Dish Best Served Cold 581-586


Chapter 581

"This is Mu Orange, right?"

    "It really is beautiful."The woman was straight up happy upon seeing Autumn Mu Orange.

    Du Liang also smiled and stretched out his hand as Qiu Mu Orange greeted her, "Hello, Mu Orange, my name is Du Liang."

    "Nice to meet you."

    Du Liang said warmly.

    But Autumn Mu Orange frowned, and did not shake hands with Du Liang, but nodded politely, then apologized, "Manager Du, I'm sorry, my husband is still waiting for me, so I'm afraid I won't be able to entertain you."



    Du Liang's mother and son were shocked after hearing that.

    The woman even questioned to Han Li, "Han Li, what's going on?I thought you said your daughter was single, how come she has a husband?"

    Han Li's old face also turned green in an instant, and she was busy explaining, "Du Liangma, don't be anxious."

    "That's just a loser, where is our Mu Orange's husband."

    "Mu Orange has long wanted to divorce him, that wimp has been pestering my Mu Orange."

    "But Du Liangma, I promise, tomorrow I'll have Mu Orange divorce that trash and sever the relationship once and for all."

    However, the anger on that woman's face didn't diminish at all.


    "Han Li I tell you, my son but a hundred miles of talent, even if your daughter is good-looking, but was used plate, my son does not take."

    "Although my son Du Liang is over thirty years old, but it's not that he can't marry a daughter-in-law, but his vision is high."

    "Two suites, a luxury car, looks and figure each not bad, there are many people who want to marry my son Du Liang, we don't need to take someone else's plate."The woman clearly had the anger of being deceived, and her tone of voice was even more rude.

    Han Li wiped the sweat from her forehead, "Du Liang's mother, listen to my explanation."

    "Although my daughter has been married to that wimp Ye Fan for three years, she hasn't been in the same room at all."

    "It's still an ice-clear body to this day."

    "Are you serious about this?"Du Liangma then looked at Han Li.

    To be honest, she was really fond of Qiu Mu Orange.

    It was pretty and stylish, and had good taste in dressing.

    If she really still had an ice-clear body, even if she had been divorced, she would agree.

    "Mom, I think Mu Orange is quite good."At this time, Du Liang also said at the side.

    Only then did Du Liang's mother nodded her head.

    "Well, if that's the case, then we'll reluctantly agree."

    "But Mu Orange, as your future mother-in-law, since you'll be living with my son in the future, I don't want you to get entangled with any other man.Tomorrow morning, you'll go to the civil office and divorce the marriage, what do you think?"

    Du Liangma said to Qiu Mu Orange in an almost commanding tone.

    In her opinion, her own son wants to have a model, to have a job, and this Qiu Mu Orange is a second marriage, it is designated that he will fall in line.

    The words she said, the amount of this Qiu Mu Orange, also not qualified to disobey?

    However, Autumn Mu Orange was always silent.

    "Mu Orange, you child, what are you still staring at?"

    "Don't give your Aunt Du a statement yet."

    "Say you're bound to divorce that punk Ye Fan tomorrow."

    "Du Liang but what about the two houses?And luxury cars?"

    Han Li said anxiously, wishing she had agreed on behalf of Qiu Mu Orange.

    Yet Qiu Mu Orange never paid attention.

    She turned her head and walked straight towards her room.

    "Mom, I won't divorce Ye Fan."

    "He's my husband, the only man I've ever identified with in my life, Autumn Mucheng Orange."

    "As long as Ye Fan wants me, I'll never give up on him."

    "As for the others, even if they have a hundred houses and a hundred luxury cars, I, Qiu Mu-Orange, don't care for them."

    Qiu Mu-Orange's words were thrown with a resounding voice, only like a golden stone echoing.


    "Hanli, your daughter really has a backbone, huh?"

    "In that case, there's no need to talk about it!"

    "Son, let's go!"

    Du Liang's mom was shaking with anger, while she scuffled and stood up, pulling Du Liang away.

    "Du Liangma, don't go~"

    "Come back~"


    Han Li chased after her and still had to retrieve it, but Du Liangma was clearly already angry, but ignored it and left without looking back.

    "Qiu Mu Orange, you dead ninny, are you going to be mad at me?"

    "Your mother I had a hard time finding a good home for you and you're just mad at me?"

    "That Ye Fan, he's a wimp, what good is he, and for him, he won't even listen to your mother?"

    "And you're not leaving?"

    "Returning someone a hundred sets you can't even see?"

    "You're so capable you."

    "You're so capable, you're buying your own suite, you're buying your own car, huh?"

    "Three years of marriage, you don't have an ass, and you're still living in our old house, and you're not ashamed of yourself?"

    "Qiu Mu Orange, your mother will put the word out here today, you'll have to divorce this marriage or not!"

    "Otherwise, even if you are my daughter, I will sweep you off your feet."

    "Choose, will you choose to sleep on the streets with that wimp, or will you choose to find another home and marry someone else?"

    Han Li was also really angry this time.

    Previously, when Ye Fan broke bowls and pots in front of her, it had already made Han Li so angry.

    Now that Qiu Mu Orange was still stubbornly stubborn, dead set on a piece of trash, and had even pissed off someone's Du Liangma, the successive things coming together, undoubtedly made Han Li's emotions explode at once.

    "Sweep her away?"

    When Autumn Mu Orange heard that, she laughed.

    That smile was busty and had a bit of self-deprecation.

    "What are you laughing at?"

    "What, you don't think I'm afraid to throw you out?"Hanley got even angrier.

    "Which is it?"

    "How powerful my mother is, if she dares to sell her own daughter as a commodity, how could she be afraid to kick me out of the house."

    "But there's no need to bother you, I'll go by myself."

    "Anyway, I've already stayed enough in this house."

    "Don't you want to see me and Ye Fan, from now on, as you wish, there will be no need to see each other!"

    "Ye Fan and I can't afford to mess with you, but we can afford to hide!"

    Autumn Mu Orange pulled on her suitcase and turned to leave.

    With a bang, the door closed.

    All the unhappiness and humiliation of these three years seemed to have been shut behind that door.

    Qiu Mu orange left without looking back, leaving Han Li and her husband with only the resolute and disappointed back.

    It's been three years, and Qiu Mu orange has long wanted to escape from this cage-like "prison".

    Here, there is no warmth, no coziness, there is only day and night of revulsion and coldness.

    What Qiu Mu Ying did today is not only a rebellion against Han Li, but also a rebellion against the humiliation of three years of her own life.

    This is not only leaving, but also liberation.

    It was as if a bird had broken free from its bonds and soared into the nine heavens!


    Han Li didn't expect this to be the result.

    Looking at Autumn Mu Orange's resolute back, Han Li's entire body trembled with anger.

    "Good you Autumn Mu Orange!"

    "If you want to sleep out on the streets with that wimp, go for it!"

    "Get out~"

    "Get the hell out of here~"

    "Don't ever come back!"

    "If you can, don't come back for the rest of your life~"

    "Don't come begging even if you're out there freezing to death~"


The reprimanding voice of her parents lingered in her ears.

    Autumn Mu Orange, however, had long since stopped caring.

    She was pulling her suitcase and had already walked down the stairs.

    "Mu-Orange, is everything alright?"

    Looking at Qiu Mu Orange's slightly red eyes, but Suzy on the side couldn't help but ask worriedly.

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and smiled, "It's fine.Cee Cee, let's go."

    "I just want to, right now, get out of here as soon as possible."

    When Suzy saw this, she didn't ask any more questions, but instead, she carried Qiu Mu Orange and was already driving towards the eastern suburbs of the villa.

    After arriving at the villa, Suzy helped Qiu Mu Orange organize her new home together.As for Ye Fan, he was preparing to cook dinner.

    "Ye Fan, don't cook, let's go out and eat."

    "Consider it a congratulations to us, moving to a new home!"

    Wife gave the word, so Ye Fan naturally agreed.

    And then, they went to a nearby high-class wine restaurant together.

    Since the restaurant was relatively close to their residence, Qiu Mu Orange and the others went there together on foot.

    However, as soon as they arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, they saw an Audi A6L driving towards them and then stopped there.

    The car door opened, and a woman wearing a long white dress and a western hat, flowering like a canary, stepped out of the car.


    "Autumn Mu Ying?"

    Seeing the brightly dressed woman in front of them, Qiu Mu Orange and the others were slightly stunned.

    Naturally, Qiu Mu Ying was also shocked.

    "Ye Fan, Qiu Mu-Orange?"

    "Is that you?"

    This encounter was so sudden that Autumn Muyoung and the others were obviously not prepared for it, so they were naturally surprised.

    Ever since the last opening ceremony, for so many days, Qiu Mu Orange had never seen Qiu Mu Ying again.

    Unexpectedly, they would meet here.

    "Qiu Muying, what's wrong?"After Chu Wenfei stopped the car, he then walked over.

    But after getting close enough to enter, and seeing Ye Fan and the others in front of him, he was undoubtedly shocked.

    "Fuck, it's you guys!"

    "What? You bunch of turtles, do you still want to rub shoulders with us at the restaurant?"

    As the saying goes, when enemies meet, they are extraordinarily jealous.

    Because of Ye Fan and his wife, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying had suffered a lot before, so naturally they hated Ye Fan and the others to the bone.

    "Ye Fan, ignore them, let's go."

    Qiu Mu Orange, obviously not bothering to say anything more to them, shouted out to Ye Fan, while she walked towards the restaurant without looking back.

    At a table by the window, he sat down.

    However, what Qiu Mu Orange didn't expect was that Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife also followed and sat down against Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

    "Third sister, why are you hiding from me?"

    "We sisters haven't seen each other for many days, and now that we're together, we should have a meal together to catch up."

    "Don't worry, I'll let Wen Fei invite you to this meal, and won't let you take any money."Qiu Mu Ying said with a smile.

    "No need, a meal, we can still afford it."Qiu Mu Orange knew this cousin of hers too well, and specified that she didn't have good intentions, so she directly refused.

    Qiu Mu Ying, however, didn't care and said enthusiastically, "Third sister, why are you being polite to me?"

    "It's not a natural thing for my sister to treat her to a meal."

    "Where's the waiter, serve a set of the most expensive set for five in your shop."

    "I said, no need."Qiu Mu Orange got up to leave, but Qiu Mu Ying stopped her once again.

    "Third sister, you really don't need to be polite to me."

    "It's just a meal, my husband earned it back in minutes."

    "We've spent millions on our trip abroad for wedding photos this time, and we still care about this money?"

    Qiu Mu Ying said with a smile, how distinctive was the tone of that show-off.

    "Yeah, Mu Orange.Since your sister wants to invite you to dinner, why do you need to excuse her, just give her a chance."Ye Fan also spoke out at this time to placate.

    He would like to see what kind of medicine was in this Qiu Mu Ying's gourd.


    "Rubbish is rubbish, what a thick skin."

    "It's really good at putting gold on your face."Hearing Ye Fan's words, Chu Wenfei on the side was close to dying of anger and cursed in a low voice.

    Ye Fan also ignored it and took it all as dog farting.

    Soon, the food came up one after another.

    Qiu Mu Ying was very considerate and gave Qiu Mu Orange food.

    "Come, third sister, try this fish."

    "This fish alone is worth thousands."

    "You're just following I can eat this kind of food, with that wimp, you're afraid that you won't be able to order this kind of food for the rest of your life."

    Qiu Mu Ying said proudly as she belittled Ye Fan.

    "By the way, Third Sister, the recent days should not be easy, right?"

    "But our younger brother Mu Qi has returned from further studies abroad."

    "The entire power of Qiushui Logistics, grandpa has given it all to Qiu Mu Qi."

    "Before I went abroad for a trip, I remember Mu Qi said that he wanted to get rid of your Mu Fan property, and for that, he even brought in his classmate, the eldest son of the Shun Tian Group's CEO, Wang Sheng Tian, to help out."

    "The Shuntian Group is no weaker than the Shen Family's Shen Group, I guess, your company, Third Sister, is afraid that it has already lost an inch, right?"

    "Seeing how emaciated third sister is, she should be close to closing down?"


    Qiu Mu Ying smiled gloomily.

    Yes, the reason why she had chased over to share a table with Autumn Mucheng Orange was certainly not to catch up on old times.

    She and Qiu Mu Orange were already incompatible, where was there any old love to speak of.

    Her only purpose for coming here to eat was to see Qiu Mu Orange's jokes.

    In Qiu Mu Ying's opinion, Qiu Mu Qi returned home to preside over the situation, and there was also the Shuntian Group and the Red Flag Group to rely on, Mu Fan Real Estate, a small broken company, was designated to be played by Qiu Mu Qi to death long ago.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

    Previously, Qiu Mu Ying was a total loss in the hands of Ye Fan couple, and finally was dismissed by the old man from all positions in the company, and even because of Qiu Mu Orange, she went to jail for a few days.

    This bad anger Qiu Muying had already wanted to take out.

    Now that she's encountered it, of course she wants to step on it and take out the fury in her heart.

    However, before Autumn Muyoung Orange spoke, Ye Fan, who was on the side, laughed.

    That smile carried disdain and contained ridicule.

    It made Autumn Muyoung hear it and was particularly unpleasant.


    "What are you laughing at, you country bumpkin?"

    "What right do you have to laugh?"

    Qiu Mu Ying said in a cold angry voice.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "Qiu Mu Ying, you should have just returned to China, you haven't had a chance to go back to your mother's house yet."

    "I think that you should really call your mother and ask your Qiu family's Qiushui Logistics, there are still a few days left before it goes bankrupt and closes down."

    "You're talking nonsense!"Qiu Mu Ying became annoyed and directly scolded, like a cat that had fried its hair, "I, Qiushui Logistics, will go bankrupt and close down?"

    "What other international jokes?"

    "As long as the cooperation with Red Flag Group that I've talked about is still in place, the Autumn Family will not fall!"

    "What's more, my brother Mu Qi has brought his classmates into the fold, and with the Shuntian Group as a backing, Qiushui Logistics is bound to have a bright future in the future!"

    "To say that we're bankrupt and failing is simply a fantasy?"Qiu Mu Ying sneered and laughed, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot, not believing it at all.



    "You seem quite confident."

    "But you don't know yet, a few days ago, the Shuntian Group, which you're so proud of, has already moved out of Yunzhou overnight."

    "The office buildings were sold out."

    "If you don't believe me, you can go and take a look, inside the Yunzhou branch of the Shuntian Group, it's probably already empty of people."

    "As for that manager Liu Bin from Red Flag Group, I remember being quite close to you guys."

    "I think that you guys should really go to the jail to see him."

    "This manager embezzled a huge amount of the company's assets and was sentenced to life imprisonment, so I'm afraid he'll be sitting in jail in the future."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly as he drank tea.

    Each sentence was like a sharp knife that plunged straight into the chests of Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying.

    In the end, Chu Wenfei couldn't listen anymore and exploded in anger.


    "My Uncle Liu is a senior leader of the Red Flag Group, after Xu Lei left, the entire Red Flag Group, all of them are respected by my Uncle Liu."

    "Other than Xu Lei Xu, who else can bring down my Uncle Liu?"Chu Wenfei roared in anger.

    Qiu Mu Ying also rose to scold, "That's right!"

    "You're just full of shit, you piece of shit."

    "And that the Shuntian Group ran away overnight?"

    "A large group with a solid background, just came to Yunzhou to develop but a month or two, the stall has just been spread out, the future is bright, is that Wang Shengtian an idiot, just came to Yunzhou and ran away?"

    Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife were furious to the point of rage.

    However, in the face of their anger, Ye Fan did not reply and only laughed.

    Autumn Muyoung Orange also laughed lightly without saying anything and took a sip of hot tea.

    As for Suzy, she looked at the couple with compassion in her eyes and shook her head and sighed, while she then used her chopsticks to eat the food on her own.

    Seeing Ye Fan's trio in such a state of mind, Autumn Muying had a bad feeling about it.

    "Ying Ying, call and ask your mother."

    "Let your mother beat their dog faces!"

    "I don't believe it, did my Uncle Liu, who is a prominent figure, really get wrestled down?"By now, Chu Wenfei still didn't believe what Ye Fan had said.

    And then, Qiu Mu Ying actually called and dialed her own mother.

    "Mom, I'm in Yunzhou."

    "Don't ask anything else yet, I want to know, our Qiu Shui Logistics, how is it now?"Autumn Muyoung then asked.

    However, a moment later, Autumn Muyoung's pretty face changed dramatically.

    "Mom, what did you say?"

    "The Shun...Shuntian Group, ran away?"

    "Liu Bin was arrested and sentenced?"

    "Our Qiushui Logistics, are we...Going bankrupt?"


    It was as if a thunderbolt had exploded in Autumn Muyoung's mind.

    When she learned of all this, Qiu Mu Ying only felt that her entire body was confused.

    How could she have never thought that what Ye Fan had just said was all true?

    "Mom, what's wrong?"

    "What the hell happened?"

    "Why is that?"

    "Did Mu Qi offend someone?"

    "Why is this the way it is in just January?"

    Qiu Muying was incredulous and couldn't stop asking questions at her mother, Wang Qiaoyu.

    "Ying Ying, don't ask."

    "You should come back quickly and bring Wen Fei here as well."

    "This time, the Qiu family has really reached a life or death situation."

    "If there's no turn of events, I'm afraid that this hurdle really won't survive~"

    From the phone, came Wang Qiaoyu's miserable sobbing voice.

    At that moment, Qiu Mu Ying's face was white as death.

    All the previous arrogance and pride, undoubtedly at this moment, all disappeared.

    Dumbfounded and flabbergasted, it was always difficult to accept this fact before her.

    She had thought that Qiu Mukki's imminent death, returning to Yunzhou and taking over Qiushui Logistics, would turn the tide.But she didn't expect that she would end up playing the Qiu family to death.

    "Qiu Mu Ying, how is it?"

    "Now, it's time to believe it."

    "We, Mufan Real Estate, are flourishing.And the Qiushui Logistics that you speak of is on the verge of dying."

    Ye Fan held a teacup and smiled faintly.

    But the faces of Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife were as ugly as pig liver.

    In the end, seemingly annoyed, Qiu Mu Ying gritted her teeth and cursed at Ye Fan, "You turtle, what are you so proud of?"

    "Even if Mufan Real Estate is doing well, and our Qiushui Logistics is in dire straits, does it have a dime to do with you?"

    "You're just a scrounging loser!"

    "Three years of marriage, not to mention buying a house, and you don't even have a car to take your wife to dinner and you're still walking?"

    "And you're not ashamed of it!"

    "A grown man who's been around all his life and can't even afford a car, I'd have crashed on the south wall with no place to go."

    "And you're the only shameless thing that has the nerve to mock us here?"

    "Let me tell you, no matter how high Qiu Mu Orange's achievements will be in the future, but with you, her trash husband, she Qiu Mu Orange will be trampled under my feet for the rest of her life!"

    After cursing Ye Fan with red eyes, she drove off with Chu Wenfei.

    Qiushui Logistics is on the verge of collapse, Qiu Muying's reliance has all collapsed, this pretend not to be beaten in the face, Qiu Muying and her husband naturally have no face to stay any longer.

    But these two, even before they left, they had to suppress Ye Fan a bit.

    After all, to Qiu Mu Ying, it might be the only thing she was proud of to Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Ye Fan, don't take Autumn Muyoung's words to heart."

    "The car thing, we'll take our time."

    "For now, we'd better save up money to buy a house."After Chu Wenfei and his wife left, but Qiu Muyoung Orange was comforting to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan smiled calmly, "Mu Orange, I was about to tell you that I've actually bought a car."



    "When did you buy it?"Qiu Mu Orange was shocked and even a little angry in her heart.

    "Why didn't you discuss such a big matter with me?"

    Ye Fan smiled heedlessly, "Still don't want to surprise you on your birthday?"

    "But who would have thought that Ren Han would have held it halfway up."

    "I reckon that it should have been made out in the past few days."

    Just as Ye Fan was reporting to his wife about the car, suddenly, a phone call came in.

    When Ye Fan looked at it, it was from the manager of the previous car dealership.

    "This says Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here."

    Ye Fan laughed lightly, while he answered the phone.

    A moment later, Ye Fan's face instantly went black: "What did you say?"

    "The car was rear-ended?"

    "What are you guys doing eating, that's my new car!"

    "Alright, cut the crap, send me the location, I'll be right over."

    Ye Fan didn't have a good word to say back, and then he rushed to the accident site along with Qiu Mu Orange.

    At an intersection about ten kilometers away from the eastern suburban villa, two cars were parked there, their flashing lights flashing non-stop.

    "What do you think you started so fast for?"

    "Tailgating, right?"

    "This is a Maybach, or an import, several million, this crash, I'm afraid we have to pay into hundreds of thousands of it.And the owner must be a big shot to drive such a luxury car.If the owner is not in a good mood, we are afraid we won't be able to afford it."By the roadside, Qiu Mu Ying grumbled for a while.Her pretty face was pale, and she had trepidation and worry in her heart.

    Chu Wenfei was also ugly and fleshy.


"Ying Ying, it's not all my fault."

    "I haven't touched my car in months, haven't I got a raw hand?"Chu Wenfei smiled awkwardly and explained evenly.

    It was always a bit humiliating to start at a crossroads and still be able to hit someone's car.

    "Alright, what's the use of explaining to me."

    "When the owner of the car arrives later, you can save it for explaining to others."

    Qiu Mu Ying said angrily, while looking towards Wang Lili in front with a smile on her face, "This lady, when will your boss arrive?"

    "It's already on its way.This is our boss's new car and you guys just touched it, so you're just waiting to suffer our boss's wrath."Wang Lili said back unhappily.

    Originally this Maybach, which had been impounded by Ren Han for being on the road without a license plate, Wang Li Li had been helping Ye Fan with various formalities for the past few days, and had just finished today.

    Wang Lili was thinking of sending her car over to Ye Fan, but she didn't expect to be met by a couple of idiots halfway.

    "Don't drive if you don't know how to drive."

    "What's the point of driving a car if you haven't even learned how to start it?"

    "I'm afraid I'll be scolded to death by the boss this time."

    Wang Li Li's pretty face was livid and she couldn't stop complaining to Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife.

    Just now, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei who were still flaunting in front of Ye Fan, now they didn't even dare to put up any kind of show in front of Wang Li Li, instead they even bowed their brows and couldn't stop apologizing.

    After all, Qiu Muying and the others also recognized that the car in front of them was the top luxury car of the Mercedes-Benz series.

    A Maybach S680, even the most ordinary one, would cost three to four million.

    What's more, just now Wang Lili said that this one in front of her was still an imported car, top of the line configuration, fingerprint unlocking, voice-activated, and if she really wanted to buy it, I'm afraid it would have to be over five million.

    In the entire Yunzhou City, Qiu Mu Ying had never seen such a luxury car.

    Qiu Muying didn't dare to imagine what kind of big person would be able to sell such a car.

    Therefore, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei were naturally terrified, even though they were respectful to this small clerk in front of them.


    In the distance, there was the sound of an engine roaring.

    Only Suzy drove her BMW car and had already carried Ye Fan and his wife over.


    "Were you the ones who chased the tail?"

    After getting down from the car and seeing Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife, Ye Fan was then stunned.

    I thought, it can't be such a coincidence, right?


    "You guys are really shady, aren't you?"Seeing Ye Fan again, Chu Wenfei was also furious and cursed.

    Qiu Mu Ying was even more as if she was a cat that had fried her hair and roared harshly at Qiu Mu Orange and the others.

    "Qiu Mu-Orange, you guys aren't done, are you?"

    "I know, you guys followed me here because you want to see my joke with Wenfei."

    "Yes, Wenfei is a bad car driver, but he's better than your trash husband."

    "He's so poor he doesn't even have a car!"

    "What right does your family of hyenas have to laugh at us?"

    I have to say that Qiu Mu Ying's brain circuit was really clear.

    People Ye Fan was just coming over to deal with a traffic accident, and in Qiu Mu Ying's mouth, he was specifically coming over to see her joke.

    Sure enough, after hearing Autumn Muying's words, Ye Fan was full of weirdness: "Who says I don't have a car, you hit my car."


    As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife didn't hold back and just burst out laughing.

    "I say Ye Fan, are you a fool yourself, or do you take us for fools?"

    "Making up nonsense has to be at least a little more reliable."

    "If you say that that Wuling Hongguang over there is yours, this lady can still believe a few points."

    "But if you say that this car is yours, that's undoubtedly nonsense!"

    "Do you know what kind of car this is?"

    "Oh, I forgot, you're a redneck, you've never seen the world, you probably don't know what kind of car this is."

    "Listen up, this car is a Maybach S680, it's probably the only one in all of Yunzhou City!"

    "I'm afraid that even Yunzhou Li's second master's car can't compare to this one."

    "Now, you still dare to spout nonsense and say that this car is yours?"

    Qiu Mu Ying held her hands and looked at Ye Fan like she was an idiot.

    Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy were obviously also clueless in their hearts and were just quietly watching Ye Fan from the side.Obviously, both were waiting for Ye Fan's answer.

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "Qiu Mu Ying, you talk quite a bit, but so what?This car, it's still mine."

    "Fuck it!"

    "It's idiotic in general~"

    Hearing that Ye Fan was still that tough-mouthed, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei's couple didn't hold back and directly cursed out the whole thing.

    Thinking that there are still such fools in the world?

    However, just as Chu Wenfei and his wife sneered at each other, Wang Li Li came up.

    "Boss, I'm sorry for ruining your car."

    "It's all my fault, please chastise the boss."Wang Li Li lowered her head, and with endless fear and shame, she whispered an apology to Ye Fan.

    Dead silence.

    A long, long dead silence.

    At that moment, it was as if a slap paste on Qiu Mu Ying's and their faces, and it was hot and painful.

    At that time, Qiu Mu Ying Chu Wen Fei and the two of them both stared at each other, they almost found it hard to believe their ears at all.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "He...He's the boss you were talking about?"


    Chu Wenfei opened his mouth wide, only feeling unimaginable.

    Qiu Muying was equally horrified, only feeling that her worldview was about to be turned upside down.

    A wimp?

    In a $5 million luxury car?

    "It's...It's...Is it possible?"

    Not only Qiu Mu Ying and her husband, but even Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy, their pretty faces were terrified, as they were shocked, and their delicate hands lightly covered their red lips.

    "Ye Fan, this...This car, did you really buy it?"

    Qiu Mu Orange thought that even if Ye Fan bought a car, it would probably be around 100,000.

    After all, Ye Fan doesn't have much income at all, and the only valuable thing he has on him is that imperial green.

    Now it was also processed into a ring and given to her, and even if there were any left over it would probably be paid to the Shen Clan as a processing fee.

    But Qiu Mu Orange never expected that Ye Fan would still have money left over to buy such a luxury car?

    "That's natural."

    "I said, what others have, you will have too."

    Ye Fan nodded and smiled, while he comforted Wang Lili a few times.

    Finally, only then did Fang smile and look towards Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei, "Tell me, what should we do, take it private, or go for insurance?"

    Ye Fan's words were like a sharp knife stabbing into the hearts of Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife.

    In a split second, but the couple's faces were flushed red and they were almost ashamed of themselves.

    Before this, they had never thought to death that it was Ye Fan's car that hit them.

    What was even more ridiculous was that before this, they had ridiculed Ye Fan for not having a car.

    But now, compared to Ye Fan's Maybach, the little Audi they were driving was undoubtedly shit.


In the end, Chu Wenfei and the others chose to take the insurance.

    As for that car, it was also dragged down by Wang Li Li for repairs.It was expected to take some time before it could be driven.


    "Mu Orange, didn't you just see Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife like that?"

    "The old face is as red as a pig's liver."

    "Guess they'll never dare show off their pretenses again in their lives, huh?"

    On the way back, Qiu Mu Orange and the others were undoubtedly in a good mood.

    Thinking back to what had just happened, Suzy also felt extraordinarily funny.

    These past few days, the surprise that Ye Fan had given them was undoubtedly too much.

    So much so that, invisibly, Suzy's attitude towards Ye Fan was also subtly changing.

    Although, after learning that Ye Fan is the man who played the harmonica, the "harmonica prince" in Suzy's heart was shattered.

    Naturally, Su Xi does not have the same admiration and enthusiasm for Ye Fan as she did for the "Harmonica Prince".However, her dislike for Ye Fan has also become much lighter.

    In the past, Su Xi didn't even want to let Ye Fan ride in her car.

    But now, Ye Fan has already sat with them and chatted with them in the same car.

    In Suzy's heart, perhaps Ye Fan's background and family background still made her despise him.

    But she had to admit that there were other sparkling points in Ye Fan's body.

    Su Xi suddenly understood why her best friend, Qiu Mu Orange, was the only one who was deeply in love with Ye Fan.

    After returning home, Qiu Mu Orange accompanied Suzy to get her hair done again, and only Ye Fan was left in the Noble Villa.

    At this time, Li Er's phone call just happened to come.

    "Mr. Chu, it's all arranged."

    "On New Year's Day, seven days later, at the Haiyuan Pavilion, the first one with Mr. Chu at the head, the Hai Tian Feast!"

    "Tonight, I'll have the invitation sent to the leading bosses of the Jiangdong Province's prefecture-level cities."

    "Wait until New Year's Day, Mr. Chu will be at ease, and Wanbang will come to congratulate you~"

    Li Er's reverent and respectful voice echoed in his ears.

    Ye Fan nodded his head and only returned a good word.

    The phone had already hung up.

    Ye Fan stood by the window, standing proudly with a negative hand.

    In his deep pupils, but reflecting, Star River Miles!

    There were still seven days left.

    These seven days were the last days that Ye Fan could stay in Yunzhou.

    It was also the last time that Ye Fan, could spend with Autumn Mu Orange.

    "Mu Orange, it's soon.Before I leave, I'll let you know."

    "Your man, what kind of existence is he?"

    "After I am gone, there will be no one, therefore, to despise you!"


    The wind was bitterly cold, wrapping around Ye Fan's words, but they drifted away with the wind, far, far away.



    At the same time, dozens of luxury cars, as if they were arrows, centered around Yunzhou City, Jiangdong Province, radiating wildly in all directions.

    Presumably, no one would know what kind of shockwave these vehicles that drove out from Yunzhou City would soon set off in the entire Jiangdong Province.

    Just the next morning, the entire Jiangdong, instantly exploded.

    All the leading big men of the fifteen prefecture-level cities of Jiangdong Province such as Jingzhou, Haoshu, and Fenghai, as well as the two sub-provincial cities of Jianghai and Nanquan, all received, an invitation letter from Yunzhou.

    "All things are renewed, and the heavens and earth have been shocked.Today, Mr. Chu, invites you to a banquet in Jiangdong.On the first day of January, on the occasion of the solar new year, the banquet invites all the majors to gather in the city of Yunzhou, in the Haiyuan Pavilion, for a sea and sky feast!"

    "All hopes are that you will then be on time for the meeting!"

    With the issuance of this invitation, it was only as if a boulder had entered the sea, creating a monstrous wave in the entire Jiangdong.

    Jianghai City!

    Chen's Manor.

    In the room, it was quiet.

    Chen Ao looked at the invitation in front of him over and over again, but the heaviness and worry on his old face grew stronger and stronger.

    "Second Uncle, I'm not convinced, I'm really not convinced!"

    "Why Cloud State?"

    "Why is Lee presiding?"

    "We, Jianghai, are the largest city in Jiangdong, and you, Second Uncle, are the king of Jiangdong."

    "In the past ten years, which sea and sky feast has not been held in Jianghai, convened by you."

    "And Yunzhou, a small third-tier city, he, Second Uncle Li, is nothing more than a pussified peasant, who is he to preside over such a meeting?"

    "Even if Mr. Chu wants to hold it, it's still when it's up to you, Second Uncle."

    "He's looking down on you!"

    Chen Ao's face was expressionless, and in his ears, it was his nephew Chen Tianjiao's angry words.

    Only after a long time, Chen Ao Fang said back, "Tianjiao, go down and prepare."

    "This is the first heroic feast hosted by Mr. Chu after he took the throne, we are rightfully, giving a generous gift."


    "Second Uncle, you're really going?"

    "Can't you see that Mr. Chu is doing this in order to support Li Er and weaken your influence in Jiangdong, Second Uncle."

    "If I were you, I would push the sickness to go as a protest."

    "Mr. Chu is strong, but he must not be allowed to treat us Chen family members as soft tomatoes."

    "Enough!"Chen Tianjiao was about to say something else, Chen Ao slapped the table and shouted angrily, directly interrupting Chen Tianjiao's words.

    "Mr. Chu is the Lord of Jiangdong, and he is even kind to me, Chen Ao, for knowingly supporting him.Mr. Chu lets whoever hosts or not, we just listen, how can you and I disobey?"

    "Just do as I say.Also, reply to the Li family, just say that I, Chen Ao, will be on time for the banquet on New Year's Day."

    "As for those words you just said, never say them again."

    "Otherwise, even I won't be able to keep you."

    As the saying goes, accompanying a ruler is like accompanying a tiger!

    Although Chen Ao is not a Dragon King under Ye Fan, and has an incomplete understanding of Ye Fan's true energy.

    But a glimpse of one spot would reveal the whole picture.

    Chen Ao knew that behind Ye Fan's seemingly ordinary appearance, he was afraid that he held an incomparably terrifying power.

    Even if he was disobedient, he was simply powerless to resist and could only choose to obey!

    Jingzhou, Lei Family.

    When the invitation arrived in Lei's hands, Lei's third son was also slightly shocked.

    "Yunzhou?New Year's Day?A Haitian feast?"

    "It looks like the next Jiangdong will no longer be peaceful, I'm afraid."

    Lei Laosan, shook his head and laughed lightly.

    He then summoned his secretary and asked in a deep voice, "Little Yang, take a look, what arrangements do I have on New Year's Day?"

    "Yes, Mr. Lei."The secretary, Yang, then opened his schedule to look at it, while respectfully saying, "At 9 am, there is a meeting with the vice president of Wanda Group."

    "At noon, attend the reception hosted by the mayor of King City."

    "In the afternoon, the group holds an expanded board meeting to study the new year company deployment."

    "In the evening, go with your wife to the Jingzhou Exhibition Center to watch the New Year's Day performance."

    After hearing Xiao Yang's report, Lei waved his hand, "Push it all out."


    "All...All pushed?"

    "Mr. Ray, the mayor invited the drinks and pushed it too?"The secretary, Jan, stared at him.


Lei Lao San nodded, "Well, they're all pushed together."

    "Also, prepare three cars and send them to the 4S shop for overhaul.Must make sure that, on New Year's Day, it's foolproof!"

    "This~" Hearing this, the secretary, Xiao Yang's pretty face whitened a bit, while trembling, she asked Lei Laosan, "Mr. Lei, you...You're not going to run away with the money, are you?"

    "Mr. Lei, you think twice."

    "Now that Mr. Chu is in Jiangdong, you're afraid that you won't be able to escape?"

    Little Yangton was terrified and advised.

    Lei Lao San's son repeatedly offended Mr. Chu, the secretary Xiao Yang still knows.

    Now that Lei laosan suddenly put off all social engagements and also prepared his vehicle for overhaul, secretary Xiao Yang had to suspect that it was Lei laosan who was worried about Mr. Chu's chastisement and ran away with the money in advance.

    "Run away?"

    "What are you babbling about?!"

    Lei laosan was undoubtedly laughing with anger at the time.

    He didn't expect this little secretary of his to be so brainy.

    "It's Mr. Chu, who is going to convene a group of powerful bigwigs from Jiangdong on New Year's Day to hold a feast at Haiyuan Pavilion."

    "Do you think that it's those chores that are important, or Mr. Chu's invitation to the feast?"

    Hearing this, the secretary, Yang Fang, was suddenly surprised.

    After an apology, he hurriedly went down to prepare.

    Not only Jianghai and Jingzhou, but also Wang Jiexi of Haoshu, and even the big bosses of Nanquan and Fenghai and other major prefecture-level cities, all of them started to prepare.

    Ye Fan's invitation undoubtedly caused the calm Jiangdong to become completely agitated.



    "Have you heard, Mu Orange?"

    "On New Year's Day, at our Haiyuan Pavilion, Mr. Chu will be hosting a banquet for the major dignitaries of Jiangdong."

    "When the time comes, the bigwigs will be gathered!"

    "Our Yunzhou's Second Master Li, Jingzhou's Third Master Lei, as well as Haoshou's Wang Jiexi and Jianghai's Chen Ao will all arrive."

    "This is the might of my male god, Mr. Chu."

    "Just a mere invitation has made Yunzhou's crowns gather!"

    "The last Mid-Autumn Night Auction, I wasn't able to meet Mr. Chu.This time, I, Su Xi, will have to get in even if I have to mingle."

    "Mu Orange, just wait and see, when I meet Mr. Chu, I will definitely use my looks and charm to make Mr. Chu fall under my Miss's pomegranate skirt."

    During this period of time, the matter of the Haitian Feast had almost spread throughout the upper class circles of Jiangdong.

    Su Xi's father was also a famous business tycoon in Yunzhou, so from her father's side, Su Xi naturally learned about this matter as well.

    Therefore, early this morning, Su Xi excitedly told Qiu Mu Orange about this matter.

    Qiu Mu Orange smiled helplessly, "Xixi, good luck then, cheer up."

    "I'll go, Mu Orange, what kind of attitude is that?"

    "I can't be the only one cheering, you have to cheer too, we'll both go to see Mr. Chu together then.What if Mr. Chu takes a liking to you?"Suzy encouraged Qiu Mu Orange.

    Qiu Mu Orange smiled lightly, "Mr. Chu is dignified and majestic, high above the world, I'm just a small citizen of the city, how could he possibly be interested in me."

    "What's more, I already have Ye Fan, I don't have the heart to think about such things."

    Qiu Mu Orange was clearly in low spirits.

    She was self-aware.

    Her own identity was worlds apart from Mr. Chu, so Qiu Mu Orange had never had such extravagant hopes.

    Moreover, Ye Fan was quite good.

    Although he didn't have any great achievements, his affection for himself was real.

    Qiu Mu-Orange was already satisfied.

    "Mu Orange, why are you so aspirational."

    "I admit, Ye Fan is not bad either, but I still feel that he's not good enough for you."

    "At least right now, there's still some difference with you."

    "A man who has to rely on his own strength to protect his wife, that's what I call true skill."

    "Relying on favors, relationships, and luck, you may be able to have a moment of glory for a short time.But in the end, it won't last."

    "Don't worry, I'm not advising you to divorce Ye Fan anymore either, I'm just suggesting that you persuade Ye Fan to get him some kind of proper job."

    "In life, it's better to be more down-to-earth."

    Suzy advised to Autumn Mu Orange.

    Obviously, in Suzy's eyes, most of Ye Fan's current achievements were either the result of luck, or relying on personal relationships.

    To be frank, Ye Fan himself, still had no real skills.

    Qiu Mu Orange nodded, "Well, XiXi, I will consider your suggestion."

    "Don't consider it, let him come to work in your company now, save him from being bored and lazy at home all day."Suzy was also a lightning-quick nature.

    After speaking to Qiu Mu Orange, she called Ye Fan to the company.

    Nowadays, Suzy was already the personnel director of Mufan Real Estate, specializing in personnel appointments.

    Soon, Ye Fan arrived at the office where Qiu Mu Orange was.

    "Wife, are you looking for me?"Evan was panting, clearly coming in a bit of a hurry.

    "Shut up!"

    "You're not allowed to call your wife in the company, you're only allowed to call her Miss Qiu, do you hear me, this is a company rule?"Suzy declared to Ye Fan.

    But Ye Fan gave her a blank look, "I say Suzy, you're too lenient, aren't you?I'm legally married to Mu Orange, it's only right and proper that I call her wife.Besides, I'm not an employee of the company, so why should I call her Miss Qiu?"

    "It is now."Susie returned faintly.

    And then with a flick of her hand, she snapped and threw Ye Fan's work permit onto the table.

    "Listen up, from today onwards, you are my and Mu Orange's personal bodyguard, taking care of the company's security while ensuring our personal safety."

    "The internship is five thousand for three months.The salary will be doubled after the transfer."Suzy's words were so cut and dried that there didn't seem to be any room for negotiation.

    Ye Fan's face turned black at that time, and he directly refused.

    Seven days later, it was the Haitian Feast.Ye Fan would be gone after the natural end, where would he have time to be any kind of personal bodyguard.


    "You really are a dog biting Lü Dongbin!"Suzy was near death with anger.

    She had kindly arranged a position for Ye Fan and was giving him a salary of tens of thousands directly after the transfer.This salary, not to mention in the entire Mufan property, even in the entire Yunzhou, that was definitely something only a few talented elites were eligible for.

    But this Ye Fan, who didn't know how to be grateful was just fine, and he dared to refuse?

    "Evan, Sissy means well too."

    "She didn't lie to you, you're at home with nothing to do, so take the job."

    "Besides, it's to be a bodyguard for your wife, you can't be treated badly."Qiu Mu Orange also advised from the side.

    But Ye Fan still refused.

    "Mu Orange, it's not that I'm ungrateful, but mainly...It's..."

    "Is what?I think you're just used to being lazy and don't want to work."Susie was indignant.

    "Mostly it's the low pay.Yes, your salary is too low.Ten thousand a month is not even enough for me to feed my car."Ye Fan made up excuses haphazardly and was ready to just muddle through.

    His grudge with the Chu family, Ye Fan didn't want Qiu Mu Orange to know.

    It was useless to talk about it, it would just add to one person's worries.

    "I'll go, 10,000 a month is still too little for you?"Suzy was so angry that her beautiful eyes were about to pop out.

    "You're a country bumpkin, it's only me and Mu Orange who pay you such a high salary."

    "Besides us, you go out and ask any company, unless you're an idiot, then I guarantee that no one will pay you more than three thousand."

    "May I ask, Brother Fan Ye, does he work for this company?"Just as Suzy was furiously scolding Ye Fan, the office door, was suddenly knocked on.Only thought a middle-aged man, walked in.

    "Dad?"At the sight of the man, Susie was so shocked that she lost her voice and cried out.


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