The King of Kungfu in school 1941-1950


Chapter 1941

"Ah, how can the minister help me with such things?"Little Fire looked at Don Zichen expectantly.

Don Zichen raised his fist and said, "With his fist."


"Tomorrow, I'll take you with me and go to the leader of the Qilin Clan, I'm going to spar with him and see if I can be friends with him.At that time, I'll introduce you to the Kirin Clan's Clan Leader."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji said, "That alone is useless, why don't you teach Little Fire a little bit of powerful techniques to increase his strength, and then participate in one of the competitions of the Qilin Clan, so that everyone can see how powerful Little Fire is."

"This is of course, Little Fire, I'll give you a hundred mouthfuls of Bimbo Qi directly, it's the most direct and quickest way to increase your strength."

"Ah, a hundred mouthfuls of Bismon Qi, this."Little Flame was shocked, this was Bismon Qi that could kill a strong person of the 8th stage of Tribulation.

"Yes, I still have more than three hundred mouthfuls, besides giving you a hundred mouthfuls of Bimong before I teach you the Immortal cultivation methods and such later."

"Thank you, Minister."

"Little Fire, here in the Kirin Clan, are there any competitions?The more famous kind, like the kind that won the top ten, the entire Qilin Clan worships you."

Little Fire nodded excitedly, "Of course there is, the Qilin Clan has a Qilin King Competition, it's the most famous in the entire Qilin Clan, those who can enter the top ten of the Qilin Clan, none of them are outstanding geniuses, none of them are strong, they will all be granted the title of Qilin King by the clan leader and recorded in the special genealogy of the Qilin Clan." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen nodded, "That's right, go get a first place, not to mention that Yang Yang, I'm afraid the entire Qilin Clan's beauties will fall for you."

"Ah."Little Fire was overjoyed.


"Isn't it enough for me to give you the Bimbo Qi to win the title of King of the Qilin?"

"The Unicorn King Competition, with three divisions, the first youth division, the second middle age division, and the third, senior division.I can only participate in the youth group now.If it's the middle-aged group, the strongest one might exceed the eighth stage of Tribulation."

"You're not middle-aged, what middle-aged group to participate in, just participate in the youth group is enough.Besides, to be liked by women, you definitely have to be young, young to be powerful and silly, which woman likes weak and powerless."

"Ah, somewhat reasonable."

Mu Qianji stared at Tang Zichen, "Can you not impart such thoughts to Little Fire, sooner or later you'll lead her astray."

"Alright, now let's go find the Unicorn Clan Leader, I'll fight him first.By the way, when is the Unicorn King Competition?"

"This, in two years."

"That long, then wouldn't we have to wait here for two years,"Tang Huan said.

"Waiting for two years is nothing, what about twenty years for Little Flame's life's work."Tang Zichen said.

"I'm just saying, we can have a good two years of cultivation anyway."

Tang Zichen's group of people directly entered the headquarters of the Qilin Clan.

"Hey, now that we're in, why didn't anyone come out to intercept us?"Tang Zichen said doubtfully.

"Yeah, by all means, the Qilin Clan should have elders coming out soon." ..

"Since no one is stopping us, that's even better, enter directly."

Tang Zichen flew into a large hall of the Kirin Clan's headquarters, this hall was inhabited by the clan leader and outsiders were not allowed to enter easily.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the entrance of the main hall, he found that there were very, very many Qilin Clan powerhouses inside at the moment.

Little Fire was busy saying, "No good, it's the attached

Near the Bull Clan, the Bull Clan is causing trouble again."

"The Bulls?"

"Yes, our Qilin Clan and the Bull Clan, are very close to each other, so there are often conflicts arising.It used to be fine, but in the last ten years, our Qilin Clan's parahumans have ascended, and our Qilin Clan's power has dropped greatly, and without parahumans to sit on the ground, we are often oppressed by the Bull Clan."

Tang Zichen hesitated for a moment and said, "Watch at the door first."

Tang Zichen didn't want to get involved in the feud between their two clans, especially since the Bull Clan had parahumans.

"I now order you to move out of here within three days."A ninth-stage Tribal Bull Clan strongman said.

"You guys don't bully people too much."

"How about we just bully people, in short, our ancestor has spoken, if you don't move out of here within three days, don't blame us for being rude, one mountain does not allow two tigers, this place can only be inhabited by us, the Bull Clan."

In the main hall, quarrels continued.

Tang Zichen had been watching from outside the door.

At that moment, Tang Zichen realized that the leader of the Qilin Clan, he had been holding back his anger.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "This clan leader of the Qilin Clan will definitely be able to step into the tenth stage of the Tribulation and become a quasi-immortal within three years."

Tang Zichen's thoughts were electric, and he wondered if he wanted to do the Kirin Clan's Clan Leader a favor at the moment.

If he had Tang Zichen's help, Tang Zichen could use a small Immortal Realm technique that would allow the clan leader of the Qilin Clan to instantly step into the Tenth Order of Tribulation.

This small technique was only effective for those who could become a parahuman within ten years.

Tang Zichen finally bit his teeth, "No matter what, help him out and let him instantly step into the tenth step of Tribulation and become a quasi-immortal, he will definitely be grateful to me.It's not just helping him, it's also helping Little Fire."

Thus, Tang Zichen quietly entered the main hall.

At this moment, everyone in the palace was theorizing with the Bull Clan, and no one bothered with Tang Zichen at all.

Tang Zichen quietly walked up behind the Unicorn Clan.

Tang Zichen stretched out a finger and suddenly barrel towards the Unicorn Clan leader's ass.

"Ew."The Kirin Clan Chief was startled and was about to turn back in anger to see who dared to be so rude, when the Kirin Clan Chief felt a warm current rise up from his tailbone.

The Qilin Clan Chief, immediately felt that he was about to step into the Tenth Step of Tribulation.

Only then did the Qilin Clan Chief look back and see a stranger.

Tang Zichen said, "No need to thank you."After saying that, Tang Zichen directly walked away, the others didn't pay attention to this side.

The Qilin Clan Chief didn't say anything and immediately closed his eyes in place.

A few minutes later, the Qilin Clan Leader stepped into the Tenth Stage of Tribulation.

However, he had to survive the last thunderstorm before he was truly at the Tenth Order of Tribulation, and then he was a parahuman.

After stepping into the Tenth Order of Tribulation, the Kirin Clan Leader's strength increased greatly and his eyes were completely different when he looked at the people in the main hall.

Seeing that in the palace, the strongest of the Qilin Clan were still theorizing, the clan leader shouted, "All of you, be quiet."

The palace quieted down.

The Qilin Clan Leader said to that ninth stage of the Bull Clan, "Go back and tell your Clan Leader that if you want to fight, fight."After saying that, the Qilin Clan Leader emitted a powerful aura.

"Ah."The entire hall was shocked when they felt the Qi of the Qilin Clan Leader.

"Tenth Order of Tribulation."

The Qilin Clan Chief snorted, "Right now, get out of here."


The Qilin chief waved his hand.

"Boom."In the main hall, a few bull clan's ninth stage of Tribulation that had just been arrogant were immediately blasted out of the main hall like mosquitoes.

Those few strong Bulls ran away in a panic, hurrying back to report to their clan's ancestor.

However, the ancestor of their Bull Clan definitely didn't dare to drive away the Qilin Clan anymore, after all, the Qilin Clan also had the Tenth Order of Tribulation, and only needed to cross the Thunder Tribulation, they were Quasi-immortals, and even Quasi-immortals also had a level of strength, but everyone was a Quasi-immortal, and their destructive power was very strong, and then, even if they really could kill the Tenth Order of Tribulation of the Qilin Clan, their own family would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

"Clan leader, you, how are you?"The people in the palace were happy, it was really time for the clan leader to break through.

"Everyone, it's fine now, they Bull Clan, let's see if they dare to look again."

"Clan Chief, I'm afraid that the Bull Clan is trying to do nothing this time and simply exterminate us ah."

"Hmph, you think I can't see that banishing us is just an excuse, this time our Qilin Clan has no parahumans, they have long wanted to seize the opportunity."The Qilin Clan Chief snorted.

"Clan Leader, you've broken through just in time."Everyone in the palace cried with excitement, as this one breakthrough saved the entire Qilin Clan.

However, only the Qilin Clan Chief himself knew that the reason why he was able to make such a timely breakthrough was not because of him, but because a stranger stabbed him in the butt, and there was no telling what that person had done to him, but there was no doubt that that person had helped him.

The Qilin Clan Leader looked around in a panic, but there was no sign of Tang Zichen. The first website

"Strange, where is that stranger?No matter what, he is the savior of my entire clan."

The Qilin Clan Chief said, "Everyone, you can go back first, it's all right now, go back and pacify the clan, and, spread the word about me stepping into the tenth step of the Tribulation."

"Clan Chief, there's a chance that I'll be able to cross the robbery in the next few months, or even years."Everyone looked at the clan chief worriedly, if the tribulation failed, it would be zero.

"Don't worry, I shouldn't be so unlucky."The Qilin Clan Chief said, in fact, the Qilin Clan Chief really didn't have a very strong confidence as he was a bit scared since he had failed by a hair's breadth the last time he had a robbery.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Little Fire had already left the Kirin Clan's headquarters.

"Brother Chen, that bit you just did can really help the clan leader break through?"

"Of course."

"Wouldn't the chief be very grateful to you, then, and why are we leaving so soon?"

"Oh, it's because he's very grateful to me, that's why we have to pretend to leave, don't worry, we're so slow now, he'll catch up with us in no time."

Sure enough, before Tang Zichen finished his sentence, a voice came from behind him, "Grandfather En, wait a moment."

Little Fire was speechless.

Not long after, the Qilin Clan Leader caught up with him.

"Grandfather En, thank you, you saved our entire clan."The Gryphon Clan Leader bowed to Tang Zichen.

"No need, I helped you just because, my brother is also from the Qilin Clan."Tang Zichen pointed at Little Fire.

"Ah."The Kirin Clan Leader immediately looked at Little Fire.

Right now, Little Fire was very grateful to Tang Zichen for indirectly taking credit for saving the entire Kirin Clan.

Little Fire was busy saying, "See the Clan Leader."

"You are?"

"Junior Little Fire, but Junior was not born and raised here, I used to be a fire beast and then evolved into a unicorn.I came here this time to find some of my fellow clans, and my big brother accompanied me."

"Welcome, Little Flame.

, you are truly the lucky star of our Qilin Clan."

"It's all because my big brother is powerful, it has nothing to do with me."

"Grandfather En, where are you going?"

Tang Zichen said, "Prepare to leave."

"Grandfather En, can I thank you properly."

"Of course, how would you like to thank me?Buy me a meal?"

"Whatever you want."

"In that case, why don't you take my brother, Little Fire, and add him to the Qilin genealogy."

"Of course, I can still take him as a disciple, even if it's a son, I'll give him all of my best."

Tang Zichen said to himself, "You're the only one who can afford to give him the best?

Don Zichen said, "What do you think, Little Fire?"


"Be a son, or a disciple, you choose one."

"Me, I don't want either."

Tang Zichen said, "Suit yourself then."

Tang Zichen and Little Fire went to the headquarters of the Qilin Clan, Mu Qianji and the others didn't go, they waited in Little Fire's stone house, they didn't want to waste time, so they practiced there.

That night, the Kirin Clan Chief ceremoniously hosted a banquet for Tang Zichen and Little Fire.

Of course, the dinner ended, and the Kirin Clan Chief was an understanding man, arranging for two beautiful women of the Kirin Clan to serve them.

In the room, Little Flame was shy.

"Brother Minister, let them go."

"Little Flame, the other clan chief is being kind, how dare you refuse?"Tang Zichen asked laughingly.

Tang Zichen must let Little Fire have his fun today, don't take his virginity as a baby.

"Brother Chen, what's so embarrassing about this."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Little Fire, look at these two beauties, which one isn't prettier than that village flower, Yang Yang?Alright, it's getting late, enjoy yourself and don't let down the beautiful scenery."Saying that, Tang Zichen walked out of the room door while saying to the two beauties, "Serve my brother well."


"Brother Chen, don't be like this, these two beauties, the patriarch is arranging for you to have one.".

Tang Zichen laughed, "I won't have to, give them all to you, I can't play with the women of the Qilin Clan, the women of the Qilin Clan are too skinny, I really doubt that they will fall apart."The characteristic of the Qilin Clan was that they were skinny, Little Fire was also skinny, these women, even skinnier, Tang Zichen really couldn't play with them.

Little Fire was nervous.

Tang Zichen lived right next door, the sound of Little Fire's room could still be heard, at first, Little Fire died not to and let the two women go, but, the two women did not go, probably also took the initiative to take off their clothes.In the end, the little fire may not be able to take it anymore, slowly, openly.

There were some discordant sounds after that.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed loudly and said in his heart, "Little Fire, congratulations, you've finally become a man."

Little Fire wasn't at a disadvantage, because Tang Zichen could see that the two women the clan leader had arranged were also pure.

Tonight, it belonged to Little Fire.

Tang Zichen quickly went into cultivation and did not listen to the sounds of Little Fire's room.

The next day, Tang Zichen came to Little Fire's room.

"How did last night go."

"Brother Chen, I."Little Fire was very embarrassed.

Tang Zichen laughed and patted it, "Alright, it's good to be cool."


Little Fire was ashamed, but Tang Zichen was right, it was indeed very nah.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, we can leave now and come back in two years for the Unicorn King Competition."


Tang Zichen and Little Fire left and returned to the stone house on the outskirts.

As soon as Mu Qianji saw Little Fire's reaction, he asked, "Looks like you guys had a good time last night, if I'm not mistaken, the clan leader must have arranged two beautiful women for you."

Tang Zichen laughed, "You really know how to guess."

"Hmph."Mu Qianji snorted.

Tang Zichen didn't explain either.

However, "Sister-in-law, Brother Chen he didn't, it's me."


Little Fire was embarrassed and ran away. Remember the URL

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

These two years, Tang Zichen and the others were all cultivating here at ease, not going anywhere, they had the Immortal Cultivation Method, the speed of their cultivation was definitely needless to say.

However, two years was too much time, and they were also at the stage of tribulation, two years was hardly a change.

Tang Zichen was still at the eighth stage of Tribulation, but he had taken a big step forward and was one step closer to the ninth stage of Tribulation.

Mu Qianji and the others hadn't broken through either, but it was Little Fire, who had cultivated the Dharma and had broken through to the sixth stage of the Tribulation.

"Brother Chen, the Unicorn King Competition is about to start, and now that I've broken through to the Sixth Stage of Tribulation, I'm even more confident that I'll win first place."

"Cheer up."

Tang Zichen and the others immediately accompanied Little Fire to the Kirin Clan headquarters to participate in the competition.

The competition was hot, and almost everyone from the Qilin Clan was here.

The village flower that Little Fire liked, Yang Yang, had also come with her parents and other relatives and was in the crowd.

"Brother Chen, I've seen Yang Yang.".

"Seeing her again now, do you still feel it?"Don Zichen asked.

Little Fire said sadly, "After all, I once loved so deeply."

Tang Zichen knew from looking at Little Fire that Little Fire hadn't let go inside, he didn't expect Little Fire to be an infatuated person, fortunately Tang Zichen helped him untie the knot, otherwise, his future cultivation would definitely be affected.

Tang Zichen patted, "Don't think too much about it yet, the moment you win the first place and become the center of attention, I believe that she will return to you."

"Mmhmm."Little Fire nodded happily, however, there was a bit of a mustard inside.

The Unicorn King Competition started soon, there were many participants, everyone wanted to enter the top ten and gain the title of Unicorn King.

In the crowd, Yang Yang, who came from Hundred Herb Village, suddenly saw Little Fire.

"Hmm, Little Flame?Why is he here?Hmph, what an insubordination, with him, he's definitely eliminated in the first round."Yang Yang said with a grunt.

A man standing next to Yang Yang was busy saying, "Who is Little Fire?"

"Ah, he, he's a man from the same village as me."Yang Yang was busy explaining, afraid that because of the misunderstanding, she was now with this man beside her.It was the same one who was called Yin Ming, the red man beside Prince Yan Bao.

Yang Yang's boyfriend laughed, "Yang Yang, do you think that Prince Yan Leopard will still be able to win first place in this Unicorn King Competition?"

"Of course, I have full confidence in Prince Infernal Leopard."Yang Yang said.

"Prince Infernal Leopard is the strongest of all the princes, the most talented, with the brightest future."

"Hehe."Yang Yang was happy inside, she felt glorious at the thought of her boyfriend, who was the red man beside this strongest prince.Inside Yang Yang couldn't help but think of what happened when Little Fire was chasing her, and couldn't help but be amused that he would dare to compare himself to Yin Ming.

The match started soon.

Little Fire didn't at first.

Taking out any strength, he barely made it past the first round.

When Yang Yang saw that Little Fire hadn't even eliminated in the first round, he snorted and seemed uncomfortable inside, saying, "He definitely won't make it through the second round."

The second round began.

Little Fire didn't make much of a splash, and passed the second round smoothly and steadily.

When Yang Yang saw that Little Fire wasn't eliminated in the second round either, she panicked a bit, and she didn't know what to panic about.

"This bastard, how is it possible, there's no way he could have made it past the second round with his strength.Hmph, I will never believe that he can still pass the third round."Yang Yang said with great certainty inside.

The third round had begun.

Little Fire still passed with ease, and it looked like he still had some energy left.

"Ah."Yang Yang was really panicking inside at the moment.

"He actually passed the third round and entered the top thirty, no, I don't believe he's that strong."Yang Yang couldn't help but look at her boyfriend beside her, her boyfriend had once also participated and eliminated in the first round.Little Fire, on the other hand, had even made it to the top thirty, and honestly, Little Fire had surpassed his boyfriend with that.

Yang Yang was very irritated inside.

"Everyone, the Unicorn King Competition, it will soon be the fourth round, and when the fourth round comes over, the top ten will be seen, I expect you all to work hard."

There was a stir and shouts.

Whether or not one could enter the top ten and obtain the title of King of the Gryphons would depend on the fourth round.

At this moment, Little Fire was also a little nervous, finally reaching the most crucial time, the top ten will all be awarded the title of King of the Qilin, in the Qilin Clan, it will be incomparably glorious.

The fourth round, soon began again.

The competition had reached its most tense and intense moment.

Let's not talk about the process of the competition, after some intense sparring, the results were out.

Little Fire had successfully made it through the fourth round and became the top ten of this session.

"Ah."Yang Yang, who was in the crowd, was completely dumbfounded, the person who had been deceived and discarded by her had become one of the top ten in the Unicorn King Competition.

At this moment, Yang Yang didn't know what to feel inside, and couldn't describe it with words.

The boyfriend beside Yang Yang was cheering for the top ten and was looking at the top ten in the ring with adoring eyes.

Yang Yang turned her head to see the worship of the top ten in her boyfriend's eyes, and felt frustrated that the person she had chosen, now, was only worshipping Little Fire.

I don't know why, Yang Yang suddenly felt a burst of dislike for her boyfriend inside, obviously the day before, she still liked it so much, and also felt that he was a very honored red person beside the Prince of Yan Bao.However, at this moment, it didn't even feel glorious at all.

Yang Yang knew that it must be because Xiao Huo had entered the top ten and become one of the Qilin Kings, and the achievements that Xiao Huo had achieved spiked her boyfriend didn't know how many streets had gone.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was in the distance, looking at the crowd, Yang Yang's any expression, did not escape Tang Zichen's eyes.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth popped, "I'll see how you regret it, how dare you dislike my brother, huh."

In the ring, Little Fire and the other nine people, receiving the attention of the entire arena, the whole arena cheered for them.Of course, among the ten people in the ring, the loudest cheererer was Prince Yan Leopard.

Prince Yan Leopard had been first place for several consecutive years, and was the pride and worship of almost all the Qilin Clan.

This year, everyone believed that Prince Yan Leopard would undoubtedly continue to be the champion for another year.

The head of the Qilin Clan flew out at this time, and the next competition would be judged by him personally, out of respect for the Qilin King.

The head of the clan shouted: "Congratulations, ten of you, you have won the title of King of the Qilin, I will now officially confer the title of King of the Qilin on you.After the conferral, the competition will continue, because, we still want to know who will be awarded the title of 'Strongest Unicorn King'."

The crowd cheered once again.


"The battle of the strongest Kirin King, officially begins."

It began, the fiercest round of battles played out.

The loudest voice was naturally Prince Yan Leopard, and almost everyone thought that Prince Yan Leopard would undoubtedly be the winner.

However, two hours later.

There were only two people left in the ring.

That was Little Fire and Prince Yan Leopard.

Prince Yan Leopard to, "Kid, I haven't seen you before, first time participating this year?"

Little Fire said, "Yes, this year, I'm going to win the championship."Little Fire vowed.

"Hahaha."Prince Yan Leopard laughed and said, "Kid, you're still too young to win the championship the first time you take part, you're also not taking me seriously."

"I didn't put you in my sights in the first place."Little Fire followed Tang Zichen's tone of voice and engaged in madness.

"What."Prince Infernal Leopard's eyes glazed over. A second to remember to read the book

Little Fire said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to belittle you, I just really didn't think much of you."

"Well, then I'd like to see how you didn't take me seriously."

"Drink."The Infernal Leopard Prince rushed up towards Little Fire.

Little Fire rushed up as well, and, Little Fire made several mouthfuls of Bimbo Qi.

Where was the Infernal Leopard Prince's opponent.

"Wow."It was only an account, and then it flew away and went down to the ring.



Those crowds were shocked.

: "Prince Infernal Leopard, how offended."

The Infernal Leopard Prince looked at Little Fire incredulously, no wonder Little Fire felt that he didn't care about him, he really had this strength and wasn't defying him.

The Infernal Leopard Prince said, "What is your name, dare I ask?"

"Just call me Little Fire."

"Why weren't you this good before?"

Little Fire said, "Before, I didn't even have to, before I just took out a meager bit of power.Now with you, it's the last battle, I think it's time for me to take out fifty percent of my power."

"What? You're only taking out fifty percent of your power now?"

"Or what?You think it's 10 percent?If it was ten percent, you'd be dead by now.I just said I didn't give a damn about you, and now you think I'm defying you?No, I'm telling you the truth." ..

"This."Prince Yan Leopard had nothing to say.

Not far away, the Kirin Clan's Clan Chief was watching, and he recognized Little Fire, a friend of the young man who helped him break through to the Tenth Stage of Tribulation two years ago, no wonder he was so strong.

Because of Tang Zichen's relationship, the Kirin Clan Leader no longer doubted Little Fire's strength at all.

At that moment, the Kirin Clan Chief flew up and laughed, "Little Fire, congratulations, you have become the strongest Kirin King of this year."

"Thank you, Clan Leader."Little Flame smiled at the clan leader.

Prince Yan Leopard still wanted to say something, the clan chief was busy saying, "My son, since you are so fortunate, why don't you get acquainted with this Little Fire, this Little Fire is about the same age as you, you might as well call him brother."


"Don't hurry."

"Yes."The Infernal Leopard Prince immediately bowed to Little Fire, "Little Fire smiles."

Little Fire was busy, "Don't, just call me Little Fire."

"Brother Little Fire is out of line, I didn't expect Brother Little Fire to be so strong, I'm convinced."


nbsp; "Haha, polite."

The Kirin Clan Leader immediately announced loudly that Little Fire had become this year's strongest Kirin King.

Little Fire's name was destined to become familiar to every single Kirin Clan member.

At this moment, in the crowd, Yang Yang's entire body was dumbstruck there, and she couldn't use words to express the regret she felt for Little Fire inside her heart at this moment.

Yang Yang wiped away her tears of regret and cursed inwardly, "Little Fire, you really are a son of a bitch, why didn't you let me know your strength earlier, why did you act so ordinary when you came after me in the first place."

The sensational Unicorn King Competition ended like this.

That night, Little Fire and Tang Zichen were invited to the Unicorn King Palace, where the Unicorn Clan grandly hosted a banquet for Tang Zichen and Little Fire.

Halfway through the banquet.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman came in at the door.

The Qilin Clan Chief introduced, "Brother Tang, Little Fire Daoist, this is my daughter, Yan Ling, she is not very old this year, I asked her to come out and pour you a glass of wine to toast you."

Tang Zichen said, "Clan Chief is very courteous."

Tang Zichen took a look at the clan chief's daughter, besides being thin and small, she was quite pretty, many times more beautiful than that village flower, Yang Yang.However, Tang Zichen couldn't really appreciate the Qilin Clan's naturally skinny stature, but Tang Zichen felt that it was quite suitable with Little Fire, and Tang Zichen had to take the opportunity to set her up.

The patriarch looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Dare I ask Brother Tang, how does my daughter look like?"

"Not bad, very pretty."

"Hahaha, to tell you the truth, my daughter is one of the most beautiful women in the Qilin Clan.I don't know if Brother Tang, is interested, if Brother Tang is interested in a woman of our Qilin Clan, I would be very happy to introduce her to you."

Tang Zichen busily waved his hand, "Clan leader, don't laugh, I already have several wives."

"Haha, it's normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines."The Qilin Clan Chief seemed to be unrelenting, seeing that he wanted to recommend his daughter to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was really depressed inside, he wanted to set her up with Little Fire, but he didn't expect that the patriarch's target was him.Although this Yan Ling was not bad looking, in Tang Zichen's eyes, she could only be considered average, Tang Zichen's few beauties were much better looking than her, at least that's what Tang Zichen thought.

"Patriarch, I do think that there is someone who is quite suitable for your daughter."

"Uh."The patriarch looked at Little Fire, as if he knew who Tang Zichen was trying to say.

Still not giving up, the patriarch was busy saying, "I think you're the most suitable."

"Clan leader, this topic is not suitable to say anymore, otherwise it will easily hurt your daughter's self-esteem, I, Tang, really don't like this style, sorry."

"Oh, no harm no foul."The Qilin Clan Chief saw that Tang Zichen really didn't like it, so he had no choice but to stop.

Tang Zichen said, "My brother Little Fire, you have seen his performance, how do you feel good, might as well end to Little Fire, otherwise, after this village there will be no more shop."

The Qilin Clan Chief said, "This, I can't force it, the little girl's own will."

Tang Zichen was speechless, when he was just introduced to him, the hard stuffed look, which cares about the little girl's meaning, now give the little fire, you have to care about the little girl's meaning.

Tang Zichen felt that it would not know if it would hurt Little Fire.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, do you like it?"


"If you like it, just say so, we're leaving tomorrow, we won't be able to see such a beautiful homunculus again."

Little Fire said, "I like it though, but I need to think about it for one night."


The Qilin Clan Chief also asked, "Yan Ling, do you like it, Little Fire?"



"If you like it, say so, and if you don't, I won't force you.Of course, if you like Tang Zichen, you can also say so, maybe he saw you and accepted you voluntarily?"

"I... I like Little Fire, not Tang Zichen."Yan Ling finished in one breath.

The Qilin Clan Chief was depressed, "You child, what's so good about Brother Tang Zichen."

Yan Ling said, "No, Little Fire is the best, everyone has seen Little Fire's performance today, he will definitely be the strongest Qilin in the future."Yan Ling blushed profusely.

The Kirin Clan Leader was a little angry, "How shallow, Tang Zichen is Little Flame's big brother."

Yan Ling said, "But I don't see anything powerful about Senior Tang Zichen, besides, Little Fire is also from the Qilin Clan, I prefer my own clan.I'm sorry, Senior Tang Zichen, for offending."Yan Ling apologized to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Clan leader, see, a strong twisted melon is not sweet, I may be outstanding in your eyes, but not necessarily in the eyes of a different person."

"It's just that, let her be."

Tang Zichen was right: "Little Fire, you and Yan Ling go outside and let her give you a good tour of the Qilin Palace, and I'll have a few more drinks with the clan leader."

"Good." First URL

The two of them, Little Flame and Yan Ling, were intensely in love with each other.

The two of them, it was almost love at first sight, it was a good thing, but the clan leader had to mix Tang Zichen in a bit, resulting in Tang Zichen being a bit depressed, although Tang Zichen didn't like that Yan Ling, but being rejected by a woman, Tang Zichen was also quite upset inside.No matter what, Little Fire and her had a scene, be happy for them.

Late that night, Tang Zichen and Little Fire left the Qilin Palace.

"Little Fire, how did you talk to Yan Ling tonight?"

"Great, we had a nice chat.It's just that I'm a little sorry for you, Minister."

"How can you be sorry to me."

"Originally, Yan Ling was yours, but now I've stolen your woman."

"Little fire, you think too much, I really don't look good, and that Yan Ling doesn't look good on me either, you guys are the perfect match."

"Thank you for your blessing, but, I haven't decided if I want to be with her or not, tonight we were together, Yan Ling took the initiative to confess to me, but without promising him, I said to consider it for one night."

Tang Zichen couldn't help but pat Little Fire on the head.

"Your brain is in water, from the perspective of the Qilin Clan, that Yan Ling is undoubtedly a beautiful woman, and you're even considering it."

"Brother Chen, I think feelings need to be prudent, so it's most appropriate to consider one night, don't worry, Yan Ling said that she won't give up on me, she will wait for me forever.I said, it doesn't need to be forever, one night is enough, tomorrow, I'll give her an answer."

"You bastard, huh."Tang Zichen laughed, Little Fire's happiness finally came that Yan Ling did like Little Fire a lot.

At this moment, in Hundred Grass Village, the village chief's house.

A woman was tossing and turning, having difficulty sleeping.

"No, I can't give up, I have to give myself another chance to try, maybe, Little Fire still has me in her heart and still wants to be with me?"Murakamiyo rolled over.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to find Little Fire."

After saying that, Yang Yang came to the kitchen.

"When Little Fire used to work at my house, he loved to eat taro steamed buns, so I'll start making taro steamed buns with my own hands now and take them to Little Fire early tomorrow morning.I'm sure Little Fire will be touched when he eats the taro steamed buns I made for him with my own hands."


nbsp; So, in the middle of the night, the village flower Yang Yang was in the kitchen making taro steamed buns, and she was really enough.

The next morning, Tang Zichen got up early in the morning.

"Uncle Chen, Uncle Chen, look quickly."Zitong suddenly shouted.

Tang Zichen looked into the distance and saw a woman, carrying a basket, flying all the way to Little Fire's stone house.

"Hm?Isn't that the bitch Yang Yang?What's she doing here?"

Zi Hitomi said, "Surely she has seen Little Flame become the Unicorn King and wants to come and hit on Little Flame again."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "She's thinking pretty, she really came looking for humiliation."

Tang Zichen immediately flew to the opposite hill.

Little Fire was still in the stone house with his eyes closed cultivating.

"Little Fire, Little Fire."At that moment, the shouts of Yang Yang came from outside.

Hearing Yang Yang's shout, Little Fire immediately came out, Little Fire was complicated inside.

Opening the door, he saw the woman who had once made him drunk like a fool, but, Little Fire unexpectedly found that there was no feeling at all.Instead, Ocean looked at Little Fire and found that the person who once didn't like him at all was now looking at him and finding him incomparably adorable and enchanting.

"What are you doing here?"Little Fire asked.

Yang Yang chuckled, "I came to see you, Little Fire, have you had breakfast yet, look what I've brought you?"

Words, eyeing Yang Yang's eager face coming up.

"Little Fire, see, your favorite taro steamed buns, I've always remembered what you love to eat the most."Yang Yang said, making it sound as if he remembered what Little Fire loved to eat could prove anything.

"Little Fire, have one, I made it all night last night."Yangyang handed up a taro bun.

Little Fiery didn't want to eat it.

"Little Fire, what for, it won't kill you to eat one."Yangyang handed it to Little Fire's mouth.

Little Fire pushed her hand away and said, "Yang Yang, you go back."

"Little Fire, actually, I came today, I have something to find you."

"It's like there's nothing left to say between us."

"Is it finished?"

"Well, you say."Littlefire wanted to see what she was trying to say.

"Little Fire, you probably don't know that after I rejected you two years ago, I went home and cried a lot, but I actually felt bad for rejecting you in the first place."

Little Fire almost threw up in disgust, Tang Zichen, who was watching in the dark, had already thrown up.

"Little Fire, these past two years, I actually thought of you a lot, of your goodness, of your feelings for me.I thought that I didn't like you, but until today, I didn't realize that I have never forgotten you, inside me, I actually like you."Yang Yang cried out.

Little Fire hummed, "If you like me, why did you reject me in the first place, and be so ruthless."

Yang Yang said, "Little Fire, I rejected you in the first place for your own good, because I didn't want you to indulge in love, or else I would be harming you.Look, aren't you now gaining the title of Unicorn King."

"So, there's still your contribution to this."Little Fire snorted.

Ocean cried, "I know you won't forgive me, but I still want to say that, in fact, I've always still loved you.Whether you still love me or not, but I will still continue to love you until the end of the earth."

"Enough."Little Fire yelled.

"Oooh, Little Fire, have you forgotten that once, we were sweet?Have you forgotten that once you loved me so much?"Ocean cried.


Don couldn't watch anymore and flew out.


"Who are you?"Yang Yang looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Bitch, if you disgust my brother here again, I'll shoot you to death."

Yang Yang immediately looked at Dao: "Fire, do you see, he insulted the woman you like, don't you do anything?"

Little Fire really scolded a sentence: "shot your sister, like your sister, the person I like now is the clan leader's daughter."

Little Fire endured anger to: "Yang Yang, in the name of having known each other, you immediately leave, I'll pretend that you never came."

Yang Yang was heartbroken to see that Little Fire really didn't like her anymore, as if she couldn't accept such a fact.

"No, Little Flame, don't drive me away."Yang Yang cried and ran up, hugging Little Fire from behind.

Little Fire didn't think that she would even hug him.

"Let go.". Remember the website

"Oooooh, I won't let go, I won't let go even if I die, I love you, even if you kill me, I still love you."Yang Yang looked like she was infatuated, if someone who didn't know the inside story, they would really be moved by her infatuation just by looking at this scene.

Dao: "Let go of me, okay?"

"I won't let go, Fire, let's be together, I swear I'll love you for the rest of my life and I'll give you many, many children."

"Are you really going to force me?"Littlefire.

"Oooh, Little Fire, I'm begging you, okay?Will you trust me for once?I love you so much, I'd do anything for you."Yang Yang cried out and almost fell to his knees.

Tang Zichen said, "My mother, I've never seen such a bitchy person in my life.Bitch, yesterday you were watching the Unicorn King competition with your which one, today you came to hug and love him, I'm sure, which one of you doesn't even know that you already love someone else."

Yang Yang panicked to: "Xiao Huo, don't listen to his nonsense, I already broke up with Yin Ming, although we went to watch the match together yesterday, but that was not my willingness, it was him who still pestered me and had to follow me.Little Flame, don't you believe me anymore?"

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, just ask her if she's still a virgin, if she slept with that someone."

Little Fire hesitated and asked, "My big brother said it, count me in for asking."

Yang Yang's body was startled: "I, I, I."It didn't come out for several times.

"Hmph."Little Fire snickered.

Yang Yang panicked and defended, "Little Fire, although Yin Ming and I did sleep together, but, but there was only one time, and he forced it on me.And, just that one time when I was forced by him, I was still thinking about you in my head, and I felt sorry for you then."

"Ow."Don Zichen couldn't take it anymore and threw up.

Little Fire yelled, "Let go of me."

"Oooh, I won't let go, I won't let go, I'm lazy in this life anyway, oooh."Yang Yang cried loudly, his hand clasping Little Fire with a death grip.

Tang Zichen said, "Little Fire, what old feelings are still with her."

Little Fire pushed hard and bounced Yang Yang away, but not too hard, just bounced her away.

"Little Flame, I really love you so much, please give me another chance."Yang Yang sat on the ground and cried out.

On the other side of the hill, Mu Qianji and the others were also watching.

Mu Qianji sighed, "Had I known earlier, why would I have done it."

Tang Huan said, "Make it sound like Little Fire abandoned her."

"It's only because she was too insensitive in the first place."

At this moment, in the distant sky, a woman flew in.

Not much.

The woman came to Little Fire's stone house.

It was none other than Yan Ling.

Seeing Yan Ling, Yang Yang was startled, but Yan Ling was the daughter of the clan leader and was a princess in the Qilin Clan.

Yan Ling looked at Little Fire and asked with anxious face, ", will you give me an answer today?Why haven't you answered me yet?Does it mean you don't want to be with me?"

"Yan Ling, I."

"Little fire, I don't want to listen, anyway, I Yan Ling, for the rest of my life, follow you, even if you don't want me, I'll follow you to the ends of the earth."Yan Ling didn't seem to notice Yang Yang who had fallen to the ground.

At this moment, the Yang Yang who had fallen to the disciple looked embarrassed, she had just said that she was lazy to settle down with Little Fire in this life, but she didn't expect that the Qilin Clan Princess would now also say that she had settled down with Little Fire for the rest of her life.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Princess Yan Ling, besides you, there's someone else who also wants to be lazy with Little Fire for the rest of her life oh, how do you want Little Fire to choose is good."

"Who?"Yan Ling was busy asking, when she saw the ocean a few meters behind the small fire.

"Is that you?What are you?"

Ocean looked at a loss for words, "Me."

"Alright, I don't care who you are, Little Fire is my man now, and please leave."Yan Ling said rudely.

Little Fire walked towards Yan Ling, hugged Yan Ling in his arms and said loudly, "Yan Ling, I love you, will we be together forever?"

Yan Ling cried and nodded, "Uh-huh, I'm willing."

Tang Zichen looked at the Yang Yang on the ground and said, "What are you waiting for, why don't you hurry up?Isn't that embarrassing enough for you?You alone are worthy to be compared to the Unicorn Princess?"

Yang Yang was very ashamed to get up, the princess appeared here, she no longer dared to say a word.

At this point, the word was: "Take your buns with you."

Yang Yang did not take the steamed buns with her and quickly flew away.

Tang Zichen went up and took a bite of a steamed bun, "Not bad, it tastes okay, Little Fire, since you're not eating it, we're not going to be polite, hahaha, I won't bother you two."Tang Zichen carried the basket and flew to the opposite hill, and distributed these steamed buns to Mu Qianji and the others to eat, not eating for nothing.

Yan Ling said, "Little Fire, your big brother is really funny."

Little Fire was busy saying, "Yan Ling, you're not allowed to judge my big brother like that."

"Uh, why."

"Because he's my big brother."

"Oh, yesterday my father said that your big brother is great, but I don't see anything special about him ah, in my heart, you're the greatest."

"Yan Ling, you don't even know my big brother yet."

"I don't care, in my heart anyway, you're ten thousand times more powerful than your big brother to go."Yan Ling pursed her lips and said.

Little Fire was helpless, let her see her big brother's power later, right now Yan Ling hadn't recovered from the scene where Little Fire became the strongest Qilin King, her head was still full of the scene where Little Fire took out half of his strength and defeated her big brother Yan Leopard in seconds.

On the opposite side.

Mu Qianji smiled and said, "Little Fire has finally found the ideal woman."

"Yeah, congratulations to him."

"Zichen, now that Little Fire has also found a girlfriend, can we leave here, we've all spent two years in the Qilin Clan."Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen.

"Of course, there's nothing to do here anymore, come, eat steamed buns, that bitch made them overnight, they're not bad."Tang Zichen said.

"Forget it, it's all in the past, it's just that she doesn't have eyes, don't scold her either."Yan Xinyi.

Xia: "Anyways, I admire that Yang Yang's cheek."

"Hahaha."Everyone laughed.


After breakfast, Little Fire and Yan Ling returned to the Qilin Palace first to say goodbye to Yan Ling's parents.

After that, after a little tidying up, Little Fire left the Qilin Clan with Yan Ling and Tang Zichen and the others.

Tang Zichen and the others moved very slowly as they cultivated and traveled through the mountains.

During that time, they also passed through the territory of several races, but to be on the safe side, Tang Zichen and the others did not enter to disturb them.

A year later, Yan Ling suddenly said, "Everyone can't continue forward."


"Up ahead is the territory of the Half Immortal Clan."

Tang Zichen said, "I said why do I feel so comfortable coming here, my body is so comfortable, my aura is so strong, moreover, there is a hint of immortal energy in the aura, so this is the territory of the Half Immortal Clan, they Half Immortal Clan really knows how to find a place, I'm afraid that the entire Seven Seas, the best places are occupied by them."

"Yes, the Half Immortal Clan is the strongest race, all our other sacred beast races are subservient to the Half Immortal Clan.The front is the Half Immortal Clan's territory, we can't go any further, the Half Immortal Clan doesn't like outsiders to enter privately."

Tang Zichen said, "But I really want to enter."

"It's better not to risk it." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Yan Ling, how much do you know about the Half Immortal Clan?How many people and how many strong people does the Half Immortal Clan have?"

"Don't know much about it, but the basics I know, the population of the Half Immortal race is around one million, which is more than us, the holy beast races.As for, the strongest, the ranking of the strongest parahumans in the entire Seven Seas, the top ten are all half-immortal races."

"In other words, there are more than ten parahumans of the Half Immortal Race?"

"Yes, the Half Immortals are strong, and even if some fly away, there will soon be new breakthroughs coming up again, and the number of their parahumans will hardly be lower than ten.As for the strong ninth stage of Tribulation, I've heard that no matter what, there are no less than four digits, or more than a thousand.Below the eighth stage of Tribulation, there are even more."

Mu Qianji asked, "Why are there so many of them at the strongest stage of Tribulation?"

"Because they are the Half Immortal Clan, born with a Half Immortal physique."

Tang Zichen said, "That's right, the Half Immortal Clan is quite powerful in the Immortal Realm, too."Tang Zichen was informed from his memories from his previous life.

"Then we'd better not go in, what if we accidentally offend the Half Immortal Clan."

Just at this moment, a group of people came from behind.

"Someone's coming, quickly, hide."Mu Qianji shouted.

They thought it was the Half Immortal Clan, so as not to cause any complications, they first hid by the side of the road, not long after, a group of people from the back came.

When Tang Zichen took a look, they weren't from the Half Immortal Clan.

"They're not from the Half Immortal Clan, they're from the Heavenly Goat Clan.".

There were a total of eight people in this group of people from the Heavenly Sheep Clan, among them, the strongest one was actually a quasi-immortal, and the remaining seven, the weakest ones were all at the eighth stage of Tribulation.

"Strange, what are the Heavenly Sheep Clan's people doing here?And with all the parahumans here, I'm afraid that the remaining few are stronger.Aren't they afraid that the Half Immortals will be upset?Or is it that the Heavenly Goat Clan's parahumans are so powerful that they dare to mess with the Half Immortals?"Don said.

"Who's talking?"At that moment, the prospective Immortal of the Heavenly Goat Clan stopped to say that he had in fact already discovered it, but he thought it was a Half Immortal, so he didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen immediately walked out.

The Heavenly Goat Clan's prospective immortal asked, "You

Is it the Half Immortals?"

Tang Zichen said, "Who cares who I am, what are you doing here?"

Little Fire and the others also came out.

"Old Ancestor, they are not from the Half Immortal Clan, look, there are even Qilin Clan's, Dragon Clan's, and that trash human from the Extreme South Continent among them."

The Heavenly Sheep Clan's prospective Immortal gazed at Tang Zichen and said, "So you're from the Extreme South Continent, and the humans from the Extreme South Continent dare to come to such a place."

Another strong man of the Heavenly Sheep Clan said, "It must be that the Half Immortal Princess's fame has spread to the Extreme South Continent, and even the humans of the Extreme South Continent dare to venture here to observe."

"Hmph, this time, it's the Half Immortal Clan that invited all the races to come, I won't embarrass you, let's go."After saying that, a group of people from the Heavenly Sheep Clan ignored Tang Zichen and the others and went straight into the Half Immortal Clan's territory.

Little Fire said, "Brother Chen, what do they mean, the beauty of the Half Immortal Clan princess is far away?"

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, let's go in, that Heavenly Goat trash just said that this time the Half Immortal Clan invited all races to come, I don't know what for, since they didn't specifically specify that the humans of the Extreme South Continent weren't allowed to come, that means we can come too."

"Well, go in, I didn't expect that we'd come in time to run into the Half Immortal Clan in the middle of something."

Tang Zichen and the others, followed the Heavenly Sheep Clan in front of them and entered within the Half Immortal Clan's territory.

Soon, they arrived at a very large looking city of the Half Immortal Clan.

This city, which looked similar to a large human city, had over a million people in it after all.

Along the way, there were signs, Tang Zichen and other outsiders had to move forward according to the signs, and could not go anywhere else, or else they would suffer the consequences.

Soon, Tang Zichen followed the Heavenly Sheep Clan to the entrance of a large manor near the palace of the Half Immortal Clan.

"Are you guys here to participate in our princess's sword trial competition?"At the main entrance, an old man of the ninth stage of Tribulation asked the Heavenly Sheep Clan's parahumans, his tone was not polite at all, a tribulation of the ninth stage, but he didn't even have a polite tone to the Heavenly Sheep Clan's parahumans, showing the pride of the Half Immortal Clan.

"Yes, it's easy to be able to come and participate in the Half Immortal Clan Princess's sword trial competition."

"May I ask, which of you is going to participate?"

"Of course it's the most outstanding genius of our Heavenly Sheep Clan."A young-looking eighth stage man of the Heavenly Goat Clan walked out.

"You're the one attending?"

"Exactly, I hope to pass the Half Immortal Clan Princess's Sword Testing Competition."

"Alright, you guys go in first, someone will take you for testing afterwards, and as long as you meet the requirements, you can all participate with the geniuses of our Half Immortal Clan."


The Heavenly Goat Clan entered the manor, and a Half Immortal Clan servant led them in.

Tang Zichen and the others immediately went up.

That old man of the Half Immortal Clan furrowed his brow, "Which race are you guys from?How come it's exactly like our Half Immortal Clan Leader."

Tang Zichen smiled, "We're humans from the Extreme South Continent."

"What."That old man was shocked and busy shouting, "Someone, drive them away."

Tang Zichen said, "Drive them away?I don't know why we're being driven away."

"How dare people from the Extreme South Continent come to a place as sacred as our Half Immortal Clan, is this the place you came from?Damn, the air is dirty with you, so get out of here."


Tang Zichen said, "How have we soiled your air."

"Hmph, you guys don't even know yourselves, for millions of years, which race doesn't know that the humans of the Extreme South Continent are no different from cockroaches underground, full of filth."

Little Fire raged, "Hey, you're the ones who invited all the races to come, and now you won't even let us come, you're too that."

"We didn't invite you, we just said, all races."

"Don't we humans of the Extreme South Continent count as one race?Are you sure you can make the decision to kick us out?"

"This."That old man hesitated and said, "Okay, it's only our fault that we didn't think that you guys would come too, otherwise we would have definitely added a bracket when we first released the news, except for the humans of the Extreme South Continent.Now it's our mistake, so we can only admit it.It's fine for you guys to come and participate, but you must not be allowed to leave, otherwise, all of you in the Ji Nan Continent will be finished."That old man guarding the gate arrogantly said.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, why don't we just leave, why lick our faces and go in."

Tang Zichen resolutely said, "No, the more they look down on us, the more I have to go in, it just so happens that all the races have people coming, I want to show them in front of all the races how powerful I am as a human in the Extreme South Continent."

Tang Zichen walked straight into the manor, that old man guarding the gate didn't stop him, he just snorted at the corner of his mouth, "Just you, what a frog in a well, this time it's our mistake, I'll let you guys participate once, so you can learn more."

Mu Qianji and the others walked inside the manor with that old man's disgusted look on his face.

As soon as they entered, another race came, followed by that race, who died of laughter when they heard that even the humans from the Extreme South Continent had come. The first website

After entering the manor, one of the Half Immortal Clan's servants, led them to a hall.

This hall had doors in every direction in the southeast and northwest, adding up to a total of more than ten doors.

That Half Immortal Clan servant said, "This is the hall, behind each door is a suite, and the guests from each of your races can choose a suite.Except for the ones that have already been chosen, you can choose all of them."

Don Zichen said, "We we choose this one."Tang Zichen pointed at one of the doors.

The half-immortal servant said, "Then go in, you will all be staying in this suite for the next few days, and you are not allowed to go anywhere else but the hall.Until our people inform you that you can go to the sword trial competition."

Tang Zichen frowned, "Should we be allowed to stay only in the room?"

"Yes, and if you don't accept, you can leave now."

"Okay, I accept."

The servant said, "Of course, three meals a day will be sent to you, but all of you races that live here can only eat together in this hall, you cannot bring food to your rooms, it will foul the air in our guest rooms."

"Grass, air again."Tang Zichen felt, how come the Half Immortal Clan invited all the races to participate in the Sword Trials, making it seem like they were on their knees.

"Alright, you can enter your rooms, by the way, all the guests staying here are not allowed to have fights with other races."After saying that, that servant left.

As soon as that servant left, a man came out of the doorway of one of the rooms and laughed, "Yo, the humans from the Extreme South Continent are here too."

Tang Zichen took a look.

It was the Xiezhi Clan.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Looking for a fight."

"What did you say?You say that again."The man from the Hiei Clan pointed at Tang Zichen and became furious.

Originally, the people of the Xiezhi Clan had only mocked, but they had never thought that Tang Zichen's tone was so rude, and the Xiezhi Clan thought that these humble humans of the Extreme South Continent were easy to bully.

Tang Zichen said loudly, "Looking for a fight."

"Grass you?."The men of the Xie Xie Clan rushed up and tried to hit Tang Zichen.

At that moment, a few more people came out in front of the room where the Xiezhi Clan men lived, and one of them, an old man, shouted, "Jin, don't be impulsive, this is the Half Immortal Clan's place, if you make a mess, I won't be able to protect you."

The man who rushed to Tang Zichen's front stopped and glared angrily at him.

"Ah Jin, won't you come back yet?"

The man called Jin said, "Old Ancestor, he, a human from the Extreme South Continent, is disrespectful to me."It was said as if he was still aggrieved.

Tang Zichen said, "I respect your mother, do you want to send your mother to me to respect her."

"You, you you," that Xie Xie Clan man called Jin was about to burst with rage.

"Ancestor, do you hear me, he cursed my mother, I'm going to tear him apart."

"Akane, come back here."Two Xie Xie Clan men stepped forward and pulled Ah Jin back.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the room with a cold snort and said defiantly, "Coward, thought you really dared to do it, but as it turns out, you don't dare."

"Ahhhh, Old Ancestor, look at him, he really owes a beating, a trash human, why would he dare to speak to me like that."That Ah Jin roared in anger.

That ancestor of the Hiei Clan said to Tang Zichen, "Kid, if this wasn't the Half Immortal Clan, you'd have died a hundred times already."

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Really."

"Kid, you humans of the Extreme South Continent don't deserve to be under the same roof as us, I will appeal to the Half Immortal Clan and request to get you out."

Tang Zichen coughed twice, then pooh-poohed and spit in the hall, looking like he was very unqualified, Tang Zichen said, "Yes, we humans of the Extreme South Continent are all of this quality, spitting everywhere, you'll have to get used to you in the next few days."

"You."The ancestors of the Xiezhi Clan were half-dead angry.

Tang Zichen walked into their room, and Mu Qianji was busy closing the door of the room.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, why are you provoking them ah, making trouble for no reason."

Tang Zichen depressed: "It's them who provoked me, you did not see that just called what Ah Jin, sarcastic tone, I day, and said I do not respect him, I pooh.From now on you all don't be polite, out in the halls, urinating and spitting everywhere, they keep saying that we are a humble race, so let's disgust them properly."

"Urinating and spitting everywhere, I'm really speechless to you."Tang Huan a angry, however, just now Tang Zichen in the hall, in front of the Xie Xie Clan a spitting look, indeed good rogue feeling, I'm sure the Xie Xie Clan those angry to death.

Mu Qianji said, "Don't provoke them, the dog is still jumping over the wall in a hurry."

"Che, they don't dare to do anything here, that old man just now, the ancestor of the Xie Xie Clan, a quasi-immortal, doesn't even dare to do anything in the face of my arrogance.They're afraid of breaking the rules of the Half Immortal Clan, they can only endure."


"Alright, let's tidy up the room."Tang Zichen looked at the room they were staying in, it was about a hundred square feet, it was too small, and it wasn't even separated up inside the room, it was just a whole piece.

"Damn it, the Half Immortal Clan is really bullying people, making such a small broken house to entertain guests."Tang Zichen cursed, it was impossible for the Half Immortal Clan to not have a bigger house, just heck arrange a place this small and have to share a hall with other races.

Little Fire Dao; "There are several other races that didn't come after that, when the other races come, this place will be even more crowded."

"By then, we'll be even more despised, and the other races, except for the Dragons, the Qilin, and the Vajra, will all look down on us."Lu Yu Xi said.

Tang Zichen said, "Look down on us if you want, this time it's just right, following this opportunity, I'll let those races have a good look at my power, and that what's more, the princess of the half-immortal race, she invited everyone to come and participate in her sword trial competition, I'm afraid that princess is very bullish, I, Tang Zichen, can't do anything else, I specialize in bullishness."

"Cheer up, Brother Chen, it's time for the other races to look at humans again."

"Yes, alright, there are so many of us, let's pack up first, let's divide this room into four spaces, one room for Little Flame and Yan Ling, one room for Purple Hitomi and Mei, one room for my teacher's wife, and the rest of you, all in the same room as me."

"Uh, I don't want it."Xia Xiaoxin was busy.

Tang Zichen said, "The conditions are limited, don't ask for so much, first live like this, everyone grieves a bit."Tang Zichen looked like he was serious, but Mu Qianji and the others knew that this was definitely not what he was thinking inside.

For the next few days, several women will have to live with Tang Zichen one room at a time, so I'm afraid there will be some tossing and turning."

With a wave of his hand, Tang Zichen used the boundary to divide the entire room into four small rooms.Of course, one of them was the largest, taking up almost half of the room, Little Fire and Yan Ling's took up more than ten square feet, as did Zi Hitomi and Ah Mei, and Yan Xin Yi's, who slept alone, took up the smallest.In this way, the original room of over a hundred square meters was divided into four rooms by Tang Zichen with a boundary. Remember the website

Boundaries are stronger and more soundproof than anything else.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Little fire, purple pupil, you can shout as much as you want at night or whatever, don't worry, my boundary is very soundproof, hahaha."

Yan Ling and Amei both blushed.

Mu Qianji twisted on Tang Zichen's waist and said, "Can you be more serious."

"Hahaha, don't worry, I'll let you know what it means to be serious."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji stared speechlessly and immediately entered the largest boundary room to go.

Since Tang Zichen had recovered his memories from his previous life, it had to be said that his personality had indeed been affected, before, it seemed like he was more serious, but now he felt less serious.

At this moment, in the outside hall.

Several people from the Hiei Clan were still standing in the hall, and they were all looking at the door of Tang Zichen's room in exasperation.

"I really want to kick open the door to their room, rush in and catch that son of a bitch just now and beat him up."One of the men from the Xie Xie Clan said.

"Don't worry, when the sword trial competition is over and we leave the territory of the Half Immortal Clan, I won't let him go."The Xiezhi Clan man called Ajin said through clenched teeth.

At that moment, another race came, and more than ten people came.

The half-immortal race servant who brought them in said, "Everyone, you can choose from the spare rooms here, this hall is public, before the sword trial competition starts, you can only stay in your room or the hall, you can't go anywhere else."That half-immortal clan servant said to the new group of people.

A few hours later, Tang Zichen stood

Got up, stretched his back, looked at the beauty lying on the floor, and smiled hehehe.

Tang Zichen put on his clothes and walked straight out of the room.

It just so happened that several men from the Hiei Clan were eating dinner at a table in the hall.

"Rubbish."One of the men from the Xiezhi Clan looked at Tang Zichen and scolded him with contempt.

Tang Zichen was on fire and immediately walked to the corner of the hall.

"Wow."Tang Zichen peed in the corner at once.

"Damn."The Xie Xie clan that was eating shouted together.

On the floor, a long line of urine flowed into the middle of the hall.

After Tang Zichen finished pooping, he said nothing and went back to his room.

In the hall, those few Xie Xie Clan members who were eating dinner were stupid, so who could eat it.

"Ancestor, look, the quality of the humans in the Extreme South Continent, is too bad, they actually urinated and defecated everywhere."

"Hmph, those humble creatures just like cockroaches, that's how it was, this time coming to participate in the sword trial competition, living in the same place as them, it's really our doom, it's just that we can't fight, otherwise, I really want to pinch him."

"What now then, there's a puddle of piss on the hall floor."

"I'll go and advise the Half Immortal Clan, you guys don't run around."After saying that, that old ancestor walked out of the hall.

In the room, Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, what the heck, let them be disgusting, although it was true that Tang Zichen had no quality to pee in the hall, but Tang Zichen was forced to do it, who let them say that the humans of the Extreme South Continent were like cockroaches, since they were all like cockroaches, naturally they had to be like cockroaches to make them be disgusting.

"Zichen, what did you do?Smiling?"Mu Qianji walked out of the room and saw Tang Zichen laughing.

"I just walked out, I wanted to find some water to drink, but I didn't realize that the Xie Xie Clan was having dinner, and I didn't do anything, so they just looked disgusted and called me trash.I got fired up and went straight to the corner and took a piss."

"Ah, you really took a shit?"Mu Qianji was startled.

"Nonsense, of course really pull, I'm not joking."

"The hall is a public place ah."

"Whatever, I'll pull a bubble if any race curses one more time, hahaha."Tang Zichen was funny when he thought about it himself.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll just do this kind of thing, you guys don't want to pee outside, I'll turn green if people see me."

"Nerve."Mu Qianji stared.

That ancestor of the Hiei Clan, came to the entrance of the manor.

"Hello guys, I have a problem to respond."

The old man at the door who was at the ninth stage of the Tribulation said, "Old Ancestor Xiezhi, although you are a parahuman, you still have to abide by our rules and are not allowed to walk around, why did you leave the place we have specified?"

"I have a problem to respond to, can you move the humans of the extreme south continent to the place of being?"

"Why the shift?"

"You guys are doing this with no respect for us, the humans of the Extreme South Continent are so low end, you let them come even though they are here, and you still let them live with us, do you know that the humans of the Extreme South Continent are extremely low quality, they urinate and defecate everywhere, and now the hall smells like urine when you walk in, and just now that person from the Extreme South Continent took a piss in the hall everywhere."

"I'll report your problem to my superiors, so go home."

"Hurry up and move them away ah."Elder Xie Xie was relieved, it was killing him to live with those trash humans in the Extreme South Continent again.


A day later, almost all the races had arrived at the Half Immortals.

Including Tang Zichen and the others, a total of ten races lived under the same roof, with each race arranging a large room and sharing a hall.

When the other races arrived and found that the humans from the Extreme South Continent had also arrived, those races that did not yet understand Tang Zichen protested, asking the Half Immortal Race to transfer the humans from the Extreme South Continent away, as if living with the humans from the Extreme South Continent lowered their status.

However, their appeals were useless, the Half Immortal Clan refused to transfer the humans of the Extreme South Continent away, however, in order to show respect, the Half Immortal Clan allowed the strong parahumans of other races to move to a better place to live.

Therefore, the place where Tang Zichen and the others lived was no longer filled with parahumans.

"Why, why did the Half Immortal Clan refuse to arrange the trash from the Extreme South Continent to another place."

"Ahhhh, I don't want to live with the trash."A strong man of an unknown race shouted in anger after getting the Half Immortal Clan's refusal.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and the others were cultivating in their own room.

Little Fire said, "Brother Chen, it looks like the other races went to apply to the Half Immortal Clan to arrange us away, but the Half Immortal Clan refused."

Tang Zichen snorted, "These idiots, go, go out and screw them."

"Brother Chen, no hands-on is allowed here." One second to remember to read the book

"I didn't say I was going to do anything, I'm just going out to take a piss."Tang Zichen said and pulled open the door.

Tang Zichen didn't know that several parahumans of other races had been arranged to live elsewhere, there were no more parahumans here, and the strongest were only at the ninth stage of tribulation.

Tang Zichen walked to the hall, and suddenly, seven or eight races of people in the hall looked at Tang Zichen.

One of the men from one of the races shouted, "Humble insects of the Extreme South Continent, you still won't get out of here."

"Idiot."Tang Zichen cursed, then walked to the corner.

"Wow."Tang Zichen peed again.

A long line of urine was left on the floor in the middle of the hall.

A man from the Xie Xie Clan said, "Everyone, you all saw it, you didn't believe me before when I said that the humans of the Extreme South Continent urinated and defecated everywhere, but now you believe me."

The other several races looked at Tang Zichen with resentful eyes.

After Tang Zichen finished peeing, Little Fire continued, walking to the same corner and taking a dip as well.

In the hall, all of the other several races', were stunned, they felt like they had entered the pigsty and lived with the pigs.

Tang Zichen smiled at the other races in the hall and said, "Sorry, guys, in our Extreme South Continent, everyone is like this, defecating everywhere, so I'm used to it.By the way, could you please turn around ah, I still want to take a shit that what, shit."

"What did you say?"The hall full of people were angry.

Other than those from the Dragon Race, the Vajra Race, and the Qilin Race, the people from these three races were all very confused.They didn't know if people from the Far South Continent urinated and defecated everywhere, but Tang Zichen was definitely not such a person ah, Tang Zichen's level of civilization was at least as good as their divine beast race ah, why was Tang Zichen now urinating and defecating everywhere in the living room?

Tang Zichen laughed, and in another corner, he casually drew a boundary, and then, Tang Zichen used the boundary as a bathroom.

In the hall, the strong men of those races raged

Dao: "Everyone, it's tolerable, but now that it's come to this, are we going to let the rules of the Half Immortal Clan bind us and allow them to poop and pee here?"

"Yes, we can't take it anymore, guys, let's throw these low-level humans from the Extreme South Continent out together, they're low-level creatures and don't deserve to live with us."

"Throw them out, throw them out."In the hall, people of those races shouted with their arms.

However, after shouting a dozen times, they all only shouted and no one did anything.

Everyone waited for the other races to take action, so that they could stay out of it in case the Half Immortals pursued them.

After shouting a dozen times, the people of those races felt embarrassed, and they cursed within themselves, "What the hell, all of them just talk and don't move."

Within the boundary in the corner, Little Fire and Tang Zichen were squatting there, Little Fire hehehe laughed, "Brother Chen, they're so funny, they talk so furiously, but no one is doing anything."

"This race of so-called holy beasts, so-called creatures that are higher than us humans, are just greedy and afraid of death."

"Minister, are we really shitting ourselves here?"Little Fire asked, now they are just squatting and not really pulling, making a show for those races to be angry.

Tang Zichen said, "Now that we're squatting in the boundary, they all think we're pulling, and if we're not, will they think we're cowards and just making a show for them?But if you really pull, this hall will stink."

Little Fire said, "Openly, really pull it."

"Khan, really pull it, but I don't have the desire."

Little Fire said, "Minister, truth be told, I happen to have the desire, I can't hold it in any longer, if you don't pull, you might as well leave the boundary first, save the stench to you."

"Speechless, then you pull."

Tang Zichen instantly left the boundary, Little Fire continued to squat in the boundary by himself, the boundary Tang Zichen had set up in the corner was the size of a toilet.

After Tang Zichen stepped out of the boundary, in the hall, people of all races, hundreds of pairs of eyes looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Excuse me, everyone."After saying that, Tang Zichen deliberately lifted his trouser waistband, then turned around and went into their room.

A few minutes later, Xiao Huo also walked out of the boundary, and Xiao Huo rushed to enter the room.

At that moment, Tang Zichen cancelled that boundary.

A foul smell wafted out and filled the entire hall.

"Mmm."In the hall, hundreds of people scrambled to cover their noses, they were angry and furious, and in the end, they had to go back to their rooms first because it was so stinky.

"Hahaha."In Tang Zichen's room they were in, Tang Zichen and Little Fire laughed loudly.

Mu Qianji said, "You guys didn't really pull that in the hall, did you?"

"Thousands of years, you want to know just go out and look around."

Mu Qianji pulled open the door to the room, and a stench from the hall drifted in.

"Well, it stinks."Mu Qianji quickly closed the door and used the boundary to seal the room door.

"You guys, you guys actually."Mu Qianji was furious, she thought that even if Tang Zichen was going to deliberately anger those races, he could at most just pee, but she didn't expect that he would actually pull it in the hall.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

: "Sister-in-law, actually, Chenchen didn't pull, I did."


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