Dish Best Served Cold 591-596


Chapter 591

Zheng He's old face was gloomy, and his heart was now as uncomfortable as eating flies.

    Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that he would be defeated in front of a punk in front of the great Yunzhou Fighting Master.

    This was undoubtedly an unbearable humiliation for Zheng He!

    "Mr. Jung, are you okay?"

    "The men will take revenge for you!"

    "Teach this bastard little boy a lesson and take out this fury for Mr. Zheng."

    At this time, those men who came with Zheng He, however, volunteered to take revenge for him, one by one, in order to grab the credit.


    Zheng He, however, cursed and incited one person in front of him with a slap.

    "I, Zheng He, am the annual champion of the Yunzhou City Nai Nai Fighting Competition."

    "I am capable of everything, do I need you guys to avenge me?"

    "Just now, it was just a moment of carelessness on my part."

    "Otherwise, this jerk in front of me, would he be able to block a strike from me?"

    In a furious voice, but Zheng He broke away from his men's support and walked towards Ye Fan again, glaring angrily, "Kid, I'll give you one last chance to kneel down and apologize!"

    "Otherwise, I..."


    Zheng He's harsh words hadn't finished yet, but Ye Fan's slap was already paste.

    The facial bones shattered, and blood mixed with teeth when vomited on the ground.


    "So cruel!"

    The shopkeeper next to him had been completely dumbfounded, he didn't expect the young man in front of him to be so rigid, without the slightest regard for the other party's background status.

    A single disagreement and direct action!

    "Son of a bitch, I'll kill you~"

    Zheng He had an old face that was nearly smashed by Ye Fan, and he got up from the ground to fight with Ye Fan again.

    "What's going on?"

    "Master Zheng, what happened, why are you so slow in buying something?"

    However, it was at this time that a female voice was heard outside the door.

    See a cool and majestic woman, wearing a Versace long trench coat, black boots is her body outline extremely slim.

    As soon as the woman appeared, her beautiful face attracted the attention of everyone in the shop.

    Seeing this person, Zheng He's old face sank and he hurried forward to report, "Miss, something has happened."

    "I picked out a beautiful jade for Miss, and someone had to steal it."

    "But don't worry Miss, I'll have someone break his dog's leg and kneel down to compensate for Miss."

    Zheng He said through clenched teeth.

    As the woman listened, her willow eyebrows wrinkled slightly, "So, the injuries on your body were also done by that person?"

    "What nerve!"

    "Say, who is it?"

    "My Li family's people, he dares to touch?"

    "When you really can't live without it!"

    Li Xueqi was undoubtedly also instantly angry after learning of the situation.

    Zheng He was, after all, Li Xueqi's martial arts instructor, and injuring Zheng He would undoubtedly be tantamount to slapping Li Xueqi's face.

    Of course Li Xueqi was furious!

    "Miss, that's him."

    "It's this brat who hurt Mr. Zheng~"

    The rest of those men pointed forward.

    There was only a thin figure there, standing indifferently.

    Throughout all of this, he was turning his back to the crowd, not even looking, not even looking at Li Xueqi.

    "Oh, is that him?"

    "Give it to my teacher and get on your knees and apologize!"Li Xueqi's cold, angry voice, the authority of the Li Parent Princess, undoubtedly unleashed as much as possible.

    And as Ye Fan listened, he laughed.

    "Li Xueqi, you're really a great authority!"

    "Even though your brother is here, he is categorically afraid to make me kneel and apologize?"

    "Where do you get the nerve to be a woman?"

    Ye Fan turned around openly as he sneered.

    At that moment, Li Xueqi only felt thunderbolts in her head, and her entire body trembled, her pair of beautiful eyes, staring at it.

    "Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    Li Xueqi was undoubtedly confused by then.

    She had never thought that this person in front of her would be Ye Fan!

    When she saw Ye Fan's face, Li Xueqi instantly sat waxing.

    The majesty just now immediately dissipated, and with an apology, she went forward to apologize to Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, right...I'm sorry."

    "I...I didn't know it was you either."

    "It was my men who were blind, I'll punish them."

    "I only ask Mr. Chu's forgiveness."

    "Also, Mr. Chu you must not tell my brother ah, if she knows that I offended you, my brother will kill me."

    After all, Li Xueqi was young and lacking in heart, after knowing that she had made a big mistake, all her beautiful eyes instantly turned red, and she whispered a series of apologies to Ye Fan, full of fear, almost shedding tears.

    Zheng He and the others at the back, looked stunned straight on.

    "Little...Miss, you...What are you doing?"

    "Why are you apologizing to a brat when you have a golden body?"

    Zheng He couldn't figure it out, and asked in dead-eyed fear.

    "Shut up!"

    Li Xueqi backhandedly smacked Zheng He on the face.

    "Bastard, what kind of person do you dare to mess with?"

    "My lady almost got killed by you!"

    "Hurry up and hand over the jade, then roll over and apologize to Mr. Chu."

    Li Xueqi was so angry that she wanted to bite the fool Zheng He to death.

    If it wasn't because of him, Li Xueqi wouldn't have offended Ye Fan's head.

    "Miss, I don't understand, I really don't understand."

    "A yellow-mouthed kid, why are you being so respectful to him?"

    "You are the Li family's princess, is there anyone more powerful than our Li family in this land of Yunzhou?"


    Zheng He's words had just reached his mouth, but in the next moment, he seemed to realize something and trembled tremendously.

    The entire person, like looking at a ghost, looked at the skinny youth in front of him.

    "Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    "Could it be, he...She's the one who shakes up the East River, all-powerful, the one who makes Second Master and the others look like their masters, Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    Just now, when Li Xueqi called Ye Fan as Mr. Chu, Zheng He didn't think much of it.

    After all, there were plenty of people surnamed Chu, they had a Chu family in Yunzhou City, and they were often called Mr. Chu when they went out.

    Therefore, Zheng He didn't think that this Mr. Chu and the other Mr. Chu, were the same person.

    However, after seeing Li Xueqi's appearance, Zheng He undoubtedly guessed something.

    He lost his voice and asked.

    "Or else what?"Li Xueqi gritted her teeth in return.


    At that moment, Zheng He's brain instantly went white and buzzed in his head.

    It was only now that Zheng He knew what kind of person he had just provoked?

    It was just that Zheng He had never thought that Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, was so young?

    "Mr. Zheng, now that piece of jade, do you want it or not?"

    At this time, Ye Fan was condescending, looking at Zheng He with a playful smile, only as if he was teasing a mole.


"You mean, you stole this jade pendant from a piece of cave?

    In the Precious Treasure Place, Ye Fan's brows furrowed as he questioned a man in front of him.

    This man was the owner of this jade pendant.

    "A thousand times true!"

    "Every word of what I just said is true."The man returned in fear.

    Just now, after receiving this jade from Zheng He, Ye Fan began to inquire about the origin of this jade pendant.

    Finally, by following the vine, he also found it on the man called Wang Wu in front of him.

    It turned out that he had stolen this jade from a cave in the northern suburbs of Yunzhou.

    After a bit of processing, it was sold to this treasure shop.

    "Alright, you can go."

    After learning the origin of this piece of jade, Ye Fan waved his hand and let this Wang Wu go as well.

    "Mr. Chu, you really want to go there personally?"

    "Why don't I send my men over?"

    Beside Ye Fan, however, Li Xueqi asked respectfully.

    Ye Fan shook his head: "No need, I can just go there myself."

    "However, just now, Wang Wu said that that mountain has been bought by the Liang family and the surrounding area is blocked off."

    "This Liang family, do you know them."

    "Help me introduce it."

    "Just ask the Liang family to take me there."

    Ye Fan turned his head and asked.

    Li Xueqi thought about it and returned, "Well, okay Mr. Chu, I'll take care of this matter for you Qing."

    "It's just that Mr. Chu, this misunderstanding today..."

    "Don't worry, I won't tell your brother about today's matter."Ye Fan faintly returned.


    "Thank you, Mr. Chu."

    Li Xueqi was delighted, as if relieved.

    Although, today's matter, Ye Fan didn't bother with her.But Li Xueqi knew that Ye Fan was only forgiving her on her brother Li Er's face.

    Once this matter was known to her own brother, Li Xueqi could guarantee that her brother would definitely break her legs.

    Now that Ye Fan had promised not to tell Li Er, Li Xueqi was naturally delighted.

    Then, Li Xueqi left with her people.

    And Ye Fan took the piece of jade and was about to leave.

    He saw a number of luxury cars driving towards him.

    After the car door opened, Ye Fan only saw Su Yuanshan coming back with a large group of people.

    "Ye Fan, are you alright?"

    "They didn't ask you hard, did they."

    Seeing Ye Fan, Su Yuanshan hurried forward to ask.

    The two siblings, Su Xi and Su Yang, also followed along together.

    After all, Ye Fan was the husband of his best friend, if anything happened to follow his father, Su Xi wouldn't be able to explain to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Ye Fan smiled, "It's fine, Uncle Su.They can't do anything about me."

    "Fine, fine, it's good that it's fine.In this life, you always have to learn to be hidden.The Li family is powerful, even if we are humiliated, we will not provoke them if we can."Su Yuanshan thought that Ye Fan must have bowed down to that Zheng He and apologized, so he must have dodged a bullet.

    "By the way, where is Mr. Zheng's person?"Su Yuanshan asked again.

    "After being beaten up by me, he left, I guess."Ye Fan said casually.


    "What did you say?"

    "You did it again?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, Su Yuanshan was so shocked that his eyes almost stared out.

    "Ye Fan, you really don't know the might of the Li family, or you fake not knowing."

    "The head of the Li family, Li Er, is the leading big man of the entire Yunzhou."

    "Even the mayor has treated him with great respect.You, a humble boy, actually fought off the Li family?"

    "Have you ever thought about the consequences?"

    Su Yuanshan had an old face that was blue.

    Su Xi was also so shocked that her small mouth was rounded.

    "Ye Fan, you really beat up the Li family?"

    "Are you out of your mind?"

    "You don't really think that just because you're strong, you can be lawless in Yunzhou?"

    "Damn, Mu Orange is afraid that you'll screw her over sooner or later!"

    "Don't say anything, hurry up, buy something and go to the Li family's door to ask forgiveness!"

    Just now, after hearing her father say that Ye Fan had clashed with the Li family, Suzy was worried that Ye Fan's stunned young man wouldn't really beat up the Li family.

    But what Suzy didn't expect was that what she feared the most, still happened.

    "It's just the Li family, no need to be concerned."

    "And even if I were to ask for forgiveness, the Li family would be the ones to come to my door to apologize!"

    "Who are they to tell me to apologize?"

    Ye Fan was still smiling faintly.

    And when Su Yuanshan and the others heard Ye Fan's words, they were dumbfounded.

    Only to feel their scalp go numb!

    "Evan, what are you babbling about?"

    "You don't want to live!"

    "If the Li family were here, with these few words of yours, you would be dead without a funeral."

    Su Yuanshan was trembling with fear.

    "Yes, Ye Fan."

    "This isn't the time to get carried away, hurry back and prepare, go to the Li family tonight and apologize."Su Yang also advised from the side.

    Ye Fan, however, remained calm.

    "You guys don't have to bother about this matter."

    "Anything else?"

    "If there's nothing else, I'll go back first."

    After Ye Fan said that, he didn't stop and whirled around to leave.


    "This Ye Fan, anywhere is good."

    "Just too arrogant."

    "Or rather, a bit arrogant."

    "Dad, this kind of person is never a good match!"Su Yang shook his head and lamented.

    Su Yuanshan didn't say anything, but in his heart, he was inevitably disappointed in Ye Fan.

    He didn't expect that this Ye Fan would be so blind to the situation.

    Just because he had a bit of skill, he was so arrogant that he didn't even care about the Li family.

    This was tantamount to, seeking his own death!

    "Let's go, let's go back first too."Su Yuanshan said in a low voice, and then he also drove back.



    On the way back, while walking, Ye Fan looked at the jade stone in his hand.

    The jade was warm and cool, and there seemed to be an inexplicable power contained within it.

    Ye Fan was going to go home and try to absorb the energy in the jade stone.

    Let's see, if it can help the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve that he was practicing.

    "Hopefully, it won't disappoint me."Ye Fan secretly thought.

    However, just as Ye Fan was about to arrive home, a car quietly stopped and directly blocked in front of Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, I've been waiting for you for a while."

    "My idle brother invites you to the boxing gym to have a cup of tea and exchange feelings."

    "How about it, do you dare to go?"

    Situ Feng walked down from the car, and by his side, he was accompanied by a pair of twin sisters.

    Not only did the twins look the same, they even wore the same long light red dress, as well as silver high heels.

    Their faces were pretty and their bodies were also beautiful.

    "Is he Ye Fan?"

    "With a poor appearance, a stinking loser at a glance, even daring to offend my Little Brother Idle, you really don't know how to live?"The one who spoke was sister Xia Yue, with a pair of beautiful eyes looking at Ye Fan, full of contempt and disdain.

    "Sister, Grandpa said that people can't look like each other, I think..."

    "Shut up, you dead ninny!It's not your place to talk."Sister Xia Xue was just about to speak, but she was scolded back by Xia Yue.

    Then, Xia Yue looked at Ye Fan and said in disgust, "Speak, don't pretend to be deaf and dumb."

    "My little idle brother asked you to take a trip to the boxing gym, get in the car with us, okay?"



    On the side of the road, Ye Fan looked at the voluptuously dressed woman in front of him like an idiot, only feeling ridiculous.

    These people treated Fan Zhongxing as their father and worshipped his words as if they were holy.

    But Ye Fan wasn't so cheap.

    Therefore, Ye Fan naturally didn't bother to pay attention to their words.

    After saying that, Ye Fan also turned his head and headed home.

    "Stinker, do you really think that, if you hide and don't see, my brother Little Free will let you go?"

    "Just wait, sooner or later, you'll be good enough to go over there and kneel at my little idle brother's feet and lick his shoes!"

    Behind him came the disdainful laughter of Xia Yue and the others.

    "Situ, I thought that this Ye Fan would be able to embrace the young master of the Shen family's thighs, so he must be someone.But now it seems that it's nothing more than a pus."

    "He doesn't even have the courage to meet with my little idle brother."

    "This kind of trash is simply not even a fingernail's worth of comparison to my Little Brother Idle."


    The mocking laughter behind him faded away, and throughout, Ye Fan was oblivious to it.

    A bunch of clowns were just a bunch of clowns, and Ye Fan didn't care about them.

    When he returned home, Ye Fan pushed open the door, the light in the living room was still on.

    Qiu Mu Orange sat on the sofa, seemingly [Tick Tock Novel] waiting for Ye Fan again.

    On the side, Su Xi is also there.

    When she saw Ye Fan return, Suzy snorted and directly turned her head away, ignoring it.

    The atmosphere in the room was suddenly somewhat depressing.

    "Mu Orange, what's going on here?"

    "Who's pissing you off again?"

    Ye Fan smiled and asked, trying to ease the atmosphere in the room.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't answer, but looked at Ye Fan and spoke in a gentle tone, "Ye Fan, do you know why I was punished by my grandfather and asked to marry you back then?"

    Ye Fan was slightly stunned, he didn't know why Qiu Mu Orange said this.

    "At that time, there was a young master from a wealthy family who wanted to offend me.As a result, I kicked him in the lower body with my high heels, and that rich young master was hospitalized."

    "I felt relieved at the time, and thought he deserved it."

    "But what was the result?"

    "In the end, I was brought by my uncle and grandfather to apologize in person."

    "At that time, grandfather asked me to kneel down and apologize to that rich young master, but I refused."

    "Because I felt that I wasn't at fault, it was him who was at fault, so why should I apologize to a villain on my knees?"

    "That day, in the hospital, Grandpa slapped me and I ran out crying."

    "Later, I realized that at the hospital bed, Grandpa helped me kneel down.Eventually, in exchange for forgiveness."

    "From that time, I realized that in this society, there is no right or wrong, only the strong and the weak."

    "Compared to those people, my Qiu family is insignificant, and I, Qiu Mu Orange, am even smaller as dust.One word from them can destroy my Autumn Family.Therefore, we have no choice but to bow down and bow our heads."

    Outside the window, the moon was cool as water.

    Qiu Mu Orange's low, slow voice sounded as if a breeze was sweeping through the room.

    As she said these words, Qiu Mu Orange always wore a faint smile on her lips.

    It seemed like self-deprecation, or powerlessness.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, allowing Autumn Mu Orange to complain there.

    "So Ye Fan, tonight, just go with me."

    "Go to Li's house and apologize at the door."

    "Things, I've already prepared everything."

    Between the words, Qiu Mu Orange then got up, carrying the gift, and pulled Ye Fan to head out the door.

    However, to Qiu Mu Orange's surprise, Ye Fan was still standing there and didn't move at all.


    Qiu Mu-Orange frowned and looked at Ye Fan in confusion.

    Ye Fan said indifferently, "Mu Orange, I'm not going to apologize, nor do I need to."

    "In this matter, the fault does not lie with me, it was them who insulted me in the first place, why should I go?"

    "What's more, even if I was wrong, the Li family can't afford an apology from me, Ye Fan."

    "That's enough!"Qiu Mu Orange suddenly shouted angrily, but interrupted Ye Fan's words.

    "Ye Fan, is it interesting for you to say these empty words and big lies to me?"

    "After all I've said, did you really not hear any of it go?"

    "Yes, you are powerful, you can take down ten, even dozens at a time, but what about one power, one powerful family?"

    "Do you know how powerful the Li family is in Yunzhou?"

    "Even the head of the Shen family, Shen Jiuyi, is just a mere dog tooth under Li Er.As for Shen Fei, whom you rely on, I'm afraid he's not even ranked in front of Li Er, right?"

    "As long as he's willing, how many more than a hundred men can the Li family mobilize at Li Er?Thousands?Even the official forces can even be used for that!"

    "Do you remember that Han Wenxue you met when you accompanied us shopping at the Jinding Mall before the Mid-Autumn Festival?"

    "His husband, hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, but as a result, it fell overnight, the company went bankrupt, and the CEO went to jail!And the one who started it all is the Li family."

    "Even the billionaires, all of them."

    "You're a poor kid from the countryside, what are you fighting against the Li family with?With what do you say your apology is too much for the Lee family to bear?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were red and she roared at Ye Fan.

    She was really angry.

    Just now when Suzy told Qiu Mu Orange that Ye Fan had messed with the Li family, she had already scared Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face white.

    But she knew that Ye Fan was a good-looking person, so she didn't get angry at first, but rather persuaded Ye Fan with compassion and reasoning.

    But what made Qiu Mu Orange extremely angry was that Ye Fan not only didn't listen to her at all, but also acted like a fool, spouting nonsense.

    How could Qiu Mu Orange not be angry?

    However, in the face of Qiu Mu Orange's monstrous anger.

    Ye Fan laughed at once.

    That smile was self-deprecating and sarcastic.


    "Poor boy?"

    Ye Fan shook his head, full of self-deprecation.

    "Mu Orange, for so many years, many people have mocked my origins, my background, everyone has looked down on me."

    "But I don't even care."

    "Because in my eyes, they're not even ants, I don't need to meet with some clowns."

    "But what I never expected was that even you, today, would look at me this way?"

    Evan scoffed to himself.

    "Or what?"

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    "Evan, why can't you look at yourself?Why do you live in your own fantasies all day?"Qiu Mu Orange growled in a low voice.

    "I know you're proud of yourself, but the Li family is really not something you can mess with!"

    "Do you know what kind of power the Li family has in Yunzhou?The head of the Li family, Li Er, has been reigning in Cloud State for ten years, and is in the black and white world!"

    "So what?"Ye Fan suddenly gave a furious shout, and the sound exploded, just like thunder.

    The two of them, Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange, were flabbergasted.

    "Even though his Li family is monstrously powerful and majestic, it can't withstand a single punch from me?"

    "With power in my hands, let alone the land of Yunzhou, even the entire Jiangdong, or even Yanjing, the imperial capital of Huaxia, I, Ye Fan, can blow it up with one punch and trample it underfoot!"

    The words are resounding, just like gold and stone.


Ye Fan looked proudly forward, full of cold smiles.

    "Qiu Mu Orange, ah Qiu Mu Orange, you only know that the Li family cannot be insulted, but do you know that your man cannot be insulted either?!!!"

    "You only know that Li Er is powerful, but what do you know, no matter how powerful he is, he's just a dog to your man?!!!"

    Dead silence, a dead silence.

    In the large hall, there was only the wind sweeping, and the echoing sound of Ye Fan's anger.

    Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy were instantly startled by Ye Fan, their faces pale and startled in place.

    They didn't even dare to breathe a word of air.

    For some reason, they suddenly felt that the current Ye Fan was still so strange.

    Strange and palpable!

    It also made them, all of them, not recognize him.

    After a long silence, Ye Fan took a deep breath.

    When his mood calmed down, he also turned around and went up the stairs.

    As he reached the stairs, Ye Fan suddenly stopped, turned his back to them, and shook his head.

    "You don't know me at all."

    The low and slow words flowed through the room with the wind.

    When Qiu Mu Orange and the others looked up, they found that Ye Fan had already gone upstairs.

    Here, only a silent silence remained.

    I don't know how long had passed, but Qiu Mu Orange's eyes were red and she looked at Suzy at the side.

    Tears, unconsciously, flowed down.

    She choked on her words and sobbed, "Cee Cee, did I do something wrong?"

    "I'm obviously doing it for his own good, but why, he doesn't appreciate it."

    "Or is it that I don't really know him, and that what he said, is true?"


    "Mu Orange, Ye Fan is confused and says some angry things, are you as confused as he is?"

    "How could what he said be true?"

    "How glamorous is Second Master Li, how could he be a dog under Ye Fan?"

    "He's just being angry,"Suzy even consoled.

    However, the tears in Autumn Mu Orange's eyes flowed even fiercer.

    "What right do I have to speak angry words to me?"

    "Why are you yelling at me?"

    "Did I do something wrong?"

    "I'm obviously looking out for his best interests, and I'm thinking of him, but why should he be such a bully?"


    Qiu Mu Orange was in tears like rain.

    After three years, this was the first time Ye Fan had lost his temper at her like this.

    It would have been impossible if there was no trepidation or fear in Qiu Mu Orange's heart.

    Of course, what was more in Qiu Mu Orange's heart was still grievance and sadness.

    Everything she was doing was nothing more than worrying about Ye Fan.Why was that bastard so ungrateful at all.

    However, where did Qiu Mu Orange know that even if she was concerned, it was still about ways and means.

    She didn't even know that her previous words had deeply stung Ye Fan's heart.

    However, between husband and wife, stumbling was inevitable.

    They were young after all, both of them were getting married for the first time and falling in love for the first time, and they could only bring the two hearts, slowly closer together in the midst of time and again.

    However, looking at Qiu Mu Orange's sad appearance, Suzy was in her heart and kept comforting from the side.

    "Mu Orange, you're not wrong."

    "It's that bastard who's ungrateful."

    "It's him who's ungrateful~"

    "You're not wrong."

    "Don't cry, when he calms down and figures it out, he will surely come and apologize to you~"


    The dim light flickered, slowly banishing the darkness here.

    Ye Fan had returned to the study, and as the door closed, the entire world, all of a sudden, was much clearer.

    "Han, did you call?"Ye Fan picked up the phone and tried to remain calm, but his words were still shaky.

    "Little Lord, are you alright?"Han Lao seemed to have heard something strange and asked worriedly.

    Ye Fan said in a low voice, "I'm fine, go ahead."

    "It's the matter of the bodyguard you asked me to find for Miss Qiu, after giving it some thought, I felt that it would be more appropriate to let Qing Tan go over."

    "Qing Tan is one of the Twelve Dragon Guards, she has a delicate nature and prefers to be quiet, so it would be perfect for her to protect Miss Qiu at all times.It's just that Qing Tan hasn't returned yet from her outing, so I'm afraid that she won't be able to make it to Yunzhou yet."Han Lao said carefully.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Mm, just do as you wish."

    "As for the time, as long as we can make it to Yunzhou before we go up to the Chu family, it's fine."

    "Okay Little Lord, Old Slave will make the arrangements."

    After getting a nod of agreement from Ye Fan, Old Man Han hung up the phone and went to make the arrangements.

    Ye Fan, however, sat cross-legged on the bed.

    With his eyebrows and eyes slightly closed, his heart was operating the Yun Dao Heavenly Determination Method.

    At the same time as his heart was calming down, a faint blue light spiritual energy actually flowed out from the piece of jade in front of Ye Fan.

    And then following Ye Fan's breathing, it flowed into Ye Fan's body bit by bit and eventually gathered in his dantian.

    It was only after an unknown amount of time had passed that Ye Fan's tightly closed eyes opened up.

    "The spiritual energy contained within this jade stone really helps me cultivate the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination Method."

    "It seems that it is necessary to go to that cave before the Sea Heaven Feast is held."

    Ye Fan thought secretly in his heart.

    Yes, the piece of jade in front of him was naturally the one that Ye Fan had obtained from the Precious Treasure Place today.

    As soon as he first saw it, Ye Fan felt that this piece of jade was extraordinary.

    He discovered that this piece of jade contained an extremely dense power of heaven and earth.

    It was recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book that jade had a spirit, and could gather the essence of the sun and moon, and contain the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

    However, most jade, even if it did contain the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, it was extremely thin.

    But this one in front of him, the energy contained in it was extremely dense.

    Naturally, Ye Fan thought that if he could follow the vine and find a piece of jade ore, it would undoubtedly greatly help increase the cultivation speed of the Yun Dao Tian determination method for Ye Fan.

    However, right now, Ye Fan wasn't in a hurry, he first waited for news from Li Xueqi's side.

    That place in the western mountain was not small, and if there was no one to lead the way, it would be hard for Ye Fan to find it himself.

    If the Liang family was willing to lead the way, Ye Fan would naturally have much less trouble.

    A night passed quickly.

    The next day, when Ye Fan went downstairs, but he found that Qiu Mu Orange had already left for work.

    Presumably, she was still angry about yesterday's incident.

    But Ye Fan wasn't prepared to explain anything, and if he said any more now, I'm afraid that Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't believe it at all.

    Everything, wait for the day of New Year's Day, they will know, what kind of existence is he, Ye Fan!

    Time, it was soon afternoon.

    The call that Ye Fan had been waiting for finally came.

    "Mr. Chu, I've already greeted the Liang family."

    "They just happen to be preparing to head to West Mountain tonight as well.So Mr. Chu, if you want to follow, just feel at the West Mountain Garden Hotel before five o'clock tonight.After you arrive, you explain your history, and someone will naturally take you in."On the other side of the phone, there was a respectful voice from Li Xueqi.

    Ye Fan nodded his head and only returned a good word.

    He looked down at the time, it was now afternoon, 3:08pm!


There were still less than two hours left.

    Ye Fan didn't delay any longer, so he went out to what Li Xueqi said, the West Mountain Garden Hotel.

    However, Ye Fan hadn't stepped out much farther when a number of cars came on the road.

    Only to hear a piercing sound.

    A beautiful dash.

    The tires rubbed against the ground, and then a piercing buzz was emitted.

    A Maserati president supercar, two Audi convertible sports cars, three luxury cars like a sword tore open the canopy, after a beautiful drift, but presenting a three-legged position, will Ye Fan dead in the middle of the road.


    Ye Fan's eyebrows went cold.

    At this time, the doors of the three cars opened almost simultaneously.

    Silver-white high heels hit the ground, wearing sunglasses and a black Versace trench coat, Xia Yue once again appeared before Ye Fan's eyes.

    Along with Xia Yue, there were naturally Situ Feng, as well as some other unfamiliar faces.

    But every one of them, is not brightly dressed, wear brightly, obviously all of them are rich family people.

    From the driving sports car in front of them, it could also be seen that these people were probably all rich second generation people who were good friends with Fan Zhongxiong.

    "Country boy, we meet again."

    "I told you, you can't hide."

    "The people that my little idle brother wants to meet, so far, there is not a single person who dares not to meet."

    Xia Yue opened and closed her mouth Little Brother Idle, the words were full of admiration and secret love.

    From the looks of it, this Xia Yue was bound to be a little fan girl of Fan Zhongxiong's.

    "I don't have time to care about you guys right now."

    "All of you, get out of my way."

    Ye Fan frowned and coldly returned.

    Xia Yue only felt funny as she listened.

    "Bastard, do you think you can avoid this calamity just because you say you don't have time?"

    "This time, it's not just my Little Brother Idle who's letting you go, there's also the master of our Dazzling Fist Gate who's letting you go over."

    "Both the masters of our Dazzling Fist Gate have spoken, you country boy, you dare not go?"

    Xia Yue looked at Ye Fan in a condescending manner, full of pride.

    In those beautiful eyes, there was a strong sense of superiority.

    It was as if knowing Fan Zhongxiong and the others was such a proud thing to Xia Yue.

    "Sister, I think we should forget about it."

    "He's already scared, he obviously knows he's wrong, so there's no need to make things difficult for him."While Xia Yue was being aggressive, her twin sister, Xia Xue, was pitying Ye Fan somewhat.

    She had already heard from Situ Feng and the others, this Ye Fan came from a humble background, entered the family as a son-in-law, suffered a lot of humiliation and aggravation, endured humiliation for many years, it was hard for him to have a little foothold in Yunzhou.

    Such a pitiful person, Naturally, Xia Xue couldn't bear to see her sister and her group of people bullying people like this.



    "Now that you know you're scared, what the fuck were you doing earlier?"

    "This bastard caused Brother Idle and I to lose face in front of our classmates in the first place."

    "He's to blame for ending up where he is today, there's no one else to blame!"

    "Snowy, this kind of wimp knows how to pretend to be pitiful, but in reality his heart is so dirty that he doesn't deserve any sympathy!"

    When he recalled what had happened on Autumn Mu Orange's birthday, Situ Feng hated it and cursed angrily.


    Xia Xue also wanted to plead for Ye Fan, but she was snapped at by her sister Xia Yue: "Xia Xue, you shut up."

    "If you keep talking, I won't bring you out later!"

    "Get your ass back in the car and stay there!"

    Xia Yue angrily reprimanded, frightening Xia Xue naturally didn't dare to say more, standing back with a pretty pale face, looking at Ye Fan's eyes full of sympathy and pity.

    Even Xia Xue felt that at this time, Ye Fan was more pitiful than her family's Mao Mao.

    Mao Mao was their family's pet dog.

    "Situ Feng, what are you guys doing?"

    At this time, another angry rebuke came from not far away.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car, and you'll see that it's not just the car, it's also the car.

    The conflict between Ye Fan and Fan Zhongxiong, naturally, Su Xi is also clear.

    She knew full well that these people were bound to be bad visitors.

    "Xixi, it's you?"

    "It's fine, our idle brother just wanted to invite Brother Ye Fan over for a cup of tea and get closer.Nothing else."

    Seeing Suzy, Situ Feng explained with a smile.

    Suzy was a hothead, and when she heard this from Situ Feng, she was rude.

    "Have a cup of tea?"

    "Situ Feng, do you think that this Miss is a fool to believe your bullshit."

    "I'm warning you, Ye Fan is Qiu Mu Orange's husband, if you dare to harm him, Mu Orange will definitely hate you."

    "Go back and tell Fan Zhongxiong that if he really cares about Mu Orange in his heart, then don't touch Ye Fan."Su Xi said fiercely.

    Naturally, Situ Feng wouldn't spare Ye Fan just because of a few words from Suzy, still smiling, "Cissy, I've told you, I'm just inviting Brother Ye Fan to tea, I won't make it difficult for him."

    "I promise, for the sake of Mu Orange, Brother Idle will also make sure that he will come back with all his limbs."

    Situ Feng was still talking there, but Suzy naturally wouldn't believe his bullshit.

    "Ye Fan, come with me quickly."

    "These people are all Fan Zhongxiong's fox and dog friends, their families are rich and powerful, not something you can provoke."

    Suzy pulled Ye Fan and went outside.


    "Xixi, you can go, but this Ye Fan can't let you take it with you."Situ Feng's words already contained a bit of coldness.

    "That's right, who are you?"

    "What right do you have to take away the person that Brother Idle has named?"Haruna smirked coldly.


    Su Xi's face was pale, looking at the few people who had already gathered in front of her, she knew that this matter today, I'm afraid that there is no way to make things right.

    But it doesn't matter, as long as Ye Fan doesn't get into the car with them, it's just a standoff.

    She didn't believe it, could these people still tie up Ye Fan to the car?

    "Stinker, stop struggling."

    "It's too late to run now."

    "You can't escape?"

    "No one can save you if you offend my little idle brother."

    "If you know what's good for you, be good and get in the car with us."

    "Come with me to the boxing gym to meet my little idle brother."

    "When the time comes, be nice, kneel down and apologize to my little idle brother, lick a few of my little idle brother's shoes, and maybe my little idle brother will spare you from the pain of skin and flesh when he's happy."


    Xia Yue's words, however, caused the crowd present to laugh.

    The piercing laughter was full of disdain and ridicule towards Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, don't listen to them."

    "If you go, I'm afraid you'll end up miserable."

    "Either you'll get beaten up, or you'll offend a bunch of people~" Suzy was still advising.

    But Ye Fan's look had gone completely cold.

    Instead of hiding anymore, he raised his head, looked at the crowd that was wantonly taunting him, and smiled coldly, "Fine, I'll go!"



    "Evan, are you crazy?"

    "These people are all rich, which one of them you can't afford to mess with."

    "You come back!"

    "Have you forgotten what Mu Orange told you to do?"

    Susie shouted anxiously.

    In her heart, she was both angry and worried.

    Fan Zhongxiong let Ye Fan go over, it was obvious that he had come from a bad place.If Ye Fan were to go, he would undoubtedly get what Fan Zhongxiong wanted, and would inevitably have to suffer some physical pain.

    And even if Ye Fan was really powerful enough to defeat Fan Zhongxiong, who had been practicing boxing for more than ten years, the consequences would still be the same for Ye Fan.

    But that consequence would still be hard for Ye Fan to bear.

    After all, among the Dazzling Fists, either rich or noble.

    If Ye Fan offended them, the consequences would still be too much for Ye Fan to bear.

    Even if he could show off his momentary pleasure, the retaliation that came with it would be difficult for Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange and the others to withstand.

    However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to Suzy's obstruction.

    After deciding to follow them over, Ye Fan also followed Xia Yue to the car.

    Originally, Ye Fan did not want to pay attention to them.

    But unfortunately, these people came over to pick a fight three times.

    Since that was the case, Ye Fan would do as they wished!

    "Seek death, and I'll let you die!"

    The corners of Ye Fan's mouth curled up, and a whiff of mortification had already appeared above his clear face.

    However, no one naturally saw this face of Ye Fan's.

    Instead, Xia Yue and Situ Feng still looked proud and arrogant.It was as if, from the moment Ye Fan decided to get into the car and follow them, they seemed to have seen that Ye Fan had been beaten with claws and teeth all over the place.

    "Ye Fan, you come back!"

    "Don't go~"

    "Are you going to rush me and Mu Orange?"

    I saw Ye Fan get into the car, but Suzy was still shouting there, and even wanted to run over and pull Ye Fan out of the car.

    But she was stopped by Situ Feng.

    "Sissy, don't waste your time."

    "People are ignoring you, so why are you making a fool of yourself?"

    "Don't worry, idle brother will entertain him."


    Amidst laughter, Situ Feng and the others carried Ye Fan away.

    A cozy sight with a purpose accomplished!

    But Suzy in the back was angry and anxious.

    "This idiot, every day he doesn't cause trouble for Mu Orange, he's miserable!"

    "Damn, why did Mu Orange marry such a troublemaker?"

    "No way, I have to get to Mu Orange."

    "Let's get Mu Orange to stop this madman!"

    Su Xi, worried, couldn't care less about going back to get the documents, turned the car around and hurried to the company to look for Qiu Mu Orange.

    Ye Fan was taken away by Fan Zhongxiong's men.

    No matter how stupid she was, Suzy could guess that there were only two outcomes.

    Either Ye Fan will end up miserable and be beaten by Fan Zhongxiong's people.

    Either that or Fan Zhongxiong was beaten back by Ye Fan.

    But whichever outcome was not a good one.

    The former was better, Ye Fan would suffer a little bit of flesh at most.

    But in the latter case, if Ye Fan really went crazy and beat up Fan Zhongxiong's group of people, then the disaster would undoubtedly be great.

    While Su Xi was rushing towards Mu Fan property, Xia Yue, Situ Feng and the others were already driving a car and brought Ye Fan outside the boxing gym.

    As soon as he got out of the car, Ye Fan saw an extremely cool sign at the entrance, erected there.

    It was the "Dazzling Boxing Gate"!

    The name is very impressive, but it's just a boxing gym.

    Fan Zhongxiong and his friends, who were from wealthy families, did not have a proper job in their daily lives. Apart from eating, drinking, whoring, gambling and girls, their biggest hobby was boxing.

    So Fan Zhongxiong gathered some rich kids and opened this boxing gym.

    The club was a great way to entertain himself and to settle personal scores with the name of boxing.

    This way, they could also cover up their differences, which was a win-win situation.

    "What are you staring at?"

    "Why don't you hurry the fuck up and get in there?"

    There were a few rich kids behind him who cursed harshly.

    Xia Yue saw this, but she waved her hand and smiled contemptuously, "Let him see it."

    "Wait a little while, I'm afraid he won't have a chance to look at it."

    "Haha, what Sister Yue said is also true.Having offended Brother Idle, I'm afraid this bastard will have to be carried out in a little while, so naturally, he won't have a chance to look."

    In a burst of harsh ridicule, Ye Fan also followed Xia Yue and the others inside.

    On the way in, Xia Yue's twin sister, Xia Xue, even whispered her blessings to Ye Fan when no one was looking.

    "Later, don't ever say anything back to what Little Brother Idle said."

    "More importantly, you mustn't fight back."

    "Brother Idle hates it when people return punches to contradict him."

    "In that case, you'll suffer less."

    "Otherwise, you'll really get killed~"

    Xia Xue reminded Ye Fan in a low voice, her words full of sympathy and pity.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he turned his head with interest and took a glance at the pretty and clear girl in front of him.

    He smiled wanly at Xia Xue.

    Ye Fan didn't expect that among this group of sludge, there was still someone who was silt-free.

    "Still smiling?"

    "You're laughing even when you're dead!"

    "If you offend my little idle brother, you won't have a chance to cry later!"

    Xia Yue thought she would see all of Ye Fan's fearful and panicked face, but who would have thought that she would turn her head and see that bastard Ye Fan smiling at her sister.

    This undoubtedly made the Xia Yue very angry, once again cursed.

    As Ye Fan listened, he couldn't help but shake his head inwardly with emotion.

    These were also twins with the same genes, so why was there such a big difference between the character of the sister and the sister?



    "Brother Xiaoxuan, Yue'er has already brought that hillbilly to you."


    "How is Brother Idle going to thank Moon?"

    In the middle of the boxing gym, Xia Yue changed her arrogant look before overbearing, and instead piled up a gentle smile, bird-like, said to Fan Zhongxiong.

    In the front, there were two people sitting quietly drinking tea on a high seat.

    One of them, naturally, is Fan Zhongxian who has some grudges against Ye Fan.

    The other person, with a handsome appearance, was wearing a popular medium haircut, with two studs on his ears, and was dressed in the style of an idol, with a cool and vulgar temperament.

    This kind of person, walking down the street, will definitely charm a large number of little fan girls.

    Ye Fan clearly felt that Xia Xue's little face was slightly red when she saw this person.

    It was obvious that Xia Xue had a secret admiration for this person.


    "Yue'er don't worry, when this matter is over, brother Xiaoxiong will not treat you badly."Fan Zhongxiong laughed, and then he left his seat and got up, ready to ascend the boxing ring.

    "Zhongxiong, when there's really no need for me to fight?"At this time, the handsome man with a high and cold temperament, spoke out and asked.

    "It's just a yokel, teach him a lesson, I'm enough for one person!"

    "You, Liang Bo, are the second greatest expert in our boxing school, just sit here and press the battle."

    "Pigs and dogs like this, why do you need to do anything?"

    Fan Chung waved his hand.

    And then he changed into his costume, put on his boxing gloves, and leapt into the boxing ring in front of him.

    He was condescending, looking at Ye Fan on the stage and smiling coldly.

    "Bastard, the last time on Mu Orange's birthday, you disgraced this young master!"

    "This time, this young master will make you pay a painful price."

    "Now, come up and claim your death?!!!"


    Fan Zhongxiong shouted, but it reverberated throughout the boxing gym.


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