The unknown Heir 920


Chapter 920

"I can't believe that your hunter organization is really shady!"

    Chen Hao coldly looked at these purple-clothed Hunters and preached.

    "Heh, boy, you killed so many members of our hunter organization, you must pay the price in blood!"

    The leader, a purple-clothed hunter, raised his knife and pointed it at Chen Hao.

    The words fell, and a few purple-clothed Hunters raced towards Chen Hao to attack quickly.

    These purple-clothed hunters were different from the black-clothed hunters, their strength was obviously much stronger than the black-clothed hunters, and their speed was also several times faster.

    Chen Hao knew that it seemed that the leader of the hunters was angry, so he used these purple-clothed hunters to come to him, wanting them to kill him.

    There were a total of five purple-clothed Hunters.

    The five purple-clothed Hunters were attacking Chen Hao from different directions.

    The five of them didn't target their attacks at the three of Zhen Ji, they were just heading towards Chen Hao.

    Different directions, different attack moves.

    It seemed very powerful, but it wasn't a difficult task for Chen Hao.

    "Wind Dust Break!"

    Chen Hao stood fiercely on the ground and swung around.

    In an instant, the entire surrounding created a blast of wind and dust that directly shook the five purple-clothed Hunters back.

    The five purple-clothed Hunters were also surprised.

    "It's actually a cultivator!"

    The five of them exhaled in shock at the same time.

    They really did not expect Chen Hao to be a cultivator, no wonder he possessed such a strong strength.

    "Heh, now that you guys know about it, you can't leave alive!"

    Chen Hao sneered with a sneer.

    As the words fell, Chen Hao seized his body and stepped out, leaving an afterimage in place.


    One slash and a mist of blood filled the air.

    That's right, Chen Hao stabbed right through the chest of a purple-clothed hunter, killing him instantly.

    The remaining four purple-clothed Hunters were also shaken.

    However, they did not choose to retreat, but together they attacked Chen Hao again.

    The aim of the Hunters was to never retreat, even if they met a powerful opponent they would not back down until they died in battle.

    This was actually quite good, at least the Hunters weren't the type to be afraid of death.

    But it was precisely for this reason that the people of the hunter organization had simply lost their humanity and turned into very cold-blooded animals.

    Just like the group of hunters from the seventh squad that Chen Hao's three encountered this afternoon, they had no humanity at all.

    Anyone with a little bit of humanity would not do anything as excessive as they did.


    In an instant, the entire forest was a flash of sword and light.

    In just a few minutes, there were several cold corpses lying on the ground.

    That's right, it was the corpses of the five purple-clothed hunters.

    They wouldn't be a match for Chen Hao at all, and could only be spiked by Chen Hao's rhythm.

    After finishing off the five purple-clothed Hunters, Chen Hao hung up their corpses, and incidentally, used their blood to write four words on the tree.

    "Death deserves to die!"

    Only after writing these four big words did Chen Hao leave with Zhen Ji and the three of them.

    "Chen Hao, shouldn't we hide our whereabouts, or else we'll always be caught up by the hunters all the time!"

    Zhen Ji then looked to Chen Hao and suggested.

    "Well, you're right, we do have to think of a way to hide our tracks!"

    Chen Hao also acknowledged this proposal of Zhen Ji.

    It was definitely not the way to be troubled by the hunters all the time like this, one had to get rid of the big trouble of the hunter organization, or else one wouldn't be able to drive very far and still have to be reminded to hang one's courage every day.

    At this moment, Chen Hao came to a halt.

    Chen Hao took out the map that Shen Lao had given him to check it out.

    "Here, let's go here, it's possible to bypass the Phosphorus Stone area as well, but it will take a little more time, and it's a town, so we can go there for supplies as well!"

    Chen Hao pointed at a town on the map and suggested.

    "Okay, listen to you!"

    Zhen Ji didn't have any opinion on this proposal from Chen Hao and directly chose to agree to it.

    After saying that, the four of them immediately changed their route and headed towards this town on the map.

    This town was called Five Elements Town.

    It was actually all due to geography rather than anything else.

    After a night's drive, the four of Chen Hao finally arrived at the town entrance of Wuxing Town.

    The four of them walked straight into the town, which was not devoid of people, but instead, there were many people walking around, and it was very lively, like a marketplace.

    "Take a walk and take a look gosh, the black market will be auctioning off a crystal head today, you can all go take a look oh!"

    Just then, a youth was seen shouting loudly.

    All at once the shouting attracted everyone's attention.

    Chen Hao and the four of them were also instantly attracted, not expecting that there was a black market in this Five Elements Town.

    "Let's go take a look as well!"

    Lei Li then spoke up and suggested, he was still curious about these things.

    "Fine, then let's go see!"

    Chen Hao didn't refuse and directly agreed to go anyway, he was eager to see what exactly was being auctioned off.

    Soon, Chen Hao and the four of them followed the crowd to a huge place, this place was the black market of Five Elements Town.

    The black market had all sorts of things that were used to sell or auction, even guns and ammunition were available for sale, it was really amazing.

    The four of them, Chen Hao, found a place to stand.

    Only a man with a hat and a leather coat inside stepped up to the stage.

    "Hello everyone, I am the head of the black market, my name is Gu Ming!"

    The man in the leather overcoat introduced himself as he looked at the people below.

    "Welcome everyone to today's black market auction, let me tell you, today's auction items are really extraordinary, it's definitely an eye-opener for you!"

    "Many of you may have just heard about it, but I'm still going to tell you that there is no other thing in the world that is a rare treasure!"

    Gu Ming looked agitated as he narrated.

    The crowd below also listened in a very excited mood, and many of them cheered.

    "Good, let us witness it next!"

    "Someone, bring me the stuff!"

    Gu Ming then gave a command to his men.

    Only one man brought up a box and gave it directly to Gu Ming.

    Gu Ming placed the box in his hand, and then opened it up, presenting the items placed inside to the crowd.

    "Everyone, please look, this is today's auction item, the Crystal Skull!"

    Vale looked down at the crowd below and introduced it aloud.


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