Dish Best Served Cold 597-600


Chapter 977



    "As expected of me, Brother Fan, I'm a ruthless man with few words~"

    The crowd of onlookers within the entire boxing gym exploded as Fan Zhongxiong took the stage.

    Situ Feng and others were bragging.

    Xia Yue was even more flowery-eyed, mesmerized by Fan Zhongxiong's valiant posture, and kept shouting for Situ Feng under the stage.


    "Brother Idle is so handsome!"

    "Yuki, look at my little idle brother~"

    "I'd love to give him a monkey!"

    Looking at Fan Zhongxiong, who was full of pride in the boxing ring, Xia Yue was filled with infatuation, which could be described as springtime.

    She has known Fan Zhongxiong for many years, and both the Xia and Fan families have been friends for years, growing up together as childhood sweethearts.

    Xia Yue has been infatuated with Fan Zhongxiong since she was a child, and now she is even pursuing him, but unfortunately, Fan Zhongxiong has never agreed.

    But Xia Yue wasn't discouraged, she believed that she would definitely be moved by Fan Zhongxiong.

    "Bastard, what the hell are you waiting for?"

    "Could it be wimpy?Afraid?"


    "It's too late to be afraid now."

    "Get up there and die!"

    Seeing Ye Fan's delay in taking the stage, Situ Fengton scolded.

    "Just a bunch of rats, would I be afraid?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly.

    And then he calmly ascended the boxing ring.


    "This loser actually dares to go on stage?"

    "Fine, let's see how he dies later!"

    "Brother Idle, shoot him!"Offstage, Xia Yue and the others couldn't stop shouting.

    Feeling the applause of the crowd, Fan Zhongxiong had a feeling of floating in the air and only felt that his vanity was greatly satisfied.

    The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was also filled with contempt and disdain.

    "Ye Fan, I originally thought that you would be afraid to go on stage."

    "I didn't expect that you would still have some guts?"

    "Tell me, how do you want to die?"

    "That's what I should have asked you!"Evan's eyebrows were cold.

    "Hungry to cut the grass!"

    "This yokel is so arrogant."

    "How dare he be so arrogant to the end of his life?"

    "Brother Xiaolian, I think I'll break one of his legs first and let him know how powerful it is."Xia Yue shouted angrily.

    Ye Fan dared to contradict her male god like that, Xia Yue was naturally angry.

    It was just that Ye Fan's words were anxious to Xia Xue who was on the side.

    She clearly told Ye Fan not to contradict Fan Zhongxiong, but why didn't he listen?

    If you're not asking for trouble, why bother?

    As expected, Ye Fan's arrogant words caused Fan Zhongxiong's face to go completely cold.

    "Stinking brat, it seems that you still don't know how powerful I am."

    "I, Fan Zhongxiong, am one of the three founders of this Dazzling Fist Gate."

    "My young master practiced boxing at the age of seven, the entire boxing sect has hundreds of members, only two of them can defeat me."

    "How dare you, a countryside loser, insult me?"

    "Ye Fan I'm telling you, even if Shen Fei were here today, he wouldn't be able to protect you!"

    "Originally, I thought that if you begged me nicely for mercy, I'd just teach you a little lesson."

    "But now, I'm going to break your leg!"Fan Zhongxiong drank in anger.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Fine, then break your leg."

    "Stinker, you're looking for death!"Fan Zhongxiong had no more patience and smashed out with a fierce punch right away.


    The fiery red boxing gloves brought up majestic waves of air, blowing up Xia Yue's hair all messy as snow.

    However, Fan Zhongxing's punch eventually smashed into the air, and Ye Fan dodged it as he side-stepped."Damn, this hillbilly is lucky!"Xia Yue was furious.

    She had thought that her little idle brother was bound to be able to KO this countryside loser with one punch.But to her surprise, the punch was dodged by him.

    "Yue'er, there's no rush."

    "Your little idle brother hasn't shown his true skills yet?"

    "Have you forgotten, in our Dazzling World Boxing Gate, what is your brother Little Leisure's nickname."At the side, the tall and cold man called Liang Bo suddenly sneered and said in a low voice.

    Xia Yue thought, "Dazzling World Leg King?"


    "Zhongxiong's leg kung fu is his strongest point."

    "Even if I were to be slightly careless, I would still suffer a bit from Zhongxiong's legwork."Liang Bo smiled shallowly.


    Sure enough, the moment Liang Bo's words fell, Fan Zhongxiong's leg power was finally launched.

    A fierce whip kick, only like a viper coming out of its hole.

    The speed was incomparably fast!

    The burst of sound could be heard exploding and whistling past Ye Fan's forehead.

    "I'm going!"


    "Brother Idle's kung fu on this leg is getting better and better!"Situ Feng and the others shouted in excitement.

    Xia Yue's little face was also flushed with excitement.


    "Brother Idle is so handsome!"

    "Brother Idle, Moon cheers you on~"

    Fan Zhongxing's stunning leg technique drew applause from the audience.

    Xia Yue was undoubtedly even more infatuated, looking at the also-fa that was still struggling to hold on, and proudly said.

    "Bastard, hide, I'll see how long you can hide."

    "Little idle brother can't kill you with one kick, what about ten or twenty, I don't believe it, can't you get this lucky every time?"

    Xia Yue's eyes were filled with a sneer, that wanton gaze as if she had already seen the scene of Ye Fan kneeling down and begging for mercy.

    Bang bang bang~

    And at this time, Fan Zhongxiong's second and third legs fell in succession.

    Fan Zhongxiong's attacks became more and more fierce, and that one attack, like a storm, smashed down towards Ye Fan with non-stop blasts.

    However, facing Fan Zhongxiong's majestic attack, Ye Fan looked extraordinarily calm throughout.

    It was as if he was leisurely walking slowly on the boxing ring, but even so, he still steadily dodged each of Fan Zhongxiong's moves.

    "This guy~"

    Liang Bo, who had been sitting steadily in the high hall watching the battle, the original contempt had undoubtedly dissipated, and weight began to emerge on his handsome face.

    Boom Boom~.

    Fan Zhongxiong was still attacking madly.

    The entire man was like a mad dog, kicking, or kicking, or side leg sweeps, or vertical jump kicks.

    I have to say, this Fan Zhongxiong is also worthy of being the King of Dazzling Legs, and that all-in-one flower frame is extremely ornamental.

    The group of rich white girls watching offstage screamed in excitement.


    "My little idle brother is so handsome!"

    "It's true that I'm still powerful, that countryside loser was completely overpowered."

    "Trash is trash, he was beaten by my Little Brother Idle and didn't even have the strength to fight back!"Xia Yue shouted excitedly.

    But Liang Bo on the side was listening, but his eyes were drawn straight.

    I thought to myself that this Xia Yue is really a braker, and she is still blowing nonsense at this time.

    Others can't understand, but Liang Bo can understand.

    It seems that Ye Fan has been pressured to fight, but Fan Zhongxiong has obviously been playing his cards, exhausted, and the key didn't even touch the opponent's clothes.

    In this situation, once Ye Fan makes a move, then Fan Zhongxiong is undoubtedly extremely dangerous.

    It was only a fool like Xia Yue, who was blowing blindly with her eyes closed there.

    Liang Bo's face was full of gloom and a bit of cold sweat had appeared on his forehead.

    At this time, however, Xia Yue shouted once again, "Brother Xiaoxiong, it's okay, don't tease that loser."

    "Hurry up and break his dog's leg and end the fight!"

    Finally, it was at the moment when Xia Yue's words fell, that Ye Fan, who had never made a move, finally moved in the next moment.

    It was as if the sword was out of the box, its sharpness revealed!

    "It's time for the farce to end."

    The cold voice was only like the chanting of death.



There was only an explosion, like a thunderstorm exploding.

    The fierce strike, with a thunderous momentum, came crashing down.

    Ye Fan's punch actually ruthlessly clashed with the long leg that Fan Zhongxiong kicked at.


    A miserable scream pierced through the sky.

    Immediately between the shattering of tendons and bones, Fan Zhongxiong's originally valiant posture instantly became distorted and eventful.

    He roared miserably, and his hundred-pound body directly turned into a cannonball and flew out, finally falling down from the boxing ring like a useless dog.

    One moment, Xia Yue was cheering and cheering for Fan Zhongxiong.

    But in the next moment, Fan Zhongxiong's hundred-pound body flew over and actually died and smashed directly on Xia Yue.

    Just like that, the two men and women all flew out under the huge power wrap.

    Along the way, they crashed into countless tables and chairs, before falling to the ground.


    The first time I was in the room was when I was in the room with my wife.

    Dead silence~

    The entire arena was dead silent.

    The large boxing gym, at this moment, was actually silent.

    It was as if the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

    At this moment, everyone was staying in place.All the sneers and ridicule towards Ye Fan just now were undoubtedly smashed to pieces with this punch.

    Before this, no one had thought that it would end up like this.


    "My leg is broken!"

    "It hurts so much~"


    "Son of a bitch, he broke my leg~"

    Fan Zhongxiong held his legs and moaned, barking like a dog, his miserable screams echoing throughout the boxing gym.

    As for Xia Yue, she was so frightened that she seemed to have lost her soul, and tears flowed down her face as she unconsciously shed blood.

    At this time, where was the pair that had the slightest hint of arrogance and pride before, there was only a mess and misery.

    "Brother Idle!"


    "Son of a bitch, Ye Fan, you have the guts to be a dog!"

    "How dare you lay such a heavy hand on my idle brother, you deserve ten thousand deaths?"

    After a long tremor, Situ Feng and the others hurriedly gathered around and helped Fan Zhongxiong up.

    Fan Zhongxiong's leg had just about been broken by Ye Fan, and his entire body couldn't stand, the pain was close to making Fan Zhongxiong faint.

    "Brother Idle, let's take you to the hospital, shall we?"Stuart Feng and the others asked worriedly.


    "I will never go to the hospital until this revenge is avenged."

    "Liang Bo, take revenge, help me take revenge!"

    "Liang Bo~"

    Fan Zhongxiong's eyes were blood red, his face filled with malice and resentment, and he didn't dare to roar.

    Situ Feng and the others obviously didn't dare to humiliate either, and all turned around, shouting at Liang Bo, who was sitting high, "Please, Brother Bo, avenge Brother Idle!"


    "Revenge for Brother Idle~"


    Within the Dazzling Fist Gate, dozens of people present requested Liang Bo who was sitting high.

    Liang Bo was the vice-master of the Dazzling Fist Gate, and he was even stronger than Fan Zhongxiong.

    Now that Fan Zhongxiong had been defeated, the crowd naturally placed their hopes on Liang Bo.

    "Brother Bo, get him dead~"

    "Revenge for Brother Idle!"

    Situ Feng and the others shouted angrily.

    Xia Yue wiped the tears of blood off her face and also shouted angrily, "Brother Liang Bo, take revenge for us~"

    Eventually, under the request of the crowd, Liang Bo, who had been sitting quietly, left his seat and rose.

    At the moment Liang Bo got up, Xia Xue, who was on the side, only felt that her little heart was about to jump out.

    The man she admired, was he finally going to make a move?

    At this time, Xia Xue had expectations, but also tangled.

    She admired Liang Bo, and naturally expected him to show his might and turn the tide.

    But that Ye Fan is really pitiful, afraid that he will certainly be beaten by his own heart god, miserable.

    Just under Xia Xue's tangled state of mind, but Liang Bo has walked into the boxing ring.

    There, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the air, proudly standing.

    There was a calmness on his clear face, no joy or sadness.

    "Your name is Ye Fan?"After walking onto the stage, Liang Bo put his hands in his pockets, so he asked with a high and cold brow.

    Ye Fan ignored him.

    Liang Kuan was even more unhappy: "Go over there, kowtow to Zhong Xian to make amends, and today, I'll let you go."

    Ye Fan listened and only found it funny: "Let me go?Do you think, do you deserve it?"



    "You know, I'm a man who doesn't like to ravage the weak, but Nay, you don't know how to live, so..."

    "Sorry, I didn't know."Liang Kuan was still there calmly faking it, yet before he could even finish his sentence, Ye Fan directly blocked Liang Kuan's words to the point where he was too stunned to say anything!

    "You~" Liang Kuan was near to being pissed off.


    How can there be such an asshole in the world?

    "Liang Bo, don't bullshit with him."


    "Three punches to waste him."

    "I'll make him break both his legs and beg for mercy on my knees~" behind him, came Fan Zhongxiong's vicious curses.

    Ye Fan listened and nodded, "Good."

    "Listen to him, then let's make it quick and make you kneel down and beg for mercy."

    Ye Fan said indifferently.

    I'll fuck you Malakai~.

    "Did I fucking tell you?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, Fan Zhongxiong was literally on the verge of tears and cursed angrily.

    "Brother Bo, kill him in one move!"

    "Is this loser too crazy?"The others were also roaring with rage.

    Liang Bo looked at the crowd and nodded, signaling that he would teach Ye Fan a lesson.

    And then, he looked at Ye Fan, "You can make the first move."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that you won't have a chance."

    "Good."Ye Fan nodded and was not polite, spinning around and walking towards Liang Bo's direction with a lazy face.

    That absent-minded look was not like a fight at all, but rather like a walk.

    "The most important thing in a cut-and-thrust competition is the mindset."

    "Look at that hangdog look of his, he lost right off the bat!"

    "Brother Idle, just you wait and see, later your revenge will be avenged by Brother Bo!"Situ Feng sneered.

    The rest of them were also full of contempt.

    "I think this loser is breaking the jar because he knows he's not a match for Bo."

    "Make him mad again?"

    "Our Dazzling Fist Gate is as strong as clouds, can't we get rid of him?!"

    Just as everyone was sneering, on the boxing ring, Ye Fan, who had been walking idly, instantly shot out his leg.


    Long legs like whips, swift as thunder and lightning.

    The speed was so fast that it brought out sonic booms.

    Just like that, only Ye Fan's leg, with a sharp and unstoppable momentum, kicked out.


    Seeing this scene, Liang Bo, who was still chesty, immediately stared at him.

    He didn't even have time to react, and in the next moment, he felt a sharp pain.

    A bang~.

    Liang Bo's entire body flew right out of the boxing ring.

    As if a kite with a broken string, he landed with a bang.Head-first, he was plunged directly into the vase next to him.

    With a loud~.

    The vase shatters and bursts into the sky.

    One leg!

    Just one leg.

    The battle ended.

    Liang Bo wanted to fall down like a dead dog, and Ye Fan remained proud.

    "Anyone else?!!!"

    "If you want to fight, feel free to come on stage and fight!"


    The blustery wind, wrapped around Ye Fan's angry voice echoed.

    The entire arena, was dead silent.

    The snickering from before even came to an abrupt end!

    Everyone stared, as if they were roosters being strangled, trembling and almost forgetting to breathe.

    Situ Feng was terrified and silent.

    Fan Zhongxiong was dumbfounded.

    Xia Yue's old face was red, as if she had been slapped in the face by Ye Fan.

    As for her sister Xia Xue, she was even more filled with fear.

    It only felt that Liang Bo's glorious and lofty image in her heart for so many years had crumbled to pieces.

    At this moment, all that was left in her eyes was the proud and domineering face of the man above the boxing ring!



    The time, it was almost evening.

    The cold wind outside was blowing as if it were a ghost.

    In the boxing gym, it was a mess.

    Fan Zhongxiong and Liang Bo both fell to the ground, the only person standing proudly in the noisy boxing gym was Ye Fan.

    Looking at that lean and majestic figure, the crowd here all shivered unconsciously.

    There were nearly a hundred of them present, and under Ye Fan's drink, none of them dared to come forward again.

    "Bunch of cowards."

    "With so many of you, could it be that you're still afraid of him, a hick?"

    "He can fight one, fight two, but can't he still fight a bunch of you?"

    After a long tremor, it was Xia Yue's voice filled with resentment that came from the crowd.

    Her words were undoubtedly an instant reminder to the crowd.

    "That's right!"

    "There are so many of us, could it be that we're still afraid of this one stinking dickhead?"

    "We'll all go together later, we have to fuck this brat to death today!"

    "To avenge Brother Idle and Brother Bo~"

    Situ Feng also incited from the side.

    For a while, the rich second generations in the Dazzling Fist Gate also nodded their heads in agreement, and their gazes towards Ye Fan gradually became icy cold.

    "Ye Fan, do you really think that you can be unafraid of my Dazzling Fist Gate just because you defeated both me and Liang Bo?"

    "I'll tell you today, there are hundreds of members under my Dazzling Fist Gate, even if not all of them are present today.But those present, together there must be seventy to eighty people at least."

    "Liang Bo and I can't do anything to you, and with so many of us present, can't we still get you?"

    Fan Zhongxing endured the pain and spoke harshly to Ye Fan.


    "If you're so confident, then try it."

    "Take out any cards you have."

    "I don't have much time, so let's settle it all together this time."

    Ye Fan coldly returned.

    Originally, Ye Fan didn't want to pay attention to these people of Fan Zhongxiong.

    However, these people's ghastly souls were pestering him again and again.

    There was still a trifle of fire in a mudman, let alone Ye Fan who reprimanded Jiangdong and Yanjing.

    Today, not only did he want to teach Fan Zhongxiong a lesson, he also wanted to completely shatter all the pride in his heart here.

    Let them live, in the future, completely in fear of being dominated by him, Ye Fan.

    "Good you arrogant brat!"

    "You're the one who doesn't know how to live, so don't blame me for bullying the lesser with the greater?"

    "All members of the Dazzling Fist Gate will hear the order!"

    "I, Fan Zhongxiong, in the name of the founder of the Dazzling Fist Gate, command you all to assemble."

    "Give me a combined effort, fuck this countryside loser!"

    Fan Zhongxiong gave the order.

    Subsequently, the noisy boxing gym, with dozens of mouths, swarmed towards Ye Fan on the boxing ring under the leadership of Situ Feng.

    It looked like they were really ready, to round up Ye Fan!

    "Watch out!"

    "You run~"

    Seeing this situation, it had gone out of control.

    Sister Xia Xueton was so frightened that her face was pale and worriedly shouted at Ye Fan.

    On top of the boxing ring, however, Ye Fan was smiling with a negative hand, "Run?"

    "Why do I have to run?"

    "The power is in my hands!"

    "No matter how many of you there are, to me, you're nothing more than a bunch of hyenas."

    The sound of arrogant sneers reverberated through the boxing hall.

    This heaven and earth was already full of Ye Fan's reverberations!

    "What an idiot!"

    "You're still pretending to be here when you're dead?"

    "And a dog and a turkey?"

    "I'll fuck you up!"

    "When you're beaten to death by my men later, I'll see how you can still pretend."

    Fan Zhongxing cursed angrily.

    Xia Yue was even more furious as she stared at her sister fiercely.

    "Eating things that are outside the family, see how I'll deal with you at home!"

    While Xia Yue was furious, she saw Ye Fan on top of the boxing ring, but he jumped up.

    His body was like a phantom, and he instantly rushed into the crowd.


    Then, Ye Fan kicked out with a fierce kick.

    The speed was extremely fast, just like a lightning bolt.

    And the wind of Ye Fan's leg pointed to the one who led the charge, Situ Feng!


    "So fast!!!"

    Looking at Ye Fan who rushed in front of him in the blink of an eye, at that time Situ Feng was directly confused.

    A pair of eyeballs almost jumped out.

    In great shock, Situ Feng bit his teeth and whirled his leg to kick towards Ye Fan as well.

    "Son of a bitch, I'll fight with you!"


    Only a loud bang was heard.

    The leg bone broke, and one of Situ Feng's legs instantly drooped down like a noodle.

    And then with a loud boom, the entire man flew straight up.

    After smashing over seven or eight men along the way, he fell to the ground, hugging his legs and crying.


    "Bastard, go die~"

    Situ Feng was beaten, but it made the others even crazier.

    Howling again, they rushed towards Ye Fan.

    Facing the "thousands of troops" surrounding him, Ye Fan was not afraid.

    His feet stepped on the ground, stepping seven steps in a row.

    Boom boom boom~!

    Within a radius of several meters, twenty to thirty men were actually directly kicked away by Ye Fan.

    And, Ye Fan's remaining momentum did not decrease, his monstrous power erupted again.

    Fist or leg, striking madly.

    At this time, Ye Fan was like the swordsman in Li Bai's poem.

    "Ten paces kill one, a thousand miles do not stay!

    Wherever the fists and kicks reached, not a single person was standing.

    In a few short moments, all of them collapsed.

    Once again, Ye Fan swept across the arena with a destructive force, shocking the audience.

    The Noda Boxing Gym, once again, fell into an endless silence.


    Outside, the cold wind was blowing three thousand fallen leaves.

    Ye Fan, still standing proudly.

    Profound and majestic eyebrows, looking around the arena.

    The next moment, however, was an angry voice: "Kneel down!"


    Sounding like muffled thunder, in the split second that Ye Fan was falling at this moment, a majestic majesty actually radiated out like a tidal wave.

    At that moment, Fan Zhongxiong, Xia Yue and the others only felt a tremendous oppression falling down like Mount Tai.

    Apart from those who were knocked unconscious, the rest of them were actually forced to kneel under this drink of Ye Fan's!


    "Son of a bitch, you country loser, you have the guts to be a dog."

    "How dare you make this young master kneel?"

    "Just you wait, when Uncle River arrives, he'll definitely bruise you to death!"

    Fan Zhongxiong kneeled on the ground, one of his legs had been hit by Ye Fan's dislocation, the physical pain and humiliation of his personality, Fan Zhongxiong was close to madness.

    He was the grand young master of the Shen family, but now he was forced to kneel down to a wimp, this was tantamount to a strange humiliation for Fan Zhongxiong, and he naturally found it hard to accept.

    At this moment, still roaring in resignation.


    "No need to wait, call now and have him come over."

    "Any other leanings, any leanings, just move!"

    "Don't you want to play, today I, Ye Fan, will play with you."

    "Play to the end!"

    Ye Fan responded with a sneer and a domineering smile.

    The lofty appearance stunned Fan Zhongxiang and the others.

    "Ye Fan, this is what you said yourself."

    "If you can, don't leave, just wait here."

    "I'll call and have our Dazzling Boxing Gate's Champion come over!"Fan Zhongxiong said in a sardonic voice.

    Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and faintly said back, "Fine, I'll wait here."


In the boxing gym, Ye Fan's proud words echoed.

    After Fan Zhongxiong heard it, he couldn't care less about the pain on his body and whirled around to pick up his phone and called out.

    "Hello, Uncle River, where are you?"

    "Hurry up and come over to the boxing gym."

    "Our boxing gym has been kicked!"

    "Bo and I have both had our asses beaten."

    "Uncle River, come over quickly and help us teach that bastard a lesson~"

    Fan Zhongxiong's words were poignant and full of hatred.

    After speaking, Fan Zhongxiong also quickly hung up the phone.

    "Ye Fan, just wait."

    "Uncle River is the champion of our Yunzhou City Fighting Competition."

    "He can knock down a cow with one punch."

    "And the honorary master of our Dazzling Fist Gate!"

    "When Uncle River gets here, you'll be waiting for death you?"

    Fan Zhongxiong was kneeling on the ground, with almost blood flowing down his leg.At this time, he was even gritting his teeth and speaking viciously to Ye Fan.

    The rest of them were also filled with hatred.

    The stabbing pain from their bodies made their hatred towards Ye Fan even more intense.

    It was obvious that not only Fan Zhongxiong, but people like Situ Feng, Xia Yue and others also placed their expectations of revenge on Uncle River alone.

    All of them were waiting for the arrival of the Uncle River that Fan Zhongxiong was talking about and then take revenge for them.

    However, Ye Fan was not afraid in the slightest and looked unusually calm.

    Standing there, he waited quietly.

    Xia Xue, on the side, but her pretty face contained worry and whispered to Ye Fan, "Hey~ You should leave quickly."

    "Uncle River is really powerful."

    "He's the Yunzhou Boxing Champion, Brother Xiaoxiong and Brother Liang Bo together can't beat Uncle River."

    "Before Uncle River arrives now, you should leave quickly."

    "There's no need to stay and continue the adventure~"

    Xia Xue was even advised, her little face full of worry.

    The sister next to her, Xia Yue, was almost exasperated when she heard this.

    "Xiaoxue, you dead ninny, which side are you on?"

    "Eating the bastards!"Xia Xue cursed furiously.

    At this moment, outside the Dazzling Fist Gate, but there was the sound of a car.

    It looked like someone had arrived.


    "It's Uncle River's car!"

    "Uncle River has arrived~"

    "You're waiting to die, you fucking loser!"Fan Zhongxiong laughed fiercely.

    Situ Feng also gritted his teeth and roared low.

    "Ye Fan, you're dead!"

    "Uncle River is the expert that Idle and the others spent a lot of money to hire to town the arena, the Fighting Champion."

    "How can a country bumpkin compete against that?"

    "You're screwed~"

    "Wait for your death!"Haruyuki also roared viciously.


    While Fan Zhongxiong and the others were whispering furiously, outside the door, there were already footsteps coming.

    Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, just like this, and watched as the figure outside the door, slowly entered.


    The door of the boxing gym was pushed open, and a middle-aged man, dressed in a suit, slowly walked in.

    His steps were steady and his breath redundant.

    The small mountain-like body was unusually strong, and he looked like someone who had been practicing martial arts exercises for years.

    The moment this person appeared, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes, when narrowed.

    "Uncle River, you've finally come."

    "That son of a bitch is the one who bullied my Dazzling Fist Sect and forced us to kneel."

    "He's the one who broke my leg, and he's also the one who severely injured Liang Bo."

    "Please Uncle River, take action to avenge us and save the face of my Dazzling Fist Gate!"

    Seeing the appearance of the man in front of him, Fan Zhongxiong seemed like a man in the water, grasping the last straw.

    Immediately turning to the middle-aged man, poignantly speaking, he drank respectfully, requesting the man to take action and teach Ye Fan a lesson.

    Fan Zhongxiong's words were like a boulder falling into the sea, setting off a thousand layers of waves.

    Immediately after, the crowd behind him also worshipped and begged in unison.Even those usually untamed and rich people, they were now worshipping to that man and respectfully requesting.

    "Please, Uncle River, take action to avenge us!"


    "Please, Uncle River, take action to avenge us~"


    Xia Yue shouted loudly, and Situ Feng begged miserably.

    The sound of respect gathered into a stream, impacting the entire world.

    For a time, the entire boxing gym had placed their expectations, on the man in front of them alone.


    "This is bad."

    "Uncle River has arrived, I'm afraid this Ye Fan is going to suffer greatly~"

    Xia Xue's small face was pale and anxious, while secretly complaining to Ye Fan.

    "I just told you to leave, but you didn't."

    "It's fine now, can't leave, right?"

    "Waiting for a beating you."Xia Xue huffed in exasperation.

    However, in the face of this hall full of noise, Ye Fan was always silent.

    With a thin body, he just stood there peacefully like that.

    The entire person was like a long spear standing up.

    No matter how big the storm was outside, but it didn't move, Ye Fan in the slightest!

    Throughout the entire time, Ye Fan was as calm as that.

    Even at the corners of his mouth, there was always a wisp of, inexplicable laughter.

    "Bastard, you're still fucking laughing?"

    "My Uncle River has arrived, why don't you kneel down and beg for death!"Fan Zhongxiong cursed angrily.

    But Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "Let me kneel down and beg for death?"

    "That depends on him, whether he has the guts."

    Ye Fan's faint laughter reverberated, but it made Fan Zhongxing and the others even angrier.


    "I don't know how to die~"

    "To the point of death you're still pretending here, you're simply idiotic."

    "When Uncle River beats you to your knees and begs for mercy later, I'll see if you're still pretending."

    Fan Zhongxiong Xia Yue and the others cursed angrily.

    And then, no more nonsense, when they looked at the man at the side, "Uncle River, don't hesitate, take action."

    "Waste this bastard!"

    Fan Zhongxiong said respectfully.

    However, no one responded.

    That magnificent figure was still standing in place, unmoving.


    "Uncle River?"

    "What are you waiting for?"

    "Strike, huh?"Xia Yue shouted again.

    However, the man still didn't move.

    In the end, Fan Zhongxiong was anxious.

    "Uncle River, make a move!"


    "I'm not spending millions a year to have you just stand here."

    "I'm ordering you to kill that bastard!"

    "Hurry the fuck up and give it to me~" roared Fan Zhongxiong furiously.


    A boom, only like a thunderstorm exploding.

    One second, Fan Zhongxiong was still there giving orders.In the next second, a man kicked out, screaming, Fan Zhongxiong was kicked out and smashed against the wall, breaking several of his front teeth.

    Such a scene trembled the crowd.

    Xia Yue was filled with puzzlement and asked anxiously, "Uncle River, are you crazy?"

    "How dare you hit Brother Idle when he told you to beat up that hillbilly loser?"

    "How dare you dog~"


    Another slap was drawn out.

    The entire person of Xia Yue turned into a meteor by the man directly to fly out, crashed the table and chairs after rolling along the ground for seven or eight meters, and finally blood mixed with broken teeth directly vomited all over the ground.

    And then, after the man incited Xia Yue and the others, he took three steps, then ran forward, whining full of panic and fear, in the most humble tone of this life, to Ye Fan, terrified and worshiped: "Sir on top, please be worshiped by Zheng He!"


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