The King of Kungfu in school 1811-1820


Chapter 1811

"Then you won't have the chance to travel to the Seven Seas.By the way, Zichen, do you know why my father, at all costs, is helping Yuyan refine her spirit stones and rapidly improve her realm?"

"Don't tell me it has something to do with the initiation."

"Haha, you're right, my father will do whatever it takes to raise the realm of Yan Yan, the purpose is, to make Yan Yan Yan look talented, the younger she is, the higher the realm, the more talented others naturally think she is.In that case, it's very likely that she'll be chosen to join the Association."

Tang Zichen frowned and said speechlessly, "So your father, he was going to send Yuyan to the Seven Seas from the very beginning."

"Yes, only by sending her to the Seven Seas will she have a better future.Moreover, with my daughter's posture, once she obtains the token of the Club Martial again, she can definitely do well in the Seven Heavy Seas, and be looked upon by a certain strong person in the Seven Heavy Seas, or a certain strong second generation, in the future, the future is bright."

Tang Zichen depressedly said, "Fortunately I appeared just in time, if I were two years late, wouldn't it be that Yuyan would have joined the Five Great Powers of the Seven Heavy Seas.By virtue of Mo Yuyan being in her forties and reaching the Combination Stage, it's very likely that she would have obtained the Club Martial Token."

Mo Qing laughed bitterly, "Because of this, when I issued an imperial decree that whoever could save Yuyan would recruit him as a son-in-law, this matter was reduced to a joke."

"Then, now that Mo Yuyan has become my daoist partner, do you regret it?"Tang Zichen asked.

Mo Qing said, "I said that whoever can save her will be recruited as a son-in-law, and although I was laughed at, I will never break my promise.Moreover, you have such a strong talent and opportunity, as soon as Yuyan met you, she went from the combined stage to the Mahayana stage against all odds, isn't that enough?I think the benefits of him becoming your daoist partner are in no way worse than being inducted into the Seven Seas."

"Thank you for being so optimistic about me."

"Seriously, will you participate in the Entrance Meeting in two years or not?You won't have a chance to travel to the Seven Heavy Seas without participating.Because there is no way to get to the Seven Seas, you must pass through a teleportation formation, and the starting key for this formation is in the hands of the five strongest people in the Seven Seas.Therefore, no matter how strong you are, you won't be able to get up there without the key." Remember the URL

"How can I, Tang Zichen, join the family."

"You don't have to join the family either, you can join first and gain a year's worth of cultivation, if you don't choose to join the family, you'll be thrown down after a year."

"We'll talk about it then, it's too early to tell."

"Alright, let's not talk about it."

Tang Zichen closed his eyes.

Time passed slowly, and soon, about a week had passed.

The Sea of Death was really starting to get crowded.

More ships came from all directions, and although everyone knew that the new relics were born for the big men of the Seven Seas, people would still come, just in case they picked up on it.

"Uncle Qing, in the next few days, the new relics might come out at any time, so we should be ready."

"Good, then let's leave and go to the sea."

Tang Zichen and the two of them flew out of the water bubble.

The two of them had been living in this blister for a week, and most of that week had been spent talking about some sort of initiation meeting.Mo Qing wanted Tang Zichen to attend, and inside, Tang Zichen refused, Tang Zichen didn't like being played with his fate, but yet, Tang Zichen needed this opportunity.

Flying out of the water bubble, he met Wang Ting head-on.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, I'm sorry for the poor hospitality these days."Wang Ting said apologetically.

"It's fine, it's us who have disturbed you more."

r /> Wang Ting sighed, "My family's patriarch, still hasn't returned, this week, I ordered all the guards of the Shura Clan to go through the entire Sea of Death, and even further, but they haven't found Wang Pi's whereabouts, I'm really anxious."Wang Ting was very anxious.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, Wang Pi's first seven days are over, what else is he looking for.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, tell me, where exactly did our family head go?This new relic is about to be born, why isn't he back yet, will something happen to him?"

"Uh, I don't think so, Senior Wang Pi is at least at the fourth stage of the tribulation, under normal circumstances, who could kill him so easily.Even if he encounters the Fifth Order of Tribulation, as long as Senior Wang Pi doesn't deliberately seek death, he won't die if he escapes in time.Although the fifth stage of Tribulation is much stronger, in terms of flying sword speed, it's not as big as the difference in strength ah."

"I'm also wondering ah, where the hell did he go, if he didn't die, it's impossible that he hasn't come back even at this time."Wang Ting was in a hurry to cry, their Shura family, there was currently only one half-immortal sitting in town ah.

"Senior Wang Ting, don't worry, he should be delayed by something."

"What else is bigger than the new relic.If our clan leader really dies, then we, the Shura clan, won't have it so easy."

"Fellow Daoist Wang Ting, your Shura clan survives under the sea and has no competition with the world, unlike on our land, where so many immortal dynasties and great immortal families are eyeing."Mo Qing said.

Wang Ting said, "Fellow Daoist Mo Qing, you are wrong, although we don't have so many humans eyeing us at the bottom of the sea, it's no less dangerous than on land.In the Sea of Death, although our Shura clan is now the undersea hegemon, there are many powerful sea cultivators in the Sea of Death besides us, those sea cultivators are not humans, they are all cultivated by powerful undersea monsters, some of them are really very powerful.If there is no half-immortal sitting in the sea, those demonic beasts, will definitely come to invade us, and then, we, the Shura clan, will have no peace forever."Wang Ting wept.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior Wang Ting, if that's the case, then you should hurry up and step into the first step of the tribulation, I heard that you've already stepped into Half Immortal with one foot."

"It's been almost a hundred years since I stepped into Half Immortal with one foot, who knows when I'll be able to step into Half Immortal, besides, stepping into Half Immortal may not be able to stop some demonic beasts.At least the one from the Sea of Death, the Nine-Armed Tongued Beast, I'm no match for it, and that Nine-Armed Tongued Beast is difficult for even our clan leader to deal with."

"Uh, it does seem to be quite a crisis."Tang Zichen sighed, killing off Wang Pi and harming the Shura clan.

But Tang Zichen also had no choice, who let that Wang Pi not be a human.

"Alright, Senior Wang Ting, look for it again, we're going to the sea."

"Okay, you guys go ahead."Wang Ting arched his hands.

Tang Zichen and Mo Qing rushed straight out of the sea surface.

Once they rushed out to the sea, Tang Zichen saw even more ships on the surface of the sea, there were large ships with family flags standing everywhere.

Tang Zichen said in shock, "Are there so many families in the Six Seas?"

Mo Qing said, "The strongest families in the Six Seas are the Nine Great Immortal Dynasties, and under the Nine Great Immortal Dynasties, there are thousands of immortal families, large and small.This time when the new relics were born, compared to these thousands of large and small immortal cultivation families, they all went out, right?"

"I didn't expect that the calm Six Seas would still have such strong hidden forces."

Mo Qing said, "Zichen, find out where the ships of my Mo Dynasty are, my Mo Dynasty, which sent several ships here three months ago, should be here at the moment, let's go to the ships, we don't have to fly away from mid-air all the time."



Tang Zichen and Mo Qing searched the sea and finally found three flags with the deer head's clan emblem.

"There, the clan emblem of our Mo Dynasty is the deer head mark."

Saying that, Tang Zichen and Mo Qing landed on those three large ships.

An old man of the ninth stage of the Mahayana stage immediately flew up and worshipped, "Greeting His Majesty the Long Emperor."

"Mo Xu, how long have you been at the Sea of Death?"

"More than a month."

Mo Qing nodded, this Mo Xu, surely he still didn't know about the change that happened in the Mo Dynasty.

"Your majesty the long emperor, how come you are the only one who came ah, where is everyone else?Where's Horse Eagle and Horse Punch?Why didn't you come along."That Mo Xu asked in confusion.

Mo Qing sneered, "Horse Eagle, Horse Force, is dead."

"What."That Mo Xu was shocked.

"What happened, Your Majesty, Long Emperor?Was it an attack on our Moji Dynasty?" One second to remember to read the book

"Alright, you'll understand this later when you return, let me introduce you, this is Tang Zichen, Mo Yuyan's daoist partner."

"Uh, Your Majesty, how can you."That Mo Xu was busy looking at Tang Zichen, looking disbelieving.

"How can I not."

"Your majesty, in two years' time, the Entrance Martial will begin, and with the Princess's talent and strength, she can definitely enter any of the Seven Seas, before Uncle Mo Green went to all costs to help for this."

"Alright, don't say that, the eldest princess and Tang Zichen have become a daoist couple, it won't be worse than joining any of the Seven Seas, I believe in my own eyes."Mo Qing said to Tang Zichen, "His name is Mo Xu, he is currently the most promising person in my Mo Dynasty, who is actually one step away from stepping into Half Immortality.If he steps into half-immortal in the future, he will be the second emperor."

"Oh."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

However, that Mo Xu looked at Tang Zichen with a skeptical face, wondering why the First Emperor wanted the First Princess and Tang Zichen to form a daoist couple, what a waste of all the hard work that Mo Green had put in.

At this moment, a powerful momentum came from afar, as if some big person had come.

Everyone looked into the distance and saw a large black blade, fiercely shooting from the sky, the speed was horrifyingly fast, and there were more than a hundred people standing on top of that black blade, and all of them were strong Half Immortals.There were everything from the first stage to the eighth stage of Tribulation.

"Damn."Everyone was shocked to see this scene.

More than a hundred Half Immortals appeared at the same time, what concept was this, and the strongest ones had all reached the eighth stage of Tribulation.

Mo Qing was busy saying, "The people from the Seven Seas have finally come, and at this moment, it's the Fu Clan of the Seven Seas, the super power that holds the Death Sword, the big black blade they are stepping on is the pseudo-immortal weapon 'Death Sword'."

Tang Zichen said in shock, "It really is a great power of the Seven Seas, it's over a hundred half-immortals, and the nine immortal empires of the Six Seas are as weak as ants in front of them.And that pseudo-immortal weapon, it's really chilling."Tang Zichen looked at the black dagger in mid-air that more than a hundred people stepped on, feeling that the black dagger was very strong.

Mo Qing said, "That's natural, it has to be a pseudo-immortal weapon, I heard that when that blade fell, the entire seawater of the Sea of Death would cut a hole in it.Back then, Wang Shura held it.

It was this Death Sword, and then Wang Shura ascended, and it fell into the hands of the current Fu Clan."

Mo Xu Dao said, "The Death God Family is coming, and the other four families are probably arriving soon as well.With this new relic being born, we little Luo Luo are really only onlookers."

Before the words fell, another powerful and incomparable momentum came from the distance, a huge bird, flashing its wings, the bird was at least five thousand meters wide when it spread its wings, and with each flap of its wings, the sea water on the surface was fanned as if it was a tsunami, rolling up hundreds of meters of waves.On the back of that huge bird sat more than a hundred Half Immortals.

Just like that, the bird quickly flew up, and when he flew up, the tsunami had already rolled in, and all the ships that were parked on the sea were swallowed up by the tsunami, and the ships that Tang Zichen and Mo Qing were standing on were also overturned by the tsunami as well.

After the wind and waves calmed down, there were no more boats on the sea, only a few scattered wooden planks remained.

Countless immortals emerged from the surface of the sea and everyone was swept to the bottom of the sea, fortunately everyone was an immortal, otherwise this was almost a sea disaster.

Tang Zichen and Mo Qing also quickly emerged from the surface of the sea.

"Grass heck, it takes him to have a big bird ah, what's the drag, it's swept everyone's boat to the bottom of the sea."Tang Zichen was annoyed because it came so suddenly, the big bird was so fast that almost everyone couldn't defend themselves against the human sea, and even some of the cultivators might have drunk a few mouthfuls of seawater.

"Shh, keep it down."Mo Qing was busy.

"It already is, what's the point of being so high-profile, and it also looks like it doesn't even care about us Six Seas Immortals."Tang Zichen looked at the large bird that had stopped in midair, the person on the back of the bird, as if he hadn't noticed anyone on the surface of the sea, the arrogance of his appearance and his disregard for the Sixfold Sea Immortals on the surface of the sea was almost clear to see.

"That's the Seven Seas, the Yong Clan, the superpower with the pseudo-immortal weapon Sky Eagle, they certainly didn't put us Six Seas Immortals in their sights.However, they don't care about all of us, but let's not go looking for death, those more than a hundred Half Immortals, who can resist."

Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed, with so many Half Immortals, let's just say that Tang Zichen's scrolls were useless, and even if they were, Tang Zichen didn't have that many to use.

Facing such a powerful force, it was better to say less.

After the sea returned to calm, many people moved out of their storage rings and moved out of their new ships.

Mo Xu also moved a ship of about the same size from his storage ring and placed it back on the surface of the sea.

However, as soon as the new ship was moved out of the sea, another powerful momentum came from the distant sky.

This time, it was unknown which family was coming again.

In the next moment, there was a fiery blaze from afar, only to see a long, slender blade in the sky that flew like a bullet, the blade was red all over, as if a meteor had grazed the air and carried a huge flame.The sea that the flame passed over, the seawater instantly boiled.

It was really boiling, and in the end, the flaming knife flew in and stood over Tang Zichen and the others.

The intense heat of the flames boiled the sea surface within tens of thousands of meters around, and the sea surface was like boiling water, evaporating soaring hot air.

The new ship that everyone had just moved out of, at this moment, was reduced to ashes, as the flaming blades in the sky could even boil seawater, let alone a ship, in one go.


"Ah."There were many many screams, some of the lowly cultivators screamed and even died.

Tang Zichen and the others once again tumbled into the seawater, and this time it was even worse, the seawater was equal to boiling water, it was so hot that it was unpleasant ah.

The closer to the surface of the sea, the higher the temperature, some low-level immortals no longer dared to surface and could only dive to the bottom of the sea, even thousands of meters deep, it still felt like they were soaking in boiling water.

Mo Qing even drew a boundary to block the heat, which made his body comfortable.

Tang Zichen also drew a boundary, and then surfaced to the surface, allowing the seawater around him to boil, and with the protection of the boundary, it would no longer feel hot.

Tang Zichen looked up into the air, standing on the Death Blade, very unhappy, completely disregarding the feelings of others, flying all the way to the sea, the sea water boiled all the way over.

Tang Zichen really wanted to twist off his head and see how arrogant he was.

Unfortunately, it could only be thought about.

Needless to say, the person coming at this moment was definitely the Seven Seas Nuo Clan, the super power that held the pseudo-immortal Flame Blade.

Mo Qing said, "The reason why the Flame Family is so arrogant and completely disregards our feelings, that's because the Flame Family, is the strongest family among the five major powers of the Seven Heavy Seas, and their overall strength beats number one, their Flame Family, has a total of over two hundred Half Immortals."

"Damn, no wonder it's so tugging, two hundred half-immortals."Tang Zichen was shocked, such a strong force, the entire spirit world, there was really no one who could compete against it. The first website

No wonder that back then, when Wang Xueluo, who possessed the Death Saber and was working with the Shura Eighteen Blades, wasn't completely his call, because with so many half-immortals, there was strength in numbers.And back then, Wang Xueluo, his family, didn't have many half-immortals, that's why after his ascension, the Death Sword was taken away from him.

Mo Qing said, "The five super powers of the Seven Seas, although each of them is incredibly powerful to us, there are strengths and weaknesses between the five of them.Among them, the Flame Clan is the strongest, the second ranked one is the Pu Clan that possesses the Split Puppet; the third ranked one is the Fu Clan that possesses the Death Sword; the fourth ranked one is the Yong Clan that possesses the Sky Eagle; and the last ranked one is the Yi Clan that possesses the Black Water Pearl."

"Uh, the Yi Clan, huh."Tang Zichen remembered that Tang Zichen had killed an I Clan before, Tang Zichen had just arrived at the Sea of Death, in the ruins of Lu Gong Gong, a son of a bitch named I Ruo.By the way, the spirit locking ring on Tang Zichen's body was this guy's.

This time when the new relics are released, Tang Zichen can't use the spirit locking ring when he goes there, if the Iroh family sees it, it's the end.

In addition to this Yi Ruo, Tang Zichen had also killed a guy who wanted to pick up Yan Xin Yi, and that bastard said that Yan Xin Yi was his precious person and wanted to take Yan Xin Yi away.As a result, he was chopped to death by Tang Zichen, and this person, from the Death Family, was surnamed Fu.

After that, two more families came from the Sea of Death one after another.

They were the Yi Clan that possessed the Black Water Pearl and the Pu Clan that possessed the Split Puppet.

The Y Clan that possessed the Black Water Pearl was the weakest of the five major forces of the Seven Seas, and the entire family, less than ninety half-immortals in total.Compared to the number one ranked Flame Family, it was indeed much inferior, but with more than eighty Half Immortals, it was already beyond the reach of the forces of the Six Seas.

The Black Water Pearl was also very powerful, I heard that anyone who was trapped by the Black Water Pearl would never be able to get out, and would simply be a hundred times stronger than any formation, and would be sealed in the Black Water Pearl.

And the Pu Clan who possessed the Split Puppet, he

Our pseudo-immortal tool splitting puppets were also incredibly powerful, and the possessor could split dozens, even hundreds of splitting puppets, depending on how many splitting puppets they could split, and how strong or weak their spirit was.

In just one day, the five super powers of the Seven Seas had all arrived.

Next, it was the day to wait for the opening of the new relics.

A day later, the New Relic was finally released.

A red light appeared in a certain area of the sea, and it shot out of the sea floor.

"It's out, the relics are out."I don't know who shouted.

Everyone rushed towards the area where the new relics were born.

Tang Zichen and Mo Qing and the others rushed there as well.

However, at this moment, a sharp aura came in the sky.

"Boom."It was like a knife cutting down.

Instantly, a chasm of several thousand meters appeared on the surface of the sea, intercepting Tang Zichen and all the other Six Seas Immortals alive.

Everyone looked up to see that it was the Fu Clan that possessed the Death Sword that had cut off this blade.

That strong man from the Fu Clan said to the sea, "If you don't want to die, retreat immediately, anyone who dares to take another step forward will surely die, the birth of the new relic is a matter for our five families of the Seven Seas, it has nothing to do with you.Of course, if you can doubt it, then go ahead and try it."

Everyone on the surface of the sea stopped, no one dared to go up again, besides, the surface of the sea had been cut off by a chasm of thousands of meters, the ship couldn't travel at all, so it had to rely on flying up.

"Fuck pushes."Everyone cursed.

Mo Qing sighed, "Nothing to be sorry about, it was expected."

Tang Zichen was very unhappy, but what was Tang Zichen going up to compete with these big men.Each of the five major powers of the Seven Seas had a strong man at the eighth stage of the Tribulation, that was no longer a little bit powerful.The Heavenly Scrolls Tang Zichen had obtained from the Nine Demons' relics, the strongest could only trap the sixth stage of Tribulation, and there was only one, or at most two, of the sixth stage of Tribulation, otherwise they wouldn't be able to trap them.And the five major powers, hundreds of half-immortals, were really helpless.

Those five major powers, flew up, and one of them, the eighth-ranked strongman of the Distracted Puppet Pu Clan, said, "Everyone, the new relic has been born, how do we distribute the five major clans, ah?"

"How else can we distribute it, we five big families, everyone rushes in, whoever gets it first counts."The people from the Sky Eagle Yong Clan said.

Someone from the Black Water Pearl Yi Clan said, "But, there is a premise, we are not allowed to kill each other, after all, we five big clans, no one wants a half-immortal from their family to die here, right?"

The strong man from the Deathblade Fu Clan said, "I agree, we will each rely on our luck and never kill each other, otherwise it won't be beneficial to anyone."

The strong man from the Flame Blade Nuo Clan said, "That's not necessarily true, what if there are new pseudo-immortal weapons?And people don't rob?"

"If there's a new pseudo-immortal artifact, then we'll talk about it then."

"If there's a new pseudo-immortal artifact, then how about we all look at our respective strengths, and if not, how about we all look at our luck and not fight each other?"


"Then let's do it."

Saying that, the half-immortals of the five powers rushed into the seabed that emitted red light.


Tang Zichen and all the other Six Seas Immortals were watching from thousands of meters beyond the chasm, but no one dared to go up to get a piece of the pie.

"What should we do?Are we just going to watch?"Don Zichen said.

"Or what, you dare go up there?"Mo Xu didn't have a good look, and in his heart he seemed to be saying that this Long Princess's Daoist couple was a person of little skill and great ambition.The realm was only at the first stage of the Mahayana stage, yet he acted like he was unhappy, and even the fourth stage of the Tribulation, Long Huang Moqing could only behave and watch from the same spot.

Tang Zichen looked around, all the Six Seas Immortals were there staring dryly, no matter if it was the Nine Great Immortal Royal Dynasties or the thousands of large and small immortal forces, no one dared to go up.

Tang Zichen said, "I'll go to the bottom of the sea, and the Shura will take a look over there."

Tang Zichen instantly burrowed into the seabed and arrived at the base camp of the Xura Clan.

"Senior Wang Ting."

"Fellow Daoist Tang, why have you come down."

"Senior Wang Ting, the newly emerged ruins are being dominated by the five great families of the Seven Seas, all of us don't dare to go forward, I came down to ask if you, the Shura Clan, are the overlords of the Sea of Death, do you have any solutions?"

Wang Ting shook his head and said, "No, now that the life and death of our clan leader is unknown, we're not even in the mood to think about it, Daoist Tang, I'm not going to talk to you anymore, I'm going to continue to look for our clan leader."After saying that, Wang Ting walked away, seemingly not interested in any treasure anymore.

Tang Zichen had no choice but to return to the surface of the sea, where everyone was still watching from beyond that chasm. Remember the website

Mo Qing saw that Tang Zichen had returned and asked, "Zichen, does the Shura have any solutions?"

"Where would they have the heart to do that now, Wang Ting has brought thousands more of his people to find Wang Pi."Tang Zichen said depressingly.

"Let's go back."Mo Qing said.

"What, go back?Back where?"

"Of course we're going back to Mo's Imperial City."

"Uncle Qing, are you crazy, this new relic has only just been released and you're going back?"

"It's not like it has anything to do with us, it's better to go back to sleep if we just watch here."

Mo Xu also said, "Your Majesty the Long Emperor, I also agree with going back and continuing here, in case they discover the pseudo-immortal artifacts and fight, it's likely that innocent people will be harmed.Watching from here may also cost you your life."

"That's what I'm thinking."Mo Qing nodded his head.

However, Tang Zichen was unhappy, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Mo Qing raised his flying sword and prepared to leave.

Similarly, the other nine strong human half-immortals from the other Nine Immortal Royal Dynasties, just like Mo Qing, were ready to withdraw.

"I go, so many Half Immortals are ready to withdraw, what a willingness to give up to the Seven Seas for nothing."Tang Zichen said.

Mo Xu snorted, "Daoist Tang, that's too humiliating, what do you mean by truly willing, if you have that ability, who wouldn't want to enter the New Relic for a piece of the pie.Everyone knows that in case of a fight, innocent people will be harmed, quickly withdraw, just you look like you have no self-awareness, if you are really unwilling, fly across the chasm and enter the new ruins, don't jabber here."

Mo Qing was busy saying, "Mo Xu, Tang Zichen is one of us, why do you need to hurt people with your words."

"Your Majesty the Long Emperor, I'm just very tired of hearing his words."

"Mo Xu, you don't really know Tang Zichen, so you might as well tell you in advance that Ma Diao and Ma Gong were both killed by Tang Zichen, as well as the Yao Clan Dynasty, which has now been wiped out, and Yao Bang and several other Yao Clan Half Immortals, all died, and it was Tang Zichen who let them die.That's why Tang Zichen sounded a bit unsure of himself, he actually had a fighting chance, if it wasn't for the Seven Seas coming in so many Half

Fairy words."

"Ah."Mo Xu was startled there.

Mo Qing said to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, let's go, let's go back, once those powerful people with pseudo-immortal weapons fight, we'll be victimized if we're not careful, you've seen their power."

"Alright."Tang Zichen could only nod his head.

Mo Qing flew away with a swoosh, Tang Zichen looked back at the place where the new relic was born and also sacrificed his flying sword to fly away.

However, when Tang Zichen and the others flew out not too far away, suddenly, a palpable roar came from the place where the new relics were born behind them, "Roar."

Tang Zichen and the others immediately looked back, and everyone was stunned.

Seeing the sea surface where the new ruins appeared, seawater suddenly sprayed into the sky, as if someone at the bottom of the sea had sprayed out the ocean within a radius of several thousand meters.

At the same time, the half-immortal powerhouses that had just gone in, the five major forces of the Seven Seas, also flew screaming into the sky as seawater was spewed out of the sea.

The five strongest people with pseudo-immortal weapons were similarly being spewed out from the ocean floor.

The five strongest people who held pseudo-immortal artifacts were sprayed out of the sea, their faces pale white as they shouted, "Run, run."

All the Half Immortals of the five major forces of the Seven Seas immediately scattered lifelessly, fearing as if they would die if they were one step slower.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and the others were dumbfounded.

"Didn't they enter the new ruins at the bottom of the sea?How did you get spewed out in such a mess, scared shitless, even the strongest person holding a pseudo-immortal weapon."

"Quick, come up to my pseudo-immortal weapon."The strongest of the Death God Family shouted to the strongest of his family's Half Immortals, and when the Death God Family's Half Immortals heard the roar, they quickly flew to the Death God Blade and then quickly fled the scene.

The remaining Half Immortals from the remaining four major powers also fled as fast as they could, each of them fleeing with a pale white look on their faces.

However, Tang Zichen noticed that there seemed to be a lot fewer strong Half Immortals from the five major forces of the Seven Seas.

When they had come before, everyone had seen that apart from the I Clan's eighty half-immortals, the other four clans had come with hundreds of half-immortals.But now when they fled in the middle of nowhere, there were significantly fewer of them.

Then, there was only one result, death.

The half-immortals from the five major powers were killed and injured after entering the 'New Relic'.

Tang Zichen muttered to himself, "What the hell happened?What's so scary in that new relic?"

Mo Qing's roar rang out from Tang Zichen's ears, "Run, what are you waiting for, whatever he has, the main thing now is to run."

Mo Qing pulled Tang Zichen and quickly ran into the distance.

Tang Zichen gazed at the sea surface where the new relic was born, feeling that place, a momentum that was enough to destroy the entire spirit world was hidden.Not long after, that sea surface regained its calmness, nothing had rushed out, and Tang Zichen and the others had fled far, far away.

In just a few short moments, the place that had just been crowded with many people was now empty, especially the five major forces of the Seven Seas, who had already been scared to death and returned to the Seven Seas as fast as they could.

As for what had happened there at the New Relic, it became a mystery for a while.

Only those who entered the New Relic knew, but they had already gone back to their lair in fright.

Tang Zichen Good Mo Qing and the others also returned to the Mo Dynasty.

The much-anticipated birth of the New Relic had ended so inexplicably and without a word.

However, that terrifying roar, the scene where even the strongest person holding a pseudo-immortal weapon scared the shit out of them and fled, everyone could not forget.


One day later.

In the Seven Seas.

The five super families all held family meetings.

For example, at the Black Water Pearl I Clan.

"Everyone, what happened yesterday is still fresh in our minds today, but it turns out that we were all tricked into believing that there were no new relics at all, that it was just an illusion that deliberately attracted us to that place.Tricking us that there were new relics being born, and that there might be fake immortal artifacts as well, but it turned out to be a great trap."

"Yesterday, our Yi Clan, more than thirty Half Immortals died, and our entire family wept over it."

In the Deathblade Fu Clan, there were also white lanterns hanging everywhere and all the Half Immortals were mourning in silence.

After the silence, the strongest person of the Fu Clan said, "May they rest in peace, it's only been one day, our Fu Clan, originally over 160 Half Immortals, now over 50 have died, oh my god."That strongest man suddenly covered his chest in pain.

"Clan leader, what is that new relic, what exactly is it?"A half-fairy asked.

"I'm not sure, all I know for sure is that it was never good, and he deliberately lured us there."

"Why would it want to lure us there?" One second to remember to read the book

"If I'm not mistaken, that thing was sealed there, and it's been sealed for a long, long time.After I came back yesterday, I purposely went to hide and look for it, and I really found some very distant legends.According to the legend, countless years ago, a young archaic ferocious beast came out of nowhere, no one was a match, the entire spirit world was in dire straits, and the spirit world humans were in danger of extinction.Originally, that Quasi-immortal, who was about to ascend, but for the sake of the spirit world's heavens, he sacrificed his life to successfully seal it."

"So, then, the thing that sucked out so many of our brothers yesterday on the Dead Sea is that Swallowed Vicious Beast?"

"I think it should be, I originally thought it was just a legend, but I didn't expect it to be true.Once upon a time, this archaic ferocious beast almost destroyed our entire spirit world ah, but I never thought that now it seems to be escaping out again."

"What if that ferocious beast escapes out again?Who else could reseal him this time?Our spirit world doesn't even have the ninth stage of the Tribulation now, let alone a parahuman immortal."

"I don't know, I think that if that archaic ferocious beast breaks free from its seal again and comes out, it will be the day of the end for all of us human immortal cultivators.Even if we five powers unite, we simply won't be able to stop it from taking a single breath, you all saw the terror yesterday, that archaic ferocious beast, it hadn't even really shown its face, just roared, its Qi spewed out the ocean thousands of meters in radius, and several hundred of us Half Immortals were sprayed to death."

"Phew."Everyone's heavy intake of breath, this was too strong, not a power level at all.

"Nowadays, the aura is getting thinner and thinner, and the immortal cultivation resources are getting worse and worse every year, with the immortal cultivation resources back then, no one could resist that archaic beast, let alone nowadays.If I hadn't run fast yesterday, don't say you guys, even if it was me, holding a pseudo-immortal weapon, I would have surely died."The Fu Clan's strongest man said in fear.

Every single one of them had a feeling that the end of the world was coming.

"That ferocious beast, when will it break free of the seal?"

"This cannot be predicted, if it really is the young ferocious beast sealed in the legend, then the seal has been in place for so long and is only now starting to loosen up

The seal means that it's not going to break free so quickly for a moment or three.I think it should still be able to hold on for a hundred or two hundred years."

"This sealed archaic ferocious beast, I'm afraid that it's even more powerful now than it once was, having once all but nearly caused the entire cultivation of the human race to perish, and now I'm afraid it's even worse."

"The end is coming, is it possible that we humans are really going to become extinct from now on?"

The five great families of the entire Seven Seas were meeting, and although the sealed creature wouldn't run out for a while, it wouldn't take long, at most three hundred years, if not longer.

In the Five Heavy Seas, the Mo Dynasty.

Tang Zichen was telling this matter to Mu Qianji and the others.

Mu Qianji and the others all looked shocked.

At that moment, someone came to look for Tang Zichen.

"Senior Tang, His Majesty the Long Emperor asked you to go there."

"Uh, good."

Tang Zichen immediately came to the main hall of the palace.

"Uncle Qing, what are you looking for me for?"

Mo Qing handed Tang Zichen the ancient book and said, "Take a look at what is recorded on this page above."

Tang Zichen immediately took it over.

"Tens of millions of years ago?The Behemoth?The entire human race is in mortal peril?In the end, it was sealed at the top of the Dead Sea by a prospective immortal who was about to ascend at the expense of himself?"

Tang Zichen quickly finished reading it.

"Uncle Qing, what is this Behemoth Beast?"

"I don't know, it's an ancient book that was handed down a long time ago, and I originally thought that it was talking about some mythical stories or folklore that was based on falsehoods and Batangas.However, after seeing what happened to the Sea of Death yesterday, I had someone go through the ancient book and found this."

"Uncle Qing, are you saying that the terrifying thing at the bottom of the sea yesterday was the Behemoth that almost destroyed mankind, as recorded in this ancient book?"

"It's not impossible, after that I have checked many legends about the Bimbo Behemoth, this Bimbo Behemoth, the legends say is not a species of our time and space, it's a species of the Immortal Realm.Now this sealed Bimbo Behemoth, it looks like it's not even an adult yet, otherwise, a single claw would be enough to destroy a planet, and our entire spirit world, would be torn apart by a single claw."

"Ah, so exaggerated."

"Why were those strong men of the Seven Seas yesterday so afraid, in this spirit world of ours, ordinary things are no longer able to frighten the strong men who hold pseudo-immortal weapons, unless it's something that transcends our time and space."

"If it's true, then this Behemoth is afraid that it's going to break free of the seal."

"Once it breaks free, all of us, all of humanity, will be finished.In our world, I'm afraid the human race will become extinct."

"Uh, and no one will do anything about it?"

"Who cares?Haven't you heard, the entire universe, thousands of intermediate worlds like ours, even if one of them pops out, from the height of the universe, it counts for nothing."

"I'll go."

"Alright, Zichen, that's not what we're worried about yet either, the most important thing now is to hurry up and cultivate.Hopefully, that sealed ferocious beast won't break free so quickly and leave us a few hundred more years, if we ascend to the Immortal Realm, it won't affect us."Mo Qing said expectantly.


Tang Zichen didn't say anything, if it really came to that, it would be a matter for all of humanity, not just him.

"Uncle Qing, I'm going back then."

"Okay, go."

Tang Zichen had many things to do next.

One of the first things to do was to go to the One Heavy Sea and find Tang Jingtian, in addition, if there was time, go to the Mortal Realm, although entering the Mortal Realm would greatly damage one's cultivation, Tang Zichen had so many spirit stones, depleting a little cultivation was nothing.

Although Tang Zichen didn't have any family members in the Mortal Realm anymore, there was at least one brother still waiting for him.

That was Little Flame, who had a long lifespan and definitely couldn't die.

Therefore, Tang Zichen still had a lot of work to do.

As for whatever legendary Behemoth Behemoth the Sea of Death had sealed, it was not Tang Zichen's turn to worry, and it was unlikely to break free of the seal within a few hundred years.

After a few hundred years, Tang Zichen might have ascended, and the spirit world would have nothing to do with Tang Zichen even if the entire world was destroyed.

For the next few months, Tang Zichen was cultivating, and because of the pills he took and the fact that he absorbed spiritual energy faster, Tang Zichen broke through to the second stage of the Mahayana stage. The first website

"Congratulations to Tang Shao for breaking through to the second stage of the Mahayana stage, Tang Shao is just different, even if he doesn't refine the spirit stones anymore and cultivates completely by himself, he's still much faster than the average person."Lu Yuxi said.

"Alright, stop flattering, I need to get ready as well."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Shao, prepare what?"

"To the Five Seas, the Rainbow Bridge is about to open."

"Ah, the rainbow bridge is about to open, has it been a year since we arrived at the Six Seas?"

"Yes, it's been almost a year."

"Time has passed so quickly, it's been almost a year."

"On this trip to the Five Heavy Seas, I'll first go in search of Tang Jingtian, then I'll go to my hometown."

Lu Yu Xi was busy saying, "Tang Shao, take me there, I want to go to your hometown."

"What are you going to do, you honestly cultivate in Mo's Imperial City, I'm not taking anyone with me, I'm going alone."Tang Zichen said.

Lv Yuxi pursed her lips, wanting to go just as much.

"Lu Yuxi, now is not the time for you to travel, the future of your realm will depend on your own cultivation, you still have time to waste time with me.Alright, you tell the others for me, I'm ready to go."

Mu Qianji walked in from the doorway and said, "Zichen, you can't take the others with you, but I want to go with you, I want to go back home to see my hometown."


"I was forcibly brought to the Spirit World by my master back then, I really want to go back home again."

"Alright."Tang Zichen understood Mu Qianji's feelings and promised to bring Mu Qianji along.

Yan Xinyi also really wanted to go with Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen refused because there really wasn't much point, so she might as well cultivate well.

Half a month later, the Rainbow Bridge opened.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianyi stepped onto the Rainbow Bridge and went all the way back to the Five Seas.

Tang Zichen had really wasted a lot of time trying to come from the Sea of Five Heavens in the first place.

If, after a year, Tang Zichen had returned to the Sea of Five Heavy Seas again, Tang Zichen would have been at the second stage of the Mahayana stage, and Tang Zichen's true combat power would have been at least at the seventh or even the eighth stage of the Mahayana stage.There was no longer anyone in the Five Heavy Seas who was a match for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen landed in the Blue Fox Family of the Five Seas.

After landing, Tang Zichen said, "Thousand Extremes, there's no hurry to go to the Fourfold Sea."

"What else do you have to do?


"I have to kill someone first."


"This Blue Fox Immortal almost defiled Tang Huan a year ago, but unfortunately I was no match at all at that time."

"Fine, then go kill him."

Tang Zichen came directly to Blue Fox Immortal's cave.

When Blue Fox Immortal felt Tang Zichen's momentum, he came out in a panic and worshipped, "Brother Laobo, you've returned from cultivating in the Six Seas."

A year ago, Blue Fox Laobo had seized Tang Zichen and ended up being controlled by Tang Zichen instead, everyone thought that Tang Zichen was Blue Fox Laobo, that's why Blue Fox Immortal was paying homage to Tang Zichen at the moment.

Blue Fox Laupo is the strongest person in the Blue Fox family.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm not Blue Fox Laupo."

"Uh, big brother Laupo, you're silly, didn't you just seize this flesh body a year ago?I still remember, this flesh body that you took away, he has a heavenly flying sword and the secret method of the Shura Eighteen Blades, right, have you refined his Shura Eighteen Blades now that you've taken away his flesh body?"Blue Fox Immortal asked.

Tang Zichen choked Blue Fox Immortal with his hand for an instant.

"Brother Laupo, what are you doing."

Tang Zichen said, "Blue Fox Immortal, my name is Tang Zichen, a year ago, Blue Fox Laupo seized me, but unfortunately, he didn't have control over my body, so I'll use the trick and impersonate Blue Fox Laupo.Alright, you can go die now."

"No, don't kill me."Blue Fox Undead yelled in sudden fear.

"A Gryphon, I won't even give you a chance to beg for mercy."

"Pah."Tang Zichen squeezed the Blue Fox Immortal to death in one fell swoop.

Tang Zichen threw the corpse away and said, "Now you should change your name to Blue Fox Immortal."

After killing Blue Fox Immortal, Tang Zichen looked into the air, a year ago, Tang Zichen was unable to break the shield over the Blue Fox family.

Tang Zichen's hand suddenly rose and fell.

"Bang."The protective shield over the Blue Fox Family was broken by Tang Zichen in one fell swoop.

The entire Blue Fox Family was greatly shaken.

"Alright, Zichen, don't waste your time here, we should leave."

Tang Zichen nodded, "There is indeed no time to waste, we only have one year to complete what I want to accomplish on this trip when the Rainbow Bridge opens next year."

Tang Zichen arrived at the Four Seas through the Five Seas Teleportation Array.

The Four Seas hadn't changed at all, it was still the same as it was a year ago.

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Right, I forgot one thing."

"What is it?"

Tang Zichen said, "When I was in the Four Seas, I stole all the Seventh Grade Spirit Stones of all the families in the Four Seas openly and secretly.Later on, I made an oath that in the future, I, Tang Zichen, will triple repay the seventh grade spirit stones I stole from them in the first place."

Mu Qianji laughed, "I thought it was something, but now for you, let alone three times, you can take three thousand times the seventh grade spirit stones."

"I, Tang Zichen, will do as I say."

After saying that, Tang Zichen shouted in the sky of the Four Seas, "Please, the strongest people from all the families of the Four Seas, immediately go to the Xia Clan and collect the seventh grade spirit stones, a year ago, I, Tang Zichen, stole your seventh grade spirit stones, now I am returning them five times, please come and collect them as soon as possible, they will not expire."

At this moment, the entire Four Seas heard it clearly, whether they were cultivating underground or not.

After Tang Zichen finished speaking, he flew directly to the Xia Clan.

The reason for arriving at the Xia Clan was because Tang Zichen happened to be going to the Xia Clan to find someone, Xia Xiaoxin.


It wasn't that Tang Zichen remembered this little beauty, but because that little white dragon of Tang Zichen's was still being raised at Xia Xiaoxin's place.

Tang Zichen flew to the Xia family, Xia Xiaoxin is now at the front door, because she had already heard Tang Zichen's voice.

Xia Xiaoxin was a little excited.

Tang Zichen landed in front of the Xia family's gate and saw Xia Xiaoxin at once.

Tang Zichen saw Xia Xiaoxin with a smile, that little girl who was the same age as Tang Zichen at the time of the Flying Cloud Sect, is now a pavilion girl, slim, extremely delicate face, so delicate that one looks dazed looking at it, incomparably alluring, even Tang Zichen, who has read countless women, was also bright and shocked at the first sight of Xia Xiaoxin, really a woman's transformation.

"See Senior Tang."All the strong men of the Xia Family ran out to pay their respects.

Among these strongmen of the Xia Family, the strongest was only at the ninth stage of the Exaltation, but of course, the Xia Family also had several ancestors, and in the Five Seas, those ancestors had all reached the Combination Stage.

Nowadays, the Merging Stage was so weak in Tang Zichen's eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "There is no need to be polite."

"Senior Tang, please come inside."The head of the Xia family greeted.

Tang Zichen looked at Xia Xiaoxin, smiled slightly, and then walked into the door. Remember the website

Xia Xiaoxin didn't say a word, or she didn't know what to say, because she felt that the difference with Tang Zichen was too big nowadays, Tang Zichen was so powerful that she couldn't breathe.

Xia Xiaoxin couldn't imagine that this man who was so powerful that she couldn't breathe was only a weak disciple and a small child in the Flying Cloud Sect back then, but now, Tang Zichen was also a man of great strength.

As soon as Tang Zichen sat down in the hall, there were many people outside the door.

"Senior Tang, the heads of all the families in the Four Seas are waiting at the door."

Tang Zichen said, "Let them in and collect their spirit stones."

"Senior Tang, do you really want to pay back five times as much?This is a seventh grade spirit stone, the preciousness of seventh grade spirit stones, this."The master of the Xia family ached, in his eyes, a seventh-grade spirit stone was very precious.

"It's only a seventh-grade spirit stone, now I have more than enough to eat for dinner."


Then, many Exaltation Stage Immortal cultivators came in and first paid their respects to Tang Zichen, then, they began to serve back the spirit stones.

Tang Zichen said, "One by one, come up here and declare your families, each family how many spirit stones I stole at that time, I still remember clearly."

The first one came up and said, "Senior Tang, I am the head of the Moon Clan."

Tang Zichen immediately said, "Moon Clan, I stole a total of 360 Seventh Grade Spirit Stones from you at first, and now, I am returning it five times over, returning a total of 1800 Seventh Grade Spirit Stones to you."

"Thank you, thank you."The owner of the Moon Clan cried in excitement, before he hated that he was stolen out of everything, but now, he hated that he didn't have more Spirit Stones to steal from Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, I'm the Tai Clan's family master."

Tang Zichen immediately flipped out 1,780 seventh grade spirit stones and said, "This is five times more for you."

"Thank you, Senior Tang, Senior Tang is really a good man."

"Senior Tang, I am the head of the Meng Clan."

Tang Zichen flipped out 2,100 Seventh Grade Spirit Stones and said, "In total, I stole 420 Seventh Grade Spirit Stones from you before and after, and now I'm returning them to you five times."

The Meng family head cried in excitement, seeing so many seventh grade spirit stones for the first time in his life.

Those in the back who hadn't yet collected it were trembling with excitement, they couldn't understand how Tang Zichen had so many seventh-grade spirit stones, it was too terrifying.

Just like this, one by one, more than sixty families in total were receiving them, each of them was in a state of bliss


"Thank you, Senior Tang."

"Alright, there's no need to thank me, I'm the one who wants to thank you, although the compensation you received today was five times as much, that day was incredibly precious to me."Tang Zichen would never forget that the seventh grade spirit stones stolen from their family added up to as much as fifteen thousand, and this fifteen thousand seventh grade spirit stones caused Tang Zichen to soar from the second stage of Exaltation to the Merging Stage.

"Everyone, go back."

After everyone left, Tang Zichen said to the head of the Xia family, "In the beginning, I also stole about 350 Seventh Grade Spirit Stones from your Xia family."

"This, huh."The Xia family's family head rubbed his hands in excitement.

Tang Zichen said, "Since I'm friends with Xia Xiaoxin, so, my compensation to your Xia Family is naturally different from theirs.How about this, to your Xia family, I will compensate you with twenty times the amount."

After saying that, Tang Zichen poured out 7,000 seventh grade spirit stones on the ground, and the entire hall was filled with them.

"My good boy."A few of the Xia family's out-of-body stage powerhouses turned pale with fright.

"Put it away."Tang Zichen said.

"Thank you, thank you Senior Tang."The few out-of-body stage of the Xia family panicked and put it away.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, you guys can go out now, call Xia Xiaoxin in.This girl, I'm here, she's not enthusiastic at all."

The Xia Family Master said, "If Senior Tang is interested in Xia Xiaoxin, feel free to take her away."

Tang Zichen said, "Xia Xiaoxin isn't an item."

"Yes yes yes."

A few strong Xia family members walked out of the hall and personally went to call Xia Xiaoxin over.

Xia Xiaoxin walked into the hall in style, looking at the way she walked, her plump buttocks twisting and turning, extremely charming.

"Pay your respects to Senior Tang."Xia Xiaoxin paid a bow.

Mu Qianji said, "You guys chat."

Mu Qianji walked away and closed the door.

Xia Xiaoxin's heart thumped as she saw the door close.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Xia Xiaoxin, why are you so formal."

"Senior Tang is no longer the same now, Xiaoxin doesn't dare to be rude."Xia.

Tang Zichen said, "In your eyes, I may be unattainable, as strong as the heavens and the earth, but do you know that I am in the Six Seas, there are people stronger than me oppressing me, and it's not even my turn to worry about the sealed archaic ferocious beasts trying to break free.So, strong or not, it's just relative.It's like if you return to the Flying Cloud Sect now, is everyone going to kneel down and worship you."


"Xia Xiaoxin, there's no need to be polite, we've known each other since we were young, and I've also watched you grow up.I didn't expect you to look so standard now, hehehehe."Tang Zichen's laugh felt creepy to the ears.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, Xin, where's my little white dragon?"

"Sebastian she's out playing, I don't know."

"I came back this time to take the little white dragon away,"Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."Xia Xiaoxin was shocked and said with a face of reluctance, "Senior Tang, I have established a deep friendship with Xiaobai, I treat her like a sister, can you not take her away."

Tang Zichen frowned and said, "As a sister?"

"Little White is also a higher creature, her intelligence is not inferior to humans, we can't treat her as an animal, she's not an animal."Xia, seemed to be afraid that Tang Zichen would treat the little white dragon as an animal.

"Don't worry, of course I know this, not to mention the little white dragon, even if it's a creature lower than a dragon, Jiao, I recognized him as a brother back then."Tang Zichen's image of Little Black appeared in his mind, if Little Black succeeded in evolving, he would become a dragon before he would become a creature of the same level as the Little White Dragon.


"By the way, the little white dragon is a female?"

Xia Xiaoxin corrected, "It's a female, not a female, animals are only described as females, and I just said I wouldn't look at her as an animal, so I'm still unsure, I don't want to take her away for you, besides, the little white dragon was originally mine."Xia Xiaoxin actually got bold with Tang Zichen for the Little White Dragon.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Xia Xiaoxin, I don't just want to take Little White away, I even want to take you with me, understand?"

"Ah."Xia Xiaoxin was startled and asked, puzzled, "Why are you taking me away."Xia Xiaoxin's face subconsciously reddened.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't misunderstand, if you don't want to come with me, I won't force you, but before you go, I'll give you a chance."

"What chance?"

Tang Zichen said, "Do you want to break through?"

"Ah, another breakthrough, I was only just broken through to the Exaltation Stage by you before, I'm only seventeen years old and I'm already at the Exaltation Stage, that's already against the heavens."

"What? You don't want to go against the world anymore ah, I can tell you that this breakthrough, I can make you soar to the Mahayana stage."

"What? Great, Great."Xia Xiaoxin's head tilted and she fainted.

"I'll go."Tang Zichen was speechless, Xia Xiaoxin's mental capacity was so bad, she fainted in shock when she heard that she had soared to the Mahayana stage. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen scrambled up and helped Xia Xiaoxin up from the ground, an aura infused into her body, Xia Xiaoxin then woke up.

One of Tang Zichen's hands was stroking her waist, feeling a delicate softness.

"Are you alright."

"I'm sorry, I, I fainted in shock as soon as I heard Mahayana, I never thought in my life that I would be able to cultivate to such a strong level, let alone soar all of a sudden."Xia.

"Oh, so you can't stay here anymore, you should come with me to meet the world, you'll faint in fear, that's a sign that you haven't seen the world.Alright, I'll help you refine the spirit stones, it'll take about three or four days."

"That long, isn't that making it hard for you."Xia.

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, it's a lot of work, how do you plan to repay me?"

"Ah, me."Xia Xiaoxin was startled as she looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen deliberately said jokingly, "You won't think of repaying me, let's say, I don't want you much, sleeping with me once is considered as repayment."

"Ah, me."

"What, embarrassed?If someone else slept with you for the rest of your life, you wouldn't have that chance."

"I, I thought you were being kind."

"Haha, there's no such thing as kindness, go ahead, be willing, just for one night."

"I, I have a fiancé."

Tang Zichen said, "When you reach the Mahayana stage, the first one I'll kill will be your fiancé."

"Ah, there's no need to be so cruel, just withdraw your marriage."

"Haha, alright, no more joking with you."Tang Zichen put away a joking smile.

"What, you, you're not serious?"

"Of course not, I'm just kidding with you, I don't need any payback.Hurry up and get started."

"Oh."Xia Xiaoxin saw that Tang Zichen didn't want her reward again, and suddenly, she felt that something was missing, people were really strange, she just felt that she couldn't do something like sleeping with her, but suddenly she didn't want it, and felt a little lost in her heart.

For the next four days, Tang Zichen was helping Xia Xiaoxin refine her spirit stones.

Xia Xiaoxin went all the way from the out-of-body stage, to the combined body, to the divide, and to the first stage of Mahayana.

After breaking through to the first stage of Mahayana, Xia Xiaoxin's entire demeanor was completely different, if he was still a sheep's demeanor standing in the crowd before, he was now a Tyrannosaurus Rex's demeanor.

Tang Zichen said, "Congratulations, Xia Xiaoxin, you've become a first stage Mahayana Immortal, how much more you can progress in the future is up to your own chance.There will be no more spirit stones to refine in the future, even I will have to cultivate on my own."

"Thank you, Senior Tang."Xia Xiaoxin paid a deep obeisance to Tang Zichen.

"Alright, don't be polite to me.Let's go, now that you've broken through to the first stage of the Mahayana stage, the first thing you'll do is to kill your fiancé."

"Don't bother, just withdraw your marriage."

"Suit yourself."

"Then I'm going to withdraw from the marriage."

Xia Xiaoxin immediately went to withdraw from the marriage, afraid that Tang Zichen would actually go kill someone.

Xia Xiaoxin came to a certain family in the Four Seas, she had previously gotten engaged to a super genius of this family.

Xia: "So-and-so, I'm here to withdraw from you today, I'm sorry, I can't marry you, you're a good person, you'll find a better one than me."

That so-and-so family, shocked, feeling incomparably humiliated, on the spot to Xia: "Do not deceive the poor youth, Xia Xiaoxin you wait for me, one day I will make you regret."

Xia Xiaoxin walked away with an apologetic heart, as to whether or not it really will make her regret one day, who knows.

The young man who was withdrawn from the marriage, gritting his teeth as if there was an endless fighting spirit within him, looked at Xia Xiaoxin's departing figure, regret and heartache at the same time, more hatred at the same time.

"Xia Xiaoxin, wait for me, today you dislike me for not being worthy of you, and the next day, I'll make you unreachable."The young man who was withdrawn from the marriage clenched both fists.

Just at this moment, a voice sounded from behind him, "Save it, slut, you think you're the protagonist ah, and you can't afford to reach high, you're not even considered a drag queen, you've been retired from marriage, and you can only silently watch the unreachable goddess jerking behind you."

"Who are you."The young man who had been discharged turned around, unaware that there was a man standing behind him.

"Don Zichen."

"Tang, Tang Zichen?It's the one, Senior Tang who returns the sixth grade spirit stone five times for each family?"

"Right, well, you're on your own."

Tang Zichen swooshed and disappeared.

The teenager who had been withdrawn from the marriage sat down on the ground, the fighting spirit he had just had vanished without a trace.

Tang Zichen returned to the Xia family, arriving before Xia Xiaoxin.

"I've withdrawn."Xia.

"Oh, then come with me to see the world from now on."

"Mm."Xia Xiaoxin nodded her head.

Tang Zichen called Mu Qianji over, then left the Four Seas and headed straight for the First Sea.

Tang Zichen said, "This time out, make sure to find Tang Jingtian, alive or dead."

Mu Qianji said, "As long as you offer enough bounties, the entire One Heavy Sea will search for you, and I'm sure it won't take long to find Tang Jingtian."

Tang Zichen arrived at one of the mercenary unions in the One Heavy Sea.

"Pay your respects to the three seniors."Several people from the mercenary union panicked and knelt down, the momentum of Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji, and Xia Xiaoxin was like the sky falling down, and the entire mercenary union was in cold sweat.


Tang Zichen said, "I'm looking for someone, and the first ten people who find them will all receive one to ten sixth grade spirit stones."

"Ah."The mercenary union was shocked, Sixth Grade Spirit Stones?They've never seen it in their entire lives.

Tang Zichen continued, "The first person or team to find it will receive ten sixth grade spirit stones; the second to find it will receive nine sixth grade spirit stones, and so on.The tenth person or team that finds it will receive one sixth grade spirit stone, so publish this reward."

The person in charge of the mercenary union asked with trepidation, "Senior, you did indeed say it correctly?Is it a sixth-grade spirit stone, or a fifth-grade spirit stone?"

"That's right, it's a sixth grade spirit stone."

"Heavens."The people from the mercenary union all sucked in a breath of cold air, where did this come from, the Master of Money was too generous, he was willing to put out a reward for such a precious sixth grade spirit stone.

"May I ask Senior, who are you looking for?"

Tang Zichen spent a portrait that looked exactly like Tang Jingtian and said, "This man is called Tang Jingtian, a ninth elder of the original Tang Clan of Tianbao City, but then Tianbao City was slaughtered by the Ning Clan of the Four Seas, resulting in today's unknown life and death of Tang Jingtian.However, it was said that when the city was slaughtered, Tang Jingtian did not die, but there was no trace of him.Alright, that's clear enough, publish it out."


The mercenary union immediately released the news.

It was as if an atomic bomb had been dropped on One Heavy Sea Zhupai City, and this heavy news exploded, and the entire Zhupai City was stunned. The debut website

So, the entire One Heavy Sea, anyone who heard the news, went looking for someone.The first ten found were rewarded, so the chances were high that everyone would participate.

This was Tang Zichen's cleverness, if only the first to be found had a reward, then the number of people participating would definitely be less and the speed of being found would definitely slow down.

Tang Zichen stayed at an inn next to the mercenary union and waited quietly for news.

Tang Zichen watched as the entire city went out to search for Tang Jingtian for him, and couldn't help but smile, any time, money was the best thing to do.

Three days later, in a certain small town in the One Heavy Sea.

A haggard-looking Tang Jingtian was cultivating in a shabby house in the town.

Just at this moment, there was a stir outside.

It turned out that a group of black armored strongmen had come outside, the strongest of them had already reached the seventh stage of infancy, and the weakest had reached the eighth stage of spirit healing.

Seeing a group of such a strong group coming, everyone in the town retreated to the side of the road to get out of the way in fear.

The black-armored strongman of the seventh stage of the YuanYing stage took out a portrait and asked the town's residents, "Have you seen this person?"

"Ah."Obviously, the residents of the roadside town had seen it.

"Say, have you seen this guy?"A group of strong black-armored men in the back roared.

At this moment, Tang Jingtian looked out of the window and saw that the person on the portrait seemed to be him.

"It's over."Tang Jingtian's head was dizzy and he was shocked that it was looking for him.

"In, in there."A resident pointed to the broken house next to it and said.

Tang Jingtian knew that he couldn't escape, so he simply didn't, and smiled miserably inside, "What a heavenly death, heavenly death."

Tang Jingtian thought it was his enemies who had found him, after the previous slaughter of Tian Bao City, he had fled abroad.

It accidentally offended a top ten ranked Immortal Family in the One Heavy Sea.That top ten ranked immortal cultivation family was called the Qing Clan, and the family headquarters was in Zhubai City.When a direct descendant of the Qing Clan was trying to defile a young girl from a good family in broad daylight, Tang Jingtian was short of breath and went up to persuade that Qing Clan to do so.On the spot, a few Spiritual Cooperation Stage powerhouses rushed out from both sides of the street and pushed Tang Jingtian down to the ground.

"Pah, pah, pah."Tang Jingtian was slapped more than a hundred times by that Qing Clan's son, hit with his shoes, Tang Jingtian had no way to resist, and was wildly beaten in the street.

After the beating, that Qing Clan child ordered someone to tie Tang Jingtian up, and then, in front of Tang Jingtian, he defiled the good girl from the good family just now.

After the defilement, the Qing Clan also said to Tang Jingtian: I did her in front of you, what do you dare to do, without looking at your own identity, but also dare to come out to stop grandpa's good deeds, not afraid to tell you, grandpa I, called Qing Jian, is Zhu Bo City Qing Clan's direct descendant.Do you know how strong my Qing Clan is?The entire One Heavy Sea, of all the immortal families, ranked in the top ten.

Tang Jingtian had to beg for forgiveness, saying that he was just a momentary mouthful.

However, that man, Qing Jian, still wouldn't let Tang Jing Tian go, and ordered his men to dig a piece of flesh out of Tang Jing Tian's ass, and then had a dog brought out, so that Tang Jing Tian could watch his flesh being eaten by the dog with his own eyes.

Tang Jingtian could only silently bite his teeth.

After that, that Qing Jian said to Tang Jing Tian, "I am giving you half a month to escape, after half a month, I will start chasing you, and if I catch you, I will cut a piece of your flesh and let you watch the dog eat it with your own eyes."

And so, Tang Jingtian fled and fled, and this half month escaped far away.

And after half a month, that Qing Jian, with a group of his men, began to pursue, as if he was treating Tang Jing Tian as a prey.

After a month of chasing, Tang Jingtian was caught.

Tang Jingtian was pressed down on the ground again.

Qing Jian laughed and said, "I've hunted you down after only a month, you're too useless, someone, cut your flesh and bring the dog out."

So Tang Jingtian was once again cut a piece of meat and watched the dog eat it with his own eyes.

After eating it, Qing Jian released Tang Jingtian again and said, "In half a month, I will hunt you down a second time, and if I catch you, I will cut your flesh again and feed it to the dog.I hope you'll hide better and not let me find you too easily, or it will be too unexciting."

Tang Jingtian fled and fled, fleeing to a deep mountain forest.

As a result, after another two months, Tang Jingtian was caught again.

"Hahaha, old ghost, you've been found by me again, but this time it's a bit of an improvement, but it took me two months to hunt for you.Someone, cut your flesh and feed it to the dogs."

No matter how much Tang Jing Tian pleaded, that Qing Jian still ordered someone to cut Tang Jing Tian's flesh and feed it to the dogs.

Tang Jingtian's body was already cut with potholes.

Qingjian then released Tang Jingtian, giving Tang Jingtian half a month to escape.

It was like this, back and forth, release and catch, catch and cut, cut and release, and so on for five or six times.

Half a month ago, Tang Jingtian fled to this sparsely populated town.

Tang Jingtian was physically and mentally exhausted, he only hoped that this time, he wouldn't be caught again, or, that Qingjian had given up.

However, never expected that a group of strong black armored men would come outside, seemingly much stronger than Qingjian's group.


Tang Jingtian let out a miserable laugh, the flesh on his body had been cut to pieces, he had even had his will to live worn away, and he still wouldn't let him go.

What kind of sin did he do, it was just a momentary arrogance to persuade a certain rapist, do you need to treat him like this?To kill or cut off any person, but not to kill, trampling on his dignity over and over again.

Tang Jingtian said inwardly, "Huan'er, I'm afraid I won't be able to see you again, I don't want to suffer this kind of insult anymore, even if Mantis is a cart, this time, I'll draw my sword and fight them to the death.And Zichen, I hope you can take care of my daughter, please."

Tang Jingtian pulled open the door and walked out.

A group of black-armored strongmen outside were overjoyed when they saw Tang Jingtian, as if they were seeing a sixth-grade spirit stone.

Tang Jingtian coldly snorted, "To kill or cut, do as you wish."

That YuanYing seventh stage strong man shouted, "Kneel down and pay your respects to the elder."

"Wow."A group of black-armored strongmen immediately knelt down to Tang Jingtian in unison.

Even that strongest person of the seventh stage of the YuanYing stage knelt down to pay homage to Tang JingTian.

"Uh."Tang Jingtian froze there and wiped his eyes, wondering if he was dreaming, he had been repeatedly tortured by that Qing Jian and was on the verge of insanity.

"What are you guys doing?" Remember the URL

The strongest person of the seventh stage of the YuanYing stage said, "You must be Elder Tang JingTian Tang."

"Uh, Elder Tang?"Tang Jingtian doubted if he had heard it right, a family elder who had long been exterminated, lowly no more lowly, was being addressed as Elder Tang right now, making it sound like how awesome that Tang family was in the first place.

"What for?Kill or cut, whatever, but don't try to cut my flesh again, this time, I'll fight you."

"Uh, Elder Tang, what are you talking about?What cutting."

"Tell Qing Jian to stop playing with me."

"Elder Tang, I don't know what you're talking about, but I'd like to request you to come back with me now."

"Go back?It was Qing Jian who ordered you to come and capture me, this time it took three months to find me, I'm afraid he spent a lot of effort to send out such a strong team."

That YuanYing seventh stage man said, "Elder Tang, we came to find you on the orders of a senior, that senior is offering a huge bounty of spirit stones, anyone who finds you in the top ten will have a spirit stone bounty."

"Hahaha, to find me, you've really put in your blood."Tang Jingtian sneered, he couldn't find it himself, but he actually used a huge reward to find it.

The group of black-armored strongmen were discussing.

"What's going on?The senior who issued the bounty, is he friend or foe with Tang Jingtian?"

"I don't know ah, I thought that senior was Tang Jingtian's relative, but, looking at Tang Jingtian's expression now, it seems like he's not a relative ah, he's an enemy ah."

"Ah, it's an enemy, then why are we still calling him Elder Tang, just tie him back ah."

"Don't, before we figure it out now, it's better to serve him carefully, in case he's that senior's relative and we're rude to Tang Jingtian, not only will we not get the reward money, we'll also be killed."

That YuanYing seventh stage man pleaded, "Elder Tang, just come back to Zhu Bai City with us, we really don't want to use coercion, please."

Tang Jingtian snorted, "Capture me back to the Qing Clan so that that Qing Jian can cut my flesh again, right, unfortunately, I would rather die than obey."

"Wait, what do you mean by the Qing Clan?"

"Uh, aren't you guys under a bounty order from the Qing Clan Qing Jian?"


Elder, you are mistaken, the Qing Clan is nothing, and besides, the Qing Clan can't come up with such a huge bounty.We don't know who the senior who offered us the reward is, but we heard that the senior who offered us the reward is at least a strong man of the Merging Stage, or even the Separation Stage, and he is also very handsome.By the way, I also heard that that senior once went to Heavenly Jewel City to look for you, but unfortunately he didn't find you, I guess that senior is not your enemy."

"Ah, is it Zichen?"Tang Jingtian was shocked.

"Elder Tang, you'll know if you come back with us."

"Okay, I'll go back with you."Tang Jingtian carried expectations within his heart, hoping that it really was Tang Zichen, but it was just a little too unlikely to think that Tang Zichen was so powerful in the blink of an eye, at least the Merging Stage, or even the Distraction Stage.

Just like that, Tang Jingtian left with the Black Armor Mercenaries.

Tang Zichen waited in Zhubai City for about ten days, the head of the mercenary union came to report, "Senior, the first mercenary group has returned, they brought someone with them, it looks like it's the person you're looking for, only, there are many differences again, do you want to verify it?"

"Bring them here."

Not long after, a group of black-armored immortal cultivators came with a middle-aged looking skinny man.

As soon as they entered, the thin man shouted excitedly, "Zichen."

"Ah, Fifth Uncle, it really is you."Tang Zichen was shocked, Tang Jingtian was very different from his impression, mainly because of his mental outlook and thin body.

"Zichen, I've finally met you."Tang Jingtian couldn't help but sob, as if it was so hard to see Tang Zichen.

Mu Qianji and Xia Xiaoxin were also there, and Mu Qianji felt that Tang Jingtian must have suffered a lot.

Tang Zichen said to the mercenary union, "The people have found them, so you can give them ten sixth grade spirit stone bounties."

"Thank you, Senior."A group of black armored mercenaries were busy thanking.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and let everyone out.

"Fifth Uncle, where did you run off to, I went to Tianbao City to look for you and didn't find you."

"Woo."Tang Jingtian whimpered, having a soreness that was hard to explain.

"Fifth Uncle, tell me, where have you been, why do you look so miserable?Was it the mercenaries who abused you."

"No, no, no, they were nice to me."

"That is?"

Tang Jingtian looked at Mu Qianji and Xia Xiaoxin, as if he wanted them to evade.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "You uncles and nephews are reunited, you guys chat, let's go for a walk outside."Mu Qianji left with Xia Xiaoxin.

"Fifth Uncle, we can talk now."

Tang Jingtian took off his clothes on the spot.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, Tang Jingtian's entire body was dug into potholes, especially his buttocks, which were almost fleshless.

"What's going on."Tang Zichen yelled.

Tang Jingtian put his clothes on and told Tang Zichen exactly what happened.

"Whew!"After hearing this, Tang Zichen exhaled a deep breath, full of anger that seemed to be impossible to release, Tang Zichen never expected that Tang Huan her father, this time and time again, had lived such a miserable life, being banished like prey, caught and dug up and fed to the dogs, as well as watching the dogs eat it to his face.

Tang Zichen asked in a deep voice, "Fifth Uncle, are you sure it's the Zhu Bo City Qing Clan?"

"That Qing Jian himself personally yes, his family is one of the top ten ranked families in the entire One Heavy Sea."

A stern color flashed in Tang Zichen's eyes, which could not be dispelled even if the Qing Clan was beheaded.


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