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However, at this moment, Ye Fan suddenly walked over.

    He stopped Qiu Mu Orange: "Mu Orange, you don't know how to drink, so let me drink this wine for you."

    Ye Fan whispered softly, his words filled with care and love.

    "Wow, Mu Orange, your husband really loves you~"

    "Ye Fan, we treated you badly in the past and said a lot of bad things about you in front of Mu Orange, you mustn't be angry ha."

    "We were also compelled by people to think that you were no good, and we were worried that Mu Orange would suffer if she followed you~"

    Seeing the arrival of Ye Fan, these classmates from the surrounding Autumn Mu Orange came forward to explain, and the look and vision that they were looking at Ye Fan at this time was undoubtedly completely different from before.

    But when Situ Feng saw that the wine cups were taken away by Ye Fan, he frowned without trace and barely smiled, "Just one cup, it's fine."

    In between the words, he went to grab the wine cup from Ye Fan's hand again, and had to hand it to Qiu Mu Orange to drink.

    The two of them grabbed this, and the red wine in the cup then spilled on the floor.

    "Haha, it's fine, it's fine, I'll just go pour another glass~"

    Situ Feng laughed while turning away again, ready to go pour another cup for Autumn Mu Orange.

    "Mu Orange, wait for me here first, I'm going to use the toilet."

    After Situ Feng left, Ye Fan also took the opportunity to get away and quietly followed Situ Feng.

    After arriving at an empty place, Situ Feng made a phone call, "Brother Idle, wait in your room at ease, there's been an accident, that damned Ye Fan crashed the wine glass."

    "But it's not a big problem, I've already recalled a cup, I'll send it over to Autumn Mu Orange."

    "When the time comes, I'll have Yuan Yuan call to lure Qiu Mu Orange to the toilet."

    "And after that, Brother Idle, you'll quickly send your men over to bring Autumn Mu Orange to your room."


    "For the rest of the time, you enjoy your moment of spring~"

    Situ Feng said in a low voice and laughed with self-congratulation after hanging up the phone.

    Thinking himself that his plan was seamless.

    "Mudd, I'm so damned smart!"

    "I'm the only one who can come up with this plan, Stubbs Maple."

    "Oh, yeah?"Situ Feng was still laughing to himself there, but suddenly, a cold, gloomy laughter actually crept in.

    "Who is it?"

    "Who is it?"

    At that moment, Situ Feng was shocked and immediately alerted.

    However, as soon as he turned his head, he saw Ye Fan's cold and gloomy side face.


    At that time, Situ Feng was so frightened that his soul was nearly gone, and his eyes were staring at it as if he had seen a ghost alive.

    He had never thought to death that Ye Fan would appear at this time.


    After a muffled sound, Situ Feng was then knocked unconscious by Ye Fan and lay on the ground, not knowing if he was dead or alive.

    At this time, Shen Fei had already brought someone over.

    "According to the plan, bring him over."

    "And also, this cup of wine, send it over to help Young Master Fan."

    Ye Fan whispered, his eyebrows full of cunning.



    The hotel next to the Haitian Club.

    Fan Zhong had opened a room and was nervously walking back and forth inside the room.

    The waiting time was undoubtedly long.

    "This Situ Feng, why hasn't he called me yet?"

    "Is there another accident?"

    Just as Fan Zhongxiong was confused, the doorbell rang.

    Fan Zhongxing was delighted.


    "Here we go!"

    He went to open the door with great excitement, but was soon disappointed.

    The waiter was only there when he arrived, bringing a glass of wine and the evening snack.

    "Get out!"

    Fan Zhongxiong was so angry that he cursed and then drove the waiter away.

    However, perhaps because of the nervousness, Fan Zhongxiong felt his mouth dry, so he picked up a glass of red wine and drank it straight down.

    Then, he continued to wait.


    Suddenly, the lights in the room went out.

    The entire hotel went dark.

    Someone from outside yelled that the power was out.


    ' "Damn, why is the power out?"Naturally, Fan Zhongxiong became even angrier and was about to go out to inquire about the situation.

    The doorbell rang again.

    "Young Master, don't worry, the electric gate was pulled down by us."

    "After all, it's not a good thing to do, so it's best not to let anyone see the faces."

    "It's still officer in the dark, isn't it?"

    "We have already brought the person, open the door and this will be sent over to you."

    The voice from outside made the joyous excitement in Fan Zhong's heart nearly reach its limit.

    "Well, good pull."

    "Good work in the black light!"

    "Indeed I can't let Mu Orange see my face."

    Fan Zhongxiong nodded his head in deep thought, he hadn't thought this much just now, but now that he was reminded by his men, it only dawned on him.

    Otherwise, if Qiu Mu Orange saw his face, he might even be in a lawsuit in the future.

    Now that he couldn't see anyone in the black light, he naturally didn't have this worry to worry about.

    "Alright, hurry up and send someone in."

    Fan Zhongxiong opened the door, while urging anxiously.

    For some reason, this moment he suddenly felt so hot, as if there was a fire burning on his body.

    Fan Zhongxiong didn't think much of it, only that it was a psychological effect.

    "Young Master Fan, the man has been delivered."

    "May tonight, have a pleasant time!"

    In the darkness, someone was laughing inexplicably.

    That laughter, however, caused Fan Zhongxin to be alerted.


    "What are you laughing at?"

    "No, you have such a strange voice, what's your name?New here?"

    "Where's Ahoy?"

    Fan Zhongxing asked in confusion, yet no one answered, and after the door closed with a bang, the men were gone.

    The room was eerily quiet, with only the echo of heavy breathing.

    In front of Fan Zhongxuan's bed, a "stunning woman" was lying there.

    Of course, the so-called "stunning beauty" is just what Fan Zhongxing thought.

    The black light, nothing to see.

    But it didn't matter, he only needed to know that the beauty on the bed was Qiu Mu orange.

    Qiu Mu orange's face and voice had already been engraved in Fan Zhongxiong's heart, and when he closed his eyes, his eyes were filled with that stunning figure.

    At this time, Fan Zhongxiong couldn't care less about the doubts he had just had, because he could only feel his body on fire, and his abdomen was almost on fire.

    He could no longer hold back the flames in his heart and threw off his clothes when he jumped onto the bed.

    "Mu Orange, Brother Idle is here~"


    Fan Zhongxiong roughly tore open the bed's beautiful woman's clothes and embraced her like a wolf and tiger.




    At the Haitian Club, Shen Fei was still waiting for news.

    Soon, a call came from his men.

    "Young Master, it's done!"

    "The booze has been consumed, and the man has been sent over."

    "What about the pinhole camera?"Shen Fei asked again.

    "Haha, it's loaded too."

    "Soon, those two guys will be famous."The subordinate smiled proudly.

    "Very good!"Shen Fei smiled and nodded.


"Evan, I'm feeling a little sick, let's go back first."

    In the meeting hall, the show was still going on.

    But Qiu Mu Orange suddenly felt a little sick, so she told Ye Fan that she wanted to go home.


    "What's wrong with you, Mu Orange?A cold?"

    Ye Fan was worried and asked.

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, "It's fine, I guess I'm too tired, I'll just go home and rest."

    After that, Ye Fan asked Shen Fei to send someone, to send them home.

    When Ye Fan arrived home, the hotel next to the Haitian Club, but a howl of killing pigs came from the hotel.

    "Ah~" first, there was a miserable cry from Situ Feng.

    Immediately after that, there came Fan Zhongxiang's frightening curses.


    "Stuart Maple?"

    "Day, why you?"

    "Where's the orange Mu?"


    At that time, Fan Zhongxiong's entire body was directly crying.

    He had never thought to death that the person beneath him would be Situ Feng?

    Learning the truth, Fan Zhongxiong, a mouthful of old blood nearly spurted out.

    Recalling the earlier incident, he only felt disgusted.

    The entire man was instantly energized.

    At that moment Fan Zhongxiong was near collapse.

    It only felt like his entire outlook on life had collapsed.

    How could he have never imagined that the person he had held and kissed for half a day was a brown man?

    "Get out!"

    "Get out of here, you stupid bitch!"

    "Get as far away as you can~"

    Fan Zhongxiong roared in anger, the tearing rage echoing across the floor.

    Situ Feng wrapped the bed sheet and quickly ran away.

    His clothes were torn by Fan Zhongxiong, so he could only wrap the sheets.

    And Fan Zhongxiong was afraid that tonight's matter would be known, and put on his pants and also quickly slipped away.

    However, shortly after they left, a video was posted to the group of classmates that Qiu Mu Orange, Fan Zhongxiong and the others were in.

    Soon, the entire group exploded!

    "I'll go~"

    "This is exciting!"

    "Hot eyes~"

    "I didn't expect that, but Sarge is good with that?"



    "It's so heavy~"

    "No wonder the class president didn't get married after so many years of graduating from college."

    "Thanks to that, we really thought we couldn't let go of Mu Orange in our hearts?"

    "So this is just a shield, is that the real reason?"


    "Fuck, scum, playing with my feelings!"

    "If you like men, why did you fall in love with my mother in the first place!"

    "Shameless and disgusting!"


    "Ban is fine, he's not married."

    "Just pity Yuan Yuan, he's been screwed all his life~"

    "I didn't know that Situ Feng was also a pervert~"


    This video was only as good as a nuclear bomb, and the classmate's wishlist quickly went to 99+ messages

    Some are up in arms, some tremble.

    Some rage, some lament.

    But most people, they just look at it as a joke.After all, it had nothing to do with them.

    But Yuan Yuan, who was Situ Feng's wife, was instantly crying.

    He then sent a WeChat to Situ Feng: "Tomorrow Civil Affairs Bureau, divorce!"

    Situ Feng had no tears to cry.

    Constantly calling Yuan Yuan to explain, as well as explaining in WeChat, that it was all a misunderstanding, misunderstanding ah.

    "I'm innocent with Brother Idle~"

    "We're screwed!"

    "Heaven and earth can see~"


    Stuart Maple frantically explained, however, who would believe it.

    After all, the video was here.

    With the facts right here, Situ Feng's explanation was naturally pale and weak.

    After tonight, the two of them, Fan Zhongxiong and Situ Feng, would undoubtedly be ruined in their own circles!


    "I'm not going to stop with you!"

    "It's not going to stop~"

    Fan Zhongxiong and the others had lost face and could only vent all their anger on Ye Fan alone.

    Ye Fan, however, could not hear it at all.

    Even if he heard it, Ye Fan wouldn't have any psychological burden, right?

    After all, they were the ones who had done the evil in the first place.

    If it wasn't for the collusion between Fan Zhongxing Situ Feng and the two to drug Qiu Mu Orange.

    In the end, naturally, they wouldn't have ended up like this?

    "The blame is just self-inflicted, not worthy of sympathy."

    Shen Fei took a glance at his phone and saw that his purpose had been achieved, so he also left the clubhouse and went home to sleep.



    East Suburban Villa.

    "Mu Orange, here we are, get off the car."

    Ye Fan assisted Qiu Mu Orange and got off the car.

    Originally, Ye Fan was going to take Qiu Mu Orange to stay at the Genting Mountain Villa tonight.

    But the keys were still on Li Er's side and hadn't been sent over.

    He had no choice but to take Qiu Mu orange with him to stay at the single house Xu Lei rented for him.

    In the living room, after Ye Fan poured a cup of water for Qiu Mu Orange, he noticed that Qiu Mu Orange's phone was ringing non-stop.

    He looked at it and found that it was Qiu Mu Orange's group of classmates discussing Situ Feng and Fan Zhongxiong's matter.

    "Mu Orange, I didn't expect it."

    "Your class president, or someone like that?"

    "Looking like a human being, but doing this behind your back?"

    "People Stu Feng is a married man, and he can do it?"

    "Look at this video, it's awful~"

    Ye Fan smiled as he shook his head and lamented.

    However, he spoke for half a day, but he did not wait for Qiu Mu Orange's reply.

    He turned back and this time found that Autumn Mucheng Orange's eyebrows had become lost, her apricot eyes were peachy, and her pretty face was blushing red.

    "Ye Fan, I'm hot, so hot~"

    Qiu Mu Orange's entire body could barely sit still, and had fallen into Ye Fan's arms, constantly picking at her clothes, her jacket had been taken off, but it was still hot.

    In the end, the buttons of the white shirt were pulled off a few by Qiu Mu Orange, but she still felt so hot.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he asked in a shocked voice, "Mu Orange, did you drink the wine that Situ Feng gave you just now?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's eyes were lost, her breathing gradually becoming heavier and heavier, and she returned weakly, "Zhi .I drank two sips before."


    Ye Fan's face changed as soon as he heard it.

    "This is bad!"

    Ye Fan had thought that he had appeared just in time to help Qiu Mu Orange block the glass of wine.

    However, he didn't expect that Qiu Mu Orange had still gotten hit, and had already taken two sips before.

    It was still good to drink less, otherwise I'm afraid that I would have to lose my temper in the middle of the meeting hall.

    "Mu Orange, you wait, I..."

    Ye Fan was about to help Qiu Mu Orange detoxify, but as soon as he stood up, he was pushed down onto the sofa by Qiu Mu Orange.

    The whole person was like a beautiful snake, twisting and tangling in Ye Fan's arms.

    Her pretty face was flushed, her eyes were lost, and her entire body almost lost her mind, even her breathing was a little hot and seductive, and she kept shouting, "So hot~"

    "Evan, kiss...Kiss me,"


    "Kiss me, hold me..."

    It was quiet inside the room, with only dim light spilling out.

    On the sofa, Qiu Mu Orange hugged Ye Fan, forgetfully kissing Ye Fan's neck.

    Ye Fan's entire body, was very tormented.


    "Don't you seduce me, you dead woman?"

    "I'm not a willow sitting on my ass~"


Outside the window, the moonlight was provocative.


    In the room, Ye Fan ended up sighing.

    And then, breaking free from Qiu Mu Orange's embrace, he circulated his true qi and sent it into Qiu Mu Orange's body, helping her suppress the drug power in her body.

    Although Ye Fan was Qiu Mu Orange's husband, even if he was married, he shouldn't take advantage of the danger of others.

    Otherwise, Ye Fan himself would despise himself.

    There were no words during the night.

    The next day, when Qiu Mu Orange woke up, he only felt dizzy in the brain.

    "My head hurts~"

    Autumn Mu Orange climbed up from the bed and felt her head, her willow brows furrowed as she looked around.

    She had thought that she would wake up in her bedroom at home, but the surrounding displays were so unfamiliar.

    In that instant, Autumn Mu Orange suddenly panicked.

    Her pretty face was white~


    "Evan, where are you?"

    "Ye Fan!"

    There had never been a moment that caused Autumn Mu Orange to be so terrified and panicked.

    The feeling was as if the world had abandoned her.

    "Mu Orange, I'm here, are you awake?"

    Ye Fan came out from the kitchen with the warm milk and smiled when he saw Qiu Mu Orange waking up.

    But Qiu Mu Orange was so shocked and frightened that she directly got into Ye Fan's arms.

    "You bastard, where have you been?"

    "I thought I'd been abducted and had someone violate me~"

    Autumn Mu Orange's eyebrows were red.

    Waking up in an unfamiliar environment, still in someone else's bed, of course Autumn Mu Orange was scared.

    The only consolation was that she was still wearing clothes, right?

    Otherwise, Qiu Mu Orange was afraid that she would really think that she had been violated.

    But fortunately, Ye Fan was still there.

    With this man by her side, Qiu Mu Orange felt full of peace of mind.

    Only after her mood had calmed down did Qiu Mu Orange ask to Ye Fan, "Where is this, why are we here?"

    Ye Fan brought the hot milk over and handed it to Autumn Mu Orange, "Aren't you going to let me rent an apartment?"

    "That's what I'm renting."


    Before Autumn Mu Orange's mouthful of milk was even swallowed, it just spurted out.

    "This is a villa, right?"

    "How expensive would a month's rent be, and how would I get enough of that money I'm giving you?"

    Qiu Mu Orange was full of fear, but a pair of beautiful eyes were staring at Ye Fan, asking anxiously.

    Ye Fan smiled, "Mu Orange, don't worry, your husband has money."

    "I promised you, what I owed you before, I will make it up to you!"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, Autumn Mu Orange then remembered what happened last night.

    "Right, I haven't asked you yet, did you ask Shen Fei for help again with last night's matter?"

    "I owe a lot of favors, I'll see what you can pay back with later."

    "Sooner or later, I'll compensate your wife into it."

    She was naturally touched by the surprise Ye Fan gave her last night.

    But Qiu Mu Orange also didn't want, Ye Fan owed others too much because of himself.

    Money was easy to pay back, but favors were hard to return!

    In Qiu Mu Orange's opinion, if there was no help from Shen Fei, how could Ye Fan create such a big row and give him hundreds of millions of diamond rings?

    Even Qiu Mu Orange felt that the single-family villa in front of her was probably rented by Shen Fei for Ye Fan.

    But Qiu Mu Orange was really curious, even though Ye Fan was somewhat capable, but at most, he was only somewhat brute force, was it worth having the young master of the Shen family help Ye Fan like this?

    Sending out helicopters to scatter flowers was just fine, sending hundreds of millions of diamond rings was undoubtedly over the top.

    "Are you, really, Mr. Chu?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes burned as she looked at Ye Fan.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he smiled with joy, "Mu Orange, you finally believe that your husband is Mr. Chu."

    "I believe you big-headed ghost!"

    Qiu Mu Orange was nearly out of breath and picked up the pillow and smashed it at Ye Fan.

    "Saying you're fat and you're still breathing?"

    "Mr. Chu is a big man who claims Jiangdong and is all dignified, how can he be like you, who has no formality all day."

    "The most you can do is to be a bodyguard for Mr. Chu."

    Qiu Mu Orange rolled her white eyes.

    It wasn't that she looked down on Ye Fan, it was mainly because of the big difference in temperament.

    In Qiu Mu Orange's impression, Mr. Chu was the esteem of Jiangdong, the sky of the sixteen prefecture-level cities.

    This kind of emperor-like figure was bound to be majestic and high above the rest.

    There was a monstrous momentum and a world-beating power.

    The kind of person that half of the prefecture-level cities would have to shake three times with a single word.

    Such heroic giants were so far and misty from her.

    On the other hand, Ye Fan, who was usually hanging around in front of her, barely had a decent appearance, and had a thick skin, but he had also been a family cook for three years.

    These two people, were simply worlds apart!

    Even if Ye Fan said the words badly, I don't think Autumn Mu Orange would believe it.

    "Hmph, don't think that I can't see that little bit of flirtation of yours."

    "This diamond ring you gave me, was it created on the Mid-Autumn Festival day with that imperial green emerald you opened up at the Shan Shui Club."

    "At that time, I was curious as to why you didn't lose the emerald at all when hundreds of millions of dollars were lost like that."

    "I dare say, the emerald was in your possession all along?"

    Qiu Mu Orange angrily glared at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan was also a bit guilty and ashamed.

    He didn't expect Qiu Mu Orange to be so smart, he'd guessed this.

    "Mu Orange, didn't I want to surprise you with this?"

    "For this birthday gift, but I started preparing for it months ago."Ye Fan smiled heedlessly and even explained.

    "You bastard, you lied to me so bitterly, do you know how much I blamed myself at that time?"

    "You're not allowed to lie to me like that in the future."

    Qiu Mu Orange's pair of show fists hit Ye Fan's chest, venting her grumbling.

    However, what was more in her heart was undoubtedly still touched and delighted.

    Hundreds of millions of emeralds, he obviously could have sold them to change his living situation.

    But he didn't, but made it into a diamond ring and gave it to himself.

    This friendship, in the eyes of Qiu Mu Orange, was undoubtedly much heavier than the value of the diamond ring on his hand!

    Faced with Qiu Mu Orange's grumbling, what could Ye Fan say other than nodding his head.

    "But Mu-Orange, I'm really Mr. Chu."

    Qiu Mu Orange: "........"

    Qiu Mu Orange was in a better mood just now, and was angry again at Ye Fan's jerkish words.

    "Shut up you, Chu Wenfei still says he's Mr. Chu."

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't even bother to pay attention to Ye Fan.

    After giving him a blank look, he got up from the bed and prepared to look at his new home.

    Since Ye Fan, the loser, had already rented this villa, Qiu Mu Orange had no choice but to live here in the future.

    Previously, Ye Fan was worried about owing the Shen family a favor, but now that things were clear, Qiu Mu Orange was not so worried in her heart.

    After all, Ye Fan's original piece of imperial green was a very large piece, and now even if it was made into a diamond ring, there must still be leftover material.

    I guess Ye Fan gave those leftover materials to the Shen family, and that's why Shen Fei was so dedicated to helping Ye Fan.

    Courtesy and reciprocity, Qiu Mu Orange lived in this villa, so naturally, he was at peace with it.


    "It's really big."

    "The feeling of living in a villa is really completely different from living in a small building."

    Looking at the walk around the villa, he was filled with excitement and joy.

    Although the house was rented, but at least, he and Ye Fan, also considered to have their own, first home.

    And, this home was big and happy.


"After that, we'll live here."

    "I'll move my things from my side of the house tonight."

    Autumn Mu Orange was full of excitement, walking back and forth on the blanket with her bare jade feet.

    Happy like a little sparrow that had broken free from its cage and gained freedom.

    Ye Fan watched, clear and beautiful face, also all pleased with the dimple.

    What men struggle for outside is just happiness in front of them.

    When seeing a woman he likes so happy, that scowl and cluster is the greatest comfort to himself!

    "Mu Orange, my surprise for you has only just begun."

    "Wait, it won't be long before I let you live in a bigger house."

    "And also let you, enjoy an even bigger glory!"

    In the room, Ye Fan watched with a smile in his heart, his heart was full of determination.

    In fact, Ye Fan was also prepared to tell Qiu Mu Orange about the matter in Genting Mountain Villa today.

    But after thinking about it, Ye Fan didn't say it after all.

    After all, this woman didn't even believe that she was Mr. Chu, let alone that Genting Mountain villa.

    "But Mu-Orange, soon, you'll believe that your husband, what kind of a being is he?"

    Outside, the sun was still.

    In Ye Fan's heart, however, there were lofty feelings.

    However, just when Qiu Mu Orange was still in the joy of moving into her new home, the doorbell outside, suddenly rang.


    "You invited guests?"

    This sudden ringing of the door caused both Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan to be slightly shocked.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "No."

    In confusion, Qiu Mu Orange went to the door to open it.

    However, the moment the door opened, Qiu Mu Orange was then stunned.


    Autumn Mu Orange had to be surprised.

    She had to know that she hadn't even told the world about renting the house, but she didn't expect Suzy herself to have already found it.


    "Sissy, you're just in time, I was about to tell you, this is the house that Evan is renting."

    "From now on, I'll be moving from the Willow Garden neighborhood, to live here."

    "I haven't remembered the address yet, I'll send it to you on WeChat later, come over and have dinner with us tonight."

    Qiu Mu-Orange smiled and extended an invitation to Suzy.

    However, it was only then that Qiu Mu Orange noticed that at this time, Suzy's pretty face was pale and miserable.

    That feeling, as if she was seriously ill, was very haggard.

    "Sissy, what's wrong with you?"Autumn Mu Orange asked in a moment of worry.

    "It's okay, Mu Orange.I just want to confirm something that has nothing to do with you."

    Suzy whispered back, and then turned her head and walked towards Ye Fan.

    Feeling Suzy's gaze, however, Ye Fan's heart couldn't help but shiver, thinking that this Suzy Mo wouldn't know her true identity?

    Just as Ye Fan was worried, Suzy's disembodied voice, then rang out.

    "Ye Fan, I'm asking you, a few months ago, did you live here?"

    "Did you play the harmonica by the window?"

    "That figure in the white shirt that night, was it you or not?"

    Su Xi's eyes were red, asking three questions in a row, her words burning, but she kept berating Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan was flabbergasted, completely confused by the situation.

    Don't know Susie, why would she ask this?

    But next to him, Qiu Mu Orange seemed to have realized something, and that stunningly beautiful face undoubtedly changed slightly.

    In her heart, she had a bad feeling.

    "Speak up!"

    "Evan, you bastard, speak up."

    "Tell me, that boy who plays the harmonica, is it you?"

    Suzy's eyes were red and her words were almost trembling.

    If Qiu Mu Orange didn't know the situation, I'm afraid she would have thought that Ye Fan had violated her, right?

    "It's.... it's me."

    "I did live here for a few days before."

    "And played the harmonica."

    "What's wrong?"

    "What's happened?"

    Ye Fan was full of doubts and asked in a deep voice.

    Although, before coming here, Suzy had almost always confirmed Ye Fan's identity.

    However, when she heard the words personally from Ye Fan's mouth, the tears were ultimately uncontrollable and instantly came out of her eyes.

    In the depths of her heart, the white moonlight that had been hidden for so long, instantly scattered.

    Tears raging, Suzy wailed and roared miserably at Ye Fan, "Why you?"

    "What would be you?"


    Suzy wept and shouted miserably, while she turned around and ran out.

    Her own first love, the god of her dreams once, the white moonlight she had always put in her heart, was actually Ye Fan.

    It was the Ye Fan she had always despised and disdained?

    Her best friend's husband?

    What was even more ironic was that before this, she was still saying all sorts of bad things about Ye Fan in front of Qiu Mu Orange, and asking Qiu Mu Orange to divorce Ye Fan.

    Now that she thought back, Suzy only felt, how ironic and absurd it was.



    Qiu Mu Orange shouted after her, and in the end, she was afraid that Suzy would do something stupid, so she even chased after her.

    Before leaving, she even complained about Ye Fan.

    "It's all you, what are you admitting it for?"

    "You wouldn't say you didn't know?"

    "I'm afraid Xi Xi's heart is broken this time."

    Qiu Mu Orange sighed and hurriedly chased after her.

    Although Suzy had done a lot of things before that made Autumn Mu Orange angry, Autumn Mu Orange knew that Suzy was really good to herself.

    Last time when she was at her most frustrated, it was also Suzy who took herself to the foot of Mount Tai for a walk.

    A good sister for many years, of course Qiu Mu Orange can't let go of her.

    Just pity Ye Fan, a face of stupidity.

    The two women were inexplicably cruel to him, and he was still confused as to what had happened.

    He didn't provoke Su Xi, why is he crying and blaming himself?

    "Mudd, what's this called."

    Ye Fan was speechless for a while.

    And outside, Susie ran far away, tired of running, before stopping.

    She cowered on the steps by the side of the road by herself, holding her head and sobbing.

    The fact before her was definitely a big blow to Susie.

    Especially for someone who had never been in love before, her first love was so absurd, it was naturally hard for Suzy to bear.

    Autumn Mu Orange had caught up and accompanied Suzy, handing over tissues.

    "Mu Orange, you must be laughing at me right now."

    "Then you're laughing."

    "I'm laughing at myself too, looking down on myself~"

    "Feeling like an idiot is a frakking idiot~"

    "Before, I was advising you to divorce Ye Fan, saying that Ye Fan was worthless and a wimp, but I never thought that in the end, the male god I always liked in my heart would be Ye Fan~"


    "I feel like my life is a farce."

    "A drama wouldn't be so ridiculous~"

    Suzy's voice choked, her words were miserable, and she couldn't stop retaining tears.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't know what to say, and only after a long time did she reply, "Xi Xi, I didn't expect that he would be Ye Fan~"

    On the road, there was a lot of traffic, pedestrians coming and going like weaving.

    But the people who walked by, Mo wouldn't be attracted by the stunningly beautiful duo in front of them.

    Some even sighed, "Hey~"

    "Two more out-of-work girls,"


After a long sobbing, Suzy's mood finally calmed down.

    She used her sleeve to wipe away her tears, while stubbornly saying to Qiu Mu Orange, "Hmph, it's nothing special."

    "It's just that you can play the harmonica, right?"

    "I was just a ghost in the first place."

    "I don't like him anymore."

    "My male god is Mr. Chu, not him!"

    "I only like Mr. Chu right now."


    There were still tears on Suzy's pretty face as she shouted stubbornly like a child.

    Qiu Mu Orange didn't know how to persuade her, but just echoed from the side, "Yes, what you like is Mr. Chu~"

    "Your man god is still Mr. Chu, not Ye Fan~"

    In fact, Qiu Mu Orange couldn't tell how she felt.

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't find any other way to get rid of the problem, but you can't find any other way to get rid of it.

    If Su Xi was not her best friend, she would have felt happy and proud of herself, and would have been able to raise her eyebrows.

    While Qiu Mu Orange was comforting Suzy, on the other side, Ye Fan was dialing Li Er's phone.

    "Li Er, still not back yet?"Ye Fan frowned and asked.

    Li Er returned respectfully, "Mr. Chu, I'm in New York now."

    "I found the son of a bitch who betrayed me and fled with my secretary on a roll!"

    "If this revenge is not avenged, I, Li Er, will have trouble sleeping and eating."

    "After ending this personal matter of mine, I will return to Jiangdong."

    After Ye Fan heard that, he nodded, "Alright."

    "Let me know when you return."

    "Next week at the latest, the Haitian Feast must be held!"

    "At that time, if you can't make it back in time, I'll have to arrange the location of the Sea and Sky Feast to Jianghai!"

    The Haitian feast, to put it plainly, is a gathering feast of Jiangdong bigwigs.

    In the past, it was held every year by the King of Jiangdong, Chen Ao, and the great and powerful gathered together.

    The leading magnates of the major prefecture-level cities would basically come to attend the banquet, only if Wanbang came to celebrate.

    In addition to discussing business matters, almost all of them would eat, drink and exchange their feelings.

    But before, the Jiangdong land was divided between east and west, with Chen Ao in the east and Zhao Wuji in the west, so in the past, the Haitian feast was able to gather half of Jiangdong's dignitaries.

    But now, the unification of Jiangdong has been dominated by Ye Fan.

    This year's Sky and Sea Banquet, that scene is feared to be unique!

    It is reasonable to say that Chen Ao should be the mastermind of such a huge event.

    But Chen Ao is too powerful in Jiangdong and his power is too great.

    The way of an emperor is the art of checks and balances!

    The reason why Ye Fan is supporting Li Er so strongly now is that he hopes that Li Er and Chen Ao can counterbalance each other in the future when he can't sit in Jiangdong.

    The situation of one family dominating is naturally not what Ye Fan wants to see.

    That's why, even if he waited, Ye Fan wanted this Haitian feast, hosted by Li Er, to be held in Yunzhou City.

    "Don't, Mr. Chu."

    "Don't worry, seven days is enough."

    "Regardless of the outcome on my side, after seven days, I, Li Er, will definitely rush back to Jiangdong, for Mr. Chu, to plan the Sea and Sky Feast!"

    Li Er was not stupid, of course he knew that this was an opportunity given to him by Ye Fan, a fabrication.

    All along, Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and the others have been at the top of Li Er's list in Jiangdong.

    If Li Er wants to be on top, Ye Fan is the only one he can rely on!

    Now a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Li Er naturally wouldn't miss it.

    "Okay, I'll wait."

    Ye Fan nodded and then hung up the phone.

    He looked at the calendar.

    "It's already December ah, in another month, it will almost be New Year's Eve."

    "Before you know it, it'll be almost four years away from home."

    Looking at the winter scene outside where everything was dying, but in his heart, Ye Fan had an inexplicable feeling.

    At first, Ye Fan, in order not to drag his mother down, left his hometown until he entered the Qiu family as a door-to-door son-in-law, fine count, Ye Fan and his mother, but it has been several years since he has seen.

    The reason why Ye Fan is so anxious to convene the Haitian feast is also to be able to rush back before the Spring Festival to accompany his mother for the last year.

    After this New Year, it was almost time for Ye Fan to go to the Chu family to settle the grudges of that year.



    The day passed quickly.

    After Qiu Mu Orange finished comforting Suzy, she also went to work.

    At the end of the day, she asked Susie to help and drove downstairs to the Willow Garden neighborhood to wait.

    Now that Ye Fan had rented a house, Autumn Mu Orange naturally had to bring her clothes, shoes, jewelry and other personal items to her new home.

    "Mu Orange, it's about time you bought a car, right?"

    "A company CEO who rides the bus all day is always a bad idea."Downstairs, however, Suzy was advising Qiu Mu Orange.

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and laughed bitterly, "It's not like there's no money?"

    "The priority for Evan and I right now is to save up to buy a house.After all, cars are consumables, and a house is the most important thing."

    "Before I was planning to buy a second-hand car for transportation first, but now it seems that there's no need."

    "The two of us will be neighbors from now on, and I'll just rub up against your car when we go to and from work."

    Qiu Mu Orange said, "I feel at ease."

    Suzy looked at her and suddenly rolled her eyes, "Mu Orange, I find that you've been with Ye Fan for a long time now, he's almost learned his thick-skinned skills."

    "Wearing a diamond ring with hundreds of millions of dollars and still saying you don't have any money?"

    Suzy had also already guessed that the hundred million dollar diamond ring on Autumn Mu Orange's hand was not bought by Ye Fan at all.

    That guy, with his background there, how could he have so much money.

    It wasn't the last time at the Shan Shui Club that he had picked up a big leak and found an imperial green.

    It is said that a foolish man has a foolish fortune, this Suzy can't envy.

    But Suzy also reckoned that after that trouble Ye Fan made last night, the several hundred million imperial green was probably already lost.

    Qiu Mu Orange smiled back, "Don't worry, I won't let you suffer, I'll just treat you to a big meal every month when I'm paid."

    "Hmph, that's more like it.Alright, go up and pack your things, I still have to do my hair at night, I don't have much time to give you chores, Miss Ben is very busy?"Susie urged.

    Autumn Mu Orange opened the car door, her delicate high heels tapping the ground, and soon returned home.

    "Mu Orange, you're back at last."

    "Your Aunt Du has been waiting for you for half a day."

    "Come, let me introduce you, this is Auntie Du's son, a real estate sales manager at Yang Tian Real Estate Company, in his early thirties, he already has two suites to his name, and drives a Mercedes."

    "The person looks spirited, he's over one meter tall, absolutely one in a hundred talent ah."

    "Hurry up, sit down and talk to Little Du."

    As soon as Qiu Mu Orange returned, Han Li pulled Qiu Mu Orange along and headed into the living room.

    On the sofa, a mother and son were sitting and drinking tea, and when they saw Qiu Mu Orange return, they greeted each other with a smile.


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