

"Brother Zichen, have you gained your Immortal Qi?"

"Of course, go, return immediately."

Tang Zichen took Mu Qianji and the others with him and quickly returned to the Extreme South Continent, this trip to the Extreme South Continent was not far if it was a straight line, it would take a day at most.

About a day later, Tang Zichen finally arrived at the Extremely Southern Continent.

Tang Zichen went directly to Tang Ji Gate.

When Tang Zichen appeared in the sky above Tang Ji Gate, suddenly, three parahumans rushed out in three directions, the same parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan who were ambushed around.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Mu Qianji said, "They are waiting for us here, bad, we came back late, since they have time to wait here, I'm afraid the humans have already finished exterminating."

"Ah, that little fire them."Lu Yuxi shouted.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I've already felt Little Fire and Purple Pupil's scent, at the entrance of Tang's great hall, you guys go down first, leave this place to me."Tang Zichen sent his hand, and Mu Qianji and the others were sent to the ground in no time.

The parahumans flying from three directions didn't bother with the few weaklings they had, their eyes locked on Tang Zichen.

Within a few breaths, Tang Zichen was surrounded by those three quasi-immortals in the middle.

"Tang Zichen, you've finally returned, I've been waiting for you for a long time."The Half Immortal Saint King said coldly.

The other parahuman laughed, "Tang Zichen, you never dreamed that we would be waiting for you here, your friend, betrayed you."

Although Tang Zichen couldn't understand what they were saying, Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to know.

Tang Zichen said angrily, "You're just in time, today is the day you die."

"The day of death, hmm, it's the day of your death and the day of the extinction of your human race."The Half Immortal Clan's Saint King said.

Tang Zichen said, "Very well, then, I guarantee that you Half Immortal Clan, will also disappear from this world."

"How big of a mouth, kill him."The Saint King gave an order, he didn't do it himself.

One of the parahumans immediately rushed up to kill Tang Zichen, killing Tang Zichen, one was enough.

Tang Zichen flipped his hand to use his former mirror.

"Ah."After a glow, the prospective immortal who rushed up suddenly turned into a teenager, except for his memory accident, his age, his realm, all changed back to his teenage years.

"However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that after turning back into a juvenile, there was also a transmigration stage, Tang Zichen was surprised, the Half Immortals cultivated too quickly, of course, they soared up quickly, generally at a hundred or two hundred years old.

"Bang."Tang Zichen didn't hesitate, a snap shot killed the first parahuman, the infant didn't even have to get out of his body.

"Ah."The other two half-immortal parahumans were stunned.

Tang Zichen, while taking advantage of their stunned state, flipped his hand again and transformed the one other than the Saint King back to his teenage years, and that person, after transforming back to his teenage years, his realm went back to the first stage of Tribulation.

"How is this possible, what the hell is going on."Only the last Saint King was left, and he was completely dumbfounded at the moment.

Tang Zichen said, "Half Immortal Clan Saint King, the day of your demise has arrived."

"No, that's too incredible, how did you do that, what kind of magic weapon are you holding?"The Holy King asked with a pale face.


"So what if I tell you, this mirror of mine can turn you back into a teenager."


"Saint King, I also want to see what your teenage years were like, but I hope that your teenage years are stronger than the current me."The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth showed disdain, but it was quite simply impossible.

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King suddenly pointed behind Tang Zichen and shouted, "Ayala, what are you doing here."

Tang Zichen tried to turn back, but halfway back, Tang Zichen realized that it was a trick.

Tang Zichen dodged violently to one side, and sure enough, Tang Zichen just dodged away when a deadly attack happened right where he was just standing.

"Damn it, playing dirty with me."Tang Zichen yelled, not expecting the Half Immortal Clan Saint King to use this tactic.

When the Half Immortal Clan Saint King saw that his sneak attack was unsuccessful, he knew that he had missed his chance and immediately fled, not caring about the clan member on the scene who had been turned back into a teenager.

Tang Zichen shouted, "I'll go after him, I'll leave this one to you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen chased after him towards the Holy King's escape assuredly.

The little fire on the ground, on the other hand, had already been unable to hold back its anger and rose up into the sky. The first website

Three parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan had been killed, one had escaped, and one had turned back into a teenager, but right now Tang Zichen didn't have the time to kill him.

But it didn't matter, this one was only a first stage of tribulation, and Little Fire and the others could completely torture him to death.

The prospective immortal who had been turned back into a teenager was completely dumbfounded, he looked at his own hands and feet, so young.

"Bang."At that moment, someone suddenly was slapped in the back, it was Little Fire.

But it didn't kill him.

Dao: "Today, I will overrule him and take revenge for Yan Ling and Mei."

Little Fire dragged that Half Immortal Clan parahuman of the first stage of Tribulation to the ground, venting his rage, slashing and slicing, but also, Little Fire locked his infant, preventing him from taking off his body, giving him the pleasure of overkill that he had been enduring.

Mu Qianji and the others were watching, they had just learned that Yan Ling and Mei were dead.

As for Xiao Bai, they still don't know where they are, but don't worry, they must be hiding in the Six Seas!

Just like that, Little Fire had overpowered the half-immortal parahuman, leaving only a skeleton of his body.

"Oooh, please kill me."That quasi-immortal cried and pleaded.

"It's not that easy to die."Little Fire continued to torture him again.

Right now, Tang Zichen was chasing after that fleeing Saint King, Tang Zichen had to kill him, he couldn't let him go back to report, otherwise, the remaining eight or nine parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan would unite, no matter how powerful Tang Zichen's former mirror was, because the former mirror could only transform one person back into a teenager at a time, if it could be a group of people together, then it would be fine.Therefore, Tang Zichen had to catch up and kill no matter what.

"Holy King, do you think you can escape?"Tang Zichen shouted from behind.

Tang Zichen was not dissatisfied with his speed in the slightest, and the Saint King was not faster than Tang Zichen.

The Saint King felt that Tang Zichen was approaching him bit by bit, although the approach was small, but if this continued, it was only a matter of time before he was overtaken.

The Saint King was anxious and depressed inside, if he had known that Tang Zichen had such a strong magic weapon on him, he would never have come to provoke Tang Zichen to death.

The Saint King shouted, "Tang Zichen, what will it take for you to let me go?"

"What did you say?Let you off?"Tang Zichen found it amusing that it had come to this and still wanted to let it go?

"Tang Zichen, why don't we turn a dry war into jade?"The Holy King said.

"I pooh-pooh, today it's either you die or you die, and when you're dying across the board, you

Thought you could still live."

"Tang Zichen, let's make up, I'll marry my daughter to you, my daughter Ayana, you've seen her beauty, you're also a great man, bloodthirsty, don't you want to have such a beautiful woman?"The Saint King threw temptation.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Of course I want your daughter, but unfortunately, I don't need you to give her to me, when I kill you, I will naturally go to the Half Immortal Clan, at that time, I will kill everyone in your Half Immortal Clan, and then finally, I will rape and kill your daughter, first and then kill her."

"You dare."The Saint King was furious.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm very experienced in this kind of thing."

Of course, he was referring to his previous life, but Tang Zichen didn't kill in his previous life, and let her go after raping her, otherwise, so many people wouldn't know about the bad things Tang Zichen did in his previous life, and it was because he didn't kill her that the girl went home and told the world.

Tang Zichen sneered, "It's just a pity you won't be able to see the picture of me raping your daughter."

"Tang Zichen, if you dare, I won't let you off as a ghost."

"What a helpless threat."

"Ahhhh."The Saint King shouted angrily, "Tang Zichen, how on earth would you dare to let go."

"No matter what, it's impossible to let go."

"Tang Zichen, don't bully others too much."The Saint King yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "You idiot, it's such a time, and you still think I'm a bully, I'm fucking obvious that I'm killing, okay."

The Saint King was in so much pain, he knew that he couldn't win against the magic treasure in Tang Zichen's hands, but the desire to live was so fierce inside, but Tang Zichen just wouldn't let go, no matter what conditions he offered.

And so, chasing and chasing, they chased for a day and a night.

At this time, it arrived at the territory of the Heavenly Goat Clan.

The Saint King was smart enough to charge into the Heavenly Sheep Clan's royal city.

As he rushed into the Heavenly Sheep Clan's royal city, a quasi-immortal rushed out, it was the Heavenly Sheep Clan's quasi-immortal named Zhu Feng.

"Zhifeng, Zhifeng, save me, save me."The Half Immortal Clan Saint King shouted.

That Zhu Feng was incomparably puzzled as to why the Half Immortal Clan's Saint King, who was in such a mess, still needed him to save his life.

The Saint King flew to Zhu Feng's side and busily said, "Zhu Feng, save me."

"What are you?"

"Stop it, you and I will join forces and kill a man."

"Ah, there's someone in this world that you can't even handle?"Wishwind was shocked.

At that moment, Tang Zichen came up.

Zhu Feng took a look and instantly recognized Tang Zichen, the same Tang Zichen who had made a big splash at the Half Immortal Clan Sword Trial Competition.

"It's you."Zhu Feng's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen said, "You're a prospective Immortal of the Heavenly Goat Clan, this matter has nothing to do with you, please immediately step aside."

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King, however, said, "Zhu Feng, quickly, join hands with me to kill him, you attack at the back and I at the front, so that you can definitely kill him."

Zhu Feng was depressed, "How do I get back to God?Why is it that Don Zichen can hunt you down?"

The Saint King was busy saying, "He has a magic treasure in his hand, I suspect it is a pure Immortal weapon, my clan has already lost two parahumans to him, I don't have time to go into the process with you in detail right now, in any case, you must help me join hands to kill him today, otherwise, the Seven Seas will never have peace."

"This."Zhu Feng was horrified, while immediately wary of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was also quite depressed inside, if they were to really join forces, one in front of the other, then the chances of Tang Zichen winning would immediately become smaller, after all, Tang Zichen's realm was even lower, a random attack from them could kill Tang Zichen, and no matter how powerful Tang Zichen was in his previous life, he would only be able to deal with one.


Tang Zichen said, "Zhu Feng, this matter has nothing to do with you, you'd better not get involved."

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King was busy saying, "Zhu Feng, don't listen to him, he has such a strong magic weapon, even I am not a match, do you think you are a match?Once I'm dead, it'll be your turn next."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I have no quarrel with him, what am I killing him for.Half Immortal Clan Bastard, don't delay any longer, no matter how much you delay, I'll kill you."

Zhu Feng said, "Tang Zichen, is there anything you can't sit down and have a good consultation?"

Tang Zichen said, "Zhu Feng, I negotiate your sister, I'll ask you right now, this is a private matter between him and me, are you going to get involved?If so, I don't mind exterminating one more race, if not, please back off five hundred meters immediately."

Zhu Feng was upset with Tang Zichen's threatening tone and grunted, "Tang Zichen, is this what you're doing?"

"I'm not threatening you, I'm telling you that my patience is very limited, so limited as to be almost non-existent, for example."Don Zildon flipped his hand, and the ex-world mirror shone on the wishing wind.

"Ah."Zhu Feng hadn't reacted yet, and was instantly irradiated.

Even the Half Immortal Clan Saint King hadn't expected Tang Zichen to strike before finishing a sentence and engage in a sudden attack like.

After Tang Zichen transformed Zhu Feng back into a teenager, he immediately put his attention on the Saint King, lest he make a sudden attack, and now that Zhu Feng had returned to his teenage years, he was no longer a threat to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen sneered at the Saint King, "Now that your helper is gone, I'll see what else you can do to survive." Remember the website

At this moment, the wishing wind who had turned back into a teenager was shocked, "What's wrong with me?"

Tang Zichen said, "Zhu Feng, I told you, my patience is limited to almost non-existent.Get the fuck out of the way, don't chirp, there is no such thing as now, you've gone back to your teenage years, it's easy for me to kill you now."

"Tang Zichen, why are you doing this, I was going to fly up all."

"I gave you the chance, you damn well grabbed the chance to run, nothing happened, but you're good, still accusing me of not threatening you, it's ridiculous.Alright, I'll give you one more chance now, get out of my way immediately, or else, die."

This time, Zhu Feng pulled his legs out and ran.

Although he was incomparably resentful, but now that he was as weak as a ruminant in front of Tang Zichen, he had no right to a fair conversation.

Tang Zichen held his former mirror and said to the Saint King, "Now it's your turn, I'll see if you run faster or if my light shines faster."Tang Zichen's former mirror to the Half Immortal Clan Saint King, this felt like an ordinary man with a gun in his hand.

In fact, it did quite feel like holding a gun as well.Holding a gun was strong, but it wasn't invincible, and Tang Zichen had many weaknesses when he held his former mirror.

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King suddenly transformed his smile and asked, "Tang Zichen, I'll tell you something, actually, my daughter, Ayala, likes you very much, he said."

"Phew."Tang Zichen didn't wait for him to finish a sentence, the former mirror shone.

"Ah."Instantly, the Half Immortal Clan Saint King returned to his youth.

Tang Zichen snorted in his mouth, "Say your sister."

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King attempted to distract Tang Zichen's attention, then instantly attacked, then found time for a gap and suddenly escaped, as long as he could instantly escape thousands of meters, he wouldn't be afraid of Tang Zichen's former mirror.Unfortunately, how could Tang Zichen be so stupid.

"Tang Zichen, beg for mercy."When the Half Immortal Clan Saint King turned into a teenager, it was too late to think about it and immediately knelt down to beg for mercy.

Tang Zichen didn't immediately kill the Saint King, but arrested him instead.

"Wouldn't it be too cheap to kill you now, I want to capture you back and judge you properly."After saying that, Tang Zichen grabbed the Saint King and headed straight to the extreme south


The Saint King who had turned back into a teenager was no match for Tang Zichen.

It was just heartbreaking that Tang Zichen had wasted his four chances to use his former mirror in order to kill such a few miscellaneous hairs.

Tang Zichen's remaining Immortal Qi was doubtful that it would be able to support him until he killed the rest of the Half Immortal Clan's parahuman hybrids.

A day later, Tang Zichen returned to the Extreme South Continent's Tang Ji Gate.

"Zichen, you're back."Everyone ran up worriedly.

"Worried about what."

"No matter what, that Saint King also has the possibility of killing you, in case you run into several parahumans, wouldn't it be."

"That's true, if the former Mirror is this strong, it also has a weakness.By the way, is everyone okay."


"Where's Little Fire?"

"Little Fire is torturing that parahuman of the Half Immortal Clan."Mu Qianji said.

"Ah, that one parahuman hasn't killed him yet?"

"No, Little Fire."

"What the hell happened?"

Violet Pupil said, "Uncle Minister, Yan Ling and Mei, are both dead, Little Fire couldn't walk away from the grief inside, and took that half-immortal parahuman and overpowered him, and put him in the frying pan, and now that parahuman only has one bone left, and Little Fire is pumping his bone marrow and injecting corrosive water into it."

"What."Tang Zichen was shocked, and the Saint King who was recaptured by Tang Zichen was also shocked, and had a pain inside.

Tang Zichen asked, "Other than Yan Ling and Mei, are there any casualties?"

Mu Qianji said, "Yes, they killed once in the Six Seas, but fortunately, Purple Pupil was clever enough to stop it in time.However, it has also already caused, the death of about billions of people."

"What."Tang Zichen became furious and looked towards the Saint King he had captured.

Tang Zichen walked up and hoisted the Saint King up.

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched up.

"Poof."The Saint King was hit and vomited blood.

"He's the Saint King?"A few people were busy asking, and they didn't even recognize the captured teenager just now, who was the Saint King of the Half Immortal Clan, because the change was a bit drastic.

"Right, where is Little Fire now?Let's give this Saint King to Little Fire as well, he must be allowed to vent completely, otherwise he won't be able to untie his knot and his future cultivation will definitely be hindered."Tang Zichen shouted.

When that Saint King heard that, his face turned frighteningly pale and shouted, "No, I don't want to be tortured like this."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You chose the path yourself, it's good that you killed me, you had to implicate so many innocent humans in the Extreme South Continent, you deserved it."

Tang Zichen grabbed the Saint King and went to a torture room where Little Fire was torturing the half-immortal parahuman from before, and there were screams from the torture room.

Tang Zichen threw the Saint King to the ground and said, "Little Fire, I'm sorry, if I hadn't let you come back, this wouldn't have happened."

"I'm not blaming you, Chenchen."

"Little Fire, you have to hold on."

Little Fire's face was numb as he nodded, "I know."

Tang Zichen had also lost loved ones and was far more deeply attached to Yan Ling than Little Fire was to her, and could well understand how Little Fire was feeling right now.

"Little Fire, this man, is the Saint King of the Half Immortal Clan, if you want to take revenge, he's the most suitable person to look for, now it's in your hands."

Little Flame's gaze was cold as he looked at the Saint King.

"Ah."The Saint King saw the tortured skeleton of his fellow clansmen in the torture room and trembled in fear.


Tang Zichen kicked the Half Immortal Clan's Saint King to Little Fire, after which he was left to deal with Little Fire.

Tang Zichen tortured the Half Immortal Clan's Saint King for five days and nights, and finally died a horrible death in the torture chamber.

It was only five days later that Little Fire came out of the torture chamber.

"Little Flame, how is it now?Is it any better?"

"Well, it's much better to kill the Half Immortal Clan Saint King."

"Does it leave a knot?"

"I, I don't know."Little Fire was busy shaking his head.

"It's okay, we still have to go to the Half Immortal Clan and exterminate the Half Immortal Clan, and when the Half Immortal Clan is destroyed, I think the hatred in your heart should also be almost gone."

"Fine, exterminate the Half Immortal Clan."Little Fire bit his teeth.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm ready for you, just wait for you, you can leave right away."

"Mm." One second to remember to read the book

After that, Tang Zichen took Little Fire and went straight to the Half Immortal Clan, as for the others, none of them followed, this kind of extermination scene, or not.

By the way, during these five days, Little White returned from the Six Seas, Little White hid in the Six Seas for several days before he dared to try to come back and found that the crisis had been resolved.

It took Tang Zichen a few days, but he was finally almost to the Half Immortals.

Tang Zichen said, "There are almost nine parahumans left in the Half Immortal Clan, so if you want to destroy the Half Immortal Clan, you must first kill these nine parahumans.But my former mirror can only deal with one at a time, so it's not that easy.A divide and conquer approach must be taken.Little Fire, wait for me here, when you hear the signal I sent, it means that I have killed all the people of the Half Immortal Clan above the seventh stage of the Tribulation."

"Ah, I'll just wait here?"

"Yes, you're not strong after all, you could be killed at any time, I must kill all the Half Immortals above the seventh stage of Tribulation before you can come in."


"This process will take a month or two in the long run, or half a month and twenty days in the short run, you have to be patient."


Tang Zichen instructed Little Fire to hide and immediately rushed into the Half Immortal Clan's territory.

Tang Zichen first entered the disguise and pretended to be a member of the Half Immortal Clan, so that Tang Zichen could destroy the nine parahumans one by one, silently.

Tang Zichen mixed into the Half Immortal Clan's palace, disguised as a servant, and inquired about the location of the nine prospective Immortals' cave dwellings, and finally, went there one by one.

"Knock knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door of the first prospective immortal's room.

"What for."A furious voice came from inside, this prospective Immortal was preparing to cultivate.

Some prospective Immortals, who had waited for years for their ascension but couldn't wait, were in an irritable mood.

"It's me."Tang Zichen said.

The room opened in an instant.

The moment it opened, Tang Zichen's former mirror shone, instantly transforming that prospective immortal back into a teenager.


"Bang."Tang Zichen didn't mince words, he just slapped it to death and then cleared the scene, making it seem as if the prospective immortal wasn't dead and was cultivating.

Tang Zichen then came to the second prospective immortal.

Which one to kill first and which one to kill after, Tang Zichen had studied them all.

"Knock knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door of another prospective immortal.

"Who is it?"

"A message from my king."Tang Zichen said.

In the next second, the door opened and he was busy asking, "Why hasn't the Holy King returned after going to the Extreme South Continent for so long?What's the message?


Tang Zichen said, "The Holy King said, "Go to hell."Tang Zichen's former mirror shone.

"Bang."The next second shot dead.

Just like that, Tang Zichen spent several days killing the nine half-immortal parahumans one by one.

After killing the last one, Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh, finally, the Half Immortal Clan was no longer a threat to his existence.

However, there were still many Half Immortals in the Half Immortal Clan, and they were very strong in the ninth step of Tribulation, but Tang Zichen didn't have to worry at all.

Previously, Tang Zichen had already killed a Transmigration Ninth Step before he obtained his Immortal Qi, but now that he had Immortal Qi, he could exterminate the Transmigration Ninth Step with just a few small spells.

However, after Tang Zichen had killed nine Half Immortal Clan parahumans, he had only a little bit of Immortal Qi left.

Tang Zichen must also save a little, fortunately, casting small spells consumed very little immortal energy, as long as he no longer used the mirror of his previous life, there was no problem.

Tang Zichen immediately rushed up into the sky and laughed, "Everyone in the Half Immortal Clan is a dog."

This shout was heard by the entire Half Immortal Clan, everyone looked up, many of them didn't know who it was, after all, the people who had participated in the Sword Trials were also the princes and nobles of the Half Immortal Clan.

Tang Zichen shouted, "The Half Immortal Clan are all dogs, what, no one is coming out to take care of me?"

Before Tang Zichen's voice trailed off, thousands of Ninth Order of Tribulation rushed out.

Tang Zichen said, "Half Immortal Dog, come, come after me."After saying that, Tang Zichen flew away into the distance.

At once, like mosquitoes in the sky, many strong Half Immortals went after Tang Zichen.

The purpose of Tang Zichen's move was to lure the stronger Half Immortal Clan, those above the eighth or ninth stage of Tribulation to another place and then kill them in unison, so that fewer of them could escape.If they were to kill these people all at once over the Half Immortal Clan, many people would definitely run when they saw it.

Not long after, Tang Zichen fled to the uninhabited outskirts of the Half Immortal Clan.

The thousands of Half Immortal Clan powerhouses chasing after him were all a bit confused, why didn't they see a single parahuman coming after them?

Could it be that those parahumans didn't care to kill someone like Tang Zichen?That was all they could think about.

But where did they know that the parahumans had all been dealt with by Tang Zichen.

After arriving at the uninhabited outskirts, Tang Zichen stopped, and the dense group of half-immortal powerhouses that came after him surrounded Tang Zichen.

This dense group of Half Immortal Race powerhouses were almost all at the eighth and ninth stage of Tribulation.

"Are you Tang Zichen of the Extreme South Continent?"One of the men of the ninth stage of the Tribulation asked.

Tang Zichen snorted, "It is your grandfather me."

"Tang Zichen, how can you still be alive, our Saint King has already gone to exterminate you humans."

"Hahaha, that's why I've come today, today, you all have to die, your entire half-immortal race, all of you will perish."Tang Zichen said.

"What a mouthful, catch him."A group of tribulation powerhouses rushed up.

Tang Zichen immediately cast a small spell.

"Boom."With Tang Zichen at the center, a flame instantly swept in all directions, and within seconds, the densely packed half-immortal strongmen were reduced to ashes.


Only the smell of burning remained in the air.

After killing this batch, there were no more powerful Half Immortals left, and Tang Zichen could kill to his heart's content this time.

There was no way to sympathize when it came to this point, if Tang Zichen didn't exterminate the Half Immortal Clan, the Half Immortal Clan would go to exterminate humans sooner or later, so instead of killing more humans, otherwise exterminate these Half Immortal Clan's and save the humans.


At this moment, in the distant sky, a slender woman was stunned, and she was Princess Ayana.

Princess Ayana had just followed behind.

However, what Princess Ayala didn't expect was that Tang Zichen had killed so many of her strongest people in a flash, Tang Zichen had been as strong as an immortal.

Tang Zichen's gaze immediately shot off into the distance and found Princess Ayala.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Bitch."

Tang Zichen would never forget how Princess Ayala disliked him, nor would she forget that she sent people to chase Tang Zichen and the others down.

Of course, whether or not the matter of sending people after them was really her doing, had yet to be confirmed, but it was also unprovable because the person in question was already, even her father, the Saint King, was already, and even if Ayala said it wasn't her, it was empty words.

Tang Zichen rushed up in a flash.

Ayana looked at Tang Zichen with a pale face.

Tang Zichen strangled Ayala's neck and hoisted her up.

"Princess Ayana, we meet again, I didn't expect that it would be this kind of scene,"Tang Zichen said. First URL

"Tang, Tang Zichen, you, you actually."

"How dare you kill so many of your clansmen in one instant?Haha, that's just what you saw, and what you didn't see, shall I tell you, like, about your father."

"Ah, my father he?"

"Your father took two parahumans with him to kill me and exterminate my human race, but unfortunately, he's dead now."

"This, this is impossible, my father is the strongest parahumans of the Seven Seas."

"Believe it or not, now, it's your turn to die."

Ayana grieved inside, in fact, ever since Tang Zichen's sword test competition, Princess Ayana thought about Tang Zichen every day, and the more she thought about it, the more she thought that she, might have fallen in love with this humble human.These days, she thought about him day and night, but never would she have expected that today, she would finally meet the person she missed, and even more so, it was this kind of scene, he had become the Half Immortal Clan's sworn enemy.

"You really killed my father?"Princess Ayana asked with a tug at her heart.

"Is there any point in me lying to you when you're dead on arrival?Not only your father, but now I've taken care of your entire Half Immortal Clan's parahumans."

"I don't believe that all of the parahumans of our clan are still cultivating in the clan."

"In that case, I'll let you watch the end of the Half Immortal Clan with your own eyes."After saying that, Tang Zichen took Ayala and flew back into the air above the Half Immortal Clan.

Tang Zichen cast a rather large spell.

"Boom."On the ground, a monstrous flame rose from the ground out of nowhere.

"Wow."The flames were incomparably powerful, or, a person of this level was vulnerable to his spell.

The entire Half Immortal Clan caught fire, as if the entire Half Immortal Clan had been thrown into a furnace.

"No."Princess Ayala shrieked, watching her clan die.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, the more powerful he was, the more he treated the weak as ruminants, Tang Zichen didn't have to be so cruel, but there was no choice, if he didn't destroy the Half Immortal Clan today, the day Tang Zichen would ascend, the entire human race would die.

Ayana cried in the sky, after dozens of breaths, the entire Half Immortal Clan had been reduced to ruins, but still, not a single parahuman had appeared.

Ayala was desperate, she finally believed that all the parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan, had been killed off


"Ooooh."Ayala let out a painful cry.

Tang Zichen hoisted Ayala up and said, "It's your turn, Ayala, today's calamity is not that I, Tang, am heartless, but that your Half Immortal Clan is too arrogant and deceitful."

Ayala was hanging in Tang Zichen's hands, her eyes full of despair.

Tang Zichen was about to kill her, when Little Fire flew in.

"Brother Chen."

"Little Fire, you're just in time, the powerful Half Immortals have been mostly killed, and the rest of the surrounding area is full of weaklings, these weaklings are in your hands.I'll give you more than three hundred mouths of Bimbo Qi, you go and exterminate the rest, the remaining population is estimated to still occupy seventy percent of the entire Half Immortal Clan, you have to save the Bimbo Qi."

"Yes, Minister."

Tang Zichen gave all the Bimbo Qi to Little Flame, the remaining seventy percent or so of the Half Immortal Clan, Tang Zichen didn't even need to kill them himself, let Little Flame go, just vent the hatred within Little Flame, untie his heart, the powerful ones are all purged anyway.

Tang Zichen just Flame killed, only the half-immortal royal city, the royal city, at most, only occupy thirty percent of the population, scattered around at least another seventy percent, but all are weaker.

Aya cried and looked at Tang Zichen with a prayer in her eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "Are you regretting that you didn't marry me?If you marry me, maybe it won't end up like this today, there are times when you are out of your depth and I am out of my depth.Magnify your eyes a little, there are races dying and rising every day throughout the universe, and that's nothing."

"Kill me."Ayato said in prayer.

"Sure."Don Zichen raised his hand to shoot down.

But Don Zichen couldn't seem to do it, after all, he had coveted it before.

Tang Zichen suddenly hugged Ayala and rushed to the ground, to a bush on the ground, and tore Ayala's clothes off.

After that, Tang Zichen forcibly gave Ayana a what.

More than an hour later, Tang Zichen emerged from the bush and said, "Although you don't like me and dislike me, and even sent that ninth stage of the tribulation to kill me, I really want to kill you, but, after all, I once liked you and I couldn't do it.Today, I've exchanged defilement for your life, and I'll consider myself Tang Zichen's benevolence.If you can't take revenge, it means that your Half Immortal clan should die.If you can take revenge, that means I deserve to die.Farewell."

Tang Zichen said and flew away directly.

Ayana cried helplessly in the bushes, the truth was that Tang Zichen didn't understand her heart at all, she didn't dislike Tang Zichen, nor did she send anyone to kill him.Instead, Ayana felt fond of Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, there was no point in justifying any of this now, Tang Zichen had become the man who killed her father and exterminated her family.

Ayala stood up, and in the grass, a bright red was incredibly striking, showing Ayala's newly lost virginity.

Ayala gritted her teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, you exterminated my race, I will seek revenge on you."

Tang Zichen went to Little Fire after that, helped Little Fire, and exterminated the entire Half Immortal race.

After exterminating the entire Half Immortal race, Tang Zichen and Little Fire left the Half Immortal race.

"Little Fire, now that the entire Half Immortal Clan has been buried with them for Yan Ling and Mei, the hatred within you has almost been resolved."

Little Fire said, "Thank you, Brother Minister, if it wasn't for you, how could I kill so many Half Immortal Clan people."

"No need to thank you, exterminating the Half Immortal Clan is also for the safety of humanity."


Tang Zichen and Little Fire, returned to the Extreme South Continent.

The news of the Half Immortal Clan's extermination quickly spread throughout all the races of the Seven Seas.

The first reaction of all the races upon learning the news was disbelief, and it was only after personally going to the Half Immortal Clan that they found it to be true.

The Half Immortal Race could not be completely exterminated, more or less there were still some Leaky Fish left, although these Leaky Fish were quite dangerous, but they could no longer rise much of a storm, in the future, Tang Zichen would pass the Immortal cultivation method to the disciples of Tang Ji Gate, at that time, the entire Seven Seas, the strongest was the human race, so Tang Zichen did not need to worry at all, only need time.

After destroying the Half Immortal Clan, Tang Zichen and Little Fire, both locked themselves in their rooms for a long time.

No matter what, their hearts were made of flesh, and after exterminating a race, they still needed some repentance inside.

"Tzichen, someone's looking."One day a month later, Mu Qianji shouted from outside the door.

Tang Zichen opened the door.

"Who's looking for me?"

"It's the parahumans of the other races and some representatives."

"Uh, other races, what do you want from me?Could it be that you want to seek justice for the Half Immortal Clan?" Remember the URL

"I don't look like it, they're at the Tang Dynasty Great Hall, so go deal with it."

Tang Zichen immediately arrived at the Tang Grand Hall.

Sure enough, the Heavenly Goat, Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, Black Crow, Vajra, Qilin, Underworld, Waterman, the prospective Immortals of these races, as well as some representatives of the Ninth Stage of Tribulation, were all waiting for Tang Zichen in the great hall.

When Tang Zichen entered the main hall, everyone from these races immediately knelt down and bowed down.

"Participating Human King."Everyone bowed.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "What do you call me?King of Men?Hahaha."Tang Zichen gave a loud laugh.

"Human King, I hope you'll forgive me if I offended you before, so don't get along with us."A strong man of the Black Crow Clan said.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, get up first."

Only then did the crowd get up.

Tang Zichen asked, "About the Half Immortal Clan, I'm sure you all already know about it."

Everyone nodded their heads, their faces somewhat bitter, if it wasn't for this, they wouldn't have come here and kneeled down to Tang Zichen and called him king.

Tang Zichen said, "What do you come here to do?To seek justice for the Half Immortals?Come and settle the score with me when we're done?If that's the case, I don't mind letting only humans exist in the Seven Seas."

Suddenly, all the races in the palace immediately knelt down in fear.

"The Human King is mistaken, how dare we."

"Human King, we have come to show our allegiance to you."

The crowd wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads and said.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, but it was just to scare them a little.

If these people, really wanted to make trouble with Tang Zichen, then it would be Tang Zichen who would perish, because Tang Zichen's former mirror could not possibly kill these few parahumans present, and Tang Zichen's immortal energy could not be consumed anymore.

But Tang Zichen wasn't worried at all, and the amount they didn't dare, so many parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan had been exterminated by Tang Zichen, they were already scared out of their wits.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, how do you want to pledge allegiance to me?You guys came today at the right time, otherwise I was just looking for an opportunity to go to your race and talk about this."

The crowd wiped their sweat again, they had come today and it seemed that they were really right to

up, if Tang Zichen were to come to the door himself, I'm afraid the situation would be different.

"Human King, I have already told all the people of my race that from now on, we honor you as King."

"Yes, so do we."

"We all recognize you as king."

Tang Zichen said, "Very well, you know your place and save me the trouble of finding you again.So, how about this, I, Tang Ji Gate, will welcome all the geniuses from your various clans to come, join Tang Ji Gate, become a part of Tang Ji Gate, and in the future, together with humans, we will protect Tang Ji Gate and make a contribution to its development, how about it?"

"Thank you, King of Men."

"Hehe, I know that you may be disdainful inside, but it doesn't matter, I will let you know how powerful the Tang Ji Gate is.Ten years from now, I will hold a meeting martial of the various races of the Seven Seas, and then we will see if it's the geniuses of your race that are powerful, or the geniuses that come out of our Tang Ji Gate that are powerful."

"Eh."The crowd was startled, they were all a bit disdainful inside, although they had come to claim the title, but it was only to Tang Zichen alone, they didn't think that other than Tang Zichen, there were others who could be more powerful than their race.

Tang Zichen said, "You guys go back first, go back and prepare for ten years from now, the Seven Seas Meeting Martial, each realm will prepare one of the strongest."


The people from each race took their leave one after another.

After leaving the Tang Ji Gate, those races snorted, "Tang Zichen is powerful, that's because he's special, I don't phase, he was able to train those humble humans to surpass the geniuses of our race."

"That's right, after ten years, I'll let him know that rotten mud can never help the wall, the humans of the Extreme South Continent, the bottom is no good, no matter how much they cultivate, it's useless, unless every human is like Tang Zichen, a different race, but I never believe that humans can still appear another genius as different as Tang Zichen."

"However, once Tang Zichen ascends in the future, the humans of the Extreme South Continent will be nothing.The reason why humans are able to appear a different kind of genius like Tang Zichen is because their population base is large, and anything is possible with a large base, if our race, which also has a population of tens of billions of people, there is no telling what level of genius will appear."

"After this, we understand one thing, any race must have enough numbers, with more numbers, the probability of super geniuses appearing is ah, after going back, we must work hard to develop our population."

At Tang Ji Gate.

"Just let them go back like that?"

"What else can I do, I can't exterminate these races again as well, I don't have the power to do that now, I'm about to run out of fairy energy."

"Fortunately, they don't dare to attack you."

"Oh, all of you prepare yourselves, ten years from now, it will be your stage, ten years from now, I want you to compete against the geniuses of their race, you must win against their race's peer geniuses."Tang Zichen said to Mu Qianji Tang Huan and the others.

"Good."Everyone nodded, but they were a little skeptical that they were really able to win against the geniuses of those holy beast races.

Tang Zichen said, "In these ten years, I will also try my best to discover the buried human geniuses and nurture them up, after ten years, it will be the time to witness the rise of humanity."Tang Zichen's confidence slowly.

"It will definitely happen, the power pattern of the Seven Seas will be completely changed, and in the future, the Seven Seas will be the most sacred existence of Tang Ji Gate, a holy place of cultivation that every race aspires to."Mu Qianji said.

"Oh, this is my goal, after completing these things, it's almost time for me to ascend, I'll leave my heroic name to the descendants here, hahaha."


Ten years later.

"Thousand Extremes, in a few days, it will be the time, as originally agreed, when the various clans of the Seven Seas will meet to fight, how are you all preparing?"

"I don't know exactly."Mu Qianji shook his head somewhat blankly.

Tang Zichen said, "Call everyone here tonight, it's been ten years, it's time to have a good get together."

"Yeah, these past ten years, everyone has only been here for cultivation, and you yourself, sometimes you don't show up once for years."Mu Qianji seemed to have already complained.

Tang Zichen smiled slightly and thought carefully, in these ten years, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji had been together just once.

Tang Zichen hooked Mu Qianji's chin and said, "Small sample, grumbling a lot, I've been focused on cultivation and distractions for the past ten years, and I've snubbed you, but I've at least been with you once for the past ten years, and the others, even more so, haven't even seen me once."

Mu Qianji pursed his lips, that's true, in these ten years, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin, Mo Yuyan, Xiaobai, and that disciple of Tang Zichen, the reincarnation of Murong Guoguo, had barely even seen Tang Zichen's face, because in these ten years, Tang Zichen had appeared a few times, and they all happened to be in cultivation when Tang Zichen appeared.

Tang Zichen sighed, "It's been ten years, I've finally cultivated to the tenth stage of Tribulation, after I survive the last thunderstorm, I'll be a quasi-immortal."

Mu Qianji was busy asking, "Did you ascend after becoming a quasi-immortal?"

"That's not necessarily true, it will have to wait, God knows how long, even ten years, a hundred and two hundred years, depending on God's will." One second to remember to read the book


Tang Zichen looked at Mu Qianji, who was still a bit far away from Tang Zichen now that he had cultivated to the Seventh Stage of Tribulation.

It couldn't be helped, Tang Zichen would definitely ascend first.

A hint of reluctance appeared in Mu Qianji's eyes.

Tang Zichen had never soared before either, so he didn't know what the process was like and which part of the Immortal Realm he would appear in after ascending.

Tang Zichen read the memories of his past life and found that there was no such concept as a soaring person, meaning that the soaring person was in the Immortal Realm and quietly integrated into the society of the Immortal Realm, Tang Zichen could only take one step at a time.

That night, Tang Zichen called everyone out.

Little Fire, Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Purple Pupil, Yan Xinyi, Xia Xiaoxin, Wang Xuewei, Mu Qianji, and everyone sat at a large table and had a generous dinner prepared.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at everyone, everyone had improved in these ten years.

Mu Qianji, who had cultivated to the seventh stage of Tribulation.

Little Flame also cultivated to the seventh stage of Tribulation.

Tang Huan, transgressing the sixth stage of robbery.

Lu Yuxi, at the sixth stage of the Tribulation.

Zi Dong, attained the fourth level of Tribulation.

Yan Xinyi, attained the fifth level.

Xia Xiaoxin, fifth level.

Wang Xuewei, having passed the 3rd rank.

Xiaobai, fourth level of Tribulation.

Of course, apart from cultivating the realm, they also cultivated spells, so their fighting power was definitely not low, and Tang Zichen had taught them some of the spells of the Immortal Realm that did not require the consumption of Immortal Qi.This was also the reason why Tang Zichen had confidence in this Seven Seas Meeting Martial, the geniuses of those races, the reason why they were stronger was nothing more than their strong physical defenses, comparable to humans who possessed pseudo-immortal weapons.However, the spells taught by Tang Zichen were of the Immortal Realm, and were completely no less effective than the effects brought by pseudo-immortal weapons, except for

Outside of the defensive ones, there was also the extremely powerful occurrence of killing.

"We all congratulate Brother Minister, stepping into the tenth stage of Tribulation.".



"I wish Uncle Minister, an early ascension to the Immortal Realm."

Tang Zichen said, "Purple Pupil, I won't accept this blessing from you."

"Ah."Zi Hitomi was stunned there.


"I'd rather not ascend so early and wait for you all to ascend together."Tang Zichen said with some sadness.

"Uncle Chen, the ultimate dream of an immortal cultivator is to ascend, so why do you still wish it wasn't so early?"Purple Pupil was puzzled.

Tang Zichen asked, "If I ascend right now, or in a few years, then what will you do?Although I've taught you powerful spells, it only puts you in an undefeated position among your peers, it doesn't allow you to cross over to kill your enemies.Not as good as Thousand Extremities and Little Fire, both of whom are in the Seventh Tier of Tribulation, you guys can only have the advantage of being in the Seventh Tier of Tribulation, and if another race, a strong person in the Eighth Tier of Tribulation appears, you'll all be finished.So, I really don't want to ascend so quickly, otherwise, you'll all be finished.Don't think that those races respect us now, it's all because of me.Once I'm gone, it's easy to imagine."

The too, there are still the Half Immortal races, there are definitely still Leaky Fish, maybe there are all the Leaky Fish of the eighth and ninth steps of the Tribulation, and the probability is extremely high."

Tang Zichen nodded, "That's right, on that day, Little Fire and I, there were only two of us, it's impossible for us to actually kill every single member of the Half Immortal Clan, maybe the ones that went out on that day, or the ones that lived more remotely, then they weren't killed on that day."

Tang Huan was depressed, "Then what should we do?"

"Then why haven't you slowed down your cultivation for the past ten years."Lu Yuxi asked.

Tang Zichen sighed, "I don't know why, actually, I didn't think about these problems that much before, I thought that I didn't cultivate to the Tenth Order of Tribulation so quickly, and I also cultivated to the Tenth Order of Tribulation to guard against the prospective immortals of other races, after all, I don't have immortal energy anymore, if they knew, then I'd be in trouble, so I had to cultivate to the Tenth Order of Tribulation!."

Dao: "If brother Zichen really doesn't want to ascend so quickly, I do have a note."

"What note, say."

"I heard my grandfather say before that after he reached parahuman, in order to be able to sense the call to ascend, he had to stay in a place with sufficient aura every day.So, if you don't want to ascend so quickly, you can go to a place with no aura, that way you won't be able to sense the call to ascend, and then you can come back after we all reach parahuman."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled, that was a good idea.

"Where there's no aura at all, the only place to go is to the mortal realm."Yan Xinyi said.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's talk about these things later, let's eat first today, it's been ten years, let's all have a good meal."

"Fine, drink."

After that, everyone mingled and drank until late at night.

In the other races of the Seven Seas, these days they were selecting the greatest geniuses of their race, one from each level, to participate in the Seven Seas Meeting Martial.

"This time, we must let those humans know that they are humble, and they will always be humble."A race of parahumans, said to the genius they had chosen.

"Yes, Ancestor, we will definitely let them know how powerful we are, as well as the same level geniuses of other races."


And so, all of the Seven Seas, except for the Half Immortal Clan, set off with the strongest people they had chosen, heading straight for the Extreme South Continent.

However, although the Half Immortal Clan did not appear, it did not perish.

Right now, in some hidden place.

"Princess, in a few days, it will be the day of the Seven Seas Meeting initiated by Tang Zichen."A man at the ninth stage of the Tribulation said to Princess Ayala of the Half Immortal Clan.

"Well, I know."Ayana said with sadness and resentment in her eyes.

Ever since Ayana had been defiled by Tang Zichen ten years ago, Ayana had rarely spoken, becoming silent as if her personality had changed, and she would never forget that time.

That man of the ninth stage of the tribulation gritted his teeth and grunted, "Tang Zichen, that lowly trash, he is simply humiliating himself by holding the Seven Seas Meeting Martial, even their weak and vulnerable human dared to compete with other races' geniuses of the same level, it's ridiculous, this time, let's see how he is going to beat his own face."

Ayana said, "Uncle Linghe, or no one else, the humans of the Extreme South Continent are no longer the humans that everyone remembered in the beginning, otherwise, how could our Half Immortal Race be wiped out, leaving only tens of thousands of people today, hiding in this hidden place."

"Princess, don't be too ambitious, don't worry, we'll soon be back at the top.Our Half Immortal Clan is naturally strong, and I will soon be able to step into the tenth step of tribulation and become a parahuman .Apart from me, our clan now has over fifty ninth-grade Tribulation and several hundred eighth-grade Tribulation.In less than fifty years, our clan, at least seven or eight quasi-immortals will appear."

Ayato was slightly more at ease, their half-immortal clan was indeed strong, they were half-immortal clansmen who could cultivate to the Mahayana stage when they were teenagers, and the powerful ones could even reach the robbery stage.

The remaining tens of thousands of their clan members, seventy percent, were now at the robbery stage, so they were bound to rise. First URL

"And Tang Zichen, when he ascends, he's nothing, hahaha."

"Alright, Uncle Linghe, you should also hurry and go cultivate."

"Yes, Princess."

In the Extreme South Continent, several races had arrived.

Each race had brought ten of the strongest participants, from the first stage of Tribulation to the tenth stage of Tribulation, and the tenth stage was those parahumans.

The reason why Tang Zichen wanted to cultivate to the tenth stage of Tribulation in ten years was to prevent this.

And now, Tang Zichen was already at the tenth stage of the tribulation, so if he really wanted to do it, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid.

In addition to the participants, each race also came with thousands of friends and relatives, so the several races combined came with tens of thousands of people.

Tang Zichen instructed them to arrange for these people to live at Tang Ji Gate, and Tang Zichen was not stingy with such trivial matters, but warmly entertained them.

In Tang Ji Gate's Royal Inn, each race's group of relatives and friends had a good room, as well as countless food and wine.

In the Royal Inn, there was a lot of discussion at the moment.

"Holy crap, I didn't expect the humans to be so nice to us, I thought I'd have to be prepared to sleep out on the streets."

"Yeah, I even brought some food from my own home, just in case I don't even have a place to eat after coming here.Before I came here yet, I thought that a barbaric place like the Extreme South Continent must be full of humans who defecate everywhere and mating haphazardly everywhere on the roadside.I didn't expect it to be like that, but the streets here are misshapen, clean, and tidy, and the humans here are also well-dressed, not to mention no open defecation."

"It seems that we all think low of humans, in fact, they are as civilized as I am


Those who had come to the Extreme South Continent for the first time had changed their views on humans.

At the Tang Extreme Gate Hall, Tang Zichen received nine races of prospective immortals, some genius participants, and some representatives of each race.

"See the Human King."

Tang Zichen smiled, "No need to be polite, get up."

"Thank you, Human King."The crowd said from the bottom of their hearts, they didn't care to participate in this kind of meeting martial, however, they were forced by Tang Zichen's pressure.

Tang Zichen said, "Ten years, it will be here in the blink of an eye, may I ask, are you all ready?"

"Back to the Human King, we are already prepared, the ones standing here at this moment are the most outstanding geniuses of our race."

"Very good, then, tomorrow, let's start holding the Seven Seas Meeting Martial, starting from the first level of Tribulation, each race will put out at least one representative, or of course, more than one, and then rank them to see which race is the most outstanding."

"Good."Everyone nodded.

"Today, I have arranged to go down and prepare a grand dinner for you, I expect you to enjoy yourselves today."

"Thank you, King."

The next day, the Seven Seas Meeting Martial started officially.

The first human to participate was a woman named Song Liu, this woman, who was a genius recommended by the Tang Extreme Gate, who had backstabbed from the Six Seas and finally bailed to the Seven Seas Headquarters, she was now at the first stage of the Tribulation, so the first round, she would be the one to participate on behalf of the humans.

Of course, Tang Zichen had also taught her spells and, Tang Zichen had taken him as his disciple ten years ago.

The competition was not detailed.

The final result was that Song Liu defeated the first rank geniuses of the other races in the first stage of Tribulation and became the first place.

"Yay."The entire arena cheered the moment he won first place.

Tang Zichen was also very pleased.

The people of those races, however, had dark faces, and they couldn't figure out why a human of the Human Race, who looked so physically weak, was able to defeat their genius.

Next, the competition continued.

The Second Stage of Transmigration, also a genius within the Tang Chi Gate, Tang Zichen had taught him some spells ten years ago to prepare him.

As a result, he became the first place again, a genius whose strength crushed every major race.

The one who participated in the third stage of the Tribulation was Wang Xuewei.

"Go for it, Xuewei."

Tang Huan and the others shouted, and Wang Xuewei flew onto the ring with confidence.

The race began, Wang Xuewei said, "I don't want to compete with your race one by one, you nine race's third stage geniuses, let's go together."

"Wow."The entire audience was shocked, truly unbelieving that such arrogant words came from a weak looking beauty.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Worthy of being his disciple."Of course, it could also be said that she was his woman, after all, Tang Zichen had circled and forked her for countless times.

In the end, Wang Xuewei did not disappoint everyone, although she felt a lot of pressure against nine people on her own, she still defeated in the end, and several people joined hands.

The faces of those nine races were all very ugly, in stark contrast to their previous disdain.

After Wang Xuewei won the first place, she then went on to transmute the third, fourth, and fifth places, and these places were left for the other races to compete for.


It was time for the Fourth Order of Tribulation competition.

Humans participated, an old man named Hu Zheng, this Hu Zheng, was ordered by Tang Zichen ten years ago and taught him spells.

Of course, there were also Little White and Purple Pupil, who were in the fourth stage of the Tang Chi Gate's Robbery, but Tang Zichen had Little White and Purple Pupil, who represented the Dragon Race, after all, they were dragons.

So, this round was special after all, the humans didn't win first place, but only third place, first place being Xiaobai and second place being the Dragon Clan.

However, the dragon tribe couldn't be happy, because everyone knew that Xiaobai and Purple Pupil, both of them were Tang Zichen's people.

The people who participated on the human side of the fifth stage of the Transition, were Yan Xingyi and Xia Xiaoxin.

In the end, Yan Xinyi won first place, Xia Xiaoxin won second place, and the Underworld's won third place.

The participants were Tang Huan and Lv Yuxi.

Tang Huan won the first place, Lu Yuxi won the second place, and the one from the Underworld tribe won the third place.

For the Seventh Level of Tribulation, the participants were Mu Qianji and Little Flame.

However, Little Flame represented the Qilin Clan. Remember the website

In this round, there was not much difference in strength between Mu Qianji and Xiao Huo, in the end, Xiao Huo did not hold out any longer and let Mu Qianji, thus, Mu Qianji won first place and Xiao Huo second place.The genius of the dragon race won third place.

Eighth Order of Tribulation, human side, there were no contestants, as there were no ones above the eighth order of Tribulation on the human side, except for Tang Zichen.

The ninth step of Tribulation, human side, also had no contestants.

Just like that, the sensational Seven Seas Meeting Martial was over in three days.

The final result made Tang Zichen very satisfied.

Tang Zichen stood on the ring and said to everyone, "Everyone, the three-day Seven Seas Meeting Martial, at this point, is officially over, and I can say that we have won first place in all the competitions, and although the Transmigration Fourth Order Dragon Race is first, Sebastian and Purple Pupil, who represent the Dragon Race, are both from my Tang Chi Gate.I think everyone is now well aware that we, humans, have crushed you with our strength.To be precise, it is the Tang Ji Gate that has crushed the various races.I think everyone is already very clear about what we, Tang Ji Gate, represent."

All the races were silent.

Tang Zichen said, "Next, I will teach my techniques to everyone in the Tang Ji Gate, and in the future, our Tang Ji Gate will definitely be an existence standing at the peak."

At this time, the prospective Immortals of the Water Race were busy asking, "Human King, may I ask if we of the Water Race can join the Tang Extreme Gate and become a part of it?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's a good question, my answer is that ten years ago, I already extended an invitation to you, but unfortunately, at that time, you refused, so you have missed your chance."

The prospective Immortals of the Water People Clan immediately knelt down and pleaded, "Human King, please also lift up your hand and let the people of my clan join the Tang Ji Gate.We already know deeply how powerful the Tang Ji Gate is, if the Tang Ji Gate only allows humans to exist, then in the future, every human who has practiced your techniques is so powerful, and the number of humans is so large, then our race will be vulnerable to you humans, ah, our clan will be exterminated by you."

Tang Zichen said, "You're right, at that time, your races, which were once so high and mighty, will be vulnerable to humans."

"I would also like to ask the human king to promise to let the geniuses of our clan join the Tang Chi Gate."Everyone knelt down.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "You guys go back first, allow me to think about it, and come back in a year."

"Yes."The people of those races, lost, left first.


Why don't you let them join the Tang Clan?In fact, they can be allowed to join, so that the Tang Ji Gate can become a holy place of cultivation for everyone."Mu Qianji said.

"Hmph, they can join if they want to?Now that they have felt the crisis, if every single disciple of my Tang Ji Gate cultivates magic, then their races will be incomparably weak.Therefore, I'm going to give them a year's time, which they will definitely spend in torment, so that after a year, they will only feel cherished if they permit to join the Tang Ji Gate."

"Oh, so you didn't have rejection in mind."

"Yes, just deliberately giving them a bit of a hard time.Thousand Extremes, I've now sensed that the thunderstorm is coming."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, the last thunderstorm?"

"Yes. After surviving the last thunderstorm, I'm a parahuman and could leave this world at any time."

"How can it be so fast."Mu Qianji was a little panicked.

"Alas, this really isn't the time for me to leave, so I'd better listen to Xiaobai's advice and leave here immediately after becoming a Quasi-Immortal to a place with no aura, and I'll come back once you're able to face this world on your own."

"Mm."Mu Qianji nodded.

"Then you can only go to the Mortal Realm."

"Yes. There is no aura in the Mortal Realm, and even if I become a parahuman, I won't be able to sense the call to ascend so quickly."

"Alas, it's all because we're still so weak."

"No, it's the humans who are so weak, if the humans had quasi-immortals or even existed in the ninth stage of Tribulation, I wouldn't have to bother so much, I would be able to teach spells to the humans in the ninth stage of Tribulation.However, the humans don't even have the eighth stage of Tribulation now."

Mu Qianji bitterly to, "The only five that were at the eighth stage of Tribulation were all killed by you."

"Why are you talking about these past events.I'm going to the tribulation now, and after the tribulation, I still have a trip to the Six Seas to look for Bismon."

"Ah, what's the point of looking for Bimun."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've recovered my past life memories, Bimun is my servant from my past life ah."

"Also, then you go."

Tang Zichen immediately entered the room and closed his eyes for the robbery.

Mu Qianji watched from outside the door, although Tang Zichen was very confident in his robbery, Mu Qianji still carried the worry inside that if he failed the robbery, Tang Zichen would no longer be able to open his eyes.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

Mu Qianji was suddenly relieved.

Tang Zichen saw the look on Mu Qianji's face and said wordlessly, "Do you still have to worry if I'm going to be robbed."

"Nonsense."Mu Qianji was furious, she was very nervous in those few minutes just now.

"I, Tang someone, if a mere immortal can still die after a martial robbery, then I'm too rubbish, I was an immortal in my previous life."Tang Zichen said.

"Alright, I know you're great, you should go to the Six Seas and find Bimbo."

"Well, I was ashamed of Bimun in my past life, I have to rescue him in this life, he still doesn't know that I've recovered my past life memories, Bimun used to be strange to me, but now, it feels like an old acquaintance."Tang Zichen laughed bitterly, then disappeared into the spot.

Tang Zichen appeared in the sky above the Six Seas in the next moment.

Tang Zichen headed straight for the Sixfold Sea of Death.

Beamon was sealed because his soul was dedicated to Tang Zichen in his previous life, so he couldn't return to the Immortal Realm, his strength was almost gone and he was imprisoned here, today Tang Zichen would help him free himself.


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