The King of Kungfu in school 1951-1960


Chapter 1951

"Little Fire, why are you following his nonsense too."

"I think that Chen has a point, those people think that the humans of the Extreme South Continent are low level creatures and don't care to be with you, I think it's necessary to give them a little bit of color."

Mu Qianji said, "That will let them know our strength ah, why do we have to do that, make the hall stink."

Tang Zichen said, "Qianji, we can't do it here, besides, it's not too late to do it later on."

"Speechless to you guys, I'm not going to go out in the hall anyway."Mu Qianji shook his head helplessly and entered the boundaries in the room.

This matter, which quickly spread out, was reduced to a laughingstock in the city of the Half Immortal Clan.

Right now, at the heart of the Half Immortal Clan.

"Princess."A personal maid with a smile walked to the side of a noble, beautiful, and touching lady.

"Gan Hua, what's sip and sneer."

"Princess, I just heard something outside, this time your sword trial competition, we announced that all races could come and participate.As a result, even the humans from the Extreme South Continent came."

"What? All the humans from the Extreme South Continent came?"The princess was startled, which was never expected. The first website

"Yes, when we first released this information, we said that all races could come, we didn't include the humans of the Extreme South Continent at all, after all, the humans of the Extreme South Continent, so lowly, are not worthy of coming to our Half Immortal Clan."

The princess of the Half Immortal Clan said, "Indeed, even I didn't think of that, but it was our mistake, it was our habit of ignoring the lowly creatures of the Extreme South Continent, so when we released the information, we didn't give a special account of it, except for the Extreme South Continent.However, no matter what, the humans of the Extreme South Continent are always considered a race, and they didn't come to intentionally offend."

"Yes, so our people allowed them to participate without driving them away, allowing them to enjoy the same treatment as the other races, showing that we Half Immortals are treating them equally."

"Well, that's well done, we Half Immortal Clan can't bully the little ones with the big ones, since it's our fault we have to take the blame."

"But, Princess, you know what?Right now, several other sacred beast races are making a scene, desperately appealing to us to move the humans of the Extreme South Continent to other places."


"Hahaha, I heard that the humans of the Extreme South Continent, they are still uncivilized and as civilized as beasts, they urinate and defecate everywhere, not only urinating in the common hall but also defecating in the hall."

"What? They really are low level creatures."The princess of the Half Immortal Clan sighed.

"By the way, the humans from the Extreme South Continent, who are they coming to participate in my Sword Trials Competition and who do they want to participate in?"

"It's a man named Tang Zichen, I heard that he's the most outstanding human genius in the entire Extreme South Continent."

"The most outstanding human genius is just a king among ants, and no matter how most outstanding, he's still just a mole."The half-immortal princess's face was deeply disdainful.

The personal maid beside her said, "That Tang Zichen is the most outstanding among a group of ants in their Extreme South Continent, he may have a high status among a group of ants, but here in our Half Immortal Clan, he's still an insect.If we hadn't made a mistake this time and let them exploit the gap, how would that human Gryphon have a chance to fight you, Princess, this is that Tang

Tzu-Chen doesn't know how many lifetimes of blessings he has cultivated."

"Alright, don't be long-winded here, in a few days, my sword trial competition will begin, so why don't you hurry up and get ready."

"Yes, Princess."

After the maid left, the Half Immortal Clan's princess walked over to the mirror and looked at herself in the mirror, beautiful as a celestial and with a perfect to flawless figure.

The Half Immortal Clan princess smiled slightly, her beauty, her body, even she would fall in love with herself when she looked at it.

It wasn't that she was really that narcissistic, but she was really that beautiful, and since she was a child, she had been appreciated for her beauty, which made her not to pay attention to her appearance, but she was really beautiful, after all, she was evaluated by the Half Immortal Clan as, the first beautiful woman in the history of the Half Immortal Clan.

The ancestor of the Half Immortal Clan told her that in the future, when she ascended to the Immortal World, she would have an excellent future in the Immortal World with this beauty of hers.And, let her be sure to maintain her purity.

This princess of the Half Immortal Clan herself felt that only the powerful Immortals of the Immortal Realm were worthy of her, and all the mortals here were unworthy.

And so, in the blink of an eye, three days passed.

At the place where the Tang's courtiers lived.

A person came, and as soon as that person entered the hall, he immediately covered his nose and ran out of the hall in a panic.

"Damn, so what was rumored outside, that those low-level creatures in the Extreme South Continent were actually true."That strong man ran outside the hall and shouted, "Everyone, come out."

Soon, all the races ran out, and each of them came out with their noses covered.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, get ready, it's almost time, someone is shouting outside, let's go out."

"The Half Immortal Clan's Sword Trials are finally starting, it's really suffocating me."Tang Huan said.

Mu Qianji said, "What if we have to go through the hall when we go out later?"

Tang Zichen said, "What happened before is over, the next step will be the time for us humans of the Extreme South Continent to change our status, let's go."

Tang Zichen and the others also swiftly walked out of the hall and gathered with the other races at the entrance of the hall.

After walking out of the hall, a strong Half Immortal Clan of the ninth stage of Tribulation stood at the front and swept a glance at the crowd, finally settling his gaze on Tang Zichen and the others, that strong man said, "You low-level creatures of the Extreme South Continent actually urinated and defecated everywhere, it was a mistake to let you come to our Half Immortal Clan to participate in the princess's sword trial competition this time."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, you misunderstood, in fact, although we humans of the Extreme South Continent are not as powerful as your Half Immortal Clan, but we are by no means the kind of race that urinates and defecates everywhere, we are not so lowly as that."

Hearing Tang Zichen say this, a man from the Hiei Clan roared, "Not this kind of low-level creature?And what's that stench emanating from the hall now?"

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said, "This is on purpose, because you so-called holy beast races always look at us with a level higher gaze, so I deliberately disgusted you with the stench in the hall."

When those races heard Tang Zichen say that, they became angry and wanted to beat Tang Zichen violently.

The strong man of the Half Immortal Race said, "Alright, quiet.That, from the Extreme South Continent, I don't care if you're such low-level creatures, but I advise you not to urinate or defecate anywhere next, especially after entering the Half Immortal Clan's palace."


Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, this can't happen next."

At this time, a race of ninth-ranked Tribulation powerhouses viciously said to Tang Zichen, "Kid, I remember this time, you have offended me, after leaving the Half Immortal Clan, if I don't kill you, I will follow your surname, and after killing you, I will definitely go to the Extreme South Continent and exterminate all of you lowly creatures.You wait, I'll do what I say."

"Right, exterminate all the lowly creatures in the Extreme South Continent."The other race immediately echoed loudly.

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "I welcome you, but you'll die ahead."

"Kid, there are now rules of the Half Immortal Race that stand in the way, or else you dare try to be arrogant?You're a lowly race, you don't deserve to exist in the Seven Seas."

Tang Zichen's gaze went to the people who threatened him, Tang Zichen's mouth chilled, it seemed that after the Half Immortal Race's Sword Trials were over, many races would have to take action against the Extreme South Continent.

Unfortunately, they had underestimated Tang Zichen's abilities.

That strong man of the Half Immortal Clan: "Everyone, stop arguing, I don't care what grudges you have, you are now in my Half Immortal Clan's territory, any grudges you have will be dealt with as you wish when you leave."

Everyone quieted down.

"Everyone, I've kept you waiting for the past few days, our princess's sword testing competition starts today, now please come with me into the palace for the sword testing competition.Along the way, please keep quiet, don't make loud noises, don't look around, and don't run around, or else you'll suffer the consequences."After saying that, that strong man of the Half Immortal Clan led the way, and everyone followed him, all the way to the Half Immortal Clan's palace.

Soon, they arrived at the Half Immortal Clan's palace. Remember the URL

Somewhere in the Half Immortal Clan's palace, similar to a martial field, there were already very many people surrounding the place at the moment, and it looked like they were all people with prominent status in the Half Immortal Clan who were qualified to participate in this kind of sword trial competition.

Tang Zichen and the others followed that person into the venue.

The man said, "You guys just find a place to stand here and wait for the princess's sword trial competition to begin, and then, whoever it is the race's turn to go up to the stage and try swords with the princess will go up."

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, may I ask what is the Sword Testing Competition?"

When Tang Zichen asked this question, the other races cast despising gazes and whispered curses, "They don't even know what the Sword Trials are, and they dare to participate."

"Where do the lowly creatures of the Extreme South Continent understand something so elegant, all they know is breeding and mating."

A series of unpleasant sounds were emitted from the mouths of those races.

Tang Zichen and the others were very upset by what they heard, but now was not the time to argue with them.

That strong man from the Half Immortal race said, "The so-called Sword Test Competition is the latest acquisition of a flying sword by our clan's first princess, and I've heard that the grade is even higher than a pseudo-immortal artifact, having reached the level of a Half Immortal artifact.Today, recently, our princess has successfully sacrificed this flying sword, so today, we invite all genius experts of all races to test their swords.Everyone who is qualified to test the sword with Princess must be the most talented of your respective races, or else they are not worthy to fight with our Princess.When you guys came here before, you had already registered."

Tang Zichen now understood what a sword test competition was, it was nothing more than a half-immortal princess newly obtaining a powerful sword and coming to test the sword for the first time.

When he had come before, Tang Zichen had come as the extremely

The most talented person in the Southern Continent registered, which meant that Tang Zichen had the chance to fight that princess of the Half Immortal Clan.

What followed was a long wait on the spot until 10:00 am, when that princess was finally flown in a golden palanquin by a few white clothes, and finally landed on top of the martial arts practice arena.

"See Princess Ayala."

All of the half-immortal clansmen on the scene knelt down in worship, and Tang Zichen and the others were also ordered to kneel down by that powerful half-immortal clan.

Tang Zichen didn't want to, but if everyone knelt down, just him still standing, he would definitely become the focus of attention, there would definitely be more trouble, after all, Tang Zichen couldn't beat the parahumans yet, but there were more than ten parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan.

The more Tang Zichen had to kneel and worship, Tang Zichen internally comforted himself: "Damn it, I'll just assume that I'm kneeling my little wife."

A few seconds later, that princess came out from the golden palanquin and said to everyone, "Level body, no need to be polite."

Only then did everyone get up.

After Tang Zichen got up, he looked forward and was shocked, "Wow, a stunning beauty."

Tang Zichen's eyes lit up fiercely, and he had to say that this Half Immortal Clan's princess was too beautiful, her body was just too good.

"Knock."Just as Tang Zichen was licking his lips, suddenly a sound of gulping came from beside him.

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that it was a man with a pair of horns on his head, a man from the Heavenly Goat Clan, who couldn't help but swallow his saliva as he looked at the Half Immortal Clan's princess.

"I go, more exaggerated than me, pervert, I despise him."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

At this moment, not only Tang Zichen's eyes were shining, the eyes of the entire audience were shining brightly.

That half-immortal princess stood on the stage, watching everyone below her fall for her, her heart swelled, as if she had already done so more than once, every time she showed herself, she would attract the attention of a large number of men.

Not long after, a strong parahuman flew up to the stage and said to everyone, "Everyone, today is the day my daughter, Ayana, will have her sword test. Here, not only have we invited the most outstanding geniuses from all races, but we, the Half Immortal Clan, have also selected the ten most outstanding geniuses to have a sword test with Ayana after two periods of time.Today, I hope that you all will not let Ayana try out for the sword.In order to thank you all for accompanying my daughter in the sword test, my daughter hereby promises that as long as she can hold 300 breaths of air in my daughter's hand during the sword test without losing, then she will have the opportunity to share dinner with my daughter, with my daughter."

"Wow."This statement caused a stir in the arena, wondering what it would be like to share a dinner with the first ever beauty of the Half Immortal Clan.

That prospective immortal smiled, "I expect you all to work hard."

On the scene, those ten geniuses of the Half Immortal Clan who had gone through two levels of selection were all eager to try out.

Of course, the most outstanding geniuses from each race were also very eager inside.

"Below, I would like to invite the ten Half Immortal Race geniuses to come on stage and encourage them with applause."A strong man who resembled a referee shouted.

"Pah-pah."The whole arena burst into applause, and then the ten young geniuses of the Half Immortal Clan made their way onto the ring.

Then, that referee shouted again, "Next, let's invite the most outstanding geniuses from all sides, from all races, to the stage."

Tang Zichen and the other most outstanding geniuses from various races were also already prepared and ascended to the ring in front of everyone's eyes.


The referee introduced the sword test subjects one by one.

Starting with the ten geniuses of the Half Immortal Clan's own clan, they were introduced.

After introducing the geniuses from their own clan, it was time to introduce Tang Zichen, the strongest geniuses from the other races.

"Next, we introduce the most outstanding geniuses from each of the other races, and the first to be introduced is, the most outstanding young genius from the Heavenly Sheep Clan, Omiyo.Everyone applaud."


"Next is the most outstanding genius from the Dragon Clan, Guo Qiong."

"Pah, pah, pah."

"This is the most outstanding genius from the Vermillion Bird Clan, Gao Lingyue."

"Pah, pah, pah."

"This is the most outstanding genius from the White Tiger Clan, Dream Star."

"Pah-pah." One Second Remember to Read the Book

After each introduction of a race's most outstanding genius, the audience gave a token applause, but there were many who didn't give applause because the Half Immortal Race felt superior to all the sacred beast races.

"This is the most outstanding genius from the Porcupine Crow Race, Hu Bingxin."


"This one is the most outstanding genius from the Vajra Clan, Sai Yuan."

"This one is the most outstanding genius from the Qilin Clan, Yan Bao."

"Pah, pah, pah."

This Yan Leopard, Tang Zichen knew him, on that day in the Qilin Clan, Little Fire and Yan Leopard went head to head in the Qilin King Competition, and the result could be imagined.

However, the Qilin Clan wanted to find Little Fire to participate in today's Sword Trial Competition afterwards, but, they couldn't find Little Fire, so, only Yan Leopard could come.

"The third from last, is Master Zhou from the Underworld Clan, let's give him a round of applause."

"The penultimate one, is from the Aquarian Clan, Akria."

The above nine, were the strongest geniuses of the Nine Sacred Beast Races of the Seven Seas.

However, there wasn't the end of the introduction, there was also a Tang Zichen.

Everyone was looking at Tang Zichen.

That judge took a look at the list and wondered if there was a mistake, how come all the humans from the Extreme South Continent were here.

"The last one is, the most outstanding young genius from the Extreme South Continent, Tang Zichen."The referee looked at the list and introduced it.

There was a lot of ridicule and discussion, as if Tang Zichen's appearance in this place was so humiliating.

"Damn, there really are humans from the Extreme South Continent."

"Even the lower creatures of the Extreme South Continent can come, it's drunk to think about it."

"Get rid of the barbaric races of the Extreme South Continent, this is not the place for them to stay."

At one point, there were all sorts of yells from the crowd of spectators, some shouting, some being surprised, and some being drunk.

Tang Zichen stood in the ring and instantly became the focus of the entire crowd.

The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted lightly, and Tang Zichen didn't feel embarrassed.

At this time, the referee told all the spectators to stop shouting and said, "Everyone, I understand your feelings, after all, for thousands of years, the humans of the extreme southern continent have given us the impression that they are an unenlightened, shitting in their pants, mating randomly on the roadside, and urinating and defecating everywhere, an inferior creature.We all felt that the appearance of such inferior creatures in the palace of our Half Immortal Clan was an insult to our identity.However, the fact that they will come this time is indeed our fault, so we will have to pay for our mistakes.Therefore, let him participate for a bit, he's just here to show his face anyway."

The surrounding audience didn't yell anymore at this point.

"Next, let the competition begin, first up is the genius of our own clan

Once the geniuses of this clan are finished, they will try the sword with the princess one by one according to the list I just read.Alright, those who haven't had their turn yet, please go to the side."

Tang Zichen and the others all stood to one side of the ring.

The Half Immortal Princess Ayala, at the moment, had already changed into a dress, which was a gesture of the practice room, after changing into the practice room, her figure was even more on display, very attractive, Tang Zichen could not help but swallow his saliva, the audience, when they saw the princess walk to the center of the ring, they all gave a wow cry.

Princess Ayala said, "Alright, let's begin."

After saying that, the ten geniuses of the Half Immortal Clan went up, one after the other, and took turns fighting the princess.

The first one, who fought with Princess Ayana for 80 breaths, was knocked out of the ring by the princess.

The second, fought for 98 breaths, and then was knocked off the ring.

The third, fought for 50 breaths, and was knocked out of the ring.

Just like that, all ten geniuses of the Half Immortal Clan finished their fight, and the best one of the ten, only lasted 150 breaths before being knocked out of the ring.

The audience was fascinated by Princess Ayana's elegance.

"The princess is beautiful and so strong, tsk tsk."

"Yeah, since the princess obtained this flying sword, her strength has become stronger again, even that Half Immortal Clan ranked second, can only last 150 breaths in the princess' hands."

"Princess Princess, you're the cutest."Some of the princess's fans at the scene shouted.

At this moment, the corner of Tang Zichen's mouth was disdainful.

Inwardly, Tang Zichen said, "So damn weak."

Those geniuses who had just fought with the princess were very weak in Tang Zichen's eyes, but Tang Zichen didn't know how strong the princess was, as she didn't give her full strength.

But Tang Zichen was certain that this Princess Ayala was by no means Tang Zichen's object.

After beating the geniuses of her own race, Princess Ayana said, "Next, please ask the geniuses of each of the other races to come up one by one."

The referee shouted, "The first one who just shouted, Omiyo from the Heavenly Sheep Clan, go up."

At the moment, Omiyo from the Heavenly Sheep Clan was very nervous, the geniuses of his own clan from the Half Immortal Clan had just been defeated one by one, and he didn't know how many breaths he could last.

"Drink."Omiyao from the Heavenly Sheep Clan rushed up.


"Too bad, next."Princess Ayala shouted.

Omiyo was blown out of the ring in one move, and the referee next to him shouted, "Heavenly Sheep Clan, Omiyo, three breaths."

"Hahaha, good dish."The surrounding audience laughed, the geniuses of their own clan were able to at least hold on for dozens of breaths before losing, but the genius of the Heavenly Sheep Clan was blown out of the ring in three breaths.

At this moment, Omiyo, who was blown out of the ring, was very embarrassed, and had wanted to earn some face for the Heavenly Sheep Clan, but ended up losing face.

"The second one, Guo Qiong from the Dragon Clan."

A handsome man entered the ring.

Little White shouted, "Go Qiong, brother, go for it and try to have dinner with the princess."

Hearing Xiaobai's shout, that Go Qiong was embarrassed, he just flew out of the ring in three breaths from the Heavenly Goat Clan, and he wanted to have dinner with someone?That had to last at least 300 breaths without losing.

Go Qiong gazed and charged up.

In the next second, there was a squeal from Princess Ayana, "Too weak, next."

"Boom."Dragon Clan's Go Qiong, in full view of the crowd, blasted off the ring.

"Dragon Clan Gojung, two breaths."The referee shouted.


"Hahaha, this one is even more dish, our princess is really too strong."The audience of the Half Immortal Race fiercely satisfied their vanity, it was so cool to see their princess so strong and the other races so dishy.

"Next up, Gao Lingyue of the Vermillion Bird Race."

"Too weak, next."

"Gao Lingyue, four breaths."

"Next, White Beard's Dream Star."

"Too weak, roll down."The princess squealed.

The referee shouted, "White Tigers, Dream Star, one breath."

"Hahaha."Hearing that one breath was defeated, it was as if the entire audience climaxed.

That most outstanding genius of the White Tiger Clan blended into the crowd with a grey face, not daring to see anyone.

Just like that, one after the other.

"The Piercing Crow Clan Hu Bingxin, five breaths." The first website

"Vajra Clan's Sai Yuan, three breaths."

"Kirin Clan's Yan Leopard, two breaths."

At this moment, the small fire in the crowd, Yan Ling, two people, saw their Qilin Clan's Yan Leopard, two breaths to be blown off the stage by Princess Ayala, both of them sighed, at least check four or five breaths each ah, but also somewhat up a little face.

Yan Ling said, "My brother tried his best, only that Princess Ayala is too strong, half-immortal clan, worthy of the half-immortal clan."

Little Fire said, "Princess Ayala is so strong, I don't know how many breaths my minister brother, can last."

Yan Ling Dao: "Your minister brother, I feel like it's just a powerful mouth, real strength, may not be that strong, I bet that he will be blown off the stage within five breaths.Instead, it's you, Little Fire, if you go up there, I have faith in you, you will definitely be able to sustain more than 100 breaths."

Little Fire rolled his white eyes, "Yan Ling, you don't understand my minister too well."

"Anyway, in my eyes, you're the best."Yan Ling snorted, she didn't believe how powerful Tang Zichen could be.

The match in the ring was continuing.

"Underworld Clan, Zhou Shishi, nine breaths."

"Wow."Everyone shouted in shock when they heard that the Unearthly Race had lasted until nine breaths before losing.

The geniuses of the previous several races, the strongest only five breaths.

"Aquarian race, Akria, two breaths."

The Aquarian Race, a race that lived in water, was told that they would freeze water into ice and attack.Unfortunately, this Akria of the Aquarian race only lasted two breaths before being blown out of the ring.

At this point in the match, there was only one last person left who hadn't entered the ring yet, and that was the lowly creature from the Extreme South Continent, Tang Zichen.

The referee shouted, "There's one last one left, Tang Zichen from the Extreme South Continent, I don't think this Tang Zichen will need to go on stage, after all, their strength is so bad that their physical defenses are almost like paper shells, a sneeze would probably blow his body apart."

Tang Zichen shouted, "Are you that afraid of me going on stage?"

"What?I'm doing it for your own good."The referee was furious.

Princess Ayala said, "Uncle Pat, since he wants to die, let him come up here, since he's here anyway, and not seeing my sword is the same as coming for nothing."

"Yes, Princess."

The referee shouted, "Kid, don't come up here yet."

Tang Zichen leapt into the ring.

The surrounding spectators shouted, "Trample him."

Tang Zichen stood in the ring and looked at the princess up close, feeling her even more beautiful and alluring.


; Princess Ayala's gaze was filled with disgust and said, "Tang Zichen, just now my eighth uncle said that the humans of your extreme southern continent are too weak in their physical defenses, and told you not to show off your strength, you have to show off your strength, if I can't control my strength and kill you, you can't blame me."

Tang Zichen said, "I admit that our humans from the Extreme South Continent are indeed weak in physical defense compared to those holy beast races, but just because our physical defense is weak, it doesn't mean that our strength is weak.Princess just take out your strongest strength."

"What did you say?Take my best shot?Hmph, what a frog in a well, do you know that those who just fought me, I didn't even bring out my strongest strength, just you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Anyway, that's what I said, it's up to you how much strength you bring out."

"Hmph, what an ungrateful one, still not doing anything?"The princess snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "You mean, let me make the first move?"

"Crap, if I make the first move, will you still be alive?"

"Then thank the princess for admitting it, I, Tang, will be rude."

On the scene, there was silence, in fact Tang Zichen's battle with the princess was even more of a concern to those on the scene, they wanted to know how Tang Zichen would die.

"Drink."Tang Zichen's body moved at once, striking a palm towards Princess Ayana, originally Tang Zichen could have palm-printed without hitting up with his own hands, but Tang Zichen ghostly went up with his own hands.

"Pah."Tang Zichen moved too fast and slapped the palm on Princess Ayana's chest, moreover, when he slapped the chest, Tang Zichen actually squeezed the princess's chest before using his strength to send the princess flying outwards.

"Wow."Princess Ayala's body was suddenly like an arrow flying off the ring.

"Ah."The whole arena was dumbfounded.

"This, this can't be."

"This is blinkered."

The moment the princess flew down from the ring, almost the entire stadium touched their eyes, suspecting blurred eyes.

However, after wiping their eyes and looking again, the princess had fallen down the ring with a thud and was raising a cloud of dust on the ground below the ring.

"Oh my god, the princess's thousand gold body?"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

At this moment, Tang Zichen, who was standing in the ring, hummed internally, "Let's see if you still pretend to be a match, and let me make the first move, not even a breath of it.Also, I pinched your chest.Strange, why would I go and do something so nasty?I definitely wouldn't have done that in the past.It must have been the memories of my past life that made me subconsciously pinch, it really disgraced me, I don't know if the princess would have said it in public, or else I, Tang, would have really."

A few seconds later, Princess Ayala, who had fallen from the ring, climbed up, looking confused and incredulous, her eyes looking towards Tang Zichen, and said angrily, "You."

Of course, Princess Ayala's anger was not only about being blown out of the ring, very humiliated, but also that her chest now felt a strange sensation, but when she was just pinched by Tang Zichen, she felt it clearly and incomparably.

Tang Zichen smiled with an arch and said, "Princess, much to my displeasure."After saying that, Tang Zichen looked towards the referee and said, "That, senior referee, you haven't shouted for a few breaths yet?"The Tang referee shouted at the princess to get blown out of the ring for a few breaths.

"Uh, this."The referee's body was startled, this was truly a god beating face.

Princess Ayana had just, obviously, not even a breath.

Tang Zichen respectfully said, "I still hope that Senior will make a verdict so I can get off the stage."

When Princess Ayala saw that Tang Zichen still had an icy and polite face, she was furious inside, she was actually breast pinched by such a lowly human, and at the moment he still looked as if nothing was wrong.Most importantly, she was actually blown out of the ring by such a person.


"Slow down!"Princess Ayana gave a loud shout.

The entire martial arts practice arena was quiet, everyone looked at Princess Ayana.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know what else the princess has to say, you were just knocked out of the ring by me, everyone saw it, of course, you can deny it."

Princess Ayala said in anger, "Do you want to insult the character of the Half Immortal Clan?That's right, I was indeed knocked out of the ring by you just now, but there's a reason for that.I'm sure you all saw that just now I thought you were as fragile as paper, without any defense, let alone showing a single bit of strength, and that's why you exploited me."

The crowd nodded their heads as they listened, none of them believed that the princess would lose, so they were all deluded enough to overlook some essence.

"Yeah, not counting, start over."

"I told you so, how could our princess be so useless."

The audience of the Half Immortals all deceived themselves with relief.

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, are you sure you want to do it again?"

Princess Ayana said, "Yes, that doesn't count just now."

Tang Zichen said, "Princess, no matter what the reason is, stepping down means losing, even if your true strength isn't that bad, however, that's still your problem." Remember the website

"No, I don't recognize the results, I just made a mistake, and you in no way blew me out of the ring because of my strength."Princess Ayala said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, Princess, I don't want to compete anymore, I have work to do.If you really don't admit it, then, even if I just lost, I'm the one who was knocked out of the ring."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around to leave.

"Wait."Princess Ayana was in a hurry.

"Is there anything else?I've told you, I've just been counted as losing, isn't that enough?"

Ayato was depressed, so what was the point of counting him losing.

"No, we have to come through this once."Princess Ayana said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I admit defeat, you're amazing, I'll take it, is that okay?"

Aya stomped her foot, "What will it take for you to re-fight me again, Don Zichen?"

Tang Zichen said, "Do you have any sincerity in this."

"Well, if you beat me, I'll have dinner with you tonight."Ayato said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, dining with you holds no appeal for me."

"How dare you question the charm of this princess.Well, if you still manage to defeat me again and blow me out of the ring, then, then."Princess Ayana didn't think of what to do.

Tang Zichen said, "Then marry me, do you dare?"

Ayana snorted, "You bold thief, how dare the lowliest race even think of this princess."

The audience shouted, "Kill this son of a bitch."

Tang Zichen said, "If you're really strong, whatever you're betting on is meaningless."

"That's right, fine, I'll bet with you, if you can still blow me out of the ring, then I'll, marry you."Ayato bit her teeth, comforting herself with the thought that she definitely wouldn't lose, and since she wouldn't, why would she care about the bet.

"Alright then, seeing as you're okay looking, I'll reluctantly fight you again."Tang Zichen looked like he was helpless.

"Wait, I lose to marry you, what if you lose?"

"Do with it what you will."

"Well, if you don't win me, then you'll have to pay with your life."


The referee came up and asked, "Princess, are you sure you want to do this with him?You're the most beautiful of all the Half Fairies.

The princess ah."

Ayato said, "Don't worry, there's no way I'm going to lose to a lowliest race, and if I'm that incompetent, then marrying the lowliest race would be a bitter punishment for me."


The referee shouted, "Begin."

As soon as the shouting ended, Ayana took out her full strength and swung her flying sword in her hand, carrying the power of the Ten Thousand Ancient Ones and galloping up.

Everyone on the scene saw that this time, the princess was at her strongest when she struck, and it seemed that the princess had shown no mercy at all.

Tang Zichen stood on the spot and did not dodge, but stretched out a hand, his hand suddenly formed a millstone, emitting a milky white light.

"Boom."All of Princess Ayana's power was diverted by the power in Tang Zichen's hand as it approached, and it blasted into the ground.

The ground suddenly turned into a pit of hundreds of meters.

"Ah."Princess Ayala was shocked.

"Bang."In the next second, Princess Ayala suddenly felt light, and as she flew out of the ring, she realized that she had been struck by Tang Zichen again and was falling towards the bottom of the ring.

"No, I don't want to."Princess Ayala was in a big hurry and tried to stop her body in midair, but Tang Zichen's power was too strong for her to control, so she could only watch as she flew towards the bottom of the ring.

Princess Ayala's brain was muddled, she didn't expect that Tang Zichen, the most humble race, really had such great strength, even though he was weak in physical defense, he wouldn't be able to be hurt physically at all.

"No, I don't want to marry him."Princess Ayana had always been told by her ancestor that she was going to marry a powerful immortal in the future, and that only immortals were worthy of her, so she guarded her body, but now.

At that moment, a dark force from behind, suddenly pushed Princess Ayana back.

"Wow."Princess Ayana suddenly landed back on the ring.

Tang Zichen gazed towards a quasi-immortal in the stands.

Ayala saw that she was standing in the ring now, not falling under it, and it became clear that her father must have been secretly helping her.

Ayara looked at Don Zichen and had an embarrassed look inside that she ended up needing her father's covert help to not fall to the ground.

Ayana thought that Tang Zichen didn't know and said with a guilty conscience, "Tang Zichen, you see, I wasn't knocked out of the ring by you."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Indeed, the princess is very strong, she almost fell to the ground, but in the end, she was able to return to the ring, this power, this power is visible in general, Tang is not as good as me."

Those unsuspecting spectators immediately shouted, "Princess, since he lost, kill this dog."

"Right, kill the dog."

"Kill it."

However, Ayana felt her face burning, and only she knew that she had just been very dishonorable.

Princess Ayala said, "Tang Zichen, let's count this as a draw, you don't have to die and I don't have to marry you."

Tang Zichen said, "Since it's a tie, of course that's best, but dare I ask the princess, is it really so bad to marry me?"

Ayana snorted, "You are the lowest race and I am the princess of the Half Immortal Clan, between us, we absolutely cannot, otherwise, I will be ridiculed by my clan for ten thousand years.However, I admit that you are a human who impresses me, and from now on I will not underestimate the humans of your Extreme South Continent."

"Then thank you, Princess, I would also like to say to everyone, including those of the Sacred Beast Race, from now on, don't look at the humans of our Extreme South Continent in an inferior light, we won't be weaker or inferior to you, alright, I'm done talking."Tang Zichen walked out of the ring, all eyes in the arena looked at Tang Zichen with a complex look.


At that moment, the judge shouted, "Today's Sword Trials Competition is officially over, tonight, in the Royal Garden, a Sword Trials Feast will be held to congratulate Princess on her success.Of course, we also welcome geniuses of all races to attend.Alright, the banquet is adjourned."

After that, the crowd dispersed.

Tang Zichen and others from all races would have the opportunity to participate in the evening feast.

"Congratulations, Brother Chen."Little Fire said to Tang Zichen in a panic as he walked out of the ring.

"Congratulations on what."

"Congratulations on making everyone dare not underestimate the humans of the Extreme South Continent anymore."

"That's true."

Little Fire turned his head to his girlfriend Yan Ling and said, "Yan Ling, see, now you know how powerful my brother Chen is."

"Me."Yan Ling was now looking at Tang Zichen with an incredible feeling, she had thought that Tang Zichen was not worthy of being Little Fire's big brother, Little Fire being a big brother was more or less the same, but now, she was deeply convinced, Tang Zichen's strength was much stronger than Little Fire.No wonder before, her father had been setting her up with Tang Zichen.

However, now that she was already Little Fire's person, Yan Ling would definitely go from strength to strength.

Little Fire consoled, "Brother Chen, that Princess Ayana can't marry you anymore, you have to think about it." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen glared, "Do you think I really want to marry her?"

"Ah, you don't really want to marry her?Why make such a bet with her?"

"I just wanted to make the battle between me and her become more intense, so that it would be more stimulating to everyone's senses, so that it would be more reflective of my strength, and would be an important contribution to my restoration of the name of the humans of the Extreme South Continent, otherwise, when I finished fighting her in a mediocre manner, could I have such a stirring effect now.Now that my effect has been achieved, the rest doesn't matter."

"And what if Princess Ayana does marry you?"

Tang Zichen's eyes flashed with regret and laughed, "If I could really have such a beautiful woman, why not, hahaha."

It was a pity that Princess Ayana didn't like Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen felt somewhat regretful inside.

"Brother Chen, are we attending Princess Ayana's sword test feast tonight?"

Tang Zichen said without hesitation, "No participation."

"Why?The other races I see have chosen to attend, this is Princess Ayana's feast."

"I'm not interested in her, let's go, we're leaving the Half Immortal Clan now."Tang Zichen turned around and walked out.

Little Fire and the others felt quite sorry, they had all quite wanted to attend.

Tang Zichen didn't participate because he didn't want to continue to see Princess Ayana again, and if she came out in a sexy and beautiful dress at night, Tang Zichen was afraid of being irritated.In today's encounter, Tang Zichen actually beat Ayala in seconds, but unfortunately, it was secretly sabotaged by a quasi-immortal, otherwise, Princess Ayala would have fallen off the ring.If there was a chance, Tang Zichen would certainly want to sleep with such a beautiful woman.Now that there was no chance, it was better to be out of sight.

At this moment, on one of the stands in the martial arts practice arena, a strong Quasi-immortal called over an old man of the ninth stage of robbery.

"My king, what are your orders."That ninth stage of Tribulation old man was busy being respectful.

"You quietly follow those people from the Extreme South Continent, and kill them when you find the opportunity."

"Ah, but that Tang Zichen, he didn't lose to the princess ah."

"Hmph, it's because he didn't lose that I want him dead.He has tarnished my daughter's reputation today, this man must die and not be allowed to live."

"Yes, my king,

I'll go do it."That old man at the ninth stage of the Tribulation immediately went to do it, quietly keeping an eye on Tang Zichen and the others in the dark.

Tang Zichen and the others soon left the palace and headed directly to the outskirts of the Half Immortal Clan.

After that Princess Ayala finished, she returned to her own room and changed into fresh clothes.

Today's scene surfaced within her, the others she didn't have any memory of, that Tang Zichen, however, always surfaced in front of his eyes.In particular, Tang Zichen pinched her breast that feeling, she can't shake it, as if now can feel the difference in the chest.

"This son of a bitch, pervert."Princess Ayana scolded and smiled slightly after scolding, she herself was a bit unable to understand herself, she didn't actually hate this behavior of Tang Zichen inside.

"That son of a bitch, he's really strong, if my father hadn't secretly helped me today, I would have fallen off the ring, then wouldn't I have to marry him?"

"But now that I don't have to marry him, why aren't I as happy as I thought I would be?"



"Your Highness, please command."A servant entered.

"Where are all the people of those races now?"

"Back to the princess, it seems that they have returned to the guest room where they were received, but I heard that the people from the extreme south continent did not return to the guest room."

"What, didn't return to the guest rooms?Why?"

"I heard that they just left and left after the sword trial competition."

"Ah, how could he leave like that."Ayana suddenly felt a sudden loss inside, she thought she would be able to see Tang Zichen again tonight at the sword trial feast, and then she wanted to punish Tang Zichen to show her displeasure at having her breasts pinched today, but Tang Zichen left without any attachment at all like that.

"Princess, a lowly race from the extreme southern continent is just a lowly race, why should they care, it's their loss that they don't come to your feast."That servant said.

The princess snorted, "Is it, is my feast really so unworthy of attending?Other people were crowded to attend my feast, thinking to be able to see me more, but he, however, did not have any intention of staying at all, and said he would leave."Princess Ayana looked lost, feeling that Tang Zichen didn't seem to have any attachment to her, and she suddenly felt an inexplicable pain inside.

This kind of feeling, she had never had before.

"Strange, why would I feel pain, whether he comes or not, it's none of my business, what do I care."Princess Ayana said to herself under her breath.

"You go out first."


After the servant girl left, Ayana thought she would calm down, but she was in her room, but she was restless.


"No, I can't just let him go like that, does she want to just walk away after she belittled me?No way."



"Immediately go after the people of the Extreme South Continent and make sure they attend my feast tonight."


By this time, Tang Zichen had already left the Half Immortal Clan.

Along the way, Tang Zichen didn't say much, and his mood seemed to be somewhat affected by something.

Mu Qianji walked up to Tang Zichen and said, "Zichen, do you have something on your mind?"

"Uh, no."

"For the first time in years, you've never had a heartbeat like this since you came to the spirit world."


"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You know what I'm talking about, you must be in love with Princess Ayana."


"Princess Ayana is so beautiful, it's really hard to put up resistance, I understand."There was a faint sense of loss within Mu Qianji, in the past, when Tang Zichen took Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin, all for himself, Mu Qianji didn't have a bit of loss within him, let alone jealousy, but instead encouraged Tang Zichen to do so, but this time, there was a sense of loss within Mu Qianji.

Because, this time, the situation seemed to be very different, in the past, Tang Zichen didn't have that feeling of actively falling in love with Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin and others, but this time, Tang Zichen was full of heart, but it showed that Tang Zichen actively fell in love with that person.It was a big difference, causing Mu Qianji to feel a bit lost for the first time, not that she was afraid that that Princess Ayana would take her place.

A woman's senses were really very sensitive.

Tang Zichen said, "Qianji, don't think so much, I'm just sorry I didn't take such a beautiful woman into my possession, I'm just using her as an outlet for my desires, you're thinking too much, didn't you say before that you didn't mind me sleeping with a few women, and encouraged me to take Tang Huan and the others as well, haha."

Mu Qianji shook his head, "Don't lie to your heart, this time, I feel that you're moving your true feelings.If you weren't moving your true feelings, I really wouldn't mind if you went and possessed her."

"Bullshit, according to you, I'm not true to Tang Huan, Lu Yuxi, Xia Xiaoxin, Mo Yuyan, they're all not true to me, bullshit."

"It's different, you treated them from the beginning of dislike, to gradually building friendships, and only at the end did you accept them.And now, for the first time, you're emotional, Zichen, I don't mean anything else, I'm not trying to stop you, it's good that you're happy, huh?"Mu Qianji smiled, then flew forward, her back, making Tang Zichen feel a bit lonely.

Tang Zichen remembered, from the mortal realm to the spiritual realm and all the feelings with Mu Qianji, and his brain cleared up a lot. First URL

"Thousand Jedi, wait for me."Tang Zichen caught up, took Mu Qianji's hand and said, "Qianji, don't worry, I'm loyal to you."

"It's really okay."Mu Qianji said.

"Qianji, how about I delete the memories of my past life, the memories of my past life, subconsciously, always have some effect on me."

"Don't delete it, the memory of your past life is more meaningful to you than the memory of your current life, besides, it really doesn't matter, if that Princess Ayana can be your woman, I'm happy for you."

"But I see the loss on your face."

"Me, I'm a woman, seeing my man, so directly in love with another woman, I'm sure it'll be a bit for a while, just get used to it."Mu Qianji said.

"Qianji, I'm sorry."Tang Zichen hugged Mu Qianji in his arms, seeing Mu Qianji constantly grieving himself inside, Tang Zichen felt a little hard, this is his childhood sweetheart ah, what could be deeper than a childhood sweetheart.

"You nerve, what's there to be sorry for, which man isn't like this in a place like the immortal cultivation world, I've already seen too much, my heart is numb, do I still expect you to be devoted to a woman?A lifetime of no infidelity?Where is that possible."

Tang Zichen said, "But you are devoted to me."

"I'm a woman, born different, most of the women in the immortal cultivation world are like that, how many women have three hearts."

"Alright, stop it, let's go, away from this place.Whether or not I really have feelings for Ayana, to hell with her, I just want you."


Mu Qianji gave Tang Zichen an intensely affectionate glance.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen felt that there was someone trailing behind him.

Tang Zichen hadn't paid attention to it until this moment because his mood was affected by some of Ayana's.

"Someone is following us, let's go."

Tang Zichen pulled Mu Qianji and quickly caught up with the group.

"Brother Zichen, what are you two whispering behind us."Tang Huan said.

"You want to know, come to my den at night."

"Rascal."Tang Huan glared.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, everyone cheer up, there's someone following us back there."

"What? Who dares to be so bold?"

"Who else could it be, it must be the Half Immortals."

"Why are they following us?"

"Could it be that Princess Ayana, feeling that she has tarnished her reputation by you, sent someone?Trying to kill us?"Purple Pupil said.

Tang Zichen said, "It's not impossible, let's not move first, the person who followed us later is only a ninth stage of the tribulation, not a quasi-immortal, we don't need to be afraid, the most important thing now is to get as far away from the Half Immortals as possible."

Tang Zichen and the others, immediately accelerated.

However, as soon as they accelerated, the one who was trailing behind them, the ninth stage of Tribulation, immediately caught up with them.


Since they were catching up, Tang Zichen naturally stopped.

Tang Zichen looked at the old man who was at the ninth stage of the Tribulation, this old man should be very strong, otherwise he wouldn't have been sent to chase after him.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know what this senior is chasing us for, do, you want to invite us back to the princess's feast."

That old man snorted, "You have defiled the princess and ruined her reputation, do you think, you can really leave like this?"

Little Fire was furious, "It really was sent by that bitch Princess Ayana."

Tang Zichen said, "Princess Ayana sent you, right."

"It doesn't matter who sent me, the important thing is that you all have to die here today."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I never thought that the Half Immortals were such an inferior race, I thought that this kind of thing would only happen in those inferior races, I'm very disappointed in Princess Ayala, loss me, forget it."Tang Zichen's heart ached, for someone who disliked him and sent people after him, Tang Zichen didn't have the slightest fondness for him, at this moment, all of Tang Zichen's fondness for Princess Ayana evaporated.

"Hahaha, I'm glad you know, but unfortunately, it's too late, now, are you going to do it yourselves, or am I going to do it?"That old man asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Are you sure you deserve to kill me?"

"What? You're not going to have someone stronger than you around, thinking that you can still be protected?"That old man snorted with disdain.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm afraid I very much surprised you today at the Half Immortal Clan, your princesses are no match for me, but do you know that I actually only put out one percent of my strength today."

"You are dying and still blowing in front of me, do you think you can intimidate me."That old man snorted, he didn't believe it, Tang Zichen only took out one hundred percent of his strength in today's battle with Princess Ayana, if that was the case, how strong would Tang Zichen have to be?It's simply not human anymore.


The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth rose, "Fine, before you die, I'll let you see my true strength."

After saying that, Tang Zichen's body moved and turned into a shadow.

That old man didn't delay, the magic weapon in his hand was cast, and a tiny, silky black power instantly pervaded, seemingly trying to pounce on Tang Zichen as if he were a spider's prey.

"Wow."His black force instantly pounced on Tang Zichen, who gave him thousands of black threads to penetrate his body, while firmly bound into a ball.

That old man snorted with disdain, "And he said he only showed one percent of his strength, hmm, bragging who wouldn't."

At that moment, a voice came from behind that old man's head, "Guess who I am."

Suddenly, that old man was horrified and turned back in a panic, he knew when he heard the voice that it was Tang Zichen, there was no need to guess.

"How is this possible, he has been subdued by me in an instant, how."That old man's face was pale, he didn't know what kind of technique Tang Zichen had used.

Just before the old man had fully turned back, Tang Zichen had already prepared for all attacks.

"Bang."A huge force smashed down from his heavenly lid.With a bang, the old man's skull cracked.

At this time, the shocked one was Tang Zichen, as Tang Zichen intended that he would be able to make his brain burst and his infant die with this strike. Remember the URL

However, the result was that the head cracked a bit and the old man didn't die in the slightest.

"This."Tang Zichen immediately thought that the physical defense of the Half Immortals was strong, and Tang Zichen intended the brain burst to be a human's physical state, not the Half Immortals'.

"Boom."That old man's fierce mana, a cloud of black energy on his body exploded, like a hydrogen bomb exploding over.

"Wow!"The ground was razed to the ground within a radius of several thousand meters, fortunately this was a suburb, otherwise there was no telling how many innocent people would have to suffer.

Tang Zichen's body retreated violently, that explosion just now was too powerful, the blood in Tang Zichen's body was now flowing backwards.

This old man at the ninth stage of the Tribulation was very powerful, and was probably about to step into the tenth stage of the Tribulation.

From afar, Mu Qianji and the others were very worried that Tang Zichen had no Immortal Qi in his body, how could one not be worried when a strong, so strong, about to step into the tenth stage of the Tribulation to kill Tang Zichen.

If Tang Zichen died, then they were finished too, right now, they hated their incompetence and couldn't go up to help.

Yan Ling, who was standing beside Little Fire, was truly dumbfounded at the moment, Tang Zichen's strength had amazed her during the Sword Trial Competition, and right now, seeing Tang Zichen even being able to fight such a strong Ninth Stage of Tribulation, she had been deeply impressed.At this moment, she finally knew that Little Fire could not even be compared to Tang Zichen, before she thought that Tang Zichen was only powerful with his words, what a ridiculous thought.At this moment, even Little Fiery couldn't help, showing how big the gap was between everyone and Tang Zichen.

In the distance, a woman dressed as a maid was hiding in the bushes, this woman was stunned when she saw Tang Zichen and that old man fighting.

This woman, was none other than the maid sent out by Princess Ayana earlier to bring Tang Zichen back for tonight's feast.

The maid caught up with her, but what she didn't expect was to see a scene of nine thousand years old trying to kill Tang Zichen.Of course, the maid didn't dare to go up again, although the princess asked her to invite Tang Zichen, but the nine thousand years old came to chase after Tang Zichen personally, which means it was their king who wanted to kill Tang Zichen and the others, even if the princess was here, she couldn't stop it.

I thought that Tang Zichen would die for sure, but the maid saw that Tang Zichen was not easily killed by Nine Thousand Years old, but instead forced

Forcing 9,000 years old to trigger the black thunderstorm that triggered him was an indication of the threat Tang Zichen posed to his life.

This maid was truly shocked, Tang Zichen's true strength was nothing like that of the Sword Trial Competition compared to when he was in the Sword Trial Competition.

"Phew."The old man who was at the ninth stage of the Tribulation took a deep breath and stared at the man who was confronting him not too far away, he never expected that this first genius of the Extreme South Continent could really be at a point where he could contend with him, this time, he finally believed that Tang Zichen was not bragging when he said that the Sword Testing Competition had only taken out one percent of his strength.

Tang Zichen was also secretly tuning out.

This old ghost was powerful beyond Tang Zichen's imagination, especially that black blast of his was simply appalling, if it wasn't for the fact that Tang Zichen had several pseudo-immortal weapons to protect his body, he was afraid that he would have died without even scraps.

"Kid, you've really surprised me."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Unfortunately, it was me who just misjudged your strength and failed to kill you."

"Killing me, talk about easy."

Tang Zichen said, "No, although you're also very strong, it's not that hard to kill you.Your skull is cracked and it's hard to recover in a short time, and what you just performed is very powerful, I can tell by the way you're panting that the consumption must not be small."

That old man's face drew a grimace and said, "Rampage, don't think I don't know, you won't be able to hold out either."

"What? You're begging me for mercy?Let's call it a draw and go our separate ways?Wrong, I'm not having that thought, you want to kill me, I'll kill you."

"Little beast."That old man gritted his teeth and roared.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't be so quick to yell at me, look who's behind you."

"Ah."That old man everyone, thinking that Tang Zichen had just suddenly appeared in his mind and gave him a fatal blow, this time, he turned back in shock.

However, this time when he turned back, he realized that there was nothing.

"No good, cheated."The old man reacted at once.

Highly skilled fighters were often in between a thought.

"Boom."At that moment, another huge force smashed down from above, positioned right on that Skylight just now, and in the exact same place, two attacks in a row would do more damage than 1 + 1.

"Ah."That old man screamed, his skull had split open in half.

The flesh defense of the Half Immortal Clan was really strong, so it hadn't burst open with brains yet.

Tang Zichen snapped his hand and inserted his fingers into the old man's brain.

"Tear."Tang Zichen's hand pulled out, the old man's brain was brought out by Tang Zichen, and in the blink of an eye, that brain was already empty.

The old man's infant tried to escape, and Tang Zichen easily grabbed it with his other hand.

"Spare my life, don't kill me."The old man panicked and begged for mercy.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Go see God."

"Wow."Tang Zichen didn't nag and directly crushed the old man's infant.

After it was over, Tang Zichen didn't hesitate and flew to Little Fire and the others, shouting, "The commotion here will definitely alert the Half Immortal Clan, let's leave immediately."

After saying that, Tang Zichen brought the crowd with him and moved away from the battlefield as fast as he could.

At this moment, the maid who was hiding at the edge of the battlefield was already deeply stunned, muttering to herself, "Oh my god, the Half Immortal Clan's famous Ninety Thousand Years old, was, was killed.I have to hurry back and report to the princess, this is too incredible, he's too strong."


Half an hour later, at the Half Immortal Clan Palace.


"What is it?"

"Nine-thousand years old is dead."

"What? How is that possible, Nine Thousand Years old's strength is already invincible under the tenth step of Tribulation."

The Half Immortal Clan's Saint King was stunned when he got the news.

This Saint King, the strongest parahuman of the Half Immortal Clan at the moment, was the father of Princess Ayana, and it was he who had sent Nine Thousand Years old to kill Tang Zichen and the others, but now came the news that he was dead.

"My king, it has been confirmed that Nine Thousand Years old is dead."That subordinate said.

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King said internally, "Who killed Nine Thousand Years old?Could it be that there are still strong people secretly protecting those humans from the Extreme South Continent?"

The Holy King asked, "Do you have any information on the humans in that extreme southern continent?"

"Not yet." A second to remember to read the book

"Quickly go and investigate who killed Nine Thousand Years old, I would like to see which race of parahumans would dare to touch my Half Immortal Clan."The Saint King was furious.

Right now, in Princess Ayana's boudoir.

"How is it?Have Don Zichen and the others returned?"Princess Ayana saw his maid return and asked in a panic.

That maid's face was pale.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Princess, something big has happened."

"What do you mean?Could it be that Don Zichen is dead?"Princess Ayana suddenly thought of something and was startled, "It couldn't be my father, who sent someone to kill Tang Zichen, could it?"

The maid said, "Back to the princess, my king did send Nine Thousand Years to chase after Tang Zichen and the others, when I caught up, Nine Thousand Years was already one step ahead of me."

"What? Tang Zichen he's dead?"Princess Ayana's heart ached.

"Princess, Tang Zichen didn't die, the one who died instead was Nine Thousand Years old, Princess, we all misjudged that Tang Zichen's true strength, it wasn't even that, he killed Nine Thousand Years old when he was being chased by him."

"Ah, how is that possible."

"Princess, a thousand times true, I saw it with my own eyes."

"Oh my god, Tang Zichen is too ungodly."

"Princess, now I no longer dare to underestimate their humans from the Extreme South Continent, I thought that Tang Zichen's physical defense was so weak, he must not be strong enough, I never expected it, what a surprise."

"Now what about them?"

"They ran away immediately after killing the nine thousand year olds."

"Don't spread this matter."Princess Ayana ordered asking.

"Princess, I'm afraid that the Half Immortal Clan also already knows that Nine Thousand Years has died, and will investigate it sooner or later."

Ayato said, "No matter what, if you can give him a little more time, let's delay them a little further.Nine Thousand years old death, this is a plan, the Half Immortal Clan will definitely not let Tang Zichen and the others go."

"Princess, Nine Thousand Years old is one of our people, our people were killed, how do you?"

"Pah."The princess slapped the maid in the face and said angrily, "It's not your turn to question me yet, I can help whoever I like."

"Yes, Princess."That maid went down depressed.

Princess Ayala sat alone in the house and stared, right now she was very confused, a person who she thought was not good enough for her, but it turned out to be a super invincible genius, perhaps, she was not good enough for Tang Zichen at all.

A day later, Tang Zichen had flown far away to go.

"Alright, shouldn't be able to catch up.

Us now."Tang Zichen stopped.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, if the Half Immortal Clan investigates that you killed them, will they go straight to the Extreme South Continent and exterminate the humans of the Extreme South Continent?In their eyes, the humans of the Extreme South Continent are all ants, and trampling down a nest of ants is nothing."

Tang Zichen said furiously, "If they dare, don't blame me for being rude."

"Brother Chen, with so many parahumans in the Half Immortal race, we are no match for them."

Tang Zichen said, "If I had immortal energy, just a few quasi-immortals, I'd die in one shot, dammit."

"But there aren't any now,"

Tang Zichen said, "It's very urgent, I must find the Immortal Qi now and activate my Past Life Mirror, otherwise, the humans of the Extreme South Continent are probably really going to perish."

"Immortal Qi is such a rare thing, how can we find it if we want to."Yan Xin Yi sighed.

Tang Zichen said, "As things stand now, I have to fight for it."

"What do you want?"

Tang Zichen said, "I have a supernatural ability called Thousand Mile Tracking, and in my previous life, my Thousand Mile Tracking was mainly used to find beautiful women, but I can also use it to find Immortal Qi now.It's just that I don't have the fairy qi in my body to start it.So, I will expend my longevity to search."

"What do you mean?"

"It is to use my life span to search for immortal energy throughout the Seven Seas.This lifespan is a true lifespan that can't be repaired, and if I end up living 10,000 years in this life, I will die when I only have a tenth of a millennium left, no matter how powerful I am,"Don Zichen said.

"Ah, so if you get to live 100,000 years, is it true that you'll die early at 90,000 years?"

"Yes, one tenth of my life expectancy, if I use it ten times in a row, then I'll die immediately of life depletion."

"Don't, that's too terrifying."Mu Qianji immediately objected.

Tang Zichen said, "As things stand now, I have no other way to go, I have to do this in order to save the human lives of the Extreme South Continent."

"Brother Chen, when did you become so righteous."

"It's not that I'm righteous, but, if there are too many people, all the humans combined, how many tens of billions are there, no matter how cold-blooded, I'm afraid that I won't be able to endure it, not to mention, this matter was started because of me.No more, my mind is made up."

After saying that, Tang Zichen immediately bit his finger, biting blood, and then a point on his forehead, the spot on his forehead where the point was made immediately emitted a light, as if he had opened his third eye.

Little Fire and the others were shocked, although Tang Zichen had activated this kind of divine ability before, it wasn't as large scale as it seemed this time, before, it was just a small-scale tracking, but this time, it was the entire Seven Seas tracking, looking for immortal energy.However, one tenth of the lifespan was indeed a big payoff.

"The heavens and earth are limitless, tracking for immortal energy."

Suddenly, Tang Zichen's forehead seemed to sweep as if he had eyes.

Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed.

The light on Tang Zichen's forehead flickered and went out, and his forehead recovered unharmed.

And Tang Zichen, his head tilted and fainted.

Everyone immediately jumped on it.

Tang Zichen didn't know how long he had been asleep, but it felt as if a bit of something had been taken out of his body.

"Ah, Zichen, you're awake."Tang Zichen discovered that he was lying on Mu Qianji's thighs, and there was elastic heat from Mu Qianji's thighs, as well as a subtle body fragrance that reached his nose.

"Me, how long have I been asleep?"Don Zichen asked busily.


"Two days."Everyone said helplessly.

"Ah, two days, it's over."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Tzu-Chen, how are you doing now?"

"I'm fine, I've found where the fairy energy is, let's go."Tang Zichen immediately got up, there was no time to lose, he immediately rushed to the location of the Immortal Qi.

Tang Zichen had spent a tenth of his lifespan, and it was not in vain, but the location of the immortal energy that Tang Zichen had found was a bit far away, in an uninhabited, very desolate and remote place, of course, if it wasn't desolate and remote, it would have been discovered long ago.

At the moment Tang Zichen woke up, in the Half Immortal Clan's palace.


"Found the clue that killed 9,000 years old?"

"What's the clue, say."On the hall of the Half Immortal Clan, more than a dozen parahumans shouted at the same time, a Nine Thousand Years old died, all the parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan went out, because this was a big matter, as the strongest race in the Spirit World, they couldn't tolerate that others actually provoked them.

"We found out that shortly after the Sword Trial Competition ended the day before yesterday, a maid named You You, went in the direction of the south, the direction You You walked, must have passed through the place of death of a nine thousand year old.However, the strange thing was that You You never said anything about it, as if you didn't know it had happened.The subordinates believe that there must be something fishy about this."

"Bring the You You up here." First URL

"It has been brought up."

Two strong men, pressuring a maid, entered the main hall.


"My king spare my life, I, I don't know anything."

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King said loudly, "Ninety thousand years old's death, is it related to you, if you don't tell me, die."

"My king's discernment, it really has nothing to do with me."

"You really know the inside story, and you're still not telling it like it is."

After that, that maid told what she saw, and what the princess instructed her to say.

The entire palace was shocked, Tang Zichen had actually killed even 9,000 years old.

"My king, Tang Zichen is a person who must not be retained, this is still a problem, if this continues, where will there be a future for our Half Immortal Clan."

"My king, with such a large number of humans, it has now been proven that it is also possible for humans to emerge stronger than us, I'm afraid we can no longer let it go on."

"Yes, we used to think that humans were just a bunch of ants, too lazy to toss them around and let them grow, but it seems wrong now.That Tang Zichen, an eighth stage of Tribulation, is actually able to kill even 9,000 years old, it's unimaginable, if he reaches parahuman, we still won't be opponents."

"This person really can't stay."

"Not only Tang Zichen, but the entire human race can't stay, or else it will bring us a fatal disaster sooner or later."

The strong parahumans of the Half Immortal Clan looked at their king and voiced their opinions.

The Half Immortal Clan's Saint King said, "Your opinions are the same as mine, the fact that the humans of the Extreme South Continent have produced a genius like Tang Zichen is already a sign from the heavens that something is wrong, if we don't take action, our clan will be in danger."

"Then, everything will be at my king's command."

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King said, "I am about to ascend, before I do so, I must establish a peaceful and stable environment for my clan, which one of you is willing to follow me, to the extreme southern continent and exterminate that human."


"I'm willing."

"All of the dozen or so parahumans raise their hands."

The Half Immortal Clan Saint King said, "There is no need to go so many people, just two of you can go with me, Spiritual Deer, Black Sand, the two of you will go with me to the Extreme South Continent."

"Ah, my king, this trip to the Extreme South Continent is bound to exterminate that group of ants."

Inevitably, the Half Immortal Clan Saint King, set off with two parahumans, with the strength of their three parahumans, it would certainly be easy to exterminate the humans of the Extreme South Continent.

Right now, Tang Zichen was on his way to the place where the immortal energy was stored.

However, it was a long way, it would take at least three days to get there, and fortunately, the place where the immortal Qi appeared was not far from the Extreme South Continent.

Tang Zichen said, "We must divide our troops into two directions, Little Fire, you and Purple Pupil, Mei, Yan Ling, and Xiao Bai, immediately rush to the Extremely Southern Continent, inform everyone in the Tang Ji Gate to immediately head to the Six Seas, for a while, if you can hide for a while."

"Yes, Servant."

Mu Qianji was busy: "Will they be in danger then?"

"It shouldn't be, they're not human."

Little Fire said, "Brother Chen, don't worry, we'll be careful."

After saying that, Little Fire immediately took the lead and flew away, the rest of the group immediately followed, time was urgent and there was no time to think about it much, although there was a certain amount of danger, there was no one better suited for this task than them at this time.

Next, Tang Zichen said, "We will pass through the Vajra Clan's territory later, when we arrive at the Vajra Clan, the rest of you, find a place to hide in the Vajra Clan, I will definitely delay my speed by taking you with me, I must get to the place where the Immortal Qi was found as fast as possible."Tang Zichen said to Mu Qianji and the others.

"Good."There was no long-windedness from Mu Qianji and the others.

Before long, they arrived at the Vajra Clan's territory, and Tang Zichen dropped them all off.

"You guys just wait for me here, I will definitely return to pick you up, the Vajra Clan knows how powerful I am, even if they found you, they wouldn't dare to be rude to you, you are here, you are relatively the safest."Tang Zichen said.

"Zichen, don't worry about us, you take care of yourself."

"I will, then I'm leaving."Tang Zichen immediately flew into the sky, heading straight to the place where he found the Immortal Qi.

At the moment, Tang Zichen was alone, not carrying anyone, and much faster, Tang Zichen was confident that he would reach his destination within two days, or even faster.

After about a day and a half, Tang Zichen kept driving day and night, and finally, Tang Zichen arrived at his destination.

The destination was a grey swamp, the entire swamp was very huge, as vast as the ocean.

"Boom."Tang Zichen had just stopped at the swamp when suddenly, in the muddy puddle of the swamp, a prehistoric crocodile that had been about two hundred meters long jumped up and opened its huge mouth, trying to swallow Tang Zichen.

This two-hundred-meter-long crocodile was very terrifying.

However, Tang Zichen slapped his palm and the two hundred meter crocodile turned into meat paste in no time.

This level was simply not enough to finish in front of Tang Zichen.

"Boom."At this moment, the entire swamp, a crocodile's roar came out, Tang Zichen looked down and was also taken aback, this entire swamp was simply a crocodile's paradise, countless crocodiles were circling around in the swamp's mud puddles, and each one was at least tens of meters straight and hundreds of meters long.

These crocodiles developed, and in the future, they would definitely cultivate and become a crocodile race of the Seven Seas, however, crocodiles were not holy beasts, it should be difficult for them to survive here.

Tang Zichen's gaze went forward, to the center of the swamp, that place deep underground was where the Immortal Qi was found, however, the center of the swamp had the most crocodiles, there were countless lying across the ground.


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