The unknown Heir 925


Chapter 925

"Brother Chen, do you think that boss will find someone to take revenge on us?"

    Lei Lie was still a little worried at this point as he looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao took a look at Lei Lie.

    "It shouldn't be, we're not afraid even if he will, if he dares to come, I'll let him have his way!"

    Chen Hao was also calm and incomparably calm as he narrated, not worried about the situation in the slightest.

    According to Chen Hao's thoughts, this innkeeper would definitely not dare to come to trouble themselves, after all, he had given this innkeeper too much of a scare earlier.

    "Right brother Chen, how did the owner he tied to the chair?"

    Lei Lie recalled something again and quickly asked towards Chen Hao.

    "You want to know?"

    Chen Hao took an interesting look at Lei Lie and asked.

    Lei Lie immediately nodded his head.

    "I'll tell you next time, you are currently not at that stage of learning yet!"

    However, Chen Hao didn't just tell Lei Lie the reason why, after all, Lei Lie was currently the one who couldn't reach that stage of learning yet, so it was better to wait until next time to tell Lei Lie.


    Lei Lie also responded with a bit of loss.

    "Don't feel bad, it's just that you can't reach it for you at the moment, but you'll all reach it later."

    Chen Hao also smiled at Lei Lie and comforted him.

    Hearing Chen Hao's consolation, Lei Lie also nodded again, knowing that Chen Hao would be willing to teach him.

    As the four of them walked along, the sky gradually became brighter.

    "Brother Chen, let's find a place to rest first, we haven't had much rest all night!"

    Only Lei Lie then looked to Chen Hao and suggested.

    The four of them hadn't gone to sleep last night, and they had even gotten up early in the morning to make the journey.

    So all of a sudden Lei Lie was already very tired.

    When he heard Lei Lie's words, Chen Hao turned to look at Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo.

    "Lei Lie is right, Chen Hao, let's stop and rest first, anyway, now that we've left Starless Town, those people won't be able to catch up."

    Zhen Ji also narrated towards Chen Hao, she was also a bit tired.

    Although Zhen Ji belonged to the True God Realm just like Chen Hao, she would get tired even as a human being.

    Unlike Chen Hao, whose strength was already at the Emperor Stage after all, she wouldn't get tired at all for all of this, and her spirituality would always be there as well.

    "Good, then let's stop and rest!"

    Of course, Chen Hao would not have any objections and directly agreed to it.

    Hearing that Chen Hao had agreed, Lei Lie also felt relieved and assured, he had thought that Chen Hao would disagree.

    The four of them then came to sit down underneath a large rock.

    There was a large space inside underneath this large rock, a pitch-black, outstretched and completely invisible kind of space.

    "Ooh.It stinks, this place, what's the smell?"

    As soon as the four of them arrived at the cave entrance, they heard Lei Lie cover his mouth and nose and frowned.

    Suddenly, a pungent and foul-smelling odor poured out towards the four of them.

    It had to be said that the smell was truly unpleasant, making one really want to vomit at the same pace as smelling it.


    Just then, a rumbling of thunder came from the sky outside all at once.

    All of a sudden the entire sky was gloomy.

    "Damn, this is the rhythm of a thunderstorm!"

    Lei Lie took a look at the sky and was once again alarmed.

    What a wave of waves.

    It's so hard!

    Immediately afterwards, a flash of purple lightning crossed the sky, the lightning was very dazzling.

    Seeing this scene, the four of them knew that there was no way they could get out now, they could only reluctantly take shelter in this hole like, wait until the thunderstorm passed.

    "Forget it, let's be refined, let's just hide in here for a bit, and then we'll continue on our way after the thunderstorm passes!"

    Chen Hao then looked at Lei Lie's three men to narrate.

    Naturally, Lei Lie's three men did not have a single comment to make.

    After all, it was now lightning and thunder outside, and it was also dangerous, so let's just reluctantly take shelter at this cave entrance.

    After saying that, the four of them sat down together.

    Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo sat down along the stone wall hand in hand, leaning their heads against each other and closing their eyes to rest.

    Chen Hao and Lei Lie, on the other hand, sat on either side against the stone wall and rested.

    But then again, without this cave entrance, the four of them would really have to be blown by the wind and rain, and they would really be chicken in the soup then.

    Soon, the four of them entered a relaxed resting state.

    Listening to the sound of rain and thunder outside, one felt incomparably comfortable and relaxed, as if all their worries had been eliminated.

    But good times don't last long, accidents always come.

    After a while, only a shining object appeared inside the pitch-black hole, like a pair of eyes.

    The bright light got closer and closer, until it reached the mouth of the hole, and then it took shape.

    A bolt of lightning sliced through, instantly lighting up the entire cave, and a huge python appeared at the location of the cave entrance.

    However, Lei Lie, who was sitting inside the comparison, didn't notice anything wrong at all and completely fell asleep.

    The three of them, Chen Hao, who were sitting outside at the cave entrance, also did not feel the arrival of the giant python.

    At that moment, they only saw the giant python lift its huge snake meat and directly placed it on Lei Lie's shoulder, constantly rubbing against it.

    Lei Lie was tickled by the rubbing.

    "Oh my, who is it, stop it, stop it, let me sleep for a bit longer!"

    Lei Li closed his eyes tightly and said with some impatience, not forgetting to reach out and tap his shoulder.


    The moment Lei Lie's hand touched the python's snake flesh, it made Lei Lie instantly open his eyes.

    Because he felt a furry and rough sensation, it made him react with a sudden jolt.

    In the next second, Lei Lie slowly turned his head to look behind himself.

    Without looking, he was shocked.

    "Holy shit!"

    Lei Lie directly screamed in fright, and his entire body tumbled out towards the front.

    Hearing Lei Lie's scream instantly woke up the three of Chen Hao.

    "Lei Lie, what's wrong?"

    Chen Hao immediately looked at Lei Lie and asked in confusion.

    "Bear.Giant python.What a giant python!"

    Lei Lie pointed at the python inside the cave and said with a trembling voice.

    Hearing this, the three of them, Chen Hao, too, immediately cast their gaze towards the inside of the cave.

    Sure enough, a huge python was staring straight at Chen Hao and the four of them.

    Upon seeing this giant python, Zhen Ji and Zhou No immediately stood up.

    "Don't move!"

    When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately spoke up as a reminder.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, the three of them all stood in place and did not dare to move.

    "You guys back up slowly, not too fast!"

    Chen Hao was then instructing the three of them again.

    Yan Ji followed what Chen Hao said little by little, retreating slowly backwards step by step, completely in a state of small steps, not even daring to breathe.

    And then, the python locked its gaze on Chen Hao's body.


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