Dish Best Served Cold 571-575


Chapter 571

Qiu Mu Orange thought it was just like last time, a simple party.But I didn't expect that Fan Zhongxiong would make such a big scene and even invite a band to perform.

    How could Qiu Mu Orange afford to go to such great lengths when she was no relation to Fan Zhongxiong?

    Just like what Suzy said before, two things in this world cannot be touched, one is a wife and the other is a favor.

    Now this birthday banquet of Fan Zhongxiong could be said to have violated both of these two taboos.

    Therefore, after arriving at the front door of the club, Autumn Mu Orange beat a retreat and was not going to go.

    Lest she be misunderstood.

    The reason she came was purely to irritate Ye Fan, and if Fan Zhongxiong were to misunderstand anything, it would never be Autumn Mu Orange's intention.

    "Mu Orange, it's already here, why are you leaving again?"

    "Besides, the other squad leaders have made it especially for you, so what do you put the squad leaders in if you leave?"Susie was there to advise.


    "If you say that, I can't stay here any longer."

    "I'm married."Qiu Mu Orange's words were firm, and she made up her mind to leave.

    At this time, Situ Feng and Yuan Yuan had obviously noticed Qiu Mu Orange and whirled over to persuade Qiu Mu Orange together.

    "Mu Orange, don't listen to Suzy's nonsense."

    "Tonight is just a night for some of our old classmates and friends to get together and watch a show, and to celebrate your birthday."

    "You don't have to stress too much."

    "Besides, you're not the only one with a birthday tonight, there's another student in our class."

    "It's all just a coincidence."

    Yuan Yuan smiled and said to Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Really?"Autumn Mu Orange looked at Susie.

    After being stunned for a moment, Suzy whirled around and nodded, "Alright, Mu Orange.I admit that I lied to you just now, and tonight, the class leader wasn't specifically celebrating your birthday, it was just a coincidence, in passing.I was trying to set you up with the class president, that's why I said it that way."

    "I was wrong, you can beat me up and scold me, but don't you dare leave."

    "Last time you left in a hurry without finishing your meal, a lot of students in the class want to talk to you, you have to attend this party."

    Suzy put on a guilty look.

    She had fought hard to leave Qiu Mu Orange behind.

    Qiu Mu-Orange was clearly starting to believe it.

    "Alright, Mu Orange, don't be self-absorbed."

    "Our class president is rich and powerful, and the girls who like him have already lined up in long lines, so how can he have the heart to specifically please you ah."

    "Otherwise, the squad leader wouldn't be not coming out to pick you up himself now."

    "Alright, go inside, everyone's waiting for you inside."

    Before Qiu Mu Orange could speak, Yuan Yuan and the others, however, had already pushed Qiu Mu Orange into the clubhouse.

    The clubhouse was huge, and although it was a private venue, Fan Zhongxiong, in order to add to the momentum, did allow outsiders to enter and watch.

    Thus, the clubhouse was almost full of people.

    There was a lot of noise and bustle.

    However, the best seats in the front row were undoubtedly still reserved.Only some of Qiu Mu Orange's old classmates and old friends from back then could sit.

    Some of them brought their children, some brought their families, and these people added up to nearly a hundred people.

    In short, today's momentum was really not small.

    Seeing the arrival of Qiu Mu Orange, many of the old classmates here whirled around to reveal all sorts of envious and jealous gazes.

    "Worthy of being at the level of our class goddess."

    "It's been many years since I've seen her, Mu Orange is still so fallen and beautiful~"

    Many people exclaimed.

    Autumn Mu Orange smiled back apologetically.

    After everyone talked briefly, the entire clubhouse, went dark.

    "It's about to start!"

    ''Everyone look at the stage, the performance will start later."

    Situ Feng, as Fan Zhongxiong's number one dog, was now reminding everyone.


    On the stage, the lights clattered on.

    Immediately afterwards, a man in a small suit walked out.

    "Mu Orange, this is our famous magician from Yunzhou, Brother Idle spent a lot of money to hire him."

    "For today's half-hour performance, the appearance fee is fifty thousand."

    "Awesome, right?"


    "This is the Good Brother Band, which has been very popular recently in Yunzhou and Maple Sea."

    "The appearance fee is almost two hundred thousand."


    "Red Baihe girl band, the dancers are very pretty."

    "It's said that this year's Spring Festival Gala, almost broke in."

    "The appearance fee is less than a hundred thousand."


    On the stage, various dance and musical performances were performed, one after the other.

    There was a lot of applause.

    Suzy and the others also watched with interest, while Situ Feng took the initiative to explain to Qiu Mu Orange from the side.

    Or how powerful this magician was, how hot that singer was, how high this anchor's appearance fee was.

    Qiu Mu Orange frowned even as she listened, not knowing why this Situ Feng was telling her this.

    Was it to show off Fan Zhongxing's wealth?

    But it's none of his business.

    He wasn't his own husband.

    While Qiu Mu Orange and the others were watching the performance, at the back of the stage, Fan Zhongxiong had changed his clothes, fixed his hair, and was already making final preparations.

    "How is it, do I look okay in this image?"

    "Handsome yet?"

    "I'll be right there, are the flowers ready?"

    "Bring me the lines and I'll recite them."

    "And get the pianist and lighting technician in place as soon as possible."

    "That wimp screwed up last time, this time, no surprises allowed!"

    "Did you hear that?"

    "My future lifelong happiness depends on my brothers."

    "Don't give me any more leaks, everyone?"

    As the time got closer and closer, it was clear that Fan Zhongxiong had begun to get a little nervous.

    After all, he had gone to great lengths, spent countless manpower and resources, and saved up enough momentum for the next few minutes.

    It was strange that Fan Zhongxiong wasn't nervous.

    Back then, he wasn't even this nervous about the entrance exam!

    Finally, a staff member rushed over.

    "Fan Shao, prepare.You're next."

    "Good!"Van took a deep breath while waiting for a signal from the staff.


    The song was Lang Lang, and colorful lights were streaming.

    On the stage, a gentleman, handsome and extraordinary, was singing loudly.

    The beautiful voice, flowing like heavenly music, was refreshing.

    Under this kind of atmosphere, the elegant gentleman's entire body was glowing.

    "Mu Orange, do you think that my future prince will be as dazzling and radiant as him."

    "As if a sun, radiant as a sun!"

    "Marrying such a dazzling man, I'm sure you'll be happy."

    Under the rendering of the song and atmosphere, Suzy but has lost her mind, the beautiful eyes are full of yearning and longing for future romantic love.

    While Qiu Mu Orange listened, there was an inexplicable loss of heart, and sourness.

    Which woman doesn't want to become a princess and marry a prince?

    In the past, when she was a student, Qiu Mu- orange was also like Su Xi, imagining a beautiful love, imagining a happy future, imagining the prince and the young man who came down from the sky like a supreme treasure, imagining that her man could also stand on the stage and sing a romantic song for her, imagining that the man who could give her unlimited glory.

    However, fate is pushing her further and further away from her youthful dream.

    Qiu Mu Orange knows very well that from the moment she married Ye Fan, all the fantasies and hopes she had during her school days have become unattainable extravagant hopes.

    Gone with the wind~.



    However, just as Qiu Mu Orange and the others lost consciousness, all the lights of the entire venue went out with a clamor.

    The grand Haitian Hall was actually reduced to a boundless darkness in an instant.

    This sudden change caused the entire crowd to panic.

    There was a clamor~


    "What's wrong?"

    "Is the power out?"

    "Fuck, what the fuck?"

    "Where's the staff?"


    The meeting hall was a mess, and many people were cursing and grumbling.

    While listening in, the power suddenly went out, and the crowd was naturally upset.

    "Sissy, what's going on?"

    "It's not really a power outage, is it?"In the darkness, Qiu Mu Orange was also worried and asked to the side of Suzy and the others.

    Suzy hadn't answered yet, but Situ Feng smiled and reassured, "Mu Orange, just wait and see."

    "Yeah, Mu Orange.The good show, it's just begun."Suzy and Yuan Yuan and the others also looked baffled and smiling.

    Qiu Mu-Orange was undoubtedly even more confused.

    It felt as if everyone knew it by heart and she was the only one who was kept in the dark.

    In the end, what could there be?

    Just as Qiu Mu-Orange was in doubt, suddenly, the sound of music quietly rang out.

    It was like water flowing through the mountains, like a breeze blowing across the earth.

    The entire audience was silent once again.

    All of them quieted down and listened to the melodious sound of the zither.

    Finally, there was a hazy light on the stage, lit up again.

    Only then could everyone see the scene on the stage clearly.

    On it, there was a pianist caressing the violin and a dancer accompanying the dancer.

    The multicolored lights were like rivers of stars, paving the earth.

    Just like this, amidst the melodious music, a man dressed in a white suit, holding a flower in his hand, stepped on the ground paved with a curtain of light, stepped on the brilliant starlight, and slowly came from the depths of the diffuse star river.


    "So handsome~"

    There was an uproar on the stage.

    Qiu Mu Orange, on the other hand, was slightly shocked, "This is...Fan Zhongxiong?"

    "Sissy, what's he doing?"

    "Could it be that our squad leader still has a show to put on?"

    Autumn Mu Orange was quite surprised and asked in a low voice.

    But Suzy was smiling, "Mu Orange, just watch."

    The sound of the piano was melodious and the music was melodious.

    In the split second that Fan Zhongxiong appeared, it had become the focus of everyone's attention.

    Under the dreamy lights, one could only see Fan Zhongxiong holding flowers in his hands, with the crowd applauding in front of him and the sound of music flowing behind him.

    And Fan Zhongxiong, this look of gazing ahead, ghostly gaze, just like this slowly fell on the body of Qiu Mu orange, gaze gaze gaze, and then gaze.

    Emotional words flowed along with the sound of the song.

    "Mu Orange, do you know?"

    "Over the years, I have seen spring and summer winds, autumn leaves and winter snow."

    "And I've trod the southern waters, the northern mountains, the eastern foothills and the western ridge."

    "But these four seasons, spring and autumn, the vicissitudes of the mountains~"

    "Not even as good as you, smiling at me."

    The music was melodious and the lights twinkled.

    Under that colorful spotlight, Fan Zhongxiong bathed in glory and chanted with deep affection.

    And, along with Fan Zhongxiong's touching words of love, on the huge screen behind him, there were even more touching pictures that couldn't stop changing.

    There was spring sunshine, summer lotus, autumn leaves, and winter snow.

    "Mu Orange, before I met you, I felt like my life was dim.I, on the other hand, was like a nightwalker, groping and moving forward in the long darkness."

    "Until that day, you appeared in my life."

    "Like a light, illuminating my long life."

    "Since then, I have decided that in this life, I, Fan Zhongxing, would like to turn into a light chaser, forever pursuing you."

    "Next, this song alone is dedicated to you, to the girl of my dreams."

    The words trailed off, and the music then sounded.

    Fan Zhongxiong stood proudly in the center of the stage, microphone in hand, and the song "Chaser of Light" immediately resounded throughout the club.


    If you are the fireworks on the sea.......

    I'm the foam of the waves.

    There was a moment when your light illuminated me.


    If you are a distant star...

    It's so bright it makes you want to cry.

    I am the eye that chases you.

    I always look at the night sky when I'm alone.


    Dreamy lights, resonant voices, and melodious tunes.

    As the song climaxed, the atmosphere of the entire clubhouse was undoubtedly pushed to its peak at this point as well.

    It was now!

    Situ Feng glanced at the corner of his mouth, while he then stood up in the crowd and let out a loud shout.

    "Qiu Mu Orange, Fan Zhongxiong, together~"




    Situ Feng shouted, Yuan Yuan also fueled the waves, and Suzy also shouted with laughter.

    Just like this, a stone fell into the sea and stirred up a thousand waves.

    Soon, the rhythm was brought up.

    The guests were all in an uproar.

    Everywhere one's ears were filled with the crowd's flowing shouts.







    On the stage, Fan Zhongxiong was still singing obliviously, but offstage, it was already boiling.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange, who was one of the leading ladies, was then livid with her pretty face.

    She looked towards Su Xi and the others and coldly rebuked.

    "Cee Cee, you've gone too far!"

    "You guys, it's just too much~"

    After that, Autumn Mu Orange would naturally not stay.Immediately got up and left the table angrily.

    She was already a married woman, and even if Ye Fan wasn't here, whether it was out of emotion or reason, she wouldn't accept Fan Zhongxiong's confession.

    "Mu Orange, what are you doing~"

    "I admit I lied to you, but I was doing it for your own good."

    "Why do you keep letting go of that country bumpkin?"

    "He has no family, no background, and he's been in the family for three years with nothing to show for it."

    "As a man, he has no success, he's lazy."

    "As a husband, he can't give you glory, he can't give you care, he doesn't even give you a birthday."

    "How is this kind of man different from a waste?"

    "By following him, you are doomed to a life of humiliation and being dragged down by him."

    "And not only is Ben young and promising, but he is also devoted to you, so why don't you take this opportunity to say goodbye to the past and start a new life?"

    Seeing that Autumn Mu Orange was leaving, Suzy then pulled her back, angry and puzzled, and shouted at Autumn Mu Orange.

    "That's right, Mu Orange, why waste your life on a loser?"

    "How nice of class president, romantic and rich."

    Situ Feng and the others also advised as much as they could.

    However, it was at this moment that a roar suddenly came from above the open-air meeting hall.

    The sound was enormous, just like thunder rolling.

    The huge roar was so deafening that all the music and the sound of the violin were covered.


    "What's going on here?"

    "Bunch of losers, why don't you get out there and see what's going on?"

    His own singing was completely overshadowed, and Fan Zhongxiong was furious, whirling to send his men out to check on the situation.

    However, offstage, but there were already alarmed voices stacked up.


    "It's a plane!"

    "God, nine planes!"


    "Is this a sprinkler?"

    "Spill the peat water!"

    "Idiot, it's a flower, it's a rose~"

    "For God's sake, it's full of roses!"

    The entire Haitian Club was already boiling.

    Everyone was trembling on the spot as they watched the fiery red flower petals flying in the sky.

    As for Qiu Mu Orange and the others, they were even more flabbergasted in place.

    Just like that, mesmerized, watching the roses fill the sky and the flowers float all over the city.



"What's going on here?"

    "Who got the roses for this?"

    "And a helicopter was deployed?"

    "That's not in the plan, is it?"

    Not only the people below the stage, even Fan Zhongxiong, who was above the stage, was stunned.

    Clearly, the current scene was completely outside of his plans.

    Although he, Fan Zhongxiong, was rich, he was by no means rich enough to send out a helicopter to help out.


    "Someone's coming down."


    "Someone jumped right out of a helicopter!"


    "The starry river shines brightly, roses fill the sky, and he comes from the sky on seven-colored clouds."


    "How romantic~"

    "It's like a fairy tale!"

    At this moment, the crowd here exploded.

    In the void, beneath the starry river, the crowd only saw a thin figure, but it fell from the sky with its feet on the starry river.

    The gale swept, roses filled the sky.

    But that figure falling from the sky was bathed in starlight and was subject to the attention of thousands of people.

    It was almost instantaneous, and it made the whole house horrified.

    Although this helicopter must not be high, it must be at least ten meters away from the ground.

    What's more, under the cover of the night sky, the crowd could not see the exact height at all.

    In their eyes, that figure was like an angel that had stepped on a starry river.

    Countless people were horrified and countless people looked up to it.

    There were even those who were envious and yearning.

    Especially those fang-aged women, how they wished that the hero who descended from the sky before them had come to pick them up.


    "Mu Orange, look at that."


    "It's just like the prince!"

    "Do you think he's here to pick me up~"

    Susie was even more excited with her pretty face blushing red, looking up at the stars excitedly said.

    After all, every woman had a princess dream in her heart.

    The scene in front of her was nearly identical to what all women dreamed of in their dreams.

    Naturally, Suzy also hoped that this elegant man who had fallen from the sky was here to pick her up.

    Faced with the uproar of the crowd, only Autumn Mu Orange was the only one who lost her voice in fear.

    Especially at the moment that figure landed on the ground, Qiu Mu Orange was struck by lightning.

    She gazed forward in a daze, and her beautiful eyes, then widened, "Ye...Ye Fan?"



    "Mu Orange, don't tease."

    "You don't think that wimp is rushing to celebrate your birthday, do you?"

    "How could he, a country bumpkin, come up with such a cool and romantic way to show up in front of you?"

    "I think that, like Van Chung, she's also here to confess her feelings to a certain girl on the scene."

    "Who do you think it could be?"

    "Could it be me?"

    Suzy was thrilled, her pretty face already flushed with anticipation.

    If she was really here to confess to her, then she would definitely be a sight tonight.

    The meeting hall was in a huge commotion.

    At this time, that figure, had already landed on the ground.

    In the midst of the roaming petals, he landed steadily on [Nameless Novel] the center of the stage.

    Dong Dong Dong~

    The moment the man landed on the stage, a crowd of people poured in from behind the stage.

    With one hand, they snatched the microphone from Fan Zhongxing's hand, removed the plastic flowers from the stage, and drove away the dancers that Fan Zhongxing had hired, while also forcibly dragging Fan Zhongxing off the stage.

    "Bastards, what are you doing?"

    "Young Master Ben is the one who booked the venue tonight, and you guys dare to go on stage?"

    "I'm the young master of the Fan family, you despicable people, let me go."

    On the stage, Fan Zhongxiong was struggling like a dog, shouting.

    Shen Fei came up and slapped paste on it.

    "Motherfucker, shut the fuck up!"

    "So what if you're wrapping up the show?"

    "This clubhouse has been bought by my Shen family."

    "As the owner of the clubhouse, the young master of the Shen family, this young master told you to roll over, you dare not?"

    Shen Fei snapped in anger.

    That kingly air scared Fan Zhongxiong so much that he couldn't say a word.

    "Quickly, quickly, throw it out."

    "Also, the pianist, accompanist, and tuner hurry up here."

    Shen Fei waved his hand, but didn't bother to pay attention to this Fan Zhongxiong anymore, while quickly ordering their people to take over the stage.

    Soon, there was the sound of a tune, sounding once again.

    "This...This is..."

    "Harmonica sounds?"

    "Is it, is it him?"

    At the instant the harmonica sounded, Suzy was immediately terrified, flabbergasted in place.

    Her entire body, moreover, could no longer remain calm and her heart fluttered.

    Yes, although it had been several months since then.

    However, in the split second that she heard this first wisp of harmonica, the elegant and enchanting figure in front of the original window then immediately surfaced in front of Suzy's eyes.

    "Mu Orange, it's him, it really is him."

    "It's my harmonica prince."

    "He's back, he's come to find me."

    "I'm so excited~"

    "Yes, he's definitely here to confess to me."

    Suzy was so excited that at that moment her eyebrows were almost full of hot tears.

    This was the first person she had ever liked, and she had thought that once she had parted, it would be difficult for her and him to see each other again.

    But now, fate had brought them together again.

    No one could experience the excitement and joy that Suzy felt now.

    The feeling was like a princess who had met her true love.

    However, no matter how excited Su Xi was, there was always trepidation on Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face.

    Perhaps now, the lights were gray, the man on the stage was still covering his mouth and nose because he was playing the harmonica, and they couldn't see his face yet.

    However, for some reason, in Qiu Mu Orange's heart, there was always a cry that was telling her over and over again.

    It was Ye Fan!

    He's Fan Yip


    Outside the window, there are stars and moonlight like water.

    In the sky, there are roses and falling flowers.

    On the stage, there are heroic solos and melodious qin music.

    It's a great way to get the most out of a situation, but it's also a great way to get the most out of a situation.

    It is also a great place to meet people who are looking for a way to make a difference.

    The large hall was silent.

    Only the sound of the song flowing, new people's hearts.

    Everyone was intoxicated by the sound.It's like a dream!

    "Wow, what a beautiful melody!"

    "This song is only meant to be heard in heaven, and it's rare to hear it on earth!"

    "It's truly a heavenly sound~"

    Until the end of the song, but the aftertaste still lingered.

    "But the melody, how familiar is it?"

    "Is this, like, a Dunlop classic, I only care about you?"


    "It's a love song."

    "This gentleman, could it be that you are also confessing your love to someone?"

    In the meeting hall, there was once again an uproar.

    While everyone was speculating, the thin young man on the stage, however, had already put away his harmonica.

    Su Xi was also suddenly nervous and almost unable to breathe.

    She knew that next, her harmonica prince was afraid that he would be calling her name.

    "Mu Orange, I'm so nervous, so happy, so happy~"

    Susie had closed her eyes, waiting excitedly for the call of her male god.

    At the same time, colorful lights filled the air, there was beautiful music playing behind her, and the youth finally, slowly lifted his head.

    "Mu Orange, I'm sorry, I'm late~"


    At the instant Ye Fan's words rang out, there were two stunningly beautiful women in the meeting hall, with delicate, delicate bodies, trembling almost simultaneously.


At that moment, Suzy only felt that her heart, inch by inch, crumbled.

    Especially when she opened her eyes and saw Ye Fan's face.At that instant, it was as if all the strength had been taken away.

    Suzy only felt that the entire world, was instantly dimmed.

    "Ye...Ye Fan?"

    Susie's pretty face paled and muttered out of breath.

    No one could understand Suzy's current state of mind.

    How could she have never thought that the person she was thinking of, and for whom she had written hundreds of love letters, would be the person she despised the most, Ye Fan.

    There had never been a moment that made Suzy feel as absurd as she did now that her life was actually that ridiculous.

    After so long, the man she liked was actually her best friend's husband?

    While Suzy was horrified, Autumn Mu Orange's heart was by no means calm.

    She had thought that the man, had forgotten his wife's birthday.

    It turned out that she had always remembered.

    "Not too late, not too late at all~"

    Qiu Mu Orange smiled tearfully.

    Obviously, she was such a strong girl, but now, Ye Fan's words were close to making her cry.

    Naturally, Ye Fan couldn't hear Qiu Mu Orange's reply.

    He stood proudly in the center of the stage and continued, "Mu Orange, you once said that you wanted to be a princess, and tonight I will come down from the sky as a prince."

    "You once said that you like roses.Tonight I'll airlift thorn roses and make them bloom all over the city."

    Ye Fan's deep words flowed.

    Along with the red roses that filled the sky, how romantic it was under the cover of this night.

    Offstage, many women, nearly all had been moved to leave tears.

    "My God~"

    "What a romantic man~"

    "Back then, Chiang Kai-shek planted sycamore trees all over Nanking just because Song Mei-ling liked it.Shiloh traded a Ferrari for a car full of sunflowers, just because Ma Dongmei liked it."

    "Tonight, just because of his beloved's words, he stepped on the stars and came down from the sky, letting roses float and flowers bloom all over the city!"

    "Marry someone like this and you'll have no regrets in this life~"

    "No way, I'm going to cry."

    "It's so touching, I'm so jealous~"


    There were discussions everywhere, gazes everywhere, and emotions everywhere.

    Qiu Mu Orange was even already teary-eyed, a delicate body trembling with tears.

    And Ye Fan's voice was still echoing.

    "Mu Orange, remember three years ago, when you married me, there was no grand wedding, no eye-catching diamond ring."

    "Later, when I gave you "Lover's Tear", you didn't dare to accept it because you said it was someone else's, not mine to give to you."

    "But today, this diamond ring, it truly belongs to me, and now I give it to you!"

    Music echoed and lights flickered.

    Ye Fan knelt down on one knee, facing the intoxicated woman in front of him, and opened the delicate gift box in his hand.

    A crystal clear diamond ring, as bright and shiny as moonlight, appeared in front of everyone just like this.

    "This...Is this the, "Emperor's Kiss"?"

    "Shen's Jewelry Group poured its heart and soul into it, and the material is said to have been taken from a piece of imperial green jade worth hundreds of millions!"

    "A few days ago, a wealthy businessman in Jianghai offered 200 million dollars to buy the diamond ring as a golden wedding gift for his wife."

    "Shen's group refused on the grounds that the diamond ring was already owned!"

    "I never thought that this "Emperor's Kiss" would appear here today."

    "Could it be that the man in front of you is the owner of this "Emperor's Kiss"?"

    Among the crowd, there were obviously people who were knowledgeable.

    After seeing the diamond ring in Ye Fan's hand, he lost his voice and cried out.

    This roar of his was only like a boulder entering the sea, but it caused the whole place to boil!

    "Two hundred million dollars for a diamond ring?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "If someone gives me a two hundred million dollar ring in this life, I'd be willing to die, even if I had to~"

    "I'm so jealous!"

    "That woman named 'Mu Orange' is so happy."

    "To have the heart of such a man?"


    Everyone was in awe and couldn't stop sighing.

    But Situ Feng, Yuan Yuan, and the others were dumbstruck.

    After seeing this diamond ring worth 200 million again, their eyes were red with envy, and their mouths were so wide open that they could almost stuff an apple.

    As for Fan Zhongxiong, after looking at Ye Fan's hundreds of millions of diamond ring and the wilting flowers in his hands, he felt embarrassed and rage, and smashed the flowers on the ground.

    Qiu Mu Orange, on the other hand, was even more terrified.

    Hearing this, the entire brain had almost gone blank.

    "Mu Orange, I've seen the clouds of the Canghai and the rain of Mount Witch."

    "And I've also seen the January snow cover the White Mountains, and gradually change to verdant."

    "I have heard the soft jerk floating, the sound of voices into the water, and then back to silence."

    "I have seen the spring breeze, eight miles and ten miles, with flowers on its sleeves."

    "Yet, in my eyes, those four seasons, spring and autumn, witching clouds and rain, are worse than you."

    "Mu Orange, it's been three years, and you've suffered white eyes and humiliation because of me."

    "But today, I want you to come up to me and wear this ring."

    "Share it with me, with all the glory!"


    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, the entire arena boomed.

    Countless people, touched by Ye Fan's sincerity, competitively shouted.

    "Marry him~~"

    "Marry him~"


    "Marry him~"


    In the midst of the rushing tide of voices, Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were red, filled with tears of excitement, and with endless trepidation and joy, really just like that, she stood up, stepped on the bouquet of flowers that Fan Zhongxiong had thrown away, and walked onto the stage in style.

    In front of the eyes of the public, holding the hand of the son, with the son to grow old.

    With Fan Ye, sharing that ten thousand feet of glory!

    "Evan, thank you~"

    In my ears, the sound of music is melodious.

    Behind her, falling flowers fluttered.

    In the midst of that dreamy sea of flowers, Autumn Mu Orange smiled tearfully.

    Happy, just like a princess!

    It was as if, what was once a dream, had really, right now, become a reality.

    He really was himself, the prince of dreams!

    It was just like the song Fan Zhongxing had sung earlier.

    At this time, Autumn Mu Orange only felt that Ye Fan, was the fireworks on the sea.

    And he was, the foam of the waves.


    A certain moment your light illuminated me.

    If you are a distant galaxy

    It's so bright it makes you want to cry.

    I am the one chasing your eyes.

    I always look at the stars when I'm alone.


    Yes, tonight's Ye Fan was a light.

    In an instant, it lit up Qiu Mu Orange's entire life.

    In the end, Qiu Mu Orange could no longer restrain her emotions.

    She rushed into Ye Fan's embrace and embraced her prince, in the midst of the sea of flowers, tightly!

    And then, once again, there were dancers on the stage, singing and a pianist playing.

    In the split second when these people appeared, it once again caused the crowd to tremble.

    It was because they discovered that many of the men and women playing and singing in front of them were first-tier stars in China.

    The singer, in particular, was a heavenly king who had long been famous in the music world!


    "To celebrate the birthday of someone you like, you've even invited this big name?"

    "Compared to others, those female anchors, little netizens and the like that Fan Zhongxing invited just now are just a bunch of turtles."

    It was also a confession, but this level, a comparison came out.

    If Ye Fan's current one was a glorious feast, then the previous Fan Zhongxiong's confessions were no different from the rags of a countryside stage singing a big opera!


Listening to the discussions of the surrounding crowd, Fan Zhongxiong was on the verge of dying.

    An old face had swollen into a porcine liver, and his heart was as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

    For tonight, he had planned for a long time and spent millions of dollars, but Fan Zhongxiong had never thought to death that in the end, all of his planning would be a dowry for Ye Fan?

    Looking at Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange, who were embracing each other in the middle of the stage, Fan Zhongxiong's heart was bleeding.

    Tonight, Ye Fan returned with a beauty in his arms, and he, Fan Zhongxiong, has undoubtedly become the biggest joke in everyone's eyes.




    All sorts of emotions, however, swept through Fan Zhongxiong's entire heart.

    "This damned Ye Fan!"

    "When a thousand cuts are made~"

    Fan Zhongxiong growled lowly, the anger and jealousy in his heart almost causing his eyes to turn red.

    For the sake of Qiu Mu Orange, he had thrown out millions of dollars, but in the end, he hadn't even been able to hold hands, how could Fan Zhongxiong endure this?


    "Never let it go like this."

    "I, Fan Zhongxiong, don't concede defeat so easily."

    "Feng, prepare to implement Plan B. No matter what, I must take down that woman Qiu Mu Orange tonight."

    Fan Zhongxiong's eyebrows were heavy and he roared in a low voice, a pair of palms clenching right now.

    Situ Feng's face, however, was somewhat pale, trembling in fear, "Idle...Brother Idle, I think it's better to forget it, this...This Ye Fan, I'm afraid it's not easy to provoke."

    "To be able to send out this battle to celebrate Qiu Mu Orange's birthday, it's definitely not an ordinary person."

    "This Ye Fan, most likely, is a big hidden figure on one side~"

    Tonight, Ye Fan's handiwork had undoubtedly shaken everyone.

    Helicopters were sent out seven or eight, and just because Qiu Mu Orange liked it, he let tons of roses and flowers float all over the city.

    What's more, they sent Qiu Mu Orange hundreds of millions of diamond rings.

    This kind of wealth and boldness, the entire land of Yunzhou could do it, I'm afraid that it was definitely no more than a handful of times.

    At this time, Situ Feng had to start wondering about Ye Fan's true identity.

    After all, if Ye Fan was really an incompetent and useless wimp, how could he create the glory of tonight?


    "A redneck who'd be a shitty big shot?"

    "Didn't Suzy say it all before, this Ye Fan is hugging the Shen Clan's thighs."

    "If there's no Shen family, he's an ass?"

    "But there's no need to worry too much."

    "Our target is Qiu Mu Orange, not Ye Fan."

    "I don't believe it, can that Shen family still turn against our Fan family because of a country bumpkin's woman?"

    Under Fan Zhongxing's forceful explanation, Situ Feng nodded his head.

    "Well, what Brother Idle said makes sense."

    "Good, I'll go and prepare.Tonight, I will definitely help Brother Idle and take down Qiu Mu Orange."

    Situ Feng's words were firm, and then he began to go down to make arrangements.

    The stage.

    After hugging with Qiu Mu Orange for a long time, Ye Fan Fang smiled bitterly, "Mu Orange, is it okay?If you hug me again, I'm afraid I'm going to suffocate to death."

    The moonlight was bright, and there were still falling flowers floating in the meeting hall.

    And Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was blushing red, only then did she realize that she had been hugging Ye Fan for a long time, and her arms were a little sore.

    "Hmph, don't think that if you say a few sour words of love and send a diamond ring, I'll let you off the hook for what happened before."

    "Tell me honestly, what have you been doing for the past few days?"

    "Why are you ignoring me?Don't even call me?"

    Women are creatures that hold grudges.

    The birthday gift Ye Fan gave her today certainly touched her.

    But it doesn't stop Qiu Mu orange from giving Ye Fan a revenge afterwards.

    Ye Fan suddenly laughed bitterly: "Mu Orange, there are many people watching offstage, give me some face.I'll admit to beating me and scolding me, or kneeling to rub my clothes, but let's at least go home and talk about it."

    Ye Fan's words were a reminder to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Qiu Mu Orange then realized that now she and Ye Fan were still on stage, and countless pairs of eyes were watching below?

    Sure enough, at this time, there was already hidden laughter under the stage.

    Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly even more embarrassed, her pretty face blushing like a ripe peach, almost like a pinch of water.

    Qiu Mu Orange was no longer embarrassed to stand on the stage, covering her face and hurriedly walking down towards the stage.

    Naturally, Ye Fan followed suit and sat back down with Qiu Mu Orange in the audience to enjoy the performance.

    For Qiu Mu Orange's birthday, Shen Fei had invited a lot of celebrities on behalf of Ye Fan.

    Therefore, after Ye Fan's confession, it was followed by various performances.

    "Brother Fan, come out for a moment."

    Soon after Ye Fan sat down, Shen Fei made a phone call and asked Ye Fan to come outside for a gathering.

    "What's up?"

    "Tell me what's up, I'm busy with my wife?"

    Ye Fan was a bit impatient and urged.

    Shen Fei looked a bit heavy, "Brother Fan, just now, my men reported to me that Fan Zhongxiong joined forces with Situ Feng to drug his sister-in-law."

    "Do you need to teach them a lesson?"

    "As long as Brother Fan gives the order, I'll have those two ungrateful things tied up!"

    "Oh, and this?"As Ye Fan listened, he gave a light laugh, "It seems that this Fan Zhongxiong was forced by me to jump over the wall in a dog's haste, and even used this kind of dirty tricks."

    "There's no rush to deal with them yet.However, we can instead pretend that we don't know and have a go~"

    At this point, Ye Fan's eyebrows, swirled with a wry color.

    Afterwards, Ye Fan said something to Shen Fei and also returned to the audience and sat next to Qiu Mu Orange.

    When he returned, Situ Feng and these other old classmates were gathering around Qiu Mu Orange, all smiling and congratulating.

    "Mu Orange, I'm so jealous of you~"

    "It seems that we misunderstood before, your husband is by no means a mediocre person."

    "I'm afraid that not many people in the whole of Yunzhou could take this hand tonight."

    "You're so happy."

    "Mu Orange, congratulations."

    "Come, let us old classmates from the past find you such an excellent wishful husband, cheers!"

    Stuart Feng suggested with a smile.

    The other students also all agreed.

    Only Suzy, as if she had lost her soul, sat there by herself until the very beginning.

    However, the crowd didn't notice Suzy's difference, but instead raised their glasses and toasted Qiu Mu Orange with the red wine brought by the staff.

    "Thank you all."

    Qiu Mu-Orange smiled back.

    After so many years, there had never been a moment that made Autumn Mucheng Orange smile as happily as she did tonight.


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