The unknown Heir 924


Chapter 924

Upon arriving downstairs, the three of them only saw the innkeeper tied to a chair and still hanging his head in an unresponsive state.

    "Brother Chen. What's wrong with him?"

    Lei Li asked in surprise.

    "Oh, he just passed out from the shock!"

    Chen Hao explained with a faint smile.

    Then, Chen Hao brought a cup of water and splashed it directly on the innkeeper's face.

    "Ah, ghost.Ghost."

    Once awakened by the splashing water, the innkeeper burst out shouting, full of fear.


    In order to calm the innkeeper down, Chen Hao slapped the innkeeper directly in the face.

    After being smacked by Chen Hao like this, the innkeeper calmed down and looked at the four people in front of him in a dazed manner.

    "You guys.Who the hell are you guys?"

    The innkeeper stared at the four of Chen Hao and asked.

    He was reminded of the situation he had seen before, and the Chen Hao who had transformed into a ghost spirit.

    Since the Chen Hao who was transformed into a ghost spirit was very different from himself, the innkeeper was unable to recognize Chen Hao as the ghost spirit he himself had seen.

    But that was fine, at least it wouldn't be discovered by this innkeeper.

    "Boss, tell me, what exactly is your relationship with that Leopard Master?"

    Chen Hao did not want to talk nonsense with the innkeeper and directly glared at him and questioned him.

    Hearing Chen Hao ask this, the innkeeper lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

    "What?You won't say, will you?Yes, it's okay, I have a hundred ways to get you to talk and feel what it's like to be tormented by pain!"

    Seeing the innkeeper's attitude, Chen Hao immediately snorted and spoke.

    He wasn't afraid that the innkeeper wouldn't open his mouth, and the more he did so, the more Chen Hao felt energized, just as Chen Hao could try his hand at extorting a confession.

    After saying that, Chen Hao pulled out his Star Profound Sword from the lap top.

    Seeing that Chen Hao had taken out his Star Profound Sword, the innkeeper was now afraid and had to swallow deeply in his throat.

    "I said.I'll say."

    The innkeeper immediately chose to compromise.

    "I'm with Master Leopard.It's a partnership, he owns this inn, I'm just in charge of keeping the door open and managing it for him, and as long as there are outsiders staying in this inn, he'll let me tell him, and then at night while you're all asleep, he'll use a kind of ecstasy to make you sleep better, so that when you wake up you'll be under the control of Master Leopard, and then Master Leopard can blackmail you for a good sum!"

    Just listen to the innkeeper tell everything honestly.

    The four of them understood after listening to Chen Hao, it turned out that the shop was a black shop, specifically designed to use this kind of tactics to extort money.

    It was just that what the Leopard and the innkeeper didn't expect was that this time they met the four of Chen Hao and really kicked the can down the road, and the Leopard even ended up in a miserable situation.

    "Say, how many times have you guys done this before?"

    That's when Lei Li angrily stepped forward to glare at the innkeeper and question him.

    "This.It's only three times in total, and there aren't many people who come to our place."

    The innkeeper also immediately opened his mouth to answer out.

    "We are the third time?"

    Lei Li asked again.

    "Er.Not.You are.It's the fourth time!"

    The innkeeper carefully held out his own finger to cross his fingers and preach.


    As soon as he finished speaking, Lei Lie slapped the innkeeper directly on the head.

    The innkeeper was so struck that he dared not make a sound.


    After Lei Li finished playing, he came out in a shock.

    "What happened?"

    Chen Hao was surprised and looked at Lei Lie and asked.

    "Brother Chen, you really don't say that, but this slapping someone's head is really not a pleasant experience!"

    Lei Lie exclaimed excitedly as he looked at Chen Hao.

    After the three of them heard it, Chen Hao immediately rolled his eyes at the same time.

    Thinking about this guy Lei Lie was really making people feel good and funny.

    "Can't you brat be a bit of a brat!"

    Chen Hao cast a counted glance at Lei Lie.


    Lei Lie also touched the back of his head with a playful laugh.

    "Brother Chen, then what should we do with this person?To kill him?"

    Lei Lie then looked at Chen Hao again and asked, and as he spoke, he made a movement at his neck.

    As soon as this movement was made, everyone would immediately understand its meaning, which was to wipe his neck.

    "Don't, don't, two big brothers, I really know that I was wrong, please, don't kill me!"

    Seeing this scene, the innkeeper panicked and immediately hurriedly begged for mercy towards Chen Hao and Lei Lie.

    Just kidding, he was just begging for money, where would he think of losing his own life.

    So as soon as he heard what Lei Lie said to Chen Hao, he got scared, he didn't want to die.

    "Forget it, this guy isn't the unforgiving kind, just teach him a lesson and let him go!"

    Chen Hao took a glance at the innkeeper and said indifferently.

    To be honest, Chen Hao was not the unreasonable type of person.

    After all, this owner only wanted to demand money, which was why he did such things.

    Now that he had also been given his due lesson, it was certain that this innkeeper would not dare to do something like this again in the future, which was why Chen Hao had chosen to go and spare him.

    The most important point was that Master Leopard was already dead, and there would be no one to work with the innkeeper in the future.

    The innkeeper heard Chen Hao say that he was going to let him go, making him incomparably happy, he knew that his life was saved this time, as long as he could save his life.

    "Thank you, big brother, thank you, I won't dare to do it again."

    The innkeeper looked at Chen Hao with a strong thank you.

    "I'm warning you, if you still dare to do something like this in the future, then don't blame me for being rude, I'll send you to join Master Leopard when the time comes, do you understand?"

    Chen Hao didn't forget to stare at the innkeeper again as a warning.

    "Yes, yes, I'm clear, I understand, I'll never do anything like that again, I'll just open the shop properly!"

    Where the innkeeper dared not listen, he immediately nodded directly.

    "Alright, Lei Lie, let's pack up and leave early!"

    Chen Hao then looked at Lei Lie and suggested to the three of them.

    Currently, it seemed that this Starless Town was not a good place, and there might be other bad things that existed, so Chen Hao decided that it was better to leave early.

    When they heard Chen Hao's proposal, Lei Lie's three men had no opinions at all.

    After an additional ten minutes, Chen Hao and the four of them packed up and left.

    However, they didn't untie the innkeeper when they left, but dragged him to the door and left him there, until the first light of day, when someone would naturally discover him and someone would help him untie him then.

    After leaving the inn, the four of them, Chen Hao, continued on their way.

    There was still more than an hour until dawn, the entire town was still silent now, there wasn't even a shadow of a person or ghost, only the street lamps were still on.


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