Dish Best Served Cold 587-590


Chapter 587

"Sissy, you're here too?"

    Su Yuanshan obviously didn't expect that his daughter Suzy was also here.


    "It seems that your relationship with Ye Fan has progressed quite quickly this time."

    "Keep up the good work and try to bring it back this New Year to show Old Taijun."

    Su Yuanshan laughed.

    Old Taijun was his mother, Su Yuanshan had lost his father since he was young, and it was his mother who pulled him along.

    For Su Yuanshan to be able to achieve what he has today, the Old Taijun of the Su family also had a lot to do with it.

    Therefore, in the Su family, the Old Taijun has a supreme position, and even Su Yuanshan himself would often refer to the Old Taijun's advice.

    Especially when it came to the marriages of their children's offspring, naturally the Old Taijun of the Su family had to make decisions.

    After saying that, Su Yuanshan looked at Ye Fan again.

    "Ye Fan, you're still really here?"

    "Su Yang asked me to look for you at Mu Fan property, and I really found you."Seeing Ye Fan, Su Yuanshan was like an old father-in-law seeing his son-in-law, laughing.

    "Uncle Su, is there something you're looking for me for?"Ye Fan was suddenly curious.

    All this time, he had actually been avoiding Su Yuanshan.

    After all, this guy kept asking him to take Su Xi.

    But how was that possible?

    Not to mention that Ye Fan wasn't interested in Suzy at all, and more importantly, Suzy was his wife's best friend, how could Ye Fan do it?

    "It's something."

    "My group here is expanding its business and needs a competent antique appraiser."

    "The first thing I thought of was you."

    "How about, want to come to my side?"

    "I'll pay you five million a year, plus annual company stock dividends."

    "If there are no surprises, it shouldn't be a problem if you make seven or eight million a year."Su Yuanshan invited enthusiastically.


    "Five...Five million?"

    "Dad, you're crazy!"

    "Ye Fan he's a redneck and you give him five million?"

    "You don't give me that much money every year?"

    Susie's eyes were popping out of her head then when she heard it.

    This face punch came too fast.

    Just now she was swearing to Ye Fan that apart from her and Qiu Mu Orange, there was only idiots in the world who would give Ye Fan a salary of over three thousand.

    But now, her old man, he was giving Ye Fan an annual salary of five million.

    This was too ridiculous, right?

    "Shut up!"

    "What do you know about it, you ninny?"

    "Ye Fan's value is more than just five million."

    When Su Yuanshan came, he even felt that this price was a bit insufficient to invite Ye Fan.

    After all, when he was in the Shan Shui Club, Ye Fan had spotted an ancient painting worth hundreds of millions at a glance.

    Now that painting was still in his hands.

    Ye Fan's skill, Su Yuanshan had actually seen it before.

    Don't say five million, even ten million, it would be earned to invite Ye Fan.

    "Don't just stand there either."

    "Hurry up and help me persuade Ye Fan."Su Yuanshan glared at his daughter and urged her.

    "Uncle Su, there's no need to persuade.In order to prevent you from becoming an idiot, I can't take this job."At this time, however, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.



    "What's going on here?"Su Yuanshan was suddenly confused.

    And then Ye Fan told Su Yuanshan what Su Xi had just said, originally.

    At that time, Su Yansan stared.

    "Su Xi, you ninny, are you going to be angry with me?"

    "Don't apologize to Ye Fan yet!"

    Su Yuanshan angrily reprimanded, and Suzy lowered her head, too stunned to say a word.

    In the end, Ye Fan refused Su Yuanshan's invitation.

    The job given to him by Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan didn't even take it, so how could he accept to persuade others.

    However, Su Yuanshan didn't seem to have any intention of giving up.

    The next day, he even found Ye Fan with millions of cash.

    Looking at the bag full of money, Qiu Mu Orange, Suzy and the others were confused.

    They didn't expect that Su Yuanshan was so desperate for talent this time.

    But Ye Fan, still, excused himself.

    In the end, Su Yuan Shan had no choice.

    "If you don't want to come, then so be it."

    "But at night, there's an antique fair over there in the Western District, you should be able to accompany me over there and help me palm my eyes."

    "Just as a diversion."Su Yuanshan's tone was almost begging.

    This time, Ye Fan, who was too embarrassed to refuse, agreed.

    "Good, I'll come here to pick you up at night."

    Su Yuanshan was suddenly delighted.

    Soon, a day passed.

    In the evening, Ye Fan changed his clothes and also went downstairs to the company to wait.

    A car drove over and stopped in front of Ye Fan.

    "Uncle Su, are you here so early?"

    Ye Fan subconsciously thought that it was Su Yuanshan coming to pick up his car.

    However, when the person in the car stepped down, Ye Fan's brows, when immediately, furrowed.

    "It's you?"

    "Bastard, it looks like you fucking still recognize me."Fan Zhongxiong, dressed in a suit, walked over towards Ye Fan.

    "You were the one who did the tampering last time, right?"

    "Good, very good!"

    "But don't think that, having hugged the Shen family's thigh, I, Fan Zhongxiong, am afraid of you."

    "This young master is telling you that my Fan family's estate is not much worse than the Shen family."

    "Do you think that the Shen family would turn against their Fan family for a wimpy son-in-law?"Fan Zhongxiong had a sardonic smile on his face and his words were eerie.

    Ye Fan, however, looked calm and faintly returned, "Then I don't know what Young Master Fan, what do you want?"

    "It's simple, leave Autumn Mu Orange, then break your own leg and kneel down to me to make amends!"

    "Otherwise, I, Fan Zhongxiong, will surely make you regret it for the rest of your life!"


    The cold wind was blowing slowly through this world.

    As Ye Fan listened, he smiled.

    "Young Master Fan, there were many people who said such things in front of me at first, do you know what happened to them?"

    "Well?"Fan Zhongxiong frowned.

    Ye Fan continued, "Some of them, went into the prison cell and sat through the bottom of the cell.And the rest of them, their heads are separated and their bodies sprawled across the wilderness!"


    The words were icy cold, and in a split second, Fan Zhongxiong and the others only felt, a majestic majesty that swept out!

    At that moment, it actually made Fan Zhongxiong and the others, feel a bit terrified.

    "Bastard, are you looking for death?"

    Fan Zhongxiong, who was furious, was about to take action against Ye Fan.


    At this moment, an anxious drinking sound then came.

    Only Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange were seen, stepping on their heels and anxiously running over.

    "Fan Zhongxiong, what do you want?"

    "In broad daylight, are you going to hit someone?"

    Qiu Mu-Orange was furious.

    Upon seeing Autumn Mu Orange, the fierceness on Fan Zhongxiong's face dissipated, and he whirled around and smiled, "Mu Orange, don't be angry, I'm just joking with him."

    "Yeah, Mu Orange.Brother Idle is just teasing him, it's not like he's really hitting him.But Mu Orange, do you really plan to continue living with this redneck for the rest of your life?Are you sure you won't consider Idle?"Situ Feng also came out at this time and spoke out.

    Qiu Mu Orange hadn't spoken yet, but Ye Fan had no reason to ask, "Does the chrysanthemum still hurt?"

    "You~" at that time, Stubby Feng's face went green.



    Ye Fan couldn't help but laugh at these words from Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange and the others on the side.

    Even Fan Zhongxiong's driver was trying hard to hold it in, trying not to laugh out.

    Apparently, they all understood what Ye Fan was saying.

    "Bastard, you wait!"

    "For Mu Orange's sake today, I'll let you go."

    "But, our matter won't end like this!"

    Having been poked by Ye Fan, Fan Zhongxiong and the others undoubtedly had no face to stay here any longer, and soon left by car.

    However, before they left, they did not forget to say a few harsh words to Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, you'd better go out less in the future."After Fan Zhongxiong left, Qiu Mu Orange was a little worried.

    "Yeah.From what I know, this Fan Zhongxiong is not only from an unusual family, but he's also a member of a boxing club in Yunzhou City."

    "When he was in college, he was the president of the martial arts club, and I've heard from others that he's been studying free sparring for over ten years."

    "Don't you take it seriously either!"Suzy was also on the side.

    After all, Ye Fan was her best friend's husband, and compared to Fan Zhongxiong, Suzy was naturally a little more towards Ye Fan.

    "Free Fighting?"Evan listened and laughed lightly, "It's just a small tract, no need to be concerned."

    "That won't do!"Qiu Mu Orange said somewhat indignantly, "Ye Fan, I forbid you to fight with others, do you hear me?"

    Although, Qiu Mu Orange knew that Ye Fan also had some skills, but he often walked by the river without getting his shoes wet.

    Qiu Mu Orange was also worried that one day, Ye Fan would be hurt again.

    "Fine, I'll listen to you.I just don't see eye to eye with them."Ye Fan smiled helplessly.

    However, it was actually true that Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to them.

    A few jumping clowns were just a few clowns, so Ye Fan naturally wouldn't waste his time on them.


    At this time, at the end of the road, Su Yuanshan's car to pick up Ye Fan, finally arrived.

    After Ye Fan said to Qiu Mu Orange, he also went over with Su Yuanshan.


    Ye Fan followed Su Yuanshan and the others and arrived at a street west of the river in the Western District together.

    "This side, is our Yunzhou's most famous antique market, similar to the Panjiayuan over in Yanjing."

    "All kinds of things from various eras can be seen."

    "It's recently going to be New Year's Day soon, and this is the most crowded time of the year when the Antique Fair is held here."

    "Antique lovers from all the big cities in Jiangdong will almost always come over to stroll around during this time."

    "Thus, this is also the time when it is easiest to see treasures."

    In the evening, the lights were early.

    Ye Fan and Su Yuanshan were chatting but strolling along the streets beside the moat as they chatted.

    Behind them, there were two bodyguards following.

    After all, Su Yuanshan was also the CEO of a group and was worth a lot of money, so security naturally had to be extra careful.

    "Ye Fan, keep an eye on it, and give me a word if you see something you like, don't be polite to your uncle.Just think of it as family."

    "Also, by the way, keep an eye on it for me, any precious blue and white porcelain isn't available."

    "In a few days, my old taijun's birthday, this son of mine has to prepare some decent gifts."Su Yuanshan smiled.

    His main purpose of inviting Ye Fan tonight, besides bringing him closer, was to let Ye Fan palm his eyes and help him look at buying a blue and white porcelain.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Well, don't worry Uncle Su, I'll help watch out for it."

    Just like that, Ye Fan accompanied Su Yuanshan to walk around for a few laps and finally walked into an antique electric with simple and elegant decorations.

    "This blue and white porcelain is nice, boss, how much is this, introduce it?"

    As soon as Su Yuanshan entered, he was attracted by a blue and white porcelain vase in the middle of this hall, and immediately walked forward to inquire about the price.

    "The owner has good eyes."

    "This is our shop's treasure, a blue and white porcelain from the early Ming Dynasty."

    "It's definitely a treasure from an official kiln!"

    "You don't even have to worry about the authenticity, I still have the authentication certificate from Master Gulongen, the president of the Yunzhou Antique Association on my side!"

    "And, our shop guarantees that the fake one is worth ten."This boss was also a chicken thief, boasting for half a day, and froze without leaking out the price.

    Su Yuanshan asked for the price again, and only then did the boss of Zena squared a finger: "One price, ten million."

    "Quality assurance, no counteroffers."

    "Boss, how about it, do you want to take it with you?"

    The shopkeeper smiled and asked.

    Su Yuanshan, however, looked towards Ye Fan, as if he was waiting for Ye Fan's suggestion.

    Ye Fan didn't answer, but looked to the side of the tea set, "How much is this tea set?"

    "Oh, this tea set is one we just received, late Yuan blue and white porcelain, also from an official kiln.But unfortunately, there's only one teacup left, or else it would be our shop's treasure."

    "This one sells for five million."

    Ye Fan listened and nodded, while looking at Su Yuanshan, "Uncle Su, these two pieces are not bad.However, I suggest buying that tea set, it's cost-effective."


    Ye Fan gave his word, and Su Yuanshan complied.

    However, just as Su Yuanshan's side was about to pay, Ye Fan's eyes were suddenly drawn to an inconspicuous jade pendant in the corner.


    Ye Fan then walked over, picked up the jade and looked at it for a few moments, then asked the shopkeeper, "This jade, where did it come from?"

    "You said this, I collected it from below.I thought it was exquisite and unusual, so I put it here."

    "As for the age, it's estimated to be from the pre-Qin period.Of course, it's also an estimate, and the exact age is still up for debate."

    "How about it, do you want to buy it to try your luck, little brother."

    "The original price is one hundred and fifty thousand, I'll sell it to you for one hundred thousand?"

    The shopkeeper said enthusiastically.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he laughed lightly, shook his head, and put the jade pendant down again.

    "One hundred thousand?"

    "A piece of miscellaneous jade, and a modern artifact that has been polished by modern machines, and you dare to ask for a hundred thousand, boss?"

    "This is treating us like fools."

    Ye Fan smiled coldly.

    He didn't care about this amount of money.

    However, that couldn't be taken for fools either.

    "How much can that little brother pay?"

    Unexpectedly, the young man in front of him had such a tricky eye, and the shopkeeper suddenly looked at Ye Fan highly.

    This jade, it's true that he received it from below, but naturally it's not from the pre-Qin period.He was just talking nonsense to raise the price.

    In fact, this jade, when he had collected it, had only cost him two hundred yuan.

    "One thousand it is."

    "If you agree, I'll buy it for my wife as a gift, otherwise that's fine."

    "This~ This thousand, it's too little, isn't it?It's cut ten times in one fell swoop, and five thousand can still be considered."The shopkeeper made a dilemma for a moment.

    Ye Fan was unmoved: "You're collecting this jade, it's only a few hundred, so giving you a thousand is quite a lot."

    In the end, the shopkeeper reluctantly agreed, looking like he was losing money, but he was undoubtedly happy in his heart?

    This change of hands had flipped five times, of course he was happy.

    However, just as that shopkeeper was about to wrap up that piece of jade, a voice, however, quietly came out from behind him.

    "This jade, one hundred thousand, I'll take it!"


"I'll go!"

    "Boss generous, huh?"



    "I'll pack it up for you."

    The shopkeeper laughed, this plain extra hundred thousand, the shopkeeper was naturally happy.

    Nor did he care about the promise that he had just promised to sell it to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan, however, frowned and was about to say something, but Su Yuanshan pulled him back.

    "Ye Fan, you don't need to care, just watch."

    "Leave this matter to me."

    "I, Su Yuanshan, still have some face on this street."

    The words fell out, and Su Yuanshan then walked out.

    "Shopkeeper Wang, I remember that the big boss behind this Precious Piece Factory of yours is Zhang Haitao, right?"

    "What do you think the consequences would be if Boss Zhang knew that you had broken the rules of the antique world by smashing the sign of their Precious Place?"

    Su Yuanshan's majestic words frightened this shopkeeper's old face, and he even asked, "You are?"

    "I'm Su Yuanshan, your boss Zhang Haitao and I are business friends."Su Yuanshan immediately returned.

    "Haha, so it's Mr. Su."

    "You should have said so earlier, if I knew it was you, I would have given you this jade."

    This shopkeeper clearly realized that Su Yuanshan was not an ordinary person, and quickly changed his words, and was about to give the jade to Su Yuanshan again.

    Once Su Yuanshan heard this, he nodded his head in a very receptive manner.

    "Ye Fan, how is it, this old face of your uncle and me still has some weight, right?"Su Yuanshan said proudly.

    And then looked at the man in the suit in front of him: "Young man, bring it."

    "What doesn't belong to you, don't rob it."

    "It can't be robbed even if you do."

    "Oh, yeah?"The man in the suit laughed back, and not only did he not hand it over, but he held the jade pendant tightly in his hand and smiled coldly, "And what if I, for one, have to take it?"


    The moment the words fell, the man in the suit kicked the bodyguard on Su Yuanshan's left from within the hall to the outside.

    The bang frightened the shopkeeper's face white.Hastily said, "I said the two gentlemen ah, you gods fight, can you go outside ah.This shop of mine is small, it can't accommodate you to display ah."

    The shopkeeper was also afraid that his shop would be affected.

    After all, this treasure shop of theirs was full of fragile items.

    If this fell a few pieces, it would have to make this shopkeeper's heart ache.

    However, Su Yuanshan and the others naturally ignored this shopkeeper.After this man in a suit did it, Ye Fan's appearance went cold.

    "Uncle Su, let me do it."Ye Fan said in a cold voice and was about to walk forward.

    But once again, he was stopped by Su Yuanshan.

    "Ye Fan, you watch from behind."

    "This scene, your uncle and I can still calm down!"

    "And if I can't calm it down, there's no point in you stepping in."

    "This man, he's obviously a practicing fighter.My bodyguard was actually kicked away by him, and your small arms and legs won't be of any help at all even if you step in."

    "Just keep a safe watch!"

    Su Yuanshan still didn't let Ye Fan interfere.

    In Su Yuanshan's opinion, even if Ye Fan intervened, he would only be adding to the chaos.

    He was a young junior with no family and no background, and he was also skinny looking, so in this situation, Ye Fan would undoubtedly not be of any help.

    This wasn't treasure hunting!

    Then, Su Yuanshan once again looked at the man in the suit in front of him, "This brother is really good at it!"

    "But I'm afraid you don't know who I am yet."

    "I am Su Yuanshan, the owner of the Su family in Yunzhou and the head of the Far Mountain Group."

    "The Far Mountain Group?"The man in the suit in front of him raised his eyebrows.

    Su Yuanshan saw the situation and thought that the man in the suit in front of him was afraid, then sneered, "Exactly!"

    "Don't worry, even though you beat up my man, I won't give you a hard time."

    "Give that bodyguard of mine an apology, then take a hundred thousand medical fees, and after sending that piece of jade over, I can pretend that today's incident never happened."

    Su Yuanshan said in a deep voice.

    His face was expressionless, but his rigid face carried a majesty that was not angry.

    "Oh, yeah?"

    The man in the suit gave another contemptuous laugh.

    In the next moment, everyone only saw that the man in the suit kicked out again, and the bodyguard on Su Yuanshan's right was actually kicked out as well.

    The speed of this man's kick was so fast that Su Yuanshan's bodyguard didn't even have time to react.

    "Uncle Su, let me do it?"

    Ye Fan saw the situation and said again.

    "You shut up!"

    "If I tell you to watch you'll watch honestly."

    "What's with the nonsense?"

    "My bodyguard couldn't even block his leg, so what are you going to do if you go over there and get your ass kicked?"

    Su Yuanshan suddenly raged and drank at Ye Fan's rebuke.

    Obviously, this kind of Ye Fan's uninformed and reckless behavior made Su Yuanshan extremely unhappy.

    Saying that he hadn't listened once and now he still wanted to be a hero?

    Isn't this adding to the problem?

    Isn't this nonsense?

    Su Yuanshan suppressed anger in his heart and after reprimanding Ye Fan, he once again looked at the man in the suit in front of him.

    At this time, Su Yuanshan's old face was gloomy and almost low to the ground.

    The entire man, was clearly on the verge of going berserk.

    In front of Ye Fan, this man in a suit had brushed his face one after another, how could Su Yuanshan not be angry?

    "This friend, I admit that fists and feet do break many things."

    "But, as strong as your fists and feet are, can they stand up to the power?"

    "You should be aware that you just kicked not only two people, but also an offense to my Yunzhou Su Family!"

    "I'll give you one last chance to apologize, pay up, and then hand over the jade to me!"

    "Otherwise, you will face my Su Family's splitting retaliation!"

    It had to be said that Su Yuanshan was worthy of being a person who had been in a high position for a long time.

    Even in the face of such a situation, he still remained calm.Even on top of that rigid face, the majesty that had just been there did not dissipate in any way.

    On the contrary, it intensified!

    However, even so, the man in the suit was still smiling contemptuously.

    In the end, even more so, he slowly shook his head at Su Yuanshan, "Yunzhou?The Soo?"

    "Master Su, how mighty indeed."

    "If you can't beat me with your fists and feet, you think of using your power to overpower others."

    "But unfortunately, no matter how strong your Su Family is, can it be stronger than, the Yunzhou Li Family?"


    Hearing these words, Su Yuanshan's entire body was struck by lightning and immediately trembled.

    A pair of old eyes, all then stared at him, losing their voice, "You...You...You are, the Li family?"

    "That's natural!"

    "I, Zheng He, am the guest of the Li family, the master of the Li family's Princess Li Xueqi!"

    "Compared to power, you're not as good as me."

    "Compared to power and background, does Master Su feel that it's better than me?"

    "This~" Su Yuanshan's face had gone white with fear then, and all the majesty that he had just had scattered.

    The Li family, was the number one noble family in Yunzhou!

    Su Yuanshan asked himself, even if he lent himself ten guts, he wouldn't dare to compare power and break wrists with the Li family, ah.

    "Now, Master Su, this jade, do you want it or not?"Zheng He smiled playfully, the teasing gaze as if he was playing with a molehill ant.


"Don't, don't."

    After learning about the background of the Li family of the person in front of him, Su Yuanshan had naturally broken his nerve.

    Not even daring to breathe a word of air, after saying that, with eyes full of fear, he pulled Ye Fan and walked out.

    The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

    In Yunzhou, the Li family's might was too strong.

    It must be known that Li Er rebuilt the Cloud State for almost ten years.

    Moreover, it was said that nowadays, with Mr. Chu's support, Li Er's might in Jiangdong was even more powerful.

    Even hidden, it has the momentum to compete with the Jianghai Chen family.

    The Li family is now in the limelight, and Su Yuanshan, no matter how foolish he is, wouldn't be willing to take a shot at it.

    Therefore, in the end, Su Yuanshan didn't even want the blue and white porcelain tea set and turned his head to slip away.

    "Slow down~"

    "Did I tell you to leave, Master Su?"

    At this moment, Zheng He's cold voice came from behind him.

    The thing that Su Yuanshan feared the most had indeed happened.

    "Uncle Su, still let me..."

    Ye Fan saw that Su Yuanshan could no longer calm the scene, and once again said in a low voice.

    However, before Ye Fan could finish his sentence, Su Yuan Shan once again shouted angrily and directly interrupted him, "Okay, I'll burn incense if you don't make trouble for me."

    Su Yuanshan didn't expect this Ye Fan to know the depth of the other Li family's background and still want to stand out.

    Su Yuanshan's heart was already terrified at that time, and after yelling at Ye Fan, he then piled up a smile on his old face and looked towards Zheng He, "Mr. Zheng, misunderstanding, it was all a misunderstanding just now."

    "Didn't I just not know your identity?"

    "Now that the misunderstanding is resolved, this jade pendant, you can take it if you want."

    "I have things to do at this company, I have to hurry back."

    Zheng He smiled playfully, "Go back?It's not impossible."

    "I just beat those two dogs of yours and got my feet dirty.Let's pay a hundred thousand for the shoes."

    "And come over here and apologize to me."

    "Today's matter will be revealed."

    Zheng He was clearly humiliating Su Yansan.

    Returning what Su Yuanshan had just said back to him in its original form.

    "This~" Su Yongsan was bitter.

    "What? You don't agree?"Zheng He raised his eyebrows.

    "Mr. Zheng, money is easy to say, I think this apology is unnecessary, it's all a misunderstanding."To someone like Su Yuanshan, face was undoubtedly much more important than money.

    This person of his own had been beaten up, and he hadn't bought the jade pendant, so he admitted to paying for it, but still asking him to apologize was a bit unjustifiable.

    "Shut up!"

    "Compared to power, you're not as good as me,"

    "Compared to background, you're still not as good as me!"

    "You are useless before me, do you think you have the right, to bargain with me?"

    "I'll give you ten seconds to pay up and apologize!"

    "Otherwise, I'll let you crawl out of here just like those two dogs."

    Zheng He laughed coldly, arrogant to say the least.It did not give Su Yuanshan any face at all.

    In the end, Su Yuanshan still admitted to it.

    After all, what Zheng He said was right.In front of Zheng He, he really didn't have the qualifications to bargain.

    "Mr. Zheng, I'm sorry."

    "It's us who are eyeless and have offended you, please forgive me."

    Su Yuanshan bowed his head and apologized to Zheng He.

    The two bodyguards who were kicked out by Zheng He just now also covered their stomachs and stepped forward to give Zheng He an apology.


    At this time, Zheng He suddenly noticed that Ye Fan, who was behind Su Yuanshan, was still standing there, and did not have any intention to apologize to himself.

    Zheng He immediately frowned, "Master Su, it seems that the men you have taken in are not only useless, but also idiots ah."

    Su Yuanshan quickly realized who Zheng He was talking about and quickly turned his head to look at Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, what are you still standing there for?"

    "Hurry over and apologize to Mr. Zheng."

    "The Li family is the most powerful family in Yunzhou, we can't afford to mess with them!"

    Su Yuanshan shouted anxiously, thinking that an apology would be the end of this matter today.

    However, what Su Yuan Shan did not expect was that in the face of his words, Ye Fan smiled faintly, "Make me apologize?"

    "He's not enough!"


    "Ye Fan, you're crazy!"

    "What are you talking about?"

    At that time, Su Yuanshan was nearly scared to death.

    Originally, an apology would have been enough for today's incident, but Ye Fan's words now undoubtedly intensified the conflict completely.

    At that time, Su Yuanshan was so angry that he wanted to slap Ye Fan's face.

    This guy, isn't he making nonsense?

    "Mr. Zheng, this is my nephew, he's young and reckless, so don't get along with him."

    "I'll send him over to apologize to you."Su Yuanshan hurriedly helped Ye Fan round out the situation.

    However, Zheng He's appearance had undoubtedly gone completely cold: "It's too late to apologize now!"

    As the words fell, Zheng He immediately walked over.

    "Ye Fan, go quickly~"

    Su Yuanshan knew he was in trouble and shouted anxiously.

    However, it was already too late.

    I saw that Zheng He, whose long legs were like whips, actually kicked directly towards Ye Fan's face.

    "This is finished!"Su Yuanshan closed his eyes and howled.


    A low roar sounded, but it was as expected.

    And then, a figure, as if it was a cannonball, flew straight out.

    After smashing countless counter tables and chairs, it lay on the ground, moaning like a dog.

    Ceramics of all colors, shattered everywhere!

    "I said, let me apologize, you're not enough!"


    The wind was cold and swirled the sand.

    At that moment, there was dead silence in the room, and only Ye Fan's cold words echoed unceasingly.

    They were like gold and stone, resounding and powerful.

    Su Yuanshan and the others, had been completely stunned.

    The Li family's guest of honor, martial arts instructor, couldn't resist a single strike from Ye Fan?

    "Ye...Ye Fan, you...You've practiced too?"Su Yuanshan's eyes twitched and he was filled with trepidation.

    It wasn't until now that Su Yuanshan finally understood why Ye Fan had been volunteering himself to stand out just now.

    It turned out that it wasn't reckless bravado, but really, chestiness!

    However, even though Zheng He was kicked over by Ye Fan, the worry on Su Yuanshan's face did not diminish at all.

    Instead, he sighed long and hard, "Ye Fan, you're only afraid that you're in trouble."

    Sure enough, as soon as Su Yuanshan's words fell, the people who had previously come with Zheng He had already gathered around towards Ye Fan.

    "Uncle Su, you guys should go first."

    "Leave this place to me."

    Ye Fan, without fear, said to Su Yuanshan as he walked forward.


    "Su, let's go, don't but, we can't afford to mess with the Li family."Su Yuanshan still wanted to say something, but it was his two bodyguards who had already been pulled away.

    "Ye Fan, endure the calm for a while, take a step back and broaden the sea."

    "The Li family is powerful, it's never just a matter of fists and feet."

    "Don't be impulsive~"

    Outside, Su Yuanshan's worried voice could be heard.

    Soon, Su Yuanshan left the place under the escort of his bodyguards.

    In the Precious Treasure Place, Ye Fan stood expressionlessly and indifferently.

    Zheng He, on the other hand, had been helped up.

    He spat out the tainted blood in his mouth and viciously scolded, "Bastard, I've underestimated you."


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